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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, May 11, 1865, Image 1

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WW Hill,
NO 40
, . -1.1...
i 1.1411 So KRT TUCIUulT HV
LI. A . n 11 ATT 0 N.
In Hratlon'a Bulliiinx. tart of Coon
Houne. to Smile.
verms, win.
be P.t will be nont one year for Two
tinl!r; Sit Montlie, fur Oua Dollar; Three
jluntht. fur Fifty OnU.
fcif" All pepera ill be dlnoontlnued, at to
ejidiaUon of the tiin paid for.
hu Square nt insertion, 1,W
Kecb additional luaeitionf .60
i.ardi on year, . . ' fl0
Nue of iippolntit.ta ol .iniV t
w, Qnardluu and Executors 1.00
A.tRchtuenUiotu- brtfor,1. P. IO .
Kdltnrial uotli-e per line. 10
Yurlj adveriUiueute will be charged 190,
yer !dti.nn per annum.
And In proportionate re I for lew than
lumn, and for leu time.
tiJT Tonlintti ininlort ctnrued n out quare,
aud til Advertifimuut r 1 Legal Notice uiuat
t pi.'. in e-lvi .
t-iif" I'h abovet rmamnat beoomplied with
ftiTAli pavmoo rnut bo made lo the Fro
jiior, a w b ' Uu airente.
Ve e prepared toeioouie with soatnnmi,
Jt.paloh. ii I '. pfiua tl at .Ufy competition,
t' kivt uf Jub Work, jfioh
111 MKS,
ULANlvS jf all KINDS,
LABELS, &e.,&c.
it trial and bo convinced thet w ican
a ul Will 11 tj'iull ifi QOitper lor imii.iiu u anj
t J.ef etl .i il.r.u lit ill C tit taction nfoo ill tr y
a a !.' ww. i.
U. B. Sll 1VEL
AllorutyM at Jaw,
'..i n i", Uul K-'.alo Agtiitu knJ Con
vyi.ri. -r hur, Vinton C'i. 0.
'llci! oil Kmh KirtM'l. IwntluPM
of. i;. U DuitgVMiiri1.
Will httend ifiunitlv to all ' 1 'i mill
tn lli'-lr vure. In the '(Vntiea of li 1 1 ,
if a, Pik- mid 8.-lotn.
J.iutury 19. b ISi.V-lf,
Atf 1 tf " t Law RUll
HcArhr, Ohio.
llMiirf li-i nwd by tho U. 8., for the pnrpfM
I ):; i'i:i I io tlin protnemiou aiui cu locliou
'f irt iiii!ripiou i.f rlaium (rnii.t lli
VuitcJ SN:o-,m.l 8tatof Ohio, laeluding the
iiortran r:d olniim.
Uouuii.." nol ArroiirHgeM ofl'iiy
V.N'rtlON'' for won iidcd and iliatile.l
di.T an 1 Mamni hihI for the hoi rn of Mililinrr
iid fennioil w ho hvo died and ben killed in
the norv'u-e. I would say to my friund. that
iun'ill nttnnd promptly to tbu.r budintm and
m idjrato tormt.
J ijd I it i lilt.
Attorney at
D. Dockes'i
To Ami Eiil of
Having iuat rernvered from t srvere at
tu ltofthe "Oi I Fever,' which caused a
tf mporatv absence Irom hia oflice, takes
pleasure in announcing to the public, that
he in aguin at hia pout, where he may be
found at ali time ready to give prompt at
trition to the various 'branched of hit pro
fi'KKiun in this, and kdjutaing Couuiics.
Jan.Stli, 1665. 3 1110.
This Mouse frunta on the Steam Boat
ending, and neat the Railroad Depot. No
pains will bespared for the accouiadation
Jept. ,1863, ijrp.
rami Ftr or m'isri bodii, wh ti ,
B.39, '3-lyr Chillicothc,
McArthnr, Ohio,
Will attend promptly and careful lv
the practice of
their pro
profession in all it
an. 8th. 1865. tf.
PINE-APPLES, Peaches, Sttawberriee, Black
barryaflroea PaaaJuat received and for
sale at the Drog 8tor of
"Our country I right or wrong,"
What manly beait can doubt
That thai ihonld ewell the pa'.riote aoug,
Tbua ring tlia patriot ahontl
Ba but tb foe arrayed, '
And war'a wild trumpit blown
Cold wara hit heart, who baa sol mada
Ilia couatry'e caune hi own.
Though fraotlon rata taa halla,
Whera nobler thoughts haviaweed' .
Oua aacrad voice foravsrcalla
The pairiot'e heart and blada;
11a, at bli conntry'a nama, --
Feela every pulie beat high,
Wreathea rouud hia glory, all Lia fame,
And loraa tor bar to dia.
Wbire'ar bar flag unrolled '
Wooaa tba aid u ting breeze,
Fling o'er the plain ita etarry fold,
Or floats on tee stormy teaa
All deareit liingi are there,
All that make life divine,
tlo.ne, faith, the brare, tba true, the fair,
Cling to the flaming iga.
Oh, Is this thought a dream f
No,-by the gallant dead,
Who alsep by hill, and plain and otresa,
Or doep oil oceauN bed I
By every sucrod name,
By every gloriuui long,
By all we know and love of fame,
OcCohstbt, right or wrJJuo,
A Great Speech-George Francis
Train Defending General
Sherman—He ask Public
opinion to Hold up till
You get All the facts.
[Fromhe Philadelphia Evening Telegraph.]
Ooorgo Francis Train etill teops up
!tliu c.iijj pnuao of luctiiriii'' fcr thu
wiJowa aiii! orphaiii of tliy oolJiura
who liavo died in ileiunso of tho conn
try. A 'ow wnok eiiiuu vd rocordud
the fact of $j0l) li.-tviuj; baeu taken
at hi lecture in NorristOvvo. Tim
oilier (Iny the reouiiits at tlio nvidu-
iny of Mnaic liere, for tho firflt Union
Association, under tho manuj'm?nt
of Airs. 13 siHon, woro about $1,000
L.ist night lie sioko for the Ladies'
Aid S'jciotv, at West Chester, to a
crowded lionne, the first linio that (If
ty cunts a tickets was ever charged
in that town. The n coipts were be
iw..-cr $300 and fi00.
A Mr. Train not only gives thr
tntiru jirnct-'t'ds of his kctnren to the
ouiise of the BoKIier'but in all cubcp
prtys his own t xpensL'S, we can atfnl
to let liitn have his opinions; for be
is as original in this rtpect as in tin
character of his ept ecln-s. We under
stand that he is shortly to to speak
uain at tiiu fAcadstuy ol Musit, o
the invitation ol Airs. J. H. Orne
Mies (''Noil, nd dthers, for the ben
lit of the Orphan Society.
His speech at West Chester was
on puss i it events. He spoke for two
hours, and wns repeated! v interrupt
ed by app'ause. As usual, he allow
ed the auaieace to select (he subject,
and, alter eulogizing President Lin
coln, and defending his successor, lie
intimated that the next 1'resident ol
the United States would be the Presi
dent's friend -the diplomatist and
statesman, who whs fire droof against
rnaway lursos and tho assassin's
dagger the distinguished letter wri
ter, who does every thing in sixty
days, even to recovering from two
shocks of un earthquake that would
have leveled any o'ther giant in the
land. Tbo noiainatioa Si Mg, Se
ward was received with 'great enthusi
asm. The audience then called lor
his opinion of Sherman. We give a
brief extract of his defense:
Tu ire id two kinds of men afloat,
positive and negative. One goes
down stream, and nobody Bees him
the other goes up. and all cheer.
Sherman belongs totbe'postlve order,
lie Bays any thing can float oat with
the tide, straw, paper, dead rebels
flaughterl, stinking tiiab floud laugh
ter, any thing, but it is only a strong
ash that swims agamm the current.
it i the salmon tbat jumps up the
tails. Applause. Sherman is an
entire man; a hundred pounder
among the pocket pistol generals.
Laughter. As usual, you will find
me against the voice of the nation. It
was ho in England,, in Boston where
I was knocked down laughter, and
t Chicago where I was knocked up
loud laughter, but succeeded in
breaking up that rotton platform.
Applause. The other day, in Wall
Bti-eet, I followed Gen. But.er, and
did my best at Washington to spike
hi) gun. To detend Butler was to at
tack Grant and censure the Presi
dent. Again I stand alone 'and, un
til 1 get the tacts, shall stand bj Gen
oral Sherman, if I am the only man
on his Bide iu tho country Souu
dissent ami npiause.j -
There Is nothing more contempti
ble in the American character 'than
this thinking id battalions:. ThU for
taing opinions In masses is"1 diajj tint
ing to individuality) 1 W hern shall we
be able to separate th gorita fnm the
heupf Laughter. Is it fair for theo
great General, whom Europe indorS
ed,' Asia ' admired, ani' Ameriuii
cheered, to be branded unheard an a
madman! a usurper I a traifor! be
canse he preaches from the Njw Test
ament instead of the Old! B -uanse
he prefers the doctrines of the Savior
which ' is Love. to ,; that of Moses.
which is Force! Because ho irA
oat tlut the Sermoi) on the 'mount
does not spoak of Smuel cutting np
Agag! . Laught6r.
la this (Jistingnished American to be
sent down to infamy because, beleiv
ing that the cbildreu of II am have
received, for the last quarter of a cen
tury, so much attention, he thinks it
no more than lair to look out for edit
dren of Japhet! Laughter aud ap
plause.! It Ins brilliant campaign un
der Grant at Vicksourg, at Port Hud
son, and all along the South west, so
soon forgotten? Were his brilliant
victories at Uliattan oga, nt Atlmta.
and his startling march to Savannah,
tho acts ol a madman? No. Was
outflanking Hood, oiituunuuvermg
Hardee, outgdP.eralin Ijuauregard,
tho act of a usurper!
Was the taking ot (Jharieaton, the
captnro of Ooluuibm, of Charlotte,
of liileigh. the act ol a traitor?
Cries of "N." Slianvj on our mis
erable lorgotluinea ot graat deed J,
groat sucoosj, great, talaris, simply be
ci.mo he d trud to staiid by the Preji
dunt in the ciii'i as wnl! as at the
White llouel Mr, Lincoln was iuer
cifnl; so was Sherman. Mr. Lincoln
lid not wish tJ mako uVonicj, a
Hungary, a Poland , an Irela.'id iu the
South; neither did Sherman.
Mr. Lincolu visnod o stop the
river of blood, so doj Shermau, aud
he has stopped it, in spite of the
howling ol.tiw.UlijiV.ian ..MaraU and
Robuspierrcs, who aro crying still tor
the guillotinj. Sherman has done
more by hia aa-di, his pluck, his tact
iiis in ignilicutit audacity, in breaking
Lee's hack, and increasing Davis'
peod, luMgliter, than any forty gun
eraU iu t:ie army. Applauds.
Grant is to uoble, loo goiuro.n, too
rand, in his modest dutnoanor under
victory, to alaul.'er Licutjna til
Grant is not tlii "O.!! ;lio" or tlu
lago" of this in itter, n.r is Sln;r-
uin the ''Cassius,'' othurwiso
should an p ioe that thi uniuiliiary.
ungenerous act war the old Aeiiomuh
game of Marathon ol l'hjinistoules
playing out his second in command.
Aristadett It is pitiful to sue a Gj:i
eral who lias warmed hiimelf in tho
Whito House, and never fired a pis
tol at the foe, insulting one of the
bravest raou of tho North. Ap
plause Shame on General Hal leek 1
Unlike General Sherman, hia pen is
no moie mighty than hia sword.
What has Sherman done! Where
is the boasted independence of the
American press, that they have not
pointed out that Hlierman has planted
one foot on the American flag, anoth
er on the Constitution, aud proclaims
that peace shall reign from the Potom
ac to Rio Grande only by t!ie death
of rebellion, and that rebels can only
become citizens again by obeying the
laws He leavea a! I to the Constitu
tion and the Supreme Court.
He believes that tho people of Uio
South aro American citizens when
they throw down their arms So does
Mr. Seward. Are we to hang a thou
sand men? Are we afraid) Shame
on the cry, to martyrize those leadersl
As Christians hate Judas, Romans
despise Cataline, American loathe
Arnold, so will the Sonthura people
spit upon the miserable wretches
whose ambition ended in treason 1
Applause All I ask is for a sin
pension of public opinion for the
facts. Perhaps Sherman has an au
tographic letter from Abraham Lin
coln!" ' :
OCT3 Real happiness dont consists
so much in what a don't have as it
does in what he don't want.
A net lamb always makes a cross
Epetaphs are like circuss bills there
are more iu the bills than is ever per
formed. (
To be . healthy cat onions and
go naked. ,
Jackson Standard done Brown—
Mackley Knows on a File.
,For Hiro.1 or foop weoka pat, wj
lAvo h-t 1 a coiitiovery-n-Mther niihl
ri-r iL s!red on .nr part will the
Jitckxiiii Standard. We felt all alnn
tlut tnero iva coniami'iat'on in tfm
touch of the tuing, but nir motive
ih Ukiiii: it up w.is puroly to illusirat
truth, by drawing out tho ediror or
tyat sho.'t, nr. in tht technology of
(Hie school of luedioal sciuneu to sub
ject htm to a process of prov.ngs.
We knew Bunolhing ol the I 'Ho b
lorulund. Wuniitdud not t bj ap
prized for t!ii tiral turn of his iiior li
Veto vanity, bis prodi.'om, conceit
- la lnsoon;-t hU mental knavery,
ot his lauk of generous anl manly
impulse. Siot yet were w- quite un
familiar witti a certain brirish jargon
of slang and cant, with whiui) u iljr
the idea that such abuse of Hp ;uch is
strength of diction, he habitually iu
terlar U hia discourse. R4 ilve l t nit
in any event the onus of bad temp :t
should rest solely wih, we treated tho
dditorofthe HtMilirJ with respect
and courtesy. We might as well
have shown tenderness to a rabid car
but no matter. He couldn't perhaos,
have bdhavoi uiujrently; nit'iire li iv
ing formed him mean and m ilig iam
in no c ooua in measure lo a per
son ot bis unnoiiii'J temp 'Cainont
good report bdingout of tho qiuetioa
it !s really m.rj disirableto bj
nois.id atiout, even in the charactors
of iff-.ison Brick, Jry Si 'ataud
lirnn td ix'mu', tn in not lo Iu u uu I
at aft. Toe fello, lunw. d ni'Kle-n
cousidu''s it a leather in his cap th t;
this journal has unilj.vvind.i l to ln
bto.v Sinn recjn:ti n no mi imn
Mjst welcome is he to all he may g it
oy it. Our rea I ori do not k iov tnU
variui, ana lor tiiuir iniormitijn we
will say that whore he lives the pub
lic character of David Mackley u not
of j'oud fame. Rather it is of that du
gree and kind which closely resem
bles infamy tho village "bad emi
nence" ot a morose, intermeddling
unscrupulous and vindictive detna
Mig-J. 13 haAtridin Hie bobbles ol
LeiupjraMce anl auti slavery , he an
aped Ins bwjt to catch a cheap notori
ety very cheap, iu fact, dog chuap,
bejauae earnjl by "words, words,
"words," anl those the moat flttulant
or tiio ntutiost im thimble. Ol hi.n
self and mi account of hiimelf, tlu
pri i of no conscq leocu. ili-t "'ran
U.nn thoughts and ravines rnig:t g'.-t
some njiicu from the keeper ol a lu
natic asyliitii, and that i- tlie nioit
lt.it in ii "m. liiM'." uliolilinii u.litur
with a iic"i4 an I tvoes at c mun t'i I.
tii- I -llo v em-rgiij into an unriatnrai
un l whoby lactious importaiiCii. In
I Mir', hia professi nal' capacity, wo
meant to put lmn throug a rigid or
deal, ai Mgtrla sjtm, information
canijr nod cmrte-fy traits winch
those who asti u i to teach ought t
pojjosH. And ho furu she I now evi
dence abun lan'.ly, were any yet want
ing, that like all base, upstart pre
teudeis hu, in respeci o"' quaLtieit
suuii a thejy, is unpty a? a boliowa.
We tried to tdston him to issuos ho
hiinse fliad risj-l Vin own woid-j
being fully renlered iu eacli instance.
Ilia answers showed that, despite the
more thau saintly guises lie would
put on, the fellow is cahable of the
grossest menial dishonesty that he
is rankly disingenuous; thai bi can
nnblushingly garble the text of an
oppouent to make it the fitter for his
use; that ho cau purposely lie and
lying, persist i it without shame or
scruppie on the principle that "a lie
urnll rthlfli to in AA good AS the truth "
For the sake ot his argument the
scoundrel dare not, in a solitary in
stance, fairly quote the Timjs, his
every sentence had been laid before
our readers. We felt that wi could
afford to be fair the erry Snea& oi
the Jackson Standard was dirtilv
conscious of a very different feeling.
This impostor quack editor, we
should say some weeks ago, thrust
in oar face some of his characteristic
sayings about prominent men wh0
have been supported by the Demo
cratic party. We called lor veritica .
tions, ani stated the issucs.so plainly
tbat the lellow couia not evaae mem
except by professing himself a fool or' j
a knave, or a compound of both. W e
need uot again go over the ground al
ready traversed. But, this latest copy,
ot Jerry Sna, inspired by a hope
of evading, and pettifogging out of,
the matters in contoversy, had the
cheek to quote the Constitution of the
United States. As respects this in
strument, we perfectly understood the
position of Ji Jerry SoaA Jr.,' and,
in reply, we gave bu hypocrisy and
lisiugeniKiusnebs a sufficient expos
uro1 We cramed his own vile,
traitorous word down Ins throat, ani
judging from the wry laces he has
since ma le, the follow vould si oner
have s Wallowed forty trains of ipoca
cnanha. Non-piuesed in this way,
he at ia4 ruaort.'d, as usual, to a wan
ton guibie of our article, and then ad
dod. -
"if one hnif the above charges wor)
true, then the Democrat who sneaked
into the theater hikI shot President
Lincoln in the back, ana the other
Democrat who stole in'o the sxk
room t.f the Secretary of State and
cut his throat, wore public benelac
tors But evry honest uun in the
laud knows Hi t the above charges ol
Mr Hood are attrocioiult- and wick
e lly lalse. He can bring no proof to
MHiain his charge, and the lkoitimatr
Li KB HIM has led to the covardly
MUttDKa or tiik Pkks dknt a:id Sec
retary of State. He aud a'l such are
would tor the dem n-raiie ribellion
culminating hi the MUUDEU ol the
Pu-sident and ois highest Uabiuot of
The reader will Jiero do uj the
j istice to rn-peruse, it it be at hat'd,
our e (it irial article in the Tiimtot
April 13, "A Uglier Liw Man Pio
fesses to Respeet the Federal Consti
tution," &. Tia to that article, which
clean stripped down this Jerry Sna-i
that such auswer is made. Au
Whenthe cronture under review,
put iach one of the Sentences we
nave quote i to paper, he was not on
ly conscious ot delibiratu falseho'td,
but this hi- ulcerated heart burnt with
a malignity that is ot hell itself. He
did "Mr. Hood" no hsrtn; he but re
vealed liis own Vtal depravity, he on
ly repeated proof that bin bosom is
corrupt as that ol a Hindoo Ihu
and that the menu Jcriy Suea nay
at times appear to men us the diabol
ic ainaet Gnoul
What does this awfully wiek-td erea
loromo.nl L'Uwilj, l!at "Mr. Hood"
' and Tiioas like hiu" ''by tho le
g'timate result ot thoir teachings,"
led to "the COWARDLY MUBDEtt ot the
President," Thank GikI we need
not enter upon no vindication Irom
such a black calumny. Sure are we
that nobody for an instant believes it;
not even the misshapen being that
has heedjd enough of the devil's insti,
gation to prompt him to its utterance.
We sporn the base slander awav, and
we spurn its author as if he were of
tho mangy canine species.
What about the antecedents of the
caitiff who has thus shown his readi
ness, by such unprincipled language,
to evok? a spirit of revenge, assas
sination, and murder towards those
who have criticised the public ants
and thu iot't'ral policy of the lute
President? Thty aru well befitting a
miscreant so dastardly, llo is a
liitfliur-lawito -oi the strictest profess
ion. Ue it is, who canting ahout
loyalty can yet bellow hallelujahs to
the aiomorv of the trailor an 1 tuurd-
i-rer, John urown. it matters not
that the perverted old man levied
war agamstthe United states, poa
sossod himself of public property, de
fled the constituted authorities, and
shed the blood of lawful men. Amen,
Glory, glory, halleluiah!" roars tho
Jerry Sneak of the Jacks n Stand
ttrazm-choeked though he be, he
will not deny his thorough sympathy
with the Btirtling deeds of October 17
and 13. 1859. Not only is thie so,
but maugre a rank hypocritical pre
pense he now and tbon sets up, revar
ence lor law, he is at heart as bitter
a rebel against the Constitution of
of our fatherst as John Brown ever
was. Ue can treacherously utter such
sentences as, "Mr. udoiianan saw
this good government being over
thrown, he had the Constitution and
the law on his side," etc., etc.. when
these other sentences, by him written
and by him published, February 23,
1900, give Mim me no in uir inruai;
"When Mr. Tripp was at home a
short time ago, 1 asked him what was
the prospect of passing a law lorbid
ding the Bale of liquor throughout the
State He said that it was conceded
by all that some one must be permit
ted to keep spirit", for certain purpo
ses. aud that the Constitution of the
Sute forbid the granting of any li
cense to sell liquors, and, therefore,
the Legislature had no power. Now
1 must confess tbat I am sick of this
eant about the scantity of the Conati
tutions. Beventy-five years ago, the
people of the United States formed a
Constitution. In wI.IpK
that it was formed, among other
th".KS, for the purpose of establish
ing Justice, aud securing the bhsM
io of liuerty. Dckino all the,
tm mmVivb vkaes Ta" CONoTI
lllllON was csko to PROTF.CT
a sy-tkm op INJUSTICE and SLA
Tl . . " l i t
saw. lhe American people worshin
p nun .ouauiiuion, .nJ always
thrust it in the face of any one who
proposed to establish jusiicj. Mow
innocent men can be murdered in
the s'reets by selr made maniacs, an I
il any one propones protection bv le
islatiou, a State Constitution ta'ha.1.1
up to pr r nt it. THE IDEA OF
FERN A L PURS71TS. This baa
brought wrilttm Constitution into UT
OF S CNSE. i Imld that every Con
stitutiou, aud tvery law, made in vi
olation of the efur.ial
f-- viuivn wi
juttice and .truth, IS UTTERLY
vumj, ami BUOULO NOT BE
DUE V ED: or, as au inspired writtr
ajB, we suouivi obey u.u rutLtr
than man."
J'tr cowra
'This Good Govornmont," quoth
Jeny Sne'lk o thu 20 h ylpnl.
' Tiirf Govurtiinent established by our
fttliers, a- o uhixlie l m the Coustitu
liot: of lh! Uoiied Stata '
i' n.it oa r FjMuu'Nntt. law"
he baikkio ui on I in- A ril, & '
it !..
iVell, wht-n i p r wiht i as lot
to dei-e i , an I .Mt to alia'nn, an to
mil it it y liim;iH.a!t:r faalnon,
nay. when he cm allow liimsolf to bj
can-lit twi.'o !viiiu hIhuiI iIih umi
tiling, tinman a vare ot hiit curtain
detection, wnen. in short, a i-reatnn
has got to hiicIi a depth of degrada
tion, he should he left to hi own na
tive btickeod wo.thlessoess. It is
no longer slander for him to utter
anything, how vr attrocfons. Un
may revamp the story that Harrison
and Tiiylor were poisuued, he moy.
Cdll Mr. Buchanan a traitor. "Mr.
11 od,' a secessionist, Gtjorga T. Cor
i s a oopwrliM-l, Judge Nah a dem
ugogue 'tis no odds, the words ol a
liar, and a liar twico convicted out of
liis own mouth at tha', utablishea
t (thing.
Why tOSS this nrofena T,r.
and Traitor throne ilir.-invma
f IV lug 1 f
speech any lonrl L-jt him lis and
rot ou his ou dunghill.
Josh Billings on Wit.
Yu ask me to descrirni will I ran'
dew it well. It bant got any pedi
gree, it iz like the wind, it blowtth
when and where it listath.' No m An
cin be wittv when he wants to any
more than ho ken bo hungry when he
wants to, it cummeth to i.im as luv
duz he can't tell how nor win.
Wit is wisdom at ulav. whi! Un.
mor is ouly good nature on a I'rolso
Wit is like great stiengtb, a dan
gerous one.
Thare is nolliimr that seema to
Au'ta woiuhu's haite, so much as
God ava the nhools ! and don't
'it dun runout, for it it want fm
li.eu, isj mjn cmldnt git a liveo.
Some peoples bianea are lolrntorl
in their beds.
We aro told "thnt !!i ore wan t an -
nytliin made iu vain." bu I liava
thought all tli6 time ppent in manu-
iacKiurin8iriped Bnaike, and mus
keetor), was wasta-d.
I! ihar t waz nuthiu b-it tmil, in
this worll, a phool wud stati jnst as
"oj h chance a wise man.
True politeness consists in boinjj
vtrry auxus kboiit nothing
Robbers come jnst like rain, they
lall uu the jual aud unjunt.
If a man is as wize az a sarponthe
can afford to be harmless as a dove.
The best place lo worship God
is outdoors.
We are apt tu tait them who wont
take our advise, and dispiso them
who do.
It is dredfull esy to be a phool
man can be one and kno it.
Elegant lezzure chawiLg plog
terbacker, and spitting in a drort
Fearia the fust lessen larnt, and
the last one forgotten.
Nobody but a phosl git bit twise
by tbeBamadorg.

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