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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, November 23, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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WO NOil'lHISO iOtr'J'ir.
1 It hi
Von. n.
hi Ali 1 il ! it. fiV J 4 .); ,', J
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, ,-nn-n ni-rrr irn 1 ffn i mini wimnn
1 .
E. A. & V7. E. D RATIO IT.
0 V F 1 0 E :
Tb Diva.irat will lie BOiito. ysr f ir r u.
Djllur; wi'l r.::y Kix MuisUs, f-r 9o--
t .t-!i.v noiiti; i'liur itun'tu-, fir PjlV.' Cents.
CTT' V1" will b 4i:vijUuuad at tlie
xpira'9ii oi ti.o tiiiio jiiiJ Tir.
Ti:ii.'.n r::i .'.iVL?iis:r:fi.
OuoP.iUArjrjiMiii'Of'i'J.i, ,1.')
Tr.i'h J(i:!tr.:ul iurxitlrn, .V)
":inln cue yjur , 6 '10
Km'n.-e oT n';ii,)i'flit.en:8 01 M i A,r.rl e
tre, Ucur "inn oml KxJcnWt.i S'
A ':li.-ii.'t uotwtw cfor . ?. ii.f
F,,ilori'.l nuti.'o por lino, I'1
Toirly Hilvnr'.inriiefil wi'.l b"vli3',,'
fur C'lliiin:i ;)or an:iuni
Ail 1 111 t,r..n.it! 'iifttH ra'? fnr los tlifli
iumn, iiii.l f..r Iwi tuna.
MP Tn ln.w nnnton uhra ficn mitro,
n)4 all Ailver'.ijuiiint J i l.tfl Hotirti niw!
p.1.: 1 ill 1 ii-a.
U'-A'.l (-arineo hiii.',t ho mtda t j I bf. !'ro
ir.L -r, tin l. ins ti t .
Jbe lieasacr aJoJi Office.
W ar prpuru ! to pmc'14 "Villi 'H;a-,
Jui(.!.fc jil t pri'' U .ify canijkilii'ii,
II kinJo f , loli Work, uvh a
HSAl S. ,
SlIII'l iN'ft UILU,
jj will jrintipi h r f ir t'.tn, tht (i in)
thr-t sxtal liihictt.t wi :t. ofco intrj-
Allifiis, 0.
3I.'.4f.iur. (J
AllOi'll(''K fit I.HH,
McArtliur, ulilo.
Viil tt'.vo.l pron.atly I;) ill but-inn tii
t riiftsil to tlifir tur.'. ii Vifi'un tnd
fctlipfi C'iui.1 or y of IB Cim'itiif
th 7lh Ju dicial Linificl, .nid hi lU- nrruit
C'll tilri'l cauf of ' Uuiiffl fl'..l,
lor t? So'ilWn I3ir.trii:l Olii.i.
CUinu i jiut tf fJiiveruiiVut. !Vti
Cm:it Hint B.'kiay cliLP.i.
Uct Jtf'li I.i66 lr
McAr ifiir, Ohio.
TViirw llo'.BM.l by tlio 1T. P., for tl o t.urj."
I will attuti'l iu llie T.o -iilii. ta o.-:lCiti'ii.
df or .le;ri!'ii.i. uf cUimn ?!ii:' )l
Onlw l Siam,n 1 Xito of Ohio, InclndiiiR tl.r
lory.n rani oUim.
iuiiiiilt's an-t rr(!!i'iKri nfpuy
. TB-SSIO'. for wi.ur.lHl an.1 limM.i.Hnl
Hern ati i nranien, ii 1 fir .)! heir- .if -;il lit
cd KkTiii who hiiv.i ili.'l ninl hon l;fti).l iu
th Mrvie. I woi.l I t-j to my friii'H, that
tttwili attau'l pr.iiiijtly 1.0 iiir b'liluaa
i n 114.
B R A T T 0 S & -B.4Y0
attorneys al law,
WILT, ittanlto all litful biif-!non iiitrur.to.1
to their care in Vinton, Athom,. Taokson, Huf .-'.
KockinR r..la.lj.Miiin)f coniiti.).
Partictilor attninio'i givflii to tlio callootion
f ail li'irn elaimi! fur 'mioii, Honiitiei", r
rra cf pay An., against ilia LniUnl State or
Ohio, inclii.ling Morgan raid cUinin.
April Ulli 13HS. lyr
Mr. Jokes has purchased the OH Ply
mouth House, and chungi-tl it& nnme bp
above. The Iloiii-e hasben rerr.o lelrd mid
is now open for the reception of the public.
It is on the wharf, a healthy location, and
no pains will be spared to mke the sby f.f
visitors at tins house, all they r.an wish.
Charges low as the times will afford.
June 29th 1865 6ino.
.COXDE.I.M.D. A.ISAMIsrci'R .11 D
I I I ll I H
Mc.Vr.hur, Ohio,
Will attend prompt) and tarefullv to
the practice of their profession in all its
n. 6th. 1865. tf. '
A. '8. BROWN. .T.r;J5ROWN
No. S fig Iron Corner,
Portsmouth, OTiio:
Justices Blanks, Blank Deeds
etc. foal I descriptions for sale at thi
Offr. " -. .... .. .
ritnirf-.n t!ii..'li.Ie nr-.i
ll-r.-i'jot tioy, vita chek if tu !
Willi .! 'jpi'in sd pjint ;i'ji.T.,
.iiui I'ij ;!-.:. T.t.i.-'i-! tii.-,"
V :.:h hit r. i lip. r,!.i r '.i!l
K.k.i b. Mfuvh.'nLrf ;: tn- hiil
With i'ic ti'.ii ir-;-h .
Tt' gh 111 t'M-.i l.:;.'.: !. ,y-u .
Fi.-;jn ;.j l.e .ri 1 pin :ir-o joy.
I rrti '.iiti' h oii.eto-t fr.
- - , ' .''
Cfh ! ftr bov lioo d's pft?!lci p'ay,
8.?'P ihtt W-lJt- i.l huc'-tl. tuV,
H'a'th I'. ii';!:. tin- d i..ov'. r !!,
Clio!-''; Vi-r kn.nd tft ivlumfc
Of 'Ii-' ri'! tr-t'i rsuinii x hn
Uf ti i iid flu,- r',- liiii-j an'l p'tce..
riLtiti.ffir.'.K u.d?
Ui the tf-i )-.. :-. ii; i ho wond,
H i liiu '.jit'.':-' bc-.i hi '
How tin i!i'l:uc Uim ceil,
A ad tilt jjroii.iu no. fciiiiln i: wtll,
How ,! ru!i:i ht?r youmf,
Ii J tilt i.rioit-'i llfnt i'j hunjf ,
VVhsre ti;el.it-oi l;lie blow,
iVlii-'t lli ilfilt.l Unieii Kr"'i
V. ,f,- the rmud-oi't trnns its in,
,Whii the wi;i-j: jjie cluiteia shin-j ,
Of the biaik ":-i-p't ui.uiiiiiar
' MiiKia oi hi of clay,
i.hil the cin hi'Pcuirtil plain
ti'l rry-iioriK-t artizais !
V rpfc' hi lrv. bjoki and tiikt,
NtUit nn;ari iilheks.
Hand ij litii.t niih hrri; a'lr:,
F;f Ifi fits wii'h her hp lilka,
hM ;t ;if.. 1 oi' h: r py
biis;ni en the buMoMt hoy I
:i i;!y. ihfii, my lisi'm mtn,
Lire tori 1 l-. !; 0'l r I,
lt': lhfil-r..' t!,r Ir lurd,
tiH.iioir ijn-urf r.H' .lln.WI arl,
irrj morn ( lei. I t thrush
r' klpiim ol the dew,
V'try r fi:.-4 l.-v.ii !hy liat
Pa tt Com! iod hi.1!, the ,Mt,
An- luu H'i ttt' it-f i oiiuil hi!
' in tin- piifni! cl: ol i ride.
Lu;4 i.vriioo c-f ti e oi,
LiKf a oH hr "rk i. hH ,
iti iiviiij'.tie m.im ul t)l,
I p and ill .ii in i-r::rf m-'il
Kuppi if tt7 ;rei k he ioun4
lii'vcr on f .irfc.ddeii ground
H ',y il ll.rv .j.i!, t in
Quick a.i4 tocher w Mn.it ol
At: ! tlit il i'S kii. i!i, niy,
-ire it p.isirs, fc.irr luut b..)
The Decoy [...] [...]
The Decoy [...] [...] Young Men Drunkards
Go with us to
"f V'Ufi,: n-.'ii ".v.:
Ai-il.illMcd. All 14 il!))
A trt aY..'.', thni iiny b
. l IMIL'
:uid titS'iJ. .Ihf.y apin-.ni!ii t h- r .nil
ter, and witn.-, rum, bra.nii, uru call
ed for. Oiih cj two uiRj ttnri'1 I jick,
and Buy, l,No, mitltnu-n, we d. not
drink any ; yh-nm -xcuau ue. Immc-N
di!'ly Urn rui turn, and h.-in to
mans their Iriumhi whore 114.: 1 1 drink
?ayipg thy are arm id o LtMn
tight of tho "old uian," and aniriv
may whiter audibly,' thtv aru
mean fellow tlit-y re -n'r.fd tln-v
will havo tofpciid a cent !'' Hon",
you ere, two v ry tfiiHjiive iierv.'n
are touched Conrai and Clvvcrntni.
Their btoaiB nwcll, ami with pride,
rather than boar Ihe fl:'nKi of their
companions, they step up to the coun
ter and bomi j .in in the revelry.
The ico is now broken, and the first
great act iiUhtj drma ;)erfonui:d.
OtherH follow in nalnral drdcr, until
the individual who refuged to drink
first, reels aloLgthe publ.c Rtre:-t with
out shame.
Sued U the manner in which thnu
Bauds of oiir potnialcg yn&ng men
are led aay by a false ambition ; and
thousands more will ft How in their
path, nulcua they learn .the meaning
Wo have in our mind a number
of uobie hearted, well-meaning men,
who do not possess strength of mind
enough to facu fhig oppoiiticm. R:t
thor than be called mean, they will
lollow up these habits or drinking on
til their appetites become tineoutrola
Wo adviio yon, young men, when
yon are in company, and solicited to
drink intoti.tHtiim Imnors. to cav
frankly and decideJly that yon will
not drink. 'Let 'your tetnpttrre call
yon anything, but bo firm and un
yielding and they will be lorced to
admit that your conrago ia siiffifient
10 bear all their tanota and not yield
the right. Those who stem the tido
always meet opposition ; but never i
sespair preaa onward, Onr only I
n i.
!.-! : ,i . - ;
V'l'i.'. H
L'ii' i v r,.it..'i
l 'ike '"'IT .
-r!'!. I'.i;
i ''ii'.-
h it
'i'l Will'
,1 , !'..
il' I' ti r
:t .'-i:
'.rre-i ir
; ii. i:
i i
ft' !
.r i. "
;: ;;(-l :
:Ti' Kl-.ii.
' Cf'it
til 'I- C
. r in s ii'is.i:
1) -r f mii i it i r
.miff ! 'ii I
virgin fMi-'h
i'h' U it is T I
rt"u In'
i Cnlur
j . . . ,
, '( U'ul-r
ul iiv jaw
nt' ( niof: h;; titld
"IM'li ((' vll-.l illH !). IHitilO 1.4' Hpi.Plh
'vll-.l !UH 1).' l)it
r nit Iff thi- p- m. f'il i-mi--." -n
4 J'.r.pti'i' 3, Aft ii1 1S3.
I, i a,
.1 '. il -ii -I it 1. . t. . .
' m-tr'. -.j nf the .cn'm f"r c nturii
! ti
f :Ht tin i-r'r i!t til" K C ti' M'H-ri-
jt tl'l'l'i. I K'H-lniir tin- Ki'K'V
j C'lniTiiin I- tor n illntl "r irijint fit
lfh' ui't iii no li-g-il jiH- fjM'i,.n wlttt'-Jt-ver.
Hut in t'if LHi'.vl S.t s, with
the Miii'iit nl h U iiMifuti 0(iii'.ri'Hi:,
nnv iini' T oi (.ho i iiMi ii-iit ur inv !!
hi Siil.MirfiiiH.'S p. nsriruti'B u full do-f-!i:i"
in u Court, Hiiii-d t'ti-cin
iriif ai nf
[Cin. Enq'r.
"We Have Now Become
"We Have Now Become One People."
G.-tiHrnl ( kamt, hi t-ni net' to tin
iiiyil!i.!i t.j H.f ti-r-,J l!h- met" i ii j; ul' n
l'ii'.';i 5.' .ii::,:;-,-i .n that m4 m.d
in N'v y Y "n i.u t'l-s i:ilif ut'tl'i
j 13'ii :n .. tvr in a l.rit't l.-ti.-r; hut
! tHV'f Hii i! ii. ir lOL-iioiim inn dnty to
' nf Ji 'i!!fl Wf.
: i.':-" !'d t -ref.
t Hiinuii littd iliruft
i.l Mii 1-itiT If.) ili--
jcUtv! riinf t'f N'.r'h
otie p;i-iijilt. and
.nie in
j ;.(,. :..
I rt' c:!:-!i
! e'luisi'i-ti ti incrfa-'e the
Ci'l hrorl'tiiv Ivfling he-
t'v t tin- "wo m ..-ti -ins ) our (it'i
trv'" In) "i.f iitilv Hj p.'uvi'j (if "
U 'tpi- i:oi!'ti.;y, then, (tiMicl.il
A?'r c''t(i,if iioi.fiifi iift'i-.; u dicv
I IL at w-iiild irvst the S -uthern pe-K
j pie n a tor ii'ii jn'oplv, an I a-t a poo
I l.l. v..-1 , , . iiLliiii tl..tlt..r liJiMiil lilt. i... fn
) " ' '--v , i.i' 4; 1
11 .r hi; rnliiy. imhiiv nfour 'r.'jf
rix Jiu. 1, ".!; ! fill p.iti i.-fj w.Mild do
CKiiH! !-r rl,'?,yiii w i HV'.w (hit
': Is-'i3 im h th w iiirt'V-.r i"i the
iiniii. tis.tt tlie man who is looked
upon ;fi rhe grea't-rif (t -u.-ra! in Hiic.
ir.einfiy. iit- pla'.lod I mis -If upon the
p'ittit:'ii tii.it aione in wrlo-, ot ap
proli.-.ti'in, toncliHig our dealings
vi1 It the 8011: h, t'ta' ' ib iintla"il r-
incri-nne tho livnd.-ili'ip an i tnotM'.-i'iy
t.elm,' between tin; two v(.'tit,iis .it
[Statesman. A Fight Place.
Bt itlier 0., in ti:n of revival and
proiraot-'d itieini:a, hIwhvs stepimd
in and took eii.ir'0 of the si lu'in.'.
lie whk very fund of tlm' int T.nioa'ole
smug that tii'up.tH wit'., A ' hertf. O
where i)f i.'O 'd .thl A lanij" and org o
en I wi'ii 'he l t m ill' H iia 1 p"
ed Ibr iiuh tlf.i pain jrciis a pr.ijti:
eh) of the oiden time, uti I thediacipl:-
iif d bleed women of th'.- New F Hta
iiient, when John the Bapdat ocenrr d
to him "Where O where ia John
the Baptist ? nfo in the promised
land H ) went np" Ilt-ri Brother G.
w8 tUnmbled. He tried it aifin.
"Ha went iip" but 'ill 'here wa- a
difioulty in fixi'ig t'-.e Biptist's hm-ii
eiou. At length, with d'-ioerari etttif
gy, h'i put ir through. Lie went cp
without any head on, aato in the
promised land."
. The Monrob D.toTRiNit to bk Lkt
WITH CoSOKtCSa.- Wuat'thu Pnsi
itriit will do, I li.'ar, is to throw he
"Einptr." L ai NapoJeon, and the
Monrvm doctrine npon Coiigr.-pa, and
leave It. for that body to whether
Max shall be politely told to qoit, o;
wheth r we shall do as ill Europe
has done, recogniso him as the con-,
atituted authority io thtt country.
jjaHjial diapatch to the Philadelphia
Ledger. ...
Becbktabt Siwabd is repreaented
to hav said TBUttow WriiD. in dis
easing the matter of Jkff. Davis'
"W ca. not hang hi in without firt
convicting nim, and I think do itn
partial jury would Tlo tha'.."
A young widow who edits a pspor
ont West says. ' We do not look so
well to day as nsnal on account of the
non arrival of maila. . .
if iTi-n i wii
A4 'I'll (J. N Oi' KOK.
! : j''" ' f
' ' Ml
..jl.'.-J.;!t I.
h.tu 1 r
t" tl i
m- II i.-iV'i!:'
ii.'.)i jrr Hit
f. "',. iL
..... it:.'u! . s).i.rji.icc
in.uMH "t th.. Loin
hit Ii i !) ! yi.'.-- (...rji
I -I !'. .
15 1 MI HA hi
-I I
n. ...Ki"!
fJi 'i.i 1 f'l 'i;. l
C ttl; luii'ii--, rviit
ii a .'i " '.ui" -ll.i i
I r.i , ) nr Hi
iM..":..-,ii-., -,-, ,
1 II
.'if. ;l !;
MM'1 !, i-
i Sill a- Ii ri y
IfiriB-ll" .iH
tti!if nuff. r-i it tf
. Il
All i i ' i r, .a m
ii'i!: n .
"" tlr Ctirt.-
'-u u ( vvrti:- t.i lr li r . j
ttf-tni.'L Bill Aihn mi : ,t-i, iii.-m
!"W t!; v rtrr-!4!-.i uui.'rti v 'Mi
;'ii'ir coi.iMt'ii.'. win-H u,.-v i... t iu--
D.'iii : M-rn! ic n r; v il -ri; is
-.ftttie p.r;y II -M; h he
in. 1.6;,. H-i.Mirt.jHt B-.rf..ti.kn:
Ithimaht I . w-jtiJ r t. li.
Dith.-i Bill At;.-:.. hii.I .k thv...
b-wr tll-V Hn-ii.iH ..,,.,, wfi.t.mr
(.iiiAi..nrii.Li . I. ... f I. . J i ... .
t-rtriiii.l to do
'l-'Hirmnlonnari-.n np.01 a ynn
ouloitlf. I.ik, of my exiier enr- I
Uo n,U,,nga ,o,,t but
have the honor to be iu f.ut on eon,
...na llv the wav. lioavv h..ei.I
Homtthi. nhint ... r.. r. n,
u ail
1,,, " : "v"""'
tlein ft, a n..-nor an.co-mlm-wt as
las nono a ad. My caipaigo
..gum at he c-.pp rhea.hi int.it. rear,
-' -v. , ... .a,:
n,.,t4.: varne.1 to do w,"..,,, with
omii.:h ability m they h 1 vil.ihi.
tiircoc;eec,,s AH n io
hlHly. "I n.t,r had any,
voted an ..i.vn mket wi'lmut either
.lid ih-ii von em irr it p.. 1 i..i.r. ,r
' ....
n m I'.iinws: "l
, ..1. .
' , -V , '
i ir ;. ti in ii r n'k..'u ur i,iu,.l ,,i u
, ,, ,7 " -vi'
I 111 1 t: 1 1 .Jill ,1 VH ;h ri.
Death from Drinking Whisky.
On htm lav w,nz las;. Th..d ka
ttwd.-r, son ol E';i:n li-eier, l !tia''uP
eiy, dud at tbe ' .Star Srtl l ot. ,: in ihiH
e.'v. Iroiu the . ff.t of drinkit.L' h
Urg.t quan it v ol whikv.iA hunt tlee.
' i: oeii, m toe ail'-rD't-in
h- went to I In the "S'ar
r.. ... ..... .....
oi flat day
soon tvr i ntenW dr odr a uiiihi!
L'Usi of whi.iky. There nerea onm
tier of per--ns in the s.iloon.and u l-t
w w ma-!o tlmt R ed r c mi!. I n.it
drink two g'a.oe of whinky in fl i;;
ii.iuit's wttnottt I'tilihg or vomiting.
lUstid ho could, and did duck
wo sUe-io m alnuit ten 'minutes.
bant, r was 'hen tsi ele ilia:
he ouid no a and i wo m .r- gi.i, i
whvrupon hadraok two more, inik' I
ing in all iwimfy w'-iht ou!ic't, -r
p.nt and three.iourths of whi-kv,
.ihieh he.Lar.kin la thin on- hon-i1-'
Tne tour R !. upon wh;cii fiie ! -i
dep-.-n4.HJ. ware diaok in ah-ut lis f
-:n hour. In five minuter af'f.-r drin-
tlfj la.t gia-i. i.;.-d,.r a't-rri.ited 1
go out of the saloon, wlinn
ataa-gared and f.-li. He tcimo ri-'r;,,,t',
coiwrnon in a verv short f.m, died
about 9 o'clock. Drt. Thot.ipson
Kina-jaan were fojinmoeed torn at
but all th-dr effx'U to
!jh lite uiiiPaili.ig.
Oo Monday, Coronnr Stnrn!
summoneo a jury and held an i.i.i'test!
upon tho body otlhe dec. asnd. W I
Griawold, Thonnwoo, Kitisuan and
Wilder madfi a it mortem esamina
tionol the body. Br,P, lauga, heart
edslroivttidceBof tll(j
eff.-cu of the lionor, showing eoi.clu-!
s.velly that death r.-Mi!fed Urn ov-r !
ati'iiQlatian. Several witn.;i-a3 wre
eaau.in.,d. nod after heari .g BUil0;ihe
lact.,tite jury uturiie.1 as their vi.'dict!
that the deceaa. d came .to hi deMh '
h !r nlniw 9H oaurj nf m-hi-kv In I
let than one hour; and that he drank
the whifky upon a banter made by
certain patties.
The deceased was in the 21at year
of his age.
On Wednesday, T. W. Hodgw,
t ui-ii. jii ni i
J1 atnd, Ar
made fhe bets which induced the do
ceaaei, ,ouri... t. e t.quor, we.o
rested or, a warrant sworn out by Roe
A ,m'rt tdlltAM nllil ai.l n . Kn n fin t r ry t
Blanghter. They weru arrainged bi
I ..,. tnOwi'i I1, .On maU,,,! ,.n .ivn,Y.i
ivic tiuruvD vnuo, naouu no iaiuji-
ration, and gave bail for their appear
ance at the next : term of Court -!
Circleville Democrat.
[...] Insurrection.
ii-rtr. Hi,.) v rnt r, vl,
Dr.,t.,i,vu,l,o. to .-; H(ilJ ,,..,!,.,
(..I,, ,v manure Ilu-.,.,'-, d ;' tl '
,,v.1HTi!iia..i, , .,. 'iroM.nt ciwrt
t . ' ' o.
. ,tlW, i .v ;
w..l, t)- A ... i..n ... , '
,,M , . ... 1 ,. .
i.'lt ! uUit'o
a.,d:t,,m i, -'
Uie cniitrv It .-em tlJi n, .
., 1 . "y' ':"'"11 "f "n
i ,,iiri!il n.V. Wlli'll a ii...h r. ... A
J J . c ii- u
'"'Mlrcitiy entered t.'te police sU'io.t 1,
- 1. i .1 1 . .
iiiousj in which toe vestrym -n won,
land when airhiu a aie-rt daoce of
th au 1 - turi-un i'-" k
a-'m.iJI bo lr ;, vooeio er--, t, unu
a Si' 'tatk.ned thvit in
ii';jri,i' :fi'ot: ti.M sorno Iroubli? wight
. barrica!e .do'.ra. Skirrnirhiiig
WJ tben kept op with fatal eil'x-ts
011 b-ih i-!e, l-.two'ti tho.iroaVa o!
U?t,:"ie c"U!l hoWi '", 1 , uo'i!
it!t" l- "as diteivtT.!.i tht tho build
Another ,m 1 ,,'-M1" fir,"i un J r! ''
The only cli-ico left to
th-'"'' wa . ' !'?""d I"
one,""' "r ,l,e '"'Uf Hted dem n.
T;, ,"'l-r w' "''"'"'l upon by near
t!u l"rf-v-ui ,i,e "10f fiwdinh
'ru .mvoubie lidlowed. The
0''!"r,,MM'".v,',,;"s Mj.Htr d
i'" !'"-', K:h Ihe b.d
itiog w w,'rB ,Mi' ','eA eV' '' co.io.-iv-to
he!"'''' ','." dei l o:' wlotM re too
to iki d;-m'...w
U ! U'''-M'i:'-d him J.rW.m.beio.J.
sijil11"1"'' et oil', end ey a d-ttu,H;
im ",,tnv "'tU tl """Hum b.iiu
aiatince, MV';c"",t";,;"d v,h;lfct t,e Tt. tima wt
t.,i .Wing. Ihe feml , of who.n
Ufi' ,'u'I,,,,'r '' Jil,td ''
'er w fgt.ng ,-mrt
,t!;? rk' ,TU,i m,,:U,' w '
!c,i,il1 ;'ut' ,'1 tU inf ' -. v 'J
"",;"Rry manrea taken to quell
the d r urbane... The .rinia! mo
e.c.afTor. yr ot the in-urriion, Groige W.
'?,,r on'. "V"'oo, mml r of
fS,!UJlft, A w 'ra,"' jr - tht
o- !' f0'? f,ft' t"d
tead.-r, I an! J-;pU tog.th-r frith
. f e7 '' meuriwj.
,ll0n 8f f"tMd and were
. . 1 Jii P:i:ia.:i
r.w,i .i 1.1 ji h i
'" flic flllu H .-l.iV.l !i
I '.;.'. ,j I.Juni-lli h) i!U.i-iH t
!.- . . I
l.n II:'., ((IVIIIK
K tin- icuiarrt i-
riot'tho bittdis in t'jo
in tLie. E,tt, u::,l
th intfurriciio
I urinliiit S. Ti
U.( ril'Ml hlltclit-ry ,, UKM'iy
t: i iiin,j-iii,-f) iu tin; iiaritili.
i- 'iu.-- ,:uiu purl a jit-at ii,.8 ,,t
-Ii m iij r.iw jTi vit;ii: Miuui ji
i iri-it-di-s. i.r lU -k iH.i.n'H i .a .
. ... 11
i-.-r.iit ui tiw n )ii:ii;:v t, v f,.,....l
1 1
ii irrici:r:i. ahvuy. thecuu !ivifiif
nuntiC ;o ihu
'.!: fk i in.ir-
IIInD plrtflD. but
.l'i!"!y iin. to t'i.i:r
' '
1.6 II.'.. Il.f lull
vtoik. fti.t,
-p i.to' S -ii...i i!;.,ais r.j Lave
tM i li fi.jftr..-ii c 'lit) JtJi,i luvll
0') t lit iuiwild, !!: i,y to--
iiij'H ui, i ' r r u; B,j., , jipiji
ir-ii.'!i:iirj-i, j.r.i.iiiii,-!it ttih.jiipu
'if 01 )(; lr Uf l.'litiih t.v tu.u-i
p r k-.ou k- il,,. A s,:,., .
IfoHi fit) Police A 'lian krr,.ef.fi t.r'l..-
o .,v crime W V. 11,
f,r the punie enud in the re.ro,,
but couH not be tl-cuted oit:sr ,
tl.. err,. i Vi .
'. 1 . "1',,!. . ,
e strorg ri-!s'an.- tna.!.'.
t ICI'I n'.llll h 11U.' U 111. tMB.nl .. . . 4. . I
' ''
'" - reaca-1 id. climal.
IIMjt . M ra.it Btv, and after tri.
.. ti MIU, I uaint-M were about
to ret.re tor li.'.o!, who., a mob oIWj
(nr ,,r uye nuooreii m-n. ravin,
suppnyo 1 111 nisei via witn anna aea ;
. Uinll linihn.l Dfwir .,.,!. .,,4 tl.r..,....M
J . 1
.v.. , ri..,.v....j .wi: fci.-un-
r. vo:intt.-w, t. e..: yro
r,' . titn i.llur l.u v ... ... .. .
tt;':'io"t '''erthe r'o' act wa-j r. ai.'any
,!,lJ ,il,?0' l"i:ling 'id
' OJiMing -eia.; but, ti ? were o n i
"ei'jwerrtJ, Htid o'.iig-'d to retire!
Vj Ul" " "')' o! 1,19 Coll it hour.' and
Dn? "X COUrl Uirtia!. Most
of them, it ws lioliovod, would moot
with the faU they deaeved the bai
ter. Already n largo numbor had
Ikhju ti jcnt'jd The baknea v.ere
being cloudy followed up by tho mil
itary. From our exclningea wo have
nill t.r.oll alr.l., I., ,1... . .......
" v I'J irotu mo vuoi null.
SbwofcasualtioB, but from private
'i0ljrc09 wo uderarand some thirty-
whjtcB wefe butchcr8( anJ
bout onQ hnM hhcka , j fc
. (1 ' h J
all 1 rii':iii1..t...l
Lnzv rich eirla nial-n rftt n.
poor, and industrious poor girls make
pOOr tnOD rtfitl . ' 1
[From the [...] Journal, 26th.]
President Johnson
Accomplice of Booth!
:f"n l"l"' to tlioso of thu Boa-
t:'r' '-' "unonwi-ahli, Churles . Sum
Iti.utus !" Iet wi-f.k'a isne, in
III? ,r I A'i'i'oJi ill' A wapL-Iv ra
:-! j ni:iiiil. priofVl in New York.
It oniiipicn rclnttona to the Reuiiliii-
'i,i :!'iiu Hiiit'lf, lieuiiuu "fl.o
"'"'i'"'," Andi'3'T Julmson ia t!iua
idri.-il with complicity in tuo as"
r-i. ii.Ati'iti of Mr. Lincoln:
I . It I .1 t s .
. I I . .
k!r. " '"'" ;""" wliicli a prico Wflt
n. t, uiTit li u-k in it-turn, di?ancu and
the .tiXlliiHtl'iri nf f mipiicity, wo all
!inic..il i.ur eIi .'iir..!L-ri; .van not
"'i'"'"''" h ..oioim Hd it wus ftbdiircf
' Mi -n if p'i.I h ho, hiiiI rut rj than
TI- l)i
Aiisiir.!! !,.( cvtuitd roly.
ow wliirli stiiink Lincoln hm
rKidii d tb lio-.rt of the North, an.l
t.vnoback life to thu South. John.
! '.. dona more . tor it thin ten
iriiiiitj 1 1)' Li-e.
V ' Via' IT -J . K ii 1 f
1,1 1I',,:n.i w 1 ' author of
8.v-ral iinportniit law bo 'k; and, by
fc, t.K
1 . 1,411 H,v CH " ? '" J ,'
hMiDo.g that tho Judge waa -om
I... ' ... rT " f.i. .
tuna who practicea law in IlliuoU
five yr6,' and keepi out of thu pen-
!.; ON
I11.I1.. i:iif. .if u vimlit an-i. if tin
. ""tv,TV
' ! vu.r9
' ' fT.: ', , :,, , .J: ' r,rv r nUl7
.' . ',', v.rj pr,.lipwy
''l " H'ige,
m it 1 t.
1 If M. W! i 1 a Ml C'HUtO hear
it -ff'ad to bear it ind -.d "
vu J,idtf ?"
-D.n't know anvtl.ing about hi.
," r-tdied Purle; "but lie b
..o ....!.,
. Making m -t.ey, Ihen
13 he?'
pvrtif.i;.! 13 tat.m
..t. !t . t 1 ... 1. it..
' i kii you i 0 iu i Know anyinic
atNillt inn t.uMti,'." itaid Purple.
', th,, 1$ tou ,an, "yon
H U,,. to think B is doing A'ell,
ji,d yot you kii iw nothing about bU
practice or lusinew. What do yuii
"1 toinii f hie, ' eai-i Purple, "that
iileiitihty, is doing wull, wheather hj
ha much practice nr not!"
Spkak Well or OniEits. If thj-lirpo-ii..in
to speok well of others
univor-allj prevalent, the world
would bee jme a pertt'et parddiso.
Tho opp.ito is the Pandora box,
which when open1!;, fills overy
house and every neiehborhoo-.l with
pain and Forrow. How many enmi..
ties and hvart-.bur.nings flow from this
flourc ! U w much happinoes U in-ti-rrupted
and dorroyed envy.jfiilousy,
and rhe ojn!ignut spirit of evil, wlicn
they find vent by tho lipa, go forth on
their mifa'eiu like foul tiendj, to blast
fiie repn'.a'ioii and pe:ice of others.
A pipulai' Jeviuo tolls a good eto
ry an ft hit at llioau chritiHna who
o too itflolent to pursue the dntica
r.jnird of thorn bv their faith. lie
guys tiit one p'ona gaotleman com
lied a fervent prayer to the Al
mighily, wrote it out leg-bly, and
t.fliii.-Kj the msD script to tho be I
pit. Then on cold nights he merely
Pointed to the docnment, and witb .
the worna 'Oh, L ird those aro m'
eiitiinetj!'' blew cut the light r..J
a 1.4 amid the hlarjknta.
It ia well for children to bo lambs. ,
but a very baJ tiiiog for thein to gT0w-
up eineep. '
Hap Him Tiii-re. A poor bjy ,
caiiie alvug with a machine, inqni;
'Any kniva or Vcif Fre "o prjy
"Don't think wo 'have," rerJ-" J a
young gentleman, ffnretiotisly; nt
can f, yun sharpen wit? f '
"Yea, if you've got any," v ,.na tho
prompt retort, leaving Ibis in tr-rroga-tor
at a loaa to produce tho nr t;cie
An exchange calls a wifa n gewing
machine. Marriage, than ia a 'Mork
stitch "
The last question to p ciaenspion
is-"Can a big man to'j 0 hnrderthan
a little one?''
A gentleman, it VU naftl. ia ono wh
promptlv pays f,r; hia "iiawspapar.
How brief, acl tyt how comjiIeto '
'. w .. ii.'.- Iuui-m in tho State of
ii'.n 1 1.; i!i:i iiiL thv tmt nnnrtr'P fifn
,1 . .1 1 . r 1

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