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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, October 12, 1865, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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2. I!fil
Vinton County Election.
Tlie Democri'iy have cltvle I their untiie
ticlvct l' m .ijoriiir raiijn.1. In in 3'. to A I,
on tlw h.un-v.:e. Tue .l HerV v -to will
probably not al er the r.-ilt. In H-S
Urolith carried til" co n.ty o.i th tv'. i! v -t
b 21 mujmity. nruUoii' lnj'iit, the
R.'.ine yer, w ' Wf t inU. . iih ' r
s.i!JifM' v.ite in this year, Unit M.ir.ui ill
have a ir.'ijur'.ty.
I'roaiileni J.iiirrt Hi in i lf 'linuy
(.i-ev h to a neiM t.!,;'in 'u !'
...i,:..u k., i.i..,! lii .rtu tn '!
.vo-'k, in
'IV I' lw ,
W I.V.I. III. U l. ..-.-
and tells what will unit'" '.v'me m i-i
black n;i I a bl teli m tn white." 'A'e v ill
Jlllbli'll 8: llHieh I'f ii l W"1 tl:' W'A
C'oVKT CK Ci.'j(Mo.v I'la'. This Cn url
adjourned i!ti ,.v.-;k. N fins of g-.i .!
nftMt wore di-pnp.l ol.
Wilcox ;m I Tliom is were en h ,-en Vntv il
to the lViiitpijt: ry f"r (InnJ L-irn; i;y fi r
vne year.
Tin; jury, in the c
? ol Win. Sny ler,
ell' -j ,tl U.tlciv.
fmiii'l him g'li'tv of A -
Court c hi;. 11 -ii es in Ji'ck.-inn coiiniy
ll1 xt Tues lav.
OnSwd-We nil.no rleiifr; ti.e
cipt of of this paper in ex hanw. Our
oil irirtn who w nit t" be 'po -tct tip sh"uhl
fculisirib- fir V,U pnp ItJ neatly p r i ; 1 -
til and ably tdt'.e.l.
Terms S-'-.OO per yar.
A.li!re.-s J. A. li.ks, Piitbitrg. P't.
Vinton County True to Her
Our cotK.ty Inia prove 1 fr i i iruv
the- prieip'es of the Cji-clituiion and
Javs Our vjtj a iot at hi'i a
we expected it um' i be. Then,
were divtri cam.', us our people are
awaro, tiuf opei' itel to mar tho hnr
inony'ol' tho party in Vinton enn'y ;
Cjiisi lerin ad tiling, tiie D;:r.jT-i
cy of Vinton have dune noVy. The
day 13 nut tar di-t .n1, wia'n every
flohlicr ti:at wj.it from Vin'0.1 t:i v
ty to ba'tie lor the 0! ! llt. in nnl'n-t-:nanco
o' tornt'tnM n r,n 1 the
Union, and tu pn d'j-.vn all wii were
in firmer m'A: .ce t" tiie ciis'ltn-
tiotidanii r ty ami !aw,-i, will !)(.' v!h
Detiiocr.tcy. Tiey will s j':i
that they ar
times on a'
wear, to pay
-4X "1
t!l 'V
two un !
e.t'. i!r n
t!.r c
i. ,,.'
i..(.-r.; I
jjii.l Iijiocm. w.io nnlaX'-i on mi
a 11 unit tiiiti t) 1'ii.ei ''ill 1 1
1 "
tho fnxali'ie pr j i r'v
We s iv in T;r i'ri ;'i
fltn'd an I lice .ii;:i "
c i'ii 11:13 ! - ')': r j 1 Jv
'(Jn-e ni r. to th !k
t.iry i-i cortahi !
o' t!'o l'n;!' d
i v , Ir 1
i- ' !
jv '
Il X1
eh '
.1 v i ,i r
1:1 i
; t 1
an! v'e-
In two yen- w
j 't itj wl Tu I I". , n
lei-i than 0 1 0 ) ).
V'MM W.' l,V) ro
r-i luce 1 tin m.i
" -. 1 1 in 1.0 o
I I t' ; j; ur r.V
1 ' I "i'1 in 1; 11 v
ft I'r u.'h ' r. j 1 1 1 ii ;.ir (,' 1 n c)
to !'
tl'HIl 'iO.'JUO
IJnily thr .M'lTin
u 1
The Election in Franklin
. .1 . . .
iiu oia'i'tim i" 01 t'o- 1 i'ii oi rt
that retnnn eiunh l.'ive been n-!
.. ... ..:. .. '. I
- ' " "' w .hi :iiii, it in h iv ' r in.!
tiie Djuiocracy bavo carried Frank
J -rt
Jin county by over 2,000 maj .rity.
General Morgan carried the City
ol Columbus, in F.anklin county, by
1,012 majority a D:tnoeiatia ain
of COO !
Three chucrs or the CVdtol of
Ohio 1 ! !
The Election in Hamilton
Tho Repnblican majority in Llam
ilton connty is about 3,300, and in
f'lo City of Cincinnati, about 4,000.
Two yeara ago, at tho last Governor's
election, the Iiepublicaua catried the
city by 6,300. - Tiio Demoeratfc gain
is 2,000 ; ' -
The Election in Ohio.
Tlio Democracy of tl.0St.1td went
into tho election on Tues lay aaiiut
the tho most trjman.ljua o;11j that
were ever arrayed against an or; m
ntion. Two yvara ao, Mr VaN
landiliaiu w.h beaten for Gjvjrmr
(II 0)0 oi. tiie h.ini v.itu nn 1 4),001
n tho S'l'd'crs' unking 101,OtX in
L:Ut y ur, the mnj H'ity fir
Line n. oi. tho h :iie
;C lit), OIi tU'J VutJ, W.H - ? ,
,ar,i nearlv (i-),OaO oa t!i l-A:.
, " , ,
louver-urn these trvm.' l.,u -
figures was hardly donned .'09a!b!o i!i
ii0 y-:;r. anl it ii:di;.t;:. the uuccd
ijiKTulIe vitality .) I'.io D'..:n.ier.icy
that, ilh t-i.ch a l-:i I iiiio.i i, i'
should have entered the cin..aij.n
w'lh t'liery and a' li!. Any otlu-r
i;'.it.y w.'tild have ti'ianl.i! d th-
conteit as hef. !.?-.', an 1 tirtj j a 'te
lle and ty'v' eT"it. Iiii" 'iic D
:n 'envy, n lyitii 115 0:1 th : tr.i h of
heir prineij'i :. att I l.avi:. emli
deiiee i t Hi.; soil r ,i e .m I t.i,".itii ot'
l e 1 c oji'i', a"a v thr-w d i .vii th"
':t ' h'd ni-e t ' tli 'ir n'enU
Iliilitheen ec i;i..' I fiirlv an !
nr.ilv - ha 1 no' t'i ' ' ih.' 0 nv.-n-tion
of Hie KepnMi d il d tin'
35110 0) I.rft" Pi:!'" v. :).': the U 1
publican n iiiln :e 1 iv G wi n .r U'an
.n cq'rv'cd pi'i'ii'i in it lifid
t'u y ojicn'v av,n'! t'i ! r'al s-n'i-iiitntrt,
w nil I, doi;.!t..' thu:r pre-
viiiua tuaj riiy, !i (Ve iK-an b iiy
hoittet). T'.iH i- n)-v vi i-n' iV-.m
die ruium-. rne j;(d"n l' r the IV
inocniey thi"n!i r.t the S-ato will be
ennd t ha v.:y !.;r Tl.. t.w:i
iti' iiinj ni y 1 1 ' .')' if 1 ;,1'. Ira-?
dw in
tu-.'.y ! 1 pr r.e.iDiy u.u rv
ii ii'i'i'l'er vtar. with the ::rto ri.ti
! t iii 'i ctitjO, ( itj 1 w : h -lieve it will
j he htijri 1,) the will h' ti iuniphunt in
I Ohio by a swa-pi. ;i )'. Th' re ic
j every thi-g t ene ut -io he I) .-.noc
ft.ey to ;. 0 '-v.r.:in th t'' "1 W jrk
1 of (lii p I'itica' r.! ! in ton
' the
Cincinnati Enquirer, of
The News.
A' San Krar.cit-co, ChI. on the 8.1)
.,l9 , tiie fevere-t etrt'xrpitke ..cenr-
I ru! ever hit there, which fr;'htei ed
1 1 n
jal'DOjt the cnlire p p i'atl );) into lhe
'fret's. Im!ir4 hilfa minute there
Aere twi ter luen I iii .-hocks, c:iu
in fhe 'jniMinfl it rock t j and fr 1
in a manner ii'iup'fli.-i' ahtrniin
Ciief HCCotinls h -ii' Siicrainent'j,
Stockton and 8m Jjie, represent
theshiek a-? (he sevjr.3'. ever fulf in
t:iO:'C citlej,
Th' I'iida lelphia IYc-h c irreapon
dent a" K I'U'i, (Ji lriih n, under
d.i'e of S i'feiiih r 31, says the lii
public of M .'vie. i h at an end. T5o
nitio J.iarez, the !a-t fl "in f.iif've
IhcRident of AK-x;ci, i:' now .t'.c'i t
c Ton tho o'her v i ; that
i-j, tiie
Unite ! S:a i". t i le of the Uio Grande.
ilis hio nh an I t x
The it''!iotia:i :.:
cj ar'.i with him
. the A"ia!!c
cho'jra at rfot'hrt n t .n t di m
11 m ft I
i i C i'il : 41- ti HI
'hat eve'' to 'k id ice in he uii i i-iij
' .. .
:"ecTrj.I it V t I! !.!,
r jnnsy: v.mia,
on t' i 0 tnoroin.,' o'' 1 h ' !)f!iintt,, which
r( utit'j'y t'.Tii: " :i it.; 1 w'.!i vi lo3
111'.. T,... 1 ... I- ., .1. . I ...... ,1
11 iw.n ivl 1 in :t II '"1 r. tu'ig
litlO',) barreil ul oil, (m ;!it fir.,
ispiX'Siin ,1 j ii -' t -r in ad dir:C
; f "0!i.i. Tniire-o '!..";;. 'k- an I en,'"ne
I. -tis-M w r; !;'.' 1. Tie t ' d loiJ
a i.! 1- ',i,-i sir, 1 ,) ) ).
IlP'O 1 T 1 s l.'v in -r 1:114 a traia
on t'.u Ma-ioa v'i Chneion iti Kail
K'.iad, arrived a' the Itt'o .Miami
Depot, and, n it wai ah .nf to enter,
tir: lucuin thecamj in codiii jii with
two freight oniine that wera back
ing; on1. In conpoi'jii. ncj 01 tho Iol'
" V 5 "pproac
liir train'' waj ii"t .observed by th
nif! rrani'' was ri"t . o;.serveti by the
(r.pineera of tho bucking out locomo
tives, and hence reayon of thus c.d
lidino. By the furcu of tho coming
in locotiijtive, tho other were crow
ded aainjt the Tall, pushing it
ittuwaru with rt terrible crash. Tho
result was the damaging of two en
dues and iseverul freight cars, but
fortunately thcro was no body hurt.
f p nu o i 1 1 t ,
SEXUAL SYSTEMS new and relia
ble treatment. Also the BRID.1L CHAM
BER, an Eny of VVai ring and Instruction
Sent by mail in sealed envelopes, free of
charrre. Address, Dr. J, SKILL IN
HOUGHTON, Howard Association, No.
U.....L m:...i. ... nt.:t...i ..u:.. n .
o'juiii ii tutu bi icci, i uiiauripiutj, i a
Oct. 13th 18G5 lyr.
I t-2TTl.o M.ou A Hamlin Cabinet O.iprm,
r.irty dilfjront ftyli-n, .tu!t...i to sior-d and
rc"Ur ..,1"'t? I",""" 'T11, 'rl'ir'y"
five (iolJ and bilvcr Mj.lal, or otl.ur first ro-
mmm awarded th.m. i intruii oarai imc
e. Addrof. M MN & HAMLIN, IX-Um,
MAS IN HUOTIJfc!:, Nuw York.
soft. '4 -i)5-ly
Dr. TALliUTT'S 1' 1 L I.S
Composed uf highly concentrated extrarcl!
(i.'tn roots unil herb o!" ilie highc niciiiia! :
f due ititiillibie ll XlW CUrj ot till d- tCiiseb
t.f ih.1 Liver or a drai-ine.i t of Vi-
tic; of the I! owl. and Mi une...-.V.I in the
, uf,; uf IJ lurrluu. J 1 11 II lice, Di S'isi I . Scr..-
1 "''' l'ilin--s, Liver C ni lant, Fjv'('
'io'.dili'de. Puis, ..T( U ml I) Car0.", Mere-
,1Untx . d.,.- i,.r .!.!, ... t.U in
lite ii.on.in;; chiMr.11 h .U u pill. JVom one
tmhr.e pills will r.'..re nr. lioaiv cisei, tni.li
, ..11 -ii I,
"'HI Olitr to tlifOe U.M's V. hi ru:C 'lltU.--a,el,p.rtjlB
lilt? cn-'1 ol 111) in itter ll iw long flaiMl'ii,:
l'ii.:e $1 00 per box,
T A. -1. . I ..r
bv lii .il
V'.M OtT TA LHOT r M . 1 ). C.
June l-t ISi'i-j ly (';! 1'uiiuii ;i; X Y
Tn. Gnnvr.vri:FN Pi an 1 Foiiri' s'll re
tain : it- tec th in e mnl rriit o.ul Jii ty
niilaflir iniile.iroiiiir j.n id'.ial oiipr ne.n - -frr
a p.'si id of 30 years, is now pronoun.'.'
bv the in'oieal world lob'- uusura -red am
rv) iiiieiiiihle.l iii richness, volume an.!
r'liMtv of tone, dmabi'.i'y mid c'u npn"t?
Ilur le-w sin!.;. Fieneh action, hurp p"J;il
ii Mil frame, over MnuiR bas-s, ucveii cutnve,
r. ie ..iod pianos we die telling cheaper by
r .'ii SleJ lo tlinn the si.hie style ninl
linlsli are sold by any oth 'r first chni.V
kets in tl'.u cuinitry. Detlers un I all in
w nut of j;.). d pi.'iuios aie invit. d to fen I
lor our lie-'criptive Catalogue, which con
lins photraplis of our dill'creut styles, to
t'.erher w itli prices. No one hIiouM pur
ci i?e a piano without seeing thij Ca' j
I'ilii'. Jldalf, alnost wiUiuiit numlier.
Iiavj bet n Awarded to the G tovesleen Piano.
nn lut the Celehratod World's Xair, though
pui in eoiiipetiiion with oilier from all
n.iris of Ihirepo and the U. S., it took the
hii'hi-t award.
"lLhbblish-d;t35. T
GMOV'l'.ll'EKN CO.,
4!.iJ Broadway, New York.
y27 tij-
tv:tai;r.Rs. tvii !::; r:4-
I . yen i.nt V!it.-!;er.- ..r Mmn-tarlK.-'t Our
I Ufciaii.iJo.'iipiiiin.l wi'.l t'.r.e '.l.'jiu In croiv m
tie m'i"'.ln.v. la.".' "r . bin, or liair mi li.l l br.i'lr
ui Six Wi.c!;.-. Tii'v 1,0I. S..ut by i.util imy
'.vl.fri', vli'i'tly sciilnl. "ii rv..:ip" of j.ri.-e.
Addres.-, WAU.Ntlt BoXl3S,
Ittooklii), N. Y.
Feb. 10. "(:.5 ly,
A Clereyiimn w 1 1 : 1 r.!-i.iii.! in S tit Ft Anior
.; in u ini.-i-iciiiiry . iliwowr. i i. Mil's ami .--i tu
ple r.-ni'i'ly ("r tliu (.'.ir;; of N.-tvuii 'tVi-ul.ttei1.-.
Karly I'eeay, Jict .iih ol'tliu Vrinary iitnl
;-i-tuinal Ortrani'. un.l tho wliolo train nl'dimr
lers tiniiijjlitpnby liaiK'ful ami vioiolit lial-i-Urcat
nr.inliiH have Iilpii alieuilr ourcd hy t li I
nolilo remaly. 1'roiiiyto.i by a ikir! to b'.-nt
lit flic illl''.'to.l an 1 uiifortiiiiiite, I will m.ii'i
tho rui.i 0 fir propnriii; uti l unj tliin iih.Ji
o'ne. in ftxi'iilod t uvol"pOto any onu who nocitt
it, FllKK UK I'llAIl.lB.
l'l. iiso lii 'loso ii pos'.-pi.lvl eevelopi.1, a.l'lro.?.-
u.l to yoiirx;!!.
t-'rTI'.v ). Illnt.E TlnCPK,
Mnr. lf'.h tsfl.'. i r. Nuw X rk 'it y
' " ' ' ?
Notice to Bridge Builders
PyTOTICB is iiere'ie 51 veil tli'jt the Com
11 in'ssioiiers of Vinton Cunt) , Ohio
will meet on
StlHrduy, tk: Uh 'bvj nf A';v:iV r, A. 1),
ai lUoi.loi'K h. m., ut Hartleys Mills. 111
Wilkesvill! Towiiihip, in siid count-, for
the purpose of receiving pDp'isils for
building u self supporting covered bridge,
wall stuns iibu' menu, acros ur iuc
co in Creek, at sai III tr'-ley's Mills.
Dimoiirionj un ! Teriiu'of Uontioet will
be in i'b known nn sai l day.
l!y order of the Coiiiini-si'iiirs.
H. C. MO0R.K,
Audi'.or Vinton Countv.O.
October 12. lSCo-l.v
Estray Ox.
QTIt.W'ED or stolen out of my prr,tiire
li-lds, on the 11 irton Farm, west of
MeAi'.hur, an old Furnace Ox. i4ny person
r-'iumin-r tho Ox or civiiiL' in? information
s 1 1 can get him, will be liberally re.vd id-
! trttiv V"f-rni
ed. JOHN Ni'AV ION ,
McArthur, Ohio
October 12, lS05-tf
0, Yes! O, Ycsj
IX compliance with the late Revenue
law, hive taken out Licence fur
fn 1 will attend to any call in that line, in
Vinton or adjoinin; Conniief.
A Idre.-s me at HimdL'ii. Vinton Conn ly,
Ohio. PiiYTON COX.
October 12, ISOj-tf
Attachment Notice.
MtryDolenaiid ) BforeJ.J. 411
Thomas Uolen, Pl'fTj, 1 J. P., of Mid
i J . 1 ., .1. .U ''..(-Mill
vs. j lo'iwsliip. niton
Patriek Florin, D-'ft. J County, Ohio.
ON the 3 1 il day of September, 1 3fi'), siid
Justice isHiio l un order of aitachinont
the above na.'.icd actio.), for the gum of
Kt"venty Dollara and Ninety-Sewn CVnts,
C'j'O 97.)
T1IMM S D0L!iN,Pnr?.
Octjber 12, 1805-3 iv
Acres of imiinprovfd land, It jug
within one half mile of Vill;e?viile , Vinton
county, Ohio. The land lay? well, all of it
can be cultivated, the soil ia of an e.xcH
lent n .ality, and well timbered. t odiui,.!"
..' , , , J "lOliio,
the lands of Messrs. Hawk, Chapman, and
Beaty.- It will make a moat desirable 'an
79 Aejes nf Woodland, about three
miles from Wilkesville, 011 the road leading
Hartley's Mill. This tract will mike a
good upland farm, i? well timbered, and
near enough to Iron Valley or Eagle Fur
naces to coal suflicer.t of the timber lo pay
for the land.
Title gootl, and ierni-i ma.Iu eny.
For further particulars, call on or ad
dress BR VTTON & MAYO. ,
Att'ys, McArthur, Ohio. .
A)3-17, 1805-Ow
lie lus tlio wrnt nf winning llu .cln n f tin
. Uo ttnl.k lUo Hinslc tu .-..lilo ami
''i py nurrtuf. mi'l m.-ikit tlio luiiirii.l h:i y. II
Tl, nfTcr-fallln DR. B.U'IIAEL ii (tig U-Jt.
ucceed when all oilier, have lulled.
All who have txvn uiifMrtunntc all nlium f.,nt ht ief
hva Win diMi jH.int.il, itu..iI. nnJ liiufti-il, ull wlia
(T? (ttC(.iv,sl tnlM vitlftii g. to b.tu fut
2""' riljr?.?'!: 1"Hk.'.'i,1!:!
.miminyoiirilmnuter mii.I n.vial.ilitv In knli.'- of evil
ihoir niimLj, ami In llud out il tlulr bright :,J warm
M- i
"I11 H,ul ft'Onw l"W IKTI. Rullrllnl III lUUUUH-rUbll! 1U
lti.uCL., aii'l tin1 rtdult h.. alnayi tivu
T.p m.ikf things inure tun', hu will bUjw )uu th.. Ilk
Iln will Ml " th. ir . Irrmii'.liintiK nn.l II.. Ir f..t.ir '
ii.i.,nMn; hi.O what in letter Hum nil, hr c.in I. II i
l ivir llixin:!.! ami lu.t lli.ir "imI" Iniroliuns nr.. 1
What la U-tWt .till, III' can till JfU if Ih.'J' iil aiakf J.'l
Jir. R .i1ii.f'l Ii, tlipr. fi.n', a fiiri"!. i-iiil'.n'-c i
To all in I ii. i nt.su hii. ml vie Ij. inviiluall.-. II.' riu f .pn
(ell, will. Ih.i ci.al.i.1 ri rtiilnly. Hi" r.'-'.;ll .r all .-.'a )
in. r- iula.i'l ImOn. M lian-a' li.'in .in-l i-f i.l.tl r.s. i'r l
li-plii.-l ftitcrpn-ta drninn f..r luii.Ty ii.in.kra Willi un
tlilill IM.'lllrJ' V.
glrrn wlllu.nt any I'llrn chart;".
Tr. IIAIMIAEI, will cast nr II. n t... ,.r writ
tour nativity. K.-'iy man, llii'tr;li O.--' l-'.r'li '"!
(.,- i. lili ..f tlx. Ian. I, wlni liiw hail lin k, ami wli" ran
I a p t nn in lii.' wiTl-l, .l.i.ii'.l Lii in i.ip.-.-.ii 'ii t.f iiU
U,.r i.'-', aii'l .'t I'r. llui.h.i.'l'i
Wiittcn Opinion of his Tuturo rio& j
pectu in Life.
It will iritiilf liiin t" wi-allh, rtiiini ur... ntil L"n"r.
Th. ti'aii.li .! i."'.'il lii' tb who win? util'.. itiinati' mi'l nu-inc'en-fitl
in tli'-ir I'li-in.-fl- ui.-li v.h. wci!.' .1 hnt.1, anil
a-li.i ntnii.l.-'l nkrdin-t ailvi.ri.ity ntnl itil-t'iittun.' I lie
fit-il'-r part ..f tli.-.r livcii, ntnl 1u futiti'l tin- nn.rt' tln'y
ti.il tu ji.-t fnrw.ir.l in tho w.irlil lln ltn.ri. Ihinns vi nl
,-iiiinl th'-tu: '1 Ii.t 1I..-U R. l In-. ll.i;ha.r wiiittn
t..iniiai nmt. thi'ir luliiro in.'i -Tin il. lili-. All lh'e
till.) wImvIj-f'.ll"W'"l Ur. It i hu. r inh in-uri' nuw I
Id oil lli. ir umlrrinkin-'; while tliuio vim w. ri. hliii.h.l
ty prijiti!iri i.h.1 i'niiraiK-e, ii l.ct..l Iiid u'lvtvi1 ... u il 1 1 r
Uhuring iigtiiiint uUHT.i'y itinl imvi-rty.
Uo iwanri'il
ro wiitnn Ih.' n iuli of nil. If fnu winh Ic l c licit ati
inpjiy yi'ii will ciiMiit hint i.li.
GOOD NEWS for the
lit Jinx tilt' pift, mill iMii Ml llio ullli- tt il tl.c fntiH u
t'K'lr ili-rt' Hll'l iUll'-lillh. Jl- Citll III -II It'll ln-ttir
ll.ey can t cur d ur uut, ilitm tining tho ulilitUii Imtli
lfll', 'm l cXJ i'IlKO,
(.Vinultatl-'iit diiily, Ruii'l.iyn exa i-li J, Oflii'O hutin
from in A. M. to 6. V. M.
All int. i vi'-uH im ctriLtly julvitto iiu'l rtn O Knt int.
'llit.'rU'jiv wt eay, go oih'I g-ull! un-l tchniJl
Tho Astrologer of tho IS th Century,
IHJ" Pcraeml InterTioira gmntcil to Qcntlemon only.
All Lusiiit.-i mill
to be don bv lo'tor.
OB P.miiin nt a ill-tnn-a mny rormnnntriito cvinh
prsTiAi.i.i hy Ifttcr, ir th.y Inclima ONI: lnil.LAH, fi
C"iniillntliMi Vkv, In fii-h Ictwr. All Ii'II.'ih, c niinii-i'-uti.in,
aii'l ititi'ivlcwi., ar nirlctly prlnito mi l omi-
l..li.. Ku linmor will ho plvcn In lo.tcn Uulwa oil
tlollar In ln.-i"..il in. n C'ui..iiltHluill Fee.
A'Mru,a nil li t li-rs nn rnlliiw.:
BOZ NO. 6273, rOST-OFriCE,
L.' It Lo cli-arljr un.
-mf ix l that tli irli-o nunir.1 a runsnltnti iu liv ayi
ur iii,.ii.ltiitti.n "i.ly. It ii"t !"" f.rtl.u l.vl..r'i
vtlt'.i-n nj.ini'.n of vo.ir fut. no inin U in 111'... Il ..'
int my fur witilihi Hi.' all' . ti"..H of the of . .Kit t,
jnr for Ih" .!i:in.:.n.ti"ii of n Knppy tnairi;", nor t-,r
loiliiT ft,,v "tlu r l-il-i ri,--'H nam. il in Oi" al nu- n.."rtiw.
,li. nt. ihi' ll.'il. r lnwn lix.'l I'ii." f'.r U"i.i; farli
huiilinii. In Jntirr. niiltatliiii w ith Ih'j liortnr,y'fl
.am h"w yo.i fan p-nli." tin.' f. . I In .' ii.ar.t y .iir
li.'-irl; cm at" t"M li"W j. ti .mi p-t ull yml wi.nl, i"l
Iv.w i nr l.r.Oiin ou-ht to Ik! .1-. that it .an U"t
fail. ' lie "ill I '.,rct. II whal Ny.iiir I.KsTIN V. Ill tlwrt,
In: will 1. 11 wlna it L.-furu yon, ttc.
Caution to tho Pnblic.
Tr. W. M'.pluul, tlio Attriil. :cr, nrn. no cnnnwllon
with ritOFI..Solior I.r. W. Nt. nuhuil, orwltliany
utli. r v, nth man of the huiuu ii.tniu.
ITS" Cut thin iiilvi rtNennmt out. When yon com?,
trlnx It with yml mi l itlmw it lo the (jli I w ho opens it
door. To I'levcnt tnistakt i., ni.k to I
Aii'l It-iirn tlnit n p-if rt aii-1 iH'li'.vil i-um in wurvHtitl
an) Lrtiirai.tn.il to fill uh uro .I'tlicio.l with wcukiif"4(
did-iiity, iirrvou-t c ::iid.iiitli, iiH-liiti' ti'dy ln'U-lit-, t!
r n fit fjiitiu, iliitrvs ami niinrQlri!i of nhiil, Itwa
tt blwji, Iokii uf m--ni'ry, lr4 of i-m-rv m.'l liuivulaf
irV(T, juiny (rowtli, wmtiiu nwi ninl rt ;ittt (if con
B l-'f).; in th- niSflv.", f.iiminz IHri, cuuvtil.iivo trvui
lliirM, lni'i'nro itvl ili-ti it i.r lit'.-.
. inr.wi what tijk mkmcal rm:?s rats.
fii'ino plivsiid ini r'iuirc In m t"M Iln ri.tt'irc i.f ynnr
iii..iMtho K.v;r.ii( BoiWNHj j'Ji vsmman i.
it. IB-jwrfrt ki.ow m-'Io of i tium.tn ly.-lt'ii.enaljk-a
liiin ( iltsrrilo ll:u divH-i willmtjt any hi (viuiuf i n
fiittrtu.topitscijrf. Ainl. wli:it i.- nmro aliiaWe still, lie
win n.'iit-dtiy aii-i imiikiy mi utivitKr yuii can uo ciirt-a
or rt"t. All lii-i C'lniiiuniciitioin mi'l ihUr iowii are
Hrf'tlr private ntnl rutilMviitful. Mvliral Jnnrn-il I
Tho itutniifo RMuliri of I'r. It ij-Liv l, tho Kngli-h
H'. tai.lu riivskfan, nrv r fiilt'l vt to nmkf n pt rft"t,
n li itl, ivn-f p'Tinattcnt rnr -f ALL l'KIVATK, SK
tlti;r, AND VKNKItKAL MSKASK.S without ;ho ut
of JM.-rcury, M-ithutit lilnileraiico from ! it in it, ami
itlutiit far of Oiwovery or exK.nro, Nu il ad!y pol-
aii, audi h aricuir, nn.x vomica, ri.iinn, or uny otlu-r 1
poinon. Ni'Tii'Trury imruny U h-IIv rniru'ial Dotliluix
Mtimrtly y.laM , Daiiiral IU-niHii-i aro u.1 hy
tttii Hoiiilrtftil (Vitimic rhv4in.ui. Hii Botanic Jtcim-
ncivr yi t f lilt d to euro tlm mewt olntiimtf aud tuo
tnmt d.ug)Tuui ciirtfu, and to tvmovo all m-rcuryaii'l
had tail- l -.ViV Journal I
gomd nkws roil MMiLK Mi:y roxTK.MrtAT- .
oi. Thurniay, ii... :;i,t of jiay, in: .
11 Nuiu'roiw cures of iliw iwei. caii-.-'l ny Mrlv Inili.cro-
n Inn l,e. n-rfrui...i Ly tlio Kii'li.-h ll .tatilc 1'liy- I
ii-lnn, I fiti it my iluty, having kii'.wl.l-o of them, 1
lt..le ft,, fact. I Ii, viLii that in .l.i.-.sr ., I ii.iv ,l
Berviro lo the ull. iine. Ouc caso iu l arllculiir Unit
ofayoiin man In thicity-l. worthy of note He lu.,1
Ikvouio the Tictitnof a hi.hit, the n.'-re Hlht.loD towhlcb
cau.l..hil,l,l,.r..l rv. ,.r. r,rfr,., l,,...IH...r. '
inir iravnpaiih..H-,of rovery. iio wi-hi-u to niarry, '
a,elw,iU...rlylHlove. Ly u. .w.t a Ktrl a, over l..-J
trntL i damd not wed on arcniint of tho Klmttercd
worn, 01 an i-.ion, u.H lie wiu) lei. run, nurvoln., mill ,rta ,
tatoof hiisyBtfin. He son 'lit rtlk'l'at tho hauddof the .
I'lty-iriaii, nnd, a-turii-lniig an it may tet in, all
tho Id-xiin and fior of youth Imh p-tttrnci, and bo I
low tliu happy fath-r nf a p lir of hrinht
Anv whu are nil. rin-r. no inuttrr wli.it tlirlr rviin '
Viiat, can call on tho liutmic 1'hy 'ir-iatiCxOlSdct.
liny may rely upon nli." Hi- Jj' I at
litially, '
AticMh 2.
.lal ' J,,m L,ec' ';oun''
doccaie 1, liaa file I hi a'coiint-t and
vouchers, fur infection nn.l tlual Mtlcmcnt,
J tlio aumo will atamt fur lit :.rin' in tlio
AMES (Jilibon-, AJuiiiiiMtrutor of tho T.-
r..l.u... IV.nr. t.l 1 i,,t.n ennnl. .11. i.. n tl... '
day Of October, A.O. l-j.
Ecptembci 2?, 13fi5-3w Trobntc JaJja.
'EARLY Brnwn. unrvivinft Ailministrntor
nf tbo KaUte of John M. Ilrown, lute nf
Viuton county, Ohio, doceasc.l. haa filnrl h(
acciiiints and vouchcrafor InHnection anil Snl
w.'ttlotnont, and that tlio nainn will bo for boar-
in tna rronato tourt of Vmton Cniinfy,
Ohio, on tbo 21t day of Prptetibcr, A. V
6ertamber29,1305-3T frQbateJndga
Old and young should use
fy FOR y
The Hair.
It prevents or stops tho Hair
from fallintr: Ciennse;. Benutifies,
FrnsnrvefJ. nnd renders it Soft nn.l
Glo'PV arid tllO Iltiltl fl'C3 flllil
Tf ;.. 4i1( TT-.-i Ilrmn.' -I'd
It m th bet ll.ur Drcbs u..u
PreECrvativo in tho world.
Sterling's Amerosia
Manufacturing Ccmp'y,
sole proprietors,
ii,- h.' .VfV.vA n- ' :
"He ptii ij Dirt euito'ti our pnfa
For tbt tlw Ur.Rtu Cut i. -at ii wrr'
bavo been lntroducii to Bm puh L fur w r
than six years, and 'uere oiui." I -ui
"CAS(i "Vov.vCV.v..v,
far eicccding nny Family Modiciuei o(
liuiilar n.tturo in tho market.
An appreciating public waa not lonji in
dhicoTsring they pu-sosm d Tcmarltnhlo
CvVVt.VWt "YrCV,iVC.
nil hence tl-air
'Roiji. ?iv'
and consc'Tient profit to tlio . T..vriotir, fh.if
enabling him to rz eu i
of dollars each vcrtr In aih '-rtia'n theb
merits, nnd publish in, do
which have teen Bhoworud uptti him fr.m
The peculiarity of tho
"2.oo VvLtvw iwA YvW
U that they Btriko nt the rot of Dica-ie,
by eradicating evory particle )f impurT
for the lifo nnd health of tho body depond
upon the purpy of th) blood. .
If tho blool i po'sined, the hody dijgf
out Q mi?ernblo esiste 100. Theie modbiitiM
for oi ring
Sifofula, F;ij:hl'.ia,
Slcin, (T)iataseo, Oil 8iro,
3M Jfium., I(heur xatlotr,,
(Dyspepsia, Biak Uea.Xv.ht,
Liver Complaint, Fever and jir;ut,
Leuoorrhae Female Cim.plcimt
Erysipelas, Bl. jlnthiy's Fire
Tumors, Eruptior.J ,
Fit2, 6brq"wl"us Gonsumptl t ., etc.
$ $
CJfEpermn wr;t-?F, lis. datiehter-fii" cirod
of tita of nino yoiiM Bbuding, nd Vitiu
daneo nf two years.
ANOTHEll writes, bis -on taa cured
after hij Uesh hrd alinoft wwtoi away.
The doctors pronoun ied fir uso lnotiru
AIJ OTHER was cm si of F iver and Aguf
ftfter tryiini every mcdicino in bin reach.
AAUfiiiSX vras cared o rover ovm
VUltMl hft'l rxintctl fourteen yet Tf,
AN OTHER of Kheu natism of elcht year
Canes innumerable o! Dyspersia and Li vol
Complaint could be montioncd in which If
Purilicr and Pills
Yot Vc a Cvvwv.
fir0 tho most BCtlVO ttnd thorough fUU th
. , , , o i
DrO Over Ueon mtrOauCOU.
TllOV act SO directly UpOll thO Liver. eiClt
lDS at OTgHTk tO BUOU en CXtcnt OS tftftt tilt
systera does not rolapse into its former con
Simply a purgative pill
'IheV ErO really ft
n . ' . ,
W(C. CVWrt. l.W Vv
Tflitch, in COniunctlOn With the
, ""i J " ,"
Afrt kVtviViotf
will cure all the aforementioned diaeosei.
. - j ,Um mnA
""-l v w.i .v..vw ruh img
Headaahe, Costiveness,
Colia CPairw, Cholera Jkforbus,
Indigestion, (Pain in the Rowels,
(IXzzijiest, ii.
Try these me Homes, anl yon will neve!
regret it.
Ask yonr neighbor, who tore aacd them
and they will say they are
and you should try them lefm going for i
Get a Pamphlet 0? Ahuanao of my local
ttgent, and read the eertiUc&fo, and if yow
Lave over doubted yen will
A a proof that tb Blood PnrbVr ni Pnia ar, parol)
tgcULIe, I hare th cartlneatea of lion m inert chem
IU, Profeaton Chiltoa or N. T., id lock of Cinrtimatl
X'ad Dr. TtoLack'l Special Kottea, tad Oerllflcatm pob-
UiheJ ia ooDfplcuoaa fart of tkla rapv from tin, ti
Price of the ScrtBdlnarttn Tgtatl Blood Purifier, fl
per bottl, or per halffoMn. Of tn. BcandlnaTian Tr
tabl Bld Pill, S ooata par bot, ot Lomi for f 1.
Principal Orflc and Saleamom, No. 4 Sut Koorth St,
BnihllDg from Mm 8t , CincLinati, t Labiratorl
Bo. II Hammntid SlrwL
Dr. A. Conaoa, DruUt.
FOR Dianka of all kinds call at
I is-viht Office,
""SjntJ.ll I. J .. I.E . .. . if. i wi-
or TBI
yeVv v Wt o," Vvv 0. t
-r- . Tl'i' A. Vk.". aV.
0 Wvc- AYe ciA 8oxv.cv(t
Kas, ov cv ovj Vvve,Vtm
&Xovae fim, wuv&,
JSilious Fever,
Ipever and jigue,
Liver Qomxlaint,
Kidney Complaints
uAutVv e,v
tx Covko.
vvrovae. Xv cn.V. t
iivWc auyav volcovj
These fitters are put up in quart
bottZes, of whieh the above ia a faa-sim-ile.
The label ii finely engraved, an-i
is provided ndih a s:ife-gua"i ftvm
oounterfeilen. (Priae $1 per bottlei or
Sli for $5.
C. W. JJobaofe, (Proprietor, JTo. 6
East Fourth Bt., UinninnLti, to whom
all orders should be addressed.
Su1c rf Ohio Vinton CvtUy
I'r iliiMM Sliif'cs, Ad iiiiiiiatriitor .lo
b imi." nun of Ks'.iit'j of John W.
Mcllitlli, .'ce-iso'.l.
l'..r Sulo of
ltoal E.i'ate
El :itr M. Buth an.MVi.ltnr Me In Piobato
Jictb, minor t'oire of tlio said Court.
John V. .M. Il.'tli. dco.i scd. J
TM)U A U MnllKTU ami Walter MoHoth, n i
Jj norheirs. atlaw nf John W. Mclletli, tle
cciifcd, and Humor C. Jones, theii (luard inn ,
will take riotiio 'hat Kraneia Sltadoi., Adminis
trutnr do bonis lion of tho E.-a'.o of John ".
Mr.Kotli, dccam.l, on tho 2H 1 day of Soptom
b.T, A. D. 1?'U, tilud hia Petition in the Pro
bate Oonrt, within ami fur tho County of Vin
ton, nnd .Statu nf Miio,alli;dKiiijr that the per
annul E-tatu of Bnid doueased in insnllioient to
my Lisdobta and tho uharifoa of A dmi nif Cor
ing his etato; Unit tho said John W. McBeth
in his lifo timo and with hii h)lo and Bcrorato
means, piirchascd In Lot Number Ono llund
rcdand Fovenly-rieht 17?, ana I orty-oijfltt
feet oil" nf tho East sidd of In-Lot Number One
Hundred nnd Sevonty-Bcvon (177,) in tho
Fown of . McArthur, and St.tto of Ohio; and
frau.luleutly, and for-tlio piirpobo cf defraud
Injf his crcditora, caused ho lt'iral titlo to said
premises to ho convoyed to Laura A. McBeth,
hcn his wi To, and now deceased, and the pray
er of said I'otititioii ia for a sale of Buic1 prora
iKos for tl e paymunt of tho debt an! charges
Said Petition will bo for hearing on the 81st
duy of October, A . I). lSilA.at 11 o'clock A. M.
Administrator do bonis non of John W. McBeth
H ration & Mavo. Att'va for 4 iliiiin'r.
Septembcr 23, !Wi5-Cw
NOTICE is hereby given that the suhj
3criher has been appointed and qua I i- :
fiedas Administrator on the Estate of
George Nixon, late of Vinton County, Ohio.'
deceased J. G. SWETI.AND.
Au;tist 17, 1665 -3t

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