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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, May 25, 1865, Image 2

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C. A. OKU'fo. : :
Titl'KsoAY- -- - i'J.y ca. is 0.5
Our Affairs
We wish t; aniuuiinco t!m fuiit tt
our liieniU, tUt wo rocoivod tti ao
cotiuts duo tho oiVieu, dni'mi,' Court,
the sum of two ibllata invito uanio
' tituo wo jaU.i.nt ovei 30 jV.Ir
for papi't and laiior in ullicu. How
do you expect ua to ".rir run
niujj on ll.is kinJ ol 8U:ipo:t. iiul it
Las boon tbli buiiio nearly h!! winter
Hay 23, Thu Auniira, fja.. cor
responJejit of ilic New Y.rk AvaJ
givea an ttcciuut i-l" tiio l-'uleriii oeou
Ration of that r.ity on tn.iy 0. 100,
UOi) balus of cotton wcro louni tliere,
$10,OU,OOJ wmtii ot or Jmnico and
military fitor-.s, an! about $io,0QU in
A part of Jeff" David' fcpecic train
mm cuptiu-cd, an J 51:3.0JJ in gold
6 ecu red.
Tlio' Bavmuah Eivtr litu nvn
opened to Savanu.di, and railrouU
commucitation from Louiovillu to
Charleston will soon bo oiuplet.
Tho lust stop to be taken in N.irtii
Carolina toward a Rcoiiatrujti'ju.wi't
bo tho appuintiiient tt a military (iov
oruor, under whoau imspiea u 2;a(o
Couvontioii will bu be! J.
General Sheridau's new comman 1
virtually Biipeicede3 General Cutiby
in tho Midbidsippi divibion. Geuerai
Canby la ord'.-ied t.i t!.o Guif. whicli
roiievi'8 Gonorul B.uiks, who is order
od huaio. Tho action in regard to
General 13aul:3 is of a purely military
Geuciu! tJheridau, accordiug to the
Washington correspondent of tiio TW
.luiui, has left for Texas?, llo is tu
collect an army and march upon Kir
by Smith'd forces.
"General Sherman, with a lare
foico, baa orders to proceed to Ttxtus
and lay it wabto if tho people do nut
submit. ;
May 21, The superior officers ol
faherman'a anuy mo urging the remo
val of tSucHtary Stanton, and demon
etratioud of displcasuro from the rank
and tilo are expected when they pas
the Whito Llou6o.
llou. G. G. Clay, of Alabama, sur
rendered Limselt voluntarily to Gen
cral Wilson, when ho saw tho prolti
malion of tho I'resident declaring
him a participant in the ussassiuati.n
acd otlcring a reward of $25,000 lor
his arrest. llo says ho is concioiis ot
bis iunocenco, and demands a trial.
He was in La Gratig, Ga., when he
eurreudered, and not in Canada, an
ha3 been auppooed.
"The Union as it Was."
Ia Tho Times of March 9, lSb'o,
W9 copied the following pithy remark
apropos to this topic, Irom uu ex
change newspaper. Kupeiitioti can
but btrongthcu their force, so wo print
thorn agaiu. Taken in connection
with a little "loyal" poem, elsewhere
given, they aro pui'gontly suggest.,
"Have wo been living in dolusioiio?
ero all of tho Fourth of July ora
tions which told of the wonderful uro
.less of tho United States, of tho iui-
uicuso results ot our system, aud ol
the glorious liberty euj iyed, lur which
our lathers lought mere bhaius gut up
to ba read abroad and at wlrch indi
gent men stuck their tongues in the
check, winked at each otuor, and, lite
KomaD augers, could not restrain a
Bmilo for tat, gullibility of mankind?.
.dll the' past must havj been a more
farce; Washington, JelFirsou, Ham
ilton Madicou, Clay ana Webster, in:
genious actors, tho liobert Iltllcrs ol
verbal slight of hand. There wua no
liberty, no progress, uo happiness
greater than the world ever saw, no
arnaziDg prosperity: tho whole thin"
was ouo iuamouBO aud magnificent lie
a lie eo utterly beyond all thst the
world had ever coucoived of in men
dacity; that it believed it, aud could
not be disabused except by our own
testimony, if, mdoud it can not bo by
. Any man who reads the uicaaaes
ol Kcfiublican Governors to the State
Legislatures upon, the constitutional
amendment must rub his eyes to be
sure that be is awake.
- Governor Gannon says, Lot us
build up a pure aud free government.
Only lauiy WebBier, M-ith Lis massive
bn w, hd thote d .ep, cavernous eyt8
lCM'iiig in ovciy liner ot Ins system
With the boliei tli..t tho Constitution
hud huiit up tho purest and Irmit gov
eminent ever kaowu toman, iisteuing
to dome one who propiibed, utter this
government had been 'built up' lot
vinty years, to build another,
Whicli biiould be what it w;ii not pure
u:id fee. What w.u!'l h:tvo been )is
einoliiiUj, and whut liis ptiraif They
let you oat ol U:o asWiiui too noun. It
itr-ed to be s..tii ici.liy sa.d of the Duo
do Levis that ho h.id a picture in
which M''ah was bhosvn coming uut
iif the Hrk wiih it bundlo of paoeip
under his mm, Ubilied 'pedigree of
lite Levis lauiily. It is tu!d of the
proud Duke uj S"inerstt that, whtn
his young wiostule playtuil.y khiiid
bun ami liiughiiigly kisced him, lie
received tne c.urefS with, 'my lira
wi'j w.:s a Howard, uiid the never
woa!d hitve tnkeii such a libciiy;' l.ui
tiio I'fvture ot the Levis lamily and
the piido of ti.e D.iko cense to be
i;iteiise absurd, ties in the presence nl
the pretense of the Republican olH
s;a!s. What a pn-cious lot ol old
humbugs we miirt have been U;:ght
to respici! Wiiiiintoii, a patriot, a
ntme:iiuan, a Cm ist.au, t:i 1 a most
noble geiiUeman, tho muu whose
name uiono ivould keep tiie A 11. trie in
in hisi iry if an ehitl.ipiMko were to
shallow Ibis continent not only coti-.
dented to a eyetem which was not
mire and or free, but abi luili.y
an otuKor of i.ove and kkvkkknok.
Uo'iOes wrote that whenever it was
it: the interest of a goevrnment to do
ny that a ftruight line was the short-
ett iliutHuco between two points, n
would do so, ami secure adhesion. 1.
ever thought tho M phihisopher
a cynic, let unu listen to t:io uauy
ut:erane..3 of Americans and change
Lis opiuious."
load tho last paragrajdi over
ug.iti. Tiled set yourself a t linking
t'.r a few minutes.
Frauds upon Wool Dealers.
LJy reij'icst of a number ot o'ir
best WJol gloWJIS, WO CO;) 111.!
having iiftiele irom I'm A'
Y Trim
buns. It is of vast imp jrt.mc. iii.-'
tho chtiaeloi ol t;u .vj.;. i..a
county siiou'.d bj ui,iiuti,..ied, rr
as prices aro concerned, i, m. re
caro was taken in washing and pai
iug uo wool, it will surely p.iy oiu
growers much belter.
Tho New York Ttibunv gives
some good advice !o farmers up.m
tiieir duty aol ii.'terest in preparing
irn.il t'nr uulit Tlul tin i'rl..i .!
less, and Ireimemly diaiiouoa r,aC
tiers t whiei, iimiiv wuiu.nnr.ir r..
Sort, instead oi 6ing to tlioir bMiffl
- r -----
depreciates tho character ot Am.-ri
can aools generally and proven to
them from getting lor fLoces honest
iy prepared ns inuoli ns 'hoy shuu.d
obtain for tliem. Tho c ms-cju ic o;'
the practices reaorted to iiy many im
i it'upuloiti faniior?, te:ls Wiu ueui i
ty against Iho emiro agricultural in
terest, aud occauioiis tho loss ot a
larg.j bum of money per annum. The
farmer who in lli.s m itcer is to sharp,
only over reaches himself lie may
by uu occasional trickery, reaiizj
something extra upon thu s.viu llo of
a single trauoactiou, but when tho in
jury d me to biijiness oy tne dir.eo'-
ery ot such Iraads in t.ikeu into c jh
sideratiou. and tho ucoiiut baiancod,
U will bj to j ud that m tlu long run
"lioiiesty is tho lust poiey."
Tho principal of theao hau Is and
inj-irious jiructices may be desciibjd
under the following division:
1. tijiidi.ig wool to unrkot in un
merchantable c jiiditiou.eithcr unwash
ed or half washed, thereby compell
iu ths buyer ta purol.uso dit at th
puce ot go.jd clean wool
'2. rutting up tho lljeco ot the
back and sides of tiio shuep, well
waohed, and In cujh uftnuer as to
ooiiojai tho dirty unwashed wool.
o Lf auoiV'iiig siieep wlio are
well wash id to run, bci'oro oheariu
a considerable tun , tiio wool is till
ed with yolk, which subjects the man
Ui'acturer to a considerable loss,
i. Ly uu unnecessary use of
strings in tying up lLoces, adding to
tiw weight, und iu u largo lot incruus
iug tho lues to tho buyer, who pays a
gvCU price lor wool, aud gets there
mr ilauietjs hemp
5. Stull'iiig tho inside of fico look
iug fljecea with uuwaahed wool pu;i-
ed Irom dead sneep. lhis trail 1 can
easily bo discovered by tiio wool deai
or, Irom tho greater weight ol tne
tiicco. Uo' takes his salifactictiou
out of tho faruur by abating his ull'.-r
so th.'.t the latter sells his tine wa:
dl wool very hvujiitly at a rate ap
proaehing tbo lw price of pudei
6. Feeding sho.-p, shortly before
shearing, with oil cake and io .i
which produces oil and gum, an i
tills up tho weight of tho UoeCuB with
a fcub6tanco which has to be got rid
ot iu muimlucturjng, and whicli re
duces tiio aetua wool immensely, so
tuat what would seem to ba a largo
is found, upon working it, to bj very
j mgly cu.ming, ar.: exceedingly IojI
any j 1;,,
3mall. Ibis id a haud whicli is high
ly injurious to tne honest sheep grow
oh, ad it hurts tho wliolo bnainess.
an I ciises tha wool buyer to look op
the class of lellera of wool as shar.
pora. !l is said by wool dealers that
this polk' "do?i not pay," tho oil
rako and extra food cot-ting more than
what isg.iinol by thu fld litioual !
which gois into the wool.
There are many oilier suuill frauds .
ure complained of- but tho J
furegoing embody those which are
01 t tie m mt iinii'trtancn. They uot '
only hurt the in d'viduala who prac-l
uce tneui moro imh'i nicy aro oeuem-
tid thereby, but they also operute
against ti.o larmcr' iuteresc in other
ways. The comiieii'ioii of fonign
wool is complained of by the produ
cer, and yet by iratidUnt practices ha
entourages that competfMi ugainst
hiniH-ll L5 pieit iiting his wuol 111
A c..hii!ti..ii iioirjur.es n.mso.i, no-;
caiiiio under the united States taritfi
tho diitv gr a les ot w ol pay tho l.-asl
duty, l'ho lo, vest grades is taxed at
3 cents p.;r pound, the next G cente
p-r p iun 1, the next 10 cents per
pound, the tuxt 1:1 cents per pound
and 1U percent. cr cdoutm. It the
fanner bring his wool to market nice
ly washed and 1:1 the best order, Im
lia the protection of Iho higheotduty.
On tho contrary, if ho prodent ij
greaasy and foul, ho reduces it to the
value of lo.v priced foreign wools-
soino of which can pay tin duty ami
cost o! transportation and then under
teil him. TiU'Hj aro matters of aetu
ul interest, und they thftuh! bj attend
ed to bv all. It can bo shown that
111 Wool -lija Ml
ii wuil s in manv
,ither ni:.: i-; rlio-e ho me ixeei - il -
A Queer World.
l'hiladeipiii.i, n h'eh gave Mr. Lin
coln a majority
I rt'ime 10 ur 1 J.Mim
vi-Kii. io.ii rtiiuii v on... ny la.r
mier iih pones oi anieaii re'etieru
toi was apj-rove-i.) r--1 1 1 .-. i permit
Colu'ed pi:''p.e !! 1 1 !e i it'io I - n j
cais! Now ii in.: nb i ti 'D .it -iaveiy
Is W .'iitl A ii.ll ii i:" l, Hie e--i eo lll.lil
is eirit'.e l ly its j iwii:?. if it only
UK-atn r ! ibj tr-j ii i.i.oiuo ;:iv servi
. itid-, t 1 be iot. i y wtf.a: jm'-crip
tlou. 'IK'il '...lw u.,.. u .,.UU'! r I'l
;i.n Wi.mg
iii .U I'.-Vli r, to in.: tut
piu. i -ie r j,. -Wi.i
.r.,,,, t:,,,
d.i'!ii.i Ay.- i- a hi.ijulitr
Oi too uiiloi'e iCe UJi.V
ten pteaciiiug
and 'l ae ice.
bli-'AUALIi AH 'f r A
iNlCOlM 1M A
ikAii.Ki'Arj vau leuero.iy noon
n 1 . .. v
Lpi.to o exenein-'iit wad caused in
mo neighborhood of Foardi and
afreets, arising or.t ol a d.s
iu,uo ,'u ri',"1w l!l'n, accompam
u J b' 14 Colonel ia the army, wtm
tui.lt it 8 iti i'l ono ol the i'ourth st
oars. Tho negro was a servant to the
(Juionel, and tnj latter considered or
thought tiiat tho l r.oer, ifaccompa
nied by a while petaou. was entitled
to i; neat. As s mii as th ; ingr got
nto the car, Several passongjrs ptoiesi
ud to tho condact or, an I demanded
that tho caiiio of their dms uUfaotion
bo removed. Tii . car was stopped
and a 1 mg argument and dirpme as
to tho riglits ol the colored man ensu-
cd lilllollg the passellg rs, Who neeilled
about wjually divided on tlie rrio;ion.
Anotner car c imo up, una travel was
siifpeuiou. r in illy it vji agrectl
with tho cm iuctor uu l toe p itsmi
g;;ra tnat the negv oh u!d take a Seat
in the rear car, and tho'so win were;
in lavor ol hun should recuuijiany him
theie. while those in tho rear car who
objected to peroii3 ol color occiijiying
floats with tiiein could remove to thu
front car; but hero further tnubln s!ar
ed tiiein in tho face. Tho conductor
of lhis car also obj cted to the negro.
Tlie laiL'r'a friends became- determin
ud in tho matter, aud attcmptco to
nuaii him on tho platform, while the
condaotor,with an much vigor, fought
against them, and fijally pulled 'he
boil and tho Car btarted oil'. Thu
starting ol the car thiovv several i.i
the party to tho ground. One of
theiu got bis foot under tho wheel,
and ha I it neiioudy crushed. A
howl was t!i-'l ia aed agimat toe con
diictor unddi iv. r, who .m.i both a--rested,
taken before - i. r m j oIuk
tiiM.ter, and held ' - isw t i charge
d ruuii ug ovei i Ji.tii.
- ""---
The creuti ut of national tlcbls is not a
, . ....ii-.
modern iui)ivveu:eili, lint tile Hbi.ity 0
oreat nation to provide lor u ffrnai debt, and
o ' of
tu in jkc it the most convenient and beat
form of nurauii ii Df.ii). rtv. la a inj lt.n aim
der. Tin debt ni'iiri B ii.iin
by raining a lui'uaa cl.r.in u ion. ia i.iJJ
and wima tier giu-.t Joiit!st wan Lm.. XIV
Wis lei iiii.uled, iiio tle tl iiad fi'.ij.itj l fi ( t v
iniilion .. ili.n stalmatt bin! i-.ooumist.
were tllu a.triiHv. ul t.l! leat burden
...!.! .1, ri . I luan iifi.uid.l limn ihu ,,,,l,,i...
v.. - .... ...-,
0I loe LOiiuir., jui nen ui war oi l lie
Ausiriuii iuci ei.mhad oweliod tliiaaniouut
- , . , , ,.
tt e gniy mduoiis, Micaulay f-nys tliut hu-
tori jus and u rotors pronounced the case ;o
be ucsperate. Bui when war niin broke
out, aud the national debt was rapidly car-
tied Up to one hundred and forty millions
, , , , . .
men ot u ejry n .a uusneba uum prontunc
...u. L.i Utiit ut UaJ ucrtiiuk a rrivil I
'J Hume laid ihtt. lihodgh, by taxing
1 il3 e"erSiej 10 t,,e ulm0',, ,i,e C0U,,tr.T ,n'B'"
po,sib!y lirt H.rougU it, ths. eiperi.aenl
;u,ust "mf be wpeated.-eveu a iuiall in
011 . CJ m;,y ba fjlttl- Granville saiJ the n.
' '" man irik uuJer it utiles wuia puriiou
of t!ie lual waj borne by ills Aincricau Co
joino, t.il tlia attempt to Impo ihij load
produced the war of the revolution, 111J, in
vreiaht js'.eul utdiiMlhiitj,Mei ttnoilujr lunulreJ
mil lions to tiio burden. Aiu, eayi M.ics
which uluy, was England gi cn o', but jain she
was more prosperous tluu ever before. B it
when at llw tlodo of ln'r Nipoleouiu w ir t
; I616, this debt had been tsvelleJ up to
:,h eiiunnima ium of over eiirdi hundred ji
I ions sterling, or four thound three hund
red miiliuu dollurs, or nearly one h ilf t'lw
cnliitf properly of thu United Kingdom, the
atojtesl heart, the rinnest believer in nation
al prores ind naiioiul develomeni, mighr
well li.ivo bjuci appalled. Rni in the ?er
t'ui e ol tliia uiouutuin of obligation, to nay
(I0lU ing l)f iwt Vlgt colonial posaeaiium,
.,, ,tt,ua r..;,h .. .ti ., h un
more tliun trebled, mil her Jsbt now tt
tliarDe of bill 12J per cent, against it. All
that deal ireuiii In J d.ino in paying liet
de'ji, we stmli dj,an I in ire, with ours. We
b-ive vast teiritorica untouulu'd by lite plow,
inioei of ail precious ni'tals of wliLll ft
! ave li mlly opened tlie doora, a populatioii
lull of life, eneigk',. eulrpiise and indnaiiy ,
und llio accuuuilaitd Wdahli of money and
labor of ill.', old couiltrief pouring into the
pip of our giant and ever-to-b.'-uniied lepub
ic. During the fit: ret si and mial exiiajel
inof all poihli wars, we have daintnatra
led our irttioiittl stiength ui all tlieord
j iwlioa-l eUeugth is but another name
; for n-uimul ered.t. Asgooda Uuited
'Storks" will aojn be synonymous the world
; over itu -as iraja aa ur.uanonaou." ro
our urt. we think a U. S. Tiea-uny note,
be iriiig seven and loice-tenths annual inter
est, is just ua niut h belter than Sritich Con-
huU M the rate of interest i a liivlier. tiuine
of our timid bretlieren, whj aliipjied lliei'
l(, L,)njon t l ji,Ve fled in rorjoU; aie
t..,llmv tfn, to oellout and inves'.at hom.tata
Jmiiid loi, and serves iliem rUit.
h nt.iv uii.l ri-liible trc.i'ineni
i .,ts ol the HOWARDS SSOCIA
Tl"X .'iil bv until in sealed letter env
Li' r, tc- "l I'liaui AJdV. Dr.J.KKIL
I V.i o S.i.it i .nl i Htreet. H 1 iIhi r nlim. Pa
yon wttlll. 1llinni;te 11 ..1 "IIP mi 111 r . vnr
r.i ii.i ,1111,1 will lor.i' tlium tn uro on
ba 1. ;i.o.-., Ijl-i or (inn. or n.ur mi n.i naniix
ill S.:. Week". 1'iUu I 00. SjiiI by mull anjr
w huru. I'lnsi lv ! -A. dm rocoip" of )iIp.
Address, "WArtN'hR C0., Box 134,
Biookljii, N. Y.
Feb. It). "tS ly,
jLfclll!' KitVlt"8
lJKHll.l I'A T AND
A ifreul
pHiljrur haviinr been i.4tnrud t tieitldi in a law
d)a. after iriaiijr yaara of iitiiwrf, ia willint w.
iit lii niiifurinil fc llnir-eruiilurea ht tmnilir..
j ( fri.),ou thu rci'iit of a p.t).iii1 Mitr!npi en
UuuU t I
JOilN M. DAON'ELI, fcx 1?3 l'.O.
ilruokljii, N. V.
' I ' li E W X KK.'S tVSAN iOxTEKiEN CI
Piillilioil f-iMlia hanvttt, anil ait n CAU
Tt IN TO VOL'S' MKN and ntliBfH, wlioant
fur from Nuivouk botiility, rrenmtiiia T'vcny
"f Ma'ili.io.l, Vo., niipilyiug at the Kitme time
Tiik Mkanb ht SiLf Cukk. ByniieL whu fans
i'iro. liniiM'll' ufir uii.ldrrf.iiiii' t'i.nxi'1crnlli'
uiukery. Hy onolninK a nntii.id adilruiweil
l'1' iu'il0 wdaa mV b. bad o. the an-
lirnnKlyii, Kil.(.- co. IS. i.
Juno i ml 1S63-ljr.
A Clergy until wliilu rwi.linir in uutli Anier
kn as u iiii.ni.inMry . ilinuuvpred a nal'o and .im
i.io ronicly fur the Cure of Norvuii Weakno a,
Kurly iJuuuy, Diimiig.' of Die Urinary and
Suiuiniil Oriuny. and the ivholu train ol ili.inr
l.irn tir.nwliU'ii by hanuful aud ficioli liable-,
brent riUinboia iiavu hw;n nlroady eurnj jy this
inililu ru'iiii.ly. l'roinyteu by a desire tn Imua
tit lh3 en;etd im 1 uiil'jrluniite, I will bohu
tins rwi,.u fir (irepariiif un.l uirii thia niull
c'lic. iii a waled feiivulu'ia,to auy ono wlio ueoi'o
11, flttE ur t IIAUdE.
l'loune l.k'l.we a poaVpuid eevalopo, addreaa-
ea Id yoursoll.
STATIOX I). lilllLK IIoi'SK,
Mr. 16;li 15f-lyr. Now York c:ity
Stale of Ohi'j, Vinton County.
Clarriss.i Dowd l'liff-j In Court of
HiTiiinst Common 1'loas
Ervin K. Duwd Deft.) Ou order of aalo,
llUiiSUANT .ocominiod of uu order of ea,lo
X iu tlio above cruise t me diroctel from the
Cuu: I ot Common Pleiis. cl tho aforesaid Conn
lyofViuiou, 1 will olTor at publiu aale ut the
un ir oi tne court House, in ihe town ot mcat
thur,in the aforesaid county of Vinton on
Saturday the 24iA day of Jane 1865,
I'.utw.JU the hours of ton o'clock, A.M., and
1 four o'clock, 1'. M., of said duy, the following
! f."ny-- .n i'".n'ird and Thirty-
! live acres of land situated in tho north halfol
I ascJon numbcrtliirty-two, (32,) iu township
number ten, (KM ot ranire numoer aixtcen
; , ;K.) 0f Onio. Coir.puny'r Purchase and forth-
er dosciibeias fullnwa; BeKiuinjt Elevon chains
, .'...(.. Ar.l...A.u A..i ...I.
and iwentv link: west of the north oast com
er "i f aid section number thirty-two, (32,)
i t lonship number ton. ( 111,) of Kaiiir mini
OJ. slJlceil,! lo,iu biio nioeoiupaiij I'uiunasu
Mieuee nouth forty one cnuins and twenty-live
liuka tliduce west thirtv-two chains aud nine
ty links, tluiiea north forty-one chains and
twemv tive. links, thence east thirty tw6
cuius u i I -evenly link lothe place of bei?in-
'"-T " ,n'J "'""drod and thirty iiv.acre.
0'.' th. i s un j more or less,
Tikenus the prooerty of Krvin E. Dowd to
sutofuu imltfiiioiit in favor of Clurrissa Dowd.
A((- ,;s,,, a Twonty.Hix hundred dollara,
( -ngouid must biiug two third of tha aum.
'rK'nlS t',vlwU in H"''.
Lkation t Mato, J.J. JHOCKEY.
Ait'y.. for Pltff. Bbff, V.Co. 0.
Mry 25 5-Bw
plNE-.lPPLES.l'eachea, Stiawberriea, Black
'X berryaGrcea Peaa Juat received and fur
al at tbeJJrui Store iof
11 S. 7-30 101S
Tha aalaoftha firat seriuaof O0,O00,CC0 of
tha T-30.Loaa waa completod on the glatrf
March, liiiJ. Tliale of tin) stcoD.l serieaof
Tliroa Iluudre I iJillioiu, payable tlireo yem
from the l)th day of Juna. ISfii, waa begun on
Ilia tat of April. It th shout sue or thimt
UATa, ovia Oni lltiNuiiiiu Million of this k
tfiLa aavs dssn solu loitvliig Ihlsdav leaa than
Two Hundred Millions ti be dispoed of. The
intorost ia paytla raiui-annuiilly lu currency
on ths li-h day of Dix'.'iiiber and 15th of Juno
by coupon attauhed to euoli iioto, which an.
loaJily cashed anvuhuio. Itaniouulato
(inocont per d.iyona5J uota.
Twocautaon a nolo
Ten ou A '.0noto
20 oo a tli uota
(I on a 5000 notca
ill or ami Move Ileal fable
Tho Uobelliun is Supproascd, and tha Hov-
eriiiiidiil lus already udoptod mca-tiras to rii
duca KXpotiliturva at rupidl) a pw-nblj ton
poui-1 fluting, thoj wi'.hijrgwiii from marka
aa botfower'aud purchaser
Thia ia tka ONLY LO.ltf IN MAUKET now
oU'orad by tna Gov-.-rnmout, aud couallliituH the
Tin) i'tuu-Thirty Notes lira couvurtiblo ou
huir iuulu.-ily, ul tha opiiju of t. o h ldor, in
U. 9. 5-!IO Mix per Mt.
Which ure ulwuji worth a prcniiuni.
i'rt c Iroia Tax aliuii .
Tua 7-W Notea cannot be lase.l by Toirua;
Cities, t'ouuiioa or Sulus, un I iba Inlerust is
uoi, uuloii on arurpius of tho oucr'.
incouio ukcoo.lin i i liuudra dollars a )sr.
I'nia l.ici iu:rva-.us llicir vaiuj I'ioju ouu to
IUi'c-j ikt cuui. piraiiii uu, utcordiurf lo Ihu
rule loviud on other piopoi'.y.
ii 1C '' (Juiikly.
Lusa lliu -J00,000,0i'0 of tho I. uu uulliorlz
by ihu Cou(ias uronoiV un ih i luurkl. Thii
anion at,; tiio ruU i thioh U is bain absorb'
jd, will bo suburi iol lo. within iuuu;h,
when llto n.. les will un.l..nt)L.l j coiuiu md it
prtnniiiiii, us has unitoruiiy bcautha c.iO un
closiiis' tha so iHcrip.iuii to i ; u jf Lous. 1.
now rssas ra .a.ai.i lur i 'o.i..ioiu:
iaoi'T Br.vo.Mii Tuirutsa.T atiail i w ill a..
orraiuoTo th
In or.lcr tli.i'.uiiMonsof cvorv town nd sta
tion of tbo ciiuntry liny b aifn.lol fciliM
for t it k i n if thu loan, tha N.itional B.kuks, Si a l
Bauks, und l'rivalu Buukors throughout tho
o.iiinlry li.ifo.iuor.iil.y .scl to revive hud
8 riitiona utpui., Huiisuri bors will ixjlcct th -ir
own Htfi-nls, in whom they luvn cui.rlilunco
mid who only ara to b.) nsponsibi for tha da
,ivuryofthe UoUa lor which lhy icoaiva or
HUBSCMirTlOX AK!T, I llilildtfl ph; a.
Suiisomi'i ijmb will aa m.otivao by the
First Nali inul ll.tnk nf Chillkorlie,
Kirst N ai.iiiBi Ujnk of Cincinnati.
First, Nation.il Bank of Athn n.
First N iti i i il II "i of i'ir; u iiith,
M.iy 'i'tiii 'ijj Si. i.i.
bUrluiKF'b SAI.K.
State vf Ohio, Vinton Cuiy,
J. llarlimlill. l'l.tT. ") In Court of
M.misi ;- inini' ioiit ixus
Bun. Dill, John Dill IMW, On Xx -iu'iou.
Byvirtuo ol'u K.iccution to m j directud fr.iiu
(lie Court of IVnimon l'ls of Vinton Com'
ly, Ohio. will i her for kill at lhtnhlr ot
John l)ill, A lha toii'i.lcry of B.iiijitniin Dili,
in llaiuduu Clinton Tp., Vinton County Ohio,
SutKrciYj' June Me 1G7A 1 815 ,
between tho hours of tu oVIm'k.A. M..un
foiif o'clock. P. ., of Mi l dsy, ho loilowin
proporny, to- it : Unc I'orahle mill and
fiKinas. also ei.'Ten plows, on iwo horse wnon
OU"-.rin wnoii and ono liron )mrse
Taken us the pro):ny ol Boujiiiniii mi.'
John Dill to aalisfy a iu.lirinout iu fuvor of
J. Mur'oiill.
Traas or .S'.irn, mh in h.vid
CuNliTAAII.I .VJSiivj.l, J.J. SlIO- K "Y.
Ar.'.a li.r i i.ri' SnrT. V. Co. 0.
May iblh la-iS ow
To be d'up'iivd of a. Onk Uollak unct
w lltout t(gnd to value, not to
ht paid for umil ym know
what you an to receive,
IJy H. itovicii iV to.,
(Aqoni for the Manufacturers,)
Head thu foibwiug list of Articles to bo
void for
l'lf (till Uiintinj-CHse Watches..
IDS Watches, various stylos
SI 23
SO to 33
ft to 2
6 to 20
fi to lu
i to in
2on Lmlics' (tuld Wafchos-...
r.,.,ii..M' ri,,i.i iv .t..h..
600 Silver Wutihos ench
6.000 Vost & Neck Chuii "
6.0'W Genis IMamond pins "
4,000 California Diamond our dropa
8,000 Miniature Kevolvin pins "
x.uuu isiniorniH I'mniond and
onuinellfi.l Gonta' Hcurf pins' ft to 10
2,0i0 Masonic a Emblem pint-.. 8 to lo
2,500 O dd Bsnd Bracelets enx'd 3 to 20
3.00 Jjt, and Mosu'c, liroochcs.. " 3 tn lu
8,000 Cameo Bronehcs " 6 to 20
8,000 Coral Eur Drops 4 to 8
2.000 Laities Watch t'hiiins- 8ol5
6,000 (ieuts pins splendid assirt't " 2 to in
4.00H Solitaire tSloeveBnttonn,.... " fftolO
8,000 S udv A Sleeve Buttons in nets 3 lo 10
ft.OnO Sloeve buttona plain en (rravd i to 8
lO.OnO plain und enjraved Kmes.... 2 to 10
8,000 Lock-He, rictils fciorr.ivcd li to 10
15,000 aeta Ladies. Jewelry new and
-latest styes ft to 12
5.000 lluiidsom Soul King 3 to 8
2, .100 Seta Jloaorn Rtuds 2 to 6
1,000 Gold liens & Gold holders. ... 15 to &5
2,000 tets Jet an i Gold pin A ear- -
dropa, latest etyfea very rich 6 to W
2,000 Gold Thimbles. Pencils, otc. 4 to 0
10,000 bold 'Cns, r silver eaiea.... 4 to 8
10,000 " " . Ebony holdura-... 4 to 0
T his entire list of bountiful und valuable
(foods will bo Bold for Onk Dollik eaeh. Ccrti
ticatos of all the above articles wi 1 1 be placed in
envelopes, and eulod. . These envelopes are
sentoy mail, a ordered, without regard to
choice. Untie receipt of the certificate you
will see what you are to have, aud then it is at
your option to send the Dollar and Ul a the ar
ticle, or not.
Five certificates can be ordered for one dol
lar; eleven for two dollars; thirty for fiji dol
lars: sixty-five for ten dollais; and one hundred
for fifteen dollars. W o will send a ainirle Certi
ficate on the receipt of 25 cents. Agents wanted
to whom we ofl'er special terms; end 25 cen'is
for one certificate and our circnlar with orra. i
Box 4270 No. 88 Ueekman Street
May 25tli l885-8mo Kuw York.
Cejf to auiiouucs the uoinplotlou. for imrnejia'.a
uoiivecy to t-utwribrm, ot heHnpcrb
Steal-Hue i.ag:ilu,
From tho ortvini.t mtiht i l.v tlo... .li
liuiruished Ar ins,
It l f arlofsod an a work of 'Art hr fiual of
miiiflil tilt.it , ns u-.ideLceJ by '.he i-iiiuioussuli
joini'd. i i
"A vi.ry plsin)f und happily eecutd wotk
- an ciriiMi.g ol rnro benuty."
l.T. C'KX, WIMFU'.LO&COrr.
"Cnr.liot bo ountt-luida-eii v ithol.l uu ii.. n uii.
cd Iovb ol even publir i d piivun. vir'nie."
i-r iti.u bcit ra.
tj;: AI;lllilIs.:lo, wv ouk.
"U In indeed a beautiful tpcclmen of A".'"
ruri). j , in in u.
"I iitn dul gh'fd itii tli Ei;criivii.o: It
full justice to tu.i nobl s hlmp'icity and d;siiiir;
wl.icL ia l. a gloat char in ol i'c .n-'i:re."
t lf.D. K. L llLKCIl L-
iion. wji. li. si;u aud.
'Oil'ui in) conifiutulHtiou nptn the putrlof-i-m
un.l Kood l,i if rliown.und ujou the eucvtw
till cj.ciiliuii nf the woik "
" Adept my coi jrratnlstions upon the toiuple
Ion of this very Ocaiilitul woik."
a. lincoln.
ii;:nky w. loniiFklluw.
"B ati'.fudy nictitiid Accept, niy Y
ictiie Jour succus-.''
H.W. L'l.N'fi FELLOW;
Folly mori'.u Ihe hii.li iiooulu ns it liss ro -eivid.''
W. i. ii I . til d.. Jn.
M.ii- inni'i. Iff ni Lii e Ki lu'iavliif U
'd lir-' tlini il fti, fin4 Alu.ticnii huhjcita,
o be Is i.td a li i ei.r uli of w hich w II ha
rui.al works, in. d ot the iiijjhtM tiJm of
inoiiic, at thu lnw price ol
Five liisuAns
which indU'loafren H.'nils loi to tlioUiillory f
mo .i.---'-!! ion li l u 1 1 iinr b mm mj ,ijtcrtiHt
Twciili' Ul.i.un..d llnlluia tvi
I'aiiill.iK t
md other works i t Ait lo bo I'lilHN'l KD o
ihu uu(.ribr for IheCcneni Ydii ugi4vi0
Ncao'iationa wi u oist uguiah d artisii. f r'
rfoiks lor future ,V"..r- ihh cs me .,ow poi.ilio.
ccurilg vo tho ti..biib it, li .ujuviiica v'
liiiiiona.it'.:, U.'iinly, O ipiu illtir Ar l.lue
Copies i of thu ' tt'iirti'htjtt rtet.'iurt, a Vuhitt
ii Mr Vi-W .' jCn .'..' ma liu scon ur Wi...
i.iahs l.vniMT's Boston; HitktH l'titi.io"
Wav, B.ilrinioro; .Uata 8 Faiii.k v. W,.m,
I'lolu.K-lpliin, I'lill.p.V hul.'MoN, Wshint i,
C. Illi.t nvooKi.. Cliicitfo K. W. Caiik.ii.i., A:
lo. CinciiiiiHii; Pattis A I.a Tui., rH. Louis;
uc O.nirij oi iho NaiionaL At Association.
.Hi und M l Broii iwu) New York, nlsfi vi the
iiiiici ul Art Storca iu evry city iu U.
The knirrnViiiK will be lo; n arded, securely
.iicl.cl in k sirorig tube, upon recoil-' or FIVE
. i 1 1 1 0.1 I . . . . . i ' . ...
j i"l 1. KM, ..Ireiuid I., ih- Aeliiur) at fin
cr:c.- u.- al.i.vo, m li,.x 4is. Post utile
r, a hi
It cuu ji.ii h unturned of ihu uicril.
irie iiS'
ill A lit of the iSntioiial Art
O.J. LILLlNGlit'lisr,
Mc Arthur Uiiio.
lS-iiO tl
M A N U V A C T O 11 Y .
ifcAKTKtn, Ohio.
KEKI'' constantly on l.aud and aionul'a.'t.irj
to Or lor. evi rv variety aim Dty,c of
which for workman i m. l utockwill coinrare
uh any simiior work iu Southern (Jlro.
ALSO. Harness ii irie aw I'nubie '.,
from iho pl.a.i st to th.i tl.i.'st n ouu'cd. Also
everi vi.riety 0' K din,, l.rnllts umI llMlterH.
Al I cl h ih Kill bci Id st the lonest cuth Ijl
nros Ciil and p.v.uuiiiu stock ou bunds.
iluy Li lc.i5.-2 mo.
Alexiindor Yi ndorfoid, O. ardisn M'' John
aud Aunity till Gravis, i, a ...I i i-
heirs i.i William (IMlVcs hie ol Vint, n county,
dewared, lias tiled his accounts for li.sneor.iim
and sultloiiii'iit.aii.lthut ;liesam.i will bo jais
cu upon on the 17th day of June 1 Sii3
1"! - 3r Prl,t...l,l...
Notice to Tax Payers.
VOT1CK is hereby gicvn that tha lists of all
11 ascsnicnts trade nndei t&u 1nnrti-l
uu.' laws of the l'nit-d Statos, made and tiilton
witoliillio t'ourt of Viiitnn. mH i.lm ifiuu.u
l.'ol.icti.iii district of Ghio. will h ,ln.v,..i...,i
at tlinolh'cu of Henry Payne assistant Hsn,
iu tho Town of McAr.hur', County aftresaid',
and th' rs lutr open f .r i iuiniimi;..,. v, ,i.
idgliUi day of Juno to the tenth day of June,
inclusive. A.D.. IBGo. On Ilm la. I. -n.i un.1
liuys of June, appeals will be received ahd da-
er.iiineu ny trie assessor id u id diMii.it, rela
uvu to eroneous or ex. essive a-iossmmir
and returned tn him by the assistant assessor! a
and for said county. All spp. Us. m a,'0reid.
must be made in writing und nuts., speoifythe
particular cause, nwtter or thinir, respcctinir
which decision is required. j-khiub;
xr t0.c
Jy j1'.15-8 "'r 1 Hit District O.
r HE tax payers of Vinton County, are horebv'
uotitled that the Tux Duplicate for the last
half yea-e taxes of - the year 1884,. have been'
placed in my bands for collection, t'pon all
luxes not paid on or before June 20to 1S65 tha
law imposes a poiialty of five percent I'wiir
be in atundnnco at the Treasurers' office in Mo '
Arthur uutill thut dato, to receive
May 11th 1305-Ow.
Morris Albauah Ruardian nf Tt'iii: n
England, has tiled liis accounts and vouchera
or inspection and filial tettlement. and that tha
-ma I . . I k. - 1 .' . . - . . I .
ame win pe icr
Hearing 2otn dav of
Aprll27 1835-3. liiban Jidga

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