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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 27, 1865, Image 2

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I imofi
Wlli ru MKtf HIIAU. 1JL l.E
"McAKTllUi OHIO ':
rm:itilA Y - -
July ViV. tii-"i
Democratic Primary
Tlio Democracy of Vint J County
nro requested to meet in their respect
ive Townships, lit IheiOiGiKil -Uicoa
of holdMiR E'oetion.i, n
BATH uD AY, Avgnst VjV., i&u;
ut '2 o'clock L . M., uiid then and
OU(M,ial' ; ' ,i 0
there proceed to anoint three Jiui-eB,
and one Cleikol tlio Miliary l-M
lion who fiiiall proceed to oriramzt!
lin-L iwit i. und re(eive iiai.
tj lor the
ilillureiit iiuinya itnaMinccd f'-r
iiiiroofio of iiuitti nuViHiT can
:;ni' lioiui i:
. .i i ... i.. 'r:. .!... tl... tiimu'il
lor II 0 j" no v jii.i.ui. "
mi . ' .
F.'ectioii, for tlio followiii'ollio'..!
K-'piesenta'.i vo;
1'io.oaiiin;.; Atloinry;
Coiinly llecorder;
County Commissioner.
1.1 II I I 1 ... 1 I I.,. .... fl t ; .' I '
of paid (lav.
Said UUctora fclmll, ntlheiaiiK
limn, fleet thrco of their numher
Delegates to tho UoUtily Colivtnfo n,
MONDAY. AUGUST 2i.?t. 1?C3,
II II ii T" r' "
I 110 I UIIS tilKlO I'O
oVloclc M. ui.UI C o'cUk 1'.
at 1 o'eloeh V. M., then n.nd there
l!io I VI Uool;,3 of Raid Kll-C-.
liona and declare the candidates -.and
in ens.) of alio vote, then the Un-.j
vent on to determine, y ballot or
ctbe. wb,o, tho nowineo.
Said Delegates aro to njpoiat Deb
egntea to tho 6'talo Convention, whicli
will bo held at Columbun, on the 'Ji'h
day of August, ISO.'J.Bnd ljjofour
to the Senatorial Convention; and to
appoint a Democratic Central Com--
mittoo for tho ensnin" year, and
tranuact mcli other limincs M shall!
coino bflbro tho Gonvenlion, an niiiy
benocosBarjr for tho i,.tereEt ol the
Jjomocracy of Vinton county.
Dy order of Don.. Cm Cm.
A. J. SWAIM. Chair'n.
R. CRAIG, Sec'y.
Tursday, August 21, 1865.
J o tlic Ucmocraej of Oliio.
A State Convention of the Democracy
of Oliio, win m hum at LoiumiiuF,
jliursimy, inu.-iiii u,u,a6 i,,
nominate camlutates for tliu fullowti'g tlTi
tfs, and for the tianiiaclion of cocli oil, a
tufinem as may coiii before Hip Conven
tion: GDinrnor, Lieutcnii. Governor, Trcasuv
i i oryiQtfi,Suireinn Jude, (full term ,)
onprrm''. Jinlfje , (vacancy .) Attorney Gen
rral. School Ca inniissinuer, Member of
hoard of Public Works, Clerk of Supreme
The ratio of rpprefcntalion will bo as
follows: One delegate for each county;
un albitioual deli'gulo for every 600 votes
ta.;l for Gen. MuClellun ut the lust, Pre:i
dentiil cleeiioii,aiid an adilitiouul di legale
for every fi action of iioO or more votes eo
tntt. IIiij iiporlioninciix give3 co Iho
counties reficetivcly the following numbci
uf delegates, viz.;
(Under tho aliovo reprefCntTtion , the
counties of the Utli Congfesfiioual District
will bo entitled to fhe following number ol
Adams 5 Jnclison !
Scioto 5 Vintoli '1
Lawrence 3 Gaiii. I
Hy order ol the Democratic State O titral
JOHN G. THOMPSON, Chairmad. F. JAEGER, Secretary.
In accordanco with orders of tho
War Department, 11,000 or 15,000
of Sheridan's mon aro to bo master
ed out of service
The Mayor and memt of tho Mag
istrates in Alexandria, V a.,ueclaro
their determination to reeign rather
than receive the tent imony of negroes
nainst whites. Tho Frccd;;iau?a
Duroau bas in conaequenco appealed
to Gon Howard to ovcrrnlo ail thoir
Courts nd aet tliulr vcrdicta aaido,
where tho ncgroca' testimony is not
Tho nock-botics of J. Wilkes
Dootb, which wero fihattorcd by tho
bullet that caused bis death, arc now
on exhibition, at tho Army Medical
J.lnacurD. This is barboriem.
Gov. Terry 'a rpcech is dcnoimocd
l)V tne Jtaaicais, nut. nc ip enn hih
tainO'l by tho Prcridenb Uo r.illjat
Ic-avo fur boutli Carolina next week.
releasing on iiurwlo dlk'erj i r i b
oners ot war.
Tlio Cabinet aro disetisains t lie
Mexican question. It is snid tlmt
ticn. (Irant assented that tliu French
niiit luavo Mexico.
Tlio Secretary of tlio Treasury ba?
ordered that no moro livo c i:t post
au-curroncy shall ho i?8noJ.
N. moru throe-cent pieces ure to Ic
TJi'j ( inn nunmit U lo t.iko ru?fe6-
t,"ii of Fr-!'d Tii'ia.'or sw-1 imv him
!a n tit Kir it until the I it of 'February.
, j, (!1-)1,r(.;.3 tR.. tj..a niuKu u
I .,,.,- ., f . ,, I,,,, ,-.
"j i uviiuii i-ji in;: j.mii c.j.iu j. it
will he ruitorul to hi:;;.
.... ,
rt.;'idioti from l:einin; to uij. Can
tnjtntion has been called the. loiiiida
0K! tiiU of liberty, the bili cro;;:i!ive
j jivi!,ve of eviry Irediian, ll is an
jt ;jin.ct lvi(!l lh 0,K, .
' '
iil ftf0t,f'f''9 ol wr
been handed dowu to in hallowed by
' its couneetion, with f;reat names and
j j,ro,,t ovtuta it!i notable atriu"lcB
aucealry against d-olio pow
! 'ad wlurlwma ot
. revolution that hna ewept over the
land, "old tl.ins Imve paaiod uway,
;iim) i.i,,,;. a tLimrg bavo become
Tho cimpleet elcmentarv lea
' -
m ot bberty are to lo learned over
A military ofiiccr, in a time
I of peace, 'nircRt: n dictip;'i;i-ed niLzou
wolLccr; cutrcuchod behind bayonct3
his will tho hbcity oi rno ot th
j We have !!.f.;rii!!.iVi! lr"U K.ihIi
: ville that a vviil ol Ji.on Co jii
j havii'f bun out, (l:i..e!in;r a
kvriain Colon.! to oiiuve the
! hody of Emoti on J'.th; rii.'r. ('.nt
of tlio 0 iu:il Union mr-t: nl Tt nrr.-'j-ecu.)
arretted and detained l.y luiiiitiiy
aulluiily fr vurJa Fi Kcn on
ttiiinp. tlio Co! one 1
teh 'MM; hiil
1 . f
CiOII. 1 .Oifii't:) !' ICii'met'oll.'.. (jell.
llwtusu iiw!.rU.u him to n.a,;o ro.
turn to tbo wn!, Unit E'!.!;iMi was
detained hv viiiuo ol ku orlir of the
Fadai:, Um1 lu-t J u!y, bh-jcihI
. , . . .. .. ,. , .
io:' iii'j v.ir. oi tminns in'uin in
iF i i i i i- i
.r liu u lino or, Pl:MiMir," oinrtuLl
! law in that ilhL n;:d that by lea-ion
,'of a .i l oriel iie fonid i:ol obey the
' vi'it. Can any o, an, not altogether
tiJ3i.'ki'3 or tl!o:ulher un; l incipled,
.I,.!',,,,,! ii ; 7
It in allo'iothcr a ucnr
lvv wan lei I i;j v.hnt tho writ of ha
bias cor 'us u v.orlh. if it h at the
,lu.r( y
4 '
ol every (iet;cr:il, who clioos-c?
rni!i It i3 luucli boasted
.. ... .-.I .. ... .
wri u' " inrcsti:ctc. op
and patriot, becaiiso bia viowo ?ou't
'cuit Lim- and uh. n
j discharge of bla duty, under the
i constitution and lawn, ieEiico tho hi;.di
peroalivc writ of Haijeas Cow-l-s, in
i order that the cauEC of his nrre.t and
j detention may bo enquired into, IhiG
b . . f , , . , .
- - j .u . 1. . vi t J I '
refuses to obey and presumes to lay
i i . ...
uown anu conetruo tlio law to snit
himself 1 And what is the authori
ty upon which this military jurist
relies, with uuch high handed assur
ance? A proclamation ol the i'resi
dent, issued last July, when tuk war
was at m uiciiEST, suspending the
IIauicab Coi:ius in Kentucky ! Thia
is ,'oin a kIc) further than the most
rabid adyo'iate of tho war power of
tlio 1 resident. INo one has ever
contended that tho Trc'ddi'iit had
power to suspend tho writ, except wi
der that clause of tho Coiielifution
which provides for it3 suspension
when, "in tiino of invasion cr rebel
lion, tho public safety requires it."
Muny of tho liblcet ar.u best meu of
tho country, bavo denied the
power of too President alto
gether; but no ono over contended
that in.timo of peace, the President
could suspend tho writmuch less
that a proclamation issued iu time of
war, would operate after tho war wan
over. Tho power has expired by its
own limitation. Moreover tho proc
lamation of the President, referred to,
expresjly asscits that it is iued by
authority of tho act of Conrcts, ap
proved March 3, 1SC3, which enact
ed that "during the said rebellion
tho lWdont of the United States is
authorized to suspend." i'ia. Ami
further on, the said proclamation dc-
i .1 . .1
Clares that ti;o suspension of the writ
in Kentucky Ghall not continue "bo
youd the period when Iho said rebel
lion d;all have been eupprcGscJ or
come to an end " A nd yet upon the
authority of this proclamation, n Gt-u-oral
of the army dcties tho mandate
r.f t!.o Courts in Kcntncky. acd holds
inept d;stinj,'nished citiz.nj "of thy
Ilepublic, and ono loo who Banaliz
ed his devotion to tlm Union, in op
position to tho action of his Stale,
when men who are intensely "loyal"
now, did not dure; to tiat.d in tho
perilous bieaeh. Tho war ia over:
tho cxcusj of "military necessity" ia
worn out; and tho peoplo should sec
to it, era it be lo lute, that Iho great
doctrine office goyei runout bo en
forcedthat, tho military 1c kept
strictly Liibi.'aliuato to tho civil authority.
What the War has Cost the
The HkftirtoniJ IhpuVlc, in its
i ario of tliu I:h of J une, thus sums
up thu cost of tho rebellion;
' We Is.ivo iituuer.iU d K iuihcrn losses,
in i iiii:,rrin nee of tin-m ar, Id the uiuouiil
oll'ive 'J'Iioms.iikI Kijflit lliinilr'd Millions
ol llollar?, naiiicl) : Tve nty lii c Iniiidred
millioiis .y !o-h of .slave properly, nine lain
ilie l inili ions by revni-s of war, nine iiun
i;rid iiiillioiii by lor.i cf Bla,ile tmps. (h
i.iinilrei: miincim ny nl properly sunk in
("ulih ilerate ilelit, uii.l one tliousand mil-1
linns ly v but must h reeflcr lie paid by lh-1
.Suutli lo !i.'iiiia!'3 j'rim ip il ami interest of j
ihe national debt. Thin of cour.-e i.s very
r!i;;h v .tinute. We inihl have inclu.li-il j
iii iuy etlii r i'oni.s invuK i.i'' bid I in t, tbiui;,1!
not le.-isccilain, Ioiko.". I'.oi'li at the e-'ti-in
it.: i, il 'alls abort ol the actual truth."
Tc n il.hi ii ia tho. (viit of war.
, . ,,, ., ... , ,, ,i ,1
and riL-bt heavily il la!U f.p .n tho
innodlit viet'iiiu -tiiO jreut lijborin
M;o-rn Tl. ..I" tlit M, ,ll Ii
niacGen. i no i.un ,o i too noun
1 1 . '
havo a v.iir deb'. l pay to the tuno
..I- ,.,;!!;.,,-. ml,;,.!, ,,.;!!;
liityiioin"''' ii.nr.u;i t t 1 1 ii'
ui! i.mr, vviiieir wiii i
har,! like n mill rdono
liloilll 1 tlieirj
uecl.9 tV'ievennore. Liko I'lul.i-tliCU.T
i . -i 4 . r . , i . , , . i '
Cllil ilCU IU .lUOI.i. ly.illl..l..lKJ 111 i
thu Vtilluro feodin;' forever
I ,,,, fi, ,,;., ,,,.-, , o
ue !), t.:o itiiciican nia.-.u v.ii.,.r
' ' ,
lenccfolTi, be pioi-tiu'c, tliiuin.il
tho l.u:.'0 mount i;n of debt, with the
vulluro t,! oatloicr on '. vi:i;r, rc-
iiioreelossly, at tho vilalj of tlieir pri s
periiy ni.il bat I'ii.ehG. And nil thel
to fulfil Iho prediction of Abraham ;
Lincoln's liiauurai :
Sin i inn .1- il.hi i'ii Oi w.ir. nil. I ivl.r n rifln
v. j ,,
inticli lo;3 on but Si sale-., ant no "nin on ci-i
llier, yi ii e-MR ' lii;blii!, tc nl I ii!i ii!iin
iuts!ivhS us ti t'nr.s I' tilhnours: arj
ajai ii iij.uii ) oil."
1 1
South. Hear One of Cox's Soldiers.
Tho Fremont (O.) Mesocnscr, cd
iled by G. S. Van Yalkenl.'U'h, who
Wii3 a sjidier under General Cox,
dooa n-.t seem to have a reat admira
tiou tor li.t I('.:publicau uoinineo fur
Governor. It ivc:
' cox.
Tho negio votern' cf.ilid-.tto
very tjb"it ii'iir.e and a ir.ucl' chortor
lame. Our rtcollec'.inii of Mr ( vs. is
dijtinct. The li.-i't time that wn ever
knew that there was such an impt.r
t.iot individmd as IVij.adier General
J. DjIshi Ci'.x m esiileiioij, wan in
0 enr V fitftot&ol tn'j icuci 'tri. w no:
the AdiiHiirMratinri kv!
n . . '
f 1 5 0H;) nieti
,. .t I. .
lyiii; tit tnnii' L'enrnaon t.j put donn
a ot Ot rCUO 4 WHO Were H im:i llir.tn
or four bun Ired milr.3 away. It was
when tho camp was Ii rat etartol ami
mud was plenty, ns niitnyr a follow
will remember. Wo wero eittinp on
a stump cogitating. A fellow on a
horse, in Hliining epaulettes, white
trowsers, kid gloves and dainty boo'ri,
camo riding alon. lie saluted nei
ther us por tho stump. Wo saw
notiiinn remarkablo about him, ex
ciipt 1.13 extreme fr.ppijhnoriS Wo
nt led who he was, ami wen:
: info'ill-'
cil that it was lhitrudipr (ieiural J.
Doko C(-x. coinniandcr oT onr brig
ade. After a while, our loya, the
old bovi nth, boan to f-r;t out of
clothes, and tho most of them had
nothing to wear, euvo a pair of Gov
ernment drawers. At tho qmrter
mastef 'a there wore plenty ol oioUici.
as there was plenty of wine und
brandy at the headquarters of Cox.
Ono day a razeed ecjnad was para
ding, and happening to pass before
the eyes of Cox, la pavo orders that
they ehould lo put on extra duty for
insulting him!
The next military exploit that Oox
performed was iu Western Virginia,
w hen ha orderod Colonel Tyler to
ta!;e thu Seventh to Cress Lanes, al
though bo knew thcro wore bouio
5,000 rebels thero. Tho result was
the bravo Seventh was cut to pieces.
We don't beliovc tho friends of tho
boys who went down thero will clap
thoir hands much for Cox. There
aro many tbint'S of mismain remrnt
Ju l tyranny dm inr his West V'ir-f
ginia reign. Tho real cati3o of bis!
nomination was not to reward him
for tliu serviced in tliu tielJ, t;nt bu
cr.ueo ho went to Bchool nt Oi.erlin,
clcdiod with negroes, ate with nc
;;iocs, and, in all human probability,
slept with them, and, wilhal, h iu
favor of negro voting."
VMiftKi:its. ummiucs
Do j on want Wlii.-lun-or Miii.ht.u-hi! : Out
OrK-UiiConi'Uiit)i.l will tunc tlicia to (jruw on
ho smci'llK-st fucii nr Oiin, or lair r-n IjI.I li-iii.l
in Six ll'u-b. 1'j inj l,CO. fc.ut I'.viiiail Jriy-liun.-,
. . '' -i.iii.i. .-ii 'a-iii' t. iic.
Addnr..:. Vv'Ai'.A'l.Iv iV JU.,' It ia
Iuiiel.liii, N. Y.
. rVb, R ;, Je.
Elllur McSrlLnr Democrat: You will
announce the emne of 0; T. GusxiNa,
Ki;(., us n eui'ublo person to receive tlie
support of the l)-mocrry of Vinton Coun!y
for the nfTice of Kepres. ntative in IhoSute
l'gislalure.giiliji'el to Ihe decision of the
I'riunry Jilection, to be held on the 19 th of
Aniist. Many Votfiis.
Joly 27, 1805-tdp
Dlih r McArtliur f)mi.crot: I). R. Daha
vill be iTi-H-nte I by his fiiends as a
iu,iab!o if ii--n fi r re eleeuon lo the oiore
of (Vosei'.ul in-; Attorney, S'lbjVct to l !o
di'i'ini'Mi of (be iVmorrntic J'riinary Hlec
lion, to be held on the lO'.h of Auu-t.
A Uljiocbat.
July 7. lSO.Mdpe
Maiois I5it a r row I lease iinimunre i Kc
nam-ii! .Ion i iimk Ueir.K, nn a candidate
f'.rre-el' ciion lo theullii-.Q of Cmniiy lienor
iler, Eiil.j r.t l.i the Dcmoerulie Piimary
Itleiliou, to l.j he'd on the 1'Jih of August.
Many Yothis.
July 27, isrj nlp-.i
Col. Ilnttton You will please aunounrc
in? nuint rii v h.uam Clauk as a c.uido
dale for (,'ouiity Ciiinininsiiiner, subin.'t lo
the ilet i-iou of the Drninrratic Viinnry
Kh clion, to bo held on Ihe I'.'ih of August,
IIarrison TuwNMiir.
July 7, lci;5-Mpe
5 j! c rti ( police,
Tir: Ci:jVF.i'ri-.r.K l'i no Foute s'ill re-
t,liiH h (,(i,r, doiM-c ,, .rtul ponhuiiy,
mH ufu-r undrigoinjr yiailnal improv cun-nis
J I" vrai's, is now irilllOII HCt d
, , , i ii, i i
1 v Ibc miPi'. al wot lit lo be nn:surna- ,;i d and
ol!iV.'n uncnualel in ru hness. vi'dume end
"ami" o.'ii 1,11,110!-are mi iti il I.) Ft H
. ' . i. . . .. ,
fir our IJo-( n ilivi-L.a.i o;:u'.', which t on-
loi,,;,.,s ,h.)V,railu ol our iliil'eirnl Mylr-i, tn-
imh-Hv of ton:
1 ' V "' V , """i'"rM-
II... ... ... l.i I. fr . . ..I I . I . .. . . . . I. I
,i i ,, . .. i i
;,., Iiui.ie, ovi'r-flriiii!', biiSri, i-even oclav.',
iro - .i v ood piano-, we ere n-llin.; cheaper by
i In'l ... : ifi .1 1 .i. i . I
ii "in v i j j in , ,u ui-jii in ; .-nun-, ki ur i j'l
fiio -Ii ar,' r.oli
fi .1 I. . r , , Ii ..... ..ll.
r fir. I il iss ma-
I ... :.. i
.Ml.-. 11 .HU ' Ml 1 1 I j
1'ei.ler-i an I all in
i;'Ui'-' wiin mee,;. on.: ni.mit.lpnr.
' ' i-i--u ,i.iiiu un. nil ri L-int; iiin v u'a-
l'i;,iif. .M-diil, nl-iii.-t without number,
h ive been Mianled lo t'ujCnu ei'eeu Hiunn,
an let th" CeloWati'il World's air, Ihoie'li
put in eoinp-'iiii'in with other from all
car's of Knropn ai:d the II. S., it tjuk the
hiehcfU award.
P'J Dtuadwuy. New York.
July 27. iSio-ly
Coaip ind ofhi,;bly coni-entralril extrarel-'
fioin rool-i and h'-rbs of the bir'Jii'i mmiical
value, i'lljU.bic in ihe euro of all d -ceaset.
of lie I.ivrr oranv ik-rau'uiout ol'tlie l)i-e-tive
(li jiin.-i. Th.-y reininc all linpuri
lie? otthe lllonil, iiudar.) uiiciu-i!ed in the
i ure of Diarrba.'. J mil lie', )i sjn-piaa, Si.ro
fula. liilitiiiiiiiTs, Liver C iiijilant, l'Vyrm,
lleadiielte, Piles, Mi-rruiial D.cuses, IK re
ditar) Ilmiiors. l)o:se for iiduhs, oni pill in
III.; mon. im; children hall a pill, I'rnin nni'
lolhr e pills iv ill cur ordinary e.i.n-o, and
f i ('tn one to lluee b-e-! ilt cuic auv eiiu a
Ion i:-i ol no matter how louc, -landing-
I'riu'Sl 01 (if !)o, 'Piad; supplied orienl
by niii!
V M'il'1 T.lb'IOri' M.I), C'o
June I il fji'.'j- ly (;u P'iiIiiih Si N V
rUr.-yi.iiOi ivl.il'i r. iilia in .".i.'iiUi Am'T
h i ii pi! i inary . I i i..;,m,rvl a a Hi ml riim-
, r..t . f,.i II . I,p,.l';v',..u..u -'...,i
, ' y ""- "'i Ji ol I ho Lnieiry uii.l
-yiliiil.ll . " l:!!!.. .i:i i lli'J HIIIIU Ll Ul 11 ll I lll.vir
.i.:r lo-.-n .;'i i,y i,.ui,ir,ii Ul vitic-.i.- injiii..
"rrai r.i:ini..!, navo ik-ii air.;-iy cnro-i i.yilna
N'J.'IU I JUIU I, , I I u II "J . ny u ll' I r 1 1 (; ll, I 'fl M
lit (ilU -.lllll-lil ll-l I Ulll')rl:llllUj, I Will Willi
tlio ro.i,io I'. ir iirufi irinr an I u-iiii'f tlii i mull
c an, if) rmeiili'.l ciivuliia,to any ona'wlio r.ucd.
it, Kio:k of i'ii.viii.k.
I'luii-io in il'ciu a vs'. paid oevolo.o, addr'i.ss
ed to yon r-.i:lf.
Au Iro.-si
fr'TlTloN 1). ii lit I.E llolUK,
Mur. UllitSil.'.-ljr. Now York City.
nritiAOELl-ItlA PA.
3-y l''AlJ.'lijS6'l K.MS-ii!.-.v r.i,, relia
I" lieatment. A bio the RUIDt b Oil AM
ll!U,uii Ik-ay of Wai ninir und bistruetiou
lient by mail in m-aleil envelope, fire o
i:baoe'. Address. Dr. J, K K I I, b I N
HOUGHTON, Howard Assori itinn, N0.
2 Month Ninth fitreet, Philadelphia, I'a.
Oct. I3th lyr.
sii:ayi:i oarsaoLBi.x
i71 ROM the pasture cf the subscriber,
residing in Knox Township, Vinton
county, Ohio, on or about the I5;h of July,
over 3 years o'd, both bin I feet white, ona
fore foot with some white, (lliink it is the
right fore foot,) has a lar;',o wliite blaze iu
the face, mane anil (ail sumo lighter color
than budy, some maik-i on bid neck occv
sinned by wearing a yoke. Any pernnn
riving information that will lead lo the
dise.ovey of said Coll, will he liberally re
warded. Iiupiirc of or nddress the in, der
ailed, at Marshfield, yliheus comity, Ohio.
July 27. 18G5-31
- MANurnuioKi'.
mim & mmi
fikArJiiiR, Ohio.
KEKI' 8 constantly onl.iiml and iirniufacUira
to in'iLr, tve-ry vuritty uml tlylu or
uhieh lor orloiiaiinl.!,i an. I eloih will coniiiam
with uny fiinilor work in lioutborn Ohio.
ALfiO. llain:.!9 liiiplu and ijouhlo BjSk,
from the I'lainct to tho lincl mountoJ. Alto
every vmioiy or liitiux xrullua aivt llalttra.
Al 1 tf vtl.ich will te jUJ i.t tl.c lowia ca.h fig
iirc.i C'.ili mi l ixuinino e" k "a haink..
i!ay l'i !"'.- i nl",
WILLIAM D. Swaim, Administrator
of the K-la i! of JjIim D. Swaim,
laleof Vinton i-nuiit, l.liio. ileeiasid.lu!)
filed bis accounts and vouchers for iti'pee
tioo n nd eettlement, and lhat the same will
be lor hearing on the 1'Jih ilav of Auu-;t,
A. I). 1905.
July 27, lSG5.-3iv I'robate Jiut-r.
IF.SSt IIROWN, Guardian of PwiHb
t lii.xon, has filed Ink accounts and
voiithir.s lor iii5ieetion and final fettlriinml.
and lhat the Fame will lie fur hearin" on
the I'.i.hduy of 4uit, A. I). ;;r.
Tro'iati' Ju,U: Vintoli Couniy.O.
J.ily?.?, I8ii5-3w
The S' nter, Ohi, Vintna County, Oh-'o.
l.ydi.1 A. Ilianiy, IT1V, 1
n".iiii.it Divoreo.
, q W. !!.mmy, l"-f't. J
1MIK ai'l .l i"'"S W.-i:,.:imv, I liu .f Purrv
cmil.ty, Ohio, 1 0 To 1 1 I ;i 1 1 1 wlioai hu-o nl
ri'M'lcniMi i iinl:nown lo .lni ntii.r, is ni.'ltti-il
ilmt Mi'nl l.vi!ia A. llnuniy lii.t, mi the 2V.li 'lny
July, 1 li'o liir lii'.i'.i m f jr Divnpio in !io
(iltii-3 r.f the ''I i k of ll a ( miri nf
Cnin mnn I'I'-hk. v !' liin nnd fur t Ins :iM it t ' y
ol' V iiioni cliirinr, ii'iHin ( other thheM, tin
nit, I .l.iniA W. l.'ouiiij- wi'll xdiiltrrv with "inn
Muli'iliiStcvciusaiHl i?rn" r.crlc.-l.f .1 i'-; an-l
ii-liiiip(luit fho nuiy in- ili vurco l 1'ioin the taiid
lanicii W. ll'jmny, and lmvn tlio cn-itoily of
.l.ilm T. nn-l Mu'y Ana Ilcuniy, chililr'm of
'h fiiidii'it, ifci. ; which petition will Ic lor
harii)rf at tlio next 'IVrin ufhui'' .'mirt.
Ilv I!iuTT')N '.V, Mavo, licr Att'y-i.
July 2?. isi't-flt
Stile of O'n'o, Vinton County.
.liiTiii'.li.n I'i'irn,.Ir., I'I'll, i Iii V iuf -i Cnin
!n.iiiiiai. I tv ('i.iiil. ol
Siiioi'-I W lic'itnrn r.p.l f (l.iininini riniin.
V.'illt -ei Vi'li.'Uti.rii, Ilisl'tM. J On r.vi',;'itin .
1)I'l" 1 ANT I i the oiniiii.ii'l of mi x'-rti I imi
i:i tin) iihovii i-niii.i to i"0 illriirli"! IVoim
ho r.iairt of lli'iuon l'le:ii, of llio iifurcMihl
i:.jioily of Vinton, 1 will ull'ir lit p ihliu rnh',
al the iln.ir I 'h' :, ii ri Il")i' e, In tho Town ol
Mi-Arthur, in thu all ru aid c inn'y of Vintnn.
Halurduy, On 2nd tiny nf Sepi-mbt.r, A. 1),
1 SiD.
t ,n l;r 11 T -.f 1 "Vlo.'lf M. of Kllid day, tllL-
I'.. .lo vii.ir 'I'M-rihul K al I'l.-liii'', to-v. it:
Cll'il'lllil i i.r- i I l!i;f IV;k.f r ll H.O '-)l!'.l
-i'loi'l'S. :. I'ul.'.i Mill V:,r, ni.l nmninp
M .'t'.h 1 1. I- i r.'r'ii'i.'il lipliK 1 1 ii St hi" cri it;
Ihra-i: ."iil h 4 Wa-11 i'I'ii i.h to a !; ( 'if c r
n r;tl i i.'-'i Ni.r'li 4 W.-st, 2 ,1, ,jn.i . Pi,j.i
J .''I) t! I v T 1 1 li.iu in I ho iTii' l;; Iiiiik"! U) tin
iO jIi I' I'.o ).!a -o .if Ii -I'iio.lnjf - nip i"l I
e n'.i.in i'i' ii'To moro or h-n?, .-ni.l linil.nl ii
h" i'i mi' y cf Viot' li loi'l 'I' .iviirlii;i of Vinlon,
S .-1 i ol ' ili'n. iot'l I.O'ii ii part of Fi'uo'iui'
Nionli;r Knur ( N . I )
'rulcn iho nr.-ip-tity of Willi.'in Wliet- Unt
towili-f ii .i'Kli'iiii nt of uforusiiid ioart,
in lai r r f.li i a'l.i a J lli.ro . Jr.
Apnniiro.1 nt. Kix Iht-difl'l DoMnri', and mil t
hii o' I wo -il'tnl.-i of tint ki-ni,
'l'EIIMS OI'iSALH-r-ihh in In nd.
JOHN i. Silo 'KICV,
Iberia Vii.tou r unity, 0.
Is A- vt.l-'iM, A'.t'yH fi r l'lll'.
Ii l y 'J7, 1-15 riw
Stnr hf O'lu, V i V.on Cwi'tty:
.I.Jia A. l',r.ivn, l'luintiJ'. 1 In Con rl of
I'.'.ii n-t ). Coiiiiniiii
V.. A. r.iaU'.n, nl al. l' f,Mii-n. Picas.
I )li IIS!' A NT lo tho i"niiiimi"l ,.r tin oolor n
I m l.j ill tho ulioke i-.i int. l-i in- iliri:cli,'l from
tlio ('our! of '.'.million I'toim. of llm jlniuBaiil
ooiinty of Vinton, I will ollur at puMic sal-j ul
llio door of tho ''oiin ,, ,q, j,i tli'i town cl
Mi-Ailliur. ir, thu ufori'.-iii I i-onnly of Vi:il-n oil
Thiiifltiy llt 31si ('ny of Avginl, 16(i5.
it liu lull r of one u'uluvk, 1'. M., of mill day
.liu I .ll-j .vi -..r propooy, to it: n-lul Nmnhci
i it',- Woo r,.' in i.(,u n of Mi:Ail,luir, V in
I ,.i I'l.ua'y , 'In, i.
Tal.i-n n.- th: roi,iilyi,r I- A . Dral.l.i l, 1,,
ii'i..l v an or Joi i.l ai"i-. : ;..el I'omt, ia I'avoi u
.)..l,n A . Iir."vn.
Ap-rai-ul at ln th mi nl six Inilnlicl
. l"l!..r.-, aii 1 ma t hriiij; twn thinla of lli.it
TJil'MS Ol' i?ALE,ca?li in h.n .l.
JOHN J.t;iOCKK'i',
Phuriil Vinton C imty. O.
(Iii.iim.i-i & KLri'KY, uml Li.iNa, Ativ'ti I'm
I'll If-.
July -jT'.Ii, lf-iV). l-.ir
Old and young should use
FOR " Si
The Hair.
It proventa ct stops tho Flair
from fallinp;; Cleanses. Doautiliea,
I'rcr?crvea, and rendcr3 it Soft and
Glosf-y, and tho licad freo lVom
It ia tho best Ilarr Dressing anJ
rrcBervativo in tho world.
Sterling's Ambrosia
Manufacturing CompV,
sole proprietors,
iomnrismu lt;e
hfiiiuri's mi'l KxpciicDco of a Woman
in iiospnais, "oamps nni liallic li.ililu, as
Nur;e, Seoul und fcipy, with thriltiug di.
criptimis of
c 1 1 .1 1 1 r ; res , ,s m i : m i s 1 1 us , s a c
Aehicvciiiciita, of our gallant and heroic
soldiers, pic.-nlii.-r Revived picture cf the
p,reat American VVar," by S. Emma E. lid
mondd, This is a beautiful volume and em
belitdied with a fine blcol poitrait and numo
roua n)';raiint,'5-
sunscmTioN i'mices.
Cloth binding plain $2.50 per copy.
" gilt 2,75" "
Morocco, 3 00 "
Payable on delivery ol tlu Hook.
Mr. J.W. Loiian. a wouii.I. H cnl.i;, r ....,1
citizen ol Vinton Coiinly, ii.icnl for Ihe
work, for whose, benefit w c will receive
Mihscrinliona at Ihij ulli, v K. ...... (...:!..
i ' nitij juiiiiiy
inourcoimiy should have a copy of Ihit
hoik, -oiin uu.i scecopy, aud 5ub:;cribe,
Mr. L"i'in isa worihv v.ihoit ,.,. i,., ;
lobt a lt- iaculitled to torn PHtr'Jiia"''
ami" i.-';n icoj auio
"t fil tf li'a toMt tor Mtn
hi tk( rW Imt-fleti httwtt u tarn'
havo been introduerd to tlio public for mci
than nis ycara, and have aixiuircd nn
"vve,fA.s.c "Votvvcvtvk,
far execcdinjr, tny Family Mcdicinea of
limilur nature in tho market.
An appreciating publio nan not loti(f la
discoxoriiis they poansacd romarkOila
and licnco tt cir
and eotjseqncnt profit to the rroprntor, thu
enabling him to ra; end
of dollars eaeh year in adr-ftrtifl'npr, (hall
merits, and publishing tlio
. 'UvvviV'itowi C'ltxtoXe,
whiehhaTO bcon showered tiprn him from
The peculiarity of tho
(a that they strike ot tho ret of Dinetwo,
by eradicating every particla f inipuritT
for tlio lire end health of tho body dor-end
upon tho r-urily of Uo blood.
If tho blool l pn:8mcd, tho body d Ufa
ut 0 raiserabla exinto too. Those meJioiaei
3 it of uit,
Okin r25Laaer,
OM (Vi-iuri.,
ct rtnn
ttyphi '-in,
Vid Brta,
ffheut at:.3n,
L'i.sk llead-n.ht.
Liver ComiA'Wil
, Vcusr and JJtfUi,
Pcmala "Oitnj'liiints,
Dt. finihiy'a Fin,
Consumplut; tin.
Fit, Urofulnu,3
? l 9 ?
ONErerson writ"!-, Iiii dnnjrl.tcrwnR cured
if tita ol nino yearu' eti ndi'ig, ud iii Vitun
dnneo of two yeara.
ANOTHER writes, 1. is auto waa cured
aftorhia lle.nb bed aluiott wtnto-1 uwoy.
'J'lio doctors pronoun ted Uio iase inouri
ANOTHER was cured of Freer and Ague
after tryint; every mctlicino in Iiia reach.
ANOTHER was cured o' Fever B"i
Which bad existed foiirloon jutr.
ANOTHER of Khcu nntism of eipht yearti
Caaes inuuinerablo ql JVyBpoMiaand Liver
Complaint could be monUoucd in which If t
l'lirilicr and Tills
are tho most active and thorough pills th
have over been introduced.
They act do directly upon the Livor, exuit
ing that or-j.in to such on extent as that thi
eyatcm docs not relapno into its former con
Uition, which is too apt to be tho case wilb
simply a purgative pill
They are really a
which, in conjunction with Hie
"Soo "Wnviv,
will cure all the aforementioned diseases,
and, of themselves, will relieve and cure
Keciloohe, Costivenesn,
Colio (Pain, Cholera Jdorbua,
Indigestion, (Pair in th gowels,
Qizzineaa, .
Try theso mo lioines, and you will nevei
regret it.
Ask your neighoors, who have nsod them,
and thoy will aay they are
and yon should try them tefori going for t
Got a Pamphlet o Ahaanao of my local
ngont, and road the eortiSoaoa, and if yoti
havo over doubtod yoa will
An n proof that th R1on4 FurllVr mi PI I In art pnrtlf
ICrnblo, I hnvo th certUlMtM of Nium nihmrt clmm
Ita, rruri-Mora Olilltoa of M. T., i4 lreuf Clodi D!!
RmiI Dr. R,lioli' Ppwlnl Nntlcfi aid Oertlflnitiyi pn1
IIiIhiI u couai'lcuonj put of till ftfn frum tlmo t
I'rli-e of ITi" 8rBiIlniin VgtaM Blood Pnrlllr, t
r bnttln,nrf .''pir hulfilown. Ollh. Poui'linilriaii Vif
eUl'le lll'nid Pilla, Vi cunt mr boi, A Ikik.i r.n II.
Prlnrii'iil Olfl. nniiJ bnliiroom, No. S Kul Finilh84.
II I) i f I I i ii k rnun Mn a Ul , Cliicl'iuat., I . Lab jrttorw
tjo. U UomuiooU Slmt.
Dr. A . CoikIgc, Driiggiot.
S'.atc of Ohio, Vinton County .
loiiinh VVullaco & Wifo, rrfl'.i, Or.lor of Hal i
ii;:ainHt in Court of
(lnoriro oiilts an.l OlhiM, Oefl'H.I Com. I'Ichb .
I'ii'.-'HimI to thu coiiii.iaiiil of un Ordnr ol
Salo in thi.'ihovj i-iDsu lo mo directed from
tlio Court. I'i'iiiiuiioii I'luits, of Ilia nforH.ii l
(ount.v of Vinton, I will oflur lor halo at the
ilooi of the 6'jioHloi)rti,iti tho Town of McAr
tliur, in tho al'oiciniil (Joiinly of Vinton, on
oat ut day tho lOlh dii of Awjusl,A,
I). 15C5,
nl 1 o'clock 1' M . of laid day, Iho folloivitipr
Kal Kilalc, to-wit:
tho Uml llulf of tho Ptullv I'urt Quarter,
nn,l Hit- NnrUi-Weal Quarter of ihonth-EiiHt
Qn.irt.or, of Notion Nuis.hurThirUVl'wn, (No.
'-',) TowinJiip Nu m bar Klovon (No. II,) of
Kan;,") Kmntmr Suvcntoon (No. If,) in the
Tnwnnlilp ol Klk, in Vintnn county, ami Blale
J Ohio, containinK Oiiu llan'lrod und Twtnty
three ai ren, more or less to he so. free from
tho dnwor inlcrchlof Matilda l,nn,iniin.
Appraiac.l H twenty-lour hundred and Bixl.y
dollttiH, ami muat bring two thirilj of that
Ttta; bi iS'aik (Vh in hand.
Sherifl' Vinton County, 0.
f. S.Da;., Atl'y for l'VSs.
July 13, 1S05 bl
FOU Dlanka of all kinds
call at
the BEM .erUi Of fice J

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