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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 03, 1865, Image 2

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l- nrruit ,
V. A. ijitATioN, : s :
whitk mks BiiAi.r. kui.k AMKitiOA
mjrjr - - - -
. ..' j
Til II ltMAV - - - AiU.
Democratic Primary
Tlio Democracy of Vimo County
"sre rtfjuested to meet in their ie'ct
ive Townships, at theiiiKd-i'laeis
of IioMmi;; Flections, on j
SATUUOAY, Amjuit 10th, lSi!5,;
i m I il.,.., i.i. ! !
iit'JoeioeK r. " '
i horn uriKrui 10 a oioi innu ouw.o
I . ,i
and ono Clerk ol tho 1 rniiury hi. ,
lin, w1.0 8,.all l-mceed to nraamsso j
forthwith, nml receive i.ui...ia mr m.,.0
tl.flerent names Hiitioiuiscu i
purpose of nominal in),' cim.li.luti's :
lor tl.o County Ticket, at the annual ,
Electwu, tor the tollowiiig olliciii, to
1'rofOeutin Attorney;
County Uucorder;
County Commissioner.
Tha l'tdla shall hn open
from li
.Vlnek L. M. ubtil G o'clock
L'. M.
ul Biiid day.
Said Electors bliall, at the same
. ; . . .1 1
tune, elect Unco ot loe.r
Deleatea to tlio Coumy Convention, i
which win be lie i.i i on
M'-NUAV. Aiuusi
nt 1 o'clock I. M., tiien ami there to
open tho Toll L!"oks of said Klec
tions and declare the candidates ; ami
in caao nf a lie vote, then thu ton
vention to determine, '))' lall"t or
otherwise, tho nomineo.
Said Djlepatea mo to appoint Del
crates to the 6'tato Convention, widcli
will bo held at Columbus, on the iM'li
day of August, 1SG5, ami D.Kfjaies
to tho Senatorial Convention; and to
n n..i..,,r .tin (?i!ill;ll (Il)lll-
initteo for tho
I I .. . 1
year, tuu
transact Mich other buninusi a shall
coino before the Convention, as muy
he iiecobsary for tho ii.tereet ol tho
Democracy of Vinton county.
order ol Deiu. Cen dun.
A. J. SWAIM, Chair'n.
R. CRAIG, Sec'y.
CONVENTION. Tursday, August 24, 1865.
To the Democracy of Ohio.
A StMJ Coiivniilioa of the Demur-racy
nf Ohio, will be held at Columbus, on
TliiiMilay, the S! 1th day or AngiMt nt'Xt, to
nominate candidii'-es for the folUwii'g olli
ra.and for the transnction of hucIi olhfr
bu.iiiMi as may come before tli Canveu
(Jiivcrnor. Lioiitprnt Oovemnr, Trt'isnr
pr ofStte..Suiretnn JiuI-p, (full lenn,)
Supreme Jtiilge . (vacniuv .) Attorney dVn
eral. S. ImjoI CMnunissimier, Member of
Hoant of Tublic Works, Clerk of Supiciiie
The ratio of rpprwntniion will be f
follow?: One delegate for each county;
an adbitional delegate ftn every 500 voltw
cast for Gen. MeClfMun at the list lVd
dentbl eleeliori.and an additisiial deleirate
Tor every fraction of 'JoO or more votea so
cast. This niortionme:ii gives to tlu
eminlies reFpet tively the follow ing i.uiiitx-r
of delegates, viz.:
(Umler the nhovc representation, the
rounticsof tho llth Cnngressimril District
will be cntitlfit tr the luiitiwinijiiuiiiot'r oi
,;!, 5 Vinton .i
LMwrencc 3 GtM'm 4
By order oi the Democratic State Centnl
JOHN G. THOMPSON, Chairmad. F. JAEGER, Secretary.
A MinoER CoNtJKRW- Tlio WHi
iinrton correspondent of tho New
Vork Ucarldii that the Chief Jus
tico Chase expresses too ucliot that
the negro is aeaiineo. m oe no n'X
raee in the s avo 6tatcB. l.eciaunfl
!... !, I.lui.ba am viirnmnl Drocrim
limb liiu wiiwnw " ,HW" " ll
Bive.and aro bound to become the
dominant people in leea then a qtiar-l
ter ol a century. Ilo eays that a no
gro aristocracy will spring np that
wLI elect negro members ot UnRrjuh,
a mostwitnont oppo6ition. All this
is what Cms i9 working for. How
do the people like Ids programmt
The election in Richmond Va,
city officers, not being to the tasto of
.. ' -. .. . .i ... .1 :.:
tlie Kaa.caiS, U.e m iliary aui ionuea
very coolly set t aside, alter the roost
.aprova Awtrian fasUiou. .
jlinvi,Ull, ietwet. tho American
"3it;olir30 ie w..uld so declar. !
New link Wioil Fays llio South put
mc re t hen n million uf inon into tlio
lnilti iUirin tlio war,
T!io iiiimlur of I !) inrid in llio Uni
til Bin? us is estimated ly tlio Indian
Unrein! at uoV.Wm.
It i understood tltat Goncnil Dick
'iVvlt-r lias nlitiiRned ticrmission to
ii! liit) Iroilier-in-law. Jell'. David.
has luflt'nr l rtreps Monroe.
A Wii&liin-it.iti curivspoiident ruts
()i:r rolutiiiiis with Franco aro he-
c mii in:' uvery tiny muro crilienl. The
n en.t u verscH uf Iho nii'ii rialibta in
Mi x'en, and the recent coneentrn'ii'n
( our tronj'S on Ihu liro ol'tl.o llio
iisir.'Ici, eei iiih to iiavo itnlucod the
Kinperur of I'Vaneu In tufco a mere
jilrci'ied htiiiul then evrr licforo in fill!'
. . ,1.,. v - l i.
jinn "i i uc kj'ii n i "i .u ii.miii i iiii'l. 11
is understood here to day tlitn authen
tic intel I i'ww e Ii;h liien reeivud d'
the fact that a ro enfrirceinent of oo
(iim) l'ri'tith and Art-liiau troops an
now ctiilmtliiiu lit two French j ortt.
tlesliiii'd for iMexici, ami that they
limy Ikj expected to land ut Vera
Cruz M hood iia they can cro68 the
ocean. It is believed that the Km1
I'cror .;ipiileon Ii:m heeoiiie tiled ol
rvaiiie' h r the In liument of Mr.
Seward's jileiiu for the rceoitiitiii
uf .Maxiiiiilian, ami that 1 1 ' takes the
ihuvi: stt ib ait in lic'ilimi of his
Ipnrn.wto ii
iho'd tlui iiiotmrcliv in
., . .
ilirMUi niij vri,
j, tk ... w nmorc,j llrc corfCcl
u ig (lliRi(.u!t ,w ,,ow a cl,ni(iion is
xm h em h troops on the Hue of the
'T,u.ro js "c. Misi.I. f :il)lo excitement
if ,wI nst ,ho 1)0sitiou 0 a(r6
on ihu Kio Grande. Tho crossing ol
tho r'nc hy our troops is looked up
on as u H.-iioiis step toward bringin"
about a l'oioifn war.
Gen. Kiiit, in North CnroIipn,lins
fumed his atleiition to tho supprcs
tit ti of newspapers,
Gen Terry lias declared tho eltc
tion in llichinotid null and void, Of
Primary Election.
We have Won nskeil tho tjucBtlon:
Who are to be allowed to voto at our
I'rimary Election on tho 19lIi ii.st.?
In reply, wo have said, only the
known members of tbc Democratic
I'lirty, and if any person who is
truthlull and wholiaa heietoforo act
ed with tho other party, will pledge
his support t ) the Ticket nominated,
wants to vito, it would be a matter
in llw i uf.Ki.I'Dii nf llir .1 ml to n .
low his voto or not. Certainly, I'.c
pubiic.ms who expect to oppnso us,
would not wish to voto. They would
have no rigid to dictate our candi
dates, no tnoro tban wo would theirs.
Primary Election. A Word to You, Reader.
n"wii. i,i.i .1 I
lmuv. Lughtly llio oawn begins
to break. The mists of fanaticism
j nro being rapidly 6catttred. The
j political ?xy is clearing up and the
k . , f , d
I n 1 . '
j como no m0Ti lorevcr-1,9 wo 8,ccre-
Evety good citizen should congrat-
ulato biniself that ho belongs to
conservative, constitutional party,
whorio hin'liest aim has been and is to
maintain law and order, Srtcli it
tho Democratic party. Its past re
cord we can point to with proud sat
isfaction os having become Mstoric
It is indelibly written on your mind
and heart, that under Democratic
Administrations, ours, was tho lest
governed, tho happiest and most
iirosiKTona of anv nation on God's
footstool, h it not true? That un
der tbc influence ol Democratic
principles, the indivslry of the people
was fostered, the laboring masses
cared for, legislated for, and eneoor
aged, as well as protection to tho
capitalists of the country. State
alter State Democracy added to your
Union. Tho influenco and powors
of the government wero extended
without making ua powers opprcs-
j Bivo Upon the people. The indvidn
a! citizen was pn tectcu in all ins
J rights life, liberty, person and
properly, and your country was go
, ing on to its lina! destiny of ntiivcrsa
liberty by regular progression, in a
career of honor, glory and renown of
which no other nation on earth could
boast. Such was tlio Democratic
party, such will still bo tho party ,nnd
w "J 'ltr0 13 8tl" h0Pu int
it3 mifsioti may he yet cccombHshcd
-It was ami Btill will bo tho par
Uy to labor most earnestly to keep
dwn atiwa; discord and
' , , . . , .
; strengthen tho bonds of cur glorions
iy l:oe. i lie people must now near
words of truth and soberness. They
will lis'en to them, they cherish
..,. Datrklti6in w: Kfl clitrUlo
i 114 1 j
,cJ enlivened and expanded until
tho people shall all s act and voto as
to Bt'k in thunder tones, their jealon
sy ol their rights as freemen. JSucb
terms 63 will ttiiko terror to tho
hcavta of Miosu v Iw, for the past four
yean, liavo been trampling tender
loot the birthrights of every American
citizen. Tiiey will not allv a sin
pie ono of iIkhc rights to bo touched
by the hand, ol arbitrary power.
Stantonion orders will bo buried by
tho Djinouratic p.irty lower than the
tomb of tho Capulets. Lit it be pro
claimed, that tho d.iy for arbitiary
arrvsls is p ist, a ;d that tlio substitu.
tion of military for civil coiuts Bhall
never be io-ordered whilo tho United
Slates are bound in ono common
Hobo. Ljt us havo such an amend
meat to tho Constitution as will en
sure this to or.r posterity. If this can
bo dono, it would do much toward
hurrying into oblivion tlio names of
thoBo who wero instrument! in bring
ing our !ato troubles on in, and in
lixiliir up rifBtoriition of onr bleed
ing country. 1jt tho old ship of
b'ato bo placed in tho hands ol a
Democratic crew, and bIio will soon
bo Bailing in a breeza off Liberty,
Unicn and prosperity.
[From the Chillicothe Advertiser.]
$4 Militia Tax!
I'elow wo givo tho vote in tho
Ohio Ilouso of Representative on
the final passage of tho infamous ma
litia tax, which last year in the coun
ty of Ross alone drew from tho hard
earnings of our already tax ridden
SAND DOLLARS! Every man in
the affirmative is a Republican.
And every man in the uegativo is
a Democrat. Tho people can eco by
this voto alono which party is in la
vor nf retrenchment and reform, and
who ins that desir-s to legislate lor
tho interest of white men
"The yeaa and nays wero ordered,
ami resulted yens CI, nays 18, as
"Those who voted in the adirma-
tive were:
"..lessrs. Adams, Allison, Ayers,
Uabcock, Didwell, Rroaehmaii, Urad
linry, L5i inkeiholl', Clarke, Cochran,
Davenport, Dawson, Uilano, Uiy-
Jen, Evans ol Rrown. Evans of Llin-
toii. Evtrett, Feirell, Gallogly, Green
if Hamilton, Gunsaolus, Harrison,
Ilavden, Ilixeon, JoLnson of Athens,
Johnson nf Lawrence, keek, Kel
lot'g, Jvibhee, Ktrby, Knooland,
I.ind, J.indsey, Little, LocUwood,
Lyon, McGill, Mclntyiis, Meesetigor,
Morehouse, Odlin, Osiwrn, f ursull,
iandull, Ruber, Ryder, ICoot, bcott,
Set.'. Snahr. otanioti. oiernng,
Thompeoii.TiHany, Waters, Watson.
West, White, Wu.nl, Woo'ioury ami
Speaker 01.
" lhoso who vote 1 in tlio negative
"Messrs. Reer, Rloom, Iloesel,
I'ratton, Carey, Diesbaeli, DreFsel,
El wards, Estill, Fielding, Jones,
Keyscr of Monroe, Mayo, Monroe,
Putnam, Thornhill, Tripp and Ubl
Tho Advertiser and other papers
make k slight mistake in tho rote.
Messrs. Tripp and Cory, Republicans,
voted with tho Democrats in the neg.
at ive.
Another Letter from Soldiers
to General Cox on the
Subject of Negro Suffrage.
Tho following transcript of a letter
sent to General Cox lias been sent us
for publication. General Cox lias
not yet found it convenient to reply-
to it:
GREERSVILLE, O., July 15th, '65.
Df.au Sik: Wo do not write to
vou a3 party men, but as citizen-sol
diers who have returned from tho
field to resume tho dutie3 of civil life.
We entered tho war to put down tho
rebellion, and thereby pieservo the
Union; but we cared nothing for the
nigger then, nor do wo now. If slav
ery went under w3 did not caro, and
it not it was all tho samo to us. prov
ided we saved tho Union. We did
not want to see tho Union broken np,
nor do wo now want to bo placed on
a level with negroes, as a rowa-d for
our Bcrrices. As yon aro a soldier,
General, wo have a right to-look to
yon to defend our rights, and if you
go to placing us npon an equality
with negroes, then we'll all go against
you. The boys didn't liko the idea
of negro soldiers, for we wore ablo to
whip the rebels, pnrselves; and,
although the negrocs'w ore the uniform
yon know Geteral, that tlio white
soldiers did the fighting. We stood
that because we could not help it; but
now that wo aro citizens we will voto
our sentiments, and never will we con
t'ciit mai' li up to tho polls along
bido of niggtra. You know tjiat Gen.
Sherman was always opposed to ni
ger troops, and ho is now opposed t
nigger voters, and wo can't go them.
We Want you to answer these ques
tior.s, lor when it comes to voting we
arc all commanding cflicera', if you
answer right wu will vote for you;
but if yti are fir the nigger, wo aro
not for you?
1st. Aio yon in favor olXegro Suf
frazil 2d. Do yon agree with General
Sherman that Soiithttn negroes
should t:ol bo allowed to Vote?
3 I. Do you approve of General
Sht-iin Hi's proposed t niH for the
surrender of Jolinst n?
4h. Aro you in favor of President
Johnson's plan of reconstruction!
Very p-npectl'iillv,
Vm. II.DiiintaH. Co. K .W h O.V.I.
KniiuiM IIaiikk.ii, Co. KliOth O.V I.
1A. ID liLL'lUluil. Co. K, UJil O.V 1.
VlSCKST t'lAK, 'Jill 0. C,
KlillKKT IIVKI.T, Co. (J !)S'h 0. V. I.
llKiigy Peiumliir, Co. K. -t'J I " '
William Sapp, Co. K.. 43 I " "
M. Uknhv Sait, Co. I- 3il ' ''
ft 1KB Nt;iF, On. H Ulli " '
To (Jenernl J. ) Cnx.
liEt'UI'KEN TATI V fc.
Mr. iJniTOR. We wislito aii'iniincc t'lt1
n ono f ti. A. KlMIToN, d CiJiid ttlute foi
re e Ift liiti) bs ltt!irrs,'iit;itive for Vintttn Co.
suljiu-i ;o tlie deci.-inii ol tli OinotT'ic v.
Eil'ilt Mc.Krthir Dnnocral: Yt ii will
nnmiiiiite llio Biime ol 0; T. (jUnsinc..
Kstp, as n Buiiitlile peieou to receiv.; Hie
gnjijiort nf tlie Dt'iniicriify of Vinton County
fur llie ollieo ofKeiirest'iitiitive in llielStit"
Lt'gialaturt'.Miliji'cl to I lit ilfcisinu of tin'
I'tnuury Election, to be h'M cn the U tli of
August. Manv Vonr.s
July 27, !8fiu-ttlpi
1 T. )? EC UT I N ( i ATTOKNKV.
Mr. KuiTtia. Yon will plfitfc iniuonnre
llie iiiniii' ol Hon. 4itfii. Mayo, as a cantli
tlaie for the ullii-e of 1'rtiiccuti ng Attono'V.
ul tie eiiHiiin Ek'i'tiui) fiilijrc; to ilio tlf
cisimi of llie Ueiuoura'. fc J'rinmry Klfttiun
M.. nt Voiths.
of Prosecuting Attorney, sulijeti to ilie
'I.'"'' "f'l'f, liiioc.r.itie Pmirtry Kle,:
. lion, in be In-Ill on llie IDtli of A unn-t.
Editor McArlhur Dtmocwt: 0. S. Uasa
vill lit) pr.'-i-ii oA !iy his friends us
s'l,t;ib!c ni'iH in fur li' i'l('c'inM lo tin cllirr
July 27, 18G3-tde
Mjnn rtK.vrroK I'lca.se ntiiioiinte the
name of Jon.viii in 1i:ink, iih 11 oindiihit"
fiirre-eleeiion to theullii:o of County llecor
der, siibj.'et to the Democratic l'linmry
lilecliun, to be held oil the l'-Hh nf August.
July 27, 180"i
Cm.. Hkattiin. Will pleas onnmmre 'h"
name of Washikc.tuN Kkktos. iisii cmidi.
tlain lor ruimiy ('oinmir-tiiniicr nibject to
tiio Demo:ruiic I'riin.'irv Mlectitiir
liiiows Towssiiii.
Col. Urnllnn Vfn will plea'e ininomicrt
the iiiinie of Wii.mam Ci.akk us a cuml'i
(ate for County t'oiniiiis.-doner, siilij.'ct to
the ilcuioii uf the JK'inui TJilic 'rimmy
Klrclion, to be luid on the l'.lih nf A is .
IIakkho.n Tuwsfiiii'.
July 27, lSiiS-liIpe
S p c cu j 1 o t i t c ,
Tub GRovr.hTKEN I'iano Foiitb s'ill re.
ttiiiH its pieciileine mid great poiniliuity
and after iinileiiriiinij ;riitlual improvement
for a iesiod of 30 years, is now primonnceil
hv the musical world lobe, unsuroa-srd ami
even uiiPqualed in r'u:hnefs, volume u ml
punly ol toiie.iliirabiliiy and clu'iipnofi-i.
(Inr new scale, French action, harp pedal,
inn frame, over strung bass, nt v.'ii ociuve,
rosewood pianos we aro helling cheaper by
from 6100 lo WOO than the same sty u mnl
finish are sold by any other first diss ma
kers in the country. Detlers and nil in
want of good pioanos nre invitt tl lo feud
fur our Descriptive Catalogue, which con
tains photmphs of our diHerent sty les, together
willi prices. No one should pur
ci;tse a piano without st-cina this Cti'a
higue. 3IeJuls, almost without number,
have been awarded lo t'leGrovesteeu I'iaim,
ami at the Celebrate.; World's I"'dir, thoujjli
put in competition with others from all
parts of Enropo ami the U. S., it touli tlie
highest award.
I Established 183.5.
4Ut) Bruutlway, New Vork.
July 27. 1805-Jy
Composed of highly concentrated extrarcU
fiom roots and herbs of the highest medical
value, inlallibic in the cure ol all deceases
of the Liver or any derangement of the Di
gestive Oreans, They remove nil Finpuri
tics of the Blood, and aro irnecfiirilcd in llie
pure of Diarrhie, J jun tice, Dvgiiepsin. Scro
fnla. Biliousness, Liver Complant, Fevers,
Headache, 1'iles, dlenunal Descases, Here
ditnry Humors. Dos! for adults, one pill in
tire mori in children half a pill, From one
to three pills will cure ordinary cases, and
from one to three boxes will euro piiv curea
bio case of no matter how long slaudiirg:
1 00 per box, Trade supplied or seat
by mail
June 1st lSf.5-ly 62 Fulton St N'Y
A Clergyman whilo raiding in South Amcr
cn. as a muotiotiHry . ilincovcrcd rhiiI'c mid sim
ple ranioily for tlio Cnro of Nervonn 'Vonkiios.s,
F.arly Doi'ay , . Dicsaa of tho Urinary and
Homlnal OrgaiiK, and Iho whete train ot'ilisnr
dors broitr)itonby baneful and vtc'nun )Kihi.
(rreat r.r.rnlicia bavo boon nlroady enrod by this
nolilo rcmeily. 1'roniyteu hy a dosirc to bono
IK (ho H!lctoJ an 1 imfortttiiato, I will send
tho rooio fir preparing ami mi us Uim niLili
o'no.in a Healed envelope, lo any ono who needs
it, Kkee or Ciiariie.
I'lfUHO iiwloHO apont-paid ocvolopo, addrOfH
ed to yourself.
Station D. Biblb IIoibe,
Mar. Hilt tS15 lyr. Ne.w York t ity-
FOU Blanks ol all kinds cull at
tba Dem.ckat Ofuck.
. is' UXIMI. SYSTEMS -m-v ionl relij
hie treatment. Also Ihe BftlD h CIlAM
f!KR, an Ksfayof VS'Mining hii I In-trnciitii)
Sent by mail in St'uleil t-nielii e, fu e of
chaitfe A.l.lre. Dr. J, S k' I I, I, I N
HOL'GllTON, Iluwurl Assnt Uion. No.
2 I South Ninth street, I'll ilailrlphiti, Ha.
Oct. Ib:!'i lr.
.-now rpgiilorly nrifipzc I, ui'd.tip pared
lo liiilli.l llie lir-tnt music, for u Imcis.
ions.: ''lite niti-iii: isol the i!ti-.-t ami lust
i-H lc--rtjual Ui Jiiy that pan b? 1'iiru ili-tl
by any IS.ni I in (he Sluf.;. Any pi iium ur
I'urti s i!i ring the smicisuf llii;l?auil,
Will uilduc i
MSetilt. IH;i IIItASS IM!)."
Mi Arthur, Vinton Co., U.
Anir-t "it lftij, linu
S'alc ofOliiu, Xinlun Coun'y,
J. lliiriindill J'l'il."! lu CcT.rt e'l.iionuii
ti'.rui i h' l'l us
!i'ni.iiniii Mi, A ;
.lulm I'ill, D;;(t. J (Vi Willi A.,. 2
J) I'USL'A NT to lli' umioiiiitnl ol Vc.uli in I tin
nliuvo oi u K to luu iliiucttid from iliu l.'.nirl.
ul' 1,'iiintiioii I'luiix ol' Viiiinii I'viiniy, tli.ii.j
I wiilullur t'.r .-lu ul public urn tion ut ili r'-i uu
i rv ol lltiij.iiuin ljill, In ('un.il'.u, I'iimuu
l'nwrikl.ip, V111I011 comity, tihlo.
MoiUl ' lJ 2S, (I y (if A It Jll.tt 18(15,
At tlio hour of ( li e o'clock 1", M. oThii' I lny,
u. .! h;ilu l'l coliticuo I'i oil. iluy to ilnynmil wild,
liu full" wiin.' ponii'iKil p'l.i'i'ily :o il. Hu.'cn
l'luV.";tMn; lol "I' ulil S..T'l. lioli t ;lli lif :ilinnt
olio ua.l 11 loilf I'oioi, two hii tftf S.ti lo ; Hoy sol
uf Moiintii't l"ols ti' ni.-.! i ti if f ljrat.ffl(
.fee. Oiin liiiiid Siono; U.iu Lit ul'ti-1 I Movi
I'lu'.i'S, (Irak, Cuiii .Mill Ac, t'no m.I of l,:uli
lOtllll WlllClS it.l'llltl of IWO MOts liljil'k-.tl, I h
tO'.o. coii-ilinir of IWJ AntiU, Tims c. Tail
of 11 tut ut '1 iioiurn 0 v'.r; linu 1J ii.cli i'iii.'ii;,r
u ; iSiv cookli Stovo ptittcrnii, two fur oi..;J
uli'l four fur won. 1 ; Tlircu I'liunon n-i; .'it'..n H
Vwo mt'iilty t vu pHttcrrs; an ii.-orlml l .tol
iioliow ttnro I'lu'i 11, for l'H. f ihcic, Ku'.tlnh
iV'j. l'liu'l ( liO v I'aUonis, of ililloront si'i-;'
I'wo tirutc pllllCI I..-j 'I'liluu (ir:iic I'lllfoilH wi l'l'
froiitf ; One woid"ii r'nin Mill p ittcru; ilncMtl
iil lr 11 putlcrii with lollo.v I: no,l I ,v...
for ;0t ntiuvc mcnli I m t torn. : ti c mi i,f.
iiiuil 'n!"l I'iilli'i'iif for I ! 1 1 L?y nii'liM.tl Irui!;
llcj.'V.vi'; "oe M'l of C'lil'C.mv iiiol M ail'li.T." lm Is
.i)tiMj-ti(,i; !' .iit-:ir.-. -lom ii iV.:. I),n, ;
'I'V.O lllll 'll" l IH.'I U.'IC'J !ll"li! T l-l-S i'lnw
lioiiinc; Kouriucii Lu ii- H'.l moicor lm l',.nv
K u n if -; Twc.-iitJ'-Si vm 1'i.i w l.iii!'ilj.; Hoc Iff
of l.timbcr ulmut ot:o l.ii.i n-. li it; fi v.t 't i.ir
an.' window 'r.tnt') ; ')ini 1 oimtor S.iili-.; ti,,j
"iiia'l tut of v i'c f'l'1 tii : "i Sri'ui.; l''.,i.r .-hi.
irl!r: O'li- t.'i'i l S;i.v .' ' Ion S iw tliitn nii-i (10
haiol I'.il'.""''-'' ;lt "'"'I'u'ti Iron M-rai-M
, Har of Iron. 01,.. Wire.' J!m, .,-, ,l a
v .,. i.-t lol of Kki (;'. IVotiim iiMinly lm-
!,,'nj.iiij to u fjiin Sr.' 11 i l 1 i', oiu Ii.ji n 'jj'ig.
h.''.' -r. "J the oo'l-i'ity or li. niamin Ii!l to
-u'i.fy a jii'lirmci I i:i f-vr.r o! ,1, .Martii.oi.l.
Ti km of ai.k Ii in hind. '
,'1'tiN- .1. Sili ClC'.y',
Sli-rill' Vinton mi it y, 0.
CuittiM.- Vs Sliiv.-I.AltVi. f..r l'.'U'.
Allots, ts.-,.-i :tw
n n it m ei
M A N li V A C T ') UV ,
KcAkthik, Ohio.
Kf'.ri'S (.'"ii-taiilly on l.aml iiiel mm ufuclur
to 1 1 li r . t vi I ;.r:i 'y umI fllo of
v lii i'Ii for Ivor I i. mi'..' Iiiji ni.'l toe's w!!l coinpaic
willi liny slniilor oil; in S.n.i ,frn 'li'm.
Al.so, lli,iii- riiL'lc iii.i i'l i.l.li- i :,
ftoin llie plaino-l to tlu ii ::t III al l ul. .ll-.i
every vniiut of It ilint.' nr'nllm und 1 loiters..
Al 1 of hii'li will oe "i Id lit tlie lowi'sl ciifli li
li r.:i Call ar.'.l i'oi inu -tocUoii b.uula.
May M 1 '..'. 'J mo.
Old and young should use
The Hair.
It prevents or stops tho ITair
from falling ; Cleanses, IJoantifies,
Preserve?, and rendors it Hoft ainl
Glo-p)', rmd tho Iliad freo from
It H tho best ITarr Pressing r.nd
Prcscrvativo in tho world.
Sterling's Ambrosia
Manufacturing CompV,
sole proprietors,
Slnle, cf O'ti), Vinton Coriity.
lAiiuider W. French l'ltffs. 1 In t'jnr..f
Sally Aim Fiotiuli j Ciimiimr I'K-aH,
U'juinst On onlcr of
Uvniamiii 1i 11 mi l lofl. Sale.
J-liiiI. ill. J
HUKSUAXT to ennimand of ordsr tifwito
1 in tho aliuvo ciimo t , mo iliriM'tcl tV.:n t,!io
Curtiif C'oinmiiD Picas, cf the nfnrowiid Conn
tyofYinlon, IwillolVor ut pulilio sale at tlio
toumlryol 1 cnjn nun Kill , in llio tuwuut Hum
don in llionl'orcsiiiu i;ounty ol'Yinlini on
Tlmratluy Augmt the Zrd A. I). 186.5.
At the hour of ono o'clock 1'. M., of nuid day
iho following iior.oiial property, 'ukon as tht
property of lionjamin Dill; to-wit : i-imlut
of callli! coii.-istinj' of two Stuvo. Kiilit
(iracn, two FruuU ; ono lot of Wilson lioxos
twulve belts moro or low, aud one lot of I'low
points. . 1 will alyoiilF-ir for sulo ut the sama
day hour, at !ho Mnlilo of Jul n Dill in i-aid
Town of lUni'lon tho folluwiu - personal ir
orty, takcu as ho iroporly of nuid John Dill,
to-wit : Oiiolw horso Wnpm; ono uprinj
Wagon, and ono Jlrov. n llorto. To. stiti.-fy
aid onlor of rule, ufafo rv'fuid Court, in favor
of the said Lenniicr W. French un l his wifo
Sally Ann Fruiuli.
TKCMS of tulo Lki-li ill hand.
DrNr.An, IUsiilion .! .1. MI'K 1IKV,
it Pava, Aiivs. for rilft'. MUT. Y. Co., 0
July 20lli Ii'.v
r tin ImlUu Mttt k m
- "DHL. 1U)"ECVS
and '
hvo been introduced to tha ptib'Io for w H
than six years, and hare aonuirod
vvcw "VovvX'AVv't.,
far excoeding any FatUily Medloinei of I
limilar natnro in the market.
An appreciating publio wn ilot long a
discorering they poeiosscd runarltaUa
CvvrcA, '?cxe'vVvw
ind hence their
Anil sonsoqnont profit tn th PTopneUr, fiUi
enabling biin to rxjend
of dollars each year In odt frtii'rig thett
merits, end publishing tlie
vhich have boon ehowerod upt n him frcttt
A 'OVvuXri
The peculiarity of tho
1b that tliey strilte at t'10 reot of Dis6ft
by eradicating every particle )f impurity
for tho lifo and health of the body depond
upon tho purify of ths blootL
If tho blool U po'smed, the body dijgf
jnt 6 miaeruble eiBto:ieo. TJiese medioineo
'or ei rinR
Bjtofula, typhi lis,
tikin (Dicia3en, Old. Bires, : !
Bait ifXnum., Au at;.m,
(Dyspepsia, lHok tleadaoJU.
Liver Complaint, Fever and Jigu,
Leuoorrhce Female Ctmplaintd
Erysipelas, St. jln,thy'e Firt
Tumor3, Eruption;
File, Vorqfvlnua Consampt'nt., eto.
OHErwsnn writ-?, lif drinpl'lcr was cured
nf fits ol niim years'' sti uding, uitl tit Vitus
dance of two yeu.rs.
AN0TIIE3, writes, hie son traa cored '
ftftnr his ile.sh hod almost w inteo' awar.
Tho doctors pronoun ted thu iase InCtfr '
bio. '
ANOTHEE was cured of Prrtf Mfd Agiia .
after trviiis every medicine in his reach.
ANOTHER was cured o Fover 8r
which had existed fourteen yetr
AlfOTHEE of Ivhcu natism of eight year
Cases innumerable ol fiynper sia and Liretr
Complaint could bo mentioned in which if
I'urilior and Tills
ere the most active and thorongh pilla tits
hare over been introduced.
They act so directly opon the Livor, exoil
ing that organ to such an extent as that ttft
system docs not relapse into its former con
ditiop, which is too apt to b the cose wi&
limply a purnativo pill.
Tlity are really a
which, in conjunction with tha
will euro all the aforomonbioned disease
and, of themselves, will relieve and our
Headaahe, Costiveness,
. Colia CPairw, Cholera Jlbrbu,
Indigestion, (Pain, rv the jowlat
(gXzziness, ti.
Try these me lioinee, and yon will nTet
regret it.
Ask yonr noighhon, who inrre nsed thetti
and thoy will say they aro
Gtoo cdactvtK(
and yon should try them lefhij going for t
Get a Pamphlet o? Aliaanao of my locai
ngent, and read the eertiHoare, and V J0C
have evor doubted yon will
Ail A prcKif t tint fb Blood Furlfl, r toi Pllli tr (rarsty
g'jtiiMi', I lniv thtcertlflcatM of tfon emlnort chtw.
tit, I'nifmuii Chlltoa of N. X., id lr of CI9t'DUl
Ri ml Pr. Riitini-k'ii Rxcla1 KotlcM nod OrtlllcalM tmV
lliliiil lu u oiniicuou part of thte "ftr bom tlm U
I'rloc f Ihf BrMiillniiTltD Tepi'Jitv FPood Puriflw, tf
ft iMittln, or J.'' ier hulfdnun. 0( tbi ScnhiltniKlai Itjf
(Uli IHkmI I'llla, 45 Man pr bot, M tl4ri for II.
Prinrivil OttUe and BnlMnioin, tio. S Xut Ponrlk H
td lluil Hi. k from M a Ml , Olncl,iDti, I . tkbonlot
Na IS IJmninnuil Slrwu
Dr. A. Gondoe, Druggist.
S'.ale of Ohio, Vinton County.
Joidi Wallnou & WIfo, lTu I Onlor of Sato
against In Conrt of
(ii or.'e tails and Olbors, Dcft's.l (Join. I'leaa .
1'urn jaul to llio comi'.iuiid of an Order o1
Sule in thu iilmvi cull to ms directed from
Iho (Vint of t'oiiinion I'Idiik. of tho aforenatit
county of Vinton, I will otfor for salo at the'
iloor iif ihn Court lloum:,iii the Town of McAr
lhur, in llio uforohuid County of Vinton, on
oat tu day the iOti day of August, A..
D. 18C5,
nt t o'clock V M . of said day, the fotIorifl)K
Kuiil Kstato. to-wit: . .
Tho Ku .t llulf of the Pcnth-EaRl Quarter
iiml tho North-Went Quarter of tho Foulk-Eaitt,
Quarter, of So.itiou Nun.l'crTbirty-Twn, ( No.
"!,) Township Number Eleven (No. 11,) of
Kanjru Number Sovtnlooii' (No. IT,) in th
Towinlii), fif Klk, hi Vinton County, and State'
ol llhio, eontainiuK Ouo llundrod and TwtDtjr
three acres, nioro or Inns to ho sold free front
tho' dower interest of Matilc'a Landman.
Apprainedaf twouly-fonr huudrod and sixty
dollurs, and must nUg two thirds ot that
fitin. ' '
U'kkus fi iSale Cash in band. . . .
Shoriff ViutiOnConnty, O.
n T- Dana. A'Cy for l'l'tfa.
.Inly 15, In'i.S 61
For IHauk Deeds. Callal

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