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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, June 29, 1865, Image 1

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J 'IL.l'J.'Mny
rA V ' V'S
'-' i ft
.1 iii
Till. L'JMON. -
VOL. 13.
NO 47
JjjuvAivi'' i fc w " ' t .
lt Jilt rtbur J)cmotut;
CLWnSi' 1,'tJWlT TUORiuiT Ba
li. A-. BRATTONv: ;
la Uratwn'i nullum, lector Court
lloiie, Ui) Stain.
Ti Df. .a will b tent one y w for ' Two
L iUr: Ui Montlis for One DolUr) Three
onth, for Fifty tenu. '
j-All pjpr will diHContloueJ t tb
-..ittionofthe time paid far.
TEIIM3 KOlt AUVEPnsl.lU. v
OfcefimiaTe'onelnKortion " li ..
tohaditionlinerlloo, .
' C.rdnoneyeer, . 8 ,u
Notiooof ppolntn.n'ol jwinli't
Mi, Oufdia& id Ex.mitore ,00 .
AUcliroeiUnotiC9 before., r. , u
Rdltorinl notice per Hue, V
Tenrly nUaniemenU wUl bechergol 60.
t.r cl'ma per nnm.
Andln proporiionnte r'e for-leet then a
Ki.lumn. end. fr lcrtinie. '
&" Ton liner, minion ohuued one (qnnre.
ni ll AJvcrtlnmenU r 1 Legal Noticen munt
btpvd In edvtjpe.
X-9T The above t 'rnl'mml be omn plied wUh
t jTAll imymon munt bo mnide to Ihe Pro-
f jtor, wo h it Bu ent
The Deaiocp a J o) Office.
We are piipnt4 toeiecate "th nontnen,
llapatcb and at pricea t' U defy eompelltloa,
all kioJe oftJcb Workrjuoh a . .
; 6IIOW lilLLS,
; iubteus.
PI?nflT? A PS
Bll.LIlliATS. '
t.UUNKSof all KlNIiS,
' ...:.- ,LAB:LS, &C..&C.
it ai a'trll and beconvlnccd thot w loan
nd will 1I0 printi ii houpor for I'AaH.tln u un)
tther oa'.ul lUhintiit til Uiiao:Uun nl oo mtry
K. A. '.iiini'ii. - ivf.
0KST.1!LG cl SI11VIJ,
AMoi-inyi al .1 aw,
CUlmAriiHa, Rial E-tw AgoiiU and Con
vyncra. MrArthur, Vinton Co. 0.
Otfic i o-i M i StM-H. two door t itst
of. E. 1) DihIxNM.hC.
Will at'onJ ir it '. ly ' nil ' ' ' " 'IV
t j Mnir tr... it Hi j (".Villi ok of 'N 1')
avO, f ik.-nnd PH.i'o, . .
J u it 11 ii r v' '."M "fifi -tf,
A 1 1 o i- V I Law and
ht.ll li-OHKod by tl.o U. S., for '.lie piirnnn
I will uttcii l 10 tlm pro".-nii"ii tum foilmtiuti
if ovirr dojripfion of clniina eirniiiat tli
fnitod StBto,i'id i'.'..ita of Ohio, lauludiug tin
Vutun rind cluiniK.
Jlountlfi mill rri'iiriiui! "fray
PENSION for woimdud and dil.lcl sj
Alur nn I eoamitn nml for tho lndr. of fol.lior-
nd amunen trim bitVB diod nnd honn lii'.lud ii
the i"rvlco. I would any to my fiiuniU. tl:
kowill itttond promptly W tho.r buniue-ia ami
mojjruto t'jr n.
.1 I .ix I Is n. t
.tllrroy at aw,
Two dours Eait of
D. Dodges'
Ildving iiiiil re- overe-l from a prvcre at
tack of the "Oil Fever,' which ruused
t rnporHry abfenre Irmn lu.s ollice. tuhrs
pleasure m annutiiiciii to Ihe public that
ho U Hgain at Ilia iosl, where he may be
found t .ih times ready to o ive prmni t at-
t.entiou t'i Ihe varioui branch's ol Ins pro
f.'Minu in ihirf. un I h lj lining Couiiiica. (
Jim. Oth. I5'i5. 3 -mo.
uUati I FS HI hli IM I
viii mi uww
TliU House Iron Is on the Steam Bunt
adding, and near th" Kulrniid Depot. No
jiains will begpared for the aeeoinddaiinn
lb Gta?Jt. .
ipnt. . Sfi3. Ivr.
A.ISAUl VlJr It .U I)
1.1 1,1
SIcArllnir, Oliii),
Will attend promptly and carefully to
the pracoce of their profession in all its
BURGErty. J?)
an. 5th, 13b6. tf. -
All.orncys al Law.
MoARTI10.lt, VINTON Co. 0.
WILL attenit to all leeal bn inea intniated
to their euro In VI Hon, Athen. Jaokjon, Koaa,
llockin amlaljoiiilnj cormtiea.'
Pertijulor attontion friven to the eol1ect.n
cf aoldirrs claims for enioiM. Bonntiea. ar
rears t f.pay &o.. airuiriBt the lu itod Stutetot
Ohio, including tloriran ruid cluira.
April 14th 189.1. lyr
Do yon want WhUkera or Moin-Uchtt Our
OfJan Componnd will force them to grow on
. 2'?l0nr,e,,( race or thln- 0T hair on huld hoade
n Six W e- pjico .1 oo. Sent br mail anT-
wnere cios ' ,1,. on receip- of .pricet
Addrets, WAt;KR, & CO., Bo 133,
Brooklyn, V. Y
ren, ui, i w
the nrr-hMln( Da BAPtlAEti i the Ut t
iucMli wh all oiben h tilW.
All wko h brtn nnfurlnntta, ill whna road hopat
htre Imnk dlnappointMK frtuhed, ud t)Mtd, all iche
hT bwn K-ducril l j lulw pruuilaM end iocolt, til wha
tax tw a lwiTail n.i trldud with, all go lo him for
tdric tnd to ft Mtbfoctlou.
It mM yonr niuiuriiiuMi Jw twy, n nun id
Ftpof M and ruaiora. All alio ro In doubt uf th Boo
tioiitof tbnw ilwylun coutull him to ri'lleva ud Mtbr.
lH.tar mlurii, and tu Bud out If th.tr brig-tit tud warm
liopt. mil t nsiinra.
II. hu th. txent of winning the aRectlnu of Ik
pppwlt MX. II. kuIiIm tlio Hugh In a woallhy and
bappr marrlK, and niakoa th. married luippjr. Hli
aid and adTk ha. lollcitinl In loounwrabU la.
itancM, end the ruajt 114 alwajr. btwo
To make thiugt uiort lure, b. will alio yoa th like
It. will toll yon tli.tr clmimttanoM and llielr fntnfa
froapKta; and vtliat la Mtrr tluin aU, lie cud tall jot.
lU.ir inOUtflllB alia U I T iqiKaimu. m.w
IliiilitJ lj llimfiM. a aiini rfrtnandnti...
Toalllo biitlnran liiawlvlrcialurulnnkla. li.eaaror.
Ml, with tli. irrratrat cartainlT, His mnlt of all com
siarolal and btmlui aa tranaai'tiuna and aauliitlmt. Dr.
ftnpharl hitrprfla drvanii hT lotterj uunibon with Ua
kiHun accuracy.
fvari allUout any extra cburgo.
Df. RAPHAEL will mat your Ilornaenp. or wtIU
toar DMlTllr. Kvary man, llmnith tin liith and
I s.l. - .1 1... 1.. l..,.lr .n.l ulin Mil
lloroacop., and nat Dr. Bapliael'e
bvi en in UH WVlt.lt ll.llllll w III I'U.bu.biv..
WIHHa Wfiuwa 111 via ii a a wr
pecta in sue,
It wilt aulila Mm to wcallh. .uilnanc. and tmnor.
Thomau.trt of good men, who aura nnfnrtmiato and nn
luccaHinl In llielr linnliH'aa luitn woo oishu uura, ano
who atriifotte'l attAiiiat athcralty and nilnfortun the
greater part of thfir Uvea, ami who found the worn they
triad to got for surd In the world tin) moro tlilnge woat
ajulnit tbem: TIi.m men nut Dr. )luihaol'a wrilte
opinios upon their future pniaacta lu life. All tboa
who wl ly followtnl Dr. Unphai'l'i advice are now
InaUthnlrnndertakinn; while thmo who were blinded
fcy prejudice and iKiioiatico, nilrcluU bla adriui aro atlll
bborlug agHloat a4vnl:y and Kivcrly.
II. aiiiurcd
ar. within the reach of til. If yon w lull to be rich anl
happy you M ill commit bim also.
Ila haa th. gift, and run tell tin) afflicted lb. cane, ol
Ihnlr diaenra ami ennVriuir, llu can alao Ml whether
lhay ran bo cared or not, tliiu) anvlng tbo aOliclod both
Ironbla and cxpenw.
Coinulutlona daily, ftunday excepted, 00o houat
from lo A. M. to a. r. M.
All luterviewa are atrictly prlrat. and conllil.ntiaL
Tliarcfore w. auy, go ouo I go all I aud conault
The Astrologer of the 19th Century,
S-T Personal Intorticws granted lo Gf ntlem.n only.
all Ktiainf.ua with
la be done by letter.
aTPeraont at a dlitanoa may eomrannloata mam
axNTiALLT by letter, If lhay IncloM ONK DOLLAR, fcf
Coniiiltatinn F, In aaeh letter. All latt.ra, comma,
nicatlona, and Interriewa, ar. atrlclly prlvat. and eon
ftlaDllal. No anawer will be flveo to hitter anleea 00
dollar i IncloaMl at a Coneultatioo Tae.
Addrau all Utter aa rollowa:
Let It be clearly an.
dfritnod that lb. prlr named al a conaullatioo fe pay
r a coniiiltallon only. It doc not pay for th Doctor'
written opinion of your future proaperta in life. It dose
sot pay for wlnnim; the affrctiuiieof the oppoait aex,
rwr for th. cmiauninmtiou of a happy marriage, nor f
doing aii uthtr biwiueai named in the aliOT. vlv.rtia.
tnent. T'he Doctor hiuia Sxed price for doing each aepa.
mla buihuM. In youi conaultutlon with the Doctor, yon
iMirn how yon can rvallni tho fond hoi niarwt yoni
heart ; you are ttij.l how yon can get all you want, and
bow your l.mlniffl oiitfht In 1 dono an ihnt It can Dn
till, lie will fori'trll wlmt la your DESTINY. In lliort,
be will tell what ii Wforo you, etc.
Catttion to the Public.
Dr. TV. Tlanhnel, the AtroInitnr, baa DO connectloa
with rilOKKS!UKor Dr. W. M. lUphwsl, orwltliany
othur grntlemun of Ihe aamo uamo.
axiTOnt thla ajlverlliwnient out. Whan ynn conje,
tiring It with yon ami ehow It to th. girl who open "ha
door. To prevent niiatakoa, aak to
And kxru that a porfi ct and radinil euro la warranted
and guaranteed to all alio ar.alllictMl wilh weaknrM,
oi ui'p, Kit mi Diemory, lwii or ihtkt una muscuaar
fower, puny urowtlt, Wiwlltift wity, anil want uf con
fiilnnca in thi-mlv(!t, tnlhUnu tit., contqlsive trem
llliiK't tnipntonce aitrl HiMpiwi of lift.
Burnt) phyiiofum rwiilr to W told the nnttirn uf yonr
cot. Hi perfect knowltilgu of the human ntomnabt
Mm In oVrjcrlhe the dimMi4 wiihont any to format ion
fioro the jatlcnt, to explain 1(4 original ennwt, and to
gmrante lu euro. And, what is more viilimLleitill, ha
will honoftly and frankly It'll whothur yuii can be cared
or not. All bin communication and intciviewa are
trletlv private and confidential.--Medical Journal,
the Butanio Kouediei of Dr. JUphael, tho EoRllih
Dotankj i'byiician, never failed yrt to ninkea perfpt,
radical, and ptrmitnent cure of ALL HtlVATK, 8E
CIlKT, AND VKNKUKAL DI8EA8K8, without .ha uao
of Mercury, without himJtrance from buinia, and
wilhoat foar of dincovery or exKure. h'o deadly poi
tons, cuch aa araenic, bhx vomica, opium, or twy other
poiauiia, ho mvrcury nor any dra-ily minerals nothing
but purfly Volahte Jiotantcal lie mod it are used by
this wonderful Botanic rhyiician. Ilia Botanic Rome
dievnerer yot fciiled to cure the most obstinate and too
moat danHroiia caaM, and to remove all mercury and
other linpuritioa from the lyitrrn whou all other Hcmo
diff had uiimt.-fairaJ Journal.
INO ilABRIAGE. Ilfar what the Baltimore corn,
pondeiit of the Oddfellow, Boonaboru MarlaDd, said
on Thunday, the3lat of May, ItitX):
' Nnmoroni curea of dUwtac cmiiaod ty early Indtecra
Hon having been perfonuud hy tbo Kiiglinb BoUnic Phy
iclan, 1 foe I it myHlaty, havinjr a kuowh-dKo of them
lo it ate the fact, believing that lu doing eo I may do
errlce to the attnVring. One cane in iwuticular that
of a youug man In thia city ia worthy of note. He had
become the victim of a habit, the mere Allusion to which
ciutfl aahnddor.and after yeara of ufferiuKnd doctor
ing gave up all bop of recovery. He wiMhed to marry,
ud waa dearly beloved by aa aweut a girl aa ever lit d
word- of affectlou, but bewaa fearful, uervoue,and pr
He darwd not wed on account of the buttered
.utaofhla.v.lam. Heaonebt roliaf at theh.nil.oflh.
Botanic Tliyiician, anil, aatuniibing aa it may mm, alt
tb Doom and vii;or of loutli baa relnrnotl, and b
Maw th. bappjr fatbnr of a pair of bright boy.."
flalnt, can call on tb Butanio Pbyaichanconfldoutially.
Jtoy who ar annvrtng, do matter what tnoir eora
anjy Biav my npon rauor. tita umr, ia ac
Blanks Justices'
' V x iqU ftntfice, Ohw, )
. i . June&th 1665
'' ' t. V. C, Frnwe vi purchased
the entna interest of O T- QunhiiiK la thf
late firm oi Frief, GdnoitiR & Co., the
undersigned will continue the business ol
manulsttiitinff Fin Iron tinder the fiim
mme of f raee &, llamlltort, and will set
tie the btwintas- of the late firm:
n.W.C. FRZ?F1,
June 8. 1865- U.S. HAMILTON
Eaole Fur it ace. Ohio.
June 5ih 1865. )
The Co partnership heretofore eisti-ig he
tween the underpinned under the firm name
nf Fbaz'ek, QuKNiffo & Co,, is tliij ilny
dissolved by mututl vnnsent.
June 8, 1SG5 4w M.S. HAMILTON,
SIcArtiiur, Ohio.
KEKPSci.ni-tiiiiily on hnnd ami maiifffastara
tu i ider every vnrie'y ar d atjle of
liioh for workm m-lil ai.d utooli will com pur o
villi any xiiuilur work In Hmithuro Oloo.
ALSO, lUrnoiw rimrle utid i'm blc :,
ro.n tho I'luinoKt to tlio fl-teat m-mitfiil Alao
very variety uf K itlnir Jlridloa uiul Iliiltnra.
l I i f whcli w ill bo a. ld at the loivcat CUsli
ur)K Cull uiul t'Xiinino atock ou li.nid.i.
May 111 13'. -3 mo.
F A M I L Y fj K OU E U Y
J. W. CILD-iVtl.t.
(One Doon East or the Covrt IIuvse)
lv. eps on I111111I, and fur in'-, P,imily Grore
rieaul ull kind-, uii'l best qn nil if s Al-u
Su-ja r Cured Mams Mean Pork. Dried Ht-ei.
mil othef ariiclos in ihe Pruvinicn line.
It)c-Crc.un Sa'oon
V are fining up an lee-Crenm SaliMn,ln
coiinecliuii with our Gioccry, where Ladies
:ind Gentleiiien cm Im a'l iilied dming the
day ami evvuitij. Fdinilie., ruppl icJ oil
nber.il terms.
A larse q intitity of I-e on hsnil, end for
siile, between six andeiht o'clock every
morning iniiill furtliLV imlice.
c'uaively, and keep no aecouma. it is liopfd
our liitn.ls will not ask forirust, for, hovr
ver tlisiijrreeanle it imiy be tons audio
-hem. we w ill lw rotnpclied 10 reldse. Our
onoilg nre 'old a Oil li P bb the siine S : 1 i -rles
rail be i-hta ined in t is iii.irket, nd we
i;'eref;rec..nni.-n.ly licilll.e pat,o.,u-e o'
COUNTRY PRODUCE taken In ex-clihn-je
for Gmeeries
May ltth 1365--ly
I HE N.N 1 11 Nt HON AL 15 Ng.
riSCAI. Af.-' M i ! liiK UN tl
VndSpkcial AOaM OB.!Y C
' m
vViII .1 j iver 7 5
. rtsi in all
'. 'ii iif ui ,h
. it i an J !!.
. i 1 1'i'iit. ii. cr-.
I uboriiiii
,.Miiutlr fill 'd
ii. .i Kr.M of chaiato, liy ex
t hu o uii'rT. h ii. I rucoiio
. n N.-w y'rl. Philmlul--urrii'
iiiii. an I ail tl .'.
. ok. twtli in'er-jfi to ilme
r a r iw u I by mail will bo
Thii- b.ma reUiiiVi:. the acentmla of Bank'
, s, it I Hanker m t'.tv .ralilo tunii-j alio of indi
iiiiik kouiii'ij No v Yurk aoooiu ii.
J. T. IlILL. i.Vh'r. J.N. OUV18 Prea't.
m trch 2, 'iii- 'M"n-
VTOTICE hereby (rivetl that tho CommiMio
irated. ,J fc iit.: -,:n i
' ner of Vlliton Lounty.Ohio, will mCt io
Zalw-ki MaduonTownatnp on
&itmdy tc22-A day of July 1865
At ton o'clock, P.M.. on said day, for the
ioriue o- letting to tho lowest rer-p-miblo bid
der (he bulldiiiK of a Tenia Bridge at (In
croifiDK cf Kaecoon Creek at or near tbo
r-oiith east end nf Commercial Stroet where the
PiaUavilie aud Zalivki Koad orwnea and alao tbi
Road 'tending from Zuleaki to I'ackarda Mill in
Kuox 7'owoebip.
J.y order of Commiaaionerf
U. C. M COKE Aud'r V.Co.O.
April 13lb:J-6w.
President Johnson and
South Carolina.
The ddlr-gation fiom Runtli Caroli-
na. coniisiiufl of the following inunt.-d 1
(ivraons, had, laid this aftoi ihib, an
interview, by appointment, witli Iht
I'reBiJent: Jnclgo 1' rost Nunc E.
Holmes, Oinrjde W. Willwnif, W,
11 .Gilltt, J. Ij. Btcnunoyer, Frt'tltf
ick rR?cliarrlr3, William WI'iiK-v,
.famuli Taylor, II. II. Gill, and
Joe. A. Yatea.
The President caii it .was Lis in
Uii'iu'to talk p'ainly. so tlicnt mihr
1 no inisuni!er8tundiiir. Therulore
it were letler tliey should lunk each
atht-r lull in the lace HiuVnut imitHte
aiiciuiit arnuura, who, vvliun t lu; y met
ina uiiotiiL-r, covld ei'nilo at 'lieir sue
trt'KS in deceiving iieoinu. He said if
h a Union was to hu ireaorvuii it
imistUson tlm jirmciila 01 I'ratenm
t ; both the Northern and Sniitln-rn
Slates nirtiritiiinii) cor t .1 i 11 relations
o tlittOiiverniiRMif, A State cannot
ct'iont of the Union, and, tliuruhire,
n-.ue o( tli-.-m l.avo yet tfor.o out, I
Wo inoet ui'Ul Willi thu question o
I'tBtwrat ou Hii-I fi:t ol ruc-iuatiuctio'ii.
- lie PttdpuctcJ hu wii8 h lifttur
8utob' rights iu in tlui-i eoine of tlu-eu
n-iw prvsvot. Iio ul.vityi tli-uht
-thtV'.-ry c-.nl'J n it ba eutaiiiul niitvti.i
ol fio (JuiMtitiitiyii id tliu Uuitiiil
ahitcs, mil tiiitt vtnjiiv3vcr tii. uxpjr
inn-Ill Writ 11 lU lo it T .ul'l htj ii(-t.
VVhi-tii r.t c-iiiil nr n-t, hu wia lor
liiu Uiinui. un I il i!avtf:'y vf i-Bij f iii
(iciunr-il the (I'.v. nmif nt, llu- Gcv
eiu in lit mint trimiijili tu I -Livery
l.iiah. Tlm iiiBtiniti-iii of tlavery
wa-i niu-le thy i-mio, Htiil wo n itituu
wvll meet it like wisu uiul patriotic,
and h)i) 8t mi.-n. All iuetituMoiiB
iinut Ih) eiib -rdiuatu tu tho Govern
ment, and Hlavery has givon way.
llo coulil until ho w-mld ri-man-i it
to its luruur dia'ua. Ho knew that
omiiiu whom he now adress-j-l louke I
upon him as a great noophs man,
and a radical, hut however unuii ud-
ant it ti'iyltt ho to thtn:, ho l-iitl no
inrsn.n id:i in s:iyin i imi , ijL'i-ire ann
al'er hu entered public life, ho war)
"ioaud to tnuiiojioliL'8 and iH'ri't;ii.
tivs am! entails. For this he used to
lie denounced at) a iliina-jngue.
We bad a inonnjioly S null in rjlaven.
riiouh ho had bought and held
.hw., ln ha I ii. vei ooid i-ui'. From
Migna Chnttawv liud ilvrived our
ideas ol IreC'loni of buwucIi, liberty ol
clio press anil unreasonablo eeairhes,
and that rivate property Bhoiild not
)u tak-.-n fur public uses withmit just
toinpetisatioii. He had these notion?
ixoJ in his mind, and was theicforc
opposed to a clouu leK;slaiion. Ue
i ii 5 pi-vidcntially brought to his tire
ent c-4iditiun, ho intend oil to ex .rt
ihe power and itifluefco ol tho fov
ernmeiit. bo as to pluco iu power the
popular heart of tlm nation. Ilu
proceeded on tho princip'o t. at the
rat masses are not the muslirootiH
about h btutnp which wet weati'ibr
lie btleiveii that Ibis nation was
ent on a groat mission to hfTud an
example of Ireedotrj and tMihstan
iial happinebS to all the powers ol
he enrih.
t'liu Oonftitntiou of tho Unitml
V:ae8, in bpnikin ol persons to be
chiwfii as liepies'nta'ivts iu Con
ites. B.t'3 that the elector in each
Vatc s. nil have ihe tjiunUMtins ro
tjiiisite lor fh'i'tors of tho most nil
mcroui brunch of t!:o vj'ate L-gisla-tar'.
Here we find a rcting place. Thiri
vus the point at which the rebellion
comm. peed . All the Stutts were in
ii.e Un" ii, moving in harmony, but
nj i.ti.n ol them rebelled, and, to
me i xu nt, siispi nded nod puraly
i .1 tn. oi mi anoin ol their UoVi-rn
in of ,
I'liere is a C"ti-linti .nil obligation
es' iig ,'. "ii 'li lTnited Sinti's Gov
.'limn nt t i ut il iwii the rebellion,
-iipp.ts int-iirit euon iitid to retl in
vasioii. Tbo slaves went i tit the
war, hs 6lavea, un I came oat free in en
f color. The trictitin of the rebel
lion has rubbed out the nature and
uharacter ol -lavtry. The loyal men
who were compelled to bow and sub
mit to the rebellion, should, now that
the rebellion is end. il, stand tqiial to
ti.yartm n evety where Hence the
vi oh of reBtoratiou, and the trying t
4et buck the States to tho point ai
vtbicli they formerly moved in per
uct harmony, lie did H it intend to
ie:ve any particu ar clique or interest
lie would eaj to tbo delegation that
slavery is gone as an institution.
There was no hope that tho people
A South Carolina could be admitted
into tbo Senate or House cf Ripre-
eentaiived until t Ley lia 1 nil irk-.i;..
1 Itnco ly tlioi'tpnduct. m t'.is tmili.
Tlie i'Iiv, iiow tlntt t!is n litlii ii
enn'eJ, U not to reatt.re tU tnie
'"Vciainmii luraffi mi narj ri..,
but the pi o'ilL'. Wliilo tliir w.tr Inn
emanc:utt'u a Liri; ntiiiibiirol sluvt-it
r.. has 1 nf u nyi 1 a-tI itiirjn MiMiiur
white ni2ii. lie wh.M tilk i s j.la
as tli a tlolegiitinn had, iiiJfail that)
wi.8 what the) desired.
lie could tr" to inni ttho hn l iwn
ed fiity or rMttidred aiuvi.8, mid who
did not care as iuik'Ii lor the "i r
white man i they did for tho 11 ro.
Those who owmd ihe land have the
capital to employ ludp, id, liie.'i'l'ne
someofinr Hurt hi ru frit fids f.ro !-
Ciifed when il.uv. Iiitis a far 1 fl.
il.ink they cmi ix-'rciao n .'lvatefc iii
fri'l over tho I reed nun ihtn the
Si tiHiern men. who flavo l etn reared
where the iiirtilution cif'slavrv has
Nov, he dif not want tho lute
slaveholders lo control 1I10 Bfjrro votes
BL'ainBt white men. 1a t each St ite
J"'0 of '"p'iitory -f its own Vm
li'ica. ;iower. lie was for i tn incipa
tion. He win for einancii at'iig the
white mini us well us tho hhtek.
Mr. ll.hiii naked, "la nut that ul
together HCi'oinplishcd
Tiie lVaidetit replied that ho did
not think the question Inl'y KftK-d
The question as to whether tho black
man ehall be engrafted in tho Con4i
tutiiui will l e co'lleil us wo 'o aUin'.
He oii'd not tlit;iiao the fact, while
he had been persecuted and detioiaie
ed at the South s r, traitor, he loved
tho great muss of tlie SJinhern peo -
.1. I . I a I 1 1 1 T
ple. He opposed ti e rebellion at its
breaking out, and longht it every
whore, and no wnt:ted the princi
pies of the Goveriuuciit carried out
and maintained.
Mr, Holmes interrnpted by saying:
'Wo want to get buck to the same
position us you de-cribc, and we are
without law no Courts open; rind
yon liava the power to assist in."
Ihe President replied "that the
Government can not go on unless it
i hiisid on rght TIhi people of
South Carol in:i mnt hold a C uiveii'
tii"i,and Hineiid their C n. titntion by
Bbolis'iing slavery, and tliis mint he
dono in good faith; and the Conven
tion i r Legislature mint adopt t!e
proposed amendment to the Couslitu
lion of the United Stales, which
prohibits and excludes slavery every
where." One of tho delegate? sai l: "Wc
are most anxious for civil rulo. for wo
have had mora than enough of tnili
tarv (lenpotniii."
Tlio President repnminj:, said that,
as the Kxiicutivo, ho cr.nld only t ike
the initiatory steps to en ibluti them
to do tho thing which it was.incuinn
bunt rip n them to perform Anoth
or of tlio delegates remarked thtt it
was uRt nmcd, in some parts of this
country, that, in coii. qnoiice of .the
rebellion, the Southern bta'es had for
fo;led their rights as members o' t!i"
Cotit'-deruey, and that if resforcti, it
C Hild bo only on certain condition,
ono of which was, slavery shall be
abolished. This could bo d'-ne only
through a Conveiitien. Tlio Presi
dent repeated, the trie. ion of the re
bellion had r n blind slavery on', but it
would bo be'tcr so t declare hy law
As one of the delega'eR hud just, re
mnMied, that ihe Conatilii'io!) did hot
abolish slavery, it were better to in
sert a clause antagonistic lu slavery.
Judge Frost t-aid substantially, the
obj 'ct of our prayer ia tho appoint
ment ot a Governor, i ho State of
South Carolina will ar-ccpt theso con
ditior.s in onier that the law aud or
der may be restored, and ihat enter
prise and industry may be directed to
nselnl ends, we tiesire restoration as
hour, as possible. It is the part of
wi-doiii to make tho best of circnin
stances. Certain delucions have been
I II I V. .1. . 1...!
iinpcneu i)) uiu rovniuuoii rtlir.in '
,i,. .1..,, ..I- nJ M.. .
...v. . , . ., c . u0 ,.i menc oi
ponticilstronoth h.,,l Vaoral power.
It .s very certain tha tbo old noti-n
respecting State,, riltSi , tie main-
tenance ot winch those win made tho
rebellion in South Carolina erred,
has ceasod to exist. Another dolus j
:on, viz; Ihat cotton h king, lias van-'Sophia
ished in a mist. Wo aro to
back with these notions dispelled,
and with a new system ol labor.
The people of South Carolina will,
cordially co-operate with the Govern-1
tnent iu making that labor fciToctive,'rlie
and elevating tho negro as much as
they can. It Is however, more a 1
work of time than tho labor el en-
thiisiasm and fanntacism.
The people of tho South have tlio
largest irterest in the queetion. We
.svsit'in u !nlior la to 5je inari!iirftte(i
ia."ber, bhhimI, nud diccrei't mdinent.
4ru .wrilin to c ojlorate lui gelliili,
i( tor no riii:fivr irttttivi-s. W have
laU-n tlht IUk r"j. iiicouiHged by your
kiii'iiii'rj, fu thro- hii ruijc'hfions, by
which tin- i.lity ot ilm. GuVeinmetit
will In; iu!6t Httrtlv and tflectnallr
jsuifrveu. irept Ht. that . the Deft
I!il iKi'itica artt ignorant. Their
mi in' tire much ii Uained with liberty
I hi v are aid In t'Mifonnd liberty wilh
icefiav Thfc'T jjieat idta iathttt free
do 11 'f)iiin ol't xempti.iti from work
We wdl lake in od luitli, and carry
out vi ur . inttii'iniM with zoul, and
h"Vi! I'-ir tli;.' I.H.M' ai.d rtonu will ru-
ice more than the people of the
A"iiiii. it emancipation proves sticces
ml. l'Veid'.'in to tho s'avd is freedom
io tho rii'irt'er pr ivided you supply a
inotire trf ritdustry, .
f Tho people of Suqth Carolina.from
i lclity to honor, have 'mbiuittcd to.
jreat sucriR, They endured all. . ;
Wro are defeated and ctitupiej'edljy )
the North, who are too strong torus, '
fhe same gO'yl faith wlnisti auimated .
ihetnin the contest will not be want- .
ing in thoir pledge ol loyal support
to the Government. There may grow
out of tuiii, blebsi n.'s which yon have
not foreseen, and nome pleasing rays
now i 'uinine the horiz ui. Suppose
tlio oath of allegiance will be taken
with as much ununimity jit South
Ciirulina hs anywhere else, at;d we
wil Fu'iinit ti the condition of things
which Providence has assigned, .and
eiideuV)r to Udievo all discords liar-
ino'v not understood, and partial
evil universal go...!. Wo cheorfnlly
a - .
accept the measures rccomrnended,
and would tliault yourto Dominate, ht
your convenience, a Governor to car
ry out tho wishes you have eniiressed,
! : i ... i . ,
i leuioeru jiinueoc usaeu lllc uele-
gates to submit who they would pro
'i r lor Proviii .nal Goveiior. To this
they replied thty had a list of men,
viz- McUiabaty, Hoyee., Coiiuaumg,
late Governor, ant l! J. Perry, All
it" t limn were spoken of as good men,
but who had been more or lots tnvolif
id in thrubi II ion, Mr. Perry was
a District Judh-e ii. the Confederacy
until a tew weeks before it Collapsed,
and is toti.l to havu always beeu a good
Union man and a gtutlemaii of strict
integrity. T h a people cortainly
would rofp.'ct him, and he could not
tail tu be rtccepud.
The Piesi.l -nt said "iio knew II -nj,
IVrry well, having served with him
iu Ciiirefii. Tnero win no spirit of
ve.ngeuiico nor vindietiveness on tho
p irt of the G )veriinien whose only
JjRiio wa to restoru the relations
w.hicli formerly ixistod.. Ho was not
uo.v piepired to give 'an unswero as
to whom l u thnnld appoin, but Bt
tho Cabinet meeting next Tuesday be
would repeat the nubstauco of the in
nrview, with a hope to the restora
tion which tho Koht'.eoieu present
earnestly desired."
Tho tk'leg t'i in 6oetnod to lo much
pleased with the proceedings, and Hu
gered for Hi'tue time to individually
c Olivers; with Hie President.
,lut a (Jouveyaucers license. The
viu!llti0 of lnl-3 lftw U Tigltea iJj
a severe penalty before the LV tod
Stutw Courts,
A etrntige sort of porson, nameiil
Giboua died a few days ago at
eoine!rtinurir!L. down in Guernsey county
jOhio. It was always supposed that
ti e person in question was a female.
and for twenty five years the'pnblic
remained in ignoranco of tbo fact that
would bo woman was, in reality
a man. Not nntil after dsatlit was
tlio deception discovered, DuriDg all
that timo the m m had dressed as a
Import nt t JctT:0K9 op the
Phack. asi Or ie who draw Dkedj
am) Wili. nit 1'av. Soctiou 7 of
the Intel mil Kovetiuo Act, passed
March 3 1S05, irovidcs a9 foilhws:
Twenty six. Conveyancers shall
pov ten doliars for each license Every
person, other than one holding a It
cer.se as a lawer or clasm agent, whose
business it is to draw deeds, bonde,
moitages, dills, writs, or other legal
papers, or lo ixaunuo titles to real cs
t.ito, shall bu regarded as a Convey
ancer under this act.
It beiri;r no pa a of the cfiieial dot
of Justice or Isolaries Fudlic to draw
any of the above papers, excopt writs
in eotUe cases, it will be eou Ihat, un
less, they are licensed Attorneys or
Ll.iiui Ajjenls, they can not praw
Kifti tviiit. ia t,.r .mil nr 1 -v.i t
I-!-"-'" " 1-J "'wi.u. ionium
1 woman, associated with women, and
lad been employed n such in doius
oil 60rl8 rough bouse work from
p'.aeo t? plaie.

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