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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, June 29, 1865, Image 2

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8fy Hit Sitiuc'Scaiofint,
V. ll l V f TOX, t
.MoAiVrni:!:, oiiioT"
tk i its vv - - Jm"'i:
j I
1 11
Union meetings are Wiii.n:li.-M in
various parts '!' South Carti:iiu.
Tlii) Into Uoiifiil rato Sociiitiiiy df
tliu TrciiMirv, Trotiliolm, hus Iucti
committed lo Foit I'tiliuki.
Thuro vviio a tliUiutiitv luN-Iy be
tween tllO WililU USUI IH-MJ troops 111
Ul tn levin, in which a number worn61"'0
wounded on each bide.
The negroes in Columbia, S. (!..
liavo raided money, and piopmio In
j;et up ll dinner f'-r the Fedeiiii a i'd
icrs on the -Hhof July.
Tliu New Yew lierald s forros-
....ident savi that the FreednianV !
lhireau hasiiet apart a iaiu (j iauu
tv of confiscated land in the South
t. Ll t ll III! f I'llOJ
Not lew than 100,000 neKni.' are j
now eubdidtinsc on Uoveinmeut rn-
tiona in Virginia tilone.
The New lurk W orld'd bouth
Carolina correttpendent s.tyd tit?
deBolation in that SUfe, in the track
of Shernian'd armv, is awful, in
Coluuibi-i, 200 acna ol budJiuj.,8 are
iti luins.
John C. Urcckinridc is fetlll at
IlavAnt. It id said lio urca hU
IriuiiUto 8iio lor pardon of the
l'redidout, and will do o h.niaelf.
1ob t ("fllcss and postal communi
cations are soon to be opned through
out the Sou'h.
Democratic State Convention.
The Stato Central Cummitteo. ol
tho Democratic party met at, Colum
bus, on tho 22 1 inst , and resoh-ed
to hold a Stato Convention on tile
21th day of August next. All ribl!
Let ua have au early organization,
nnd a onion of all tho conservative
elements of the country, for tho sake
ofthe peaco and prosperity of onr
country. The great masics of 0111
people are opposed to consolidation,
extravagance, corruption, class hgis
lation, and Negro voters. Let the
doctrines of crjini'. rights and privi
leges to Negroes bo with tho "I'ully
for CcxV party, where it belongs.
It is not, perhaps, out of place here,
to call ou our County Central dm
tuittce to make a move towards cal
ling a County Convention to put a
ticket in tho field for our county, in
order that names may be announced
and a judicious choicu made. TheBe
thiug3 ought not to be put off too
long. L'it the motto be, "Organize
at once!" and success will crown
t'10 efforts of our move in the county
aud Stato.
The Direction in which the
Abolition Cat is Looking
to Jump.
The proclamation of tho President
in reference to Union povernincnt in
the reformation North Carolina has
6tiredupthe radical cUmont of tho
Republican party, in a way far from
agreeable, if wo may be permitted to
tho lcader3 talco on. Of courso
the cuuvitablo negro is at tho bottom
of the trouble. The President has
not recognized the colored "man and
brothci,"as an clement in reorganiz
ing Stata Governments in tho South.
That is regarded as the most damning
outrage ofthe war.
The Boston Commonwealth accus
cs tho General Government with liav-
inz 44bowed itsolt, crawled in abject
meanness, belore the cardinal priuci
pies ofthe rebellion." ihe Common
wealth is a loading Abolition 6heet.
Tho speakers at tho Emancipate n
League Annual convocation, which
opened its session, in lremont lem
cle. Bo3ton, on Monday last, made it
a pciot to show Andy Johnson their
. - 1 T II , 1.
teetu. juage iveny, a memoer 01
Congress from 1 hiladlcphia.gavo no
tice that the black troops would con
sent to no other teruiB than that they,
their wives aud children, uhould b
on an equality with tho whites ; and
would not lay down their anus and
let tho country violate every doctrine
of th? Declaration of Independence,
tverj pjincirde that uuderlies Ameri-
" tlu-n.ii.iitit.ii of "erla , am!
cm ;nit lu ijiu. it-i doclm-cl tliv.ro
sliall lo no politieii! puaco until it can
bo male o. tcruii as will phev)
tln rc-ijro on an t".pu!ity with tlm
Jwliltu man.
iiin Umso!l urjfail iiU hearors to
ai vo all tl-eT o!u riei to prevont tliu
:iuJ i'Uun uf any policy, by tlio G.!tm
ral (,i'vcrn itent, wiiielt should do
'privu tli.i lI.ie' niii'i of t!i j b.kllot."
Iv-(iovi f mr Unitwel! B-t liic
'pt'j.'i eoniirwliar in uJ vaiiLV uf the
eakcr'd vvfi li;i J procvudoJ hint.
lo decline I 'lio wouM iiiivt'i' ousiMit
tliu rt'ii lniis-n'i'ti of a Sturo into llu
. I'niuii, uti!i."M nndtT a constitution
which avo tlio n:;lit of t)iili'i an'ti to
Mack f.n woll in whjtii.tbo blue!; m:u
1 u.st veto, at ul i event, whutlu-.r the
whites did or not." llu fti;t;ptd.
iiilso, that, 'ut the Jiext eCSotlui o!
Coiiijrfsn, tliu tlit-lrids cowri-il by tin.
States o! S.nitii Carolina and Kli-ri-Id'u
.s'l'Mild be orsjan'. a new Terri
itoiiet', nod t l.o C 'IumI pvoplo invited
tattle there, uti'i build up States oil
ui.'ir own, ironi which nicy nitwit, in
few ycaN, eeiid bluck repicseida-
tive U Corures.?
fienatiir Vilsnn.oi M:i3?:i:!uisotl8,
said ''.lie Legislature ol Tennessee
hai passed, tlirntili "in) branch, u
law deradiii tl trie hiaolvH c l" thai
ii; vtojui ij 1 1 urn i"i'nu vi itiiiivooei
tbiVellier llHV;lnV IVC'iilutlt
jilllsofi, tiint 1 1 to II preHentatives o
IV ii n'. Sii-ie can not he received in 0--i:
l'tea with that law upon her stutn'e
book 8." 'Jhe l.alht, ho ihcland.
"'" bu put m the hauJa ol the b.aeli
K-sotiitieiis wero passed declaring
tiiuohaticaliv for neirrO bullViiirn . That
conitituted the iirdt dayd proceeding
1'redide.it Johinoii'd
ta.olma 1 ruclamation made
ltd iippearanco. 1 lie next clay the
proclauintion was received, when thu
cauldron of wradi boiled over. Mr.
Wendell riii.lipd id repo:tcd to have
"lie contotidud that Blavery was
iiboliidimi, ai d the reeoiistnictioti pol
icy of the Adminidtration, as set forth
in the proclamation lor the reoonsttuc
lion of North Carolina, was an abeo
luto diirreiidcr ol the litlm of the
Union into tho hai:da of A'ex. II.
Stephen, and hid co-woikers. The
condtruetioti on the banis was a urae-
teal fraud upon the North. Every
iiiti tiiiti t , i i v tiwiiiii 111 it iiiL.i 111:1:11
spent bad been etolen Iroiu thorn.
Thero was but one way in w hich the
pcopla could 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 tho iiebii ot uf
lairs, and that was a declaration ol
repudiation of tho entire war debt.
Such a party would have his voice
and vote uutil Cod called hi in hence
lio would constantly opposo every
step of reconstruction that did not
place the negro upon an abRolute
equality and level 'with tho white
man. Thero were" but two parties in
tho country tho sycophants ot Jell
J)avia and tho lovers of liberty.
Every man who supported tho Noith
Carolina lVoclamation was a Davis
sycophant. Hotter, far better would
it have been lor Grant to have sur
rendered to Lee, than lor l'residont
Johnson to hnve-eurrenderd to North
Carolina. . Lion. Ainasa Walker fol
lowed in a full endorsement of Mr
L'hillips's speech.
It will bo curious to watch th
w.rkinga of thia outbreak. It will
not bj loug in comiDg to a head.
to Jump. Grant's Humor.
One ofthe happiest qualities of our
late President was his humor a gill
which, no doubt, went very far towaid
enabling him, and thone around him,
to bear up under the herculean labors
tho nnpara'lelled flipconrgements of
I113 administration, (jiw. is a re
markably reticent man een moress
than wasMr. Lincoln; but thero are
not wanting indications that he re
sembied hitu in this pleasant trait
Id tho rapids of his frcu in Soutl
em Missouri, their rations were oi
ten scanty, and not very paLttab! ;
bnt the region was poor ami sparsely
dettled, aud, foi tho most part, tln.re
was no chanca of procuring food
from tho inhabitants of tho country
tircuJi which they wero passing
xt length, however, they emorgeil
into a better and more cultivated s.'o
tion, aud Jiieutcnant Wickham, of an
Indiana Cavalry regiment, who was
in command of the advance guard o
ciht men, halted at a farmhouse 0(1
somewhat moro comfortable appear
ance than any which thi'y had parsed
and entered the dwelling wttli two
Second Lieutenants. Pretending to
bo Brigadier General Grant. Im de
manded food for himself and staff.
Tho family, whoso loyalty wa
somewhat doubtfu1, alarmed at the
idoa of the Union General being on
their premises, hastily brought for
ward the best their house afforded, at
tho same tinio loudly protesting theii
attachment to tiio Union cauje. The
Lieutenants ate iheir fill, aud offering
to compensate their li03ti, were told
that there was nothiug to pay; where
upon they went on their way, chuck
ling at their adroitness in getting s ,
good a biiiDei for nothing. Soon at
ter, Geucral Grant, who bad halted
h army lor !i short rest a few miles
further biek, camo u , and, being
MttuT favorably impr. died with tho
appearance of tho farnihnueo, rodo up
t tho door mid asked if they would
co A' him n 1110:1'. 1'ho wuni.in, who
jr lidded tho fol idieady. I'urniehed
to tlio svl styled General und hid
dtatl, refbei trrall y; Not CJeiieral?
(Jnuit "lid h d flair. Ii i vo just beeO
here, and oiien evervthin in tho
li'iusn except oun puiiiikin pio,. .,,
"Ald"fcaid Craii'; what id )or.r
"t5clvidse," nntiwereu tiro womatr
Tosiin ii.-r ii hai!' dollar, tho Gen
crul Bdked, Will you keep that pie till
I tnJ an oflieer for i?
4d wi'J," oaid tho womnn.
The (iencral nnd fitalf rode on, and
soon a campino ground wan selected
nun mo 'eiiueuid were nouiieu mat
there would bo a orand jiarado at half
past six, lot orders. This' was umhv
mil, and neidiorodiceid nor :nen could
ma dm; what wad coining. Iho pa
ado wad tonned. howevir, ton col
nmiid tecp and a qnnrior of a mill in
I'tintli. Alter the usual review, Ihe
A sistant A' j'itaut tied -ra' rea l M.;
llEAi.y'jAi:TEi:;. A kvy in tii:-; t'"iiai,
"ipi.C.i:! del' N".
Lw ;it. natii. Viol;h..ia, of t!f.
Jiaiiit Cavu'ry, li.ivii., orit'iii .l.iy,
ea'Cii every ihinu in Mm' -ividueV
hotioe, at iu,: et--.!ii. ot ill 1 1 1 -ii 0.1
nnd l'oe ihoiitad u .d lilacl; nv.-r mi,!
Cajnj Ua air. ea roi.ls, tis.."it one
punii, kiii pie, 1.CU vi.ii!'. utc:;.w.
nereoy oiJi ieu to le'uni, w-itn an i t
cort of one hundred cavalry, a.i l tut
that pie, a'so.
"Brigadier General Com'dg."
To iitteinpt lo i vado this order wad
useless, and at Be veu o'cl.ck tho Lien
tenant tilod out of camp with his
luudred men, amid the cheerd of Ihe
whole finny, iliu CBCort witnessed
tho eating of tho pie lite ' svholo ol
which tho Lieutenant succeeded 111
levotiring an 1 returned to camp.
"If He Comes Into Oar Camp We wil
Hang Him."
Such threats used o bu quite com
mon Hgrtindt democrats, but now the
tables are tiirueu, and soldiers thus
threatinginglv speak towards Loyal
Leagnors. v ith Ueiieral Sherman
supply train that passed through yes
tenlay there were about one hundred
white men, and tmsy eiuauiped lor
thu night 0110 in llu west of tliid city
NumcroiM ol tiio buys vis ited the
camp ground, an 1 upon their renin:
one ot tnoni remarked that ho guejs
ed thai they were democrats, giving
as a reason lor his belief that he had
heaid it remarked among them, that
"If they caught the editor ot the Lan
caster uazMe within their camp they
would hang hnn." lhey denounce
him iu voileiit iin.l unmeasured teims
assigning as the causo of their feeling
of detestation and malignity towards
him the editortal articlo which ap
peared in the Gazette of the 15th inst.
ii; which the sentence appears;" A
negro had m inu:'i right to vote as an
American." They pronounced it fv
burning shame that the expression of
such 8entiuittiti by a public journal
should be borne or tolerated by white
men, and that, too, in Iho city ol
General shcrman'd residence- They
came to town in tiio evenng looking
for tho t'iito. , they were anx on- to'
See the. whiu- Mian wiiu .tf'or i av.ng
COMilMxt-d hillli .; lio ,
gro, had dar;d 10 iv.ii )!-. 0 1
tne wholu wiute tie;, e -viiiaiii and
sol iier 3, by cliuraci t.z iig the ner
us their equal. Later iu flio evt.in.-g
they became dou.ewii.it imi I upon ,u
subject, when a ini-e g n mi.-iU, wl.-
wai ovorhei'rd by a d- uoeiMt. a't-iiip
ted to deceive them by t'ai - I y rop 11
it:g that it vvai 'io' t 1 G z -"e bu' th
Eagle, tloit hai ! tb - ;i
ha I as ;m ;;;i r; j, a v t-.- .
iean T:. - ji w.;: ii. -.
soldiers will u- ave.-pt e d . a
the l!pa!,ii--H'i j.-nny e.-i. iv .-v.
nogr 1 suh-i i.e- inuui: a v r, anil :.v
roc "'iiiz ;d as t!:e:r oqi.iii rria:ly an
politic dly. A-i you day, they are n-t
yet edueated up to this (voui) bhtiid
ard. Now that the war id over and
be soldiers are returning home to
mingle with the people, to hear both
si Joe-, and to decide- for themselves,
abolition editors and abolition oiK ;e
seekers may hypocritically plead th -ir
unbounded love for them and their
greatly superior loyalty over lou
CopperhaalB to thuir heart1 content,
we have nu fears that they can ever
bo induced to uccept the eatnbosa
their brotlu?rs and equals; In our
opinion they will spew back into your
face your extra nauseous dish of 11 i
ger shin soup. So mote it bo.
riililislioJ for tho lioncfit, and as a CAD
TION TO YOUiStf MEN aud othora, who sut
ler from Neivouit Debility, Pronmtuie J3ucuy
ut'Mariliood, Ac, supplying at tbo name tinio
The MtANa or SEi.r-CuKti. lijrone who has
qnted bimtolf ut'ler uuder iin. coiiiiloiulile
uiiukcry. By eitulosini a poxtpnid adilrenud
ii v. l ijm hiiilo euiiua may be bad ot the au
lirooklyn, KirgiOo. M. V,
Jon2nJ !S63-ljr.
Dr. lALJJOTT'S 1 1 L Lb
Co.upwi tl ofl.iglily concentrairj extrarcU
fiom ri tnil herbs of the highcH medical
value, i. lull. big in the cure of all drees
of Ihe liver o: any Jermiginent ol l!ie Di
;e.iire; Orwni, . Diey remove all Ini(niri
of (i n IMikiiI, and ro uoeeua'ed in the
cur? of Kiurrha-, Jjun lice, Dysjiepi:i. Scro
fula, liilimianess,'. Liver C inplant, Fi-vers,
Headacie, Piles, Men Aiial Desejseii, Here
(liiarv Humors. Dosi fi.r aduhs, oiieiii l ill
i hi moo 'uvj ( liiMren -half a pill. From one
to llin t nl s will cure ordinary cases, and
fri'ln j.f to three boxes w ill euro my curea
tie (:ttt of no mutter how. long standing:
Pure Nl 00 ier box, Trade suiplied or sent
by in-il
June I8ii:-ly KuluniSt N Y
1 UKfl'tlXKM-CKlldTII SEXi'S. A grout
uillurur liuviiiK Ken nuiurud U Loulili in a fuw
Uuju.urur iioiny jenrs ot iuicry, Ik willini; t'
ist hiiciHlciiii fvlnv-creatiir!- hy noiiilii.
( I'rc-a), on the ruoipt a pnytpuial i tlilrvMud ol.
vhIojib, icoiy of ilia lurmulo yl'curo eiu'iluyoJ
Uirtvr l-y '
Brooklyn, N. y.
A. 8. IiKOWX.
imowrv BROTHERS,
: 1 ii 11
!.t.'u:!i, Oiiio.
i'Oi;i,-MtUTll Ol!(.
Mr. Jims lies .:ur h.si'i! die " I -. t Piy
iiu..lli llni.h-. on I el.-ui;i,l ju moue ax
ni.wVf. 'I'll-- U.ai-e has b ell ri-n.ii.lf Ir-.l nil i
ii-'v -iii-.i ter I lie reef p Mil uf' tin- iiUie.
ij un .hit vvlinf.u h- aliliv local i 'i: . an. I
-u , .( tt..1(f,tf ,..a'hlV local i
no ji.ilu- will be npire.l In nuke l,ie. (
vi-i ors littles Iihim.', ull they can wia:i.
(y'liar"(H low n -i the 'iincd will ..fluiu.
June 29ili 18u5 -Guiu.
H3irYA3Q A?3a3IATI0H'
KXLi'.4b SVSTliMS new Hint relia-
hie treulmeat. Also ihe BRIDAL CHAM
IlKR, un K..py of Wuiniiiij aail Instruction
Si-nt by mail in sealed t-uelii e.1, fiw ol
ileiore. Aihlrexs, Dr. J. SKILLI
HOUGHTON, UuwarJ Associution. No.
2 South Ninth siicet, I'll iludrlpiiiu, I'd.
Uel. I3tli lSti j Jyr.
man arfy:
Comprising The
ilvpiitiires anil Exn.'iii-niM nf n V
ill Hoiitals, Ciiiii.s uml liatile finlils. lis
INiif.-e, bout uiiJ .Spy, wiUi tlu i I ling di.
ClilliuJS ol
ci-i .-mas-:s. siiiiiMiNiiifi.s. ss,c-
Klt'ICES, SUFFERING f-Acliiiivenit-iitii,
ol our g.illmt fliul lit-mii:
S0lilifg, piedentii.n- u'vivncl picture r f lllf
nrtiit Ami-riciiu War, by S. Km-nn K. EJ
inundj, This h beiiutiful- volions iud em
beliahej wiib n flue stCl; porlrdit and uume
rous eiiyruvinjjs-
Cloth biiiilinif plain 2.50 per copy.
" fill i!.7o
Morocc-), 3 00 "
I'a;nblp on delivery ol tho Hook.
Mr.J. W. Logan. 0 woun.lid 3olilier mid
citizu of Vinton Comity, isat-nl for the
work, fir u!iop bi-nefit' we will rectivo
suhscriptions lit 1 1 1 i 1 ofli.'e. Every luinily
in our eutnr.y sdmild Imvh a cojiy ol this
work. Cnh an t see copy, ami subscribe,
Mr. L'iii it a worthy young iiihii haviim
lost a Iit i.s cntrl-il to imir pulrounge.
J l'it; -J.hh lcjfi5-3iii()
Old and young should use
The Hair.
It prr.vonft r-r pfcpn tlio ITaip
from filling; Clo.infCr!. Bcintilies,
Pro?ervc?, t'P.'l u iiil.-rs it Soft ni..l
Qlopr, sm.I (lio i.iid froo f.iu
It ii i1; j U ii :'v D'-ci-bir.;' ;.i .;
Prcdcr',:iivo in tho v.oili.1.
Sterling's Ambrosia
Manufacturing Comp'y,
sole proprietors.
Slate uf Ohio, inlon County:
Juhu A. brown. Plumtitl. 1 In Court of
l'0UIII5t l
Piratt iti, et nl. Defund'a. J
E. A
C'i iniiiicjii
"MCUSUANT lo the commiind of an ordor of
A Kiilo .n thu above ciune t'j mo clirectud from
tlio Court of Common Plena, of the aforcnuirl
i-uiiiity . if Vinton, IwillotrerBt public eul-j at
iho tloor ol the Court ll'iuae, in tlio town ef
51oAitluir.iQllionforo.-ui 1 county ofVinfii on
Saturday the 5li tlay of August, 1865.
ul the hour of one o clock, P.M.. of nalJ iln
thofollowinsr proporty, to-wit: !n-lot Number
sixty twotwj, oi tho town of JIcArthur, Via
ton County, Ohio.
Taken ua the property of E A. Bratton, to
autibfy an order of aforesaid Court, in favor of
uunii a. mown.
Appraised at Twenty-eight hundred dol-Iuri-.aiid
mint brin two-third of that Bum.
I tltJlSUr SAL,l,caU in hand.
Giioohan & Ktprv. J. J.8II0CKEV
Att, for PltU'. 6hff. V. Co. 0
Jauu 2'Jth, ISfij. 5vr
TnTIPP I. k..I.l,lt 1. -. . 1 . n
iyvlvui......,,!, inai. mo ummit-
1.1 mouera of Viuton County, Ohio, at their
june sciwion lor ineycar 15oj, lovicd a tax of
one iniu ou lueuunur; Doing ten centaon' each
hundred dollars of valuation, in eaoh townshln
l...lfli.m.c WI.I..I, ..tJ .... l. .. 1
j..y. ., . , .o limy DO Ul
charged by labor ou the roada, tinder the di
rection of the Supervisors of the several dig
trieta, at the rata ot ono dollar por day, aa Pro
vided by luw.
JuD20h, 1665-3jr. Aud. V. Co. 0.
1865- .Mi
"EiKhtuon ynur cntiil)lilioil In N.V. Cily,"
-Only iiiCullilile rvmeilioi known."
"Frco from J'liinuiia."
'Not lUnptroua ( tho Human Fumily."
'lluucoino out ofthejr IioIuh to die."
'Costur.H" Kat, lloncti, Ac., Extcr's.
h puMu useJ fur Kut, mi
, Miio, lioHolim, 11 luck mi l
' lied Aii(h, Ac., ifcc, Jcc.
"CosturV Ucd Uus Exteriiiiunlur,
Ik a liquid or WHh, imcd to
derlmy, 11111I u'i im pre
veuiivo for 15od-Hu2, feo.
CostiirV Elci-Mo I'ouiler for Insects,
lutor MutliR, Mi)Hiiiitoeit,
Fl-iiui, Hnl liujc, lui-octs on
1'llilltS, Fowl-, Aiiimulit, AU.
JJT Sold by all DruiMi'U Had Itctuilers
lir VI ! BtwAin: 1 ! I of nil worlik-m lini-
ifiiit f7".-' 111 '.- 11 11 nu) U en oacli
itr'vl r lu-k. ii.-M-M? vt. :i inv
i : i ;.v : v i:. o- i Ait.
I'lOM li'AI. Ui l-OT. 1' Itpiliilwiiy.N. V
." S.-!-: i.;. v. I'oMiit. it'i-.l nil lm
11 11.I !)iuJ.-ri .M.'A r; i.m , ()!,;....
iNt'RES-: Of KA I 'I'lio Farfrii-i'a (
z-i-.lu , KnKlhli 1 i.i.-orls uml pn-vt-.-i liy riiirB
Iml iiuu wir of mi will huvo u prniri-ny mi-l
. I :.-. I.-11 1 n 1 1 1 110 IliMt Lilian liSl , ol ill till CO vi urf
Now, unloss this i'loucii-o fumily enn lo kpt
lnwn, tlii-y woiii.l ci.iikiiiiio iiu-riMo-iJ than
ivoiitil aiiHluin ii.i.uiu tin in ai i ni'i.i s.
IjiF Sou
1 C'uoiahV udvui lisinunt III tbiii
RATS voriiis BIRDS.-Vlioi;vor en
Qoesin sli'mtinif ainjilbir.lii iud cruel
mini, whwver uids in exterininuting ruts
id i benefit etui. We s'ioul.1 likt) smiie ol
nir corrcspoiiilciitij to :ive us lha benefit of
lieir CXpi ricllCi 111 UriVllljr Olll tliefe peslB
Wt-Jnei-,1 Soiliethill!,' b-sideu dogs, cuts UllJ
. . , . , . .
trap.4 Mr tins BU.'llltS. sieiyiC Am)riCUIl,
Sew lorK.
07 See "Costab's" udvcrtheinenl in
Uiis puper.
sinipii-, I'd, uml sort;, 1 lie must pniuct
Rdt-iliniiimi mootiiio we have ever attend
ed. K very Rat lint enn get it, propp.rK
pii-p ih-.l urcnrcltn to ilircctioiid will eat
it, uml evi-iy one tliut euts it will die gen-
Mrutlu nl Clinic nt.w-.t tiu F:i r an ni.nil,li, tVnt,,
J . I . ... fl
wbi-ri! tho mediciiie was taken. -Lake Shore
VleA Mirror.
u .ii1....!..!'..!,.,,:.... ,i !.. ,1.:..
hee. 'toSI AIt a' advertisement 111 Ulli-,
p iiirr.
Sub I in Afi-Ar'lii.r Viiili.ii I'n fit.!,,
ftolil 111 .UlAr.linr V lillon LO..UIilo.
liy l)r, A. (JONPEE, uml ull UiuggisU
uml Dealers: "
Jllll" 1 5t.ll 1 S(i5 .-- SlllO.
Ala F.ICrJiIlL XoWlly III Wul fill's.
Tiio c i'es o' this watch .nre bii mlirelv
new iiiveiitinii i.oniiiosid ol six (liU'erent
metala combined, rmleil t.igetiiur und Rland
ishe.l, pru.lnciiiff an ex.icl iinitntinti of 18
Ciiuliitl, cii I lii! .t rcaiMi, ivliicli will ul
ways lifep its color, Th'-y arc us beiiniilul
im solid olrl, and lire blliirdeil at one-eiht
I lie cost. Tins cu,o is beutitifnllv ili-sii'iud
u iih 1'itiirl and sbit-ld for name, with l'ut-
ent 1'iifli I'in, and enniveil in the exuct
style of tlte t.t'lihr.Ki'il tjuM Hunting Levers
mid ure real ly liaiulsutne. uml dcsiruble, nml
so exuetun imituiiou ol'gnld us to ilety Je-
lectinn. Tne nioveineiii is muiiultictureil bv
tlio well known St. JinpT VV'ulc.li Coinpuiiy
ol Kurnptf. hud ure feitiie'lily finialml, liuviim
I'ligrnvrd pdllets, Im.iy carved bridges, ad
jiiFtii r-gnlHti.tr, with f u ll bilnncti und
the inipruvi.il ji-woli-il hit ion , wi'.li line tliu!
aud .-.lii-li-ion liundrt.Jiid is wurra.iled u good
time ki-ejiet
TiH-se waltliea are of tliree ilifTerent sizes
(lib Binallebt for Ladies, nnd ure all Itfinliuo
Cases Atu.iP of six will b.: pent by mail or
Express fur $123 00 a single one Bent iu
a ImiiiLsoine Morocco (X-e for $25: Mill
readily sell lor three times their cost, We
are su'e iijfents for this vvatcli in the United
States and none aro I'eiiuino which do no I
bear ourTr.ido m.irk
. Impoiters IS Mtiden Lane N Y
June 8--G5 4v
ON nnd aftor Thtirmlny, Vobruary 15, 1S04
regular PaasenKer 'i' ruins will run iu con
nection with the Trains on main lino between
Portsmouth and Cincinnati, aa follows :
Leaves Portamotith at S:! A. M., arrives at
Pioneer, ut 9:35A.M.; arrives at Portland, at
10:04 A.M., arrives tn Juckson at 10:57a. M.;
arrives at Huindcn at 11:C0 A.M.; arivosat Ciu
cini.uti at 5:55 P.M.;
Leaves Cincinuali at 8:30 A.M.; leaves Ham
den at 3:0 P.M.; arrives at Jaokaon at 3:84 P.
M.; arrives at Portland at 4:21 P.M.; arrivesat
Pioneer at 4:50 P.M.; arrives at Portsmouth at
6:10 P.M.
Accommodation Train departs from Ports
mouth at 1:45 P.M.; arrivesat Pioneer at 4:3
and departs at 4:50; arrives at Jackson at 6:44
and llumdn. at 7:80. Departs 6:40 ..M ; ar
rWes'ut Jackson at 7:35; arrivesat Pioneer at
9:35; andarrivosat Portitniouthat 11:45.
Through Tickets to Cincinnati can bo obtain
ed at Portsmouth, Portland, and Jackson, at
the following rates:
''ortsmouth to Cincinnati, 11,00
Portland do f.oo
Jacltaon do 4,00
From Pertnmouth to Cincinnati and
'3,00 Tickets from Portsmouth to M -and
Parkcrsbnrg, 3,00.
R. W. QUADE, Asaia'l Sup't '
Feb.25ih 1864 lyr.
FOR Blanks of all kimia call at
the Dejixbat Officb.
Att-I kurn thai rrrforl nJ raJiml curt to nnuU4
ikI kiuiiiiI0 lo ll ! llli-l"l lll liun,
dobllitjr. llroU lOlliputluia, mm- iiuij iu,. -irMai-'D
o( pitlu, iftrrt o.l ui;uljh or mluJ, km of
llitp, lo uf iiwmurjr, Im ul eu.ru) tnd miucular puwur,
puut grulh. wwliftg wjr, iuiJ wuto( couUJunc lit
th.-mlvrt, rainllu Hi, ouutuUli uiublm, luiiw.
kuc au-1 ligul ol lil.
Rum DlmirUn rniiilrv I lU n,,"re 1"
i,ot. HI irfcot ki...wl-.ltof ilwhaiuuyrteiu.bl
Iu I...Krll.th.-.Um wllhoul tuy ll.forill.lUD frow
llMiatk-ol. t...l.i ilorlKlnl ., nd bWlN
u curi And. h "' "auBl'1" ,t."1, UJZM '""l
Jlly.n.l frmnUVIl l.oil.r you n W curwl or mu.
IoT to.! BnnV dolUr i II will . jrour liejllh,
v,d, , 5l.il U b- nt-r lima H. "l uf lib from
belli .hoOt-Dol by wroUK lrnlim-ul.
U "xJi iinnilol.. ...! wllhoul t.T li.lhrm.tlo
fro", rh p.ili.i.1 , lliemfor. b. Iboroub I,
llmir Phyioala.uilUloniia ri.ruuloil.l Jolupmil,
wllhoul which h. uor wiiiia luiv N,rH.rn.l .o nun
MlonUhlnx cur. It .houU b rfmwubHrvJ IhU ihH
Bolilc Fby.kk.n porfon.wci.wi thoi)il !-'".
If you hv Irlwl ollwrt u.l lot uo rv-liof. If yon wUh U
10. '.Jeoii.ull DR. BaI-IIAKL, lb B.;Unio PUrjW"
All hi coni.uiiuli-alioiu ! luUirvkw. r atrlctly
priVftt JlJ Couttib-UtUI. JttW.cul JimrudJ.
Iliur wlu.l Hi" l'lillivli lihl rorniunlonl uyt In Ui
C..iiiiuouiiiIiIi, AViluiiiiistou, DulnHW-e, VlU uf April,
"An E.it.'11-ili Konllf uian, fiwtnorljr fvnnotisl wllh th
BrllUh Army, nuil whoiiyk bimilf llio ' Knvlbk Bo
IiidIc I'liysU'iau.1 l.iu of bile h-iImi-I mh xten.O rnput.
11. ii-rn bv bin kill In ciirliiK nil Diiium-r of loiuplnlnu.
Soul of bin l!ruU I llano goiivhiwI wllb, uj thef
pronoiinco hi n-iimlu- ml uiikIo of Inotnieut M "rjr
uiwrlor. Noma huvo born nxlorwl w if by monk. Th
uieillrlu ho iwl U ilUHlltl by lihnwlf hum Tarlou
hcrl puueln rur iiiniliy i.ruporllo.
oWuila m-lliig: in Ilia aruiy l.o dovoted bit haVnTv
Biomi.la lo tbiiroiili atuily of tbo vffucta proline! by
Mriain moilicimil riHiii ami herb ou all uiauiior of dl.
Maeri. It aoviui lid baa (iiiiihI a aurv anil apevily nuitMly
fur all lb Ilia that tlvih I bi-lr lo.' lila pracllm at
alrwuly xt-mivo, and la dully In. ivioilnit. In Iba com
,.i,.ini. I., wliii-h f, innl( ara a.ililiHtiiil bo liua lioe.iul.
a a Uirue uiinilr ben- have Inlillil that tbi-y ow no
only tlirir iri-nl pxnl lunlili, but IJmlr llu, li Un
kill of till fcugli.ll Uoluulc Ho.K uui.'
THORITY. Th Botanic lV-meillwor r-tor RnpWI. Ill EiiglWh
Botanic I'liTxIi-ian. rn-vi-r fiilti d yt to uiak ooilixt,
ra-llcal, and wrniaucut cur of ALL
ri.i....,i ih. n. or Slen'iirv. witlimit hlndruio Iron)
iiii.iiih... null wiiiiuii. i.w j i
l.n.liiMM.aiid wllhoiitfiiirordbioiiireryureipoaur. Ho
deadly imlaona, aiwh m uracnlc, nu vmulca, otiiuin. of
nuyotWr i:.i...a. X"K"lWE
unit, tur but inm-lv Vi-irotul-lfri lhtiiiili:l B-iuwue ar
n,atyililawondorlum.itnnle rhyaUlau. Hlalbiuuld
ti ..li,- T.v..r vut IhIIihI lo rnro tho mnat obatlnaW
ml th nioat ditnroiw ciiaw, and to n im.vu all mercury
and oth.ir lni.urlllHi from lh ayati-ni heu li otbaf
lleuiedlea hail failed. Jlauwoi JiMrml.
Ttcar what lh Bnlllmor enrnxr'nJnl of th (VM
Mlow, Booniboro', Maryland, aald on Thuraday, 111 31t4
of May, IB':
" Niimorona enre of dlsoaae cauaed hy mrty Imtlacr.
tion naviiig U-en pi-rforined by the Kunliah Uotanlo Thy
Iclau, I fool It myduly, havinitakuowk-ilKoof them, to
tale tho fuel, bolioviug that indoliiKao I way do a aervlro
to th aiifli-riuis. Ono caw in tiarticulnr that of younf
victim of a habit. Ilia tnaro nlliwlon to which cu
mail in tola city Ih worthy ol nolo.
Uo had boon rue tho
,n ),,;, uf rwin'ory. Uo itu-d io murry, and m
dearly bulorcil by aa w-t a girl aa over llapod wonl
ofanwlloii, but It a fearful, nurvoiia, and proatratod.
n dunnl uot wed on account of th ahatt.-rwi alnt
of lilaynt'iii. He aoiiirht rvlk-f ( the humla of th Ik
Uuio I'hyaklun, and, aatonlahinii aa it may aw-in, all th
,lkK)IU ,ml yl.Jllt t ym,)t hM roturnod, and bo It now
tu happy father of ajmirof bright boya."
. . ..r-
ntiwa i vu tun uni'mj.
tliiir what tho Ctudnuati Wrakly rni ) a on tbo Dili
ol Murcb, lam:
Wa aro di-ciiliIly oppii-nl to ilrtiKi and to ailvrttao4
rt-iiii'illi-a fur tha irt-viiiiiiiu of hnvinir chiliirtm, tuit w
fw it our duly lo arkuou lt'dp a la-ui-llt from any aiul
from ovory amino liu It ia for tlio n-t"f of anirorlua;
hiiiuaiitly. A fm-t luui coino to our knoWlailK that
ought to 1m proiiiulKuti-d and widi'ly cln'okili-il fur III
twncllt of thoao biditi wliiwo dcliculn health OiuJN it
uot-aanry to priMX-nl any iucruinii of lainily.
About twvlve iuiiutliautti-r murrfiiKo, a loilyof our ao
i)aniiitauia kiv birth to a daiiKhti-r, but bur auOorliig
were an pri-at that her pliynicinua iliwipalredof her reonr.
cry. This mmli- hcrihead Ihe very thoiiKhlaof again bo
coiuini; a tniithi-r. l-ho trbl every thiu to urrvont a
reHliliiilliil'hel'aunerillKJ, but witliu.lt aucceodluic. Two
ynura after marriage, alio waa agaiu routined, but ber anf-i-riiiK
were so great ttiat Ibocliibl dlt-d, aud horowu IKa
waa ileniHiired nr. r-lu wna tnld by her fumily ihyaiciaa
Unit ifaln-liailauy lunre children he feared her life would
lie tho forfeit. Aa all tlio renu diea ahe had tried before
had failed, ahe upptivd to tun. l)Uruio bjukiaili 1r.
rott ms
Ilia i-emi-ilie Im.l the dealrrd eff.l ; they not only pre
vented her from hnvii.K children, bottheyalaohnproiuii
her health. "To tiik lain:, xix. tiiinu at ruac."
The liolanlc rhyalcwn' leuiedie can be rerom
mended, liecuiiae lliey nro iimocciit and ufe. They
opurato without cuuning aickueea or expoaere. Thoy du
uol luterler with the die! or occupation. They do
not hdtiro lha Uwiltb, but tucy are certain In their
jifuti. J. PANCOST, M. D,
Any whoaroanfferlnK. no mutter what their complaint,
can call on the Bulimic I'hynlciau contldentlally. IheJ
nuiy roly upon relief. Ilia ollke la at
CniHiiltiitlon dallv, ftundnya exespted. Ofllo houri
from IO A. Pt to 3 o'clock I- W.
BT reront at a dlatanc may Mm""'''.'"""
Di vTi vli.1 by letter, if they lucloae ONK DOLLAU, for
Consultation K.-o, io eacli letter. All letlera.ootiimuiil
cations, and Intcrviewa, aro strictly private and conA.
deiitlal! No answer will I given to lethiri uoleM one
dollar la lucbnied aaa Cuiiaultalloii Fee.
a9 Personnl interview granted to Geutlemeo Only.
Conaullation fee, One Dollar.
All business with
to be done by letter. :
Address all letters aa follows :
Tr. W. nnphael haa nocounei-tion with PBOFESSOR
or Dr. W. M. Raphael, or with any other gentlemua
of the same uaiue.
OW Cat this advertisement onU yoo com,
. .771 ,r.i.u .... ...,i .i.na it to the olrl who oDenl the
UoorT To prevent oilitakea, aak to
" "Width 2.
M a n ufa c u rcr.
Waurants AWorK
Keeps constantly on band and wil
soil at the lowost prices, Saddles, Bri
dies and Harness of every description
and warrants his work for two years.
Call and examine, let door west o
ho Oonrt House,
ec. 22, 1564 6mo.

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