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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, February 19, 1873, Image 2

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The Mc Arthur 'Enquiror
',r. W. KOWN. V,."J.r nnl 1 nlillslier.
MoABTiirn, oiii'V - ri:u'ituAnYi9,'iffr3.
Delegate to the Constith
tionnl Con volition.
Tho Democrivi.. Central Committee of, Viu-
ton County, do hereby' cull a Puleyato County
Convention to bo hel l nt the Court Homo, in
Mc Arthur, on
MONDAY, MrVROK 10, 1873.
At t o'clock, p. i., f i liul. t iy, f r the punni.
of pricing In ni.limi'u.i n iauiliil:iti- far
To the Cjntltutii)iiM (.on von l ion, to h i voted
lor on the 1H .MJiilay ot Anvil next.
Selection Of Delegates:
The Democracy of thu siveral Townships
will, therefore, meet nt tho usual places of
holding elections therein, on
between tlio hours of 2 ntulS p. m., and elect
delegates to roprt'cnl; tlio townships in sold
Tho ratio of representation Is 1 delegate for
every SJ votes custtor Aqtil A Wile Y for Sec
retary of Stato, iu 18i, null delegate for cadi
fraction of 19 votes.
Tho following Is thu number of Delegates
which tho Township a . e entitled :
Wiley's Vo.
votj: Dolegntes:
r.agio p a
Klk 187 8
Harrison II S
.Richland n
Jackson , .mi 4
Clinton I'd 8
Swan '. ..M .2
Wllkesvillo 15-' 6
Vinton KPi 4
Madison til 8
TIrowu..... 10.1 4
Knox 53 8 .
The Convention will also transact such other
business as may properly como before It.
By order of
reb. 18, im 1
Hon. Alexander II. Steph
ens lias accepted the nomina
tion for Congress in the eighth
Georgia District und will, iu all
probability be elected.
Hon. Charles It. Buckalew
has been appointed attorney for
tho Lehigh Valley Railroad
Company at a salary of $10,000
a year. He is at present serv
ing as a member of tho Consti
tutional Convention.
The annual meeting of the
stock-holders of the Marietta
and Cincinnati Railroad Co.
will be held in Cincinnati to
day when Directors are to
be elected, a vote taken on
the issue of fourth mortgage
bonds, and tha ratification of
an agreement to sell the
unfinished line between Mari
etta and Bellaire to the Ohio
Valley Railroad Company.
Ex-Goverxer Geary, of Peun
sylvania, died suddenly jit Har-
nsburgh on barurday morning,
the 8th. .
Since the abolition of the
franking privilege, the question
is raised as to what will be
done with the largo number of
Patent office reports, and other
dublic documents annually prin
ted. The number printed
might be very much reduced,
and millions yaved thereby.
There is a great deal of point
in what the Pittsburg Post says:
" If Greeley had been elected,
what a howl would have gone
forth in relation to the strin
gency of the money market,
since November, and the
depreciation of the public credit
Now the public debt is increas
ed and hard times everywhere
complained of the first month
after Grant's election; but that
is all right."
Ben . Bctxer intimates that
Garfield is dead politically.
Old Ben is about right. Gar
field's eyes which have been fix
ed upon the U. S. Senatorship
."are sot." The Credit Mobilier
revelations did the business for
The .Administration. party
6eems to be having more troub
le than one would naturally ex
pect to come along within three
months from the time in which
it recieyed "the most unqualifi
ed', popular indorsement iven
, to ,any national party in our
history," according to loyal
Did it ever occur to anybody,
in view' of recent tarnsactions at
Washington, how 'much easier
it is to deny a charge on the
stump, during a jiolitical cam
1 ,1 a. .1.1 1' i.
paign, Man ii is ro esiaunsu
one's innocence before a court
nf irmuirv ? , The lesson is
worth treasuring.
Oakes' Ames says t bat he
gaut $3,000 into Indiania last
year for electioneering purposes.
Was that all?
The people have been de
frauded through the Revenue
Collectors to the amount of one
huedfod millions, ' 1
The Constitutional Convention.
Til to-day's paper will bo found
the call of the DomoumUc Central
Committee of . this county, for a
County Convention to nominate a
candidate to represent Vinton coun
ty in tho Constitutional Convention.
Tho Democrats and Liberals of the
several townships will meet a their
usual places of holding elections on
Saturday, March 8th to appoint
delegates to attend the County Con
ventiontobu licUl at MoArthur, on
Monday, the 10th if Murk
Tlio Democrats ami Liberals will
see to it, that the best men iu the
several townships are appointed to
represent them in the County Con
We are informed that U. is
Claypoole, 0. T. Gunning, and L.
A; Atwood, are spokoa of as candi
dates for Delegate, subject to the
decision of tho CountyjKJonvention
Perhaps there are otlrers, but we
are not " posted on the subject."
Among the questions likely to be
of absorbing interest to the Consli
tutional Convention and to the pi-o
pie of tho State, are the questions
nf .TurliiMnl TJpt'nrm fir n rpviainn nf
. . T v , .
the present Judicial system, ,ini-
nonty representation, and of the
license system for the regulation of
the sale of intoxicating liquors.
Of these the most important is
the question of Judicial Iteforin.
Certainly a system in which there
will be greater simplicity, less de
lay, less expense to litigants 4tnd
the entire community, and a system
as rcliblo as our present system is,
is not an impossibility.
A knowledge of our present sys
tem, with all its objectionable parts
would seem to be an important
qualification in the person who rep
resents us.
Not only do we want such a man
for our candidate, but we want an
earnest, working man; a man who
will not only wcrk for his election
when nominated, but one who will
work earnestly for all needful
reforms when elected and in the
There is talk of expelling
Congressmen Ames and Brooks
for corrupt practices, and excus
ing all others named in connec
tion with the scandal. How
can Ames be expelled if he did
not bribe anybody? and they all
swear most solemnly he did not.
The trouble appears to be that
an expulsion of the guilty ones
would reduce the . Republican
majority to a dangerous point
and leave the House without a
leader. Dawes, Garfield, Sclio
field and Kelley at present rep
resent the most important, com
mittees, and cannot very well
be spared. Brooks ought to be
killed, he is not necessary; and
besides that, is a Democrat who
did not forget his early training
with the other party he is a
late convert, but let him bo tak
en to the place of execution and
be hanged by the neck unt ill
he is dead, if that bo consider
ed necessary punish the guilty
and strike terror to the evil do
er; as for the others, swear
them to do so no more, give
them indefinite leave of
sence and let them go.
Increase of the National Blessing.
At the close of every month
for some time before and dur
ing the Presidential compaign
the monthly public debt state
ment showed a decrease of the
national obligations - Since the
election there being no longer
an excuse fqr deceiving the
people, the decrease of debt
rapidly fell off until last month
it ceased all together, and the
debt was increased nearly half
million. What can the people
think of a party that deliber
ately deceives them in order to
get their votes to be retained in
Losing Strength.
The Republican party has
been loosing strength, coheren
cy and respect every day since
its decisive triumph; instead of
being made greater by its victo
ry, it has been made weakei:
and the public feeling that it
was a fortunate thing that
Horace Greeley was not elect
ed is already beginning to give
place to u public conviction
that it would have been a fortu
nate thing if tlio Republican
party could have been beaten
to the pension lists certain
1 n01o .
sn i ipvsi nf Hip ?.nr nf IMz lur
IIousf January 29. The
ill to admit Colorado as a
State was tabled; Mr. Niblack,
contestant from
a, was
sworn in; Mr. Wilson, chairman
of the select committee to in
vestigate the Credit Mobilier
and the Union Pacific railroad,
applied for an order from the
House for the arrest ot J. B.
Stewart, . who refused to an
swT questions. I he order was
:ed with the amendment
that Stewart be brought before
tho committee. House then
Senate. A bill was reported
to promote the mining resources
of the United States; the Sec
retary af War -was requested to
inquire into expediency of using
friendly Indian scouts in the
war against the Modocs
House January o0. A re
solution was adopted asking
the Comptroller of currency for
information concerning Pacific
railroad bonds deposited by J,
13. Stewart; a bill passed restor
Hiding in the rebellion; J. B.
Stewart, who refused to answer
before the Wilson Mobilier
committee, was arraigned before
the House, and, persisting in
his refusal, was remanded to
the custody of the Sergeant at
arms; the Fortification bill
was passed, and the House ad
Senate A bill was intro
duced incorporating the Missis
sippi and Ohio Tunnel and
Tube company, with a capital
of 810,000,000.
House January 31. The
whole day was occupied on
private bills.
Senate. A message from the
President was received, vetoing
the bill fer the relief of the
East Tennessee University; a
joint resolution was introduced
providing for the election of
Senators by popular vote.
House. February 1. bill
wore introduced to. secure
more efficient administration of
Indian a flairs: appropriating
out of the Japanese indemnity
fund, 8125,000 to Ihe officer
and crew of the Wyoming am"
vaukegau as bounty for de
struction of piratical vessels in
Japanese waters; the bill for the
relief of certain contractors .o:
war vessels was defeated; the
sub-committee of Wilson's Mo
bilier committee was authorized
to take testimony in Philadel
phia. New York and Boston.
House. February 3. bills
were introduced for a day of
national thanksgiving; recom
mending the President to com
municate with foreign Govern
ments for protection of non-com
hat ants, to secure compliance
with civilized warfare, encour
age emancipation and promote
peace between Spain and Cuba;
authorizing the President to in
vile the International Statistical
Congress to hold its next ses
sioii in this country; to refund to
officers and soldiers the five per
cents tax, to abolish the tax on
spirits distilled from fruits; for
the removal of disabilities from
all citizens of the United States;
a resolution was adopted declar
ing it not wise or expedient to
to use any part of Goat Island,
San Francisco' for railroad pur
poses; the bill to divide the Stato
of Ohio nito there judicial dis
tricts, passed.
Senate The credentials of
Senator elect Dorsey.of Arkan
sas, were presented; the bill
granting a subsidy to the
Webb Australian Steamship
company, was tabled; a bill
was introduced dividing Ohio
into three judicial districts; the
committee on conference ou
the War sloop bill was named
a resolution was adopted to de
tannine the proportion of the
expenses for public improve
ments in the district of Colum
bia to bo borne by the Govern
ment; the substitute for Buck
ingham's Banking bill was ta
ken up and two amendments
adopted; on amendment to ,Lbo
Bankruptcy bill, for the relief
of Boston insurance companies'
was adopted; pending further
action on the . Financial bill,
Senate adjourned.
House. February 4. Tho ev
idence taken' by the Poland
Credit Mobilier Investigating
committee was presented and
ordered to be printed; a resolu-
tton was adopted that sucn
part of the evidence taken by
the Credit Mobilier committe;
as affected Senators be refered
to tho Senate; a report from the
committee of conference on th
Indian appropriation bill was
adopted; the bill for the payment
of war claims passed.
Senate. A biU iwas itro
duced to increase .the. Presi
dent's salary to $50,000 per
annum, and the Vitfe Presi
dent's to i $10,00lW Referred
a bill was t o aut horizs the con
solidation of two or more Natioir
al banks; the evidence of the
Credit Mobilier committee was
roioivoil mid rpfiMTpd in 11, SO-
lect committee, with power to
send for persons and papers.
The Northfleet Disaster.
London, Feb. 7. The details
of the terrible disaster to the
ship North fled are published
from which it appears that at
half past ten at night the .cap
tain and others were alarmed
by a cry from the officer of the
watch. A steamer ran into us,
The captain and pilot rushed
on deck, but before they got
there the steamer had run into
the vessel, striking amidships,
and cutting her below the water
mark. The carpenter reported
her half full of water. The
pumps were started promptly
and the crew worked hard at
them R)r some minutes, but
when it was found that the
water was rapidly gaining a
panic seemed to seize, both the
crew and passengers, and the
officers could not keep the latter
in check. A crowd of men and
women rushed up from their
berths.. Many only had half of
their clothing on. The passen
po-rs bad mostly-retired, but i
few Were undressing. The
noise of the collision likened by
one of them to a peal of thunder
and such was the violence of
the shock that that those stand
1112 were knocked down. It
appears that steamer rebound
cd and came the second time in
collission with the North-feet,
The water began to pour in,
and in a very short time the
Dasseimers' (luarters were
swamped. The women were
slower to rush on deck than the
men, and many were not in the
condition to till the water rose
threateningly around them
io one on the steamer was
heard to speak, although the
loud and eager shouts from the
North feet must have made her
crew aware of the terrible dan
ger that existed. Sh cquacked
for two or three minutes, and
then steaming rapidly away
was soon out of sight, lor
half an hour the scene on deck
on the North fleet wah appalling.
The women shrieked, the men
cursed and swore and fought
their way towards the boats,
whilst .the captain and lirst
mate roared out' commands to
the men to keep back and allow
the women to get to the side
of vessel, but apparently with
out success, ltockets were
fired and blue lights burned
A gun was loaded, ' but the
screw of the ramrod became de
tached from the handle, and
the piece could not be discliar-
ed signals of distress were
seen by several vessels, but ap
pear to have been regarded as
signals lor a pilot, lor no assist
ance was rendered. Mean
while, the scene on deck baffles
description. The captain find
ing the men determined to leave
tho vessel, nent below and arm
ed himself with a revolver, And
ascending the poop, declared
his determination to shoot, the
first man who fried to leave the
vossel before tho women were
safe. Tho first boat launched
was lowered by a number of
passengers by out ting the ropes.
there being no ladder at hand,
the only way of getting into it
was by leaping and falling some
twelve or thirteen feet. As
there was a terrible rush to
ward the bort, the scene was
one of distressing confusion,
and a man and a boy fell into
the. water and were drowned.
Tho officers did all they ooidd
. . , ,liJV''.' I) ii
to. forco the men who first got
into the boat to leave it, that
the women might be. saved,
but to' no purpose. Even fir-
. m ii i ii .
ing, witn uianK carriages, it is
supposed at first was unavailing.
About thirty persons having got
into the boat, it put off Not one
of the crew was in it. Another
life-boat was laudched' a man
got into it and was ordered to
leave. lie refused the captain
shot him in the calf, then cap
tain Knowles placed hiswif in
the boat, and said to the ! .at
swain, who had already g"1 in:
"Here's a charge for you, !'-at-swaiti,
take care of her uit ihe
rest, and God bless v hi."
Wringing his wife's hand, he
bade her goodbye, savin;;. "I
shall never see you again.1 It
is impossible to describe the
panic that raged all this lime.
Heartrending scenes were wit
nessed onall sides. One of the
passengers, seeing the capivin's
wife in the boat' threw his own
wife iii and threw his baby to
her and then entered the .boat
himself. A little girl was
thrown into the boat by her
father, who tried to save the
rest of his family, but the seeth
ing, maddened crowd pressing
toward theside of vessel prevent
ed, and with his wife and two
other children, he went down
with the ill-fated vessel. The
engineer made frantic efforts to
save his wife and children, but
was jammed between the. cook
house and gunwale, and receiv
ed dreadful injuries. Though
alter Wards rescued he is in a
precarious' state. Only two of
the seven boats aboard were
launched, "owing no doubt; to
the panic, and one was serious
ly injured as the tackle was cut
and the boat fell into the sea.
When the second boat had got
off, it seemed to become a ques
tion of moments.
The quarter deck was crowded
by men, women and children,
some crying, swearing, ana
praying. The captain and pi
lot were together, and' the lat
ter was heard saying, "If you
want to save yourselves, make
for the topmasts," to which ma
ny poor people ru5h3i. In a
quarter of an hour, a tug picked
mi the second boat with the
thirty occupants, and then
steamed away.
About t'n'ree-quarters of an
hour after being struck . the
Noaihfleet went down, head lirst,
with an awful suddenness, with
three hundred and twenty-sev
en souls on board. At that mo
ment the first boat was one
hundred yards, and the . sreond
twenty or thirty from the ves
sel. The crew of the first boat,
after landing the woman, rowed
around the t ; eue of the wreck
ano saved fr.e men trying to
swim to shov A lugger took
off tha occupants of the s-ond
boat, thirh-.'our paesengers,
and a pilot utter rescued the
pilot and ten ueu, who, having
gone down .:Uithe vesM-;.rose
to the Hiirfatv and clung I the
maintopmast gging. Ti.- ves
sel lies in el-. n fathom f wa
ter. The s'fvivors k that
the captain -played tin' j eat
est heroism, maintain 1 his
presence of i i ltd from ;,. t to
last, strove ! d to pui ,. end
to the pani . aid did 'it-.' luty
bravely to tin ;nd. tit r . ?, at
the last mo: : at, goin :, ross
the deck, in rhe hope j ma-
t i i i i .
bung some o: me crowi m'rfn.
ing around the borts ?, tnat
side, to get a M a v Irom th-' shin.
- . " .... -
xae survivor'., say that tb- oth
er boats got :t .'rift when f ! ship
sunk, and .'xpress the belief
that it the lassengers h I al
lowed them t . be lowered i.ron
erly, could, b ivo saved at least
one hundred -aoro lives. Un
fortunately the woman .ould
not climb the masts, alflnuah
the men did -ill in their j-wer
to help thei.i. ConsemiiMitlv.
all the worn 'ii and children,
with the exception of th- cap
tain's wife itMtl another woman
and two chib' -en were drovmed.
The United llrcthren In ;hrist
contributed last vear for mUsions
There are t-vo hundred ' floral
Bnptist Sundn Schools, in v hlch
there are ten i' ousand sclio): : g in
Rev. Tibiriiiu G. Jones, ii. D.,
and Rev. E. B. Teague, D. U. have
become corresj ending editors ..f the
Christian Index of Atlanta. Geor
gia. The venerab! Rev. Ttcnry l.'oehm
Is nor In his . ninety-. ighth
year, fcarly in heptember U ex
pects to visit Cmacia, taking -'..early
tho same tour that" nearly sixty
tears ngo he i..:ido tvith Bishop A
wy. i , ,. ;,' , ... , -
THUS isfiaw -STOIC-P.
Benj. Woa,
A Mammotb EigM Pap Sleet
Fifty-Six Clumns of Beading
Contains ALL THE NEWS,
foreign, domestic, political and
general, with full and reliable
market reports. Each number
also contains several short sto
ries, and a great variety of lite
rary, agricultural matter, etc.,
etc., constituting, it is confident
ly asserted, the most complete
weekly newspaper in this coun
Inducements to Clubs!
Five t'opltfn, one yoar o OO
- "im, uhb year. Hna an extra
copy to Die lender 15 OO
Twenty Conleii, one year.and an ex-
rifJV01y ta en,lBr '- 88 OO
Urty Copiea, one yenr, and an ex
tra ooyy to tender 55 OO
Parties sending clubs as above.
uuy luium isopcr cent, or the money
ecuivcu oy mem, as commission.
Persons desiring to act as
agents supplied with specimen
bundles. Specimen copies sent
free to any address. All letters
should be directed to
BOX 3,795,
NewYork City Post Office.
Books Which Are Books.
Works wlilili sliouia l)i fouml In every Li
brary within tlm rcmili of nil rpoilum. Works
to entertain, liwfnirt ami Improve. Coniei
will bo sent liy return pout, on receipt of
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m iiilinllvsluil tnroiiKli Tc'iiipormiiiit mill
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ninii race Divine," with mine Hutu One
TIlOIIMlll.l Illiixtittionr.. U . If. W M.I.8.
1'rko a.U0. '
Tl,, I.'....,ltu 1I,vm1iiIiiii. A Ki'IMlV J'l'O-
- - ' , " III ...... i,l.-l,l,..
once to tlio Nature, Causes, 1'revonllon and
Treatment of Diseases, Aeeiilenti", and Can
unities ot every kind. Willi (Onwnry and
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latent and lust. Miidllu, 'M'i.
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Mrs. IlliSTEH i'EN'iu.KTON. beuoiui edition,
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provennint, iu one vol. J4.Ki.
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inaii's Ouidii lor conducting 1'ulille Meet
ings uccwnling to 1'tirliiiiiient.irv forms.
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Moral Tee.ituient. liy Andiii'AV Combk, M.
i). With Notes, tl.60.
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Uents, showing the most scieutillc and la
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iiiau Magnetism, a.UO.
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inscribed thesu inimorlal uul'dspn the Temple
f Delphi, the woild has struggled ns ever
before towards a solution of tin1 'problems ol
human existence.
T'llK ( oiiUKl.ATliiNS oi' Fiiiii KB, now an es
tablished tact, has furnished an enduring ba
sis lor all Hie m.itei ial seicm t. mill luoilullt
each of the tienicndoiiH powers ot nature
liuil, J.lylil, Klulriviitj, .imnctiHin, und At
traction, wiihiu the (loinain of law ami order.
T'llK OlitciN- of liACKM, still earnestly dis
cussed by I'.tlinologists, is hiiiiging liglit mil
out of the shadows of the past, und uiumu
fail to inteiest the truth-seeker,
TitKOKkiiN or I.ti'E, a still more Inlrirulc
piolileiu. Is iictively engaging the minds ol
our lending l'hysiologisis, The results will
be given in this .loi'HNAi..
Piivsioi.oiiv ANti I'svciioToii v will be
prominent features; embracing the sub'ecte
of Soul, Mind, iliniily Miuctiiics and Func-tion-j,
MK'inl lielaiions, ICdiii'iilion, I(elii;ioiis
Creeds. Muiiinge, Tiuining of ( hiidren,
Criminal Jul Ispi ucdiii e, etc.
of (hnrailei, Peculiarities of Organization
i' lirsiiiissions ami liodi'v (jmtlilics, etc.,
.i.i,r-lMI'ltiVKiil'.Nl'. Vain are all the
teachings ol N-ieiii e and the marvels of art.
unless applied to pe. feeling ourselves ami
improving the race, it is lor this wo "live,
move, und have Our hcinjf," and to this result
the I'aiikmii.ouic.w, dm ks.u will tend.
ItAN'Y IIomkk are Hie result ..? a no--cit
iu ii I ion ami development, niul '' -mnl
coiding totbeluwsof life, 'Vilcio "lb nr.
of ull that Is good In " life. j . .ire symbols
real Heaven on F.arth, , onie," and tin.
Till'. Pmtiixoi.m'jr
will keep pHio w" -al Jni nsAi, roil ltm
while " ti'ild1' .(It the march of events, ami
deliver -ig fast to the good," will en
now jtead ihepiililieininil iu many tilings
., and true,
Tkiimk: Monthly, at IU a year, in advance.
Single numbers, m cents. ( lulls of ten or
Mioicfaein b.. AddiessM. II, Wkli.h, Publishei
:tetl liroadw uy, New York.
1846 Twenty-Eighth Year.
iJniiiietl ana Improved.
"The Best Literary and Society
rapor m America,
lis leadiiigdeiiartineuts comprise Kililorlals
ou topics of Iresli interest; lirilliant Koiiianees
anil roruaiiuics in Aiiierican 1,1 re; f ililnrlal
Uevlcws of new events in the world ot ilelles
l.etlres. Painting, Sculpture, hcienco, Music,
iinn uu; iiriiuin; uriginui r.ssnys; Ample t,x
curnUi fi-om tho best liiiroiieaii writers: Sulci
Letters from correspondents in all the grea't
e nonius ui mc oriri; copious ixiracis rroiu
New Hooks: and raev iicr.nnntH of snvltiurs.
happenings, and doings in tho Ucau M'omle;
embrai'ing thu very freshest mailers nf iutei-
cst m tins country ami in mi rope i lie whole
comnletelv mlrrorinir the wit and wlmloin. the
humor and pathos, tho news and sparkling
gonaili oi tin, Mine!,
For the convenience of persons making up
their list of papers nnd magazines for the
coming yenr, thu publishers of Tint IIohi:
Joi'HNAI. linvo clubbed with some of tho best
periodicals and oiler them to suhserihers (both
now ami out) wiiu inn iieuenioi a largo liti.
count In pricos.
TllR IIOMKiIotriiNAi. nml any ft periodical
(either Harper's llaztir, Atlantic Monthly,
Seriliner's Monthly, The Oalnxy, Llppencolt's
iiiagazinc, Appieioirs .loiirniii, rruiiK Leslies
I. ndies' .Ion i mil, Frank Leslie's Illustrated
Newspaper, llluckwood's Magazine, West
niliislor itevlew. or unv of the Knirlisti Quar
terlies republished here) will ho sent for IS,
ine inn price oeiugti.
t Tiir IIosif. .lol'iiNALiind Our Young Folks
foe )(8 .W: full rail's VI- Homk Joins ai. and
LiUell's Living Ago for ft DO; full price, U.
Subse.rlliej's (both new nnd old) forming
clubs I'orTiiK Hohi! Lot'KNAi. alone, Wll re
.solvo It at the rate of three copies, 6iioyear,ni
pne coiiv three years, for ftt, six copies om
year, $10, Single sunset Ipl Ions t.l a year.
Subscriptions will tako dale liniiiedliitety, or
at any time tho subserlbeis prefer. Address
thu proprietors,
Nq. a Paiik Flack, Nkw Yoiik.
JPOH THE X-jnA.lZ'1873.
T1IK GI'IIUO Is now iiulillsliod Quarlorly.
SS cuts pays (or the year, four nuinlierc,
wards send money to the amount of Ono Dol
lar or more for seeds, may Rlso orders SIS cents
worth extra the ju ice paid for the Guide.
The January Number is bunutifiil, glvlnr
flans for making It it ral Homes, Designs for
ilnlnir Table Decorations. Window Gardens.
which Irnol half the cost. Thoso who after-
Ac., ami containing a ninssof information In
valuable to tho lover of flowers. One hundred
and lift v pages, on fine tinted paper! soino flvo
kuudreil engiavings, and a superb Colored
Pldtfi and Chroma Cover. The first edition of
Two Hundred Thousand Just printed In En
glish and Germs . and rondv to send out,
j Am. to vjuu, uocuoswr, 0. i,
- ''!. ' . v. . s i.: . . .
A Serial Story by Hit. 1IOIXASD.
wow Btory ny Isaac iiwi.ji.
a i ...... m.,,.,. f,., mil. r ii V ! 'k.
Iimi.I.IAN f AltliAV ot ( ONTlilllLTOIlS.
t;l.AltKNCI': COOIv on Furnlliiro
.miii iiecoriuiMii.
It. U. STODDAlt Odii Authors.
Add I'ugt". lor l,Ae., ,Vo.
The I'tildislici,. of i iiiiini.h'h Montiii.v, lu
Uieir J'rospt!cti,ii.l is.-.iied, pioinise lor tlm
ensuing year n nnuv brilli.iiit lu i.iy of fiiii
1 1 iliiitois, a ml an iin'i r.i-.' iii Ihe viii iuty and
lienuly '( lis illiisinillons, ali'eudy coiucdcit
I v the critics to lie 'Uni'r tlmn itmj irilch Imr,'
h'lthi'rtiittjijit'iit't'l 'a II Amti'lcti'ii JAi(ie.ifl."
Dr. IIoi.i.asi), 111,.' Keillor, w ill write the si-,
rial story of the ear, which will liu nutoliion
r.iiilii' ai t lorui, und will W illc-ii.ii.i i ..'
Mins tlnlliii'k. II Is i iniiled "Ariliur l:o.ini
castlc." and will ileal wii'i sou-,, eft!!:' uia-i.
(llillcult pioldi in.' of Ainci icai life. It. will
lie roiaiiK'iici d ill ill ' .Novemlier uuiiil'ir.
1'licicwill liea iic'.v slorj,..!..! s.ixi; iini.M.
" The Cn-leggcd Dancers."
lll'.KT HAI'iin, lue Inst w liter ot lmrt. sto
i ici nun living, ill contribute a rlmra Icvi. -llc...(ii,V
eniitlcd "The Kpieof i'lihlli town'"'
whii Ii will (iu lllnstiale -I by Slieppnnl.
I!, II. STODOAi'.ii will nile n sccIm of
eiilerliiining pape.is alnml "AiillniiK, their
Personal t harai torintirs. Home Ulie, 1'iiin
illes, l'lienils, Wliiins, and Ways," scries
of "l'oi trnilsof Living American Wi iieis."
is nlr-o prouiir-ed.
( i.Aiiii.Nci'. Cook w ill wrlie about "l iiriiltiii e
and tho Decoiatiou of American Homes.
Thews impels will lie einiiieiitly pruciical im
well as aiiislic, and will be illuMinlrd with
designs und nkeli lies by niiniei ous aillsls in
additiim to those which the wiiter hiniself
will furnish.
Among thoso who will contribute are;
Hn"s Anderson, lirvant. HiihIiiii'II, Ksgles
ton, Froudo, lilgglnson, Ilislmp Huntlngion,
i.ut ii.iVie, .Ion, i iniy, It. ii., .Muudunahl,
Mitchell, Miss Phelps, Nteilinan. Stockton,
Stoddaid, Celia 'i'liaxter. Wninor, Wilkinson,
und Mis, Whitney, hesides n host of others.
The editorial control anil direction of the
Magazine will remain in tho hands of Dr.
HOLLAND, who will continue to write "The.
Topiisof the Time," whi'.h the New iork
Independent savs "are more widely, (pintcd
th. in any sl;uilar papers in any American
Walon Glhh-r will write 'The Old ( abiiiet,'
ns Intlierto. Pior.Jobu V. Dialer conducts
tho departinent of "Nature and Selence."
The ilepiu tinents of "Home and Boclety,"
and "Culture and Piogress,". will engage Hie
eontriliut ions ol more than a sioio of pens on
botn sides of the tlnntic.
The Watchuiiin and Kellectorsavs:
"Scrlhnei's Monthly lor 8epteuiliev Is bet
tor than usual, which indicates u needless
waste of editoiiul liinins and puhlislier's
money, for thu Magazine was good enough
before.'" And yet tlio Publisheis promise to
make it still better for tho coming yciu !
The Snbsci Iption price is M a yenr with spo
clal i ates to Clergymen, Teachers nud Post
masters. The following
- Extraordinary Inducaments
are offered to new subscribers:
For 1(55(1 the Publishers will send, or any
Ilookseller or Newsdealer will supply, the
Magazine for one year, ami Ihe twelve'num
bers of Vols, 1 11 und iV, coiitulniiig the be
ginning of Mrs. (Iliiihunt's ISerial, "At His
tiates;" for the iNlagazlne for one year,
nud tlicl'l bick nunibeis from the beginning;
for iflODO the Magazine for one yenr, and the
51 knek number. bound (I vols,,) i lunges on
bound volumes paid. This w ill give licit 1 1
5,000 pages of the choicest rending, w ith the
lines! illustrations, $IO.r(l, oriieaily tM pages
for n dollar! und will enable every suhscriliee
to obtain Hie sories from the lirst,
(154 II roadway, New York.
iiiiinus, for distribution among 1 lie if it.lio
Siiliscrlbors of Ihe
IN APB.II1, 1873.
Tho mimber ol prcniiums are lilways In
creased when the ninnberof unines exceed tin
number calculated upon,
vt c now oner the follow Ing: .
1 Cash Premium of
fO Cash Premiums of iot) each
IiO Stcin-winding Wad lies, .T0 each
ltWl ash I'reniluinsof V.Oeacb .. .,
'.Oil " " of I0 each
100 " " of t each ... '.
1IH) " ' or3 each ...
1141 Ii ..I' to ,.,,,.1,
? 1, 00(1
. 4.HW
. :m
. 300
I'iil Miscollar.cnus Preni's, S'i to Slil eiVli 7 "mi
UmIIi.i. ,. 'r 1 ..I- r,,i.,, . ii,. . . ..'"." 'eo
...i.nmft ,. 4, .mi , ,,,,, uiiici,.vxi Pre
miums, worlb TWKNTY Tl'.ors 11
Kvery subscrilier who lemltH .;( f,,,.
year's subsci Ijitlon will buve his mmW icis.
tered, and will bo furnished bv return mail a
receipt, giving Ihe date and unrulier to which
ins name is registered, said number being
icprescnled hyiuluiiliciUe in theilislribulloii.
Agents semlinll 111 names am) .fvo.OU al one
time receive a live p iper one vear and have
their names regis, 1 us participants fr
Specimens of Copies, Posters, Premium
Pamphlet uud Subsci I pi ion lilnnUs sent free
to poisons desiring iIiimii. Addics
H2-ll.-w,Ve Cliicinniili, (lido.
. pott Tint
800 Pnftes. 250 EiKri ,.
A startling exiiosd of MeiU- , ',, "f '
thu past, and pi-sent, f Huniliiigs ol
Impostors, Tittvclj,if ventllutes Quacks,
cine Venders, Doctors, Patent Medi-
I'ullers n A' .cd Female ( heats, Fortune
aecoum, " .ediiims, und gives iiiieiesting
ol'Ulv'' 1 Noted l'liysii iaiis and Nairativos
i,..- ., lives. It leveals startling secrets nnd '
...iriictN all how to avoid Hie ills which Hush
is heir to. We give exdusivc territory nnd
lilieuil eoniiuissious. For circulars and terms
address the publisho"",
J. 11. BL'Itlt Si IIYIHI,
llnrtford, (.01111., or Chuago, Illinois.
1300 PAOF.A ANIi 600 KNOItAVINUH, printed ill
ICnglisli and German. Written bv '.0 eminent
autliots, including John li. Got'dii, Hon,.
Leon Cahk, Kuwakd IIowi.anii, Ubv. K. Ki
win IIai.i., Philip Hipi.ky, ai.hkiit Hihm-
This work Is a complete history (if all
blanches of Inditstry, processes of niouufac
lure, etc., in all ages. It Is a complete oncy.
lopcillu of arts und manufactures, and Is tho
most entertaining and valuable work of In
formation on subjects of general Intel est ever
olfereit to the public. It Is adapted to the
wants of the Merchant, Munufiictiirer, Me.
ihanic, Farmer, Student and Inventor, and
sells to both old and young of all classes. Tlio
;iook in sold by agents, w ho are making large
sales In all purls of the country. It Is offered
at Hie low price of :i.!i), nnd 'Is tho cheapest
hook ever sold by subscription. Nofniiillv.
should bo without a coiiv. We want Agents
In every town in tho Culled Slates, nml no
igeut run fail to do well with this hook. Our
terms aro liberal. We giveotiragenls thoox-
luslvo right of territory. Ono of our agents
sold 111B copies in eight days, another sold iWl'li
in two weeks. Our agent in Hartford sold lhI
in one week. Specimens of the work sent to
agents 011 receipt of stump. Forciri ulars and
terms to agents address the publishers.
.1. II. IlUillt A 11YDK,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, Illinois.
My n well-known nnd popular author, on an
entirely now subject. The book will bo pro-
nisely illustrated and handsomely hound, and
will sell readily te ull classes. Agents wish
ing to secure territory should apply at once.
J. It. ilC Hit ti Jj Y UK,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, Illinois.
$10.00 WORTH
11 everv suliscrlher to OCR FIUK.SMIK
TilKXD. 'T11 Lkaiiimi Family wkkklyoT
America. Largo sie eight pages. Oiigiuid.
beautifully Illustrated. Full of reliable, In
itructivo and Interesting reading matter,
aews mid miscellany, short continued sturios,
.ketches and practical matter, Ji'st Si'itkii
to Hie wants and wishes of KVF.HY MAN,
VOMAN and CHILD, whether living In city
ir country, nnd WK (JIVK to each vearlv sub.
scrlher 11 copy of our mugiiillceiitbil lliromo
" Cute,"
Printed In On, Coi.onn, 10 times from lDslonos
-size lllxSO Inches. Tho subject is life size.
Kxipilsile nnd pleasing. It en t bo told
from the original painting, 'and Is really worth
.10. It exceeds In beauty, size and value any
.lletlli'i, f,vi,l irlvtin ti'lll, 11, tv ,l,ll I.... t
' , .s,,, '"iii,i ion. 1,11
0110 hundred dollar picture ean give more
pleasure, or bo n grenler ornament iu any
household. It can be had free, ami I wn don't
ask subscribers to wait months lor It, but will
(end It ntonco, or It can be luyl of our agents,
bilmeilbors imy on delivery of plettires. N,
Wulthlir. Plctlll-es Now remlr. mi.l iliillvm...,!
by us iitonco. Ifwohavo '
In youruidulilioi bund. WK WANTONi;
- " , - - ' - IU, ,,, (, ,(,,,-
VaNSlllir AH WO nlinnst. rrtvn iiu-iiv b t.,.li,,. 1.1-
outllt, and furnish tho best piivlug agency In
America. Give exdusivo territory and tho
best tools to work with. Our Agent having
immense success, and making lioin A to lit '
lier (IlLV! film llirioif IyioIi Ai 1. ,1 1 in i ..I , I I,.
one day; otliors ruport from 10 to tit per day,
Specimen coplcg of paper, full particulars,
terms, etc., sent free t" any address,
' WrltA At nniin in Una V, n vain tT.i.un '
CbKajfo, ill,, , - rt,.4-nt
.'. ..1 j .

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