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Willi M'iS. 8KKK!
Till lfioAV- " Ju,yJ
Democratic Primary
Tha Democracy of Vinton County
are nqucBteJ to nicot in their respect
ive Township, Rt tliohviBUfcl places
of hnM;nj E'eetioua, on
SATURDAY, Adjust 19t!., 1865,
at 2 o'clock l M., then and
there proceed to appoint tlirco Jud-jee
and ono Clerk ol tho I'riinary Elec
liou, who s.ttill procood to organize
forthwith, and recoivo hallota for the
rlitforeut names announced frr tlic
purpoao of nouiiiiHting candidates
f..r the County Ticket, at the annnal
Election, tor tho following 'office, to
wit: IiepreRontative;
I'roiocuting Attorney;
County Hocorder;
County Coinraiseioner.
The l'ollu ehull bo open from 2
o'clock l M. uutil 6 o'clock 1 M.
of bu'k! day.
Said Electors bhf.ll, at the same
tiuiu, elect three of their number as
Delegates to tho County Convention,
which will bo held on
M i in A Y. AUGUST 2 1st. 1C5,
at 1 o'clock P. M., tiien and there to
cuieu tho Toll Uooks ot said aiec
tioDB and declare the candidates ;and
in coao of a tie voto, then tho ton
vention to determine, y ballot or
otherwise, the nominee.
Said Delegates are to appoint Del
egateB to the A'lateConvontionwhich
will be held at Columbus, on the 24th
day ot'AujjiiBt, 1&65, Bnd Deletes
to the Senatorial Convention; and to
appoint a Democratic teutrai -otn
mitteo for tho cDtniing year,
tranniict nich other buHinesq a shall
come before the Convention, as may
be necessary for the interest of the
Democracy of Vinton county.
A. J. SWAIM, Chair'n.
R. CRAIG, Sec'y.
CONVENTION. Tursday, August 24, 1865.
To the Democracy of Ohio.
A Smte Convention of the Democracy
of Ohio, will be held it Columbus, on
Thursday, the 24tU day of August next, to
min.iuHte candidates for the following offi
ce, and for the transaction of such other
bu.'in?ei as may come before th Conven
tion: Governor. Lieutenat Governor, Treasur
er of Stale, Supreme Judge, (lull term,)
Supreme Judge, (vacancy.) Attorney Gen-
Member of
Board of Public Works, Clerk' of Supreme
The ratio of representation will be as
follows: One delegate for each county;
an additional delegate for every 600 votes
cast for Gen.McCiellan at the last Presi
dential election. and an additional delegate
for every fraction of 250 or more votes so
cast. This aportionment gives to th
counties respectively the following number
ofde legates, viz.:
(Under the above representation, the
counties of the llth Congressional District
will be entitled to the following number of
dam s 5 Jackson 4
Silnto 5 Vinton 4
Ijunna I Gallia ' 4
By order oi the Democratic State Central
JOHN G. THOMPSON, Chairmad. F. JAEGER, Secretary.
Tha Alabama Delegation that vis
ited Washington a short time since,
for the purpose presenting their
views to the f resident nave returned,
tnucu pleased wltu tneir inrerview
with him, and gratified at the kind
and conciliatory spirit manifested to
ward them universally at the North.
TI.a onnninlmfint of Jnd ere-Parsons
as Provisional Governor of the State
wag eminently fit, and gives almost
universal satisfaction. In business
matters Montgomery is in advance of
most interior towns of tho South.
Very many of the people who were
rich before the war are now turning
inrn inu thftie attention to business.
Many cotton planters contend that
the day ot cotton raisins is past.
The wife of Jefferson Davis is still
a guest at the Pulaski House, in Sa-vanab.
Queen Victoria has completed tha
28th year of her reign.
One swoon of tho cholera in Tnr.
key carried off 48.000 pooyle.
a ue Main Uemocratio citato
Convention will bo held on (be 15th
ol Angnst next.
It is said that many tbnnsandB of
negroes are flockinsr into MoDtconw
o n
cry, Am., from all parts of the State.
llow they manage to live is a mis
terv. Tim Intcrnel Revenno ofTiro Ima
decided the mere carding of wul is
not a mannfuctnro. and does not sub
ject it to that duty.
It is thought there will not be more
than 25,000 baits of cotton raised
in Mississippi this year.
Tho Secretary of the Treasury is
to recommend to Congress the land
ing of tho public di tit
There are n..r his than 10,000
applications for flii-o on ti e in tliu
Treasury Department.
ihe deiiiHhuV tipon tho Ircnanry
amount now to the inoruioim huh ol
lour or live millions of dollar a
Tlw Eoglibh Ilonso of Commons
has tiBABbd a vote of eeiiRiire uiioii the
Lord Chancellor of Klam! tiir his
connection with t.iu Dankrnptcy
Uourt scandalc J I'm discredit oi
!he highest otH ur of the country, the
Times says, is repr)nch to ihe na
tion at largo. The Chancel lor hut
resigned, and tho Q icou baa accept
ed his resignation.
The Tarts I'atre says Eugianu ana
Franco, with a view to the preserva
tion of peace and general conciliation,
have come to an agreement opon me
principal questions that tray result
from tho present state of affairs.
They have bnd great rains at the
EHBt, causing destauctive freshets in
New Jersev and reunsvlvania. doing
an immeuso amount ot damage to
Late rains have done immense
damage to the cropa in Indiana.
The rresideut baa appointed uoo.
Charles Durkee Governor of Utah.
Ha is au nltia Radical, and was
formerly United States Senator from
Wisconsin, and is a member of Ne
grohSuffrage Committee.
Madame J nmel Bnrr, 'widow of
Aaron Burr, died on the 16th inat.,
at her residence on Washiugtou
Before its adjournment, the Con
necticut Senate larcelv Republican
refusod to indorse Johnson's Ad
ministration, the resolutions being
tabled. One of the members said
it was "suspicions to see Democratic
newspapeis praising the President's
Threo steamers loaded with neroep,
have lately been sent to Charleston.
It is predicted that the yellow fe
ver will greatly decimate the Federal
troops in Galveston before the season
is over.
The condition of affairs in Georgia
must be distressing in the extreme.
Clothing, propisions, &C, are scarce
and prices high, and the citizens of
that State have scarcely any money.
Primary Election.
The Central Committee publish a
call for all Democrats aod conserva
tive men who are favorable to the
re-constraction of the Union upon
fair and constitutional principles, to
meet in their townships, on Saturday,
August 18th, to select Delegates to a
County Convention to be held on
Monday, the 21st of the same month,
and to vote by ballot for such persons
as they may prefer for oar candidates
at the next October election, for
Representative, Prosecuting Attor
ney, Recorder, and Commissioner.
We call the especial attention of all
onr conservative and Democratic
friends to this call, and hope they
will attecd to their interest so far
as to see a good ticket put in nomin
ation aud maintain that harmony of
action that has always secured scc-
cesi in Vinton.
Look oct fob 5tobies. We have
already heard several misrepresenta
tions in regard to what we have said
of this or that mau, who are cand:
dates before our Primary Election
on the 19th of August Now we auk
it of candidates that they treat each
other as gentlemen. There is no
necessity for this abuse or misrepre
sentations amon Democrats. We
want yon to act fairly and squarely
with each other, and let the poo pie
choose the men they want for the
respective offices. We would say to
the people, when you hear one Dem
ocrat abuse aootber, set that mao
down as a disturber of the harmony
of the uartv. and do not believe a
word be says, no difference if be
swears to it till all is blue, be is a
disorganize and not worthy of be
lief. What we have to say sLall be
bo open and so that all may bear
r ,
We hope all who are in favor of
constitutional law and order will
rally at onr I'rimary E!er
tions, and see to it in time that a
good ticket is put in nomination.
All who are opposed to Negro voting
and social sod -political tqaality
with (lie awed scented "American
of African descant," will join us in
this campaign.
Attention, Vkteeans I By a law
passed last winter the Trustees of
your township are authorized to give
you $100 as a Lcal Bounty for re-
enlisting as Veterans. It is but jna
tice that yu should have it.
Tho New York Express, in epcak
iug of the silence of the pres9 in ref
ureucu to" the murder, at Washington,
"The hanging of a woman by sold
iers, in time of peace, is a deep and
dummng ilipcraceto civilization, and
the press keeps as silent as possible,
in order tot to iucrease that dis
The Negro.
Wendell Phillips thus defined the
crisis before the great convention
recently held in Massachusetts:
"Now comes thd crisis. What is
the necro? Well. I say, in the face
of all prejudice, that amid the gan
lantry, the patience, me neroiuui oi
. . - . . I v
this war. Tns negro bbabs the
palm." IGreat agplam e.1
White soldiers will ploase stand
aside, and let the negro take the palm
for gallantry, patience, and heroism.
Such is negro fanaticism.
rTTThe New York Times says
Messrs Vallandighain and Pendleton,
with others, "who recently met in
Ohio as a Democratic State Conven
tion, have just seut forth a challenge
to uuy body todiacuaa with them the
question of slavery, they affirming
it to be the proper condition lor tue
negroes of the S.uth."
That is pretty cool, when we con
eider that we have bad no Demo
cratic State Convention la Ohio this
year, and that Messrs Vallandigham
and Pendleton bave put their names
to no address whatever concerning
the status of slavery. So far as they
are concernad, the article in the
Times is a falsehood made out of
whole cloth.
Of Course.
Iowa correspondent
An Iowa correspondent of the
Ohicao Tribune savs that among
Republicans be finds but one senti
ment on the negro sndraze question,
aod that is entiro unanimity in its
behalf. Only Democrats are oppos
ed to it.
Making History.
The Kepnblicao presees. without
an exception, approve of an justify
the holding of the recent Military
Commission, at Washington, cr.d the
execution, by death, ol the tour per
sous who were hung by its order and
approval of the l'residont, on the 7th
mat. As Mr Lincoln said, we are
making history, we record the above
fact aa an item io the bistoiy of the
KcDcblican Dart v. not to bo over
The Hanging of Mrs. Surratt.
ra It.
The Toronto correspondent of the
New York Herald gays:
"There is no disguising the fact
that the execution of Mrs Snrratt U
condemued by the great majority of
the population. No one sympathizes
with Payne, Atzerott, or Harold.
The Witnesses Against
Mrs. Surratt.
Mr Weichmao, one of thj jprinci
pal Government witnesses against
the unfortunate Mrs Burratt, whose
testimony has since been rendered
leeu rendered worthless by his sub
sequent admissions to Mr Job. a P.
Brophy, is oat in a card of self de
fense. lie denies Drophy's fttate
ments, and says "Brophy is an alien,
uunaturalized, and baa never taken
the oath of allegiance to the Govern-
meet he attempt to assail in tbs per
son of its chief witness."
Mow that mar all be, but it is cer
tain that BroDhv i a gentleman
whose truth and veracicy are not que
tioned. "Potomac," the Washing
ton correspondent of the Baltimore
bun. says of him:
" Mr Brophy, who makes the affi
davit to Weichman's testimony
against Mrs Snrratt, resides here,
a teacher in the Gojzaga College,
and is a gentlemBa universally es
teemed and respected by a large cir
cle of acquaintances."
Mr Brophy has pretty effectually
riddled all that VYeicbman said
[Cincinnati Enquirer.
Fast Gibc A Miss Mansqn, a
bewitching 'school rairm.' who so-
jonrnetb about Brownsville, Canada,
recently invited a young msu named
Kerront to tako a buggy rida with
hor, and when alia had git him off a
few miles distance from tho settlement
she drew a revoNer and shot hiiul
Nico lady to ride with, that. If its all
the same to her, we had rather not go
ont aloue with her not much.
Millersbnrh Farmer.
Toombs, of Georgia, it is said es
capud to Cuba.
The population of Rochestor, New
York, is 51.3G0, aga nat 48,201 in
It ie said that the high price of
eggs is owing to the fact that Mio
hers are at great expense to procure
revenuo stamps to put ou their iuaur
ulacturod articles.
S p t m II o 1 i c t
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ties oilhe Blood, and or uneqtialcd in the
cure of Diurrhas, Jjundice, Dyspepsia Scro
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Headache, Piles, Mercurial Descaaeti, Here
ditary Humors. Dos" lor mini's, one pill in
Ihemouing children half a pill, From one
to three pills will cure ordinury canes, and
from one to three boic ill cure Buy curea
ble case of no matter how long ftuudini;:
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by mail
June 1st 1865 ly M Fulion St N Y
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it ruraeiiy lor ina uua or n ervnn weno,
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Seminal Organ, and thn whole train ol disor
dera brought on by banut'nl and viniooa habile.
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it, rm or charoe.
Fleaae Inclose a poBV-paid eevelona, addroae-
ed to yourself.
Station 1). Hini.i Hooes,
Mar. Kth 1885 lyr. New York City.
SEXLML SYSTEMS new and relia
ble treatment. Also the BRIDAL CHAM
DER, an Essay of Warning ami luotruclion
Sent by mail in sealed enreloiws, free of
charge Address. Dr. J, S K I L L I N
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2 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Uct. I3tn ism lyr.
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he smoothest faco or chin, or hair on buld head
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where, closely aenleri, on receip' of price.
. Address, WARNER & CO., Box 139.
Brooklyn; N. Y.
Feb, 16, 65 ly,
State of (Mi'i, Vinton Coray.
Launder W. French Pltffj. ) In Courof
a Sally Ann Frouch j Commor Tleaa,
airainet On order of
Benjamin Dill and Dcfta. I Sale.
An till. I
TtDKSDANT toeommand of an order ofaalo
IT in the above canoe t me directed from the
Court of Common l'loaa, ef ihe aloresaid Conn
ty of Vinton, I will offer at public aula at the
Foundry of Benjamin Dill, in the townot nam
den in theaforeaaid comity of Vinton on
Thunday Augutt the 3rd A. D. 1865.
At the hour of one o'clock 1. M., of auid day.
the following personal property, taken a the
property of Benjamin Dill; to-wit : I 'no lot
of castings consisting of two Stoves, Eiht
Urates, two Fronts ; oue lot of Wagon Bxen
twelve aetts more or loss, and one lot of flow
pvinla. I will also olFor for sale at tha same
day honr, at the ttable of Join Dill in said
Town of Hamden the followin - pomonal prop
erty, takeu aa (ho proporty of said John Dill,
to-wit: One two horse Wagon; one spring
Wagon, aad one Brovn Horse. To satisfy
said order of tale, of aforesaid Court, in favor
of the said Leander W.French and hia wife
Sally Ann French.
TEKM8 of sale eavh iu hand.
Dcnoan, Hamilton J J. 8HOCKEY,
& Dana, Attys. for Pltff. Shff. V. Co., O.
July 20tu 1965.-2 w
StaUnf Ohio. ViiUon County.
John Dill. Thomas E. Plttfa 1 In Court of
Hay ward A Samuel Tarr, i Common Plei
againit ! Ou order of
Benjamin Dill others Del 't J Sale.
PURSUANT to tho command of an order ot
sale Id tha above caus: to me directed f-om
tbs Court of Common Pleas, of the afuraaid
County of Vinton, I will offer at public sale at
the door of tha Court House, in the town of
MAorthur, in the aforesaid county of Vinton on
Saturday tht Wild day oj August 1863,
At the honr of one o'o.ock, P.M., of said day
tne following lands ana teuemeuta to- wit: ut
the north end of oat lot number two, (2,)
beinjf a atrip off tha north end of said lot,
about one hundred and twenty feet wide, and
all or aaid lot except tbal part or parcel con
veyed by Charles Bobblnaund wife to tbs Mar
tlets) A Cincinnati BailRoid Company, Also a
strip off of tha west aide of out-lot number
tnrea, (,,! oommencmg attna line netweea
lota numbers two and three running thenoe
east on tha north line of lot number three
until it intersects a line running south
from tie south wast corner of ln-lot num
ber twelve, (13,) thence south about one hund
red and tweLtv feat unril I itinteeecte (be eaat
and weat line of that part of out-lot Dumber
two, (2,)conveyed aa above; thenoe weat to
tht aaid division line between lota nujiber
two and three, and tbsnce north to tha place
of oet inning, ail or said parte of lota iving and
bsing in Bobbins addition to the town of
Hamden Vinton count O.
The above Aforegoing parts of lots number two
aoa tare neing appmi-ea t i,uw,uv.
Also ln-lot number .Sixty-nine and Seventy
ia Dilla Addition to aaid Town of Hamden,
appraised at 11.500,00 ; also ln-lot number
Seventy-one in Dilla Addition to aaid Town
of Hamden appraised at S185.M).
Taken aa the property of Benjamin Dill to
satisfy a judgement of aforesaid Court, in fa
vor of John Din, Thomas . id av ward A Ham-
nel Tarr others. Appraised as above aod
must bring Iwo-tbirda of aaid appraismsnts
TKM or sale, caan in nand.
D. S. Dava, J. J. SH0CK2T
Att.for Pltft Shff. V.Co.O.
July th 1165-Sw !
Stati or Ohio, imtoh Tountt:
alary C. Alexander ) la Vliton Co. Common
against Pleas.
William Alexander, j Pellton for Divorce .
William Alexander will take notice that Ma
ry C. AlHxauder did, on the 19th day ol Jnnf ,
A.D.I8J5, Die her petition in tbe otfioeofth
Clerk of the Court or Conrnon Pleas within
and for the County of Vinton, and St of
Ohio.ahftiiiing the Raid William Alexander
wltu wilful absence for more than three yoart;
and. also, with habitual druokeuneiti- fur nvoe
than throe years; end, also, with f rove neglect
of duty toward hor, iu not providing tSe n e
esaiie oi' lile for her. tho aaid alary C. Alex
ander for more than three years U-t as , and
for Jaints Mslvllle Alexander and Ueur'ga
Wlliord Alnxunder, the ebildren of the Mid
Msry 1. Alexauder and tha said William A.
e lander, tut n ore tl an three years laet
Vi'l, aud asking tbatJhe may bo divro4
from he aaid William Alexander, and tha. kIiw
have the custody an I control of aaid chiMr--:
whiun petition will shiud for htarinf at ihe
next Term of aaid Court.
Dated thi18th day of July, A. T. 1"'.
By Nonstable A Stiivel, her AU'ys.
Inly 20, 18ii!)-w
Stats or Ouio, Vimtom County:
Diebe Aun Pierce, I'I'll.j Court of Common
against Pleaa i
Samuel I'ioroe, Deft. ) Divoroe.
Sainuol Pierce, of Prairieville, iu the Orulity
of Decatur, in tha State of Iowa. 1' here! y no
tified that Phebe Ann Pierue did, on the X8rh
day of June, A. O. 134&, tiln hor petition in
the otfloa of the Clerk of the Conrt of Common
Pleas, within aud for the aid Connty of Viif
ton. Ohio, charging t:e laid fr'aninel Pit tea with
adultery witn one Luretta Dart, an.! with wil
ful absence for more then three jean, and ask
ing that fho may be divorced from the said
Suniuol Pierce; which petithion will stand for
heariug at the next term of said Ci nrt.
By Constable A Shivel, br At.') a.
July SO, 1805-8W
State of Ohio, intern County,
J. Martindill Pl tf, In Court Common
aguinnl l'luoa.
Benjamin Dill, Del't. j Ou Execution.
Jit vir ue uf an Lxecution to me directed
from tne Court of Common Pleas of Vinton
county, Ohio, 1 will offer fur sale at public auc
tion at tne rounder ui jjeiijuniin dim, in ram
dun, Cliutou Xuwii.liip, Vinton county, Ohio,
Saturday tht day or Svquti. 1865,
betwven e hours of H' o'clock A. M. and 4
o'ulnck P. il., of suid day, tie following.
prrp r y to-air:
Lie veil I lows.
Taken as the properly of B njamin Dill to
-Htify a judgniuui in Ii.vorof J. Marliudill.
TcHkta or fiLS Cawh in hand.
Sheriff Vinton County, O.
Cimxtnble A Shivel, Atl'ys fur Pl'tf.
Jn y 2u, lSi5-2t
Slate nj Ohio, V inton County:
John A. Bruwn, Plaintiff. ) In Court of
sguinat L Cnminoii
K. A. Rratton. et al. Dcfend's. I I'leus.
PURSUANT to the command of an order of j
kuIo in the ubove cuuae to me directed from
the Court of Common Plena, of the aforraaid
coiinly ol niton. I will offer at public aul'i at
the door of the Court lluuoe, In the town of
Mc Arthur. Il the aforocal.l county ofVnt"ii on
Salvrduy the 5th day of Auyuil, 1865.
at the hour of one o'clock, P.M., or aaid dar
tho following property, to-wit: ln-lot Number
Kixty two(ii'i), in the lowu of McArthur, In
Inn County, Ohio.
Taken aa the property of F. A. Rratton. to
aatiafy an order of aforesaid Court, in fnvor of
John A. Brown.
Appraised at Twenty-eight hnndrod dol
lara.and must bring two-thirds of that sum.
TEKMS OF SALE.caah in hund.
Ouoouak 4 Eepi-t. J. J.BI10CKKY,
Att,a for Plttfa. 8hff. V. Co. O.
June 20th, 1965. 5w
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Cloth binding plain 63.50 per copy.
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Payable on delivery ol tha Book.
Mr. J.W. Logan, a wounded soldier and
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work. Call and see copy, and subscribe,
Mr. Logan is a worthy young man having
iusib Kg isenuuea to your patronage.
Juue 39lh 1865-3 mo
N hereby given that the Commis
sioners of Vinton County, Ohio, at thuir
June session for tbs veer 188J. levied a tax nf
one mill on tne dollar: oeing ten cents on eaoh
hundred dollars of valuation, in eaoh towaahip
in said county. Which aaid tax may be dis
charged by labor on the roads, under the di
rection of the Supervisors of the aavarai dia.
triet, at the rate ol one dollar per day, aa pro
vided bv law. H. C. MOOKE,
iuos win, is&j sw. aua. v.Co.o.
twxt oV uv vw(jf
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t$ Vu W 8ovtW.
a . toet Vvwve,
JSilioua Fever,
Fever and jlgue,
Liver Complaint,
Kidney Complaints
ott. towvoei tare owvcV
tVCvcx vott Wvcm
at, Vvc i,oot atvav, TtvexvJu
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oounUrfeitert. (Prio $1 per bottle, or
O. W. Jiobaok, (Proprietor, JH. 9
Xaet Fourth 8t., Cincinnati, to uiheet
mU order thould bo addreeted,
Dr. A. Conciee, Druftgist.
S'.ateofOMo, Vinton County .
Joseph Wallace Si Wife, Vl'Si, ) Order of Sale
afrainst f in Court ef
George Sails and Othora, Oeft's.r Coin. Hleaa .
Purfuant to the oomraana of an Order ot
Sale iu the ahovj oauae to me di rooted from
the Court of Common Plnaa. of tha aforesaid
county of V inton, I will offer (or sale at the
door of the Court Houae, in the Tuwnof MoAr
thur, In the aforesaid County of Vinton, on
Saturday the 19 th day of August, A.
D. 1865,
at 1 o'clock P M . of said day, the following
Eeal Estate, to-wit:
The Ean Half of the Scuth-Easl Quarter,
and the North-Weal Quarter of the Pouth-Eaat
Qusrter, of Hootlon Nun.herThirty-Twn, (No.
83,) Township Number Eleven (No. 11,) of
Bauge Number Seventeen (No. IT,) in the
Township of Elk, in Vinton oounty, and State
ot Ohio, containing One Hundred and Twenty
three acres, mors or lean to be sold free from
the dower interest of Matilda Landman.
Appraised at twenty-four hundred and sixty
dollars, and must bring two tbirda ol that
Tcbms or Si.Lt Cah ia hand.
8heriff Vinton County, 0.
D. 8. Daha, Atfy for Pl'ffs.
July 18, 1855 6t
FOR Blank- of all
kiodi c&lUt
the Dkm,-cbt OrncE.
Alexander Vanderford, Gi ardian of John
W. and Nancy Ann Oravea, miner and legal
heirs of William Graves lateot Vinton oounty,
deceased, has filed bis aoconnta for inspection
and settlement, and that the same will be aase
ed npon on the 17th day of Jane 18S,
kfsyUthl!5-8w Probate Judge.

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