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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, May 04, 1865, Image 1

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fc. A.
JK A. vw.
11 w in w s
VOL. 18.
1R I
IM ifl rtfT (M i J
1 - , ; t . "
NO 3d
nusaKti bvrrt Tnuitiu ay bt
la Bratton'a Italluingv F.ant of Court
i ilonpe. lu Stiii.
The DmivOKAt will be eentone yoar for Two
Dollar; Six Months, for One Dollar; Three
'alonlha, for Fifty CenU.
g All paper, will be discontinued at the
expiration of the time paid for.
One tjitiara ne Insertion, $1,0
Each additional insertion, . ,60
Tarde one year, M
N.iloo.f appoitrLen-oWiiniiit a
ora, Guardian ajid Exetrotora 1.00
Attachment notiooa b.ftr,t. P- "" V
Editorial netlco rierline, 10
Y Airly advortlamenta will be charged 0,
fr oMu.nn por annum.
And In proportionate ra'ea for left) than a
volumn. and fur lew time.
Fir- Ton line minion chawd oiie nqaaro,
and all AdvertiomoiUa ac i Legal Noticoe mnat
he paid In adv. ice.
The abovetrmmnat be oom plied with
TA1I paymon emuat be made to IhePre
pitor, aa wo ha it nu agenta.
The DemoOFlTOificc.
We are priparod toeiecnto with neatneaa,
iKpatoli and at price t' it duly
till kinda of Job Work.jtich aa
LABELR, &c.,&o.
e na a trial and bo convinced thetw can
and will do u-intl ijri hoapor for Caii, tin n an)
Vhereatal il ihmont in tliiaanotinn nl en in try
- - - - r- - 'V """
Jin MIHUII Kll'l U MlVUn 1,1 4li UUr QVII1UUVI blUll.
.mS.i.j.. -f iu'iw-.i- . ... Ml
R. A. (JoTnr,5. D. B. Smvgr,
Attorney at Lair,
Ouim Ajiuta, Roul Estate Agotits anil Con-
McAr hur, Yinloii Co. 0.
OfHce on Uiin Slrnpt, twoflnors enM
of. H. I) l)mls' Store.
Will attend promptly to ull 1 1 i in 1 1 1 i
to their euro, In tin i'outioe of .'
con, 1'ikii nnd Beiotn.
January 19tli 1905 tf,
Atlvr"nv w t Law and
McArhr, Ohio.
Boinjj licensed by the U. S., for tho pnrpna
7 will attcu'l io the proeocution and collection
of ovory deacripinn of cluima nfrninat til
Vnitod Stated, ivml Stute of Ohio, Including tin
Merjrin raid claims.
lloiuitiei and ArrenrHgca of Pny
TENSIONS for wounded and dioblod aol
dier and aoamon, and for the hairs of xoldiera
nnd aenman who huvo died and boon killed in
the aorvice. I would aay to my frienda, that
h.will attond promptly to tho.r buainoaa and
m idjrate torm-i.
Jane Mh 1311.
D. Di
East of E.
Two doers
at air,
D. Dodges'
Having just recovfred from a severe at
tai:k of the Oi 1 Fever." which caused a
temporary absence from his office, takes
pleasure in announcing to the public, that
he is again at his post, where he may be
found ut all times ready to give prompt at
tention to the various branches of his pro
fession in this, ami adjoining Conn lies.
Jan. 5th. 1835.3 -mo.
Thib House fronts on the Sleam Boat
nnJing, and near the Kail road Depot. No
pains will bespared for the accomadation
k Gnestp.
iSept. ,1863, lyr.
physicians a:q suhgh ) I
McArlliur, Ohio,
Will attend promptly and carefully to
the practice of their profession in all its
an. 6th, 1865. tf.
n.29, '63-lyr
m'ldbk Rocai, wnssLms
Chilllcothp. Obi
PINE-APPLE3, Peaches, Strawborrie Black !
iah at the Drag Btoro of
and for
George Francis Train—The
Funeral of Lincoln—Future
[From the Washington National Republican.]
"lam the ruurtclioa and ibi Ufa."
Dead silence reigned. Tho ser
vices had commenced. Eiilit him 1.
red oion. and barhana a dozun nf tin
t - - - - -
other 8ox, stood aronudtho orS no
more alttioairh peruana, t here vh
twoDty thouaanil aptjlicantd for tick
ets. Ilarriiif'tonria stero anl eSajD
in manner, but il'ect in hi-arrangj
montd. One bitcli. ai'iii Eirom.
the Diplomatic Ourpj pr.icoaljd tii
uuiet jubilees. Ai tim (Jiuot Jm-
tioe on the dunth of Joihho-i and
Fi-ster, would havj Imoti I'rdsi Inn',
Mr. Cliaoo cUimo j tor tin bme'i pn
oiity, and I think lu w,n riht.
Whut an aaoinbla ct Tuon wjrj
at losHt 11 va hunlroi prdd'jnt v!n ox
puct soma tiuntobo L'residont. I
have seen many great paL"inta in
my day. but none imprjsud iuj liko
this. Ft'iOi'ii vears have uti'ul sinco
I . 1 .1 T T I
KfilAil in tliu H.iaf .vim If an,,
u ' j M aa til . AS lijn m.mf s li V DUUIU
an hundred, I tinvu li vo 1 so fast
Must of tho nitiom havo tast a kin
sinue that day. Tnen DsvU wai prej
ent, and tlio room was lull or embryo
rebol lenders. Clay was alive, and
What a chnno bsftwoen thon and
now! Tun tlionsund in our army, now
a million. Twenty mon-ol'-war. nw
eix hundred. Our debt fifty million,
now four thousand millions. Tlin
we wore tha audiunco Europo and
Asia the Kctora. now a thoma'il mil
lions iu tlio drcMS circh a id Vm pit,
and we thu nctors. Europi javo Ui
six linos of telugraohio news wlion
the CanardtT arrived, now six coV
ii inns. Ihun btate rights nK'aiu s.;
coshion, now Stafo rights siguiSes
A'niirieau nationality. Tha Now
Wrld was then defendant, now plain
tiff. The vonuj id eb inid. E iropj
has patroniz'd ih, wj sliall now pat
ronize Europo. Then England t up
pocioties to liberate fie blacks in
America, now America will do thu
samo to emancipate t!e whites in E
gland. Thon tho Djmcratic nurtv fur
cingdnwn the mition'd tlinmt ihu po!
nteu doctrines ot Uright uud Cub Ion
(our natural enamioA frno tralo .
now, thank Gndl tlie natioual dsbt
baBed on tho national faith, guaran
tees protection to tho American in
diiatiy. Tho Inersols, Wuods, O ays.
Deans, MaCunns, and Ciiancey Burrs
made another great mistake in cele
brating Jfcffereoti's forth diy by rec
ommendino thf Dumocra'io oanv to
itmd on ts bins of n'Vndiutim
That is infamy, as Statu rights wa-
diuunion, mid free trade was destruc
tion. All nations had had thodis 'asd of
childhood, mumps, chjekens pox.mea
sels, and whoop'ng cough, yet they
seem surprised to see our Blight at
tack of variloid. England paid eight
hundred millions sterling at fifty dis
count to advertise her miserable little
island. We have Daid n mora, and
Lyet are rlrondy potto.' known and
more respected.
Tho- Etst Room contained more
brains than in any assembly that ov
er'met on great occasions. 1 um wil
ling to measurj the heads of our states
men with tbosa of the Europeans pre
sunt. We havo mort twenty four inch
heads than all llio world busido.
Chajo is a model head, but it took
Grant to whip Lae. But there is
enormous individuality in that squaro
head of Johnson. The brain to con
trive, the will to execute, is there.
Read that Inaugural speech again.
The ouo groat idea tberin was too
great to be dwarfed by style or taste.
There was nothing incoherent in tne
words he kept repeating uj Ma
peqpl." That wai uppermost in his
thoughts. Don't forgat said tbo
Prime Minister to ma at the Inaugur
ation Ball, that Andy Johnson stood
np alone the ouly ona of thirty two
slave State Senators for the old flag
and remember how like a hero, he
foueht for it through Tenueaue.. Tub
ing his life in hand, he stood at bay
against tne traitors ot nis state in
the Geld as well as in the forum.
We nsed to hear about Northern
men with Southern Drinciolas. An.lv
Johnson will be a Southern man with
national principles. I think it is about
time to Lave a mother land of our
own. America on the 14th of Anril
was twonty one years ot a?el D.iwn
with the partisan and nu with tha
That East-Room rah-
leaux should have been photographed.
I have visite i the tombs of tho Coea-
ari, the Quel pin, the Boarli jos, the
HapBbnrgs, the Rmnan iflkt, and he
Bonapartea. Mount Vernou was bb
ured to mo, ao wa Bjthlehem. But
there was something indescribaly ao!
emu aoonttuu hist ltooin-somet Limr
grander a.'i i uubler than ever hefora
shrouded the remains., of king or em
paror. All-felt
That tha oheif monraor t-day
Wm tho nation whom fathor wai takei mr:
Vifi), ohildren, and noigh'iora ahjuld moui n
at ki a knell. .
He wm lover au.l friend f hi, eountrr a. wan.
- j
Tbaataraon oar anner jraw aa I Ualy dim
V4 w.iep in our aaiueu. bat w.ian nut for
him- . r
Notfjr him, wuj depirtia leires millions la
tear,! ' .
Not fir him, w!n b din 1 full of honor, and
No'. frhi a, who hat nount.l furaj'e ladder to
Ero 'n :h riuni At th t p ha baa atept to the
II ) w dwirfod ara all other crimes
or this fiendish assassination. Saul
hurling th j jivlin at David, or Ju
lith cutting off tha head of llololer
nas, tha murder of the Macedonian
Philip, or tha cowardly act of Bru
tus. Rivaillac's blood v knife in the
heart of tho good King Henry ol
prance, tun murdir ot William ol
Ortnge, or tha shooting of the King
Of SvfddjQ in his box At tha t!imit..r
aro all overshadowed by this gigantic
crrn), arising &i muuu irom tuo won
djrful attribute of the nun who was
murdjrod, ad tha extraordinary Inter
esc ne represented
Our mourning is nnivoraal. Tim
East Room only shows tha e-riaf nt
ovary household. That eigl hund
red roproiouts as madv millions. I
hear of nun expredilng pleasure at
the deed, but I nave yet to meet that
I a a
man wno, Dy wora or act. or express
ion ol eye, no aaatter or how rabid
the partisan, hits shown the least ex
ultations ovtr thh most damnable
act. Lea savs ha Hurrendoied tn tlm
clemency of t!ie Commander iu-Chief
as mucu as ma bayonets ot Urant
Tlie Richmond WUg says the South
uai lost its best friend, lor Jir. Lin
colu s Christianity covered ull our
Duar to him t.ie Sonth'a fair laud.
I): iar, Now E'ufland'a rooky atrand,
Uj.ir the Central muuuiaia baud,
Djar th j pmiried Weat
Intense grief gives vent in passion
a wild tuoiiing ot rovutigu is seen in
tha eyes of men. While Mr Beach
eraiilllr. Lincoln were Dreachiii!?
kindness an I o d will to men, many
other so called Chriitiaii ministers
aro roc iiniiiun liug vengoancii ins'ead
ot mercy and jusiice. Ahialiam tiie
Gojd took his text irom the New Tes
tament. Willi.) their urt nrnnv wli.i
Huote from the Old.
Lite Uid testament clones with a
curse, the New commonco with a 11h
sing. JNot many yoavs ugj I walk--d
over aiount L-alvary, through tho Via
Dolorosa, and around thu wlln nt' .f.
riibalem,! passed djwn the Valley of
doiiosopuat, anu sat down under tnose
old olive trees in the Garden of (,tli
sumane, and then I went un tint ru
1 . a . O
gea moaurain, Knowu as the Mount
ol Olives, i hat celebrated dicoiirn
spokou by that gceat preacher was in
my minu-. it is Known in history as
the Sermon on the Mount. I believe
it says
'Bloated are tha nuruiful, for they shall ob
tain mercy.
'Blesaed arothopoacj mi'tera. for tbov ahull
be called ilia children of Qjd.
Il I have not been misinfrirmnil
these were the words used by Mr. Liu
coin in that remarkable Cabinet mee
ting tho day before ha died- "Tim
oria hi ejeelis was in his thoustht.
. 11. .. ...
iiory to uoa in tbe highest, peaco
and gooi will to men."
Ask Stautou if his last officii r1 aft
on Friday was uot an act of clemeu
cy to a distinguished rebel in Caoada
who wished io escape to England.
Mr. Seward and tho President wtr
fu'l of briui:in2 back oitrlit millions
ol Americans, in their own way, as
oitizaus of the Republic.
The war is over! Johnston wil!
give up to Sherman, Foster to Thorn
as, anu Jiirny smitn to Uanby. The
rebellion is dead! No rebel damn tn
indorse the assassination, if ha dses
may God have mercy on his soul! for
if these insurgent chiulk atil! hiparln.
defiance, a wuirldwiud of Northern
men win sweep them from tha faco of
the South.
"Presidents mat dib but Govrrn
There ia a volume of truth in tU
motto in front of yourc building
uom cayii, aont sueer, at ut say that
Mr. Lincoln was too gentle, that he
was too forgiving, bnt gtaud by Gen
oral Grant and the Government.
i-wassorrv to i. frmn lltx fon
of the New York Custom house. Gen
erar marx Anthony shake the soiled
garments of the dead Cesser in the
lacs of the populace, in order to in
flame the- passions of the people, at
ready overwrought bv ananiali nnrl
dcBpairl I remcmbor a celebrated or
aer to his army that looked like cen
sure to tha Commander inhinf
Grant's terras tc Loe were endorsed
bv tLe President. Sherman had aim
liar Orders in dealing with JnhnatnA
Arc these" iiaman terms to ba nvnrml
ed at the cry or t artj of tha wail ol
thOSe Who are fitill C.rvnrr IV) r mni-a
blood? God forbid!
To day, the demaffouffa who cafpra
to the applause of the moment, speaks
iiae i:ns v we. some or the recent
Bpeeehee iu New York).
Hang Davie rcheerBl and nil I. la
hellish Cabinet! thoers. Hang
Lee ind histrsachurousBtain cheers.
lea. icontlliues tlie tlihemoia nmrnr
who would commit any act for the
paaeing cnetr,) i say j hang the Ma
ucummn buu mo ut igauiersi
Load cheers Shall we stop here?
Crita Ol ''Nut" Men when (.ir.ir.H
are demons.! Then Lam thu fluln
i . .1 r . . . i . r
eis anu me uauains Uont nnni
i i . . .
uueera, nuts raoviog, ana great excita
ment. I And as the women nf H,
South are bewitchod by their clergy
iui n lougiuun ittuuucidm oi naie
again et. the North, 1 aay, let us clean
them all out, until treason is no more!
Excited cheers.
What ia the result af such langunge
cmamating from the pulpits? Listen
to the click of the needle from the
Pacific short: Another -uress hrok-fl
up in San Francisco, such a journal
smashed in Maryland, &c, &. U this
emulating the coodntBa of our Henri
Chief? Praise him one moment, aud
the next do things that would make
him shudder. Those who atnnrl hv
Mr. Lincoln when he was alive, have
no right to lorsttke him bow that he is
These ara some of the thoughts
that wurj passing in my mind while
standing in the East Room
Let Napoleon dio tomorrow.
Couut de I'aris ays "its my turn
next .' "Stund back." savs Count de
Chambord. "1 have waited for over
thirty years." "Hold " saya Eugene,
"the Prince Imperial is the next Em-
1 Taf . . ..
leror m turn. " ' not bo last," says
uamarune, "mo liepuolie Bucceuds
thu monarchy."
Bouauarte's death croates anarchv?
but thiee hum 8 alter tho President
died, auother President was sworm.
rVell may tho world look on with
amazement at the startling changes
in tnid won'iertui drama ot human
Has "Red Death" of the
Middle Ages Returned?
The commencement of a horrlhh.
epidemic in St. Petersburg, spreading
rauiuiy into roiana. and weatwanl.
deserves the most serious attention
in view of tho hiBtory of other times,
wnen the plague, to winch th a enU
demic seems near akin, raged through
out all Europo. What may be possi
ble, God only knowd: but tha terrible
events in this country have for thu
past four years piled horror upon
horror, with such bewildering rapidi
ty, that, if tnis oniortunata country
is to be further afflicted, it seems ma
if nothing was wanting to complete
the fearful programme except the
prevalence throughout tha coutineut
of a raging plague.
It is not well to be alarmed, but ft
is well to ba forewarued, and if posai
ble forearmed, against tho possible
coming of such a destroyer. It is
well that the attention of the proper
authorities and of the people should
Recalled at the earliest sign of dan
ger, that all possible precautions may
betaken. It is well to review thu
history of past great epidemics, and
see if they have any probable bearing
upon times aud events: for. althono-h
in centuries past thouaauds of people
nave perisnoa oy them, it is a sad
fact that COuiDarativp.lv littln U
tinowd, even by tha boat educated of
the medical profession, in regard to
their cause and cure. Skill seems to
bave been baffled in their uresem-H.
and even the manner of their opera
tion is enshrouded in a thousand
differen; forms, as if ail the ills that
flesh is heir to were concentrated in
one fell, defiant, triumphant demon
ot death, striding invinciblv and
with giaut steps over whole lands.
It is a historical fact, fearful inJfld
to contemplate, that great epidomics 1 a
follow great wars; It ia atso a hiBto
rical tact that they have followed
particularly, in the two great instan
ces, civil wars.
Mar it not be possible that Prn.i
dence sometimes moves iu this myste
rions way to unite, bv tha nreaen nl'
a common dangor, Miosa win have
Deen outer toes anu that tha nocosBi
ty of the scourge is proportioned to
tin alienation of the people?
As previoubly etatbd, little is really
know in regard to the n-xact .cause
and tha proper treat-mint of h
plague, and medical writers havn
generally been obliged to confine
themselves to local treatment ot nyinp
toms as they appear in their many
various forms. But it is believed
that epidemics often follow great
wars from ceitam causes. Alter a
great battle, the air in the whole
vicinity teuomos mvanab v aurchan
ed with miasmatic poiuous from the
decaying corpsis of moil and horses,
and from tho oltou ppirid wounds of
those etiil living. Those who have
vmted the battle-fields of the South
a few days after great conflicts have
occurred, tiave o!ton ohaHrrwl thu
stench while yet approaching them
imra mnes away. As the putrid
mattor from a comae is duadlv and
uiBtant poison, when appliod to thu
quick flesh, or to the delicate mem
orane oi the eye, so this miasiai,
wherever it taints the atmosphere, or
or makes its serial fliuht upon the
winds, is pjisonouB in a moru on-Ail-ml
, fjj-
and less fatal degree when introduced
throughout the physical system, aud
into tuo very oiood, irom ttie ever
active lungs.
As war Dnwresacs and W.tloa
. n
multiply, thia miasma, esntieiallv in
a hot or eemi tropical country, accu
minutes even raster than it can decom
pone into healthlul matter hv th
action of the elements and the return
of the seasons of vegif.ation, and de
velopa itsoll in epidemic. Hnmani-
ty, too, by the excitement aid tur
moil of wur. loses the calm
that is exhibited in times of naaci
aud abnormal conditions of mind
are accompanied by abnormal condis
tions of tho bodv. leavino tha avKtom
especially sensative to the attacks ol
aiinosi any iorm ot disease. Camp
diseases multiply, and even soem to
originate and develop new forma of
human ailmcut and intensify old
ones, often beyond the power of the
physician to understand or even cure,
so complicated and various do they
appear. Prominent among these are
chronic dysentery and rheumatism,
that sometimes nold the uu fortunate
victims with a griof that lasts through
life, gradually wearing the vital lorce
It will be observed that mzntnii-
tis, in ona or more of its forms, is
recorded to he one ot tha nr na iu
symptoms of the plagua in past can-
tunes, ana that minnijUs spxnali.
is also a pro'tiuent svinotim of thn
epidemic now rapidly spreading in
nutria ana i oiami.
The histories of all wars. unH
especially of civil wars, bear taatimn
ny io the lact. taat pub ic and Driven
morals alike, relax their binding force
upon society and upon individuals
at ench times. Everv student nf
history i'b as well aware of this fact.
as ot the wars that accowpanied this
moral phenomenon. J m hiilnnna
dens of prostitution multiply. Mor
ai ana physical plague spots tlum
eeivcs, mey inttct with a moral and
I a .
pujicai piBeue otten times where
society would leaBt eugnect ano-ht
below tho purest virtue. During the
plague of the fourteenth century,
Oueen Joanna, of Nanlea and AviV
non , placed this unl'ortunato class of
fallen women in localities by them
ves. as a precaution aoainar. thn
spread of the epidemic, and ouly
allowed them to auoear umn nhlir
streets and places at certain set times
ana seasons. Doubtless it was a
wise precantion aad helped to stay
the progress of the fearful infection
I say landlord, that's a dirtv townl
for a man to wipe on!
landlord with a bok of untik
ment replied: "Well you're mighty
paikiuuiar. oiity or seventy oi my
boarders have wiped on tha townl
this morning, and you are the first to
unu lanit.
We once heard of a neh man
was badly injured bv bei lie run ewar
"It isn't the accident." said ho m,!
tinJ. . it. .1 . il , .'
1 " ' UB 0inS .bnt the
wHl cart, makos Z'Z
..uitto.o 3uy ot debaters and '
por.g.nator.', yolopt tlu Ohio Legia.
ture, winch adjourned a few d.ya
tricks before high Hoavon and tho
good people of the State of Ohio.' It
voted aw. y tha P0op0'a money !.y
the lt.udred? of thousands for li
kinds ol humbug schemes and pet
a... lies ot the party u power, by
which tlie pockets of the loyal were
depleted, without stopping to inanire
-.to the why or the' hVofor but'
when tha d anh n,t ... j .
d.ers of the State who have worn out
oeir Hierg.ea and wasted their con
t.tut.ons in the service or their conn
ry came before it and plead for a
I';""" Hild a support, it was suddenly
ny. '1 ho State couldn't aflbrd if'
would swell the taxes so nn, '
" the di,al,,d soldiors won:
u aKt-n care ol by their lriedds,and
....... ,,r argumens wcru
usod by the R.m.ihiinu.. i l .
defeat the bill. 'fC: .
ted mon,y by tln Z
these men into the service, but now
t utt r health was broken np.S
ooy had returned ar.uleas or legless
tLey w,noln ,uture. 6ervicQ
-rmyorthe U publican party, ai
those peculur lovers of the soldier
were willing th: tlev 8huld , fflr
through the wld without the bonSJ
ot any charities fimu the Stato. Br
thnDomocr .tie members wore deter
jnined to hold the party i power7J
s ..edges, a,,J ve the meaeure
port as to c.mpol to maioritv t.
-as he b,l. 1,,' the earli iSS- of
tho disr.ussion nearly i oi rJe ;,..,
nent R.publicans i )ti u 1V1 T
against the measure. Rn,l .nH., .
Democrats who entered into ti,a a:
cussion udvocHted it. n .
three test votes a mot ., r
R publicans w,ref,ui,d bpped V,
it, while tho Ddinifi., . '
all the ti. t: ... :'u UT 15
madeanerlbr Mr,? L. ;r,r' tUe.
from itssu.nor a. l T Xmoc!& a
dofeat it, byendJavorfng tonZ"
clause proyidingthat negroes should
be rece.ved into the institution on aa
tquahtj wjth white soldiers.
cans voted for t0 amendment bnt
It wad defeated . i. n . D"C
Failing i a U,eiu;; d
'r,ng that the defeat of tho b'l
would operate against tha party j,
' rmy at ti,0 next eiectiot,; enJugl
Kepul, leans vote I wi h the Demo!
crats to p,89 it.-Theae very K
-who opposed the mSsu To'i
o ground oi economy, had votod
the year before th n - . IOtJ
.if. i. ii . .i Vi " U1 mil ion
? SrdV 0 Qrrr ft8au!,i
ry tuiiJ. and one huudre.l ii,.j
hilars as a contingent fund , wK
Jire only othe r title, br coVrifp
l'lr'KT fund, and yet the?
were compelled by U10
Cooperheadd an 1 enemies of tha sol
J'trs to appropriate firty thousand
atwl 1 ' n C0,l9l8tucJ' thoa art
a jowcl On hypocraey thon art held
The Printers Story.
saw a young man gaz'ng
'ttihe ry heaven, with a fin 1 rTP
J a of p-etols in ho
Vc Me wored 2 attract his atlOtion
.lag -l a I m a newspaper wo
held in our p, relating 2? young
uiaii in that of the country who
had loft home in a K t.'.U0
Irom his w:th ie , ,P 18
of whom U read. I et hvi
hiends knew of my design. I 60 tlio
xj oi u g,n who had refused 2
lis.10 2 me. but am ..,1
u auotuor.
he'wilht n 'DylliS'tH
imt V2my xislOceMy ca8e ia
iioJ in this J." r 86 19
"Say Bob, did yoa ever ea to th
gold minot,?" gp 10 tba
Why to be enre I did- Wh'at
makes yon ax?" uat
"What did rOU dig?"
"Oh well an tn ti,Dt r j..'
eelfas soon as directly."-Ug nt
'Pomnev wlm iu . : .
dis worn it 7 m rnd
, " mi a imij
'Well. Cuff. 1 nW.
'Well. den. nirrornr T ...wl I'll U.L
to tell you: Because it am far to da
obit.' 0

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