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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, April 27, 1865, Image 3

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The Jlcirlmr Democrat
ayy i--rt yi r k ; i-r-ir .
trill fro
5T1CM EXZ.rouBTHrAor;
orarsrrw.Tr"1?MS.PAYJ:? ADVANCE.
r'VUflosKtvtWi'aTRo.-We" tope onr
K"JffiBi8"ro-nndtbfed o lis will
',.. wit I tacknrtl iu"jajio wlint tliejr
jWrdiif..; JrL'pljfabfifnce, Mra.' Brut-
Jim wiU-r(fii)t frr the sninr.
' " Ytfov nreSjcs.cull tit Dr. Conduo's
f-?Mil)r6 Sjoro'ah'di (?cta prtVcription.
,r, ... Ad .puium 'ol preveuUtivt) is worth g
. "j-Ounel ofcurp, ..niauy.a long pell of
" ficknee.hBa.lP prevented, ty tn
.j.'ilinsptoperttuHedies in time, ;,
..: .. . . .r? -1
Astok. was ono of tbo first btisi-
rv ,vitT8.Bi(iU of 4;8layt and I10 attributes
MLQfi ipecees advertising.
Laws of Ohio.
;We jobliah'tlria woek tlio act l
jtliLi'jiislararuHting tbu fees of Jus
lieu .of tbi), i'uaco and Constables.
lbeio officer eboald Lire&ervo acojiy,
aa 1 it wHP:1)4"Brirtor-ti!iio before Hie
a... Jaws willbopubliflhodjaiid tlietributod.
-V will uublijb'.'fiucb other acta aa
vv p: importuiiiw totlie peo-
. To amenl "an irct tb reaulate the fees of
V ' . I . . . L . .11 ti
junKci 01 nv 4ftCF au'.i coiisuoifs, pass
April 23, 18.. -
Sictiw-N-1. tnwUdlv the
Gnml-J AtehhbhjVJT Ihe- Stafo rj1
vrert .iiint eeaiona , ono arid two ui
"an Hd to regiilitto the fees of juatictt
apriT 25, laSlv-ba 'e aaiendod U9 to
.l:'rW1!. l, ;'liiat H jnaticca oftho
tJIpcana f Liiia slate sliull, fur servicis
.;jn'udered,.8 tcrein-aftcr specified, be
-entitled to (ho following too, to wit;
lor ami muna of enob dot'emlant nam
iidlin'tbo .wril, twciitj'jive-conte: fur
order ofuCTuaVrapias; writ of attach
4 .trjyijt,-, ,Htiti(j(f :(t-)lt?iH or mittii.iuii
H,j&fi0J,?LK,WtJrMbrceiu for 0110
jii-raon, tveiit)vtivo couta, for eath
pvraoti inddition, 4e ctuts: for ven
iru tor jiiiy, loily centf; lor itsuiuj;
-secntiim,' forty ceniej lor warrant in
ritninul case5,veach 'person named
in writ, forty cent?; for every search
-warrant, frty eontj; for writ of roati
L'tutioii, foriy.centa; lor taking nd
. -certitjing affidavit, .. forty centa; lor or
!or on jailor for prisoner or pmonr a
forty ciiits; for eutering h didcontin
ihiicOj pj .autis.faction, twenty coiite;
loY eiiteiiig into boiil or' under taking
. by .fitter parly, forty cents; fir til
I tilg.rappra u'fcSeBBary. to bo preserved
y j'latwws, five cenlsj oacli; for eah
.'rocoghiaanr-e 4 bail in civil caeca,
.Tforty Vents; for bill of txorytiona and
"py, tiftc'ui centa fur each.onij bun l
t f ad woni6j- for certilyirg ,the saiuo
. twenty-live ceL-t?; fur transcript, from
doekef, titecn centa pur, ono hau l rod
. word?;' fur" certifying tlioaamo, tweii-
4y-tiva ceiitrf; fur appointing guard
jaiij'or. minor to proaooute suit, tvren-ly-flve
"cenls; lor'ppointiag special
constablfiar.orppeisera, forty - centa
Miflclip for taking "rVtfWzaiices ol a
witnecl.Jfjl ty ceupj tjcLitJi addition
l witntsp, ten rents, fur each recog
CiJ'xance of bail iu criminal caaee, for
;ly .cents, for every continuance or ad
joornoent by citlwr party, twenty
centa, lor enieriag a rulo of relerenoo
or copy therool, iilteeu cmts, for
wearing witneaaes or arbitrators,
to cents each, for entering judge
ment, forty cents, ' for actnowlmb-
iient of a deed orothir inttrument
, of Writing',' with a certificate thereon,
torty centa, lor sitting in cases of., for
-5ib'o detainer, one dollaf, for . trying
jury caao, one dollar; for transfer
' ipg jodgtnent oo'.ocket, fifteen cents
.lor taking deposition, , filteeu centa
fer one hundred words, for certifying
.lueeama. iweuty-nve cents, ror war
f vine and making returns, two dol
lars, for taking and certifying proof
of any account or claim against, the
atate it ieatators or inteatutea, twen
ty fire cents; for each process reauir
ld by law,'hot 'herein named, lorty
eenti, for every writing or focord not
being provided for Hi teen cents per
. - a J 'J - 1 '
vno nunarea woraa... . -
'-: 8cc. ; 2:1'; That ' all constables - in
4hia state; daly elected and qualified,
'shall, for services rendered aa herein
titer ,6pecifia j, ha entitled to receive
the ' followiug I'co'b, lo wit;' For ser
-Ttcea and return ot copiea, orders of
arrest, warrant, attachment, garni
Wf wtfWfrploTfr,vTnTnffiua, for
ty cent's each, tor each persop named
iba.writ, service and return of amy
moo's twenty firt centa for each per
-inrjjaiaod.ifi iLe writ, service and
etarn.of eabpeena, twenty five' eeuta
for' One rson, .for service on each ad
ditiooal person named in subiioeca,
ten cents, for service of execution 011
goods u : body forty cents, - lor bli
rriiBy rcade' oh'execation, four per
ca'rljjjp'rvi;ry day'a attendance before
justices cf the peace, on jnr trial,
one. dollar, for ever day's attendance
before jas.ticea of the peace, on crimi
falttmk-' onedol!Ari for'evflry daA
. . s.' .- - J .
i4ttendance before justices oftho peace
tin forciblo detainer, without jury, one
'dollar, for summoning jury, 0110 dol
mr, tor. uuicucv, tweuiy cenw ror me
fiit niilo, and fivo ctnts er inilo for
each additional mile, fir aesiatants in
criminal cases, oue do'lar and Sfty
cents per day each, for transporting
and etiHtainiog prisoners, ulloance
made by the magistrata and aid on
bis certificate, lor serving all other
writa or uoticea doi herein nameo.
forjy centa, and inileiige aa iu other
cases, for copies f all writa, noticea,
orders, or aiiiilarits served, twtntv
tivu cents, for (uimm oing and swear
mg appraisers 111 case of replevi!i and
attaehrnent, one dollar in each case,
advertising property fur ealo on t-xe
eution, forty cents, lor taking bond in
replevin, and ail other casts, fiitv
cents, for every day's attendance cu
H10 grand jury, I wo dollara
Sec. 3. That said original aeo
tiona ono and two of the above reci
ted act bo and the Batuo aro hereby
repealed .
oen. 4. Thia act shall take tftTct
and be in force from and after its
Speaker ot iAe louse of Rrprenla
President pro tern, of ha Senafe.
pril(5, 1565.
i.. . lira t Ion, Arcli.M:iyo,
Attorneys al Lawv
McAnniUPw,VlNTON Co. 0.
VMf.L attend to all local b'itnoii intrnstaj
to thoir care in V'liton, Athens, Jaokson, Koia,
HX!kiii( a ljoiiriiif conntiex.
t'urtitiilur iitlBDtioi givrtii to tlia collection
nf eolcliors olninH lur y'oii-ioiM. UmitilloH, r-rr-ur
tf pnfco.. Hiruiimt the Unitcil tj;tttsor
Uhio, lnoliiilii,( Moroni raid uluimfi.
April 12th 1305, ljrr
HI a nu fa o uror,
AYarraxts ALLWorK
Keeps constantly on hand and wil
et.ll at the lowoet pricea, Saddlea, Bri
dlea and H armies of every description
and warrants his work for two years .
(Jail and txainme. 1st doer witt o
t lie Oonrt Hoirsft
Dec. 22, 18G4-Gmn.
ElclnirJ A-linrst Sua 1
oainbt. I On order of
t. A. uruiton. John C. F. Jsnlo.
Brown. Henry Joyiiold, and Vendl No. 8
r.. IMi.iii.l. J
By virtue of on Vcp U Fxdoiihi Mini ilirc.;t-
ed froni tin) Court of Common I'lca of Vinton
fonnij . Ohio. I will f It lor iilf nt the door el'
the A)uituousein MoArtliur. Vinton countyon
o&tdidny the '20 th dn cf May A. D.
hetweTi th tnr of 'n t'clock A. M. trJ
four oVlock lJ. M . of pitid ilay, the following
propprii. to-wit: I no ,oriU hull of In-Lot
97, i-sceTit 10 fret rlr of th tfrtnh niilo nfnaid
North half. iiIko, the Wost half f In-L..t No.
IU in ilie town of .VlcAnluir, Viutnn conntv.
Ohio. lukonaBllio oriperty of Kdwurd A
lintton to utis(y a JuJmunt in fuvor of
Riclinr l AhtUitt & Mn. ArrnAiri'D at. Lot
No. 07, two l unilrednn lflf;y ilolluri", half lot
1M approised at wcnty -lollars. and mint
brintf wo tliirdi of thut mna. Forms of ealo:
Catli in hand.
pril 2, '63-4..
siTeuiff's sale.
Siale cf Ohiij, Vinton Covuty.
Lutlior Prntt, ritff) In Court of
airalnst Common Pleas
ErvinE. Oowd Dolt J On order ol'.enle,
PCP.SUANT to the commipd of orderof xnle
in the ahnve can?e t me diVoeted fri.m the
Court of Common 1'lvaa. cl I tie aformid Conn
ty (if Vini on, I nill ouur at publio falenttJie
duor oftho e'ourt Hoine, in the tcwnol UcAr
llinr, in thoaforaaid county of Vinton on
Suturduy the 6th day of May 1865,
Between the hobre of ten o'clock, A.M., and
four o'clock, P. M., nf euld day, the following
property, to-wit: One hundred aud Thirty
fivo aoreaof landnituated in tho north half ot
acction number thirty-two, (82.) in township
number ten, (10,) of ranpa number sixteen,
(18,) of Oido, CoijpsnyV l'arch.io and furth
er deruribed as follows: Begining Eievon ohuini"
ami twenty links weal ofthe north cast quar
ter of raid aection amber thirty -two, (22,)
thenoe south forty-ore chains and twenry-flve,
link tUdtice west thirty-two chains and nine
ty links, thonco oorth forty-one chains and
twenty five, Jink, thence east thirty two
chains and seventy link1- lo the place of Defin
ing containnig one hundred an J thirty five aero
be the a.nno more or Ions.
Tnken as the property ofKrvin E. Dowd to
eatif fy a iudgment in favor of Luther Pratt.
Appraised at Three Thouand dollara, (3O00)
and must brine two third of that sum.
TERMS of eale.cosb in haid.
April ,-65-5w 6hff, V. Co. 0.
Sj?5!k . OF ALL KINDS v.
J Monroe Street, TOLKDO. .
tWBe oaruful tobiiy onli the Oenulr'
Mclrthur, Ohio,
Will BlUnJ promptly and carefully to
the practice of their profession in all iu
branches. -
SURGERY. Cf) , - ; .; ....
.1.0. 5th, 18136. tf,
1 1
U. S. 7-30 LOIV,
By latborltyoi fas BecreUf f tbeTnits.
ary.Tne nnaersignea Has aacunifa ids uener-
al EubscfipUov AftDcy far tfis sals' of United
8tatM TlSMury IfWas, bssrio seo and
thras Untha per cent, istorstt, per annum
kDewnjss tha
These notes are iasned tinder date Of Jane,
Ifi.ifc, 135, and are payable three1 'years from
that time, in corrency, or are oocvortibla at
the option of the holder Into
U.S. 5-20 Six percent.
These bonds are now worth a preni'um j
whlcn increases tbe actual prork on t he
7-30 loan, audits exemption from Stato sad
municipal taxation, addxfrom snetsehree pj
csnt. more, sect rditg U' lb tula lsrled ou
ol her property. The interest 1s payable In etc -
r.cy ernl snnnslly hy coujns attached to
each note, which may be euijoffand sold to any
bank or banker.
The Interest 'amounts to t .
One cent per day on a V) note.
Two onl on.: .-.tl-DnoU.ii
Ten on , sWflDoVe
SO on I'" ,.( .. I000 nol
Ion V ' 5000 notes
Notes of all denominations 'named) will be
promptly furnished upon receipt of subscript
tirns and the'notes forwarded at once. The
in'erest to 15th'Jane next will be paid In ad
vance. This is '
now offered hy the Government, and It lson
naentiy expeciel that it eupo lur advantages
will make it the , .
Less than )0.000.fl((l rlhoT.,n anlliorlin
by the Congress ore now on the murkut. , Tliis
aiiiount.si tna rate atwbichis is buiug abiitrb
ed, will be HUB-kT'itiol for within frar months,
when tho notes will undoubted 'y coniniand a
premium, as has uniforinlr bcanths case on
closing the subscriptions to other Loans.
In order that oitimussf kit town and ase.
tionofthe country mav bi atfirda-l ficllliiM
for taking tho loan, the National Banks, State
tfanics,ad rrtvalo Bankers throughout tho
oountry have generally sgroed to' receivo sub
scriptions it par., Subscriber will solcctthoir
own agents, in whom they have cotiflJence.
and who only are to bo responsible for the da
livery of the aoUs.for which thty receive or
ders. ' ' .'( , i 'Ai COOKE,
bciecnirnoK Aerwr, , Philadelphia.
6vBecRiriiaNawru.nl aionvxD by tho
r"irnt Naliunul Hunk of Uhillicptliei,.
i'irst National limik of CiocinuaU.
Mar id VJ 8u6. '
OV THSf cm llT NEW Y'lBK.
AIMTAL, $1000 00O.1MIO I.M,
Add Spmul Aoint roa Jat Cooki, fro Bir
iion Aoxm,
Willdollvor 7-M Notes Frea of charro, hy ex
press to all pt of the enuntry, aud reviVvo
in payniont ;heckon New York, fliihidol
plua, and Bodteu, mrrent kill, "aid U fis
percent, iulorost notes, with interest Vo date
of sukicrlpticB. .Orders sent ky mail will bo
promptly filled.
Thi bunk receive the seconnis of Banks
and Bankers on favorable terms; alsv of indi
usls keening New Vorkaocoii.its.
J. T. 111LU Cohr. J. W.,(iiVI3 Prest.
TT!h 2, '6- Jr"'. .
Slate of Ohio, Vinton (Jtuuty, .
JohuC. P. Brown, Pltff-1 InConrtof
Benjamin Morgan otal. Deft. J Orderof sale
IJl'KSUAN I' to ths command of an onlur ct
X siilu In the above cause lo me directed from
tho Court of Common Pleas, of the aforesaid
County of Vinton, 1 will offer at pulilio ale, at
me aoor oi i n e , oonri iimi-o, in the ton
of McArlhtir, in aforesaid County of Vinton, on
Thursday the Wh day of May 1865,
Between ths hours of ten o'clock A.Msnd four
o'cIook P.M. of said day, the following proper
ty situated in suid Vinton count) t vit: Be
ginning at the south east klmor ofseolion
nur boi five, (4,) 1 Towahip number nine,
(9 ) ofBange number eighti-en, (18.) thence
running dc e west on said toctio.i liiio to the
bed of the creek, tlitnce sp the creek, along lis
various winds and mcauduiiiif s, to a while out
tree, on the bank of tlra creek near wher the
creek strikes the bluff atave Puter Uillers
honse, (hence sixteen rodh nuarly north to a
stone in the gully, thence up the dratt t west
ward co-r-e to tho cornn-stone in draft, ss
twoen Samuel Darby Sr. and Peter Miller Sr.
thence due north to the section lino, thence
east on the section line to the mirth eat cor
ner of laid auction , thence due south on the
soclicn line, hid' way to the place of htiniii.iff
o a stone between mid Samuel Darby Sr. and
Sotoman Redfurn, thence i mining inlo section
number f ur a south east direction to the
south east oorner ol the north ;weit quarter of
the south west quarter ol said seotiou, thence
due south to tho section line, thence due west
to the jlace of beginning containing ono hun
diedxnd seventy acres nure or less, save and
except seventy acres more or less on the east
side of said creek, retained and now owned by
ssid Brut ton, and alio save and except tne fol
lowing irac' conveyed Ly saidBratton to Amzi
Morgan by deed dated April lfltii 1880, to-wit.'
Commencing at the north west corner of the
unrth east quarter of the north east quarter of
said section number five, thence sou "h to tho
south west cornor ofthe south east quarter of
the north east quarter of same section, thence
ens along tbe north line ofthe same to a stone
Dear the county road tea feet from the base of
the hill, thonce a south easterly direotion to
the center of said county road near tbe tobsceo
boose, thence north along the cen.jr ofthe
suid road to the section line, thenne wei-t to the
place of boginuing, containing thirty acres
more or less. AIo a certain other tract com
mencing in the bed ofthe cree near a email
Elm tree, on the division line between the
lands of said Bratton and Sobmar, Rcdfcrn in
the north west quarter of the south west quar
ter pf said section number ,foor, thepae north
west along said division :. line twelve rrdi,
thenca sonth west sixteen, rods, ' thence south
ia-t to the bed of thecreck. thence up the creek
to the place of beginning, containing one
sere ami 3i 100 acres more or less. ,. .
Taken as ths property 6f Benjamin i sf organ
0 satisfy a decree In favor of John t P. Brown
Appraised st Fifteen TiUndred dollara. and
must bring two thirds ol that sum. '
TEKM8 of sMe, cosh in band.. "V ''
.1. J.MoDowkn. J.'S: 8)TeVKET.
aity-forPltrr ' 8hft.oo,o!
April 13th lSs5-lw ' Tuu,V-
rpO Ferrel, deceased
.1. en the 15thdy of Msrrpin tbe year'IS5
the rrobate - vourt of Vinton Conr ty, Ohio
Jcclarad the estate of Darius Ferrel, deceased
to be qrobably iDfolvent; -creditors ar there
for required to present their claim' snainst
the estate to lha nnderfndfnr allowanee,
within tii net three months fm ,v. .iJ
bT TnsaUoMd! ibey. will noi bw entitled to
payment. JOSJIJA,WOOD, .
Jlar. 9011- lw ' adta'r cf DtHus Forrei de
I t TT Ck r nrn rv r a.
n. rrv m v rrrv y r-.v rtv T
tl J II 1 1 ! 1 1 M
r. .
Having purcbaecel tie Dit;g
and ail'lcd h new anJ complete sU
no lowest price ot lit
, -
P HAIB, paint, wash
of U dpflf!riptioii3 for Medical purpose
- . s - LAMPS,
ami evorything else in tlio DRUG
iVrr mi
i. t .. i t
a nmH:rt'tlt I hvi:i inn H'"l I'l iai-1, ivi:i uoi'm i-' i"c iinn,u i
ftnf aciMirati' compouii'l n r" , 11 Mniirim-n r 1'fii-crii.U. i;b, h.y cr
V 'I., . .. ,..,11 ,,.l .., n.urrut, SQlLl'iu'linn V.
Y July 23th 13(5 -lyi.
eflabliil rr.ect (f Dtdie er.d ri,iiln
jIj iLtiitu, would chII uttei,tiun i
; Y
and camel:haik
litui at Caeitmati retail iJRI C
: ,,n ., i ,i i, 1
ON an! after fona'y, Oolnher3t 1SS4. and
uiilill further-notice, -trains will rim as fol
lows: i
Leaves Cincinnati at 7:40 A. M.: Leaves Livo
and,ot8:51 A. M.; arrives at Chillicothe ut
1-2:29 P.M.; . I.onves Chillicothe at. I4;0U P. M.;
loaves lliiiti.lun .liinctioti at 2:1 P. SI.; Icitves
MoAnliiir.nl 2t3l P. M.; leaves Z iloaki. nt 3:01
P. M., loiives Athens im 4:1:1 1'. M. Arrivoi
at M.iriuttu at t:ii P. M.; arrived st P.irkers
burg at 7:00 P. it.
Leaves Porkershnrg, at 7:40 A. M.J leaves Mur
ieUsitt.7:4A A.M.; lou.-os Athens at 10:31 A,
M.J leavos Zaloski, ll:4.i A. M.: leaves Mu Ar
thur, 'l.:13 P. M.; lUtnJen ' uncti-.il at 12 i
A.M. Arrives al Ohilliuotba at 1:53 P.M.;
Leave Ohillii-ulhe nl 1:H P. M.; Invs L ivo
luud at K:.'i6 P. M.; nrrives at Cimiunau i ul
70ii P.M. .
Z ileski Fr dght en'ying rassutiijcrt, jia-scs
Mc.Vrihnr gn'iu K'it ut v:oJ A.M.; goin
Westn'. 2:S4 P. M.
Thu AccioB'H-i'ia'i in Train Leaves OM'ii!th
at 5:20 A. M.; arrives at IMiii-muatti at llt lS A.
M.;luaves Cuto-innaii st 3:30 P. M ; arrives ul
Cl illieolhe nt8:5i P. M.
Cum ectimis are mm'.e at Lovetnnd wi'h
- to and from Colnnthns; rnil nt ILimden
Ja nvlion wiib trains to mol from Portsntoutn
JOHN DUliANU, tSup't.
Stat ' Ohio. Vintnn County.
f. II. Mercer PlilT
In Court of
Common Pled.
Ou Vend!.
Boiijainin Dill Del
PURSUANT to the command of an order ot
rale in the above caiisj to me directed f-om
the Court of Common Pleas, ofthe aforsald
County ef Vinton, I will otfer at publia sale at
the door ofthe Court. House, in the town of
M Acrthur, in the aforesaid county of Vinton ou
Saturday Ih: U il i iy of April 1865,
At tho hour of one o'c k, P.M. , of said dsy
the following- premises to- wit: The north end
of out lot number two, boin;( a strip off
th north end of suid lit, sbuut une hundrod
and twenlr feet wide, and all or thn said lot ex
eopt that part or parcel conveed by Charles
Bobhir.sand wifo to ilie Marriota A Cincinnati
Kaillioid Oompany, Also astrip olf ofthe west
of side out-lot uumbtr tbree.conunencing at tha
line betwees lota numbers two and
three running thonc east on the north lino
of lot number three nntll it intersects 'he
line running south from ths aouh west
corner of la lot , iiainber,, twelve, tlienoe
sooth one hundred and twe My fee: until
it into -seiM the essl snd wo it Una orthat part
of out-lot number 'tno, conteyed as abovo,
thenca west to tht ot blm t tint between
lots nu.nbor two and three, and thenee north
to the plaoe of beiiiuning. all of said, lots and
psrUol lots I jiug and being in Kobbibs addi
tion to the town of Hamden Vinton county 0.
on which is situated a Foundry fogef her with
f he Engine and machinery tbetoaging fa said
foundry business,
Taken as the property nf Benjamin Dill to
satiaf a la'dgemcat of aforesaid Court, in fa vor
of K. II. Mercer i . -A.
Appraised as follow to-wif: at the sum of
three thousand four,hirndre 1 dollars aud must
bring two thtrdsof thai snrn. '
TERM.V of sals, cask in hand.
D. B, 8'HivatL, ...... J. J. SHOCKEY , ,
Alt. for Plttf. ... 6hfiT. V.Co.0.
March 8th 1365 -,. ' ...
For Blank Deeds. Call M
Stale of Ohio Vint n County.
1 M inirnuniio of un irl-r irrmtod hy th o
I Pr ihatu 0"rt if Vinton i-oitnty, Ohio.
will offir f if salj at publiu aiulion on
Saturday the 22, dayofpril 18G5
At Ehivcn o'clock, furn miii, upon tno pretnis- i
tlu I'ollo.viti.' dii--ril! 1 It -:il H.tato. siiuile-l i,i
the county of Vint in aid Staio of Ohio; to-ivi':
In lot number one hundred and -ixty oo( IM
in the liit n of MjArh-ir. County of Vinton
Stato of Ohio, as du-iirnaiod and numhi-ri ' oi
ilia recorded Pint ol said Town of Me Arthn r.
Aforiiisud nt Fivo hundred and oitflity-lhri
dollars ft-i:t.
TKK.'.tS of ealo. (no thirl m h:ind, osa thir.
I l fivo month, i.n lcnu Ihir.l in cno jeurund
five montln from dsy nf si:lo. with intere.sl on
U'.'fered pajnionts, waid psyiiients to he sacurod
hy inuitguge npor. trie riiniw sold.
Mar. 23, 188i-4w administratrix nf Lnn
. srd lloilatid di-ecusi 1.
Grctltit HfU Circular
Iter Published !
tri'ifletir tt) lures I
letter pace for twe
S wot itauiiiS.
D IS. JACKSON, UKUniCRT i7o.,Pror.rin
lorsofthe atilnltl Dist ensiry, e.-tubli.-loul
Cincinnati,!). Jan. 1, ItJtJO, euro all private de
jstasca wi'h iincxiimpled ruddi.y. n'oguiirui
i teu tu cure Ouii'irrhoca, (ileet, Syphiliis, im-
potency, !icturt.al Mnissiuns, or ruiuulH (Join
id lint -, in short ovrry poib!o form and vur
ioty of SexaKr Ilisensc. Cures rapid, thorough
and permanent, and foi-s moderute ' Rend for
a circular -fill jen largeSin. hy 11 in. lu'.ier
pages, ot varied, vulimblu and inteiostin mat
ter. Also, a circular intended foe Ladiu.i on y.
Many of our putiL-iitaiert, they have keii;
monoy to Doctors in Eastern citius and ret; eiv
ed no return.
Then why cot patroniio home talent mon
who know thn Wptilrn i.tiin.iti, nn.l fll tt
speedy cures.
Ur. J oKsou a heinaie I il Ih 1 per hox -end
Mir viremiir. osa.-iui a riLiun ncpiies, w in seal
ed, sent with tlio t'iretilnr, wiihmit charge.
llDOof tho cheapest, most intrcrsliug abil itn-
portatlt hooks published. -3') pages. 101) engrnv
nigs - i no iiounmn or L. gnt,. or Me-ucn' 1 ro-
- ... ...1 If I .. P..i l .... 1 I' if l. IT . .
ivciur auu .nrr.ugu vjuin auu nu r.xpneii ney to
Uvo nnd Beauty .' It 8ATISFACTOL1LY
In.tnnta i-nrti.ii liA..td Hani li.)'.,.., ',.ll. .
pluiiiod in any popular work in aim . English
langniige. Price in cents nnd ono 3cciitstnmp,
or three for 1 and three 3 cmt stnmps. Fully
described in Circular, w.hich every joting mar
should liitve, hetber sick or well.
Medicine and instructions sent promptly to any
part of tho conn try . CoriMiltii g Kn o fthu
Deapensary. No j7 Sycamore street. P. O
Uox, No 43.
Hemovesall coldness, nnd re'aviunte orjan
wiiien nave lainuorment irr many years. It
will cure any cae of impctency.cnate ard in
creato the pnsbiont for any reaswah'e time.
Can be Dialled ithperfocteafety. ' Pik-e2per
hottie. .
It Is perfectly safe and nover fnils to give sntii
facfinn. It is the only sure and safe proven ta
tjv agsinst contracting discuse ever inveuud.
Pries 1 each, 14 per half doien, aud 7 rei
doren.sontbT mni!. '
roMrtT or
n.29, '3-lyr
U ICRI RPFSI, wpfrw o .
ChillltiUlif, Oti
iU Imts IM a fr1 ifel rtalwl sow Is asmi
im fiisn
auTi, i
sMitfa c
SMS. kMof wmorv. 1ms or eomi
imr crowtb, wnitUif ar, aas a wst T uliaa 1
Ihtmwlra, faluUos flu, laroUre Wil twy
lsos sad distMl l life, -
' " SAtV. "-'x
Boras phfihtUai nqnlr to I Ul t oslora ysar
SIMM taa K.iouisil suitniu rainuuj mm
mat. till u-rfKI kBoiMnof tlu hanuf
Blmtadvr1bthediMiMi wUUsitaoj lafcraaliu I
ths MliMit. lo nslain lti orlti-uri ota, tad luausrw
Its can. And,lialUuwrvslusUilUl,ksiiaiav.
stly and frankly ull hlbr jam oaa bs osrt4 at ai.
Tblt Miufyjraassihiil, sad mvs Oak
trtutils, sad diasspulutawl. Il aa t ,! al
'lag you nuuy a dollar; It Ul save rw a.alik.
sad, wliat U Wiur tUu all, h will Sara yvor Usi
alig(sUortnsil try wrvna UwatiMal.
Hu MHUiiunlluiis am aiaiU ilhsil aay laarm1va
from th saiumt ; Itiersfora ho thvrangbly aaduala
tlMlr PUy.lmlcuudHkioawl PhrvsviKvkwl 4i.kpaJ.
wliliuut wUU.a a brrr OHjld bavs parijrmml SMuqr
atvnklilng curat. ' It should 1st itamtMrl that Uut
Botanic Payafclia yrluna Mm lltoskt UafuailLU.
If jub Kstb trk-l uibus ud (ot rnUaf, If y M as
aa)oy (oud hoalih and )'T IIm, U yva an, wbt. y.a 1
anJ coniall DK. IHfllAtt. ths BcUals n;.itU
All hit cvuiiauuluuluu and loUfilkS-ss .
f lifsts and ouudluliL ilrdl Jtiumd.
Unir what tlsi riilladelpbla c-rrwpoalMt says la im
(XmiuoaoMllli, WilialbkUt, Ailawan. U at AutL.
ISiS :
"An EiirIIsIi f-nlVmiiD, fcrsurly ooaiwcWd wtrh taw
Brlllth Army, luj win atyl-a hiiaMlf lbs Ca(llah tW
lauic Phyaltina,' ItM uf late (reload as uUMn isu.
Uon hsrs liy b's skill In turlu all manotr sf uotapWlaha,
(tons or till pulWnn I hv suonrast vita, asd tM
immoBiic liii p-mnlus aud aU of IrMlauat as ff
Misri"r. hura tnru rr.iorod u U by aufte. TWs
aiolldno lis ums! I diMtllol by kiMStJf Aa variuea
liarU powoiiian nua cwallra pfopsrilrs.
" While ariiiiK la Hut army ht dtoUd a la Utsoiw
mom.uu to a thorough ttuily f ths sflscls sroiic4 if
ctrlaia medicinal rooU and tisrbs Mi all manasr of 4a
aw. It iwini b bitf found aura and pMdv rMds
fur all tin ills lliat tkxh U bslr W.' ills milos m
slrrady sxtoiuive, and It iblly Incrwalag. la ! aata.
plaiuU lo which femalvt art uhted S bat m Mjwaa,
st s Urts aunitrfr htrs hart tastiflod that thay aw s.4
only their pmsnt (rod litaltb, but tMr Utta, k la
iit wi iuu, ihuiiaa ctviauw i uyaiuaa.
FROM Xliail AND nrtfAfa; AO.
Tht Dotnulc BtnudbM of Doctor Baakatl, lbs twrttta)
Botanic IMitWwiu, nartr tkiltd y4 to uiaks a aaHaaa,
radical, aua riaauul cure of ALL
Without the om nf Morcury, wltbont hladr
batinott. anl within fear of Uitcuvarvor aiuo
daailly poison", inch at anaulc, aua rostloa, oftaia, w
any othor poitont. No mercury nor any tUtslly silairals
olhlii bnt purely VKgttabki Botaaioal JUfardUt at
ntvd by tills wonderful Butanta rhytki-a. Hit Bvtaaiw
Beauxllis aerer ytt alll lo oat Itw awsl nHllntlt
and the moat duiiKtrout cases, and toracaoreti) aMKarw
and other ImpuHiiea fmin the aytUia shea oU irtt ear
KeiuediM bad failed. JUtdioW Journal.
good news ron sinou mxt
Rear what ths Baltlaoora emeesuuuSteit at? Iks
fellow, Boouaboro', Uary laud, said oa Taandey, tbe 1
" N umeruut cum nf dlt.atcs eantej by early ladiaesas
tlou naTlng beeu performed by the lugllth BoUnle Fag
tkiau, 1 fwl it my duty, harlns a kaowUd(of them, a
auta Uie tact, believing that in 3Augm 1 nuydoa eerrejea
to tke ttiftiTinir. line cue In pari ItuUi-lai of a y ty
man la this city la worthy of uota. lie bad btonsttbs
victim of a butdt, ths urra allueioa Xo which tstMes
tliudder, and artwr y-arsf aufferlng and doctorlag gavs ejts
11 aoptt ot recovery. He witum to marry, i
rarly beloved by at ewtst a erirl as ever I it pa '
of aneotlon, but be was ftarfiU, norvoua, and ptostneaa
Ue dared not wed on account ol the tbaltersd sua
f hit syitera. He sought rvllef at tlie bands of lbs Ba
taalo riijsielan, and, aatouMilnv aa It auyaeaes, all teas
bloom and vigor nf youth baa retnruad. oa bsbj aes
tbe buppy fatlwr of a fair of bright boye."
itEws ron tue ladies.
ITpsrwhut IheClucluuatl Weekly Press say talksM
of March, 1H2:
W a are devidedly oppoat-d lo drop and to satvertkaat
. remedlta fur the prevention of bavins children, bat aej
feel II our duty to acknowledge a bentSt from ear east
from evtry source wbta It Is for the) relief of saaWtetj
humanity. A fact hu coma lo our knowladss aba
ought lo be promulgated aad widely circulate aw lb
belied! of .Sioas bullet whose delicate heal lb aaakea )
nenetury lo prevent aoy inenrat of family. .
About twelve aaonlln after marriage, a lady of ew so
qualntance gave birth to a daughter, hut bit snlfcrlnaa
wereaogreat that hi-r physicians deepailredof bar recui
ry. Tula audo hordread the very thonghlaof agalabt
coming a mother, she trlesl every talug t pa steal a
n-rtiUouof hrr.iilTeriiiK, but wllhuetauooaedlai. T
yrari after marriage abe wua again eonllned, bol ber saV
irriiun weroao iruat that tbe ckild ditd. aad bar ova lata
waa diwwlred of. She wiu udd by her family pbysiekaa
that if the had any morccliildrou he sura her Uk wewt
oe i ne lorieii. At all tne renieillas alie bad tried be
bad fulled, a Its applied Is lb aWtauto rhyaloiea, 1
Hit remedies had Uie dvajred effort they aat ealy ae
vented her from having children, bnt they alto Itnpi t aai
her health. "To rna rcac, aixTurNss ass poaa.1
The Botaule I'hyaician's remedies oaa bo rerata
istiided, because Uiey are luaootrt aad safb. TaM
operate without cniuiug tioksyet or eipoaure. Tbey aw
not laterlers with tbe diet or occupatioa. Tbey da
not Injure lbs health, but they are eertela la that
efloct, t. PAMCOST, M. Bb
M. KEIOOa, St. P.
Anvwhoarssnnorlng. noaiattor wbsl tbeiro
can cull oa Ibe Botanic I'liyalctan ooaldeattaUy. lata
may rely upou rtuer. ma omcs it a.
Bvtweea Sycamore Btrmt aad Broadway,
Conanllatlon dally, Snndavt eiortsd. Of&cs
Crotu 10 A. HI. la S clack al.
BeT" rertona al a dlttancs may oommasleal I
sasriALLY by bitter, If they ludoee ONK DOLLAB, Bw
Conaiiltiitli.u Fee, in each letter. All lettra,ootnmaae.
ealioii", and Interview, are tlik-tly prlvats aad ama
drutial. No anawer will be given to letters aalata aa
dollar ia iiuloerd aa a Coaaultation Fes.
IVrnonnl intn iews grouted to OsaUnaa aatf.
Consultation fee, One Dollar.
All business with
to be dons by letter.
Addreet all letters as follows I J
BOX No. 2463, POST OrnOlL
Pr. V. Bnpliacl hat no connection wltb PBOTtMOk
or Dr. VV. M. Bnpuael, or a lib aay otasr aHeaks
of the tamo name.
tMT Cut thia advertltement ont XThea yea tseaa,
bring It with you and thow it to ths girl was no i as aba
door. To prevent mialakea, ask to
Width 2.
Mat tij Out,,, Vinton Cajn'v Cour
f 1 Til
Haruh R.Johnson, Plalnt-ff.
'' Divorcit
and Ah
t. J nirny.
Hichard A. Johnsnp. TbifAn.tr
ltichard A. Jnhnann tt : . . t
tv of LioKinc. ami filet .Y nu:. ..a..
inotioo that Saruh K. Johnson did on th ath
in- ' "v1"5- n' bw petition la
the Clerk's oillco of 'haCoart of Comtnon PUs
ot ,n,on cotipry. cliaiRing m, th eeM
Kit hard A. Jobson, with oxtrema cine Irr so4
gr vs negleacof daly, and twip. (ht t
said Snrsh R. Johnson may Da di vowed frsm
.he soi l Uicrard A. Johnsrn, arsdbr AHrasny
nnd the enstodv of their child. Fltjah .Job,
son; which said petition will be f r t.-rint e
theccxi Una ofaaid Cnnrt oConmnn Ptsia'
By ConTaa!. SaiTt llrt if.'
msrch J, '6S w.
Halls Ohio Slower
OFFICE Mai ba SipiH."

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