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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 17, 1865, Image 2

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TIIIKMAV - -- - An IT.
pi. i ..nm.u iS VirtM C iiintv
aro rwiucBted to meet in their reject-
i've Towtibliips, at tliciriisufd pluoea
of holding Elo'itioim, on
1 LIU lcnll'l-i 1 v
8ATUUUAY, August Jw
pt 2 o'clock I'. Mm
Vrioro rovuul uPuim tune j.iu ts
aud one Clerk oltlio l'rimury Kite
tion, wlio snail proceed to on.' -mzo
forthwith, and receivo oai.otu ioi vw-
di fTtirmit naiiioa announced Pr loo
purpouo of nominating candidates
for tho County Tiokot, at the annual
Election, for tho following o-CIcjs, to
1'roeoeuting Attorney;
County llocordur;
County Commissioner.
Tho I'olls 6hall ho opon from 2
o'clock L M. uutil C o'clock V. M.
of said day.
Said Electors blifill, at tho same
time, elect thrco of their number us
Delegates to tho County Convention,
which wiil bo held on
MONDAY, AUGUST Slat, 1865,
at 1 o'clock L M., then and thoro to
opon tho Toll Books of said Elec
tions and declare the candidates ; and
in caao of u tic voto, then tho Con
vontion to determine, y ballot or,
otbcrwirfo, the nominee.
Said Delegates aro to appoint Dol
ogates to tlio 6'tato Convention, which
will bo held at Columbus, on tho 24th
day of August, 1&G5, and Delegates
to the dotutoriul Convention; and to
appoint a Democratic Central om
for tho ensning year, and
transact Mich othor bunincss as shall
coino before tho Convention, as may
be ni'cosaary for tho iuterecfof the
Democracy of Vinton county.
Dv order of Dem. Cen. on.
R. CRAIG, Sec'y.
Democrats, Look Out!!
Wo understand, from good and
reliable authority that there aro
batch of Tickets being printed at tho
Hkgistkk Priming Office, in this
placo, to bo circulated at our I'rhna
ry Election, on next Saturday, tie
19th inst., for tho pnrposo of dictata
ting the nominations of tho Democra
cy. Wo givo below tho beading of our
Ticket, so that our friends may know
that nono others wero printed in this
ofUco :
Wo have endeavored to the beet
of our ability, to stand by our Demo
cratic bretbereu in Vinton County,
whilo controlling tho I'ress for the
past twelve years, (excepting the
time whilo Mr. 1'earco bad it.) and
we now ask in return that tho Do,
inocracy stand by their Principles and
b3 truo to themselves, if they want
to assist in "owing thoir country to
constitutional liberty and law.
Let U3 havo a good turn out at cur
Primary Election, aud voto lor men
you know to be capable and true to
Tho war betweir. tho negroos and
the srildius and whites continues in
Petersburg. Thi9 oue of the iruit3 of
tho Abolition agitation.
Tho crops in Crnada aro said to
lo tho largest ever harvested. j
Gold clobcd iu Now York on Tuc-s-day
at 111..
J. Li. Gmnrd, the prcstnt State
i reaniru cf Kentucky, died on
Monday. Ilo was the Democratic
candidate at tho luto clecttou, aud
u- -i : -ti''i'd.. . i
UJ;'mii-cta u:nj to bou u,a v,, BrQ
r"J!li'irfJl uihst tho i.e-n.ee tlmt the
; "
, I'ree:nc-. Ltirunu or nc-gro loardirg
houeo duis hot approve of. The
It feinted thut Hun. John 0.
DrecinriJgo wart to bail from Eng.
land oo tho lit iust., and waa ex
pected in Canada pu tlio 11th.
Governor Marvin, of Florida, hna
iaGucd a proclamation, taking tho
initiatory etoja toward reorganization
of tho Stuto. Until this is necoiu
(dished, tlie Governor very kindly
leaves all in tho handj ol tho iailita
Wo liavo information from Meck
lenburg County, Vu., to tho cUlct
tlmttlio freu negroes are conregu
tin nt the Miiniitiont numta in tliO
n -
county, Killing the blicei), poultry and
(ions, di vii.-'itil ii:. the corn lie'.de,
uiel-.n uud other patches. TIkbc
prom-edition iirn not stop-pod by the
I'Ydcnt! liirj tio.'pj in th j county.
Certainly not! Tho ciuto authorities
i,ru very iMieh txtrci.icd wliat to do
with tliu norout! We have woti nn
elt-idmr.t win. i d arc we to put hi in?
... . , .
Ikn. Uu.i.y uour&BBCu aa iu
portaut euninutiiciitii.il to Governor
Wells, ol Louibwnn, in which he re-.
oliy i,.jH;no9 now, ot our auny in
tho youth, Hppcuro to bo to watch
over and protect the negroes.
Tho railroads of Virginia aro rap
idly approaching completion, and
will soou bo in running order.
J. D. Howell, a brother-in-law of
Jefferson Davie, has been brought
belbro the military nuignatiB af. Sa
vannah for ottcrirg disloyal language,
and on this Burious charge has been
sentouccd to it fino of 250,
bo imprisoned six months, and then
sent out of tho district, What the
"disloyal" lnngungo iu, is not ttatcd.
Any thing is diJoyal that tho Ad
miuietratioa dou't liko politically.
Thero was a disastrous firo on
Sunday last in Now Albany, Ind.
Loss, 25,000. Ineurance, 812,000.
Gen. Grant was at Detroit last
The railroado in Georgia nnd Flor
ida aro rapidly being put in woiking
According to Mr Groen, who has
juist arrived in Washington from
South Carolina, every thing is pro
grossing favorable in that Stato. Ilo
had hoard of no collisions between
the military and Stato authorities,
until ho read of it in tho Radical
paper io the North. He pronounces
it a fabrication.
Sinco August 10, 20,000 men
Lavo been mustered out ot service.
They wero in eixty rcgimontj.
The Result in Kentucky.
Tho Louisvilla Daiuocrat says ot
the rosulta of thoir late State elec
tion; "Although wo havo, as a poople
in general, grave cause to find fault
with the military iutorlccnce in our
Stato election, there is much cause
of congratulation. Our Congression
al delegation will remain politically
tho same five to (our. In the Legislative
contest, we havo about two
thirds of tho members, (juito enough
to adopt any measure ccceasary to
tho safety and welfare of tho Stato,
and to repeal socio dangerous and
unconstitutional ones now on our
statato books. We havo enough to
Bccure an ablo Conservative Senator
to represent us in Congress; and all
;heso wo havo won in the face of
military powir and military ordeis,
illegally dircckd to crush tho voice
ol the people. j
' Under Euch circumstances, we
ought not to despair of the iicpublic,
or believe that wc can not romovo
martial law, and negro trxp3 espe
cially, Irom our S!ato."
Stormy Time in the Cabinet.
lucre wr.s a Uat.mct meeting at
Washington last Friday. A special
to tho New York Herald eaya it wa6
protracted aud stormy, which result
ed from a searching discusa'on ol
President Johnson's Reorganization
Policy. Tho upshot of tho whole
business was, according to the New
Y'ork Herald's special, that the
President declared his purpose to!
atund by his policy despite any aud
all opposition that might bo brought
to bear against it. Aa storms are
said to purify tho atmosphere, it is to
bo hoped that this Eto4ra has purified
the Labinet atraospuero. it seems!
that that this time the Presidential
lightuing struck- into the iiuJicNi
tlriiv f. loag brci'.b ol ro-
Stormy Time in the Cabinet. Letter to General Cox from
August 2, 1865.
Deaii Genkhal Wo liko moat ol
your letter, of July 25, to tho Aboli-
iiiionbtaol Uberlin, ana jou uro
right in auyiug that tho boys don't
like tho DOgroeH any butter for having
seen them. We "don't juite like
vunr i,!au for ecttin them together
as a community in the South, "with
out disturbing the organization
of the Stato Government." We want
to seo fair play all ruuol, and you
kuow, General, that wo fought tor
tho old tkg, and for tho Uniou, and
uot because we hated tho Southurn
people. Wo wanted them to bobavo,
and not hurt the Union; but when
tho tight was over wo could always
shako hands and bo friends. Dut,
General, you march a little obliquo
on one thing. Wo livo in Ohio, and
your plan for settling thing3 down in
Dixie do-'t prevent uj from being
nUcud on an tfiualitv with niggers
hero. Wo have have heard it told
that buforo tho war thero wero more
thHii twenty0 vo thousand negioes in
Olii.i nml that miinbur bus becu
.11. i ii b t li.t tMidt
Now, tho Ulcrlmites, lJonamin
Wudo and General ScLonck, and all
that kind of pooplo, and thero a good
mady of them, want to put tho nigger
on an iqnality with us. and gio tec
votes to balauce ouro. Now, this is
a meaning nnestion. for. beforo two
years, wo will havo a huudred and
'ii'ty thousand nenroes iu Ohio.
What wo waut to know is, vfcethcr
you aro in favor of giving them the
right to voto in Ohio now, or atauy
future time. You are right, Gener
al, in siyins tho boys are etill proud
ol being white, and they won't w&nh
under tho black Hug.
An caily answer will obligo you:
G. A. Wilhom. Co. D.lthO. V.I.
Alkkkd Nixon, Co. D.lOth 0. V. I.
Timiiiy Ci.Lt.pr.Co.K, 18th I.U.S A
UiiNiu McUueavic, Co K, -13d O.V.I
J no. L. Uoblkm, Co. C, 2 1st O. V I.
L. TKOwimiuGt;, Co. I, 121-t O.V. I.
Martin Leonaud.Co. i 19th O.V.I
Jksbe Meadingto:,Co. L 12th OVI
Samdel Eaul, Co. G. G9ih O. V. I.
Wm. Wf.mii, Co. C, 73th O. V. I.
A. Kins, Co. G, 20th O. V- I.
Ciias. 1. Soverkb. Co. G, 121stOVl
Vm.iIcKi;u, Co.G, 2dO. V. 1.
It. I', Dcniiar, Co. F, 121st (). V.I.
tVji. Stull, Co. K, 43d C. V. I.
To J. D. Cox, Columbus, O.
Lf If tho eo called Union rrim.
foul themselves authorized toropudi
uto, In County mid Sctiutorial Cou
voutiotia, Gen. Cox'a letter, tecauao
it iniiy bo Otlsociititilu uf uu iuloieu-
tiiil construe' i n that it is Mot friuud-
!y to Nero SullVao in Ohio, or in
tho South, aro not tho pjoplo tha
mass of tiiu voters tiio Soldiers and
tho Uoneervativea -at lilicrty to
repndiuto tliein and their Negroisra,
hy voting ti.iiuot Iron. Cox and tho
reniaider ol thu iStati Ticket? Tlmt'i
the way to toako that clues of politi
cians gumaieiitly ro:i9ona!)lo to re
sptct thu interests of VVhito men, and
it is tho otily agency throus'i winch
DCTA destructive storm passed
over Macon county, Misao'iri, n lew
days ago, totally destroying tho crops
for u breadth of two miles.
The Record.
Save tho E liter of tho Lancaster
(O.) Giizutte, llcpuljlicau:
'A nt tiro haa as much riyht to
vote u8 an liialimai'.
The same paper, of Juno 22 J, 1SC5,
"Wo do not wiah to bo understood
as eayini' that tho remark with hieh
we aro charged is untruo, or that
is a very had thing to 6ay. On the
cotitrary, wo think a negro has as
much right to voto aa au American,
or an Irishman, or a German, or any
other man. Tho question ia as to the
policy of allowing tho franchise im
mediately or somo veara hence.
Tho following ia the platform of the
Cleveland Leader, which is endorsed
by the Republican party on tho Wca
tern lleserW
1st. "Tho right of euflrago 6bonld
he extended to tho colored mon of the
2J. 'Tho Stato Uonatitutian must
ho bo amended bs to civo equal suf
fragc to white and black. Tho word
'Willi E' must bo strickon from
Article 5. Section 1, of tho Consti
tution ol Ohio."
Mosby Arrested.
New Yobk, Aug. 10. The
Times' Washington special eaya Uos
by, tho gueirilln leader, camo into
Alexandria this Fi M.,on a train frcm
Culpepper, and was immediately ar
rested, ilo is held 1 3 wait orders
of Mai. Gen. Auenr, commanding
the DMartment of Washington.
liev." 1). Uncfcii r-f
thairiuau ul' the toiuiuittjo which
noiiiinatcd ilr.,' Liiicoln, ia hero
the lHiri-ouc cf f-.ecuring pardon
for lor
his fcou, (.liku of tho rebel arey.
Tursday, August 24, 1865.
To llio Di -inocracy of O!iio.
A State Convention of the Democracy
of Ohio, will be held at Cdliiinbup, on
Thursday, tlic24th day of August next, to
nominate tamliiMi-j for the following cili
ces, and for tlic transaction of such othf r
l)Uine63 as may cc-me before th Conven
tion: i Governor, Licutenat Governor, Treasnr
er"hf State, Sinireinn uluc (full term,)
Supreme Judge, (lacancy,) Attorney Geu-
iral, School Ci nimissiuncr, Mrniber of
Board of Public Works, Clurk of imrenie
Tim rati i of representation will bo as
bllowt: One delegate fur eucli county;
tn aJbilioiul deleito fur every 5U0 votes
exst for Gen. McClellun at tlm lust 1'iesi-
cntiul eleetioa, and an adilitioiiul delegate
every fraclion of -'50 or more votes so
atl. This n portion meat gives to tho
(puuties refpectivcly the following iiuinber
q delegates, viz.;
I (Under the ahovo representation, the
Ounticsof the 11 tli Congrcssiniiiih District
Uill bo entitled In the following number ol
Adu.-us 0 Juckson 4
Sc'ioto 5 Vinloli '1
Lnuenco 3 Guiliu 4
I!y order oi tho Democratic State Central
JOHN G. THOMPSON, Chairman. F. JAIGER, Secretary.
KniToii of rKMiii:itAT.-'-riouia nnnouneo tlio
nuiiio l . J. S.VAI-J, iim a cuiidiiloifo for Ki-ii
rusi'iitutivo. for Vinton countv. Ulilo. KiiHiuct
tu tho l'rimury Kloctinn to Im hull na tho l'Jth
Mr. Editor. We wish to annmiucc the
ninm uf li. A, EnATToN, as candidate fo.
re-election as Representative fur Vinton C
Fidji;ct to the decision of the Democracy.
Editor McXrthir Dcmucrat: Yuu will
iiinoiiiu-e tho aiime of 0. T. OumiiNn,
E-sip, as n sui'tiblo person to receive the
sipport of the Democracy of Vinton County
fir the. ollice of Representative iu the State
leiohilure.suhject to the decision of the
hmi'iry Election, to be held on tho l'Jth ol
July 27,l8C5-tdpo
Mu. 1'iiatton. Plenso nnnouneo the nmnc
Ioiilht A. (.'unstable, uh h Hiiitiiblo liorwin for
tiu ollico of l'josoeutinir Attorney, b'ltiieet
tiu 'iwiblon of the JJoinoonilie P.-im:ir Kluc
Mn. EniTon. You will please announce
lie name ol Hon. 4ucn. Mayo, as a cmidi-
(ate for tlie olhce of rrosecutin'' Attorney
Jl ti e ensniiiu Klectiun subject to tho de
cision of the DeniocraMc I'riinnrv hlc-ctioii
Many Voixiis.
lUitor McArthitr De-'ncrct: D.S.Dana
vill lo presented hy his friends ns
Biiitalio person fcr r election to the nliice
ol rri-sccut in:' Attorney, subirrt to the
de-cisim of the D-Jiiioc.rn tic J'rimary Eiec
tion, io be held on the 19th of August.
f.MJon Bkattok Dense anuounce the
nariK of Jonathan I5i:ise, aa a candidate
for re-election to theoflice of County Recor
der, subject to the Democratic Primary
niecnon, to oo ncldnn the l'Jtri or Aiigunt
JIaky Voters.
Juy27, 18GD-tdpe
Ca. Rratton. -Will pleas announce tho
nam! ol .vashisoton Kf.f.ton, as a candi
date for county Commissioner fuhiect
mo vcniocrauc I rnnarv Election:
Oil. Brat Inn You will please announce
tlio name ot William Clark as a candt
date for County Commissioner, subject
the decision of the Democratic i'rimary
Jiltclion, to be tleid on the l'Jth or August
Jaly 27, 1865-tdpe
Special Notice
A Most Impart nut Discovery
We are malting a single machine which
comhineg the best and cheapest portable
Wine and Cider I'ress, the dryest Clothes
Wringer, and the most powerful Lifting
Jack in the world. It is the only press
adapted to making Apple Champaign,
which is now regarped as one of the most
important disomies of the age. A good
ant wanted in every county, to whom we
will hold out such inducement as to in
fure Sl.000 before Christmas. Tha first
one making application from any county
bliHil have the exclusive agency. Full
particulars, term3, etc., by Circular.
No. 55 Liflerty St., N. Y.
Composed of highly concentrated extrarcts
Irom roots and herbs of the highest medical
value, inlallibic in the cure of all deceases
of the Liver o: any derangement of the Di
gestive Orsans, They remove all Imnuri
ties of the Blood, and aro uncuualcd in
cure o! JJiarrhx, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Scro
fula, Biliousness, Liver Com'plant, Fevers,
Headache, Piles, Mercurial Deseases, Here
ditary Humors. Dose for adults, one pill
the moiLinir children half a Dill. From one
to three pills will cure ordinary cases, and
irom one to three boxes will euro any curea
blc case of no matter how lone standing:
Price 81 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
by mail
dune lat 1S65 1 v fi2 Fulton St N Y
TkiT tin -vn-T-.FX I'mso Fo'TE R'ill r-
t:inn its piLCi:dL-in.o uuJ rutt oiu!jji ty ,
ana after tniiiereoinu wiadiiul imprtvcinent
lor a peeiod rtf a'J years, is now prOiounced
bv th'J musical world lobe uii5ur;ii;ed ainl
even uneqiiuled iu richness, roltine and
purity ol touv.'iiirauiluy and cli apns.
Our new scale, French action, han pedal,
iron frame, over-strung b;iM, seven octave,
rosewood pi iuos hi aro elling tlu'aiH-r uy
from SlO'd lo b'200 than tho ennie rfyie iin'd
finish lire 8dd by any olhf r first (Uss iiiu
kers iu the country. D.'klerg ami ull in
want of gund piounos urc invited lo tend
for our Diiycriptive Catalogue, which con
tuiiN plioturaplis of our ditlorent s:y les, to
gether with prices. Mo oiik phnnld pur
ciasc a piano without seeing this Cu'.u
logue. jledals, altiost without Dumber,
have been awarded lo the Grovesleeu Piano,
and at the Celebrated World's foir, though
put in competition w ith oilier from all
puns of Europo and the II. S., it took the
hiijjiest awurd. m
ll-tublished 1835. T
4l.)'i Broadway, New York.
y27, ly
A Clorirynmn whilu wKliiiK in iSonlii Amer
Ci us u iiu.hiiiiiiiry diovi-rtj u nilo nnd fiin-
t'lo remu'ly l"r tlio Ouro of NervwiK Weukncrn,
ruriy Hnciiy, iiihimhos ottho urumrv nuu
Soniiiuil Uruii!". un l tho wliolo train of lisr
lurs troni'l.tcnbv buituful mi l vioiom huli
(rent riiimbniH livu lioon nlrendy cured by this
fiuhlo romoilv
I romytou by a uoxire to Ijoi.o
lit Hia "tllli'tii.l un.l niifortuiiuto. I will seri'l
Im rociuo fjr nrniiirinit alia atiuir this HK'ii-
O IIO, III l"l. IIMI V H U."J'V,V -HV liuv.ir
I 1. J n.lmu, l.i (,,, m k.
it, f jitK or C iiabou.
rion-0 liK'I'wu a i08-pidd ouvolopu, leldroes
ud to yonrKolf.
Station U. Iiihle IIiceE,
Mnr. H'.hlSCS lyr. Nov, Ye fit City.
SlSX.U.-lIjSYSTi;M:i-nflw and rcli.i-
bl-treatment. Also the URlUAIi CHA.11
lilill, uu K-ayof Yviiniiigaiid Instmction
nt by
mail iu tea led envelopes, free of
Address. Dr. J, It W I L L I N
HUUGHTUN, Howard Association, No,
South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Oct. 13th IHKO lyr.
L)o vou want Whlslicrs it MniistnehcH? Our
rimi'iuii'.t mill oiui'l will lono tii;:ia i awn
iu t eM,th, .- I.?-- or el.in. or l.air -m oau. uwi.
' ? Zl Z T "J
MI.Uli;,"":-- V .- -r.."- I '
Aililre.. W At Ml 11 CU., Uox 131,
iiw,i.I.ii !M Y
hvh IO t:rk IV.
Vit t A ii ii'
Aeies ol iiiiiiiipriived t.ni'l, Iviiijj
within one hull' mile ol Wilkcsviile, Vinton
i i.unty. Ohio. The hmd ly- well, all of
ran be ruHivaleil, tlie soil IS i l un excel
lent (i oilily, ainl e!l timbered. It Uiljuiii.1
1 lie Inn
i ol iVIhh'-m. tlawK, i.iiiramaii, ami
Ii wi.l iiial.0 a , iiiol desirable
Ar-jes of Woodland, about three
irn.es lioiu Uki-sviHe, nn tne romi icaonip
to HanlovV: Mill. Thin Irnd will law)
t:ood urdniid farm, is wall timbeied, and
n?ar enoui;h io Iron Volley or liagle Fur
naces to coal Eidh'-Kiit of ilia timber to pay
lor tlie land.
Title tood. and ternH made ensy.
Fur further particulars, cull on or ad
JlcArtnur, Ohio.
Aug 17, I8!w-Gv
tr ,i-inp 'i i - il, . ,i
Jul I,E is hereby given that tne sub-
aoriher ha lieeu appointed tin ! quali
fied as Administrator on the Estate
Geoige Nixon, late nf Vinton County, Ohio,
deceased- J. G. SWETLAND,
Aiiifiisl 17, lcC0-3l
Satc cf Ohio, Vinton County.
Jonn C. P. JJrjwn PKin In Coart of
n:tlii: t Conminn l'loas,
lioiijiimiu Alcirfuli ct al Liort I UnK-r ut muo
MUKSUANT to tho o-iium-iiiif of an iirdor
i nhIo in Dm nliovo causo to mo dirocto-l
ihv Court of Common Pluus, of tlio n'oresuid'
eouafy ol Vliilmi, I vill offer at puhlic uu lo,
tho door of the Court lloimo, in tha town
AitArilnir, iu uloresaid couaty of Vinton, on
Sulur'laij the ZOth dvy vj S.pttmh-.r 1305
t tho hour of ono o'clock, P. M of said
tho fullowing property 'situuted in said Vinton
countv tu vil: litu'iniiiuif at tlio eoutli
corner of toclion nun hoi livo, (5,) iu townnbiD
mimlier nine, (0,) ofluii(ro number oighteun,
lS,)tlicneorimimi(r darj west n mid bootioa
lino to the L-cd of the crook, thciica tip tlio crock,
alonB its various winds and moandciinaa, to
white ouk truo, on tho bunk ..f tho crock
wher thoeicok strikes the blnir above Potor
Millcrn house, rlicnco Eixtccn rodh nonrly north
to a Htono in the Ruliy, thenoc -.ip the drutto
-.tweon Bamnol Darby and PtoM!
th ncadiio north to tho section lino, thonco
oMton tlio section lino to tho north oast oar
nor ot sum section, tnonco duo south on
nc-oticti lino, half wuy to tho place of bojjinuinir
loa siouo noiwuuu niiu pumuci uaioy er.
Soloman KcJfcrn, thenco niiininc into Kcction
number fctir a south oast direction to
south cuit corner ol tho north west quarter
lliosoutn wo:-i quarter oi bam sec-fiou, tlionoo
luo Bbuimo too soction lino, tnoncouuo
to tho pluca ox liof.'iiiiiui)f o jiitmiMiin ono han
dled md seventy neros moro or lesa. savo
except hovftiity ac-rua moro or lesn on tUo
mdo ot pukI creclc, rotumod nml now owned
said B ration, and also huvo and oxuopt too fol
lowing true convoyed by said JSrattnn to A.mzi
Morpan by dood diit(-d April 10(h 1800, to-wit:
C'oiiimouci'iir at tho north wont corner of
north cast quarter of the north cast quarlor
saut soction numour livo, thence somii to
aoufu weHt corner of tho Boath cant qaartor
too north ca t, quarter ot fame section, thuneo
boat ulonir tho south lino of the same lo a utona
roar (he county road ten feet from tho bono
the hill, thonco a south onstorij direction
the ccntor ot said county road near tho tohncso
liouso, thonco north along tho ccntor of
said road to tho soction ono, thonco wohttotho
piaeo or ucginmnK, coniaintnir inirty acres
moro or less. AIho a certain oilier tract oom
moneinn in tho bod of tho crook ucar a small
Klmtrco, on tho division lino bolwaon
lands of said Cratton and Boloman llodlbro
tho north west quartor of io south wo qnur
tit of said Boetion numbor four, thonco north
wosi alonK said division, lino twolvo rods,
thonco south wort sixteen rods, thonco south
oant to tho Itod of thoorook, thenco up the creek
lo tho plaeo of beginning, containing
aero and 32-100 aeros moro or leas.
Taken as tho proportyof Ilonjamin Morgan
6atibfyH docrco In favor of JohnC. P. Brown
Appraised at Twolvo lnmdred dollars,
muni bring two thirds oltlmt snm.
TKU.MS -jr. sile, cash in hand.
.1. .I-MnllnWKLL J..T. S
J.J. SJIorKKY. ,
Atty.forPUT fU V.Cc.O.'
August I7tUlj JW
I g
cat I
Farms for Sale.
ONE Tr'ct, of 32'J acres, situated oil the
waters of Current Kiver, 12 miles from
the county scM, 3J miles from Sinking
yning,uii euteipnsiiif Tilluge in Dent
county, Missouri. About 75 crcs of bot
tom laud, and about 100 acres cf timbered
Al?o lt0 acres of rich furminn land
and jmvI timlitr laud, 5 miles from Emin
ence, in Sliaiiiion roomy, Missouri, on.
Current River. The about land will be soli
at a bargain, and pari ol it exchanged for
stock. Fur further particulars, call oil or
Aug. j,j8f5-tit
AudithhV Uki u k Vinton Toi-nty 0.1
MnArtliur, AiiRnst 10, IStSS. I
I'llU act. "To m-jrainzo end discip
line the militia of Ohio, unit npp-al an act
therein iiuined." it is provided "Tluitbll
white mule citizens, residents of ihis State,
being eigiit.km years of age and under roa-TT-five,
eh. ill b enrolled in the militia, and
perforin maitury duty in such manner, nut
incompatible with the Constitution and lawn
uf the United Slhtes. ui hereinafter uresurib
The Ht'cond section provides that the a-
fe-8ors of tho sever il wards and townships,
shall annually, In the month of May, enroll
all persons living within their respectlvo li
mits, liable to enrol incut, ana return a
certified copy of said enrollment lo the Au
ditor of the coi.ntv. who is authorized, upon
atibfantory proof, to correct said enrollment
by adding the name of any jiersou omitted,
or striking olf any person improperly en
rolled. Section four provides that "all persons
-liu i:te siibiect to military dutv under the
nrovisiona of this act, and who are not mem
DlT:5 0f Ktmie volunteer owan zation, shall
either heroine uu mbt-rs of 8 me volinileei
organization or f hall pay into the county
treasury, annually, the 6iim ol four dollars,
which d i. in shall he a commutation tcr lines
and penalties for neirkat to perlorm milita
ry service, except under calls to prevent oi
r(,pC invasion, or suppress invasion.
Ajj ; J(.(, ,)v this Bl.t ,.,., rf .
rate lwtcl th assessor, will be filed with
., . ... .,
'ne cooiny nrsun-i, nit- ii.m i.oj i
bi-iiteuioer lc-oo lor i-oiieciioii, aim an iieo-
I awl 19 IHU icuwu u vi n tun.u 11 mi iu ml
treairurer roc ji vvi.i.nun, in me ueriuicaie 111
I I . L . A . I .
txemption, on or ociore tne luni oi iseptem-
uer, win uu I'liuicii iniitii run unnr.
additional, w hich the truauror is required to
collect by distress or otherwise, with -ot,
in the same iiumncr as (or other taxes.
The following described are exempt, elid
if tlio ' oroper eviilence. be produced, will
tie strioKen from the rolls; such evidence
irJftst he produced and filer! un or Wore the
la of ilupiHi
Section 6. In additon to the pornon ab
solutely exempted trom enrollment in the
mihtia by the luws ol tlio Un itcil Stale'
ibe persons hereinafter exempted shall bo
absolutely exempted from enrollment. vl:
1st. . Ail pe.isiiiis in the army or navy or
volunteer lord s ol llie tinned elates.
2.1. Persons w ho have been or hereafter
may be honorably di-churgi-d from thu army
oriinvviiftlieTjiiilr.il Status, after liavimr
performed ini'itiry duty for one year or more
iiuiina vae exbtioii reneiiiou.
3d. Cominisioiied t (Beers serving undei
this act, who shall have served as siiih in
the ini.itia ol this Stale for tho spare of
five years; but no cdfiner shall be so exempt
uu'es by his resignation after such term of
: ... J..i.. -,.......1 ..- :.. ...1
7', UV 1 1 1 I i c.
i iiiuiiuui uu piiuu iiuvo uccu jiuiicmuiv uio-"
. , ' u,
Every non-commisniodcd officer.
miisicinn and private ol every uniformed
company raised, or hereafter to be raised,
since May 1. 1303, uniformed according to
the provisions of any law of thii Slate, aud
who shall have performed services in suah
company or troop for the space of five years
from the time of his enrollment therein,
shall be exempt from military duty, except
in case of war, insurrection or invasion.
5th- Every person physically (lisablcnl
may be exempted from military duly if he
files wiih tho county auditor, on oi before
August 15 of every year, a statement ol
the county military surgeon certifying that
such person is unfit for military dot y rea
son of euch physical disabily or bodily in
firmly, whicn shall bo described in said
6ih. Idiots, lunatics, and felons convlo
ted of infamous crimes, un.ess pardoned,
I shall not be su! iect to military duty.
.Applicants lor certificates of disability
,..- mndn In Dr A If rcn,:,. '
'.T-,-! a r r ' lsam,nSfr'
Militaiy burgeon for Vinton county, be-
tween the 1st day of July and the 15th day
A ligust, as provided by the 4th section of
the acf'To amend and supplementary to aa
Ct e?Ued, ." ?, nr8n,?e.and !9.C'P-
11110 1,10 n"l,lld01 "mo aim to repeal an
1 "I act therein named,' passed March 31,
1864," passed April 12th, 1865.
: H. C. Moore,
Auditor of Viuton County.
James A. Martindale, Guardiun of Sarah E.
Martindulo, bun filed his account and vouchers
for inspeotion and flnul sottloniont, and that
tho amo will ho passed upon on the 2nd day
of Soptombur, 13rt5. KICIIAUU CKAIO,
. August luth lSfi5-3w Probate Judge.
M A N U F A 0 T O 11 Y .
aumose & immM,
McArtiiur, Ohio.
KEEPS coiihtaiiUy on hand and manufactnrs'
to orojer, ovcry vurioty and stylo of
whiuh for workmanship and stock will compare
with any si mi lor work in Honthorn Ohio.
ALSO. Harness single and doublo setn,
from lira plainest to tho linost mountod. Altio
ovory variety of K ding Bridles and Ilaltorn.
Al 1 of which will bo sold at tlie lowost cush 6g
nies. Call and examine stock oa Lands.
liny 16 105.-2 mo,

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