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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, November 09, 1865, Image 1

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VOL. li.
NO 14
o a . a
; I !. 1M l"fJ 11 VI IJ I LI if.A 111
E. A. & W. E. B R ATT ON.
lu nrnttou' llniluiiiit, at of Ccur'
Home, t b SlrtiiK.
TliaIHiAT will ha sout no your fur one
S.-llur; and fifty oonti; Six Month-, for St-v-t
-live onto; four .Im.t.l.n, f.,r Fitly Cnnt.
fjf All paper will ho riiwoniinuoil t the
expiration of the tint mid t r.
TE!l,7s FOlt ADVKITl.ilXU.
One SimfO onoiivfe-tlun, "00"
Kuch additional innenion ,
CrtA ono ymir, 11
Noiicoof appoiiitn.au ot 4.inll
or., Guardian and Kxeiitra 2''
AttachmeutnoticoBberoro. I. -''
y,liinrittlnotK-o per lino,
Tourly advcnismunts will bo cliarftod ',
,r (iiluiiin por immim.
And in proprti..imtora'.ofor Ics than n
nliimn, and for li'i t ime.
CT Ton lino minion chirid ft- on nq.uvro,
and all Adver'immmts a i Loul Kiiticac muit
lis pnid in adva ic.
ir riOfth'Vifr-nmn"t be om piled w.'li
t"All pivyincii a ma:.t bo muilo to Ihe 1 m-
pitor, aa wo ba ( n- aironts.
The Dcniocr a Job Office.
W are prepared to e eoule with noulnMJ,
Jif.pat.ch and at. prices t t duf couipjlilion,
all kinds nf Job Work, juoh an
51LL IlE'M'S.
ltLANKSof HlllvINbS,
ilheia atrial and boeonvinpod thot w K-un
ul-Yill li u-'i'i'i boaper for t'Aeii, tlii n rtnj
tl'or oMtal ii ihincut in tliihsocticn ofeo mtrj
'I I, C l.tSTAiLK.
AtlK-lli, 0.
I. A. CONST l TO.!
McArtliur, O .
A(lor3'yn at Law.
McArthnr, Ohio.
Ti'ill itteie' promptly to all bininess fit
tripled to th.ir iaie, iu Vinton and
AiIiimk Count .es. or any of the Courts ol
the 7lh Julicial Disiriet. mid in the circuit
id District tour's olthei United Sates,
lor Ilie Southern District of Ohio.
C'a'mi ijrainst the- tJoveromHiit, reu?
Jjih. Mi'intv and Diclquy collected.
Oct l9h'l8C5 lvr
Alt sM'tv ii t Utv and
McAr hur, Ohio.
Bain Ueenacd hj Uie V. S., for tbo purpo
1 will attend io the pManontinii ami i-o:lc-tej
.f evury do.urlpiion of Hidum ifimft tl
tlnitel States. a n l S'uto of Oliio, Inoludniif tn
UtTiran rind cluiiiiB.
IJimiitie nnd rrearages of l'ay
TENSIONS fur w.-niiidi.-l and dinnhleil fi?t
Jr'"aiid cmMieii, und for the hoir of sohli.-i
,-ut -c'inioii who h ive died and boon lii.ltd m
,t -rvi -e. 1 would cny to my frnmdi. llm'
o:i d iro:iiptlj".otli.r bimua an"
in ijarrrt torni.
J.ina Hl.'li IS 'U.
a::ch.m iYo
Micrnpys at Law
MeAUrilUliVlNTON Co. O.
M'l h aH"ii 1 t-i nil l-'!."il bninci"s intiuntuil
t-i their c.i r-' in Vi Om. Atbenn. .1 achson, K"fs
Itiip'.-iiK a-i'i a li'iininir eoiintica. ,
r-.rii -ulor iittiti'in-i t'ivcntotlie collu.-lwn
nrsnldiorsBtalnn for iihions. li.HiniiiH.hr
roarn c f pnv &o.. niriiinM. the In; tod butca or
OLlo, incliidir.fr Moriran raid claimp.
A pril l'Jth ISfl,S,-lyr
h;is niircliased ihe Old Plv-
ill I . -H - w I , I
ir.'i'iU) House, and chiinged n- toene
a ove. The House has been retr n i-d.-d uti'l ;
is now open fur the reception ol tie' pub!'-.
It is on the wharf, a healthy l"cu " tout j
no pains will be spared to mnke tie- -t v ! :
visitors at th's house, all they (-- i wis'i. j
Charges low as the times will affoni. ;
June 29di lSG5--Girio. ',
cuDE:,M.n. a.isajiix(;i -.t y. u
McArihur, Ohio,
Will attend promptly aid can'fiillv to
the practice of their prolession niallit
ii. 6th, 1805. tf.
No.8 i'ij;Iron Corner,
Vortemouth, Ohio: .
rOBanks of all kinds call
PaiijCAT Omos,
The ilenth ol Ilia Exellcnoy Gov
ernor I'Roroir. ir'iK"t, mid t!i(;
:'?I.Milltl"li Ol Hull G. VciNKY I'K'B
shy. Troof ihit, ol' tliu Ohio MI NG
MKXT ASKU-IATH'N, l"i llili'R'il HOffMil-
ty a runi'isniiiz iiin nt'iliu Eserufivo
Oniiiinitii'o At n ntilur iiu-i-tinr of
ifie OiuiiinUtoe, tin ri'luro. IhM at ilio
fiico tit tnu St-cruttiry oimIih lOih
lny nf Septeuiljur. 1S05, Ilis Excel
'OfiCy (IIAKI.K8 ANDhliKdN, G"Vi inor
n Ohio, whs cIcL'tcil I'nsidfiit, J. J.
Janney, Ei., niiJ U. K. Dyku, Eq ,
Tlu littiin of tho Asfiocii'tion not
lu'.in clearly uiuliTKlouil by tbujvo
piu ot thu htati', 'IiSb id (ieeinuil a fit
tiiif' t.j poiti.nity to g vo h more cotn
)!(ito btiitiiiH in tliau ti'iy j l t m,ilt of
the irlji'ct Boujlit to bu iicuouiplitibtd
by tho S.'cicty.
The KtHte nt Ohio ackti'iwli'Joa no
second in lojulty and (lovolion to tliu
iiountry dui'in thu atrulo of the
ant fiiur yunra- la the culiinet find
in thu lie id her Bond Inivo won a
irutnl iiu-i!tniiienru, while her peo
ple huve ever responded witli clieerlul
roniitneis to every cull by thu gov
erriui iit lr asiiiti.neti.
The blood
ol bur fcons i nriehes the Soil of every
oiuio nine reoeii'!ii, line uie nivhib
ol llieufio and the r or.-i ol a baibar
oi.s foo tianlerrod ninny of her sol
diets liom !oalhouiu pi icons to
patriot f.raves T. thecy nien w.j
'.vu'd real Home liiiii;; uietiioria', te
liiy In lutuie f;i iieriitions and in the
v.'oihl the fctorv of' their heroic deeds
.m l inn x unnlkd sutT rifs It is the
desicn ot Ilio Associht iiii to er'j'it
ueui uie v. Hintrti o, toe oia'ca tU' im
incut which thall iierpetuate the
ii;eiiiory oi mese iai:en oiaves in an
apjn opiiato manner, and stiinulste
tlioiie wliocomo aitirto ituitiit'j their
x no pie.
Another olji ct we n!i?) ha ire in
viuw. AuitAiiAM Lincoln, o! blessed
miinory, was liuiiorcd, und trusted
mid hived by our people, as no other
i i
man ,v-s ever honored, trusted
A ...I . i ,io,.i
loved. iini winii, alter iituii't! us
tod'eh tlnouli the terrible pilgrimage
ol thv; past loin years, to the glorious
vision ol piaee iu ilie. li.lme, ho was
.ouliy murdered by the linking unsns
in, w itlieiU lining allowed to en'er
upon and ei joy tho eacelul scene
oi joint, ibeie. whs griyf iu evev
i bl Io. usiuid in our common wealth.
A i motiimd a i ever a people nur
nl lukne. A-i v.e !iiii: iid l.im liv
rg, we would lioiior him ilea.). To
lis memory we pr'poc.j t" c-iect a
noiiUiik'iit, which, wliiiu i' 8'o.ll
near witness to his virtues i.nd Ion
vU'! th, t-o.il! u'c-'o "pleid,tniiiipi'-:ua-jued,
agiiir.Lt the duep Jaiiiticti'tii o!
bis taking i IT."
!i will be been, therefore, that we
. rop'.e the election o! two m uni
mints, "hi! Hubscrilii-n price of each
oi w inch is one (I'd!: r. The p' ice i
ji.'ci'ii at tlrs low figure that a'l may
'Kive s:i o
1 1 t 1 1 l l ". t V f , I
ilie bi:ad
of a family dii'ii'd not
;hink to 8ttify tli's rail upt'ti him by
llm subscript on of one doibir merely
u; liif owiinaoie, but 611011M ?:'bt-cril)e
"i'c dollar fur ettc!) moiunnent tor
o.cli member of his family, and
it ct-ive in return 1't each tlolUir ftih
r-cTilM it a handsomely engraved cer
tificate fori ho member of tlio family
iu whoes name the amount was sub
scribed. Tlio clii d iu pinafores will
thu have tlie satoctioii ot knowing
in iu'ure, that he or clie helped to
erect this- monument, and will trui
sum.' up tho ceitdi atcs with the gi'ea
1't' rare.
I he name of each subscriber will
iie cuelu.ly enrol ed in a book rt
jiaifd for this purpose, and pl iced
iiiiong the nichive6 ot the bta'e, wldle
ihe autographs of subscribers will he
plaaod in the c Tner stone of tho mon
ument, l'.irties sn1 scribing but one
dn'bvr should designate to which of
he monuments they wish it applied.
1 o laudable desigh inaugurated
n iii iiiy counties of the State, to erect
e -ii'ty in. moriiils to tlio soldiers,
slin'dd not bo allowed to interfere
with this enterprise. We cannot do
too much to honor our soldierv and
the amount asked for is so small from
each pel son, that nil can contribute
without material detriment to them
It is important that subscriptions
for this purpose bo forwarded at as
early a day as possible. We desire
aud intend that Ohio shall bo tho pi
oneer inthia enterprise, and have tue
honor of being the first State to ere:t j
thee,G monameuta. Aeain. the mon-:
oy, aa soon as received, is invested in j
United States bonds, and tbe interest
applied t.ii thu piivini'iit id tht expen-c-f
piccurin ci r'ifieuUe,
All coinniunifiitiona relatms; to tlio
bnsiiicFB nt'ilio AffloeiHio!i ulnir.lil bo
aJdrcs-i'il t the S crt'tarv.
J. JANNEY, Treas'r.
C. S. DYER Sec'y.
rioii tOAiiri nieir oreue:ru "i ":
nodj,,,,,, iaV(l , overturos to lw
' . .. . .
Mrs. J lF-mn Duvin in r"Ridinor at
tho !iotna of a Mr. Sebnyhir, nonr
Miii'iiftn. (iorjiii, She rniovB Iter
I iisiki! heiiltli, h under rn out veillunno
:a:id irt pernii'ted fi rornvp'-nd at will
with her itm'eitid mi,! IneieH. Mm.
Unwell, Mrs. D.ivV nvtlier. is in
Cnn:id:i in L'oiiera! (:h:ir' oftbc cldld
ren of thu lut'er. of whom Mn-'ffio.
aged eleven years, is at the convent of
the Sacred Heart at Montreal, and
Jeff.. Rcd nine, is at school at Lm -
mxville, di3tant from Montreal sixty
General Samuel Connor. Into Ad
jutant-General Confederate Army,
about to return to Ins former reBid -
anco near Alexandria.
UyU b. S. Le. former y of the
navy, an 1 droiherto Gen, Lee, is,
about to take up his residenco on tho
j I'otomac in Md'.P.nd fni:ii i:i nri
'iwnrni pur nits. t. apr. i.ee enieren
till! rHtivy in 1820. and is about 65
years of a,M. iht Lee and Gen.
,o,. r married sisters, liy the tinme
of Maon, dLcendants of Gen. Mason
olGtiiistou hill.
(ren. E. Kirby Smith, who has
been for aomu time in Culei, iscx -ppcted
to return soon to Lynchburg,
irmia, wlwro his iinnly now re-
tJ','(-'- It i nivlerstoyd tlmt tho Gov
etn rent lias granted its permission
for Iiim to ret'trn.
A Gi"jrr'ii (xd.wnpe erivs that
niHtiy o! tlio leiid'n .Methodist cler
ayinnn of Iha? State, in conseqnetici.
ohlio h utility still manifested by the
imrthein chii'rehes of that d"t.ouiion-
t ion tOAari their brethurn of th
united ecclc-i isticallv with tho Epis
co'aliar.s. w lio manifestly desiro a
union distinct from that of tlio "vul
turu and the lamb.''
E-Gen. Joe. E. Johnson wirs
last eveninu electa) I'resid oii of t ie
Natietia' Exprcs Co., at Kiehtoond.
I'icrrc -iS'-oilo iias received "a par
dun" flora Mr. Johnson.
Stick Together.
TiifHK wa.1 etFect like Unit of a drum
he-it iu tin ? iOirrinj; lin- s, A ml to deino
crats. Iirvc fiioy not n pr ifound siuif. :u .ce?
I hey slioul 1 b:- g a by heart:
When initl-t the wr- t k ol fir and smoke,
When cannons rend the ski. s usiiinler,
And fier.-ej'loig'ions, with ijuiek'niov stroke
Upon lie; it'eling regiment thauilri'il,
Tl,e ranks elnt-e up Io nlu rj culm old.
Till hi turn 1 tealher louele s (either,
Compact the furious slock they stand ,
4nd cocquor, for ihey ftick togedier!
When now, 'mid clou Is drfSvoe and want.
Our coiiirjdei' wails r:..-e fi'st an 1 faHes,
And, ciiitrjrin,; in ally on mir fiout.
Come the b uck leiiiiis of disister,
Sli.dl we presuiit a waveMih1, fl uid,
And fly like leaves liefore wi',.1 wheithcr ?.
No; sile by side, an. I hand in lund,
We'll stand our ground,diid stick toge th-r
The Wool Trade.
The wool trade in tho Evat has not
yet recovered from the stock, it in
common with all other trade, received
some weeks eiuco by a stringency in
the money market, and a doubt as to
tho effect of the financial policy of
the Government. In New York the
Economist 8 tys "tlie prevailing fea
ture oi the inaiket is continued dull
ness," and concessions would have to
be made by holders if pressed to soli.
The 6aW of tho week footed up
about 3(X000 lbs., ranging from 70
to 75 cents, tbo highest figure being
paid tor Ohio.
In Bos'on. the Bulletin says that,
"with a tight money niarkit and
goods moving slowly, vV ool lias been
rather quiet during the week. Man
n'actnrers are holding off und will
not stock up with material until they
sec what effect tho money pressure
is lik ly to have upon prices." Tho
8 dos tor tbu week were a little over
ball a million, at the previous range
from 60 t 82c Some lotsof clmico
Southern Ohio and Pennsylvania
sold at 80c, while sodium and fine
from these States ranged from 72 to
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
BY J' S. G.
JIH idiii B iiiiid ill' ail- mi ni.u.v
...... ... ,- ,
uh Irceilom s a iwiiini; ii;lit: an
on i. : i t -M
i,, ... , , ,
ller t xilpil sour, in t?veiy Und,
, , if i i
in many a true anil frarlog hand.
Are galheriiij noiv, robulved tliat flic,
Tlii'ir g'liriuus mother, shall be free
Long ver she's bom ihe ini'liins weight
Ol Knsili.-li imwer am( English h"t-.
Lhij jear of torrow, liKmJ und .-hame
i,Ve fared her MemD'nsi love tnLnne,
she bravely scoriw to ben I the kn e
To Saxun pride niul lymiiuy.
v"i''l v'"! ' EiilaniVs power m q-i.-U
Though aided by the tinidi iron, Ikl.- j
lne Btorin tlmt J'1'1 8l"" r ll"u"
jAnd pluck ilie 'emeruKl" liom li rcro.v
Vhen Irishmen on land und -ej,
ibhall strikj lor lrnli ii'jfr'.y :
The land thut Em melt d.l tjve
i8siia11 not remain the lliitim'n slave!
.Uw Ireland yet ims-iiihiiv s.m
To win the buttle he bvun;
,0r failing, trend the path he iproudly treid,
From g(,afl-jM l0 Uoi .
When o'erher hills the Sh on.ocks gleiun,
And "Suubur-is" fl.iat o'er vale and stream
ut ever Irian urm bo tfii
To strike beneath the Irltih Green.
Till Ir. laud owns to tyranta '.way
From alalia Ural to Uantry U..
John Taylor was licenced, when a
youth of twunty-one, to praotico at
tho bar. lio was poor but well eJu-
careu, ami possesseu rairaoruiuaij
genius. lid married a beauty, who
alterwards deserted him for another.
On the 8th of April, 1310. tho
Court House in Cliukviile, lexas. wuf
.... j i ... j . .-
crmvdud to nvei floiviiu'. A ll excitilo
s'hiwnl to i3 triud. .Goti
,, , ,,ui.. . i,,., i. . I
n;""", ' y V " ; l
t,.ri"l ii ir,i9i insult to m rtrv K I son .
terea a gross ih ui io mv son,
the young ami Deautiiui wnu oi ins
ovcrse;r. 1 lie li
ushiUid tareatened
to chiiBtico hi 111 for oiitrug), when
Hopkins went, to E l'son's house and
shot liirn in his one door1 'flu mar
(h ror wis arreted
aud bailed to an
Tiiis occurrenei
swor tlio en irg.j.
produce 1 a gnat excitement, aiid
H.ipkiiss, in oi ler to turn Uie tidj of
p ipulai ia -iignati 'ii, had circulated
r.tp.iris a.'iiitis h.-r charaeer, and sho
h.td SiH-'l him for sl.in 1 jr. It h sii its
w-re pending for murbii aad slan
der. Too in'ercet become deep ir when
it was known tint Ashley an I I'.ke,
ot Arkansas, and S. S. TrentUs, of
Now Orlet is, by enormous fees, lot'!
oeeo ivtiiri' l to defeii I Hopkins
Hopkins was acquit ted. Tho lVx
ai lawyers wero ov-'rwliebnel by
tlieir oppou MitJ: it w.ts a fight m
dwarfts ngaitn-t giants
Ti.e slHi.de.r uit wis for ti.o I)
atid the throng id spectators grow!
in numder s well as exet'ein 'tit, pub j
lie opinion was setting in for II. ipkins;
his inoiu'V bad procured witnesses i
who Served bis powerful advocates.
When the 8'au ler cis j tas cailei
y y E yyi,m WlH t,t wit'iiuit. an at-
turney all had wiMnlrawn;
,!lava you r.o counselj'' inquired
JudiC Millett, looking kindly at the
"No, sir.they have deserted m.1,
and I am too "p ior to employ any
iK'Tit;" replied tho boautitul Mary,
bursting into tears.
'In such a c ise. will not s micl
chivalrous metnbtr of the bar voliui
teei?" said tho Judge giancing around
thu b:ir
Tlie thirty lawyers wero silent.
''I will, ye.nr boner," said a voice
from the thickest ol the crowd behind
the bur.
At tlie sound of that voice many
stat tod it was so unearthly, sweet
and mournlul. The first sensation
was changed into laughter, wl.ena.t0
tail, gaunt, spectral figure bowot :
LI .t.,.. . . ll... nr.i..l .111,1
his wav through the crowd, am
placed himself within tho bar. His
clothes looked so 6lubby that the
Court hesitated to let the case proceed
under his management.
"Has vour uamo been entered on
the rolls of the State?" demanded the
J udge.
"It ia i'i. material," answered the;
stranger, his thin bloouless lips etui-1
mg up with a fiendish sneer. ''Here
is my license, from tho highest trih-1
unal in America!" and ho handcil the'
jaage a oroau parenmeuc.
unit nvni uu,
l.,;frmi tluj ' nknH nUvt,:c,
eiU)j t() c, ft Webster, and Calhoun
D Od-coin', and "J.:ec',r
x , acvt .it.g. '
. - 0 m im
1L- an Hero I tlu ui'ins-ei to t'-H
heir own story, ard lr. u'hiwed tho
defense to lend off 1-hi.o pio.cl
firpt. fnllownl ,y l',l0 und l'r ntk.
i he hitter bri'iiht the home down
with cheers in which the jury j lined
It win imw tho Htranuers turn: he
rises butore the bar. n .r behind it
and 6o mar the wondering jury. th:it
he iniyh touch tho lor'inaii with hi"
hop.', bony llnjun. ' lie pmc -cded t
tear to pieces il.e nrntiK tits of Ash
Iv, which melted a vnv at h;B tonc'i
liko Irurt b.ef.ne a ftm h an Every
ono looked P'irpi-i-i, d Aonn he
cut o to the d,iZ5lin' wit (.t tin- law
yer, I'ike the fin! o! bis lip ir'ew
hhaijur, his thin laco Im .i-i tn kindle
"P, i"
us i' yes to open, dm und
dreary i.o !oii.;i r, but vivid n light-
Jei.in; red ue lire sJ oben, at, 1 jjlariii
:as in-teors, thu whol'soiil wae in the
eye; tho lnd heart f tr. kiiiu I out of hi"
face. Tin n without be-iowio an al
Imirnto Treiiti??, be turned short
roiiii I on tin) p'-tjuted w iun-PBi-s ol
Ilo;d;ii.s, tore their ti-tiiiiotiv into
m!i n-iN and loifh'd int-i tlu r laeus
mch teriibh? invectives that a'l trim
bled bko aspei.s, a-id two otttiem tl.-d
from tho court hoiihe. Tho excile
mi lit of tho crowd w.w beciiuin tro-
mciidonj. I heir nnited liie and soul
put-im-.l to hail" on tliu burniii" tonooe
of the B!iii'in'er; ho inspired theoi
with the power of his iiialiiiant pas
siot;:; be s.M'incii to have st 'h'ii n t
Itures lonj; hidden secret of attradion.
Out his greatest triumph was to
His eyes begin to g'anno at the
assassin Hopkins, us his lean, taper
tinkers assumed the tonne direction.
Ho hummed tho wretch with a vll
ol strong evidence and impregnable
argiiiiieiit, cultinu i fV all hope of es
taou. ixu u
cape, lie an;' oeiuawi mo uiuraerers
ji!du.B () jill!IInilH HI1J huj ,1U
LlUUert;r np t() tlie Bcorn ttIvl con.
,e , of n,aM llavi , t,u,a
irt ',,:, ft!jllU't w 1 1 1 1 a circle of (ire, be
,ctl.. f .,. .,....,
., .i . i ......
Oh, then it was a vision both glori
l"ii.i miu iiiu;vmiii io uuuu. io mui
H,3 actions becams as lutpetuo,., ne
. , . . . .
ous and dreadful to behold the orator
,t vi()1.8 of wn 0&fe in fl llUrricrtri,
His voice became ft trumpet, filled
wild wliir'pools, deafi-nin,;. th;;
ear with crashes of power, and yet in
jtermingled all tlie wiiilu with a sweet
iinder-eong ot' tlie softest cadence
Ilin foii-hi-a l glowed liko a heated
'furnace, his eouiifoiuinoo was hag
gird, like that of a maniac, and ever
and anon he Hang bis long, bony ants
'on high, as if grasping alter tiiu.ider.
Ho drew a picture of murder in
finch appalling colors, that in com
parison hell itself might be considered
beautiful; he piiitted the slanderer so
b! ick that thu sun s enu d dark at
noon da) f when fthinieg on such an
acoutsod monster; and then fixing
both p rtraifs on llm shrinking Hop
kins, lastened tln ni there foiev'er.
Tito agitation ot the audieticj nearly
am -niiied 1 1 111 li t :;i.--s-
A , I at nne.i tit . titki"i!.ot d npnn.'h.'l
wailed oil' lor t:,o murdero I dead nod
living the If 11:1 ! ui Mary, more
hci'.iiifii' evcy iii uiiint, as her tear
ll iwcl ia-i r :.. 1 ir.eii wept and sub
bed like cliuC.rv.ii
lie ci ised lo a s'ran ! r-x'iorU'itn
to ihe jviy, iu,'! t ro-igh liom to the
bvstun I r
after t!i- 1
tor tie- : '
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id v ised the pnaiiel
in ug io !l vvr Hut
it to 1 if r v i (ieiico
however richly he
t I til'1 li I 1: Ol 1,
deserve u; i ,
lynch t';e v 1
ishiu'-'til io tl i
ic I. or word-:j "not to
. ior leu w bis pun
'' 1': ii W;is ilie 01 1st
', a':d beet calculated
n -e.
art till tiick d
to iusur ' vt 11,:
Tin; jiirv n-iur ed a verdict ol Rf
ty-tliou'ati I 1! 0 .'.rs; ai d the night
afterward. 11";
bed bv Ivi.ch'-r
ins w is taken em ol
and beaten almost to
dei'th. iie e on t adj mi nod, the
Strang"!- -,;.!. ' -fili'i Vn.vl' f will
preach here ic.'-1 e '.e",;iig, c.t early
can-lio light." lie oi l pleach and
the house was crowdul. I havu list-
form of sublime words, even
ro-no oly
.li'pn.Aiiii mug 10 -.nu -jloq'iO'lCe o,
John lay or-mass;ve rt5 rt uMint,.i.,
and wildly rusliDpg a ca'pract ot
Is a storm sea. when tho sailors
were a-l pryera exjiecting evorv mo
mout to 'go to the bottom, n imssar
gcr appeared quite unccnccrneS. Tho
captain asked him how ho could bo 60
much at his eaee in this a ut situu.
'-air, saia tue rRBocnger. ;irv
jiiu ic lucuivu.
President Jonson and
Senator Sumner.
A friend at Washington assures
us that a tew weeks since an intor
view took plane between President "
Jo.uis .n and Senator Sumner, which
was suhs-amially us follows!
;tKwd evening, Mr Pfesidont,
a nd Senator Sumner, that week, np-
ei entering the rresid.mt'd room ia
the White llonso.
'Good evening, Mr Senator.' repli
ed the President. 'Please lo seated
!! a moment, until I finish a letter
to 11:1 old friend. '
Tho letter being finished, the
President turned to Mr Simmer,
when the latter sa;d;
i r Presid.nr, I hnvo'called Bpoa
you for the purpose of expressing to
von the views of mr people ou the
sul j -ct of reconstruction.'
'Well, sir,' replied the President
5lr Sumner commenced by say
ing 'fir, your North Carolina Procla
inaMon does nor muut the approbation
or tl.e people, and they will not sub
mit to have the gr.-ut results of the
war thus thrown away."
' A'knt peoplt, are you repiescnting,
siiT silked Mr Johnson.
The wliolu Northern people,' said
said Mr Sunnier.
'I apprehend you will find yon but
n priRont n email portion of thu
Nor them people,' replied Mr t John-
'I'hen.'said Sumner, 'wo must
take your North Carolina Proclama
tion us an indication of your policy,
Hre Wc?'
Yes, sir,' replied thu Pr. aident.
'1 hen, sir,' said Sumner, 'you do
not intend to t'tifruLchito tbo' black
'J hnvo nothing to do with the
silbjueti'that extensively li0!Onrfi to
the States. You cei ta.uly would
think it an usurpation uo my part if
I uttempted to interfere in fixing tho
q lalilioations of electors of Massachu
setts.' 'Dut,' replied Sumner, 'AIaa
eachnsetta J.us always been a loya!
Stitto ' " 1
'That may be,' replied tho Presl
lent, 'but the loyal men of the South
have made untold sacrifices for their
Union sentiments, Abilu Massochu
seltj has made hundreds of ruillious
oiitofhei loyalty, and it would be a
poor return for S ar liern adherence to
the Govi i ntuont, ii the latter should
in violation' to tlio Constitution,
torut Uj.O'i them local laws in oppo
sition lo tlieir wish, v'
At this reply of tho President,
Sumner becama impntiont and irrita
t)le. and njiino l by saying
T am sorry to see you evincing so
little sunpa'hy with that clement
that placed you in poire-.'
At tin's, the c dot- thshod to tho
President's faje, and ho added em
phatically 'You and I might ns well undor.-.
stand ehch other now us at any otrier
tiiuo. Yon aro aware sir, I havr, m
respecl for a secepsionist, but as 'jmch
m 1 despise him, I still have a'.reater
h testation an I contempt lor alfanat
ie.' G.od evening,' Hr.- sn,nor
00 A lady atid gentleman sailed
it a stow day or two since to mako
some purchases. The lady was talk,
ntivo, and purv.nasod one or two ar
ticles Who-., tho twain were about
to take the.'. uavo$ ftCcjtniuoda
tmg Hii.tf jtnaii asked tho lady, who,
ha.t dor,o tlw talng and paid the,
hid, l Bhc wo;,,,; ,Jot pUrcbaMa ori0
r more of tastol'iil hats for her
";'' s. Tkii3 Judy, nssutuing the dig
,lltTfQen Ei'iZibeth, said,
',0', 1 have only been married
a""'r.c twi nty miuuUs: have na
jya yet!"
Lr"'l!iarl s R ado sayw
"No man aud ni woman ia safe
who has once formed tho habit of
looking to drink for solace, or checr
fuluceS, or fiomfoit. While the world
goes well, they will likely tie tem
perate; but the habit is loilt, the
ruil road to deatiiictioii ib cut ready
tor use, the rails are laid do so. tlta
station houace are ctcctd. end the
train ia on tlio line waiting waitin
only tor the locomotive; it comes t
us; it g'apples us, and awcy -e p
Li a moment down tlie line we hav
beeu constructing, like a fiasij A
lightniDg 9 &ttrur;iioo,"

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