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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, November 30, 1865, Image 2

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T7lTTlMTv v S ) I 3
miiir t ; rin- - inn ax -i- I at
V VKiFi?!A
A Fair PuurooiiioN. Wo caii
assure our renders t! ti t if tlio Democ
racy will tulo bolJ unJ secure 500
r.aying subscriber: iu Yiuton who
will pay SI 50 cash in advance, thit
paper will come out on tin: l:t Jin
of January, 1SCG, with entirely new
typo and otherwise nuitli improved
Wo will bid cur friends udie'i o
that day a 2,,l-:,lt'uri Ul1 m,,y c:,I'
tinueto hnve :i uvri to "ny whet) wt
deem it iioflocii'v ! r tho entio we
have so lon ii onu.-d. All who
owe the prooi w:ll Im.l their account
marie out np to tho l3t ol January
16CC, and wo bono to save us and
themselves further trouble, they will
buttle (he same up Mid renew their
subscriptions for another year. 1
not neglect tliia, but go to work and
each man get a new subscriber tJ pay
in advance und ice !i new pi. per pat
uto lit the liiiK! elated.
The News.
Accord in to tho N. Y. Hurald'r
liiehiiiond eoiri-eponvlerit. General
Grant wnn luarti'y wtiltnuicd U
Ilichmond bylho military autlioiifiL-s
lie. as 'Jem!, ixprRse 1 hiit I'p'mi.
in f.ivr of j'xp;-!!inj Mr.ximilian
from the t!.r po o! .U .!c .
There is fi'"ii! It
K U Tin; li.rin
1. 1 Ci v;
: t!, 'i. .;;.!:
Tli.-v .r.v.
! ijcatrov
, i.
e i
'.v I' li ri ' l bri'Jgu und tjn.
nd a pair ot' the trw:k.
The -Mixican Ki-publicu'i .Vit.fiitcr
hud a Imi;; ii.turvifw with (itin ra!
Grant veitet lay. Tiiia rai her sin;
nit;eai:t, in view of Grants d-sira for
u svar with Maxiiniliai;
Tho email pox ia prevailing among
mo ncLToes in too South
They have a carpet imported from
Jiugiaiui tor the Ibmsoul I; 'prt-aen
latives, that costs 87,000.
Yt6terday, iu 1'iiti-hurp, tlm deqtl
et-ntPiiee was passed upon Marsha!
and Freike for tho Uoyd's Iiill mur
aer, hiki upon .ilrs. Grinder lor
poiHcnins. Tho Governor fixes the
.. I.,... l. ... i
uuj iiv.u ino UIIIIllIKtij U10 10 Oe
executed. Also, on yesterday, in
ill ! .1 . 3 .1 " " '
xjuic&o. inu noani eou'enco was
passed upon Gorbott nnd Fleming
lor mo niuraer ot ratr ck Mulonev
These aro to be hung ou tho 15th
nl ; t i it
Aiieru ia mncii lecnn ln-re over
tho now certain fact that the United
DUtea antliontiej will domund
lMaxunilii'.ii that ho thall leave
alexieo lminodiati'ly. In viow
this design, there baa been in the six
months past collected o-i the liio
urando one an I a half year's pro
vision?, a:id tho contiuual numjiita
tiou of the Federal army on and near
loat 6tream.
General Sheridan, assisted by Iht
Icadin tiyliting Genura's ot the late
war, aro in co nman d of that Texas
army. It is knuwu that 'lie (iovein
mailt ia shipping larg.3 numbers of
wagous, anna, ammunition and stores,
and making complete .'reparation?
lor aetivo hostilities. It is under
ftooii that noun aitr the meeting oi
Uotigre-H. . .a! Grant and 6tall
will ! . v .- i vx is-
Ti e l'u- . .i. at, in m'a meEoago, will
treat largely on Mexican nfiairs, uud
will auuoiince hia policy in unmis
takablo that, that .Maximilian can
not remain in bis new Empire. There
are (ears trittrtained in sumo circles
that this course, if pursued by the
Unfed States, will bring on a general
war wilti all the powers ol Europe,
as eaeh and all luvo ric ignized tli
Mimiiturs that Maximilian has sent.
It is sail, however, thit the United
States will not shrink from the res
ponsibility unless Maximiliau returns
to France and relinquishes hie inonar
chial. pro'ensior s in Mixico, a war
between the United States and the
Imperial troops is inevitable. As
proof that tho present party iu power
Lave boeu determined on this course,
let it bj remembered that at the
closo of the last session of Congress,
when the civil a-i J diplomatic appro
priatiation hill was un ler discusiun,
and the ueua appointment of Minis
lor to Mexico came up f r c xisideras
tion, Senator Wade im v d to amcud
the bill by inseitii: before it the
(vord "Ii-piiblie"
iF.v i .'iuitublo on tlii.c
To Contkidctvks Wo ant to
day tl.iit we nqnire tlictn to be brief
iia j O::BiUc. and thoy roust treat their
niij'Oiiciii with courtesy. When
ji'itth in mi :; into Ji6cii3aion3, tlioy
ah'jii 1 int! u-o t'L-rsuiiaiit us. 1 lie
1 1? i .1 . 'i.i.t t.iu I'j'imiictit ia a gentle
l t,:u 1.1 a i t j riotii
U .it.vii-: i ;
I . I . .
will r.';u:t U
o to be
! i
The News. Official Voir of Ohio on Governor
v;: r.
The fol'ou' ui !'. o dlicial of
Ohio un (jiiv. i u r ' ti..
held Detober 10. 13 0:
. lectio:
J. I), llox, (11.)
u. W . Moii.m. iw )
Alexander Lvi
Cox'a maj. over .'.iorr.n
The News. Official Voir of Ohio on Governor Brick Pomeroy" in the
Middle of a Damn Bad
Said Dutehmaa pafied tliroug'1 0"r
tora. laat week, on Lia way to see
Stiinton. That ma-tutu functionary
says "Brick'' must bu tried by
Commisdiou; that the Dutchman has
been the victim of miaplacea confi
lence; thai n tbody but a copperhead
would epiko tbj k'uns of our soldiers;
that "Ui iekV publication of the fact
ii siiliijieiit evidence; that ho wishes
to divert attention Iro.u hiiiHolt aa to
' wIio'h)?! horj since Im pin giuc,1'
thai by the lulea of v:ar ,,Urick" ia
guilty ol creating "mncii twublee"
ou our lino of operations. Well, we
hope Mr lijia-roy-nl vyj liko that
natne tho Diun p;'.rt ha3 r :fercnco to
Iu Bf.ij-wt matter, tho royal alludes
:o "lJi'iJ:," ai it ia dyhonyia-ms with
l-jyitl, I'.t'ii uecji-.iitg fj;- Mr .Suick-i.n:.-!:er
pbj.n anch unlimited cou
ii 'e:;Te i;i -Mr i'umroy. Ilu'a
'iirie.';" m-iy ha live a tliomand
year.1, t'ul tpike every gun brought
to boar o:i I .m Biit hero aro tho
ac'.a no f. i vc:j 0 Tumroy himaelf:
ll'.llllickor o'reksuueker, a teuton
ic vender of sour krout, woodon
curnhd, cni ie cahuago, striped init
toMH, c tt ui euspeiideis and such
"iiddle ilings," with true patriotic
!'jal left his home, iu La Crosso at
the commencement of tho war, and
.ii i:ited us a n,o;) grocery keeuei
behiud the sutler's tjiitoa the Poto
mac. When he went away it wae
'.si th tho intention to make eoino
nionish. if it took all eummer, and
nobly did he fL'ht it out ou bis lino.
Liow lie done if is boat told aa he told
it to us on his return, last week.
''You see Mr liumroy, der drum
beots, und der call comes to go to
wars mit arms. Iso bo patriot bo
much as tihenral Washburn, 01
Shenral Curtis, or Slienral Butler,
or Sheural Bangs or any dein Sheu
nils what lives to come homo great
men. So 1 bnys some liddlo t'ligs.
and neti Rome pabers Iroui do wai
committee and goes mit ti e IwyB ter
be patriots and Boll some liidle tings
and make eoino monitdi. I kiss my
frow five, nineteen dimes, and goep
mit der war. 1 goso ter Sh umbers
burg and makes much mjiiish. Un
Jay 1 poke mine window out un miue
head to hear ter serenade, and dink oi
jomodings, when I see dat Sthonowall
Shackson mit hi druop3 uud dor pig
brass band cooming down ter street
flaying like ter tyfil on ter prase
'Whoa' piu hero since ish pin gone!'
Dtt Sthonowall Bhackson is ter tyfil
mit fights, und 1 puts my mnnish
in mine boeet and little babers into
mine bag; und 1 goso bo quick as
never vash to Gettysburg. Und der
I opens 6'mo more Rthoio nnd sell
some liddle dings And un day 1
hears men nu der horseback riding
down der sthreet like dundor, and
den 1 pokes do: winder under miue
head un i looks myself up dor sthreet.
und dere gaomes dat tyfil, Shenral
Sthonewail Shacks'm playing dat
iaui8 o!dder tune na I heard b-foro.
' Wlion' pin here eiuco iidi pin ponc-T
Den 1 iukos mine monish gootnep
inter mini bockots, und makes mine
bag gnome inter mino papers ucd
mine sign on ter pig store on de
corner b 1 loses raoro eoojs as 1
luu not got, und dicka 1 go to Wis
consin o see mine vrow as 1 bainl
seen in dese two years, so long time
as never vash.
Den 1 goomes homo, and knoks
und der door nnl my vrow eho make
talk and tell mo ' whose dar'i"
Den 1 tay "Hiliflicker Snickenack
er, and ehe knows dat is mine name
and ehe mako herself goome out of
ter house, and give me nine, seven
tint.s kisa on mine lace so good as
never va&h.
Don Air Jjumroy, 1 looks mit mino'
eves, uod 1 Bees soma dins I And
so 1 aek tn'ua vtow if 6be been mar
ried 8inco lo off to be patriot, and
if she oo get married, wby ehe makes
so tnnch grow, when 1 be gone mit
der ware and 1 gets mad aa de tyfil,
nd den 1 tiuks of dat tamn Shenral
Sthomwdll nnc bis pig brass pand,
and 1 flints
' Who ciu hero since lh tln conet
Und now Mr ljumroy, eoompody
makes trouble mit mo, for 190 been
aono tow years, und 1 know some
mga, und 1 goes pack in it tor wa
nnd 1 sines dat Uum Stliwtjewt
Shaeksou bong all ter day!"
At last advices from Waahington,
i Cabinet meetiDg was being held on
"Brick's" case. Johnson wants to
see what effect it will have on his re
eonstructiou policy, and bowaro
wants to know it the product will be
1'acifio relation. Sam a iniNo JU
now creating great excitement all
vor the country, and there ia no tub
ling where it will stop!
Pooler and Fry on Goodrich.
VINTON STATION, Nov. 27, 1865.
Editor Democrat; A communication
from Orren Goodrich appeared in your col
umns, not long since, in which the writer
freely criticised the action of the Board of
Directors, at this place, in declining to
avail themselves of his services as teacher,
At the time, it was thought best to let it
pass unnoticed, as it deserved taking into
consideration tho source from which it
came, But, us the subject has been agita-
tutcd again in last week's Democrat, a few
words of comment are perhaps necessary,
Sir Goodrich lias exhibited a very com
mon weakness iu rushing into print with
his private griefs as though he expected
thercly, to throw the Earth out of its or
bit. Us affects indignation and nurpriie
that he failed to come up to our standard
of qualifications. Ho need not.
Tho question is spiung. in his article
uhether, the fact of his bearing allegiance
to a faction that has shown such unrelent
ing hostility to the government, during the
last four years, (tsqttaliio a man to act as
a teacher Wesay, t7 doet, and for this
reason. All the traitors at tlio Sjuth are
of his political faith. All their sympathi
zcrs in the North are his brethren, Is
rebel hung, they all mourn; are they all
pardoned, they rejoice, Is Slavery "the
sum of ah villainies'' done away, througl
the instrumentality of the War, they heap
their uiiledictionj upon the uame of Lin
coln,' and denounce him as a tyrai.t and
Viewed in this light, we assume that
sympathy with treason, unfits a man for
any reasonable post.
Mr Goodrich is hundred years behind
the age. lie is no more competent to teach
the young, as they ought to be taught, than
Rip Van Winkle would be for president of
d :ail-to:d company. A man is known,
too, by the company he keeps. When
found with those notoriously disloyal, and
apparently glorying in their shame, all his
profess'ons of loyaltv are mere wind,
Loyalty like female virtue must be above
suspicion. None oilier is genuine.
A sincere Patriot is for his Country
one und uudivisible now and forever, He
is trauk and outspoken, and thinks it uot
unconstitutional to say in thunder tones,
"I love my Country," and, like myriads
wlio nave given tlieir " lives and their for
tunes'' for its defense and preservation,
'prove his faith by hi9 works."
This is the stuff that such men as An
drew Jackson, and the martyred Lincoln
were made ol ; and ol the same material
are inuile millions upon millions of loyal
.ae ti , who now hold in their hands the des
tinies of our great, free, and glorious ltepub-
The Marietta Times, nnd papers of like
eiitinvnU,icall this great ovtrxhadoicing
huit that has just completed tlic aniiiiiilu
iiou of the Confederate Democracy, on a
thousand battle fields of the South, and by
the ballot at the North, "a pestikntfuc
tien." "Webster" says, a "faction" is a
party distinguished by "opposition 10 the
prince, government or state." In the light
ol this definition who are the factioniels?
It is impossible to convince these editorial
owls, who have all been asleep, during the
last four years, that the world has moved,
and is now sweeping on warn in its magniS-
cent orbit.
Wo expect them to waka up, without de
lay, and clear away the cobwebs and dust
that obstruct their mental vision, and,
possible, to get their eyes open.
Our parting aJvice to Mr Goodrich, and
those of like age and accomplishments, is, to
"Tarry at Jerico, until their beards be
We have thus, briefly, debited our posi
tion, and avail ourselves of your permission
to Use your columns. We would he pleas
ed to have the Marietta Times publish this,
in full, and send us the number of their pa
per containing it.
Respectfully Yours,
DCPThe pecple ol' Minnesota have
voted down m'gro suffrage by a
majority of 2,500; Wisconsin do, by
a majority of 8,000; Connecticut do.
by a majority of 6,000; Colorado by
a vote ot ten to oue. Tho only State
which has sustained cegro suffrage
in Iowa, Can it be possible that
there will bo men in (lougreBg base
enough to insist upon forcing upon
the South a measure repudiated by
Head the now advertisements.
[From the New York Herald.]
Prominent smong tho mechanical tri
umjilis of tliia most ingenious age, com
mon honesty compels us to notice the Em
oiro Sewinc Machine; commended s just-
iy siylrd pei lection itself. Us'ful as drive
been the various sewing machines, itoin
in, ip tn time Drcsented io the public. each
one of them has been curded with some
radical defect, which detracts from general
ijlity. Warned by the experience of his
pruiU'ceiforj, ihe inventor ol tue r.mpire
Machine has produced an instrument, cum
bin'ms all the advahtaes for which others
are vaunted, and obviating every defect
which can be attributed to them by the
most fastidious critic.
The Em pir- Muc nine is a marvellous com
bination of simplicity, economy and perfect
workmanship, being durable, free from lia
In It ty to get out of order, noisclesv, and ea
sy of operation. Its mechanical contri
vance is such as to secure stabtliy, free
dom from accident, and accuracy as to
workmanship uv the u.'o of the patented
shuttle ami straight needle it makes a
stitch, which can neither rip nor ravel
while, at the same time, it can operate
perfectly upon every species of material
from leather to cambric, with threads ol
cotlou, linen or silk, fiom the finest to the
coarsest number.
.As the Empire Machine is gradually
supplanting its more antique rivals, no
one in want of a more uselnl iestrunient
of this description, be he or she tailor,
coachmuker, dressmaker or seamstress, can
dn otherwise than eeeure of these econom
ical and inimitable machines, suited alike
for family and manufactiinii!' purposes
The office of the Empire Manufacturing
Co. is at No. 536 Broadway, New York
City, where they are now supplying these
Kmpire Machines at prices lur below the
real value of the instiumeiits. New York
November 30 1365-1 y
r1HE laws of Ohio require that one half
X of all the Taxes charged on (lie dupli
cate be paid on or before the UOtli day
December and the remainder on or before
the 20th day of June ensuing. In caseol
default in the December payment of lax
Chattel property, who'e of said Tax becomes
due and the Treasurer is required to proceed
by Distraint or otherwise, to oollerl the en
tire Tax of the year, with penalty of
per ceetum and costs on collection. Real
estate on which taxes remnin unpaid
1S84, will be sold the third Tuesday of Jan
uary next for such unpaid Taxes and
entire Taxes of 18G5. The Bouks are now
in my hands, to receive Taxes at the Trea
surers office McArthur.
Nov. 30th 1865-4W Treasutes V. Co.O.
The attention of the Tublicand the trade
is invited to our Neat Soale 7 OCTAVE
forvolumeand purity of tone are unrivall
ed, by any hitherto lToertf.l in this mark
They contain all the modern improvements
French, Grand .Action, Harp J'edal, Iron
Frame overstrung Bass etc. and earli inMru
ment being made the personal supervision
ofMr.J. II. UnovEfiEEN who has has
practical experience of over 3i years in their
manufacture is fully warranted in every
Tho "Grovesteen I'iano Fortes" ro
ceived tho award of merit over
othora at tho celebrated Worlds
Whore were exhibited instruments from
the best makers of London. Paris. Germany
Philadelphia. Baltimore, Boston and Now
York: and also at the American lnstiituie
for five successive yearsi the gold and silver
medals from both of which can he seen
our ware-room.
Settle Up.
ALL porsons whs aro indobtod to tho under
signed either by noht or accounts on books,
or on tho books of Dm Coudoo d: Ismingor,
will pleutti call nnd sottlo tho sumo immcdiato
ly. Those cluiuis mnbt bo suttled bolbro
1st of Jauuury, 1666.
November 30, 1865 -3v
t5?Dra. Condoo & Ismiugcr will continue
to pny enpooiul adtantinn to thotr l'rnotir,
McArthur and vicinity.
fflorse toleia.
OTriT.KX from rev Lot. ut Bvcrs' Station,
IJ tho M. & C. K. K , on Sunduy night,
Mthinst.. a BAY BTALL10N. about fiftcou
hunda high; black muno, tail, and logs;
in tlia ftrodeail, witn a long ouuen oi nuir
tha contorj throe yoarsold lust ptinpr; his
waseaton off and ia bushy; bus a running t-ore
ubove tha right oye whoro ho was bit by
stono; heavy iieforo and stoop behind; some
wtntn hnira on bftok nurt of auddlo Bout.
Tho above reward will bo givon for tho Thief
and Horse, or $25 for oithar, or ror intormation
so I can got thorn. Address me at Agatha,
Jackson County, Ohio.
November30, lS5-Sw
Frodorick W. llaynos, administrator of
Cbtato of James Carter, late oi Vinton County,
nn.l Ki.itn ofObio. has filed his accounts
vouchers in the Probate Court of said county,
for inspection A partial settlement, and 'hat
same will be tor hearing in said court on
16th day of December 13D5
Nov. 80th 1805 tu l'robute Jnil?o
NOTICE is hereby given that he subscriber
has been tppointnd and qnaiflcd adminis
trator of the salute of John Daughcrty, lute
Vinton couuty, deceased
Statt cf Ohio, Vinton County:
C1ALVIN KKETON, in th St. vt - ,
) willuks n.,ice that Andrew Wolf, m
rUlntitr, on the 2nJ day of Kovembr, A. U.
18H5, filtd hit petition in the Court or Common
I'lean, witnin and for the Coun'y of Vmlou,
State ot Uliio, against liim.an Uelendant, al leg
inu that mid Culvjn Kuotun in iudebted to lion
in t lit. kii m tf T hi f t v. Ki Vii nullum With iuU rest
from Muy S5, 1313, as evidenced by a eortaln !
iirumiftturv note nmdo und delivered by mid .
... in ... I .,..i..,K..r !.-,.
'..T.:. 7 Thiruon
Duiiaraand Niuutv-Four Ceutu with iuuior-t i
from M.ireh 1, Ws, on an uconnt lnr uooita
a n.l iiiniliL-iiiiM 1'iiriiislu'J and irntrhiuu.il 't
vicuna u i'b si. inu r'n lcred iu Mnilf of Do
iWidunt by th'u flniiniil'. ul Jjjtouilunt'a roquo'.
'f Iml id Culvin Koo.uu bus abscoudod Willi
tiio iiilent to d'.'l'ioud Ins creditors, and is uuw
niipBiit from Buid btutu ol Ulnoj Unit iu .a'
vin K'-utou, unouuul tho heirs t law ot
John Kovtii.,ilecuiiM'd, is tlio owner uu
)i,nu-ed ot olio undivided mxiu pr( ol mo
lollnt iiisf Kuul Ki-tuto, Bituiilud iumid toiimy
of Vinti'ii, una Suite of Chio, to-wit:
TLo We,t half of tuo SoUtU-hu-Uiiurior oi
ScutouThreu(,8,)Towualiiplovon(ll,) lUngo
siuveiituoii ( 17. )
lbo riuiiitiu praya lor judgment ior p'u
several suiik staled und intcrom; for n order
ol'uttuchinout sKiinst said interest of Dufondunt
in bind lauUjuno! tlat tba iumu muy Do oiu
und proeeods applied in payuiout o: said claims
.mil cost of buit.
Tim K.iid C'ulviu Koeton is noil lied that bo Is
riipiired to answer id petitiou oil or betoro
luo l una fcujuruay niter tuo 4tluiay ol juiiuu
ryuoxt. AM)liEV WOLK.by
i)oopb J. JloUowell, lii All'y.
Novanibor 80, le65-rtw
Stalt of Ohio, inlon County.
Jacksou Wortmuii, 1'1'lT,
1 Petition for Pur
tition In Court
Wiu.H.Trippat. al.,Dof ta.) of Common Picas.
W1LL1ASI II. TK1PP, of the Countj of
fciliuUiy, Stuto of llliuoi, Uuvid 8. Tripp,
of tho o'ouuty of Vlulon, btuto of Otiio, now
:.. . I It k! A - ... U 'l'-'itt
aUrtlU IU bill) U. .ami, UUIUJU tu I I
of saiii Viutoaeoiuty, Stopliuu M. J Tripp, of
tho tJoiinty ol juoKsun, stato oi umo, J j: u j.
Iriiip, oi tuid iuiou tonuty, uow horviuin
tliu L'. si. Army, Oliver T . Tripp, ot uid m
tou Coiiuly, now serving iu tliu U. K Army,
Ljotii las II. Tripp, a minor, of tho County ot
Jackson, Stuto of Ohio, Lovina Tripp, iutor-
ii uinua Willi Kobiit b . Join a. ot mo vouuiy oi
Weill, btalo ol lndiuiia. Klizubuth T.ipp, lu-
turiu irricd Willi Aloxaiiucr l.iwng-tou, oi sum
Vinton County, Kdijooea lripp, mtormarrioa
with ISoiiU Li''u, ol huid County oi y iuiou,
Marj Aim Tripp, iiiloriuurrioJ v.illi Kli Liv
iii'ntou, ol h.dd County of Vinton, und Loui
11. Tripp, inii!i-mrriua wun ueur(;o n. iioiu,
of euid County of Vluti.u, wno uto cbiMiou
unil hnirH ut luiv ul Williuiu U. A. Triil,
docwi.-od, and tvtiuiits iu common with ino
potitioiior, iu tho prumli'us horoiunl'ior dow.'rib
ii, i. iNnii.'v A Trinu.' widow o! Willimil It. A.
Tripp, decoud, of tho (,'kiuuty of J nekton,
Stuto of Ohio, who in uatitlo i to dowot iu tlio
wUnlo ol'rtuid piumisos, uud ilnry I). Tripp,
iviil.iw hi'Jiissu J Triin.dauua.iod. I wlio w:is un
heir ut law of .WillUm II. A. Tripp.) ol tlio
Countvof Ju:kson. Stuluof Ohio, uud Uanii-
tlodtodowor in tho part of H.iid pruim-ns
owned by fuid Joiite J. Tripp, decu wd, i.ni
Ins lioir ut luw. un.l minor oliiklroli. to-wifc.
iluvey L. Tripp, Kuuhol A. Tripp, Laura A.
Tripp, William K.Tripp, and .Mary A Tripi,
of Jiukson Couu'y, tiuio of Ohio, who uro
Lonaiitniii common with tho potitioiior, in tho
jaid promise, will tako l. tico flint a patitiou
wua liiud u;: dust thcni on tho 2i:h .'y ot . o
voiubc, l'ii, in tlio Cnurt of Ciiiniii 'ii Pious,
within u id for tho said Couuty of Vinton, Ku:o
of Oliio, by Juckaou Wortmun, and i r now
ponJinu, wholoin paid ,!u :kon Wurlmutt t'.o
niHiids purriiion of tho followinif K -ul i'stutj,
ditiifttml in tliOHoiil t'ouiiiy of Vinton, to-wit:
"Tim North-tust quurtor of tliu jutli-Wunl
ijuur'.or ot Soetiim ISuiulior no, in Township
Numtiur KlKht, of Kunno Kuuibor Kilitoun,
iiontuining forty aoroi" nnd lb it, it l.li riuit
form uf said Couit, tlio sid Jui ks.Jii Wortmun
will upply for nn ordur that partition may
mudo of suid promisos.
lly Bratton & Mayo, his Ail'ys.
iovoiubor 30, lb6d-lw
Great Impro Yemenis in
4 Xj
Shuttle Machine.
Salrtroom, 536 Broadway AW.
350 Wabhinyton St. Boston.
H21 Chtttnut St., thihdcphir
PIUS MACHINE. luconstruotod on onttrelv
X now principloi of mechaniaiii, popsesainv
niuny rare md valuubio improvenients, huving
-icon examined by the most prolouua exports
aud pronounced to be
Simplicity & Perfection Com
bined !
i't has a straight noodle, porpendicular n-t ior,
mako tho "Lock or Shuttle Stich,' which will
N'r.iTiipit Kip nor Kivu, aud is alike on both
sido; perfonuH pcrfeci sowing on every doscrip
lion oi iniuormi, irnni i,out nor to tuo nuostfiun
sook MiiHline, witb cotton, linen or silk thread,
from the coarsest to the finoHt number.
Iluving noither Cam nor Coo Wueel, and the
least biMHible friction, it runs ti smooth
glass; and is empirically a
It requires Fifty vku cent, lcbs vowxh
drive it then any other machine iu tho market,
a girl eleven years of ago can work it stoadliy,
without tntigue or injury to heaitn.
lit stronglb and wonuurfcl simplicity
construction, renders it almost iinpoamblo
got out ofordor, aud is ouarbanted by the
compuny to give entire witiBlactioi,.
Wo respectfully invito nil those who may do-
sire to Biipply themselves trith a superior arti
cle to come una examine this CNBIVALLKD Ma
One half honrs instruction is snfDcient,
enable any person to work this machine
t he r on tiro Hutismction.
Ri.iuiousnnd 'iiaiiitaule institctions will
be liberally doaltwith
Agents Wanted for all towns in the United
Stutos where Aicnta are not alreadj establishes
Also, for t'n'jn. Mexico, Central and South
America, to whom a liberal discount will
No consignments made at all. Address
Empire Sewing Machine Mfg
. a. . m BROADWAY. N. T.
Priuciple Agencies Established: Pitsbnrf,
Ernest Asthclm, Haltimoro, Thos. Shanks.
Wheolina. W. Va. W.D. Sawkell B ro.
cinnsti O., MatLer & Wilson
November autn ism iyr
John Kennedy's Estate.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the subscri
ber has been dulj appointed and qualified
as executor on the estate of John Kennedy lata
of Vinton County, deceased
Mot Wr-in JOHNE. BRIfMT.j
aurreut money and coin-make coltectioui
jt.ePj4 promptly on the day we get returiu.
Kinney, Uumlj &. Co.,
Jaeksoa, Ohio.
SOLICIT the accounts of business men
and iudivuals of Jackson, Vinton aui
ludjoiuing counties deal in exchange.' un-
all parts of the couiitiy. and remit pro-
Government Securities, and Revcuua
Stump: alwayt on hand and for ft'e.
fj7-I merest paid on time deposits.
11 Ii. Chafmah. H S.Bundt T V.Kikv,
1'iesident. Viee President Cashier
Wm.Kisnev, E.B.Lvdwick. A A. Austin
J.D.Clabs. W.N.Burke, l'.Louwici.
Jackson, 0 , Nov. 30th I8G5 6mos. '
Fancy Goods, Toys &e.
RESPECTFULLY announces to the cit
izens or McArthur, and vicinity tb... t
uho has just openod, at her jesideuce on
North Srcct McArthur O
A large and well selected stock of
HOODS fee. &c.
Toys for the Holidays,
of all kinds, all of which will e soli
cheap for CASH.
Miss EMMA RANZIN, will attend t
doing up und trimming Bonnets, Hats flic,
in the latest style and to order.
Ladies are respectfully urged to call and
examine her stuck, wmcn b!i will iko
greal pleasure in exhibiting to all persons
whether they purchase or not
Mrs. M. J. DODGE.
Nv. 3Cih 05 3mos
Furn:itiii"e ! II
E. V. F..tbwell'8 old f.tand, ou
llih Utretit.
HAVING bought out the Stock, of
E. V. Buthwell, aud brought oil a
F U Ii N IT U 11 E ,
consisting of
Bureaus, IkiiatestU, Tables,
Clisire, Suttetfl, Kockcre,
and every other article iu the
All of which ve will
Mian '.eny othrr establiliment ia the cous-
Ckll and examina our Work and see for
OCT-All T7ork warranted.
Sept. 28, 186fl-6ra
X the art of making pictures by Ihe
agency of light, is the
and, as a keepsake, nothing would be mor
highly prized than one of those beautifu
Pictures. Remember that
0. .. BILLimilUIiST
will be always found dunng business bou
at his w
opposited the Court ;lIouse ready to make
auy style of Pictures that may be called
He alga keeps constantly on band all
kind3 of
l'ictnro Frames, Cord and Tassels,
Albums. Photographs, Jewelry,
Watch Keys, &c.
(C5A11 kinds of Pictures Framed
Call and i n
Sept 29, 1865-3m
Daniel Nunnemaker, Guardian of the
estate of Jacob Dixon and William Dixon,
has filed his accounts and vouchers in the
Probate Court of Vinton County, and State
of Ohio, for inspection and final settlement;
and that the same will be for hearing, in
said Court ou the 16th day of December
Not. 30th 1865 3w Probate Judj,

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