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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 24, 1865, Image 2

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E. A. bkatton": T 7 : t O ITO R
Vs.) . 0 WtOOUURH,
f" fnn commissionxb,
Democratic County Ticket.
jje give this week oar ticket tw
nr.Baln.ated oo last , Saturday, The
Ticket i3 A good one, and wo hope
it will releJvb the ennport of every
Cotfaervati'vo pitiiohjnjtliecounfy, as
well as tho Democracy. Wg Boy this,
not with e t and ing tftrr party friends
havfciono ilBgro83 injustice, in not
endofting'bur acta for tho paBt two
joara aa yprroprosotitativo. It was
due to visvlwcauao it is almost .the
universal-nractice of tho' party and
becanao wo havo novcr torsakon th e
principles' f our party, a taught by
tb.tr toonaera, pi wo governmcnt.-
Knpwipg ,; Lhiia as , wo do, and as you
ought to httvii ksown," it is a poor
Moose' to Bay that yon were misled
by Inierepfeaontations' of Bro. Dana,
or ftfy 7oihor man. , Wo wish, just
here,, to say, that the tcport previous
to the, Primary Elootion, started by
pretended bettor Democrats than wo
that W.'Uij not vote nhai net tho'prO'.
po$d. Coiisitutional Amendment,"
is a aieeliqyU uot t word ot trutU in
" it and tli.mtu ; who circulated
could easily have boon bo informed
if ttrfcyliaJ wanted tho information
Tho (yoron'er's jury in tho case of
thoRCtident on the llonsatonic Hail
Iioadvjio Connecticut have rendered
a verdict that tho disaster wascaus
ed by culpablo negligence upon the
y&iy of tho road- ;
lt'ialrei)6rtod in 'social convcraa
tioo, in Matauioraa, that Minister
Rolla Bays,' in cast) it troublo with
the United -States, the- Froncb Gov
erntao'nf would throw fifty thousand
troops on the Rio Grande,
The' New York Comercial pnblish
es a privato letter from South Caro
lina, which says that a civil wir is
imminent in that StatOj from the
negroes, after the let of January.
At that time thoy will all be turned
loose. It is the writer's opiuion
that they ftro preparing for the fight,
and ar$ arming ' themselves more
than the writes.' ' lie thinks the
negfbfeii or whites in South Caroli
na will all bo extermined. as we of
th? North shall will it.
Th'erKetchurn robberies are now
CBtuuat'e at SSOOO.OOO."
Mumford, tho gold oporator, baa
beea discharged. . II is liabilities are
ouly $100,000. -'
Tho' rGbel General Stapleton has
published a letter exhonorating tho
Imperialiati from ever , assisting the
Confederates, and Bays not a riflo or
musket ever crossed tho Rio Grando
through tha Imperial lines.
Brown County.
TTia Democracy of Brown county
have nominated h. M t :tcu for Rep
la BpeakirJg of tho Convention, the
Brbwii County News says:
V )!?' Bf. , to. eee so many
eoVliersa delegates to the Demo
cratic, Cogoty .Convention here last
Saturflai- .It proves two facts First.
ThavPoroocrata are ever the true
friends pf the ' Boliiiqra. and not their
cnenjits, but do honor and respect
theui.. Second. Thattheao soldiers,
afte: having put down the rebellion,
are not disposed to surrender all tho
honor of that great work to thu Uu
gro, nor to veto with the party who
are now Becking to tlevato the iicgro
to tho Elalus of the white man, and
make him equal, if not superior, to
the jwhito soldier, . Soldiera are not
Ibr egro equality... Tbeyvare for'fl
white man's or.riirnent, and many,
nery jnany, ot thcin will vote this
fall with-tho wtitta man party and
jaiostUjo, , iNugro equality Aboli
tion pflity. Honor to the. true and
Democratic County Convention.
- tionr--
I urfUttLt to previous, notice ; tho
Democracy of Vinton couufyfcne8oru-
Wul at the Court iluiiee, iu AlcAr-
tl.ur, on Hominy, Aujrust 21, 1365,
at 1 o'clock P. M.; and,
Un motion, SAMUEL' C. CASE,
E-'q., ; w.ifl chosen PresiJuiit, naJ
Benjamin Dill wan af-pointo! Sec-
li-tury; . t
Tl! llut.'vcntltn thon j-rctcccdod to
business. ''
lite returns of tho I'riianry Elec
tiort, which wm held (u Saturday,
thu lOtt, wore rccuivod from all tlio
Twntthi,B and the candidates doter-
nrnfd, m follovts:
o -i3 5-3 c.3 '
5 2 it
o 3 a
C if 10
t w 8 a
Bratton S
KS CT to - o
O! U W Ol Wi
o, S Swaim
K) 0 0 OS O
to to
2 Daa
-l:" .
S3 1
4 t U
to i w
tw 00 .
( w o
I k Ol CO ' 1
Mho fo lowiDi 'rtso ntiona were
ihen'adopted uuanimoualy ; ,. ..
Whersas. This is tlw proper .tima for
the Democratic nuitv . to niake'lieir issue
Iwtdi its opponents, mid that in. doing so,
they might to be governed by principle and
(riilA, ami not by expediency; therelore, be
it. . . r ..
Rcwheil, By Uio .Democratic, party of
Vinton County, in Convention aesembled:
1st. That wo are in favor of equal and
exact taxation and denounce the present
system of Federal Taxation, as being une
qual and unjust.
2il,; That wo arc oppose J to the political
and eocitt! equality of the negro, in this, or
any" oilier State of the Union.
3d. ThatTve are opposed to the Euspen
aiouof the writ of Habeas C0B?us,at any
time, or in any event.
. 4ih. That we are opposed to the trial of
persons, not in the military or naval seivice
of the United Stales, by '.Military Courts or
tribunals, (if they mar be so called,) are
nothing more than ..Vigihioce Committees
for the worst party .purposes.
Dlh. That we endorse, as we always have
done, the Virginia and Kentucky Resolu
tions of 1793 99.
Judge Craig offered a Raaolution
requesting special legislation on
Bounties to Voterans, which was laid
on the tablo.
The Convention then selected Del
egates to represent Vinton Conuty in
tho. State and Senatorial Couven
tions, ..
Tho following aro tha names of
the Delegates to tho; State Conven
tion Henry Reynolds, II. C. Moore,
II. S. Damllton, and D. S. Dana,
1 ' Tho namoB of tho Delegates to tho
Seuatoiial Conventiou are aa follows
Elia3 V. Davis, Richard Craig, S. C.
Case, aad David Foreman.
',A Democratic Central Committee
for1 the ensuing year was then choaen,
Ra follows;. Archibald Atuyo, Richard
Ciaig, D. S. Dana, George Lantz,
Joseph Bubo.
On motion, the following Reaolu
fious were adopted . . . ,,
Rtsukid, That the Delegates to the
State and Senatorial Conventions, being
preBent.cast the vota for the county.
Remlvcd, ' That the candidates at the next
winual County Convention ba nominated
by t Delegate Convar.tiou.
On motion the Convention adjourn
ed sine die.
S. C. CASE, President.
Kentucky Election.
' Tho Louisville Journal admita
Dotnbcratic majority in branches of
the Kentucky Legislature " It will
be a fait working majority; Tiey
have aluo a majority.of the members
of Congress. With a free election,
they would have' cartod nearly ove-
rv candidate in the State,
Outrages in Kentucky.
It is well to keep tho people thor
oughly postod as to tho means by
which tho I;pab!icar.8 eucceoded in
eMing a few offices in Kentucky ,gt
tho late election. A Kentucky co-
temporary saya: "
' At Mower's precinct, in Lewis
county, tho Democnwe and Uonsorv-
atives wero chased away horn the
oolls with guna apd rocks."
A Lancaator (Girard County)
correspondent of tho Louisvillo Donv
ocrat says;
' On Sunday evening before the
dection, several United StattB trans-
ter (wagons,) loaded wnh negro solq
itrA, were drawn into tho country
am' sent to iho Ecvcral votini'
ireuinets. So noon as tho polls wore
Mieiicd the arms were stacked
conspicuously in close jiroximity to
rhu voting places, the oiuuurs o: encii
mind taking h ri&ittoii naar tire
atnnd (at one precinct tho ofbeer
actutlly sitting with the judges,)
with their hats ra hand, or would be
(oval citizens at their sides to point
out their victims as thoy approached.
At tho same timo, men of the seme
militioal creed wero running aroind
'telling voters of the Union Democrat
ic party that they . ougut not to ap
proach tho polls, for their nanea
wero on the list, and, "if they did,
they knew they would ho arro8tel;-
Early in the morning, several qiiot,
civil citizens, vtho woro willirg to
take all tho oaths required, were
arrested and put 'under, guard cl the
negro soldiers; and tho arresting and
threatening continued until about
noon, when it became
Radical ticket tfould be successful,
- .
and tho Union Democrats bad gone
home, humiliated and disgusted, then
all arresting ceased; andonio men,
who bad been threatened most and
bitterest, votfd without tho least
moleatatiohj and even a few who had
been arrested wero turnod loose and
allowed to vote. ATter the polls
wero closed, all vLo had been arrest
ed were released, without, knowing
the cauao of their arrest, or upn
whoae information they had been
arrested. Thus, by , actual military
dictation, 'arrest and intimidation, W
J y Lush, tho Conservative caudidate
for Representative of this county, as
well as tho rest of the Conservative
ticket, wet a defeated, while, with a
fair election, tho county would have
gone largely for tho Conservative
The Prospect Ahead.
Unless wo aro ureally . mistaken,
the signs of tho times are auspicious
lor tlio uoleut ol tlio Abolition party.
Tho pendulum, which has boon
swiiwini' with 6iich treuiunduoua
forco in ono direction, is now, wo aro
inclined to think, disposed to move
in tho opposite direction. The letter
of Gen Cox. Ihe Abolition candidate
lor Governor of Ohio, virtually re
pudiating the principles upon which
the war has been carried on, is the
icoburg. It must widen deeper, for
ideas are logical in spite of the io1i
ciaos. What is needed now is sharp
ami concentrated fire upon tho wa
vering eucmy. Thoy have been
brought face lo face at last; with
their real object, tho degradation of
tho white citizenship to tho lovel of
negroes, and thoy quailed boloro the
Never before did so great a re
sponsibility rest upon the northern
Democracy. Thuir brethren of the
South aro bound baud and foot, and
helpless in thy grasp of tho Abolition
monster. Now is the timo, therefore,
for the northern Democracy to rush
to tho rescue, and save liepublicau
institutions from destruction. Could
the condition of any people deprived
of the right of self-government ap
peal more strongly to the sympatios
of every lover ot Liberty? We abuse
England for oppressing Ireland,
We burl maledictions at Francis
Joseph for bis tyranny over Vbnetia.
aud we fairly curso the Czar ; for
trampling out tho life blood of Po
land. But here aro our own -kith
and kin, bono 'of our bone, and
fles i of our flesh,'" a bravo, gallant,
and glorious People, who hav'e
foujrht for fbui years against'greater
odds than any people before, at last
overpowered by superior numbers,
and actually compelled to have their
towns and cities garrisoned by negro
troops! Ireland, Venetia', und Po
land are garrisonod at least with
with white troopB, who cannot lail to
have some sympathy for their own
racejbutitis reseivcd. for' our own
brethren of tho South to bo. forced to
submit to a degredation which must
tax to the very utmost powers oi hu
man endurance. Why, if the insults
aud outrages which negroes ate per
mitted to perpetrate in, Southern
cities Bhould take place in' New
York, it would not be a week before
every negro that could be tbund
would bo hanged to a lamp post!
Tho temper of our people would not
How humiliating must be the re
flection to every tnaa who believes
in equal rights, to every man who
can lay a shadow of claim to Democ
racy, that oue portion of the country
should be thus tyrannizing over an
otherl Let every man in the North,
rthertfore, who has any .influence,
uro it to remedy this state ot anairs.
We are our friends In tho country to
remember. that the time for choosing
delegates to the various Conventions
tor tho fell election will soon be upon
us.'' See to it that tho right men are
elected. Do not ; leave it lor a few
politicians to manago, but be careful
that the delegates are pledged to de
mand a cassation of military rule, and
a return to the sway of the Oonatitu
lion and tho Lawd. Let our issue
bd our Government as it was
Notlniij; short ot 1Ijib can givo us
lasting pece nothing short of this
will satisfy tho people, and notliing
New York
Day Book.
A Terrible State of Things.
NEW YORK, August 21.
The Commercial prints the follow"
ing from a privato letter, written by
a citizen of Camdon, South Carolina--
. . .
Aa all tho negroes aro to bo turn
ed looae on tho country on the 1st
day of January iext, tho question is,
how they aro to live? L'oor crea
tures! their doom iBoaled. They
or tho white raco must perish.
Which will it be? Will tho North
stand by and see their own fiesh and
blood perish at tho bauds of the ne
groes? 1 fear for the 1st of January
to come. . We arp 6iiro to have a
difficulty with tho blacks. I think
thdtIlcyaro preparing lor tho crisis.
mi 1L.,.U....I,.M nstl
i nay. aro arming iuemuiveu uuw,
and I think thoy have more weapena
than tho whites. Wo have but tew
arms to defend ourselves with. A
tor mvsolf. I havo none. Sherman
nnt mv k hntfMin ana revolver, i m-
- . . . . i
tend, however, to send for a pair oi
J a- ... .
army revolvers, with uxed cartridges
tn fit It not too much trouur. tell
.no rim enst of a nair of them.
want good ouos, lor 1 am sure l snail
. . . I,,,
need thorn.
NEW YORK, August 21. Special Notice,
A Most Important Discovery.
We are making a single machine which
combines the beat and cheapest portable
Wine and Cider Presa, the dryest Clothes
Wringer, and the most powerful Lifting
Juk in the world. ' It is the only nress
to making Apple Champaign,
wuicn is now rgarped as one ol the most
important disomies ol (he ase. A good
aiient wanted in every county,' to whom we
.. : II . I. : 1 . .
win ikiiu uui sutn uiaucf iiiunia as to III
sure fel.OOO belore Christmas. The firs
one making application from anv counU
bhail have ihe exclusive agency. Full
particulars, term3 etc., by Circular.
H LL. REK1J &. CO.,
No. 55 Liflerty St., N. Y
aug. 17,1m
Composed of highly concentrated extra rcls
Horn roots and Jierbs of the highest medical
value, infallible in the cure of all deceases
of the'Livcr orany derangement of the Di
gestive Organa, They remove all Impuri
ties of the 13 lood, and uro unequaled in the
riuc nf Diarrh.'B. Juiindice. Di-sirf-nQi i firm.
e I ,,M ! " I . . n
iuia, Diuousnesa, jjiver uoinpiuiu, x evers,
it 1 . . i .. r : I .. it. ' 1 t
iieauuciie. i'lies. iiit-rcuiiui wrat'JbL'H. tiere-
ditory Humors. Dos1! for adults, one pill in
the moil inn- children half a nill. From nno
to three pills will cure ordinary cases, and
irom one to tnree uoxes win euro puy curea
uie case oi no matter now long standing:
Price SI 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
uy man
June 1st 1865 ly 62 Fulton St N Y
tain? its precedence and great popularity
and after undergoing gradual improvements
for a pesiod ot 30 years, is now pronounced
bv the musical world to be. unsurpassed and
even unequaled in richness, volume and
purity of tone, durability and cheapness.
Our new scale, French action, harp pedal,
iron frame, over-strung ba6s, seven octave,
rosewood pianos we are selling cheaper by
from ft 100 to $200 than the same style and
finish are sold by any other first class ma
kers iu the country. Dealers and all in
want of good pioanos are invited lo send
for our Descriptive Catalogue, which con
tains photgraphs of our different styles, to
gether with prices. No otie should pur
cqase a piano without seeing this ' Cata
logue. 3fedal3, aluost without number,
have been awarded to the Grovesteen Piano,
and at-the Celebrated World's Fair, though
put in competition with otliera from all
parts of Europe and the II. S., it took the
highest award.
Established 1835.1
499 Broadway, Now York.
SEaMMIj SYSTEMS new and relia
ble treatment. Also the J3R1DAL CHAM
BER, aa Essay of Watninz and Instruction
Sent by mail in sealed envelopes, free of
charge. Address, Dr. J, S K I L L I N
HOUGHTON, Howard Association, No.
2 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa.
uct. i3in ibod iyr.
Do yon want Whiskers of Moustaches! Our
Grcian:Componnd will force them to erow on
n amoomeai iaco or cmn, or nair on Dald Heads
in Six Weeks. Rice 1,00. Bent by ma.il any
whore, closely sealed, on reooip' of price. -
Address, WARNER & CO., Box 139,
Brooklyn, -N. Y. - -
Feb, lees iy,
A Cleiyynin while roMding in South A mer
es as misHiontry. discoverud a safe and si ru
le remedy for the Cure of Nervous Weakness,
larly Decay, Diauaaos of the Urinary and
Seminal Organs, aod the whole train ol' disor
ders brought on by baneful and fioionn rjabits.
Grant mmbei have been already cured by this
noble remedy. Fromyteil by a doalre to bene
fit (be allllcted and uufortunate, I will send
the recipe fur preparinsr and using thia midi-
o'nn, in a sealed envelope, to any one who need
it, r mis of v HAKua
rieasa inulose a poevpaij eevelope, ad areas
ej to yoursulf.
Station D. Bibli TIooaK, .
Mar. lth'185-lyr. New.York City.
SEW SKIRS ' FOR 1805-6.
The Great Invention of the Age In
J. W. BRADLEY'S New f.itent DUPLEX
ELLIPT10.(or double) Sl'KlNU fKIKT
two) Elliptic Steel fiprlnira, inireuiounW Uruid-
ed Tightly and Firmly tu(tetlior !edr toe.leo.
rculting tho Umguoat. moht nexiblo Ua.iti and
Du ruble Spring over nsd. Thoy auUlum Bend
or Bnt.ili like the Sii.gla Springs, and ton-
qncntiy I rervo thou rorluct ana ituaiituui
bhiipe Twioa a Long a ntiy Mnglo eprin
SUirt tluit Evor II us or Can bo mado.
Tho woNw:iii cL rLixiniLiTT and Groat Com
fort tin d iilcriiMire to any Lady wcariBir tha
Duplex KUiiic Skirt will bo exporiunoid parti
Oiilurly in all Crowded AaMinldlna, tlpcmn,
Carriages, Railroad Carj' Chim-'h rcwa,Ariu
Clnira, fur 1'n.monado and llouno DreH, aa ho
Skirt i-iiu bo foldod, whon In uao. to owwy a
mnll iiliuo aa easily and oonvanioutlr aa I Bilk
or Muahn Dross.
A lady li.ivinir onioyed tho ptea-uro . pmnlort
aniljzroat o nivenionco of wi'imiig the "Duplex
L otic Stocl cinrinir k rl" lor n slnirio uay.
will novor arturward willintll diapeiii-e with
their mu. For O'biMren, Miiwoa, and onrijf
La'lioa, thoy are anporior to all othofa.
THE Il iOfSnrucovorad with 2 dyd'inMa
twiatid tlire;i.l and will woar twico a Ion? aa
lllo Singlo yarn oovorinjf which ia used on all
Siuirle 8lo. l Hoop Skirt. Tho t'.)roa bottom rod
on avory 8kirtaro alo Doiiblo 8toel, and twiuo
or d'liiblo covorod to urcvont tho covormr from
woi.rni!,' on thu niH wnen aragtc.ua aown vttm
atuiio awn, c, which thoy Bie oonatantly aui;
loot to wliou in1 ufce.
All uro niuilo ol tho no tv an J oirant i,oruoi
Times, are thu Hut 0'iulity in eviry part
aiviuif to tho wearer tho moat (rraool'ul and per-
bot tiliapo po Hiblo, and ara LiiqiiL'iioiiuiiy wis
liZlitcHt, m'int iiOKirunio, ooiuiuria'Jiu ana s.ulu
miciil Skirt! ovormado.
TOUS of tho InvLiition.nnd SOLE MANUr'AC
TUKEltS. DTChiunbur... und 79 a:id SI Kendo
titnet jNuw ior!t.
VI. ll SALE In nl 1 Flrt Hiwa Rlorea In 11
City and O.ror.uliuut tho United ktaton. and
Cunning, ILivnua lu t'ilif, Mexico, kvjtUli
Amoi ica, and tha Wot Indies.
lsyinu ton Tin DiPLtj cLLimo (or dou'-Iu)
AnUht 21, 15rt5 imo a. e
B. and June Dnnklo. txrevor and Ex
ccutrlx of tho Kftato of Kii Dtmkle,lUo
of Vinton t'onul v Ohio, duvt-nred. huvo lilo
tll'ir mcounla and vnucUurK, lnr iiM4clln
und flniil Mjttiuiiicnt, uml that the suino will
Btaud for licaiini; in tha 1 rotiuto Court
V inton County, ()litu,u tb-j ltflU da' of Kup-toiiilwr,
A.I). 1SS.
AujiiHt 24,lsii5 -3w Trobulo Jud0.
!"lVfl FAinKS-FOll WALE!
Acres of unimproved land, lyine
within one halt miieol wiikesviiie, v niton
county, Ohio.. The land lays well, u 11 of
can bo cultivated, tho soil is of an excel
lent quality , unit well timbered. It adjoins
the landn ol Messrs. Hawk, Chapman, and
Beuty. It will urake a most desirable
79 Ai:jps of Woodland, about three
,,!'.. r.... iv;u,.. .. :n.. .... .a. i
lo Hartley s Mill. This tract will inike
gnud upluud farm, is well timbeted, and
near enough to Iron Valley or Eaglo Fur
naces to coal suffi.'eiit of the timber to puy
lorllie land.
leiood, and terms made eacy.
or further particular, call on or ad
McArliiur, Ohio.
Aug 11, 1865-6W
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County.
JonoCM'. Bnwn VtS In Conrtf
asiinet Common l'loim,
IWrjumiu olurtfun ct al Doit J Order otsale
UhSUANT to tho command of an ordo r
side in tho abovo oauao to mo directed from
tha Court of Common 1'lcaa, of tho al'oroauiil
co tin ty of Vinton, 1 v IU offer at public aalo,
tbo door of the Court Ilouao, In the town
McA rlhiir, in aforesaid connty ofVlnton,on
Saturday the 20th day of September 1866
4t tho hour of oue o'clock, 1'. M of said day
tha fullowinjr property 'xituated In auid Vinton
count) torn: Uceinnmi? at thaaouth
corner of fection nur. boi flvo, (S,) In township
numlior nine, (9,) of Hungo number eijrhtnen,
(18,) thence runniue dao west ou auid tcctioj
line to the bed of-tlie crook, thonco tip tho croek,
along ila varioua winds and moandelinpa,
nhilo oak true, on tho bank nf tho crock near
wber . the crock atrikca the bind above Petor
Millera houau, hcuoe aixfcon roda nearly north
to a atone in tho gully, thence np the draft
wost- ward conrna to tho corner atone Indraft
ootwoon Sauiuol Darby Sr. and Petor.MiUur
thence due north to tho acction lino, thonce
oust on tho acction lino to tbo north eaat oor
nor of said aectiou, thence dne south on
accticn lino, half way to tlio place of beeiunini
. i. . : 1 Q , .. 1 c - -
10 ft Bioue iiciwvuu rum uaiuiiui lyuiuj cr.
Soloinau Kedfern, thence lunniue into acction
number fcur a aonth oaat direction to
south eaat corner of tbo north west qnartor
the smith weat quarter ol mid accdon, thence
duo south to tha section line, thonce duo west
to the place of beginning containing one hnn
drcd And aoventy acroa more or less, save and
occopi aoventy acrifa mora or less on the cast
side ot aaiu crooit, rctaincu ana now owncu
said Braton, and also save and except tha fol
lowing irac converoil by said Brattun to Amzi
Morgan by dcod dated April lGb 1800, to-wit:
Coinuioneine at tho north west corner of
north oaBt quarter of the north east quarter
salil section numner nv, inencesonio tome
south west oornor ol tho south east quarter
the north east quarter of aame acction, thonce
east along the south lino of tho aamo to a atone
near he county road ten feet from the base
the hill, thence a aonth easterly - direction
tho center of said county road near tha tobacco
house, thence north along tho ccnUir of
said road to thu section line, thonoe west to
place of beginning, containing thirty acroa
moro or less. Also a certain otter tract com
mencing in the bod of the croek near a small
Elm tree, on tha division lino between
lands of said Bratton and Boloman Jiedforn
thn north west quarter of tho aouth west quar
ter of said section number focr, thence north
west along said division line twelve rod,
tuenco aouta west Bixn-en.roaa, inence south
east (o the bed of theoreok, thance np the creek
lo (be place of beginning, containing one
acre and 32-100 acres more or less.
Taken as (he property of Bonjamin Morgan
to satisfy a decree In favor of John C. F. Browa
Appraised at Twelve hundred dollars, and
must bring two thirds ot (bat sum. -
TERMS of sale, cash in hand.
.1. J.MoDownt J.J. SHOCKEY,
Atty . for llfrf Bhff. V- Co. O.
Tarjus for. Sale.
480 Acres in IJiSsocbi.
ONE Tr?ct, of 320 acres, situated on tha
.wlters of Current Riyer, 13 miles from
the couaty seat, 3 miles from SiYiklng
Spring, in enterprisinj tillage in Dent
count j, Missouri. About 75 seres 6f"66'l-'
torn land, and about 100 acres of timbered
Also 160 acres of rich farming , land
nd good timber land, 3 miles from Emiu
ence, in Shannon county, Missouri, on;
Current River. Ihe about land will be sold'
at a bargain, and pari ol it. eicliangel Jui
stock, tot lurtherparliculurs. call ou oi
addiejS ' ',
Aug. Ixl806-6t - '
Ai'MiwV Omca Vinton Cocnit 04
McAithur, August I0, 1808. I
V Till: rill ST SECTION OF',.
THE act. "To organize and dlteln-
line the militia of Ohio, and appeal an act
therein nainwl. it is provided "That all:
while male tit'wn?, residents of tine Htatci'
being eiuhtei h years of age and under reft
TY-t'lVE, ahull b enrolled in tho ini'.iiil, and
perform military dut in eurh manner, not ,
ncompiitible with the Constitution cm I lawi
of the Uuited States, as herciimlli r preaurlb '"
The second section iovidVs that tha a-j
secsors of the several ards end townships, -shall
annually, in the month of May, eurolk
alt persons living within their it apecllve ti- "
nuts, liable to enrollment, and return
certified copy of said enrollment to tlie Au- 1
titor of the county, who is authorized, upon
satisfactory proof to correct sul I enrollment
by adding the name of any person omitted,
or striking off any pi rson improperly em
Section four providi-s that "all 'person
whonre Biibjeot to inilitiir) duty under tho'
provisioim of this act, and who are not mem
beM of eoim- volunteer oriranizalion, shall
either becomo nnibirs of some olunttfi
organization or fhall my Into the county
treasury, iiinnitlly, the mm ol four dollars,
which sum shall be a rommulHtiou for fine
and penalties for neglect to perform milita
ry aoivice, except iiiiuiT calls to prevent o
repel iiivnsinn. or supjUi'it iiivtisiou."
Aa prov'dfd by .this act a correct duplt- .
cate list of tho esiii-s.-or, will be filed with
the county treasurer, on the first day ef
Sf pteoiber 1&65 for collection, and all poo
sous neglecting or relusiug topaytotkr
treasurer roua dollars, or file certificate of -exemption,
on or before the 1 V.h ol Sep leu-,
ber, will be chaiged Tiiuvr riB cast. .
additional, which ihe trerurer is required to
roller! hv diatresa ur otherwise, with coat.
iii the tome manuer as tor otner taxes.
The following described aro exempt, aud
if the proper evidence be produced, will
be stricken from the roll g such evidence '
must be produced aud filed on or before tbo .
ID or August '
Section 6. In additon to the perrons ab.
solulely exempted Irom enrollment in U
militia by the laws ot the United States'
the persons hereinafter exempted shall l
absolutely exempted from enrollment, vhu
1st. All persons iu tho arm or navy of
volunteer forces of Ihe United States,
2d. Persons who have been or hereafter
may be honorably discharged from the army
or navy of the United Slates, after baring
performed military duty for ono year or mora
during the existing rebellion.
3d. Cornmisioni'd olhVers serving undo!
this act, who shall have served as such In
the militia of this State for the apace of.
five years; but no officer shall be so exempt
unless by hi resignation after such term of
service duly excepted, or in some other law
ful manner ho rhall have been tionerably dis
charged. 4ih. Every non-cnmmtaloded officer,
musician and private of every 'uniformed
company ruieed, or hereafter to bo raised,
since May 1, 181)3, uniformed according to
the provisions ol any law of thia State, and
wlin Rhnll have tierformed aprvlfpa In atih
company or troop for the space of five year
from the time of his enrollment therein,
sbnll lu. ovnmnt frnm mililnrv AnlnvAnA
in case of war, iiuurn-ction or invauion.
5th Every person phvaically disabled
maybe exempted from military duty if ha
files with the county auditor, on or before
August 15 of every year, a statement if
the county military surgeon certifying that
such person is unlit for military d u t y rev
son of Euch physical dlsabily or bodily Irr
fjrmity. whlcu shall be described in MkJ
statement. t
6ih. Idiots, lunatics, and felona cnnvlo
ted of infamous crimes, unless pardoned,
shall not be Buliiect to military duty. -
Applicants iof certificates of disability
must be made to Dr. A. E, Isaminger,
Militaiy Surgeon for Vinton county, Tie
tween the lit day of July and the 15th day
August, as provided by the 4(li section of
the act "To emend and supplementary to an
act entitled 'an act to organize and eisclp;;
line the militia of Ohio, and to repeal aa
an act therein named,' passed March 81,
1S64," passed April 12th, 1865.
! . "' H. C. .Moore.
., Auditorof Viuton County
James A. Hartindnlo, Guardian of Sarah B.
Mnrtindale, ba filed his account and vouchers
fur hapection and final aettlement, and thai
the aame will he passed upon on the tm) day
of Soptomber, 18U5. RICHARD CKAIU,
August 10th 135-3w rrobatoJudge.
AuimosE & mmwi
HcARTHin. Ohio.
KEEPS constantly on tand and manufacture
to order, every variety and style of .
which for workmanship and stock wilt compare
with any simllor work in Southern Ohio.
ALSO. Harncaa aingla and double iete,
from the plainest to tha fineat mounted. Alao
every variety of K ding Bridles and Haltera.
Al 1 of which will ba sold at tha lowest enab fig
ures. Call and examine stock on bands.
May 18 MJ.-2 mo,

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