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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 17, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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NO 2,
j r f ii
git rtl)ur .fltmatiat;
U llMlton's llnilmtiir, tt oT Couri
lioHfiN II" M;ii;- w
w:Tiiit.ns, CAHIl.
Tbo Ikm. .mT will ho ent ono yonr for ono
Hollar: iin.l liftv iMiutu; Six MimtiiK, rr v
t ftvo o Ii K..r 'atontba. for Fitly Conta.
Ml.icutioii of llio tlruu fr.
n...i rt.iuiirnhnninsortioii, 1.""
Ek'li i,..lilinnl iimortion,
.. N..itcuf i4.it ii'"0" il.V
rBlHr.littnn,l KxovuloT.t " J.,00
AUi;limiitii'.tiuoBlif'ro. . I.
Ktitor1u1 noHeo porlltie, '
Voarlv .ivrtimnoiita wilt bocliargo.1
nvr c"liiiui iwr hiniiuii.
A n J In i.rnpo.ti.muto ralcrt fr loa tliiui u
ci.liiKin, Kii.l r Ice timo.
If Tun lii niiiii"1" " UKJ B 0,,s Tmroi
n"l nil A.lvurtiHimunlH u i Leul N(.Ucn muht
!r'l'li'i HlMtvol-rummiiHt liocnnipliud with
fAII pnymoii mniint lio inuJa to tliu 1 ro
IMt,or, hh ma liu 'Q in- agontn.
The itemocr a J oh Office.
Wo aro prepared" tno'wiilo With n'minosH,
JiMiltili mi l t l"'"' ' '"''j 'iiii.otitiin,
llklii'lit nf Job Work, iiv;li u-
LABELS, &c.,&o.
UIiomn atrial t'oooiivliicoil llict w cn
n. will i i-'i'iti lift li"r'"rv"'i
thnr nxtiil ii linu.nt in Hnaaoctn.ii niun
K. A.
1 . '
D. It. Hniv
AMorm-ys at L:nv,
CUWn Ai i-'i-. 1a l':,t"'" AB""U 6I"1 n
MrArliur, Vinton Co. 0.
W.lliiU..),. ! ir.vn:.t ly W. all ll-.il .iM I'n
toi,n..ir.tra. IntlW C'olltn of 1
All or"""1' ,l 4 '':,w nul
BcAr Ohio.
f wv.irv .lc-'.riti.'ii nf elm"'
l'iu,l Rti..H.M. Mlo of Olilo, liu-ln.lMi Hi
Mnritiiii rnt.l claim. ,,
l'KNSUX for woiimli-l nn.1 iliiwMcd Mil
,.l H.M..I.MI who liavn .1.0.1 an.! .. I....H- "
I , ...rvico. I woiil-l ay to.i.V fn.i'l '. tl.a
howill lt.i. ,.m.n,.llyv,tl....r l..,.l..o
iiii.il.ruti! Inriim.
Ii.im I'lll.
Mr. Jonis has i-iinhuscd ilic Olil Tly
ntnulh House, unci vbng ,,nIB,!,
Bl'ove. 'IV House '" bn reiT.olele.l o.ul
r ..... ..t;,.. nr IIip nun lc.
is HOW IM'en lor mc m-'r r
It IK nn the wiwri.n i.. ...i..j .
no luiilis will tie Ki:im. w m" -
.. . ... ....Lu iliu etnv fil
vifitorc wt til's mm-. " " . ,
Clmrnes low Js the times will allonl.
June 2!)th 1 305 -finm.
i l. ..III luu fit II
lINtib'K M i
llcAr inr, umo,
Will attend promptly mid carefully to
the practice ot tlwir proiebaiuu
clJKU rAX . ml,! .
ii. 5lh, 1805,
Allorncys at Law,
roaiTllUR, VINTON Co. O.
uMi r. ...mmi to all loiral bMainoiw intraato.1
to their euro In Vinton, Athena. Jackson, 1
'"!WTrZ" X Vwinio tha cnlloclio,,
f.., rnsioiiK. UnnntlM, ar-
W. fTyi-.a,talnKt the Dnjtad BUte. o,
Oliio, incliMinp morgan rum
April HtU 1S65, lyi
Mann fao.n rcr.
Mc ART nun, OHIO.
AVAUiwrs ail AYorK.
Vcxnr o.onat'ftntlv on hand nr.d wi
L at the lowest oficcB, Saddles, Bri
dies and Ilamcss of every description
nd warraru bis worn lor iwo
nail nrl examine. 1st door west o
he Conrt House.
22, 1SG1 timo
etc., of all deacriptiona for sale at this
Th. BMr.fi,tin(( BR. RATnAEIi la tbo bolt.
ncb whon all otuara ha, failed.
All who kvre been unfortnnut, til whom fcnd hop
hT I wen dlxai.pulntvil, cr.uhrd, and blnalod, all who
h.T been w?duw4 bj til, iimmimi and dxlt, all who
h.T. bwn dccWtKl and trilled with, all go to him for
adTloa and to gnt ulUfjurtlun.
, lie niakM yonr aiinrurlituo iuus awny, ha rnakoa tha
alaudor and aury of yonr ent-nika full liaruileu, and h
auatalaa y.mr character and mictablllty la apito of evil
nporta and minora. All who ara lu doubt or I bo affoo.
tl.ua of thuaa tbuy loto conault him to rtllov. and aatiary
than- mlnila, and to And oat If Uietr bright and warm
bopea will be realized.
H haa tha aocrot of wlnalng tha arTntinna of tha
oriwalto aox. lie gnldoa tl.a alugla to a wealthy and
happy marriage, and make, the married happy. II ll
aid and advice haa Iwn aollcitcd la luuumorubla In
itanou, and the rcault haa alwa;a beun
To mako thinga mora lore, bo will show yon tho like
He will tell Ton tl.olr clrcnmtnncoa and their fi.ti.ni
ftroapacta; an.l what la better tbau all, ho can tall you
their tliuuiilita and what tholr "real" liitcnllunn are.
What la butter alill, lie can tell you if they will aiako yoi
lir. Raphael la, there fl. re, a aura denenitcnrp.
Toalllnbuiiiuraa hiaMlvk-olHlnvaliuililo. Ilocanfnrs.
tfll, with the greuteat certainty, the remit of nil com
mercial H.nl InuiineMrt transactloua and aiM-clationa. Dr.
Uapliwl hiterpieta dreunu or lottery uunilwra with uo-
tailing accuracy.
(Iran without any extra charge.
Tlr. BAPllAF.ti will cast yonr Horoscope or writ
onr nativity. Every man, through tho h-.i(;tl. unit
reaclth or the land, who haa bad luck, and who run
aot get on in the world, ahonbl lib lu Hjttiioittlon of bit
uunm npe, aim get jir. ui.p.iae. a
Written Opinion of his Futuro Fros
, pects in Life
It will guide him to wealth, eminence, and honor.
Thonaamla of good men, alio wuro nnfortiiiiato nnd liu
aticceHHful in their bntdm-M men who worked liard, and
who atri.pKled agalnat ailveraity and inlMfnt'tuno tba
greater part of their Uvea, aud who found tbo more they
tried to gnt forward lu the world the moro thinga went
against them: These men got Dr. Raphael' written
opinion npon their luture proapecta In lire. All thoaa
who wiaeh followed Dr. Uuphaol'a advice are now
In all their nndertaklnga i while thoan who were blinded
by prejudice and ignorauoa, neglected hia advice aro atiU
laboring agalnat advcralty and wvcrty.
Be allured
are within the reach of all. If you wish to le rich aol
happy yon will coumlt blin alio.
f r. l. . - . l. . .tl. ..ti .l. . m i . - Ai
no bi iiiv B,lvl icii mo iinvieu ma uiiim ui
Wiefr diaeaae and auflering. tin can alao tell whuthei
lhy can be cared or not, that laving the afflicted both
trouble and expenae.
Comnltaliona daily, Sundaya excepted. Office boim
fromlUA. M. to 6. 1. M.
All Interview, are etrtctly private and confidential.
Iheroforo we aay, go one I go all I aud couiult
Tho Astrolojet of the 19th Century,
CTT rcraonnl interviows granted to Gcnllomco only.
All buainens with
to be don by lettor.
n . . . Ji.t.nea ma rnmmnntcAtfl court.
MirrlAtii hy lettor, If they Incloaa ON K DOLLAR, for
Conaultallon F.o, In each letter. All letters, comma.
Hdeutlal. No anawor will lw given to luttera unices sua
dollar la Inclosed ua a Consultation tee.
Icetlona, and intorviowa, ara e.nc.iy pnvmo
Aildreaa all lettera aa loi.owa i
.1 ... Lot It bo clearly on-
derstood tint the prlco named M a confutation fre nayi
for a consultation only. It doca not pay for tho ioctorj
written opinion or your tuiiire pro.p.'j.- .u -
not pay for winnlug the affectionaof the oppoeito aex,
Z ... tiA.,.,ir mnprliure. nor ror
nor lor tne conauuiuiauuii
doing any other buslnesa named in tho alwve advertiae.
menu The Doctor haa a fixed price for doing .each eopa.
rate biisliieaa. In your conuiiiauou w.m
Lrn how yon eai roaliro tho fo?d hope nearcat your
heart; you are told how you can get alt you want, and
. i tn Itn ilnlifi HO
now - " -.,Vr,i-9TIN Y. In short.
rail, l.ow.ll loreieii uivwi. "
bo will toll what la before you, etc.
Caution to the Public.
. nnnMll'Atl
Dr. W. Raphael, tho Astroiocor, n ' '7-"""
wlthPROKKSSuUor Dr. W. M . Raphaoli orwithany
other gentte.nau of the aamo uaiuo.
aart tuu tt,1pertlAen.ent out. When Ton COnja.
bring It with you and ehow it to tho girl who opena rba
door To proven, nnair, w
And learn that a perf'1 and radical euro la warranted
and guaranteed to all who ara alllicted with weakness,
debility, nervona complaints, melancholy thoughts, de-
presston or ap.rits, uis.reea aim uuumu u..u, ..
of ileop, losa of memory, loot of energy and muscular
powor, pnuy growtn, warning away, auu -u. . v
fldence In themselvea, fainting Hta, conmlslTa trem.
bllnga, Impotenco and disgust of life. ,.-
Borne phyilcinna require to bo told tho nature, of yonr
dlseese-tho KN0L1H BOTANIC I'UYSHJIAM noea
not. Us perfect knowledge of the human system onablea
rum to aescriDO ina aweaaea wimm ,m...-....
from the patient, to explain Its original cause, and to
goarantee ita cure. And, what la mora valuable still, ha
will honestly and frankly tell whether you can be cured
or not. All hie communication and lntorviowe ara
atrletl. private and confidential. Jfcdical Jownvii.
The Uotauio Remedial of Dr. Raphael, the Engllsb
Dotal lo Physician, never failed yet to make irrt,
radical, and permanont enr. of AI.I. PRIVATE, UK.
CBET, AND VENEREAL D18EAHE8, without the ns
of Mercury, without hlndcrance from buiincas, and
without fear of discovery or exposure. Ho deadly pol
aona, snch aa arsenic, nux vomica, opium, or any other
polsona. No mercury nor any deadly mineral nothing
but purely Vegetnblo Botauical Uemedlea are used by
thli womterful Botanlo Physician. Hia Botaulo Reme.
diea never yet failed to cure tho moat obstinate and tha
moat dangerous caaee, and to remove all mercury and
other Irapuritlea from the ayatem when all other tteme
diea bad failed. Medical Joarml. . -
INO MARRIAGE. Ileor.what the Baltlmoro correa.
pondent of tho Oddfellow, Boonsboro. Maryland, sold
on Thursday, theSlatof May, 1800:. j
" Numorona care of disoaee canaed By early lodlacro
tlnn K..ln lwwn nerformed bv the Enslisb Botaulc Pby.
aiclan, I reel It my dnty, having a knowledge of them,
to etate the (act, believing that in doing so I may do a
aervica to the auflering. One eaae in particular that
of a young man in thla city la worthy of note. He had
become the victim of a habit, the mere allusion to which
caaaea a ihudder, and after yeara of suffering and doctor
ing gave up all bopea of recovery. He wiahed to marry,
and waa dearly beloved by aa sweet a girl aa ever lisped
u Ar air.tlAn knt he waa fearful, norvoiu). and nro
imii a a rati nn, m! nn account of the shattered
atate of bis ayatem. He sought relief at tbo banda of th
Botanlo Physician, and, aatoulslilng aa H may toom, an
tne bloom ana vigor 01 yoatn nun iemi uw, .
uw tlui hannw &ther of A nair Of brizllt DOfa."
Any who ara auflering, no matter what their com
faint, oaa can oa me jioianio rnyiKiwewiuwuuwii
Ttey may rely npon relief. His ofBrs hi at
Blanks Justices
"Where the Lion Roareth
and the Wang-doodle
MYUi:r.rivEn litKTiiKniNG:I nrn
an unlurnt IlariKslioll l!ti'tiat prencli
it, of wlu'M yi'u'vo no tliiubt lirarn
tiforo, mul now 1 appear hero to ex
pound tliu scripters ami pint out tlio
narror way which leads front a vain
world to tlio streets of JarooBtlem;
and my t'.'X wliieli ! bIiiiII cliooso for
tlio occasion is in tlio leas of tho 15 i
blo, Boiuowluir between tho Second
Clironic-ills mn! tlio last chapter of
Tiinotl.vf'i'-.T; zni xhen ;au UuJ it,
you'll II rid it in these word.,:
"And they bIiiiII iiiiiw a lilo, nnd
fleo unto tho mountains of Hcpaida:n,
when) tho lion ronretli nnd tho wnng
dooldo iiiouineth for hia iirut born."
Now, mv blethering, na I bavo
before told you, 1 am an oncduieated'
nuiii, and know nothing about gram
mar talk and collidu liigbaaitin, but
1 am a piano nnlai nt preacher of tho
Oogpil, vvliiit'n been forcordaned and
callftl to prepare a pervurnu genora
ihiin for t!iu day of wrath ah!
"Kir tlioy flimll gnaw a lilo, and fleo
unto tlio mountain!! of llopsidam,
wliar tho lion roareth and tho wnng
.loodio irjournoth lor his lirat born"
My beloved broilierinu, tho tex
Haya they shall gnaw a lilo. It does
not say they may, but shall. Now,
there is more than ono kind of file.
There's tho iihihUbhw (tie, tho rat
mi! ille, tliu single lilo, the double
tile, and profile; but tho kind spoken
o: hero isn't one of them kind n lythor
hekawa it's a finger of Bpecch, and
means goiu' it alone and getting
ukered, "lor they shall gnilw a file,
and lice unto tlio mountains of Hep
sidam, whur tho lion roareth and the
wuhi; UoohIIu moiirnetli for Ins urat
)orn" ah!
And now thnr bo somo hero with
lino cIobo on thnr back0, brass rings
on thur fingers, and lard on thai bar.
what goes it while they ro young;
aud tliar bb others hem what, ns long
as their ciutiluuultiiiu aud forty cent
whifky last, goes it blind. Ihar be
iHturdhiTo svlmt, vvhoii they fuie 1(5
ems old, cut their tiller ropes ami
08 it with n rush. 15ut 1 say, my
lear brcthcring, take caru you don't
rind when Gabriel blows hia last
'rump, your barda played out, and
vou've got ukured nh! "For thoy
shall gnaw a lilo, nnd Hoc uuto the
mountains of Hopsidnm, whar the
lion roareth nnd the wnng doodle
moiirnetli for bis first born."
Now, tuy brothering, "they Bhall
dee nnto tlio mountains of Ilepsi
dam," but t'.ar'a moro dama than
iiepsiJain. Thar's Hotter dam,
llad dani, AuiBter-dam, and "Don't
enroadam" tho inBt of which, my
brothcriii, is tho worst of nil, nnd
reminds mo of a mrknmstnns I onst
knowod in the Stnto of lllonoy. Thar
aiib a man what built him a mill on
;hc north fork ol'ylger Crick, and it
wna a good mill and ground n sito of
'rain, but tho man what built it was
a miserable sinner, and never give
any thing to tho church, nnd, my
dear bretherine. ono nisrht thero
nine a dreadm! ntnm of wind and
ram, and tho mountains ot tliu great
leep waa broken iin, Mid tho waters
rushed down nnd swept that lean s
mill tokini'dom cum, and wheu hu
woko up ho found that ho waeu't
worth a Jam alii "For thoy shall
ijnaw a file and fleo unto tho moun
tains of llopeidam, whar tho lion
ronroth and wang doodlo mouruoth
lor his first born ah!"
I hope I don't bear anybody lnrGn
do II
Now, "whar tho lion roarotli and
tho wang doodle monrncth iv his
first bon."nhi Una part ot my
tex, my bcBoaching brethcring, is not
to be taken as it saya. It don't
moan the howling wildorcesB, whar
John tho Uard-shoH Baptist fod on
locusts and wild asses, but it means,
my brothoiring, tho city of Now
Y'Orlcnns. the mothor 01 nariota anu
hrd lota, whar corn ia wuth Bix bits
a bushel ono day and narry red tlio
nex, whar niggers are aa thick as
black bugs in spiled bacon ham, and
gamblers, thieves and pickpockets
iiocs Bkitinrr Rtjout tlio strocta use
woasels in a barn yard, whar honest
men arc scarco than ben's tcoth, and
whar a stranco woman once took in
vour bolovcd tcachor, and tambooz
led him out of two hundred and
Ucnty Beveu dollars in the twinkling
if a bhcep's tail, but sho can't do it
.tgain! Hallelujah ah! "tor they
shall gnaw a file, and fleo onto the
mountains oi ilepsidam whar the
lion naietb end the wanj; doodle
moiituct for hiflrst born- ah!"
My blethering, I am the captain of
uuit. urn, uoai jou' iBuo ueu up mar,
and ha v(, got aboard ot her, flour,
bacon, titers, and as good Monon
gahcla vhiflky as ever waa drunk.and
am miity apt lo got a big piico for
tnem aJ, Jut wJiat,' my ocKr both
ering, votdd h all bo wuth if I had
not got Jjligiou? fThar'B nothing like
roligioijimy brothering, it'a Cotter
nor silver or gold giracrackB, and von
ca.i no itoro got to heaven without
it, than jay bird can fly without a
tail pjw Thank tho Lord! I'm an
onoddi'i.iJ uai, '. my DrcXiiunnxj,
hut I'vo searched tlio aScriptors from
Dan tc Bocrshcba, and found Zitn
right ddo. up, and hard Bhell religion
tho best kind of religion- ah! 'lis
not like tho Methodists, what Bpcccka
to get to Heaven by hollerin' hell
fire, nor !iko tho Univoraalists, that
got on tho broad gngo and goes the
hull hog ah! nor liko tlio xownitod
1'rothering, that takes each other by
tlio slack of thar breeches and hiets
thcmBolves in, nor liko tho Kathcr-
lks.that buys throw tickets from thar
priests, bat it may bo likened unto a
man what hai to cross the river, nh!
and tho forrv wns gone, so ho tucked
tip hia breeenca aud wndud ncrost
nh! "For they shall gnaw a file,
and fleo unto tho mountains of
Hepsidam, whar tho lion roareth and
tho wang doodle mourneth for his
first bom!"
lasa tlio hat, Brother Flint, nnd
lot every Hard-Bhull Uaptist shell
The Next Congress.
Tho number of members of the
next liaise of Representatives, it all
tho Stat'9 aro represented, will be
242. ?ho now apportionment
atanJs mtil tho 4:h of March. 1873.
Tho eleven States now in process of
reorganisation aro entitled under
it to the fallowing reprcaontatiou
Virginia, 8, North Carolina, C,
bouth Carolina, 4, uoorgip, 7, Ala
lijinui, C, Pl.irldn, 1, Mieu!sailtii, A.
Loasinna, 5, Texas, 4, Arkansas, 3
TeiDicssoo, 8. Total, 57.
Kentucky and Nevada also arc
yet to elect. They havo ten mem
bers Ono hundred and eighty
meubora havo been elected, ot whom
144 were chosen on the Lincoln
ticket, and thirty-six by tho oppo
sitioi. Tlo following is tho best estimfto
that can bo made 111 jregnrd to the
political complexion of tho noxi
I Kcp. Opp.
23 Btiiea havoolcetcd U4 3d
a ( Kintuckv and NovaJu) OBtimatCj i C
11 Soitlioru Stulta 63
Tow, too
Wlien tho apportionment was
tn ad a shivery existed in tho South,
and tint section was entitled to have
tho negroes count in tho basis ot
representation only, under tho three
fifth rule of the Constitution. Now,
ainco slavery has been destroyed,
this haa been abolished, and tho
South will have the bontit of the two-
fifths of tho noero lioimlation of
which she has been deprivod by
slavery. For instance, 120,000 free
poople, wlnto or black, could send a
member ofCungroeB, whereas, it they
were slaves, it would tako 200,000 to
elect. Alter 1873 the South will
havo au incieaso of some thirteen
mcmbors in the House.
This increase dooa not depend
npon negro suffrage. Wo of tho
North do not allow negroes to vote,
yet thay count in tho population
upon wulcu UongroBslonal representryi
ation is made tliu biiuio as tho tvhito.
The Abolitionists used to claim that
slavery wu9 an element of political
strength, and that it represented in
Congress, wherens it waa an clement
of weakness, two fifths of tho negroes
not being counted, as thoy havo been
if they were frco. Emancipation
will add very considerably to the
power of the South. Thoy obtain an
addition cqoal to tho Statoof India
[Cincinnati Enquirer.
DCTTho Louis villo Dcmociat cti
mates that over 60,000 slaves have
crossod over tho Ohio River, under
Gen. Palmer's passes, sinco tbo hrat
nf Mav. At this rato tho whole
slave Doonlation of Kentucky wil
"pass away" in less
- ii ... , .,
than ono voar.
and bo aistriDUioa
through Ohio,
Indiana, and Illinois, a cureo and
charge to.tho community.
Another Candidate to be
Brought out Against Gen.
Ap' .' 'cgram from Ciucinna
ti to the U u.i-o Times, says
"A -ujivito meeting of Radical
Republicans was held in Columbus!
on Wednesday to concider Gen. Cox'n
lettor. .It was ueturnunod not to give
Cox Ihufr snppport, and a circular to
Ihu voters of Cnio is to Ikj issued.
It "4s surmiaod that another candidate
wiH bo brought out'
Tho Loader of this citv has not
siDio tnat tno "earnest iveuaur is
awaroofthis meeting, and ia deter-
imnt.d not to give Cox their support!
Sinco his letter wo have not seen a
word in tho Loader indorsing it.
Kivtiit its readers, in full, the Ictti-r ulj
JioiatiS for3ove1nor; " Can ji bo
Cox. Plain Dealer, Aug. 5 .
Cox. Plain Dealer, Aug. 5 . "Most Untrue and Unjust."
Whcu a leading journal
tolls a
candidate of its t arty for a
ofiice, that a statement he makes is
"most untrue and nnjiiat," it is an ev
ulonce be is nnworthy the support ot
tho public. I ho New York Iribune
holds up Gen. Cox'a statement, that
there is a real nnd implacable hatred
between tho White and Black races,
and that, the:ol'oro, they must bo sep
arated, and pronounces it ''most un
true and un just,1' aud it gives the
public to understand that he made
this "most uutrue and unjust" state
ment for the purpose of evading the
Negro Sullrage "probloin. Dog
borry's chief trouble waa lest he
should not bo allowed to write him
self down an ass. General Cos cau't
complain that he haa uot boen allow
d to do it. His own party journals
concede that ho has done it complete
ly, and that he has also been gnilty
of making a statement "uio&t untrue
[Ohio Statesman.
Women Under Abolition
The Stnto Journal on Saturday
morning devoted an editorial to the
subject of outrages on women. On
this 6uljcct it said:
Nut long ago it wna our prido
that in America, women could trav-
from one end of the country to the
other perfectly socuro from insult"
That waa when the Democratic
party had sway in thia country.
Further on, tho Journal declares;
"Times have changed, we arc Bor-
roy to aay, and if repeated outrages,
under aggravated circumstances, aro
any warning, wo aro in duty bound
to declare that it is unsafe (r a wo
man to journoy even from ono town
to another without escort."
Tho Abolition party has ruled
thia country for oer four yeara, and
tho morale of tho country havo bo-
come such that, according to thetcs-.
titnony of tho central organ of tho
Abolition rartv of Ohio, now "it is
unsafe for a womnn to journey even
from ono town to another without
csBort." God knows, the country is
Bufliciently taxed to cnablo "women"
to "travel from ono end of the coun
try to tho other perfectly secure from
iusult," ns thoy w ro able to do in
the daya wheu tho Democratic party
administered the Government and
rfTTho Logislaturo of Connect!
cut, but a party votq tho Republi
cans for and the Democrats a :ainfct
has proposod an auiondment to tho
Stato Uonstitution, taking out the
word white, so aa to permit Indians,
negroes and mulattea to voto. It is
useless to disuiso tho fact that the
IlfiMiblican organization is now
wholly comittod to tho doctrine o
negro political and social equality
with tho white, and ia laboring to
givo it effect.
Tho voto on tho amendment wil
tako plaeo iu Connecticut on tho 22
of Cctober. wo are curious to Bee
if it will bo ratified by tho. people.
[Cincinnati Enquirer.
rjCJA million of Chinese, it
estimated, died last yeai from the
luce oi VfJiuiu.
A Black Case.
Among the negro cases brought
before General Palmer In Louisville
last week for adjudication was this
following exceedingly knotty one:
r An old negro deposited, some timo
ago, one thousand dollars with a
white man. The man gave tho ne
gro a duo bill for the amount. The
tittgro presents! the duo bill for the
afiucunt. The man twk the duo
bill Irom him, destroyed it, and put
him out of the store. The horrro liv.
with the man six months once
amf thongl.l Vw him wall
enough totrnst him with $1,600?
This is the ncgroe'd story; now for
the white man's: ,
In the firot place, lie don't know
thenegra; he never lived with him:
ie nover deposited $1,000 with hire;
he never gave him a due-bill, and
ever put him out ot Ins store.
Moreover the General may hang him
f bo ever laid eyes on the negro
Tho Goner.il could not decide at
once upon such directly conflicting
assertions, and took the caso under
adviBumoiit. He may have to refer
t to Secretary Stanton or to tho
uperintendent ot the Jtrecdmon's
lureau. "
In a Quandary. The radicals ia
some portions ot Ohio, outside of tho
Western Reserve, dou t know weather
or not they aro in favor of negro Suf
frage. They have not yet made up
icir minds and dou t want the issnt)
pressed upon them. They complain
of Democrats for seeking to force
tern to take a position, they prefer
to calmly await the "logic of events,'";
Which means, if they succeed thli
fall, thoy will be in favor of universal
nflrage; if they are defeated they
will wsit a little longer before they
ecide. They are anxioas to get the)
flices first. Their minds at present
re badly "torn up." Their naughty
opponents should not compel them to
commit themselves just now. Aa
Oico or two tuifilit be injudiciously
oft. Wait patiently; all they ass
for is your voto, nnd by and by thoy
will teli you what they are in favor of.
White Soldiers, Read.
Let the white soldiers of tho conn-
try read thia opinion of ono of tho
Radicals. Dooa any man o sonsa
believe the enormous slander this fol-
ow perpetrates upon tho reputation
our bravo volunteers! uoinmuu
Delano, of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, mom
ber elect to the uext Congress, ana a
ading Republican Manager, said a
few weeks ago; "The heroism of no
gro troops baa added lustre to onr his
tory, and without tho negro's aid
ur armies would not have succco-
W! Tho negro has fought and con-
k .... i .1 t.: --
tjimcd for , aim ucuurvus mo ro"
ward. Ho hna a right to act on ju
ice, to hold oflico, nnd to voto aa a
freeman at tiio ballot box." This is
the way to do it, depreciate tho ser
vices of whito soldiers nnd cxait tnosa
of the negro, and tbon ask thera to
Circleville Democrat.
Gen. Sherman His Opinion of
Gen. McClkllan. While Gen-.
Sherman wns stopping at Grovoport
in this county, on hia way to Colum
bus, on tho morning ot tlio ldth mat.,
somo of the Republican manngcrs by
whom ho waa snrroundod, resorted to
ovory possible expodiont to draw ox
iressiona from nun tnat might bo
torturod into acquicaconco in tho dog
mas of tho Republican party. Sov
cral of thouo ofliuious busy-bodioa
wcro verv hnndsoiuly snubbed by tho
Goneral, for annoying him with their
mpertinance; out ono oi mem waa
answered by him in a manner not at
all satisfactory to tho Abolition loa
ders aud ho was let aloue by them
during tho remainder of his slay at
Grovoport. Tho person anuaoa w
indulged in some reraarKs reuccung
severely on General McClolian, and
concluded by asking Miennan wuai no
thought of the lato "Copperhead can
didate for President." lue uencrai
straightened himself up, and, with
warmth, earnestness aud emphasis,
replied, that McClellan was one of
tne ablest and best Generals that com
manded dnring the war, that ho had
die-charged his duty faithfully and
efficiently until he was removed, and
that Ih(Shkemah) had great respect
for his opiuions. Thia answer of the
General's disposed of this Abolition
inquisitor for the remainder of the day.

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