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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 30, 1865, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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. A. BaiTrO.I, S I'll EDITOR
AnvEansWiFfs ;tii:ition 111 tt.i
Democrat, tmist ba hanl.'d in t ;
u.i.in on Tni lav each wtK'k, .
psprr is ronJo u en Wedne)-
IJas WillA Pv-ctuus aru receive
inj a large and we'l etli-ctod Btock C
Spring aud Suinmur Goods, jmrel.tis
td iu tho late lall of prices in al! sia
jlo articles. Now is vonr timo, c-mm
nr., we are detfrminod to inaka tin
piicss cheaper than tjy otlur h nt
in thoconnty. Full aitiafuctim giv.-n.
Csll at tho original cim-) ctli
itoro of Dan Will & Drothois.
Mab, 27 In our disatchui thi?
rnoroin will be found highly impor
tot intelligence from General Giant,
who telogrepliB that yeett-rday morn
in?, the enemy, under Gen- ral G r
don, made a sudden rush upon For
Gtuadmun, aud ovorpowered tho )r
rison. Several attt-mpts were mad'
to retake the hill, and uot n Mil rein
forcements arrived, was tho undertak
ing accomplished. The slaughter wus
tonible. Our forces took 2 7M im
oners, while the Iobs iu killed an'
wounded on the ido ol the eiimin
will not Tall far short ol 3 000. Tin
Federal lots will reach 800
Tho Petershnrg Express ay t!mi
Grant's trains were wuvit.ir. on Si'
nrdcy night, toward the left ot
liue. It is balieved that Gra il will
not show battle until Sherman "t
The Tribnne's vVabhinton fipwa
thinks Richmond has been evacuate I
had that a strong ronrnu ird mil) h
Iwen loft to keup up appjartnc
A desperate Aht occurred on
Wednesday night, about thiity miltti
froniJ'Mlucah, between McbmulV
banaol'guerrillas and a compan y ot
FeJeaal troogs. McDoiigal and thir
ty ,of his followers were killed
Nbw Youk, March 27 The
World's diepath from Kin Bton, of tin
22 1, says of Shorman'd fighting on
Inst Sunday and Monday. There wan
severe and continuous tihthmg '
tween Sherman and Johnson, but no
grand battle, Johnston declining u
oneral engagement.
Tho battle was set in array up n
two opposite rangos of hills ou t In
oath side of the Reuse, our trof'p
fs:ingestward, and both armiiH U
fend by earthwork?, these of Slajr
man hastily constructed. The light
iug lasted' two davs, diulnj; which
time de6perate charges were made on
tvtb'sid'.!B, tho rebiils charging our
our lines throe times, and five times
our troops ma le counter charges.
The fighting on Sunday was most
ly done by tho 20'h and 14. h Corp.
O) Monday the 15th an i 17'h cwne
up and partially releived them. Al!
along the route from Favettcvilie
Sherman has had more or ka fight
ing overy day.
The Commercials Washington
special says one Imn Ire i an 1 ri-ty ruh
v ofSaera, cautnr.-d 10 the figlit bef-irir
i'etoreburg, Saturday, arrived there
to-day. Tliby sar the war cm ii"t
b? prolonged, and many of tlvm d
sired to take tho oath ot al'ieiniie -
Nkw Yom. March 27 The 1 rib
one's Washington special sars tii.it n
rib committee from tho LViiitnitiee
on the (!onJnct ot tho War, coiuls1
ing of Representatives Julian ami
Gooch, is to visit Fort Fisher this
wsek to make examinations on 'hi
ppo', about disputed points concerning
llntler's movement.
MabohJ) it is stated that n"
troops have been sent by Lee to ren
Jcrce Johnson.
We have fcrthor accounts of tin
fighting on Satnrday between tin
Confederates and the Fifth and cix'b
Corps Between three and four tlvu
and prisoner are reported .taken.
The New York Tribnne's corres
pondent says Johnson's force cmtonu
Snurinanat Sinitufield, the latter he
tog on the sontb side of the rive', an
the former on the north wide.
In tbs engagement on Sunday the
rebels are said to have attacked Slier
man's center, but were driven off the
lls'd, leaving tha dead and wounded
o -.-it nsnii
'32, i'.:
ia irrtio i, ii'i I en i;i i ttt J o:)':ri J
driving them !el' rt tln-w
Thelro'psol Grnrfd arm? wra
ntni'T urnH it l ist m.'O MitiU, an t htrl
fighting is uuticiiitt i.
Mab SO, There are iHgiuing i pjl
itical crnsade against the cu 'ura 0'
tobscco in Massachmeits. At a w 1
meeting iutely 111 N')r;hnnipfi.M it wn
resolved Uuft rim gnwing of ti'uv.
was lamented with, d u-u an I im:" !.'
ed solicitude.
Oil Swi'l lV 1;H tllo Two V '" ir"
and Twoniy-fiuli W(- t.i th . . v
wore ruvicweu hv 1 V -v.l I. 1
General Grant, n id V '-m 1 P- rii
The Prvsitlo.it ha v-t 1. 'i -I
iit...i. : . . i . . 1
VI BBIIIHK"'", HMU :t I MIl.H.TUl'll '-.
he will Im t-act.
In tl; fi i !i t 11 M(t toll 14. tn N'or li
Carolina, In:! w-'ti J hn ..n m ! ri at
in.. 11,
:u: K..r,rt ',-r:i ii ( 1 ..f
ii.H'jV u my 'A is 11
1-1 V-- !-.
'i k u ui; . 'ii.t
I.Ji-! -l-i i.
1 v ,;f..r: -i
''..I'lif lit-, a'; ' 'ii. !
; r-rn.-.J .11. m-- . !if v.-
11.-1 - c '1 ur.
.... .. . 1
ti .. 1
Br ijj-.' T.-mi . lint.
trom i. s 'i 11 H'.'i.- ii'--
fctonein.iii p .ini!--point,
m il ii:.i-'.
ini'i-" c- iiii-i.'-'1
-.tn!-:: ti-i. i-'.i ::
:-.-.!.. it.
A Fii r:
Iiii c. 1 1' --.i 1,' :
arc'iy in x:r.
NEWS ITEMS—CLIPPINGS. Democrat Township Convention.
I ur. limit t-. t.cto'd tl. D iii'.'fr.ie
f E'k tnwii-tliiii na-. ni'i1". d at t:i "f
fiee of Mes-ra Sl ivel & (..n':t t.'if.
vtncl proceeded ( bu-;inefi
For T'-wn iiii" !'ki srt i-M
It. 11 SWAIM
To vi:!,.,p Tn 'i-nr. r
O. W. Rlf.MAN
I-' n f,tK
T- nh'ii V ir
uoiiACF. !.:ir.
T"v i liip C! 1 k
F r Mav r.
For C 'linc.lm' p. -A
GE')!!'tE LN:Z
A !. S a a in.
.1 a ME -I WAitO.
F..r Moial.
S'r.! t, D mi -.-i''.;. 11 r
lit I'Hi.h r
E A. Iiii A r i ox
City IV-a-snri-r,
T!-o Ci.'iiv.-ii.",. .n, i:i unking this hc
I . . -n i . . .
ivCii'-n oi Aowii'ii.t ii anil c,.k r t o : 1 1 t i f
i i i
' a, httveus-.-. th-.ir b-nt end-j tv-.rhi
i,. ., . .... . i ... ... .... i .. . i ......
I., outu ii .i n.-ii "ii'i g-i.-i ".
worthy of the :-Sfi-!'S t'.r whi-'li th:
liiiv.! tie. -.n no;n',n im.-I, ini.1 r.po3irig
a C'Mili Juni;-! ,t'.t :,u-t ;u t!
r.i.i p'---e,
l'ii- ma-.'.i-r
wm i wi- a"
thnt t!i,-v will .oN.ii.t m. n.i
ii'-y will atreu-i t'
' pl.i'jin luoti 'ii "lii - i,
iei.1'1 oi UiO tJilti.-S I.:v.ni-..i Sl.i l.l
I'ltMII. 114 sue-l i.:o;: -IS. ,v.i 1 - ma i
any oi in- H'Miv-j -ill : ; ; -,i
yet the uvio wi.- taiit o :i
pruii-.j 'y .-va i hiy'iin
to hi-! r ::-! " .-! ..!f,i a i ' . ;
m-ig'iifu 1. a.i I i.v.-t) 1
t; a Cii,z-it:! -it E' ; t .-
" it-i.'i
i.- rt hy
iu -r.
; n
pilling the D iu.-cra.: . tl
honest ciidi.MVi.iS in eieei ui.-.ji
fhij apiitij, an-1 lie mu: :.is- in
-,. .
ni J tit I It-' l-nr :r-l imm i n-i t im. i ii-. I i ...
r -
:i plain in K-x tjf the snive ls iiihI Hp:nt
ot the pei j.'e, to triim-ph in tlie
coining fall E t-ctin.i, when we shah
squill l i.ve U. p'uee in the hijhest ol
fjcu of S'a'e diiiartijient, a man wor
thy l the tniHt repoaed in a G'irerii
L t evi-r D -'ii icra! c -msi I-t liini
self a ciiinn tx'it "t" -ma. to sue tha
eytfy v ittjr is at the. P ii s, and v -ten
"'or the. in in ol hi-s choice. R.mSi r
iig tin: ld tricks of 'c: if and c-m
t mpt Hi 't have b-jun prac icul npon
DeiiiMTiit-i hy ilio oupa-ntji.n paitv,
who seek to demy and lead a-tnir.
iinconscion-t m&n. Friends aw.ike!
A wakel 1 wh s iv, and It t us eli-cc th--meti
ot our choice, on M-. u I iy the 3d
day of April, when triniuj It uin; vie
'nrv shall lurch nn"n th- ravs nt the
.".: -jJ. v;j ';j i;:;0 v-ir !()
The New Conscription Law.
Provost Marshal General Fry. on
Friday issa. id iu an ..fH dal form the
now ciHi8cnt'inMi in- me lono -
nig w.ll hj imiiij ti c.'iitaiti all of jis
iinii rt. in' provision:
Sj joiii'i injiti ii tiocliir a tint liuro
al'ul, it I persons iniioterel into the
iinlhirv ir irtvai Htvxv, wlimliur as
voliii)'t'r- or ofh jrwu!', oliall bo
-r It - ; 1 1 ti at u-, a i t id tno ward;
i iiHfu. (ir. ci io' it .iilior onrollnii'iit
.-.uli I s'lt .fiimv ucn (i.-rniis h i
il ' I . .Vr nil ..'MM. i- .V. it MIC'l
;i r- s ii 'i ui-l'iai 1 t I . -. co amii-
1 -1 ' 5 t - in I a :i ri! mii' i
l r 1 .-. - .
1 ' In I 'I IV.' Il VII t n
:lil .-I I " 111 '.'CilIM A' Ctl"ll IT'iVl !l
til "I'OIII At i-ll.. 11 l.n.iM 1
th v .01,11 n .; q 1 i t h r-vr trod
ii i i h-.- y-v.-n i.it!t,- ..r,.r,(i
.1 -wrcN ii - t.i .i!listi-iot T.ir nil m -n
Hi hi r -pmlively ami
ei - lit.. I ,ioilg flu- j n
'I I I!
t IV
""I 'it Kervit-i
1, t'.-ih-tjta'iin;
vV :ll...
!! .-.!).' '
1 ; . .
:et; -
t.-! 1 - ' '1 : ( :
: ! tini
, . 3
I i!i
: a ;i- ;';r.i. !
-it -H". v-:i i - 1 x
' '- . : :; 0 : tji
! ! I 1 : - ..!.'
.1 . .!
Hit II
ui ii
j. r -n fl.
11 i
1. M oO l la,
el 1 1:1 t n. .
r. "V11I. s tmt in
tMH- nl itU'.Ht'UMf S;! ill 1 -MiTt h'nlll
tue ..r.n ., u,.i i slia I iiiipeur hv the
t'Vi'hMic-j 8 i!i-l ie'i.rv tn tint S !erettrv
1,1 sV ' ' ll" P'fty tuniisliin j,
wiiih -iirirtthiit ) liai. hive i:i anj way
l ively nr oil r-i;r!y, a. 1 . ,,r ahmt-
tso ;kIi iJ-.-si-rtt.T.or f 1 liitvo hoen privy
tt. itiiy itKi-Mii..;) on ih-.- pan ol n:ioh
":il(itnte t.i ili;st"it, then nuili it..h
r.i ail U.j i;ii!iii:ilintt:!v pUued 111 the
ai iuv .'atiii hhail Eei ve Inr tne peri- d
ii .vuifii hj wis li.thln to dra-t, cue)'
(i rv.i.'H 1 1 C't.iMiiieiic-! at tlie date ol
.-i ' -i:i u! tin- fMilMtitnte.
rf . 0 i m. (' illy and t Tenry otl'? re
-.. :-- 'illll i-.r- ii. H..-rtu.n,
?...fi."(i i.M.nri thud i- in I'uil n
" " 1 tr ther 1 naeted, Tha"
, - - - ' i r H--r.s . 'T,r.illi-. n n
r ' '"" n,'i:r "i 'tict- tn lira t.
a..' 'ii !,'. tt.iin- ii. 1 I iniVi- t ikfti
iiiie i-.nt. i-1 .K- ma..', r-1' tvt'
h m c -.1 in - !J Si:f a, .ii."i mini'i-r
i : ij-'l ti - ii ili S ,4:, 1 4 t f n 1 Ch-illt 1 il
i. i':, ui-. ill m -nn- j. th.i.ii to !
iii-i : -r- .I 1 1. ..i, 1 nhi lUo I'iki'ii s
.-li! 1 u't-i M.r ir u j.i - fitiii4 ir .i
" .n.tiii ii:iuyn IrtHeti, to
t.fX'ii! ot . on uli. r of juie.li ri
ei iiit.i, an '. in 1 ri . tar.loj; . nij mt.-1 hv
l he oii"eijiie at ci -. Ham meh r.-crnirM
are tiw, H-t iii.i.-s nl. mil .It-rod ill.'
iu ii.riiu-0 in linn ol ha' -
c fr-il,, t Btil whde ou- p,, -
it.', v ,:.e. d .... "h t-.rt th. other
TV, inrin.-d ... lir... ol ha' -
seir " t:ie rt-n in " vn-i r n rt. 1 -
"'MI I'l X, r.Tpl-H III
, ... fl . .b u.i .. ..
; Mir- .'o- v;n 'iiu- ! in.- nv -r
I n Itel I'll") v " ' ill-f hv lit; 1 7 il j
; M n il gati. ao I ilnvt-n luck tit. r k -iiu-j
. ti:r : ti j'.; i'tsf ho 'urc Hi it .i:t ick I
I ed the i -n wr.' ritpnl--e I by th- w
jri-iun eis'-.-ral tiiiii-, l-nt thoini-n-!
r tieinga-i ti-.p l i'o to ouru the
till III I V u Vl I Mil JL'l-ll'il Hll, I I , ,1.- nr i jm.i .
" i"
nearly ail who were m it. ,
-r, ,,,,,-.
liiev it iniRit Si-lit il)..- cit.trni'eil "V '
!er t'ie worua int.. their tin.-. ..n I m tll
y g.-t as th- gnurd ws v
Gei-erai vVii,.,-, rn -.v.-d u-i . ..l . 1
UU..l.ll '. ' u 11 ,i ,,, 1. 1
( hie co.iiinau-j rr.'iu Uie nhi t'i '
sct.'i.e o; at-timi, ?.iul e- -ii iimvo tl
i . It.- ill V 1 11 1 ' I . II. I .H llll I
i" i '-ht "t
j,,. I.- 1,-,-r r il
I.T la-r r il Af'ui '.fi -i . i V'K-
: t ; : i . ,?
J -M I ' . . ll I - p I V
..'1 .-r
: !y -n i.i; liU;. ' ::
: "'( irr 0 : -.
I a '1 si . t- -.-.! i
;'i-ui. i ii- r , .
e ! ei .oii'-.-il i
I l 'i --. i- : ;.i'ii i'..i .
-1 1 1
: -. Ii
r- iii-H
.-llll lii I J'l .' ' il ll
t iV'. r, t!i .-. J iii'.iiit -i ,,
llji .- ng her. u i-
tyl--ig 'l.i-vn h i;
a: in mi i riiri'i Miii-i in
1'.. tii" u-ii in b'.n t S'e.ii-l iiii.1 id In
, . ..
jUi-'O utteit i' 11. vvlncii t he
I ... .. ...... i i.i. i i.. .... ...
i -ii , ...- . ' fc- i-.. " -3. oil ui
'jut tilJ In" Keep It-tig, illi.l a .t:.niig. I
thev loiiilit nar.l. tl . v w.r. Iui-h.. t.i
lMI ll.n 111.4
1 M ....
ooioiioi lUi.uHiiiini:, co'iiiiri'i' I oij
a brtgitdu OCCUiynij tl-.i-j imri nl tnei
u4 uiii,,-,,' t io i-ui.iiit- .1 i ..'
lllle, Was Hlll'i..g l.HS(.a.tUr.'l. ( Ji-
l(i- 111 killed, Wollll-Ji.'d diht irni"ii.r.t
is iwlievcd to Le aDi.m tii-e hu; lr .i
. . ... '
0I1U thrnl tire piobthly .l-.8oiiei j
It was nr.it ifcporteij that "ito rvh
el hud earned otT tlir.-e tu .r'iitH, iVt
t ti at is a luifttuke-. i'hey t''k in- ..v
er th.! sole ol this loi t, Inr in tin-r
liatttu to get to tm-ir lines thei ilr ij,-
on n w.iinu a lew y ir:a ui ib. -
or tt-JI WOrKS, '.roljl Wlneli pint;-, it -n
le brought in to-mglit
The hs ol thu enemy is mniM
heavhr t'l'in ours, i huirdnti n i
Wo.nu.tod number inoie t rt Hit tiouh e
ol ours, wliiie w have over 1 SOfj
pi i M.ners, among them about 10
I'lm rnbtil Geiieaal Terry, who com
; .iua.ii'i Ut-i 3n:;a-i;i, u ruportvd kill-
1 1,1 '
General ilina.tiTwa leiOrted li.i l;
f wounded, hat lie ia unhurt. lie
' m "'8 field at 1 o'clock arrang-
i"K u 01 truce, at mu requdi 01
.Uenerai UnMorn, to Inmy tne dead
u'U cure lor ilio wounded.
t ptielllS tlie 1 ni iny helieved branr
u I yorit uruv a unrttiiit nf tl.ia urins
to aid Sln riimii, and that in con8.--
q-ioiu'e ol this, our lino were rtry
weak. In thiit they liae found out,
t their cKt, that tliny were taily
imst.tki n. Tin Nimli Coris have in
imst.tki n. lln iNimli Uoris liavein1
fUM affair, litlld the ruhols hack lr
.l.il.Mt H. the eX;.loon ' tl
IVt.-n'mrg rili'lrt, and hellCuf r ll thi-y
,11 beheld in as ,,igh by
tlh-:n US any Olll-r ill (he army.
('irr I'oint, ' Va,. Marcii
Atttrtli" t-lit'it-'i in. lit lntw.ill t'ie I'll
einv and the N-ntli Ooriis this
, 1 .1 o- .1
nif'g. or IflS wvre given lor tins niXth
C"M" to lliiilie ail Utt.uk '11 tiie dill
. .I ,.. . , ... ,- 1? ... l-i. .
I inr I. Ill-, ill ..,' ..1 l"ll X icnwi.
Mill!. Ill
r-e I ! i; r. ! L) vicit'O, Gi n. Seymour
( 'll'li'lml t'J. WHH -l't'tfd ll: the ttrt-
f!,r 0 iiU'iri, mid fliurly ulte'i
!:!n i t' 'i.hmIi- VMtrt I- lilK'll,
I i . :!.. :.r f n I.. In-, e.-'i. Ill
!i -1 1 : ! i. :,v- t-n MM s' I i ! O ''hrii Ijii
fir '; :.. .- -( T: .' r.(L IS -j ,
'V -, . - I". V 1 M ':;v i.i'Cilj-U'itc
'.:-.- ' : 1 ' r
i !,i : . . ;;'! rt.- , . -., r.
.1.1.., 1-v C'it 1 i ' w. it- - Uj. Ill
11 lii' r-n' "I 'l.. 1 11 ineni
iSiill anoih-r fijrh- ( u!f at
Ila'cht-r'n Roi, 111 win' 1 1 ihn S'-e.iiiil
C--rpS wa eiig.tgml, I'lit! attack WHH
iiiile annnt. dark Over 400 prison
ers fell ir, tu ours haiels on this gnxin
inaking in all, tn d ty, ab mf 2.875
among wh'im are nearly 100 cmii
initsioned fli :ers. the highest in rank
being Colonel This does not include
thu rebel wcindeu in hospital, whose
numhers aro cotmiiicrable there
I'hene men seemed as they passed
along c mpletly 8atufi-d with their
P'witi m, no don' t anticipating a lart?-
er supply ot rations than Jher have
heen gciing tor some timo past.
, It is reMrted that G -rmral Gordon
was seen urging Imk men to fiatl.t. and
nt times H tearing at tin in h rcoward
ice. ending with the 1 xclamatioti "Bv
G ui just a.4 1 thoiiuhr, the men wont
tij t.'' a'':r which he was 11.1t seen
Li-u'i -Hunt N e. of the 14th Msmsh
cIiiih. i I5iti-rv was killed whilt. fjgh
ting hi-. tnn. .II was nrdered to
urriid.-r t t re'ii-ted and f x hiilh ts
w te 't'linil t" Inive ent ir d h Im ly
(Unticl pt-iitiiMr, of thf 100th P.-'n
svlvuniM. w;s also killed.
A "Dim Future."
.'in S'ler mull, n, a late ppeech
V i "ko oJtii dim f.ittire'of the Amor
(!.t' immuiI'. Wh lnilHie I It? Al
ter t'Mir vt.ar-t ' R ioililie4ii rule, the
S 'M-it.ir troin Oiii vayn; '
1 we in tu 1 nil tu'iiro or ..nr
'""rrV t fam tin av ijtnl.. li.-.
1 e -Ii tln rich an I h ptir hHtW-fi
1 ... 1 1 11 . ...
'""r" r" iT 'l-eitv-noiiiers
, . , , , ', 1 ...-
'',"1 ,IHH "14rlk," l,,e '""" 'J Oreat
B""T, '"r laV, "f? Hr9: . .
A 'Im iiitur.'." wi lo I. A
, , . .. . . . .
iciinr.ireii, nairi d. nai" ciail, iVe
:tn. n pt-ns ti try; ami an irt'e, pumn
'ii'i, '.v.. Oi-,,riti f a-,S' icr n:v sav.t
t.i j.. -,.!. r... ,1 .f r I i
'itil ' Olloiia I I
I '' III I HI I -I -I fl.. ' Uf
V i a arli
John S'.-r nun milii!i,n!i's
Special Notice.
i i-l (fr"f"
ltl .t
rim Ant'i nut a Pi
litiiiAUfiLifH.A FA
.) MIN tL, UKIVARY AN !) SKXtJ.-t I. :
i"i 'ii'''i.i -ii" r-ii-iii- irrtiil.-.i
"..'"r" th(! l,0WAR,)S --ISOCI
:Ti)N - .Sp bv ,,, j
o fs, fr-- of rli-uir" A'l'lr-s-i Dr J, Sfvl L
HV HOUGHTON H-Jinrd A-am i iti.'ii
N i -1 S..n..i,,.hir Pii , la.Ulnr.il.' r
- ... i . "i
pbiuli (. the hunefit. and aa a CAD
TO YnO S ff MEN and nthera. who aui
iin.. fr from Noiviiii-Debility, rrematuie Decay
,r s.,h(Mi. &c. m,DlvhiB at thf name time
U..V-I1 win. I Whi--ri. ir Mill-l-l.-lif-i? I'v.rl
...und mil i r e -In nt ; et r.n,
r, t Ir.i'.ii '. ,i,I iu.dM
1-v --.it a-iy-j
, ... . rt ;re..-;-r. o! i r;..e i
V K N , It 4. C . B. ..x 1 33
ii .-. -.V-
N Y.
Fei 15 Ci ly,
i u- KitvnU-4 I) K ii 1 1 I " a r e AND
I n. sI'UNh .V ! K KO I II Sh YrR A .......
-.iiff rnr Imvinif heen run nretl in h--ulii in afiji
ditja.iil'ier many jeiirn ot iiii-.i.'ry, i willing I
' fc-Hint iiixniirfcriiiir IVIInw-creaiiir.- Hy aeimi:
l. ir-a ). in. i -.-'I- .-i '.-. - iiuirvi-ru vi.
vi-l.ipn. a ipy of the lurmulu ul'uuro employed
(tV.a).iill tlie neaipt or a pnalpanl ilJrt-i.-d ci.
III f Bit
.,mit ninvmi r. n
liroiililyn. N. Y,
Thk llKAiia or Sl? (JOBi Hy.nie wlio hai
h""hI9," ",lrr n,i'"'"t . widerable
enakery. By end -nin-f a poftpaid addrenaed
vnveloneMnirla coulee may ba had ol tha an-
l)rool)D. KTify 'o K. T
Junnlnd 15C3 -Ijr.
A Cleriyman wlele ro-idinir in Sonth Amer-
i ioa an a miwionary. dioivered a -ale and aim-
' . i . i.. . i - i ' v. . .r. i
pie r-nu-dy (nr the Torn of N'-rvn- Weakneat..
r.any .-at uiim-hwin ui boo urinary ana
8einiiial nran. and iho whole train of dinor.
nra brnntfht on hy baneful and t icii.n. hahi
Great iniiibH a nava been already enrtrd by this
n'iriie re"i.ty. rroirjtati oy a den re to bene
lit he ffiietad an-1 onfortunata. I will aend
tha reui -a f .r tireparlir and nioa- thia midi-
o'ue.in a-taled mvalopa to any one who need
it, Faai'or ('bame.
Pleat incloae a poaVpald aavalopa, ad dr eas
el to yonreeir. .
Add rets
bill low J), Droit ltce
I iUMflj;g!n.-lyT.
Dl1 twenty fuet l.le,anJalloflh ald lote
,!ieo RbM;il,a, wita to l,a Mrri.ta A Clnoimmti
SaEUirftS J3 ALL.
stau, okio.rintmati
r.n. iisroer' riUM
la Court of
I Common Pleaa
Deft On Veudi.
pURS0.1NT to th eoramnd of n onUr of
tl,aCuurt ol Common oftha fL.rld
Count of Vinton. I will offar it Duhlle uli il
Mloirurli. th. .foVA.in'n'nuifVintoSoB
Saturday Iht H2iijy of Ap ril 1863,
At tb hour of osa o'o ok, P.M., of Mid day
.iltiaTll f . t . .
tiia fullowinf( praniiaanto-wU: th nurtb and
01 oui 101 nuinnartwo. til hainu a klrin ctt
tha north ond of U let, about ona hundrad
'HiilBiKj Oompany, Alan attrip oil rth watt
.thraa rnnninn thnota-t on tha north Una
Iui lut, uuiinmr iiido nnui it intaraei'ta 'Do
lino runuipj aonth from tho aiu)i wert
corner of In lot tiuiuhar Iwalte, these
laoillh one hnnlrsl ml l.i.l. f." ntilil
;iiiinu-Mjtfc-fha iat and wan line o'thetpirt
,DTXr 'n'."?"1 bova.
',n--' ! loth-Mi ldivmi.n Una between
Ijt4nu.nb.ir two and thraa. aud lhanoe norlk
1,1 tho I'1" t'f biiminir, alt of Mid lole and
Prtl1"' '"t Ijintf and beinu In H.ibblr.i addi-
tlilll to tr.a trin ill ll.n,.l. V! ..t.m ,.A,.n . 1 1
on whit-h it m..:td a Foundry l -grlhor wih
i" Knu; and macliiuery belunging to eid
f iiiTi Jry liuii,a.-ii,
iK.nti.o property of Bi-ninniln Pill to
mien a hi n,fa'. cf ef .rei-uld C.nrt, in fa
vor 1 1 K. II. Sn-fL-t-r
fcria.ilar..ll.,wa to-wil: t!ie mm cf
'hi-.-ihnnd f.-nr hundrad dollar. od tiium
iiiiiiit.. tiilrdH i.f thai ni.
!'KK ,v 1. 1' -alo, oa!i In Land.
u. . riHivRM.. j, j. 8irr',Kr.T
Ait. I'.r fl-tf. Shft. V.Co.O.
Man Il ;8ih '(iS6w
!"'-' ''""" t'i..lthi- R o f th-.-rv
, '""L?'",fv. Kn 107 i!vl"m"',A "rc- l''
fr;.. . iatl.arnly inieanil rare preventa
.Ii .,,u. -j-,.it c-.-,nirat-iin iliM-.-e ever inventrd.
m-at ..i.h.4 per half dozen, and 7 roi
..,..,ertbr mail.
rmf nil
JfiT riBLIvllIDIN A SlAI.10 KXTItOri.
A Lecture 011 Ike ftHture. Treatment and
Kiidiial Our of Sperraitf jrrlinfa or Sfini
11 a I VenknPiie, In voluntary Kminiiicni Set
11 u I Di-bilhy, iml tna ImpedimeniR tu Mm
riugB generally. Nfrvousnem, Conmmp
liun Kiilepy, and File; Mental end Phy
ittt lnrspacily, reulting Irom Self Abus
Author uf the "Gn'eu Book,"
Thf world rf nownrd author. In this ad
itiir'iblif 1cture. clearly )rnvea from hie own
fiH-rieiiee that the awful ronafqurnras of
Self-Abuw my be fffeclually removed
without medicine, and without Hnngerouf
eu-giial opculioni. bougies, insrument.
rh). r cordials, pointing out a cure at one
certain and rtTectuil. by which every auiTer
er, no nutter what his condition may bp.
msv cine himalf ihenply, piivntlfr. ami rad
Sent tinder aeal. to anv uddrofa, in a
iluin. aeled envelo, on t lie rerr ipt of ai
cents, or two postHgf atrrnpa bv addresiuu
Boweiy.iai N-- York P. O. Box 45s 0
jfL. I.Jiril firalir
kkajp atat tiai.
Dj:n. JACKSON, IIKUliKltT fo I'r.pTte
tormiftlie N tiltonal llnt unary, e.tnbliMird
!Clnrliintl.O. Jn. t. lK0,iiire all private de-
wai-ra i-n niiciaiiipiua ruiiiiii y. wemiarai
lee to cute (4-iinrrh"ea, OU-ot, 8ynliilin. Im
pi'lomy Nicnuial Kniliitni. or Female Com
j lriiiil , in iht-rt ovrry ptimihlo form nnd vur
ifly of Pi'iiil-r Diaenpv, Cure mpid, thorougl
and 1 iiriimn 111. aim ii"- inoiicn.iB tcnii l'
a oirciiliir -tiri.-en larn8in. hv 11 in. Ii-tim
pH(.-a n! vailed, valuable and Innireminif trial
Ur. AUn, a circular iinend-il to' l.mliue mi y.
Many ol our 'ii(i' iiii. ihrf it. tiny lihVon
rnnoay tn Ductora in Kmtern Al'mt aud run eiv
ad no rulurn.
Then why rot rutroniie liome talcnt-mai
wh know tho Westorn cliiimta and eftVc-
poody enrex.
Dr. J ckmin'it I-'oiiiaIo PiIIh .$1 per box -"Oin1
fur Circular. Speoiiil written Keplioa. will neal
lOn.arni wmi uie Lircuier, uii"ui ciniru. .
I Ir o i.f thi. ,.h,inn,..l
p.'rmnt look piibliHhcd. 80" pK0-. lOOonirrav
iiiiri --Tbo vnmiilrin of L ght. nr Medic I'ro
tei-M.r unit M inUir Until and an KxpH nl Kov to
l.i. va ..ml Huniilv ' It SATISFA'JTOIjILY
ri.tcnl variou-. inlijcctH nevi-r befme fullioii
laini-1 in any pupuliir work in nlie Knlinh
i-niKuit-;ii i'ricn A,! cmitit ami onu 3ceut4inini
''" '" 1 iid lhri-e 3 ci n'. Klnmpit. rulli
dfl-i-rt't'd in r-.r.-nliir, which every oun(iuun
Ihh.ml.l hiivn. whetb.-raick nrwell.
.ML iU-ino.i-iiiii-.ru tlMm.ent.riimptttoam-
nr. i u'l.-iiiyi .-"Ann? tii ..UKirt-T
iiO-t , t-.ll i.-.n.
Koo.o'v-hall ..'idctiH.'aud re .vinats- or-m
K,.i,h., ftveUi,.d..r,,.l.r1: trr nanvvi-io.. ll
' turn -tny i-.ve of iinpi!cnt-j-,cra-e m n in
t-nli; iVo pim-ir.i dr rny roaw.in.'.lf tini' .
e mailed mi li -er-fcet Mlaty. PriraMpar
Ii i. . irfi-lli- vnf., r.n,l iiMVr fil. ..
.Vtir of Ohio Vint-n County
' wunijf
LN pur-nun, of an or lor mntod hy th' a
Pr.'b.iu tj..iirt .f Vint-m ci'in'y, O.iio. I
iu uu ir i..r uiu at piioiu auction on
Saturday the 22, day of April 1865
Al Eleven o'oliwk, forn ma, upon tna promima
thj l"iill.)win lu..ri'j I Rial estate, aitmitod ia
tho county of Vint in btI State ol'Ohio: to-w.t:
In lot nmnburnne hundred andxixty on(lI.)
in the lovi-n of Mj.Vrihur. :ountv of Vinton .
M'a'o of Ohio, as deirnaie4 and immbere.' on
the rercrded Plat of aid Town of McArthni.
ApnraiM-d at Five hundred aud eighty. three
uunars. i ai.ia.
TfcKMS of aalo.One third In-hand, on third
i i five month, and ..no third in one Tear and
a .1. r- .1.. ..i ...i- ,
ui. iiiimiu. .nun .ioj ..i puia. wnn roterei on
defsred paymonta, tiald paymenta toba aaeared
ny mortgage upoc trie prpmieaa Hold.
Mar. 33, 186i-4w adinini-.in.trix of La.m-
ard Holland deoe-d.
I'O the creditors ol DaMua Perrel, deceaaer
1 im the f 5th dy of .Mrrp io tha year I8S5
tho I ra'a ourt of Vinton Conrty, Ohio
declared the eatata ff iJurini Ferrel. deceased
to la qr-bably inaolvent; creditom ara there
lore required t pre ent their claim apainai
thi et-taia to the under-imied for allowance,
within the rex" three menlbe from the time
ubovu Mientionad or Ihey will not ba entitled to
payment. JOSHUA WOOD,
Mar. 30 5 8 adm'r af Darin Ferret da o
Wanted, Correspondenla Bv two of TJnol
Snm's veteran! All younf ladita that wish
fun. pleaee writ and receive a letter. Objaot.
fun, lova and theouniequenoaa. PJaaaa aaad
photographs, and raoal va na ia return
Addree Goes Boy, a4 Ba ot, Csav
Dennieon.' War4 M,
q 9; q q q q q j
Corpoted of Uglily Cooe?otrate4 Ittraats
Or the jfreittest medical value. prpared from
i he original preacripiion ol the celebruteJ
U Niwtob, and uaed by him with audi
rembrkuble euoceaa for twent yean in all
uarta ol the Unittd Siaiea. are an infallible
remedy la all
Digestive Organs
-- 0
The well known Dr, Waiiu. of Beaton
s iy a of ihei-e Pille, "lliey have ths fincil ef
eci upon the Liver and digestive orgim of
"iy medicine in the world and are the mot
, erfect purgadi e which ht.t evi-r yet breu
made bj-Tinyboily. The elTect have abund
.. nt'y alio a to the community how much
Hut) ex. f I ttie oniinnry netiicina in use
I he v vie sale and pleasant to take, but pow
erlull lo cure. Their peneiniiug properii' a
siimultte the vital activKift oi tlie body,
.-eniuve the obioructiom of its org ana, puri
ty the b oo I, and expel disea.-e. They puwe,
nut the toul humors that breed and gruur
ilistemper, atiuiulate sluggish or tliaordere-n
rtans into tln ir natural action, and im-
purt a healthy tone with strength to the?
i hole system iNot only do ttti-y cure lit
every-duy complitinti of everybody, hut also
lo'miujbifc n'ld daneerous tlueaes. nnile
they producea powerlul effects, they are at
he Mine time, in ilimisneti tiosra, tne taieat
mid bit phytic that can be employed tor
children, and being purely vegetable are Ira
from anv nek or harm.
Tne most remarknble feature of thene pll 6
is tt-e neifection with which uVv acton ex
tremely diBsimilnr chronic diseosra Tbe
same 0' su cure Diarrhcsa or Dysepia, ia
either tate rtatoring the orani to hnfiipy
und nutural cmidiiioii. which cannot heaaid
uf i.ny other Bi"iirine in rxiitence."
Thev create pure Mood am: remove an
impurities Irom the system, hence are a pos
itive cure for,
Fever, Headache, Plloa, Merearl.it Oa
aeasea, and
Hcreilary Humors.
OCT Prist Ont Dollar per Jht. T-vii
nr plied or sent 6y Mai, poit eaii toan)
port of the United Malt or Canada 9
rtceipl of pric. by
H.S.ROWEd-CO . B ile Amenta,
43 Liberty St., Naw York.
March 33rd ISCS-lyr.
Stalt of Ohio, Vinton County.
Booth A Braley, - Fltff. )
Against I
Je 1)11 Frttee et.al ) '
In Coart
fAjmrpoo risas
On Vend).
Ilia heirs at law,
BT virtus of an order of sale t ma dlrattaA
from tha fonrt of Common Pleas, of Vlnlen
C-mnty Onio, I will offer for rsle at tha D&or '
oftha Grrt Iouse. on
Saturday th& 22nd day rf April 1865,
At the honr of one o'clook P. M., ofsatddsy, '
tho following Keal Eatata to-wit: The east
half ol'ihe eaet half of Ia lo'a nnmbered re
Kpcctively '1 hirty-three. and Thirty-foo.ia
the Town of llamden, in said Vinton eonnty,
and State of Ohio, snbjoct to the- dower in
tereaiof Nancy Fraiee.
Taka as the property of Jehlel 7rase. at al
hit hi ere at law, to eatinfy judgment of afore
id (Ainrt, in favor of Booth ft Brtley
Appraiaad aa 'ollowa, to-wit: East htlf of
tha aaat half of In lot nurcbr thirty-three,
attwohonhed an) twenty flva doltare, a&4
tha aat half of tba east nalfof io-lot number
thirty four, at sixty -six dollar, od oast
brin two-thirdi ot that ram.
TERJfBofwils, ouhlnbod. ..
hs-kahiltoj. j, j.inonrrr.
Alt' fot Pltff. Bhff. V. Co. 0.
Marcji M, 1145-1 "
Justices Blanks

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