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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 07, 1865, Image 2

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every soa; our inanulirtiircs aro to
bo found in every mart of tlio habita
ble globe, ami every child in our
land ha tho opportunity It obtain a
pond Ii'ipjlisli oduoation. Why this
difference? The Utiibd Slates nn I
Alexieo wore ftlike Colonized by Ku
ropcans. In tho fnimr tli') white
raco preserved itt) inti-iily; while
the Spaniard, nn tho other li.m l,
iunulam;iU-d with tin) lo ioui anil
Niro, nnl a raco of wi-etibul ;Uon
jirtli, doomed to a ulalo ut thtvMc
anarchy, id the icsult.
Some wo'. I meaning peruoiw ribk,
"Might it nnl bo holier to ;ivo thu
ncro tho riht i f Ktitbae, und have
done with tho V'.xcd quoi.tionfl Lt;cli
was the cry f r twenty -Iwu yvars'
prior to tlie rebellion HAt ua ub-il-itth
sTuvury, an 1 huvu ilouo with tU
vexed question. "
What ha) been the it suit.'
Let tli'jsc who think tii.ia be not
deceived, for be why votij tor I. .'i-.
Suffrage, vutea !r the it.'Mim u inu
of tho moat ci'U'jl, incaiht mi 1
v:iutntiri( of all wui3-n wiirnl niCi'j;
u war which epftrei iwillu 1 $.-, not
eex nor condition, n uui v. hidt ti.u
know n; peace, until iie i.n.e . i the
other ban been 3 .v pt hum tI.oi.aitl!
a war wh!oh w jiih! ma!;" the Wujt
Vll Noith, nil Well tt 3 ti.J u
econc C't Io:u t.; I l'1,P;ht ynd d.i3"ia
ily. Wl r.re t .!! 10 a tone . I itdo'eli;:'
hy certain iK:-tirv".'Mi;'.id i.c-in'owii,
that, in tho f.'o'ilh, the Y milic' ol
lacci h.i3 tit 1 on I y Uynn, toil that
our own will 1.3 .Irtv. n tr: the
wallthill ii, bo o"-;ti.niii,i.it"'.l! Aii'i
that, it) the n;-.v . r ! r of t'.i.ii, i,
Nero titLto',.ia.y will Le iT'.ated,
arid that nogr-m3 -.ill Kcipy c.-.'std
on tho JMopa in- bench, and ui the
hullo ot the Ndttor.Rl Lcklaturc!
What in tliii r .ipoiiition?
Thai six millions of i.r.r own raco,
men, women mil children, uhu'l bo
trampled iuto the un'., in order that
an nristocMU'y of fo'.r million r.c-roor-
shall bo established
-on their
Ami can it he that n jiolicy eo
motiEtrous in itjcll", po ntrocioufl it:
conception a policy equally ltihu
man, unconditional and unchriatian
can recoivu tho nmction t'f tho en
Ijg'itenod citizeim ol Olnof Can it
l;o tr no that the pcoplo of Ohio douiro
tho cxtenniiifttioii ot our coun
trymeo of the buuth, u:id tliat t!ie
black mans homo shall bo built an
on ttio wbito man's gravel! Foibid
it Heaven! And in the name of our
country; in tho namo of civil liberty;
in tho name ol u!l wo bold most dear
on earth, I invoke tho Bpirits 0 the
mighty ileu.l ot Washington and
Adamy, of Fri.iillin and of JvITerson,
of Llamiltou und of Aludinon, aaiuet
tho horrid fiofanatioii uainst hu
manity, against tho Constitution,
Bgainst tlie Uiviuo spiiit uf Chria
liauity itself.
Although I commenced my miiita
ry career at fifteen years of a;;o, 1
waa taugiit from my tr.iliebt youtli to
revere tho c'iugo of civil liberty, mid
I view the continued tuspenuion of
ttio writ ol llahoaa Corpus, and the
trial ol citizens by militai y commis
sions, in direct violation of tho Con
stitution, and us dangerous infringe
ment of the liberty ol the people. .
Tho National debt is estimated at
four thousand milium dollars, and
(ion. Co propojea the purchase of a
district of country containing thirty
million acres of laud, in order to
create a ''Nero dependency." I am
wholly opposed to that or any other
Gcheriiu calculated to increase the
burthena of tho people, and am i:i
favor of an equitable system of taxa
tuu, and ot reducing the cxpon
DCS of tho Federal and State Gov
crnmenta to tbo lowest piactieable
point corjjibtenS with nec sjuiy ex
peuses. And now, 'dr i'rcHideut, shonh1.
It bo tho will of the people to confide
the aliairs ot tho Mate to Hie cure ot
tho Dotnocratie party, what is to b
our policy 'I
Behoving 'hut governments arc
instituted not tor the benefit of 1
party, but for the protection am'
common good of the whole pcoplo,
tho Democratic party will bo cnuitav
bio and just in tbo administration ot
public aflaira. Magnanimity is good
policy in peace 03 in war, and a par
ty incapablo of magnanimity i3 un
worthy of being trusted with power
One wrong docj not j'tstify
anomor, ana no ia an uuwiso pohti
cian who would demand public ven
geance for private injuries. Onr
onlv desire 13 the maintenance ol
constitutional law, so that tho blcs-
Ging3 of civil liberty may bo secured
for ourselven, and for fellow citizens
of all parties. And Bhould tho peo
ple ci umo can mo to the pcrlorra
ancooftho responsible duties of the
chief magistrate, it will bo my car
nest etudy to discbargo tbo obliga
tions incident to that pooitcn, with
strict impartiality: and to the fall
extent of my official ability to eccure
the rights of civil liberty to every
citizen of tiro Stato. Oura ia a land
of law, and tho magistrate is net leea
bound to respect its provisions than
i-Mbo private citizen: and if ho vio
lates the fundamental law which he:
is sworn to support, ho sh u!d n held
to a stricter accountability than Iio
who aisuuvjs nosueh alditional obli
Wo nro entering into ono 0f tho
most important political campaigns
ov-jr know in this or tiny other State.
Tho quotation baa been naked uio
wliat are the prospects? Can wo
succeed? It Ikh been my furotuno
to see many an ent'iuent oa tho
battle tield, but tliia is tho first timo
in my life thul 1 hvo boon put at
.1. . I tl'll..! A 1 -.1.1 I f
w.c i..i. 01 iuo- voiuiuiijwiiu uiougii
am tioi ooadtJui. 1 nnut say tiiat 1
novrr knew tho ttiei;i;l!i (i tbo r
speclivo luic.s without beinj; ublo
to predict victory or defeat. And a.i
I havo fctudied the toiind of tbia
Oontut well, 1 UI y -u that tho mor
ale of the enemy is bad; their
atreiiglh broken und their tt will
joon bo dragging 111 t!iu diiat, if you,
the rtpiestiilativiM of the people will
do your duty I huvo cpoken of the
4a' hint lien who went forth to Haci
liee lil'o und limb in defense of tho
Coiiblitutioii and Union but not of
the nigger and while they were
ibus battling in the field tln-.ro was
another army ut homo, of civilians,
pal lie-tie ui:d devuted In the principles
of tbo eld flag, biiltiiru' for Coiinti
lutii'iial liberty. V hit wo want ij
for tliuji t'.v 11r10ie.1l ) join hand.)
an 1 hcr.vtri an 1 bcr.t down on tho
iiK.pgro! horvrs. I uvuld eay to
'oKiierj and civilians, bo friends: let
no pelly j .alou;:ie3 mar our gloriou.i
cau:-e. Keniciobtr wo are brethren
aii'l liicii'b, and upon in. Roldicn
un l citi.uij, reiita the well !mg of
1:. a, r.i:,viT(),
TUIUtlltAV - sii. . v. I8.
of Knox Comity.
of irica County.
:-ur::rnK ivrcr., (rci.1. ii:i..m,)
flllL MMUni VAN TUUMi',
! FiiiiAi.-liJ Comity,
iur .in: jrjiiac, (vac.incv,)
ol lliiinilton Cuunty.
t; HOUGH Sl'iiNCL,
uS Cl irko CV.unty,
of Mulionin Couu' y.
of Pichawiiy County.
ofA-jjl-iizo County.
IlLEUK OFSl'l'UENn c lUP.r,
of Vinton County.
1'OH I.EI-r.Uit.sTATlVK,
vm EEconnF.ii,
Tho cholera is rapidly n?aring
linglaud, and it ia predicted that it
will reach thoro in twouty dayg.
Tbia information ia (fficial to tho
Stato Department,
Caving to tho drouth of tho eoason
nnd to heavy taxoe, tho nogro labor-
borers in Jamacia havo been reduced
to the most abjact poverty, and thou
sands of thorn aro on tho verge of
starvation. Ihey Lhimc tho Govern
or for it, and an outbreak on their
part is feared. Two-British gunboata
have been sent to tho wcefcrn pert
of tho island.
No persons mc allowed lo conver&o
with Jell. Davis, except Gen. Miles
and oiliecrj vu r:ani 'Intv, Tho
!flly cxaption 'o thia vvn.3 '.uq of
I .
i'rosident Johnsou'd eons, who Inl
a long conversation with him
Communication by railroad is now
c,1,ul'letoa " btrtU!,ton wd to L:ncu-
burg, and boyond Linchburg to Una-
tol, in East Teunesjce.
Mr JeffjrsjMpDavis has boon eo
veroly attache with erysipelas in
Fortress Mom 00. It is quite a se
rious attack.
The EiS'ix Maaa. Statesman un-
ijUcistaridd that our colored citizens
i will iii3;st upon rcorooentativos at
tho next Iiepnb'icau Stato Convcu
lu.11. iney me;m lo tojttlio sincer-
ity 01 our w!.ite cqmiityiies. Wo
have heaid the
names of Bovcral
Soldiers' Receptions.
We eeo that Boldiera' reccptioua
aro tho order of iho day. All things
considered, wo havo approbation
txpredu, of thi3 modo of greeting tho
returned braves, llut let these dom-.
oiibtrationi be unnngod decently and
in order. 1jt 113 h ivo njtliing par
tinan ubout tlum. Mjuiborj of bjth
political partioi miko up tho rani;
and file of our armio3. They agreed
to hold thoir difluronecg of oiiuion in
regard to tiio proper position of tho
Negro; in regard to State Rights,
TuiilL, lj'a:il:3, in abeyance,
rliilo they uuile 1 their Dtrongt.li in
defense of tbo c rnuuon Union. II)
tinning to their homei.to take charge
of civil uliaira, they will, naturally,
dividongain upon these questions,
in tho future, as in tho past. It
follows therefore that in tiieso Bold
ien' ro-nuioin orroecptiono, tho arro
gition by ono party, of exclusive
piivilcgert ii in bid tajto to bay the
caol of it, and cstremoly impu det.t.
To mako Ihotn occasiona tor stump
speaking in the support of a certain
party, its principles, anliU candis
date3, isdiugusting. To attempt by
such meaiu, to tako violent p083es
aion of tbo Boldiers, and drill their
opinions by order of tho ''Union (?)
party" commanding, is an inault to
tho independent froomon and voters,
who composed our army.
Tho attempt which is bofng mado
to force thcao reception gatherings ol
DijmocrLtio and Republican soldiery'
into political mass meetings, for the
purpooeof carrying tho election and
attempting to stuff tho negro do vn
their throats, along with thoir bread
and meat id Buflioient to raiso grave
doubt3 as to tbo motives which actu
ate the seU-coiHlilu'.od .nunaera of
these cU'aira. There aro very few
co'dier3 who aro so baud as not to 6cc
through tjo tianjpareiit a bham.
Wu undeiGtaud that wo aro to havo
a soldieru' dinner in thia county.
Wo do not know who tho managers
are. But us the Republicans aro
very pick to assauio to themselves
the csclusivo cbargo of "things gen
eially," wc havo a right to presume
that Romo of these Rtay-atdiomo pa
triots aro the self-constituted ''Com
mittee of Arrangement!."
If this be tho faot, and they desire
to relievo themselves from tho suspi
cion reatiug upon thorn, and to show
they aro animated solely by regard
and admiration for tho Boldion, if
respective of party, wo can show
them tho way to do it. General
Schcnck "tho hero of Vienna"
baa been called upon to grace 6overal
such occasions with his clorpionco.
W o aro willing to prcaumo that ho
wn3 selected because ho haa boon a
General, and that bis partisau bar
ranguo3 wero not expected or desir
ed. Genoral Cox ha3 d ono ocrvico
likewise, and, like Scficnck, could
not forget that ho was a candidate
for office. Now, lot General Morgan
bo invitud to opeak ot tho Vinton
County reception. Lie, too, io a
soldier -ono of acknowledged supe-.
riority to cither of those mentioned .
Ilo has fought undor the flag from
boyhood; first winning hi3 sjmra by
youthful daring in Mexico, and
crowning hi3 prima with immortal
garlands, won at Cumberland Gap,
and at Vicksburg.- Ilo 13, beyond
all controversy, a disnnguiahed sold
ier, statesman and patriot unexcop
tionablo o crywhero. Tho soldiers
know him aud lovo him. Let him
be called on to groot them; and our
word for it, his "Welcomo Homo"
will havo no alloy ofpuity malice, or
political iulriguo. Oomo, gentle
m.;o, show your haude !
Supreme Court of New
York Defied.
Charles W". Choshiro haa boon con
inod, under protondod United SUt03
authority, in tho Albany l'ouitentia
r. Ilia friondi 8uoJ out a writ of
lluboaa Corpm to inq'iiro whother
to was held by any loga! tribunal.
Vio writ wa3 isanod by Judgo bott,
cf tho Supremo Court in Brooklyn.
Kuo whig that ho was not in any legal
eonflaoiuont. tho military authorities
epiiited hira away, and mado return
to tho writ tha, ho waa boyond thoir
j,inBdietion 1 U,)jn thia conluct
o- tlll) n .vorum3nt .J oi m Lott
''I regret that I am obliged tore
mark ihut tho action of tho Gjvorn
inont in removing tho prisoner from
tho custody of tho law, appears to be
an attempt to evade what may bo lbs
decision of tho Supremo Court of
this Stato on legality of tho detention
of tho nriaonor. if alverao to the
rii'ht to dttrtin.
"It appears to bo an cxprooaion of
. .. ,.1 .1 T-....
a want ol coniiicnco in ino juaicmry
of tho Stato of New York that is not
reopcctful. A prisoner ia restrained
of hia liberty, ft writ ol uuboaa Uor
nii3 ia isjuo.!, and after tho service ol
tho writ upon tho person in who3o
custody tho prisoner ia, ho (tbo pris
oner) is rcmovod from tho custody of
tho law, and it may render a neons
earv a decision that will allot the
ncrdon of an innocent officer of the
"If tho Government of tho United
States have no conli Jenco in tho a 1-
. ministration of tho laws of the Jiidr
ciary of tho several States of tbo Un
ion, then out Government might as
well bo at an end. Tho Courta of
thia Stato havo al wayo endeavorod to
Hustain tho uction of tho General
Government, even in case of ques
tionable lega.ity, and our Court an !
authority are certainly ontitlod to or
dinary romped.
"Tho action of tho Government in
this matter haa relieved mo from the
necessity of a epocdy decision.
Tho fact appears that tho priaonor
haa been removal from tbo cajtody
of the law, and beyond tho reach of
any proceai that might bo iasuod
from this Court.
'"Tho J ud go thon adj)tirnad the
matter to tho first Mon lay in Sep
tember, at which timo the decision
will bo rendered."
This i3 a Bpocitnon of thu Stanton
ian system of government, under
which all laws, but the will of tho
War Department, aro disregarded
and act at n night. Tho Court 60oma
to bo powcrlo33 now to protect ei
thir life, liberty or property.
Mr. Chase's Friends.
Mr Chase'ti frienda seem to
I'ettin into trouble all over
country. A. l Stono.tho Collector
of Internal Rjvonuo at Columbus,
who was a defaulter to tho am v.int
of 8141,000, and who committed
suicide, waa ono of tho Senator's pro-
tO"oa. In Now York there ia anoth
cr, who ia thua alluded toby tho New
York World:
"The I'atxiot'ij REnunuriON.
And hero wo may aoo that tho vica
of speculation in tho National dis
grace ia working out ita own terrible
"Tho lather of tho latC3t defaulter
is Morri3 Motchnm, who is gonorally
regarded aa tho New York advisor of
Secretary Cha3o, tho attributed fath-
er ct tlioGrocnDiicus, out moir reai
progenitor waa tho Now York capi
talist. Uis policy waa a mistake,
wo may "rant, and not a private
desisn, but its iS3tio is no lea? per
sonal and ODPalhng: bio old cstab
HgIicu houao ia one of tho first to bo
crushod; hia son among the foremost
tocxamplotho paper contagion.
Whom the goda wish to destroy
thev first inako mad.
"Tho lvotchums, father and son,
wero nrominont members of tho
boval Loaiuo, an organization which
branded aa malcoutouta and traitors
all who raiaod a voice againat tho
wuMtnfulnoea uf tho Executive and
nrodicalitv ot tho natiooal treasury
Tbo grceriback3 they multiplied havo
sutlocateiJ tuem."
The Now York Custom Ilouao,
under Mr Barry, Chaoo'a Collector,
turned out a whole hoot of defaulters
and swindlers. A friend of Mr
Chas o said to tia tho othor day that
tho Soerctarv soomod to havo the
miBfortuuo of making every rascal in
tho Union hia friend and then allow
himself to bo imposed upou by them.
[Cincinnati Enquirer.
Maubied. Ou tho 31st nit., by
3. U. Cuao, Eaq., Mr. Geokgk U. Fry
and Miss Fideixa MArea.
CCIroportant adautagc3 by
Maximilian's troops aro reported in
Worth western Mexico, 1
Death of Gov. Brough.
John Drouth. Governor of Ohio.
died, at hia residence, io Clovoland,
on Tuoalay, August 29th, at 1 o'clock
f, M. ino public wero not unpro
pared for this aunoucomont. A dis-
patch from tho Governor's physician,
dated tho 23th, at 7:50 l. Ml, said
.!" Ill II
tho Governor h.il been failing all
day, and wat moitly uncoii3oiom.-
iho opinion waa crosaou tlut
wouu prouaniy
and ho did not.
uot livo 43 bours.
Uo ia tho first
G jvoruor of Ohio who
hia incumbency.
died du;in '
John Broujdi, lato Governor
Ohio, waa born iu Marietta, bard by
tho present nil buildin?. on tbo
i f - i
corner of Second and L'utuam ttreeta,
in 1311. Aa a boy, ho w.ia tioto l
for uctivity, energy, and intelligo.'ico.
Ho spout a short tinn in Athena
college, but hia studios there were
intcriiptod by expulsion for threshing
ono of hia associates. At tho ago of
20, ho atartod a Democratic nowspa
per hero Tho l'utriot tho lato Col.
Isaac Humphreys and Nat. Bishop,
Sen , being hia principal coadjutors,
it diil not succeed romarkably well.
"Jaek,"tfa tho peoplo then called
him moved ofT to 1'urktreburg,
but lound that fi-ild of labor r ubor
uninviting. Next, ho wont to Lin
castor, Ohio, aud took charge of The
Ohio E iglo, one of the oldoat papers
in the Stato, ami a staunch I) mio
eratic partial, baekod up by a com
niunity that hill boon, from tin iirjt,
and ia utill, overwhelmingly Demo
cratic. Ho immuiliately rosj in the
estimation ol his now neighbors, anl
became of so much conactjuenco that,
in ISSij. Gon Ihrrisou, tlien a citn
didato for tho I'naidoncy, dovoto 1
no 8tivill portion of a speech he made,
at Soinoraut, Ohio, to a review of
hick JJi'ouyh. Tho fir.it timo the
editor of tho Times ever saw him
waa in September of tho eano year,
when he came ovor to Somerset as
reporter of tho trial of D ivid Work,
tor the murder of Christopher Hook
er. Wo though that ho was the
biggest man of hia ugo wj ha 1 ever
soon, und Ins quick, spry g ut nnvod
us to a oort of admiration. In 183 S,
Mr Brough, then in hia iwjnty
eigiith year, waa elected a repre
soututivo. to the Ohio General As
sembly, Irom ttio counties of Fuirfiol 1
ana uookiug. iNext t'ehru.iry, be
wan choson Auditor of State --an of-
uco which ho tilled with greiit cred't
aim useluii-ess until 1315. In
he was elected Governor of Ohio by
,111 immense miij nty. luesday laa
he diod, in the 5lth year of hia as: )
With his admirable constitution, bo
auonM nave Iivod to ho ninety.
John Broach's lamo as a nubiie
oiiiour restB wholly upon the manner
in which he discharged biadutiusan
Auditor of Stato. lie did tiot
greatly diotinguijh hiiruolt' as u iour
nalist, although a r;a ly and tbrciblo
writer. Aa a popular speaker, 20
years ago, ho bad but ono superior
in the otato tnut man was Thomas
Cor win. lie wag an excellent
business man--cautious, u-Boluto
aud persevering. Theae nmtliticR
iib shown in his management of rail
roada, raised him from poverty to
nfiluenco. Wo cannot uay, that, a
Governor ot Uluo, ho ouataiued the
Times. Business Men Fighting the
Anronos of theso late ilevoloDuients
wo may remark that almost every
ouo ol thorn Bliowa tho tendency oi
buoiucua mon to "linht the tiri-r.'
Tho faro bank player ia received by
many stock pluyera as a kinsman.
I ..... ..,.,!. , ...... l u.., .... i.
lent, ii Senator, and ceveral other
lidtinguisliod gentlemen took Junior
at Saratoga, with 'Mr Morrissev. A
guitfoinati may atill rem tin a gentle
man aftur every association; but Ihii;
intimacy of groat folks with ono who,
whatever hia gonialily and good
mauuera, does not deny that ho plays
cards for a living, shows a chaugo
iu the social charity of tho funs, aud
an extension of iiontlemainicsa more
(startling than refreshing. The whole
laaaon ot thia folly ia told in tho ctuo
ot A L Stone, of Columbus, who
ruined lmii3c I and lus creditors lout
and then killed hia body. A news
paper account Bays:
ilo waa quite too lonJ of drinkim;
and card playing, and played for
monoy. Ilia lino nervous organiza
tion wa3 easily j'p""-i;t by liriuor.
thon generous frV ,,an&J8
was, be waJan auuiirablu pigeon
for iranibicrato t'lluck. About a vnsn-
ago, it wa3 obaervcci, with docp dis
tress ana nucasinoEs, oy ina uear
frienda. that ho had taken to hunl
drinking aud gambling. .An oflort
waa oomg mauo to reiorm Inm, and
for a timo it seemed to succeed, ilo
wa Bobor and attontivo to hu3ino3s
for Derhans three months, but rnluno.
4 - - -j W HJ
ed. and from that timo his courao w,ih
rapidly downward.
Ou Monday night, July 31, Mr.
Stone iha'Jo a last ellort to mtr
hid f"i tunes nt tbi gimbliog table.1
Ilo soont tho entire ui.ht at a ramb
ling Iioubo, in Columbus, anl lost
3,000. Two days afterwards ho
was no moro.
And cosaiD sava that vouncr
n I J CI
Ketch urn a cmhnrrashiinpr.tfl wnrn not
entirely diao.Viatod from gambling.
New York World.
The South in the Union.
Tho dcp'orablo yolla that go up
uvcry morning irom mo uazotto
about "Southern fraitor3 and North-
ern Copporlioada," givo ovidenco of
!gru;u luu-roiti tgoi:y. iliu lUUa 01
letting the lato rebel lioua States come
I 1. : .1. . IT..!-
ouuk iiku i:iu uoioii. or. in owicr
Words, to allow them to ba renro-
sented in tho Congress of tho United
Slates, gives tho Federal torioa who
control tho columns of that concern
groat apprehension. Nothing would
do tho Black Republicans but to bring
tho South back iuto tho Union.
Millions of. men and m mey had to
bo aacrilloed lor that objoct, and now
when they aro back, tho trouble of
thcBJ toriea has no limit. Novor
miud, old follows, your agony has
not fairly bogun. Tho Southern
Statea aro all in tho Union, imty
n it sij.jcriE." Tnoy w;il bo ronro-
soafod both ia tho Senate, in tho
llouu, on tho Biiuli, in tho Cubiuot,
in tho Army, in tho Navy, and In
Foreign C oiirtj Ves, hit Oazjtto,
all theae thini'j aro fast coininir. and
. , oi
you and your fanatic il pirty will.
ko your toiy iiuoeatora. ho bailahod
from p ever loi ut least a century. -Your
u un is. like th'it of tin old ton;
party, will bj a ateneh in tho nostrila
Cox Out for Negro Suffrage
in Ohio.
It will bo seen by tho following
extract from an Ooorlh letter to tho
Chica,") Tiibuiu, il ;ublicaii that
Cox has ut hut b ;eii smoked out of
his over, an 1 in lonoa ingro auilrago
in 0'iio. Tho coi respoii lout says'.
"Mon la", A. M.,Gon. J. D Cox,
tl.'O Rop-.iblio.iu c mdid ito for G jvern
or of diio, Bou-in -la v of L'rosidoiit
u'innoy, and a graduate uf tho cullogf,
a Idresso l tho citizjna. Thoro waa
great curiosity to hoar him, aa hia
recent lottor baj disappointod eomo
of his bjst friends, lie ia a vory
easy and graceful speaker, with a
pleasant viioj and wiuuing manner.
His Bjieeeh was theuame iu nubstanco
with bis publiihed letter, und not
satisfactory to tho andietico general
ly. Yot a reply to tho qncatiou by
ono ot tho audience, ut tho close
relieved his position somewhat. Uo
aaid that if the pi atiou of negro
sufliago in Oliio wero treated by
itsolf, ho should bo ready to go aa
far aa tho moat radical in securing
tho colored man in all bio uaturul
rights, Ob jrlin will vote for him
for too Union party, but vote under
I wish to 6.iy to our returning soldiers,
widows, and lu-ird of dcccuiwd Boldlcn,
that I will attfiul to gulling ticir Hack
l'y, Hounti-s, and Pensioim, nnd Lotnl
Uountios j nlco, for all who wi-m iinpiie
onod in yuutlieru prisoiiB, ccunniutatioii in
raon-y for their riitions whilst impriaoiied
nid three months extra ny; nnd I will at
tend to tliii collection of nil other claims
m tlio United .States or Utato of Ohio
Fee for each application from 5 to 810
-owing to the trouble to id expense Incur
McArthur, Ohio.
July 13, 1863.
Old and young should use
The Hair.
It prcvonts or etopa tho ITalr
from falling; Cleanses, Bouutiflea,
Preserves, nnd renders it Soft nnd
Glossy, and tho Jlsad free fr'-m
It ia tho best ITalr Dressing and
Prcsorvativo iu tho world.
Sterling's Ambrosia
Manufacturing CompV,
sole proprietors,
M. Il'il Iloi t m 1 lin T.v !... i: X c-.i.
la..i.a in my Immlif,,, t,,lloctioii. Upon nil
I axes uot j.aid ou ur beiuro Juno 20Lo ISG5, the
law imposes a penally nr livo per emit, will
bo iii alluodaiico at the Troasurera ollioo in Mt1
Arthur unlilj Ihut Onto, to rocoivo tho name
. .... Treasurer V.Co.,0.
May Ilthl5C5-Cw. '
VOTICli is Jienjl.y Ki ven that tho Oommis
June scsHion fr I ia v.:,r i,Rr, ,....... "I
faimdrcd dulluigof valuation .in each tnwnnliip
iu siid county. Which said tax may l.o.Ii..
ciiarsou ly l.ihr f.n tlio roadu, under Ihn (i -rcctiou
of Hi? Siprviw of thn fovcmI di.i
tncls ; r.l iho mtn r. rro Hnlr j, r ,hy, .,rn,
vidc.-lbylaw. , II. C. Mim)!E
J.'n: 3?th, K-35-3T, 4-v).y.O n

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