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July 6. 1869
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Tho New York Tribune's upecifll
correspondent says tUa espooJitarc'S
of tba lluvofo'i cnt for the fiscal year
ending on the 30ih ot June, will
roach tle enormous figure ol $1,200,
000, or about three millions iod a
half of dollars a day.
Tho E'lglinli aud French rm
nnite in prononnciog it Impolitic to
hung JerTDHvi.
Waller Taj lor. late Adjataut Gen
eral l r Gun.'R..E Lee. was elected
' Registrar ot Norfolk, Va , at the
municipal eluction, held on the 24ih
Nujrly all tho soldiers officers
and meij-who have returned home
irom ar. actual participation in the
War, and who have been into and
through iheS'oth. are opposed to
conferring Buffrag opon the black
According to the dispatclus, tbe
Preaidunt has approved the findings
of the Military Cominiesion at
Washington, which condemns Uar
old, Payne, Mrs Surrstt and Atzerot
to bo hung, and Dr Mndd, Sam Ar
nolJ and O'Uughlin to imprison
mei:l for life. Bpangier has. been
sentenced to 6 years.iu tho ptniteu
tiary. Aside from the total illegality or
the whole tribunal, some of these sen
tences aro atrocious particular? in
... cases of Modd, O'Laugbliu, Mrs
Swratt and Spang'er.
The True Spirit for the
1 he manly and noble spirit a
true patriot aud bravo soldior throb
bed all through these remarks of
General Sherman, made at Chicago.
'All is peace from here to the Gulf.
You can toll what your duties have
become. Instead of ionulting yen
must encourage. Instead of dastoy
ing, you mast aid those who are wil
ling to assist us in building lip the
land. Yon niu3t not expect those of
Louisiana and North Carolina t'J feel
as we do. All parties have their
prejudices, aud you must respect
them as they respect yours. With
that simple camion, there 5s no dan
ger ol the pbace which we now en
joy boing dh turbiod daring onr life
time, and we can leave the future to
the future." There is a deal of talk
about what is termed "Reconstruc
ting." and about the best way of
bringing order and peace in tbe
South. General Sherman has crow
ded the whole philosophy of tie
matter in tlicso few words; and
struck tho key uote of the truly ;patri
otio sentiments everywhere. Our
Abolition brother, a word in youi
ear ! You have talked greatly on
"loyalty" aud clamored for test
"oaths," and what not I Now here
is a tost of loyalty for you. Do you
or do yon not give a heart-felt
kAmeu" to the noble ottorance not
of a stay at home soldier but of one
of the bravest and greatest of those
who led your armies to victory ? If
not, where is your boasted love ol
the Union, your declaied determina
tion to sustain the Constitution and
Laws, your pretended desire for
peace and order and security in the
land? A brave man never tramples
on a fallen enemy, much less over an
erring brother, with whom he haB
insisted on living in union with
whom tbe happy past has beon shar
ed, and to whom a common destiny
The great mass of tbe people, the
bluest lovers of their country, are all
with Sherman, liut, alas! tho land
is ridden by demagogues and scoun
drels who havo fattened on the
troubles of tho country. Anarchy,
strifo and despotism are tbe elements
which havo elevated them to power,
acid put woney in their pocksts; and
they are not willing to let go their
hold. The Southern 6tates they re
gard as one wide field for political
anJ pecuniar speculation. They
want to "re construct' them in their
own way, in order that they may con
trol their votes nd keep themselves
tn powtr. They clamor for "confis
cation" in order to gain those riches
by plunder, which they never would
obtain through honest labor. They
mock at the snOoringe of the bleed
ing and impoverished coantry, and
divide the plunder like the scound
rels ubont the Oros of tho suffering
Saviour who parted his garments
a.nougtlieiu and for his vestment cue'
lota. Through the instrumentality
of these men tho work of restoring the
Union to the ancient peace and hap
piness is being retarded. Sovereign
States sume of them the parent oues
of the Republic, whose very soil ia
sacred to the great memories and
whoso history is identical with tbe
natiou's greatness are standing dis
mantled, panperizud, 6courgtd with
the rods of suffering like Niobe, ail
tears thereon of modern tools and
fanatics. These men ars the crazy
bruins and demagogues the everlas
ting mar-plots, who will live in onr
his'ory as the men, who, owe their
greatness to working ns much ruin
as they could. They have come, at
last, as near total folly and depravity
as the infirmities of human n at a re
will permit. They don't like Sher
man; and we expect there is no love
lost between them. Ilo has faced
tho bullets of a bravo enemy; he can
afLrd to laugh at their pop guns.
And now. while Sherman is in their
flank, Andy Joboaon is making dem
onstration in front, not a wlnt more
uleasinc. Between the two, they are
gettih,; pretty well waked up. It is
a long lane mat nas no turning, ano
we approheud the Ntgio suOVr9
greater on getting into a rather had
twist. The Democratic and Con
servative masses everywhere will
rally to the support of tbe soldier and
statesman Bgainst the fanatics and
Andy Johnson's Platform.
The following, according to
Cincinnati Commercial, is the Pres
ideut'a Platform in regard to the
Southern States:
1st. That the Governments of the
States were not destroyed by acts ol
secession or by any proceedings un
der them.
2d. That tho Constitution and
laws, in obeyance during the rebel
lion, were revived and operative thvj
moment the rebellion was suppress
ed. 3J. That tho re'atiocs between
the States and the Federal Govern
ment therefrom were resumed ante
quo btllum.
4th. That the Adminibtratioc, in
its policy of reorganization, must
treat these local Government1) as van
ities, and base its action upon tbe
fact of their existence.
Bully for Johnson! If that be Lie
position, he has not fallen from grace,
so far as lo le ont of the pale f
salvation. The radicals don't like it.
So mcuh more reason why all honest
and peace-loving people should.
Tho President's North Carolina
Proclamation waked np hornet's
nest among them. The pulpit poli
ticians, and the ''woolly heaV' gen
erally buzzed furiously. But Andy
"dop't scare worth actum' In his
Mississippi Proclamation he sticks to
the position he had assumed, defio
ing the powers of the Convention in
this direct manner.
"And the said Convention, when
convened, or the Legislature, that
may thereafter bs assembled, will
prescribe the qualification of electors,
and the eligibility of persons to hold
office under the Constitution and
laws of the Slates" and then he
comes back at the long haired gentry
(politically known as Abolition fa
uatics, but commonly known as crazy
fools,) by adding the following em
pbatic language, which was not in
the North Carolina proclamation, viz.:
"A power tho people of the several
States, comprising the Federal Un
ion, have rightfully exercised from
tho origin ot tho Government to the
present time."
That disposes, in a very summary
manner, of the question of negro suf
frage in the South. The President
has not forgotten his old Democratic
idea of Mate Rights. lie knows
that tbe question ot suffrage belongs
to each State for itself; and there
he leaves it. Tbe Abolitionits have
been longing for a Jachon in ihe
White Uouse. Well, they have
came pretty close to it- Between
Jachon of Tennessee and Johnson
of Tennessee, there is the difference
between Jack and John, and they
answer one another very well. The
fact is thsre is more "Old Hickory"
laid on the Abolition back, just now,
then it likes.
Gi-M wds soiling at 139 Thnrdday.
The Interview Between
President Johnson and
Senator Sumner.
A friend at Washington assures
us that f few weeks since an Inter
view took place bo'weeu President
Johnson anJ Senator Suiuncr, which
was subs' antinlly as folhwi:
"Gijd eveuiiig, Mr President,"
said ben tor Sumuur, lait week, op
on entering the White Uouse.
"Goou evening, Mr Senator," re
plied the Senator. ''Please be seat
ed for a moment, until 1 finish a let
ter to an old friend."
The letter being finished, the Prs-
iocdi t&rnej 10 air oumner, wueu
the latter suul;
"Mr President, I have calld upon
you for tho purpose of expressing to
you the views of our people on tbo
subect ot reconstruction.
"Well, sir," replied tho President.
Mr. Sumner commenced by say
ing: "Sir, ynur North Caroliua Proc
lamation does not meet the approba
tion ot the people, and they will not
submit to have the results of the war
thoB thrown away."
"What people are you represent
ing, sir?1' auk od Mr Johnson.
"The whole Noithern people," said
Mr Sumner.
"I apprehend you will find you but
represent a small portion of the
Northern people," replied Mr John
son. "Then," said Snmner, "we mnst
tako your Nirth Carolina Proclama
tion as an indication of your polic),
sro we"
"Yes, sir." replied the President.
"lhun, sir," said 8umner, "yn
do not intend to enfranchise tho
black ninni"
"I have nothing to do with the
subject; that exclusively belong to
'he States. You certainly would
think it an usurpation on rov part it
I attempted to icterfeie in fixing tho
qualifications of electors in Massa
"But," replied 6uraner, "Mus
sachuse-tis has always beeu a loy
al State."
"That iuhj' be," replied the PrtHi
dent, "lul the loyal iunn ol tho South
have made imtuld sacrifices for their
Onion sentiments, wh.le Massachu
setts lina mad u hundreds of millions
out of her loyalty, and it would be a
pniir nturn lor Southern to the Gov
eminent, if tho latter should, in vio
lation to the Constitution, thrust up
on them lueal laws iu opposition to
their wishes.'
At this reply of the President, Mr
Sumner became impatient and irrita
ble, and rejoined by saying:
"1 am torry to see y. u evincing eo
little sympathy with that element
that placed you iu power.'
Atthis, the color flashed to the
President's face, and ho added, em
phatically: "You and I might as well under
stand each other now aB any other
time. You aw awaro, sir, I have no
lespect for a secesaiouiht; but, as
much as I despise them, 1 still have
a greater detestation and coutempt
for u fanatic'
"Good evening,' said Sumner,
and lelt iu u huff.
Negro Suffrage.
The Republican State Convention
in Vermont has declared for negro
suffrage. Ditto the tbe Republican
State Convention in lowa; ditto the
Republican Legislature of Rhode
Island. The New York Tribune in
forms us that Geueval Cox, the Re
publican candidate for Governor ol
this State, is also lor it, and the re
mark is copied, without any dissent
by the Columbus Journal, the cen
tral Rppublican organ of Ohio.
Tho whole party seems to be taking
ground against the Presidsnt's ba
sis of white suffrage, just as fsBt as
the opportunity is presented to do it
0Quiet reigns" throughout the
South NotaveBtige of war exists
there; tlTe people there do not txhib
it a contumacious spirit. They feel
that they were overthrown in a con
test with the Federal Government,
and all they ask is now to be allowed
to go to tork energetically repairiug
the ravages of war: in buildiug up
the prosperity of their section, and
thereby contributing to tbu wealth of
the whole country. No idea have
they of again attempting secession
no idea have they of resisting tho
authority of tho Federal Government.
They acknowledge their weaknoss,
and they am anxiocs to henceforth
conduct themselves as worthy citi
zens. Tho Abolitionist?, however,
will not have it so. They are fret
ting the country with their revolu
tionary speeches and resolves. They
are tho peace breakers ol the day, and
until they are voted out ot existence
as apolitical organization, tbe coun
[Ohio Statesman.
Judge, Uuld has beon released from
ooufinemout inRichmond.tuechargeB
agaio6t him not being sustained.
New Party.
It is now well understood in Wash
ington, iu well informed circles, that
the President is determined to do
what he thinks is right, no matter
bow he may be assailed for it. lie
does not believe that an unsuccessful
rebellion has desttoyed the rebel lous
States, or their constitutions, and he
will lease the question of suffrage to
he decided by those who have the
right to decide it. It would not be
at all surprising if an Administra
tion should bo formed out of tho re
cent political partus, which will give
to Mr Johnson's Administration very
much of vigor aud strength that
characterized the Administration of
New York Herald.
Friday devoted over a column to a
considetation of the duty of the Un-
i.n fitala ( VinountSnn On ttlP Nn-
gro voting question, it aJaita that
.1 . 1 - 4 1 !. A i -4. .
mere is & uiBagreemeui iu wim pnrtj,
knt Atoimo lltor tlm VinoanMn nlmil 111
say nothing about: that if tho Ridi
cals will only keep quiet is Conven
tion, they will, in very good time,
obtain Suffrage for Negroes: that at
...hi !. .......m.n ft.-., atw.naa.l
MJ'3 P'S(eiii IB iiuucoobij iu duvvvu..
iu rttaiuing power by false pretenses,
and when they have succeeded in
ftkuft A l.l!,A!oa aa nanol Will
b") permitted to have their way. So,
gvutleman, dont but a word about it
[Ohio Statesman,
June 17.
S j) t tn l) o t i c t
PublUhed for tha benefit, till) Ul CAU
TION TO YOU 0 MEN and othem, who iuf
ferfrora Neivoim Dsbility, Fremutum Decay
of Manhood, to., supplying t tbe name t:mo
THMkani Of Silf-Cosk. liyuii who ha
ouiud hmuelf aliur uudurrolne c D-MemMo
ennkery. iiy eiiolo.nna pontpiild adilreiuail
envelop alalia eoilu nuy be bad or tho au-
Urooilyn, Kn;g Co. N. Y.
Jans 2nd 1363 1 r.
1 Composed of highly concentra'fd fxtrntc $
, 1 i i. r,r urn hiiiliHit memca'
ralue, hilallibio in the cure ot all decease
f ihe Liver or any derangement., oft.ie JJi-
tiealive Orua.id. Tht-y remove all linpuri-
r. . . .., . i ..... ,i,ia.n, in lit
lies ol!w oioou, BuuiHo ... ....
cute of Diurrl.ffi, Jjun lice. Depsi i. bcro-
. ' A M, ..nt KV0ra
lultt. BlllOUne8, MVtiwmi" .......
Headache, Tiles. Men utiot Dea(ea, Here
n.,i.n,e. l)os for adnl's, one pill in
Ihe in on. ing chiMren half a pill, ' From one
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trrni one lo three b"xo will rure my curea
ii. ..i .... or linuf lnne alnndini:
Vie CIM! u IIW Minn.- - - o
Price 81 00 per box, Trade supplied or scut
oy mail
June ut 1805 ly 62 FulionSt N Y
Comprising The
dvenlures and Experience of a Women
n Hospitals, Camps and Battle fit-Ids, as
Hurte. Scout and Spy, with ihrilliuj dis
eripiioas of
Achievement, of our VHlUnt and hftrnif
wldiers, preseniir.ff avive.d picture rf the
qreat American W'ar. by S. Emma E. Ed-
I- mu; ...
nunus, i mi i a Deautmu volume and em
beliahed wiih a fine steel portrait and nuruo
ioub engravings
Cloth binding plain $3.50 per copy.
" " gilt UjO " "
Morocco, 3.00 "
Payable on delivery ol tha Book.
Mr. J. W. Logmj, a wounded soldier and
citizen of Vinton County, is agent for the
work, for whose benefit we will receive
sibacriptioni at this office. Every family
in our county should have s copy of this
work. Call and see copy, and subscribe.
Air. Logan is a worthy young man having
lost leg is entitled to jour patronage.
June 29ih l8653mo
Old and young should use
The Hair.
It prevents or stops the Hair
from falling; Cleanses, Beautifies,
Preserves, and renders it Soft and
Glossy, and tho Head free from
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Sterling's Ambrosia
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Address, WARNER fcCO., Box 133,
Brookljn, N. Y.
Feb. 16. '65 ly,
PI NE-Af P L3, Peaobea, Stiaw berries, Block
Urrye Greta PeasJnit received and for
tele et be irng utoreor
1865 1865
"Kighteen years esubliahed In N.T. City,"
Ouly infallible rcroedHt knowa."
'Free from Poiaone."
'Not JaDgt-.roui (u the Borneo Family."
" Bali oouie oat of tbelr hole to die."
"Coitnr," RaU, lloach, Ac, Ester's.
1 a paie used for RaU.
Uioe, Koaclieit, Blaok and
Bed Aufct, 4c.,&c, Ac.
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le a liquid or wash, naed te
deatroy, aud a!ao as pre
ventive for Bod-Blur, fco.
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rjf" PamoiFAL DhroT, 48? Uroadway.N. Y.
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1KCRE.VSK OK RATS. The Farmer' Oa
xette ( Kngliah) iscerts and proves by fiuro
that oue pair of rata will have a prirenj and
descendants no lei-s thnn 6.'il ,l Al in tin to yusr
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down, they wo'i lil eoimums mere food thnn
would sustain S5.0CO human boin a.
ti& See "CjBTiK'e" adreitisinent lu tbln
RATS versus BIRDS. Whoevor n
gagftin shootiiiy smtll birJi is a cruel
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New York.
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this puper.
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Mie Mirror.
See "CostauV advertisement in this,
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By Dr, A. CONPEE, end all Druggists
ana D-'Ulers.
J u ii" 15th 5mo.
Aia Eletr nt Novelty in Watches.
The case) ot this watch are an entireh
new invention conipost'd ofaix diffeient
metals combined, rolled together and bland
islieil, prodncinjr an exact imitation of 18
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justing regulator, with gold bi lance and
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Cases a case of six will be sent by mail or
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Importers 13 Maiden Lane N Y
June 8-65 4w
ON and after Thursday, February 45, HS4
regular Paaaenger Trains will run in con
nection wilb the Trains on main line between
Portsmouth and Cincinnati, aa follows :
Leaves Portsmouth at 6:1S A. M., arrives at
Pioneer, at 9:8A.M.; arrives at Portland at
ln.nl A U . : T . 1. . 1 A . T . If .
arrives at Uamdoa at 11:U A.M.; arivea at Cin
cim atiat 5:65 f.U.;
Leaves Cincinnati at 8:30 A.M.; leaves Ham
den at 3:0 f.M.; arrives at Jackson at 1:84 P.
M.; arrives at Portland at 4:21 P.M.; arrives at
Pioneer at 4:60 P.M.; arrives at Portsmouth at
S:10 P.M.
Accommodation Train departs from Ports
month at x:45 P.M.; arrives at Pioneer at 4:8
and de9arts at 4:50; arrives at Jackson at (44
and Uamdn. at 7:80. Departs 6:40 A.M ; ar
r'.ves'at Jackson at 7:35; arrives at Pioneer at
9:35; and arrives at Porusraou that 11:45.
Through Tickets to Cincinnati can bs obtain
ed at Portsmouth, Portland, and Jackson, at
the following rates:
Portsmouth to Cincinnati, $4.00
Portland " de $,00
Jackoon "do 410
From Portsmouth to Cincinnati sod
16,00 Tickets from Portsmouth to M
and Farkersbur, 3,00.
R. W. QUAPE, Aasla'l Bnp't '
Psb.SSih 184 lyr.
FOR Blanki of all kioda call at
tbe Demcbat Ornos.
. . Si
Aa4 kwe that a pfcol aaS radical tore b imihi
a4 fiianuit vka an amictod wtih wnlrinM.
4MlTiy, wim wflilnU. aMlMcbsl; Iheaihu, 4.
iIMinn ot ipUiU, dUtna a aaeuteb of aUd, kaf ot
alMD, lea. of SMflMffy, torn of .dmujt and muculir pnw,
hii frowlh, wlla awaj, and a tut of oosSiWik In
UMuarna, Unlina SU, evaTolaife IramUiuca, lai.
and aufw M un.
IAT8. t
ioai pbnktsM nqntrs to be told the nature of yew
at. HUpirhct krwUdo thhomiirMii fltM
ktstedocilbeUwaiMUM withoatuf litforoulkio rroat
ttw satlant, So uitli tit ort(t'Ml cmm, aad to (aaranu
Its cun. And. what is mors vmlaabls tltll, 1m sill koo.
Mlt and frsnSI; UU lMthtr yoa mm W earn! or no4.
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IbakPhrikalooiidllloBSad PbnuotoatoiO danlopiiwut,
wllhmt whick at MM mU bare performed so bus
eatonUhlot; enrae. II should ba nnwtnbarad that lb SI
BeUole Pbyslcian psrforsss carne tboutht ImpoatlbW.
If too hats tried olhtrt and got ae relief. If roa wlik
elor rood bsaltb snd kioa llfc. If tun are Im, yoa wlia
(oanJooBsalt DO. BAPUAEL, Ilia BoUais Phjriklea
All bit ooBmaakttoas and lulsrvlwwa ate slxlcUy
(rliate and euBadsotlal. Umiimi Jtmnal.
II Mr what the Philadelphia correspondent tars la the
CtfiaiaeowselUi, WUiuloifton, Dtlawws, Stb of April,
J 460:
' Ad KDtllih tentlsman, IbniMrly eonnaelad with the
British Army, and wbo ttylss blnwsir lbs 1 KujIUb Be
taalo PhyslcuiD,' hss of bite reined an extensive repute
Hon hers by bis skill lneurlu(allmanaror complaint,
one of his patients I ban eoumsed with, and they
pronoanos bis rsmiKlIss and mode of timtnient aa very
anptrtor. Some bsve been mtorsd as If by msgls. Tbe
aiedlcine he need is dlitllled by hlmwlf from rarleoe
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"While acting In tbe army lis deiotfl bis letiaie
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eases. It swims he has funnd a surs snd MMdy rsmedf
lor all lbs ' ills thai flwh is boir lo.' Ills priwtlos k
already extonstfs, and is daily iuurteslng. In Hie con
plaints to which feuialte are siili:td he ti no fiMl,
as a targe nuiubur lire haro testified that lliy ows uvi
ouly tbnir prrwnl good hesltb, but Ihtlr lites, te Ihe
sklUof ihliEudlbih Botuaic Physician."
The Bofjiute Remedies of Doctor Raphael, Its Knxtltk
Botanic Physician, never tiled jrt lo nuks a perlect,
radical, and permausol cure of ALL
Without lbs use of Hercnry, without hindrance from .
kutlntsa.snd without fear of dlscorery or exMtiire. V
deadly poisons, such ss aneuto, ana vomica, oplnm, or
anv other poisons. No mercury nor any deadly minerals
nothing but purely Vegetable llotaiiical Bemodles ate
aaed bv this wonderful Botanic Physician. His lkitanie
Bemedies never yet felled to cure tbo moat obstinate
and the moat dangerous cases, andtoremoteall nierenry
and other Imparities from the system wbsu all other
Hemsdlss had Ulled. tfeowal Journal.
Hear whet tbe Baltimore eorrwponrient of ths Odd.
fellow, Boensbore', Maryland, said on Thursday, the 3lat
Of May, 1S60:
Mumeroot cares of diseases caused by sarly ladlsrre.
lion oaiing been performed by ths Engliib Bolaulo I'hr.
sldsn, I feel It my dnty, bavins- a kaowledgeof them, bs
tuts ths fact, believing that la doing so I may do a service
to tbe suffering. Onecase In particular tbalof a young
man In this city Is worthy of note. lie hail become tbe
victim of a habit, tbe mere allusion to which causae a
ehndder, and after years of suffering soil doctoring gate np
all hopes of recovery. lie wished lo marry, and was
dearly belovsd by sa sweet a girl as erer lisped words
ef affection, but be was Smrful, norrous, and prostrated,
lis dared not wed on acconnt ef tbe shattered sule
ef bis syslsm. lis songht relief st the hands of tbe Ho.
taste Physician, and, sstonUhing aa It may seem, all Ike
bloom aad vigor of youth baa returned, aud be is Bvw
the happy labor of a pair of bright boys."
Hear what tbe Cincinnati Weekly Tress says on tbe Sth
or Btsrcb, lBoS:
We are decidedly oprxewd to drags and to advertised
rtmodles for ths prsveutioa of having children, but w
feel It onr duty to scknowledge a benrnt from any and
from every source when It Is for tbe relief of sutntricg
buiosnlty. A feet has come to onr knowledge (bat
ought to bs promulgated aud widely clrcututd for the
benefit of those ladies whose delicate health makes It
necessary to prevent any increase of family.
About twelve month after marriage, a lady of our a
qiMlntance guvs birth to a daughter, but ber sufferings
were so great that ber physicians despaired of her reout
ery. This made her dread the very thenghts of agaiu be
coming e mother. She tried every thing to prevent e
repetltionof hersuflvriugs, but wlthoutsucceedlng. Twm
yours after marrlsge she was again confined, but her suf.
taring were so great that tbe child died, and hor own life
wss desnirod of. Bbe wss told by her family physician
that If sheh.idsny mors children be fesred her life would
be tba fbrfoit. As aH the remedies shs bad tried before
BAPUAai'1" tVUvi tUBnrD'0 fbTsiuao,lfr.
roa Bia
Ills remedies hsd tbs desired effect ! they not oaly pre.
vested her from having children, but they alio Improved
her health. "To vua rues, ali tuinus aaa rvaa."
Ths Botanic Physician's remedies enu bs rocom
mended, because they are Inuoceut aad safe. Tbey
operate without canslug sickuess or esposure. Tbey dti
not interfere with ths diet or occupation. Tbey de
not Injure tbe health, but .aey are certain la their
.Beet. J. PANCOST, M. D.
Aay whe are suffering, bo matter what their complaint,
can call on the Botanic Phyufctan confidentially. Tbey
nay rely apoa relief. Ills office is at
OoMtiltatloo dally, Sanders eswrted. OBoe hows
Sroa 10 A. M. t clexk tt.
jtver Persons at a distance may communicate conn
SXTIAttv by biter, If tbey inclose ONB IKILLAU, r
Consultation Fee, In etch letter. All letters, oommunl.
cutious, and Interviews, are strictly private and con 8
leutlal. No anewer will be given to Utters unless oae
dollar is tiicloerd ss a Ouneultatine Tee.
sT Personal interviews granted to fteotlemen ealy.
Consultation fee, One Dollar.
All business with
to be done by letter. I
Address all letters as follow i
80S NO. 273, POST-OrrlCE,
ttr.W. Bnphael has no connection with PBOPESSOn
or Dr. W. M. Baphael, or with any other sntUsu
of tbs sauio nams.
ta- cut this advsrtlKment oat Wbas you eeate,
bring It with you snd show It to tbs (Irl who opens toe
Auor. To prevent mistakes, sak to
T Width a.
SI a ii ufa c u rcr.
Warrants AWorK
Keens constantly on band ted wil
Sbll at tbe lowest prices, 8addles. Bri
rt m ...
rues ana uarness 01 every description
and warrants dm work lor two years.
Call and examine, let door west o
he Court House. ,
ec 22, 1864-flmo.

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