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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, November 23, 1865, Image 2

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MoAli'f 1.1 UK, OHIO
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2S, IN 0.1
The News.
Two mysterious prisoner wrre in
carcerated in tho 01 i Capiro! Prison
At Wellington on Saturday la-t .
They are o.inl t.i oo ft')!!) niclitnond.
Officcr3 aiul fittd.:l:cc8 of the prison
aro tuibiJJun to hold con vet m with
them. This injtterintia imprison
ment U worthy of the dark sgie.
The estimates for luaiiitiiininfl the
tho Briny tho in xt yi'r aro thirty
three millions nf dollars. Before
the war it was only twelve millions.
The privateer Shenandoah arriv
ed in Liu'ipo' l en the Oth, and nr
rendered to the puurd ship Donceul,
and is now in the htndg of the Ht it
Uu naval authorities. Ctn:ri Wad
dell 6tat(-s tli at the iirt ii.fortnation
be pot of tho duso of the war wan
tho 30th of August, from the British
war vesuoi Barraconta, and ho im
mediately cleati d for Liverpool. It
.i.i.. irr i i II 1. H. -
In 0AUI I it AT YVlUlubJi rum a i no i"
IB rmu uini nuuuBi -
Karl RusbcII. It cot.vu'a aro un
known. It is txpictcd tho veest!
will be claimed by the Uuited States
and surrendered up.
The Southern privateer Slirnflud"
ji sf Ltverjiool, has been liHlimO
.over to I he Amercni Oonsul, and
vill be 8.'!t to New York. Her
CB).'ain,and cn.w w. re diMharpd.
,Tb-.. jtUvJ 'f .Muti'.tnoi;;a hua bter
. U i ris io( jit ncceprtc?
the iMoMiean iii'ssioti. ll h declimi
it, ar.othrr j" ion wi'.l be appointed
Vho will iO to Jiinrm's ca:i)p. and
follow tho fortunes ol that variant
txilo. .
Il is ihou-ht p.robhSh: the piopwly
r. Senator Johnsoti. ol A rKaiMns
now in ponf4ion f f tho rueuieti
ljureaii, wdl ho reitoreu to Mm.
Th Overland mail Rou'ie to Sal:
Lfiku City costs iho Govirnuitut
8335 000 a ymr, Postal receipt ,
liobheries and murders continue
lo he perpetrated near Nashville.
Four men and onu woman were
killed new Cl:attanoea Depjt, one
nif'Jit last week.
Judge C'oape is to be in Wash
ington to pres d.' in tho Supreme
Court at tho Deei'inbc term.
A GitEAT Mioiake. bojne of inr
citizens ni.dirstot d us lust week lie
eajingthat I'nia paper was ahont to
Blop. We did not Bay eo; hut that
Ve were goinjr to quit the pri ea ie
puhlisher, for the rcBson that we cat.
tot collect our dnee. 13ut vhis press
will continus to Q on till it is huriod
lower than the Vinton oil reii m,
beibre sho e!iuI etop. Wo will huvc
to lose more than $200 a yi-ar on a
press bel'oto wo will njree to live in
any county without a Democratic
paper. This is truth if ever it ws
uttered. There 18 no ue in this
however, hs the legitimate candies
ol the press will ruu il if our Jrimda
would only pny it.
A Spri.vklk uir War. It ia said
that 50,000 trooj.8 have been ordered
to our Canadian frontier. An arm)'
of observation is on the Mexicao
borders. Why these troops uro so
dispofct-d by our Gove.nuient is, to
U3, a mystery; but it ia evident that
it menus pitcautioti, to eay the least
of it. In connection with theee
movsmeuta ou the part of our Gov
ernment, it ia said the Emperor of
Mexico call upon France for 100,
(00,000 and 40,000 men, to sustain
the new Throne of Jexico. Quee
lions arising out ol'our late rebellion
and Republican misrule, have to be
BStticU; aud, as Yallaiidigiiaia Buid.
"Time will tnako all thiugs evu,"
wo have only to await the. develop
ments of time, us well as its duvil
ineii'.B. Thero certaiuiy ia food for
the reflection of our thinking meu
;n th comips Coogrie,
A Faii PBopomos. Wa mn
apsnro our readers tbnt if thn D 'tunc-
raev will tako hold and secure 5MI
,ftin.jr siilmcrilH-ra in Vmtun who
wil! pay .Si 50 cash in advance, 1 1 ir
pnp r will coir'.- nut on tin' lt ht
f January. 1S0C wirh infrelv iuv
j f atid otherwise much iinpinveil-
VVo will bid ur fiieiiiia hJ c-u on
that day h pnhlsht r, but in.iy m-
tiiitittn lime a word to ay when wi
keir it neccKsaty for tlio cause. u
uve so long (X oiHided. All win
owe the press wll lind their aec untr
niiide out up to tin; 1st of Jamvirv.
lSGo, and wo h.) e to e"vu ns ai d
iiI.eiKielves fiirt'ur.irouhlj, they wit
eitlu lh; e:im'.' up and renew the'.i
suWcriptima for nnotht r year. L'
not i.eleet thii, hut m to wi-rk uud
chcIi wan ;;et u new eul'SciihtT to pa
in Hdvaneo ttnd see a new paper put
out at tho lime Btuted.
In the D.T.ucrr.t of tho Sih, we ptil-Iiehe-j
rn iTtie'o cf OrrVn Goodrich,
in which ho letj cr.r peoplo I now th. t
politicn foirr.d, in thia county, an
mjjicdietil in tim (jHcIilicatiiiiie of a
school teiiciier. Thu urticlt was co;j
iod by several paper?, nnd by Bro.
Hood of the Mrrietta Times, who
publishes oihi of tho beet v;eekli e i
tho Stf to, hi!s o:ir iiictr.tr Direitrnt,
a rap on tho knue!:!ei, r.nd ;;iviR o-t
a))propri;:to commenla upon Mr.
Goudricii's article. Wo gie l lie in
bcluv; ci.tire.
Rlej-us. Pooler and Fry can have
tho usj if our columns to any rea
sonable epr.cs to reply ii" they wish,
iib their county organ hus suspended.
Bro. Ilrod 6'i.ys:
or.) fnr T.ir Goodrich. He sff ma to be
: .-.I . l.l.i.ui, nl I lie Dirr i!lnr
. "
puiimid.-. h w ..... ..
i ti. (l i ,.. .
iiiumaui. i'e aru "ioi. ii' ii," .
mnri.lv larrii'il out '.lie imlicvnf the lio-p.ir-
iy p-irty. ihevmnai nave po.iiics-rpcmy
politiiV. mil ol tlieir own parti t fiat
thru-t into every iliing. They must eouul
Bi liooli.eliualies, l)ceuni, inlleg-s. Bcudc
lilies. anJ all other mtMiis by hu h the
muni of men, wome.i. awl chiMren can
be moiil lul. No oiientul ilespotism U more
tr.oubiecl in spirit, .nore sufpicinns in tern
iirniurewntillflll to retuill I'S Hcriue.i- J
1.1 and usurped thu Hie l-.'-j
i..nt iwi-inii uliiilnimv lofil ii oer die
land. PioMsintf Ireertuin as Hie imtH ol
their rrt-eil. tb" i 'tt up m the ne i
ndiiuw mini ins of ti rMiiny. and employ ii
nio-t aii.aniou.- ei.gii)0' ol wrong uml op
pit'Sioti wiil'out srruj'le, v tthou i remoo'e.
Itb iww 'VII I
noil ivi lmul i-liiime. ClHiinini lu he ilie
Union' iihti v. ll fit i- 8 a, iiii mi.l i urpusf
wh'th m ketlie lurmuiiui i,i sueli tVileml
g.op.iinieiit ai our I oliern fr.'ne J an i m i us
.I..K... . I... ......a ..I ...I .r i ij ..( illl.
MlMIOl, 111 ui ..uiii.iii
...o,.;.,.m- t n .i.i-. ...i ;u ,,rr-!oi
,,iniaueiil reorutidii one ofiV must perpie
. ..i. -ti. ........ ..i. ..r
leg pro" (His iue niiic 4nt niuniM.ui
thene Union' m-niliey iiiinml' iitly "ndi
iHi.flu eli thrill "Civ. S -w.iuiu n.n-. as.
crriHiulv., tia., more cerni...ly. Hiks lv-,
thnPHaprl fnii-emm 10 t l-J .
184U 1850. in 18tl No nun r
will dun thi Y. tn ey h..ve Hie hruz-.i
ellr.mleiv to ..sk xwn who "re inciiiipira
i.i.. ....iJr 11,1,11 ihriu-.-lvt-s- liinv they ffel
Hb'oiil tin- U.ii'"i! "U- ii'"',' indeed! Thev I
go.ied firiii; iii n.m'o.noois, .....o -i,
,he ,(,rm....v o. comu.u..i'.
coruiiy 'i oi'Mrs, n.... ... i.-.-i -
liiiitiiui ol every r nurru in o ; -
1 .. ...I...1:.. T h. u mi' H
te -the iiom.n i-dinom . .i.. .-- - -
tir....il..r. illll-r.
Biullef lo runs.' our rpi-. .
i. .ip. I. liini; ami iiit' l'T Hi1 e
. ion i iii'i . . , , f P,,l:,nlll.n
Un,l iI,p Al.TliiiiHiist .-Iwve nlwW 1
IIIB SlIOIIR ' i.;im. li ' . .
sui.h misi hieU and will never do sn- 11 "j
puMlv iidUirl for the pTverts 01 ''lr,,c !
ideos to bie.d tioulne. They mti't P"-""
(Oi.ceneo 'oro rceorio,, ... ,
niuiiri,1 nuliim that il letl to 1'ieir OWII -
uui r rr it:?. .u... -.. r.
-iety b little whiie Miey would uenily
devour each o.her. Fuim the duiniiiuiioii
ol Hli-ll us biare of fHlialicf a ill"' aleMsrS
r.ioier ond Frv. Mr tioodrith sisur.dly
nude a Mucky esi ape.'
The Jamacia Horror.
Elsewhere we publish tho particu
lar8ol the late attroeinua attnnpt o'
the iM'roea to massacre the w hilts ot
that island. The rcti lontion lias
been quick and terrible. A ict'cr
Iroon there gaye:
"It may not be altogether nninter.
Mstin" to'vour readers to know that
slb'l.tlv over one thousand and hity
. .. 1 1 '.,. :..
rebels liavo oeen iiiiutu no'.
tho unrish of St. Thomas in the
Eaet up to date; and it it ia not at
all unlikolv that ere the' different
courts martial close their sitings,
there will bo far over two ihousund
Af trill liUVfl naid thu oeiialtv o'
1? 11 v nni n I f -
their vile o;tem.t to exterminate the
white and colored rac;8 of this ii-land."
riiRSoNAL. The liic'unond Wiig
says: Mr. uiedriiek Volok. w ho w..
sent to Euroie, couimissioii-d to ej&
ecute a statue tf "Stonewall Jiicks n,
arrived in this c ty yeoirday Horn
lialtimore, he having mrived from
Munich, Germany, a short tune since.
We undeistatid the compht on ot thu
statue is not the least inteirupted by
tiie arrival of Mr. Voick m Amer:ca.
The work ilill goes ou. Iho Biatut
is neatly completed.
Winter i coining.
Remarks of General
Tho Mbwin; aro Temfli'1 of
Mxj r G nerul Mi-a 'i ma lo at t!i
nrei.iij of iho "Auiei io.in U i n
('oiiiuiisi in." o.t thi' ni' t of ih'
13 h ii si , as rep. ro d to the New
Yoik Tnbiiw
(iilier.il Meade, Alio win rei tv.;d
w . 1 1 1 ii pudet storm oi nppla sd.
s:id :
tiardii pusnilile t.ir urn ii 1'Xpi-a in
ui'itlde lai'iinaji' tin r.ti'ud' I
col tro; ntir r. ; ! oil mo ''
vi tiii . It wou'd bo vhiimv in m
0 pa ll'at 1 th -'iitilit o y inline wh,
i: t will kionvn here; but I r ally did
iXpi-Ct f'is fl'tteritlZ r.eoplio'l
and mil di-i-piy jiate'nl tor it. It is on
ly tiuhttha'. I shou d rxidain why I
am In re to nilit. 1 am no sju-uki-r
in I it seems to tliu to nil 1 ioi'
on y i qu.ii t" (hat n quii- d to H ' '
tlu unlit biU'u of (! KyiMu- t..
coim hol'urij you after In'tennoj
ihe ll jW ot eh'iionuu wtilch ro'i hav.
just heard; hut I wae 'old ifi Phila
oulphij that, it I cam.! h-re t.. iiy;lit
1 illicit do eoiiiM good. 1 tlu-rvl"!''
1 wou'd eonio a'ld tf!" jor, hriet
lv how heartily 1 indotve tho plan 0'
the cvHiii)iiirioii, and i!' it s;iee'".
As I'ommander ot u very laroarun.
it bus fallen to my lo' to witins
the ruin whi'jh hss fulL-n oi a hire
porth. n oi the country. I, en I' ll
yon tliMt j ou ciinnot coirvivn t!n
ilisireis which rx (giti tho Sou'ti.Tii
States it is loudly iu-ce8ary t
dilute on this point. Since th rebel
lion broke out the men Iiuvr Wii
enjraHed in war. and tho wora'-n in
providing for their wants. Tliey
have had oo means of i n n k i n q uinn
ey. Their currency i no v destroy
ed.and when y.u cousidtr those
things )ou iniiBt see how jji-est i
their disirei-8. The quesiioi is.
i'K" a i'-t
it? 1 will rol
a ,11 iln. in,, i n itv i if Hi 'lnliM.
lidii. hut I will I f 1 1 Vili what i
Rohiicts do. Alter fyhtiio ii luitle.
ti'heii the dfi.d and uoninhd U
ilnck iir. uudiiH, w did ot A i
quesiions, but wo took tendm cot'
oi such as iK-tiited it. That uhiinl.'
bo your morality. Hie S.nith 'rn
I.,.., .i.i.. Imtii ni.tr fi-iirii'ii I i Ii- en..
I , l; , . , ......
Hrou,,,,i , ,i, ,,,i,,,,
It i( Vi.ur iiuty, ns ii i .r.ia'is ur:-
tt -
cit z ns. and lor V'lir matejil m'er.
1Mb, to relievo thetn, riiiaVoinn'os
hioii is woithv of nipport tor it will
rcli. vt' ll'tir mcerfiii p. and h.-hiu
i he diclrei's wio'ch wo, in t lie conn
ol this war, h tVO In en compels d '
llifl.t oil tl'l'lll. Tliu oil! via o! !h,.
attpociiit'oti aie auioiii tin- first mei
, .ii ,
the eountrv. ami Will lllllk
eiy best use pi nil funds tha' nntv
i. . a ... .i.. : ti. .
),. inigu'ij m wie'i eiue. iiinmo..
Vll ,or Vllr Vl.ry j,;,, re,v,,ii,,ii
u i ......
Letter from Lieut General
WASHINGTON Nov. 10. 1865.
Lwnan Abbott. G-ncra. Sn-
r.tnrv Amcnc in Union C 'ii.iiiis-
t-iu I have ri-c-ivi;d your invitH-
lic I rio.'il nt tho Un'oii
,, ... . :..
1 ollllll'Saion in uiu V H V
1 oik oil the lSih n et. At thu tin 1
,i receiving thi- uivitiition I dhl in.'
kno but it would ho j.ussthlo t r
lo htr,.ni. i ow find the.t i-
will not he po uihli. It i-ll-'ids im
fiual piV'Ufe to si c so ripe'iiln
mi uifiuij Zi.'.'on b yours iiikri cted 11
So dis rvn.o H t;use. Howi ver wi
may have d ikied .'loin our t-oii-heit,
brethren in tho i Pilitb 'f 'he last
lour years, wo have now become om
neoiile. with but onu in.tn.vt 1 hi.
war hus worked siirk rum upon mncu
' .... 1
of the 6'iinh that wiihont eotne -a"'
roin '.lies, who CHii iivH it, tin n
must he some suffering tho iies. in
winter. The work u our foinmis-
sion, wliilu it w.ll liive pr st-nt aid
wherb it is no much needi d, will also
Bel veto hual tlieold Mounds.
Whatever is calculated to .increase
1 ho friends dp and brotherly hvclii.o
hetWeen tho two sectiO;ii of count')',
i heurtily uppiovo of.
Very respectful y,
Your obedient 8i rvant,
U. S. GRANT, Lieut. Gen.
U. S. GRANT, Lieut. Gen. A Significant Appointment.
mi ll I.
Dii1oinuti'! appointments often Imvo
iiH'iiniiiyb attnclied to then) n t im
inedintely pi rceptilila to the !en ia1
pulilic. Such we reyHnl th iippoint
unlit o (jfti l'OAM .18 Mimater t
lie Miieaii R puhlic. OutriMe 01
t .e tact that tin- appointment 10 tin
luABr.z Mini not to tin- Maximilian
Gove rnment, ilnr puliliely ' -xproitdeil
6entiiio ti! oI'iIim new Minister n re
oiuniticntii iiioin. nt. In iho pul.lic
ricepiioii HcC'.r, leil to uen.raU 11
Ooopi r nBt!tuie, New York, June 7
lust. General L ifjiin 8ni.!;
"Tho littlo enileiiiiui in Alex i-
ongnt to be notified aomo inorniiiu
very early, just bofore breakfast, that
it will ho equally aa pleasant to the
riiuoit'e if tho
oeop'e of i, United states it h?
. . r i . .i .i .
jcnmtrr. Burin 8akii. .i ., xico.
I il IKt Want ym t tmlffBtHnii llit
ir i iiiv desi.ro ig afiv way lu e ciur
w what in hiowr, li.ro -.8 at. end
. ..i o .;., m .
;T '. ' Mi xti". I' wt4n tho
U rid Mi( ts l..n..t WMiir .tlasiimlnn!
t .. n ini. M. xie.. in Go i's ii.i.iio
i. I,, in.ii'.i in il n.iii, iiii.u.1 i,
hv, "Sir uu have ot to "itmit oi
And agHin in his Bri'iik'yu spmch,
II the 3!ol lliii piiHidt lii"l'llt. lie
-md it be w- re I'lesidi-nr. "In; would
r.l. f i In- pi'iich rut of" McX'cit in a
hurry, mi l ho I elu-vi a liny wciild
; I. emeu are ino views hic) te.
uijsol I In- n w Minister to tin Mcs
ut ((epuiilic. oiinl hv Oir ct .itn I
sim-he any 8tioiii; r llinn tint) ii
Ol the lioH'iliv ot the
ecidelil to the i AIlillUAll GoV
H7 A'o ciiitinin-to receive ac .
- -illlts nf I tli- ilep or.iiil,. e.ip.li inn nl'
1.1, . -n I .1 i.
L l-it Ieii!i.'-8 !. iM.JiT t'm m ill roiinf
ml- ot Piownlow. Ouo .renilv inati
"I shall have to leve iiiisconn'rv.
which id scoi ned by all honest men.
detested by Miiei8 arid cursed by
A no' her 9 iyr:
"All good citizecB nro lenvini, bin
inev.S is dwindlini; down to not inr.
ind propeity sinkini in valiiu : I
hall soon lave witii mv f:imilv II
elll r..Mlrn I.i wi ...1 .... ..... I....:.
i.io ...i- I.,..,; ,;:! ; .. .:. .
nt mv hum y wnl mil r. turn ajaiu.
vlll 'lave eni shun En' TYnn.'sscu u:i
they would a country niilic'id witli
Hi 0 plaguu "
0C7"riie Mariutta
I dlroad C'ii-
I.,,;, ....... . .
heir new rod
nv expectJ to havb th
completed 'tiiour tho ri next
ni mi h, when they will run their earn
into thn ole.-ant depot nl'iha Indian
apolis and Cincinnati liiili-n.el.
In thn namoof lify m, n iuHt fre
i ko and wo,0(,i;r
'he duee
. n i 1 ti I ill r I r e a
' r 1 " U 1 I V U I i l C ,
whisi:rs. WIIISKEIt?
D'yui wnnr WliNltcru nr Mmi-liu liiv? (lur
Oi.fi.in(.'.it1,:i,iwiiMi,r.-oil..'m I.. irn.,v ,,
hu Mii'Miili,)- I'.il' Mir. hin. er luirisi I.e. 1 hivi.l
Six Wuulis. Jj ;, e r mi. s til l.vmuil iiny- I
Heru..'..i;iy-..iil,.,i .n r.veip-oi rrj,.
"'"". v lll.H.ll KtU, u,ix 135
Rr.iuklni, N Y.
Fed. 16. f'.'i lv.
H3i7Vn M t : UriOT
PHH.ADLV.r;:tA pa
1 oi.'viiii vVvi'i.-iiv. . ..'.j
M'.XUll. Ylfc.li-iiew oil relm
ti'e Irciniiii'ul
Also ine tiliuni, i;nM
' of Whi niiiir hil l lii-lriicimi
Also ifi il I Ii Ii 7H M
UK ft, hu Un
Vil by li, nil
in f iled ein"hi'e, IW nfj
a Urns. Or J. S K I I. I. I N
llntlGllTON lluwurd i.ti.m. No.
ii Suiitli Nin'h ntreei. Phihidrlpliiii, Pa.
Oil. 13th I8fl' Iir.
J-T"Thn M;i"ii A llainliu l'uliini-l 0irun,
I'.riy diiriTiiut Htyli',.. uiIhc'ik' to nicr.'il and
"i'iil.ir iiiii.ii'. 1-rJJO tu ii0 inch. 'I'liirty
tlvit (J.,1,1 rn,. I Silver MoJul. or otlii-r first pre
minium u iur, I,, i f h' in riiiitrii'."! 1'niiil iriini'
I'ri'i.. A,l .Irn-H. M SOV A IIAVI.IN l(.i,tn,
r M S N HIMTIIKKS, New Vork.
Couh, (old
Tli rat.
4r S.ri'1
To C"S1 ISL'E,
NKN I' l lllt AT XkKKCYI'.N 'K
an l:;ci:i:.M;t.K Ling
rWNS r.RONciu i, T.iocuni's
civ 1 jim 1 Di.vi. k 1:1.1 u:
Fott PKoNCiiiiH. Ai-tiimi. ('atahaii.
I. O.NsUill'lIVK AND TllUoAT UH.V'K.
wi',1 find TiiocErsi ti-oful in eleirinsf the
vuiee wlieil taken be lore singing or Kpe.-il;-i,
jr. nnd relieving the 'Inual ul'ieriiu unu
nl exertion ot th? vocal orjrans. The;
TiiouKEis are rccoinim nded hiiiI preeriln d
bi l'liysi"i'ii, mid lime hud tcsiiuioiiiiils
lrmn million men inrousoiu 1,1- enuuity.
Being in ariiele of true merit, unlh'Ving
I'rnied tlieir 1 incucv by 11 ten ol tinny
yenrF. Curb year lind iheni in new ,,c;i!i-
lirS in various p'i'ls of tlie wor'd. mid tlio
Trochee' re uoiverHn lly prououmed belter
.1 .1 ..i u,.
tllllll Other arlltleS. . . .
ly lit II I II Oil IV "lrnll l.l'.inil'n. Ir
tliees,:,Miid do not take any of the Worth
les? Imitali'ins tliat may b'- oflVred.
Soil ever where in tho United Elites,
and iu Foreigu Countriee, at 35 trnu i er
Oi tober26 l805-6m
. . . . -..I.. .. n Ti.A..i.;..f .p-.
Composed ol highly cnneenlrnied extrarclj
ftoin roots Hnd luriis of the highest ineiiiral
value, i'llallibie in ihe cure ol all di-ietaea
of the l.iver o: any der .ugeiueiii ol ilie Di
uestive Oruatiti. Thy reinm e all Impuri.
tie ottiie Uioud, and t uuequti'ed in f lie
eur of D'urrhae Join lire, D ieSM. Si ro
lulu. HiliouneH. Liver C m-'iint, FvnrB,
Meadiie.lte Piles. Men u in I D-'.eai-eii, Here
diinri Huiuors Dos- for ndnl', one pi: in
mn inir thildri-n hill' pill. From one
to ihre pill will cure ordinan c me. and
one to three bixc will rure nv eiireu
bio cne oi no iriHtter now 'oug Rtaudin:
Price $1 00 er box, Tindi' supplied or sent
iy null
uue 1st l8C5-ly 62 Fuhon St N Y
Editor or DEJircnAT 'itb your yrr-
"'H'"'" " Si,v ,!e re'"l",s . '""
P'OT.lhall will win), by ietnriiin.il to
.liti.... ir makiiu nl iw.g iiti.l
Vetfble Hi.tm, tmi will t'" t'lly re-
J" """ Jv l'imples. 15liitrlie5. Tn.
-ml all l.npuritie. oi the ski,,
tMmnthe sninesoit, clear, initli ali:
th.,t)fl,(i .
I will .il mnil ret in trVKP hfivln? bnM
nrlm f.c .pimple dirft-iniH an4
!i'liuiiKiliiin I hit wi I ennn! niem In lrt
:fnpjmnii.iii our win ennae rnrm m Vn
r.itl tfr.ii,.,fL,x.i,i,lllt ll,ir. VViii-ker.
nr h Mniiirtiirlie in Nk ih'ii tliiny tUya
J '
a., rpp ,rt...n, N.-weTe.l l-y KUim mail
willioiili bxrue.
R"Hpi'i-irnv yoiim.
TIIOS. K. CH A I'M N. riiiMui-t, ,
83 1 rtroadaay, New York.
To Consumptives. Th nujirnigned
liio injf b'i n re-lured to heahh in n lew
woi'k In- n vvv siinnle romede. alter huv.
wj iu irrnvl scveml venr8. iviiti a severe
iiiiij; miri lii'li win. .'in, . i. u'i iiBi:iir,
Ciiiixiimiiji'iu iiiixioiis tn ill ik' knnu ii
lii liin le low pnir-rfrs ilie rienns of rare.
To ull who desire il, te will end ..C 'py
of ih i'teripiinn in on free of cliTi-e
'in llie il irtvti.iiisi fur p'epniin Hii'l ii - i n y;
ilje Knm.', w'lii Ii I hey wi l lind n vure eiire
lor C ii.-fiomtiioii, as ( in u . llroin.lii'i-j.
Oiuh. ('n,.,6iC. 'flioonK' oiij.-i i.t'ilie
I...... ..it...:.... n.l n,,.t ......I .i; .
."UII lll.l-, CXi:. 1 II" CIIIV U'lJP.M HI :R
.i...n , ... ..,ii..., ii, p.... .i.:,i
,bi - ..eii i i,p ullll i.-.l,'..ii.t ;.re..l infonu i.inn
ii - ii . .. i . i
1,1(1. he roUOeiveK In lie. nccliiihle, me I
1"'.K(M''-VS" ,,r ' lrv hi remedy
us i: will tout i hem notliiiiL'. and uuv prove
a b'peiiiiig.
I'Hriies wishing the prescription, will
pleafe addrem
Williams''iirg, Kiuj,'' eniiuly,
New York.
October 'JG 8t35-3m a. &. c.
x,s rxZtL TlZ.
. Urojilway New York
VJT I it
'll - '
Tub (irhvevi-eik Pi.mo Fuirrs h'iII re-
IUUM It piPCC'UeUI'C Hllu areilt I'O.rillli.Jlty
adller uiide.jfiiinjr Kr,.hiul improie.iient?
fur a pesitMl of 30 years, is now pronounced
liy th.i miisicdl worlil In ls uiiKirpftced and
even uricqurt ltl in riclincsa. vi liime and
euiitv of t'ine.ihinbiliiv and cli-ii pii.'hs
Our new 8 'nlti Fieueh nttion, Imp redal.
'rort ,ral"e' "v,'r r,,"Ji I'-sf. a?ven octave.
.resewond pi,iuos we aro wllinn cheaper by
lrmn s,oJ 1() vm MmB g(vje Jl
finish re sold by any oth.-r first tltn iiih
ken i i ! tip eoiiutry. IVtlers mil all in
want of jjoud piniiiioi Hre invitfd lo fciuI
fur our lcripivis Cntalo-me, which con
taim eliotrii:il!s ufuur ilifleient sty leu. to-
!!,,,er M''.,:' l"''', N" ".e B,,ou1'1 Pur
jlmve been hwardrd uiteGrnvpRiren Pinnn,
jiilUnt llt Oleliriited World';; iir. ihoinr
put in eompeiiiion with others from all
,,.,r'H of t.uropa hi:.I the U. S.. it took the
hiiflie! nw.ird
Lstubltoli'-d 1 835. 1
A ('liirirvmiiii vlel;. ie-iilhiy in IS. u:li Artier
en ie h .ii'intiiiry .t1. :,v.'.ri'il n .n1'e u ml il
ilu.jmK.ly .r I.i" I uiu of 1 tv.iik '.vouVntii-i.
Kurlv Pci'dV l)i- :ir.'.i o' tim Uri'imy to it
So ml nul ( rtr;ior. im.t il'i ivli'ilo truin ol" n ii-ro
Hum lirnuvlit t)ii':i!io;"nt ine) vlviniit liiihir-
(rmu i.uiiilu'.H iiafii ( . .'ii utmudy eiired lv I tt t
,!l',!" r,!l"'.,y; i'i'."nUf' hv doi.lrr.iiil.ei..
tit ho ffl:i'li!d hii I niifurtnniirf . twill hih
, ), r.K'l u f .r leniririli uiet ..-ii. thin inoli
I hv ii ilosi in In Iipii
c' ue. in u .'il.'il i iivuhipo to liny onu wliu need-.
c,iii!.inii..il...l.'iivKh.po to
it, Kkkk of i'iiaiioe.
l'l-e in.-l.Ma a pout-puiJ oevolopo, addron
al to nr(tf.
Ad lre-
"'ttion D. ltim.i! Ilneer.
Mir. lUtli l5 Ko-Y'l'tf'iiv
31 r to bbcriscmt nts.
Stutt'f OMi. I'int'in Oumtj.n
.luliii ilill. 'lb mi.-E. I'litr-. 1 111 Court of
Ihiywurd & Suiiuuii Turret ul . l.'uiiiiuou
uvuiiirt ! I'Iuuh. on
llunjaihin Dill other Det'tuJ orJir Sale.
aliu- V i-iidi No i.
nCKSUJNT to tho rr.niniHnd if n outer of
1 r
ulu iii tim ii'id-m i'iiu to iiih direciud t'n.in
UioC'iiiiit ill ' t'l.iinii.iii rit'HH. of the ul'i.ri-ui.l
ci.iiiitv .if Vinton. I wil! ,flur nt iniMic mile lit
Hit il,, or ot thu t ourl ii.nu. in lli tnwu 01
.'il.cithiir, in tho utiiT.ii-KiJ ouiiiiy of Vitimn ou
Jfondui the 'JS'.h tlnj of Dvcmhr
A. D. 1-365.
At trio hour uf cue o'o .!;. 1' M.. of iU ""ej
ti.u fnlli.winir Inii.Ik mid n kwiiuMh lo- vt it: Of
iho n.irlh und ol' nut lot i.umhor two, (S.)
Ij. inzu t .ri oil' tho north ond i'iu'nl kt,
ubuut tno l.m.drcJ uml ittcnty foet iile, uiul
ull ol' Mid lot txivpt thai 1'iirt or parcel eon
von.l hj Chiini. lo hhjt Hund wil'u t 'bo Mur
ricia fc '. itiiiiumii ltiilllrtnl .'oiii;iuuy, Alxn u
tri(i 1 It 1 f .ho ko.i i-iuo 'if oul-lov number
tlucu, (S ) ciiiiiiiiuiii'injr ut th1) line betwecs
!ui iiiiuhcrii lo mi, I thi te running 'honco
!l .111 1I10 mirth lino of lot uiunluT Ihroo
unt.l it iuierntela u line rnniiinr Bouth
lr.ni tno wiu-.li wct corner of In lt irtini
t vi clvo, (12.) lluiico niit,i ubniit otio hund
ril iiml tiver.w I'm,: iinfil it into e."s tho eml
uml wivn lino o" thnt (iiirt of out-lot number
two, (2 )i'i'n'eytil uk nbovo; tbeiK-o wont to
th- hui I ilivi.-i u lino I'clwccn low suiIidit
tvo mil three mul tltenea nnrtl;
III' h."?illllill5'. Hit l.f Ki.l.l IIUTtiilllll
beliu in lUibiim iid.tiliou to tho towu t
1! minion V 11, ton e.muty O.
Thu ah ivo i foreai imr (.art of lot" number t'vo
ami tluoo b.'in apprar od lit 1 09 on.
Al-o l'.-lut ntin bcr .Vxty-nino And Pavonty
il Uil'.n Addition to mid Town of Humrten,
unnri.UfHl 1:1 .i:0 ni : hIso In-lut tin tuber
P.-vci.ty oao iu iJilb Addition to taid Towi.
of Humilen upi.raiiwri at S1S5 o0,
1 Tkn a ha ororfy of Ii.;njamin Dill to
Uattnlya jn.liremrn. ol aPreHiud Court, ir fa
I vnr . f .l,,l,n Dill. Tlinmul. V.. 1 1 ut wm.l A- R.i-n-
- . - .......
U;lTair otlicre. AppruineiL as above and
ou.-,t hriug t'lo-tmrua ol said appraieinouU
TEEMS OF SALE, cnth in linnd.
Nov. 23, 13Ga-5nr Shff. V. Co. O.
nrth to tho 'liluco
lu'-i hii ir uml
.im town
' .vingr In her emn'nv a fnl' fnrre of EX
from PERIEMED ASSISTANTS, ilie is well
One ilo.ir east or the M. E. Cbu'ch,"
constantly receiving new additions lo her
lar" stork of
&lc. Sir..
: nrro red t,i . '
promptly and neatly. Cull aud tee tier
Nweoir ltd UW-aajti
c rtUn u 1 1 W
'... .
, .. JJttlt.
,'WtlrhiB, Cloclw Chain Dm.noml Rinsrf
: i..t . i . u . .... . """
- " " .' L Mi 'J. !
'."-w.uUUL' U cJ u y Lj11.!P8.oC
HUlIiJA 1 uIl1IS,
...m s;. m.,j.i... n
..IATn flliflAV rwtllinn itiAt mn
t a,LIU.l UULLlfiA UUnitl
One Dollar Iwicbl ! !
Wulimit rogitnl to value Nut o ha pii4
lor until you know vidt you receive !
Splendid Lict of Ar.'ielos, a!(obo
Sold for Okk Dollar Eacu 1
100 Oh tin (Frtnc1)8 d 81 Jy
clocks. rar.Kiiin from 4JtoS0 inch
lUiJ 1 no. ii- f i hcs iiiunri-
l;''""u OA to 100 auk
2,'.0 Sew i ny .ii nelii ), i f ho
hi nt urn hut'.u 1 11 ro 50 to IWeicb
250 (joii'o' U 'M IIiiiilMij cji-a
lltl'llflH jo to 13) Mob
2DU La.li ' UelJ i d Knaiiiel.
lltiii'iiy-i'u'.u ivi.ii'ini. 3sto 7i) eci
500 (;.llt' lluniiiijf-ca.-o fil
ter utcl X -n 1' aMi
1 )a'"V, ,llnUH Nuii) mU
i .'.Onu Olid Vei-t iv nek ch.i iijH- 4 id yn hkIi
3 , .. OvU IJun,; Brrcel.i. 4 , 8
j.,1,1,1 ,!.t nn.l (Jo d Kneeiuu et0 J0 ta
2'X)0 C'hioitelino 'Iiaii. .J
iliiunl th mi j to eiCb
70(10 Soli4iru & (lull "rrmchcn i to 10 4iii.li
5000 C'uinl, Ojul toid JimruM
HroocbL sto 8 ech
:.l)O0 Mom-ic, Jet, L'.iv i i'Jur0'
tino Kur Dro(.K 4 lo e ecb
Corul.Oi:iana limaruld Kar
l)rom 4 to 4 a"b
4C0O C'aJili.iDia DiumouJ I'roi.M.
Iiii.." 2 5D to 10 deb
3rto,l (.. ! Kor. Vo,t ; Watcb kayo i,).0 5 ..uh
4HU0 lriil it Vet Itibjon-i-liJu-.. StulOimili
0I0O Sots Hilitiuro iilcevo-l.uitois,
t'mt. ! 3 to Cfcb
CC00 G 1 .1 'I LiiulilijB.I'iiiiails 4 l0 tach
luouO iliniutmu Lcclvcib 2 6u to 1-J tuh
4000 " il,i,.i0
rrinR lotnafi tub
3f.00 (lul l Vuull:pii.'l:ii:ros., Ao-. ii to "jch
SUM) l'laiil licid iiiiii'i, 4 lu ;0 ttlivh
flUIIJ OmiHid ' tttllBMU
liiO-O istonu mi A Finet Kiiij.. g, 6,. to 10 e;h
liioUUCul Diamond llini 2 o lt eucli
"iJO be is huJies' Jowolry Jot
ml jM BtdtJcr.h
G010 8otK La'liu Je-.vdljy Ceinca, .
;0i00 (JcU ani., xilvci tittofiou
Jiolilorrt unci 4tol0c.vh
10.U() Gald fen,. d (lU.j ;.jclint. 1 w JU eiU0
,. J ;- o to 10 coh
- ' v T 4. u ?ullM "'-i'-li to 8i eHch
j,iuO LAdios'Oilt VJv. tul....otoif, e;iLli
!'.U, c-i , r s 'c-'lu-s 1J.u'h
300J MWcr C.hlotK Dn:,ii,,.. cupn-8 to o mb
iZ, I.' C"?1"--;-! IJtoW..ch
'M0 " I ruit. CurJ ah,
"ii to 50 c.'b
soon ttoinmaiivae Tya 8iir.(.::...0 to LJ u J
luluil " V..I.I..
Forltn ..
20ro40 . A.
In coiu.v(itli;tiL'0 of I ha preut fUi-nation of
liu lo iu the Miiiiutni-tiiriiijMiiatritfiB of t rsric
unil 1 1, til.' ml. 11 Jojujo (jiiuntiiy of valimhid Jo
O'O'i oriKiiju:jiiileu"e.i f.iriho Iiurn.i.'aii inuf
km, IniM bevu font i ll' lor R.1I4 iivt' o I'lmiitir, '
mill MUl' UK tOLl) .IT anv . CUtFICh I
Uiulur ibvi.w uiicuiiictitimflii. II AAlllj'fON A Co
..oi, f im AtrcuiH lur ths iri.-.i'i iil Euroneaa
il unu tjo' u 1 ir- hiivo r-i.-vlvud ijhhi b
tiiitj et to the lollovt ihfj regulation:
Oct .:ill'.-ni.t'M of iho vmio'iu urliclci ure first
put i-iio uuv j! ,ie.-, f.'uh'J up ,,j mix,l Mmi,
hull ord. led 1110 il.un om v.Uliout iegnr.1 to
. hoice, uml snt by mull, thu iivui i ll u bir
1'b.iUvu. Ou iec,.i.t of ih.; ciriirieite, ji.u wiU
slo ttlmt yoi. u'k tu hiivo. ami tbou i j. !4i y(,nr
ui'iion tu i-ciol thu fluil.tr und liil.o t. e unielii or
n.,1 l ur l;.Mr ihhv lliiiri obluiu a ri.tho, .Mel-
o.looli, Sowing Miu'JiiueK.UolJ v.atcli tJiiaiiti I
l.inir (..rany ii ol' Jutlry ouour lii tir una
pit lid 25 On is for Ci nirniie
In ull t' liUHaetli'Dt hy 1. ail,wo Hha.'l t'lUrgo for
I'orwi. minor t1 0 cviMiv.itc, jmsiiw ivg,iu&
Jnirifrflui l.iuinofM k5 c.-iitB oe'i,"wiiieli muni
Imi'iivluMd when tl,eenili;u!u is unit 'jr l'iv
oer'illviitiiK will lo hem for 1, elocn for ti,
thirty !'r 11 Jul!., vxty-flv for ten doliira.
mul 100 t'orlilti-cii iloi'-iw.
Mi Erji'l J". W i- tr.iuit t rcnti. in every town nd
county in cotinii v, mid tho.-o ueii,it. ;S BUtij
will b 1 l,oc I 10e.::'O" 11 c-tci-y wrifloM' or
ilorud by tkni, piooirlcl imr r- mitlaoca
iiiiitunt lu "liu il, llur. yt n'i 11 in will cill.tl iih eti
for eve'y eorlilicuio, uml remit li I'tu. to UH,
lilhor i" eui-h or .nU(jo Murt,. AcntN ra-
liiitlnil! "i unco tlunj Joll:irg v,ui UJ Oiitiijid to
h bB.iulit"1 iivor Wulcb, a:.J uIbo LOU certill-
Mi-is writ yor nnle, Town, County tnd
Stiilu iduin'T, uud uJdreM nil or, lorn to
HAMILTON dc 1.0. ,
Agot'ts fur Foreign a Annrinin M:inufc'n
f.il-.-R.,;i,i. r o sux 5075, Nt tunc.
SS Liberty jtreot. 'ov.2,-65-Src
State of Ohio, Vinon County.
Tacy Kay Administratrix In Trobato Court
ot William Kuy uoe'd I'llll. I rotition to noil
vh f LunJa to py
J B.Kimball & Co. ot al Dl'mJ Debts.
Jui-hun II. Kimball and Aaron Kimball, part
nera under tbo name Mid giyleot J.B. Kimball
tt Co. who rotn'io in the Siao of Miieuoluetts
uml Ifumocl Wiltwin, Martha, Mnry, turuli A.
Armumta A. nu.l Joytph G. Huy, minor heir
ol v illiuin Kay UcceuMid. Will tako Dotico that
l"-3 ""' udii.iiiiMrutrlx oflha cMato of Wil
u( ' '"J' 'Ifeef-'od. ou llio 2ibt dy of hovem
,' r'boi liled l.cr potitiou iu tha l'robato Court
will. iii und tgr tho ts: id ccunty ol Vinton, ullej
it.iriliut thi personal oh a to of i-uid doceaned Id
ii.f u'Jieictt lo jn'.y hid dabt uud tho chary, sof
adiiuii'.Ktri.ij: lu. ehlat; that ho tliod suizod
in led -ii,,il cx'llie following docrilud reul
entale, eitiuird in aid Vinton county, to-wit :
The Hoiith-cist (ju u'.er of tho i-outh-eaft quar
ter, and thu norili-ei.it quarter of tho BuutS
cust riniirter,of t-tciiou tiunihir tweiit)-flve,(il5
in totnbi) liumiiur ten, (lo,) of runjfu num
ber niiicteeu, ( 19,) and tho uoi th-taat qair
tor of tho lmi'lli'-eaat q"arter, of roelion num
ber thirtj-six, (00,) in towrnh'p and rn
alorcbaidjcouljiuingona n uud red and twenty
Also eighty aeros known ti the Montgomery
tract to-wi; : 'i he eon th -west quarter ot tlta
south--jnt rjnartcr, of Section number twenty
llvo, (S.) in Towngliip nnn.ber tun. (10.) of
liai:20 number ninoiueii, (19.) aud'lhe north
west cpiurtor ot'jlio no. th-int qnartor, of dec
tion nunibur thirl y-.-iix, .6,) in I'wr.ahip and
Eaii(:e at'oaid. That l'ajy Kav petllionei ia
oj:l i'Ji.il to dower and a homestead in aald preru
1ch. Thut uid J. li. Kimball 6t Co. liavo a
loin on taid realty ty virtue ol Lev; on execu
tion from Common l'leaa Court, of Haiti county
ot Villon, made on May 9ih 1859. that afore
said minor heirs of Wilhinu Huy deceased have
tho next estuie of inheiitcneu therein. Th
l'luyor'.f uid l'etiiion (Oiiongothor tbiogt
for I bo a iiifiiiei,l of dower and homei.tead to
aiil Tue liay, petitioner, cut ot' the 120 acr
truer, of said realty: That raid Kimoall & Co.
and the paid hdira at law may answer, ibe tarn
aud for. la of naitl premiet, rt'.joot to i-noh
dower aud liomotcad evlates, for the payment
of the debts and charge a'orjuid.
6uid poli ion wih be lorbeariuu on tha 13t
day ol January 188, oruitioo thereafter as
couusel can be beard. '
By Bratton 4 Mayo, ier ittyo,

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