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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, April 13, 1865, Image 2

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i.il lo :t
t. A. Ult WTO,
i 1 ,T .
WittrK m::s anvrx itjr.H am:;i!u
"oA'lifli U R Oil 10 : "
K0TICE.-l,uLliRlier9 of N.vs
., papers will pleasu send oao ciy o!
theii mper,vvilh rated of advertising
to the Advertising Agency ol II. Suv
monr Bchell & Co., No. G2 Fulton
etroot, Now York.
April 10th, Tho rresido'iit will is-
eao another Ainncstyjl'roeluiiution.
The New York Tribuno says the ni
mir that tha President will offer
gouoral aintjjity to flio rebels gaiii5
greater etronith jin iul'luonUa! quar
ters. Thero is a rumor (hat Toaco Cora'
miasionen from Aluluma, Georgia
and Nortli Carolina aro in Richmond,
in coofereuco with tha I'roaidont.
Tho Now York Times' Washing
ton spocial says Col nel Wo"ley, ot
the 2Gth Oliio.had arrived from Tex-
aa.Jwith important dispatches 'to tl
(ijvernin int lojkin tow vrd 'n peace
movement in that Stato.
General Joo Johnson's forces, at
tha last accounts, waroaomo tweivo
miles frouiiGoldsboro.
Sherman, or, tho -t;h, had not stait
cd from 'jroldsboro.
April 11th, j.Great rej Jicin3 are
reportod all over thoooun:ry on bc
count of tboaurrehior of Ljo's army.
Deserters and refugees report the
evacuation of Kilobit,
Tiia enotny4tre said to,bQ throwing
up wuiao mi tnu xttr irivjr at iociiy
Slount, forty njilesjlrgm Ra!uigh",on
the Weldon aud Wilmington Road.
Johnston's ariuy is said to bo much
It ia reported that ShormauTias ta
kon and occapied Rileigh, and that
ho lias cut Danvlllo nnd Greousboro
It is'said that owing tc tin ovonta
of tho past wjek, tha i'fesidont will
138U0 a call for extra suasion of Con
grcaa. .. .., .
The surrender of Johnston's army
in North Carolina toSherniun, is the
next thingokod for in Washington.
It ia said that tin ,tho lato military
opporaiionj near Richmond Sheridan
took 13,000 prisoners.
ThoDepartmanta woio loscd at
Washington yesterd y.
Joff Davis, it ia thought, was at
AAirmbo.jVirginia, on iSatnrday, try.
log to join Joh&ton' with tho archives
oi'tho robol govommonl..
As Brockenrido waa with L?c s
nrray, it ia hopod ho ia auion the
The Richmond Whig learns that
I'resident Lincoln has proposed a very
Hboral plan of settlement.
Jeff Davis is said to havj been a
Danville on Monday, April 3, accom
panied by two or throe mombera ot
hid Cabinet.
Glory to God in the
Peace on Earth; Good Will to
Peace on Earth; Good Will to Men.
We must heartly etidorao tho lol
lowing from tho Qhh Sttma, and
trust that an honorable Toaco and a
ipeody return t& the Government ol
our fathers may soon follow.
Tho great fact !ia3 ut length boon
anuouiuod to m by tho electric wires
that Loe has surrendered hia whole
rmy to Grant! It is no tho Lour
for the combined voicosor tho united
cheers and liuzzaa of arcat peopk-!oi
graBping each other's hands with a
i'.nnl. rK.... f tl .1 I 1 ...
iiwou icuiiuyi orouiornoou Oil J JNa
tionality. It ia tho hour for waving
the Old Union Flag, with a renewed
aasurance that byiho blessing of God
it is to be he Flai? of the Sons nn it
has been the Flag of their Fathcrs.-
lt Is tho hour for illnminations and
fireworks, drnma and trumpets, and
ealv:8 of artillery. It is tho hour for
mnsici for singing .."Rail Columbia"
and the "Star Spangled Banner"
yea, and "Old hundred," : too; for, let
us not forget that it is an hour,'nbove
all others, tor deep devout, ' rcverout
thanks.?: vi
to uod, who hath at
in tlilj cr .vnin' vlctrv.
To Him this day, onr l:,u,b.;ot thanks j
are duo.
To iiii:
bo R'l tho tdorv.
i. trio .aiuiiii j ol a greaf nnd
we isi ty not, wo Ciinu:,r, bided I, '
toref, ut buch ;mi hour, tbo human
msjinmi'Mts of tha j-tent trimnpli
whicli Inn been achieved. 'Q can
not vvithho'd our a kn.v.vlcdnion'n
I'n m the indomitably Gr.int. the mt,.l
est but sturdy Me:id. tin; du-lim
i.croio c'Rn.ian, the ,;i:rC:in..lrii.b!o
an.! yL ii-in Sli. r.nati -an i the ui-
. J i . r
; . ' t
www an i u.uno iul-ii inn- ...i f,
euieru wimto uami'S hi-j en
upon tho hearts of. thoir re
j cing countrymen.
L ;i us express tli hop, t'j.it in all
our r.-j )ioiu, n w a i l hereafter, wo
-h;'!! ex dhit a Rpirit worthy ot tho;e
viio nxinizia D.vine Uand in our
reat victory. ' Ljt no boattul ex
ultations min;!a witli our i.iv: no
brutal vinl letiviinosa tuniish Uui- tri
umph. Ijt iu indulge iu ' spirit cf
vungoanco or txtejujiua.'ion tjw.tr I
thu coiiq ierrd: Thu g-oa: work ol
war aceoiumpliihud, the ov ;n ore.st r
worA of jieace will remain to'lo Uik
durtuken, and i! will demon I alt our
oneviu, a:i ! all iar endurance L t
us flio.r oiirgc.tituluto God by d
iug all that , we can to mitigate tho
arrows an ! Bufr.-rin of thmj upon
whom rtio cihuuhios of war lutvo fa I
Ion. Li t us exert. oiir?nlves with fresh
z-u! i'niiihwteriny; 'fi tfw aitk aud
wotin k-d, in binding up lio broken
auaita, and providing for widows and
orphans in reuriiri, us far nod as last
aa wo can tho chorda of IrieiuUhip
and good will wherever they have
befti Bhattereds-vi'i.t awav, mi I thus
exhibit our laud in that noblest oi nil
altitudes, tho only attitude worthy of
i Chrislian uatioa-tCat of aoekin'tr to
etitoro una to maintai i peace a.id
biotlierho .d at.liom-j tu I a'lro.i J."
tory f.nd to glory. Nir can we for 1
get the chiva'lrotii F.irra-nt an 1' 'hi'
noble compeer, l'rt.:r, and 'lie tlmiw
Peace on Earth; Good Will to Men. Probable Termination of
the War.
Tho country edition id the Enquir.
er of yesterday contained the import
ant correspondence het-woeti Generals
wnim iimi ltjc, near liiclnnond, whieh
cuded in tho surrender of tho whole
army of the latter to the former- With
the exception of a email frc0 u ,.r
General Johnston in North Carolina
the rebel govern moot has now no or
ganized military fuico of auy import
atico iu the Hold east of tho Missisoppi
River. This surrender, tlwicfjie. is
in nil .M...l.,il.:i:.. .1 . . . .
.... i.iuouwimv, mo ima 0r t i,,
groat military eventa of Iho war.wliich!
" i unu i" iiio complete iiub-t
lo tho
power oi tlio l' oder il arms A iter. "the
consequences which followed tlio,;.jc,
moval of General Joe Johnston -iho
idiotic march of Hood into Tennesson
and tho defeat and destruction of bis
army by Thomas; tho unopposed pro
gross of Snernun through Geor da
and the Carolums; tho fall of Saviui
na, Charleston,: Wilmington and
Richmond this result will not bo
UK'xpcctOd by our readers.
In view of tho hopelessness of the
struggle, it was the a:t of wisdom on
the part of Gen Lee not to nueilb-l.-
prolong it, and causa further destruc
tion ul iilo ana devastation of provierty
in his section, already Bo tenibly im
poyerisli u;id ruined.
Whether this Biirrendor is made
with the coiPieut of tho Richmond gov
erumeni, or, whether ilieiug boy on J
tlio AlUsissippi River into triu remote
and almost iuaccessiblu 6tute of Tex
as, the lat'ef will co!it;nuo for somj
time yet topn.loug the strng-le.there
ia a question yet to be daeruiined.
But thia nido of tbo Mississippi tho
war is apparently over, and wo are
now brought fco to faco with tho work
of political reorgamz ition.. When
tho soldier has tini,ed his task, that
ol the statesman begins. Tlu aim,
of courso, will bo to licit! up tho ca
lamititb of tho war, to repair tho ruin
it has wrought, aud cause tha Kontl,-
orn people once more to fulfill their
ItinctioiiA with cheerfuhi'.Si in the Un
ion. This, it will bo conceded by all,
is a work of immeuso dl'flLu'.tv, aud
requires lor its succosslul performance
tbo highest ubility and greatest wis
dom. If wo would accomplish irood m.
suits, if wo would reaii tho fmits oi
our militaiy Btrength, it is evident
that Iho policy of conciliation must
Oo adopted. We can afford to bo ge.i-
eroua ana UKignarnmoiu in tho hour
of victory. Lot it bo' remembered
that our victories are over our kins
men, countrymen, and natives to the
soil in the beautiful luinmn,, ,.i
Martin Tupiei; "
"Ono of latipimijo, ono offnea,
u iu ui comm on jiriUo ofraou."
Tlir. l-.Tt. . 1 .: I- i
,u nsj-ujiu iu ins uoiicv lias. ur
j .. ..Ww .ti.uiaui, lecjiveu ov
,i. i it. . ...
iuu piooo ntiu too people
Having been for ueaco'from tha h
ginuing of tha struggle, ever demand
ing that our diffltmlties should bo set-
tiea aoa adjusted bv Btalefiinanship,' j
and not by the awbr Jj uoha can ho
more cratifiod
ou thu political horizju, and uouu
jeneo wo 'icaesa, ouUumI or pers mat,
eluiil bo giveu to 'these who will
'0l'0Wfc' ''-v 14 complete reccoiieil
iat " votwtou tho jmrtiea, that th
j1"1' a;:'!o ",0 ,1,tufe 00 ,,114t
will labor iu ,r.i . Ti f. i i ! v tian wo li
rea;i the rVut. Bf Wbhj ad runtimes
our comiii'ja connti v. Wtmt infill
iiio most to renew tho ties of ulUch
mem that torui.jriy btmid tho South
to tho Union, and caused it, iu conhec
tion with the NurMi, to advance ' en
i3ucn a w--lrfuI field .of glory and
I'i'fospurity. ;
tt u wuui.i linn nope mat, liposome
civil wars which luvo ensued in oth
cr nations, its termination may bo
..i i i i i:i.
wnu bii.tn uk mo mooi ior lue coin
in n gl ry and renown.
The Spilth has exhibited a jiower
in this contest so iinineriBo that every
trim pati lot f-hould njoico ti) Beo it
wieldjd HCiivity in conjunction with
us mid not against us, un J to Beo the
men who havo so heroically struggled
to renra new 11 ig in tho family of na
ti is, again accoj)t tho star spangled
oanikr, ana bear it triumphantly over
new fields of fami. that will 'oflTieu
the renieud)rancds of nil that ia
pleasant in the past.
Lee Surrenders
to Gen. Grant.
Wa Depahtjient. , WAfniNoni,'
April OJi L,..M.--iir Gen . Dii:
This D 'partnmnt Ilh received th'j of
ficial report of tho surrender, thii dav
of Gen Lue and hia army to Lieut Goir
Grant, on tho term3 proposed by Gen
era! Grant.
(Signed) E. M. STANTON.
secretary of Wap.
April 7, 1365,-Gen R. E. Loe,
('oiiun'iiiding C. S. A. Ge):cnl:
The result of die hiSt week must con
vince yon of tho hopelessness ol fnrth
er resistanco on.tlio Army of Northern
Virginia in this struggle. I fnd-tliit
ic is so, and regard it us my duty to
shift froni mvsolf tbo responsibility of
any further effusion of blood, by ask
ing of you .the surrender of that por
tion of tho C. S. ylrmy known as tho
ilrmy of Northern Virgin1.
Very respectfully, your ob't servenf,
U. S. Grant.
Commanding Armies U. S.
April 7, 1SC5. Gk.nkual: I Imvu
received yonr r.oto of . this "dato"
T!i-jtii;h not entirely of the opinion vou
express, tho hopelcssnees of tho furihor
v.inta....... .., II... 1 .(il.. . 1J
" "! wi uitua army oi
?0!M,ern Vl.rS,n!. I reciprocate
r.vwivj uieii- euiuion or u
and, therefore, before coiisidoriir' vour
proposition, auk the leuns you will
otfer on condition ot its BiiViender.
R. E. Lee. General.
To Lioutenan Gonoral U S. Grant
commanding Armies of United States.
April S, 1335. General R. E. Loe
Commanding C. S. A. Gknkkal:
Your note ol last evening, in reply to
mine, of samo date. oskim the 'nn,li
tieus on wutcii i will accepi the Bur
render of the Army cf Northern Vir
ginia has been received. . In reply, I
will Bay that, peace being my first do
hire, the'ro is but one condtion I insist
, , , - ... o -
upon, viz: that the men surrendered
shail be disqualified from taking ui
a-ms against tlio Government ol the,
Lnited yates until proptrlj exchung-
cd. 1 wiil meet you, or designated
uur.uaiuua mn uiccrfl ou may
name, for the purnoio of arrai"'iri'r iln
tinitoly the term? upon which tho sur
render of the Army of Northerd Vir
ginia will be rectdved.
Very respectfully, your ob't serv't,
U. S. Grant.
Lieut. Gen. Comm'g U. S. Armies.
8, 1SG5. General: I received
at a ia'e hour your note ol to day, in
answer to mine ycsterJa. I did not
intend to qroposo the surrender ot tho
Army id" Northern Virginia, but to
ask I he tonris of your ur tpisition.
To be frank, I do not think thu finer r
goncy has arisen to cali for. tho sur-i-ender,
but as tho restoration of peace
should be tha boIo obj -ct of all, I do
sire to know whether our proposals
would tend to that end. I can nor
therefore, meet you with a view to
hurrender tho Army of Northern V;r
ginia; but ns fir a3 your proposition
may tlllct thb Conl'ebcrato Srafes
Army forces' under my command and
tend to the restoration of peace 1
sliou'd bo pleased to moot you ut' 10
A- M. tomorrow, on tha Stage Iliad
to Richmond, between theicket .'iuos
of tho two anuies.
Very respectfully,
R. E. LEE.
General Grant.
Apeil 9 General:
Your nole
of yesterday is received
As I havo
nn.M.n....;,.. . . .... .i
I will state, however ' rJ(.T.i,r.
al, that I am equally anxious for peace
with youself, aud the whole North n
tertaius the same feeling. , Tim terms
upoti wincli peace can be had are well
understood. ,By , tho:.,So.ith' layine
n.Mfr, II.a!. rf...-Jii . "
' '",'"R "IU Hasten
that mit!de6lrableVf!it. eavn tlw.n-
moii U1U10 llll!V t lincl.in
saud3 of Luman Jives, and hundreds
jlons of unutbur lilo, I Woscnbo . my
oma, duieelr'
of iirli.iin ,! nr,,tu .i .
'uttoyod. Sinuoroly J-ouin t'lut our
' n
Lieutenant General.
IlKAl)t;.lRTKI Alt.'JIKi OF riili Uffl
!'rui Statm. 1-3) l. ,i,ii o
lSi55. lb,n. Z. 2. KiAiton. G.-n
enlLn; Hurrender.d tlu Army o
N irlheru Virginia, this afteriiDn. nn
on the teriuj propoaed by uivioll'.
ino Hccom pausing aJ.liti.mi il crr,-8
pondoiicu will show tho coiklitio'iis ful
y. (Signed)
Lieutenant General.
uiJyUr Vr1" of )'wt,-'rJliy. I that pur
April 9. 1805. Umkiul: I reeeiv
ed your note of this mornim? on tin
picket lino, whither I had icomu to
meet you, and ascertain dofiuitely
what terms were embraced in yo i
propositign of yostcrday, with roiLr-
enco to tlio Biirrendor ot this army. -
i bow icq.u.8t au interview in accjr
ufttiw .wuii mo tuiorr -contained in
.' 0sC: -'y- veapeetiully,
i iur uucumiii eervanr,
R. E. LEE. General.
Genera! Grant, Com
louu-nig u. o. armie8.
ilPlUL J uLNliKAL. lour liotu
of this da'o is. but ihis uio:iiont, 11.
oJ A. .u-received. In cons q io:i.;o
oi my nnving paaoa Irom tlie Kiel
m olid and Lynchburg R ..ol to the
Farmville and Lynchburg R ad. lam
at this snf.iii', about four mik-s wst
of Walter's Church, aud will push
loiwurJ tho li-oiit for thi
purpisool meeting you. Nitiunsant
to me on thu road where you wish
mo in erview to uiio place, will meet
(UoJ .
Very respectfully, your obedient
Lieutenant General.
yourfcouimatider sign a like parulo lor tin
TfirrcTntvTlj OT ' 1 no: f
, Atril 9 Gknekam In iiccord-
anco with -the 6ultunco of my letter
to you' of iho Sth inst. I propose to re
ceive the Burruiider oftneur.ny of
Itoiihcrn Virginia o.i the fo!lowin
terms, to-wit: RMlsof nil thu ofli
cers and men to be made in duplicate
one copy to bo given to tin olHoor do-
signat.'ii by me, tlioothorto bo ru
lamed by tueh ofhefrs as yon mat de
sigimto iho olliojrs to giva their
individual par ks nit to tiko ui
anw against tho uuemmout of the
United Stated Until liron.i-!ir svnluin..
. . . 11 -' '""h
d. and each eomnanvorrei- ino.it..
coTjuiuiuii. i no arms
urti.lery and pu!lic propeity to be
parked, 6'acked, and turned over to
tliw ,th.:eis appointed bv mo to re
ceive (hem. This will not embrace
. i . -1 . I..
uiu biuc arms oi mo oiiicts, nor
the.ir privtito baggage. This dono.
uaeh otli-jor and man will bo allowed
to return to bis homo, not t be dis nrb
ed by tho Unit-d Stnt-s authoritioi so
I u.m'A 113 1 luy yl,,!,,Vu Uir V ' '
tho laws in force wh.-ro ttiev mae ro-
Very reswet fu.lv,
Lieutenant General.
April 9. Oi-rural. 1 have r-
ceived your letter of (bis date, con
; t.iiiiing th- terms o' siirroudor of the
army ol Nortliaru Virginii, as pro
'posed bv yoa as thoy aro substantially
Mir.! Ham as m cxnviM in your
leuer m me &:ti ins;. JU-y aro u;
cepfo.l. J will prowea to (Ie8:guat3
tho proper ofli ;ers to carry tho stipu
latiuim into e lloct .
Very respectfully yours obedient
R. E. LEE, General.
AritiL 0' Hon. E M. Stanton,
Tho fodowing corrusp mdouco has ta
ken place between U .moral Lie util
myself. There h u l)!!:i no relaxt-
tion in tho pursuit during ita pjudou
(Signed) U. S. GRANT.
Lieutenant General.
An Eloquent Rebuke—Military
In tho late debate in the United
Stati'3 Sonato upon the proposition to
prohibit military c munitions upon
civillutns nr states where tbo civil
buy was.nudUturbjd. 51 r Tbumbl'u
tho distinguished Ropublicau United
btateis benator from Illinoii who fa
vored tho proposition, administered
tho lollowing excellent rebuke to Mr.
UoNNUsi, t.o "War Democrati;" Sen
ator from California. Hjaaid:
"Now, sir. a word or two, and only
a word or two, a3 to tho Senator
from California, (Mr. Conaess.) who
modestly assumes eo much patriotism
aud if patriotism consists iu noise
and bluster, ho certainly is jwesessed
of a great deal. Ho undo bimeell
heard most certainly' and ho talks ol
'croaking' and talka of 'cowards, and
says ho cares nothing fur the Consti
tution, eo that he has a country. Ho
had, 'oof tor. migrate to Dehomov, or
soinew here else, . whore there is u
V.W;i '"f caru 8tr;fof tho Consti
tution and .'for liberty,' and I thiuk h
(JOiiiJt dr'lil'e itself scarcly worth
having without liberty-with out liber
ty regulated by law. Utit ho is bold
and brave!
and would
Voe, sir, hold and brave,
sink the Government.
woud vote aainat all appropiations
sooner man not have the power
a man y a court-martial or a
military commission! That great pt.t
riot wouia stand hero and vote vote
agiiir-.6t appropriation fur the army or
any ining tise, n ,e could arrefltl
Of it.iitl .ri.l ir r,r.i I.. 1. ..,1
i ..
Stat where Iho courts are r.p n, by
it military couillllS.loi) ,,j court mar-jtlhU
tiad Ho says, f ubstantiallv. '!
n(,t r.ppiopriate Jo sustaiu onr sold
iei'8. tho rebela may eomo here and
four down tho Capitol and destroy the
Government, because I. tbo Senator
from California, can not bo pern itod
uriestol, but can not havo some!.udvCulll
tried by Hcoiirt-in!irtia!; and that
lllS pa'notlSlli; that H HIS iovo Ol Couil
try i And tiu says no i'rovoat iUi-
shal am-ated him. Whv. sir. those
whoae ciook tho pi'Pgmiut hiiiijos ol
the kneo, whera tlirift m:;y follow
fawning' aro never arrested.
'Mr. (Tonnes roi
"Th.. 1Ym:1;h Cl!i!!r-I).ea.t!io
Senat r from Illinois give wat
"Mr. Trumbull When I atii through
tho Senator can talk if ho wishes.
"The IV-sidiog OlHier Tim Squ
alor from Illinois luii thu 11 or.
' Me. Trumbull I In need not ex
pect lo bo arrested; oh! no sir. Ihn
tlio liberty bo talks of is ihu liberty
"f the high .vayui'in. D.e'regard law!
How v. ho any Setter ttiau tho brig
and who meets you at nihtand nil's
upon vou to btand and deliver? N
regard for law; be cares nothing lor
the Cons:i'.utiu:., eo that he lias a
oaintiy, and t.iika of eowarda and
croa''oi! Sir, I am not brave uiuugh
thank Goel! I am not bold enough to
walk up to that Maud and lay an
l.andrt upon tho Wordi of liUrnai
Life and promise, calling God to wit
tiess, tomiintaiii thu Coiis:i:u'ion ami
then eay that 1 cam nothing -r i:!
I ti:n n. t bold (.nonh to n'mku ti;e;
fl declaration. I ln pe.I never may
bo. Sir, if nothing else &hoiild re
atrain'iH from treating with emit, mpf
the Constitntieii ot tho country, the
oath wo have taken should restrain
us; tho appeal we havo made to the
ihipreniu ILiug should wkhhold us
from such a declaration. I say that
I do caio for the Constitution a"id for
law uud for liberty, and that 1 am tor
preserving them all, and tho cuiutry
and the Union also, for it is the Cop
HtiU'tioti im-flibeity that make the
Union worth preserving. Without
di.'ui a Union forced by arbitrary pow
er, a Union tuch as is brought about
by tho heel of t!ttpostisiii, is notjhv
Union th.At i am (draggling lor."
p f t i !!
( 1 1 , !
MIS 'il., rr.INAItV AND SI X U il
SYSTivMS-.i-uv u,l r.-li,b: u!lttmlt -
hlOM-oMs ed the lIOVVAtr ISSOCIA
IIOA--.Vnt by mail in AMled li tti-r envp
liiip-i, Iter ofcliniirn Address. Dr. J, SKlb
UN HOUGHTON. Ilo-.v.-ird A.-s.x htion
No. 2 South Ninth Btrect. I'll ilmli -Iniiin. !.
Ui!!JiMlt. VJSISIi!:il.';
i., yen ttuui u.';i!r it J.m.-tu.-Ui.; (),:rl
(iiVe-iiiii'Coinpi.mid will 1'i.r i; them to (rmw nn
ho MiHK.i.lit fiic.i "r ibiii. 'or linir i-n hnld bonds!
in Six Woil. l'ii. fl,eo. S ut by ii, uny.
....uiu, tuTOi. .i.M.-i. ..ii ruvoip- ni priL-u.
Address, VVARNKR eV CO.. Bj.y 133.
Brook U n, N. Y.
l'VIUG. 't'3 Jy,
po uik r k:;voi;s dkuimtate and!
A llLSlU.h.i. 1 Ot lit) 1 II SLXKS A j?r0Mt
i:)'jrr having boon roatured to lioultb in u fuw
.lays. ul'tor nimiy years ot mi-cry, is w illini? t
"i.,t hi., su:!'.:rin tVllnw-uriialuroa hy smi.iii.
(l'r,'),oii tho receipt of n pfsipaiil i.ddrorud Ji.
vol..io. Hcopy of tbo lonu.ilu ol'.curo oiiijilovud
JOilNM.DAi;;ELLr., x 1SS P.O.
Brooklyn, N. V.
Puliliilitil fi.r thn hciicfit, and as a CAU
TIDN TO YUUA'r MEN and otbors. whomit'
fcr frmi Nuivuuh Uubility, l'reinuluio llecay
nfMiinhood, Ae., Hili'pl.ving ut tbo sumo ttinu
The Mkans of Sklit Cikk. By ono who has
himself ttflor uiidoriroiii(r c iiaiderablu
oiiuKcry. By onol.'sinif a fostpuid addressed
envelope single copies may bo bud of tlio uu-
Bmo i-.lj n, Kn;jr i'. N. Y.
Jiiri32nd I5S3 ty r.
A Cterpvmnn whilo ro-idinir in S intb Amer
ica an a iiiissinnary. rliscovorr.,1 a nali- and sim
ide reini'dy for the Cure of Nervous Wuukness.
Early Pee.iy. Dist-iiSv.s cftho Uiin.-irv and
Seniinnl Orpans. nn.l tlio ho!o trnin ofilisnr
dors broil phtwi by bunol'nl and vicinui hubis.
Grsnf i.uinboi s bae been already cured by thia
nohle remedy, l'romytcd by n "desiic to bono
fit ho filleted nnd unfortunate. I Rill ...:
tho reoi .e f .r i.rooarinr uu.l usinr this m. ,!l.
o'nc, in a scaled envelopo.to auy one who needs
ii, t kl'k or l HAHUK.
rieiiso inoli.su U Iiuat-rmid LOCrlmm n.1.1r..-a
od to yonrsolf.
Am lres
Joseph t. miA,
Station 1). Bible TIotifE.
Mar. liilil$65-lyr. Now York City.
VTOTICE herby givon that the Comniissio-
i.1 nors.ot viutou Lounty, Ohio, will on
TflU0tA day of Slag 1865,
t ono o clock, l'.M., on said day, let to the
low-eat lorpoaible bidder (ho bulldinjr or a
bridge aeroas Bi? Ksoeoon Creek noar Kzr
(tawkina, in Wilkoaville Towushlp, in ai"d
county, fr which pnrpoae the Commiiwionera
win meet aitnepiaeo where Mid Bridge is
propowd to be bnilt on raid day.
J'.y order of Commissioner
II. C. M OOKK AuJ'r V.Co.O.
April lHlh 1S65-5W.
Justices Blanks!.
to;y,tu.un.iujfB,j hw ..umi tho giW
try aiSuWripiioa Afrcmy fur tno tuio of ULited
8uite Troa.-.Ury Ko'tjj, leariujr m nd
idiiu unucr n o June.
ibises, ,.nj mMa mo , from'
ti.ue, in curr..n,.y, oraro sunvorUbU ut
willltlooutionof tim i.i,i,., tnfn
IUjru i", n " i".
ifioiw report,-. Tiwi,.i.re.i i, imyi,ioin c -
uuiMil-, luu, (S,l in Tow i.i-tiip number iilnu,
'( ) nl' It.iii'O nnniluT l'.tun. r.8,'1 tlivtn-4
runiii'i diu i-t n i n ptioj lino to tho
bod ol' the troc!;. iI.ium ur tno i-r.-ck, sImiir i'a
a mmm marmmmmam
fv LTltll'.rif n ll Su'Talirl nf lkT......
Uira vt eut. iniereat, pr uunuia
tjoftrr us the
sk vty- rum tyloa y.
U.S. 5-20 Six pnr Ct nt.
I lieno bonus re no wurth
prom urn
wnii-a lilcron03 thi :;tir:ir nr.iflt. i.n il,
ban, unliM exomntioa from' Blatd ml
...m.l,!,,,,! t...,.,. M.l.i.r ...
i-ty omi umnully by couhjdh uttmlied to
i-iiL-h notu, wliluli limy bu cutoff aud old to ut.y
lunk cr htnkor.
Tliu inliiront ftniumi In tu
Oiiuvcntpcr tiny on a f ."' note
Two c-ontu on u (Mliioia
T" "' .',mi BOfo
211 un m f t io.Jiot
ft oil n .VIOO noton
Nolo.s ofidl denomination mtnior will la
.r.n,!!yf,iri.ihli.).l uimt, r-uoipt of Buhaerip.
ti.-n tout tlx, n t.)sr,.rara.-d ,,t otj,.a. Th
iu:."8t t.liili Ju:iun.. will .l.e p:, in a,(.
vnnco, Tlii.H Is
n otE red hy the G.,vriiitiont, uud ticHi
fiJcut'.y exiKk-t.i lUt iu i.o ior adv inlaid
will inuUu it tlio
'i!K. " 1'Oft.T.AK LOW Of TIIS VRnCLK.
I.osH ii fn o.i.i.n, ,,f ti. I, ,H0 o'.hi.rw
y tlu (,'nii(rrjs nrni ny on tliu in:irlc-.t. 'I'!ii
iiiiii.niit.at tlio rutj in whi.-h it in boinji
ud, wi!l bjuW.,rl i',,. .villi! i fmr in .mil-.,
a !i ii iho n-.t.iB will und Mi'-U-l'v ci.mn.uu I u
irvniiii:ii, u., hiu iiiiit'ornily Uiontlio c.a uii
closing t!iOrulhvri.'iuiiito otlwr Louiii..
In urdur tliiii ui.ii.iM ft fvcry towu mid .oi-.
ti:iofthi) c.iuuiry may b i iill'.r.ll fui-iliti
f r tuk'nijf iJio i .it-i, tlio Na'.iunul UunU. State
lliinlin, -ni t IM vu'.o Itiiiikon tin- tub "it tho
.on i-r h ,v uiiUMtty uU'ro.-,l t. rjouivi. m'.-iii.'i"ii-
i,i ; -ir., Suli.'ii l.er.- ill aulnt't tlmir
n .i.inir iii w Ii in tiny Invo cui.ti ioi.ci-,
ii' il h-. .rii!,. uro ti, Ii., rn.iti-ill j I'nr ihu .1.:
livury ut' tbo not k I.ii wliicb ill y rivuivi or
don,. J A V OI'lKiC,
Pl'lli'UUII'TloN'AljI-.NT, I'liilll'liilldlia.
blLsOtll'lUN, WH.L UK lO.CI.lVkU l.y thu
Fir.-.t Nii'.i.ii.al H ml; nf Chilliuolbu,
fi ri-t Nn'i .n.i) i; ,!,!, 0f (HuciiiuaU.
Mur a. 'it.', iii.ii.
itr;i1l, Arc!.T!'M7,
Alton; !!vs i Law,
MeAKTllUllviNTON' Co. ().
M'tl.I. n'tuml to ll lii:rnl buMiiuM ialriMtj 1
t., tl.cir i-iiro oi Yht'in A'.litmi. ljjkijii, 1S,1(
Docking mid it li.,nilii(r f..ii.i'i
l'artii-iilnr nti.-ntio'i k'ivfn t-the oolloclion
nf Kuhliorf c'iiini fur 'o i-i in Iimi ! Una. r
rour t'pi'.y iVu.. HuiiiKt the c-imik.I sj.atuior
Uliio, i i , t-In , i i r-r M.irgaii raid k....nn.
April l.'ih 30, lyr
siieijifk'ssaTe!' r
S'.'lle of Ohio, Ylntdh V-ttiy,
JwhuC V. Ur j.v.j, Ii tr 1 In Ci.nrt .f
iiL(..i'it e U'Uiinioi.l'iiiaa
1 )'ll:AM,to th.. e..,,,. ,, i'r , ,.r,i..r ,.t
i i1'1' "' l,lu ,'vv.-''""" ' ' direcit-i t'rom
!l,tV1U:LV''T'',,,,' "w- u"tUl
tl e d'iJr ol t b o cnrt'l . u -'o . "o to Jn
n.'uji.n.in .M.ovioi .t 1. I'-ti.. Order nffa-a
"I'Mi'Artbur.la ul'.nwaia c
ty of Vinton, on
T.ursluy tks hJa. if Mai 1-65,
lictucim tin li.inrsM.f ton ': ini'ic A M unci four
oVl.'lt l'.M. ol'iMid ilny,t!:- f.dlnwliifr prop.r
ty ituiitcd in Mii.l Viiitci: c un'. U it: lia-
iniieiif in :;io f.nilli im: -.orimr orrerlion
varum win. in iimi Illi'Ull.lut i Hl's. to a aliilH ..nit
treo, on thu huuk .if tlio cr ek nur whrr llm
creek htrikes tbo bl'il.' nl.r.vo I'.itar Millers
boiie, (bunco Hixtccn rods n:irlr noribtoa
s'.on.i in the jritlly. thi-iic jp t: j ',rtt west
ward i r t'i the emm sti.ii. indraft,
twi-on oniiol Uurhy Sr. and i'eti-r Milh-rSr.
thi'itco (Iiio mirih tu lb" svctimi line, thence
n.it on the section line t" tin n..rtli cast cor
ner of i I acclii.it, tlmme duo south on tho
scolim lino, hid' wuy t. ihc phu-o of buKiuni.iit
o:. atoi.u between Kiid S,niun;l jiiir'ny Sr. nnd
S.il.iinaii l'edt'erii, tiion.-o (timtitiir !nti section
l umber f tir u sontli ust direetio-i to tho
s.iutb ca-.t f.riicr of th.i north west (jnurter of
thu wiiit h west quarter ol said secrion, t banco
due si nth to th.i section line, tlu'tice dii west
to tho phuo id' beinnm; emu ni'ig ono hun
dred tnd sevinty acre- more or loss, save and
oxee scveiiT aeris :i ore or less mi the bust
aide 1 1 said crook, rctuoii-d and i.ow own. d by
said Bra'.i.n, ::nd al'. s:.vo and evrnpt tne fol
bwlns 'me convoyed by subl llra'tMii to Amzi
Morjr.m by deed dut.d April 1M Ifr'fiO, tu-wit.'
t?..iiiiiione.i)f at lie. rrlli west corner of '.ho
u..rthoHs'. (jimrtcr of ii, rortb eat quurli f of
sui I soetimi il it .n .e r rice, thoi.ee sou' h tntho
M.tKli west corner oi'th" s.uith east ijiiarrcr of
thu north oast ((narii-' .,f samo soclion, theuco
fciis al(.ii(r tbo north li m- of the sainoto a a ouo
noar (he certty ro.,. t, n li et from the Iumi of
the hill. th iiKM! a u' i astcrlj direction to
the center of said ciii!y road noar tho tobn.-ea
liouso. tiiouce U'.rtb .lionir the can er of rhn
said rend o tlie sce'.i .n line, thonne wo.-t to tho
pl.iee or IKyiniimi,'. oi.tinninff thirty acres
Miuro or less. Abo a -i 'niii oibor tract cum.
inem liirf in tho b.:d ft''u rrcnlr nour nmlt
Elmtreo. on the division lino between tho
iiituls of said Bratt.in no I Solimai. ll. dl'crn in
mo ni.rlli vivft tituiM of (he south wesl qaar
(r of snid se.ion ii'.ipilier foer. (hence norh
wo-( nlonjf saiJ .',iis'on Una (wohc rsl',
(iioneo aou'h wil
na-( t (he bidof'
'en roila, (!;ciiee auiili
k Cierice up (lie creek
i ........ .1.1 I M VI1U
acre and Si 10J acru ne.M or lean.
T.ikou us (!,o pr'.per'vof r.enjMini.i Mor(r"i
o snrisf decrco In thver n John f. P. Brown
Appraised a( FiKeon hundred dollars, und
mils brinir(wo (liirds ot (lia( sum.
TKUySofs:,!.,, etsliin hand.
.1. J.McDowfm. J.J. RIIOJKEY.
A.'y.forl'lr-rr ShftV.co.O.
April 13ih lSiJ-5iv
lo ruo Ti Hen nt .i-L'ti,.m.' . ...
LL porwna aro hereby nollfl rrito tTr
P.iss ntvin an of mv rsi.Missinna frnm
after the dulo hereof, nor au liar thoir hnw
cattle, aheap or hogs to enter upon, any efmr
,., IIIU mllj , mv moioaoera, nor run at
large abmt mv proiniaoa contrary to law under
t io penuUy of the eame.
April :(h lf65-8ir ABRAHAM WILBEB
FOKJirar.T of
'lki iiorai, vnleima
Chilllcolbo, Obi

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