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Til I It DAY
HI-y 1. ISO
. a. mi vrroN,
Law and Order.
Kielimond fallen; Lcc surrendered;
niid now Jo!insni followed suit! Not
a vtatiiro of UonfoJeriito forcu east of
tlie Missisoippi river, envu broken and
hands of rovers. Thus aftor
f.,ni- vHura oi warfare conducted
on the. largest scalo known in Ilisto
jy, tlio military power, and with
tKnf n,n pvisrunco of tlio Southern
Confederacy is destroyed. Tho rent
toHfir, A i-dirtB of the war clouds
(ill II Mv " p
from which tho storm of desolation
hiii bo long fallen, are tinged with
the first rays of returning I'eaco.
ylnd nil the people wolcomo tho sig
nu!d of hope aa 'exultingly as did
Noah tho dove and the olive branch.
Tho temtoria integrity of the Un
ion ia acenrod. We havo conquered
a Union of land:); whether in ao do
ing wo have secured a union of hearts
i utill uncertain, Tho nominal bii
premacy of tlio Constitution and the
laws made in purdnance thereof, over
tverv inch of our soil, ia eUblislied;
whether tho Constitution and the lars
made in pursuance thereof aro to
hold sway in reality over any portion
of the ountry, lemuina to he seen.
We have seen Egyptian mummies,
embalmed and perfectly preserved,
out of which the spirit wLich once
animated had departed centuries ago.
Tho form anl shape and dimension
of the old Union might exist long af
ter tho spirit which that Union or.ee
enshrined had takon wing. It ia
very certain to our minds that that
spirit if not dead, ha3 boon sleeping
for tho laat four years, and that very
soundly. And in view of that tact
tho waruins of scripture recurs to
ua with painful emphasis "what shall
it prcfiit u man, if l.o gain the wlio'o
world and losi h 13 own soul, or what
eiiall a man givo iu oxchango for his
houI" This ia matter for solemn
thought on the part of the people, to
tho end not that they may bo dis
couragedbut that they may rally to
the rescuj. Wo hopo for tho best.
Wejeaniebtly trust.that when tho plea
of '-uiilitary necessity'' ia taken away,
andathe passions which war engenders
have subsided, tho old rovcrenco for
law and order, for tho rights of the
States and the Liberties of the citi
zens imy return; and tho Federal
Government bo made to resume its
proper position as tho agent and not
the master of tho Constitution and
To Township Assessors.
The 20th 'section of tho act. (See
Auditor of States instructions) gives
Assessors till the 3rd. Mcnday in
Way, to mako their returns instead
of the 2nd. Monday as heretofore.-r-Ani
tho act of last winter requires
tho enumeration of soldiers and ma
rines to be returned to the Township
Trustees in same time, which said
Trustees must correct and return tQ
the County ytuditor on the 4th Mon
day in May.
The armies of Georgia and Tenne
see, commanded by Generals Howard
and Slocum, wero under orders, ou
the 2Sth of April, to move North,
via Richmond, to Alexandria, where
they .will Le disbanded, or sent to
more important active nelda, it any
can be found to exist.
It is claimed that the number of
men who havo been arrested tor be
ing privy to the assaesination is three
hundred . They aro to he brought be
fore a military commission.
The object of Chief-Jtiaticoa Chase
in going South is to reorganize the
United States Courts.
n Governor Aiken, of South Car
olma, haa been arrested by order of
1 resident j otinson, oecauso ho would
not take the cath of allegiance.
The New York World's epecial
says it is understood that Seward,
Stanton, and Welle desire to leave
the Cabinet on the 1st of July, and
that tneir successors will probaly be
Charles Finncia Adams, 1'reston
King, and John -W. Forney.
General Wade Ilanmtsn was the
only General who refused to ho inclu
ded in Johnston's surrender lie was
eleascd bv Johnston. Hampton went
off with Davia and breck in ridge, en
dcavoring to reach Aleico, it is
Gold touched 1401 iu New York
oti the 3rd inst.
General Kirby Smith has notified
Gen "opeofjliis willingm ss to surrond
er Ins forcis on the same terms a
greed upon between Generals Grant
and Lee. There is no doubt but that
the surrender, upon these conditions,
Iihr already taken place.
General Dana and General Dick
Taylor have agreed upon an armistice
similar to that agreed upon between
General Sherinen and General John
bton. It is probablo that tho author
ities in Washington will decline to
ratify tho agreement, and that Tay
lor will be compelled to make an tin
conditional surrender or fight.
Intelligence haa been received of
tho flignt of Jell Davis and ma tnen is
a9 far oouth aa South Carolina. It
ie thought ho will bo intercepted bo
fore he reaches the Mississippi.
raino. the boward assassin, is a
brother of the St. Albans raider.
Edwin Booth arrived in Washing
ton after his brother's body, but it was
not given to In in.
Nino hundred Confederate prison
era surrendered yesterday at Cumber
land Gap, and were paroled.
Tho telegraph brings intelligence
that Secretary Stanton has it in con
templation to dismiss, at least, fifty
thousand persona from tho military
There is intelligence from Mexico
that Cortina had entered Matainorae
with three thousand troops, and v as
sk;rmisbing with tho imperialists.
Foreigners wero organizing to de
fend the city.
It ia announced that 5cn. Grant
is about returning to Washington, for
the purpose of arranging for a largo
reduction ot tue military torces.
Considerable diaordor has existed
in Washington among the troops pas
sing through, several of whom have
been killed, by qnarreiing among
General Palmar of tho Depart
ment of Kentucky, has issued an or
der to afford individual 6afety of per
sons from arrest, as possible, for he
public good.
Tho fatest from the terrible disas
ter to the steamer Sultana represents
that eight hundred and seventy six ot
the missing passengers and crew have
been found alive, and fifteen hundred
are Relieved to have been lost. Gen.
Washburn baa ordered an investiga
tion into thecauses of the disaster.
May 4. Jeff Davis was said to be t
Yorkville, South Cnrolina.on the 29th, and
Stoneman's Federal cavalry came in the
next day. Davis is escorted by two thous
and cavalry, well mounted, and command
ed by General Dibborell. Hi; isaccampani
ed by John C, Breckinridge and by Ex-Senator
According to tin New York Tints' Wash
ington correspondent, Payne, the assassin of
the Seward family, has mads a confession of
his Km It- He says that sinee he has been
identified by six persons, it is useless for
him to deny ti.
Fence up your Cattle.
That woolly institution tho Ohio
Legislature, past an act last winter,
requiring ever person to fence or keep
up their stock. We copy the law.
AH AUi. oec. 1. uo tt en
acted ly the General AssetiMy oi
iio State of Ohio, That section sev
en of the above act entitled "an act
to regulate enclosures, and to pro ide
against trespassing animals," passed
January 17th, 1840, bo so amended
as to read aa follows:
Sfc. 7. If any horso, mule, ass,
or any neat cattlo,. hogs, sheep, or
goatB, running at largo, Bliall break
into or euter any enclosure, other
than enclosures of railroads, the own
cr of any such animal shall be liable
to the owner or occupant of such en
closuro lor ail damages occasioned
thereby: and the auimal so breaking
into, or entering any enclosure, shal
not bo exempted from execution iss
ued ou any judgement or decroo rend
ered in any court, or before any jus
tice of tho peace, mayor, or other of
ficer having jurisdiction, for damages
occasioned bv eucn trespass.
Sec. z. Sections 7. S. 9, 10, 11
12. 13. and 14 of the above recited
act are hereby repealed.
Sec 3. This act to take effect
from its
Speaker the House of Rep's
President pro tem. of the Senate.
April 7, 1865.
The above law a3 will bo eoen bv
reference to the old law, repeals a
laws regulating fencos in the State
and the duties of fenco viewers, ex
copt tlio lint C sections of tho act of
1S-40, relating to partition fences.
By this art of last winter, every man
is required to keep np their stock;
and no man is required to keep up a
fence over one rail high, any ki nd of
enclosure, a brush fence or a single
bar or anything that amounts to an
enclosuro is sufllcent, and all kinds
of stock mentioned, aro trespassers if
found in any enclosure, and renders
the owner liablo to an action and the
animal liablo to salo on an execution
to pay tho Judgement of the court.
Wo know some this law will not
suit, but its only a part of the same
Official War Bulletin No. 2.
Official War Bulletin No. 2.--Attempts to Cut Off Johnston's
War Dbpabtment, Washington,
April 279:30 A. M. To Major
General Dix: Tho Department has
received the following dispach from
Major General Ilalleck, commanding
tho military division ot the JameV
Generals Oanby ana J homas were
instructed, some days ago, that Slier
man's arrangements with Johnston
wero disapproved bv the President.
and they wero ordered to disrogard
Secretary of War.
Richmond, Va., April 269:30
l'. M. Hon. K. Al. btanton becreta
ry of War: Generals Meado, Sheri
dan and Wright are acting under
orders to pay no regard to any truce
or orders of General Sherman, respect
ing hostilities, on the ground that
Sherman's agreement could bliucS
is command only, and no other.
They are directed to push forward regard
ess of orders from nny one except General
Grant, and cut off Johnston's retreat. Beau
regard has telegrahped to Danville that a
ne" arrangement ha i been made with Sher
man. and fhatthe advance of the S,xih
Corps ivas to be suspended until further or
ders I have tcleirranhed back to obey no order
of Sherrnan, but to push forward as rapidly
s possible.
The bankers here have intormation to
av that Jell". D ivis' specie is moving south
rom Goldsburo, iu wagons, as fast as possi
I encMest that onler3 be teleffraphcfl,
through General Thomas, that Wilson obey
no orders from Sherman, and notify him
nd Cnby,and all commanders on the Mis
issippi, to take measures to intercept the
rebel chiefs and their plui.der.
The specie taken with tliem is estimated
here at Irom to 613 000 000.
Major-General Commanding.
The Surrender of Harrold—Resistance
of Booth.
Harrold was inclined at first to to
ie request, out Booth accused htm of cow
ardice. Then bo ih peremptorily refused to
surrender, and made preparation to defend
themselves. In order to take the conspira
tors alive, the barn was fired: and the flumes
getting too hot for Harrold, h approached
me uuor 01 me Darn ami sigmnea rug wiu-
uness to be taken prisoner. 1 lie . aoor
was then opened sufficiently to allow Har
rold to put his arms through that he might
be hanucuitistl.
As an officer was about placing the Irons
pon Harrold' wrists Booth fired upuii the
arty from the bun, which wai returned bv
the Sergeant of the. ) Gth New York, the ball
striking Bouth in the neck, from the I'ft-cu
of which he die I in about four hours. Be
fore breathing his last he tvas asked if he
hud anything to sjy, when he replied, '"Tell
my mother that I died for my couutry."
Harrold and the body of Booth were
brought into Belle Flam at 3 0 clock lust
night. and reached the Navy-Yard here at
0 cluck tins morning, ine statement,
heretofore published, that Booth bad injur
ed one of his legs by tliu falling of his horse
has prove i to be coreect. Alter he was
shot it was discovered that one of his lei's
was badly injured, and that ho was compell
ed to wear un o.d shre and use crutches,
whmh ho had with him iu the barn. Booth
was shot about 4 0 clock in the morning,
and died about 7 0 clock.
Booth had upon his person some bills of
exchange, but only one hundred and seventy
five Ireasury no'es.
It appears that Booth and Harrold left
Washington together on the night of the
murder uf President Liucoln. and passed
through Loiiardtown M l., concealng them
selves in tho vicinity until an opportunity
was afforded them to cross the river at Swan
Point, which they did, as above stated. The
man whj hired Booth and his accomplic the
boat, 111 which he crossed the river, was cap
tured we understand but afterwards made
his escape. Harrold has been lodge-1 in a
secure place.
How they Love the Soldier.
That notablo bodv of debaters and
poriginators. yelept the Uhio Legist
tare, which adjourned a few days
since, performed many fantastic
tricks Iwfora uigii ueaven and the
good people of the State of Ohio. It
voted awiy the Peoplo's money by
tho hundreds of thousands for all
kinds of humbug schemes and pet
swindles of the party iu power, by
which tho pockets of the loy&l were
depleted, without stopping to inquire
into the why or tho wherefore, but
when the disabled and decrepid sol
diers of the State who Lave worn out
their energies and wasted their con
stitutions in the service or their conn
try came before it and plead for a
home and a support, it was suddenly
aiezed wtih a violonl spasm ot econo
my. "Tbe State couldn't afford it;"
"it would swell tho taxes so enor
ously;" 4,tbe disabled eoldiars wo uld
bo taken care of by their friouds,"and
a hundred other arguments were
used by the Republican membeis to
defeat the bill. They had appropria
ted money by the millions to get
tlieso men into the service, but now
that their health was broken up, and
they had returned armless or legless
they were of no future service to tbe
army or the Republican party, and
those peculiar lovers of the -soldier
were willing that they should shuffle'
through tho world without the benefit
of any charities from the State. IU
the Democratic members wero dotei
mined to bold the party in power to
its pledges, and gave the measure
such an earnest and enthusiastic sup
port as to compel the majority to
pass the bill. In the early stage of
tho diMi8sion nearly all ol tlio promi
nent Republicans in the House spoke
against tho measure, and all the
Democrats who entered into tho dis
cussion advocated it, On tfo or
three test votes a majority of the
fiepublicans were found opposed to
it, while tho Democrats voted tor it
all the timo. Tho majority then
mado an effort to drive the Democrats
from its support so that they might
defeat it, by endeavoring to insert a
clause providing that negroes should
be received iDto the instirutio'n on an
equality with white soldiers, And a
considerable, majority of the Republi
cans votod for the amendmout, but
it was defeated by tho Democrats.
Failing in all their filibustering, aod
tearing that the defeat of the bill
would operato against the party in
tho army at tho next eloction, enough
Republicans voted wi b the Demo
crats to pass it. Thoso very Repub
licans who opposed the measure on
the ground of economy, had voted
the year before the sum of a million
of dollars to tho Governor as a milita
ry fund, and one hundred thousand
dollars as a contingent fund, which
are only other titles for corruption
iuna ana plunder runa, ana yet the?
were compelled by mon they stylo
Conperhoiids and enemies of the sol
dicrs to appropriate fifty thousand
dollars fot the care of those who are
disabled. Oh consistenoy thou art
ajewol! Oh hfpocracy tlinn art held
at a premium! -Advertiser.
pec iii j JJtolic e
.ij n -wn.wo'
SYSTEMS new nd reliable treatment
in reports ol the HOWXKDS HSSOCIA
TION Sent by mail in 6ealed letter enve
lopes, free of charge Address, Dr. J, SKIL
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Published for the henoflt, and as a CAU
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eoakery. By enclosing a postpaid addreasod
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Please Inclose poai-pald eevelopo, addrosa
ed to yonrsolf.
Station D. Bible House,
Mar. ItJth 1385 lyr. New York City.
Lncotta Kockbold Administratrix of tho es
lata of Jlohraim Sockhold, lata of Vinton
County Ohio, doooaaod, haa filed her accounts
and vouches, for inspection and final nettle
ment, and that the same will be passed npon
on tbe27thdayorMayA.l.
May4,!865-3w Probate Judge.
Attorneys at Law,
W ILL attend to all legal business intrustod
to their care in Vinton, Athens, j acason, boss
Hnokinor and adinininir counties.
Particular attention" given to the collection
nf soldiers claims for Peoiiona, Bounties, ar
rears it pay fco., against the United States or
Ohio, including Morgan raid claims.
April 12th 1965, lyr
C 0 V E
"IU8T recived -end for &le atlha LOWEST
tl Trice at tne urug owra oi
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County.
J. B.Kimballjfc Co. rilffl In Co art
against i Common l'leat
William Hay. Deft.) On Execution
PURSUANT to th command of an ordar of
ale iu the above cauae to me directed froia
tha Court of Common l'loos, of tlie aforeruiJ
oonnty of Vinton, I will offor at public aula ut
tha door of the Court Ilruie, in tho town of
MoArthur. iu tlio aforosai.l county of Vint"ii on
Saturday the 21th day of May 18C5
the hoar of one o'clock, P.M., ofaaidday,
thofollowinuproporty, to-wit: The aonth wet
qunrtor of the anth-oHt quarter, and the north
eaxt quarter ol the eouth-eani quarter, and the
toutta east quarter of the wmth-eaat quarter,
action nu rubor twenty-flve, (25.) In Town
ship nnmbor ten,()C,) of Karifre number nine
teen, (19,) also, the north-west qniirer of
tha north-eant quarter, and the north-oaxt
onartor oftlienoUh-m.it ouarter of Section
number thirty six, SJ, iu Towimhip and
Kungo aforaaid Containing Two hundred acroa.
Taken aa tha oronertv of William Ray. to
satisfy a judgment in favor of J. B. Kimbull &
Apprained at Two thousand dollars, ni
mnxt nrinft two-ihirds of that sum.
TERMS OP SALE.cush in hand.
McClixtiok A Smith J. J. SHOCKET.
Att,a for Pltffs. Shff. V. Co. O.
April 27th 1365. -5w
DKACTUKEK8, 97 Chambora and V) and SI
Koado Street Now York.
TIII8 1NV ENTION consists of DUPLEX (or
two) Elliptic Stoel Springs, inrjouioualv ISruid-
ed iRlilly ana f irmly tojrouior enpe to e.itfo.
roakinft the toughest, most floxihlo Elastic und
Durablo Spring ever used. They seldom Bund
or Break like tho 8ingle Springs, and coin-o-quently
Presorvo thuii Porfoc and Beautiful
bhape Twice as Long aa nny other Skirt.
Tlio woNOKBruL vlXIBILitt and Great Com
fort and plousnre to any Lady wearing the
Duplex JUlipicSkii twill bo experienced parti
cularly in all Crowded Assemblies, Ononis
Carriages, Railroad Cars' Church Pews, Arm
Chuirs, for Promenade and Uouso Dramas flic
Skirt can be folded, whon in uho, to occupy a
rmull place as eusily as a Silk or Muslin Dress.
A lady having enjoyed tlio plen.uro. enmlort
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iGnroii rut tiis orri.Kx ki.mptic skirt.
pril2i), 1S65.-13W.
Spec Announcement.
E. it H. T. ANTnoXY & CO.,
aufucliirfrs of riuitographic .MntoiinU
In addition to our n.nin biisines of THO
Iltfadqtiartc B for the following, viz:
Of these we have an iininoiiso nssortmoiit,
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Photcgraphic Alliums.
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he United States, and v niutiufjuture
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. 1 r A - . jr. -,( I.
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75 Navy officers,
125 Stage.
550 Statesmen,
130 DivinesJ
125 Authors,
200 Brig; Generala,
276 Colonels,
40 Artists,
100 Lieut. Colonels,
250 other Officers,
50 Promin't Women
3.000 copies of Works of Art,
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april 20, 1865 mo.
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(Q-Piice, in sealed envelope, only six
The celebrated author in this admirable
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Justices Blanks
"N ami niter Thursday, February 15,1
rvgula; 1 u.-wenger Irani
will run in con-
uctinii with the I rums ou nuilu line between
Portsmouth uud Ciiirinnati. nx lollows :
l.envcs Portsmouth at 8:15 A. M., arrives at
ri,.ncer nt !):35..M.; arrives at rnrtland at
lutoi! A.M.. arrives tn .luckson lit lo:57i. ill. :
arrives at Ihim.leii at 1 1 :SU A.M.; arises at Cinj
em uli nt ri:n.i r..n.;
Leaves Cineiiiiiati at 8:30 A.M.; leaves Hum
.len at 3:00 r-.M.; nrrivoa at Jackson at 8:84 P.
M.: nrrivesat Portland at 4:21 P.M ;srrivest
I'ioueer at 4:10 P.M.: arrives at Portsmonth At
:l(l P.M.
Aceoiumodntioii Train departs from Ports
mouth at :). P.M.; arrives at Pioneer at 4:3
and di Harts ut l:5o; arrives at J aeksun ut ri:.4
and ltiiiiid.'n. at 7:u0. Departs il:4' .M : ar
r'vesat Inikson at 7:35; arrives at Pioneer at
'.l:;i."; and arrives at l'ortsiuotithat 11 :45.
Through Tickets to Cinoinnati can ha obtain
Oil at I'm tsiuiMith, Portland, and Jackson, at
the loll. w ing rates:
I'ortsiiiouth to Cincinmi'.i, $4 on
Portland " du J.400
Jailtoii ,lo 4,UO
From PcrtsnuMHli to Cineiiiiiati and
fl,0n Tickets from Portaiuunth to Ma
and ParUersburg, )(3.IH).
John dukaNd.s
R. W. qiTAnE, Assis'tSup't
Fob. 'i.'itli 114 lyr.
heeler & Wilson's
ii i: i: sr i use,
( iiit'iniiali.
A warded
i he First
Jl'sr lihl.1) AT LONDON,
ycV the Cnn.uini'il OniprlitUiiinf Eu
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tkafiv ii a rr ttn ffak I nil
AT THE UiNI ILI) 31 A lbs rairia
4)1 mid lf0;
nit I'l" ('iiiciiiiinli .tli'i-liiiiiiPH Instiliite,
a lia'u ta'.i H rim Kiut I'ltiuitu, wr a!
i'niii,'i'liti.ifh, an thu
icsl Familv seeing Ma-
hi i:
T.WINC. MAMK, for over woven yoara. tho
III..S- pnpnliir Family Srwing Miu-liinea in
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io euiii.Ti v, iMi'i niiw oinpiii) inir i "w.i'iM-in
oi r i.-iiif-f. and iiuiUing Ion Miisnincs pnr
l:iy. tlii-v iiro prpnri:il. with antdi extraordina
ry t.iuiiitiusitiiil iixporium-o. to Kiiariiiiieoiuina
l:ncr i niirii mi lii-fnt'tin. All our Mac-
I ill's ru iiimli' ci u a I ly uell. mui uro
As all parties nianiif.ivtnring Sewing Ma-
hiiicun) iiiilijiod to nnv llr. Iluwo a fto for
li Se wiiiir Machine solil, and uro 1ko com
pelled to make ((tiiirtorly returns to him, atat
intr, tinder oatli, tlio iiniiilwr aold, Ilia bnoka
jrivo u correct atntenienl ol'tlio uetuul number
t .Mjohiin.'H Hniii ny tlio (iiiicrotu inHiuiicinrori..
From this reln,.Tlosoiireo wu liavo obiained tho
llowitik'ielialdo i-latistics, ahiiwintf thu r.tiin-
bor of Sowiiiir Mui hinea dii.poi.ed of iliinng tr.o
nl your reported. Tlio prinuip 1 companies
niakiiit; them aro Wlieultr Wllaon, I. M.
Singer 'Jo., ntul Urovar IJuker. Of tho
Macl.tnos so,n tliofo worn cold
Ily W IlKKLKK A W ILSOX 21 .mio
15y I.M.Sinsnr.t C'o.,.-.. 10,98
Hy wrovenv UiiKer, io.zok
Show'.ng tlio cnles of Wheeler Wilaon to ba
dott'ilo il'any othor conipany. N. Y. Observer.
IYOIIIIVO perMOllllliy CXIIIIUIieu Ulio ,riuun
Mielunes Jietoro the pnhlie, withnn anxiotia
lomro to pliieo tietore our readers roiiuoioinior-
iiiatum. As tho roMilt ofsneh cxntninatiiin.wi
nnhcsitatini-'ly reeoiuriend Wheolor Wilioni
Sewicff .Mucliir.ca us tlio Machine fur family ue.
Wotcrn Chrisiian Ailvociito.
My little il.it- trlitcr, of nl no years takes on
Machines Wi icier 4 Wilson's apart, oil I
t, aiil puts it, In pliica easily and readly apiata
ts parts, ami perlornia with it all ordinary
work. Sim run mako herown dreHsos, inclml
injf liomniinKi gutlicrin? and aotting in tha
(leo-.es. tour i.ioiitir ttso in n.y family lias
niado it a necessity and a luxury.
VOV.C.lf. 150YNTON.
Wo iiso tka Wheeler Wilaon Sewini Ma-
chiiiM. and ean say in regard to it that it ia witll
out a rival. No other Much no exceeds it in its
adaptation to all purposes of domestic use.
Scientific Americnn.
KST" Rend for a circular containing specimens
of sowing, testpnontr.ls, priors, etc.
V 11,1,1AM M'MIVtKAUl.
June 30. ' CI- 1 77 west Fourth si. Cincinnati
State f Ohio, Vinton Covuy.
Luther i'ratt, l'ltff)
In Court of
against Common 1 loos
Ervin K. DowJ Doft.) On order of sale.
1)IU!PUANT to tho comm.md of order of sals
. in thn ahovo cause ti me directed fn.m tha
Court of Common I'lcas, cf tlio atorsaid Jonn-
tv of Vinioii. 1 will offer at pablio Bale at the
door of the Court House, in tho town of MoAr-
thnr, in tho aforsaid county of Vinton on
Saturday tlie 6lh day of May 1865,
Between tho hours of ten o'olock, A.M., and
four o'clock, I'. M., of said day, the -following
property, to-wit: One hundred and Tblrty
five acres of land situated in the north half of
section number thirty-two, (32,) in township
number ten, (10,) or ranfre number sixteen,
(16,) of 0 nio, Company's Purchase and furth
er described as follows: BogimngKlevon ohains
and twenty links west of the north east corn
er of kuid section number thirty-two, (22,)
thonce south forty-ore chains and twenty-five,
link thonce west thirty-two ohains and nine
ty links, thenco north forty-one chains and
twenty five, links, thenco oaat thirty two
chains and seventy link" to the place of begin
ing contuinnigono hundred and thirty five acros
be the snmo moro or less.
Taken as tho property of Krvln. E. Dowd to
satisfy a judgment in (avor of Luther Pratt.
Appraii-ed aiThreoThouand dollars, ($000)
and tintst brine two third of tbal sum.
TEKMS of bdlo.canh in ha'jd.
April $,-i)5-5w Shff, V. Co, O.

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