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VOL. 18.
M'AltrflU. V1NTN COUNfY, OHIO. MAY, 18. 1865,
. NO 41
III Iftfl I - tl
I 1 1 I I I 7 t
rUSHItit KRT taniW.AT BT
ia. Uratton's Hnllis. tni of Court
1 Itoate, U SlJ
TlnDm.out will be sent on year for two
Ooller; 8i Months, for Ons Dollar; Three
jlontbs, for Fifty Cents.
WAll papers will be discontinued at tbe
tavlratlon of tbe time paid for.
On S,nnre sna Insertion,
Keen additional insertion,
Kaiiceof appototn.en-.eotaaunlat
re, Guardian and Executors 100
Attachment notices before .' . r. io
Jtditoiial notice pat line,
Yearly advertisments will be charged S'jO,
ew am Anl.i i m n naa inniim.
.... o iv
iir univiuii pws .
And In proportionate M'.se for leu than a
solumn, and tor less iimo.
tar Tn linu minion clurwed as one square
and all Advef tlmnente an 1 Legal Notices must
be paid In advsice.
rsrTim liivatrmamust becomplied with
HJpAllpaymeo s must he made to Ibe Pro
filer, as we ha nu stems.
TheT)ciiiocri oh Office.
We are propared toaeoute with neatness,
Upatoh snd at prices t' at defy competition,
all kinds ot .lob Wor,uon as
LABELS, &c.,Ac.
B Hie as atrial and beconvlnced thetwscan
u l willilo priti li itfibeaper fur Cash, tin n art;
rtber estel ililimtnt in thie section ofco in try
H A. Co-dTASlS.
D. B. Sn ivsi
Attorneys at Law,
Culm Ajtoti, Btal Eataes . Agents and Con
eyancsre. Mdrihur, Vinion Co.J).
nffi on Mnin Ptrert. two do....
Will attend
d promptly to all '
e, in the Cunties of
1 1 ,"t rt M
t ttieir care
ii li i
ana, l ike and bciom.
January 19in 183 tf.
Attor,v t Law and
McArhr, Ohio.
Jlelng licensed by the C. 8., for tbe purpoti
J will attend io the proseciitinn snd collection
- f tvitry descrliilion of olaiins SKsinst th
United States, and State of Ohio, Including the
Morifan raid claims.
' . Ounntlesand Arronragrs of Pay
1 PKNSIONS for wounded and disabled sol
Jlors and seanen, and for the heirs of soldiers
nd seamen who bavo died aud been Itillod In
the serrice. I wonlJ say to my friends, that
hewill attend promptly v the.r businoss aud
moderate torms.
Juneldih ISii.
D. Bi
at air,
dosrs Edit of E.
D. DoJges't
naTingr just recovered from i severe at
Utkoftlie "Oil Fever," which caused a
temporary absence from hia office, takes
pleasure in announcing to the public, that
he ia again at his post, where he may be
found at ali times read to give prompt at
tantwti to the various branches of his pro
fession in this, and adjoining Counties.
Jan. 8th, 1865 . 3 mo.
This House fronts on the Steam Boat
anding, and near the Railroad Depot. No
paint will bespared for tbe accomadation
. Sept. ,1863, lyr.
rovii irit or
a.89, '63-lyr
McArlunr, a Ohio,
Will attand promptly and carefully to
tbe practice) of their profession in all its
BURGBRV.9 -an.
6th, 1865. tf.
PINE-APPLES, Peaches, Strawberries, Black
bcrrys Greea Fees Jnst reatirad i and for
talt a; IU Dray Store af
And Is It thus ye welcome Peace,
Vrom months of forty-pounding Barest
0, cease, exploding Cannonsl tease,
Lest Peace, affrighted, shnn our shores!
Not so the quiet Q.iaon should corns)
But like a Nurse to skill nnr Vesr,
With shoes of List, demurely dumb,
Aud Wool or Cotton In her Ear"!
She asks for no triumphal Arch;
No steeplos tor their ropy Tongues;
Down, Drumsticks, down I Shenoeds no Waroh
Or blasted Trumps from brazen Lungs.
She wants do Noise of mobbing Threats
To tell tbat She is drawing nigh;
Why this Parade of scsrlet Coats,
When Wsr las olosed his blood-shot Zet
Returning to Domestic Loves,
When War has censed with all its Ills,
Captains should corns. like sucking Doves,
With Olive Branches In Bills.
No nod there la of vulgar Bhout,
Bulls, Cannons, TrumpjU, Fifj and Drum,
And Soldiers marching all about,
To let Ua know that Peace is coma.
0, mild should be the Ficns, and meiik,
Sweet Peace's Advent to proclulm!
Hence her noiseless Foot should speak,
And echo should repeat the same.
Ln where the soldier walks, alas!
With Bears rooeivod on Korean Gronnds;
Shall We consume In colored Glass
Tbe Oi: that should he poured in Woun!tl
The bleeding Gaps of War to clois,
Will wbizung Itickot llghtavaill
Will Squibs enliven Orpoans' Woest
Or Crackerscheor the Wi.luwa' Tale!
Example for Landlords.
"Well Mary," said Mr. Early to
lis wile as he came in one bhi6ter;t)2
cold morning in last Duucmber and
drew near thu ruddy oal firo; "well
flaary, not anch a bad day for business
alter all." And he threw off hid
pw-Bpr:r)ljiit overcoat, laying it
d..r. n tnerw Mttf Tuuge
wite had drawn before the fire lor his
own accotpmndation, while the snow
: " . 1. .r.. ... 1.. r... i . u. . 1' . 1 .
fell in a shower over the warm cuth
"IIow, Johnl" replied his vtifo. as
she looked up with a theory 6mile.
"IhisiBrentdat, you know, and
collecting rent is not always prosper
on8 hasiness. It is like pulling a
tooth, to get money from some people'
Now there's old Ruggles, lie givop
the money as grndgingly as though he
was not able to pay three time the
amount, which 1 know ho ia. And
foe VVinch, I suppose he did have a
hard time to raise it, but he made
quite as hard a b of paying it."
"I'll, never mind, husbaud: I hope
you weren't bard on him; work is
dull, you know, aud money difficult
to get."
'I acknowledge the truth of the
concluding portion of your romark:
money is hard to get, even when it is
houestly due and so I found it to
day. I3ut I succeoded tolerably alter
all. Even the Widow Webb paid to
the last cent, and that is mora than 1
Loped for."
0h, Jolin!" 6 aid his wife, in a dep
recafory tone.
Mr. Early seemed to wince a little
under the implied reproof, and bo
said, apparently in self justification.
"Why, Maty, business ia business
and why shouldn't she pay her rent
as well as anybody e.aej"
Now, Mr. Early was not by any
means a hard hearted ratio. Yet for
tune had placed him in tbe position of
laudlord; and between tenants that
couldn't pay, and tenauts that would
not pay. he had finally been drilled
into an outward seeming of hardness.
Whenever he anticipated uncommon
difficulty in the discharga of hia duties
he repoated to himself the old maxim
that ''business ia business," and steel
ed himself to the task.
Yet his wife knew that w't'iin this
tough shell there was the soft kernel
of a heart, for she bad more than oza
found it, aud so after a short time ol
silence and reflection on her part, she
resolved to try if she could not reach
it again.
"John," said she, "how ruHch was
her rent!"
"Fhol nothing! Don't trouble y oar
self about that. Why, it wasn't as
much as that last silk of yours cost
and you know you teased me into
buying that, saying it was such a
"Well, how much was itl" persisted
Mrs. Early.
, "It you most know, tie . quarter's
rant amounted to fifteen dollar; and
TOTSaoftiii, wk! tell ttiem I wouldn't
without a word of
"It is a small tarn to yon and un,
I know bat do you not think she
must have straggled to raise it."
"Business is business, you know,
and it is not in my way to think how
the money is raised, so that it is
"Ob; John!" again repeatod hia
wife. There was a kind of magic in
these words. They possessed a pow
er over him which eho was award of
and he felt. .
u aid it tiO,
"Well nnror minil Kforn. jAn'?fi.ii
trouble yourself about it. Its all oyer
now, and it cant be helped. Onlf,
it' you say so, I wont be quite aa hard
next time. '
I do eay so, John, said she, riein
with a womanlike instinct, and sea
ing herself beside him, fueling; that if
........ um,jt uuu
she wished to gain her point, she
must make use of a wife's bust argu
uisuti. "There," said the, as she wound
her lingers careseingingly through his
hair, I know you did not ui6au to Ui
o exacting, but you were so, alter i
all. I hourd only a day or two ag(,
that Mrs Webb and her daughter
a very hard time to get along this
Fell, their only dependence for sup
port is their needle and that, you
know, ia yery . slender oce. Now
they have both overworked them
selves to raise this money that you
liHve received today, and Kate haV
been sick, and fears are entertained
that she wil go into a decline
Knit tKutt I fliii nnt bminr Is.
' . ' . 1.9 . v.1,4 uv. Bill ,T (
1 know you didn't, for I am sure
you have to good a heart to drive a
poor girj into her grave, and leavo a
widowed mother friendless and alone
in the world just for the sake of a few
dollars, which you would never miss
if you did not have. Now, do job
not think yun ought to make ameuija
in some way tor your thoughtless ac.
ol cruelty J"
'Y hy yes, if I only knew how If
yon choose, von can take the mom
1 a
have been in such a hurry about the
rcnt,if I had known just how the cuso
'Well, give it to mo. My! how
lull your pocket book is I" she ex
claimed, in anocted wonder, as he
unroiled the ponderous port folio Ktuff
eu and crammed with notes and sil
ver. Thank you. But so long as
you have your money out, you may as
well give me alittle moreat onao, an I
it will save me the troublo of ask;ng
you again. There dont scold so it's
only a tr i ill j I want. Not so much as
those fur will cost thai yon are goiug
buy to mo for a Christmas proHenf."
Furdl Whewl 1 hadn't heard of them
"Oil, I know yon haven't yet," she
replied, coaxingly," but yon will, be
twoeu now and Christmas unless you
give me what money I want now.
Lot me see; the furs you are going to
buy me will cost seventy-five dollais;
Ml let you off till next Winter if yoo
will give me oh dont stare'so thir
ty five dollars now."
"lhirty-hve dollars I what in
"Never mind the exclamation now
said she with a roguish smile, laying
her band and a pretty one it was too,)
over his mouth. "Count out the
mousy first, and I'll give you leave
to express your astonishment after
Toll me first what yon want it for.
said Mr. Early, as soon as hia speech
was restored him, taking advantage
of a husband's perogative, a right es
tablished by precedent, at least, of
questioning in such matters.
"lell yon wuat l want it tor! Oh
of course I will. I am going to invest
it for you. It will bring in a hundred
per cent, and more, too, just as long
as Mrs. Webb is a tenant ot yours."
"How what do you mean!"
Why, dont you see theres two
tens there in that roll, and plenty of
fives" holding out the same pretty
hand that had so unceremoniously
dammed up the river of speech flaw
ing from her husband's mouth but a
moment before "oaly thirty five aol
lars, yon know, which, with tu fifteen
I've got will make fifty iu all; and I
am going to provide Mrs: Webb and
Catherine the means of paying their
rent easily every quarter as soon as it
is doe. To be sen us -I have told you
that they depended on sewing; for a
living and now that sewing machines
have thrown seamstresses almost out
of business, it is very hard for two
poor women, with dehcats health, to
scrape together sixty dollars every
year to pay their rent with, and pro
vide themselves with tb weceraary of
t . TV.... .
flife besides. So I am going to boy
Cbem euch Jia art-cle that." eaid aha.
'pointing to a splendid sewing uiacb
Imo tlmt maJu a cooepluauna article ol
lurnituru in the room, whicli sotn
Voi friend not yon of course waj
it really yon, tlionght I uever sus
pected anything lialt'ho sensible of yon
sent me last Now Yeara; and
a mure acceptable present 1 nover re
oeived, and somebody never did, and
nover will make a better investment
ol his monev than that unless he
lltKinta fit to civn ma the thirtv-fivo
vjuoilnra 1 WttUl uuw. jjuui, jvu dcc
how. with that in the house, I havo
already saved you more than it has
cost, by doing ray own sewing, and
have cti.l found plent" time to fold
my handa besides? And with such a
macbiue Mrs. Webb and Kate could
make themselves comparatively in
dependent." "Well, well. Mary, when a man is
defeated by hia own wife' ho doesn't
exactly like, for his dignity sake, to
acknowledge it. It is equivalent to
letting her wnarthe you know what.
"On! uever mind your dignity. I
was never paiticularly impressed by
it; and as ft r wearing the articles of
which you speak, any smart wile
manages to do that anyhow, just as 1
Jouow when you give mo that ten
and ten ae twenty, aud five ara twen
ty five and ten pre thirty-live, and
nltenol have already makes fiity
Tliats right and you are a dear good
The pretty delicate baud closed ov
er tbe coveted treusuro, aud the full
rosy Unperformed their, appropriate
office and it was bard to tell which
9eetned to be tlio best satisfied, husb
and or wife.
Before many days went by, there
was a joylul surprise at the no pretend
ingdwelling of Widow Webb and
tier daughter. Catherine, a delicate
girl of eighteen or thereabouts, seem
ed pale aud emaciatud Irout recent ill
ness, but at the sight of thu eplwdnl
and elaborate sowing JmTichine that
at tiret she could not believe but it
had been lolt there by miatiiko, until.
elm hud read and reread more than
once the accompanying card with her
own came in tuil, and the number of
her residence upon it. tha blood
danced joylully from her heart up to
her cheeky auu l'nged in her very
fingers' e'ls at the certain prospect of
better days in store for them.
At first they could obtaid no clue
to thoir kind benefactors: but the truth
finally leaked out. And if ever grati
tude swelled tllU hearts of human be
iiiifl, it did theirs toward thoij land
lord, whom they had hitherto consid
ered so harsh and unrelenting, an J
his pretty kind hearted wife.
When the rent day came, Mr. Ear
ly had not to call upon Mrs Wetjli
for his iunej. It waa prom ply
brought to him and paid so careful ly,
that he he had half a mind to try thu
experiment of a sewing machine on
each of hia tenants to sco if it would
have an equally good effect. "Only
Othello like, 1 should find my occupa
tion gone, Baid he and would have
nothing to do but sit over the fire"
"And make love to me," inter
posed his wife.
" and wait for the money to
come to me, while I lose my business
habits entirely."
Important Protest of the
Mexican Minister Against
the reported Sale of
Hypothecation of
Mexican Territory
Mexican Territory to France.
The nudorsignud, Eavoy Extraordi
nary and Minister Plenipotentiary of
the Mexican Republic, has the honor
of aJdressiug himsdlf to the Urn.
Wm. U Seward, becrtary of State
of the United S ates, tor tlio purpose
of protesting, in the most explicit an I
formal ra tuojr, against the cessiou
that the ex-Archduke of Austria,
Ferdinand Maximilian, has mala or
is about to make to tlje French Gov
ernment, ot various ot tue otates ot
the Mexican K ipublic.
The uadersigned vill be permitted
to recall to the lion. William Ssw
ard, that ia the interview which he
had the honor to have with him on
the 19th of January last, he real to
him a letter written in the city of
Mexico on the 23th of December
last, tbe latest' date yet received in
this conn try from that city, in which
the information was communicated,
by a wall informed and thoroughly h
labia person, that the trench igen-a
III tl.of nil lid, I nrnttruu,-! tn ha mid
g'iidfr Mexicans who surro.ind th
iuturper, an'arrspgement that the E u
oeror t the r rstieli uaa sent to Mex
ico, by virtnoof which there should
brt ceded to Francs the Mexican
states ol lammiimia, ?i iovo Lion
dy Conhuila. part of those of San
Luis Potosl. Zcatecas, Dnraneo, and
Chihuahua, and Dearly all of Snora
with the peninsula of Lower Califor
nia, the dividing being formod by the
river Yaqui. on the raciuo. and the
Paunco, on the Gulf, up to their re
spective sources, nud by a straight
line thence trom one point to tha oth
er. 'Dial to render acceptable th j
cassion of so' considerable a part of
the Mexican territory, the assurance
was given that France would estab
lish, in the ceded 'territory, a milita
ry colony, which would be undor her
immediate protection, and which
would place the reit of the count ro
under cover frxuthe filibuster at
tack) ot the United States That it
would be the mvans of liquidating
the so called debt iyliieli France claim
against Mexico, and would faciliate
thu raising of three hundred millions
lor the treasury of the usurper. It
was also added, ia order to render
ess sensible so considerable a loos oi
territory, that the States referred to
had never belonged to Mexico, more
thrtu in Dame, having always been
dominated by clieil's who have never
respected tne orders of tbe Centra
Government of Mexico, and that, as
they were destined to be lost, either
by falling into the hands of the
French, or of the United States, in
such alternative it.'was not to be doub
ed for a moment which extreme would
be preferable.' ' vv
, lu tbeojamo letter it was -stated
that this arrangement had not yet
boon submitted to the usurper, and It
was iutiuaatudvnliat it was . probable
tnat no mignt nesitate, awl even, man
ilest some oppuiticu to L bofora aiJ-
titfi)titi it. -Bui ifas- afidt.tFiia-1
, mvttv'O,, vi uu II1JIIIJI bHIjUg
lw it, .i u ti Imi n I n t i . A ......
lor either the usurper had no will ol
Ins ovn, or he w.is obliged to yield it
when iu opposition to that of his pro
n j ;i .. . r
teomr. uesmes, it was not to 5)3 pre
sained that he was specially interested
iu iue into oi u unuiury wii eti was
not his own, where less than four
years ago bo waa known even by
name to the immense majority of the
nation, wtucu no bimaeli only knovt
by name, to whieli tie had beeen car
ried and where he ia sustained by for
eign bayonets, and Where the blond ol
the Mexicau patriots wbo defend thoir
inJdjion ieuee is 6till beiug shed to
satisfy dis blind amotion f'r piwer,
whiuh, for hi3 ov n punishiceut, ho ex
urci833 only in name.
Iho undersigned always has believ
ed tbe Emperor of the Frouch would
terminate in this in inner his inteiven
Si a? B I ' a a a
tion in Mexico, wiien ne sitouia be
come convinced that it would not bj
possible to hold the whole republic as
a French colony, and ha so had tho
honor of uxprojswg himselt to the
lion. William II. Seward in the com
tiiiinication which he addressed to
him on the 27th of December, 1362.
and which the President sent to tlit
House of Representatives among the
documents relative to the auYirs o!
Mexico, communicated with his moss
. . . ..i e t A
asre ol tne icq oi reoruary. j.363.
What was then, however, merely
conjecture, althouga well tounded,
has now, througu tne passage ot turn
and the development of oyeuts, coma
to be a fact.
Thu news received from Mexico,
from an entirely reliable source, has
been confirmed by news received aim
u'.taneously Iron San Francisco, in
Jahlornia, and from i arts, and this
coincidence, togother with other ante
cedents which the undersigned has of
this afftir, loaves not the slightest
doubt that if the proposed arrange
ment has not taken place, it is on the
eve ot neing verinaa.
This cortainly obliges tli9 unlor-
aigtie 1, in compliance with hia duty
ua the representative of tao Mexican
nation, to protest enegetically against
all arrangements made by the El-
Archduke of Austria, ia the nam j o
Mexico, with the Emperor of the
French, or with any other gowarn
meut, by which tha Mexican territo
ry is sought to be alien tod or by
pothecated, or oy wniou tne responsi
bility ot the ooun'ry of the under
signed is in any way compromised
la addressing himself to tbe Gov
ernment of the United States, tbe un
dersigned does not believe it neceesa
ry to detain himself ia maaiteatiuz
... V 1 SB 0
that tue &x fl-rcaiais ot Aogtrift cu
ly represents in Mexico ths K noaror
.1 . r it. jwiwa
0 the r reocu, by whose army ha- waa
carried to that republic and is sustain
ed la it, and that, for this raaions,
any arrangement made botween the
Et Archduke and the Emporor of the
French has the same obligatory fore
and no other, for the Mexicau uatloo,
that one concluded between tha said
Emperor of the French and Qeneral
Bazaiue, the Commander-in chief of
the French force in Mexico, : would
have -t
The Undorsigoed has not believed
it necessary to u wait the official oewA
of the conclusion of such arrange
meut, In order to protest against ie.
It is of a gravity and transoend
once, not only for the interests ,of
Mexico but for all tbe American eon
tinent, that he has believed h woaldl
he larking in his most sacred doty to
allow a single moment to diss with
out taking such atep. (
Alio nnaersigrjed deem itcnten-
lent, in justification of his courso in
this affair, to recall to the HouorahU
Secretary of State of tha United States
an occurrence somewhat similar to
the present, in which the represents
tives of the French Government in
Mexico protested against a treaty cal
ebrated betwosn Mexio aod the Uni
ted States, of much less transoend
ence than the present,, upoo onl the
vague news, more or less well found
ed, that they received, that such trea
ry naa been concluded, aud before
they had official information of its
celebration . . .
Alter the rupture of the European,
lalies at Oriziba, and when Trance
alone remained making war npoo
Mexico, the 'Minister o? the United
States . iji that republic concluded a
treaty with the Mexican government,
by rirtuu of which the United State,
were to loan to Mexico eleven mil
ions "of dollars, Mexico hypothec
ting for the payment of the sum, the
public lauds of tbe republic, the un
sold national, property, before ealled'
ecclesiastic!! property, and the bonds'
and notes outstanding for suoh propsr
ty already sold. .
This tr-jaty was signed ia tbe city
(f Mexico, on the 6th of April, 1382,
and as it fa lei to roceivo tha ratifica
tion of the Government of the United
states, was, of course, never official
ly published, aud only rumors, mors
or less well founded, with respect t '
its object and stipulations, were cir
culated- Notwithstauding this, th
representatives of tha Emperor of the
trencu aldressea to the Mexicau Gov
ernmant, uudsr date tf the 15tn of
April, already cited, a note.ia which
th?y stated that they hai been inform
el that said Government, had couclan
ded a treaty with a foreign govern-
ment, in which there was sold, coded. .
transferred, or hypothecated to the
latter a part of tha lands and publla
revenues ot Mexico, to the whilo of
which lands aul revenuos they as
sumed France hai a righl by virtils'
oT the fraudulent reclamations of bef"
sabjacts. '
A cojy f thu pro'.est wca inclosed
to the Honorable Secretary of State
by tue uadersigned, with the note'
which he had the honor to addrsss to
him on the 2 1 of June, 1863.
ibe undersigned avails himself of
this opportunity to renew to ths Hon.
William Li. be ward the assnrancs of
his most consideration.
A brsAKaa Srosr Asjor Mat, -
Linojls. Tmee years ago, the gea'---
tlemai) I spoke of told Us a story of
Mr. Lincoln, which I have uot thought:
of since, until now. When Mr. Iiir
coin, wh'ch received the news of hlv
first election, he came home to toll
Mrs. Lincoln about 4 it. She was no ,
stairs in the bedroom, and after telh?
ing the news, in walking about ths j
room hia eye fell upon the bureau,
glass- Immediately he threw himself
down upon the lounge, and told Mrtr
Lincoln tie thought .ne must bs . Ill, ,
for he saw a second reU action of his
face in the glass which -ho Could pot
for. It was perfect, ba very?
pale. "Oh,", said Jdrn. Lincoln
tbat means you will be re-elected- ,
but I dont like its looking pale," ahe
aaeu. "tuat iooks as 11 yoa . woald
not live through yoar seoond term.
Mr. Lincoin himself told this to thi
friend I mentioaed, and this . entle,l
vain told it to us in our parlor, sooa .
after Iha first, Bull Bud, battle.,
lUHUQ lai saiA a Lai y un a j iUTjp
the tima, but one forgets suoh thiogft
of Country Gentleman.

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