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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 20, 1865, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn87075163/1865-07-20/ed-1/seq-4/

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Ladies' Hold W if -he's ""
('lit S.lvvr VaU-ii ' 't-
iD Vc.-i A seek l.nitis : " ' .' lo v."1
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;l o.p) Miniature l;.-v..h ini.' ! " j to 1 1
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enamelled lit'iiU' scarf p:i.'1 ." lo Ir
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J.c'O I'niii'.'o lvrooohes " A t' 1.1'
i Cora! F.nr Props " , J t r. ii
j I. a. ies Watch t In-i'ls ' " . I. 1
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."10 ! i: b tV Sieve Hu'.tns'til so's 8 to lo
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i 'oil i.luln mil nraved lCii- - - - 2 tup'
-. i Lock 't. rich! -iinr 'e 1 lo l'1
. ii.u sets 1. tidies, Jnve'ry new and
lu'e-t sty. s () 1
. Hand tit Si!.;l K'ngr . 3 'a ?
Ho So's l!...-om Ssi.ds.. i to i!
' l't'0 Cold l i nstV !nl I i l h r-"-., 1 j In i .i
j.';1!) te'itj.-t un I J ! I pint ituir-
.rot. ii,,.,t 'y'i' vi rv r'. 'i
j (to.i ;. M Tloi'.'-'f.' I i-u-.
' I, .'il dolu cn, .V -ihur i-. ,.. ..
ii,:) ' " f.i oiy l.oMi
Tloi rfire lift of i tintif.tl 'i".l
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."ir option . i" tnl 'lo- 1 ilir n:i I ;.! u ti.) ar
or ti"'.
Five -tr,i:!',i!f! ,,i ' r I' r 1 i'or '! ! 1
l.i r t li'M-.i li r t' ii ili II ir-; tliir'y lor tin. .lo'.
Its: .-i ' v i'.'ii fir t n ll.n-: in l ;c i.'inl'o
font.: on tl. y:4tu4ow.. A-.f.iiK wriiv.'
ili"'iiwo i r fpi'i i:.l ti-r iif; m " I .' ti
1, r mio oiT.ifli'ntc iih.l Mir i'io-i;it ui'li Tin.
A. II RlMVi K A '(.,
r..-x 4-.:o No. a Hcdittnm 'u-vt
UiiV S"'.h l;''j-'inio jNtii' Vnr!.
I I I Ml i
1 1,.;
h iMUIIId M'll It
.1. W. KKAULKVH Nowl:itnt M I'I.KN
H,MI'TK'(or il.'iil'lf) KI'KINH SK1UT
WKSTS liKAl'I.K.Y .t CAUY. Into .1. I. A
,1 (). Wont.) SitLK l'K')f U'tTiilIS uti.l MAN
rFACTL'KKR, !T ChantuH umK'J en.l tl
lijiulo Sirict Now Yor't.
Til IS IN VENT ION' io taints f,f DtTMs X i ot
twn Kiliptiu Sti'fl fcprinys, ii irciiinii.-lv I ' r: i . 1 -cd
Tuh'Vy imil I'iriulv toft'OiiT c,I' tie,!;'
mikiiii; :lio miliSMt, itmst l!i-xiM Klu!ir uii.i
1'iiriiliii) Sprinu cvr tit-Oil. Tlicy fcIiIioh IIi-ii.;
rr Ilrouk liko tiio Sitnflt pr'uip, it n 1 coii.-o
qnuiiily I'rcscrvo theii i er!'u7 un l lii'iiiitil'ui
fhnpo Twice a Lotof s t'lij o;l:ur Skirt.
Tim womii:iii'1'H,i tr.vintt.iTY nml Orout Com
fort au J pliiiuro (o m-y l.mly wcariiti! tl:i
Pup'.i'X P.llipio Skirt will lo fxporu'in't-l purli
culurly in t:l Crowded AsfcniMiiB, Opi'Tim
riirriii'i,!'i ll.iilrcad t'urH' Clut'th IVww, Attn
1iuir, for I'romouaJa Mul Ileum Dtca. ii" In
Pkirt can ba t'olJo.l, wlieti i i ttse. to oe.'t.py a
rinull place eusily n." n Sill: or Mus-lin In-..
A liiily h:ivinet'joyoil Ilia plcu-uro. cointor'
and urOi t convenieneo nt'trciiriufr tli8 "iJiipltx
Kll ptic S oul Sprinu Hfirt'' for t finale il:.y
will nuver iiftorwanU willinz'j dpet.M) will
tlmir iikc. For C'hiMrcn, Mifes, unJ Yotinfr
Lu licB, they are Miperior to all other..
Tlicyaru tlio He.t tj'iality 'n cviry purl
nml L'urpiestionnbly tho Liiliteft, Mo.t Dufirn
lile, t'omfortablo unJ eeouomiol Skirt eyor
IX H RALE in all First flnm Stores in tl i
rity anil tlirotiL'l'.out tlio I'liUod StatiK. 'i I
Ciinaitas, IIiivnn:i 'li Cuba, Mexico, S.jutl.
America, ml ilio 'West ImiiiK.
April 20, lfti.-.-l3w.
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County.
Lcnowell Fetlcrolf etui TRIM In 6'niirt of
airuinst ' Com. I'Id.h on a1
Susanna:! rullieroll ctal Pulls J iiih order (! a!c
Ni.'i. o is hereliy (riven tint 1 will nfl'or for sale.
Rt piililiD Hiiotion.al tho door or tho oirl
lI(.iiso,iii tlia town of Mo Arthur, V i utou County
Ol.io. on
the 227 ifoyofJu'y ISO.".,
it fno o'clock 1". M. of M day, tliu f.lloivitiif
ri al futnto to wit: Tlio nmtli cat rjiiar crofthu
coiitll went quarter of section ihiiiiIht rive.
Towni-liiri mimbor ten, of ranco nnnilxr ciuliiuiin
alo tbe west half of :ho north wo-t oiurti r.
and tlio north h.ilf of tin; nnMi wc.t iii.n tor ol
Ki'tion number township mtnilirr (on, ot
r.niio numH(.r eilitccn, tin said flirce tracts
containinif two linn Ircd hen s, n ors or ie, by
viriueofan Alias ordor of tbo Court of Com.
l'ioas in nnd for said ('ouiity, made in acetuin
petition for partition, wherein rsenewcll Ketli
orolf, Albert Stump and Susatmali Ktnmp liis
wifo, and others, aro plaintittti, and Siicaiinah
Futherolf, and others, are defendants, issued t.
the said Court of Common l'lciit of tho inid
County of Vinton, and fate of Ohio, and to
mo directed as sheriff of faid county.
Tho first of Zl oabove deHeiibod tracts nfland
is apprised at two hundred dollar, theFeeond
at one hundred and sixty dollars, and third ut
two hundred dollars,
TKI:.MS,i:ASII. sale in Unl.
Wuinnr Pana Attys. .1, .1. PIIOCKF.Y,
for I'laintll'. Phtriff, Y. ii..O.
Juno iijlhliCj.--V.v
McARTHiii, Ohio.
TEEI'S constantly on hand and manufacture
IV to order, every variety and tylo of
Tvliicn for workmanship at,d atoeU will conipare
with any similor work In 6ouhetn Ohio.
ALSO, Harness twit'lo and double s-tn,
irom the plainest to the tinest mounted. Also
ecry variety of R ding Bridle and ilalteru.
Al l or winch will lie so)J at tho lowest cush ilg
uros. Call and examine ttock pn Jiands,
May 13 )35.-2md.
Vandorford, 0, ardian of John
W. and N'ancy Ann Graves, miner and Icjra
lieirs of William Graves Into ol Vinton conr.ty.
deceased, baa filed his acconnti for innpeotion
and settlement, and that the same will be jagg
ed upon on the 17th day of June 1865,
MaylSthlS65-8w . Probate JuJe.
'0 J
roii iNij,
. 13. Will
.main sti:ki:t
s ..v i:i;ri:i'Ki) all tiu:
Lati t: Nuvrliirs in
Siriiii itnil Siitaiacr
l: ttn- Lidli-s M r.l AS
(Ul.OULD ..ol P.LAflv MLK Si.
lAlUil Wl;S, in crcal i icy ,
ALPACA in nil cliudrs,
a f;,b assort:.! knto:-'-
Mourning Goods.
Domestic Goons.
rli'mciikij ml'l1xs,
ST Itll'KS.
ke A i.v nnoif i:d r:ut r.i,
Fiiriiruliir alttntiiJii hi invitel to out
tin k of
'ioi, rjis-iitifif., vpsts, Coi-
lurs, ''k 'i-3, mil
tl a ii l k c r c h i e I s .
Togi-thrr with a very large mul well select
ut Stook
. OF
.Siignr Iloiiie Moliisses ntl 20 per Gal
yrup ut 1,'JO per gallon, mid every
other urtiirle ir. t lie ' Oretery line, all ol
wliitli will be sold at the
t i ; 1.
Whccier I . Wilson's
A :,r.lv
I . I
y.Tt r;.i
'.' I X IJ S E ,
i' ii i: t: i: .
(I'IKk's 'f K!f A lt'fr.:4
I ii ii; ti, SMii".
. wnrlfl MtQ rim 1 I't'in;!!!!!
ii'-r iii r.; vr L";-D )N,
Ovrr tin Ciiiii.iiiini i'.ii;"iiiiiiu ol' i;u
to, o it i. A in -t ii :i,
at thic UNI TED'' I'Ve '
l Isi.":, :iitl 1SC0;
And III" I'iiici-iiiiiii tirchiui'si Insiiiiili',
Vo l Font M' t.khsiyj: u us.
we ha'
t!i'ii 1 1.,! Ki::st I'iumh M, tver all
c''iii,.i '.iiinrs, as t l.o
WIN! MATir, I .rover acven ve
s. I'll
n"S-. p .ipnl ii l-'aniiiy Sc .vii i I
tliecvut'try, rti I n
; I
tl.cir ba -iiu .., a u I
d.iv. lb.", iii'o ,r. . ii,
rv lit. -il i:i" :n. 1 r'
li i-V'ral'i
Pirai. f:e'
p. 1
.:tl-'i -i
'ml v :
I cur'
ICS ti::.d
' 1
l tL.0 Tt-UliZS. Y;
)I.r."Wii; TiCffV
i:Kn hi;-, i
C'.Vl AT S
.vi.-1 M.
A" a. . ;.r' .. iii;i!'i;i : .... ' !; -
.t.iii'M :. i'.'-l to t r. Mr. ;!
i.ch v. iii Mu liin.'s -) 1, an I
..ii.' i f- niiiii
'I.-. i:.i l r i n
ro :: c. riv.'L
r fit ii-
tl 1,'ui.k
'i I'"' I: t .'I
''V ti.c .ii i'.
i ...i;r -.i w-
ll'J .-.c
I If i.!
.!' :: k1.i.i.-
r r oi iVi
f-i o'i r
" T f.f S'.' Vi
'..; '. ye.ir
ir-iMi.tr '.:
' l.'s.
to: V:i.) ;
I'.v 'A il!'"- !.!
:: I.. M.. '!,.
. 3 s"
' r' ...
" '. ' -' 1 :: ! :,.l;
I'b mi M iii.-.i.,
lo'iab!,. ii.'', t
lATMiit :.'i !,..' .
I-' .s v. ; ..
c l'r I'n'iii'y ii-.;
We I't've p T .
M i. Ii m. t I , ... .
ir.. toplj'j '
oo.ii ir. A till' I.-:i!:l,.-.v-,-:i..rlyi,.-
S -V . I: L' M. i"". 1
. .'I t'l '' '-I
Mi li't'e !., J.
Mllci r, -. -Wl
it, et.d l i''.- it n. 1
ic p. I
V I It
'll' ,.l.
1 1
I. s V
'v an 1 r
i'li it :.!
,H ! tr;
its oar'., l.i. 1 p.-rii I
or!t. S'ic c:: ri n.ul.ii
it"' llCMjoil'. L'lth
ri V
A'v j in tl .
t'..llli:V l.ll
, .11111'
-" m ii,
liliolo I', a Leo
. ' . :;. !:..vni
e the
i s
v'l-i V,.
! :' ail I 'in : :.y in r.'i,
oiii a riv.il, N" i.tbcr M'
:.daiis'ii'.n to a'l purpi -..i-i;;tic
L Oial
is u ibh
V 'Hi':
Jine -ti
for a circular coi t
inin sptciiiii-iis
1 1 satviiip. testrm
W!LI.iAi f'CMN,.!: C,
- w
i.llil'.K-'t'rois i.l I'll. i. sr.ipliii; .'ipttfi la's
VHi'l u ii e AN.n l:KT il,,
' fni' URUMiUWY, A'. V . '
III tnldiliiii) Iii inn- u.ain ii'ii.-s of I'nO
TUG l.M'AIC i'.: I. ,:-, w ri.i
lleiidi'i:irtf 'R UT tlio Mio'iiii;. v:y;
M'KitK'i o ri-: it sr; ;:i:"- t; pic .t
Ol 'Ir se wo In i .iii in. ii;oi .o i's fir'i.-i'! t,
iiu Im'in War Si-ms, A mi iic:ui nn l '. r
. ion (.'iiics mi l I'ii Im .i(.o.i ( 'Miipu, Sf.it.
in. rv, eii-., etc. A No, lioi oivin Stcro.i
sroiie, Inr ruli'i': 'r iir.'Hte i-.!.ibiti"ii.
Our riitii'i'Tiii- will be it tu ,u;y iii lics
(ill K'Ci'ipt i, t-b'lllil,
Piioli'g Ailiiims.
Wo were ilio first . iitl r -i'm p tieo inin
i.o Uiii.oil Sla'cii, . i.d hp 1 1 1 .- 1 1 1 . T i .t i : r t
in iii 'ibr (j imiliiii'.i '" gr. ;il v-rit':v, rai'i;
inj in prii'.' I' lrin 3:1 con s I 'j ) ','il( l.-..
Oor ALLUJIS luiv tin" ro ii!ii'ii'ii ol In-
n' silccrior i'l liciiCy ni.,i I'li u'oilily In
nn: others. T!i yi''l be sont by "mail
FREE, on receipt of price.
Ci" HNE ai.R'IMS :.:ir. T oRorit,
Otir Caulooiie now ctuuracca over Five
Thousand ilill'Tcnt snlij. tti tu which uilili
linns (ire c"iiiiuiiillv bcino untile) of pur-
ir.ut'. ol
t iii :1;
Anu'ri,-iiini, uic, viz
l'U M;'or OciioiiiN,
73 Wavy ofli. er3
l0 St'llPSMQll
1.1) Divines,
123 Aiiibiirs,
CO Promiii't Women
JDO lri Generals,
i - ' ' " 's,
4 ) uii
1(10 Lieut. Colonels,
230 other Oliicis,
SOliO copies of W orks of li t
inr.Iuiliii'r (repruditclions of the moft ct li
liraled Epi'r.iviiii;, Puiiilin"?, .S''utiirs, efe.
C.til'iTncs rf.jnt uii roceipt ol siann.. An!
order lor one (b zn Pictures from our Cat
alntie will be filled on tho receipt of si HO
mi d sent by iiiiii.ln:i-B.
PlioloTraphfrir and oiliers oidernr; goods
C. 0. 1). will pit ase remit twenty-live per
cent, of ihe amount with their order.
Die prices un I qu.ilily of tho good S can
Dot fail 10 Fnlisfy,
april 10. lSi'ij mo.
Slate if Ohio, X inlon County;
JuUii A. Lrown, I'laiutiu. 1 lu Court of
E. A. r.ratton, tl nl. Dcfend's. 1
nbitSUANT to the command ,.f a ordr of,
1 sale in the above causa ti me directed from
tlio i.ourt of Coiiiinoa
1'leas. of tic -'or. said
eonnty of Vinton, 1 will oil'ir at public ealu ut!
the door of the Court House, in tlio town cfi
MeArthur.ir. the aforesaid county of Vinfn onf
Saturday tht 6th Uag of Augmt, 1605.
,th j hour of one o clock, I . M., of said day
tjiefodowmif property, to-wjt: ln-lot ; Nutuber!
sixty two( t.2;, in the towu of MeArthur, in
Couniv. Ohio.
...1 .- 1 T " . . u
satlsly an ordurof aloresaid Court, in lavor of
lobn A liro.n .
G I'ooii a N & Kr pp y J J Kil'or k' f V
Alt a fi,r MtrrV si 1 V Zi n !
jjuo -.ta.j.oj. 3 .,.
,CI ""d ""nietions sent promptly to any
!"tot the eonti tv. Ci iiiliTtTi (j To o tliu
n '"v"" Pycanic-i street.- I . ''
at I Kennvosill rQldnesa, uu.l re h.vioate orean
wbicii h:volaidormon for uiiint yeara. It
will.ureany case of impctency.;Ha.W awi in
ton .i. ...-.t.. ... v..
. van o niaiien wtinToriccisuteiy; H'tieel'er
bottle -vJl . ., 1
I "ti ?' rAKli-i-I ..r.....;- ' '
f j? r. IVAuh f U
W,V!C" y t'fcileva,a
S i 'tBJrac,'ntf,ll "'ntM.1
4crcn,icattymSil. ,
M ::.t)'
IN I ' Pl'.'-l . ... .......
; .N.VVTcri;ii;; pil:
'r t tr
Crrpprticd of lii;
f(Oi:i n1
,1 1 v Crncn'.
roots mmm
1 i
uf ti c rca'rst mpiih' il v,i ii.'. pri pari" ! Ifi initi
tleniiiMii.il pn .-. iip' i..ii llic i: r! riitor
I ti Nh'Uu.V, an) hm-iI In hiin m m.i slli'l
reini'i'k.il d,' fii.'i iss 'rr lo.ent -nr' al
pa. Is u1 tie I'niV'.l Sl.i'cs; iiri ii hi fa lililr
:i nv!v in ali ' , ..
77:' I.IYIW.
( K AN V I V. 1! A i.. 1 M I :, I '.' !' I' III-.
Digestive Organs
:b':sey it..:
Tin' wo I1 T niivn Vv. V.'s i: kin.
s.iysof UiejO I'illfj, 'lliev Uua ill
'ect iipini llio Livor t.iiii i!:wiiv
cf Ri ttioi
Hm'M rl-"i-ifls
iii'V ihc l:c :ir,i iii Hie world i:t'd n ro. tlio wo
perfert p'lra iro vyliicb h n ov, r Vct 0 ci
loiiilo by ni'j h" ly. Tiu v'X. i t limp aljin d
inl'y slum n In t.'.a luiiitiiuiiii y lioiv liitlid
ili 'V i x cl tli.' i.rdin ;y pis 'tciii's in u !".
;l I'V UlC S,l!(! Ulld p!( wclil !n ' I' l l
' i . . . ' , .
i 1 1 in i inc. i :'pM:r rii'
pro, ,
I mi. I t U p v
fi';iiiiVt l!r' fix'
( i.v.
'.. ; i'l
bo I
TO, t i : l ' : - nj
iii. I e;i I I'i-";
h:ui:o-J I'M
il- I':"
c. '
bf.v.l i.
:!l (.!.
:n: 'i, J.
IS, pop
v i'iir.
fy- tlif b'oo I,
or. t! o. in,
ii.-t.'oipor, si
0 II
. i
, it
.rv i':J: t'.u ;
!'U.'lli-;.i :i
110 U'ii'l s
il i:,i
c f.y t
-Il HI
:v 1 1 in' 1
l0! O"!l tn t,
I. ii i. uly ilu t!
I ' 'i !' i'Vi 1 1 Iii
oi ir ii
t if y fi'iTi fi pom i
i i
. ' i ' .
i, llo'V -ais li
ti'H, I III' tirlcs
t lo; l"Vi" 1 '.,
iii.: ,'r- '
id' ilifsit pi'l
!." in I no t v
.livo:.-:r'ii Tir
i)v, i'i'm-i , r.
t in.-
hi -oi
.1 ':
i.- iiu' .
i ;io; p'ir
.'.il tl"
if V.
l:.'i;i. a ''!... fi.. ! u i .
o-i ' iih v liii Ii ;
t'l . r c: roiiit
i . ! ii r' ! i ' r
. ' n .-
r i en,
I..-I lit :
I ri !(
- 'r 'in
ii fur;
T'li In' I'rjmi.i to I:mii:'.
il i.ill, llilil ( ti ii ;ot ! o s-,:
ii ill'' ill i .' Hlt'lil o."
pjio i'oiiu mi ! ri pi v p ;. ;
liii' M !.(, li in'. ut n pi "
! . - in
Tii' y
i'lij't-r. ' i
i'.ivi' tii.
ltfr. IP tiImcI.i'. !'i!.
It t-1 V II I i 111 Pi
1!.S, ROWH J CV. S.'o j.vy.
, ' V'U r.i.,M,v S;., No.v ,k
I;r h -1 : 1'Vl.j-iir. "
It . :-
IH'J,1 '
A'! in'
1 1 a :.i d . :
KLl'I'l-; CO.Nr T
an; i
il t K ti n i.o-imiiil isri'.v, pci irj.l ocvir::.
j l"'l.;l '.1 i. I u -i l; . r-1 I ' i in ii'.o
liii-i:'.c s. All !:i'"U "I t'i..iiij.i li.-n.iiy in-i.;
a', l-'oundrii-s. will !'' io-p'. . ii K: nd and for m.
at t' ., i;. : r i;;s..riau)c v:r...i.
T! f; i:ii.'o- I tl o Fi'Ui'.'i v sl'iirttc 1. :'i :
is, i'l li" midst of Knrii.i.'i s i loo'.: t! e r.i
mcl.ll 1 .i!?' ivs t" bo had at a nviiii cvc. ti. r
in n.-t be i b'ti. nil ; ai.'.i llic s"b -ci io.rr In
r.i .'('i.Tiiiii'c.l m l ;.. bo ..iii.ioiu.. t i, I , r ii, i.
iim'.iH or eii. ii i i c.s. oi'lii. irti ,i, !' n ". r.
.1 ! t I ..'; 1 ho,.l!s to roccivu the p;;tr...Ul.'Q
ili" '"oiiMiuiiity. :
We c.j iiiaii!'.ic'orii i l.o best Mi.'.a'.st ini
p: . I-1 i .o: r, M ills. ThKi wi-.i!r.if wi
Well to i .il.'l In t.!n ir i r !i i in f t.,0.
IM N.I.;'.S- PILL,
nary 1 itli liiio.-tl'c
CreaU.t M'-al t'irwlir
Ever PiiUi MI
fnj-Hftcn'! larje
IcttiT race, for Iww
S nut tiamia.
1ji...iacK"m.n, ii j,- rrrtnuT .o.,rr',i.-i,
torioftli r-.itiulial Pis-oi cry, e.-tab'i lo'i
Ci-ii inn i. i. O. dan, 1 . 1'lir i o ro all t ri'.':.'.! do
.rn.-i.-9 v.i'li unexampled nnlU y. Ven.itnl
tu.: to i-iiic I i.oi 'rrb -tu. . Iji n't, Sypbiliis. Im
potincy. N' cliiit ai i'liii.-si..!'... r I'moalo Coin
i liiint-, in short irvrry p..--iblu f"rm and vur-
iotjI'il'Rjx-il'.r Discis". i.V.res rai ' I, tliomul
and ' r:i.aii"'iit, and foes iui.,iHrst'! Hcr.d for
a cit'Oliar -fifteen In rji- " i !. by 11 in. P- t e t
ets, i.t ViitU'l. valiiabl'! an 1 luicrotinir nut .
t. r. Also, iu'ircula r iriliMU.1 i.a'ii-n oo y.
!t;y ol our pi.7i.'iils tV.-uit. t l,i.y l i.ve sen:
m-'iiey to Di-ttois i u Eastciii ciis un jrcjuiv.
c 'i no returi). , .. - -
Then why rot patri.n'zo homo W'ant-rTrl V
who kuo-v tlio vstoru vlimatu mid .clUvt
spciiy Hires.
I Ir '.l-rl.-nira V,.,,lrt Hill. tl tinv ,.-iv "-,l1
, fi r Circular. Special written l!cpii"s. will si'n!-
, el. i;.-iit Mtu tlio Circular, w ijluvt cuaru.
. r ,. ,.r il,. i .,i,n... . .. ..,...,:.... ...! i....
, . H-.M." -I, ... I III I 111 .11 111 Ull, 1,1,
...r'ant h')ijks published. S')n nages. lOOenrrav
liiir "The 'iiouutrin of Lt'ht, orMe.'.icnl I'ro-1
tec'.or and .Varriaco Gnid.aii.l an F"rplicit Key to
L'.vo and Willy.,' It f AT1SFACTOMLY
reveals variola subject never before fnlKex
i lained iu any pniorur work in alio Knelish
lur.ziinsi. Price "i,i eent.-i an.l one 3ceiit'mp.
' r ln!.cu '
de.riiicd In
or three for 1 and three 3 cmt stumps. Fully
l.:ri'iilar, winch every younj! mar
s"ni-" "nether sioR or well.' '
... J'!U PRiii
,. .1)111(1,
': i.y ( :i n;
ti i
::CP -V
And fcarn that rwrSvl and rwlleal fitr. I. wa'rranM
n l "imraolo, J tu nil aor ai,littl with wmkiifti,
u'.Oty, nrv'.in ci'1Hihihii, mrwmui'ij iiwyi"i
pruwii.ii of iiirlti,!Ulri iniiil iochIjIi of nilnd, lt of
nloifjlmuiof aii'lU"r)'1losiiflli,rgjriiu.lnin,lllBrri.
iiiiy iiriiwin. w.i.tirnc umiiv, mi i,.iui v ,..... ... w
rhrniwivM, l iiiuiiiK rli"i ouumUiT tn-aiUlnga, iuipu.
twice mul diij't "I toe. , . ,. :
. J.- , , SATS.
8,m i,liy1el.in n-nulrp tu 1-e t"M Hi. nature it your
-hav-'lli KNCT.lsll llitTASIO Pll VSll'l.VH dec.
IfirtHT&K-t ku 'Hk.liCO'l me l..iraniy'iini'nni.H'.
IliUltl.'l- S,rni.lll''.ll"l-'-S""ll"l''l.l ..'l'."l"l'"M
Iliepili.'iil.Uiftl'l ,iiiiuiirii'i.ili :.ii.".n'ltnir.ii.i:iiili'
lu eiire. An 1, wlnt ' """ vnliil'lt' ilill. lis Kill h"u.
s.llv an I fisi.Mv I'll w li-lb.r yi.il i.ni Is- eni.'.l i.r nul.
Tin. uiil s.itil' V'Hir unii-l.aii.l !" .vni -n', lil,
ir.iul.l,', and il...i;..oiotnvnt. It ill I the iiiu iih "f
, .... ,,.nv ,l,,ll.,i : il will .mo ulir ln'.lllli,
Sll I, K ll'lt Is I.. II. T than all. il "III 'a'" )'""! 10" l"'HI
t.iiialiJi t.'iie-l l-y wnnis nvatim-iit.
Hi. i:iniln.iti..in nr. iici'li" lilu'iit any liif.innati m
from the i:ill.'llt: Hum f. H' he tli.iroiihly iliiili ri-lall U
th. ir l'l.y.kali-i'li'liiioiiaa-l I'lin-iioli'itieal di'velupment,
KillliiiilVhith In-lien r oe'il I halo n-i f..l'ia.-. i uunjr
asloiiMiine cuii. It 'h 'nl'l 1 r"iai ail.r,Hl Hut Un.
Il.itnnic Phvslrl-iD ierf,.i UM riire. tli.uitlit Impofclhle.
If ton hi tried ol hrn sad ft tin n-li..f, il'.veu wiih to
Biduyiroud lii ahh sad Ion-; li!-, tr you nit- vw, ymi win
go nn.1 tumult I'll. HAI'IIAKb, tl"' H"hniic 1'liysi. iali
All hi cuiiiiiiu ii leal i' ii. and Interview, are .trial
!hule ajld ct ulideliti.il. .UtJii-al Jt,.u.il.
lls.ir h it 'lit I'l'il i.l. liliia .-i rn-spoiiili-iit au iu III.
(ViiiminiMalili, ilniiii-1 mi, I'.-lnuari', 'Jill ut Apiil,
An Eul'IMi rnill.Tii.iii, fnnaeily nuineelrd with Hi.
Iti lti.'-li Army, iteil vt I... sl t.-s hiim.-lf llHt 1 foi-lisW ho-lnl.lt-
Phy.-I.-I in,' Iiu of l.ile yitiuo,! an extensive re,iiln
(Irtn hers by hi' i-kill in .-tlrft. nil iii.-ti. u.-r ol etmii'l.nats.
Sola. uf I. i -a pfilfi-hU I have rnnver.i'1 with, .ml th.-y
uniiaiiiiiee liU reuie.li.-s iiiiil iiiode t.f irealui'-iil a. very
.lll'erior. 1 Solllf have I'-vi! le.lol'f.l as II' I.y ni:ilc. Tito
iii-.'ill..he Iiu U'.sl Ii di-iilli'd by Ini.. -"It from vaiieu.
Ik-H'S noswuln iiii-i iTii.niie p...TTi.-s.
"V'l.ih, ii.Tii:; in tho itru.y he d.-voh-d l.i litoiro
Uinnit-nts to a l!i..i-. lih ftlil-ly t-V llie i.lfi ets pl.lileed I.y
eerlKill llli'diehiitl 1' -ol.. and Ii-t I.. ou nil lilalilair f lii.
fa-scs. it .ii. he has f'.ati'l a Miie mid "(N-dy ri-meily
fur nil III" 'ill, licit I! ,ll is In-i r to.' Ilu luiiltiin U
nlrsndy cxiiTiiy.', aiid is duly in r'si-laii- In llie.-na..
plsinli to vvhi. tl t-oii'tl. are Aill'l'.-r il In- Iris no e-l'ial,
M a l.irx' i.ii nilier l.er.. h-iv.- le.lilK-d tlwt th"y ttwe m l
iinly lli.-ir I'I'sitiI :".i'l h .ilt ti. l et ll'tir lives, lu tl.o
tlvillcl' ihia bi.,;li :li llulanic I'liyinVlaii."
5i, ' GOOD NEWS !
from ::raa and reliable au-
Th. ll'ihiiile Item. 'lii ii.f lioetnr I! i1ia.'l, I do Knclisli
B .tillili- I'll.V.lvillll, IHVer filled Vet I.) Illlllitf a pel tut. t,
radieal, and p, ii.i:nietil ear.' of Al.Tj
rn"iVATn,sECRS7, aws vEnrnrAL
Vfltlicut Hip me of Mercury, without hindrance from
l.,ilii.ss...nd wiilioiij r-:iri.l'.liici,v,-iyor ep.iur... Kj
di.i.llv p.. i."is. such in an. 'Uic, mix Velnicn. opinui, nr
Mi.yi.ilier i-a....!.... SiMn .r uryiiriraTiydi.H.lly tiiinnraU
iiolliile; hut piiridj- V-U"li.lde l!n(niiie.ll H'Til'dics r
'nsi-1 lo- thlswoii'l'T nil tl i iiilc I'l.yo' i .u. Hi. Oolauie
ll-tii"iic. ii. v.r yet ftb-l to cure Ilio mimt nl.silniiie
and Hie ino-t .tini' . ri.us ca.u s. mid tt levenll iiisri'urjr
sad tillii r liiipurltiej I'raa tin' system ttheii all utlier
Heinedi.s hud full, d. .1flavi Jiwnuil.
Hear what tho Italtlmoro t .irresponileut cf the Oil.),
fl tlrni, llomlwro, Maryland, said ou Tliuriday. the Jlua
uf May, is"': ......
" Numeral! cures of dlKimes rauisl hv early Imliscro.
tlnn nntiiur twn performed hy the Ki.tfllih Ilolanie rhy.
it-Inn, I f"l it lay duty, having a kavwlrtteauf them, to
stale tlio lin t, holievlni; that lu ilniiiusi. I limy do a service
to tin sttrTui-itio-. One cainilB particular tliatof ayniuig
man lu thil city li vvoiihy id nolo. Ilu had become tho
vi' tim of a h.il.it, tho nu ro allusion to which raiism a
shu l.ler, and alter j-i-iiMufniBuring anil ilnotorlng gar. up
all Iiohi of rei-dvory. llo winheil to marry, mul was
dearly beloved hy iu sweat a irirl an ever llsi.-il words
or affection, hat ho vvi feiu fiil, nernnm, and prostrated.
Ilu dared not wed on ineount of the hliallered Blato
ofliUavsteiii. lie smis'lit relief ut tho hands of the H "
tsuie I'hvsi .-Ian, and, a.iotiishliig us it iniiyw-eio, all the
l.lnotu Hi'nl vik-.ir of y.iuiii h is reiunied, and he in nuw
lh h.ipi y Ciilu-r or a pair t.f hilht boys."
EiEII. Ili-nrvvhilt tlii-Cil-.tillllllti Weukl)' rrcllsaJ'SolithoOlll
of March, lan-J:
We are decidedly npin..l lo iIitic-i and to ailvertlned
ruiii'.li.-s for tli.) iiri'Veiiilun of liavinj! ehildiea, hat wo
f.s I it our duty lo a,Tvii..l.-.l1;e a l.ein lll from any and
from every source wh. ii It is lor the relief of Milk-ring
Iiiiiii ilillv". A fuel has ronio to nlir kliowle.lo Hi. it
oaht to'lie piuiiiiiliral.-.l mid widely circulated for Ihe
tenellt of Hew IniHi-a vluo delii-ato lienllU mailt, it
nt'ces-ary I" irev.-nt any increaie of I'muily.
Aboiii'tuelti. 'ii.oi.tliM iii'i.-r ni.ii riap'. a holy t.f our ne
qiiiiinlanro gave LiiTh In a diouliler, but liei iil1i.'ilii;s
wm-est.ins,r th:tt h.-r .ii. i.uis di..iirt-lof her r.sioc
ery. This luoib- hvr.dre.id tin- very llieiiuhlsof ngaiu ho
ruining mother. Mie tried every thing to prevent a
rcK'titionof li"riiftVriiig'i,liit wiilioiitsiireee.liiu,'. Two
years after inarriac" she vvt,. u.iin i-oii lined, l.ul h.-rsnf.
ItT'iUK's vv.-reso).'i,Ml that the child died, an. I h.-r own life
Was .lexpnin-cl of. She viih told hy lu r family physician
that ir rdi.ihn.lany inure chililioii he feared lo-i lil" would
he ih forfeit. As all the remedies she h id iri.-d l f re
hud fiil.-d, sho applied to tiw. iloianio l'li;.-ne.ati, L'r.
FOR nn
His rel lira had lllildi ored efT. " I they not only pro.
vented Icr from having children, hut lin y uNtiliiipi'ivtil
her heal'h. " to thk it in;, an. tiiix.is asm puks."
Tho Uotatiii! Ploiciua'K reinedie. can ho rccom
nieuded, het-aaso tiny nr" luinicent ami saro. They
niw rnie wiihoiil eaiisioi; i. -kiiesa or exposure. They do
not liiterf.-ro witli the ili-i ut- ocoiilion. The) i do
not Injure llio health, hut nicy are certain In th.dr
elTtrcl. J' "Al OM, -U. I.
M. MKKillS, M.B.
Any wlioareiufTeriiig.ti" matter what their complaint,
csu call on Ihe ll .tai.ic I'Ly-iHim cuulldoutially. They
limy rely upon relief. His utbs iM.
Coii.iilta'li n daily, iinila cxr jted. Office lioura
from tU A. .11. lo 5 o clocU P "I.
nrrersons at a distanre may comronnlcnto ennrt
nr.KTiM.i t hy letter, if tin y lunloee ONK JfObLAR. fo
Coli-ullalion l ee. In each letter. All I.Tters, communi
cations, nnt interviews, are Btrielly private Slid conn,
ili nti .b No answer v ill t- aiv. n lo l.-iurs uuli uuo
dollar i hn te'd as a Cons. ill. .lion K.-e.
t STorsnii'il iii'orviews granted to Gentlemen only.
Consultation fee', One foliar.
All liii.-iniias witli
to l a done by letter.
AJdrcas all letters as follows:
T)r Vf Bi.l'liael has iioronnwiion with 1'HOFESSOn
nr' Cr. W7 M. I'-nph ud. -r wilh any other g.iullcui.ii
ipf tbd sallto nul.ie.
nV cut this advertisement out. When you como,
bring It with y' '"l "bow ' 10 u" Blrl hu orcn ih
Uuur. To protent nrAtakes, ak to
VldtU 2.
rllKUix payers of Vinb ti Cunty, are hereby
tiutiflil that lb Tax Pnpli 'i.'o for the l.tst
lialfyeura taxes i.f tha year lfiit, have 'ieu
placed in my hands for collection. Cpon all
taxes not paid or. or before Juno iOto Uoj, llie
law iinp.es a penalty of five percent. . I will
he lu uttejitljiuig at-thu Treasurers otllce in Me.
Arthur u u till that date, to ree-ive the samo.
I ! Treasurer V.0c,J;
May lull 1Ef,5-.
i110 .P.hionfort hevtar lsi.V levied a tT of
Ji'iie sc. sioq ior iiib j w ibmcu a lax 01
one rn ill on the dollar; being ton cents on eaoh
Udja olW.Wvisora of tli. several rria:
t-kt, at the.rutii olpno dollar per day, as pr-
JuflcSrfb.l-irj-ew. Atid. V. C. fj.
VOTICE lb' boreby (flrpft' that tho Commia-
sloners et v inton oonnty.-uino, at lieir
"It wt-o rtja (WrYirt. OT to'ai,
'' , :flktadltsiCoiisalbMii,'
fcavo been introduetd to ihn pub 10 for mn
than six years, and hare aotpuireJ au
far exceeding any Family Medluine of
limilar naturo in the mnrket.
An appreoiatino pnbllo was not lonjr b
discorering th ay poesessed Kmarknble
Cvt.W. ?fcxif.vi.
and henoo tl'eir
and eonBcqttont profit to the t zopriotor, that
enabling him to extend
of dollars each year U di r-rtia'nij LheU
ineriu, and publinliing Uie
wliich Lave been sbowerud upt ti him fn u
The peculiarity of the
la that they strike at tta r"H of Diseae.
by eradicating every particle f itupurity
for the life arid heullh of the body dopenda
.1 r .1. - i.t...l
opon me pun y 01 uu uuom.
If the Wool in po's med, the body dj .gs
tat 1 miserable exinte ice. These raudloiaot
'or ci iiof,
Svofula, fyfhl'.i,
Bhin (Discixser, Oil fiires,
Bait tfheum, .rruMat ,,
(Dysptpsia, ' tii&k 2f"nvaoA.
Liver Complnxm, Vexicr an! Jt'ju,
Leuaorrha 2'emaa Complaints,
Erysipelas, -!flt. ,lnthy't Fir
Tumors, Eruption ,
Fits, Bbtafolnus (hnsurr,pt!. it.,
i V ' I :Y ? .
OHE Person nrll?! bo.datijl terwuaeursd
-if fits of nine yearn' sti odi'ig, nd f t Vitui
tlancn of two years.
ANOTIIEa writes, hit eon was curod
after his llcsh hod almoit wtstt away.
The doctors pronoun ted 'lie mse mour
ANOTHER was cuisd o( Fvcrand Ague
after trvinu very medicine in his reach.
ANOTHER was cured o-' Fever Got
which liml existed fourlecn yeim.
AliOTHESof Hbeu natism of eight yean.
Cases inoumorhblo ol Ijysper lia and Liver
Complitint could be mentioned in which tt
Purillor and PiUs
WViv ( Crvv.
are the most active and thorough pills tha
bare over been introduced.
They act so directly upon the Liver, excit
log that organ to such an extent as that tht
system docs not relapse into its former oon
dition, which is too apr to be the case with
imply a purgative pill
Thoy are really a
which, iii conjunction with the
will cure all the aforementioned diseases,
and, of themselves, will relieve and oure
Headache, Costiveness,
Colib Pain?, Choltrch JJorhus,
Indigestion, (Pain in the Jjowela,
QKzzineat, ei.
Try these me lioines, and 70a will bevel
regret it.
Ask yonr neighbors, who ttare used them,
and thoy will Bay they are
and yon should try (hem tefm going for I
physician. '1(1:. ' ,
Get a Pamphlet 0? Aliianao of my local
ugent, and read the eertiBoare, and if yov
have ever doubted yon will .
Asa proof that the Blood Pnrlfli r rod Pills art itnl
Igstahle, I hats th.eerliS.calM ri tt-osk emrasrt obeia
IU, Profeuors Chilton of N. ., aid liork.of Claaimsll.
Bead Dr. Bobark's Special Notice, aad Certificate, pah,
UilifU in a oousplcuou. part of tUa fapsc frum tin. tt
Trio, of the Seandlnattao T.gtable Blood PnrlOer, t)
per bottle, nr 5 per half down. Cf tru Boaodlnatlaa
tsl.l. Blood Pllle, B6osnta per bot, 01 6 boati for II. ,
Prlnclpnl OfHce snd Salesroom, to. t Iul Fourth IU
Id Bulldinf from Ilu Bt , Olsoiouit1, 0. Imboratorij
00. u uaaatoDO eireoi.
Dr. A. Coniit'c, Di tiirgibt.
S 'lfv nfOin Vinton Cn mi'y.
J.'s'-idi tV'albie... & Wifj, I'l'fTs, l O.djr of Kah
, air ii ist, in Ci. irt of
(icor-i-j Sal's and t linrs. p.ifi's.) t," un. Hjas.
. I'u s no. t P.. i.bo oo'in.iand of an Order ol
S. lie in lb i ul.ov cm " t in-i diroi'.oil from
the C'.iut ol l'.'liinion I'lens. of tlu ul'uresaid
county of V int. ii.. 1 w ill i ii.'T'r for ailWa't the
door of tlie C'tirt Uoiiiviii:tli Town of MoAr
tlirjr. i.i the nf' i'. said County of Vinton, on
odtunl'ij tAe J Oi ti of A n just, A,
at 1,0'cloolj V M . of said. day, 0,
Real Ks'ate. to-wil: i
ho Allowing
The ria l Half of the Pculh-Easl Quarter,
and lii. North-Weal IJnarteyof the Sonth-Kast V
yuurter, of Suction Nivfplmr Thirty-Two, (Nu.i '
"ii.) Township Number Eleven (No. II,) of,.',
Kanifo XunibiT fijvtntoeu (No. 11,) in tho
Topnship ot Elk, in Vinton county, and State
of Ohio, containing- One lltm-lred arid TW.nty .'
tRrto acres, moro or loss to be aoldfree front . ,
t!ie dower jnttitcjftof SlatlL'a Jjtndman. , . ,
Appraied (, jwnty-fotir hundred and sixty
dollars, arfij must btinjf tw thirds 'ol ' tllat
turn i " t. '. -..,.',..'.
''Tebhs oUE-Caish In hand. -; -:s'.".'
. ., JOIINJ.8U00KEY, ,.;
, : . . , - ' Sherifl' V'mton County, O,
1). S. Daxa, Att'r for 1'1'ffs. "'' '
' July IS, 1SB5 6t
EQIl DlaDks 'ol" all, Isinda .call at'"-,
tlio Dem cuat QiyiciJ. - - ' - .

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