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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 10, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Noliceof Ppdiotn.nwl'"'inI
Vr,aurMiindF.xeonU.r S,
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Vonrly advertWrniiita will bo cl.nrgo.l 'A
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tV"riiebom-fmmiiHt be,ompl..I w.th
IAIIpn'yihea t limit ho mado to tSo rrn.
Ip ,tor, a wa ha it no -L
the Democra J oh Office.
We ro prepared toojsculb Or.tli nnntnoss.
Itiapatcli and at fricoa tl at defy coir.putition.
ll kind nt Stb Wot"i,Srt -
t'AMPH LlitS,
BILL 11 E At S.
rdi u 'a'Wal aud beoonvli.cod tlict w )can
nd will i l'-intl IK heap-r for fJaaii.tli. n nil
"w.,a,L .i.ii.nMit in UilaMotlLn ofn.. miry
Attorneys at Law,
CUbn Jilt, K-,UM Aunt!' Br;l '
ifirAriliiir,' Yimon Co. 0.
OUio, mi M:J.rifrM-. two drx fil
or. . D llinlgNMoi e.
Will Httj.i I nriin.jtly l"'' .'"
totbiir "m. In thi fcihtWi of A '1 ' i
on. tike and Sciu o.
' Jni.ii.iry l'ltli lH.-.5-tf,
Attor"" "I Law ami
KciVr hu", Ohio.
Bcinif llcenred by the U. 8.. fr l:e I nrjf
'I will attend 'in tbo proeccntum and u K-tim-'of
every ftdrlion of eliiima .lu'a.i.Ht 1
United Stnteaiaii.1 Stati of Ohio, Including tli
Mowan raid claim- ri....
fettiiitiex ami Vrtrnse of Pny
" PENSIONS for wounded and dialled sol
Jiors and ea.ben, and for tho hjdra of . .ld.or
in.d hoamen who hivo d.ed mid bo.m Ki.lu.l u
llio HDrvice. I 6;nld nay to my friend, tlia
'hcwill attend proinii'dy totho.r bcs;nua and
ni'iftttruto'tevm. ' ' ' '
. Mnnij'i'it'i ii ;i,
Portsmouth. ohio.
Mr. Jonis. has purhased Hie Din I ly
nionth House, and- fhanjjwl its name
above, Tlie rt.nie hn? fp""0 ,ele1 "."
now oik-ii It the reit-puoo of tlie Hxhn:
It. iun Che wliat'f.a liuliliy locHii.ni. 'nil.,
no pains will be epareil to make the sUy
visitors' at th's howse. all they can wish.
Charges low as the I'.iws will aflord.
June 29'h 1 8f5 (inn)
- McArnini Ohio,
will .ipnd oromDllv ami cai-fuilv
m pra'oice 0( tneir proiesoion
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111 all its
Ijl'RG KRY. Jfl
n. 5th, 18fr6. tl.
lS...llttATTiN, Altfll.M -.Y(
0 Allorncvs al Lavv
wil.L attend to all lcirul bu.-iness intrusted
to their eare in Vi.itnn, Atbens, Jackson, Koas,
flocking and al.ioininfx counties.
I'arilrtitot attention given to the collection
Tilillraoluinia fur iensioiis. Bonnties, ar
rears f ray &o.. against the li.itcd Status
Ohio, including morgan ram cuius.
April 12th 1S65, lyr
M anu la c u rci.
AVarrams ail WorK.
Keeps constantly on hand and wil
Bbll at the lowest prices, Saddles, Eri
ilea and Harness of eVery descriidion
And warrants his woVk. toi two years.
Call and c Jcaraine. let, doer vceI
lie Court House. .
tc. 22, JS64-fmo.
'Justices Bunks, Bjlakk Dkkus,
fetc, pf all QeocriytiODS lyr sale at ibis
, ",:o. . .
Tb. MW-fcillni SB. BAPDAIIi It (h. beet H.
tucoewk wtwn all otbtra h blkd.
All tw htt bwn anfertuD.ia,'.!! wbow fond hope
ha HMD (MMppolMea, erwtud
.nd blMtvl, .11 h.
kw l .MlDced b, (im pmoiiiw. .nd dclt, all wb.
an IH
kia toi
Mi fit. nd to tet Mtinfactiuu.
H. watt jo.tr nibfiirtiinm paw amy, he make, tho
alaaoar and .uvjr of jour eu'iuw. full liarinleM, and lit
ottain. jonr cl.aruter aud roiiwctabilltjr lu iliite of avtl
rvwrt. and rooiort. All who are In doubt of tha afTro
ttoitaof Owe. tliey lora eoniult him to relieve aud fatiify
their n.lnile, aud to Dud oat it llieir liri(jlil ud vara
hope, will bo realhuil.
H. has the aecret of wloniog the alTecllona of lha
0iKlt. wa. He eulde. the ilngle to a wmllhy and
bappy marrfaKe, aud luakea the married happy. 111.
aid and advice haa leen tuliclted in iuuuu.vr.ble la
IUucm, aud lha reault baa alwaya been
To mako tiling, mor. lure, he will abow yon tb. Ilk,
neaa of
n. will tell yon their rltrnmntancea and their flitnr,
rinMperta; nud ulial la better lliun all, he ran loll yul
their llii'iik-hll and what their "mil" Intontiona are,
Vhat ii better Hill, be ran tell you if tbey will sake yul
l'r. Raphael la, therefore, a sure dejiendeuce.
To all in titiHiiieif his advice ialuTaluable. He car. fore,
tell, with tho greatrat certKiiity, the reH.tlt of all com
inerrUI aud Imnineiia triu.Mictioua and ijivciilationa. Dr.
Itapl. ad hiterpreta dreaiui for lottery number, with lit
(ailing accuracr.
given without any extra charge.
Dr. RAPHAEL will cait your llornacna or write
'your nativity. Kvery Uia.i, thnntich the lentil, and
breadth of the laud, who haa had luck, and who can
'not get on iu th. world, aho.tld be In poaieaaion of hie
Horoscope, aud a;et tr. Ititphuel'.
Writton Opinion of his rato.ro Pro
poctt in Life.
It will guile him lo wenllh, eminence, mid honor.
Thonsauda of good men, who wero ....rorln.ii.le and un
'..ccessfnl in their bi.siuess men who worked hard, and
who atr.iirgled against ailvonity and misfortune th.
greater part of their lives, and w ho found II. e mure they
tiled tu get forward In the world the more thiugs went
against them: Those men got I)r. Kuphaid'a written
opinion upon their future pruem:ta in life. All those
who wisely followed Dr. Uuphail's advice are now
In all their uuderlakli.gs ; while those who were blinded
by prejudice aud ignorance, ucglraled his advice are ill II
laboring against adversity aud poverty.
Be assured
are within the reach of all. If you wish to be rich and
nappy you will ronault him alio.
Be haa the gift, and ran tell the afflicted the cause ot
tholr disease and suffering. He cau also tell whether
they can beenred or not, thus saviug the ettticted both
trouble ami expense.
Consultation, daily, Bandars excepted. Office honn
irom in a. .ii. to e. r. iu.
All iuterviewa are .Uictry private and confidential.
Therefore we say, go one I go all I .ud consult
Tho Astrologer of the 19th Century,
eS" Personal interviews granted to Gentlemen only.
All business with
to be dona by letter.
mr Person, at a distance may commnnlcMe coitrl.
bintiai.lt by letter, if they Inclos. ONI DOLLAR, fcf
Consultation Kee, in eaoh letter. All letters, comma
actions, .nd Interviews, are strictly private and eon
Bdentlal. No .newer will be given to letter, unless One
dollar is inclosed aa a Consultation Fee.
Address all letter, aa follows :
Let It be clearly un
derstood thai 'the price named as a coneultatlou fee paye
fur a conaultatlon only. It does not pay for the Doctor
...... nt vour future nrosnects In life. It doe.
uot pay for winning tin. affections of the opposite aex,
ur for the consummation of a happy marriage, nor for
doing am- oilier buslnoss named in the alnive advertise
n.rut. The Doctor has a bxed price for doing each sepa.
riitobHsiii.ua. In your consultation with the Doctor, yoo
learn bow yon can reallxe tho fond hope t.eareat youl
heart: you .re told how you cau get all you want, an.
bow yo,ir business ounl.tlo be done sc. that it can not
foil, llowlll foret.UliHtlsyourDESTINY. Iu short,
bo will tell what Is before you, etc.
Caution to the Public.
I)r V Ttephsel, the Astrologer, has no connection
with rilOFHSSOIt or Dr. W. M . Uaphael, orwithai.y
Other gentleman of the same name.
a Cut this advertisement out. tVhun yon corrje,
bring It with you and show it to the girl who opens rh
door. To prevent mistakes, ask to
And learn that a perfect and radical cure la warranted
and guarantied to all who ar. afflicted w ill, weakness,
debility, nervous complaints, mclam holy thought., da
pressiou of epirils, distress aud anguish of mind, los.
of sleep, loss of memory, lose of energy and musclar
power, puny growth, wasting away, aud a want of con
fidence in themselves, fainting fits, convulsive treat-tKn-A.
Impotence and disgust of life.
Some physician, require to he told the nature of your
not. lis perfect knowledge of the human system enable,
him to describe the diseasea without any information
from the patient, to explain Its original cause, and to
guarantee ita ewe. And, what Is more Taluablo still, be
ill honestly and frankly tell whether you can be cured
or not. All bi. communicatiou. and interview, ar.
Itrletlr private and confidential. Midioil Jourtal.
The Botanic Remcdie. or Dr. Raphael, the Kugllsn
Dotanlo Physician, never failed yet to mako a perfe-t,
radical, and nermanent cure of ALL PRIVATE, 8k
CltKT, AND VKNKHKAL DI8KASKS, without ibe use
uf Mnrcnrv. without hindcrance from business, and
m-.th.,,,, rir nf diimmn or cxnoeure. Ko dcadry poi
one, such aa arsenic, aui vomica, oplnm, or uy other
poisons. Ko mercury nor any deadly minerals nothing
!,, ,.,,ral. VnrtitMti Botanical Remedies .re used by
this wonderful Botairtc Phyalcian. Ilia Botanic Reme
dies never yet failed to care tho most obstiuste and the
most danreroua case.. id to remove .11 mercury and
other impurities from the system When all other Bette
die. had failed Msteal f nwrml.
t'ii mahriadk. Hr what the Baltimore corres
pondent of the Oddfellow, Boonsboro, Maryland, said
on Thursday, the 31st of May, 1HW1:
Numerous cures of diseases caused rty early indiscre
tion hsvinir been nerfor rued bvthe Kncllsh BoUnioPby-
ician. I fJ it hit dutv. tuvhiL-a knowlidge of thuui.
to state th. fact, believing that la doing so I may do
service to the ...Bering. One cane in particular that
of a young man In this city I. worthy of note. He had
become the victim of a habit, the mere elluslol to which
caoae. a shudder, .ud al ter year, of suffering aad doctor
ing gave up all hopee of recovery. He wished to marry,
and wa. dearly beloved by as .wool a girl as ever Usped
wonts of .flection, but hewaa fearful, uervont, and pro.
erJtH ii H.fwt ,,nt wed un aocount of th. shattered
state of his system. Hesoughl relief at the hands of tb.
Botanic Physician, aad, aatonuuiug u n may inia,sa
th. bloom aud vigor 01 youtn uaa reu.nieu, -o
waw th. hinn. A.itip nf nair at hriirht DOTS.'
plaint, eaa call on the Botanic Physician confidentially,
1'faev lu.v relv unou relief. His cdTice is at
Any wno are sunennr, no reair-ir wi. iui ww
Tfay may rely unou
Widlh 1
Blanks Justices
The Center of the Earth Composed
of Gold.
elmsks. Editoes: The question
HStu the kind of matter composed the
intoricr of tho earth has long been one
ot considerable interest among that,
class ol men who '-dare to think;" an il
thougu our present kuou'ledge of facts
does not allow us to answer it iu a
positive' mauner, yet, I think it does
enable us to drawcoiieluaions whiclitartb.
iit least, are highly probable. (
Wheirwe coiiiidjr tho constant
mid nevur-varyiilg changes ta wliichthe
tho tmiverso of mutter ia euLject,
uitist concludo that there wan a tituu ;
though that time te almost inSnity
r j'l.ote that our word, as aach, did
nut exist. Though as to tliu mode ot
a uriL'in, aud tliu time at which 1 1
.rst took its place among tho spheres
lis un independent body, we can hiiz
id uutliin4 more than vague con-
juutures' It may nave lyoa tiur.ed
lorih ad atragiount liMin some mighty
jphoie, aud ihus attained an indo
peu.lent existence; or, it nitty have
uecn by tho collection into one body
Jt a number of fragments or Drtaller
rvorhls. But what would seem to bo
.uoBt probable, is, that it attained it
pru8ent independent position by the
oonaeiidiitiou of a vast collection ol
astH, vapors and fluids, which had
al li-jfcd around Boiro aerolite or frag
neut, which served aa a sort cl
lliis latter idoa Conccrnitig the
nuilooi'the eiirth's origin, seems to
io tho one must generally entertained
by those who havo given atuntion to
i ho subject. Uu; be this matter as it
may, tnoro ia one thing which the
.uu'liiugs of geology so clearly eatab
I thjd tli it it does nOt admit of a
J ubt, iliac at some remote period
li ro.tnuht have been a vastly greater
r poiiidi o( ihu earth in a gaseous
.nd liu.d state then at the present
Acc.impanying thm itljft, a very
liiiguiiir mid aosurd notiou litis gainetl
ho popular ascendi ncy, that is, thai
lie iadual coo.ing ol the eanh took
lace liibt at the surhice, and ihu)
lining tbe graao.d change ot the
usetKH to tlie llui'l, and the 11. ml t.
ne solid state, a 8 Jit ot oust wit?
rmed upon the burlucc, while the
outer still H-mainul a fluid tuaas.
No idea in; tho snlj ct cur.'d be
r-uch more loiitniry to tho known
aws of matter, This notion, doubt
eta, arose troin the idea that heui
vita a material subtt.iiiee. a id would
lave to pass uti from the earth betore
: eirtilu cool; whereas, the more
lodern researches in'o Bfienco bIiow
hat. heat ib no more a material nub
itanco tnan motion, gTuvitanon or
aiaguetidm, but that it is merely a
joiiuition ut matter an J t hat, m tut-
:a8u in question, instt iid of pnssing nil
fiom tliu tttiih it woil 1 only becim
jy a gr.iduii; chemical action, hxwi
or latei t. But even supposing lha
the cool ii-: would, or did, tako place
drst at tiro sui lace.it is a well known
ut that all bubbtancts (wuttr in ti
.tato of , ice excepted) increase in den
tityaud weilit as their heat is ditnin-
shed, 60 that tho cooler portions
A'ould bo the first to bi uk from tin.
uriace toward (lie center. There are
nuuy other very abmrd notions pre
valent among the masses upon t iit-
ubieit. iSomc snnpouo thut tho in
tenor ol Me eaith consists mainly tl
water; this could not be, siuca water
md a specinc gravity interior to
leaily all the mineral BubstancCrV.
hough it doHbtlet6 ponelratea to a
mat depth thioflgh the crevices.
Others tuipp08e that its interior ib
.lie melted aid burning mu6S, nnu
unit the volcanic mountains serve at
jliimneys to this great internal fire.
riot. Dims uiaiutaincu, Willi co;i
iderablo lorc of loictU reasoning
iliiit there is a vast bole rntiuiiiii
through the (Jji.ter ol the earth Iron
"o!e to uolo. 1 once heard a uisiin-
JUiBheo clergyman maintain mat the
inftrnal rcirions were located in the
center of the earth according to which
idea it is to be the future and tternne
abode of nearly tho entire human
race, aoJ should comniaud our utmost
itlentiou. ror my own part l nave
juite a "golden" idea upon. tl0 sub
,. ct that :ho interior of llie vTth i
abundantly supplied with, il not
mainly composed of gold, platinum
and other precious metals. If we
uppiHu but lor aa iustptit that the
artti was once in a gaseous oi uuiu
tale, it is not quite evident that those
tihstanct's most uirncult ot tusiou
nd possessing tho greattst specific
gravity, would be ihe Srst to Una
heir way to the centerl Now gold,
atinuin and a few other of the pros
But it may be cftid that this j.rob
idea that tho Arih was once
wenjainly in a puBeous and fluiil state
But even snni.cmino' that such never
cioia metu'.s, possees thmo properties
It. a bigli degree above all other
known substances, and thotigli we
know them to bd auurcts on tliu nirfaee
of the earth, wj liuvo no assura.ice
but that they are abumlont in uaturo.
In vie of the3o facts, is it uot
reasonable to suppMSo that thc60 eub
stances rapidly increase in quantity
as we approach the Center of the
'Hu0 0r uoesible incrpas demnds upon
was the cane, and throwing aside all
possible and prohablo changes which
tho earth may have undergone, and
taking only such changes ns the
learned geologist, who has carefully
studied tho chemical composition,
structure and general position of the
various 6trata ol rocks, niuat m.w
have actually taken place, we would
ask, would ' it not Iu tho constant
rendoncy of tlics-c substance. Se'irig s
aiuch hoavier aud more diflijult ol
fnsior. than other eubstauces, to work
away from the surlaco toward tho cen
ter? And is it not probablo, in view
of the properties of theeo nu'tals, an I
fho known changes wltidh tl.O earth
has nndeTgone during the myriad
and myriads of ages it must have es
isted, that they doactualhi:crease ir
abuudnnce a wo approach tho center
portimis of tho earth. Indeed it id a
matter of wonder that they aro to br
I'onnd at all on tho surface, and such
a fact can only ho uccounted fo by
ihbsiiipoBitioii thatlhey exist iu great
abuuduuee in nature.
It may bo further urged ia favor o
this theory that these metulB occur in
uaturo invariably in a metallic state,
and hut littlo alloy d with othei
The auecitic gravity of tho earth ib
only about odo-third that ol gold, tbv
earth being nvo and a halt nmeb
heavier than a mats of witter ot the
damo sizJ would be, and gold more
diau nineteen times heavier Itian its
uwu bii.k of water. Consequently
he earth cannot bo maily all g"ld,
ihoiigh the idea that there is a gia
deposit of e,o'd and platinum at "the
center niny not lie improbable. Tin
-.ptritic gravity ol the 'earth has beei
measured by tnree different meinods.
A coin m lssiLrti, of which Dr. Frank
liu was a member, measured the con
unls ot the mountain iScheiialiien, in
dcutltiULl, and I'-om the specific gravit)
of the rocks ol which it was compnoed.
computed its weight. Then a bid.
was bi a, 'ended by tuj side of th
muuutaiu, and, by obseTvatiu on the
.iiars, tin extent to which the bal
.vas drawn Hum a vertical position.
tliu ttllnt'Clion ot Iho mountain
,vas afccurtuiuod. i'roin this the re
ative power of the mountain and tin
-at th in attracting thb ball, and honci
ho relative weight of the two, wae
1 a. .til 1 t
A second plau, trieo uy ijuvenuieu,
w-jfl to measure the attractive force ol
largo leaden
ball by
means o: a
torsion balance.
A third plan, which was tried by
the lt'a:ian astronomers, liana aim
Carliui, and which has been roceuth
repeated by iWcfsor Airy, is to ob
serve tlie t fleet upon the oscillation
ofaponda'uoi produced by varying
its distance lini tuu center ol im
riieSrsi method gaVc the specific
gravity of the earth
rhe sicond
The Bttine repeated by Uaily
4 95
Plana and Carlm's reaalt Was
L'rolessor Airy 'a wa.
b' 50
The means of these io
The Crimean War.
The following is the estimated loss
,n eoldurs in the Crimean war. Una
Aia1-0..t 630.000 soldiers; trance, 'Jo.
nis. ., ant . 22.152; luraey, oo
. fc 'I' I. . 'J E
nnn- and Prtdu.ont, 2,194-makinc
i, nf 7S4.901 soldiers of all na
tior.s. Including tue cost of putting
a., atria nn a war footinir, tho motie
spent in tho Crimean war by all the
States engaged in it amounts to 1,450,
000 000 fiances, which is equivalent
to 8292.000,000.
This docs not i:c!ude the expense
nf Uusia, which was probable Bnffi
cient to carry he entire amount up
cunrt nno 000. Incur war the ex
penaeof the North alone was at least
5,000,000 000, or teu timoe as mucl;
as that 'iu ihe Crimea.
Would this be Unconstitutional!
To the snge&tiou that capital in
vcs'cd in G ivermnoiit Binds shortld
be m iJe to contribute to the Bnpiort
of State, County ami Municipal Gov
ernmenls, it is replied that it is uu
constitutional to n rjui'r it to do anv
such thing that the h"ldoiB of thus.
Bonds must be a privileged class, for
whom laboring mn, and mtMi en
ga&cd in other purenits, must 6it
aiart a portion of their hard eain
ings. VmlationB of tho Constitution
in relation to other matters ar
winked at, jnatioYd and emiiHeletl
This circnuistance may induce people
to consider it titrango that a large
perl ion of the taxable capital of the
country should be exempted, and the
burthen created by srioh ikemption
thrown upon the shoulJers of tin
sreat mass of the people, who have
to struggle hard to work their Wa)
thruiigh the world. The party, how
over, in power considered this all
It can not bo rihtfuliy claimeil
that it is unconstitutional to have tin
Internal Uevt-nuo amended to by tht
prtseut County officers, iiiBteid of by
Federal officers. By a change tl.a;
wouli dispenso wi h theso Federal
Uevenoo officers in Ohio, there would
bo 3aved to the opprew-ively taxed
poople teven hnndruj ihou'sand
dollars a year. Tho Conveution
that put in nortiination the i'ber1in
candidate for 'Governor, did not ottei
a word in relat'on to the sulj:ct.
Do tho leaders ol fiat party hold t
pinion that il would bo unconstitu
tional tj Btrike out of exiotincu tlrue.
Federal ofliciuls, w!io aro Ifolping to
eat up tho subritonco of the people
"And Go Naked!"
It is related of A dealer in triiuku,
that ono day lro stopped a passer-by,
and besought him to buy a trunk.
"What for?" aked trie man who
A?as besought to do do.
"To put yoor clothes in," in tya
tho reply.
"Aud" go nakedl" replied tin
thtr. From this it ii eviiVnt that
the man besought to buy the trunk
.vu8?r: the et.j y ment ot hut one sui
if clo:liC9 to wear. In view of the
act that that t!ie people aro i aim 'a dp
axed for various ptirjOn s to main
ttina brood of unnt'Cesdary Fedora'
.flicirs, lor Militia Commetfition. and
to baud up a uond ansiocracy.
tuning other things --it r.B suggested
hat the people go witimnt clothing
md stop eating. That is a fine sng-
efition to come irom partihaus who
issured the peopl , if they wonlil only
hrow tho Democratic party nut ol
oower. Ihe poor wjuiu ire ijiven a
greater degree ol prosperity than they
ever enjoyed before.
Negro Equality.
Tho Elyria D.-mocrat, Aboliton,
:omo3 out pquarly in favot of black
u.'lVragu. It chtimj liiat oiir cjlnred
retlneu have more right to voto than
an ignorant Dutchman." lnroferr
ngtothe (Jonstitntion of Ohio not
..ermittiug negroes to vnto, it says:
"AH IhC laws and conslimtions in
;nristenooiii cunnoi. nitttio iuuj!
ike ibis right; and every good citi
s ii shoald make it his business to see
ha' all so.:h constitutional or legal
listinclioiiB wrong in the light ol
very piinciple of ttjuity and j istice,
dionld bo imiiT'di ttely aholished."
When an A' 6 ioaists claims that a;
dgger is as good a3 he is, we have;
nade up our mind novel to disflie
lie question with him, for nine cases
ut often ho will bo right.
At a CnVenlion held In Elyria re
recently, iho following resolution waj
nnanimiH&lij adortcd:
' lienolvtd, That in the opinion of
his ejiivention, sound policy und
piinciplt'B of justice deiuand that ihe
dective frachise be ;uara Vojd to the
toloied men of Ohio "
The VVtbiern lieservo is ''sound
the negro.
Xj iN on l aying siibescrihers arc
thus talked to by an editor out west;
'Wagons cannot run without
ivheels boats without steaoi bull
mads jump wit.mut legs, or a news
paper bo carried on everlasting!)
inltlir.nt ITWlfinV tin IllllPi) tllnll A ,1,ln
TV llll'.t luviiv T , w .uw.w l . v-
can wag h a tail when he has noms
Our subscribers are all good, but
what good dots a man's goodness do
ivhn it don't do any good? We have
no doubt 67ery man thinks that all
navj paid but him and as we are
clever fellow, and his is a H tie mat
ter, it will make no diilvienca "
Will Burne of our readers mako
Gilead Register.
A Black Man Presides at a
Republican Meeting.
The n.'pnblicansof Oberlin Llack
and white, men an. I women held a
meeting at that placo, on Friday
evotiihg, vJuiio 16th, and organized,
at first by tailing a white man to the
chair: but the blackj and their ira-.
hi. iliate backers Very ton became
lisjittisfie I, and demanded that a
n. gro should preside 1 hia demand
was then uuiliediAroly enforced by
the meeting. A Very respectable)
white man was husHeJ nut of tfce
air, And a vt-rv hlack Afriiin
p acod in Jr. J. M. Larigefono, the
negro lawyer of Olierlin, then led oil
in tho mooting, and liomandeil Uiq
ehction of a delegation to go to the
County Convention at Eyria, the
next day, and insist upon the ap
p iniunnt of delegation to the Ab
ililion State Convention ol the 2lst
l Juno, that shotild ho in faVorof
the nomination ot General Cox for
Governs with a negro sitttVag'j
platform, if (hat cortld be secured;
hut Gen Cox w u declared to bo in
lavor of iH'trri v.itin and indifler-
eiice wad expressed whether there
was a 1 latlorm at all, so ho received
[Ohio Statesman.
rOln a Fourth ol July oration at
Xenia, Samoo! Shellabargnr, Cou
gressman elect from the SoventK
Dintnci, said:
"Let the nu n who establish gov
ernments npon the rains of these
perished slave dominions, see to it
that this enfranchised race of God
delivered inur. shall not be ignored
the structure of th' Se g ivernilVnts,
ri)e denied their jAdt and properly
reghlated Control."
That is trivo tho on.'ghtsd 'field
tiitTids of tho South the right to voti
Make a negro politically equal with
rhe white men of the Novth. Sher
man's Soldier boyd "don't sod it,'
neither do thosu men "see- it" h't
lielluTo tl.i id h i'ivi'.riiiiionl . for
What was Attemped in the Last Legislature.
Mit. Kki.l '00. who Vepeaented
Ashtabula in the House df itepreseni
atives, introduced -a hill into that
!ody and advocated its passage, re
qu ring our pnMic BChoola to ba
thrown opi ii lo ;ho reception of negro
children. By some of the Abolition
members it was thought that tho pnh
.ic, mind wart nut jet tut iy prepared
tor the reception ol such law. iilicmld
J- Dol-on Cox be elected, and with
linn a m ij rity to tho uext Legislat
ture, the hill w ill be enacted into a
'aw; and rnKr White tnen will bo
ooirij elled lo send their hildron to
iho same schools with Black children
or their children will be necessitated
to go ivithotJt education.
Lot the Poor African.
l?ifteen thonsimd negroes drcftming
oftrcedoiii. Fifieen thousand negroes
iu a freedom's camp, fed by tho Gov
ermeiit. Fifteen thousand negroes
leading a life of idleness, filth and
licentiousness, fcivo thousand acres
of crops going to ruin. From five to
ten deaths per day in tho freedinen's
camp. Such 18 a brief history ol two
months noHi this city.
The above paragraph occaiaiua
"Letter from Montgomery, Ala.," to
The Cincinnati Coiumorcial, dated
Juno 23, lSrJ5.
Wtiat will bk AFrKit - The tivll..
ing is tho verdict of a hogro jury
MVe tliu ondeisignet! being a kor
ener's jury, to sit on tiro body of the.
nigger Sambo, now dead and gona
atom ut, hah been Blten'oiido said
negro aforesaid, did oi do lourteenth
ob November, &nnc to det by. falling
1'rom de bridge obct do rtber, in de
sa'd r.bjr where we find he Was sub
scquentlv drown, and afterwards wash
on de rilierside, whar, wo suppose ho
was ft'os n to def.
Clrk foB i FeLon As soon as
the part begins to swell, got the
tincture of lobelia, anJ wrap the part
affected with cloth saturated
thoroughly with tbe tincture, and
the felon is dead An old physician
says lis has known it to core a score
o cases, and it never fails if applied
in season.
OCT3! lorace Greeley proves con
clusively in an able aud elaborate
article that tho negroes r.re as fit for
suffrage: as he is. Louisvillo Jour

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