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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, January 29, 1873, Image 3

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The McArthur Enquirer.
J. W. ROWKN, Editor and Publisher.
H f -i rs w , h 3 a S
Jan. ; 12 3 4 July I 2 3 4 f.
11 ti 7 9 I" II ""J- (I 7 H III II I!
12 l.'l II 1.1 1(1 17 v n 14 IB IR 17 It- IH
111 l2l 24 Hi i 21 22 KI 24 26 20
27 2 ill 311 31 ... , r, 'If Hi .10 31
Feb. 1 Aut, i
if .1 t II 6 7 I- lUiltl
II III 11 12 13 14 1.1 Ill II 12 l: 14 IS IF
IH 17 IH ID 31 21 22 17 18 la 211 21 22 2.1
, 23 24 23 2ft 27 28 ... 24 25 21. 27 28 211 30
Birch i - . ai
2 3 4 II H 7 f Wot. ... I i 3 4 6 (
H III II 12 13 14 l.'i ' 7 8 I" II 12 I:
III 17 IH III 211 21 22 14 If. IK 17 If IV 21
2.1 24 fi It 27 2K 211 21 22 23 24 r, 26 27
. .. l 31 - . 2l 211 30
Atril 12 3 4 fi Oct 12 3 4
' B 7 8 9 HI II 12 HIM 10 II
1.1 14 1.1 IH 17 II- II' 12 13 14 Ift 16 17 If
211 21 22 23 24 26 211 l'. 20 21 22 23 24 23
2i 2o ill M 211 27 2 2U 311 31 ...
Bit. l 2 :i Aor i
I A d 7 A 9 III 2 3 4 1 6 7 1'
II 12 13 14 1.1 16 17 (lilli II 12 13 14 If.
IK 10 .11 21 22 y. 24 If 7 e 10 20 21 22
25 2li 27 2 211 311 31 .CI 24 2! 211 27 2S 21'
June. .in.
I 2 3 4 (1 6 7 Dir. ... 1 2 3 4 6 1
Is I. Ill II 12 13 II 7 f tl III II 12 I"
15 in 17 IK 111 211 21 H 15 If. 17 If 111 21
;! 2.1 24 2.1:2ti 27 24 2.'. 21'. T.
I.'H' Hi 2fj2!i:il'll .
OiMInittiou Certificates,
Kor the use of tlio ordained Elders of the
ClirlKliiui I'liiim.
Pastm-iil Reports,
For i'li-tov, which will onablo thorn to pro-
, pure a com plot, . account of their work in n
short time. I
C'lmrcH Reports,
Which will lie found convenient for eneh
church In milking n full report of statistics,
etc., each your, to ho resented to the Annuiil
These blanks were prepared by tho Kdltor of
The Chrhtlon H'furss, nml "rlntud in (rood
stylo on Hiil)t.intlnl iiiir lij .1. W. Dowkn,
Chrlxllnn I'liion Publisher, McArthur, Ohio.
l'rieii 3 conls eneh, or ' por 100.
Address nil orileis to (hi Kdltor or the Piili-'
I.enul Blanks,
Of every description, tif tlio niOHt tippi-ived
forms, prepared with grout care, suitable for
the use of liny .Justice of tho Peace, Attorney,
Notary Public, or Comity officer, in any
County or t w iisiiip In Ohio, and printed ou
Kiiod pitpor.
Price, from f to JO cimiM each, or from W3
to U per 100.
ltlnnlc Itookn.
Any kind of IJIiiuk Hook can he furnished
at lowest prices, lucliidiuir printed Civil anil
Crlniinal Justices Dockets.
Thuse diwlinjr iiii thlujf lu the 111 link Book
linp Hlioitld call upon or address the Publisher
ag ttw
Last Nutunluy, Jiinuary 25, 1873,
was tlio 1tirt!ilay of Rodkkt Burns,
tllP JMK't.
John Gaynok of Chillicothc, O.,
is one of the contractors for build
ing tlif Ki'iiltKiUy fc Groat Eustern
Tuesday, .May l;, 1873, is tho
day fixed upon for tlio inootinir of
the CoiiHtitutinnal (Convention of
Tun Cincinnati & Muskingum
Valley Hiiilrond lia;s bppn loasod to
tho Pittsburgh, (.'incinnati tk St.
Louis Railway Co.
Puok. .1. II. Hoi.icv, of AlleUsville,
SiMita balloon from tho Ktirfaop of
tho ctirth in front of Mki.i.ou's
Stoke, in Zalcski, last Saturday, in
clini'o of Amos Lkaoii, to tho ro
p;ionH abovp. In making tlio at
, tempt to land, near tho Zaloski C'o's
olIlcOH, Amos Hprainud his ankle.
Hundred of exoited people wit
nessed the feat of tho aerial: iiiiva
putor. ii
The Democrats and Clbcrals of
tlnj, several townships of Vinton
Coinity will bo called upon to como
out in their strength at tho election
on Monday, April 7th, for, in addi
tion to the regular township offlcers
to be chosen, the ticket will consist
of ti candidate for the Constitution
al Convention. Tho election will
be of importance, and a good man
must be selected as a candidate for
this most important position.
-- i
Cleaning Gi-ass, etc. Cold tea
is tho best liquid for denning var-j
nished paint, window pa,nes and
mirrors. A sharp piece of soft wood
is indispensable for cleaning out
cornerH. A saucer of sifted ashes
should always be at hand to clean
unvarnished paint that has become
badly smoked; it is better than
soap. Never put soap upon glass
unloHS it can bo -thoroughly rinsed
off, which ('1111 never ba done to win
dow glass. Wash oil' the specks
with warm tea, ami rub the panes
dry; then make a pasto of whiting
and water, and put a little in the
center of each prne. Take a dry
cloth and rub it all oyer the glass,
mid then rub it oft' with a chamois
skin or flannel, and your windows
will shine like crystal.
During the past week nearly
all kinds of weather has been
visited upon the people of this
Jqcality. ' It has rained, snow
ed, blcnved, frozed, thawed, etc.
Last night (Tuesday) we be
lieve was tho coldest of the
winter the thermometer stand
ing at from 15 to 20 in dill'erent
parts of town. At the residence
of 0. T. Gunnino the thermom
eter st ood at 17, and at the re
denco of Prof. M. It. IUrnks at
20 on Wednesday morning.
This altetnonn it is quite warm.
Sometimes a warm day follows
an awful cold night.
' There have been a series of meet
inge : held in tho Presbyterian
Church durinff the past three
weeks, resulting In much good.
Loveks in this little village stick
each other with pins' to "while
rtway" the monotous hours of these
long winter evenings. More young
men are needed to kelieve the mar
kied ones who are on double duty.
"Let the tide of emigration turn
this way."
"Ou, Lord; don't forget to Btir up
the lukewarm!" This is an ab
stract from a recent prayer.
Some of the swains of this place
carry their pockets full of candy for
their sweet-hearts to steal from
them, after which they "eat it pig
eon fashion.
Go to Ilamden for pretty girls.
Young men are scarce and "played
Public Attention Called to the Fact!
Beautiful! Grand!
.The numerous readers of this
paper will be glad to learn that
Aaron Will, of the well known
firm of Dan. Will & Biios., of
this town, has again exercised
the most judicial taste in select
insr another grand assortment
of goods for their establishment
the first of the New Year ! !
This House is always first, and
begins the New Year with a
magnificent stock of the finest
styles of goods of every de
scription. Aaron returned last
Saturday, bringing all the very
latest as well as the entire
range of reasonable novelties
which are being sold at great
ly reduced figures !
Opening of the New York at Zaleski.
The Dry Goods House of Will ik
Co., at Zaloski, is now opening the
first stock of every variety of new
and fashionable goods for the New
Year the only lot which has been
received in that place. Tlio goods
tire very fine, and everybody .should
go and nee them. The prices for
this year are considerable, less,
The attention of. the .public
is directed to the advertisement
of Wolf, Piicucu & Co., Drug
gists, who succeeded 0. T.
(tunxino. They sell none but pure
(hugs, and at the lowest price.
Visit this store' when you need
anything usually kept in a
Drug Establishment. r
The-preservation pf the teeth is
a matter of the primest importance.
Especially ought young persons ap
preciate the force of this fact. Have
your teeth examined, and if need be,
have them properly cared for before
toothache drives you to regret your
neglect. Apply now to
Dr. N. J. BOWERS, McArthur.
Jan. 8th.
The passage of a bill in the
House of ltcpresentatives granting
1 (10,000 acres ot land in Iowa to the
Rock inland and Pacific Railroad,
despite the protest of the settlers,
is considered so large a land-grabbing
job that strong efforts will be
made te obtain the President's veto
to it,
Post-office orders for less than
$10 are now sent for 5 cents. This
is a change, that will be especially
bononeinl to newspaper olllces as it
will enable small subscriptions to
bo sent in that way rather than
risk the currency.
Tun weather Tuesday 'was in
tensely cold throughout Iowa, the
mecury ranging from 14 degrees
holow zero at Dubuque to 40 at
Osage, 35 at Oskaloosa, and 23 at
' Most of the property advertised
for delinquent tax, the 21st, inst.,
was redeemed on and before the
day of sale ; the balance was sold or
transfered to tho State.
: Justices of the Peace are requir
ed to make returns of fines, assessed
during tho year ending Doc, 31, to
the County Auditor, not later than
Feb. 1st. ,.
Colds and sore throats are pre
valent in this locality, at tho pres
ent time, the sudden and oxtremo
changes of the atmosphere is the
probable cause.
TnE total bonded and current
(icut oi uuuicotne is jfjy.ouu, $iu,
000 of which was borrowed to njeet
cni;rcpt; esiicusos, '.' ' .;;,'
TnE Pigeon Crock Coal and Iron
Company, of Jackson county, capi
tal $300,000, shares $100, has been
Bung-hole post Office.
JfMtr Xdttur the Knjutr-rr:
Youre paper cum all rite, an
i was much tickeled. U sed
yu'd printed mi adviso fur yure
gide, an that yure a goan to be
governd by it.
i got my reckord the day fore
yure paper cum tu hand, an i
seed in that a nuther trubble a
bruen, about Cupole an tax
paer, an Lyer. an Fool, an Sim
pleton, an Ass I an a hole lots
uv em a quarelen bout ole Jerry
Rannell an Tom Stotburroe, an
bout Clapole a bein on 1 side,
an tax-payer, un lyer, un Ass
un all uv the rest uv em on
now, i jist thout its not' fare
ef clapole is a lyer, cos theys
menny ov em
a snn
him, fur
lifur hissclf is a match fur eny
ov us without ennybody to help
him; though i 'low the rest uv
em dont amount tu much if
clapole cood git lyer tu let him
now, when i seed this, i gist
konkluded ide put'a stop tu it
bi linen in with clapole an help
en him out uv the muss, - coz,
he's fur belford too, same as
me ; so i jist tells jim (jlm's mi
biggest boy, an i tell yu hese a
whopper, tu,) i tells jim to sadel
up ole mike, an ide go tu town
an see clapole about it ; an when
i got there cupole wrs the fust
1 uv em l seed. Sez i, 2 him,
where's the . men yure a quar
elen with in the wreckerd ? sez
he, fin not a quarelen with eny
body, then i gist shode him
the pease in the wreckerd a
tocken about him an lyar, an
proseqtor, an fool, an ass, an-so-4th,
xetera. then sez he, O,
that's nuthen but des martin, ur
sum uv the boys that wunted tu
git a pease printed theyd rote,
tu se how it'd look.
when he sed this," i got riled
at him ; sez l, des martin s agin
raper, an fur my man, an he
didnH rite il, nuther! sez he,
how do u no he didn't ? sez i,
enny body otter no that much ;
coz, sez i, des rites better peases
than that is when he dus rite
eny, an des is not a lawyer, nur
his bruther-in-law aint nuther;
an. pes . dident live with fisher
wimmeu nuther, like that man
that rote it did ; nor he didn't
"ketch drift wood by a muddy
crick hk that man does as rote
it. Moreuver, sez i, des woodn't
a used raper fur tu tell him
how much ole jerry ode the
county, coz he hose raper ; but
he'd a gist axed the clerk ef
he'd a wanted to a node, an the
clerk wood a tole him, too, an
a tole him the truth about it
also ; but des didn't want tu no,
nur nun uv these men yure a
quarelen with didn't want tu no
nuther ; an hereunto des ma be
like em, but hereunto iz all the
plase heze like em. Moreuver,
sez i, des woodent a keered
whether jerry was tride agin or
not ; an if Led a bin a goin 2
rite about it he woodn't a bin so
pertickler . about sayen twice
that it had cost moren $400
alredy, when he node it didn't
cost a $150; an des woodn ta
bin so keerful to say the last
jury 'whs only 1 fur crimenaten
jerry, an so karful 2 sa nuthen
about 11 uv the 1st jury a bein
fur crimenaten him an ' only 1
uy em on jerry's side. More
uver, i continued: sez i, des
hant a lawyer whats a trien to
clere ole jerry, an he hant got a
man underneath him a studyin
tu be anuther lawyer, an what
wants 2 run in2 an office next
fall agin yu, an des hant got a
hole lots uv bruther-uu-laws, an
cuzens, an unkels, an sich like,
to rite fur him" an 2 rite what
he wants em 2 rite, an jist giv
him a chanse 2 doge out uv it,
when he gits acused uv duen it.
Mister, sez l, moreuver, it
tant mack oilvry nuther, thats a
duen it, Hir lies a frend an
scoler, an he woodn't rite it
that way, ef he wus- a riten it.
Sez i, it a man that's agin Bel
ford an on raper's side, thats a
duen it iraagin raper, sez i,
en fll help yu ( Then
clapole gits up, an boss ho, i
gesB yuve tole me all yu no
now, an i kin git along without
yure help. This riled me moren
enny thing he sedj cos, i seed
rite away . he didnt . preciate
me; so i:. jist tole him to go it,
an i dident keer which uv em
got tho 1 better: uv the tuther
clpole, or tax-payer J "or fool, or
ass, enny how, only on belferd's
account, an as mi agin raper.
now. mr.edetur.'vou mav list
j'iiiv fill iiav TjCvr All I lip
tu yu bout uther an hevler mat
tef'8 than thene is. I'll dis-":.;
tho conitituBhutol convenshun,
&n perspective candidates, an-so-forth,
unles raper rites sum
thon flgin belferd .in his rrwr
this week, that ilehavto anser;
an lie also tel bout milt bay a
bieu shenes 7 days after he'd
otter bin a lecislatun fur the
pepel, an-so-4th.
Ures, until deth,
We are indebted to Geokgb W,
Ciiilds, Esq., for a copy of his
handsomely printed Public Ledger
Almanac. It is filled with valuable
information and statistics, and
speaks well for th6 enterprise and
prosperity of the journal under
charge of Mr. Guilds.
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, January 28, 1873.
Demand modorate and
quiet; prices ranging from (1 GO to VI la.
JtBAN-15 ton; 8hlptuir15lS ton.
11UTTKR The local dealers are tho princi
pal purchasers.
CRANBEKKIKS-JIMI!) 50 $ barrel.
Cuiehk Selection of factory aU415c
Pineamile at WASc, w Hi.
Cokfkk We quote Kio at 8122o.i Com
mon 243to.; Java S28c.: Choice too.
Fruit Ureen apples are nelllng at 50
imrrei, lor inir 10 choice, Willi lancy lor re
tailing, at B07fi. higher. Drlod apples 8WJ
$ lb for Southern and Wetrn, and oSW)
Hit for prime to choice Northern. Half
peaches at 8)i7)ic. Lemons at $5 5O(!0 f. box,
Oranires S12ftcia ri barrel.
Floub Tlio market remains quiet, with
prices n orn H to ir,, ,
whbat n 7rxsi eo.
C'OBN 410.
Hay lifXdia ton.
Potatoes TO'mHuc.
Bacon Kib sides. T,'ic; sugar cured hams,
Kabu 7(3 8c
8U0 A B 10 I8I4C.
St. Louis Market.
ST. LOUIS, January 28.
The suspension of navigation again greatly
restricts shipping facilities, and business re
ceived a iiecitieu cneca to-iiay.
Flour in light demand, and lioldors ft 10 Arm;
saies 01 supcriino winter at n !!5tti; double
extra winter, 18 TliftiiT S5. Wheat stiff, but
slow: sales of sample lots Chicago spring,
regular, U SI; do. ted winter, 4 05. Corn
dull, and market unsettled: mixed, 82','n.
Oats dull and lower: No. 2. 29c. Hurley aulet.
only sample lots sold. Ryo firm, and littlo
uiiei ing: no, x, iuc,,
I'ork nominal; no sales. Dry-salt meats
ouiot: shoulders, 4!(e. clear rib sides, 04c;
clear.B.; all up country, huvor March; onlor
lots tlrin at ih,Glailanc. liacon nnlet. and
only a small order trade. Lard quiet, and
uuimug none.
Hogs higher at 3 B54 25; sales mostly at
I4W4 10. -1
Cattle unchanged: common to choice cows
ami lienors, ic. 101c.; lair to cnoire steers,
4i0c,; common to choice Texaus, 8c34,'c.
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, January 28.
Flour: market dull and unchanged. Wheat
in good demand and unchanged. Corn nom
inal: mixed Western, Ulc Outs dull: mixed
Western, 4ik$45o.; wliltc, 40-17c Hye quiet
Provisions firm: mess pork, H In round
lots. Hulk mess quiet; nothing ollering. Ba
con in good demand and scarce: shoulders,
8(S.64-o ; rib sides, 7f8cj clear rib sides,
8"t8i,;c.; hams, 12i(nil5o. Lard, 8c; held at
i 'astern butter mora active: sales of choice
roll at 25(a;(Jc.
Philadelphia Market.
Flour quiet and steady: suporflno, 5 50
5 75; extra, (7: Pennsylvania, Ohio and Iiuli
.inn, tn&9. wheal weak and unchanged.
Uyo, 87c. Corn: good firmer: Inferior dull:
new yellow, B8(H,59c.: white, 07c Oats dull:
white, 4IKtf.52c; mixed, 4li,'i47e,
Crude petroleum, l-tlOc; refined, Sic
Dr. N. J. Bowers, Dentlnt, McArthur, O.
llotloway's Fills. Mark till, fact, attested
by tlio first inedlcnl periodicals of Europe,
Ihat cases of coiillrmvil dyspepsia, abandoned
as hopeless by tho faculty, yield to a snort
course of these Pills. Sold 78 Maiden Lane,
N. Y. Price 2u. per box. Ask for new style;
the old Is counterfeited.
Settlement Notice. All persons knowiug
themselves Indebted to tho firm of Higiimoxd
ft Huns, aro requested to call immediately
and settle accounts. Wo rnnnnt carry no-
counts from ono year to anolhor, and pay our
own bills. RICHMOND & Ill'HN.
October 2, 1872. tf.
For Ayer'H Medicines, go to G. W. Slsson's.
Chapped linmlri, face, rough skin, pimples,
ringworm, salt-rheir.n, and other cutaneous
affections cured, mid the skin made soft and
smooth, by using tho Juniper Tar Soap, nindc
liy Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York. Bo cer
tain to get the Juniper Tar Soap, as thero aro
many worthier iniilalions miule witli common
tar. Dec4-12w
W. It. lcillotl's Ii.i.cktbated Plant and
Seed Catai.ohi'K mulled Free to all appli
cants. W. R. ELLIOTT,
Jan.SU-lm 114 Market St., Pittsburgh
Is Hazard & Caswell's, mado on tho sea ghoro,
fi-om fresh, selected livers, by Caswell, Haz
ard ft Co., Now York. It is absolutely pure
and sweet. Patients who havo onco taken it
prefer it to all others. Physicians havo decided
it superior to any of the other oils in tho mar
ket. Dec4-12w
For Fine Perfumery, go to Slsson's Drug
The Best Place. Tlio choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Queenswaro, Glassware, Notions, &c,
can bo had at Davis Duncan's Store, In Z11-
loskl, nt all Units.
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce of every
description taken in exchange for goods, at
his store. In connection with his storo ho hns
a Saddle and Harness Shop, anil will repair
anything in that lino on short notice and at
low figures. Go and see him. tf
Dr. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, MoArthur, O.
Emigration Turning. Cheap Farms In
South-west Missouri. Tho Atlantic- ft Pacific
Railroad Company otters 1,200,000 acres of land
In Central and South-west Missouri, at from (3
to $12 por acre, on seveu years' time, with free
transportation from St. Louis to all purchas
ers. Climate, soil, timber, mineral wealth,
schools, churches, and law-abiding society In
vito emigrants from all poluts to this land of
fruits and flowers. For particulars address A.
Tuck, Laud CommiHbionor, St. Louis, Mo. 1-ly
For Pure Drugs and Medicines, go to Sls
son's. Dr. N. J. Bowers. Dentist, Mi.- Arthur, O.
Five Hundred Thousand. -000,000 hot lies
ofOrocuu1 August Flower havo been sold In
this Slate in throe months. We only ask you
to go to tho drug stores of Gunning or Slssoni
McArthur, Ohio, anil get a hottloivs of charge
or a regular size, at 75 cents. Every bottle,
warranted to euro Dyspepsia or Llyupcoin,
plaint, Sick headache, Costlyeness, Heart
burn, Waterbrash, Sour 8Uunach, Indigestion,
Impure Blood, and all disease caused by Im
pure Blood, or deranged Stomach and Liver.
Try it. 0, 0. GREEN, Proprietor,
-.-' - Columbus, Ohio.
Dr. ST. J Bowers, Dentist, McArthur, O.
Beyond the Miss I sslppl. Thousands havo
Already gone, anil thousands more are turn
ing their eyes toward! now hornet In the for
tlio West, To thoso going to Missouri, Kan
sas, Noliratka, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming,
Nevada, Oregon or Californ ia, wi recommond
Auhoap, safo, quick and direct route, via St
Louis, over tlio Missouri Pacific Railroad,
which runs Its fine Day Coaches anil Pullman
Sleepers from fit, Louis to principal points In
tho West, without change. Wo hellcvo that
the Missouri Pacific, Railroad ha the best
track and the finest anil safest equipment of
any lino west of tho Mississippi, ind It con
nocllom with roads father West aro prompt
and, reliable. Tlio Texas connection ot tb
road Is how completed, unit Pai:,o-i.it are
oftorciU flrat-clftw, l) '.r, Mnt8 trnm Hu
LohI (o XM-'onho, over tho Missouri,
?.usas ft Toxai R. It. via Sodallo, or over the
Atlantic ft raclflo 11. U. r!a Vlnlta. For
maps, time, tables, Information as to rates,
routes, Ac, wo refer our reader (o 8. II.
Thompson,' Eastern Passenger Agent, Colum
bus, Ohio, or E. A. Fnrd, General Tasscngor
Agent, St. Louis, Mo. Questions will be cheer-
Ben. "Wood,
A ffliiiEiiM Pw Stat.
Clumns of
Contains ALL THE NEWS,
foreign, domestic, political and
general, with full and reliable
market reports. Each number
also contains several short sto
ries, and a great variety of lite
rary, agricultural matter, etc.,
etc., constituting, it is confident
ly asserted, the most complete
weekly newspaper in this coun
try. TERMS, $2 A' YEAR.
Inducements to Clubs:.
Klvm f'nr.1. nn.v.i. AAA
Ten Copies, one year, and an extra -
"pj o 1110 eiMicr. . ... ...laou
Tweuty Copies, one year.and an ex- .
traoopyto sender. DSOO
Fifty Copies, one year, and an ex-
rn cupjr 11, HnilHtJl' ., OO yU
Parties sending clubs as above.
may retain 20 er cent, of the money
received by them, as commission.
Persons desiring to act as
agents supplied with specimen
bundles. Specimen copies sent
free to any address. All letters
should be directed to
BOX 3,105,
New Yrk City Port Office.
.IV.,. .'- ,M, , i- . .:.!,..
T. A. MARTIN. , j ,
T. A.. MA.ITIIsr 3c S03ST,
Desire to say to their friends and customers, and the public in
general, that they have now in store a splendid stock of
Positively Self Goods Cheaper
Do not buy goods before you
We shall hereafter sell our
liQUlVALLNi, thus enabling
Better Bargains
All kinds of Produce bought
Come and see us when you come
satislactory dealing.
One door West of Court-house, McArthur, Ohio.
An invention having a most important bearing on tlio future reputation of Reed Instru
ments. Iiv the use of which the auantitv or Volume of tnnn is vei-v lurirclv increased, and tbe
quality of the tone rendered
Equal to that of the East Pipe
Our celebrated "Vox Celeste," "Louis Patent."
coupler, 1110 cnarming "ceuo" or "uarinet" Btops, nu
Can bo obtained only in these Organs.
Prices, - -
Corner Sixth and Congress Nts., Detroit, Mich.
Established In 18B0.) a AGENTS W.NTED IN EVERY COUXTY.
Address, ;
. SIMMONS & CLOUGH ORGAN CO., Detroit, Michigan.
manufacture to order and repair Furniture of
and nccompany tkem with a Hearse. &s?The) publio ar lnrited to call mni
examine my Stock. AnTAV.
March 19th, 16TJ. ;,'..
Have In store a ftilt stocTt of DKANI? STEAM PUMPS, JITdron ftoVFTtwoTta BAIT,
and DOOR MACHINERY, Ac, Ac... KFPAUUNftor A.t.1. KINDH f il 5 Tl'.Y A
1. r! 1- 11
i I ,'
i. . .- it
than any House in Vinton Connty !
goods only for CASH, OR ITS
us to give our patrons
than Erer Before!
and sold at the Market Prices
to town, and we guarantee you
Organs of the Same Capacity.
" Vox Humana," "Wilcox Patent," Octave
ssro to SSOO
f iTif' t J?
Ij.11" Wl.i 11
all kinds, ol tho moat reuonable price. I am
x iaaiyai.sj .vr.ww.
COHNER riPTII, , . 1Q1
Vtn.trnr Ullfers ai not a vil. Fine Drinl
nude of toor kiini, Wlii.kcy, Proof Spirits and Refill
jquora, u.icioren, spicea, anu iweciened to pieu. is.
asle. cillrd l'ouicii.lr ' Aonetizeri." ' Raatririiri.
fcc., that Itfd the tippler on to drunkenaaas and ruif
u, cuiime, mmiD iron, tile naiiT. ruv
.nd herbs of Cal ilornia. free from all Alcoholic Stimulatt
I'liey are the Great Blood Purifier and a Lih-(ivie
rnncipia ferieci - Kenovator ana lnvigoratorol It
lyatem, carrying olT all poisonous mailer and reitorii
h. blood to a hilihy condition, .nrichinrit, refreshis
.nd inviioratiuir Loin mind and bodv. Thev are ai
4 adniini.tration, prompt in their action, certain ia tbe
Minn, sat. ana reliable in all lornts 01 niteaw.
lo Parson cam take these Bitter, accert
ng to directions, and remain long unwell, proid
heir bones ar. not deitroyed by mineral poison orothi
nan, and III. vilal organs waited beyond the poi)
if repair.
uyin.n.ia or Indlire.tlon. Ileadach.. Pal
the Shoulders, Couglia, i'lglitn.st of ill. Chest, Dii
incH, sour cructauons 01 in. oiomacn, uaa i.M
n til. Mouth, ililinu. Altacke. Palnitalinn of til
h. Kidneys, and a hundred oih.r painful symptom
re ilia oflDrinii of Dvintn.ia. In ilieu comolaiai
I hat no equal, anil on. boltl. will prove a better guai
atee of its merit, than a ltii?iliy aavertitemtnt.
For Female Cotuplalut., in young or ob.
Harried or tingle, at the dawn of womanhood, er ta
urn of life, ill... Tonic Bitt.rt display to decided a
fifluenc. lliat a marked imnrovamenl it soon nittl
ibl.. '
For Inflammatory and Chrsulo Kheti
naU.au and Gout, Dyspcpaiaor Indigetlion, liilioai
limiitent and Intermittent Fev.it, Disease, of Ui
Hood, Liver. Kiduey and Bladder, lint. Billtrt hat
en most tuccet.ful. Such Diseases are caused b
'iliattd Blood, wlech it generally produced by derange
j.nt of th. Dige.tiv Organs.
They are a Gentle Pararatlre aa well a
I Toulc, potMt.iug alto th. peculitr merit of tctia
is powenui agent in relieving iongettion or snnan;
lation of ill. Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Biliot)
For Bkln Diseases, Eruptions, Teller, Sail
.li.um. blotches. Spots. Pennies. Pustules. Boils. Cat
Uncles, King-worms, Scald-Head, Son Kyes, Er
pelai. Itch, Scurfs, Discoloralions of th. Skin, Humot
ud Diseases of the Skin, of whatever nam. or nature,
f. literally dug up and carried out of th. system in
wn um. or me use oi met. outers, un. doiu.
icb cases will convince th. most incredulous of thai
iirativ. effects.
Cleause the Vitiated Blood whenever va
lid itt impurities bunting through the tkia in Pimples
ifupuuiia, ur ourv. , ciemiM 11 wuen you nna u oc
meted and tluggish in th. veint : cleanse it when it i
ml ; your feelinga will tell you when. Keep tin bloa
ure, and the healili of the system will follow.
Grateful tlionsauds proclaim Vmioia Bil
ill the most wonderful I nvigorant ihat ever auttaine
le tinkinr system.
Pin. Tape, and other Worms, hirkintr i
is system of so many tbouaaudt, ar. effectually dc
rayed and removed, Sayt a distinguished physio)
jist i There ie scarcely an iudividuai upon the fae. ef th
irtu wuose U'Xiy is exempt irom tne presence ol worms
: ia not upon the healthy elements of the body the
orms exist, but. upon th. diseased humors and slink
ipoeits that breed tli.se living moiMlert of diaeati
lo system of Medicine, no vermifuges, no anthelmid
lea, will free th. system from worint like the. Bit
Haehanleal Diseases. Persons engaged i
aintt and Mineral", tuch aa Plumbert, Type-setters
old-b.al.rt. and Miners, at thev adranca in lib. wil
I tubiect to paralv'il of the Dowels. To guard agaios
ut uke a dote of Walkir s Vinegar Uittbrs one
r twice a week, at a Preventive.
Billons, Remittent, and Intermittent
'ev.rs, which are ao prevalent in the valleys of ou
rtat rivers throughout the United Stale., etpeciall;
lose of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Ten
tstee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colorado. Bratoi
lio Grande, Pearl, Alabama, Mobil., Savannah, Roan
ke, James, and many others, with their vast tributa
ei, tlirougiiout our entire coimtry during the Summe
nd Autumn, and remarkably to during seasons c
nutual heat and dryness, are invariably accompaai.
y extensive derane.cnicutt of the ttomacli and liver, aa
titer abdominal viscera. There are always more or lei
bstructiont of the liver, a weakness and irritable slat
f the stomach, and great torpor of ill. bowels, bein
logged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treat
lent, a purgative, exerting a powerful influence upo;
let. various organs, it essentially necessary. There i
o cathartic for the purpose equal lo Da. J. Walks'
'inscar lii-rritRS at they will speedily remove th
ark-colored viscid matter wills which the bowels ar
uded, at the same time stimulating the tecretiont
le liver, and generally restoring the heahhy function
f the digestive organ.
Beroftila, or King's F.vll, While Swelling!
Jlcert, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck, Goiter, Scrofulou
nflammatinns, Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial Al
rciiont. Old Sores Eriipliout of (lie Skin, Sore Evet
le, etc. In these, at in all other coiilliliition.il Dit
aset, Wai.kkr's Vinigar Rittr-ks have thnwn thei
real curative powens in ilis most obstinate and Inltacl
ble case..
Dr. Walker's California, Vinegar Bitter
ct on all these canct in a similar manner. Bv nurifvin
lie Blood they remove the came, and by resolving awa
he etfects ef the inflammation (the tubercular depositi
he affected parts receive health, and a permanent cur
I eneciea.
.The properties of Dr. Wai.krr's Vihioa
ilTTSRS are Anericnr, Diaphorelic and Carminative
vjulritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Couuterlrri-
mt. Sudnnhc, Alierativc, nil Auti-lliliout,
The Aperient and mild Laxative properties c
B. Walker's Vinrgar Hitters are the best safe
nard in all cases of eruptions and malicnant fevert
heir balsamic, healing, and toothing propertiet protec
lie humors of the fauces. Their Sedative propertie
Hay pain in the nervous system, ttomacli, and boweli
illier from inflaiumalion. wind, colic cramns. tts
riicir Counter-irritant influence extend, throughou
betyttem. Their Diuieuc propertiet acton die Kid
eys, correcting and regulating Ihe Dow of urine. T'liei
tnti-Bilious prnperiiet stimulate the liver, in Ihe aecr
1011 or Ulie, ana us aiscuar.es tnroiin me uni.iryuuu
nd ar. superior lo sll remedial ageuis, fur the cure (
Minus Fever, Fever and Ae;iie, etc.
Fortify the beily as;aitat dlaeas hv purl
ying all itt fluids with Vinrgar Hittrks. No epl
emic can take hold of a tysteni thut forearmed. Th
ver, the ttomacli, the bowels, the kidneys, and ih
,enres are rendered disease-proof by this jreat iuvig
Directions. Take of the Bitters on gome to be
tnight from a half to on. and one-half wiu-glaeAil
tat good nourishing food, tuch at beef tteak, inuttq
hop, venison, roast bocf, and vegetables, and tall
in-door exercise. Tliey are conipowd ef purely veget
ble ingredients, and contain no spirit.
Druggitts and Gen. Agts., San Francisco, Cal..
and cor. of Washington and Charlton Sta., New York
Sew York Offloe. 27 VEFXVW ST.
Tuonini Mcllor, plaintiff, .
John lletz, del'ondant and principal, and the
JUarltl&ia t liieiinnin niit'.u viui,wu;
as reorguulzcd, Gaiulsheo.
GARNISHEE. IJeforo Houry Robertson, J.
I'., til iniUlll-On WlWllWUIl', T ium vv., v.
OS tho 8th ilav of January. A. D. 1813, said
Juatii'O issued an order ot attachment and
naniihlieo in tho above action, for tbosnmof
forty dollars and nine cents (M0 Ott) principal,
and fifteen dollars, (15 00,) probable costs of
said action. . '
Said cause was continued for publication
until 0 o'clock a. m, of the SoiU day of 1 ebru
ary, A. V. mtx MELLOR, Plaintiff.
January 5, lbia-Hw
jet Thing In tho West J
h'ituaU in and tr Me Atlanta ""'Fi
th4 Ftit Portion of Kama!
Eleven years' credit. Boven per cent. Inter
eat. tw cent, reduction to
eiiien woo improve.
, '
THE FACTS about this Grant are Low
Prioes, Long Credit, and a Rebate to settlers
ot eejiily one-fourth a Rich Boil and Hplen-
(liuuttnatet anon -ami mim YMnlers; early
planuna;, and no wintering; of Stock plenty
of HaHiinll. and Just at the right temoti; Coal,
Stone and Brick on tho line; (lump Unlet on
Lumber, Coal, Ac: no lands owned by8wii
Intoi s; llomeilead and l'l-e-eniptluus now
abuiidxnt'.a llrst-clast Ituilmad on tlrellneof
a grout Thrwifrh Route; ProdtivU will pay
for Land and Improvements.
J.HP3 rw opportutii - ivri
Fi SIDTIf'TUtt fUBblO, H
)uiiletloil ot llio Uuml.
iiuuijli uie I' tut
For Circular and genec -J J f
dress A. Ij 'nil

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