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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, April 20, 1865, Image 2

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. A. BB4TT0.X, t S t t EDITOR
Mo ARTHUR, Oll7o"i
TnuiUiAt- Atr 99
If there is Bny man whose heart
did ' riot jlmost ceaao to throb, or
"whdso'Very. senses did not pause, as
in a hideous dream, on the announce!)
moot' of the horrible tragedy at Wash
ington on last Friday iiighf, in the
asBaseination of our President and
8ecretary of State, wo do not esvy
'that man his feelliugs. History does
not r-Vcord a more foul and unnatural
deed ot crime and bloody madnees
We Lave not yet got sufficient detail8
to form our opinion aa to the motives
thaticduced these bullion acta. The
deed, is done, we can only mourn, the
fact nd call upon every man to ece,
thai all Law and order be maintained
.through the laud. In this alone rest the
proBeryation of oar Government nndi
becunty. to Lite, Liberty ana proporscom
.- .
ty if each and cvry citizen. We
tha followine appropriato remark6ll!five
from the TZnauirer, of the 17th 'iust
AtQ, eo ferocious and cruol, so entire
ly opposed to all the practice ol the
American, people, who, whatever
tbeir faults, have not been inclined to
secret assassination as a remedy for
imagine! political or personal wrongs
tbat we could hardly persuade our
eelves that we were uot peru3ing
Borne dark chapter in Italian inlamr.
"We doubt whether, among all the
ro uuuuy ..
WMmMiprfum uuu rilviH..Uu.jl.irilj0
of Mr' Lincoln and Mr. Sowatd
there can bo found one who ia more
deeply pained and shocked at thia ca
UBtropho. or who has darkor fears of
its unfortunate results to tho country .
than ourselves.
At this crisis of our national affairs
there were no two men in tho Ad
ministration whom the mass of the
ueoido looked to with as much
r .r...i,i .i-i 4t...t-
BUa COnnaeuce luai nieir iiiuuuwou3(,nilu
t ii it . ' I . i"
wuuiu uiv"u wr.. mw
... i .4 k .n rnrntrn nt.nn nm nwi n
-wibuoui uuu uuiununj, aa ...vHw
the hand ol an asau0s;n Las
from us. Especially was this true oil
tl.n norto tliol 'lllS )lln fill llflRf.d tO tllCO.:
mo - n -
A .1 ....1. .n v a n 11.1 r i m llm.Mrn
We ara now thrown
AUiuiuiBirunu". "-"""JHttrac
truon the docp ocean of uncertainty.
borrowful it is, nnexpress;velj sorrow!
ful, that he, ol all others, who had it
in his power, and it was apparent1)
his dispos'ton to hold up tho cup ol
peace to tho nation, and to extract,
to far aa ho could, tho stings of wa:,
ahou'.d fall with his mission unper
What could have been the raotiveJWitr,
.1 n.nr.t.'oi' i.r imir. irpii3 vchnJ.i
if tha niurdei'er or murdereis. who
deliberately and with malice perpe-1
. r.i : 1 ur .1
traled tUCBe awiui vniueei u eru iney
influenced with tho spirit of hate
ngainst their country, fcnd animated
with desire to do the greatet posai
bla amount ol mischief to it in their
lowerl We must confess that upon
no other hypothesis can we account
for acts at ouco so demoniac and cra
This is one of tlio most awful pages
in tho dread history of the la.t lour
varus, ttained as it is with horrors,
and rendered bloody with crime. The
hand of uirlictiou ha ben iu.le.-d
laid heavily upou our people, and we
have beeu visited with the most dread
'ul ilk that can scourge a nation, or
render its tenure of existence paiufal
and insecure.
Fuudly do wo express a lope that
fl.pi historv is near its couclusiou, audi
that the murder of our chief rulers in
high places is tho culmiuatmg Joar ol
an atrocious record, and that ourdar
kest hour has passed, soon to bo euc-
ccenod by a brignttr Uuwn.
In connection wo regret ti hear 01
eeo any political allusions, for we
ecoru the thonahl that thero ia or cau
lm anv politics that will not detest
and abhor tho act of private murder
or. any party that vill uot vij with its
antagonists ia condemning tho tirst
and crcat primal crime of our nature
It is tflb doty, as U should be tho aim
of all to use their influence in calm
ing passion, to oppose hatred and pre
tidies, an! to exercise the simple act
of believing, withoat the strongest
nrnot to the contrary, that there are
men amon! ns so base that they
not deplore with all tbtir heart and
arr.. tiiic 1 rk unaaow oi ooaiii tof
i i . r j ai i.
now nets upon tho land
Morgan Raid Cliams.
The bill to pay tli
losses of ocr
tho Morgan
citizens occasioned by
RalJ failed in the Leialutoro. for
the reason that our Western Reserve
Republicans oppueed it, all tho Dciu
ociats, but one. wo believe, supported
the bill, aa well us tlio Republicans
tliriuli wmise'CaVllo rui ets pateod
ad oilers
stained ail' the
?that our wliiit fellow-citizens did, we
(have no doubt every dollar of it
i ... . .
WOUld llUVO iX'LU laid, fcllcll W119
iau oteu -uiu. m-'i v,9
1 - I
tho fueling and votea of the maj orityS.
in al; questions where the tugerc
was the subject matter of legislation .
Tho same men who voted against the
Raid bill, voted to send "ira U
your while schools and to put black!
aoiJiers Hioni: wiin wnitea in our!
Soldier's Homo. Look to tho record
and Eoe tor yourselves.
Ohio Legislature.
We ore happy to have it in our pov
r tu say to our. readers, the ponder
ous Loly known as tho Ohio Legisla
ture, udjourned on last Tliuroday
near tindinlit, in a b!az) ot triory,
SiU hi Vul witli pmnta iiftkmf inn it
r , n -n
moous to mo iu:io oi J out) jjrownb
soul inarching on. Amongst the last
:ic's was an attempted impeachment
of Judgo Van Trump, which failed
most gloriously.
Details if the Assasination.
woro seiueu in i ie carriage, tui
copyi'tr gave orders to the coachman t.j
"ro""d. Senator limf resi
oox A moment belore
hopeJmUai,.n nf th
(o Q cf ,ie ox ,
viBiojKua u, i,i iiiice a survey ot ivx-
""'"giiofeitioii oi us occupants. It was
wiseDillu.MI08Uij at ti.tt ti timt it wa? oith
cr a ,ui6ta!-0 yr tbe exercise of imper
l : .... rri .'
eU no nar icu ..r attention nt
pi uilh kllif aM
. , u 1 . .
a. i
At about S o'clock this afternoon
Mr. aud Mrs. Lincoln started lor tht
carriage, the latter taking tlu arm o!
Jlr Ashtnead; tuu 1 resident anoa
Mr. Uollux walking together. At
soon aa the President and Mrs. Lin-
1 . I ' A .1
dence tor Mies Harris. As tlio car
liase rolled away, they both said
"Good bye," ' Good bye," to Messrs
Ashmeadaud Uollux, and the car
riage had in n moment more diaan
peered trom tho ground tc Irout oil
tho WhitcUouse.
A lew mobjents later, a party oil
tour persons, tho I'residont and Mrs
Lincclti, Miss Harris and Mr. Rath
burn, of Albany, step son of Senator!
Llarris, arrived at the theater and
(jouterea tno irout ana lo't nana upper
. i.i I... i
uttacit wus made, tuo 1 resident was!
calling forward, resting bis head oim
his ban I, in his Accustomed careless
way, bis eyes bint upon the Btago
and e'lioving a hearty jauh
Mits Ilanis, who was in tho box
with tno President, makes tho Jol-J
lowing ctatemctv:
nearly ouo nciir oelore the com
' . "wv- BuBu
. i . L . .
LuiiuBiiy. 11111 circumstauce
the time. Upon his enteiiu the box
again, Maj r Rathbtiruo rose and
arked Iho intruder hia business. He
ruahed past the Major without mi
king reply, and placing his pistol
cluSO til tint I.M .n: in, 1 I 'irVn ilU
in contact with it, fired, a:.d Vistauthi'"1
uprang upon tho cujliiouel banister
ol tho box, when ho made a back
the face or breast of Mr. Linco'u.
Major Ruthburn, eprir.in lorward
to protect tho President, r.tceived the
stab in his arm The murderer then
jumped upon tho stao and cfLct.sd
his escape.
The rapidity with which nil was
. . 1 .i it a
commiiteu upon tini i resident wu
H T " I .1 . n
iurs. Litticoin saw too lonn ot
person) d vn from the box and
thou'it Mr. Linholii had fallen out
and JooI.ed to see i! oho COti
,i t i.:.
-i pi'y liiui
the cal-
ou tho ft ur und barely aaw
pru prnp totiic s-a' ', wneti all wa
jver. iuo turno-l her eyes lo the
box and aiw Air Lincoln's heal h:vi
dropp'.'J forward upon Wi breast, a
it once rialzeo what nat trauapired
1'he murder of tho Presl lent was n
once announced at Grovcr's Theater.
Little Tal. Lincoln was in attenl-
tnce ill .'io, and t!iu moment bo heard
the statement ho seemed to go a' trust
crazy. He shrieked and sobbed
a Heart rending m innor. ine por
ooy was taken to the White House.
waau'iietel when it was aor
tailed that his lutli.'r waa still alive
From the m mont tho Preriltm
wa-i shot up to his death, Le was in.
seosiUiO, :ivi tx iioiteu no 6ins
Ii a i t . i '
pain, lie reconizjd no peisou, and
in hid I believe did not open
eyes. B.ood troubled his bieathing.
often makltig it exceedingly dimju't,
lie wa9 watchea witn lender care,
and til that could ba was done
At twenty tuo miuu e3 past saven
on the morning of tlu 15:1), his mua
cles relaxed, and the spirit of lbra
i: i.. a. a i . .1.1..
Wrna(.e t0 ti;at buUroi from which
II iv 11 1 ij.iiuoiu uju iiuui ne caiiui)
no trave.er return, iuj cootuouauoo
of tus Proiid wai b;.i:ain- w.tlr
losrloHhe humblo apartment where they
that characteristic smile, which only?the-
piest momeuts. can appreciates Ex-Janice
cepting the blackness of hid ejei, hisjlifu
face 8ipearrd perfectly iiMural. llolhas
died without a strujre, and witlnut
a percetitiblo motion of auv limb
(Jul in aud silent, tho great and good
man paaBed away.
The uiornitii; waa calm' and rain
was dropping 'quietly upon the root
laid him do vr. to dio. Guards had
been stationed to keep tho peoulu
Strom the liouie, and no noise coniu
., , .
..,. ,.r ,iin fll.tP.. 0i,.i5
io, aa he guarded all that remaiued
it Abraham Lincoln. All present
i'lt the awful solemnity of tho occa
4ion, una no mau couiu nave wit
nested the touching scenes without
melting to tt'ara. Even Secretary
Stanton, wh ea cooluess aud sjIi
Kssossion were icmarkable, cjuld
not I'eep back the silent monitors of
inward sjirow, which rolled out
Yom hia eyes upon his checks. Mrs.
Lincoln remained but a Bhort time,
.vheu she was assisted into her car-
i .i i i.i . ...a
naae. ana, wmi ner son iiooori aim
itlier friends, ahu was d'iveu to the
'louse where butlast evening she lei't
i'or the last time with her husband.
Inauguration of President Johnson
Pottey to be Pursued.
WAsnisoroN, April 16. Yester-
l:iv nurniug Attorney General Speed
awaited upon lion. Andrew Johnauu,
Vico r resident ol the Unitod States,
and ollicially inloriued him of tin aud
Jen and unexpected decease of Prei-
'detit Lincoln, uud stated that an ear
y Lour be appointed for tho Inaugu
ration of hia successor. Tho follow
ing is a copy ot the communication
referred to; ,
Washington, Apr.l 15. Sik; A
hraliam Lincoln, President of the
United Slates, was shot by an assas
iin last evening, at jFord's Theater,
in this city, and died at 7:2i o'clock
ibis morning. About the same time
Hat which tho President waa shot, an
assassin entered tho sick chamber ol
Hon. W. II. Soward, Secretary of
State, and Btabbud him in several pla
nes in the throut, ueuk an J lace, se
verely, it uot mortally wounding lam
Other members of, the Secretary's!
family were dangerously woundud by
thcassassin, while making his escape,
liy the death of President Liucolti,5coln
the olhce ot President baa devolved,
under tho Constitution, Upon you
The emergency of tho Government
demands that you should immediate
ly quality, uecoro.ing to tho. req'iiro
. . . .1 . i ' - . . . 1 . .
means oi me iousumtioii, ana enter
upon the duties Ol PlCSideUt of thl-r1"
United States. If vou will
tuako known your pleasure, such
iiangemeuts as you deem proper
ho made.
Your obodent servants,
,. iirTrifi f,.nrtr irfiirt
"J i-mfavuuwiuu,
kJ- . ... . i'l. ,
Secretary of the Treasury.
Secretary of War.
Secretary of the Navv.
Postmaster General1
J. P. USHER, 1
Sjcrotarv of the Interior.
Attorney Oeneral
ultU'e U:iiUl1 State.S'
lo Andhiiw Johnson, vico
Jr. Johnson reqiiested that tho eer
M.ioiiy take place at hia rooms, a'.f
Kirk wood House', this city, at 10
'clock in tho morning Hon. S.
Hliiu,. Ohf .riwtif.,1 of tl.n iTir(.rlrt'5
St:ir Suni-Hiin flu.irt u.m m.tiK ,a
,!,. l'Rr.t m ! .Iir.nl rn In. !.. n rt.,t,.1
me! to alininiato? the oath of offi .R.i
Xtt'K! iL'...v nam -,t hour I lii t'iilli.ir'u
ni r r(ii,ti...ii M.mi-.irti in tlm Vm..?i
i reSi loct a roO'U, to participate in
tho ceumjuy: Hm. S. P. Cuaao,
Hon. U. McCu'.lough, Attorney
Gen.ial Speed, p. P. 15'air, Hon-
E.Uoiitouiorv Hlair, Sanator Foott, ot
ermotit, lates, of Illinois, Ramsey
it oliiiuisolH, orowart, ot.iovada,
md Faiua worth' of Illinois. After
the presentation of the above letter,
ho Chief Justico administered the
following oath to Mr Johnson.
'1 do solemnly swear that I will
aithfuily execute thu offijj A' Presi-i
leut of the Unitod States, anl will to
:bo best ot my a'jility.prosoivo, pro
tect, and deload the Constitution ol
tho United States."
filter receiving the cath and boins
lec'ared -President of the Uuitod
siates. Alt. Johnson said
Gestlemks, 1 muit bo permitted!18
to suy that 1 have
e boon almost over
whelmed by tho aunouncomont of the
Ual event which has eo recently oc-
ourrel. 1 leel iucompetet to per-
loriu duties so important and roepou
iblo as those which have beeu so u.i
expectedly thrown upon nio. Ai to
'an indication of anv nolicv wliiV'li
may bo pursued by mo, iu the admin
iistration oftho Government, I have
to say that that must be loft to dovel
opmeut as tho Administration pro-
Uress ja. l tie message or declaration
oust bo made by the acta las they
transpire. . ;
"I he only assnrance that I can
o;,y li'tve of tho future is reference to
tin pait. Tiu c jurjo 1 u .o takju
past, in' connection with this re-j
of the future. Mr pnat pablic
which has beeu lorn; and laborious,
baau founded, as I m good, am
science believe, upon a great pritibt-f
pie of right, which lied at the ba-is ot
all thinz?; The beet eneria of my
life have been spent in endeavoring
to establish and perpetuato the prn
cipies oi iree government i oouove
that tho Government, in pnaing thro'
its present perils, will settle dowu
upon principle more consonant with
Ipopular rights, more poruiaiieiit unJ
, . , i.,,,,,.,, ...
..i,,?;ri, m,'hiui i,
permitted to say, if 1
undetstau J the reelings oi my own
heart, I have long labored to auielio
I. i . ..I
rate aim c ovjiw t.i j conuuiou oi me
great mass of tho Amerioau people.
Toil and boneet advocacy of the great
piiuciplea ol Iroo government have
oeeu my lot. The dutiea have been
muio, tlio consequences nave been
God's. This has beeu tho foundation
of m v iiolitic.il oiee.i. I feel that in
tho end the Goverumeot will triumph;
and thoso groat piiuciplea will be
pcnnatiutitiy established. Iu cinclu
sion, gontlemon, lut mo say, 1 want
your euooiiraemeut and coacteuanco.
I glia'l oak and rely upon you ana
others iu carrying the Government
thiough its pieaent perils, 1 fool,, in
making this rea'iest. thai it will be
heartily respouded to by yua and allS.j
other patriots and lovers ol the rightsj
. t .. I. I.l)
ana uuoiuswoi a ireu peupu.
At tno couciusiou oi ma reuiiu&s
tho Preaidoiit received the kin J wish
oa of tho triondi by wnum ho was
surrounded. A low minutes
dovutod to Conversation .All
deeply iuipressed with tha solemuilyjj
ot't iu occasion, aud tho recent B.i'i
nCCUrrciice mat causes n.u neceD3 u
ii .l I .!..,
i . a,..1l. nan -.it nit aii ..t 1 id!"
Mil uie op-wj ... ... v -
'resident waa irravoiy uiscussed.
Mr. Johnson ia iu liuo health, and
has an earneet souse of tho important
.....4 n.vr.ft I. .it 111 lull)
... .i t . it r ni . i. . t .i
Wui. Uiiuter, vyii.o. iiorK oi tnej.
Statu Department, has been appoint
ol Acting Secretary ol'Stato
A special meetitig ot . the Cabinet
was held at tho Treasury Djpartmen
at 10 o'clock this moruiug.
Pottey to be Pursued. Assassination of the President.
. dent.
wil1 WRftrded by ovcry reflect
'-"r"e.eu uwj.jiuj; no nn-j i"ej
i.leasellhJo"U0 ot tl,u his on jiarS
u "JU!J, Wl l,uu',t: d
J '0 uravest character, the 11 n
l'tuuely ..eatli ol tho President; and
tv" never sen so universal a
of sorrow as the news
" sillgld pOl.lt oi . view ttloilC; but
ww,-1 P an ena to ttrue; wuen
rm . . f i "lit-
x lie assassination ot i resilient Lin
ing nun st, tlio country aa the great-Stime
. .t .an
est calamity tnat could have betallenlGraut
it.' I'or nt man had, ir will
tho power an 1 mil leucu that lie
3,'sseu -o unug i vmu io uhs uiiirnei
. 1.1 .. . . U lv i.l .1.. .1
ea country, no na i uam eiectea uy
j i. .- ii. l a l. . . i . t . j i
an unparalleled uiaiotity; ho haj the
w,,,1.u llib l'"!ltital OpJ'onenta reli.
piiDiio uiau, lor measures oi wisaom
and modefation; ho hal tho atlectionj
of tho army, and, at tho bamo time,?
waa tar less uisiiKea uy tno
!... A i..lrur .!..Snnn Iv ...nwanr
II o could, ther.i:'oro, wield a power
. wuwvv-wv. .
tho pacification ol' tho country,
Mr. Johutoii, even were his character
aud intentions tho best, cannot pos
sees. Tho Ciiintry will mt, at liratt
il ever, have that confilenco iu. him:
t'.iat it hud iu Mr. Lincoln, and, con
cotiotqijeutly, hia power to do tfood,'
wo uar, uo lar less tiiau was that
f of thu deceased President. Under.
llie8u L'ircumstauces.every ri-ht m.nd
S 'i thai CVelit has ploduCid
Wo luvu wfar of this event
""J t''it of view, it is
most do
plorable Of all crimes,
t;sa ia the basost; for to the sin ol
murder is added the staiu of coward
ice. And heuco.tho assassination ol
tho humblest individual shock) every
sense ol houor, religion aud morality.
out tho assassination ol a Alagtstrate,
and especially a Chief Magistrate, is
ui Hitiuttely oeep.r crime, tor it al
lecta uot one mau alona, but a Nation
Hand sola a precedent da.igerous to all
law aud civil order. It ia . most de
plorable to think, that just at tho time'
wheC' influential , men, Notth and
South, were engigjd. in devisiu
uoastires ot . Poaoe; whjn Leo had
surrendered his army to obtain Peace;
when Hunter und Campbell, uud oth
jra, had boon in cousukation with
L resident Lincoln, with a view, aa
... I
itlie l'rospecta ot Peace were gladden-
in? every heart ana producmg unpar
alleled reioiciuis; tbo man who,
ill others: could do most to . realiz.
. .
these bright prospects, and wuo wae:
sinccolv anxious to do so, should
liare fadeu by .the hands olan mlam-
oua assassin; and ttiat.sucu a iraiBcre-o
. . i i . .
lDt coa'" haVlJ
it. iu his power
jeopard tho safety a,ad happiness
3T.1iB.Iat.Duke of. NorthaDtiberlandJ
ownod iW,uu acres or lanu, lie
occupies but a small (jnantity of
oow. -
The body tbat is dust; the bouI
ia'ita u bul of ttcrai'y;
Soldiers' Medals.
vctt.raus-"Ve do uot appreciate
8t,l v;ce8 t.nou,,, t0 give you a.
Tno House of Riprvaentatives has
adopted a bint resolution to furnial
each re-enllsted Uuio veteran with a
hi'unzi medal, a particular descrin
t;on 0f wiioii u given io the resolu
t ion that was inserted entire iu our
report of tha LIouo proceed iu go oil
Friday. Tho resolution will now j"
alto tho Senate for its concurrence. In
the house, it elicited quite an annua
ted aud exciting discussion. It wa
objected to as being-unequal, aud crt
atiujadistiuctii.il us to ineiit, where
none ontht to exist. It was content
od th.it if M-enlisted voteraue were on
titled to thia uurk of approbation and
regard 'on tho part of the pnoplo ol
Ohio, other soldiers honorably di&-
uharirod irom tlio service, thousands
I whom by the casualties ot war
had not bad, it so disposed, the oppoi
tunitv to re-enl6t as veterans, hal as
justly earned tho Bamo badge of lion
or by thotr bravery and uoroic sacri
fices for their couutiv's irood. Thest
and similar views were eulorced b
Messrs. Uiil, Pkatton and others
with strong logic and stirring nppenlt
to the comon souse of justice- that all
men nro sopiiosjd to posaesi; but
without tflect upon tho majority in
tho House, lliey passed the rcsolti
tion us originally reported by the Mi
itary committee, thus virtually sayiiifB
Jto all Ohio soldiers, except ro- enlist
UWV - . -v. y-
Hdo tho veterans, tho poor pittano
do tho veterans, tho poor pittanci
i a bronzj modal worth eighty cents.'
huvinc exteudd to him the
liave,?,.......... ni a aitrt t one hundred
fJC7"Tho following order has beetij
flis3ued bv General Ord.
i. i n n . . t - i it .. . ..t ii. .
4 -a wnMritt a bi en oi i e
armv of Noithein Virginia, whe
Swuro not preBent at tho surrender ol
, , . , . .
Vllllb dl 111 I .'J " -
"'"V r.
i. ... (i..,...i :i,, nrt ti... n i , .(
u. .. . . . I
April. 1300. are nereoy lnioruiu i
that tho terms of tho capitulation an
fiex'.ended to them and that they cau
at once avail themselves oi tno tntm
. .... ,.,. .,tll ..
au yj j vvihiKh h ivuim tw aiw - w
tod States toices ul or near Riihmond,
laying don their arms, aud receiv
ing their paroles."
Tho gentlemen, who communicate
tho above information, say that L(-a
did uot, al'tor the surrender, repair to
North Carolina, but has been remain
ing at Appomattox Court Ilouae, t
cairv out the terms ol the capitula-
It ia suntiosrd that bv thin
he is in Richmond, General
- aa
- . - - -
The best possible feel
w - .1
, ex,hts l,t,tween the t o General?.
1 o ti c t
infi,,,,,., fres of clmrirft
thunLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Afsoriation
Hi? Al) A?i))!ri3
fvmthfSYSTEMS new and reliable treatnmnt
A i UnM' .lltiLi .1 .ii-ifi! .
U"lS '. l"B "u. " ."WJ'IUII
rinv s,.., i
No. 2 South Ninth street. Philadelphia, Pd
veil w aut Whiskers or Mountarhtst Oui
,Gro!iiiIl'"inpiiiud will fwe Ilium lo (trow or
Do Hmi he-it lac i or tri:ii..or irur i ri nma ndnOi
i in Six Weekh. 14 ice f 1,00. Kuiit by niuil uuy-
wliure. closely "CAli'd. on rocoip oi price.
Addiess, WARN EH . CD., Box 133,
'Croukljii, N. Y.
j eb, 10, TS i v,
riiiTirer having; been restored to health in afe
d.iva. alior nuiiiy vcurn ot misery, Is willing t'
n.-iiit hU biitferii) fi-llow-crcaturuit by aendii.
ffrosl.ou tlie receipt of a poatpaid nlilreKred ei
veloie. a uopy ot trie wrmuia oi cure empioyeei
Jirookijii, N. Y.
Published f.,r the benefit, and aa a CAU
TION TO YOl'tf 0 MEN aod othors, who auf-
fer from Ntiivou Debility. Promntujo Decui
0 Munhood, Ac, nupplyiLg at the Kama t:m
1 HE M KANfl Of cI.r UCKK. t)V OlIB WllOlla
1 -if e l hirutolf afler undereoiuir Cuiipiderahh
enukery. By snoliwini a I'ontpnld adilretnei
jcnvelopa singlo copies may bo had of the au
Broo itljn, Kings Co. N. Y.
Jnne2nd 1S3 It r.
A Clergyman while ro.-idinar In South Arner
io as a misNionary . dieovred aaafaand sira
fda reino ly for the Cure of Kervoua Waukneae
Early peeay, Diaeaana of the Urinary anil
Nominal Organs, and the whole train of dianr
dura brought on by baneful and vicious habi
Grunt r.r.mbom have been alroady cured by th
reinoly. Proinyted by a denire to heni
rBfit he rHlcted and uufortunato, I will senu
the n-,-i.ki f.,r rrooannz and umnj thia iikJi-
c'ne, in a xoaled nvelope,to any one who netJ.
it; Kbee or( haros.
l'loasa ln.l'iaa a pos V paid oevelope, addroaa
ed to youraelf.
Station D. Bibl 11ock,
Mar. 16th t85-lyr. Near York City.
i n Siinl hv mull 111 RfA Hrl I.1IIT
NOTICE hereby given that tha Commieaio
nera of Viuton County, Ohio, will oi
The 20th day of May 1865,
At one o'clock, P. M., - on aaid day, let to th
loweat rer-poaibla bidder (ba building oc a
Bridge acroan Big Raccoon Creek near Kizei
Hawkina, in Wllkeaville Towuship, in wid
oonnty, for whioh purpose th Commiiwioaera
will meet at th placo where aa Id Bridge it
proposed to be built on said day.
iiy oruer or commissioners -'.
; II. 0. MOOKE Aud'r V.Co.O.
April 18th :S65-6w. .
Justices Blanks
BAJ.E iu Ml First CIM Stor.a
noble f.nt'ftiji.irv. lilid I liriililn.iil I l:u 1 nll.l
JuU uiklis'io.l, a new edition of JDi
CcLVikwRi.l' (t EBmtiD t iT ou tha
ratllukl :ur (witbuul m'diciur) of Sncrma
loihif. or acminat weakns, lavoluutary
seminal luaset. Impotency, Menlel and
l'h)iel lucauaciiy, Impedimenta ti Mr
r'wCP. flC. bliO CoNSUKfTlON, EflHIIT
nJ Fiti, liulufd by aelt iudu'jfenca and
CCTPiice, ia atultJ anve;ope, ouly tlx
The celf SrstaJ author in thia admirable
say clearly (loinonntrtlf s. fiom a ' thin
y.-nr.' succeaifut pr. t'ca, that the alarming
jonseq uenet-s o aejf-ubuse muy bn radically
'cured without the duneroui uaa of internal
niicine or uie ajiulit.itio.i ot the knife
(j.niiiiiin ou! a mode f cure at once aiinol.
ceitam, and oC-i tu!, bv mcuiia uf b.
try FiiUeier, tin maf.rr what bia coi.JU
tion muy be. inav tune liiiiufif tlifno'.v mi.
vbtrly und radically. '
fXVJ'hia lec'urif thouid be in lh- handa
.il ewry youth and every mail in the I and
Stni under at-Hl. to any addieta, in a
)jin. uralvd envelope, ou the rrctiot of sia
ceula, at two pustHge aUmpa. by aitdreiina
1.11 AH. J. U. KUNE &Cu
Dowery.ls7 N-- York 1'. O. 1J. 46 1
IHchard A-liiirnt J; $ou 1
Woainbt. Oo order of
h. A Urnton. Jiilni ij. T.
Brown lUuif koll, tui I VeadiNo.l
.. lli.Paiiii. j
By viriiu of an Ven li Fxpoiait to mo diract
'd Irui:, thu Court of Poiuiun I'Il-u i,t Vii.i..
j""1 1 illu'jr ut th door of
iatuiditf the 20th r.i J May A. D.
niitwD.iii tlio hvir. if tun o'cloiii .. M. ard
our o'.'look P. M . of day, the fUluHiuir
nroporty, tu-wit: The North hktf of ln-lot
cxevpt 10 rVut oU' ot th hou:h i.Je of mIi)
North bif, dij, t he Wes hull' t In-Lut No.
1H iu the town of lioArthur. Viutun eon nt v-
Oliij. Titkoa k iht in-iiiortv of KJr.l a.
Iirtuii lo fuit.ilr judifiimnt iu Javor of
Itiuimrd Aoliur.4t & n. ,rra.ina t. lt
tw.. hundred and tt y Uolluje, hU lot
upproihci tt '.oiit lollars. i,u4 uiuit
haul; ro l!iird ol'ihrti su.u
feriu vf tule:
Cllall III hun.l.
C 0.
pril !;, 'tij -in.
LLL'.Pl'lCior double) oi'MNvi tKlUP
WKSru' iRtDl.KY CAUY. UtoJ.1. A
J O. Wo-t. a()L,E PK 'U'UIEl'UitH nnd MAN
L't'ACl L'KLKS, 'J7 Chumbtrs uud TS uud 61
Iw.uli) Sir ltJA V.rk.
TUIS INV'fcN 1 1UN colmiau of DUTLKX (or
two) tliiptiu Stcoi 8pringe. ii.geuioukli Br md-
oil 1 liiiuiy una r irmly loeethur ihIit to cjk,
i.hIl'uik ll" ''oogbjii:. tuorl tloxible jlnHtlu and
Uiiniliiu bpriiiK uvor ued. They auldoru tioud
ir Hrcatt like the Kindle t-prin., aud coime-
iftiantiy t renvrve tliuii lut too and liuautilul
Shiipa Twice ac Loiij aa uy eihor Skirt.
The wiiMir.Mrui. ri.tujin'iTT no I GroitCom
I'url mul pleupiire (o uuy Lady nearinir the
Duoitx Klliiirjiti(t will oo txcarienced unrli-
uulurly iu nil CruAutd AMinhneH, Ouur,
i iirriiigeii, linilriil lir- Obiiith Pew, Arm
'ha'r.. tor 1'rumenad hiid U jeee lirtnaan (he
SkirVi.-mi lie tu.iliid, whou tn Use. to ocl-iuw t
ruull pliivo ur- tm.ily . h Si ik or Mualin l)rtr.
A ludy huvin; enji'ved the I'luR-ure. unrntort
mid tfrcut oomeiiiui:5 ot w:uiiii the "Duule
L-. .il.. t.....l Ct.!.. ii . .
i.n ,..ii. ....uiil opriu oairi ' iir a Mliii(le UKy,
iviil Uuvur uliiirwurdu wilJnlj diBpci.sd nb
ih.ir uo. Kr c'hiUn n. Smi., tood Ynuug
Uniits, tliuj ure up.rii r t'. ni; ulhum.
'J'I'cy uie Hie lieol liiimitv n e?.irv timrt.
uu.l l iiq ietiui.uul ttifc t.iihtent. Mot Dttira-
5, V
in tLI
PlateB. and
CinaU-iii, Liitvuiid
'le Cuba,
li'nico, futh
Anil'iioa, uu.l thj Wuet ladieit.
l.iQI lKt yoH Till DtrLlH li-UHIO k!T
April ti, 13.-t3w.
Special AiiiiMtiiicfim'iit.
i;. i U T. A.MIIO.NV & CO.,.
llaiiufuluriTS ol Ph(it(grphic .lluieriaU
fcOl BRODWY, It. Y . '
I.i addition to our n.ain buaiucaol' I'HO
llaadq'iurte'a for the followinj, viz:
Of th'se we lia.e an iiiiincr.se atisorhneut,
iiieludiiig War Su-ne, American und For-
i'ii Cities and L'ndeaies, tir iupi, S 1 1 1 -nary,
etc., etc. AIo, lleiolving Stereo
scopes, lur public or privaie xhi jitiou.
Our eaiulogue "ill be sent to a.iy adJraa
111 receipt of eUnip,
Pliotcgraphic Albums.
We were the first tOjiiitrodute these ino
he Uuiu'd Stairs, and munufaotura
iimneiisp quantities in great varieiy, rang.
111 in pricK lonn 5J ceuia to t'o) each.
0'ir ALBUMS huve the refutation ot (
oi2 Miperior in beaniy and iluiabiiiiy to
mv othert. ln'y wPl be aeiil by mail
FUliK, on receipt of price.
Our Caiulcgue now f nibracea over Fio
liioiiand dirJurenf aubj ct9 which aJ
litiuiis are eontiLual y being rr.adei of
Portraits ol eminent Americana, etc.. z.
lOJJU dor Generals. 75 Nivy officers.
JOO Brig. General, 135 Stage.
lib Colonels, 000 btdienmeo,
43 Aitists, 130 DivineaJ
1U0 Li(U.. Colonels, 125 Authors.
250 other Officers, JO Proiniu't Wouit-n
3 000 copies of Work.- of Art,
including reproduction of ilm moat cele
;braed Engravings. Pdintint;8, afiies,ete.
Oatalognca aont 011 receipt of Siaiup All
irrder fur one dozen Pictures Irorri our Cat
logue will be filled on the receipt of f 1 60
and sent by mail, inn.
Photographers and othera ordering goods
C. 0. D. will please remit twentr-five per
rent, of the amount with their order.
The prices and quality of the good.i can
not fail to aallefr,
april 20, 1865 mo.
T'O the crtditora of Dariua Farrel, decea4
. 00 the 25th day of Marrpln tbayearlSAS
the frobate teuit of Vinton Cooity, -Ohio
declared the estate of Darius Ferret, dereared
to Ve qrobably lnolvent; creditor ara there
fore required to present tbehr clairi" apainat
iha estate to lbs nnderi(rne!l for allowance,
witbio the nex' three mentis . forri the tiro
nbove rnontionod or by will not b entitled lo
pavainnt. . J06USA WOiP,
Mar. 30-flt- adm'r of Iarii'.? lentl i

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