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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, February 12, 1873, Image 2

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J, W. BOWKN. I.dltor mid akilil,
lunar av 11, in.
, Jt would be a move in. the.,; right
direction if the Democracy and Lib
imal ."Republicans; of Ohio suould
'xucet in Convention in July next nd
adopt a judicious platform... anil
place Hon. Thomas Ewiso, of Fair
field county In nomination for Gov
ernor. If any man under the present ad
ministration is tempted to become
& common petty thief, let him con
sider whether it would not, be bet
ter to exert bis talents to obtain a
Government position and then steal
on a gigantic scale? In the latter
case he would almost certainly, if
detected and convicted, be pardoned
by Grant, while in the former he
would be beyond the reach of such
elemency, and might have to serve
out his full term of sentence. Look
at Hodge, General Runkle and oth
ers. Thebe is no talk of the adjourn
ment of the Legislature. The mem
bers stay there at a cost of more
than a thousand dollars a day, and
the people are compensated for this
with a mass of ruinous legislation
Let the cry go up from all quarters
of the State for an early adjourn
ment, and a constitutional provision
" against sessions of more than sixty
days duration.
The State Auditor, in his annual
report, informs the tax-payers that
a large increase of the State Levy
for General Revenue purposes will
be necessary for the coming year.
Ain't it about time for those
journals which have had so much
to say about unrepentant rebels to
tell us something concerning the
loil" thieves and bribetakers?
Am Ohio statute makes it "the
duty of school directors to visit the
schools of the sub-district at least
twice during each term." Directors
are bound by their official obliga
tions to fulfill the requirement of
this provision.
The saloon keepers State Con
vention convened in Columbus,
Thb trial of Tweed, the dis
tinguished New Yrk thief,
was brought to a close on the
31st, by the jury failing to
agree. The jury stood nine for
aequittal, and three for convic
The Australian Steamship
Subsidy Bill, was tabled in the
U. S. Senate on Saturday.
All government subsidies for
the benefit of corporations and
private enterprises are down
wright swindles and should be
discontinued at once, it is
robbing the many for the bene
fit of the few.
Edwaed Simmons, of New
York, states that when super
intendent of the rolling stock
of the Union Pacific Railroad,
some sixty-five to seventy-one
second-hand locomotives were
sold to the company by P. G.
Butler, of Boston, as first-class
engines, the company paying
from $16,000 to $17,000 apiece
for them, notwithstanding his
report that the engines were
dear ttt $5,000 each, and be
sides unfit for any decent road.
Other second hand stock was
also purchased in this
The British Isles were visi
ted Sunday night by one of the
most violent storms ever expe
rienced at this season of the
year. Snow fell to an extraor
dinary depth in London and
the country. It was six inches
deep in the streets of the city.
In the provinces the snow fall
was much heavier, and in the
extreme north drifts are sever
al feet deep. The gale raged
with ereat fury all around the
English and Irish coasts. , Ma
ny wrecks have already been
reported, and there has been a
fearful loss of life; fcspecialy offi
the Torquay and around ' the
Scilly Islands. The steamer
Clan Alpine went -ashore .du
ring the night on Black Head,
and became a total loss !; The
ship Sarah was wrecked ott the
Irish coast, near vBalleygan,
and fourteen of hor crow were
Ox th day of the recent
election if Unite States Sen
ator by the Kansas Legislature,
State Senator York advanced
to the presiding ollicer of the
joint sosdiou, and taking from
his toeket a roll containing $7,
000 put it ou' the officers desk,
stating that the money had
been paid him Senator Pom
eroy, a... candidate for re-elec
tion, for N his (York's) vote!
This laid Pomeroy out iu the
cold, and Ingalls was elected
by an almost unanimous vote.
Now, then, Pomeroy will be in
vestigated. In the meantime,
"Come to Kansas,"young man!
As the boy wrote to his father
"Come on, dad. Mighty mean
men get into office out herd."
Balloon Ascension. This usu
ally quiet town enjoyed a sensation
yesterday the like of which has
never been witnessed by our citi
zens. As announced previously,
Prof. J. II. Boley, of AUensville,
the only balloonist Vinton county
has furnished, appeared here on
Monday and made the required ex
cavations and arrangements in the
Court House yard, between the old
coal house and the street, and fixing
5 o'clock p. m. yesterday for leav
ing for the regions above. At about
3 O'clock, p. m., the citizens began
to congregate, and at about 4 :40
the word was given, the fastenings
cast off, and the monster balloon
and the daring aeronaut rose very
quickly in the air. When about
100 feet high, he waived with a
handkerchief at adieu to the mul
titude. The balloon shot rapidly
upward to about the distance of
one-third of a mile high, when a
strong current of air carried it in a
North-easterly direction but a 6hort
distance, when it commenced de
scending rapidly, and landed safely
in the north part pf our lot on High
street, west of the residence of ELr
Reynolds. He traveled over two
thirds of a mile on this trip. As a
balloonist the Professor is a suc
cess, but when he makes the next
ascension, we hope the weather will
be much more favorable.
Nothing like making yonr busi
ness known through the columns
of a paper. Send your advertise
ments to The McArthub Enquirer
and The Christian Witness, if you
wish them scattered all over the
United States and Territories.
Paymaster Hodge, who stole
half a million of dollars from
the Government, and who was
pardoned from the Penitentiary
by Grant, attended church in
Washington, Sunday, and was
after the service, kindly greet
ed by many friends, who are, in
language of a correspondent,
"confident that he never again
will yield to temptation." Guess
not, with $500,000 about him!
ArcEBthe Senate gets through
investigating the case of Radi
cal Senator Caldwell, of Kansas
who spent $60,000 to secure a
seat in that body, it should
continue the business, and in
quire into the modus operandi
by which other Senators bought
their way to power, lhere are
some greater rascals than Cald
well m U. S. Senate. We have
reason to believe the John Sher
man's re-election last winter cost
him about $20,000, in addition
to the expense of "running a gro
eery at the Neil House."
Notwithstanino the office of
the Western Rural was entire
ly consumed by the great fire in
Chicago, and the publisher's
home met the same fate, a new
office was soon fitted up, and the
paper Issued with its accustom
ed regularity. The Rural has
completed a new volume since
that eventful period in Chicago's
history, and has obliterated
every vestige of the calamity,
its well filled pages of useful and
entertaining matter tor the tarm
and fire side giving no trace of
the fiery ordeal through which
it passed. Though mainly de
voted to Agriculture and Horti-
ure theWestcrn Rural nas special
department for everything per
taining to household affairs, and
also for choice literature. It is
an uncompromising opponent of
all "rings and "combinations
to fleece farmers out of their
hard earnings, and no one who
heeds its warnings is likely to
become victims of the mercenary
swindlers that travers the coun
try. The Western Rural is an
eight page weekly, printed on
clear type and fine papei. It is
published at $2,50 per year
in clubs, or the West
ern Rural and Young Folks'
Rural for S3. Address II. NF.
Pyttofcpir Chicago IU.)
Our Railroad.
Mk. Editor: Permit me to any a
few words to our people ou the sub
ject of tho Railroad. Having re
cently been placed in the 'responsi
ble, position of n lm'iuhfr - of its
board of directors a position un
sought, by me, and perhaps un
worthily bestowed, as I have never
turned my attention to railroading,
yet my ardeut desire to let the work
of building our railroad be pushed
forward, I concluded to make the
sac rifice uecessary to act as a mem
ber of the board. .
On Saturday last, in company
with Capt. Karnes, I started for
Gallipolis to attend a mooting of
the board. We went dowu the line
of the' road from the point 'where
they arc now at work, ouly a short
distance from the Vinton county
line and I was very agreeable sur
prised to find t so much trork done.
We have been told that our money
was . being squandered in paying
large salrrics to the officers, while
nothing is being done. But 1 am
now well satisfied with the mannge
ment of the work, and I do not be
lieve 6eerinen can be found; thoy
have had muck to contend with,
and obstacles , have been thrown
in their way that few would have
.Well, after a fatiguing journey
through inclement weather, and
over rough roads, we reached the
pleasant little city of Gallipolis,
aud I am free to say that my short
acquaintance with its people, whose
hospitality and friendship I en
joyed, I feel more than ever anxious
to be united with them by rail road
connection. And I find them no
less anxious to open up communi
cations with us. , '
Our board met, aud transacted
the business devolving upon it, and
every thing worked harmoniously.
I went with the determination to be
fully satisfied as to whether there
was just cause of complaint against
President Langley : and I am pre
pared to assure our people, that he
is the right man in the right place;
and is just the man who will push
this enterprise to an early com
pletion, if we but do our part. Let
me say, as to his misapplying the
money, he has no more to do
with the inone, so far as getting
hold of it and using it, than any of
the stock holders.
Our people will be glad to learn
that the board unanimously resolv
ed to begin work north of the M. &
C. B. R. by the first of April next,
provided we have our money ready
to pay the hands as they earn it.
Our money is all due, and if we
want the work done, we must come
up with the money promptly.
The Gallipolis people propose
to complete the road, not merely to
the Vinton line, but through the
only rough part of Vinton county,
to the point of itsinterse with the
M. & GR, B. As I passed down
their line of road, and saw the hills
and hollows over which thoy have
to pass, then thought of our sh6rt,
level line, and it nearly all graded,
I concluded if our people would
not go to work and make the part
north of the;M. fc C. R. It., they
deserve to be shut out from the
balance of the world to enjoy the
luxury of their selfishness and in
dolence. Let ns all afrake to action ;
it is not talk wo want now, but
money and work. Let those who
are not able to give money, sub
scribe something and work it out,
and thus perform a noble part in
an enterprise that is destined to
uncover the mines of wealth on
which we are sleeping, yea toiling
lor a bare support.
We have everything to encourage
us. Mr. K kpatrick, who superin
tends the work, is a thorough rail
road man, and he assures us if we
just give him the money, that by
next lall we shall see the cars run
ning over our road. Who will hang
back then and delay the consum
mation of the workV
Jan. 29th, 1873.
The attention of the country
was first called to the rascalities
of the Credit Mobilier company,
and the connection of congress
men therewith by exposures
published in the New York
Sun. during the Presidential
campaign. The Sun was i
Greeley paper and the implies
ted gentlemen squarely denied
its disclbsures, but the present
investigation has proved them
not only to be liars but bribed
legislators. ''
Radical editors give their
party great credit for setting
On loot the investigations
whereby the rascality of so
many of its prominent leaders
is exposed, not seeming to
realize how utterly debauched
that party must be which is so
corrupt as - to occupy , much of
the time . of. Congress in in
vestigating the frands commit
ted dy the Radical members,
to the neglect of the usual duties
of the legislators and the public
intewteoftfro country. -1
General News Items.
i v
Stacks have to be -diig out
of snow drifts iu Maine.
A. T. Stewart's new rtwi
dciu'tf cost a million undu hall'.
, Tin: , Public charities of
Lomloii 'amount 'to P.o,00(U)0
a year. ,.,..,
The United States raised
252,480,000 pounds of tobacco
last year.
The salary of the Governor
of Pennsylvania is $10,000 per
The establishment of ear
works at Urbana, Ohio, is in
prospect. '
The Champaign county ln
lirmary reports sixty-three in
mates. '
Focr hundred hop take
their slop at the 'avelly, O.,
distillery pens. ,
The Columbus and Zanes
vill furnaces are now wing oue
third native ores.
The United State Hotel,
Columbus, fed aud housed 22,
000 guests during 1S72.
Thomas Dcngax pays i?7,
000 for 32 acres of land, just
north of Portsmouth, Ohio.
The small-pox has made
its appearance- on -Crush Creek,
in Scioto county, Ohio. .
Cleveland has fourteen roll
ing mills in operation,' an in
crease of eight since 1S70.
Jackson county, Ohio, car
ried the railroad appropriation
by a majority -of 2395 to 701.
The Dispatch estimates
that Columbus will use forty
millions of brick the next year.
There have been great
floods in the Eastern rivers,
considerable damage to proper
ty. '
Hon. II. J. Jewett was, re
elected President of the little
Miami Railroad ou the &0th
ult. . ! .
' i
. Tiffin has a shoe factory
that employs 25 hands, and
manufactures all grades; of
shoes. !
The Columbus Journal
says there is an immense
amount of real estate in the
John R. Bltchel, Esq., a
wealthy manufacturer of Akron,
Ohio, has his life insured - for
The late snow 6torm in Utah
covered some parts of the Unn-
ion Pacific Railway sixteen
feet deep.
The Globe Fnrnace, at
Jackson.' is making 20 tons No.
1 mill iron every twenty-four
The apple growers of Mor
row county, are shipping apples
to Florida, where they are
worth a dime apiece.
Mrs. Elizabeth Stickleman,
died at Red Lion, Warren Co.,
Ohio, on the 12th inst, at an
advanced age of 105 years.
' Senator Scmsek is still
ouite feeble. It is doubtful if
he will appear in his seat in
the Senate again this sessi on.
: Otto Dkessel, Esq,, of Co
lumbus, was given a five hun
dred dollar violin, on Christinas
as a present, by his mother-in-law.
Judge W. ILSafford, of Chill
icothe, is seriously ill so much
so as to. necessitate calling
Judge Steel, of Hillsboro, to
hold his Court.
George Davis, a lad of four
teen, of Newark, O., has been
sent to the Reform Farm, for
an attempt to kill his sister
with a hatchet. ...
John Hulls," druggist at
Sabina, Clinton, Ohio, a few
days ago, lost an eye by the, ex
plosion of a bottle containing
quicksilver and nitric acid.
The disgraceful squabble
over Greeley's grave goes on,
the executors under the will , of
1871 having premtorily reject
ed rejected offered compromises.
Tub old Clinton Hotel
property, Chillicothe, has been
purchased by a company who
propose opening a boarding
and lodging house on the Euro
pean plan. !
The late iJaron James
Rothschild left an investment of
1,000,000 Francs or $180,000
the interest from which is to be
devoted to . paying the house
rent of needy iamiUea in Paris.' '
... William Zeba, .a soldier
under the. first Napoleon, died
in4" Marion township Hocking
county, O., recently, aged 105
. The Ohio Slate Hoard of
Agriculture liav derided to
hold the next btab' Fair at
Mansfield, ., .during the first
week of October. "'.!
The next Proteutest Episco
pal Bishop to be consecrated in
the United States will be the
one hundredth in the lin of
American . succession.
On the night of the 1st,
inst., a severe gale raged , all
around the English and Irish
coasts. Many -wrecks have
been reported and there has
been a fearful loss of life.
Mrs. Mary A. Wai.kek,
widow of the late Robert J.
Walker, died in Washington
city on Sundy last. She was a
grand daughter of Benjamin
From Athens, Greece, of
date of February 3rd, the re
port conies of a terrible earth
quake on the Island of Sainos,
which caused great distraction
of property and loss of life.
At Guyandotte, West Va.,
where they have the advantage
of Railroad facilities the Ches
apeake and Ohio nut coal
sells at fifteen cents. Guyan
dotte is a "station."
The new gold mines dis
covered on the Upper Klamath
river are reported as "among the
richest ever discovered on the
Pacific slope, and are attracting
much attention.
Under the provisions ol
the Ohio game law, it is unlaw
ful to shoot quail, pheasants,
wild turkey and rabbits between
the first of February . and the
middle of October.
A lull has passed the Ohio
House ol Representatives pro
viding a penalty for transport
ing paupers into counties where
they have no legal residence,
in order that the cost of main
tenance may fall on the wrong
' The weather has been in
teslv cold in London, ' and on
the. 1st, 2nd, aud 3rd days of
iebruary, over one hundred
persons froze to death. Coal
was verry scarce and went up
in price to 53 shillings per ton,
on the 1th.
The revenue from tobacco
and cigars in the sixteenth Dis
trict averages about 1,000 per
mouth. , , Nearly , . an equal
amount is derived from whisky.
There are abe;,t sixty tobaccoand
cigar factori---. From three to
five distilferi, . and eight brew
eries runninp Several distill
eries have hi i i suspended.''
Increase of Salaries of
Supreme Judges.
There is a bill before tho
Ohio Legif-lM.-ure to increase
the salaries i Supreme Judges
from 3,000 3,600 a year.
Thurman, !'. :nney, Hartley,
Caldwell an.1, fohn A. Corwin,
constituted Vvi best Supreme
Court Ohio ( . -r had, and their
salaries wevy only 1,S()0 a
year. That was under the
Democratic dispensation!
A Mounta) ; of Salt There
is said to be in the region of
the Colorado .'liver a mountain
of solid salt 5 )0 feet in height,
and extending fifteen miles.
The width of the stratum is not
known, but it has been penetra
ted through u cave to a distance
of three miles. The discovery is
reported by a non-profeshional
man, and ur.ull proper scion
tiflic investii;:itiou is made, it
connot bo kii nvn whether this
cave is a ll'sure penetrating
stratum , itsel or. .whether jts
walls are nieivly an excrescence
from the gre: r mass. But; be
that as it in "y, the mountain
would appear lo furnish an an
swer to the biblical question,
"If the salt nth lost its avor,
where with Miall it be salted?"
A lit of n . as that ought to
irradiate tin , work-box, and
bring tears oi' joy to bachelors'
needles, is thv.t a device fiv at
taching buttoiiii to clothing has
been invento-l. It consists of
a screw-drive r and is so perfect
as to bo considered nronerlv
t ,
placed under tho head of hu-
t i 1 IT
manitanan products, nappy
are wives sisrs if they escape
sewing on those dreadful bot-
tons that haw nothing to sew
Railroad Meeting.
The board of nehly elected
Railroad Directors, consisting of
Langley, Eagle, Kerns, Htihn;
Cjiulot, Muenz. and Kerr, niei at
the oilier oft he .'oiipMiiy, in Ihirs
city, ' orgnizution. on Mon!!,n
They elected W. 11. Laiifley,
President; Wm. 11. Kagle Viv
I'res'iuont; J.J. Ca'dot, Secretary,
ad Edward Deletombe, Treas
urer. They resolved to push a
head the work on the road, and
secure its completion' at as ear
ly a day as possible: It in stat
ed that the annual report of the
Board will be ready in a few
days. In the mean time work
men are engaged in the uilFer
ent cuts along the roail, where
team can not work and when the
weather settles a large force
will be set to work. Hasten
Gallipolis Journal.
We e.vpect to seen large
force at work on that part ol
the Railroad line lying next to
the city at au early day at
least, us soon as the right of
way can be obtained, : and we
understand steps have been
taken to condemn it at once, as
there are dilliulties in the way
of obtaining it in any. other
manner. This done,we have rea
son to believe the work will be
pushed rapidly to finish 'up the
grading as far as gone, and in
all probability the ties and iron
will then be laid and a construc
tion train put on. That time
cannot be Air distant. Our
Railroad is a sure institution.
And it must make business look
up. The wise business man
will take timely advantage to
secure benefit to himself in tho
Laying The Last Rail ok the
Chesapeake and Ohio. The last
rail in the line of the Chesapeake
and Ohio Railroad was laid
with appropriate ceremonies, at
Hawk's Nest, West Virginia,at 1
P. M., on Jan. 25, the last spike
was driven by Capt. C. R. Mason,
the oldest contractor in the We?t
a speech was made on the occa
sion by Maj. II. D. Whitcomb;
and the ceremonies were appro
priately concluded with prayer
aud. thanksgiving by the Rev. J.
Win. Jones, of Richmond, Va.,
who invoked the blessings of
Heaven on a grelit enterprise so
happily concluded.
How All Mav Preach. All
cannot preach from the pulpit
or deliver long and eloquent
orations;, but there is a kind of
preaching that is permitted to
all men, and oftentimes this
kind is most eflectual. Oflices
of kindness to the bodies and
souls of those around us words
of encouragement to the weak,
of instruction to the ignorant, of
consolation to the troubled, of
brotherly kindness to all, spo
ken by the fireside, wayside, or
bedside hearty devotion to
the services of religion in our
families 'and our closets, as
well as in the sanctuary in a
word, all tokens of earnest,
active , self-denyin love to our
fellow beings, springing from
our love to God, will form a
most impressive sermon, a most
convincing proof to the world
around us, that we have been
with Jesus. All Christians are
called on in this way to preach
the gospel. Woe to them if
they neglect the call, and bless
ed are they who fulfill this
ministry, and in their humble
sphere prove themselves to bo
workers together with God.
Starting: in the World.
many an unwise parent labors
hard and lives sparingly all his
life forthe purpose of leaving
enough to give his children a
start in the world, as it is called.
Setting a man afloat with
money left by his relatives is
like tying bladders' jm dor the
arms of those who cannot swim;
ten chances to one he will lose
his bladders and go to tho ' bot
tom. Teach him to swim,
and he will never need theblad
dors. ' Give your child a sound
education, and you havo done
enough for him. See to it that
his morals aro pure, his mind
cultivated, and his whole nature
subservient, to laws which gov
ern man, und. you havo given
that which will bo of moro val
uo than the wealth of the Indies.
Oke million of Bonds are
to bo sold on each Wednesday,
in New York , and one and a half
millions of coin on Thursday.
Such has been tho instiuctions
of the Secretary of the Treasu
ry to the Assistant Treasurer at
New -York.-
The U. S. Senators ncentV
elected are: Lewis' V; Cogy. in
place of F. P. Hlair, in .Missouri;
C P. Morton to succeed him
self, in Indiana; Simon Came
ron to succeed himself. Pennsyl
vania; Timothy O. Ilnwe to
succeed himself,., iu .Wisconsin;
lioscoe Conkling to -e.'
himself, in New Vork; Uictian!
J. Oglesby' to succeed Lyman
Trumbull, in Illinois; John 11.
.Jones to succeed James W. Nye,
inNsvada; Pinchback, elected
by tho custom-house legislrture
to succeed W. P. Kellogg, in
Louisiana; Geo. E, . Spencer,
elected by the ''court-house"
legislature, to succeed himself,
in Alabama; W. 8. Dorscy elect
ed to succeed 15. F. Rice, in
ArkaiiTa"; Merrimon, elected to
succeed John Pool, in North
Carolina; Patterson to succeed
F. A. Sawyer, in South Carolina.
How to Obey.
. Do it at once. Never wait to
be told a second time. Do just
what you are told to do. Do not
try to have your own way, even
in part. Do it cheerfully. Do
not go about it in a surly, cross
peevish way. Don't fret, aud
grumble, and talk back. Only
cheerful obedience can be pleas
ing to God and man.
A Frightened Milk Drinker In
Search of a Chemist.
[From the San Francisco Bulletin.]
' Yesterday morning the stom
ach of a Seventh Ward gentle
man, who indulges a mania for
lacteal food, determined to rebel.
Shortly after devuring his cus
tomary bowl of mush and milk
the gentleman detected certain
abnormal phenomena of an un
pleasant nature in the epigas
tric region, which he construed
into symptms of poisoning. In
great alarm he resorted to an
emetic, and subsequently to the
backyard. Then he bottled up
some of the suspected milk snd
rushed frant'oally to a drug store,
where he had the stuff chemic
ally tested." A scientific analiss
det ected the presence of chalk,
but no traces of mineral poison
were revealed. The druggist
relieved the fears of his custom
er with the information that the
cow that produced the unwhole
some milk receives its charac
ter from the kind of food on
which the animals producing it
are fed. Tho frightened homo re
left the drug store in u decided
ly easier state of mind than that
in which he entered it.
1IOO Pnfres. 250 Encravinira.
A Miirtlhitf (vio' of Mt'iliiitl lluiiibiijf f
thC 1 IU -t nil'l IIK'rM'llt. It Vl'lltilllU'H Olllli'kl),
limio'tm-ii, Tiim-liut; Dinuirs, I'Mont -Mudi-
..i.... V..i.i.l' I.'... I..!..! b...t......
l'il tut.j ii.i. I M.nlfiitnu ..ml irll'.lB I.il.lliiulliw.
urcmmls ol' Nuti'il Pliysiciiuis and Nnmitive
in llit'ir livo-i. II ri'vcius hiui uiiiu eunifin nun
iiiHtnicu all liow In nvold I he ills which flush
it. heir to. Wm k'vd cxiiimivo territory nnil
liberal I'liminisHions. For eirciiliiis anil U'rnis
ikIiIioss thumilmsliflix.
J. II. Ilt'RIt Si 1IYDK,
llartfonl, Couii,, or Cliii ngo, MlinuU.
F.nirliHh Mini (irnnan. Written by CO eminent
MK) I'AIIKH AND WM) KNOIt AVINdS, lirilltfll ill
niithoi-K, ini'liiilliiK John II. liornit. Hon.
WIS llAI.I., I'mlJI' Itll'l.KY, Al.BKHT llltlH
DANB, lIoltACli tillKKLKV, K. II. I'EHKINB, etc..
Till work la u cumplett) liintory of all
liranclH-mil' imliiKtry, piwoimus of manufac
ture, iitr.. In all niton. It Is n complete oncy-
i lnimlin of iii Ih and niaiiiil'in'turei, and in tho
must entertaining und valuable work of in
liii inntlon on HiilijeeH of general Interest ever
oU'ered to the imlilie. it in adapted to tho
wnulH or tliti .Men-mint, .viiimiiucinror, Jiit
L'hniiie. Former. Student anil Inventor, nnil
Mcllft to liutli old ami young of all elates. Tho
book Ik wild by ajjnitu, who nru making largo
Hules in all puma of till) country. It U oO'ereil
nt tho low pricu of fl.50, nnil in the cheapest
uooK over muii ny hiionci'iihiuii. no iniiiiiy
should hu without n copy. We want Audita
in every town In tho I lilted HtaU'n, ami no
fluent can fail to do well with tills hook. Our
tornm uio iinerai. vt o giveour unenm uiukx-i-liifdvi!
rlirht of turrltorv. Olio of our airc-nU
old 1IH copies in eljflit day, another told mi
in two weeks, unr hkoihiii iituuoru aoui avi
In ono week. Hpodmcn of the work tout to
nxentson receipt of atumn. Korcirculara and
lerilH to aiicnm urn iron uio pauiiniiem. .
J, II. It I' It K A 11 Y 1)10,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, Ulinoiu,
lv a well-known and popular author, on an
entirely now subject. Tlio book will bo pro
fusely nlimtratuil and linmlsoiiiuly boiiiul, nnil
will tell readily to all dame. Agent wltb-
iik lo secure torrliory annum apuiy i once.
8 .1. II. mJKKllYIK,
llartfonl, Conn., or Chicago, Illinois,
810.00 WORTH
I.. . a.,l,jrll,nr In llltll HM II lfHI ll V
America. I-argii W.o eight imges. urlKlniil.
II..... .11.'.. 11., 1 1 1 ii.h-M I, til Vil f r..llfil.lu In.
j.i-i.iii ii iti.j 1 1. ,. ,....., ..-
mrucilve and interenting reading matter,
nnil ...luiuilliim. all, .ri. P.tiit hill, m! ttl.iri.ia
Bketcben and practical matter, .Inter HttiTKn
I ...I. I.... . . r i.iri.,i,v- II 1 it
(O lilt! vrilllli nun wmiiiTi, fl nir.ivi iu n n .
WOMAN and t ill 1,1), whether living in elty
or country, and W'K 01VK I o each yearly mih
Hcribernvopy of our magnificent Oil llironio
I'rlnteil In Oil. CoI.ouh, 10 time fix in 1(1 Htonr.t
nImi KlttlO Inches. Tlio Hiibject in lifual.o.
i: x 1 1 1 i h 1 1 o and pleasing. It cannot be told
from tho original painting, anil is really worth
f 10. It exceeds in lieuuty, sl.u and valuo any
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onn hiiiulreif dollar picture can giro more
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Mubscrlhoia pav on delivery of pictures. No
Waiting, I'lctiires Now ready, and delivered
byusutonco. ii we nave
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1?I!DI 1VMEN'-W,''",t0(",' ctlro
lilill ly'I Agents I'ttlicr local or ran-vHHslng-as
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outllt, ami furnish tho best paying agency (ti
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Books Which Are Books.
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Will be will n return pout, on rceclui ,m
New I'liUoKiiiiniy t or. -!itfii of I liara-ler,
in lunnlfciliil Oii'im-li l'..upe:ninnt and
Kxtornul r'oniin. and enpei-iikilj ill Hie "llu
inuii Face Divine," Willi liioie llian line
Tliniiiiand lUiistrtl.ins. It v S. It, WKI.I.-.
rrleofj.00. i
The Family PhyNlciiin. A Ilea tv 1'ir
Hcrlbcrimd llygeuie Ad iser. With'Kcfui
ence to thu Natiuo, i nnajs. Prevention imd
Treatment of DNimhcn, Accidents, audi io.
unities of every kind. With tilossarv mid
copious luile);. Uy .loni, Siikw, M. J), II
liihtraled w ith nearly IKK) KngiavlugH, One
largo volume, Intended for use in the I'amih ,
I'rico f 1.(10. , '
Hov to Chn'ruoter. A New Illustrated
1 land-Hook of idirenology and l'hyslognu.
my, for Students and Kxitmlners, with ii
( hart fur recording the wlze.s of the Organs
of tlio lira in, in llie Delineation of Utr
ac.ter, with upwards of 171) Kngrnrings,
latest and best. .Muslin, fl.iffi.
The Patents' Guide ; or Human Develop
ment through Inherited 'J'enileuclcs. liy
Mrs. IlKHTKIl l'KNDI.KTOS. Second oiiition,
rovisedaiid enlarged. Ono vol. lSuio. 1.50.
Constltiitloii of Man. Considered in rela
tion to l-.Meinal Objects. Hr tiKOiuiK
I (IJIBK. Theonly autliorl.eil American lidi
tlon. With Twenty Kngiavings, if 1.7.1.
Tho lfyglonlu Hund-ltood t a Practical
Guide lor tin) Kiek-Kooin. Alphabetieallv
arranged with Appendix, tty lt.'l'. Til A Lb.
One vol. l'.'mo, :W pp. Muslin. 3.00.
" How to Wrlto," " How to Tolk," "How
to llehave," nnd " How to )o llusiness," a
lland-ltook indispensable) for Home Im
provemsnt, in one vol. (2.38.
Wedlock 1 or tho Illgi'it Ilolatious of tho
Hexes, Disclosing the Laws of Conjugal
Selection, nnd showing who mnviind who
may not Marry. A Uuldo fur both Sexes.
Oratory Snored and Secular j or the Ex
temporaneous Speaker. Including a Chair
man's Guide, for conducting Puldio Meet,
lugs according to 1'arliuiiioutary forms.
ManaKmeii,of Infancy. I'hysiulogial and
Moral Tce.itinent. Ity AKDRKW Combr. ill.
U. With NotCH. fl.no.
Medical Elurtrlrlty. A Manual for Stu
dents, showing the most si icntillc, and la
tioniil uppliiuliou lo all loinis of Acute and
Chrohlo Iiisfascs by tlio different combi
nations of Kloctiiclty, Calvaiiism, Kleetro
Magnctism. Magnets-Klectrluity, und Hu
man Magnetism. )2.(K.
History or Salem Witchcraft ; "ThePlnn
cliette Mystery:". and "Modern Spiritual
ism," .with "Itr. Doddridge's Drenin," in
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loop's Fables. Tho l'coidu's Pictorial
Kdition. Itcautifnlly l,llusl rated with near
ly Sixty Kngravings. Cloth, gilt, beveled
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Pope's Essay on Man. With Notes.
Heatitifully Illustrated. Cloth, gill, beveled
bou ids. i.(W.
The Right Word in the night Pinee.
A New Pocket Dlelionnry and Uefercnce
Hook. Embracing Svniinvms, Technical
Terms, Ablireviatione, Foreign Phrases,
Writing for the Press, Punctuation, Proof
Heading, and other Valuable Information.
76cculs. i
PhrenolofilcRl Bust. Showing the latest
classification, and exact location of all the
organs of tlio Brain. It is divided so as to
show each Organ on one side; aud all tho
groups on the other. Sent bv express.
. Price f!.00.
Ineloso amount In a Registered Letter, or In
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Hvoadway, Now York. Agents wanted.
A Chromo'"CUaDARLItIQl,ta every Subnoribcf
Unparalleled Premium !
One nover o mi red by any .Magazine, cither In
thlscounlryor in Kuropc. Since we are forced
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It (lilllcultforothers to follow us. Let us seo
w ho will come up to rhls:
A Chromo "Our Darling"
To every SuliM-i iber, whether single or In a
'l ivtl follies fine vein.
One eonv one venr
Three copies une year
Kour copies one 'enr '
to the poison get'-ii'u; up the club, inn'k
ng six copifu . moo
T..iH'lit cjiiesone year, and an extra coiiv
lo the peiMin getlinguii the club, inali
nine roplcH j0!)
Kleven cupleHone vear, and nn extra copv
ta the person getting up thecliib, milk-"
tw elve copies 0750
Twenty-three copies one vcar, und an ex-
tra copy to the person getting up the
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Sent to Them, Free of Postage.
(It is a Perfect lifjon.J
The piloe of thet hromo In tin, stores is IS
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tifff When tho subscribers all reside at one
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JfejfTho person sending a full subscription
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"The acceptance" or "Our Darling."
,lfryThe mono must all ho sent at ono
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The Ladv'b Hook will be sent to any post
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subscriptions may commence with any month
Iu th year. We can always supply back
numbers. Specimen numbers will be sent on
receipt of 85 cent s.
HOW TO FtEMIT:-ln remitting by
Mail, a Post Olllco Order ou Philadelphia, or
a draft on Phlladelphiaor New York, pavnhlu
to tho order or L. A. (JonKV, is preferable to
banknotes. If a draft or a 1'nst office Order
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tional Hank Notes.
glrif Wo ndviso an early application, as we
expect our list, will) I lie Inducements wo offer '
will reach 200,000 subscribers.
Addrcu 1
N. E, Corner Slth and Chestnut Hti., Phll'a.
Volumo 2d, Comment) Jug Jan., 1873-
TtiESt'tKNCK of Health having boon sui
tnlned beyond our most sangulno expectation!
we nre preiiarnd with additional facilities for
making tlio ensuing volumo respond still
111010 fully to tho populnr demand lor an hon
est and liidopiMidcnlexpoiicntol' the Hygienic
System. We shall publish
roi't'l.An I'nvatoLooY, fully Illustrated, a
roinideto exilanntlon of tlio structures and
functions of the human system.
Akti:tion(i of tfik Kvkni Eah, with
liundi-cils of Illustrations, embracing tho
wholo rango of medical and surgical dlsenseli
of those, organs.
Ai.i.Mkiiicai.Svktkms, giving a history of
nil thomedicitl theories that havo prevailed
in all ages of tho world.
DOMKSTK) Kconomv. Household Affairs,
Hygienic Cookery, the Selection and Preser
vation of fooil, etc. 1
TUB ISOONOMV OP IlKAl.Tll. Only tllOf 0 W llO
lutvo Invest Igated tho subject can fin nwaie of
1 lie onorinoiiswnsio cannon ny sli'.kness and
unhyglenle Hying, - lly adopting tho II vgleulc,
save annually moro than' 0110 thousand nill-
systein, the t
lisiiiioor tho I, nlted states would
lions of dollars. Does this statement seem
extravagant? Statistics mora than Justify It,
as we shall prove. ,
TllK' LaiioiI I'KOBl.m.' Correct hnldts of
living will ensure the laborer health and
strength, enable hi in to accumulate his earn.
Ings, and become pecuniarily Independent.
IlKAl.Tll 18 H ArriNKHH. Ahovo all mono
tnry considerations, however, Is that of a
sound mind In 11 sound body, Health reform
Is tho base of all 1 efoi 111.
TKn)is:-3n year In adviiiico; single num.
hers SO rents; ten copies flfiv nnd an extra
copy to agetu. A new volumo begins with
the January number.
PHIillltMRt-lloside Club Hates, we are of
fering liberal premiums, list of which will
be sent on Application. 1 Lou I. Aohkti
wanted everywhere, and cash coiiiuiiloiis
riven. Seo P. O. Orders; or, Hcglstorml
.otter. Artdfess nil bittv to 4. U.WltLLa
I'ublliUar.X bro4wr, Hew rerk.

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