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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, November 30, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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i I 1
mo Noiun, no south, uxor.;: tue constitution, hii a sachlp hi aimikam i ,. f vitn 1 1 am tin: i:mm
NO 17
VOL. 14.
111 if MnMt
1 WWi-V
I.A. & W. E. BR ATT OK.
la BrattnN Builutne, of Court
Honre, Vtt Stniis.
The DBMitfPAT will bo ot ono vour fi r nnc
Dollar; anil flfircontn; Six Uy'- ' "'
iitT-fvseonta; four jtunthn, for Fifty LunU.
fy All ppcrn will bo dK-untitmo'l t
apiration of th timo raid fur.
OiraSiinaraonolniortion, i'H'
Each additional insertion,
Cards ono yoar, . 8
Notice of appnintrt.in-.R ol l a-nmst a
r, Guardian and Execntnra 2-00
Atlachmentnotice bulore.'. r. iV'u
Editorial notion per lino. '
Yearly advortHmrmtu will b charge 1 Vi).
tr column par iiiiinim. ,
And In prnpnrtiotiata rates for U than a
colr.mn, and fur U timo.
Ton lioei minion clwKcd ona p.inro .
and all Advertisements an 1 l.epul Notice inert
bs paid In adva ice. ,,
ISiTTheab'iveV'rntsmnst beooinpiwu wi'li
AU piiyinon a miiat ha nifula to t'ue I'm
jtor, as wa ha ;o '.ii azonts.
Tlie Demoera JonOlIiee.
Ws are proparod toarceitlo with iioatiissi.,
5isratch and at pricm t' a, def Ci'iupetitiuc,
IlkinJa of Job Wor,uoh ao
BLANKS ...r all KINDS,
4ie as atrial and booonv'm"od thol w icnn
1 will V 'j'inti m hoaperfor (.'Aioi.tlii ti
thv '' 'I ih n tut in t':i iiect Inn nf-'n in t tj
I t, C 11STABLE.
B.A. C'lK3TBI,n
Athens, 0.
M.4r htir, O.
Constable k Constable,
Attorney at I4.1W.
McArthur, Ohio
Will attend promptly to ail rnimiess' in
trusted to their care. ia Vin'on unl
Athens Count or any of trie f'nurtsof
th 7lh lu lii-i-l DisiruH, and in tti! nircnit
end District cuiir'H of the. United S'.atti.
for the S.mth.T.i l)!-:ri.:t of Oliio .
CUim tin Government, Pen?
ion. ll )iinty and P.-ickpty cjlieciei.
Oct 19'-ii 1SC5 Ijt
Aliari?v t Lai' ami
AIcAr hiu, Ohio.
Bnini; lWnsod by tun IT. S., for tloivn.
1 wilUUond i.. tin ,.rM;-;.'i.m a.mv..i.-vi.n
of every d-.cripi..n t e.ain
TTnited Btt,and 8tto ol Ohio, liRlndniii th1
Vlorean raid clainn.
Bountlc'ind rro,irascs of Tuy
IVi.fMt rra.
PENSION'S for woundad mi l dis iMcl sol
diers 'and loaniaii. and for the lioir
nd seamen who huvo died and boon ki.ied in
the service. I would say to my fr... Mid.. U.ft
Aowill attund promptly lo thc.r budiiiubs un.l
moderate terini.
June Itiili 1 jiit.
attorneys at law,
Wir.L attend to all loj.il bnrdncsaintruatod
to thoir care in Vi.iton, Allien-., Jaikson, Um.
Hockina andaljoiniiK cmintici.
Partioubir attention Riven to tbo collection
cf soldiers claims fur Peajtiii. B'jitntic, r
rears tf pay Aa.. azainst tliotnlted Stut.sor
Ohio, inclndiiii Mortjtin raid elaims.
April 12th 1SH5, lir
Mr. Jones 1ms ptirchased the Old Tly-
mouth House, ana ennngru , v u-
nbove. The House hns been reir.oleleil and
is now open for the reception of the public.
healthv location, and
11 13 UU ll " ----
no pains will be spared to make the stay
Visitors ai una iivmnr, .....-,
Charges low as the times will affotd.
June 29th 1865 Oino.
McArlhur. Ohio,
Will attend promptly ai.d carefully
the practice of their profession tit all its
n. 5tli, 1865. tf.
No. 8 fig Iron Corner,
Portemouth, Ohio:
' . .TrraTiflKa Blanks. Blank Deeds
etc. foall doBcriptiona for sale at
uawe.-'- i
Spi'k tbou the truth. Lt others fent'c,
And Irim their wor.Ufot py.
In pleisant iru'iine of i re'.euco
Let others bulk tlieir day.
GtmcJ ttiou thy f t: thoulu Ion Is of niijht.
I),nvn on thy waic li mw.-r sto"p;
TIV thou aiiunUlat se iliine heart's delist.
Uori'.e from tln-e by their swoop.
Face thou the wind. Though safer seeai
In t,!ieiler to abide,
We were not mad'! lo tit and dream,
The tale mul b tried.
Where God has wnt his thorns about,
Cry not 'tlw way is pl un:
His p.Uli within ihnBe without
1j puvt-d with oil and piiu;''
Out1 frijm'iiit of liii blessrd word,
Into thy Hp'nit iturned.
1h ht t'tr l lit n th whole, lislf e'iriied,
And by thy interest tumeJ.
Show thou thy liht, If conscience j'esmi
Net tifll the bushel down
lie smallest spjik m iy his beam
O'er Iwniiet. tower, an) town.
Woe, woe to him on fptv bent,
Who creeps to nje from youth.
Failing to sr"'!P hi1' l'''" intent
I'euuuse he fears the truth.
Tie tnia to every innn-t Ihitnght,
And. asthv thought, lliv sneec'i:
What, thou hast not .v s illerio Wng!it
I're-uino thou not to tfath.
HnM on. hold on-'-thnu hsst the rock,
The foes are on the mnd.
Tue (irn woild lenioie's's ruthless shuck
Scatters tlieii liif';ii!jr stand.
Wlii'eeaell wilt Rues', the n.iM shall cleur
We now Foe Jarkly through,
And justified at last apprr
The true, in Ifnt i!i it's tiii k.
Hearts and Hands.
I always liked gentlemen. When
I make this conlessh.!! I I; ml w I lav
myself open lo the c -ri-w n- o'ev.ry
body's m. Iher, and expire iiiys.-! tn
:he unkind remarks of a'l niv eoii in
jioraiy belles in society lm have i't
iollowed my ixaiuplo and married
Not. that it i an m popti iir practice
lor unman ii-l bidies ok- gefilo
it;cn. Nothing ni liur oovl It is
the eonicBsioii with l.ich the wui'id
finJri lar.lt
I uin the child of poor but reunuct-
ih!e t'arer.is I fi'iih-HS t U is becuiire
thia in the popu'itr coiili-fcuinti ol the
Jay, atui as an ollsi t to my iinpnpn-
tir cnrrli sio'i in tho pi tan O'M.i para-
'lai li. I riie., mv eiiimnoo'i uao rs
-nrinkiing of clean white aprons.
and wax-dollf, and giiin-di o s; but
when I Mitercd s-oeicly, I ! Col my
s.iil limited as lo silks and larletanes.
and entiielv cut oil' In. in point lace.
do that i naturally ipferrud my
nnts were poor.
A to n-fliio'itubilitv. I can give
! '
yon the most incontrovertublo proof
. . . II1J1LI1I
Advance witness, ueiioiu om coi:
(allow me to t-ay, parenthetically,
1 have uo reference to the old Latin
god of day. When I mean ami, 1
say sun. Sol is simply an abrevia
tion ofSonvl, tin- name of my fa
ther's horse.) 1 u- the qutidtmn to
the witness;
Whoitevei' yon to- k h" ilaugliter
if vniii inMritcr. Bi'iihtiuin (jirant.ior
i - - a
a ride, would the young lady have
received hall so many bows ana iv
cognitions from all the gentility and
ni-iftneracv ot tile countrv roiino
iibont. but for tho tact that von are
the property 4 the itoresuul master
ulnia,. resniiM to lit v t-nttties li is
laughter to their coiisnderaw no
Sol answers with a neigh Retire,
wittiest! Having established beliel
in mv noverlv and resiiectability. and
conlessed my liking lor gentlemen,
you will readily understanu my po
sition at Nahant. a year ago, when
mv losiieetaui itv Droug'it mo any
amount of homage, and n.y poverty
checked it from uecotning more, it
was very hard. There were my
cousine, the daughters of ex Judge
iimv who not onlv received the lioin
fliPHrts lint tho ntTi-r of hands.
and all becausoofroy Undo Bray'B
1 1 : Hi i 1 . ,mi iiii'iiini' 1 ri'iiiiii'U'ii in
self ol n nicfnru with a faulty back
ground. 1 was like a nolo that ha'!
a (!i.t! face, tint no ini1rier. My
charm w?ro like a string of pearls
thftt li:nl no knot to keep them thTfl
Uriels nruv torluno was ti.e 'h-hqii-
I'ul liackuroiind, tho lU'Ct'ssary stcuri
I...... .... L....f L.if b....f lt,u
6'r!n;H ot p r!d froiplif:pinHWHy.V.rtJ'
1, 11 Lit 1,11111. I IIU All, PL 1IIHL ni'llb 11
Annie llrav had married well. Ad
i le Bray wa enae.), and Kate
Brav wa ictahlirthino; ii-r reputation
for fl rtin nt Nahant. 1 was doing
the name tiling, but tny actions wen
n.ni' i.ii!i.! I.t fuin.icdlrt- liura v
v :on i , M'-ira
ch.iici'. Kato Bray turned Inno old
i-.:.... i . ... i :i i - i... ':
i.ieixirt huh piiiii u mi inw imich, .nu
attentt.irin of her old friends meant
too much. 1 tnrnud from oldHViend
with n oinolliored sigh; their atten
tiuiis meant too little.
Thero weru some men from whom
non Irom whom
Doctor PaisleV
wu never turned
...,......,. I... I I. .
r, iii ii iii i man in i to uu m i i ii uu . ;
Ilis atretitiotis never meant too iniieh :
to Ka'c, thev never im-ant too litllo
i . .i I
o 1 1 10
i.'XH'r o.iii'-iiru was auotii
.. .
or tiiai! who always claimed
rii::!i's. n t nati never enown any
dispositiiin tt tnarrt Kae; hn had
, iik . i
never evinced uu inclination to dep
recate ino.
Kate Bray ca-ne tn nm onu rainy
mornii'2. as 1 pored over ruy rea I-
: i K'.l .
Hi'; iu iiuiwtiii
fc ! fiH.rut'iii frunr " fcim aaiil narn.. !
... l.I I.l . M .
cstv; "w-'ii't yon lay down that hook I
un l mti'ii In me! 1 want to talk
fihiiut Doctor Paisley." I
I closed my hjok, nnd h.aned back
in mv chair.
"Yin know, Mug." she said, con -
f..t . I' 1... L.I i t...
union ihmv, i n;ivu ivun.v n w ni
many getii Ionian, and Iiuvm had a
nuoiher i l oners ol marnai
iiiiddi'il mv lucid.
----- - .... .... :
Sin- I'lmt'titi'-ii. 'I never really
lov.'dniiu of Mliterfl. There wmh ill
.i.:.. A
win n ('iiiiiiiiny LVIIIUL.U1 ii'-'iLi'-'.
bin. Thev. were ."oofl. .vM njh I r
t.nrHf.T anT ffanclnc- niirrttef s, "trjit
1 ...... .!
.veroti'it tno K 1 rid ol men inn wa'os
lo depi rir! upon, and live with lor a
lift-time." j
k,Vi i;."l Paid, "what has that to
A.. t-;i. n .,.1.. i. i .,Ji..vJ"
do with D ic'nr I aisievl"
'I tdmuM think you might gm ,"
bhi! n torted. in a vex'-d wav. "Doc
tor P.ii'lev is a mHn to !)e"ilep. fded
upon. Ik is us good and noble as
.i i i it !. .. - i .. i:.l
tho dav i i li n-' He is a et.h iniid!
ma .. and 1 lovo him. 1 intend t-
encourage him and make him . llVr
"l.'.ii. llin iduuaiir-a nf reiuctm"
hini," 1 answered.
'Fur the infinite ph-amire of ac-ci-p'ing
liiin," she answered.
1 made t-o comment. 1 picked up
my bu-k again 1 could not read,
nit 1 did not wish to talk.
"1 wish Dexter Sanborn would
many you," interrupted Kate.
"1 opened my eyes in ant-nnsu-
irn-nt 1 ho idea was a now one.
'y.-u will never do better," con-
tiruied Kate. '"Next lo D- ctor Pais-
h y he is the most eligible man at
Nai ant. What do youeayf"
'Noihing till he asks me."
1 took my hook ugain. 1 did no'
ivad. Tho page uoiolded ben-re me
in my own heuri, wa- morn alm-irb-mg.
1 read it svith linn tot lips, and
cIosj eyet, else there had been quiv
erings and tears. At tho end. 1
called mvself a tool, und rose uu
quickly and diessod myself for the
How nlam mv orees was, compar
ed with Ka'o BiayVI Kvcri soil
Inld ot hers told ol -ts va;u ;. H,veiy
sheer lull ol lace spoke of us r cluuss.
We entered tne p.irlrs log -tUer.
Doctor P.iislev and D Xtor 8a!i!)orn
were there. Kato Bray walked to
the piul'io. 1 parted lioni her, and
went to i he opposite side ol Uio loom,
not wiihot't motive.
D dor Paisley surv. yed Ka'e
Brav. 6no uaa very beaiiiilul. and
her rich robes became her well. 1 hen
lie turned to me. 1 shrank trotn toe
comoaris.-n. and
abruptly turned
away, studying a landscape ou tho
Wall, lie cresset to mo.
"Are you well, Miss Granti" 1
laucied you looking ill, when you
11 r6t entered."
if'roin the piano spoke Kate before
I could reply.
i-IV.,i ...uliurinna mv Cousin 1)V
- . -
............ ..ult..r tint t.ullliiili
. . ... "... ' ' ' J
rt'iei KI LU LU IILI 1J1.IIL... wm, ... , .
. - ,
i. ..I ftl . C. .. a ... i nai tliuliiii.r
lUT ttll'l 1X11 oiill noi ii biiiiidi -""ft
uiooti'iight walks to which they are
"1 think I would be a more piu
dent escort." ho answered "I was
dent escort. 'ho answered I was
about to suggest a walk with my-
eoU to-night."
' " ' -
knocked at mv dn,.r
, l,,,r ''tt ha .!. and tin-di-m..
j'ure finger flaw ed out
K ' Biiy ppoku us it bin) hit ii'i;
, "Doctor Pauley, will yen please
.dune am) Bint; wi It me? Yimi pr .u
ifd t. teaeh inn this now s.iiii. Mr
raunlmrn wants my ousin to liiinsi ll.
1 fen
a .
D.Hfiie f'diali.v lonlritfi I'mm unit
4l... '.l. .
ill! LIIC ,fLlltr nil II D . 1,1, J ,1111 11,
isi'sier annurn camo forwaM.
'Certainlv. I eliall b- in happy
to liave Mms GrHiit ti :nvKelf " "
Mv pailor was hint in a crimson
tiii.li ill ntiurnii Mini fli.ir.r- un.l I ),. '
."tor Paiah-v. Ml o.ikirjfa'f inn slend-
.1... .
I oirin , ,
ily fur u m
.1 .
men , tunn". aay to
'ine piano.
(V.ii.inK fl. n' i..,,
tier did not mean tun little iliat i
nilit. I did imt dfir lo hnow ,
what it meaut. I viou'd nut lew
Latur in iho ev. ni nif we lmiIi. r.-.l !
I .. I) ' . L fl . . i
nr' nm i a i ifcoj'i" 1 n j I loemr
Pnish-y di-' not In e I tin-oiinie. (J,.
heeiinii alniirbid in his n ilnniiilit,
. ...i . i.
hiki u raliieil r on. ntl lo Kate
JJray, who m In, putn.-r
.ui i i .
von tin 'ii cinrmi n to
l... I. i 1.. I
iii .i k t niii' asKcii, unpani'ii iv ,
ning a teehniciility ol the ymne. !
.lie started. i
"I had one to make somerini"!
I wished to declare a n va!
murriii tin
but I hsv0 l.mt in v
VJll.-l l. .
li s eyes wore on my face, nor mi
iii rnrL
"U your hist queen :n tl at din e-
lionl" asked situcv IKT-n Milh-ii.j
!wli:. never left a thought nnspuken. t
Aeain the crioHi.n flut.h appean d,
. ...... M '
uilltii Signal ' (lld'reSS.
"I am in no mood for B z qiv,'
exclaimed Doctor Paisley, iui.u wiiN
!ly. "Miia Bui'-, allow tin-to give
' J i na ... . i. , ',' L.
you a betvr pni Iner mi Mrllirdm.
M is (i taut , you IU" tint fit to pbtv
"...i ....... I i .;. .... i ...,... I ...i
xi n.-i ii ii.-ru i.ii, .in i i
; , Io it tftti! yunr .la.'e
il-ii vniir iilaee
Tolie'VeiT.":'! 'liatj ti.t'i'nongiir rr-f
.1..,, ii
iiikiiil'. ui.ni i kim-w hii i-vch w-rif
on nn-, and Kate Bray's face wa hot
wiili anger.
I did not enter the parlors again
th ttniiilil. The hninng ot all th
ni.tr mgm. i ne nninag'o. an ro-
h-arts at N ,h nt was nothing to me
lr"'" mal (lto- '',,r 1 '",!W ,,lrtt
Doctor Paisley's hau l and heart
I w,'ri' "i""-
I A fuiv lima Int. i- V tn I'.' Ui'l
A few davs hit. r,
K to
Mi.- h Id 111
ring on h-r
, tioil
"To wlinmi" 1 nuked.
'"Dexter Sanborn," she auwrd.
"Doctnr Pnisley is a splendid ma i.
but in- is uiiaiiiied lo you i-r me."
'"8ieak tor ymirseli," 1 retmted.
angrily. "Ho suits me ixac.ly."
Another moment I was aim, and
tu'in d away from a war of words.
1 could H.i"ird to he magnanimous
My ring was a token ot the union ol
lit ai ts hers meant uo more than the
union of hands.
A Just Criticism.
The N- w Ym-k Evening Post, an
able Repulilican paper, makes tin-
lollowi (? criticism um-n SouiirdV;
Auburn vpecch.
It says'.
"Mr S-warl to-ik ti e ocea-ion to
refer to the. Cabinet with which he
had been connected, and he relern-d
to it as if ho weie speaking to an as
getnblage of the gods. It had not
bun A r.oiiHrknlilo (labillei; il bad
some s'rotig men in it. but it had al-
ntheis t-ial w r- mli-cre; a feA
Wireqnpe utnv-iithv o'' 'h.-ir paces,
i:ot orii) iiitclhc'iia ly, but nnrai'y:
while, as a wbu'-e, it had no r.-igui-aiity,
no iniitivo, no l.-adi inliij.. imi
wasoblig-d to be perpetually pushed
on by tho public sentiment."
fXJ3 Tin- V'eimoii Legislature ad
i.iiiriiei! with. mr tdi-i tin.r MrOollaoi-
ter's successor, though the Seimior
lied the day before the adjournal- nt
Governor Dillingham has req-n sted
the oUreme Court to szivu a writl-n
opinion as to whether he has the
power to fill tho vacancy or not, and
wi'l imt r-t nntil the decision is rriv-
Olioiild the Court decide that lie
Ima tin. m.-tiiintin.-r nnver in the case.
-" - - i r r
2. .1. !. I... .ntll nii.int.it fl..!.
. ii in ui"iik;iii iiv win ulivhi.
t .. f . -.1
.iiiartn . Liurriii.
U.IU.lUk. ......
1X7001111111)118 was the eon of a
weaver, and a weaver innvolr.
OJobn Jacoh As.or onut soiu
I apples in tha itreeti of Nsw York,
A Just Criticism. Newspaper Offices.
imi iu iim mt iruiin n-n ui
- t;:ty. ' I wei:i nut tlido a nr.'a'
until)' years aK," ho ai I, 'tc liulp
)"-ry a pniiter, iu:d I renn iD'u r that
il It) LTaV V.'rttt hilt I 111' t"lltll Oil'
Jl.'in'i'. fayi":
VV li.lo on inv w.iy to Btip;cr l'
evi'.i ii.fr, I walked up tho tdieet wit I.
u:i old tsuntl'Jinaii who is enHgod in
tho type Bi ttiug Liib: ni-es, or in turo-
lildliiy.ii-cv rilhi:ra u-lui !. And )l
.0 nio htj lud just returned from u
."....h w -
t'"''1'. Na, in.-tend of ten, I r'nl
:.i ...i , it
n cr.- arj hi ten uioijaarpi; an i wni-n
l iooKi-ii atirni l tliid i v. iiiii ii.'r
lluif little iviid, tii. a .it'
Ciei'ii hiil-
- cks ami ilniiip;'..t ui tint in toy t. -.i
"' bruakin inv.its that huvo h -( i.
I io.nJ i'i.-iv at tin burial o
mar poor prni'.-r, inn.: yi-ar a r
im'-u me ? I bad y mid I Wroj tem,i
lull I,, ui.v I u.i'.l'i'l jii.ir ..in
........... .. v.. ... j
1 i' p!ied that tho tl mi Jit wa
.. . 1 1 ...I i . : . : .
"" ' :"iimi mi- nn i ma. n i
,i..ii .i.i i.i .i.-.
shoiim i ai,B.i roni o nn-aK iiiohmh'
i.i '., i . . u . i.tj
"" " ' o.-..i um, -
:.i ll.i, ni.iiu.l..ru u.iiul.1 turn nut l.i
ImV,; ,H't'11 ,,IU i"'"1 Mi'"!'')' cvuinn r
' l'vtr ,J
"AI.." -aid m , -you i.ev. r have
,,l""J ' 'reiu iu in a new-pa;,
or v.iu k lo.v tl..,r n -t.'
in! nil Ihu ltiV' vupIh in cr.n t"
CO' Ul Hot break mo of that b.i'nt
Why. mr," ho cntitiiiiii d, "il i!ut
11,1,1 1m'u lrimiK ol'.i 'e in iio.ivt ti.
"C'ler ha I men Inrenuo id j,
r:' lv ll J I,u h.ein't I 'l.u, a
'''.nand yt-ars bok.ro ho .In..
A Ciricr pondunt
Another Rebellion Proposed.
A 8'iecc!i ot John Brown, r-o'i n'
(I d O Bawatt uiie." delivued in
,i i,..v ,ina ni0. lo' t Collll tft tl
. .i ......... in r,.....i...l l.i. tin. I'n.i-
wa l as lolhiwi-;
i . . . ....
Mv conned Irk re., von oav
nowihu right to ono box. and that ti
the cartridge. Imx: bul there are ti
other IrnXi which tun might to claim.
M0 W, ,., , tli lill.r Imx im I
i,e otlu r rue joi v Ih.x. Ho- wliili
1 eoph- tail to g v- y.iii ih.i', and il
V0II ,.,,. g t il,,i in a peaceabe
wa, . I ad vise you to arm votirs-.dv.-i
I I i .. f. -I .1 i . .'..-, il.,.
und demand your fu-1 rights fiom the
ti -Vet n lilt nr."
Weh tvo n.-vir i ivore-1 ail.-tiary
arr--sis; but if John Brown, Jr., or
ho body e!s-, tails in this stylo to
negroes nr wh.te p-opV, on is "' x.-i-tnig
lo iiiHiirteetion," -and d-.a-trvi s to
he anesnd, trie-1 undei thelas ai d
jiinoshed. It is Ingh time, that we
leai in d, North and South, that we
are I ving under a government ot hi;
and do man mav . p't-pode to Viola'e
the law with impunity. Let us have
done with resistance to govt inm nt
and to Ibis end we hold in just on
lempt any man, what . Vir his n.itm
nr position, who excites tin- people In
forcible as-antion of supposed lights.
or I he rednB ol fancied wr-ngi.
Mitiii tia Turn s
A IIai-pv Hcsdand My wife h is
gum- to vii.it iter mother.
I hiii Intnio- to be aim' to fdt.' that
the i-ioldri n aeeninpaiited her t eace
- ii.
quietness, and lelu-ry reign m my
dwelling 1 cj'iin a-'d u unq ier
iiiiinl I stay nut lale at nights
vvphu'it tear of n-liuk'-. I lie abed ti!
iiini niiigfl, and no in-ost one my gel
ling up. My Irieii-ls pas tne even
ingi with mo, aim iliere oe none
who tell me i In: m xe day that the
wiu-io v euita'iiS jro filed W tn to
li.ieco siimko and the parlor hn the
i'la.-r.-tiiee ol a b-tr roo.u. Il two oi
ti r e 'tends C'-nie home vvitli rn -, tin-
. . 1 .. I I I . 41. ...
C -oK il' Vei iiB 8 w ny I oion-ui nn-iii.
i, or complains ol a headache. v ha:
it n. or-she dn' 8 Hot iiic-'.st Upon
having a uew si.k drees every Week
iur biiist into teara il 1 tuti.r rude
in. I iiKiwhtv words Th fattt. is. il
there be one thing I like more than
another, it ia to havo ray wiio visit
her mother.
Rapid ImproveUEST We lianp-n
ed to overhear the following convot
satinn between two litl'e negro girln.
who, books in hand, wero wendin
their cay to school:
"What habyou learntl"
"Oh! 1 knows two alphabets, A
Btii! a, and I m gme ter 'earn do pi
HIllt.t UtXt weok,"-r(Joluuibu8 Ua
w v
'wn .
Petition of Ladies of Norfolk and
- - of the
Nor' . k Portsmouth have signed
ind I, awarded tho following potitioa
to President-Jouiiion tj pardou Jef-
(itiavi Divis,
T'i .'i' Ea Ueiify, Andro John-,
", P'c indent ( JihS CuiCnil
Sir: We the uu-lertiigned, arocoru
'tie 1 t3 forward to you tho ac
. imponying p- titiop fur tho ladle of
Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia,
wiii?h w; earnestly hope raiy race't
w;,h your most favorable considera
tion. D not le' u plead vain for
him wiio was on; c!io-ien leailer, our
joiilt be'iive-l cliieftain. Wo
know, for you have said it. that tha
President of t ho latu Confederato
.S'a'is will b j pardoned in tho course
! t.n.t; but bin-! for him, that timo
may coino t .. U6 at once, wo
er.dnu-.: yn-,i, t'.o to.Mt blessed prero
gative of puffer; ard-m tho distin
guisbe 1 prisoner, fefT-rson t Davis,
and release us from the burden which
is crushing m tho bitter remember
ance that cir honored leader ie a
i.iriow htiiektn prisoner, for having
embraced the cumc deemed fio sacred,
in I ! whii h we I'ree'y and g'adly
'ive p'r all, i nr bravest, our best
b-l"'ed. It Mirt'-ring fan bestow
auji)!, i' i't the t rml.'-re of scekm-r
!'el. Siiinlv. thon, wa women of
the Jv -nth. w.o have lived through
iniii-ti 'M and dials almost passing
i.elitf. may iuiplnrn respita from
r'lirllier t ti lniaiice; for, irule-d, most
n uly are the Rorrnws'of Mr Duvia
our sorrows -yea, tenf dd mure; for to
each mother, witn and daughter, luf
sorrow, mid sufferings are a-i those of
b-r best beloved one. Wha'i-ver of
c-'infnrt or hope remain lo u, ia
marred bv tlie t'noiiLdit of the 2feaf,
th- good Jefferson Dav ishuiiri)ishing
-Il !1 prison. Follow, ti. i'H, Mr L'roo
ldeii''vliat wo lu liovo to he tha die-r..t.-K
r-fyour heart; n-leano tho distins
guished prisoner, and win for yonr
sell the undying gratitude and hearts
felt prayers of every Southern wotuiD.
Very roppectii'ullv yonrs,
Mrs. W. II. yVtr.soN,
Signed. Mr Jas. Ml'kdadoit,
Mr. Mart A.B. Barbom,
Mrs David J. Gonwur,
And 1,200 others.
What :r was made or. A ccr--vniii-i
having culh'd np a class of
and iiovs, began with the former
in the'! word
"Mv child, tell tno who tuado your
Sim had n ) i l a of tho question
I'.pply'ng" to aavthing beyond her ap
p-am i-o. and dropping a quck curt
ly, replied;
" Piia-!-, sir, mother made tho bod,
but 1 tim-le the ekirt."
OGPTho demagogue who has clim
bed up to the at of Chief Justice
ot'the Uni ol States hesitates, on ono
i reiext or another, about trying Jff
Dtvis. And well ho ma! All that
Charles O'Cniuier, or any lawyer
tint Davis may retain, will have to
lo will b.i to show up the Chiof Jus
tice himself when he was Governor
of Oliio. Tho h-gislation of 1857,
suggested by Chase, nnd tho Greeno
county cases of the eamq year, furn
ish matter tho bare rehearsal of
which must make the lioary , sinner
tremble. But these, though lad
'Hough, are not,thfj worst; nora'ro
(hey the thing r.f which Chaae ia
most afraid. The Wellington rescue
cane of 1855, the Cleveland Convene
Mnn. called at the same time, the
proceedings beforo the Supreme
Court of Ohio, in tho caso rf ot nor.
to Bushnell, ex parte LnncstoD; tha
acrmn ot tun iu-pubiican btato Con-
v.-ntion in the decapitation of Judge
Swh i all these, singly or together,
but cs'ieeiaPv together, will furnish
uavig counsel with an araonal ot
weapons which tho ohnfflint? 1fick.
s'er dure not f,ic- pnd ho knows it
[Marietta Times.
tTFWhen is nilence likely to tret
wet? When it reiuns.
OCJ"Tliree things evinco the char
acter of tho mind books, presents,
HCf To become a great man you
must study great men. A horsa
tbatlive3 on hav could not get up an
oat trot to save his life.
TZTBo kind to your friends, that
Ii. v may continue snch, and to your
enemies, that they may become your"
' frieuda.

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