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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 28, 1865, Image 4

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Democratic State Platform,
AUGUST 1865.
: ' '. ' i. i t . ' i
1 . 'Renoled, That the Federal Govern-'
ment i xWtsouly' by virtue of I he Federal.
CuiiFlituMoa and.puMMtti uo powers cot
'granted by that instrument.
3. KtS'lv d, Tint ilie experience of the
last hnirj ears has demons rated, in an em
inent dfgtee, the t itilnia of our loiefa'.hera
m iisi-iiii; upuii a strict Ciiiibtrmtion of
tfr Pi Herat I'uiixtilution: an. I w utterly
ul'iior the sophistry ty which violations.
Ilif most p 8 in and pulpab.p, iifilie letter
Mid fiirit of thai instrument, h-ive b-eii
to 11(1 are defended.
3. llnuh fd, Thnt the reserved ri1 t s of
the Siaes aie es-iili il to the exitein e el
m Kepuhlican Guvviuiiieiit, and to the liber
tie and prof peiity of the eople, ami we
tire, there'ore, unalterably oipifcd to a
rnnsolidali"n of all powers in the bon is ol
the Federal Government the hie i utile
consequenc es of u luih would he to make
that Government the ni"8t despotic, cur
rupt mi l oppressive ill the world
4. ReMlerd, '1 1ml the Deniui rcy of Ohio
will n.uiiituin and defend, as they have u'U
ways heretofore dune, it eySfiit in I to the
rxistetue of our Fedeial system ofttovern
ment, the tru d 'ctrine of State High s
not nti'i'difiiiVo i, not feces ion but the
tlieory ol thut si stem as laid ilowu in th
Virgin'u and Kentucky resolutions of 17:!)
an iuterpieted by th-ir authors; the one b
Madison in his ' report of 17J9 aril the
i!ier by Je'lli rs in in hi solemn, official.
Inatigunl of iSOI-
ft. R solved, Tlw', their ordinances ol
Bscest.oii being void, tlw so-cule'd seced
in; Sluli'.s 'ire still in the Union as Sutes
and are. therefore entitle. I ti all the icserv
i d :ighls o' Hie Stales, and to their dm
leprcBentutiou in Cui'Kress. and to vot'i ai
lulure elections of President and Vict
IVesidfnt. and any nttr ni 't of the Federal
Uovpinn'ient, or any department lliereol.ti
deprive them ol ih?.-e ri:lii, would head
assault upon the t'ghts of tvery Stale in
the Union . i.n l an ell'ori to over'lnow tie
(loveruniinl ordained by tho Coiiatim
t i o l.
6. Resolved, That to each State belong
the light to cit teni ine for iuell theq'ialili
r-iii, i s , f its eleitors, an I the Genera l
Government cannot, nor can any depait
ment thereof iuter'ere, directly o int'i
reitly, with the exercise of this ii;lit
without a palpable violi'tion of the Con
i'ninn, and of the res. rved rich's of the
7. Resolved That the effort rrvv being
matte, to confer the right of FulT i.ge upon
n greet, is an insiduus attempt to over
thri w populai institutions Ly brin;ii g tin
liglit to Vote Irlo ilisrace. Thai tin
ingioes are not competent to the exerci
ol thai right, nor is it nn o-sary to theii
safely or protection. On tliecontr.-iry.il'
eX'crcir.e by ihem, if alteinpted, would bt
frntght w ith terrible (Hluiuilies to botl
ihcin and the w hites. We are. therefore
ii'i rjnivoi ally opposed to Neg'o Sin
8. Resorted, Thai the experience of 4
OOJ yecs liiB ileinniitraied ihot negioes a-i
ii t ;qual t while men, ami all attempt'
(Oplaieihcm on fuo ing of eqi.ility.
potilieallv ani? enriallv, wi'h the whlt'.'r
ever hava proved, and ever will pn.vi
loi lun-.-, hi d u ' i such alien.) i.j ever Invt
proved, ai.d ever will prove, injurious Ii
both r c.ve.
9. Racked Tl at this Governmenl wa
made by "hue men, and so lams we havt
ti e pnvur to preserve it, it sliull coutintit
to hi-a Gin emu est of while men. .
Ii). Resohal, That u d"r tlw vh o
Abolitioi.isin, and t'j tcially under tl.t
recent military orders in Kentucky, tie
iMii'gration ol negroes into Ohio is grow
i'ig evil, and in or r that white labor eh ti'i
t e rotei ted i g ii st le f,ro l ilior, and tin
pu I le P);aint ii' j;ro pi' erisni, it is lli'
(lot) ollhe Lcgisiutuie to dicourae lie ,. r.
mi', riitioii iinuoui S ate,
11. Resuhrd T;'ut the. war hivinjr
leaeeil, it in 'he (Inly ol the G'-ternineuif
State and Federal, and of every citizen, to
flrivc to heal ihe uound inflicted hv i',
and to h inj; about a ira emul feel'ng be
tween the people of t!ie dillereiit fection
of the Re) ublic.
12. RcsoUed, That the valor and for
tiuile ofour troops hava never been sur
fas ed, and ' their patriotic devotion t.
thru c, nnti v ra,i ut vi r be obiiteraled Iron
oui m n (iriov.
13. llcbol el. Tlia1 we rejjr I a no-tion-il
drbt as caoini-i' c.llre. aid in 'i-vi
ofour iiiiii.Fii.-' itebts. eiical ami Slate
and of the eiionno s $, nd, ures of ('in
I" d-ral and Slate UowniUients w e (le
iii -ii': an xerti-e ol iiie iimsi ligulccine
rnv by hi th -that all taxation by eilhc
till ': be jer'n t'y fair and eqi i it j l 1 e . the1
w.j ic x; f nditure shall b : re nci d lo tl.t
j .-.'.rJt jeoces aiiilsrd toiiHatoiit. with tie
(lib ic- Ea'e'y, that iisel'PS offices, civil
i.d ir.i.itary . ill i 1 be alnlisl.e I , and un
r, ceMrv ( tficers (lisjiensd with, and thai
;.e TkiiT and Iiitern-.i revenue Law.
kl.a'l terediii ed tu the ex:n:t r venue point
iiR.cient tor the Gonernni'.'i t, economical
!y and l.f'neftly admiuisierer'.
14. RtaA-td. 'I'biit we m'-sl explicitly
coinicn ii the policy of ihe party in power
in Cieatii. ilioiiMinds of mil ions ol Gov
ernrTient slocks, and atteinp'ing lo exlion
nate the hohlern thereof from all obl;gn
tiou to pay their just pre portion of t-.x- s
lor the support of the Slates in which
they reside, and thereby creating an Oili
ous and privileged moneyed aristocracy r
and we declare it to be the immediate duty
of Congress and lh State Lagtslatiue ti
use all legal and constitutional power they
possess to juhject money go invested to u
bunleii of ttxaliou t qual to that impo.- d
upon other propeity for Federal, State and
municipal purpa.-es
15. licsohed. That Federal (axes
should, as far 83 possible, collected by
the County Treaturvrs of the Sia'es and
!he-woplc be .iherebvj relKyed frorn th.e
horde of Ftderal tx-giiherers who aie
now eating out their substance. -
16. 7?eolve,-Tliat the Pour , Dollar
Militit Conimiita'ion Tax is oppressive, and
ought to be repealed.
17. Retohed, That the freedom ol
rpeech.of the press and of flections, habeat
corpus and trial by jury, are the biith
right cf all American citizens, guaranteed
I v both Federal and State Constitutions,
that we will maintain nd defend them as
tin h in every extremity, and tnat ve de
roiince especially Ihe arrest of citizens by
military authority in Slates or places
where the civil tribunals, are unmolested
bud their execution, imprisonment or tria
hy military comndisioD, ts palpable In-
lifrfont of the Constitution, end cutral
geous upon pub ic libeity and private
18. Resolved, That the continued sus
pension o the wiit of kaeat corpus tiaet
the termination of tlw war. and when all
Jpreteiise ol necessity is passed the denial
ui u ii;iu oi inai uy jury, ana ina trial ol
:iti.ens no, in the military service bv
military commissions anl the open inter
lerence w ith eh-cttons by military power
as in the recent instances ,n Kentucky and
I Tennessee are revolutionary violations of
the Constitution, threatening the very
existence of our most ancient and sacreii
rights, that they portend - a danger to the
liberties of the country greater t!nn has
ever before menaced lliPin. and which il i-"
'he duty of all good citizens lo w et uilh
ihe in I 'M determined opposition and most
sleepless vigilance.
19. l!itoved. That, while we will,
reso'ure'y and persistently, condemn a I
u'nctioiH of the CoiHt itolio:), by whom
soever ((Miimitt'il, and while we resrei that
the temis "f ncilica'Hiti agreed to by Maj ir
'ien. Sliermni in Apiil liisr, were not at
nceratilie t ny the Fedeial Executive, w e
will, iievcithcliss. stand bv J'resiJent
J.hrson in all Coi.vtiiutinnal ffloitslhe
inimeiliiitely restore to the Stites to
xescKn ol their r'g'its and powers within
the Union.
tvitc oW, , uv Vtuc
v Wvt o,M W
iremc-Mvo ccm u Qcii
"Reef xolov .vicv.
K,s, ov ci Vow VuKve,,
kvwc ax civVvcXc
8.omc "BvWe-va, VfrVCvevj
aw u vi Xocoe Vvvvf
Bilious Fever,
Fever and jlgue,
Liver Corrvplaini,
Kidney Complainis
cuA u &tcm o x turn-
Vat woAvvce-.
Vv.o-tvv, voo tvcA Vvw),
Vvcv vwU Wm
avsc iooy mtxYV wvcivvvi
tit. SLodtV
aw Covoy.
tit. "RoacjV
Y. "RoNsoittV
iLYv. aav YAawcvo
Dy. "RbWcV
Somae SWcf ft
aY,v, SoVdivY Yyvxv,Y
YwmVvYvcr "DvaYYVve-a,
twCY, "BwWuvcvaVvtYi, ee.
57ies Bitter art put up in quart
bottles, of whioh ih above is afao-eim-il.
The label is finely engraved, and
U provided with afe-guard from
oounterfeiten. (Prio $1 per bottU, or
J for $5. .
O. W. jr?obao&, (Proprietor, Jfo. 0
East Fourth Bt., Cincinnati, to whmt
U orders should b addressed.
Dr. A. (JonJeo,
Jsmes A, Martindnla, Guardian f Sarah E.
Martin dale, has filed his accounts and votavhers
A.T inpeclioD and float etUemerrt, and that
be tarns will be pasted npnn on the 2nd da;
Of September, 1SS5. RICHARD OKAIG,
Angutt lCthl865-3. Probsts Judge. J
Wheeler & Wilson's
r m s: it i:s t i use,
(tike's oikua nocett.A
Cii. ti.ni, hi j.
warded tho First Premium
AT T 1 tit
Over tho Combined Compelilloa of Eu
ropu nua Amoncu,
at mo UNITED L'
Of mill 1C0;
And the t'inciiinutl Mechmiies In tituto,
we hsvo taken the Kihbt Pkkiiidii, over all
compctitiurs, ts the
lies Family sewing Ma-
HAVING MADK, foroversevea years, tho
most popular Family Sowing SliichinoH in
ihccountry, and now oui)loyinK 1,000,000 Id
their buhin'cts, and mnkinc loo Moiiincs per
lay, they are prepureit, with such extracrdina
ry facilities and experionce, to nuaruntoo to t he
purchaser entire Katisfiiction. All our iluo
iiiueoiiro iimHe eo'inlly well, and are
As all parties inaniifaetiirinn Sewing Mil
ehinosuru cbligod to pay Sir. Hnwa a loo fur
euch Sewin(r Machines sojj, and tre aUo coiii
i'cllod tu uialjo quurtorly rotum.s to Lim, stut
inp, und'ir oath, the number Bold , his bonis
givo a correct statement of tho actual number
of Machines sold by tho dtffurcnt mant'uctiirern.
From this reliable aourea wo havo obtained the
following roliublo rlKti.ttles, showing the num
ber of Sowing Machines disposed ol during the
luslyear n ported. The princip 1 eomiiie'
making th no are 'Vbouler Wilson, I.M
Singer Co., fnd Grpver i liitlter. Ofthi.
Mnchiiie nM the'e wiite told v
Hy WHEELER A WILSON............ 21 .30:
By I.M. Singer C lii.'JS?
Hy Grover A liakcrf - 1 0,2Sf
Show'.ng the salmi'sVhesler Wiltan to hi
nvuhlu if any other cii'pany. N. Y. obt-erver
Wo havo iernoriiilly cximinod tho varloiu
M tehints before t be iiblie,- wih an aaxiouc
Jiro to place before our renders reliable Infor
msftijii. As the result of sm h exuiniiia'inn.wi
niiljChltutingly revrm:',nd Wheeler Wilx.n'
Sewing Muchi'ie asthe Miu hiue for family tn-o
Western Christiau Advocate.
My little darghnir, rnlno years taltcsoii
Macnincs vV t jeler Wilson's apart, oil
it, and puts it inpl.ica easily and readly njnst
its parts, and performs with It-ait, ordinary
woilj. She can iiiako horown dres-.es, in.lml
!ng honiining, gathering nr.d sett'rg in th,
leeves. Four uionth' use in n,y family liu
made it a neccs.-iiy ami luxiiry.
Ifev0. Ii. tjjintTOH.
Wo use tho Wheoler Wilson trying Ma
chine, and inn my in regard to it thl it is wi'l
out a rival. No other .Much no exceeds it in itt
adaptation to all purposus of domestic uso.
Scientific American.
t-if' Send for a circular containing specimen
of sowing, tcstimonh'ls, pricr n. etc.
June 30, ' 64-1 11 west Fourth il. Cineinnat
Sale i-f Ohio, Vinton County.,
JonnC. 1'. Frown I'lilTl 'n Court of
Biuhi.-t Common Tlcas.
Btn.'uniin - n et al Deft j Order ot sale
nUKSUANT to the command of an ordor rf
J. salo in Ibo abmo cause to mo directed Ironi
Court of Cotiin. on I'kas, tf tho a'oresui,;
i u(y of Vinton. I v ill offer at public sale, ai
the door of th) Cunt House, in tho tn ol
Arthur, in ufoicMiid county of Viuton.ou
Suh:r 'at; tie SCfi t'cy f S'pttm er 180.'
4t the hour of one o'clock, P. M of said day
tho following property 'situated in said V'intor.
cuiintj ti v it: licjfinning at tho south csi
comer of mclion cui: bni 6vc)(5,1 in township
number nine, (a ) of linn go number eighteen
(VOthenco running d jo west on said seetioi
line to tho bed of the creek, thuico up the creek
along its various w;ii.ls and memrJeiings, to i
white oiik tree, on tho I ank of tho creek- nepi
wher the creek strikes the blutl ubove Petri
Millers house, rhence aixtecn roilh nearly norll
to a stono in the gully, thence up tho drstt ;
west- ward co iro to tho cornor sumo in draft
oetween Samuel Darby Sr. and l'ctT Mill-r Sr
thence due north to tho section line, theuci
east on the section lino to tho north east cor
nor of aid section, th'inco duo south on tlx
scetif.n liuo, half way t" the )laec of hr ginni.1t
to a stone between said Samuel larhy Sr. ao,l
Solomon Kedferu, thence lunninir into section
number f. ur a southeast direction to thi
southeast corner ol tho north west quarter o1
the south west quarter ol said sceriou, thonci
duo south to the section line, thence duo wo.-;
to tho placi of begi tilling containing one han
dled nd seventy acros more or less, save an)
exec) seventy acres more or less on the las'
sido of said crock, retained and now owned In
said Braiton, and also aave and except tne f;.
lowing trac conveyed by said Bratton to Arnzi
Morgan by deod dated April Vita I860, to-wit.
Cbmmcntdiig at the north west corner of the
uortheast quarter of tho north east quarter ni
said section numhor flvo, tbenecsouih tothf
boiijb west corner ol'thc south east quarter ol
the north east quarterof same section, thence
east along the south line of tho same to a s'ona
Dearrhocouuty road ten feet from the base ot
ths hill, thence a south easterly direction to
thoceuterof said county road ooarthe tohare"
lionso. thence north along the cen ir of(h'
Said road o tho section line, thence westtothe
placu of beginning, contaVmg thiity Horcs
more or less. AUo a eortaiu other tract com
mencing in the bed of the crook rear a small
Elm tree, cn the division lina belweun 'be
lands of said Bratlon and Sobmnr. Kedfern in
the north wes quarter of ibo fouUi wost qnur
(.ir of said section nnmbor four, hence north
west along said division line twejvo rods,
thence south west six"en rods, thence tor.th
60sOli6 bod oftheereek, thsnca op thaorec-k
to the place of beginning, containing ot,e
aero and 32 100 acros more or less.
Taken as th property of Benjamin Morgan
tosatiafv decree In tttvor of JohnC. P. Erown
Appraisesl at Twelve hundred dollars, and
must bring two thirds ol that Him.
TERMS of sale, cash la hand.
.1. J.McDowsll J.J. SIIOCKET,
Atty. forl'ltif Bhff. V. Co. O.
August 17th 1885-5 w .
George Barns adminstrttor of the Estate of
Sbelten Barns'latnof m'en ronniy. and S'nte
of Ohio, decessed, Las riled I. is aotonatsand
vouchors Tor inspection ana nnai settlement,
and that the same will be for hearing to the
SOU day of September 18115-
Aucus lOtb 185-8w Fiobsts Jvip
llcMu a til otuvrt nave uuea.
Al who bT btea nnfurlnntto, 11 what (bad tup
hwt tmQ di'tpitointM, cnuhod, tod blialed, til wlit
bit tswn teducv.1 bj GUe prouiiMsi and ductit, til wUt
bsta Iwcn decelTtd tnd trifled mlb, tU JO to turn for
tllc ud to get M'Ufaclioo.
, fa nitket jour niUfurluuM put twtT, bt makes Uit
llatdtr tud tovj of your rueniirt ritll btrmleM, tad bt
triitint your cku-tcter tad respctubilllr la ipiu of Mil
rriurts tnd roiuurt. All tlio tro In doubt of tbt tffuo
litiiof Ibiitt tbejr loTt cousult liim to rellovt tnd tttiary
Ihor mlndt, tud to find oat U tbeir blight tad nin
b4t will bt realltfd.
S hat the iseret of winulng tbt tnVotlonl of tbt
orU MX. lit iruldiit Uit iingtt to a wealthy tnd
bspy mtrrlai;9, tud mtket tbt mtrrlud litppy. liar
tii tud tdrire bat Iwsru tidicili-d lu lunu2urablt ia
lUtott, tad tbt nstult bat tlwtjri beta
lo mtkt tblDgt more tun, bt will thow yon the ltit
B of
It will tell yon tliflr clrcnmittnon tnd their futim
rrrclti tnd whtt It twlter Ibtu ill, bt can tell y
IhSr Ihougbu end whtt Ibflr "real" Intrnliuna art
Want It twtutr till, he can (ill you If they will alike yut
li. JUpWl It, Iherrfore, a tart depeid1'"''9
1tlliubiuliimt blaudviceiiliivaliuible. llenofcr.
tell, with tbt grratrat a'rtniiity, the remit of all cum
meitlul and biisiniist trtnaarliima tud teculaUent. IX.
Bnrliexl hiterpreU drniuil for lottery uiuulwrt with a
Soil IS twuraiy.
tjlvtQ WlUiout toy extra charge,
r. RAPHAEL will cut year Horoacope or wrUt
your nntivlty. Eery man, tbrougli Ibe leiiiitb t4
Iretdth of tbt laud, who bat bud luck, tud lio can
Bit g-t on lu the torld, iboutd bt in uoatutiiioa of bit
Uoroacoiie, tad get Ir. Kapbufl't
Written Opinion of bis rutnre Pros-
pects in Life.
II Kill gnl.lt hint to wealth, eminence, and honcf.
Tboutuila of good men, who wure uiiforliiuale tnd uo
tiEceufnl In their bnaiueia iiit-n who worked bird, tud
Wko etnurgled tpiinat nlveraily and uilarmtune Ikt
greater pail of llnir Uvea, and who fuiied tlio nioro limy
triisl to gf
tgainat tin
vt forward lu Hit woild (lie more llilngt weal
oui: These mn got Dr. Jluoiiacl wrinea
enlnlon noon their future iimapecta lu life. All tuttt
Wbo wliuly followed Ur. Kubnel't tdvico are uow
In all their undertaking' I wbllo those who wort blinded
by prejudice aud Ignorance, neglected bit advke Vit lUll
laboriug agehuit tdveraity tad isiverty.
Be aaaured
are wltbm the reach of nil. ; If yog wlib lo bt liob atut
happy you will conault him tlio.
Tit haa the gin, tint can tell tile (Wt)n1)auiW
their dlMAie and tuHering. lie ctisii tell wbetbTIVil
they can bo cured or not, lb ill aaviug Ibilwtlllttoa Dole
trouble tnd expeote.
Oonauluitlona daily, Bundayt excepted. Office botut
from 10 A. M.rfojf. l'tNL-aftV .
All UitervleVJnL'U; ffitale tnd cenOdonUal
Tbtrefort wt tay, go one I go til I tud coutoil
Tto Astrologer sf ths X9th Ccjtnry, ;
Se rersonal Intoiwirioted to Oootlomen only,
ill busineaa witb
B9 Pertont 4 a dhttnet may commnntniit eomrtv
VINTIAiit by leU if they Inclott ONH liOLLAK, tot
Cenaultmion Fee, in taoh letter. All letlera, conimn
leallinaTnd InterTlewa, are ttrlctly priralt tnd oSn-
Hlential. No auawer will bt given lo letters uultu OUSt
dellar it Incloaed at a cmiinitallon see.
tilSLaaa ail lelttrl at follow! I '
hl It he clearly en.
Inntood that Hit prlct named u a coniullattoo fee pay
lor a coniultatlon only It doet not pay for tbt Doctor's
written opinion of your future proasU in life. It does
tot pay fur winning the affecliout of the oipot!tt tel.
nor for the couauiunintloii of t happy marriage, nor for
doing tuv other bimlnaii named lu tlio above adverUat
meut. the Doctor haa t fixed price for doing each tept.
rate bualueai. InyourconaiillatlonwIthtbeDoctor.yoa
learn how yon cun rMillio the foud holM neareat yont
heert j yon are told how yon can get tit you wtiit, and
bow your bualneaa ought to be done 10 lint It can nol
BJ1. He will foretell what la your DESTIS If, In abort,
be Will toil what la before you, etc.
f Caution to the TabUe. '
Dr. W. Hepbael, tht Astrolnrer, hut no conneetloa
wllh ritOKMSOBor Dr. W. M. Raphtel, or wlthany
other gentleman of the tame mime.
Se Cut tlila adverllaament ont. When yon corns,
bring II wllh yon tnd allow It to tbt girl wbo optui ma
Sourv To prevent miitakea, ask tu
Ami learn that t perfect and radical cure It warranted
and guaranteed to all who art ailllcted with weakneai,
doblllty, nervous complainla, melancholy thnugliU, de
prtieaiun of aplrllt, dislreet tnd anguish cf mind, lost
if tleop, loti of memory, loea of energy tnd muacuUr
power, puny growth, wasting twity, aud t want of con
fidence In themeelroa, filiating Ilia, couTuiairt trem
blings, Impotence and illagust nf life.
Some phyalrlnns reqnlre to tie told Hie nAlnre of yonr
nol. IRi perfect knowledge of Ihe human ayalem enables
him to describe tho dieeaset without any informatioa
from tht patient, to exphtln Itt original cause, tnd to
gonnuitee lit cure. And, what It more valuable Kill, ha
will boneatly and frankly tell whether yon can be cured
or not. All bli communications and Intervlewi art
llrlcllv private and confidential. Statical Journal.
Tht Volanio Keniedloa of Dr. Ilnphaol, tbt English
BuUnlu Phyalclan, never failed yot to make t perfiit,
radiral, and permanent cure of ALL I'ltlVATE, BE
(KKV, AND VENEREAL DISEASES, without ibe uet
of Mercury, without hinderanco from buaineea, tnd
without fear of diecorery or expoaure. No deadly poi
tone, tiich at treenic, nux vomica, opinm, or any other
polaona. No mercury nor any deadly mineralt nothing
Lit purely Vegetable Botanical Kemedlea an uaed by
Ihit wonderful Botanic Pbyalcian. Ilia Botanic Heme
diet never yet failed to enre tht moat obatloatt tnd tht
molt dangeroua catet, tnd to removt til mercury tnd
ether liupurltlsa from the lyatera when all other Heme,
diet bad failed. jlfeiloil JoHrnat.
IN(i MAKHIAGB. Hear what tbt Baltimore correa
pendent of the Oddfellow, Boonalioro, Alarybuad, said
on Thuraday, the 31t of May, 1800 i
Nnmerout curea of dlaeaaot cauaed oy early Indlacra.
Uon having been performed hy the English Botanic Pby
tician, I feel it my duty, having a knowledge of them,
In Hate tht fact, bettering that in doing to I may do a
tervioe to tht luffering. One cate In particular that
of a yonng man In thli city It worthy of note, lie had
beoomt the victim of t btblt, tbt mere allmlon to which
oaoaea t ahudder, tnd atltr yoart of luflerlng and doctor
lag gavt np all hopet of recovery, lie wUbed to marry,
aud wat denrly beloved by w tweet a girl u ever liaped
wordi of tffeclion, bnt bewu fearful, nervout,tud prut
trtteu. le dared not wed on account of tbt fluttered
elate of hlaayatem. Hetonght relief at the htnda of tht
Botanic Physician, tnd, ttkinitbing at it may teem, all
tht bloom tnd vigor of ywnth haa returned, tnd ha
Sow the happy father of a pair of bright boya."
Any wbo art raftering, no matter what their eon)
taint, can call on tht Uotanlo Phyaician conndentUlly,
They nay rely npon relief, lira olBre it at
t 1
tfidth 2.
m.. MT.r-Mllns DB. RAPIIAEL It Cb twtl
Stat o OHto. VinToit Coontt:
Fbebe Ann fierce, Pill.l Court of Common
B(raint V Plea.
Bamuel Pierce. Dof't. 1 Divorce.
Kamnel Pierce, of Prairieville. in the Ccnnty
of Decatur, In the State of Iowa, l hereby no
tified that l'bebe Ann l'isrce aia, on ine vtn
dty of June, A.D. 1855, file her petition in
the office of the Clerk of the Court of Common
'lean, within and fur the raid C'onnti of Vin
ton. Ohio, charging- tie said Saruuel Piera with
adultery witn one i,oretta Dart, aou wun wil
ful benve for more then three venrg, and ask-
in? that pho may be divorced from tbaauld
Famuel Pierce; which netitltiob will stand for
bearing at the next term cf taid Conrt.
By Cod table & Shi vol, bar Att'ya.
FORBlaoka of U
bo Demvobat Offiob.
kinds call at
' Oftlie Treasurer and Auditor of Vintvn oounty, Ohio, for Ihe half-tef ending"
August Hat, 18G5, in cotriplience -villi an aet pase.l Aptil 6th 1859, to provide foe
thbettei regulation of the receipts, disbursements and safe keeping of the public re'
eoue, .
Names"of Funds. ,
County. ". ' 'tee a
Volunteer Relief
School and School House
Township ami Township 2'oor
Infirmary '
Military Commutation
Section number Twen'y-nino
County Militury
The unilersiEitcd Trf asurer an I Attd'torof Vinton county Ohio, do hereby cerU
fv that the foregoing sutemeut isa full and
Treasury of Vinton county Ohio, on the lust
theex itt amount ol nioiy in t w iremiry oeionfjiiir io ear-ii particular lund.
Given under our hiindi olTiically, tliis 3Ht day of August, 1365.
tea a futlj
' ....
" "
Amount. ;
1037 26 4
1339 15 9,
7f)7 67 0
2080 30 0
1455 0V 0
2993 47 7
359 88
5657 87
1873 30
190 25
12 60
817806 69 3
complete exhibit of t'le condition of the
biwiness du? o f August 18G5, thowing
H. C. MOOK,'A.i.litor Vinton Co.
HLNRY RKYNOLUS, Trea?. Vinton Co.
September ll, 1863 3. ... -
"Fizhtecn yoart estnblinho.1 In N.Y. City,"
'Only i n full idle remedl'ia kuown."
"free from Po'iHona."
"Not duiitrcroua to tho Unman Family."
"litttacoiuo out of thoir liolon to die."
"Coatnr.s" Kal", Itoitch, & c rxlc'j,
'"' '1 a fiiio n'ni'it fi r I!ufn,
Miee. lioaehea, Hl.iek mil
Ucd Ant', iki'., dico.,'&t.
"CoKtur's'1 -Ilrd Itotr1 I'xlcrmluator,
'VftliVV1 ' wash, UfOil tu .
do.ttroy, nniPntwo at a pro-
yentivo fur Ued-l!ug,cV:c.
"Coatnt'a" Eli'ttric fi.u ili r lor Insects,
lufiyt Moths. "dtovqnltoosT ( V
i . Pl4iim Btil Boira, liitmrta cb-' ' '
Plant", Fowl-, Animala, at,
if Sold by all l)ra;.'gieta and Ketailerf
:.'t whore.
. J-tf" I 1 I Bkwakb I I I of all worffilorfs lml
Jft" Keo that "CimtniV naruo la on oaoh
llov, Vottle, and P!:il:. before yvu ojiy. . ,
. ... irr.Ki i(,tarAK.'
I'hisoipai. Iltpor. Uroadway.N. Y.
S it.l hy Dr. A. ('oNiiiiE, niul all Drus;-
ia'.a uuil ueuioriiu jue.iri.uur, vuio.
iNCRF.ASE OF RATS. The Furmer'a Oa
'.ette ( Kiiifiili) tiwcrta and proves by fiurea
:i!it oikwi ur ol ratnjvuiki,Vs rr"t;eny ami
L'M-enifWila nc less'lhotii or in threu venr
Now.urli'Kt tlrN immense lumily can ho knot
lown, they would ooimumo merofo id thun
.vi. in.) viietaiu liA.CiO hutuaii boin a.
l-if See "CobtauV advaitlament In tbhi
il cr.
RATS versus WRDS.-Whoevor en
aw'sin sliiioiing snrill iiir.U isa crin-l
iirtii, tvhoevcr mils in ex.termin.iting ratb
i .i lieiu'lictoi. 'We should 1 i Via some of
uir corn iponili'iiH to (iive u llu beni'tii of
their experience in tlri viny out tlifs,e pe-ts
Vfjnepil sonielliing besides dogs, culj an I
'rnps for this bu-iins. S':ieHSc Amyncrin,
New Y'ork.
fj- See ''CosrAn's" ndvertisement in
his ;io per.
iimn;e, safe, and sure,--lhe most perfect
It it-ificiition meeting wo have ever ' attend
ed. Every Rat tint can tet it, propeij
prepared atfohlinr; to directions will ear
it, und eveiy one thnt eats il will die. gen
nil ly at some place as far S3 pofsililo from
where the. medicine was lul,en.-,ahe Short
Mkh Mirier.
See "CostarV advertisement in this,
Holil in McArthur Vinlon Co.,0h'o.
Bv Dr A. CONDEE, and all Diuj-'gists
Htld llealer'.
Jutis 16lh 1S65,- 5mo.
i wo VAim s ro n s l va
Acres of . unimproved land, lying
within one half mile ol Y nkesville, V niton
county, Ohhl.: Hie land lays' w alf of it
can be cultlTsteilwihrf soil: h of ' tlii eVoel
lent q iiality, and well timbered. Il ailjoinri
ihe lumli of Messrs. llauk, Chnpitian, and
Beatr. It will make a most desirable
79 Aejes of " Woodland, about three
miles from Wilkesville, on the road leading
to Hartley's Mill. This tract will unko a
jijoiI upland farm, U well tiinbcted, and
near enough to Iron Valley or Eagle Fur
naces to coal suffii'eiit of the, timber lo puy
lor the land.
Title good, and .terms made eaey,
For further particulars, call on or ad
dress ' '" ' '
Att'ys, McArtliur,Ohio.,
Aug. 17, 18G5-.6W . :
Tmwi for Salo.
ONE Tret, of 320 acres, situated on tbe
waters of Current River, 12 miles from
the county seat, 3 miles from Sinking
Spring, in enterprising village in Dent
county Missouri. About 75 seres of bot
tom bad, and about 100 acres of timbered
land. -i i ' ' 1
Also 160 acres: of rich farming land
and good timber land, 3 miles from Emin
ence, in Shannon! county, Missouri, On
Current River.' The about land will be Sold
at a bargain, and" part of it exchanged Joi
stock. For further particulars, tall on 6r
. ... .1 BRATTON & MAYO,
, .0 McArthur, Ohio,
la. , '.eat .le. Ml '
ti J l -' i
mymmm proclamatiok.
Vinton Coontt, Omo, Aatrnat 31,1865)
Tj the QuaUfird Eettort cf Vinton Co. O.
You are hereby notified to meet el the
usuul places of huliling Elections, In tbe
several townships in said county, ' for the
Stiie, I)itriut and County Oliicers, and at
the quarters of tho Commandant of each
t'oinpnnv of Volunteer?, in the actual ser
vii'o of the State or United Stales, absent
from their township. In urcorduce to the
Statute in sin h cis made auJ provided,'
pas-ieil 4piil 13, lB63,ou
TUESDAY, OOTOliER 10,1865.
and proceed to e'eit, the folh. wing officers
One (jovernor, for the S'ate of Ohio.
One Lieutenant Governor, fur the State
of Ohio
" One Jud.jo of the Supreme Court, (full
term )
One Judge ol ihe Supieine Court, (for
Vacan y.)
One Tieasurrr, n( Sta e J
One Attorney General, of State. 1
One 3. Iiool Coininissioiier.
One Membtr of the Board of Public
One C!erk of the Supremo Court.
One Sia'e Senator for Ihe Eight Senator
al District, composed of the countiei of
Iiiiwience, (iillia, ftluis and V'uton,
One Representative for tho 'county of
Cue Prosecuting Altortiev, for the coun
ty of Vinton.
One Recorder, fur ties county of Vinton; '
One Coiiimissioii'T, for the County of
ylpportl mnient ofGianJ and Pellit Jur
ors toeieh Town-mip lor tbe year 1866.
ClEl.K'b CfFICfc VlMON C( INTT, O.
Ill anror lance with tlio law making it the
duty of I lie C'erks ol ihe Coinls of Common
Ple.is of ill? several counties in this Slate to
present to tlieir r.'s,ieciive Sheriff's on the
Fust Monday of September of each year a
statement ol the nutiihtrof Jurnrt to be se
lected by the Truttees of the M:erul Town
ships for each year. 1 hereby certify that
tlio utnotints placed opposite each Town
slii(, is tli'i number for the year cummeiic-
'iig in libo lor suid Lonnty.
Ea,;le, 5 '.V il kes i le, 10 Swan, 10
Hirrison, 5 Mudison, b' Ivnox. 3
Vinton, 7 Jackson, 10 Richland 14
ttrnvn, 8 Ciiiirou, 10 F.Ik, 20
Witness my hand und seal of cilice this
31st day ol Augnct A. D. lSli5.
Given tinder mv hand at my f ffle.e, Mc
Artlitir, Vinton Coun'y, Oliio, this 3 lit
dav of AuLust 1SC5.
Aug. 31, lSOi-ow Shir.V.Co.O,
$i,4OO,000 WOISTH!
To be dit posed of at One Dollar mch
jQ ttoul xtgaid to value, not to
be paid for until yon In ov
what you are to receive,
By A. H. ICouen &. Co ,
(Aqont for the Manufacture,)
f7 Uoai tlio fullowi..g liatof Artivles t j bs
sold for
OtfX DOLI.4R:-
10f Gold IIuuliuj(-oase Wutehes-.. II2J
H'O Watches, various stylos 75
' 2't Ladies' Gold Watches 60
1 1 Mil SUvcr Wateheh each 20 to 35
fi 000 Vont & Nook Cliaiua " 6 to 20
6.M')D Uetifs Diamond pina " 5 to 20
4.000 California Diamond ear drops 5 to 10
8,000 Miniature Involving pins ' 5 to 10
2,J Bili torn i:l Diarnond and
enaniollod Oenta' scarf pins" 5 to 10
i,0')0 Mafoniu a Kmblem pine.. " 8 to 10
2,.'i00 Gold Hand Hracelets eng'd " 8 to 80
8.U0 Jot,and Mokhio, Brooches-. " 3 to 10
2,000 Cameo Bronchos " 6 to 20
0,0(10 Coral Ear Drops 4 to t
2,0iO Laities Watch Chains " 8 to 1
6,000 Gents pins splendid aasort't " S to 10
' ,00Q Solitaire PlceveButtona,.... " 8 to 1
00 Studr & Pleuva Buttonain sets 8 to 10
'00) Slorva bnttona plain Aonffrav d 8 to 8
jOiKl riiuin and engraved Rinvs.... 2 to 10
, ,O00 Lockets, richlseno;ravoa 2 to 10
,000 sets Ladles, Jowelry new and
late-tatye.. , 8 tV) 1-
:5,000 Ifandsvjm Seal Ringa 3 to ii
'2,S0d Sots Jlosora Studs 2 to 6
1,000 Gold cons Gold holdars.... 15 to 15
' 7,000 fats Jot and Gold pins &ear- '
dropa, latest sty fos very rich 6 to 18
2,000 Gold Thimble", Pencils, eto. ' 4 to 8
10,000 bold j-eas, dr silver cases.... 4 to -10.000.,"
Ebony holders.... 4 to
Thia 'entire Hat of beautiful and valuabl""
foods will be eoldfor Onb Dollar each. Ccrtl
ncatosof all the above aoticlcswil be placed 1
envelopes, and coaled. These cnvolopes ar
hen thy mail, at ordered, without regard to
choice. On the receipt of the certificate your
will see what yon are to have, and then it is at
your option to send the Doliar and tal a the ar
ticle, or not.
Five certificates can "be ordered for fine del
lar j eleven for two dollars; thirty lor flie dol
lars;.sijty-flve for ten dollaia; and one hundre
for flffflftn rlnllnra.' Tt a will atA J r,
floats on the reoeipt of 25 cents, agents wants
to whom we offer special' terms; send 25 cen
for one certificate and onr circular with ferra
A. H ROW Ex .ft Co..
Box 4270 No. 86 Beekman Street -May
J5th 185-mo New York. '
For piank Deeds. 3Xalfa

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