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.HI- P
. , MoAKTllUJt, OHIO:
THEIUDAV - - - - Ad-. 27 IS3S
To Our Friends.
We with to lay 'to our citizens that
we loteud In a short time to get new
tjpe, and improve onr paper in every
rcpec, and in return wo want cur
friends lo do all in their power to in
. . crease onr ealtcriptioi). Thero is no
roan Lut'csn pay ihrre cints a week
. . fur bis county l aoer. and cone but
i . will -be benefited moro than thu "rico
; in tbe eonrso of tho yoar. Yuur
. county mntters,laws and legal notices
, . Ao., are or more benuat tuou tlia cost
, of the paper. ...
s m0mim
Speech of Hon. A. Mayo.
Oar rcaJers will ri:vi tin speech ot
Mr. Mivo, oo the tir3t p:ie of this
paper, with, more than an ordinary
degree of intercut: It waa one of the
most ablo and olrqncnt speeches ol
the SeBiion, and will instill in the
tniudi of tho reader true principles
't that oone dare contradict. It is not
perhaps out of place hero to state that
tbe bill was passed by a union ol
- Democrats and Cicservativo .votes,
io tSo Legislature, the radicals tryiDg
to kill the till by so amending as to
llor niggers to be put into tho House,
.with tbe-Whltu Soldiers. Mr.MayoV
speech; had nV small jtbara in defat
ting tho'iadicali and their favorite
' icbeine of mixing up the white and
, Llar;k soldiers on their return home
Gen. Sherman and the Radicals.
. Wa hav a cnriouB peoplj among
. os, one'day our Radicals praise Sher
tonn and the next theycurso him
' profusely, because ha proposes to thu
Ilebs to lay down their firms, take the
, cava of allegiance and euppoit the
Comtitntion and laws of Congress.
Theredn ' a Cabinet mooting super
idles Sherman because they say this
acjtnpwlojges tho Suuthern ConCeder
cy and dunt kill slavery. This war
must go on till every nigger is free
and by that time tno Rads. will have
. the whites and blacks upon an eqol
. Sty. . This is tho whole of it, and on
this many Republicans aro now loav
log tbe party, .more will come.
Chillicothe Advertiser.
Mr. Samcbl I'iKg of the above pa
vper retires from tho Editorial chair,
and Is succeeded by Hon. J. U. I'ot-.
bah lato a member of tho Ohio Legis
Jatara from 'Licking County. Mb
1'ptnam,' is a young man of tinotal
eats, and a entleman( in every sense
of the word, having some twelve years
of experience as an editor, we have
Do doubt lie will merit and receive the
cordial support of tho Demrcracy of
Old Ross. We extend to Mr. fur
kam a hearty welcome to Snnthern
Ohio. '.''
The New York Time$ Washinn;
tou special says that Moseby has se
cured abasia of oirreemaut similar to
that obtained by Johnston. This ba
sis of agreement w"as drawn np by
General Chapman, in- the presence
ol twenty two Federal and twenty
rebel thVers, and it is so provided.
. According to late accounts from
Bavaoah, the . niw8 'of- Lee's surrenu
cr was well received in some parts of
Georgia. v
. Attorney-General &peed bas Issued
ao important opinion on tho terms ot
the capitulation of General Lee. He
says that tho rebel' officers who sur
rendered to General Grant have no
homes in tbe loyal States, and have
do rigat-t com"4o places where
their homes were, in the loyal States
ty-ior to going into the rebellion; that
peiiODS in the civil service, of tbe re
bellioo, or who bave otherwise given
it support, comtort. ana aid, and were
residents of rebel territory, , hava n
right to return to Washington under
tkat sti(alation,4h8t rebel 'officers
have no right . to wear their UDiforrne
in any ot the loyal States, and that
those tfilcers .who have thus doue
wrt r.2 it CDcnlng , liM lorat Stafw,
j .. r, .la- '
are tnt adding intuit to injury in
wearuK,ioei bdmomib:. mat liiey
have as much right to bear the rebel
Hag through the stieeta of a loyal
ejty, as to nrear tb , tritOi's ."xarb,
and (hat tho .stipslition of snirsMr
permit! w such th4nr, " and that the
weariDff Of SOC I lilorni la an act u
Hostility against the uovornmotij.
..." .1 . " r ------
Ihe hiiqn'Yer of tho 4tli says
In onr diaiiatrjlue thitt woriiin'
will be fouuJ HiM.fli;itl difpntch from
l tie Secretary ot War, clttmling the
present s'atns of pffairs in North Cur
olina. It appears that Uenernl Shnr
tuan Ims Hi tired in'o an armistice
and a suspe nsion of hostilities with
General Johnston and General I3reck
inridjjn, with a view of arriving at a
bafia of pcaco. This argument was
mado ou tho lfetli. So soon as this
action reHched the eaia of the author
ifies fit Washington, a Cabinet meet
mg was held, and the action of (Jen
tral Sherman wad ui8iiuirovtu bv
President Johnson, t!ie Cabinet, and
General Grant, and ao ordor was
iFsned that hostilities eliuuIJ be re
sumed forthwith.
It was itatcd that the instructions
of the lt!e President to Gen. Grant,
was the policy for all military-com
minders ti pursue. These insti'uc
tions are found in the official dispatch
in another column. Tho Secretary of
War states that the order of Gen
Sherman to Gen. Stonemun, to leave
Goldsboro and join him, will prolm
bly open the way for Davis to escape
toMixieoor Europe, with lis plun
cr, winch is said to bo immense-
not only the plunder ot the Richmond
Unnks, but previous accumulations
and that Johnston's neiiot iatior.s
ook to tho cud that the urmistice
whs arrange I with Sherman to give
Davis an opportnnity to escape'.
tins is certainly a severe thrust at
bonernl bhcrman. General Grant
as eono to North Carolina to super
menu tnu operations i n person
gainst Jonnstons army, llns is
. ri. .
iituallr relieving General Sherman
rom comraard.
Nearly all ol Mostly 'a cammand
have surrendered to Gen. Hancock,
except Moseby himself, for whom a
ewurd has been oricred.
Tho Tribunes Washington special
represents affairs ut Richmond a
nsfftisfactorj. One Federal soldier
ad been assassinated, and eeveial
eadly assaults had been mado upon
nion citizens.
The last repoits of the (fficersof
io Confederate Government aro that
Davis and Cubicet were at Augusta,
Agreement Between General
Sherman and Johnston
As reports have been in circulation
for some time of a correspondence be
tween GenetaU Johnston aud Shers
man, tho memorandum of what was
xgreed upon, and tho result is as fol
lows: ,
First Tho contending armies now
in tho Held to remain in $tUu quo
until notice is given by thuco:uuiaud
ng Guuorali of either one to it ips
ponent, and reasonable time, say for
ty eight hours, allowed. ,
Second The Confederate armies
now in existeuce to bo disbanded and
conducted to their several State eapw
tali, there deposit their arms and pub
lie property in the State arsunala.und
uach officer an J mm to exocutu and
file (in agreement to coaso from acU
of war, and abido tho action of both
State and Federal authorities; the
number of arms and munitions of
war to be reported to the Chief ol
Ordnance at Washington City, sub
ject to the future action of tho Con
gross ol the United States, and ,iD
tho me it) tiino to be used solely to
maintain peaco and order within the
borders of the States respectively.
Third The recognition, by the
Executivo of the United States, of the
several State Governments, on their
officers and Legislatures taking the
oath prescribed by tho Constitution
of the United States; and where eon
flicting State Governments have
resulted from tha war, tho legitima
cy of all shall be submitted to the
Supreme Conrt of tho United States.
FourthThe re-establialnaeot of
all tho Fedel Coiuts in tho several
States, wirti powers 83 defined by the
Constitution and laws of Congress.
Fifth People and inhabitants of
all States, to bo guaranteed, ao far as
tho Executive can their political
rights and franchise, as well as their
rights of person and property, as do
fined by the Constitution ot tho Unit
ed States and of tho States respect
ively. .
Sixtli--The Executive authoritv ol
the Government of the United States
not to disturb, any ol the people b
reason of tno late-war, so long as they
livo in peaca and quiet, and ahbtain
from acts of nrmed hostility and obey
the laws 'in existence, at any Dlaca of
iueir resiaenco.
.I..- j - ' r. .
Seventh In general terms, war to
cease, and a general amnesty, so far
me fcxecuuvq power oi tno Unitod
States can command, or condition ot
the disbandment of Confederate arm-.
ics, "and. thd. distribution of arms and
resumption 'of peoceful pursuihj,- by
ofBcora and men hitherto composing
the said rnne9. Not beings -fully
empowered by onr respective princi
ptlaforjlflll these terms, we irjjivid
oally and officialljlatfgo "05rB'olve
to . prorjDtly obtain I-tbe jtecpseary
aotuority and to carrf j ont'lBe jibova
rrogaipmo. t.! ; ! 'i r
Sherman and Johnston W. T. SHERMAN
Major General Commanding Army
United States forces in SoulU.Car
Commanding 0 Br Army
i in North OnpjUyi. - v
' This proceeding of General Slier
man was disapproved of-"for " the fol
owing, among other rensons. bv the
Cabinet;.. . . - i ; .
First It was an exercise of anther-
ity not vested in Genetal: Sherman.
and its face shows that both he and
Johnston knew that lie. General
hennan, had uo authoritv to enter
into any such arrangement. . ; '.
becond It wae a practical ackowl
edge molt of tbe rebel Government.
Hi i id It undertook tore-establish
the rebel Statu Government that had
een overthrown at 'the sacrifice of
many Jbnusatid loj al Uvea and an
immense treasure, and placed anna
and munitions of war iu tha hands of
the rebels at their respective capitals
which might bj used us soon as the
armies oi tho United states were dis
handed and used to conquer and
suIhIuo tho loval States.
Fourth Dy the restoration of the
tebel authority in their respective
States, they would bo enabled to re
establish slavery. .
Fiitli It might furnish a grounJ
of responsibility hy.jho Federal Gov
eminent to pay . tha, rebel debt, and
certainly subjects byal citizen of the
rebel States to tho debt consummated
by tho rebels, in the name of the
Sixth It put in dispute the 'exist
ence of loyal state governments, and
tin new State ot West Virginia,
which had been recognized by every
department of tho United States Gov
eminent. ; ,, - ,.
7th It practically abolished the1
confiscation laws', and relieved rebels
every degree,, who had slaughtered
our people, from all pains and penal
ties for their crimes.
8th It gave terms that had been
deliberately, repeatedly, .and solemn
rejected by President Linooln, and
better thun tbe rebels bad ever naked
thoir most prosperous condition.
)tb It formed no basis 'ot true and
lasting peace, but i relieved tbe rebels
from tho pressure or our victories,
left them in a condition to rmiew
their efforts to overthrow the . United
States Government, and subdue thu
loyal States, whenever their strength
was recrmled and .opportunity ahould
outr. , ., j I
.,1 1 L.'vl
Adjounment of the Legislature
That itinerant body knowj an the
Ohio Legislature, haa'at last 'annn
out." It exhausted its stock of Iid)
und the factory was forced to suspend
operations for want of tho ra,w ma
terial to operate upon. , It;was too la
viiih in its expenditure,, . and used it
with an extravagance not warranted
tho the rules of ,proper economy.
inserted a, ?lb'unch". of it into our
eiuction laws Dy amending them so as
allow mulattoes o yotai, it threw a
wuoio "lack" , into. our poor lawa.Lv
compelling tha truateeaof our county
luurmanea ,io recoivo negroes and
placo them on an equality with tho
destitute poor.it squandered a '-floeco"
eudeavoriug to compel tbe Direc
tors of our Common School to re
ceive negroes into the schools on an
equality with white children.. ;But a
few of tho lopol had not been fully
educated up to that high stand point,
they bad not been initiated into the
inner mysteries of Ablitionisrn, and
tno measure tailed. It flung the re
mainder of its stock on hand sanara
into the measure providing a home
iur uihuoiou soiuiers, ana nearly de
feated the bill by endeavoring to in.
sert an amendment that negro soldiers
Diiuuiu u icucivcu in wie msciutioti
an equality with whito'soldiers.
largo majority of Ihp Abolitionist
voted for it, and it wa3i, only.daieated
the votes of Democrats.- Takir.
altogether it was a remarkable ho,i
Like Wol ford's - celebrated cavalry,
members might have been found eve
placo except whero hey. belong.
Some wero at Oil Creo with '"limiid
tho brain," others were at Toledo
running flouring mills, others wre at
No w York looking, jafter pork trana
action, others in Dixie speculating
cottoi, and wherever a loyal man
could periginate i the angust assembly
. Mnn.rtnAH.J' f k " . I 'II V
woa lepreoouiou. . ii uaa lliriOlyQ QUI
taxes, disregarded constitutional obli
gations and perpetrated more silly
stuff which it'dignifies'.with the titia
legialation tliad .any.-other body. of
iawiuaser mat ever convened, . Jjnt
in uuiuuct. , i,eaco to. us allies, and
a y, w e n e. er ( aeo its .hke
Self-defence ta tha chfureat of all
laws, and fur this, reason, thu lawyer j
dida't make it;
..?' vi.'.
., 7
The Assassination of the
Sworn Testimony.
Although thotad Centi wliicb;1s
here raiantely-'aiid Ncircmstahtial ly d
tctibed baa bee preseiited to the pyh
lie in voluminous detail, th follow
Ing deposition from aenileman wo
was witlj'the Fresidehf'whcn tfw as
sassin executed his fell purpose will
Jhkva a o.culia-iHierM--nrf-iii.-wn
uave a pjula Htereet-,'andns-
act ol justice to the dejioncnt. ,wu
connection' wftV1 frfo sad aHair !
been variouslyreporled, we give it a
prompt puoiicatiyo... , .., q ,
District of cilara .M,iClljr of Wwbtngt err,
. Henry JJ. Uutkboiie, ,Bja vet-Major
in tho Army o-f. jhe Unjted States,
beiug h'nly.swforo.'sava that on (he
1111 uujr oi npriij insianc, at aooiu
twenty minnVt'S pnst 8 o'clock in tho
everjjn'g lie. with Miss Clara II.;IIar
ris, left his residence, at tho corner of
Filth and II. streets, and joined the
President sir! Mrs. Lincoln, snd went
with them to Ford's Theater, on Tenth
ttieet. The box assigned to the Pros
ident Is in the second tier on the right
hand sido of the audience, and was
occupied by the President and Mrs.
Linco.n,' Miss ilarris, and this depo
nent, ami ' by no other person., The
box is entered , by passing fh,nj the
Iront of tho building iu the roar of
the dress-circle i to a small entry or
passage way, abont 8 feet in ' length
and 4 ' feet m widtfi. Tho passage
way is entered by a dour whiou opens
on the inner side. The door is so
placed bs to mako an acute angle be
tween it and tho wall behind it on the
inner side.
At the inner end of this passage
way is another dojr, standing square
ly Hccross and opening into thu box.
tho left hand side of the passage
way, and being near tho inner ond, is
a third door, which also opens into
tho box. This latter door was closed
Tho party entered the box through
tho door at tho end of the passago-
uy. ino oox is so constructed that
it may bo divided into two. bv amov
able partition, ono ' of the doors de
scribed opening into each. Tho front
of tiie box it about ten or twelve feet
in leng'h. and in tho center of tha
railing is a small pillar, ovehung- with
a curtain. Tho depth of the box from
front to rear is about nino' feet. Tho
elevation of the box abovo the stage,
including tho raillog, in about ten or
twelvo feet. "'""',',
' When thd porty entered, the box a
a Bushionod arm-chair' was standing
at the end ot the furthest from the
etago and noan st tho audience. This
was also the nearest point to tho door
by which tho box Is entered. Tho
President seated himself in this chair
and, except that ha ouco left tho chiar
for tho purpose of puting on his ov
ercoat, remained so seated until ho
was shot. Mrs. Lincoln was eeiitod
in a chair between tho Presidens and
tho pillar in tho center abovo dosribed
At tho opposite end 1 of tlie box, that
nearest the stagb, were two chairs, in
one of these, standing in'thO corner
Miss Harris was seated. At her left
hand.and along tho wall running from
that end of tho box to tho rear, stood
a small sofa. ' At the end of this sofa
next to Miss' Harris, the deponent
was seated. Tho distanco between
Ckis deponent and tho Pre3idenr, as
thev wero Bitting, was about seven or
eight feet, aril tha distanae between
this deponent and tho door wa3 abont
the same. The distance between the '
P-n.M ,.. I . , ' j . j lu"
rresident as he sat flOd tbo door was
about four or five foet.' The door, ac
cjrding to'thff reccllectioo of (his de
ponent, was aot closed daring the
When the second scone of the third
act was being performed, and this de
ponent was intently obaurvlug the
proceelings upon the stage, w?th his
back towards the door hu heur,! tim
discharge of a pistol bohind him,
anu looKing aronna. saw through the
uinoKe a man outweeu the door aad
the Frosident. At the sam& time de
ponout tieard him shout some word
which depoueut thinks was "Free
dom." This deponent instaotly
sprang towad lain aud selzod him.
He wrested hinnsolf from the' grasp
and made a violent thrust at the
breast of deponeut with a large knife.
Deponant parried the blow by strik
ing it up, and received a wound sov
eral iuches deep in his left arm, be
tween the elbow and the shoulder.
Theorflce of the wound is about An
inch ai;d a half in length and extends
opwaid toward the shoulder several
inches. ' - -. ; - .
The man rushed to the trout of iho
box, and' deponent endeavored to seize
him again, but only caught his clothes
as he was leaping ovor the railing of
the box. The olotb, as : deponunt
bolievs, were torn' in this attempt to
seizi himi lAs he went : over uporj
tbe stae deponeut cried out with a
loud voice, titop that raau.? Dpo
ueutthen turned .to tlie President
Uis poeitioa wai not changed His
bead waa slightly beut forward and
'a eyes were closeoV Duponentsaw
that he was unoonciou9, and soppos
iog him mortally wounded, rushod to
the.duor for thtt purpose vf calling
medical aid.r On reauhiug tbe outter
door of tha rjassaze-wav aa abova da
cribqd, d.epoou found H barrti by
a Uea vj pieco of . pUnk, -oua qJ. . o
wnicn was secured in the wall in
he other rested Against tho door. It
had been ao securely fastened that it
requireu cousiucraoio lorco io remove
it. f,r: - " .
This wedge; or bar, was about four
feet frM. tiio' tl ior. Poraoiu 'lipoid
the outside were boating against the
dnor for tho purpose of entering.
Diiponeht j:euioved the bar, and the
door was opened. Several persons,
who represented themsXles to be sur
geons, weru alluwed 4o enter. Depo
nent saw thero Colonel Crawford,
and rtquosted him td prevent other
persons from entering the box,. JJc
unneut theo retuinod to the bi x, and
ro'niid tlioVnrgeons examing the Prcs
iJent's person, .Thev had-ootyet dis
.covered, tho. wound. ,AseT(on as it
vaa discovered, it was determined to
remove-; him t'toin the theater. He
was carried out, and deponent pro
ceeded, to, assist , Mrs. .Lincoln, who
was intensely .excited, to leavo the
theater. ' 'r . .
O.i reaching the" heal of tho stairs
deponent nq lested Major Potter to
aid him in assisting Mm. Liucoln
across tho street to thu Iiousiq to which
tho President had boon conveyed.
The wound which deponent had ro
cuivol hud been bleeding profusely,
and, on reaching thu hoiuo, fooling
very faint from tho loss of blood,
ho 60ttod himself in tli-j hall; an 1
soon after fainted away and wa laid
upon tlie floor. Upon tho return of
consciousness deponent was taken in
& carriage to his rusidonco.
In the review of tho transaction, it
is tho confident, belief of tbia depo
nent that thu time, which elapsed be
tween tlu discharge of tlu putol and
tho time when lh nssasin lea pod from
tno Ui'X, did riot exceed thirty seconds.
Neither iirs. Lincoln nor Miss Hir
ris had left their seats.
Subscribed an 1 sworn Oeforo mo
this 17th day ot April, 18(35.'
Justice of tho Supremo Court of
tho District of Columbia.
The Armistice Revoked.
Ipril 25-10 15 P. M. Major
General Dix: A dispatch has just
been received by this Department,
from General Grunt, tinted Italeigh.
A. M. April 24. IJo says: I reuch
hero this morning, and delivered
General bhernian tho reply to his
negotiations with Julinston. Word
was immodiately sent to Johnston,
terminating tho truco, with informa
tion that civil matters could not be
enteitainod io any convention be
tween the Army Commanders.
Secretary of War.
Stye tin i jgcfrc'r ,
M ) A.5))irij'
oYi rE.Vly new and reliable treatment
reports of the HOWARDS ilSSOCIA
T10X Sent by mail in sealed It-.iter pure
lor?, free of charija Address. Dr. J, SKIL
LIS HUUUHTUN. Howard Association.
No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa
Do yon want Whmkcre or ModhUcIio? Onr
Grsiu.Compound will force thom to grow on
heitmooihest lou or chui.'ur hair en buld hoada
Six Weokn. Pjleafl.OO. Sent by mail any-
wbera, closuly pculrd. on recoip' of prico.
AUilress, W AK,NlLlt CtUU., tii)X J3d,
N. Y.
Feb, 16. 'CS
suuorer nuvinjf oean rnatorea io nanltn In a row
dnya, after many years of misery, i willing U;
assist liis suifurintr fi llow-crooturos by aendi!..
(fm),on thoroooiptor apoitjiaid i.daraorud oi.
volopo, a oopy of tba forruulu of euro employed
, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Publiohed for tha benefit, ini hi PA IT
TION TO YOUCftf MEN and others, who suf
fer from NeiToua Dobility, Prematnie Decay
Manhood, fcc, anpplyiug at tba aama time
The Means or Sair-Ccai. By una who baa
qured himself after undergoing oonnidertble
cuBKerj. dj inckHiing a poRipaicl adilretaed
cnvalopa alnjrle copies may bs had of the an-
BroOKlyn, Kings Co. N.V.
Jnnaind TS63 lyr. .
A Clergyman while residing in South Amer
ica as a missionary, diaoovered a safe and aim-
remedy for tha Cure of Nerrons Weakness,
Early Decay, Diseases of tha Urinary and
nominal Urgans, and tha whole train of disor
ders bronghtpnby baneful and vleions habift.
Oreat nambei s kave been already cored by thia
nooie remedy, rromyiea Dy a deaire to Dene
(he Afflicted and unfortunate, I will aend
reoh fjr preparliir and using this midi-
o'ne, in a aoaled envelope, to any one who needs
ran or i HAnoa.
Pleasa inclose a poaV-paJd seralopa, addreaa.
to yonraelf.
Stitios D, Biat Uovsi,
Mar. 16th tB5-lyr. New York City.
Morris Albanah ' Guardian of William 8.
England, haa Bled bis aooonnta and voachera
loriuspootioq and Boat taluemsnt. and tbat tha
same will bs for bear in? on (he 3'itn da? of
April ST 18RJ 3y. , ;: - ,. Probata Jadt.
PINE-AfPLES, Peaohea, 6tiawbrrisa, Black
barrya Oreea Peas Juat received wi tot
at tnt Drag Stora ef
' ' Dr. A.OJXDCT.
' suehi n-n Al &
Slate f0iot Vinton County.
jJ.U.Klrabj't A Co. Fl'.ff loPoortof
' ' 'ilul tC.i'n.nn t
rwi'ium K,y. . D.rt.) oo tuectrw.
PUIKUANT tethe enrnmiwi.l Of a rSt of
ola :n tbe ibivu uin.o iu me dlrecuj fror
llWLunrC ..f mmon Pio, of the f,MU
cuonty or Viiitoa, I will ,,-rjr at pnbllo ut
la.nlj.ir. J'. the r0ro5nl oonnty of Vint
Sawrjjy tht 21 H dag of ilay 1863
It theiuur of vd p. vt ofij J,r
th..f,llotujrpr.iporty,to.irlt: The with went
qaarwr or ih9 nlli-iwi'l 4nrtBr, ml tbe ooilh
eu.t jorterot (he enth-w qnurltr, rd lU
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qnrter of the nob et qnnrtr of leotWa
ouiuLmj thirty x, (14.) to Towonhlp eiul
Range hr,M CWulnln Two hundred ew.
rnkm Hi properir of Wl litem Ry. u
euuiy a Jougmeot In faror of J. B. Klmb.U .
Au'(miie. tt Two thotiMnl dnl!er, t4
muH l.rit, twi third of that nm.
rkKVHor'SU.K.oaiti In band.
McliiiTioiit 8nmi J. J. SflOCKBT,
A:t,e for Plt3. . 8ttf. V. Oo. 0.
April 37th ls.-
;OT WrTS70R W.
J. W. KKADl.EV'S NewIVtnt T.nprrr
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Til IS IN V I'MTIIH- ..I... . r.n. .
two) V. lip tic StnM Sprinfre. ii genioonlr Br!d
ed I ittluly and Kirraly touothur ed toeJira.
anknifr tha ,.ii)ilct. ino.t flexible aatlo ao.l
Durable i Spring ever u.d. They eeldmn Bead
orBre.kllltethemle 9Prh.K.. end eon
qnenlly PMcrve thefi Peiftvl and Peatttirul
hbup ru'o a Lotijf ae i,y oiherSkirt
The woNbsaroL ruixsaiTT od are-tCm.
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Skirt ,c.i b, fcldod, hoi In n,e. ocT-np! .
rmall plare eanily a a Bilk or Mualla DWi
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. ..... i,o ,BV unaii'y a ever? rrl.
Mid I'lir.M-lonably the LIfbtM. Uoelbeilra
ble, Comfuriable and econumlcal rikixt (rr
mud. ' r
KOlt SALE in )l Flr-t C1,m StPrM n tMa
City, and tlirm-gbout die UtilteH tilatet. .at
Unadua, Ifuveua He Cub.i, Mejioo, Soata
America, end tlu Wt Indwi. ' '
inqi iki fob tiii urn.! iitiMio mar.
4pril 2), 18CJ.-i3w.
Siucial Aiiiiouiicfiticnt.
JInnofjcturf ri of Photojrapblc itrUle
In aJdition to our n.ain bmineeof PHO.
Too:tAi'Ai: materials.
I licit) nA et Ii i ,i.
Heutlquarte's for the followiu, vix;
Of ih-eo we have en immeiias nainrtm.,
Incliulinj War 8cnee, American and For'
eign Cities and landscapes. Grnupe, Slot.
nary, tir.,etc. Also, KroJrtng Stereo
scope, lor public or private nhibition.
uur catalogue win ue ttU to any adJrtea
on receipt ortimi,
Photegrapliie Albnms.
We were the first to Introduce these Into
'he United Btate?, and u mnouUtur
iinmzntf quantities inMt rariety, ranR.
ing in price form 5.) renin tn fcS'i
Our ALBUMS Imve the reputation of be
iiijf buperior in beanly and tlurability t
anv others. They wi' be sent by m:l
null, uu icLnpi ui price.
OurCslaloftte now embrares orrr ft9
Tho'isaiid different subjects which ad
ditions are contir.usfy being made) of
Portrait ol eminent Americans, etc.. t'a.
lOUMujor Generals. "75 N'sry o (Seen
200 Brig. Generals, m Stage.
r7 Colonels, - 550 Statesmen,
40 Aiiiita, 130 DirliiesJ
100 Lieut. Colonels, 125 Authors, ft
350 other Officers, 50 Promlu't Womea
3 000 copies of Worlcs of Art,
including reproductions rf the most ctle.
tbraed Engravings, Paintings, Atatues.su.
Catalogues sent on receipt ofstaniL, As
order for one ducn Pictures from our Cat
alogue will be filled on the receipt of II to
and sent by mail, rati.
rnotograpners and othera ordering goods
v.. v win pic uc mini iwenty-nrt pf
t. of the amount with their nrdor.
The prices and quality of tha e-ood i eti
not fail to fatfsfy,
april 20, 1865-rao.
vi r
W Wr BUAl)f.L& OAKS'. lte J. t. A
CFACrt-BKM, OTCh.bm and : end IX
lt'jiulu Sir. ct aw York.
til n..ul .
K I ptic Ruel S,ia Ski.t" lor nlnste o.r
ill never tt!d,wrd vl l'nil) di.pci.. wltK
their u. for fhil.lr.0. UIm.'. .nd yua,
U hen . they are eperlor to nil other.
Just published, t new edition rf D.
radical :ure f Ithoul medicine) of Sperraa
torhoea, er seminal weaknea. Inrnlnm...
seminal bosses, Impotency, Menitl and
rnysicai incapacity, impediments 't Msr
riaee. etc.. also CoBsuurrina. r.;.-
anii Fits, indued by self, indul-,.. nil
sexual extravagance.
(OT Pic, in sealed nvelop, only tlx
cents. .
The celebrated author in this tdmtr.hu
essay clearly domonstrates. from a thin
yeara' successful pre ctice, that tha larmlna
conaequeicte of sel '-abuse miy be radictllr
eured without the dangerous use of internal
u.cuiiut ui me appncaiiort or toe knife
pointing out a mode of cure atones ain.ni.
certain, snd effectual, by means of whjrh
evwy sufferer, no matter what his coudl.
may be, may cure bimse If cheip:yri.
Ir tvl rJ..ll. . , r ''"
(GrThls lecture 'ihonM V tn ii..' v..j-
i -w aM .uc uanqv
every yo ith end every man (a tht I tnd
Sent under teal. to tny addrese, ta
plain, sealed envelope, on the reeaint f n
eentj, or two postars stamps, bv tddretinw
Bowiry.137 New York P. 0. Boi Ot
Justices Blanks

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