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VOL,, 18.,
NO 34
I w . l- I - I , j I 1 i .
E. A . BRATTON, .-;
In-1) rattan's Balluine", Enstof Conn
Uouce, Uo StaiiR.
Tke Dem."t will be aentoneyear for Two
Uallar; Blx Months," for Ouo Dollar; Throe
doniVm, for Fifty Cents.
tSfAll pspers will be discontinued at the
xviration of the time paid for.
One Bquareeno insertion, , .. . $1,00
laob. additional insortion, ,60
Cards one year, ou
Netioeof appointn.en-.sot a4mlst a
... u.,.r4'nin knit Executors 2.00
Attaehraentnotioeaboforerf. P. 2,01)
tutorial notices per line, 1J
Tearly advertiimenta will be charged 0O,
And In proportionate rates for less than a
ulumn. and for lew time.
t-8T Ton lines minion chirgod as one sqnaro,
and all Advertis jmonU an i Legal Noticos must
be pam 111 uv
fThe auovet-'rmsmnst bo complied with
P7A1I paymen must ba made to tho Pro
nator, as we hae nu agouta.
The Dcmocra JobOlSce.
We are propared tooccute with noatness,
dispatch and at prices tl at defy competition,
all kinds of Job Wor!t,uch as
1ABELK, &c.,&c.
dl ens a trial and beconvinoadihetwican
and will do printUg bonpor for Cash, tin n nnj
Hherestftl il.limont in thissection nfoo.intry
Tlii House fronts on the Steam Boat
nu.ling, anil neat the Kfcilroail Depot. No
pbins will bespared for the acconwdatiun
iept. , 1863, lyr. , ,
PROPR1ET0119 ,
m. S9, 'B3-lyr Chillicotht:, Ohi
E. A. BIUTT0N, '
Attoruey ' a Law a ud
McArlhr, Ohio.
BoiiiJ liconaod by the. U. 8., for the pnrpoa
I will attund to tho prosocution and collection
f avory do.-teripiion of chilma a(fiinst th
l-'uitod 8tates,and Stat of Ohio, Including the
Morjiivn raid olaiins.
UouiiUusaiid Arrcnrasc ofPny
PENSIONS for woundod and disahlod sol
diors and aoamen, and for tho hoirs of soldiers
nd seamen who haro diod and boan ki.led in
the service. I would say to my friends, that
howill attand promptly to the.r buainosa and
molorate terms.
Juno lith liili ., . .
Attorney, , at
( puio;'
D. Dodges'g
Two doora
Store . -
East of .
Having just recovered' frorrf a severe at
tack of the "Oil Feverv" which causeilra
temporary absencfr'frpnj htB pffiee.Vtakfa
fileasure in announcing' lo the' public that
le is'egain at his post, where he may he
found at ali timea ready to give prompt at
tention to the various branches of "hi pro
fession in this, and adjoining Counties.
Jan. 5th, 1865. 3 -mo.
... . . "w" i-im
. HeArtlmr, Ohio,
Wilt attend promptly and careful lr to
the practice of their profession . in all its
branches. . . , .
Jan. 5th, 1865. tf. ' '
R. A.C0N.4TAB..
D.B. Smivbl
Attorneys at Jaw,
Claim Agents, Realstac Agents and Con
veyanoera. . - '
McArlhur, Yinlou Co. 0.
Office on IN ai Street, two doojrs east
of. E. D Uodg's htore.
Will attend promptly to all btirtinessentriistod
to their care, In the ' Ooutic of Vifawn, "Jack-.
aon.Pikoand Scioto.' -
January 19th lSStf, J! "
BatfeOhw Hgyerlt
(lull - Bilious.)
t -i
Composed of kiglil; Concentrated Extracts
Of the greatest medical value, prepared from
the original prescription of the celebrated
Da. NtwroN, and used by" him with such
romarkuble success for twent years in all
parts of the United States, are an infallible
remedy in all
Digestive Organs
The well known Dr, Wakken. of Boston
saysof thee Pills, "Thef have the finest ef-
lect upon the Liver and digestive organs of
any meaicine in uie wtinu, unu are tne most
perfect purgative which has ever yet been
made by anf body. The etl'ect have abund
antly shown to tho community how much
they excel the ordinary medicines in use.
They aro safe and pleasant to luke, but pow
erfull to cure. Their penetrating properiies
stimulate the vital activiies of the body,
remove the obstructions of its organs, puri
fy the blood, and expel disease. They purge,
out the foul humors that breed and grow
distemper, stimulate sluggish or disordered
organs into their natural action, and im
part a healthy tone with strength to the
m hole system.. Not only do they cure the
every-day cqrriplaints or everybody, but also
formidable' and dangerous diseases. While
they produced-powerful effects, they are at
the same time,indimished doses, the safest
and bgst . physio-,that can be. employed lor
children, and' being purely vegetable are free
from any risk or harm.
The most temarkable feutu'e of these pills
is the perfection with which they act on ex
tremely dissimilar chronic diseases The
same doses cure Diarrhoea or Dyspepsia, in
either case restoring the oans to healthy
and natural condition, which cannot be said
of any other medicine in exisleuce."
They create pure blood and remove all
impurities from the system, hence are a pos
itive cure for, - .
Fever, Headache, Tiles, mercurial De
scases, and '
' Herniary llumors.
CO" Prtfe One Dollar per liox.- -Trade
bvfiplicd or tent by Mail, pott paid to any
part of the United States or Cenadason
receipt of price, by
H.S.ROWE fCO.. Sole Agents!'
43 Liberty St., New York.
March 23rd 1865 lyr.
John Stevons Administrator of Estato
Samuel Walkorlnta oftm County ol Vinton and
Sftita of Oblo,,doceusdd,: hai filod his accounts
and voucher' foxiepeteon ajid fineal ttle
niout and tbatthe sane will He passed upon on
l(a30tb, dajTorJannari A0.il85. "i-
,ACeo.: 2th 4D D.-WH-if Fb1i Judge1 1
i - -" 9 ': --
SHjOFFICB and ba Suppie'dTv i.
Desolate 1 Desolate DcsMate I
For companions bu( Want and Despair,
With a want in my soul that is born of hate,
And a cry tin; is not a pr ayer.
Vet hoar n.e, oi, hear mo, God I
Mrk in pity tho tears that full ;
Wore the rich dr 'ps of the Saviour's blood
Not shed for the weal of all f
Husband and childron gono
(.load on the fluid of strife;
And 1 wander the streets in woe alono.
A childloss mothe r a widowed viife.
No home for my weary foot
Nu spo where to lay my hsad:
I would I could sink to tho icy streot,
And tho morning might find nu doad I
The snow fulls fu"t and lighi,
And morrysloigh bells ring;
Thoro aro young fucos aud glancos bright,
Hurlc ! how thoy laugh and sing.
They know not of want or euro,
And thoir huaris aro as light as tho snow; '
No wails awoop to thorn from t ha plains afar,
. Lore tho bravo uu a the true lis tow.
Sleep, my brave bo, Bleep, sloop,
Tho' on musio of sweet chiming bulla,
O'ur tho luin whoro thuy laid thee to rost,
Tho hiUo of tie night and morn swoll",
Andoh, miij I boar through tho world
' A heart from all bitcrngH9 froo,
Till Borrows nro ended in ponce,
And Qod reunites me to time.
Humors of Soldier's Life.
A private loJdier, by the naruo 6t
Richard Lee wad taken before the
uaagiBtratea of 'ilasgow tor playing
catda during divine Bcrvico-' 'Tho bc
count of it ia thus givyu tho Engliuh
Sergeant commanded tho soldiors
at church, and when the parson had
read tho'prayora ho took the text.
Tboio who had a bible took it ut.
but thia soldier bud neither bible. nor
common prayer-book; but " polling
out a pack ot cards, he spread them
out before him. lie first looked ' ut
one card aud then at ' anuthor. The
eergouut of tho company saw with
him and said.
"Jliciiard put up the carda, this is
no pluco for theiu'
"Nevermind that," said Richard
Whuu th jorvico was over tho con
stable took IJichard a primior,. aud
Lrouglit hitn but'ore the Mayer,
"Well," says tho Mayor, 'what
have you brought the soldier buro
lor.' . .
"For playing cards in church," .
'Well, soldier, what have, you, tj
say for yourseltj''
"iMueh, 6ir, I hopo."
'Very good, if not, I will punish
you more than ever man was punish
"I huvo beon," said tho soldier,
"about six weeks on thu inarch. 1
have udtlu r bible uorcouimjii prayor
(;uok 1 hikvo uolhing but a -pack of
c.trds, and 1 hope to satisfy your wor
ship ol the parity ol my iutuntions.''
lueu spieclnig the cards before the
Mayor, he begau with tuts hoc:
"Whtu I aee the ace it remiudo mc
that there is but one God."
"Wheu I sue the duoco it rominJe
me of Father and Son."
"When I see the trey, it reminds
mo ol Father Son and iiuly Ghost."
jWhdu 1 see the lour it remiuds
mo of tho. four Evangelist that
preached Mathew, Mark, Luke and
VVhen I see tho five it reminds
me ot tho five wisu virgins that trim
od their lamps. There were ten, but
five wise aud tivo were fool it b, aud
were shout out."
"When I soy the six it reminde me
that in six days tho Lord made Heav
en earth."
"Wheu 1 6co tho seven it reminds
me that on the seventh day God rest
ed from thu great work he had ma Jo
aud hallowed it."
"Wheu I see the eight it reminds
me of the eight righteous persons that
were saved when God destroyed the
world, viz: Noah and bis. wile, ins
three sons uud their wives." - '
"When I see tho uine it reminds
me of the bine lepers that were clean
"sed by our Savior, . Tbero were nine
out of teu who never roturuod
"When I bco the tea it reminds we
of the Ten Commandment which God
handed down to Masas ou tho table
of stone.'.- '
"Wheu 1 seo'thoqaeen it reminds
mo of the Queen of oheba, who visit
ed Solomon, fot bheyas as.' wise a
woman as h was a niau. She brouztit
wit),beB litty boys and flrty' girls', all
dreiierf in boy's ap'parel, for king Sol
omon t a teds wbicb-- Wjro1' boy3,;:atlJ
Vtlich were girls. King Solomon
sent for water fox . them- to ':waBEr.
Tbd girls Malicd to tb6' elbows qnd
tho boys to Ihu wrist, so King Solo
mon told by that."
"When I seo the king it remind
rne ot the Great King of lleavjn,
which is God Almighty."
Well," said tho Mayor, you have
Kiven a deecrlption of all the carda in
tho' aek except oiio."
'.'Whatis that?"
'"Tho ? nave." said the Mayor.
"1 will givnyoVtr honor a descrip
tion ot that, too, if you will not bb
I will, not," said tho Mayor," it
you do uot term uie to bo tho kiiavo,"
'The greatest knave that I know ot
i tho conDtablo thut brought me
"1 do not know," said thj Mayor,
if he is luo greatust knuve, but 1 know
iig is the greuUut lool."
"Wheu 1 count how many 8"ots in
a pack of cards, i find three hundred
and sixty live, us uiuuy day as there
are in a year."
Wuen i count tho number of cards
in a pack, I find tiiero aro lilty two
-the number of weeks in a year;
aad 1 find four suitstho number ol'
weeks iu a mouth."
f'l find thero aro twelve picture
oiids in a pack, representing tho uutn
Mr ot months in a year; oa Dimming
the tricks, I il'ud thirteen tho num
ber of weeks in a quarter,"
Bo you boo sir. a pack of cards
eejvus for a Bible, Alumnae and a
cinmon i'rayer Book."
A Quaker Woman Sermon
Dear Fiiendt:V.ma are
thtoe things I very much wonder at.
Tub first is, that children should be
at foolish as to throw up stones, clubj,
and brickbats into fruit trees, to
knock down fiuit: if they would let it
al ue,.it vould lall itself. Tho bco
utjwi is that men should be so foolish,
ani even bo wicked m to go to war
and) kill each othor; if left alono thev
woild die themselves, And the third
ana last thing which I wonder at is,
thui young men should be bo nnwiso
usjfo go after tho young women; if
ilif , would stay at homo, trio young
vouien would 'comu alter thein.
Rock Island Barrack.
The uumber of doaths at Kock Is
land Barracks since tho 1st iridium,
is 29; the whole number siuco tho op
ening, is abouj 2,000.
The number of prisoners now ' in
the hospital, ia little least than 200
while the number-now in tho "bull
pun " is a little over 3,000.
The prevailing diseases aro pneu
monia, remittent and intermittent fe
rns, neuralgia and small pox. ' The
scurvy has moBtly disappeared, since
tlto prisoners have been allowed to
purchase vegitablcs.
There are something ovor 30 casus
of small pox and, 20 deaths have oc
curred from this disouso siuco tho 1st
of January.
Five hundred more prisoners leavo
this evening to be exchanged. This
makes nearly 4,000 who have been
exchanged, About 1,S00 have enlisted
in tho frontier service; and soma 1,
200 in the naval service; and about
1,500 refused to tts exchanged, these
of course, wili bj released on tiiking
the amnesty oath at borne fuiurw time,
Wo think the number of deaths has
boen greater at this post, iu proportion
to the number of prisoners sent here,
than in the United St ttes.
Rock Island Argus March 20.
Drunken Votes.
"Mack-' the Washington carres
bondent of tho Commercial, in a let
tor dated the 8th of March, says:
"it is a positive fact, of which 1
have persohal knowledge, that the
fato ot oneot tho mt important pro
vision of tho tax bill, in the last Con
gress, was decided b a drunken vote.
Ou the first roll call the vote stood
nineteen to twenty. Tho minority
defeated it by drumming np two tipsy
recruits from tho Hole in tho Wall,
and telling them to vote with them,
which they did, without askiag what
thfl nneation. and asDarcntlv without
caring a fig how it was decided. It
it has boon a question ol peacoor war
it would have been all tho saino. As
it was it will involve millions of doK
lars for the public treasury, and if yoa
had asked the worthy couple next
morning how thev voted, tbty could
not have told yon, I am suro." :
. A body .whose vol are tuns de
cided by- drunken Senators is very
appropriate!! presided over . by AN-
OCT Why is a spider a good correr
poudent f Because bo leaves a line at
every poet.
That Heroic Youth!
After enduring the taunts of the
press for tour years, the son Of Lin
ed!) enlisted. I Id was made Cap
tain he was male an Aide he
wont to tho front. We bavo hoard
of bim by telegraph:
IN THE FIELD, March 3—A. M.
Captain Robert Lincoln, one of tho
Assistant Adjutant Genera's to Gen
eral Grant, and aon of tho I'remdont,
paid his respects to Major Goneral
Ord, commanding this department
and army, on the day before yester
day, and met Ida aunt, Mrs. JJelrn,
half sistar to bia mother, whom ho
lad not Boen for a period of seven
Mrs. Helm, the aunt in tho case, is
one of tho Confederate sister.
Kobert T.
Linjoln, ha
An Aid to Urunt did g it to bo.
Ho soon wis dro-t
In aoldi.r's best
And loftily no bjre his orost I
II' s straps wsroon,
His buttons so one
Iiit sword too bright to gue upon t
Man marked hin troa l,
Then askod with dread -"Who'll
numkar Captain L'.nji-la's Jsid?"
B-tnooe could sav,
What hosts somo day
Must fall bofjre him iathot'rayl
And so ho wont
On fame intent
Tk son of our great Pre.iidtmt
Men fur and near
Kelt sure they'd hear
Brave news froze tho young ohovalleil
And news sooa same
Of. Robert's famo
Worthy the moo of wuich he c-wn o.
To wit : that ho
On bonded knoo
Had madothia piioous prayor aud il.
"To fight I can't
Dour Goneral Or:ntl
Fray let mo gt snd mi niviii
Elements of Future Ill.
Wo, tho people of tho Unitod States
have a power iu tho process of crea
tion, whoso ctfects upon our destiny
we have no means, accurately, to cal
culate The years which have pass
ed since this war began, and the time
that will pa3S botoro it is concluded,
are calling into existence, aud consoli
dating into ao order, a body of men
unfit tor the purposes ot civil lite, iu
disposed to industrial avocations, and
which can only bo kept from being
actively noxious at homo, by permit
ting it to ba olTensivo abroad. The
ablest of tho apostles of our philan
thropy -at once the moat sagacious
and the most fanatical did not hist
tato to inform us that wa wore crea
ting a world of the seeds of do''Stic
troubles and distractions in tho army
which wo are calling into extstenco.
They found for it a compensation iu
the glorious work which was to be
done iu breaking up tho domestic re
lations of tho people of tho itunrree
tionary communities, whether in real
ity the compensation wili prove u-l-j-quat
to meet all tfta resulting dimi 1
vantagos, ib a question which must
remain to ho solvad by future geuar
ations. They decided ono way, but
time and tho course of ovon'.a may,
and probably will, decido another.
Cotempoary decisions are seldom fi
nal; and in proportion to tho passion)
by which thoy were prompted will bo
the brevity of tho period uecassary to
demonstrate their incorrectness.
Whether the time between now
aud the day when our araiiea will no
moro be used to prosocute operations
against tho South, is abort or long,
one thing is cortatn; that it will soou
er or later come to an end. What
ever may bo tho particular political
6tatus ia which it will ceaso, another
thing is certain; that it will bring ex
haustion. We shall hava presented
to us tho dreary alternative: to dis
band it and 6 u tier tho unpleasant so
cial consequences which tho disper
sion of its elements wili inevitably
produce, or to continue it and sutler
the equally unpleasant and. equally
inevitable political consequoncea.
Nor will tho matorials of thq army
bo entirely passive' upon" the question
of its disposal. It will have the dis
position to take tho question of its
destiny into its own hands; nor will it
w'aut tho muaps to do so a; long as
men remain ambitious, politicians cor,
mpt, or philauthrooiau murUlnon..,,.
and vindicative.'
We of the United States liave lost
onr standi g in the eyes of the world
as a peaceful nation? .nn UMfJl Am '
standing have lost our capacity for '
I, I, aril, TV.nt l' . Vm
Kv,u. icBL.wt lor our inoiliin'i
sivrncss in fact, which flnfth!,vi fn.
eign nations to overlook our bluster
ing njanners, and our rustic express
ions 61 contempt at their presumed in
feriority, has pasaod away. The first i
effect of the war in an international
point of view has been to open tho
door for tho entry of tho most Warlike
of European nation upon Amorican : J
soil, and to complicate o'ur political ";
affairs with questions of European -b
Nances of power We have brokon
our way or it has been broken for '
us into that most Inharmonious of '
all families; the family of civilized
and Christian nations: and must tal
, ' -"-vim, iV4 "
tor luture contunoa our chances in
that connection, which, judging' by
ptst centuries, brings I f ttJt god and .
au abuudanco of evil to all who ard
so unfortunate aa to beloog to it.'
The ofikura and soldiers of oar ar '
ray are already looking toward Mexi
co an tho uoxt theater of their exploits.
They propose to borrow an express'
ion tor same time out of use to ''ra '
vol in the -halls of the Monteznmaa."
Thero ia a viurt horde' of men So of- '
ficial placea who otn not afford at '
onco to lay down tiieir arme and thoir
coiiBequence. :At first eight, tlie pros' i ,r
poctol draining i oil, at omo period. "
jot far distant, ibis huge colloelion of
foculancy, is infrititing, but the pro-
cosa mav not be with nt ita romiltini' ' '
dau ors. It may expose as to trouble '
iu mo name oi t'atauauon.' The Em
ooror of the Froncti is askillt'nl nni;
i " ' .fva
tician koenor than both our llouica :
ot OongresB, with the President,
Vice freaident, and all tho Secretaries-
and a3 unjcrup'uoua as all of
them. What he undertakes be is not
apt to relinquish, lie has seated bim
self upon this Coitinout, and here ba
intend to remain. We mav make aa -light
as we pleaso of war with France;
but it is a thiug which,- we may lee"-
to our cost, Id much more entertain-"" "
ing to contemplate, thati profitable to '
encounter.' Tho draining off 6f our
army will bo. like the 8addjndischa-gj
of a dangerous luipoatuumo; it will
add to the proexistiug prostration.
Wo shall never kno.v haw weak we
are until the war is over, and all tho
fevers, general and I6eal, political and
economical, . nave subsided. . Then
wili bo tho timo for him wbo wills us'
wrong, to act ajgresaively; and this
none belter than himself will under
stand. '-. .- ... '
'faking all that we have done for
the negro, and all that ho is likely to
realize upon our sacrifices in his be
half, and it is still a riuestion full nf
doubt wuethur we have done anything
to improve our condition in anv re
spect, or to increase tho sum of hu- '
man hasppiness. Wo shall never un
derstand the many changes which we
have undergone cuaugea . pregnftntr
with dangers uot to bo moaaured in1
the anticipation until wo como to
realize their effjeta. Of all the peo
ple iu tho world this was the most ou
tit to enter into such scones as thosu
which have tilled up the last four
years of our history. I'oliticians start
ding outside and uninfluenced by
those passions which' bavo rendered
us us blind to considerations of jus
tice, as wo aro , regtrdlesa of coneo
quences, boo u3 better than wo boo
oursjlves: and aro .more flit than .we '
are to road uur horoscope. To theru
we collectively present the apoct ol a
rabid mob, at onco corrupt and intol
eraut, hypocritical an J orual, whose
parts aro divesting themselves of a;
moral aud physical ower wbiclroth.ee
wise would bo dangeoiis to . others,
aud preparing the means tor an abutl
dant home gratification of dangerans-'
and bloody propensities; l ' -i
Andt Johnson at thk Is4c4eba
tion Lall. It n would have beeu :,
after "'ecxibition wbicb
Mr Vico President Johnson iadd 6f ..
himself on inaugeration day ho. would
ba moret careful of himeelf.inMblic.- '
We are informed, bowovor, upon pri-- '
tato butenfiroiv creditable authority.-- -that
tho yice troaVfem. was ia far
stnpetied- with liquor at the inai)gera-- ;
tion ball that some of bia frioada, wor - :
obliged vto -; carry hi.bom.We
would giiidly disbolieye lm, but Hie "
sourco from, wbicb it coujea loae-uor '
Springfield Republican
March 16.
OCT'-Petroleum l'ootro "JsU of
Bjauty, fare tho well 1"

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