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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, May 11, 1865, Image 2

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Pitty about That.
Great pit IX. 0. J. tin last ?e7
wijr orraapoulant, JiJnot) live in
tho daysol Jefforaon anl Maliaoo.
Wo would kav baun spared tlio lute
rebellion, 89 lLuier would Lave con
vinced our fathera thu.they wre all
traitora for nhpting Uio ; resolutions
of '93. Wo pity any pjor .dovil wb o
Uvea iu our own ounty, and tnea to
in ike believe, that m wished the aa
agination of a 1'reaidont or any oth
cr man. Or ,wli came to the conclu
si on that putting ou the garb of moor
hian waa hypocritical, ou our part.
Law and order baa at all times been
our watch words, as every citizen
of our county will testify, not so with
nnny othora we could uauie. Sjine
men put oc the Inky cloak to cover
up their de-signs.
Wool Shorn off.
Friend Uood of the Marietta Times
has had a fioe sheariug tliis spring,
and n) other mm kuowi bow to do it
butter ia the State. Our readers will
find a tall specimen of the crop, un
dr the bead of ''Jackson Standard
done Drown" on the firat pa'e of this
j.aper. It eeenws as if the wool has
completely upset, Mackleys, Couatitn
tional obwi varices. Wo were all
aareof the fact in tfiese divings. '
Njw that the rubellum is ciuahed we
are curious too seo what Tooddles of
the Standard will dJ Jo; stock in
General Sheridan is to be President
of the Assassination Court-martial.
The force kept in the service will
os!y be about 153,000, and they' will
La mtly negroes. The re-organ
izjj army will consut of four corps,
ot about 40,000 onch.
Ntliin? haa baun heard of late
from Jeff Davis. The report that he
was obliged to abinJoa the specie
train is contradicted.
The Naw York llifM siya that
among the, oflbars of Johmtou's ar
my who Barren lorod, ia Captain
Somraea of Alabami.
Negotiations on for the surrender
of General Kirby Smith's Confeder
ate force, west of the Mississippi.
There are rumors in Now Orleans
that Generals Dick Taylor and For
est are about to surrender their for
uenaral Joseph E. Johnston has
; i .ii . i. .
i8sui an aaaresa 10 nis troops, in
which he earnstly exhorts thoni to ob
serve faithfully the tor m3 of the pacit
ication agreed npon. and t) discharge
the obligations of good and peaceful
citizen at their homes.
General Ilalleck has issued an or
der, in which he doclares that all per
sons found in arm against tbo Feder
al Government ia Virginia and North
Carolina, alter the 20th inst., wil
be tried as robbers and outlaws.
Gold wa3 only 137J at Gallagher's
Board last night.
Political Corruption
Er.9KWHEUB. in this numbjr of Tlw
Times, we $vq sundry expressions
from the Pittsburg Gizatte. and l'r.m
Messrs. Dawes, Vaa Wyck, and
Waabburne touchins the txtraord1
oary corruption of officials and agents
employed by the Administration We
might go on, and fid up every column
of each issua of this newspaper, for a
year to c -me, with saali matter, and
not once be guilty of repetition. It
would answer no good purpose, how
everKtobe at all this trouble. The
gangrene is entaijed. upon tho body
politic as a neccu63ary consaquonces
of the state of things brought about
in LS6L, ari upheld ever since. A
diffjreut result. is logically impossi
ble. The Cincinnati. Commercial, of
Wednesday, the 26tb, contains a corn
inqnicatioo on this topic which we
Vis;erto our columns, an t t vVvi
the Htt'Uti'n o!"vjrv !.' '! r.it z1'
asked Evn-.-U!' I aw nui
tii :li wiiu i . -u o.i: it i ii.ii' fnit(,"'aii 1 1
.ii lk; . rtll.i -U'. l.,i3IH-.. ')' l '
tor it.-v -infill -lit ttn! 't.rn-ti.e .!
"great in iral i-le is." Tim . C mm; ;it
and su'lt importance of these Cb i l
bands. I.if or cluric.il, :u:iy llu-reby I)
disturbed Boiuj.vlitt; hut it wont. do
them any h.inn; iiiL-el the chn.:es
are that they will rise from its pjrusal
humbler nnd wiser than before:
2ririettJ limes.
',A9 tlie suppressi'in of the rebellion
ia plainly closo at Inm 1, and no long
er a matter of doubt, it ia tinu t!ie
people wiro turning their a'tention to
other evils which have cr't into t!ie
administration of public nlfiirs.
Theeffjct of tha po'idency of a great
Hue-tion of public policy, is to with
draw pu'ilic attention from aoc ti lary
and subordinate questions, A'ld tu al
low evils ot gro t iniuitulj to piaa
The idea was vory forcibly esp-ess-od
by a meiiilHr of ' Congress s mi
years igo. When he was roino letrii
tod svith Hnd cantionad againa' voting
for every corrupt measure that was
proposed, lost In might ba caMal to
no account for it by liis co H'icmnu
he replied: "If I vote riht on tha
nero qiustioi) inv couatituents don't
care a d ti how I vote oa any thing
else," That a vast annurit of corrup
tion has crept into the administration
of public allYr's, since the commence
mont oftliu "ar, aul the coii3jqjjnt
increase ol expenditures ia so notori
ous, tliat no man pretecda to deny it.
That a lirga urnonnt of this will
cease at the end of tha war, when tha
armies ate disba'n lod, wa luce every
to expoct. Coinmisaries fin 1 Q.urter
masters will no I )ng3r have tho dis
bursement ol fabu'otia r.iuounis (f
public mouoy, and this source of cor
rupttou will ba driod up to a very
conaideoablo extent.
Bat the war will leava upon our
liaiuUan iminense pension roil, a host
of claims lor damages, tor injury to
private property, an iin neuse public
debt, the interest and principal of
which must be provided fir, and cm
seqneutly a horde of officeholders in
tho various departments of the public
Clerks and employes in tho depart
monts at Washington, in the Custom
houses, on the cms?; Assessors and
Collectors of the Internal li'venuo,
must be contiuued in numbers hereto
tore unknown In time of pjaae.
The industrial interests of the
country must ba subjected to heavy
taxation, the distribution of wli.c'i
will be a constant source of discoru.
controversy and corruption. Corrup
tion, in Hin niliiiinistrauou uf a v
erninet, ia necessarily increased l)
the incroise ot its expenditures.
The prospect before us, therolore,
is that unless the people take hold ot'
thissu lject with a fixe I ari l settled
Icturmination to toerate no dishon
esty in public officers, we are over
whelmed, and tha Government des
troyed by the most hopeless, gigantit
and incurable corruption. Tlie habit
which we havo Ullon into ot govaru
ing the country. through tho agsnsy
of party couvontiona, vastly increases
the ditbjulty. In nine cat s out l
ten these conventions are under con
trol of tho m ost currupt an i aaru, i
lous doraagogues in tha country. N
man who has any self-respect, or
sense ofproprioty, will reiirc to the
instrumentalities neccassary to secure
success in these conventions; hence
the adiuiniC ration of public ulfairs
uatnrally and nescesarily falls into
the hands of unscrupulous pot lions--polliticisns,
who are wiiolly nnfit for
the positioa they oceupy. Under this
system; in this time ot peril and ca
lamity. Congress has so far degener
ated that it no Iouger coinm inds tip
confidence or respect of the nation. Po
litical adventurers have usurp id tie
places irom which the patriots and
statesman of tha country are excluded.
Bui so tar. it has seemed to ba a sort
of ueccessity, since the commonjo
montofthe war. Wo have been com
polled to choose between demagogue
who supported tiie Government aud
the war, and troitora who (ipji.n.i
both, and sympathized with the reb
els, who were in anna for the over
throw of tha Government.
That time will soon ba past. King
Caucus must bo taught that hia i.om
inations are mere recommendations
and that if he does not put iu nomina
tion man whose integrity is beyond
reproash, and abve smp cioa, liomst
men will not support his uomm itiorw.
As a general rule, then U no litli
cahy in dote'mimug tho charter u
public man You an I I know nun,
who havo been in offi;a but a lo.v
years at moderate salaries who have
made immense fortunes.
A raemder of Cougr !ss gets 3,000
a year. WitU all tha economy ho can
not possibly save 1,000 a year; and
yet many of them who went there poor
five or six years ago, are now wortli
hundreds of thousands. Where do they
get tho money I do not think they
roo me ireasary, out x wih ten you
wnat they do.
Measures of legislation ate pending
there whicu vitally affect many of the
. 1.112
y. For iiIm' jiuj., ti p.. .,),; j
ka gr'J.bk'lis a k'i t.;iKl :r 'A j
er ot j Uour: .ws kn-s b.'t.ter'
I.'.' i:
f I II
my .;i iv wo 'Mi r ;i ,vt.i
i n ! r--il.: ; u -. i on liiiiv'.
iu,i v-'ou.i ihi ti. i has ptjiud sells, u
at an alvitno'i of iinty hva or fifty
r eout. A Wall street broker will
ba glal to havo a Uaugressioual pari
ner, who will keep him posted aa to
contemplated legislation that 'may af.
feet the 'M ica uf stocks, and will givj
Ir.m half the profits without any ad
vance of capital. So it is poposei to
tax whiskey or p3f"ro!um fifty cents or
one dollar a gallon. A in unbar buys
1,000 barrels, to be delivered aud
paid f ir at a future day. Before the
day of delivery and payment comas
the bill passes; his whiskey or petrol
emn Imagine up fifty cents to one
dollar per gallon, and ho pickets the
prot'its.amouutiug to $20,000 or $10,
lheae members acquire a private
per a ual interest, in a measure, of
legislation, which is snre control their
tiiesr votes, whether the public inter
est would be promoted by it or not.
B it this is the most unobjectionable
mo ia to doing these tlwngs. In many
instances, no Jouot, tue uolaer or.
manufacturer to a particular article
will give a member a briba of 1,000
or 3,000 to vote lor or agaiust a tax
upou it. Again, members of Cod
g'ess, who are supporters of tho Ad
ministration, consider themselvea en
titled to dispose of the Federal pat
n.nae for their diatricts,
They, will therefore, levy a per cent
ago upon the sa ary of every Post
master, Collector, or Assessor ot In
ternal Revenue, Provost Marshal, &c.
who is appointed upon their recoin
mendation. To of other officers
Postmasters when the receipts of the
offija are Urge, Assessors and Colleo
ton of Internal Revenue, District At
torneys. Marshals,' &c. If they are
unscrupulous, therj are stealings in
the shape f ifii'e rent fuel, station
ery, clerks iiir-, and a tnoasani. things
that will unable such a man to gut
rich in a fow years off an anual sala
ry ot two or three thousand dollars.
All of this c m a out of tho pockets
oft ii people and it they wont attend
to their own business, and pat honest
mi iu oflL'o, tbey desarva to pay
But the present cost of corruption,
is not tli j only, or, by any m hih. t i e
greatest evil tin', results l'r a i'. I
attracts to tli.. public service a Inst o.
harpies and piun lerers. who M3 irt
to every corrupt instrume if.ility that
c.mi b.. imagiiiod tor the tka of aequi
ring ji'.aco or position, for the purpose
of ma'dti;! tin iiiti'iives rich by swiud
ling tli ; G 'Vurnm Mit and people. -
H one-' m on a; j ux .'I u I fr m put)
tie lilo. and !ro u tlie tn iiiageinent ol
of Public ail lira heconesa perfect
sink f roUenness an! corruption. If
tuera is not virtue aud intelligence
enough am jug the peopte of th;s
country to save it from such a fate as
this then the bovernment is not
worth saving and republicanism is a
The press of tho country has more
to do with this rtatter.thau any other
class ol the community, and 1 trust
tin Cctnmwcial will not fail to do its
whole duty.
The Freeman's Journal on
the Assassination of President
The NTa York Freemai't Jour
n il is somuvhat noted for its strong
and earnest opposition to the Admm
istration Its editor, .James A Ma
Master, waa onco imprisoned hy the
btate D -part ment for what he had
pu ilishel. S i ne folks may hae a
curiosity to sei whar ha would write
abiut the recent tragedy at th' Ni
ti ual Capital, anl so wa reprint the
material portijnsof a "leader" in tha
JrVeemaii'a Journal ol the 221 :
A fearful and ill omened criuaa has
been perpetrated. President Lincoln
has lost his life at tha iian 1 of a pri
vata asaaisii). There is n; argument
to ba held in regird to tha deed. P.
I i Ho to oxitiata on Ub airouliy, or
on ma. imposaiDiiity ol nnding for it
palliation. For, it was au act of fron
zitjd m idness. It -vaj an act from
which, by no baztrd, could any al
vamaga ba derive I except, perhaps
by the mest fan fiaal faction ot the
Puritan party To tha general inter
cats ol the people, South and North,
the prolonged life of Abraham Liiw
coin hal as-u ii'l. .v thin r'i to"
nigiit before his avas'i i ition, a v tlii
that it h td lac d, no :o to ;t pen ,!
Sinoe General Grant p-erronned tint
act si magnanimity s :nua!i grand
or and more worthy of history than
hia bloodi.Mt battles the act of accor
ding terms to his valient opponent
that .Were tlie least humiliating possi
ble; ari l since President Linaoiu
shown the disposition to sustain
General Grant, iu utfering t th.jOn
rederates tenn they could accept
Without Utter degrndaMou, t!nru
a disoosttiou srrowioj amour all
and honest :aau to afanJ by him, a:l
suuoort turn.
Day by day the probabilities were
v ii . r..g.-r tli trie Pro., i :'i
W '.li'l lijj'l'' I til ' 111 t.;r .tj:, ilSthx
ilo . 3v A' K'lglttL.iw iai hi i.iui, w orJ
Ol luuri i I ir j o iii'-eitiou anil exter
ui .iiUm, til, A'ici tlie ending of
-vi.' on a fast scale, wou.d proclaim
a pil.cy Jt c moilirtii u, and of respect
ir as intny ,as piwsiolo of the old
rights of the people of the South. It
wautod . but -that, tor Abraham- Lin
a lii to have found himself for tne
drat time, sustained in 1iis policy by
the people,, irrespective of the shar
ings, or cue Dopes, almost amounting
to expectation, that this wonld be the
final poiicy of President Lincoln,
We beljevad he was exerting all his
natural sagacity to see how far he
could g, in this way of moderation,
without the tauatical portion of the
Puritans openly breaking with him
and Seeking to upset him.
This. is the inauguration of private
assassination as a supposed corrective
of official missdoings. Where 6uch
a policy is countenanced farewell,
not alone to liberty, but to all tolera
blt forma of human government.
Tue Italiac Republics lost their glory
and their success, almost as much by
their resort to assassination, as by
the gunoral decline of public and pri
vate morals otlierw.se. Where it is
tf) baolerated that one man, or half
a oozan ill oaiauceu heads, msv de
cide on the life of a public ruler, be
ne callod duke, uoge, governor, king,
o; president, then the beU, aa well as
the worst of men, in public place,
may ba sacrificed. Aye, a ruler is
fur more luely to be killed fordoing
right, than for doing wrongl Politi
cat assassination ol a high public offi
cial has, for the first time, blotted
the records of these States. It marks
how fur wa have Woirenerated from
better times. Instantaneous and uni
versal reprobation of Win act, if it cm
lot restore loriner virtue, m ly prove
a check, on ill-regu'ated inir.ds, and
uuunuie i consciences, to Keep t uem
from nursing their imagi nations into
fostering sucn ideas iu the immediate
Ii tha assassin of the late President
ia arrested, the fact brought home to
him that he did the deal, au 1 a gene
ra I mental condition be proved,
showing that he knew what he was
doing, he will die the death of a mur
derer. Ilia course ot wisdom, the
above conditions having been satistJ
ed, wiil be to have a jury of twelve
men, a very brief and common-place
trial, and an execution without any
p rade. Excuses that are mawlnshs
ly listened to, in cases ofpriv.it-
quarrel ending in murder, are not to
be heard ol in a political awa --si nation
if, as a people, wa wish to put a stop
to tli ) lil:o. A very c im 1 crablo do
aroe ol insanity c mid bjeirr-ec!.
and seoiilitia ly, mil) oat, for a
very large number of Sibeds in pan
taloons incuding some preachers
who, perhapa, lack only the physical
courage to cat ry their "kill them,"
and their '"hang them," into effect.
But ii weak little top pieces indulge
habitually, in wicked thoughts, and
wicked words, till their feeble facnl
ties ge; crazed, their cases must come
under that maxim of law that relers
soma causes to their beginnings
They will have to ba panged by law,
or shot in the streets, for the results
of tho bad courses of thought they
have become habituated to.
Tnere are giddy heads enough, in
a demoralized community like ours,
that are willing to swing on the gal
lows, if they think they can hav-? a
grand death. An assassination such
as the present one affords a fine field
for rhetorical barristers to make senti
mental speeches; but the good of the
people, and the hope of stopping this
system of political assassination at its
first step, will ba much better served
by an absence of all fuss, of all words
rhetoric, and the committing the
question, on the mere facts, to the
judgment of twelve honost jurymen.
Lincoln s dead is a calamity tu
thasa States. Four years of rule, in
the midst of such caruage aud such
woes, waa an education for any one.
There was hope that Lincoln had pro
fitud by it. That hope has been blast
ed by his taking off. Now wa know
uot what ie before us. But, any way
crime, such aa the private assassina
tion ot political functionaries, is no
cure for our evil-s. It matters little
to us who are our ruleis It matters
much that we do not lapse at once
into the Asiatic B-8tem of "despotism
tttmiMrttd "hp aaaaaiimatriin "
We, who follow no party blindlv
we who. from the first act of arbitrarv
orute force, have urjed that law, not
oruto lorca, is .our only salvation.
have a right to speak thus earnestly,
The Feeling in England.
1 hrouguout hugland the news
the aasapsiuatiou of President Lin
coin was received with iudiguation
aud horror This leeling is represen
tel as having been universal as hav
nig -ljo.u bhaied alike by those who
synr.uthixod with the South aud vith
the JNorth.
It id eatamatod that twentj eigbt
jujuaaou aoiiara are epent at every
uinijuau oau ia ram ,
, ,
SYSTEMS new nd reliable treatmmu
in reports of tlie HOWARDS ASSOCIA
TION Sent by mail in sealed letter enve
lo"iw," free of charj " Address, Dr. J, SK1L
LIN HOUGHTON, Howird Association,
No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa
Do joii want Wbiitkora or MourUehcut Our
Qfuin,Com(Kaa will force tliera to grow on
haamoothest facfl or chin, or hnlr on bald hcaJa
inSirWwka. Piioa 1,00. Bent by mail any-
where, closely nanUI. on reoeip' of price. i
Addresff, WARNER & CO., Box 139,
Brooklrn. N. Y.
Feb. 16, F5
aulTorer having beeb reSiorod to health in a Tow
days, after many yeara ot uiidury, IswllliniK
ssaiat his auirerini ftllow-crealurea by aendiw
(fres),on the recoipt of a postpaid i.ddrc8jej ei
veiope, a copy oi tue iuruiuie oi cure empioyea
Direct to
Brooklyn, N. Y. '
Published for the benefit, and as a CAD
TION TO YOVaa MEN and others, who Buf
fer from Neivoua Debility, Prematuia Decay
of Manhood. &o. aupulviug at the same time
Tub Means or Sklv-Cdrb. By one who has
quied himself aflor underiroinr oousiderable
euakery. By encl.winj a postpaid addressed
envelope single copies may be bad of the au
thor, -i
Brooalyn, Klns Ot. N. Y.
JuneinJ 1363 lyr.
A Clergyman while molding in South Amer
ica aa a missionary . discovered a safo and sim
ple remedy for the Cnre of Norvous Weakness,
Early Decay. Diseases of the Urinary and
Heminal Organs, and the wliolo train of Ui Bor
ders brought on by baneful and vicious bubi.
Qrsat bumbei s have been already cured hy this
noble remody. l'romyteu by a desire to bene
fit rho -tlllotoJ nn l uufortuuute, I will tend
the recipe fr prepuri'ig and nsiug this nudi
o'ne, in a sealed envelope, to any one who needs
it, Kbee or t'HAHOB.
Please inclose a poaVpaid oevelopo, address
ed to yoarself.
. Station D. Bin tE Uouse,
Mar. lth 1365-lyr. Now York city.
(One Door East ofthe Co'jbt Uudue)
Keeps on hand, and for sale, Family Groce'
rics of all kimU, anl best qualities. AUo
lugar Cured Udim, llm Pork, Dried Beef,
ami oilier articles in the Provuien line .
Icc-Crcam Saloon
We are fitting up.an Ice-CreDm Saloon.in
comidctum with our Grocery , where Ladies
and Gentlemen can bo supplied during the
day and eveninj. F milieu Blip plied on
iiDerai terms.
A large quantilv of Ice op hand, and for
sale, between six and eight o clock everv
ui umiMg uuviii lunimr uunce.
.n.A:..A ....in r....i ..... "
clusively, and keep no accoums, it ia hoped
our friends will not ask forirust, for, how
ever uisasreeaoie ilmuvbe to us am to
them, we will be compelled to refuse. Our
foods are sold as CHEAP as the sjmo arti
cles can be obtained in tuis market. ?nd we
therefore confidently solicit the patronage of
me puunc
COUNVRY PRODUCE taker, in ex
chmige for Groceries
May 11th 1865-1
Notice to Tax Payers.
lOTICE la hereby gievn that tha lists of all
assesments maueundei the Internal Keve
nue laws or the United States, made and taken
witiiinthe Court of Vinton, and tho Eleventh
Collection District of (ihio. will ha ,lAnn;io.i
at theotti of Henrjr Payne assistant awossor.
in tne 1 own of MoAr.hur, County aforesaid,
ml 1 1. ... l-.v ' . '
. " 'on. open ior examinaiiun irom the
oiKumaayoi wune to the tenth day of June,
days of June, a d Dealt will ha rGfilTsH KnA Ha.
iinninnrj. A.Xt. 1 Oft ft. Iin MA h and 1 A k
lormiuea Dy tne assessor of aid distriot, rela-
...v w iruuBDui or flrnAuaivM nwfAttainnnt m.H
-uu loiuraeu to mm Dy tne assistant assessor in
"u iur saiaeounty. All appeals, as aforesaid.
muss oe made in writing, and must specify the
particu ar cause, matter or thing, respoctintr
which decision Is required.
VAaL. Lclf AKL4ND,
May 11, 135-8w Asr 11th DiatriotO
PIIEUX payers of Vinton Coontv. araherebw
notified that the Tax Duplicate for the last
u.ii yoa-B taxes oi me year 1884, have ueen
placed in my hands for collection. Upon all
taxes not paid on or before Jane iuto 1365, the
iw luipnwn a penauy or nve peroent. Iwill
be in attendance at tha Treasurers oliioe in ilo-
anuur uuuu mai aate, to receive the same.
.... Treasurer V.Co.,0.
M yllthl865-6w.
Luoetta Rockhold Arlminiatratrix of the c
tateor Kphrairn Sockhold, late of Vinton
County Ohio, deceased, has filed heraccoanta
and Touches, for inspection and final settle
ment, and that the sjme will be passed upon
vu iuo fii bu aay oi nay A .u. isoo.
May 4,1365-3 w . Probate Judge.
C 0 V E
U8T roclved and for Sle at lha LOWiX
rrice at tha Drn Store of
Dt. A. C0NPZ2,
I'ORTSMoaru diuncu
ONandBflorThurjiliiy, Felirnary 5, I34,
reiiil.-Pu8.n)(i)r Trains will run in con
nection with tlie Triuii an inuin liutf bawuea
1'orlMiioutli mil C'iiiuiiiiia'i, follow:
luvea t'wriMiiouili at S:15 A. M., itrrivw at
ri.pi.i;r t 9'S.V-.M.; urriven at r.irflund at
W:S. A.M., arrivns ta Javktun at 1":57. M. ;
nrrivuii ul ll.iimlun at l:ZO A.M.; arneaal Clu;
cin. uti al 5:-5 l'.M.J
I,Hvcit Ciiiviiinnli at 8:30 A.M.; lenvo Hum
f'"' ' f.M.; arrives at Jucli-ioii m 8:S 1.
U-i "'vo at Toriluua at 4:il I' M ; arrieaat
Pioneer at 4:50 P.M.; arrive al Portsmuulb at
lo r.M.
Accoininodatinu Train duiarts from Ports-
month at l!:4S P.M.; arrives at I'ioneer at 4:
and dt Hurts ut 4.5H; arrive at .Uok.m at ():-. 1
and llaniil'm. ht 7:EO. Drpnrls :4 .M : sr-
r'.ves at Jackson ut T:;1'.; arrives ut Pioneer at
9:3ft; ami arrives at 1'nrtsninnthat 11 :4.V
1 linMieh liukets tu Ciuoinuati can be obtain
ed at I t'lnnutli, l'urllitud. au.1 Jac'uson, at
the lolluwinir rules:
orUimnith to Cinciunu'j, II )
Purtlnnd " du .-!
Jack-on do t to
From Pertsmotltli to Cincinnati and
6.0n Tickets from Portsmouth lo Ma
and Purkeroburg, 3,00.
JUI1M IJ bllaMJ, B
U. W. QUAHK. Asxi.Vt Sup't
Pub. a;,ih 18U4 lyr.
ELLIPTIC (or ilmihlc) SPK1N(4 ISK1KT
WKtfl'8' BHADLKV .t CAKV. Ints J. 1. &
J.O. W.it.)M)LE PUUl'KIKTOliS nnd MAN
UKAC1UKKKS, 117 Chambers uml VJ ui.d el
Kcsilo Str i!t New York.
TIMS lNVKNTloNciiKislhof DUPLKX (r
two) Elliptic Stool SiiriiiK. ii imiiiouslv llrnl.l
ed Tl((l' fy and Kir inly ti.;u! Imr ud NeJtfo,
n akinfr the 'oiihost. mnft Ili xililu l.luntic and
Durable Sprint ever iimhI. They rvlibmi liond
or Dreuk like the Single Sprinirs, uud ciiiihs
quently Preherva tliuil Per lev ( mil Beautiful
M'.spe 1'wii'c ai Limn as uiiy oll.tr Skiit.
Tho woMiLnruL ri..xn:ii.iTV nnd (iro.it Com
fort and nli'iisuro to ui.y Ln-ly wenrinjr the
Duplex Kllipic Skirt wi l l.u txpurim.cod luirti-
Clllurly ill nil I'lOvv.lcil Ann InMiis. (J.erits,
I iirriuif'is, Kiiilrnail t ars' i Imn h IVwh. ArHi
Clmirs. tcr Pnuuenaile ki.d Himimj I:un, i,h ii
SKirtcitu be t'oliled. licn in Hsu. to n.."iipy :i
rmull placo us tusily as a Silk or Muxliu ire-H.
A lad) liuvin enj.ijtd lliu (.1. n uro. c.iiii..rt
and (rr.ut iMiivtniivmi nl'wiiirnii( the ' Dii.Ux
Ell'ptie Steid Sprinii Skin" itir a Kiniflo lny,
will never iilHrwiirdu willintr!) dispein it It
their use. pur C'iiiiJi'un, Mi!'l', and Votiiif
Ludios, they are Miporior t-i nil oih.-ra.
They are the Bst timi 1 1' y 'ii i-vcry piirt,
and UnqiiUKiKii ubly the Lihlcnl, .Mot i)u-iri(-ble,
C'orofortuMe anl economical Skirt evur
t K &ALE in nil Plrst risi Stores in this
City aud tliruvghotit the Unllfd Si:ch. nn
CuUadus, lliiviiuu -lu rlia, Mc.itu, Sull.ll
inio rica, and tlu West Indies.
isqniitE ron tiis dui-h;x nun ic skibt.
April 2j, lb.;,') I3w.
Just published, n new edition of Dk
Culvf.b WEi.L'a CtLFiiitATtn Fsdtr on the
radical Mire (without medicine) ul i5it-rinu-torhoca,
or seminal wealtnex, liivolutilHry
seminal losses, Iinpotency. Alcntal and
Physical Incapacity, I m pediments '.-t iUt
riage. etc.. also Consumption, Kpii.fpt
and Fin, inducfd by sell- iinLu'yoiicw and
sexual PXtravnjriiiicu.
(0Piice, in sealed eiivelu.e, only six
The celebrated uuilior in this e liniruble
essay clearly (lomoiiblmles, fioui a ihiny
years' successful pra i tice,thrtt the alarming
conseq uenrm of self-shuse muy be radically
cured without the dangerous use of internal
medicine or the application ot the knife
pointing out a modi; ofmire at once tm ,',
certain, and t'fl'uclual, by. nieniiH uf which
emy suiTerer, no mutier what his condi
tion may be, liny cure himself cheaply, piU
v&tely and radically.
(X3"This lecture should be in the hands
of every youth and every man in the I and
Sent under seal, to any address, in a
plain, sealed envelope, on the receipt of six
or two by addreaing
postage stamps
C1MS. J. C. RLINE &Co.
B oweu.127 Nrv Yoik P. O. it x JfitJ
Special Aiiiiutiiicviaciit.
2. & H. T. AMTHONY & CO.,
iflofuctHrers ofPliolograpbic iUnterials
601 BROWWKY, ;V. I' .
In addition to our main busiuesof PllO
Headquarte s for the following, riz
Uf thse we have an immense ossorlment,
including- War Scenes, Aineric.in and tt
eign Cities and Landscapes, (iroup?, Stat
uary, etc., etc. Also, Revolving Stereo
scopes, for public or private exhibition.
Our catulogue will be sent to any addiess
on receipt of stamp,
Pli otrgaphic Albums.
We were the first to. introduce these into
he United . States, and wa mtmufdoture
immense quantities in grrat variety, rang
ing iu price form 50 cents to &) each.
Our ALBUMS bave the reputation of be
ing superior in beanly and durability to
any others. They will be sent by mail
FREE, on receipt of price.
Our Catalogue now embraces over Five
Thousand different subjects 'a which ad-
uiiiuiib BIS i.uilbii.uai.jr uciu iimucy ui
Portraits of eminent Americans, etc., viz.
100 Major Generals, 75 Navy officers,
200 Brig. Generals, 125 Stage,
276 Colonels, &50 Statesmen,
40 Artists, 130 DivineeJ
100 Lieut. Colonels, 125 Authors, ' Q
350 other Officers, 50 Promi n't Women
3,000 copies of Works of Art,
including reproductions of the most cele
tbraed Engravings, Paintings, Statues, ete.
Catalognes sent on receipt of stamp, An
order for one dozen Pictures from our Cat
alogue will be filled on the receipt of $1 80
and sent by mail, feee.
Photographers and others ordering goeds
C. O. D..W1II please remit twenty-five per
cent, of the amount; with their order.
The prices and quality of the good.a can
tint fntl n aallarv
tpril 20, 1855 mo.

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