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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, April 27, 1865, Image 1

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27. 1865.
NO 38
.; M-'.M- -
Y'&ii- ifl: Actbtr ilcmoat';"
. l'i.iin Hit v r. rt r mun'n u
I ...tin... . . n-ta 'PUITDJt. T Br
.' 0 P.F10E:
UMtloV' R4ilIIIC f Courl
. ; L . tloiinl I'u Staiie.
" "Tbb )ntnt will be Mtiton Tear fr Two
' iMIlfcr; Hit Month, fbr Una Dollar; Tb'eo
rioMh. f.r FJty OonU.. -
.PTA1I p.r will h dtaoontinnei at the
iiirallenorthoUinepaidf-r. - .
fTKK.ns' rou AnvEPrisiNR. '
f)ne8i,nereonelnertion, ' vl.
: Kuch additional Inaeilloo, .. i .!
rardnone year, ...
' am, (Jnnliin ncl Kwcutots . t O
- AUHchmnntniitioo before.-, r. ,'0
.litorlil noti.- portino. J
' Yoiulr itvertUinenta will be clurgdd 60,
r oiu'nn per niium. ' '
AnJ In Trriw.rtimiiite rt ex for lose
olmn. inj fir Iw.time.
11 I-f" Ton linn, million oliruod n oueqjre,
nl Ml AilvertWimonts c 1 Logal Nutioeii maat
l rh.'bJveVrmmn.t becomPll.i w!.h
Hy"AII puymen mnnt he mudo to the Pro.
The Uemocr a J oh Office.
:'-' we r.rroi.r. l t0ocU w.th iomm, '
li.tob el i prioo t' t let' eiiplition, l
Uin.u of Job Wotk.jaoU m-
w i i rr
1 1 AMI lILLia,
. tl4XTIl1IIW I
".mmmi.a ,
:. . - ULAN ICS -rf all KINbS,
LA liELS, &C..&C
ntrtl end be convinced tliot won
J wilViU itinii boupor for CtH, tin u khj
' t her . .'.! iiilimi-iit in Uilontinn nfuii mtry
il. A. L'ufA5l..
l. U. $ nvitc
iAMorneys at J-aw,
;Clln Aifinu, Uwl EUio Agent unJ Con-
Hi Ar hur, Yinloii Co. 0.
0lce ii M i Kirei'i. two Joor erwl
; , . nr. IS.- I lidi ittire.
Will attend promptly to ull li-li)t )
to wii r vtfcre, in in. uwunwo v. t
Wq, nud S.io'o.
' Jauuarv If).!) 1S3 -if,
K., A. B1UTT0N,
'.lA'll ir'i vf t Lr nii:l
- " Hrtlni Hennaed by thu Y. S.. for the puri;o
' ) will utlun't .i the proeoeutlon unii oollootion
nt'-.twurr lo-.riion nf ulniimt 2ii)t til
UuUi Stiili..iiii'l B'-tttoofObio, Including tbi
M'rin raid uUiine.
U jJiiiii:. uuil ArrciinucN of l'ujr
, j. . I'rucnred.
PENSIONS for wnuuJifl ml dleibleit koI
J'ut iid'1 UAiiiiii. nd I'ortlio lielrn of wililiers
rd imuwli'j Uavo ilied and bonn ItilloJ In
ha .lorvica. I would y to my friend, that
boill attend promptly W tho.r bwiuB.i nd
..' J-l tJ lUt It'l'
D. Br
at air,
0. Dodiies't
Eat of
Cl Hiving iut re-nyvre I from ere
Mi:k of the Oil Few,'' which 'caused
from ivere ai
t-m.iorjry sbsenra frmn hm office, lakfs
plK.isure in ami miming to mo pimuc. mai
ha 'jyfgn'm et.hi. post, wlipry he mny he
fourldjl ah time' rady to jive priunDt ut-
teutioii tn the variou. braiiclii- of hi pro
r fesftinu' ii thin, anl u'ljoiuing Co'Uiiies.
Jan. 6th. 18'55. 3 -mo. , ;
Tluioi.tii II DUST
i 1
J Qt;T?MOUTU, 01110
" ' TliU' House front on the Sieam Bwt
V lidin. and near llw lUilroail Depot. No
ruini will besp.ired for the aucoinudation
' in&ilestl.. , , . '..'. .
1 19M lvr.
klCM fltf-Ji' ; , .1-,; J
.2p, '.l lyri0 ,C,UilM!pt'g Vbi
McVrthnr, Ohio,
yfl attii4,i;irfflptly and' carefully
!ieprcice of vttieir ) profeiiiuii - iu all
li prac
fttlO W5. i! v' tfi.T-C7-.:i
TtiNKai'bEa.toecbee. StluWnerriee.Blaek
X berrta Orebir I'JU8t recet?od and for
lale at tho. Drag Stork of
A Speech on the Bill to Establish
a Solders' Home,
Delivered by the Hon.
Archibald Mayo, of
Butler Co, in the
House of Representatives,
Mar. 1865.
''' WurlJ kJll." Tho State
of Ohio Im) takua a rQuu.v pruuit
ii "Jneiit f.opiti.irt uiuoiig lief s'lHttiiB ill tlio
iiitu of i.o untortuiiatu and "afllictod.
Her Lenevulunt iiiRtitutbns ar.i her
;AJr- SritAKKK: Aftc-p bo much pr
liBut leiblut ion it il gratifying to Bnd
4t last, one import nit .menaure aflooi
injtlie in tereatd of t he State at larxb
in tliu furtlioruftco of wliicli I am able
to co owrato with fullow laumbt'N
on tiit) tliur eiJo of thia cliumbdr. I
will ad briefly m pdsiblo present the
reasons why 1 chink thia General As
st'inbly oulit to pasa tho bill to cstab
hell a eoUliurs lioinu. And nrat,
baeu my opinion on tho ground ol
.ilUple llDtUHI.ily. TbU OOllBidu.'Atioll
ttikuB tliu qilC'Stloll beyond anil ttlOVe
tiio raiiL'o u uuitua iintaiwiiiBtuJ:
wo all meet lu ru uu A coiuinon uronn l
ol or mpMf It v - "ona touuli uf uauru
crown Juwuls. They hare boon thu
her- nj' et liberal bounty. Shoh tata
ken to luT heart tLo lueson of tho
jreiit Btudeiit of huinuiiity who said.
'Tho qnu'lty cf nnrcy la not atr.inad;
It droppulli a ijontle tain from heaven
Upon the pluui) bjnoath. It la twice blom-od.
And truly lias it buun.vtwioo bluseud'
bk'ibiu tho children ot bur 'cart
nitb comfort Mid hoitlth and bono.
and blesiUi; thoj;iKd cnininonwoultb
horelf with tho lovo of hur citiz-ns
and tho admiration of ull good men.
Without coiitiidorin for tho pruinnt.
any pocuiiar claiiua of thoao"disabldd
Boldiers" by reason of their eurvictB
to tho btaio, I ask wlitro id tliero a
clues uiuio directly within the upper
tion ol (hat priucino which lies at
thu foundation ol all our bonevolont
institutions than tho cliias upoken o!
in thia bill? Who aro to bo takou care
ol? Soldiers, wiio by reason ol dis-
uuo vt Bomo other amiutin visita
tion of 1'rovidenca aro "diaablvd1'
from taking euro of themselves, and
arc Lft dependent upon the kindliest
of their fellov? erea'urjil. . 1 fervent
ly li ope, fellow Kepreaeuta ivee, that
noiio ul you who aro to voto lor or
aainat this measure may bo called
upon to known the misery of being
thrown helpless on tho mercies of a
toitiali wuilJ, or havo causd to sigh
over tlio rimy ti tiiiriatian cuarity.
Our noblo ijiato has w:sely provided
that her unlrotunati) ones bball not be
lett dependent on tho uncertain
chances of !ocil botiutv. Sho has ta
ken her stricken childron into her
own keeping and provided for them
pleasant and permanent homes, where
under the supervision of hur own of
tictrs tlu blind are in somo seme
given a second sight, the deaf made
to hear, the dumb to speak, and the
clou 1 on the brain ol'tlio idiot is turn
ed with a "silver lining.' Sir, woliave
orcii able through tiieso blesod in
strumentalities to "miniate r to a
mind iiseaRed,, and by the passage
of th a act we will "pluck a , rooted
Sorrow from the brain" of many ties
titute luinilies whose loved ones have
come from the 'wars,' shattered in
health or broken in Irame, louin
for a "home". where thu. may. rest in
peace and plenty, safe from the anx
iety and distress that wait on waut.
It has been said that this Ddl af
fects only a few of the eoMiers-rthat
a iimiurity ( them are not nielii'Ied
iu the class spoken ol, and thuto! those
who are very tuany havo faiwilies and
Inenda who can provide lor them and
would much prefer to do bo. I grant
it: and favor the measure for. that
very reason. Public benevolent in
stitutions are neither intended' nor
adapted to' supply the wants of large,
hut of small and exertional classes.
Wherever largo bodies ot people,
who are neither diseased, nor bereft
of any of their natural ; faculties or
power, suffer destitution, it is there
Sill .o.f fcwial wrpngrrf errors in the
structure and orgaiyzAtjon ot socioty,
which call not for benevolence but re
form- Take the women and children
who have become poverty Strieker.
aol their number. has been Increased
enormously " duringjthe : war who
are unable at best, foaru more tlwa
a scanty IpiitanceaiyJ in! inttiitriera4
1)16, cases' have beeftlforced,,by JSirVne
ecesits into thefankVtof-those unlor
tnnatee who have tufted all our'largo
cities and towns iuto very brothels oi
infamy and licentiouauess! Can rou
provide pnblic homei'' for this ruiuh
fy host of'infferipg, huioaniijj ! By
no means, ' The1 'only way o reach
their case is to bo rolorui our soMal
system as to allow wginau io take care
of herself throw open to'her'uew av
enues ol eniploymeot to give hec a
chance to mako ar nouorabie ljvdli
hood. Men pay comulimeuts, ) wo
men, but deny them livim? .waiioe.
I'lipy do them bom ago, but reftf.
them justice., An .open thld, aud
fair play is what this , large c!a4 re
. .1 . . .i -i i.fr
quires: jusiiue not cuamy, puunu ro
lorm. not uu'blie'. institutions, lain.
therefore,2 op posed to the anienlmeut
ottered by the gentloman Irom pheltty
(Pr. Fielding) tj'admit into the' 6vld
lers Uome, tii'i findilie's of .wouudl
iinilliiiiiM.it a.'kf.'iairj
Itisat'oiico .HDphilo90f.tcal,' and
impracticable.' Its only effjeti will be
to deprive tho few of tho mten lud
benefit, without rendering any assist
ancu to t ltd many . it is a nun Hone
around the neck ot tha project which
must' inevitably, swamp , it,; i'ou
might with as much propriety a'imit
ihri fmnilv of a blind man iuto the
blind asylum, as admit the t.imiiy of
ot a lezlesi soldier into the. ooldwrs
Uome. I admit that after you have
induced a man to enter your aram
to) risk life aiid ' limb in your cane,
his family is entitled in a peculiar
manner to your sympathy. Ani lor
that very reason wo havo a relief bill;
and ' private aociutiea throu 'hone, the
Suite havo Sent, their aid lor the same
object-. All these are, however,., but
temporary make ah i Its, u reform," ie
our . social and labor system id .thu
fcr ;at t'niu needed in their case,
ii.it however much these families, uu
dor 'rosout ci i cu instances need, an J
havo a ri'iht to demand sympathy tnd
and . succor, they luvo no claim
such provision as this bill contem
plates. They do not come witiu
tho priuclpla upon which our public
. i : !.'...! .... i
llenovoioilt llisilllliioua .-ro uaseu
They' do Uut formi a limited class, de
prived in the providence of Uod, of
tliojo phyaical or meutal laculties aud
powers with which their fellow crea
tures aro bltssed.' For such and such
only, it is either practicable or , wise
to legislate in the way now proposed.
'But sir, aside Iron the humanity
and' philanthropy of this project,
these disabled soldiers havo another
claim upon you, wlio beloug to the
war party, aud the people of Ohio
whoso representatives you are. Vou
induced them to go iuto tho war, aud
in so' doing, hold out to them . the
most brilliant inducements, gave
them . the most flattering promises;
and in voting ou this bill you mus:
either square your record or stu tily
yourselves.' i'uu gave sjlumii as
surance that yout "last dollar". BUoull
bo spent if ueed.be, lor tho care and
comlort of, the soldier and his.lami
ly: You pictured in glpwinu latigu-
age the return of these gallaut men to
their native otate, tola mem mat
they would bo met with outstrechod
arms.' that the brave aud lair, the
young and old, the" gray . liairod mat
ron un j the . blobmiug maiden, would
T.e with ono another iu doing thorn
honor, in biuuiug up tueir wouujs
and miuisterin.; lo their wants, that
the broad inajHlo of( the Statu wuiild
clothe their war tvoru i)rms, iud that
at ' tha close, of. honored lives , they
might, wrap Vs; eoiutoqiable dra
pery about them and li?dowu tor pleas
ant dreams "by'aij. their, eouutty's
wishes ' blest.'' Ot'teu, JL douU not,
thu reyereud geiitleinaii from Huron
(who opposes, this measure,) has expa
tutted with warmth and' unction ou
such pleasant pro8pecU';i a9 these,
while engaged in urging his fellow
citizens to exchange, the comforts ol
Uouje for the privation aud perils Qti
U C IJ V... ...1 l,
the tented field. , Yet now, when these
poor Tul ows roturq to, us wonoded or
diseased, shrinking sensitively.-.irom
the cold ., uncurtain; charities ot . their
neighbors. ho has nothing better; to ol
ferheui tjian the sbalter ,'o: the.i'oer
House. , i H-.-u i
Mr. Tuojipsok I wish to.correct
the loembur Iroirt. Butler , I did not
say I' wou d .8021 tha:u.'.to the 1 Poor
. Mri MayoI know the gentleman
did.ool, bat:he olfors them no other
alternative. ) Where is that bread man
tle.pf State care and kindness, which
was. to . throw' ita. protecting- Warmth
about them). Upon whoso shoulders
has it fallenl Ask your contractdrs
aud sutlers i and quartermasters and
speculators-thati ionumeriblo host if
Qormerauts wbu, toiiowiqg too sriry
like - fD'iurcsf' Jiave nuienea q - tne
blood of the best and the bravest!
lak your oflioo-toldcrs uf every rank
aud decree who have mide profess
ions of patriotism and devotion to the
soldier the meat npon which they
have grown so great.- They have been
well cared for. while the soldier, wrap
ped only in the transparent gauze of
fair promises (which tie tees last mel
ting into thin air about him) stands
neglected iu the cold. But tho war
is a bigger contract than we expected,
nd the taxesare becoming enormou?;
if the State is to he saved from Sank
ruptcy wo : must retrench and eono
iniz I Such ia thnrv noon all hands.
I Urn very : well tatisfl ;d thar tho prom
wo of. the "last dollar'' would ut
Ifavo beun to-rashly nut la h id you
Supposed that yonr bottom dollar
would . ever be called lor, and ! -am
not at all gjpprlsed ar yur ularm in
regard to tho tjuauccs. IJjt cm you
with coniis'eitcv or dignity or deoou
cy ommonce your retr. ncliiii iit with
thu soldier and his interests! I think
lot. You have expended enormous
sums for projects of doubtful utility,
and which were not demanded ot
you either on the score of consistency
r plightod fuith. Will you now, af
ter four yearl of war which you
term iholy and in tho progress of
which you have cahul lou Hy and re
peatedly for the beet and bravest of
our citizons which ha brotigbt des
olation and distress and destitution
to thousands ot ouco happy liomL's.
begin for tlie first tiinj to draw tight
your purse strings, when you are ask
ed to establish a tioiao for the dis
abled an l wounded s. hliors of our
army) 'Oo! shainj whero is thy
bluslu ' Kopresontatives, 1 rejoice in
this opportunity, ia prosonoof thoso
shattered r moks of ouco manly forms
who no demand your bounty, a id
who were'lared by your glowing elo
quence to risk their all to the chances
of the battle field, and, in presence of
their mother aud lathers, wives, sis
ters, brothers and'- mends I rejoice,
eay.at this rtppDrtnnity to put you
on tfis rvcoru.
-Between. "the '-'tax payers, whose
votes vou fear, and the soldiers who
bold your "promises to pay" chooao
ve, this dav, Whom you will serve.
We are told that the United States
will take care of these men. Uo5v do
wo kcow'thatr' W'o'havo no evidonco
of it; flor is it all likely. .In the first
ylaco' it is utter.y' impracticable to
havo the class contemplated by thia
bill, belonging to all the States, tak
en care of in- one great central insti
tution. The number will be too groat,
riiou again,' raerrof Ohio, would pre
t'er that tlioit ' Uome should ' bo in
Ohio their owq State to whose for
cos they belonged, with 'whoso glory
they are identified; and where their
friends and tamilies if ttioy liava any
Besides, it is in conflict
with all onr traditions and most cher
ished notions. The privilege and da
ty of each State ' to take oara of its
own interests and provide or its own
citizens is'a thoiooghly ingrained A
merican idei; and in tho uspect in
which 1 now view it, is by' no moans
confined to any party. I claim that
is the right,' the duty.the ugh pro
rogative ' privilege of ' Ohio to' take
care of her own aofdiers, a As a State
she has givenfunqu.il'ttsd and un
stinted support t, th:.s"wr; sh- has
thrown her rej.ut ition and her inmin
into the'oale' she'lial ' prvidd-l ' for
the giviug of b muties' and for the
relief of soldicre', ' fa n'iies; has CoN
lectel in her'State llnisa tho' battle
stained flag? of Ohio regimetits iu
evuT' tiling relating to the : waf ''has
endeavored with comtnendahle State
pride to emulate in 'generous rivalry
tlie siser Stages of tho Republic, en
gaged in tae same tfnnse. Tin Stato
if Ohio m h unit. Sha has an' iinlivid
,ity of i1BTOwa.' ; Slie is my native
V - . ' ...-! J '. .
State: I am pbud of her; nnd how
evurshey.' Iu jridg-jinent, err, and
that very greatly, on matters of para
mouhtf impbrUncej and in nothiug
more than on' questions', connected
with ibis' war I'doy from the bottom
of my heart, hope that she1 will not
so far Stoop frbin ' nei High place or
soil bef fair' faiAe; as t either turn
her back altogether apod - those who
have done valiant servico in her
quarrel, or ask ttio Qeneraf Govern
merit to take their care off bar hands.
' Sir, these "disabled Boldjera" must
be cared for somewhere and . by some
body." Iu adopting the plan,' of es-(
tablishing a Soldier's Uome we only
follow the eiample of European Gov
ernments,, where long experience has
found them necessary, and successful
experiment proved them practicable.
It is not intended by this measure to
do away with tbo pension eystem,
nor to perform the. work of the relief
'und. Its only purpose is to reuidy
a defect in the system; to complete
tho chain of appliances in u)e lor the
relief of soldiers and their families.
None of our benevolent institution-.
can supply the place of private phi
lunthropy or public charities; they
are simple auxiliaries; one of the in
ny forms in which philanthropy de
velops itself, intended to uijot a par
ticular want, to supply a particular
ueticiency. That there must bo in
every Statu a large class of diseased
anl disabled soldier belonging either
to destitute families or without fum
ilies. who on neither rveuive com
foitablo support nor proper attention
and ca-u tlirouji any instrumentality
now in existence, will bo apparent
to the minds of all. It is to meet
their case that wo desire the pasitge
of the bill. I desire that this vreat
State should say, to tlieSii hur allliet
ed ones, iu the language i f divine
mercy "Como unto mo all ye that
are weary aud heavy laden and will
jive you rest." It wi 1 bo alter ull
but a poor return for tho sacrifice of
health and limbs which they have
made in the State's employ. To ro
I'u.j this would be to treat these sol
diers worse than we do an old and
fa thful liors; who, after becoming
woru out in our servico, we turu loose
iu pasturj to spend tho reiuaiuder of
his days in rest and in plenty. Do
sided, sir, when you havd' gathered
these men to one center, iu charge of
fit men, iu an institution conducted
system itically, they will be wM tak
eu caro.of, at u much less agiegate
expense than they can bo pooiLj pro
vided for in their respective localities.
With men and money cjiiceutru
ted at a single point, the means can
bo carefully adapted to tho und, aud
waste and leakage prevented, because
there is a personal and iiutnoJiato
and continual eupurvisioii by proper
aud competent aud responsible olfi-
cers of tbo objects of tho charity and
their Wniits; nhiiO at the same tune
all who are deserving are secured
against neglect. Whereas, if these
men aro to bo cared for, by any other
system, in their respective lucidities,
the least worthy who are always
most forward in pressing their claims
will receive tlie lion's share, aud
prouJ, Bcnsitivo and shrinking na
tures who will die sooner than press
themselves forward, and who really
iiOod aud merit support, will bo for
gotteu and iieglctad. Both econos
my aud even handed justice demand
the esublisliuuiit of tho institution
But wo aro askod to amend tit ia
bill so as to insert after the word sol
dier, tho words "without distinction
of color." Sir, my sense of huin wii-
ty is not limited by color. If I find
man suffering and in want I am dis
posed, if it be iu my power, to afford
relief. I am not, however, a negro
philanthropist, like tho gentleman
who introduced this amendment ami
those who bupport it; I have uever
been disport to assist the blacb- at
the expense of the just claims of white
men, the lights of the States, or the
solemn obligation) of the Constitution
of my country. Neither would 1
siibakingly attempt, under the Bpo
cious prutenso ot regard for thtv'Af
rican brother." to disguise an anwill
iiiirnots to afford the wii e soldiers
of Ohio the benefit of a "home "
That is what these gentlemen are at
tur now. Are they not oppose J lo
the ni0u9 are altogether, and was not
ibis amendment introduced in ordei
to drive its Dim cn;tic friends li-in
its support) Will they vote , tor the
bill evne" if the araeudtrTorit is adopt
edl I think not. But if they will
then there is another horn of the dN
lemma for them to take If they are
in favor of a Soldier's Uome ia auv
event, why do they declare they will
vote against tho bill providing . the
flou8o refuse to changa its phraseol
ogy?' Dony the blessed privilege oi
tins "Homo" to our many brave
white men, ourowu race aud lineage
"citizens" of .Ohio, because a few col
ored men may bo debarred frora.'shar
iug it with thorn! Must Inere bo "a
uigger'iu the wood pilo" or we
have no wood t "Because you are
virtuous shai! there be no more cakes
and alel" '-'I desire to have this bill
pais aud cannot be driven, from my
support of it by so apparent a trap as
s this. I behove that li negroes are
to be provided for iu the way propos
ed, they should be kept separate aud
apart, and that if tbo wuite men have
what tbo negroiaaniets term "prejus
dices" against eatingat the same ta
ftlo or sleeping iu the same bed, they
ought b bo reepootod. If tha prj-
posod clause is inserted the responsU
bil. y, h Uever it may U, willrtti
with those who forced unon as th.
alternative of aJ04.ti.1g it W Of abtu.
douingsltogether this beuufoleot o-
'sir, my course in this matter it
com istent with all I luv9. 8Tor
or dom-. Whehevsf I could act ur
ly Tor the soldiars' benefit, sepJraU
and apart from the support of mess
urea abhorrent to all ujy settled con
victions of right, I have ; boon at all
times ready and glad to doso. r but
repeat what I said iu a sueeoli dli.
ered hero last winter, when I Jeclar
that 'the soldier hav my heartiest
Hympathy, my admiration .and mr
thanks. I oaly wish that they Wor4
re urt.elto their ' plajM i
where they culd once ui.ro resum
me cuarge 01 civil art iifi J
prise of
mat vigmuco whic.i ia tho
And lor tln.se wh, oma 'homo
virecked aud shattered, slrmi of their
liuibsor rackml .with diae-th
very shadows of their former selves.
I would, as in this bill proposed, sot
apart one of the most beautiful spots
in tho Stati-, by the sidd of healim
waters; with commodiuui dwellings
anJ decorated ground w.tli evePy
surrounding that eoU.d charm 1 the
eye and gratify ti.o taste aud woo ths
tired Sinse to effort ami repose.
I hero they should be tenderly nurse.i
auJ cared lor at. the expenne 'of tlu
btato iu whose cause they suffered
not as a charity scantily and erud
ingly bestowed, but as a duty which
tho btato owes; as a partial return kt
a debt - which1 alio can never pay
And now, sir, since tho inevitable
and 'irrepressible" aegra-has been
lugged into this debate, permit me
to say, that there has been no scheme
ol philanthropy, whether healthy 0r
morbid in aoy way . coniKCto.1 ,1,
tho colored Me that has bonn isM.
garddd by th people t,r tbeir rewo.
soiitatives. The Kedoral Uinare!
ItilJ lnui,. I !A..' L a. .
Jt a " b roedman 'a Bureau " aud at
homo the agents -.ftho "Ereedmaa's
Am Society" have asked and rweiy.
eit irequent and bountiful contribu
tions tor the sustetiauoo and educa
tion and care of those nsferoes wlm
by tho oporation of this war (wh-thtr'
wisely aud necessarily it is . noodle,
to inquire), have been cast npon th 1
chanties of thoworld. They re t i
be clothed and fed and modiined an 1
oluvated" at tho expense of the peo.
pie, and both eloquence and mou'y
aro being abundantly spent in their
behalf. Congressional and pulpit or
ators vie with cno auother iu prosent
"ig the claims of the A lricau "man
aud a orothcr' on christian sympathr
undaupport.- Is it nit.' then.' nW,
el a nazemeiit that gentlemen 00 the
other side of this chamber are t'oun l
oUt.nately opposing )ha establish
ment ot a "W,a wilere vmeri,
who have been disabled or ; disoasoil
in the war, may find resf nd comfort
and Bustonanoo when they return tc,
the State which s.'nt thein"fortii! Sir
would that 1 could turn all the men!
oy which the people 0f Ohio haw
paid or prop sed to pay for the- vari'.
011s pet bchemoa of the dav sendiug
school tru'ma to Hilton Head' and
v i'jksburg, douating large fortune
to Mhjor Geuarals occupying already
position of great profit and honor
and many mre of like ' merit IntJ
the channel which-this measure pro
vidv-s. I would do this if it were on
ly to show that the purposes, pledge
end principles of Ohio, whea engag
ing iu this war, whether wise or not;
were at least tintxre. v 1 would have
grand and permaneot- linetitutioR,
completing the circle of benevoleut
establishments, which have road the
name n Ohio blessed; and iu all time
to come, bearing evidence that , thai
early fervor which pledged so much
bad not been like the sparkling aod
evanescent foam, of the cud "orm
moment tea i, then gone . forfver
but a permanent priuoiula whiah hid.
crys!alizod( into action. .!t u M;,J
It 1 " . a m ,'l Otl
There is an aflioity between sweat'
sounds aud sweet fir In- hMntifni
musie U as attractive to beautiful
women as flowers to bee.
Every. person. iin society .fiou!d i
produoe physio ally or men t ally
mucbrfor .society as.be tsqdlret
reoeivq lrom society lor iu fuU eu:
joyment. , . - i-i v; a r.t
A married monster 'said be lately'
dreamed that he had an angel by bis
side, and noon waiioj it was nobody
but hia wife.

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