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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 10, 1865, Image 2

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Ik. a. BR4TTOV. : : : i
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T7 J
Willi MKX 811 AU. rUI.K
U.a 10.
Tlio Democritcy of Vinto Cuit
bio r quested to moot in tlie.ir recoct
ive ToViiBhipa, at their usiiM I'lueie
oi liold'HR E'c' tlaiia, on
SATURDAY, Aixjitxt 1305
at 2 o'cloek L. M., mid tln-n ami
there proceed to i'i'oin( time Judges
mid ono Clerk ol tlio lYmwry El-
lion, who u.will proceed to orn!i'z-J
lorthwith, ntiJ receive UHota lor tlie
differeut names- Rn'nounseU f-i tin
noriumH of iiotniimlinij oundiduti'f
for tlio County Tickot. at the annual
Election, for llie following oliUce, to
1'rot calling Attorney;
; County Uwcoidor;
County Commissioner.
The Tolls W1 hn om from 2
o'clock L'. SI. m.til 6 o'clock 1. M.
of mid d :v .
Said Euctoro V1i. nt the eatni
time, elect tlireu if tfieir number hh
Delegates to thu Comity Convention,
which wi'l h lu-M fn
M'-NDAY, AUGUST 21.it, 1C5.
at 1 o'clock l. M., then and there to
open tho lToll 15 okd of eaid Ehc
lions and declare the undidiites ; and
in caso of a tic voto, then the Con
venth'ii to determine, y ballot or
otherwise, the nominee.
Said L)jlewntc8 are to appoint Del
catctflo rtiC tfftte Convention, winch
w'11 be held' at Colnmbua. on the 24h
day of AMijinst, lbCS.nnd Dt-hatefr
to the denatorihl Convi ntioiiy and to
appoint a Dotnocrati4' Central mi -miffco
for elm ensuing yen, atl'l
trari9nct fciicli other hiwincw i eliall
come before the Convention, as may
be necufidary for tlio " ir.tcrest'ol tin.
Democracy of Vinfon county.
Dy ordtr of Deiii. C n m.
A. J. SWAIN Chair'n.
R. CRAIG, Sec'y.
Tursday, August 24,1865.
Tu' the Di mocracy of Ohio.
A' Slate Convention of the Democraci
of Ohio, will be. held at Columbus, on
Thursday, the 2 I'll da; of August next, to
nominate candidates for the folluwing offi
ces, and for the transaction of such othn
bu lines j as may come before Conven
Goicrnor. Lientcnat Rnvitnur, Tnu-'tir
er of State.' Su,jrelii Judfe, (hill term,)
Supreme Judge, (ucancy ) Attorney Gen
erarl,' School Ciintrnisinner, Member ol
Bosrd of Public Works, Clerk ol Supreme
Court. .'
Tiie rati) of repre-ientaiion will be ai
follows: One delegate for each county;
an'adbitional delegate for every 500 vote."
rhSt for Gen. Me'JIellan at the list Presi
dential eleetion, and an adJitijnal delegate
for eery fraction'of '.'SO or more votes so
r.06t. This aportioumeni gives to tho
coritities wppectivtiy thf following lmmber
of31egates, vi.:
(Under the-above rt-iree!Un tion , the
counties of the Iltli C'oiijfressioiral District
will be entit!?d W the following number ol
Adams . . . 5 Jockviti 4
Scioto 5- Vuitoli 4
Lawrence 3' GaMiit
By order oi tlie Democratic State Central
JOHN G. THOMPSON, Chairmad; F. JAEGER, Secretary.
The Democratiij tiket is elected in
the Ffrat'- Coiigrea3ional District o'
Kentucky Trimble get3 5,000 ma
jority for Congress.
General ' Brisbane, in his oflicial
report, states that Kentuckey has
titpiiiahed 28,810 'negro troops to the
Federal aruiy, aa J 200",SCi persons
Lava btn made free by the instru
mentality of .tn army.
" r j MWUv v uihv . iim
If io iwai tl ;rM ir AMihIdiI MiQr rrioi
dent Johnson bus decided that Air.
Dav's shall not bo tried by a Mili
tary Commieaionnotwitbatauding he
Iras been preeistentlv urged to that
course by the Kadicals, who tnirst for
tnore blood. And, moreover, that he
will never be tried, but eventually
w'H Le permitted to leave the country.
Gen. Geo. W. Morgan.
Tltis destingnished Statesman uod
eoldier, is urged by a large number
of the Democratic pupors of Ohio, a-,
our 4jandidato for Cavernr'at the
State Convention of 24th. n-.ht. No
!lc!ter man could be nominated, tv
jliHru know Gen. Morgan from chi'.J
jl.tH.d, and with Idnt an our standard
bearer, Ohio, wo h.-iiw, would wlieil
into the Dein tia';c lino of 'Sate
The Gen. marched to Mexito, und
Wilts protnotid uu the Bold lor It in (jul
la nt hearing, by (Jell, Scott. He wu
jaforeign ininibtir wlnn the war broke
ji'Ut, ulter his return he rceivtd tin
M'lt. vf Ul-!'. Gi l). Vlb ut the Ulb1
):i(!ncks t il V ickst urg, the Seige and
"atcr, bioii'lit our ai my ea'o Irom
i"!(:lill!r!u( Oav. when all uav in
Iiom.'8 of tscui'C. Ii he is nominated,
iio will on the lUilj of (.'otohtr lux
I iy reulor ii'roiic!iej, Whip tin
Jol.iisonites, rout t lie Wberlin Wack
Drigude, Caitnro the lLseive, und
uiitll.nik the Coiryites Sit m cj it U
A report hai been circulated, thai
I did not vote, on the Constitutional
Amendment submitted lo the legisla
ture, last wilnc. 1 wish to ioi. tia
dict this Btutement, and fatate that 1
did vuto in the negative, and had ui)
vntj recorded, alter I ret imed U
Columbus. When the voto wa
taki-n, I ns well as Mr. Mayo, wat
at McAithui attending the Febnran
term of our C m. l'letis Court. Thi
fact I can prove by sivcrul gontleuiaii
who asked and obtained leave to re
cjid their, votes at il e canm time.
Goi.u DiBO' VKii us .n Expectance
We publibli on the outtiJo of ttih
j iper an article that tukea the poni
M. D that the center o! the Eirllih
the natural 'deposit of gfiU,and lim
it id I hero n Urnn quutititieB. Wi
conl'eFa we cant bee it, tin (tlx
gold) but t& we are .informed there it
a company now lorininji in New Yrl
to sink ft fhaft on a voyage of dis
covery. Wo are not prepared to pro
nounce it it humbug, . especially sinci
tho discoveries oi'so many il well6 ;n
Vinton county, that will undoubtedly
make fniuiKa lor tho owner.-.-. li
the b trelnfj ontinm to thu con tic
hy ail ineatia,
GlC.V. CoX. FoK NtiiK'l VofiSti
From the statement Klade by the Cin.
Gnzjtteo a;i I other papers wo had
supposed that Gen. Cox in iiis lettei
) a couple of Africu Americ.nm had
came cut oppo-ed to Nigio SuHrajje.
on' t n reading li:s letter we are ailon
to find it uo euch tiling II
ay most empha.ically that hcagroi-r
with the Oberlin colored gentlemai
he i? ad'IriHiing, and tliev ih-nionti
rt'gro voting at hia hands- Ho ea.i
'tiio time had (has.)'-not' come wuei
in the baic ot event's, it was nt-ci-flf-ary
to act upon them" ineani;i. ilia
be agreed with Fair child and Plumb
hut that the tinio had not come whei.
il;o piojilo were prepared to let tin
nigger vote- His whole ktfer is
peltifoging harranguo, and We hop,
iliolljgister will publish it ru our
republijana can see for themselves.
North of the National roa4 in Oli'V
Nigger voting is HdvacRted by tin
liepublican Turty, and 'SoiVh of said
road they are generally cypoeed to it.
So Cox'a letter baa a lilco for thi
South, mid another for the Noith.read
it and sec il it is not eo.
Republican Platform of
T'io Republican county Conven
tion met ou last Saturday, 5:h itut
am. nonnniit'jd Kjv. John D:i!on,
lute Uiaplin ot the 18th O V.l. tot
Representative, Mj r V. L Elmio-
ton tor Prosecuting Attorney; Chus-
j ter trench, for recorder; a id T" M
Day, for Commiaaioner; Tht Con
ventio'i gave Ilon.Jno. Fee there late
able ttid 'earnest advocate of re
trenchment and reform" the go by
Mr. Fee has been badly treated by
i hia new friends, considering thu fa-"
that he was one of our ( libers when
they sednced hi in- The convention
has however seduced the party in thi?
Connty by ariopting a resolution that
Iheyaro opposed .to nct'ro sufiVae.
and another thitt thoy endorsed CoxV
letter. Gen.-Cox never once says lie
ia i'f"avu iu i.ciua ruling
nearest ho comes to it, is tisilirv t li l
coliered gentleman to whom ho wrote
1 .
n,n i,a lima hua nr. ia .... r.
tUat ut , ,l;nha .,.:...
unity willi whites, lie would givo a
slice oil' of S O. Georgia &j. dn!
say ho would give them a slice oil
Ohio or not, ho is now committal.
I he County Convention lias stuck it
foot in it, wo will havo ui' ro to a iy on
Oil Matter's in Vinton.
The Last fjoeki'ig Sicntingl comet
i ut in a loud hnJo blai-t on tin
tkding of Oil nt S mth U'oomingvill
15 uiilesjioith wit i-f McArihur an
a: tlio 1 1 1 n Ii of go no croek. Tliie
ereek Is nearly a!l n Vinton Cour.tj'1,
atil tti.pt on tutu an.'tlier crock it
L'ocking Co. a -lout two hiilus . Ironj
oar county line. The oil 's uikjucb.
tionuhly the product of Vinton Co,
us no oil has been discovered eiiheij
iortli ar we6t of Vinton County, cx-i
eept the well rel'tiod to by the Sk.nti
Nti.. and it wou'd riot have bicndio
covered but for the enterprise of two
if our citizens. Dr. Cor. leo uud
Exelu-rirOo!dol McAitliur. This
i'bcI t lo Sentinel ignores and attrib
utes al the enterprise to Hocking
to , and its citizens
We claim most p 'Hi'ive1)', the credit
lor thu discovery in Vmtou Co, and
that the hills ol Vyiton produce this
oil and umiH ilio SiiNTiNKi. and all
other paperB can prove the contrary
whi;n uu e!a i then, to do e
shall so c'aim. Tho public will
please la!;j notice that the B'ooiiiing
villo Wells, belong to the McArthur
Oil Co.
1'lKU Uc K Oil Co. This Well ic
down SOi) ft. an I ia emitting g'ta by
day an I night, an I at tituoi when set
afire, burnes uu thu sizj of a linv
,. ri.: ....i. ..: .. :.. v.. .L
-IHV tl nvn O BIHIUIVU ill U.I. U
fp., Vinton County, and is about 12
mi Ins a N. of VV lif MnAithni'
, . -i . . r. .... i
on i iKeruii, tttr.ouiary oi sail L-recK.
1 1! eiea'k:n 61 tlua We i. Hon. A.l
Vuple ditcribis it in bu ;h a way as ti)
enve tho iiitereiicu that il ia iiU
Co. iiro. laiilo never 6avs Vinton
I J . .-I t it O
iii. i.i u.i imu o-in
lilooiuin 'ville WlII. Why ia this
tuidi-d avoiduueu of tlw name of our
County, in ciitieetion with tlit-ae oi
liacoverieki la it for" the purpoco of
keening iho oil 0'peculaMon3 ill U sa
., .. , . ,. , , .
iiofhio'' una eiinomrjin'r countcb!
The I'iku liu O'.l Co. hail fmih flJc
Arihur.Col. Philips and S. V. Djdj-u
we believeare its origiotiat'ors, look
out for a fine ilowiiLf WjII ihen chu
jf these days shortly, iu botind to
come. This vell has a liuo undine
jf Pourtaiiiotitli niarufac'uro boriii''
ii'ght and day.-
Zalg-ki O.'l C). This Co. ifro
boreing by steam at Zileski and now
ii(in 300 It. strong ihdleitioiia
a iccers.it ia Fuu inilea N E
Ei.k Fckk On. Co. This v!i.'
half a mile N. E; of JcArlhur, have
ordered w E igine, liavj bored over
two hundrod' feet r.nd indicationj
Mc Artiick On. Co. No 2 Will
commence a well within quarter' ol
mileS.E. of McArthur. Operutiuni
will coiiiiutiicif this week.
Ksox Tj Oil Wulls we have
loptrt from' these w'ella, since thoir
Augurs t.6t fast, thvso are supposed
to bu the best in tlie" cdufity for' sub
Eager Fuunace We have bean to'd
that a Co ia forming to bore at th
Eagle Furnace.
Dkmockata -Slionlii.remtmbt'r'iiPxi
Saturday week lOili. iuif; is the day
of our piimatiry election to chose
candidates. This matier is ' with the
people mid tirey should see ti it, hut
he men they want should ' gut the
nomination. ' We hope all wh'j can
-vill turn out.
An ImMense Defalcation.
The Statesman says i"; is pretty well
understood that A: P. Stonk cornirJit'
ted sirciJe; and alsj. that he died
defaulter 1 1 a very largo amount' Our
readers ate aw'iirn that he was ibj
Collector of Internal' Revenue, for that
Congressional District. Wo hav0
very hih authority for stating that
is defalcation will foot rip as high as
$150,000, and some put it still higher.
His secmitief, it is sail will escape
reapuiiBibility on hia official bond as.
we underaUnd, they notified tho Gov
ermtntsom -'time ago, that they would
no longer continue to bo responsible
A Victory in Kentucky
Despite all tho terrors ot the bay
onet and this direct and shameless
employment of military force to carry
uiu eicei.un, inu oiate or Kentucky
has undoubtedly gone right. We es
timate the majonty for Mr. Gak'uabd,
the only St ite officor ruunitig, at 15,'
000. Iu the L'eirislature. which was
tho great point, tho Constitutional
Amendnimt or Radical party has
been bid y bchten. The IIoiho is
probably Conservative by 30 major
ity, and the Senate by 14 iuj nty.
The Conservatives have live or six
members of Congress out ol tho uine-
Koitob of DtMocKAT. I'loasn minoiince ti e
naino of K. J. Swoi, canJiJoj for Hep.
ruM-nt:iti?, for Vinton county. Ohio, nulijtct
lo thu l'mary Eltotion to lio hi-l't on tho 19th
f. A-
. .
Ma. i.'uiT(tii. We wish to announce t'i-n-imo
af K. A. Brttun, hs crnil ulate fJ
re flecliiMi as Reirt-Sf motive fur Vimoa C
fulj'Vt to the decision of the lmorrarv.
Richland Township.
Editor Mckrthnr Democrat: Ym will
aiuioiiiKe t lie a nine ol 0. T. G unking.
Ksi , as a Biii'able ierson to receive ilif
supi'orl of lite Detnoi racy of Vinton (.'oun:)'
fur llie office of KepreijenUlive in the State
Legislature, biiliji'ci .i (he derision of the
PfiniTy Kleution. to be held on the 11 111 ot
Airlift. MAN VoTLRi.
July 27, !835-til'pr
l-a. IIkatton. ileiio announce tho iiumo ol
KoutHT A. Constable, uk a miuMo pers-'n for
thmtHee of l'toNuuulinir Attorney, mibj u-tto
tbl leciaion uf the Dtinnvrulie Crimnr Eloo-twn.
Mr. Kuithr. Yon will please announee
lh iiiune oflloii. 4ttcn. Mavo, as a cumli-
di(le (or the iitfi-e of Projection" Att.irnev
ttllll e ensiling Election MilK'l to the de-
citioil uf thu UeinoLTd' ic Printnrv Klection
Manv Voteks.
Editor McArihur D'cnwcrut: D S.Dana
'vill be ereseiiied by Ins Incnil
su, table peta.in for le e'ec'ion lo the otlice
of Prosectitui!! Attomev. suliirt t to the
dKinion of the Democratic Priiniiry Elec
tion, lo be held on Hie 19th of AiiuuH.
i A DtMOiT.AT.
July 27, 1805-tJte
II . . n.... .. Ill .1
JVlAJDR liKATTOK--l It'tlbe IHiliOlince
nmne of Juraih in Hi ine, hs a citiidid.iu-
for re-election to the oll'me of Cjitnty lieccr
tier, aulj-i:t lo the Demnrtutic I'liinuri
Klection, io be held on Hie ll'ih of Au-iwt
Many Vutuis
July 27, IStJj td,ie
41uu Bbattiin. Will nleasi announce tit
i ....... iv . I." I-
,lul,lc " ""snmifiuB l lp. il N US II i ill.lll
(Jale lor county Cotmuifsiouer tubj?ct t.
me ueinouruiic rriinarv Kieuluni'
Col. Brntlun -Ynu will pleme annoiiuce
the none ol mii.i.um Luiiii uu a cindi
date lor County CnuuniRiiioiier, subiect
'.l1 d,,i"iim ut' tlie If"i' rntlc riirurj
fck-clioii, to bo held on the t!).h of August
11 AKRIioH ToWNrltlP.
July 127, I -to-iil p
p t ni i Jl o t it c
1 hb iiRuVEiTEF.s I'uko roicrr. a'Ui re
luiix its piecedetii e and ftrent 'Uiuilijity
anil alter mule. (ruing y i.ultjul nnproieiiii'ni
lor a pesuiJ ol 30 yenrn. is now proii'iuncei1
bv the nui iical woili! t ? b unsurpused hiii1
even uricqutileil ill richue-s. vnl u :e utu
pinily ol tiiiie.iwiialiility and chi'iipness
Our new orale. r ii.'ik h ucIhui, Inirp pi-ilal
inn frame, over Mriniii b.iM, seven octave
rosewood piano we arc sellitiji chenei In
Iro.n ft!0J io tUe ilur. the i-ntne me ntn
finish are sold by any oth-r first iti-s in i
kers in llie cunntrv. Uet.lers mi I nil n
want of gond pioaiios arc invili d to teni
lor our De.-criptive L'iUulo,u.', which con
laitiil jd'.olraphs of our ditler.-ul s'yles. tn
et.hcr with piice.s. No one ehieild pur
cipu-e a piano without seeing this Ca'a
lojjur. 31edal., ul-iiot without iitiiubcr
have been awarded ,io the Ci roves. een 1'iiiim.
and at the Celehriired VVorld's ?iir, lhi)njr:i
put in competition with other froni a!
pnr's'of F.urope ui:d the U. S.. it look tin
highest award.
lEolublibhed 1 81".
( 4!;9 Bruadway, New York."
y"27. 1 865-ly
Conipost'd of hijdijy concentra'ed extra rcl
fioiii roots and heih of the lollies nieuicu
value, i'lliilTibie in the cure of all d 'ceise.of
the J.iver or any derangement ol tin- Di
Heslive Oreaus. They remote all Impuri
ties of the It loud, nm(ioj uneijnulcd in tin'
cure of Diarrliie. J inn lice, Dvyjiepsia. Si ro
fula.' liilibu'xuess, Liver C. inplant, Fevers.
Headache. I'iles, AlercU'ial Deseabes, Mere
diiar) Ilinnors. J)os" for nduli3, one piil
Ihemoii iitij childrei! hall'H pill, From one
lo three pills will cure ordinary cases, ami
from one to three boxes ill euro any curea
be Cise ol iiiatler how long standing:
trire$I 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
bv noil .
June 1st I8fij-Iy 2 FulionSi , Y
A Clergyman whMo noidiiiK iu tjunth Amor,
ca as u inissioimry disciovorud a milo mid siru-
Ib ramedy for thu Cure of Narvon" Wcaknens.
Kurly l)m:j,y, Umoaajs. oftlio Urinary and
Seminal Organ?, r.pd ll.e wliolu tritio of dinr
Jurs broiijlit en by baniiful und vioiom lialii.
(lre.it hcinboia havi) buen alreJy'ourcd by
nuhlu romudy. , 1'romyUii ty a licniie.to'lienu
fit ho HlBleteJ an l uuf.jrtunttfj, I v. lll nomi
the re:i,. f ir prepiriiif ami usinir .this nnili
q uo, in sealed eiivolope,to any one who Deceit
it, Kkeb or Ciiakoe.
Please inclose a pusV-puid oevelopo, iddrosa
ed to yourself.
Station D. ftimt llouit,
Mar. llitli 1565 ijr. New York f'ity.
Do you want . liiKKers or MoiihUc-Iick? Onr
trciun,(Joiiipnnid will tono thorn to frrovr
lie smoothest fuce or chin, or hair on bald lieadi-
in His Weeks. I'iice $1,00. Sent by mail any
where, closely sanli'd, on roccip' of price.
Address, WARNER &CO., Box 133,
Brooklyn N. y.
Feb, 16.5 !y,
fhiLadelphia Pa. '
SEXUAL 6YSTEMS-nnv and relia
ble ireatnient. Also the BRIDAL CHAM
DF.R. an Katay of Waininj an I InWuclion
Seat by mail in sealed envelores, free
charge Addrepg. Dr. J, .SKI I, L J
HOUGHTOiV. Howard Aorrtion. . No.
2 South Ninth street. Philadelphia, I'd.
Uct. I3tn lt-3 lyr.
For Dlank Deeds. Cnll ai
Ai oiTii-i's Ornc VinroN County O
Jl'.-Attliur, Aiitfuat 10, lsu.i.
'I'll i: act. "To onnii ze ami iliscii -
tine me niuiti;i oi uino, mi l uun-al a.i w in
therein iiHined " it is provided "That all
w hile in ile i: z n-, reside its of ihU State, j
being ticiiT .i k eurs ol'uo an I umler rc.R-1
Tv-iiVE, bhull br eiinil.ed in '.he iiu'iiia Midi
eili-nn noliidrv dutv jn such inuiiner, nut !
tucuit:p.-i ibis with the Constiiu imi un i Ijw
t1 e L'iMi-d liiated, us hereiualler i.reiurlb- I
Tlie net-und section ,uuviuVi thai the iu.
sestrri of the sever i ward?nd tovi nsliiis,
i6 II iiiinua ly, in (he tnuirtU-Ot MnV, eutoll
d nr.-ons liv.uig.witliiii hh rviVetiv jjV
.-ni!-, Iiblilc lo enrol inenl;'-ai.d return a
ci-rtilied copy ot tnd enrollment lo tiie Au-1
Jilur of the coi.iiiy, wlm U iiut'iinized, Um ii
auii- fn:tury ruol. to turrn t s;ii l einnl tnei I ;
hy uc.il.iifr ilie iiflineol any jeiniiii oun td,
urnlriKiii oil uuy ji rcoii iniJioneilv un
Section four provided that ull persons'
wlin Hre subject lo military duty i.n.li r the
;ir vi -ioiin of thin act, uml who aie uol mem 1
bi rs of Hume Vvilunteer orijun jg.-iiiuu. ihuli !
iilirr lecotiie linliiJirjol Euine tulniileei
irkiinial oil oi thall iKiy nuolhe couult
.r.usry.a..,u.llly the h ol four dolUif. !
which Bum liti'l be u coiuuiu'.itiDii lu luiiB
end penalties lor neglect to perliTiii in hu-1
y tfiviee, except uiiile.- calls t.r prevent or
, p 1 invasio. , Oi- 1.1i!,,.res lav, s ,u." I
A ....... ii... i il- I Mil lie u .il. ..i. I I il.l l. .
ule lit ol the assessor, w,! b- liled with
he couniy ticasiirer, on tl.e liisi day el
S-'iaeuiber ISCj fm collection, and nil pco J
anus neul -ctitir or relu..i,r to ,.v lo tl.r
tr. asurer roex uhci.a rs, or ti;o c.-nihcule ol
xt iiioiion, on or belore llie l.'nli .Se,i;eui.
bei, will be. cliiiijj'e.l tuikiv r'H cet.
nh.iiioiiii!, which Hi..' tie urer iritireil c
ji'ilect by ilistre.it or oiuer a ise, w.lii cl,
i, fie Mine in miiei a- tor outer t ux js.
I'iic follow ing ilesci'ibcd uie ex. ntpl, aiiit
illhe propir evidence be produced. will
ie Eiii' ken IV.i ii liie ro.l.-; such ev.d-nce
tniii be ir-duceil iiuU ti.ert j.i or bebn the
15 Ol tOfillSl
Secii ii ft. Iniiddltoii to tlie persnns ih
iiliitcly exeiiiittd Irom etirolini-ui i.i ihe
iiililiti by llie lews id the United Snoe-t.
ill1' pe.sous hen iu;ifler t x -in, .ten chull be
dh-olutely e.veuip;i d lioui i nrnl inenl . v'z.
lit.' All pcjuiis in ihe aim oi n..vi ir
n luit-er lores u! iie L'llilei! S.ts
il l. i't'iS Miii yh i luue been hi hereoher
liny he ho or'1' y 'I t-Cliti ry d Inuti the iiiuii
Oi' navy o th L'ni ed itues, alter hd in
pt-r')iini''d lid Hoy duty orune jei,l or niOie
luring t ie exi.-liii(i tel e lion.
3d. Omtiiisinm d i UU eis srvnp und i
.his acl. ' ho shall hu e ferved ns sin h in
he mi. ilia oi thin Male tii ihe spuce o
live ycnis; huliiu t Hirer .-h i I be mi xrni.it
in 't-j-s ly hii ifoiiiuiinii iiilersnch u rm nf
-er. ice itulv exce'lcd,or ill i-oincth i.w-
fill uiiintier he ;hall huV" been Iniu -iiil ly dis-
4 ill. E-.viv lio.i-Li inin'sMo.led i.fiiw ,
uiis'ii iaii un I priv. ie ot ever) uuif.ir'.i ed
niiuuy luise i, or hcreulter io be raised,
si nee May I. I8ii3, unifurm d mc irdiug o
he. ihov iaiuns ol uuy iu.v ol t n. 8 nte. anl
thu sh.ll li'ive iiiioiined scrvi.es iu siuh
olli;iny or tMou lor t .e rpii,se u' live Veurs
from the itiiieolhts eund in ia theiein
shall be exempt liuiaj.inil t ry dut cxm p
i.i r.ii-eol Wiir, tu in i,ii jii or inva.-imi
Jith- Every person ptiyiie.iliv dijb!ed
oiii y be exeinpteti iruin nnliiiirv. dti.'y if lie
li'e-vri h the iwjaiy uiiuilm, on or holme
August 15 of evrry year, u atjt tnei.t ol
the Lumily n.ililioy suijj -on ceit f. ng i lid l
1 1 1 ) i pi i -on i' 111111- lui mi iiuU dm v rr ii
nn of such ih;i ui ilisaoi'v ir bodily ui.
i.iui y. y hicu sliali ue de-'edtx d in Mi d
IrtU'liieliU .
Ii h. Ui'its, lutMlii a. and felims ronvi'
ed of iiifuiiiJUj ir'me-, uu.e.-s pa rd' nci!
hull n it be a.i jeci to iiiililur.i dm',
Applicants lor . cert licates i fdisubiliiy
.(nisi be made to Dr. A. l'i, Imiiii u"'
Vliliiaiy Surgeon for Vinton r ount.v( be-:
e.-u the Ulday ul J.d, aud ll).? Iil.li day
ki:g'ii-t ns iin.vide'l ly the -l(h reclimi lif
. . I' "l
i io aci--iounicnu uuu suppieiueutiiry loini
acl entitled 'an act to orguiiz' and ' itj i i
Ihie the' . inilillu ol Uliin, and lo reppa! an
mi act tiiereiu n'riin d,' passed Mtuch 31,
lso'l,'' jitiWid'Apiii liitli
, II. 0. M.M.re.
, A'ii''tor of V.uion Cimiitv.
6'tatt cf Ohio Vtnion County.
ifn rah 'June Mi tehull Plttf. " In fViirt if
BiJ.iiiisli ' riiiiiinon Finns
AJouMilcIuII Jff i. j Dlvoree.
A.l iin Mitchell isv. nctirtid tl.nt Surah .lane
MiKh'dl ill l.: titi thu ;ih clity of Augu t Isiii.
II lo her piiiillnu in the oltice of ilia tferU
auid rmiii. elmririi K the :dd Adam Miluliell,
Willi a f irmer nnurinKo. an! asking hut nhe bu
divuieutl from .lie wi id Ailam .Mite-hill, wldeh
putiiinn will atH nl tnr hoarine at. the next term
if naid Court. KAU til JANKMirillKM,.
I'.y I'oiHtiih.li; ,v thivei lur . t oinujv
fciil'l 10. h lSii-dw
.Iiinie A. Mnrt nrlnlu, Oumilian of Sarah
jlnrtindiilt), linn filit aeencnfi .and vouchers
fur i if'fipytion aud tin nl HitUenien'. . aud that
Ihe.siojj wiJI Iio pa-eol upon' axlio 2nd duy
Of September. H.iS. K1CJIAK1) CKAIU.
Aiigin li'tii I3fi5-3w l'robate Judge.
George Tin rn ndmin-tratur of the Estate
Slielton Burns late of Vinton cminiy, and .State
oruhio, dirce.niii. was ntmi ins aoi-ounta aiirt
voin liorH fur liisri' ctinil iinrl fl.inl aittloniflnt.
and that Ihe woiid will he for heurincr on tho
. .1 rc A...I.A. ic.?i n
irv J un ui .--Clll.ciili.mi i ..
iVuuust lrjth isr-. w . Prohie.i,,Hee.
JIcArtuCr, Ohio.
T.rHKPSeon0tnty on bund and maiitifncturj'
tu order, every variety and atylc Of . ,
which for workmanship t.rltr l will compare
with any mmilor work iu Southern Ohio.
ALSO, Hhrncna sircle and Vible !.
from the plaioost tn the tincrt mounicd. AUo
very variety of K din Uridler and lis Iters.
AH ol wfiitih will Da vlri at tut Iowct euh if
ArOd. Cull and et imioe et-xk tin Ujhs.
Mv t'i li"5,-i m-.
....MS ; ...
4 B .
tue vo oevc o Vv, VajVv
Vvut o,M W o. a
ie 8oVl
rJ . .
Uft, OV a VOMMJ WVtVt, w
fty nvvvfxPVv VVVM. uAutKV
---.. . T - . -
aKCW VVV kt0t 1UawiV
w t VVva voWC,V VvVftfc. Cltt
-. .vVi
Ijilious Fever,..,
iPever and jftgyp,.
Liver Complaint,
Kidney Complaint?
awA. .ve,ae. cry a vmv
. . . ... t
twe cowvoseCSi oy .tOktttjcvO).
io-VvvCVv vat
Vv. "U nVncVV
tveA CovSot. .
STiesa gUttr ar put up r QUttri
bottles, of whj,oh thabovia afaain,
iU. Th label is finely engraved,
is provided, with Bafe-ffW ftwn.
counterfeiter. 5Vio $1 per boUU, or
ufor$8. ..... . ., -kvy
O. W. JJotaofc, Proprietor, -Jfo: 9,
East Fourt,ft,,.CinsmiuAt,iQU)h
till orders shouid be addressed. , ;,.
Dr. A.(ondoi', l)rug;'6t. -
SHERIFF'S SALE , J ; ' f ,
S'.ate of OAw, Vin(on Qup.iy ",j ,;
Jobcr h w'.i!lco & Wife, VVtU, drier'erisala
afrninut " .- f in , Court f,
(Jooriri; Sul's and Others, Deft'.) Cohv. Men. j
I'tirsiiank to tie command of an. Order ot
Sale In the abovj -cnuse to me direeUd. from i
the Court of Common i'loaa, of tha aforetaid
county of Vinton. I will offrr for aale at th
door of the Court House, in the Town of McAr- '
thur, in tlie uforcbaid County of Vintoo, on '
calutday th$ Qth dat, of Auyiwt, A.
A .1805; . , ,. . .
nt 1 bViuek M.uf aaid day, tha following
KtoI Kstate. to-wit: , .
The K i Half .of tho, Kcuth-Eaal f Quarter,
ami the Nurll-V.'est Quarter of the onth-Kaal
liu irti r, of So.:fioii Kiin.lrThirty-Twv(No.
?J. ) Towiiship Number EUvon (No. II,). of.
Kanirc Xnmbor Seventeii ( No. !,) ,1a tbaf,
Tonnrhip ot Klk, in Vinton county, and Stat
ot Ohio, oontaiuidK Ono.Htmdred and Twenty
three nor oh, more or less to be sold freo from
tho dower intc?cstof Matilda Landman.
Appraised ai twenlT-foiir hundred add aixty .
dollar, and must bring two thirda ol that
"irn- . i- i -,' i .
TtHna or .Sale Car-h in hand:
. Sheriff Vinton ConutT. O..
P R.-Dam. Atty for Pl'ff.
-.Inlv ia ISM 5t
1 l J
VriLLlAM D. Swaiin, AimintttMtor"
fj of the Estate of John D."8witn,.
late of Vinton ctunty, Ohio, deceased, ba
filed hia accounts and vouchers for inspec- ,
tioo and Mttlement, and that the aarut wilf
be for hearing oa the 19tb dav of . AJifiKt, I
A. D. JS65. ' , ,
July 27, 1865. 3w riobate Judge.

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