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'The Arthur Eziqm -:
J. V. VOWEKi Editor hik) PulilWher.
Ffctlltl'AUT 5,1873.
Tin: postage on transient
newspapers since the iirst of
January, is reduced to one cent-
Heretofore it has been two eta
The United Slates and Mor
mon local courts in Utah, have
come into collision, and the lat
t6r. defy all Federal authority.
Hon. Lewis P. Campbell, is
regaining his health, aud will
soon resume his seat in Con
gress, Hon. J. T. Wilson, member
of Congress from this district,
will accept thanks for copy of
the "Explorations in Nevada
and Arizona."
The earnings of the Balti
more and Ohio Railway, after
paying all expenses, have been
four and a half million dollars
during the past year.
The Ohio Senate, on the even
ing of the 24th, passed a bill
as a substitnte to our present
interest laws, and which vir
tually allows free trade in money
The vote stood 21 to 11.
The taxes are so burdensome
in Philadelphia, that Morris,
Tasker & Co., the extensive
iron manufacturers, who em
ploy three thousand hands, will
.remove their works to New
Castle, Del.
Lorain county, Ohio, report
ed last year, 20,00,000 pounds
of cheese, at an average price
of twelve cents per pound. The
Wellington Enterprise esti
mates the number of cheeses
now held in store by the dif
ferent dealers of that place, at
Hon. Isaac Roberts, attorney
at law, and Representative
from Jackson county, Ohio,
1861 to 1863, died at Jackson,
on 18th inst., in his 69th year.
He was a native of Colerain
township, Ross county, where
his father William Roberts, a
Virginian and captain in the
American Revolution, located
in 1797.
Pomeroy's New York Demo
crat is a handsome paper neatly
prkted and ably and thoroughly
edited. It is a paper, how
ever, that should be in every
Democrat's house, as it contains
much useful as well as interest
ing reading matter. If you
want to see what it is, address j
M. M. Pomeroy, P. O. Box 5217
New York City, and get a copy
free, which will give you terms
and also the inducements held
out to subscribers.
Judge West, of the Supreme
Court of Ohio, resigned, to take
effect Febuary 25th, and the
Governor has appointed Judge
W. F. Stone, of Sandusky, to
fill the vacancy. Judge West
is almost blind, and requires an
attendent to aid him from the
Court Room. As he recently
married a wealthy widow, there
is no necessity for him doing
hard service on the Supreme
The trustees of Athens Lun
atio Asylum have made their
report. They say that to finish
the building now under con
tract and in progress, and to
pay retained percentage on
contracts, will require an ap
propriation of $150,000. It is
deemed very desirable that
$65,000 be appropriated for
furnishing the building. It is
expected that the building will
be ready for occupation by the
Athens Messenger.
A farmer at Ilillsboro shoul
dered a barrel of salt, and put
it in his wagon, and tho people
thereaway considered it quite a
herculean feat. "Hush 1" We
have in our midst a farmer,
John Redman, Esq., who has
shouldered a horse and carried
, "Pshaw H , We have in our
town a man who has shouldered
house aud carried it clear
across a good sized lot and
placed it on a'brnunev? founda
tion! 1Twasn't a ood day Tor
ruovioj; himw, eillicr ! ' x
Notices of the Press.
J. W. Bowen has enlarged
The McAtrhur Enquirer, and
changed the heading. It makes
a neat appearance.
The Christian Witness is al
so published by him, the first
number of which we have re
ceived. The editpr of this pa
per resides in Missouri. Rather
too distant we think. Jackson
The McArthur Enquirer
comes to us enlarged and great
ly improved, buccess to you,
Bro. Bowen. Ilillsboro Mail.
The McArthur Enquirer
comes to us this week enlarged
and otherwise improved ; it now
presents a very creditable ap
pearance, this too in spite of
the fact that the Editor dis
tinctly declares that he has
not timo to hunt up the news,
Chillicothe Advertiser.
We are in receipt of No
of a new series of "The Chris
tian Witness," (until recently
issued and printed in this city,)
now published at the town of
McArthur, in Vinton county,
under the editorial manage
ment of Elder J. V. B. Flack,
and the typographical arrange'
ment of J. W. Bowfn. The
paper makes a good appear
ance and has the same old ring
of pious liberality which pre
vailed in its original articles
for years. It is worthy of the
support of the large and ear
nest congregations of which it
is the organ. Columbus Daily
Some weeks since J. W.
Bowfn of The McArthur En
quirer, announced that he
would soon commence the pub
lication of The Christian Wit
ness, heretofore published at
Columbus. Last week Ave re
ceived the first number of the
new series of The Witness pub
lished by Bowen at McArthur,
and edited by Elder J. V. B.
Fuck, of Hainesville, Missouri.
It is a large thirty-two column
paper, well filled with interest
ing reading, and neatly printed.
Any of our readers wishing a
religious paper can now have
one, printed at home. Jackson
The McArthur Enquirer has
been enlarged and very much
improved. We are glad to see
this evidence of prosperity on
the part of The Enquirer.
Jackson Herald.
The Christian Witness, organ
of the Christian Union denom
ination, is now published at
McArthur, by J. W. Bowen,
and edited by Elder J. V. B.
Flack, of Hainesville, Missouri.
It is an eight column paper,
and the first number of the new
series presents a very credita
ble appearance and is well edi
ted. Circleville Democrat and
The Democratic Enquirer of
McArthur, has been enlarged
to an eight column paper. It
is but a short time since a new7
power press was placed in the
Enquirer Office. We are re
joiced to see our fellow laborer
in the cause of Democracy,
showing forth such evidences of
prosperity. Marietta Times..
The McArthur Enquirer is a
live Democratic paper, publish
ed at McArthur, Ohio. It has
been enlarged, has a new head
and is greatly improved in
general appearance, and is now
one of the neatest looking pa
pers in Southern Ohio. If the
editor had a new head we then
might have some hope of hiin.
Logan Republican.
The McArthur Enquirer has
been enlarged. The Christian
Witness, the organ of the Chris
tian Union Church of the United
States, is now published by J.
W. Bowen, McArthur, Ohio;
Elder J. V. B. Flack, of Mis
souri, is the editor. Chillicothe
Only one lawyer has died
in Jackson (C. II.) in sixteen
years. And . what of D. M.?
How long, oh ! Lord, how long ?
rUnderstand, boys, we don't
send the Standard an exchange
this week. Chillicothe Post.
You had better not send an
exchange, either. What mixing
up you have made. Only one
lawyer has died there since
1816 not "one in sixteen
years.' - Put on those specs,
Bro. Burns, and look " once
again 1"
The 6hip Golden Hand was
wrecked off the west coast of
Portugal in Juno last, and 11 of
the crew spent forty-eight hours
in two open boats in the
Straights of Magellan. They
were compelled from starvation
to devour tho bodies of five of
thcir.companions who had died
frou bi&rvivtion and exposure.
Raper Comes too a little—His friends
stand Aghast.
Editor.Enquirer: Truth be
ing an article seldom seen on
the manifest of a Radical cargo,
since the Cincinnati Convention,
the absence of that essential
element in politics is no longer
a novelty, and much less a sur
prise. Tho Record . man has
such winning ways to make
one distrust him, and misrepre
sentation being the first law of
his nature, and that half-bushel
puke that turns down on his
stomach finding his exhausted
nature too weak to releave him,
and his brother editor Coucn
knour, being absent on import-
ent business and not likely to
return, the "Judge" found it
difficult to tell whether he had
swelled up like n toad, and
was playing 'possum,' till the
danger was past or was actually
hors-de-combat. As there was
nothing to be known by ap-
pearences, and less if possible
by his word, I applied the goose
battery to him in my former
article to see whether he was
in the body or out. To take a
more solemn view of the matter,
the "Judge" may have erred by
so doing. Let us see :
When one is crossing the line
between the two worlds, it af
fords his friends great consola
tion if he looks back to this
mundane sphere, saying: "all is
well." But in this case the
battery brought the patient too,
ust enough to give one flaunt
ing sneer at the only religious
journal published in the county,
and that just on its christian
mission warning liars to flee the
wrath to come.
If the result of the applica
tion was bad, the intention was
good. When one is opposed to
the dissemination of the relig
ious knowledge on what he
may deem some sort of princi
ple, it is charitable to suppose
him a lunatic ?
But when his political pre
judice Tias so far aimed his
moral sight with blindness that
he cannot speak in becoming
terms of a religious journal,
published by a Democratic
press, he should lie down in
his lair, like any other beast,
making no more pretentions
manhood, because he acci
dentally got into the world
with two legs instead of four.
buzzards eat skunks, his
owners may get rid of him
without further trouble, and his
frends should hasten to take
their last sad look upon him, or
else clab-board his windows,
spike his chimney, and lock
his door before that army of
birds leave Vinton Station, as
the smoke of his chimney
would be thefirst object of at
traction to that stinking tribe.
The following lines are of
fered as a warning to any who
may think of following his foot
steeps: Had he died as honor (lies,
Another Rnncr might arise
To shame his friends again;
Hut who would soar to such a night,
To sot in such a starless night V
The Truth.
Ed. Enquirer: In a small
article which appeared in the
McArthur paper, two weeks
ago, I notice that my name was
used in connection with a little
difficulty at Ae Farmer's Hul
bert House. My especial at
tention was drawn thereto by
the'' "drawing of a revolver." I
desire to correct as follows : I
did not draw a revolver until
after the difficulty was over,
when a crowd of gather
ed around me, whom, to judge
bv the looks of a majority of
them, I concluded were a' vigi
lance committee, and therefore
prepared myself; but my revolver
was "M. T." However, since my
return home, I have been in
formed that they were no vigi
lance committee, but merely a
crowd of what is called "dead
beats," and that they wanted
shooting but with hot toddy, a
whiskey straight, or something
that sort. Had I known this
certainly would have left"
more friends in fclrth ur. I
hope that those whom the shoe
fits may wear it, and that they
be assured that on my next vis
it, which will be soon, I certainly
will not nesrlect to "set them
up" upon my first
In regard to the "putting out
of the House," I will ask the
sensible peopje which they
think was most prudent to
strike a man about fifty years
my senior in his own House, or
go out quietly ?
ZALESKI, Jan. 20th, 1873.
It is expected that the Cre
dit Mobiher investigation will
close this week.
The frankinj; privilege of
members of Congress has finally
been abolished. The bill pased
the House on the 27th, having
previously passed the Senate.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
has been appointed anil qualified as Adminis
trator of the Estate of Rebecca Harkless.
late of Vinton conntv. rlortcnciprl.
. February 5, 1873-W8. Administrator.
Solomon Shipley. Plaintiff,
John Crown, Defendant.
Before John T. Black, J. 1. of Madison town
ship, Vinton county, Ohio.
On the 18th (lav of .Tnntmrv. A. n.1873. nalrt
Justice issued an ordor of attachment in the
aoovo action, tor tho sum of seven dollars and
fifty cents: SRid cause will ln fnr lipnrimr r,n
THURSDAY, the 5th dnv of MARCH, A. D.
1HTS. January 30, 1873. w.
Solomon Shipley. Plaintiff,
John O'Connor, Defendant.
Before John T. Black, J. P. of Madison town
ship, Vinton county, Ohio.
On the 18th My of January, A. D. 1873, said
Justice issued an order of attachment in the
above action, for tho sum of nine dollars ; said
action will be for hearing on THURSDAY,
the 5th day of MARCH, A. D. 1873.
January 80, 1873. 3w.
To Provide for the Issuing of License,
Section 1. Us it ordained by the Council
op the Incorporated Village of McAr
thcr. That it shall be unlawful for anv ier-
son or persons within the incorporate limitsof
sum viiiape to peauie, nawK, sell or oner to
sell at public auction, or private sale, any
kuuus, wares, merchandise or notions 01 anv
kind or description whatsoever, unless such
person or persons shall first have procured
from the Mayorof said Village (or in case of
the absence or inability of the Mavor. from
the Clerk of said Village,) a license' for that
Sec. 8. The Mayor (or in case of his absenoe
or inability, the Clerk,) is hereby authorized
to grant and issue license to any person or per
sons for the purposes named in the first mo
tion of this ordinance, and to ask. demand
uuu rooeive lor me same not less man unc
Dollar nor more than Fifty Dollars, and such
license shall particularly specify tho amount
of money so received for said license, for whit
purpose, and the length of time for which it a
8ec. 3. Any person or persons violating the
provisions of the first section of this Ordi
nance shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined
in any sum not less than One Dollar nor more
than Fiftv Dollars. At tho discretion of the
This ordinance shall take effect from and
after due publication.
J. W. DELAY, President pro tern.
Passed February 6, 1873. ,
AChromo"CrjRrAELItfa"ti) every Suhoriber
. 1873.
Unparalleled Premium !
One never offored by any Magazine, either in
this country or in Europe. Since we are forced
into this business, we are determined to make
It difficult for others to follow us. Let us see
who will come up to this:
A Chromo "Our Darling"
To every Subscriber, whether Siuglo or in a
One cony one year
Two copies one year
Three copies one year
r our copies one year
Five copies one year, and an extra copy
to tne person getting up the club, mak
ing six conies
Eight copies one year, and an extra copy
u me person getting up me ciuo, man
nine coies 21 00
Eleven copies one year, and an extra copy
la mo person getting up tne club, mas
twelvecouics 2750
Twenty-three copies one yoar, and an ex
tra copy to tne person getting up tne
club, making twenty-four copies 5600
Bent to Them, Free of Postage.
(It is a Perfect Bijou.)
Tho price of the Chromo In tho stores Is $8.
And any subscriber, who wishes to have "Our
Darling" mounted on stiff bristle board and
ready,for framing, can have It so prepared and
sent bv remitting twentv-flvo cents extra at
the time of subscribing.
10 tno gotter-up oi a ciuu or o or w copies,
we will send, as an extra premium, a copy of
"The Offer," or "The Acceptance.'' This in
addition to "Our Darling."
?,otbe gettcr-up of a club of it copios we
11 send both of the Cromos "The Offer" and
"The acceptance," along with "Our Darllnir"
or "Asking a Blessing" and "Our Darling. "
To the gotter-up of club of 34 copios, wo will
send "Asking a Blosslng," "The Offer," The
Acceptance," and "Our Darling."
win tne gctters-ip oi cuius or , s,
r lie
3D ie incase uo parti
mrtlciilitr and write
what nrcmlums they desire r
BSajrThe premiums are only
wncu tne remittance is sent to us.
tday When the subscribers all reside at ono
place, the premiums will all be sent to tho
person who sends the club for distribution.
iW The person sending a full subscription
price of f3 can have his choice of "The offer"
" The acceptance" or "Our Darling."
W"The money must all be sent at nn
time for any of the clubs, and additions may
ue niaue m uiuu ravw.
Tho Lady's Book will bo sent to any post
odlce where the subscriber may reside, and
subscriptions may commence with any mouth
in inn year, no can always supply back
numbers. Specimen numbers will be sent on
receipt of (Scents.
HOW TO REMIT: In romlttlno
Mall, arostomco order oa Philadelphia, or
a draft on Philadelphiaor New York, payable
to the order of L. A. Godet, ii preferable to
banknotes. If a draft or a Post OHlce Order
cannot be procured, send United Status or Na
tion id Bank Note.
JPa? We advise in early application, as we
expect our list, with tho Inducements we offer
will reach SOO.OOO subscribers.
Address '
. N. E. Corner Sltli and Chestnut Sti., I'hll'a,
B. F, BROWN & CO.,
116 Smlthflcld St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Collect Pensions. Bounties. Prize money.
Ac, Ac. Special attention paid to suspended
aud rojwt-od claim. Applications by mail at.
The old anil well known firm of Lemon A
Weise. of PITTSBURGH, PA., Manufacturer.
Cabinet Furniture and Chairs,
Omioalto their Old Stand.
Where they continue the bus in ens in nil lis
urnnencs. novxi-sm
I A nrlriieOouiiMlor tuth
I III art-led or thou about to
amrrr on tho nliTi.i.lOBiCn.
Imjtttrtet aud re volatlouMt
tlienAxualirittm. with tho
Utcit dlseororlei lu produolui uud irvooiiog otTiprliif ,
bow to preierve tno cnmpirxioo, o.
Thill i in itiifiroitiiif vorlt o r two hundred aud ilitjr
fiauei.wltb nunerouB engravings, and ooutalni valuable
nforniition for tlioie who aro uarrled.oroouitmplate&iar
rime. Still U la a book that ouch I to be kept uudu look
andkejr, and aotlald oartleiil about tho houu.
It contain! ttio exparitnoe and ad? let oil phrtlolan
whoit reputation le world-wide, aud ihould be lu tlte r.
rate drawer of every male and female throughout the en lira
lobe. t embracea evarrthlug on tho anbjeotof the go
eratlre rrwm that U wanh knowing, aud much tbut U
notpubilineain any ainer won
Sent to but one (free of poiuge) for Fifty Cents.
Addreia Dr. Hutu' DUpeaiary.No. 12 N Ligtn
St. LouU.Uo.
Notice to tho Affile :ed and Unfortunate.
liefore applying to the) uotorloue qufteki who adrertUe la
Inbllo p&icri,or lining any quack remedies peruie Dr.
tutu' work uo mutter wlui your disease is, or bow doplor
abloyour eoudliinn.
Pr. liutti oceuiiifB doubl hoim of ttrtnty-aevcu
TooruaM sindoricd by some o f the most o1timted nii'll-
tulprofesiornof LliUcountry and Kuttpe,ninlntn 1kc(iu
nit, -A nennmillv
hi virn, t;i:iL iu.l nirlom, ,
12 N. Klclttit i
!; LWft'n ,Mm-1.:huuu Ctic.iitii,,
Just published, a new edition of Dr. Cnl
verwell's Celebrated Essnv on tho radical
cure (without medicine) of Spermatorrhea or
rjcminm wcnituoss, involuntary seminal
Losses, Impoteucy, JlenUl and Physical in
capacity, impediments to marriage, etc.; niso.
tonsumption, epilepsy anil f its, induced by
elf Indulgence or sexual extravagance.
flfiSl'rieu. in sealed envelope, onlv 6 conts.
The celebrated author, in this admirable
essay, clearly demonstrates iroin a thirty
tears' successful practice, that the alarminir
consequences of sclf-abuso may be radically
cured without the dangerous use of internal
medicine or the application of the knife;
pointing out a mode of cure at once simplo, by
mcansof which every sufferer, no matter what
his condition may bo, may cure himself cheap
ly, nrivalelv ami radically.
BtriyThis Lecture should bo in tho hands of
every youtn ami every man in tno I uuu.
Sent, under seal, in a uluin cuveloiie. to anv
address, postpaid, on receipt of six cents. or
two xti!ge stamps.
Also, Dr. Culvorwell'a "Marriage Guide,"
price 50 cents.
Address the Publishers,
lit AS. J. C. KLINE CO.,
P. O. Box, 4,686. 187 Bowery, New York.
800 Pages, 250 Engravings.
A startling expose of Medical Humbugs of
tne past and present, it ventilates yuacKs,
Impttstors, Traveling Doctors. Patent Medi
cine Venders, Noted Female Cheats, Fortune
Tellers and Mediums, and gives interesting
accounts of Noted Physicians and Narratives
of their lives. It reveals startling secrets and
instructs all how to avoid the ills which flesh
heir to. We give exclusive territory and
liberal commissions. For circulars nnd terms
address the publishers,
Hartford, Couu., or Chicago, Illinois.
1300 PAGES AND 500 enohavinus, printed in
English and German. Written by 20 eminent
authors, including John B. Gouou, Hon.
Leon Case, Edward Howland, Rev. E. Ed
win Hall, Philip Uiplky, Ai.bekt Bris
bane, Horace Greeley, F. b. Perkins, etc.,
This work is a completo history of all
branches of industry, processes of mamifao
lure, etc., in all ages. It is a complete ency
clopedia of arts and manufactures, and is the
most entertaining and valuable work of in
formation on subjects of general interest ever
offered to the public. It is adapted to the
wants of the Merchant, Manufacturer, Me
chanic, Farmer, Student and Inveutor, and
sells to both old and young of all classes. Tho
book is sold by agents, who ore making largo
sales in all parts of tho country. It is offered
at the low price of $3.50, and is the cheapest
uook ever som oy auuscrintion. JNOiainilf
should bo without a cony. Wo want Agents
in every town in tho United States, aud no
agent can fail to do well with this book. Our
terms arc liberal. We give our agents the ex
clusive right of territory. Ono of our agents
sold 138 copies in eij'ht days, another sold 8(13
in two wcckd. uur dgent in nai tlonl sold 8U1
in one week. Specimens of tho work seut to
agents on receipt of flam p. For circulars and
terms to agents add, ess
J. 11. BURR ft HYDE,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, Illiuols,
By a well-known i. I popular author, on an
entirely new subje
The book will bo pro-
I handsomely bound, and
II classes. Agents wish-
fusel y Illustrated
will sell readily to
mg to secure terrr
should apply at ouco.
.1. Ii. UUKll 8, III 1F.,
Hartford, (',. x, or Chicago, Illinois.
I .v&el
Booka Lvjh Are Books.
Works which slit. ! I be found in every LI
brarr within Hie r m di of ifll readers. Werks
to entertiiin, instn,
' and improve. Copies
iru post, on receipt of
will bo scut by i
New Phisofrnomv :
as manifested t
External Forms. H
man Face Olviu
Thousand Illus; .
Price $5.00.
The Family Ph
scribor and Hygc .
ence to the Natu. .
Treatment of Di.-
ualties of every V ,
r, Signs of Character,
igh Tern pennant and
, I especially In the "II u
" with more than One
: ns. By S. It. Wells.
lelan. A Ready Pro-
Adviser. With Refer
Causes, Prevention aud
isos, Accidents, audCus
,d. With a Glossary and
cupiuilH ltlllCX. 1:
Joel Smew, M. I). Il
lustrated with nea.lv 800 Engraving. One
largo volume, inlMded for use in the family.
Price f4.00.
How to Charanl A New Illustrated
lland-iiook of phivnology and Physiogno
my, for Students md Exnminors, with a
Chart for recordiu ; tho sizes of the Organs
of the Brain, in .'in Delineation of Char
acter, with upwi-'.U) of no Engravings,
latest and be.it. M jslln.ll.SS.
The Patents' Oul l"! or Human Develop
ment through In wrltcd Tondoneies. By
Mrs. II esteh Pen, i.eton. Second edition,
revised and oulai j; - l. One vol. 12mo. 1.50.
Constitution of 51 tn. Considered In rota
tion to Extornul Objects, By George
Combe. Theoulv authorized American Edi
tion. With Twei.:y Engravings, IU&.
The Hygienic H md-Hood a Practical
Guide lor tho Bic . .Room. Alphabetically
arranged with A i Hindi x. By It. T. Tball.
Ono vol. ISmo, 30.; ,,.. Muslin. (2.00.
How to Write," How to Talk," ' How
tn Behave," and How to Do Business," a
lland-ltook Indi-.mnsable for Homo Im
provomsnt, in one vol. !i.36.
Wedlock I or the Right Relations of the
Sexes. Disclosln , tho Laws of Conjugal
Selection, and sh'i vlng who may aud who
may not Marry. V Guldo for both Soxes,
Oratory Snored n 'id Seoolari or the Ex
temporaneous Spo tker. Including a Chair
man's Guide lor conducting Public Meet
ings according !) Parliamentary forms.
Managemen. of Infancy
Ph'yslologlal and
Moral Teeatineul. By ANDREW COM UK. M,
D. With Notes. fl.60.
Medical Klectrlelty. A Manual for Stu
dents, showing thr) most 10101111110 and ra
tional application le all forms of Acute and
uiromo Disease ny tne different combl
nations or Llecuhity,
Magnetism. Mii'f mis-
Galvanism, Electro
tlectriultv. and Ilu.
1UIIU UBgUUllSin. .w.
History of Balon'i Wltchsraft i "The Plan
chette Mystery :' nnd "Modern 8pirltunl
Ism," .with " lie Doildrldgo'a Dream," in
one vol. Price f I ?)
Eop's Fsible". Tho People's. Pictorial
Edition. Beautl'tilly Illustrated with near
ly Sixty Engravings. Cloth, gilt, hoveled
boards. Only (IM. ,,
Pope's Essay on Man, WUh Notes.
Beautifully Illtislvated. Cloth, gilt, beveled
boards. 11.00.
The Rlflht Woi .l In the night Place.
A Now Pocket Dictionary and Reference
Hook. Embracing Synonyms, Technical
Terms, AbhrevinUono, Foreign Phrases,
Writing for tho Press, Punctuation, Proof
Reading, aud oVv.r Vnlunhlo Information,
75 cents.
Phrenological Oust Showing tho latest
elasslllcatlon, and exact location of all the
Organs of tho Bnilu. It is divided so as to
ilioweaeh Organ on one sido; and all the
f roups on the id her. Scut by oxproso.
'rico S.00.
Inelosn amount Ka Registered Loiter, or In
Postoilluu Oiihir 'r one nnd nil tho above,
and address H. R. ELLS, Publisher, No. 809
Broadway, New 1 rk. Avoot wsulvd.
A Serial Story by DR. HOLLAND.
Now Story by 8AXE HOLM.
A Long Story from BRET 11ARTE.
CLARENCE COOK on Furniture
Aud Decoration,
R. H. STODDARD on Authors.
ftOO Pases for SI, c., &o.
The Publishers of Scrihner'b Monthly, In
thoir Prospectus Just issued, promise for the
ensuing year a more uriiiiaui array ii i""
tributors, and an increase lu tho variety and
heimi v of lis Illustrations, already conceded
by the critics tube "flier than any whtcn have
hitherto appeared in any American jtfrti."
Dr. Holland, the Editor, will write the so
rial story of the year, which will be autobiog
raphical in form, and will be illustrated by
Mfiu lliilliu'k. If is entitled "Arthur Bonni-
castlo." and will deal with some of tho most
diO'dilt nroblenis of American life. It will
bo commenced in tho November number.
There will boa new story by Saxk Holm,
' Tho One-lcggeil Dancers,"
Brut Hathk, the best'writer of short sto
ries now living, W ill cum riuiuo n c.iirtii-Miin-tic
story entitled "The Epic of Flddletown"
which will be Illustrated by snepparu.
It. II. Stoddard will write a series of
rmti,Hntiiiiiir miner about "Authors, their
lmnnnl ( haracteristics. Home Life, Fain-
ilics. Friends. Whims, anil Ways." A scries
of " Portrait of Living American Writers,'
is also promi , d.
Clarence i ook will write about "Furniture
ml tho De,-nmt on of American Homes,
These papers will bo eminently practical ns
wen as artistic, aim win uo iiiuBiruiuu wim
designs and sketches bv numerous artists in
addition to those which the writer himself
will furnish.
Among thoso who will contribute are:
lTn.. 4 ...l..j-n llHfnnf ll.iah.inll 1,'rfrlia.
lllIIIJllllll.,n,rilt Afl.K.lll,, jiiioii.,,...,
ton, Fronde, Higginson, Bishop Huntington,
Hvet Unite, John Hay. H. H., Macdonald,
Mitchell. Miss Pliulns. Stcdman. Stockton,
Stoddard, Cclia Thaxtcr, Warnor, Wilkinson,
and Mrs. Whitney, boMUos a host oi others,
Tho editorial control and direction of the
Mnirazltio will remain in the hands or ur.
Ilni.i.Avn. who will continue to write "The
Topicsof the Timo," whhh tho Now York
Independent says "are more widely quotod
than anv similar papers in any American
Watson Gilder will write 'The Old Cabinet,
as hitherto. Prof. John C. Draper conducts
the department of " Nature aud Science."
The departments of "Homo and Society,"
und "Culture nnd Progress," will engage the
contributions ot more than a score ot liens on
uotn sides oi tno Atlantic.
Tho Watchman and Reflector says:
"Scribner's Monthly for September is hot
ter than usual, which indicates a needless
waste of editorial brains and publisher's
money, for tho Magazine was good enough
before!" And yet the Publishers promise to
make it still better lor the coming year:
Tho Subscription nrlco is U a year with sno'
cial rates to Clergymen, Teachers aud Post
Tho following
Extraordinary Inducements
aro offored to new subscribers:
For 1560 the Publishers will send, or any
Bookseller or Newsdealer will supply, the
Mngazino for one year, aud tho twelve num
bers of Vols. Ill and IV, containing the bo
ginning of Mrs. Ollphant's Serial, "At His
Gates;" for VI 60, the Magazine for one year,
and the 24 back numbers lrom tho beirinninir:
for $1050 the Magnziiio for one year, and the
!I4 back numbers bound (4 vols.,) cnarges on
DouiHi volumes paid, this win give nearly
5.000 nnircs of the choicest rcadinir. with the
ilnest illustrations, 11050, or nearly 500 pages
lor a dollar and wilt enable every subscrn
to obtain the series from the fti-st.
054 Broadway, New York.
Volume 2d, Commencing Jan., 1 813-
Tuk Science op Health having been sus
tained beyond our most sanguine expectations
we arc prepared with additional facilities for
making tne ensuing volume rcspona still
more fully to the popular demand for an hon
est and independent exponent of the Hygienic
System. We shall publish
Popular Physiology, fully Illustrated, a
complete explanation ol the structures nnd
functions of the human system.
Affkctions op the Eye and Ear. with
hundreds of Illustrations, embracing the
whole range of medical and surgical diseases
of thene organs.
All Medical Systems, giving a history of
all the medical theories that have prevailed
in all ages of the world.
Domestic Economy, Household Affairs,
Hygienic Cookery, the Selection nnd Preser
vation of food, etc.
The Economy op Health. Only those who
have investigated the subject can be aware oi
the enormous waste caused by sickness nnd
unhygienic living. By adopting the Hygienic
system, tho people ot tho United States would
save annually more than one thousand mil
lions of dollars. Does this statement seem
extravagant? Statistics more than Justify it,
as we shall prove.
The Labor Problem. Correct habits of
living will ensure tho laborer health and
strength, enable him to accumulate his earn
ings, and become pecuniarily independent.
Health is Happiness. Abovo all mone
tary considerations, however, is that of a
sound mind in u sound body. Health reform
is tho baso of nil reform.
Terms: 2 a vear in advance: ainirle unm
oors xu cents; ten copies
ics 115, and an extra
r volume begins with
copy 10 agenu -a new
the January number.
Premiums: Besides Club Rates, we are of
fering liberal premiums, a list of which will
bo sent on application. Local Agents
wanted everywhere, and cash commissions
given. Send P. O. Orders: or, Ueglstorcd
Letter. Address all letters to 8. It. V
Publisher, 889 broadway, New lork
$10.00 WORTH
to every subscriber to OUR FIRESIDE
FRIEND. The Leading Family Weekly oi
America, Large Size eight pages.' Original.
Beautifully Illustrated. Full of reliable, in
structive and Interesting rending mnlter,
news and mijeellunv, short continued stories,
sketches aim practical matter. . I i'ht Simtkii
to tho wants and wishes of EVERY MAN,
WOMAN and CHILI), whether living In city
or country, and WE GlVE to each yearly sub
scribcr a copy of our magnificent Oil Cnromo
" Cute,"
Printed in Oil Colour, 16 times from 18 stones
size 10x20 Inches. The subject Is life size.
Exquisite and pleasing. It cannot bo told
from the original painting, and is really worth
(10. It exceeds in beauty, sizo and value any
picture over given with any publication. No
one hundred dollar picture can give more
Jilensure or bo a greater ornaniont In any
lousehold. It can bo had freo, and wo don't
ask subscribers to wait months for It, but will
send it at unco, or It can be had of our agents.
Subscribers pay on delivery of pictures. No
Waiting. Pictures Now ready, and delivered
by us at ence. If we have
in your neighborhood, WH WANT ONE.
I7MPI nVMEN1'--We want good, actlvo
rjllll LA1 Agents oithor local or ean
vassiag as we almost give awar a valuablo
outfit, and furnish the best paying agency In
America. Give exclusive tel."
in."itory and in
nest toon to worn with, our Agents having
Immense success, and making from A to Ills
per day; one agent took 40 subscriptions In
one day; others report from 10 to 85 per day.
Specimen copies of paper, full particulars,
terms, etc., sent free to any address.
Write at onco, to Our Fireside Friend,
Chicago, 111. Feb.4-2t
THE GUIDE la now published Quarterly.
96 cants pays for the year, four numbers,
which It not half tho cost. Those who after
wards send money to the amount of One Dol
lar or more for seeds, may also orders 25 cents
worth extra the price paid for the Guide.
The January Number is beautiful, giving
plans for making Rural Homes, Designs for
billing Table Decorations, Window Gardens,
Ac, and containing a mass of information In
valuahlo to the lover of (lowers. One hundred
and lilt y pages, on Duo tinted pnper: some Ave
hundred engravings, nnd a suimrb Colored
Plate aud Chromo Cover. Tho first edition of
Two Hundred Thousand Just printed In En
glish aud German, and ready to send out.
JAM K8 VICK, Rochester, N. V,
A Great Offer !
Horaos Wter.
481 Broadway, H.T
will dlipoie ofXEWPlAh'OU, MKLODJCOHi
and 01OAJili,oiiJlrit'Claumakritinelu4
ing Watert at very low prices for eaah or
part m$h, and bahinet in tmall monthly inttal
mettle. Jtew T -octave flret-clau fAJuS, mod.
eni improvement, forMHlti oath. Xotertady
OONGKHTO 1'ARl.OR OH OA If, the meet
teauUul etyle and pereet ion ever made, h
WetraUd (Jataloou nwited. Sheet mueieani
Jfwr Jtrrvtoemhn, ovynai"yrWtl
1873. THE 1873.
(Daily aud Weekly,)
In making the usual announcement at the
close of the year, The Post proprietors have
no now promises to make, preferring to refer
to Its past record as au indication of what it
will be in the future allrst-classpoliilcal nnd
literary Journal, and ono that must ever prove
a welcome visitor to the home and 11 reside.
Established in 180-1, it has nover ceased to
advocate those measures which it believed to
be right, and those only will it faithfully con
tinue to advance, protect and defend. It will
in tho future ns in the past, fearlessly expose
corruption and wrong doing wherever de-
and advocate such doctriuos only as
aro best calculated to bring
eacetoonr whole
country, and happiness aud prosperity to our
THE WEEKLY 1UBT IH a large Ulgllt OHK
nanor. and is a
faithful compendium ot tho
news of each week.
In addition to its stories,
fioctry and other literary Aim seientinc matter,
t contains tho latest cable and other telegrams
from all parts of the world, Congressional,
Legislative and Constitutional Convention
proceedings, full Market Reports at homo aud
abroad, Political, Local and General News,
&c, Ac.
Is tho only Demoeratlo dally in Western
Pennsylvania, and tho oldost established Dem
ocratic daily Journal in tho State. Each issuo
contains the yery latost news from all quar
ters, and It is in every respect a Urst-class
Bvmail, per annum.
" " six months
, 8 0
4 00
Delivered to subscribers in tho two cities,
neighboring boroughs aud towns, on nil the
railways within two hundred miles of Pitt's-
uiiign, per wees:, iu ccuts.
Slnglo copies, by mall, per annum $3 00
In clubs offlvoor over, to oue address,.... 1 BO
Send for specimen copies and prospectus,
which are sent to any address iree oi cost,
Address tho publishers,
w&o Post Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.
FOR 1873.
The Scientific American, now in its 28th
year, enjoys tne widest circulation oi any
anaingous periodical in tne world.
Its contents embrace the latest and most in.
torcstinif information uertaininir to the In
dustrial, Mechanical, and Scientillo Progress
of the world; Descriptions, with Beautiful
Engravings, of Now Inventions, New Imple
meuts, New Processes, and Improved Indus
tries of all kinds: Useful Notes. Facts. Reel'
pes, Suggestions and Advice, by Practical
Workmen, for Workmen and F'muloves. in
an lie various Arts.
and Important Works, pertaining to Civil and
Mechanical Engineering, Milling, Mining
and Metallurgy; Records of the latest progress
utni,ii,v,uiiDwi iiiii,iu,uiiii.uin. ii.w.viii:..
in tno applications ol steam. Steam Engin
eering, Railways, Ship-building, Navigation,
eiograpny, xciegrnpn engineering, jiiec.
tricity. Magnetism, Light ami II eat.
Tho Latest discoveries in Photography,
Chemistry, New and Useful Applications of
Chemistry in the Arts and in Domestic or
uousenoiu economy.
The latest Information uertaininir to Tech
nelogy, Microscopy, Mathematics, Astronomy
logy, mineralogy, Geoi
. Horticulture. Aarricul
ogy, zoology, Botany
tiiro, Architecture, Rural Economy, House,
blue, Arciuiuciuru, jiurni economy, blouse
hold Economy, Food, Lighting, Heating, Ven
tilation and Health.
In short, the whole lwiae of the sciences and
practical arts are embraced within the scoue
of the Scientillo American. No person who
dosiros to be Intelligently informed can afford
to lie witnout tins paper.
Farmers, Mechanics. Engineers, Inventors,
Manufacturers, fchemista. Lovers of Science.
eac.ners, uiergymen, sawyers, nnu rcopio oi
all Professions, will llnd tho scientific Amer
ican to be of great value. It should have a
place in evorv Family. Library. Study. Olllcc
and counting itoom: in every iieudaur iloom.
Colleeo. Academy or School.
Published weekly, splendidly illustrated
only t8 a year.
Tho Yearly Numbers of the Scientific
American make two splendid volumes of
uenrly one thousand pages, equivalent in con
tents to r our tnousonu ordinary book pages.
Anoiucinl list of all Patents issued is uub-
lishod weekly. 8SySpocimcn copies sent
freo. Address the Publishers. MUNN & CO..
Park Row, Now Yprk.
Munn & Co. are So
in connection with tno sci
entific American. Messrs
Solicitors of American and
Foreign Patents, have had ovor 26 years' ex
perience, and have tho largest establishment
the world. If you havo made an invention,
write them a letter ami send them a sketch;
they will promptly Inform you, freo of charge,
whether your device is now and pnteutalile.
rlicy will also send you. free of charge, a com
the Patent Laws iu full, with instructions
now to proceed to obtain a patent. Addrest
fliu.i n ct., 87 1'aik Bow, New York.
January 21). w&e
niiums, ior uisti iDiiiion among tne ix.oo
Subscribers of the
IN APRIL, 1873.
Tho number oi nrcmlums are always In
creased when the number of names exceed the
number calculated upon.
Wo now offer the following:
1 Cash Premium of $1,000
20 Cash Premiums of $100 each. 2,000
60 Stem-winding Watchos, $50 each. . . . 4,800
100 Cash Premiums of $20 each 2,000
200 " ' of $10 each S,000
100 " of $B each m
100 of 8 each 800
100 " of ii each . 2Hi
1271) Miscellaneous Prem's, $2 to $10 each 7,200
Making a Total of TWO THOUSAND Pre
miums, worm TtviSK'n THOUSAND
Every sahscrlbor who roinlts 12.00 for s
vein 's subscription will have his name regis
tered, and will he furnished by return mail a
receipt, giving thedale and number to which
his name is registered, said number being
represented by a duplicate in the distribution.
Agents seudliifl 10 names and 120.00 ntnm
time receive a freo paper ono year and have
their names registered ns participants for
(specimens ot topics, rosters. Premium
I'nm unlet and Subscrintlon Blanks sent frm
persons desiring them. Address
42-tf.-wo Cincinnati, Ohio.
N. Y. Sim. 8 pages. SI a year. Send your
Tho Weekly New York Sun. Independent
and Faithful. Against Public Plunder. 8
pages. $1 a year. Send your Dollar.
N. Y. Sun. laycar. Send your Dollar.
The Weekly N.
Send your Dol-
Y. Sun. 8 pages. $1 a year,
N. Y. Sun. 8 pages. $1 a yoar. Bend your
Weekly N. Y. Sun. 8 paves. $1 a vear. Sand
your Dollar.
Weekly N. Y, Sun. 8 pagos. $1 a year. Send
your Dollar,
The Weakly N. Y, Sun. 8 pages. $1 a vear.
8ond your
f!..u,... - -
Address TIIK BUN, N. Y.CIty.
emoreet's YOUNG AMERICA.
The most succeF.sf ul Bovs' and Girls' Monthly
Mnaazlne. Hehoreht'h Young America.
Brilliant, with instructive and Intereslln
Stories, Poems, Puzzles. Travels. Games. F.
torliils, Corresnondenco. etc.. etc.. etc.. fullv
Illustrated lu all its departments, la an ever
welcome guest to the family table of Instruc
tion nnd amusement. Single copies, 10 conts
ost free. Yearly, $1, or with a choice of the
illowlng beautiful and valuablo nremlnms to
each subscriber, for 60 cents extra; a choice
.nn. Aa fl 1 . I . , h I n . . 1 1. . K
two interesting Juvenile Books bound In
oiotn ami gut, wortn 11,10, post free; or line
Denrl-handlo twn-blado Pocket Knife and a
pallet of host Prluts, post free; or a very pow
erful brass-mounted, doublo-o Under, Ivory
tipped adjustable Microscope, worth $9, pos.
tage 6 cents; or a good Stereoscope with a se
ries of views, iioslagoo cental or an elogant
Photograph Album for holding 50 cloture.
pottage 1A cent; and valuabla premium for
clubs. Address,
i BrvWrw7, ivvrrr ltd.
Miscellaneous Advertisements'
Remove) from the blood tho cause ol ltheiini
atlsm, by Increasing the action of the kld
noys, and liver. Thoso aro tho Scavengers of
tho system, and carry out its waste particles,
which, if not carried out, become fruitful
sources of drsoase and death,
4w Cincinnati, Ohio. .
M flNTi'V nMy mnde with our Stencil A
ill U ll Hi I Key Check Outlit, JWjS-Circu-lars
free. Stafford Manufacturing Co.. 00. Ful
ton St., New York. 8 '4u-
WANTED-A rollftblo and Intelligent man
of good address, to engage lu a desirable
and lucrative busiuess producing from 1,600
to $5,000 per year. Address J. B. FORD it
CO., New York, Boston, Chicago or San Fran
cisco. 4w
WANTED If you wish lo buy a Sowing
Machine for family use, or act as agent,
CO., Boston, Mass.
psychomanoy or Soul CliarmIiig."How
1 elihor sex mry fascinate and gain tho love
and affections or any person they chooso in
stantly. This simplo mental acquirement all
can possoss, free by mnil, for 25 cents, together
with a innrrlnge guldo, Egyptian Ornclo,
Dreams, Hints to Ladies, Welding Night
Shirt, Ac. A queer hook. Address T. WIL-
'., i-iius., i-iiua.
Be deceived but for coughs, colds, sore
throat, hoarseness, and bronchial difficulties,
use only
Worthless imitations aro on the market, but
'e only sciontillc preparation of Carbolic
Acid for Lung diseases is when chemically
combined with other well known remedies, as
n these tablets, and all purtlcs arc cau
tioned against using any other.
In all cases of Irritation of tho mucuous
membrane these Tablets should ho freely used;
their cleansing and healing properties aro as
tonishing. lie warned, never neglect a cold; it is easily
cured lu Its Incipient srate; when it becomes
chronic tlio cure is exceedingly difficult. Use
Ti uno cm uuiic rauiets as a spocltlc.
JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Piatt St., N. Y.,
Solo agent for the United States.
Send for
vii ulnar, may-i-rice xoc a box.
Ixmiivi-m mill jiiuiner tieiiil lor
price to the Mnnnlaetnrera.
VrtNtfuZEN & TIFT, 101 8. ii flt., CINCINNATI.
for the best and cheapest Family Bible ever
published, will bo sent free of charge to any
book agent. It contains nearly 600 line Scrip
ture Illustrations, and agents are mooting
with unprecedented sticcoss. Address, stating
experience, Ac, and we will show you what
our agents are doing, NATIONAL PUBLISH
ING CO., Chicago, 111.; Cincinnati O., or St.
Louis, Mo. 4W
Thc immense Bale, 10,000 In one month, our
Is having, PROVES it abovo all others the
hook , the MASSES WANT. It goes like
WILDFIRE. OvorOOO pages, only $60. More
Agents Wuntcd.
NOTICE. Bo uotdeceived by misrepresen
tations made to palm off high-priced inferior
works, bun send for circulars and see PROOF
of statements and great success of our agents.
Pocket companion, worth $10, mailed free.
HUBBARD BROS., Publishers,
4w 723 Sansoin St,, Phi la.
k GENTS WANTED. Tho most liberal
i terms ever offered. Explorations in Africa"
Tito Discoverer
The adventures of a most adventuresome life.
A largo octavo volume, splendidly illustrated.
Contains incidents of the wonderful career of
ine ureal Traveler, tne country. Animals, Na
tives, Hunting, etc. Tho hestillgested Cyclo
icdiaol African Knowledge and Livingstone'!
r.xpiorntions ever published. Full account
of How Stanley found Livingstone. The only
book endorsed by tho press. Send $1 for out
lit, or write at once to UNION PUBLISHING
CO., Chicago, 111. 4w
'Iho Ladies' Friend. Ask your Grocer for It.
always gives satisfaction. Try it.
for tho laundry, hns 110 equal. Sold bv Gro
cers. II. A. HART LETT A Co.. 1 1B. "117 N.
Front St.. l'hlln 14 1
Chambers St., N. Y.;43
Druuni rci,,, jioston.
S Agent OJ Wanted fof
aints a. Minivers
Its Patriarchs, Kings, Prophets, Rebels,
Poets, Prlosts, Heroes, Women, Apostles, Pol
iticians, Rulers and Criminals. Genial as
Poetry and exciting as Romance. Its execu
tion is faultless. Its illustrations are magnl
ilcent. It is just the book for the masses, or
all who love history, tho study of character or
cheerful reading. Extra terms to agents.
Send for circular. Also, agents wanteiffor the
People's Standard Bible, with 660 Illustrations,
Our own agents, nnd many agents forothor
publishers arc selling this Bible with won
derful success, because it is tho most popular
edition published. Canvassing bks free to
working acronts. Address. ZEIGLEIt . Mn.
CUltllY, Philadelphia, Pa.; Cincinnati, O.;
St. Louis, Mo.;SprlngUeld, Mass., or Chicago,
1II11IU1B. w
Issued as a Quartorly. The four numbers
cntto any address, by mall, for25 cents. The
richest and most Instructive Illustrated and
lescriptlvo florid guide cvernublished. Those
l our patrons who ordered Seeds last year 4
wore credited with 2Gc, will receive the lour
iiartorlies for 1873. Thoso who order Seeds
his year will be credited with a subscription
or 1874. The January number contains
nearly 400 Engravings, two Superb Colored
'lates, suitable for framing, and also Tinted
IMiitaH nf nnr irni'ifiiiu l'l. i.l f t,..nmA-. i..n.
tnation rolatlvo to flowers, vegetables, 4c,
mm uuur cuiuvation and an sucii matter as
was iormony louml In our Annual Catalogue..
You will miss It if you order seeds before soo-
nir llrlfrira Jfr llm n Oitiunvitt v iir
-"o on- -- h " " , .rut-urn-
longe comparison on quality of Soed and pri
ces, and sizo of packets. Our "Calendar Ad
vance Shoot and Prlco List forl878," sont freo.
Seedsmen and Florists, Rochester, N. Y.
Is unomialed bv anv known riiimiriv. it win
eradicate, extirpate and thoroughly destroy
nu poisonous substances in the Blood nnd
will effectually dispel all predisposition to
billions derangomont.
Is there want of aetlnn In vmii. Tl.,..
or Spleen t Unless rollovod the blood be
comos Impure by deleterious scorotlnns, pro
ducing scrofulous or skin diseases, Blotches,
Felons, Pustules, Canker, Pimples, &c.
you a uyspepuc stomncn T Un
less digestion is promptly aided the system
Is debilitated with poverty of tho Blood,
Dropsical tendency, general Weakness and
Have you weakness of the Intestines T
You are in daniror of Chronic Dlnri-hmn in.
flammatinn of the Bowels. -. .
Have You wesknui nf Mm Trtinn .
Urinary Organs f You aro exposed to suf.
forlng iu Its most agravated form.
Are you dejected, drowsy, dull, sluggish,
or depressed in spirits, with headache, buck
ache, ooatod tongue and bad tasting mouth?
For a certain romody for all of these diseases,
weaknesses and trotiblos; for cleansing and
purifying tho vitiated blood nnd imparting
vigor to all the vital forces; for building nu
and restoring tho weakened constitution, VSR
which is pronounced by the leading medical
authorities of London and Puri, "Hio most
powerful ton lo and alterative known ft the
medical world." This in nn nnw mi, I ni.ll,,,!
discovory, but has long boon tisodbytha load
Ing physicians of other countries with won
derful roinodlal results.
Don't weaken and linnalr thndlirnallua
organ by cntbartlcs and physics, they give
only temporary rreliof Indigestion, flatu-
icuiiji ana uynpumin witn piles nu Kiuurea
diseases are sure to follow tholr me.
Keep the blooa nitre and hosltu Is assured,
JOHN O. K Kl.r.OllfJ. IS Iltt SL. Sow York
Sole agent for the United Stutvs. 4vr
r riwi f 1 per oottio. Bonn ir vueuinr
If uwuray W8TOnr4w&tfJ
- ' '

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