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of the Stat I and rights of the people,
cannot be seduced by hopes of power,
nor driven by fear of consequences to
that position now. It demands noth
ing which is not prescribed in the
Constitution, it will be satisfied with
nothfug less, it will ba unsol&dh and
earnest in its support, it will be de
termined and active in its opposition,
it rises above party aims, it banishes
i arty aspirations, it will be true to
dm, whoever he may he, who will
hi true to tha Constitution and the
The questions now in controversy
touch fie very organization ol the
Federal (yovernmuut. They revive
the old thooiies of confederation and
consolidation. They are hidden
tinder spurious and deceptive names
Reconstruction, as our opponents
uae the word, means uul the rettora
tion of the Union, but reco:iBtructiou
of the Constitution, charge in the
tramo work of the Uoverimient, anu
every change proposed is in .iiminu
tion of the States, and a2!raiulize-
meut of the Federal Government.
Delay in re-coimtructioii means that
militarv Governments me to be U6td
to effect them. The tendency of
war is to consolidation. Wo wuat
resint it. It will load to despotism
Local self-government, the rights of
the Ststes. confederation. These are
the only hope ot liberty. Our fathers
saw this, and they formei a confed
eration. In few and simple words,
thev established the test of all ques
tions. "All powers not delegated
are reserved." Let us bring all to
this test. Lot us solve them by it,
and as tar as human wisdom can et
(po.l it. woebcana all dangers Shal
we change that test now! Shall we
destroy the States? Shall wo impair
their cowers? Are wo wieer, more
nair!nti. mora hnnest than our fa
hnrfli No. Let us restore the
Government as they made it. They
gave us a blessiuu; let us beware that
we do Dot make it a cuiso.
Death of Ex-Governor
Ex-Governor William Medil! die
at his rcsideco, in Lancaster, Ohio,
on Saturday afternoon, September
2d. He had been aillictod with par
alysis of the extrumeties, during the
past year. lie was a man of marked
abilities, strict integrity, and of
great parity ot character both in
public and private lifo. In politics,
be was an unwavering Democrat,
entrusted by the party with many
positions of honor and responsibility,
and never botrayod its confidence,
nor faltored in the honest discharge
of his duty.
From the Ohio Statesman, we
learn Mr Mediil was born in the
State of New Jersey, and came to
Ohio about the year 1829 or 1830.
tnd settled in Lancaster, where he
bas since tesided. He was a mem
ber o' the Ohio Legislature, of which
body be was chosen speaker. Ue
was a member of the Constitutional
Convention which framed the present
Constitution of Ohio, and presided
over its deliberations. In 1851, he
was elected Lieutenant Governor on
the Democratic ticket, and in 18G3
was elected Governor by a largo ma
jority, over Nel6ou Barriero, the last
Whig candidate for Governor in
Ohio. Under Buchanan's Adminis
tration, he hold the position of
Negroes in Sullivan County, Indiana.
The citizens of Sullivan county,
Indianna, held a mass meeting at the
Court Hoase in Sullivan, on the 19th
nit., on the subject of the everlasting
negro, and passed the following res
MWhebeas, The thirteenth arti
cleoftbe Constitution of Indiana
prohibits the immigration of negroes
into tne state, was adopted as a
separate proposition by an unprece
dented majority; and, whereas, we
have lately had an influx of a num
ber of negroes in our midet, in direct
violation ot law: therefore
Resolved, That we are in favor
of a stiict enforcement of the laws of
the State, enacted to carry out said
article ot tne Constitution, and nero
by iD9tt act our civil officers to proso-
cute all who violate said law.
Resolved, That the chair appoint
a committee of vigilance in each
township, whose duty it shall be to
lertit out all violations of said article
Id their respective townships, and
make complaint to the proper offi
cers. By motion and Becond, the differ
ent townships in Sullivan county, are
requested to call meetings for the
pm pose of keeping np their commit
tees, and adopting any legal plan they
think best, to vindicate ana carry
out the above named thirteenth article.
ftjjt iilcrtjiur $cmotat;
THl'IC-SD Y -- - - Sept H. 1805
of Knox County.
of Seneca County.
of Fairfield County.
'i tfOMAS M. KEY,
1 of Hamilton County.
of Clarke County,
of Mahoning County.
of Pickaway County.
of Auglaize County.
of Vinlon County,
Duck or No Dinner.
There is jnst now a great exortion
being made to get up soldiers' din
ners and feBtivials, for the purpose of
having our solliera harraugued by
John Sherman, a candidate for U. S.
Senator, or Bob &hcnck, for tho
same. It is the old dodge to get
their negro suffrage and negro equal
ity notion's craved down your throats.
Why dou't they Bail under their true
colors, and give out notice of a
Mulatto-Republican-Abolition Meet
ing, and not, under false pretenses,
attempt to gull the people thus.
Remember, soldiers, and vetorans
particularly, that these samo meu re
fuse you what is your just due? to-
wit: Tho $100 Local Bounty that is
justly due yon and ought to be paid.
Remember that they don't care
whether you and your families can
get a dinner at home or not, if they
can only catch your votes. Is not
this tho truth? Again, remember
that you are taxed to pay 7-30 Bonds
in the hands of these men in McAr
thnr, to the sum of about $50,000
now owned by men in our town.
Cox Unpopular.
A returned veteran wants to know
of us, what is the reason the ladies
of the "Leagues" do not hurrah for
Cox as thoy did for Bioughl We
can not tell. Is it becanse the ladies
are opposed to Cox? This looks
ominous. We have not heard a
single lady hurrah for Cox.
DCTOn the 12th inst., Governor
Anderson declared tho office of the
Treasurer of State vacant, and had
the Treasurer, G. Volney Doisey,
arrested for embezzlement, &c. All
right! Any man that would slander
General Jackson as be did, in a
speech to the Ohio Legislature last
winter, wili steal ; and those men
who upnold bis lies lies last winter
are not much better.
The News.
Judge Doniphan, of the Coving-
Joff Circuit, Lag decided the Ken-
tacky Expatriation Law to be un-
(Constitutional, h is bolioved the
Court of Appeals will approve the
decision. The Expatriation Law was
the one that attempted to disfranchise
men for their action during the late
ar by a more act of the Legislature.
Governor Hamilton, of Texas, has
issued a proclamation, taking the
initiatory steps for a 5Ttate Conyon
tion in that State, to restore Texas to
the Union.
Three million eight hundred thou
sand acres of land bavo been entered
under the Homestead Law, in the
month of August, at La Crosse, Wis
consin. Wo buve a slightly flavored ac
count, by telegraph, of the killing of
a Captain of ncgros at Savannah, by
threo young men. His name was
Ileieler. He was too intimate with a
colored mistress of one of the young
raeu, aud they shot him. They
were arrested for the act.
A Conservative majority bas been
returned to the Constitutional Con
vention in South Carolina. Among
the number is General Wade Hamp
ton. The people bavo been taxed tie
pR6t woek under the internal revenue
JohnC. Breckinridgo, Mr Helrr,
and Jacob Thompson tohave arrive!
in France.
The Treasurer of State, was arres
ted on Monday last, at Columbus, on
a criminal warrant charging him
with; "breeches of trust and embez
zlement." The Sheriff, in making
the arrest, was accompanied by Gr.
Anderson. The Treasnrer was not
disposed to surrender cither the keys
of the safe or the oflke. The for
mer was arranged by the Governor
taking charge of one of the keys of
the safe, and Mr Dorsoy of tho otb
er. The office was declared vacant
by the Governor, in a public notice,
in accordance with the law in such
cases made and provided. Mr Dor
soy will contest the right of the
Governor to declare the office of tho
Irefisurer vacant, and will apply tor
a writ of quo warranto next week,
on tho meeting of the Supreme
ChaBO, Greeley, Butler & Co., are
to be present at a Nbgro Convention,
soon to be holden at Raleigh.
Treasurer Dorsey Blown
Sky High!
The Stale Journal, (the Ropubli
can organ of Ohio,) of Septomber 6,
contains the report of Mr P. OJlin
and Wm. Henry Smith, Secretary of
State, as special examiners of ''the
condition of the State Treasury."
The character of that report, which
is long and full of figures, can be
accurately obtained from the follow
ing editorial notice of it by the Stato
We publish this morning aRo-
port of Hon. Peter Odlin. -of Dayton,
..-a ti a.:.t. ?.
nuu m iiupui uuuijf aujuu, oecroiary
nf State. SoGciul F!aminfira nnrtor
- 1 - wi mwicvs
the Independent Treasury Law of
uuio, upon tne condition ot tho Stato
Treasury in June last. This publi
cation ia made in oheriir-nna tn an
order left by Governor Brough with
his Private Secretary, previous to his
aeparture irom onr city on tho 20th
of June, to his home in Cleveland,
on account of promonitions of the
terrible suffering which caused his
death. Tho Report was not conclu
ded and signed until the last week in
August, and was then forwarded to
Governor Brough at Cleveland, but
his Tihvsical nrostration wus aim I. oo
j i " " j
to forbid the communicating to him
of its contents. It was returned to
Columbus for publication, and was
Dlaced in tho care of a conviat for
that purpose, when tho news of the
death of the death of the Governor
susponded work upon it until the
obsequies of the Chief Mazistrata had
been observed.
The allegations and exDOBitiona'ni
this report will astonish the public.
It presents full balances on all I'unde
belonging to tne state, aud declares
that no deficit exists in any fund
but it exposes the humiliating fact'
that tho Treasurer of State has abus
ed the trust reposod in him by the
people of Ohio has outraged the
confidence of the party by which he
was chosen Treasurer, and rma cm.
lated the law which be swore to obey
when he entered upon the duties of
office. These allegations are
1. That br means of a Anoint
coin deposit somebody is making in
terest irora tne money ot tbe State.
2. Thatassets faunl in tho Treas
urv were not of tbe character rea air
ed by law.
3. That large unauthorized bal
ances have been kept in the Ohio
valley liank at Cincinnati.
4. That liartlett & Smith, Bankers
of Columbus, had the use of $50,000
from the Treasury for one month, in
lieu of which thev were permitted to
deposit Savon-thirty U. S. Binds,
upon which they received the accru
ills' interest.
5. That with tho Franklin Bank of
Columbus a similar transaction was
had uoon bjuis amounting to
6. That tho Treasurer of State re
moved for private ma $16,000 -of
tho currancy of the lreaaury, in lieu
of which he deposited Soven-tuirty
U. S. Bonds ($(,000) aid United
atatos certificates of indebtedness
($10,000,) upon -finch be rccoivod
the accruing interest.
7. That improper us) bas been
made of Unite J States securities be
longing to BolJiors, who receivod pay
for U. S. service through the Stato
Upon the3a allegations wo forbotu
to comment. Ttioy do not require
it. No one of the many frienJs of
the btato Iroasurer can regret their
publication more sincerely, or wit
ness it more painfully, than does Hie
writer of this article.
Tho law, intendod to provide
agaiuet the private uso of public
funds, in any manner whatever, un
der which the special examination of
the btate treasury, inado by Mr
Odlin, is authorized, was ouactod
by the General Assembly Ij which
tho Breslin defalcation was reported.
It is a sevore, comprehensive, aud
carefully guarded statute. Its re
quirements are plain, and tho penal
ty for their violation is vacation of
office and criminal prosecution.
So, then, this superior patriot, Mr
Dorsoy, who wa fighting "copper
heads' in tho roar, aud who walkod
through our streets with a peacock
strut, 4has abmod the trust rcpoaod
in him by tho people of Ohio has
outraguJ tbe coufi fence of the party
by which he was chosen Treasurer,
tud bus violated the law which he
eworo to obey when ho euterod on
the duties of the office" a law the
"requirements" of which aro "plain,
and the penalty for their violation is
vacation of office and criminal perse
cution." This is not all that this
suporfl.no patriot, who was fighting
the "copperheads" in the roar, did.
lie made an ''improper use" "of tho
United States securities belonging to
soldiers, win roceived pay fur U.
S. service through tho Stato Treasu
ry.'' Wo don't propogj to grow in
dignant over this matter. Mr OJlin
has only broken tho shell. L t thu
people throw into tho uoxt Legisla
ture a majority of Democrats, and n
disclosure of Bcoundrelism practiced
by this sort of patriots will bo made
that would make Satan himself, when
in his blackost mood, blush crinnon.
No doubt tho Abolition organs will
denounce this statemont as an out
rageous falsehood. We beg tho peo
plo to recollect, that when wo called
attention to the rumor that M: Dor
soy had wrongfully used the funds
of tho State, the Ohio State Journal
set npon us like a fury, and declared
that wo had thereby put ourselt
"beneath the personal notice of any
man who entortaius a decent respect
for his own character," and we were
denouncod as a "coward." Wo
know the ground on which we stood,
and had faith to boiiovo that our
vindication would come along some
of these days. It has como, tardily,
to bo sure, and it is complete. Now
let tbe people olect the Djuiocratic
State Ticket and a majority of the
Democrats to the Legislature, and if
there shall not then be a revelation
made of tho knavery, and dishonesty
of men who have hitherto set thorn
selves op as paragons of honesty aud
patriotism we will confess to having
been most egregriouBly miatakon.
Galloway said, in bis speech, at the
West front of of tbe Capital, on
Saturday night, that their party was
the honest party. Heaven Bavo the
mark. Will tho people of Ohio vote
lor a change, whereby tho festering
rotteunes3 of tho party in power can
be laid bare to the public gaze?
[Ohio Statesman.
fJjr"Gen. Cox, while running for
the highest civil office in the State,
carries out the execution of two citi
zens of Ohio, whom he knew there
was no more authority tor putting to
death than if the order bad bad been
issued by the Dey of Algiers. He
lent himself to the Administration to
overthrow the laws and to dishonor
tha State ot which he aspiies to be
tho bead. He showed that. If elected
Governor, he would be a mere
Of the Treasurer hnd Auditor of Vinton county, Ohio, for tha half-jear ending
August 3 1st, 1300, in cnrcplicnce -villi an ait passed Apiil 5th 1859, to pro?ide for
the belief regulation of the teceipU, itisburseinenUand safe keeping of the public rev
enue. Names of Funds.
It ridge,
l'oor .
.... ....
. .... . . . .
Volunteer Relief
. .... ....
School nd Sclinol House
Township aud Township i'oor
Military Commutation ....
Section number Twenty-nine
County Military
.... ....
i iic uimiTBiguru imuiuici ouunuunui
fv that the forgoing stitemeut is a full and
I reasmy or v uiiun cuuuiy uuiu, mi mo msi Dtntineba day o I August 1861, knowing
the exact amount of money in tun Treasury belonging to each particular fund.
Given under our bauds ofliically, this 3lst day of August, 1865.
fund 1037 36 4
1389 15 9
" 767 67 O
" 2080 SO 0
" 1455 00 0
' 2983 47 7
" 359 68 8
6657 87 3
" 1873 20 0
190 25 8
IS 60 9
817606 69 3
.... ....
.... ....
.... ....
a... .
. ....
u v iniuii county unio. do Hereby cert"
complete exhibit of the condition of the
II. C. MOORK, Auditor Vinton Co.
II ENRY REYNOLDS, Treas. Yimou Co.
September 11, 1865 -3v
Soldiers and Democrats
Against Negro Suffrage.
The sj'diers ot Iov.i mot in Slate
Conventiuu on, tue 23J ot August.
Delegates were present from al I parts
of tlio f.tiUj. It was a large aud
onlliiisiastic Convention. Governor
Stone and his frienda, tho Negro
Suffiagoites, undertook to break up
the Convention; but failed moit
signa'ly. Tho soldiers of Iowa are
determined to teach the Negro Suf-
fragoites a los3on, aud thoy, therefore,
laid down an anti-Negro Suffrage
platform, and by acclimation nomi
nated tho following Ticket:
For Governor Gen. Thomas H.
Ronton, of Pottnraattcc; Tor Lieut.
Governor Col. S. 1'. Van Anda, ot
Delaware: For Supremo Judge
Ool II. II. Trimbiill, of Davis; For
Siipoiintendent of I'ublic Instruction
Capt. J. W. Lennett, of Jasper.
'The ir.'Xt day tho Democratic par
ty of Iowa met m Stato Convention
at the saruo placo, and resolved to
support tho soldiers' Ticket, noiuina
ted oil the proceeding day.
In the address of the soldiers to
thoir eoldier-c imradjs, these piusa
ges occut, referring to Negro Suf
'Don't bo deluded, soldiers and
loyal citizens, by the Ja'so aasortior
that this question is not now before
yon, to be decided virtually bv the
defeat or election of Stone. It hae
been forced upon tho people; it can't
be postponed, but must hi settled by
tho result ottho October election.
'The friend of Negro Suffrage,
and Governor Stone may squirm us
they ploaje, and designate tiicniaolves
by what pntroitic names they please;
may he;ip epithets of opprobrium
upon their opponents as thoy please,
...i . . . tl
out thoy can t escape irom mo o;num
which the lourth plank in their plat
form has indelibly fixed upon thm
Thev must face thai muiic. They
can't decieve oM soldiers. Their
candidate is tho Nogro Suffrage can
didate. and they must abid that
issno. Governor Stone means Negro
Suffrage, and Negro SuIIrago mean
Governor o.one, aud, for this cam
paign, thoy are joined together, ,and
no mm can put them asuuuer.
Soldier, wo know you are op
pobed to Negro Suffrage. With j'oii
it wero a waste of v0rd3 and an
insult to argue this quotation further.
You are all opposed to iNegro hq ial
ity, in all its shapes, and heartily
iudoreo the words of your invincible
commander, old Tecumscb Shoriu:iu,
that 't!io Ne!roe3 aro not fitted for
'the exorciso of tho elective franchiso
I want them to get a fair prico for
their labor, but 1 do not think they
are fit to take a part in the legislation
of tho country.
This part of their addreB9 is as ap
plicable to affairs here in Ohio as it is
to affairs in Iowa. It is just as im
portant h'jre as it is in Iowa, that
"soldiers aid loyal citizjus" Bhonld
not4'b;j deluded" "by ;he fake asaer
tion this question Negro SuffrageJ
is not now now before" them, "to b
decided virtually by the election oi"
Gen. Cox; and "the friends of Negio
Suffrage" and Gen. Cox "squirm as
they p!ea3e, and designate them
selves by what patriotic names they
please; may heap epithets of oppro
bium upon theit opponents; tbey
must face that music. They can't
deceive old soldiers. Their candida
te is the Negro Saffarge candidate,
and they must abide that issue."
Gen. Cox '-means Negro Suffrage,
and Negro Suffrage meaas" General
Cox, "and for this campaign they are
joined together, and no man can
put then: asunder."
We may, therefore, with propriety
say, in the language of this address
of tbe soldiers of Iowa, "Soldiers,
we know yon aro opposed to Negro
Suffice. With you it were a waste
of words and an insult to argue thia
question farther. You aro all oppoa-.
od to Negro Equality In all its shapes
and heartily indorse tho words of
your invincible commander, old
Tecumseh Sherman, that "the Ne
groes aro not fitted for tha exercise
of tho elective franchise. I want
them to get a fair prico for theit la
bor, but I do not think they are fit
to take a part in tho legislation of
'he country.'" How, soldiers and
loyal citiziii8, can this now Nogro
igitation be'slopped? How can we
prevent tho dis'racting strife to which
it may give rise, and which may bo
,rolongod for years ta ooma? The
inawer is brief and sufficient. Do
eat" Gen. Cox "and hi Ticket, In
October next, and Negro suffrage
igilatiou in" Ohio " will be numbered
Statesman. A Serious Question.
A correspondent from Grove
pringp, KentQcky, writes us a busi
nese letter, in which he says:
"All my able field hands are gone.
Tho puperannuatod men and women
and children, to be supported, are at
home. How is it to bo dune with
my white family, is what causes
most auxiety."
This is tho problem which is for
ced upon the country by tho abolition
of slavery, and it is ono mo should
like to see the vd vacates of that
measure solve. Their remedy ap
pears to be to build up a great negro
boarding house, to be supported by
O3 Watches can bo repaired and
Musical Instruments put in order, by
calling on William Woltz, in tho
"Ilulbert Buildings." His card ia
in another column.
Felton's Cash Stubu. Our towns
nian, Mr Felton, has bought out the
stock of Mr Geo. li. Will, and will
continue tbe Goods business in all its
dopai-tments, at old stand.. Mr.
Feltoa is now in the city filling np
his stock, and his friends and cus
tomers will find a stock second to
none in the country, at prices that
will give eutire satisfaction.
Remember that "a now broom
swoops clean;" and if you want a
bargain, call at Pol to if a I
I wish to Bay to our returning soldiers,
widows, and heirs of deceased soldiers,
that I will attend to getting their Back
Pay, Bounties, and Pensions, and Local
Bounties; also, (or all who were impris
oned in Southern prisons commutation in
money for their rations whilst imprisoned
and three months extra pay; and I will at
tend to tho collection of ell other claims
in the United States or State of Ohio.
Fee for each application from 85 to tlO
-owing to the trouble and expense Incur
McArthur, Ohio.
July 13, 1865.
G. W. J. WOL1Z,
Watches, Clocks,
LiTTrie Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Oogana,
forty different styles, adapted to sacred and
secular muaio, for (80 to 1600 each. Thirty
five Gold and Silver Medals, or other first pre
miums a-varded them. Illustrated catalogue
free. Address, MASON fc HAMLIN, Boston,
HB. and Jane Dnnkle, Executor and Ex
m Cf ntrix nf tha Vat-la nt I'll TtnnVU 1t
of Vinton County Ohio, deceased, have filed
iumr iKuduuiB ana voacDers, ror inspection
and final settlement, and that tbe same will
stand for tearing in tha 1'robate Court oi
Vinton Countr.Ohin. nn tha IHt.h Amtett Han.
tember.A.D. 1865.
August 24,1665-3 Fiobate Judge,

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