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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 07, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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i Titrt T r i, utoaiwiwi ffM
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5 .4
NO 5,
VOL. 1 1.
1 Wiitffl.' ,
.'J I l.rl I II H
' UJI 1
r Mi
r 1 1 ,ri i' j ii'SiiBir.wt'-ii iff i w i in . is i i
w i i m i rm tt-m i i i w ivvr.v. - - it i m m
unoiiKii .vKrY tiicbsuav- toy
E . A . B 11 A T T O N.
la UrnttonN Riiiliiii!r. f '"
Tho Dkmi chat will bo sent ono year for rao
Oollur; mid tlfty conla; Si Month", for N-v-nty-tiv.iccnU;
Four tonlli, for Filty t ciitf.
f4f" All pniiiM will bu .liseontinuoJ fit Uio
Aspiration of llio timo i' I for. '
Ono Sipinro ouo iiifortion, 1 ,f"
Each ttJJitionnl Insertion, .
Cui'Jsono yonr, 3 "
Noiicoof upiiltn en'" " ,"u"'
.r,, (luarJ'uin rul Executors 2.00
A' l:iclimontn.:ticcn before.'. 1'.
K.lil orinl nuUca par lino, IP
Wtily BavoriUii'miU viU ' f-.'ir..wl .'.0,
ter oiWiiui per aiinmii.
Aiul in l.roi'urtiwniito ra'c- lr lis Ukii: a
f jlunin, aiul fur lofB tinn.
Ton line minion cli uol on p.-iiaro,
anii all VlvcvtiiMiiH'iit tin I N il ik-uH mm.t
I mi In si-l':i 1 '0. .
Ifl'lio nlioviil rin in :"t lm .'(im 'wA w,Ui
y"AII 1'iiymcn e timut H i m:i'lo to liiul'in
jvitor, as wo htwo n.. ut'iMit.
TllO, OCSllOCr ii JOH UU!l.
Wa arn propnro.1 tn cieeit'i -v.'-b rt:iTno.'s,
iispateh im.l ut prioo.H l' n .-tf million,
L'AiM rilLETS,
I I 'I )( ' i M U I' '
Sllin iNCJ lill.LS,
LABKLS, ice., i!oa
Oiioio ntilal onit boconvir.eed tl.ct vla
i.l will Jo ''inti lyM'ieapcri'i.rtJAs-ii.tliii! aej
lliorcrt'.iil il ihnii.nl in t.'.iMsuiMi.ai ufeo m'.ry
iiiTwTtv i mm nrw i t Tr
K. A. C- i.vr.i;!.w.
constable & mm,
Altornvys ai I fliv,
!..ii,l ,.(uU, lLal l-:-Ut A;j.'ii Mid Cn
itUi.i A-r.iiit.-s lt-al l-:-Ut ..'!- ii' Mid Cn-
ISii'Ar'hur, -WiW-n 0.
Oilier on ?Min Klfi-ef. !ivi .ers i
..I'. !:. !) l;.)d '.'s !-tore.
Will .it'.j i-l or i. ii v .1!
l- tlK:i r kih, In Mij ''''I1.:
n 1'ili'i and S.-loi' .
.1 imnrv l'li'i 1 -v.
MM ll
1 I ' 1
G. A. K5l2
M--.V i r."
d d'.r'.i,
irtC'ii! .i'J ' j
Ki-iim l.e.-ih-vi i a n.. V. f- i- ! i"'!
I .Vill lOl'Ml.l VI M.O j-ri...l-l! !. Ul.-'.....lvt..ll
.t ..vi-ry ilc-wiii-'ion !' --I i-n ";'''
Ihiilod State: , vi.l -: br), Hn;? tlw
Miwin nod clitin
Uuuiitie-s u id vr-i.tv, t "V
;-.;:-. r il.
riiNs--l0:;.-5 I'-.-r '-i;-lo.l i i. l. I i -. ' 1 -. 1
.lur.i mi''! so.iaien. a:: I '-r tin 5r i.l !
fid o.imen wli I .i" d.r.l ! ', '..-.-.n ;i;!c -
tlu ...reke.' I w.,.:l I ' ' '
aeivill Htton.l (T-'- ij''. 1;' li.n.r I '.i. h i-
hi ..l-trnl-! ' t-ii-.
.Ian.: Iiith H il.
rOUTSMOUTIi 01130.
Charges low a 3 the times wi
.lune. 2!)tb 18f..- -.I'mm.
.CO.NUIi'J,.11.U. A.lSA.lllXtiFit ill 1)
n o i ci
nniMAiiiia Mfo f'!!nrrM'
MeArthnr, Ohio,
WilUUeii-I nromplly an 1 carol'ulh- to
r .1 .. ..:..r : ... ..'1
ii, .Oth, lS'ia. il.
it ArroN, akciiTSiayo
umn xd u ayo
AUornciR al Lav,
:wA PTiinrr viTn' d.. ().
Wlf.L attend to nil lcjtal b:iiiie?n intiiir-tel
t their caro in v nton, Atlien.i, J.io.:. on, no;
llno.lcinff anil fl'tint i.i no aounticii.
1'articnlor Bttoution tivou to llio collection
of toldiors claims for en-i.in, Ilonntics, rvr
Toars cf pay &o., Dfrainst tho linitcd States
Ohio, inclnilinpf Morgan mill cluim?.
April 12th 1365, tyr
a A una r ft y
I fa IviJa fi i Fwh bin
Jnifiuw sir a lifci j
OtiJSJLil2jS) li.Xi.lVli JLUO
o ....
111 il II II I it 11 K-TV-'.'-V'--
MnATmirm on in.
v -
Waurasts ail Wovk.
Keepa constantly on band and
soil at tho lowest prices, Saddles,
dies and llarness of every description
and warrants his work for two years.
Call and examine. 1st door' west
he CourLlIouso. s
ec. 22,' 1864Cmo.
Justices 1Ankb, Blakk Dkeds,
etc. of nil descriptions for saloat
Offico. ,
...!. ll..iin nn.l i-!inn,red its nanip
in. I. ....... , i m (i i v-
uiiove. The Hon-, has been ren.oleled a .i.l
is now open fir the reception of Ibe public
It isontl.cvvha.f.ahiallhyl.tcatio,,, and
no pains will 1, spared to niilte thosMy ,f
vi4itnr si Hun house, a Kiev can wi.-s:i.
Democratic State Platform.
n!lo').!a (iovrrniti-'iit of white m-n.
t i" nower to reneive v.. it isnu.i e . .in 1 1
Hi. H:sok-:1, That un-l-r !.". f.ile
.4,)o!itioiii5iTi,ain! enpeei.d v nii'.er I ie
roeonl imlilary order. i kiuotciiy, t:i;-
oniigniiK, o nwiu no ,
ina:wi. .i-' ui "-' "
1. Rfiol-fJ, TIiDt ihn F"!i'ral Ci vc.n
mciit ovists onlv by virtuo nf tho hV.lonl
L'mi(iluti)n am! iiossp'tf.-s no poaoni i:ol
jtanti'il !y ilnit iiiutruiiii'iit.
f. Hint me espi'i ii-n.-c oi um
inut lour iniN 'ins iionicinst ruled, limn em-;
ini'iit ilrico, tiie wisilom olour lorcfaMiPM
in insist ill;; upon
inn a flrict coiislrmlion
the Fedi rnl (.'oiitittition; nnil v? utterly
uMior llie eoi-liiftry by wh.cb tibial iopj.
Hie niflrt piuin aie.l imiiiati e, ill wic leiier
j Dii'l spirit ol tliat iiisiritiiient, Jiuve bicn
un l tire ileli'iitli
3. Rt-mtlvcd, That the reserved iMiti of
lite Sluics are essential to the exi.-teiire of
a Republican Government, ami to tin; liber
ties am! iiMsiiiiity of tho people, and we i
are, iin reiore, iiiK.itflra jiy upp.j.-e.i io i, .
coil'olidatioii (.1 nil powers I it the Inti'isol
the Federal (ioveriiment ibe inotilnble
eons? ijiienecs of wlnih would b? to nialie
tliat (jiaerniueiit thi! moot despotic, (.iir
rupt til l eppu ssiw in the world.
4. Rcviir-.'l, That the Dem ierey of Olii i
will maintain and defend, as they Imve :i!
wayh hereiiifoic done, an e.s.iiuitial to llio
'"Wiicc of cur K.leial diiem ofVovern-
nt, il,e ltd' il.'etrina ol .'lfn.'i; iV'y'i'j-
lint nullilie.iitio'i, nut. teres ion Ii it the
theory of Unit svstrm as laid iloivn iti tin!
y- j ; a,,, ,-ky resolutions of I7-.I,
as interpreted by their nut
nrcteit by tneir nutnors: i:ie one oy
Madiiion in liii report ot 17:.i'.t, and the.
other by Jell'-Mon in his solemn, oliicia!,
Ii.ru-iiril of 101.
5. soli'.'!, That, their ori'hniTvs of
.i'Cosii'i boins void, tb) fo. mled M'ei'-l-
' " uro huh 111 i:u i'ih.mi .11 ou v.-,;
a ; 1 1 nr.:, Uu refore entilhM to all the lo-iav-ed
;i;;hi.--of the oli.te-;, tui'l t-' t'i-.i; due
rejiieK nfution in Coiirei. and t-i vot. at
litnin- elections of l'n ,;idi-!it mi l Vi.-e
President, ai..l ury ettti:i,.l ,i i'ie IV l-r..l
UoVernit.f-nt, or any ..-ji.xitiii -i.i. t!!t; - -i, ti
I'.eprive lle'ii! ul th?.:e ri. In, vouM he m I
a.ii-aiiit U;'.on llie iiiOHS Ot i v.-ry 1.1
the Ul.imi . Ml i n.l lil'iii I to nv e.: bio v ' i - - j
(!iivernni?iit urdain-il by tlie C-.m.Udn- l
'i. Re.? i.'i'.:.-.', That to each HtH'e bi-Ko.f-t!ie
liejil lo iteierniitic lor ii:-n t!:e ip.ia liii-j
e.jli.nu of iu ilictor.--, anl th 1 1 ent r-1 j
(joverene'i.t camint . nor can nuy di-pait
tnent tiier i-f. iiiter;i!.c, '.lirectly or ii ii
re;tly, wiili tin; exerei-e nl i'lij ri.;'.t,
v it!) ii. u p.ilj'.'.ble violation of lb .3 C ) I
-t.tlli.i'.il, a;i 1 uf t!ie re;erve.l ii:;h's i. f to.:
,, , ., .
7. ;.Vi'.i,,J 1 .it. 1 i.l !; irl n-.'v
nriiie, to confer tb-' ri-:ht of r .iii'. je .loot i
in "fi-rs, h a'i i ! i i ilnii -s irtii.i t t. ').:
lliru'.v iio-.h:!ii iil-i'itiitio vi ,' !iii- i i-i I
111 iiH'itlilio M ,' !ii- ii-i ill
:.r,:l tn VM!'' 111- 'r .ICS. 11:111 till' I
m (fin ii re not e " u,!.-'.: it to t!i. i-.t.;rc;."
mI tl.o'. ii ,':it. re-r i : it ii''(e; ity to their
RtVlv or iiroti! :!.):. O-i the i.i.i'rjry. it
-i;n !.;.:. oy i:ir-,i, m
it i-il t t ru !''.
i .il.i!in'ie.-i ta b it 1 1
v : inc. 'In-rofnio !
-i! ti N'er i il I
ihi-ia a ml the v
n.ie.'i ilv.H a:
i ..
i .. ? -,' -i i 'i
'.nj.i '..-n'.s bjj
i -' r .
I'. !
ii-1 p-a! to v . i i - "l- a, "... i r.
i.i ulire Ii - - .-;i : i" i-ilh".
prtl'ilieaiiy inn! ftMeiiiilv. w i 'i '
! i ver have pro' e !, nml ev- r
i fa 1 litres, iiii-i .td ssite!' .-.Itfn-. t
.id p oi:
i-.T h'.i.'
Iptuveil, ami i-V' ruiii j ri'-.e, I'-jen'-'in i.
i lm;li liice?.
j 9. A,.W--v. Ti.i.t tiiix liov.-riiiii.'v.t v.-..
I made bv ubiic teen. a:nl f lara.s we huvi
In? nrol.v te.l iurainst rc:r !...' ;r, a:i
'leoplo rc'iin-l ri 'j'.M p.-tip-jris:n, .1
duty of '.lie lei.-flature to ilt.-i.oiinj'' ne.;r.i
emira'.inii i;i'oour S ate.
l'l. Risohxd, That tl,3 war hivin;;
ceased, it is 'he duty of tin; (ijvirinn.'iin,
Stale and Fedml, and "f ev. ry eit'i.tcj, to
strive to heal ihu wounds inllictod by i',
anil to brin obotil a fniternal feeling be
tween the oeopie of thi ililferent sscc'.ioa.
of the Ree.uh'.ie.
VI. llcsjhci. That the valor and fur
tituda ofour troop.- liavo never treu sur-
passed, n.i'l t'uir pitriolt.: dov.ti'io to
their country cna never be obliterate I !ro:n
our inemorle?.
13. tVsoive.f, Tiiat w rei'ird a ni-
tional debt as a na'kni:l curse, u:id in view
ofour immenre debts, Federal an
fata to.
ol our
nnd of the cuornioun exiieii.li'ures
maiui an exorci'e of mo most ritrid ccone
Imv by both ilmall taxation b cither
. i. ue ,1;rfe.,:th' fur anl equitable, that
hall be perfect!!' fair an I equiubl
public ixpenditura shall be reduced to the
Inweet rm.co loiidur.! coiisuUllt v.ilh l!ie
public Bifety, that ti3-eles3 ohices. civil
and military, shall 03 abnlishe I, and un
necessary otliecH di-ieiistd vilii,aiid that
the Tariff and Internal Rjvenue L.uvs
'!a bc related to the exact revenue point
psnliicient lor the Government, economical
iv Bl,j honestly nilminii'.cred
14. Ilcsoked, That we most explicitly
comienin the policy of tho party in power
in creating thouar,ili ol millions ot liov
t;.u...ui.. -....;,, to exhr...
V... . ' W t I'... . r .'.. o ..
-v :J"?bw-
lion to pay tneir usi pr. iir-.iou oi i.axes
fnr tho suPDOtt Ot UlO K'lUKS in Wuic.il
u sr i n .vi iiifrfi,i' itp!i ti n( r ii mi
I nu? nnd nriVilet 'inoncvcd aristocracy,
and we'c.cclaie it to be lite i mined tile duty
of Conrrre-s and ttm State hngisiaiure
i use all legal and constitutional power they
3 SXrrm
ourdea of tixi'Jon equal to '.hit ii.i;.9eJ
upon other propeity lor l'.;Jci.i!,St"te r.n.!
i.iiiuicifial Diiriw'ea
15. RfsMtd, TiiiU Federal tains
shoulil, &s fur us possible, be collected
.-. ... ' I. f ,kA l'l nl.11
t IS VOlllllV lIMSUrei Ul II. u I'lu.u
o,e people be thereby relieved from t.
. . . . .. . : i ... I ....!....!
nrinoiinijc o?ptrilly llio nrrest of titiz"nsb
Imnlo of Ideru! td.v.-iliiri(!ra who .vi
catirroutt!iHir5iii)siiiKe. .
i:3. Ii.sMc.l, Tint tlu bour DjIIoi j
Commtilaiiou Tix isoppresavf, anJi
cm-lit to bo wpchKvl.
17. It o!el, Tliat tlm frt-nlom o
f)c-jr!i,of llic jiropj aiul nf elections, hibcah
cofjua oml trial by jury, aro l!ie nut!
li'jht i f all Amoriivui citiz 'iH, Ruirantft'
by both Fideral an 1 Slate Constitiiiiou?,-
ti,,t We will ir.aitilai,) en
defer.d tliem u
sllt, in every extremity, mi l that ne ild-
fry exiri
! milit:i ry niithority in States or (ilacei
j wi,tp the civil tribunal arj uninolcstetf,
and their execution, imprisonment or trf .'v
hy military romtiiis'.ions, 03 palpable ii
f action'? of the. Constitution, und oottj
(?oo u 3 upon i ibiic liberty an l private
1. Rtfoti,-' , thai the c.nituup 1 etii
r,p,Hion of i!in writ of AaV'.u ronim since
tl0 termination of tu war, an l wlinn all
iiivtoiiite I'f necessity i u.t-v; 1 tie.' loni;j
of a right ol trial by jtirv.and the trial of
eitiz.-iis no1, i.i the military service by
military commissions--and ilv?(ifii inter
fcroin o will) elerhoiw by military power,
as in tho recent instances la Ivontm ky and
TM!iP5--cosrj revolutionary violation of
the Couslitii'.ion, tluva tin i n-- tin: very
cxi -tence ol'onr mo-t (lnciMt and s icre l
rights, t'la'. they p ir!ei!d a l-t n ir r to ibe
liluilie.i nl the ooiutrv urea'er t'l'.U tins
eer before in 'iiae.-il iheni, and uhich iti5,:u:"
llie dutv of all t;oml citirii to
me -t v h'.i
Mm iiiostitiUrium.d onpojuiori an. I mo
rdci ples-i viptance.
1!. R-.rmk'l, That, ivlii!"! vc wi
..'jlurely and penitent
!e. cmvlrnin all
lilTlCtl IH el I 111" t.itl lIUIMil, "7 V.iUHil
:l.lr i'l tOII'.ri!:!U,'l. nvl wlli!'! V. e l lTie. I.'ljt
t., i.il iim.i.n: I i.iii i: . e.t tJ ! 'J
('e I. fc'.h :ii: iii in A
o.-.i-i1 r:.iifie I iiy i'
iviil, iirvi i tl'ol. .
Ji-Iiiiim i in a1 ; '
IJ.'t M i
' 'M
:i i'-;!! j
VI to I
i ib..!
, i .
ril I'.-:.'
; nnd i.V
i.imiAii..iety le tore I the'
e..w is-.' id theii i'-'V-i .i l 1 n.l
! .1
...v,.;i, iS: ,,(
AUGUST 24, 1865
Lut-.).'lV il'.iri ".'I ' ho "i n irit i;)Ool tarif
.. r'.' .v.i -i in i. :-1 , i. n- i un
e..n.,--.t th-' hi; 1 of oon.'.'itutiona!
, ,., . ' . . n,,.,..,r H.():a vou
' ru!1 tM;rP'
t 1 f ,
mr i . , - i
. . . ... ... I .. I 1. A n i n , I I . I I i ......
;. .tl.stl V.M' ANM
C i:n.irtii.s -.-I' rtii. Ojr:::-ynoj;:
Vtmr iMiiintifteti h;t3 ir.fjrtned mo
. . . .. . i . i .
t.-.R iicic vtc i run tne r-'-.sp.o,
i r.i-.i;.! ' 1 ! i i-.iv
1. ..liu
llli'lm.l .ti-.. ill v C.ll' '.i.M '. ' 1. 1 Ol H .' I 11 0 '1 1 u)
"''ifh.' r-.-ulu'io:-.) aJople.l hy tho Con-
I 1 "
Il was my fortune, Mr I'rcBiJcnt,
to be aiuochted fur a 3l:ot t timej in
tho Cell, with tho ilit-.tiaiikheioti-llen'.a!!
who ia tho nominee of t!ie
Konublicaa Convention, aid i color-
Itaiufor l.iin Bcnliniocfa of porTonal
Itiu.hev-a ami rerpeet. I3at our viaws,
on curtain rj-.v'Sliona of viiul ii;ipor-
t.taco widely d.uor, MM t.iat e.uict
oaccot'opinica br.3 lu.ido U3, without
any iictiJo on car p-i t, opposing
ciiiiJ'ulatca for llio r-iiiiVjj?3-3 of our
hi.ow citizen?.
Our country i3 at ytoaM. No one
i--' ! tl. - . .1.... . in nf r-ifi!
; '- Urt"' ul ,V "
1. 1 i
ing rapidly uisbanded, and tl.oy fire
Weie,m,0j't( their llUlllCfl timid tilOj
; ,,, , ... ,, ,.,,ri(!,
L'i'At'.lul ulau !ita ot a ua.rtotic pio
tile: but tho fact that larao armies
commotion or 01 loreign war.
"allant p.rny of whito soldicn is bc-i
negro troopH nro retained under
ihould cxeito to vigilance and awa-;
ken tho anxiety of every cichjjn.
J no war i'i over; mu u.ipruiuii oi
our flag i3 acknowledged over tho,
r , i,:,n 0 f .-
b'-'- "ir ,
!. 1 1 j t era . lho roar ot cai:
clauar of arms, and tho ehoats of
victory aro no longer heard; th
conBcriptiou haacuuaed; tho linrricd
j way to war, r.o lon-cr ir.!c3 orj
women and cMiditii ffoia tnoirj
slumberu, but tho u'niou, tho grauui
and only jiutifitible objoct of tho war,
tho only ooicct lor wincti oar sola
I. I i , . IT " . ! . ..
JSH fooght-tho UntOU W not yet
Uoil-jd ..-"if
...... - .;
what n:;'v I- th- !
' qinall tli ' t' t,!
ot.at.'t !; . :..';.
, , .....
' rostoivd, and ii tjangcruna nn J pow
nmv cnul effort is bcinf nia.lo hy -roibt!3
, f j , j ccitain ot tin
Militia Dl . . n .
"i"J""l oi
vuri,, vcr-. :;;;!.
n ..,.,',.. " 1
arra9,jfori-fcjt(,j ;!in;r political CAii-tonce.
; fru0 that tho peoplo of the
. South, fit iir-jt in fauaI! n.ur.io:r:i,
oiaica irom a rcprc.;ai -hi m u.:
rcileriu i,ci a tun. r.nu tiunv-v
prevont tlic restoration ol tho Union.
''Tho Ui'.ion'' tloeu not menu n'n
ivcn extent of territory liclJ uiKlor
arbitrary tvh, but a "'vcnuiK'iit ol
Jnited fetutoa, and until llinmo Stiitos
rtro roprpnented . in tlio Kod.rai
Iip'iblature..a3 provided bv t!io
Constitution, tlicro c.m bo no Uui )t).
' Vnv li.-ia iin-f.irmcu i! 1 I'P.i t: l!ie
jW;)3Jcr lias tpbly dicribaricd bi;' d,i-
ty, anil & ni' teko cara that m
!lood cot boon shcJ in vnin; the
intui'i'ccti- !'-.i'.y armiifl Imvo fnrrtri
iJcro llioir uiiinitiona to llio 'A Jof.t!
ontlioritie?, iid rosnt-i'.1 1 llioir a'l
ahnco t t!i.J (iov.'-rn-aMit of t!i
IJni'ed States, but t'cj rest oral if n ol
t'uj Union t tboir posi'i ;n m-i ri.;!it?
ur.dor tho Uo'JBtitiition, i.j not yot
Upon thij v : t:. I
t . i
folbnv c:!'.:n 1 01 t.bu I-.'
party ato uiviJe-l unj 'iv: b.:i
titllt i 'u
in Jiii
!iii?o:ri' '.'r(3 St ill O')i.i-i0 I I'c.i-. i i-.J Ii t J
- . . . , - ,
plan for roKduiittir.. t- tho N';i"'r-: 1
I.iiii!.it'.irj tho Sinai jrs nnJ Ilop
. 3;iit.i;ivc3 ii'i.i.: too L-'ii'ii:jr:i states.
I'l.o i'r.' b nt i!-'o!.iro5 frit In ii in
: vC 1' ' 1 'Vv'.ii ? tho !K-3!:0!) &!
;t'.t.',r:!it-f- !h.'.- S'"-fo fiovern.
,.:it i t. fl.o til..:::-) t-i" i; o ii.r.vl:. i r.
',: tin Ci.-ie- y lii-'.'.C J;H -
; ,;-! r
i').tr i ;,!.!-i.,'i'
!!"l A
iiki th'..
vire a I'
villi C:,-'
nn .! ri.-.:
I'!.' :it;t'.c:i tor;.
! '
r.o e.n
T -
n, ".n l, in doirK fi- rcl
piN'ud e.otain lii-btn
it : "' -1.
, i
;!hiin-;:iy fj(vi'iii-i
uafc" ot tlio Ci.ii!
Yil ih;td..h'-lttd
p.ilt 1. ; ! : " 1
:'. !'.'- t-i
a'!-!, in tiu
mii.iii. 'UL
t !') !.
) l::D
e.v!.v tii
: !.! y, I !!:"! .'1'
;.-i 1 1..'. I; " .;:? !-
(i.r.'io i'j .! :';
tioi, and p.HiaejKj
t.'..-r:'y v.li'ch ict
no .
-.- -i
v ;
r? ;."..'
1 !,y y.
i.': : ;:.
ri; 'i.-r.t. t ;'!.'.!
V.'nh-?. hn.!
'.I a Iji.i'o In 1:1
iJ.i.vt ht '.'.e.'l
.-!'. .- .-, i.oe.i li.)',
: :i i . r i
0 !'' v .
; re;-"'.
' I i-
r-t", :'..' 1 t.::'ir rt; 'ii'-.
t-'t it.1 r;f!!:i t. etc "i
V ile:;-: e to u lueli
i'luvei-j or i.t'.i
overy oiiU'V
i eoliih.d to t'Vo
r, n-7 T'aft-.'r
r.t'ity, or hrv
. Ail t!'0
A I'll'
j ihor.'s-
.it : t i "i
a pop':',
tha-i th
New V
-; ,S:."i
;',:i .
o t:
an i to; ;t-'?. Tiih
Ii t f a tna.i'Mi h ii ;
Staio oi ACW
;:i ,1 vrirlj
y t.i' A';1 the
'AT ! ip'.llA-
5 l.o A.w Lvirbn 1
CS-O- r i
' v
v. I.... . . - i
lion th:'."! live' of
States, .nl vet '
ev lip.vo ten b-oia-
ton v.i.ii Ohi 1 h'i;
will v,e omj'bria
ono cHlz 'ii 0' .now
fivo timt s nioi'O n ;
in the Fjdi-ai o
, :iir, two.
r t.:,.. ihr:t that
!; i,..:.vi..l c-coreid'.
.sie.nratiro prtfor
:tiM th'oi iloei
citizen of 0!.i", tirh.oj
t'c ci'oa'
dismri'v ol nowev i.-i ii?od to suwer.
- . - . . , . . .
.-,,",. i-'- i .' i r-3T.i
... , . t.rd l!;:i'
j t,0 pC..;!0 of w. :
i of the S-.-'.i'Jiern
: '"a n i ti 'illVi co
S,,'e, f
, Hnn. and that tnetvov tie.) tit.-.eea
wi.:i. tj.. innur"jt!(o iived have
nitrwr(!3 a luajoruy, ciici viu
insurrection, i5.it havo they
riao in
bcou terribly pnnishod for tli'J faulti
I a their chven alotio llicy have lost
two thoiitfuud million dollars. Their
lands havo been ravagad; their
houses havo boon burned, and tho
rofinn in which tho war was warod
, ilM uacn converted into a chartoJ
wilderncaj. Cai juatieo, nay not
ctm human ve.geanc
lii;ai.,n(1 nK ti than tlnai And whor.
ict ua H tho provisioa i.l t.
Conatitauon, MiLich dooUrca that
gjatj ghrd! forfait: iu political
- f.i.itip;',i ihr rthtj uitdor tlio
. t .. .
CoaitiUlUon, 6oC3U-JC il pOi'tlOU f-t all
human ' veigeanceibo
ita citizens Lavo botn insurgents?
iVo Bticb power exiits, htul it W'MiId
lio u! snri to eu'''i)"o tliat tho
Conrtlt'iti :i v.t -,t! 1 ' rjvido f.r
o',vn iv,'c:t!in;v bv a.itliorixi'
lisititrf'ni'.icn o! l!
but it
docs proviso ft -r iht p-.ip'c--
Mill ()f
in-nirccti'Mi ti-ul .lor.iesl1:: M-ucnco.
Wlicro i'idiiJ,'rl p-2vS'm tiao ilom
'.rronj; tboy a:o .'uncrstfo ' 1 the
tiivii I'.stv.t, battliO P.'.-' t i;i livi.L; iN
carMlct I" rfu'.t tht! t:-.:.i'i.:i- t of St:t-V3.
in c :i t-.' r v i
tin n t'i.) IVLim!
yovcnvcer.t !iv,:;n .tva t th-s t...-.n-jtittiticti.
l.'y wb.it prcc?-i U thy Union t"
bo rerf-r 1 ? By wlmi taiMni arc
vain ti beconro c nm'rvmcn in bi'iit,
tV wi-!i ft 3 in n:-.::v. ? If wo continue
to treat t!:o Soitben; reo;
'f.ijtaie.;, cm we expect them M
boeoinc iriutidrt? Would ;t nt b.i
vr.ll to rotnt'mber tliat civil wan pro
!iko t'vi-ily t'i'.i I j, und whon, aft i r
ilrit'j bc.s eo ivi l, an i tin e.i'i-.o of
l ti-ten canriy
l.,.l!. piiitic.i cr-.'
'.j in-.iro or ki in
r-rii i ;
i i;.t j
It!)3:1iI.t1i l;.'ti',ut-ill Cilil fv5
l!).; Uai.-ii, t i':ii!eU!iiiiib tiatiitbii
uay iuvj'.vo tho cotr.itvy in oo-.v
lorrorj, and cur im-titafieiu in UXJ
ruin, It i r ilr.'i no art, oo tfiv.sii rv.
) dtp-i !.; !: i r-.,'.:"3 t.ho U.iii n
y e n ir
o ;.ut to ?av to t-u-1 t..iUi.fry
,f.:i ot'lh - y-.uMi, C ::)?. lot in n;--!'jj
:!; i! n .i:-.'.! it wo '-avc i; i'i
1, : !. ..!:i pr- It'' I:? the
tni''U'. I'.-'-vn r.i 1..0 p:.M ''i.
.-ri, i," ot'1' ''!' !.".. U'u-i vr ii:.'. then
''l t' -.l , t,.' l.-e ' ! 'i ''' I'.. if'' v.fi.
Ih.i! o! r ei - ii ::u!
I .. ,... 1 l ... '! -, r i
10 fipO'it il
eriiciiiat 'on
: rc -I-y
a:i.i i',')"-
v!;i"h i;:-jpi;.".l
oar rrtntr?. or oao
d '.) trtat -nr pcuee,
1 r t have sni vived the
:.nd tlo Union vroukl
i?.r."l with CL'iili'd'ienk
1; .'.ion- v.rl aficetion,
Imavti of onr count ry
the vr .-j r r..-r.!d
have r'.r
ic .I-'...'
w:,i i.iii t
v:: K'iil': r.:.d ot
r ifCL'e'-roaf
I 1 -'..;') r.:.i;;CC;.
,.y (..,
1: : ! r
; WVj-i'tM;'
; ri r t :e
!!.,i;'t!:ii tti!
! iih 'i':;'ii'e
r- tatv.'t:;.: 1 1 : i
'j v.:iii ?. l i;:ti ov.r i
' I.l'
' .! ro f.-'it dor tri!)::!
.-ii. r:-v:i ;U'i
.... ly :'.eli!'"-r
( C O'
tis r,
t. ni'c
ll '
. 0
: .10
1 .vt'. 11 '
tifi) .'v ;.!.' '-'S'i'iO K it..)!!!.1
'.a-, t:.i:i ;;.lio'i, hceao-ie
so a t;hoi'i' V ander tin
':t.Uu't"i;, to ivuvtrt c-no cr more
! ti e '-t iiisioiioir-cy;
Ii . 'sk p 'tidency'' wtire
, i-f t lert'tinptii-.n
t.ii T,'. ' W't!:!-.! in
i'.-.!it; an-i lastly
,. . . ..!.;...,.(.y" c itihl oniy
' :'::. I' lvt-'C !. vcsd
i,o hii ntliiiintiUiH hs
't!"3 W (if
,t,.0 'h: ;;. or by t
e v;
a xd-a.'iru tlto l.'.ad ; -m
ii. ,t tiit; vvhitc eiv u ta
n '.lr tr 1 ei;'3 that the
;.' ii.: i Ihji.l.
i i -. i j -h i ': U 't.'f.pi-.ic'.i:::!
.i'i: 0 e.iit iiii'dona!.
, . I'imo i.-.o.l ne.;.ro
' wiutid contain nearly
.... i .i i
;o :
.1 !,.
no i .
j' i-t" :' '''
f 'l U: i'
; "'--i o'. i erdy
i-vn nl uio tie'Ht ian-1
vs.! c!i at an ird-:
Id! ;;s per aero, v.'"ii!i
apimosi" t
!5,' sa.iii'
ill :i in
::;.'Ji'c 1 m-iiion UO
I'.-.''-:- .'
::te;-:i'..':ii.; iv.na to come
:v!-.l A to oar pros
i "
: 0 i 1 1 do
I. I'll-
liouaaii'i millions!
that an
ur OO-J Vl-.ll. i'i"i'c-
t .... ' .. 1 i ... .M' n.i. ,
itddi'.ioiv.i! i'-i' 0'iti'i.rco ::.i:iioii uo.nr
jhall l.o ai lo i 'o the tux ftasosi'maat
for tho vo te lS'Jti.
TbigV.nciitioi: c.-.'.Miot bo aolved
. i . in...
by tho application of tho jemody
nrooonc'.l', fiud its ttao eolntion is
t;-,fi Natieral rue.
In most civiiittod countries, there
aro inhabitant who aro not citizeaa,
but thoy nvo hiliy prcteeted by the
laws ot tho land in which they re
side. Thoroiauo u-r-Jebip n h:a
iftp.- lho no'.'ro to li.o i:g.:t9 ot an
'inhabitant," and iVM b:-J so, when
it in eo'voidorad that for aucii service..
aa ho may havo rendered ia tho Held,
has hooa ioailod u.h imdam
lithe riC'jjCJbO doira, .noy ean
i-M.-via aj 'ii'Cr;tctu.u miifihUaiiU
.i?i7on.! ol an inferior onlor, uud art
uuite.'i to il;.! joeiofy without partiiii
t'dir.-j ia a;l t'.'J a-.KiiUr'ges,' lw
in, tiiey would bo protected in lifo,
liberty an-1 property, without Laving
tho riglt tj vote, or tbo excrciso ot
t'ther rights which aro inciJcnt ti
The "OherlMi Comtnittoo" eaiJ to
n Cv. iu their letter of July 21,
it-o ., 'Sv'o want to know directly
'V rn yott your vicwg on tho following
io.lj'Ct-: UK Aro you ia fuvorof
pi iiiify;ti' ... ir C .tiditution bo 03 to
i,'ivotbiU'KCtivo francliiso to colored
mti r
To (' i: rja-.it ;!m3 plainly put,
tij:i. Cox mado no reply, and every
realf.r ol Ida letter ia loit to draw hia
ovn inforenco to hi3 views as to
NTc?'o SiiUViigo in Chin," Ha epoaka
of tho "1 jc of events," ,vbicb I nn-
l.;r ;taal to in . -an to drift wiili tbo
c irrest.aiid ir. tho "event" of Ida
election, an 1 it nppearing tbnt a
majority of the leaders of bis party
ftver N-.'ro Sii-rra'o in Ohio, then
ho r.3 (i n'crik.r will favor ameudiug
our Con-jfitutiun so aj to niako no-
;ri..c3 vt tci'.i,
lie t!:ii Mio few colorod mon
we h'lvo aonut-jt id uq uiero waifd
nd. ttruyd fr.itii tho prcat body."
Cut tlu iae..ti(ji, w, thcro "col
' ru I waiid anJ strays" to bo givou
the- 'i-ht of sn ti'r a-. in Ohio! In hia
hdler, (juii. Cc.x declined to an3wcr
that .picarion. lb-.tattbo late mod
to,' ri OT.' jlin, Gen. Cox took oce.v
?;'- to delitn; liw position an to No
rro iiiillr i-e Tn Ohio. Aceordin to
thi fii'Otii'U diiipatc'i to tho Cinciuoati
i :i:vi..s- hi ..I c are J
r,et-:i Iduck troopg fijh
:uh')' , t.t: I fitty of nil, tint they who
Trw .--.d cnonjli to light witb U3
:ip,Tvl enough to stand oa tho
Union pUtwrtn with mo."
Tbii iVaiil; p.nd cxpUcit dcclara-th-n
of Gut). Cox in fav.T of Ncjjro
Ivpiaiity in Ohio, clears away tho
Joubt.3 which existed aa to tho ttuo
interpretation oi'cortain pns3ngC3 of
his letter. Attd r.s 1 rc-cognizo tbo
rioht of tho pcoplo b bo informed of
the opinions of a ci.ndidato upon all
peblic ;'??iic-3 rii bin if. red to tlioir COU
qMi-ii.iion, I Jcclaro that
I am opposed to conferring, tho
ri;.;! d cf enjirajrc on negroes iu Ohio,
or in the South, now, erntauylu
ti ro lieu, or under any circumstans
Is l-cv), li'cro vero iworo than
'.tv-.-rly liv-o ihoufiand neproe:. hi Ohio,
'ti l it i,j kSievcel that th ; i:ut.ii.e.r
! .'. heo?j iti(rea;,cd fjiir fuld rii;."!
f. ia.-. Aro wa to confer t o:
"ullVi-o oa n negro popu'.t
.".no lumdrcd thousand, nt: t
::i o
thereliy convert our prcat S:.ito into
ii iv.-;;r.; colony? For, grant citizou
ohho to negroes in Ohio, and tho
African "dependency" proposed to
bo r.-tald:eLcd by Gon. Cox, would
bocoiuo dopoi-tdateil tbo ,waif(5 and
i trays" would bo tho only inhabitants
of tho "dependoncy," and tho groat
h jdy of neg'oc-3 would migrate to
Ohio, anil other States where thoy
could enjoy sneial aud political
r,p.: i'i'y s ilh tho whito roco. And
i't this '.ho reward which our bravo
Fcld Tr: il TO t) TlCciVO for all UlClC
p.-iil.i in I, cm! red battles, and nil
their toi!:; in a pcoro of campaigns?
Now t!i;.t tho i.var iB ever, shall wo
iifiy to tho fi ddicr?, a3 ft reward to
your valor, wo will reduce your to tho
lercl with negrooB? And our labor
int; mon, aro they, too, to bo brought
into competition with negroes at half
vrn;;-', and ba force-1 to tako nog:oo'a
pr'ec-3, or Pturve? No, Sius, rrMaST
fh? wholo Bchcmo of negro ennal-
!y i.i chitaorcial and fraught with
an'"jr. to havo upoti this -conti
nent citmploo of tho total incapacity
of mongrel races for solf-govern-
mont. At tho outhrcak ot tao Am
iivi'Jin revolution, tho population of
tho United btate-i and that of iloxico,
wire nbout emial throo milhona
each. In either country there woro
throo r-tcoa, tho whito, rati and black:
Iu tho States cf tho Union, froo Qi
well as slavo, tho negroes havo boon
kept in a condition of subotdiation to
tho whito raei and from a compara
tively omall mmibor. they havo In-
creased to lour lniliion bouio. nvuuo
oa tho other hand, tho asvago spirit
of Iadiana uparuod control, and a
conflict easuod which will only CCU30
with tho eviateuco of tbo rad uun.
And what ia tho rulallvo ooaditlon
of Mexico and tho Uuitud BlUtoS?
Tho f.-ru'ioi' !i:-u bat tlvo mlliloii 'a-
lifdiitAntti; nearly or.o-UuU of her
territory hf.d boim iljiti.i)od by th-J
Uiuicd'Sutoti; imd iiho la doaiitulo of
cuuiuioreo. nitiruifaetufOi aud soh')olaf
t wliile car ahipd cover tha watCM of

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