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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 17, 1865, Image 3

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The McArliur Democrat
Dr. Raphael.
Una chanf-o hia . rcsidcnco from
Cincinnati to Chicago. All Letters
aru to bo nddrv-ssod to liim as follows.
Dux No C273, Toet Office,
I wish to 6ay to our returning soldiers;,
widows, rind heira of deceased soldiers,
that I will attend to getting their I'urk
I'uy , llouutius, unJ Pensions, and Loral
Unonties; ulso, for all who were impris
oned in Southern prisons commutntitni in
money for their rutioiu whilst imprisoned
owl three months extra pay; and I ui;l ut
lend to the collection of ull other claims
on tho United Status or State of Ohio.
Fee for each application from v5 to $10
to the trouble mid incur
McArthur, Ohio.
July 13, 1865.
Lands kuii Sam:. Wo call tho
Mttoiilion of our reudora to lunda tor
wilotiitunted in Vinton couutj, Obio,
and iu Dent nnd Shannon cjiii.-tu:,
Missouri. T!ioao Missouri lando ftro
ollercd low.
lAT Cot'KK, Til 13 fc5UI!tU;Ull'TI"l
AoicNr.-'-ilr. Jay Cooke, an outer
jitisiiii; and successful Phi IaK-1 th ia hanker,
liusuhvays been one of the most efficient
negotiators of public securities. Four
UiWirj inn. -) 1 I !.. Oi.. 1.. ..1. .1
wore tlmvii lo 85, lie worked ar.il brought
them up to pnr, uud at liiul rulu In; obtnii,
v rd three niibion dolluis far the ytate. for
raising mid eiiiii)in het t.uifd. V.'Iipii
the Secrelary of tho Treasury io various
bankers throniihout tbeconulrv coniioissioim
to negotiate his first louati, MrCooko wai
always umonji the most successful. He
infused a portion of hid own gicnt energy
into hit) sub agents, an I seemeil to Lest
uudrrsliMid how to best present tlio claims
of tlio government to h. people. When
the fi.2U loan was authorized, it wai bc'ore
the public many inootlw without aUr ictinj;
any attention, and thu totul sales by iht:
Government were only about eicjitocn
liiillinna. The war expenses were 10 v.itit
lial banks ami hankers were no longer
uhlo lo supply money in sufficient amounts,
and the Secretary of tho Treasury was
compelled to adopt somo plan for appeal
ing directly lo tho people to supply the
means lor suslniiig the Oovciiiiih nt. Pop
: ular loans haj never been tried, and tneir
nature was not gouerally undcrsioud.
t Capital is always sensitive, and capilulists
large and small, were not only to bo told
that tlmre was a 5 MO luan on the mniliei,
but were to bo convinced that it was the
iikst as well us the mutt patriotic i iive.rt
jnnif. Mr Cooke'a high character and
provioiiH suce.eeseiiinilii' ed the Secretary tj
appoint him General bubsiriitioii Agent.
Tho press and the telegr iph weie iru:ueil
iately put in motion. A Iniga sum was
spent III advertising, the disiiibutiou of a
great rarioty of ci:cuiurj and ban 'bil In,
cc, the employing of travelers, and in
establishing sul)at;wi;ii'S i!ir jiit;!iout tlio
loyal States. It has always b-eu Mr
Cooko's policy to have' our loans taken at
home, and he has never solicited sub-'c-ip-1
iMiiis aurouo, ueiieving 1n.11 our own penpto
Hhould have the ailvuit eje of 'ho intercut.
The result of Mr Cooke's ellbrts for the
6.20s is well known. Under Ida aney,
dating about Veb, 1st, ltJ(i ), rind il.isieg
J in aj, 1801, the loni wag up to 511,
7 0.500.
As great Siicces3 always occasions
jealousy, complaints ol favoritisin towards
Air Cuoke wero undo aaiiiHl the'lVa-iury
Department, winch u tntcial report to
Congre-s proved to be wilhont the slightest
About this t't 110 the National R inking
System was eslablishod, and it was a pari
of the plan that the National Bunks should
he the financial agents ol th Goxeniiiient.
While publicly ox, ircssing the wannest
gratitude to Mr Cooko for his past grcut
and sucrcst-ful efl'orta, the Secretary ot tlio
Treasury determined to try the expcrimo.it
of placing the 10 4i) loan through their
agency. In four imuiihs but eighty
million') wore sold. On July 26th , 1364
the First Series of 7.30s w as offered through
the same channel, but, up to Feb. 1st,
1605, a period of six months, the sales and
payments to soldiers amounte I to only about
one hundred and twenty millions. This
' rate of subscrpitiou not being sufficient to
meet the public 'vants, it wua det3rmii;ed
to return to the agency of Mi Cooke, uinier
whose management the sales begun to show
ed increase within the first week, and in
loss than two weeks average two millions
a day. During the first thirty davs they
leached one. hundred millions an average
of uboiit four millions for each working
day. Tho first series was exhou3'eJ- on
the 30th of March, deducting Sundays and
holidays, in tho wonderrully short space of
thirty six woiking days making an aver
age of eight and one third millions per day.
The 6ale of the Third Series commenced,
but, owing to the fact that the Treasurer
wa3 unable to deliver1 the 'notes, compara
tively little effort was made to influence
subscriptions until June lit wheu deliveries
were advertised to begin.
Tho sales of Government Loans, unde
Mr Cooke's management as General
Subscription Agent, have been about
thus: i
S.20 Boiithj ' 6513.000.000
7.30 Notea , 760.O0O.Q0O
to say nothing of his earlier undertakings,
-ot tho largo -amounts of bonds taken by his
firm ut the let lings to tho highest bidder.
Although other causes than imperfect
agencies retarded the subscriptions in the
summer andautuiri of 1864, it cannot bo
denied that tneir subsequent success was
chiefly from t Mr. Cooko's - energotic
direction. His efforta have certainly been
as unceasing and his wisdom,, .skill and
energies hayecerlalnly been taxed as much
as those of any commander in the field,
and with results not less important. He
has been ably assisted by his brother," Henry
D. Cobke, and H. C. Fanestock both
patnert iu the firm of Jay Cootie & Co
Election in Kentucky.
Wo tako tbo following uoia tbo
Louisville Joirnal:
Tliil. Tompert, jr., who wia ar
rested yesterday by the limitary au
thorities, and pitrulnd to report this
morniug. reported promptly and was
discharged. I'hil. was arrested on
tbo cbaro of eleclioneering for the
Democratic purty."
To this tbo Louisville Democrat
"Thm nno exaniplo only. There
woro, v.t r.i Jt Tdland, a number f
eiiijcj ol iln-tii t, angled ir iko
liioiot riii : .in li'f I ticket.
Mr . win rvU-uM-tl; but tneh
ariia in 1 the dc.:tred lll'it to de
ter moil : win the polli."
'I'liul- la ir.rlbnr 1 lm.triitifin I.
a. 1 k-
is nnotiicr l.lintrauun : tite
' l our .-innus iib;ti!ii-
tiriiH, i.r.d j'liv.i how all our ijium
ti I'm can iio s- tiled by tbo bal'.jt. In
Lo;i i-'iiii :v nunhi-r of pi rooiii were
itrit.tte 1 ut t!w simij ln.iiioiH ot-
m in
T II I I! J)
h it,
U I E;
fly nut!.' :ri!;,'ul t!:o feorotary of l!.o Tr'Ntj-
ry, V,c nr !oi,;iH'il tha Mum' ml iMi'i.M'ii't:03
it m;.c)' P.r U111 tutu of I'ail'jd S':ite." H eliliitioi
Oil.jih In ll.a pniilni the tl.irj wrii of T'eiiiny
Koti-i,, liiti'riiiir tcvrn and tliruo tenths pur
cent. int .riMi,, pr unioim kuu'.vn uk the
VV- 'Will 71 ' L OA X.
Theso notis uiu h-siiod unilcr ditto uf July,
I5th, Ift.i, ur:il arc ptyul'lu tlnou jenrs from
tlmi di'tc, in carr.'i'.ey, or aru sunvvrtildti ut
;ho optimi "f tbo hnl.ler lato
r.ii. 5-y Six ier int.
Thi::-o IkhiiIn ioi row worth a humlioim:
pn i;i me, :i?..l uri i-v-.m , . iiro tin irn v.rr;i
iiii'.'it li.iihl-. l'rm:) Sfaie l.'i.e.nty unl 1i1111ieip.1l
taxation, uliie'j a hl from oiej to tlir"f. f i cijii.
per crtiiii to their I if , iic't r.liru' to tlio ri'.'.
Iv if-1 011 liju.n ol)i'-r p o rly. 'i'liu I'.tre.-.'
it. 'ny:il,in 1 1 1 1 -il r. : u . J by coii;.i..n moejh'j.l
I" i n.-liii'ite, will 'h nmy bo cut oii'uriil nolj It.
ui.y ban I; or Imnkor.
Ttie Interest illl-iSS .T c.i'l.t: hinou ii.i 10
"in; ci:ii t .r uuy on a f .1 ) note.
Two cjiiU oil u tl'ili ti.itii
Tu i on a f,"U nolo
i.o ,,n u f b'oo i,ulo
fl on u fUO uo'.es
JJ'it'i-"t" nTl lb iiomiimtioi.i iiaMiud will bo
promptly fiuniiihu.l iiouii receipt of eubherip-
Tim Notiiii of Uii: Tl.ir.l Series urn pi'nr ly
.'ini'ilur In f'.rni mid privib pcM to tin; r-eveii-Tliiii'i"-
tl i-na.I.v i-'jl.I, exuept tleit ! (i .vr".
nmot n'irvoK l-i ifs.-ll'tliu optlin pujinir in
lo'ect in got! I'jiu at i! or edit., ir.i-toad of 7
lOlhh in iMinoiiey. Knlnerlberd will de'luct the
inture.L in ei;rrd;eo up to July IS'.Ii, ,it tin
timo when l'u y Mi'i-ivi'ia.
Tbo Jul! vt: i y of ll.o role of Ll.ir- third rctics
of I,... S.i'e.: ,.!iir,'e
of I mie, ii 1 'ill 'i-'
tii.uoucly i.lt'.i U.a
The MgU -''
tlii'iTIMU" Si-"I!'
Illl-Iis". Tho I'll J'
- w' il r oti'ii i n ; i
!, i!t i -o -i!y nivl ::!-
i:nlj ln'.i.j e i.i I'.liilllJ (if
y. ail'.-efs otily n'nttT of
iui.ii!. in jwl.l , ii' in . on, vt ill
. ! 'il tut:
I J.
en:..'')' iuUii't of tlui
hi' or l.
id - !.u 'l i.i.i) "V
li. '..t in; a.,.i.. i
prions 1 ..'i' 1 oi'
ill jjold llu'l I-! I '
huvoii and tli.c-.
'Vhh is
i ii per cot.
.i c loiido vvilb
ii' i-nr-.-n.-y.
t j
Now t i
ier al
it.-: a i
o.:t. 1
l.v 1 1
i red y tie; (i -v. ii
ihl:'.j. - iiifttre it
IMi'L' i.m: i. n:
'"f TM 5 .ll!.-M-LV
l.i-.-'H '.him !.).iii,OJO,oeo i f lb.. I, i:..i a.;'.'.a
liv tlio 'luii -i-oai ar:iii i.v on thu nnir'rvt. T'os
uiiiuuiit, at ti'.u rata at w ilich i. ij 'Kav ab..urb
ud. will bo Mili.icri in I foi vi.hiii six-.y-.ln)
lion tbo notes will iiiidjuMud ' ,,i'oiiilniiiid n
i.n miiini. a:, luiH tii.vri'iiy l.i-oiitlia eisn on
clo..ii;:! t!.i! !-'.l''i -ci'i oiion.- to olho" L-
In order i.lii.t'.'it:i!-:iiSof cvorv town and oe-
tioiiof!lii! cou.iiry may b.i ;.!,' .v"! 1 I'li.-iii'b
f. ,r ti.l.it.i' 'be i"-n!l. till h itiouat BditUn. btalu
Buiil.,. .o J l'riv.U.- lijiikur.A tl.r-J
::.i.r.t. On
.,-,!ii.lri l.iive JOOOruH y uvrccd to
eive r'l'v
BtripiioiiK at par., Subscrib
own iiL-ciils, in whom thoy
r will ?ei.etr.ivr
b'.'.vii e;.iili loi!e-:.
ni.il iil.ooalv are to 1
rci-j-oii-iol.1 i-.r u.c ..n-
ivory of tho
nott h for which tloy ''" e
i tHiKM,
s,-i.,i, itii.Tiiis AtT. r':iiioli-l;.liil.
f.Ulisi.Kil-n NH WILL im BiellvKM hy t!:u
Fir.'t K..tio!'.i:l Hank of Cbidicotl.o,
Firt.t J.'ationaM'mil; of (Iioeiiicu'.i.
L'iruL NMiiuoiil IJauil of All s,
W!. V..'l...i il IS mk of I'itt .l-''.l .h.
Muy 20tli '05 Si.io.
State of Oilo, Vivian Covnt'j.
i !,.,.. p.iri...lr.. 1'i'if. ' i In Viii-Vn Conn
UL'aiiist t 'X ""'"'.
Pannisl Wh -tstoroand ! Loninnm i uaa.
Williini W bet. lone, Dells. J"n r..:uiw i.
TJUUsUANT to tho command of " execution
1- in tba abovo eausu to vc directed frc-Tn
tho 6'ourt of Coniou I'lcas, of tlm i,forc.Mitl
county of Vinton, I will otftr at pnMio 'la.
. . .... i . jf .11 : .. i '1 .. i- n
at tlio (toor ci mo o.mri, uuaiw, m .
JleArlbtir.in tbo oft.rosaid cjunty ol V niton,
"Saturday, Iht 2nd day of Sipkuibtr, A.P-
of ii nlu oi r of 1 o'clock e. M. nf paid day,
f..n,.m!...r .l.iKi.rilmd k al Kstato, to-wit:
Cuui'iior.ciiur in I5ij I'aeeoon cu the South
miliM.TS. C. Kukia's Mill Yurd una tmimnp
South 44. E- 2 ebuiiis 51 links to u Stone cnri.cr;
tbonco South i'i4 Woft4 chuii.s to a Stono ner;tlioiieu
North 48 West 2 cli-'ms 42 l:n.s
otm r...ivurs hau in tlio ctcok; nicnec uj-
crook tho placo of b.-i;iiiiiinK supposed
contain Ono aero more or lops, and cit-.mtcd
rh.. ntinntv nt Vinton nml Towns .11) 01 in
Suto of uhio, and buin a part of Fraction
Number Four (No. 4.)
Taken us tbo proporty of William Whctrtouo
to iiul'u.fy a jmli!iiiont of aforesaid t7ourt,
in lavor of jcnull.un Wore, Jr.
''Appraised at Six Hundred Dollars, and mutt
brinir two-thirds of thuWmu.
. TEK.MS OFSALK-cush in hand.
Bhoriti Vinton t'onnty, O.
Dana & Havutok, Att'ya for VIS.
July 57, 1135 5v
One Dollar Each!
Without .if iari to Valuo ! Kot to bo paid for
uulUjou kuow what you aru to rovtivu I ! I
Splciiaitl List of Articles!! All to be
told hi iino Dollar tueh 1 1 !
800 Musical Ucxhh fO to 150oach
I'O " " with UclU and
Cui-timts !i0O to inn onch
SOU hilv' Tiiioots a eoiloo Vrus i!0 to M cuch
dialing lifh.
SV to 100 ouch
luo Mylivrg
. -ao lo 50 cnoh
I Son
; I'yrup eii'S iVialvori 'M lo
j:i l!ot ilri!kin(fiijs 5 to
t'u.-ITrt 15 to
1'rnit, I'm Jnnd C'ako
M onch
5il ouch
6'J cuuh
50 onch
l!un!,'td 20 to
COOO Doz, Bilv' Taa Spoon 10 to
liO doz.
luuuu I aoiu se&oiis anu
Forks..... 30 to 10 doz.
2o0 (ients ifuid huatilii,'-cuso
Vutjic 60 to loO each
250 LuJLt Gold Si I'nunicl.l hunt-
inir caso Wnrdios ?5 to 10cae
'K) (luntH1 Uuiitiiiir-cai Silvjr
Watcbti-... 35 to 1') cnoh
'") Liiiiuoud l!il!',' 50 to lmlcueli
."s!' 0 Uold Neck A W'ft chaiiiH-. 4 to CO each
;'iiio " jval liunA lirueeluU" 4 to t eiu'h
;.ooo Jor unJ Oold Uracclct.i....- i) to
;.:'i)0 Ch itclaieo llii!ird clmiim 5 to
il'oO Solitaire i.- tiul 1 liroochos.. 4 'o
io o ('jral "paUcmcriild broochos 1 to
5i wo iluf:iic, Jot, Lava and Floiun-
tiao Kar JJrop.s 4 lo
" ioO t'oruUO'iiil m KnieraM ilrors 4 to
10 uuoh
20 cuch
lu each
8 each
8 onch
C ou:)i
I'm) Lai. uiuiiivml liroast rin-a,f!) to l:li3.icli
(il)O Fob Vot W.K'li-kcyn..g.5l to s ciu.h
1 "
j u
1 "
Hots t'lcoVD-biitoill:! .vStuds 8 to H unell
Foli A Ves: I'ibb'in-xliiluso 3 to 1JJ eneh
(i' Id TI;i:nt).jK it 1'. lieils.. 4 to ii ouch
iliivaturu LiokcU 2..W tp K each
" lliiic spiiair.-, lli to !ii) oueh
loollipii:ks,i'roi'.-cs ao 2 to
I'lllill Ui.l 1 ltillM 4 to
i.liasod (iold Kins 4 to
8 ouch
10 each
1 1 ouch
1(1 ouch
lo each
10 ca.:li
10 ouch
2a cuch
15 each
r. folio iol A .":).'iiot Kirif; 2,:iU to
Lr.l. iiiiinond itinir
(iold pirn Miter Fxtun.!on
Hi-lilerh uu I 'oncii s
lol l iViiitittliuU Moliutcd
Ho! lerh
ti jMl'oas A (iuld Kx'OIld
! to
4 to
0 to
13 to
5 to
' ' l:t I.udiua Jowolry Jet
and dol I
I " hut.-. 1, vJics Jo wclry tumco,
I'cnrl i pal mid othcrstones-. I to
i " Ladies Lull 0c Jut liuekks.. S to
i " "i " Jl.dr liars a
Halls 5 to
15 each
15 uacli
10 cut i,
AKlt.VMJJAI.K A Oo. Jlamifaeuruis AMiits
In'o. 1'iT 1!i -jihI ii uy , Now Vorlt.
i n otinco that all of tlu above list of goods
w ill be sold lor One Dollar each.
lo ccii.:c(iuer.ce of tho i;reiit f-lnijiiatian of
trade in the manufacturing "districts of Kn-
aiiJ, tliroiu'li the war havnie eut off the
supply of cotton, a large quantity of Valua
ble Jcweliy, originally intended lu' the ling
lisli market, has been sent olf tor sale in! this
emintry amb must ee solo at any sacri
fice ! ' Under these circumstances, auran
oaLe St Co., actinias ngents for tho princi
pal Kutopean iiiaiinfacturor, have resolved
upon a great Gift pportioniuent to divided
according to tho following regulations:
Certificates of the various articles are put
into envelopes indiscriminately, scaled up
and when ordered, are taken out without ro
ard to choii e, and sent by mail, thus show
ing no favoritism. On receipt oltlie certi
orate, you will see what you are to have.nnd
then it is at yrur option to tend the dollar
und take the article or not. Purchaser.' may
thus obtain a Gold Watch, Diamond Itinu,
or any set of Jewelry on our list for Ose
Si nd 23 cents, for Ccrtifientn
In ull transactions by mail. we shall charge
t'er forwarding the (Jertilicates, pay ing pot
.,''u and doiii" the lu!.iii('rj,ijcts euch.tt hich
luu-t b1" inclined when tlx ceit'.ficjte is
tent for. Five i-erl'ficitcs will ho tient for
i, r.(veii lor r.tl, llnity b;r sixty-live
tor if-10. oiio '.red lor l-,
tn; ii-.:' i'fess" say 1 "s
The L'lfmj: il:(luJ.) Luiij Courier M ird
$, 13'ij, S'V:'..
A butter selected, moro varied or fash
ionable arjuriincnt of ji-ivelry cniinot be
ound on the continent than rramlaleiV
Co. are now offenn;;. M 'ssr? irardile &
eo. oee.upy ii high pusitioii jin commercial
circles aa men entirely ubovo the common
Ui; I'.rrv of -trade, I'heir otateiiients may Le
ii.n 'i' iily relied upon, b'dh as to the charac
tu i f their fjoodj and tnamie.r of di.-pojai,
L-jiiies especnilly ill all part of the country,
are realizing I auilsome profits as agents, and
if any of cur lair readers dt s'uo lo interest
tlriiHclves in tho ctcrprise, thoy may do no
with perfect confidence.
Eiii'LovsiENT roil Ladies The most eli
gible and profitable employment we have
heard of lor Ladies is the fide ol certilicates
fr tho Great Gift Dbtri'mtion of re t n dale
& Co. A lady of our acquaintance has been
very succefs!ul in Ibis way, not only in fil
liuti her ov. n purse, but also in doing a good
turn to those to whuin f-he sold the cerlili
i attis, us will bo Fcen by our adverting
columns. Gentlemen can also be thus en
gaged 1 1 sun'ttiu mercury
aoests We want agents in every tfi
nicut and in every town and county in the
connlrvi and those acting as such will be
allowed 10 cents on every ccitluVate ordered
bv them, provided their re jiitlance amount
to ono dollar ulso oilier inducements wiucn
can be learned on abdication. gents will
collect 25 cents for every certilicate, ami ro-
mit 15 cents to us, either in cash or postage
Juue. Ist-65 fw 107 Broadway N.Y,
XTOTICE horebv eivon that tlio Commlssio
iN nors of Vinton County, Ohio, will moot in
Aaloski Madtson'luwnslilp on
Saturday te22ti day of July 1SG5,
At ton o'clock, l'.M., on paid day, for tho
porpoao of lettinfr to tho lowost rosposiblo bid
der tlio building or a Tostlo Bridgo atj'ho
orostinps cf llaecoon Crook ot or noar tho
aoulh enst ond of Coinmoreial Stroot whoro tho
nit'svillo and Zaliski ltoivl crnssos ond ulso tho
Road lcadinsr from Sfaloski to l'aekorda Mill in
Knox ion iifchin.
jly order of Commissioners
II. C. MOOKE Aud'r V.Co.O.
April 13thlS5-5w.
Knnroii Tlarns adminstratnr of tho Entato of
Shclton Burns lato of Vinton county, and Stato
of Ohio, decoasott, litis moa nis ucconnis ana
vouchers for inspection and final settlomont,
and that tbo samo will do lor noaring on me
30tn duy of Soptcmbor !Si3 -
MlVIIHill' VUU.lI,
August 10th 1S65 8w Frobuto JudgO
m m fiiiiiTi
P1NK-A1 1 Ll.s, l oucnes, Biiawoorriog.isiacK
bcrrystireon 1'cas Just .received and for
tule it tbc Dr:3Etoro,of
" Having j nrcbitecd tbo Drn OHtaVlitlnnoiit of Dodgo and iVil
; and odded u new nn-1 coin pb-tc supply thereto, would cull attention
yhojowcat jirico of I ii
!- V
' IIA I il. 'A N . WAS
fi ne
J o6
of nil doacriptiom fur Medical purposoa
and cvorytliing olao in tbo DRUG
W.c buy and
Compttent I'liyscinna and Driiggiat, will nttend t) tbc -linking
of -aceurnto compounding of all ModicineR or TrcBeriptioiia, dny or
niybt. Givo us a call and wo warrant satisfaction.
July 2Sth 1804,- lyt. Dr A. CONDE.
liuc at Cincinnati rotiuli'iUC
sell for CASHt
3 r-r 43-:
f. j . iWl TT T
N nn'l aftur .Men lay, Oulobor 31 hill, and
muill further notico, trains will ruu us lol-
Leaves Cincinnati at 7:10 A. M.: Leaves Lovo
nnd,nt3:'i3 A, M.; urrivomit Lliillicotlio ul
1J:'J'.I I'.M.i Leaves CS.illieiitlio ot 12:50 1". Sl.l
'caves Ilaiii lcri Junction at 2:15 1'. M.; leaves
MoArthiir.r.l24 1. M.; leaves Zllcslii.ut 3:01
M., laav is Atliens at 4:13 I'. M. Arrivos
it Mai iotta ut il:5.'i I'. M.; arrives at Purkors
burgutMIU l'. M.
Leavos 1'arkorsbiirR, ut7:10 A. M.J Icavos Mur
iotta at 7:45 A.M.; loavos AtboiiB at 1 :31 A.
M.; leaves Z:du-l;i, 11:45 A. M.: leaves Mo Ar
thur, 12:13 1. M.; Ili;mden Junction at. 12:32
A.M. Arrive;, at 0!iillietho ut 1:5s I'.M.I
l.cuvos (Ihillieotbo at 2:H 1'. M.; luavus Lovo
land ut 5:5S 1'. M.; arrives at CineimiaUi at
700 l'.M.
Zulcski Fraiaht earyimr passoiiKers, pasC3
MoArOiur (toiuu Kast at ti:50 A. M.; ioiiu!
West al 2:51 l'.M.
Tbo Accommodatiin Train Leaves Chillientho
nt 5:20 A. M.; arrives at C'ineiiinntti ut 10:25 A.
M.jloavcs Concinnivti at 3:30 1'. M.; arrives ut
Cl.illicotho at 5:50 l'.M.
Coin cotions aro uiai.a at l.ovolu'iil wi'.li
Trimn to r.ml from Columbus: rid at ll.imdcii
Juuction with trains to and from l'ort.'iiunttn
ON and after TluiTfiay, rooruary io, uu
rogular l'ossonu'or Trains will run in enn-
nection with tho Trains on main nuu ouvwuuu
l'ortsmonth and Cincinnati, us follows:
l.n,ivr. l'nrtsmoulli at 5:15 A. M., arrives
Honour, at 9:85A.M.; arrives at 1 ortland
10:US A.M.; arrives tn Jackson nt 10:57a. M.;
arrives at Itamden at 11:S0 A.M.J arivos at Cm
cinr.ati at 5:55 l'.M.;
Loavos Cincinnati at S:30 A.M.; loaves Ham
den ot3:0 F.M.; arrivos at Jackson at 5:311.
M .; arrivos at Portland at 4:21 l'.M.; arrivenat
l'ioncor at 4:50 l'.M.; arrivoa at Fortsmouth
6:10 T.M. , ,
Accommodation Train dopaTts from lorls
mouth at 2:45 l'.M.; arrivesut Vionccr at 4:3
and dc9art at 4:50; arrivos nt Jackson at li:t4
and llamdnn. ul 7:30. l)epnrlsii:10 A.M ; ur
rivos'at Jackson at 7:35; arrives at 1 lonocr
0:35;' and arrives at l'ortsmoutliat 11:45.
Thronfth Tiekots to Cincinnati can bo obtain
od ot Fortsmouth, l'urtlaud. und Jackson,
tho follow iug rates:
J'ortBinouth to Cincinnu'd, 4-w'
l'ortlund " 'lo tAM
Jackson " do 4,00
Is now regularly organized, and prepared
io furnish the best of music, foralloccis-
innq. The music is of the lutest ond best
gtyle equal to anv that can be furnished
by auy Bund in the Stale. Any perf-cms
parties desiring the services of this'Band,
will address
; ' McArthur, Vinton Co., 0.
Auj-uct 3d k6i. IrtiO
The Slate of Ohio, Vinton County, Oh'o.
Lydia A. Kearny, lTd, l
iiiuinst DivOuO.
James W. licuiny, lVf't. J
HE suid Jam js V. IL-amy, la'.j of 1'orry
county, Ohio, di.-toiiilaut, whos.i ldaco ot
rosidonco is unknown lo idaiiitil!', is notiflcd
that s-iid LydiaLA. l!.iiiny did, on lb; 25th day
July, h'i5, ll!e bur pittti oi for Divoreo in lha
ol'.ico of tlio t'lurlt of lie Court of
Common Fleas, within and lor the find county
of Vin'on, ehiirjrtiv.u.til'in g other things, tliu
suid James W, KuumivwUb adultery with ono
tatilda Stevens, uud 1'foss neirloct of duty: und
atliinjr 'hat sho may be divorced from tbo said
Jume.s W. Foamy, and he.vo tho custody of
John W. and Mary Aim lleamy, children ol
dufundunt, Arc; which pc'ition will bo lur
huurin ut tho next Ti-rni ot sui l Court.
LYDIA A. llliAV.V,
I'.v ItiiAT-roN i: Mavo, hur Atl'ys,
July 2T,15'i''5-ut
Male nf Oft io, inloii County,
J. Marlindill Fl'll,1 In Coi.rt Commoo
uluir.st j Fkas.
FcniaiitinDill, .v 1 J
John Dill, Delts. j On ven li No. 8
1)UU3UANT to lha command of Vondi iu tho
ubova cauiio to mo directed from tlio Court
of Common l'leiis of Viulon county, Ohio,
1 wid oiler for sale at public auction at tho Fmiu
derv of llcniuinin Dill, in Hamden, Clinton
Township, Vinton oouuty, Ohio, on
Mona-yy 23, lo of August 18G5,
At tho hour of Oi.o o'clock F. M. of said day,
and sulo to coutiuuo from day to day until wild,
rho followinir porsonal prorcrty to wit: Llovon
1 Flows;Ono lot of old Hcrup Iron Car-tiiifra ubout
ono aud a hull Totm, two larjro ncalos; Uuo sot
of Mounting tools consisting of Drills, llrucoi'
Ac. OnoCriud Ston"; Ono lot cf odd Htova
Flates, (iratcs, Cain Mill Arc, Ono set of Lath
tools Wheels ilrc.l'arts of two sots 15laek-sn ith
toos. consisting of two Anvils, Tongs ac. l'urt
of a Hit of Tinners tools; Ono 15 in. h circular
Saw; Six cooking Stovo jiatterus, two for coal
and four for wood; Throo cannon t'uve pattorus
Two monky P'ovc puttoms; nn ussorted lot ol
hollow ware riittoins, for l'ots, S dliots, lCcttlon
"co. Eight Flow rattcrus, of Uillurcnt mzos;
Two tirato iisttorns; Thrto Orsto patterns wi l'u
fronts; Ono woedon Cain Mill p ittern; Ono set
2 ill Iron pattorn.witn lollow Jii.uras,Klas!s ie
for all abovo mentioned patterns; Oo set of
small w'icol patterns for lluggy and coal bank
Jiagrrys; uno cct oi cunciow una mourner tools
coiisisling of pokcrf. shovels &o. Ono Desk;
Two hundred ana ninety moro cr less now
Iloatno; lourtcon linndTCd inoroor Ices Flow
Kunis; Twonty-Povcn Flow hamllos; Ono lot
of Lumber abort ono bun lrod I'cot; Fivodoor
and window francs; Onocountor Scales: Ono
huiajl lot of wiro r.nd tin; Ono Somen; Four -lu
curs; Oni hand aw; iuo m liunimor; Ono
bund Dcllows Ono lot wrocgh Iron scraps:
Ono liar of Iron, ono Wbcel-llurrow, and a
vuriotj lot of Maski!. Patterns Ac, usualv bo-
lougtng to a rounaiy uiiu ono, o.ic liorso Jlug-
TuKcn as tlio properly of Benjamin Dili to
satisfy a judgmon' in li.vorof J. Martindill
i Mm ov AL Lasn in Hand.
Pherilf Vinton iVmaty, O.
Coiistnblo & Sbivel, Att'ys for 1'1'lf.
Augast3, ls55-3w
Suiie of Ohio Vinton County.
Barak Jano Mitchell Htit. 1 In Court of
agaiust Common Floss
Am Ml telle" Deft. J Divorce.
Adam Mitchell is notified that Sarah Jano
Mitchell did, on tho stli dy of Angust 1361
filo bur petition in the olllco of tha Clerk of
said Conrt, charging tho said Adam M:teholl
with a formor mairiuge.und asking (hit sho he
divoreod from the said. Adam Sfitcblll, which
petition will stand for hearing at tho next term
ot sttlu Lourt. h Alt All J AISE MITI.HELL,
Fy Constable ,fc fil jvel Inr A' t rr. y
T 1? A I T? H f T "I? "II ' T T
It li 1X Li 1U U j li JL X . .
IONS F O II 18 6 5
CORK 11. Will.
l!c and Bins lolling,
Mc Arthur, Ohio,'
Havina fust received a larcc bik) fiplon
did stock of
Spring Clothing
and Furnish
ing Goods,
Such as
Neatly got up
Of various patterns of American rindFrench
Cftssimeres and cut lo lh; JatCit style- to.
yether with u tusty wsortment of ; i .
Shis and lYeek Tics.
I beg leave to Imforin the PuMio that, haT
iug purchased our entire stock of Clothing
and Furiiishiog Goods at tho present heavy
deidme in uold and (he consequent depre
ciation in tlio valuo of Merchandise I am
therefore enabled willing and ready to sell
my goods fully in accordunco with - thai tie
clme and which cannot fail to attract the
attention of close buyers even at tho present
acprsscu state oi inc marnni
I guarantee my Clothing lo
Fit Well oh no Sal
l aljo have a nice assortment of
Trunks Valiee ani C&tpcl Rag$
Don't fail to examine my itock befor tnr
chasing elsewhere as money can be saved
uy Duyingat
June 8th 1865 tf
For niank Deeds. CallM
FOR Blanks of all
tbo DkM-kirat Office,
kinda call at

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