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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, March 05, 1873, Image 2

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The McArtlmr Enquirer.
j. n JWZS. K lltur ami PublUhor.
March 5, 1873.
Delcjratc to the Constitu
tional Convention.
Tu Denuicratlo Coutral Comiillteo of Vln
ton County, do hereby rail u Dvleyato County
Convention to bo hull nt the Court House, in
ItcArlhur, ou -
MONDAY, MAUOH 10, 1873.
At 1 o'clock, p. ro,, of that day-, for tho puniost'
of placing iu nomination a candidate for
To the Constitutional Convention., to bo voted
for on the tut Monday of April next.
Selection Of Delegates:
The Democracy of tha several Townships
Will, therefore, meet nt the usual placet of
holding elections therein, on
' SATURDAY, MAE3H 8, 1873,
between tho hours of 2 and 3 p. m., and elect
delegates to repieiont tin townships iu said
The ratio of representation is 1 delegate for
every S5 votei cut f ir A(ji'u.i Wilky forSoo
. reUryof State, iu l$T2, nu 11 dclcjalu Tor each
fraction of 11 vote-i.
Tho following U Ihj nuiifiurof Delegate to
which he Township are entitled:
Wilui's No.
v vote: Delegatus:
K?le :so ...,!. 8
tilt Iff ... 8
Hurrlson 71 8
Richland ..?) It ,
J.tckwm 1JJ 4
Cllntou. IM ... B
Swan llj 4
Wilkesvillo ...l.J 6
Vinton Ill) 4
Madison vol fl
Mrowu llii 4
Kuox 51 a
The Convention will alio transact such other
buslucRs as m ry properly coma before it.
By order of
fob. 18, 1873.
While tho Gimr party or:
gau3 and orators howled all
overtho land, last year, about
the Tammany Kin"; frauds in
the . city of New York, and
most unjustly charging them
upon tho whole Democratic
party as respai.sible for them,
it now turns out that the Re
publican kx L'i's in Congress, of
the House ml the Senate, were
guilty of swindling (he whole
people and Covernmont of the
United States to an extent be
pond all historical precedent.
The obscuro rascals who man
aged Tammmy Hall organiza
tion rohbatl o.ily Ui3 city of
New York, but it was the most
prominent representatives of the
Grant party in the National
. Congress who robbadthe Treas
ury of the United States and
all the time preaching that
tliey were far better than other
men, the brassy hypocrites,
I3u they -succeeded in re-electing
Grant !
Tiie so-called Republican
party of to-d.iy has succeeded
in bringing free government
inb dU-eit) th'j wj.11 over,
and all the advocates ol Dem
ocratic institutions iu Europe
are met every step they propose
favorable to stnh, by the jeers
of the monarchists who con
stantly point to the scandalous
conduct of III lical loaders in
this country, as samples of Re
publican rule. How mnch lon
ger must such a party be tolerated?
Principles and Men.
The downfall of the leading
office-holders of the Adminis
tration party indviccs the organs
to turn from their dishonored
representatives and seek to di
vert the public mind by loud
and empty vaporing.? about
"principles" These principles,
it is asserted, would give life
and strength to tho party, even
though all its lending men vvre
overtaken in crime. We con
fess that we do not understand
this new doctrine. It seems to
us that professed principles
are tho sounding brass and
tinkling cymbal of political
hypocrisy unless (hey are rep
resented and enforced by hon
est men. Bid men may belong
to a party and not destroy it,
but if corriiptionists manage
and represent n parly nil the
principle it has will be em
bodied iu them.
Intelligent visitors to the
galleries of the United States
Senate and . Houec of Repre
sentatives have long claimed
that the Christian statesmen
who, bit below, are . hypocrites,
in that they aw not so pious as
they look. - Tho several in ves
tiga'ting Committees now agree
We do not th'rk the predic
tion that tho Republican par
ty is disintegrating, that ele
ments are tl work which will
cause its final overthrow,pre
inature. In fact, we balieve
that to-day it is tottering, and
that its fiDal doom may be fore
shadowed in the developments
going on before the Credit Mo
bilier investigation. That this
investigation has seriously dam
aged tho party, is beyond dis
pute, and while we do not be
lieve that this, of itself, will
prove its destruction, yet this
is the beginning of the end.
This must have a tendency,
for the people will finally be
come thoroughly disgusted with
their representatives who have
been guilty of such gross cor
ruption, and when a party
once looses tho couQdeuce ot
the people, it is falling to
pieces. .
List week three daughters
of Jambs Bishop, near Charles
ton, Trigg county, Ky., went
to a field where their prother
was burning brush. During
the brother's absence the dress
of one ol the girls caught fire
and before the brother was,
alarmed by her shrieks or his
sisters could be attracted to the
spot her clothing had all burned
off except a small strip around
her neck, and the girl was hor
ribly crisped from head to foot.
Sho died before a physician
could be brought to her.
Illinois, at the end of Gen.
Grant's present term ot ollice,
will have furnished thvj presi
dents for the United. States
for the last sixteen years, and
has material left 0:1 hand, of
the kind she has furnished, to
supply the world for the next
sixteen thousand years. Would
not Spain like a few dozen ?
Worth Something.- C ha ra c
ter,' public men will find, is
worth something; even 111 these
times. Senator Patterson, now
representing New Hampshire in
the United States Senate, has
been treated with signal dis
courtesy by the trmtees of the
Ohio Agricultural College. He
had been offered by them the
Presidency of that institution,
and was to occupy the chair ot
Moral Philosophy when his
Senatorial term expired. But
tho Credit Mobilier investiga
tion caused the men of Ohio to
change their minds, and, not
withstanding the agreement into
which they had entered, they
notified the Senator that they
would not need his services!
He was not the kind of Mr nil
Philosopher wanted.
The Attorney-General has de
cided that letter not fully pre
paid at the time of mailing,
should not be charged with dou
ble the deficient postage, but
only with the actual balance not
prepaid. Immediately upon
the receipt of the opiulon, the
Postmaster-General gave direc
tions that the Post Ollice De
partment should conform therewith.
The Ohio Senate and House
met at Columbus on Friday,
February 2Sth, but adjourned
until Tuesday, March lt!i, with
out transacting any b:niiK'3s.
A number of members went to
Washington to attend to the in
auugration ceremonies desir
ing to see the Great Grand Gift
Taker inaugurated for just four
years more.
A Southern writer attempts
to account for the increased
severity of tho winters of the
Gulf States. However his
conclusions may be regard
ed he is entitled to the grati
tude of the public for avoiding
all mention of the. Gulf Stream.
This wretched current of warm
water has been made responsi
ble by physical geographers for
every climatic phenomenon
otherwise unaccountable. Tho
writer in question explains the
climatial change by the felling
of Southern forests, thus afford
ing moro unrestricted soopo to
the north-west winds, chilled
by the snow on tho Rocky
The Foulest Fowls go to Roost.
Editor Enquirer: -When the
Vice President elect IIenhy Wil
son denied his relation to the
Iniow-notliiivj order in the face of
fifty thousand opposing witnesses,
to get the foreign vote of the late
national election, it was said by
ood judg03 to bo tho most bare
footed and short-sighted, brazen
faced and bull-headed lie that ever
came from man since Adam fell
from his high estate. But recent
developments in Washington (Lli.it
collossal founderv offalseliooel)sliow
that the Wilson lie was only the
forerunner of others not behind
the advanced column. Even .Mr.
Wilson himself when charged be
fore the election with dealing in
Credit Mobilier stock denied the
allegation, proclaiming a loud,
amen, at Hawlkys defeuce in his be
half; but now when driven to the
wall by the Investigating Commit
tee, ho acknowledges the stock, and
like poor old Adam, comes out with
a guilty look, makes a lig-lef apron
of h'13 wife, which renders his posi
tion more ludicous and villainous
than before. If he bought the stock
for his wife, why deny last summer
having any thing to do with Credit
Mobilier, when tho Tribune was
exposL-ing thoso beautiful scoun
drels who cheated the Government
to the tune of forty- millions of dol
Vice President Colfax and his
successor are paddling tho same
canoe. If his article, written soon
after the late election, entitled
"does calumny pay?" had been
headed "docs perjury pay?" ami a
few timely warnings given to t!to-e
having too little discretion to keep
out of trouble, and had set a whole
some example himself, he would
not stand, to-day, that melaneholly
spectacle of moral ruin the country
now beholds. We fiud him very
unfortunate in his case, as two of
his witnesses, knowing to his in
convenience, are dead; and the
others belong to the same family;
while the committee have proved
by u wall of evidence not taken,
that Vice President Colfax, after
repeated and unqualilhd denials,
is either guilty of perjury, or else
the victim of conspiracy, standing
for years without any apparent ob
ject, any unprejudiced man can
A Radical court might acquit
him, and so it would a Jew for de
nying his Lord, if his conviction
was not in harmony with this mon
eyed power, built up by the exigen
ces of the war, and mow holds the
Government a helpless collossus in
the hollow of its hand. Dut the
testimony has gone to the country
where honest meu of all parties will
weigu 111s 4-ase aim 1 trust give
rightous judgment. In the midst
of this national scandal, one thing
is worthy of notice; not one Liberal
has had the smell of suspicion up
on his garment, the whole squad
are good Giiaxt Republicans of
easy integrity except one Democrat
from New York, and he was frank
to own lie was caught in bad com
pany. This Credit Mobilcr picture
is a sickening thing; its fairest fea
tures a lasting disgrace.
When IIoitACEGitEELiovand others
brought it to light last summer,
they were set' upon with all the
venom the guilty host could mas
ter; denounced as liars and disturb
ers of the social harmony of societv,
but now we see why the wounded
Hotter, and where the "fowl goes
home to roost." They seemed to
assume an irreproachable standard
of character; some sacred ground
where no vile thing could ever be
suspected: some great "I Am" be
fore whom all must bow and sue
lor mercy . But that delicious de
lusion has ignoininiously exploded;
the deuolntci'H, thank heaven, arc
ia the pat h of desolation; and when
we add to this good Republican
picture the cases of IYimkuoy and
Caldwell of Kansaa.nnd the States
which have been robbed of untold
millions and set back in progress
and wealth a generation or more;
we.hava only commence! to eluci
date their remarkable qualities,
their knowledge of tho art of get
ting into ollice and governing nutn
kiud. If Satan had set up nights
for six thousand years, exercising
all his subtil genius conceiving
falsehood, he could not have com
pounded a more heaven-daring dc
coction than was belched from the
Radical press after the nominee of
tho Cincinnati Convention was do
dared. The press and leaders of
that once honored party vied with
each other in defaming the liian of
men, and the peers of them nil.
They so far eclipsed tho Prince of
darkness that his saianic majesty
was robbed of his sceptre while pre
siding over the darkest delibera
tions known to a civilized age. The
Hood gates of hell were lifted up
and nil the evil machinations that
fiends eouU engender were robed In
Ueep8 apparrcl, sauctiflcd unci
made politically holy by great cu
detrscrncnts, und sent out on the
caitUfta wtojod.uoeauiijQra from
paradise depicting in bloody letters
the awful calamity awaiting the
great Republic if Houace Greeley
was electee! President. Radicals
ran up and down on the parth .with
gastly features, praying Baal to the
rescue, that another four yours
lease might fatten the balance of
them. Men who wish to be duped
in the' Republican name were swift
to believe their former opinion of
Houace Ghee ley r e m a r k a b 1 y
wrong, and swallowed the cup with
all its alloes and gall with as much
heathenish satisfaction as vloiix
CniNEMAX pays devotions to the
sun. "The compassed sea and land
to make a proselyte,4" and when
they slobered over him the kiss of
delusion, the victim was held like a
bird by the charm of a snak, with
nothing to show for tho loss of his
virtue, but the vote that heyast for
the most unscrnplous band of cor
riiptionists that ever figured iu the
drama of politics. If one' of the
original stock was guilty e(' an ac
cusing concience, and a nihil of his
own, and did not jump at trie crack
of the party uhip, ho was' fondly
caressed withi satandiko promise
of a nice littlJfy''1-1') wk'ich was
sure to reward the finally?; faithful.
But if his better judgment overrul
ed, and convictions of duty bid
him assist the Liberal cause, he was
set upon as a pestalent fellow, given
all the npprobrious epethets politi
cal hate could devise1, and cast into
outer light, where Radical mercy is
never wanted and Radical-thieves
ne'er break through nor steal.
They entered tho prison of . the
key-stone State with the pardoning
power, and took from its cell a good
matured enlprct to relieve by per
jury their candidate for Governoi
who was charged with being too
familiar with the peoples moiiey ol
that cominonwcllh. Tho dressed
niger women in mens apparel, by
tens and by lifty's in North Caro
lina, and drove them to the polls
like beasts to the market, that this
moneyd aristocracy might have an
other four-years grip on the vitals
of the nation. A regiment of sol
diers is reported to have marched
through the State of Indiana just
prior to the election, with 110 ap-
pa rent purpo.se,other than arousing
a martial and vindictive spirit
among her citizens by raking over
the ashes of the civil conflict, and
failing its embers into a living fire.
If our nation has a foe within ite
borders to-day of any formidable
tea tufe, force, or character, it is
that man or that class of men, who
having eyes, see nothing, nd hav
ing sense know nothing, but part,
aggrandisement by engenderiiij!
sectional hate, when they scratch
for votes iu theash-pile of a quench
ed rebclion. They lavished tliU
money like water which penetrated
every department of the body ol
politics, till its eontaminating ef
fusions swept on and on by Gov
ernment oiiieials, ran over and gag
ed State after State, subverting the
first principles of a Republican
Government, making iiierchendise
of the elective franchise, a cess
pool of polities, and a freebooter o!
a party. They hurled their poison
ed arrows at one whose greatness
and virtues nature forbid them to
emulate, mid Pharisee-like they
thanked God thev were not like
other men, but invocked the
Supreme being to witness the de
nial of wickedness in high places
(which was useless for mockery
from such whited sepulchres will
not pass unnoticed,) with more
than christian solemnity.
As though some fearful hope had
driven them to insanity, or the
dread of justice to hopeless mad
ness they crucified their earthly
Christ, but failed to cast lots for
his vesture, as there was no proph
ecy to fulfill, and they wanted
nothing to quicken their memory of
the brutal dead, His standard ol
purity was too high for Radical use.
The labors of his great soul for
seven years to heal the wounds of a
civil war, bear the impress of
heaven: On bis dcfnniers, the
opositc is plain to bo seen, that is
Whitman county, Washing
ton Teirltory, Iving between
the Snake and Columbia Riv
ers, is being rapidly settled,
t already contains between
UOU and . 3,0UU inhabitants.
The town of Perry, twelve
miles west of Lawrence, Kan
sas, has shipped this season
over 5,000 hogs; weighing
over tons, or 1,250,000
pounds, and has received for
them nearly 8-30,000.
On (he topic of capital remov
al, the Omaha (kch.lfcralu)
says: "Sentiment among the
people upon tho subfect is well
nigh unanimous for the remov
al." '
Kansas is talking manufac
tories, since the Logislateur
passed a bill permitting thorn
to bo cxemptod from taxation
for fifteen years by a vole of the
cities where they wo JocvUvl
Among the- farm products
Nebraska is collecting for Vi
enna are samples of oats yield
ing 92 bushels per acre, barley
Co, winter wheat 40, dan
spring wheat from 33 to g9
bushels. ' .
8Anp A"ixis axon oi) uiqii.w 11
uo poouauiuioo oq tjuv.ioav pnu
''UUOdlUfI pilU t!AV13l)0 UOO.tt
-oq poiuduioiuoo pcojjiu.1 oijx
Editor Enqcihkr: l'lcase announce the
1:11110 of W. S.C'layi'Ooi.e, tta 11 uttuiliiliito tot
Dolujf.ttu lo reprcrtfiit Vinton county In the
l onstltutoinnl Convention, otiblcft to the tie
t'Mon of tho Dciiioi'.intlc ami Liberal Itcpuu
lii au Convention to be held on Monday, March
&cC.,. &zC, &0.
Eleven l:ir;;e p:ecn-liotises full of choice
ircen-lmniie mill j.i'ilillnir f Inula. A -imu
Ciit.ilotruu free. Al-,GUUU0 llo-eH. Hall' H Mil
lion Nii wnv S.iriui' nml oilier Kverirreetm,
ft ml oOiKU cholei- Oin w Vines MUHJO Ciinnuts
.oii.ine :; ies .to. xhjij.ki iiweet inesiiuit,
1'iees II 1 11 1-1 1 us to el'lu lent liltfli, the bent nut
ami limber tree on the eon Uncut. Fineyenr
I111K t.ees by mini, only f'l pei lUO, ( hestniits
,)ieerve,l liii-i'n itiii)ti by until, per lb, R0:.
Also, s,).niili ( li.Hinut trees lllmk Walnut,
11 tit Li' 1 nut, small Xoiway Sirtue, &e., &c, by
nail, It' ilexire'l. A Ciri'iiliir RentlVeu on iti
ilii'u.itin. Tuliji trees S.ot.b llirch, Suijii ,
iVIiii 'iiii.l No. way M.iiile. In fait, a full us-.-(Kt.iH'iit
of On.1i1nrnt.il, DeeiiluoiiA nml Lvei
;vein tie1-. Nu.xjry eHiablislieii ID years
0J n res. 11 Bret.1 ihoiiie. Aillrein
sroltlis. 11 AKIiHOX &fT.,
1 'a i lies v ill e, Lake County, Ohio,
Hartford, Conn.
cou'sines .Inn. 1.", ISM.
Wiikhea. th,( ,T: I'N A IXSl'llAse'E COM
l'A XV, loiC'ila Hartford, in tho Slate ot
i nniKvlii nt, lia illle.l in this oilieo a kiviiiii
miileiiieiit, by 1 lit projier ollieerd thereof,
i-li.nvi.iir us ci'indilinn a id business anil lias
i'oui;ilied in nil ies,iecl with the laws of lb is
Mil e, leliui ij; to lire insurance e oinininies.
In. n iio.ateil by other Mates of the l uite !
Now. thererove. Li urstiftiie.eof law, I. V 1 1.
MAM I'M lll'KI 11, Siiiieiint'ildentof Iiimi:
icire f.ir ilieS.nte of Ohio, do hereby eei.if'
bin said I. inn u iv is tuithorUei) to ti ansacl Hi
li,i.). o.ii in :e business of 1' llllC lNsi'U ANi I.
ii this Mat.1, in ucui.ilaiH'C with law, dm in,.
oie t in rent uar.
The condition und liiisineisof said t'oniiia
iv n Hie unto of eii. h tonte.ineiit (Hcecinber
lis , is?.',) is shown ns follows:
in"lof n.'tiinl ,aidupcn;ilt:tl ....fi.OM (MOOl
At;;; refute iiiii' c of uv ulnble assets. .6,3!KVi8tl.'iO
Jiiniiilities (ex.
cent cii'illnl; IneliiiliiiJ ie-iusiir-
a:i. e. . 3.3S1 OJ'J !0
Aiiioiini ot Income tor pre ' C'Iiiik
yea -i in ash - BOIC IIIVS'
Vinnftiit ot eviiciiilniTs saiuetiiiii'
. in ui.-h S,"C5,i!)Dlj
In witness whereof. I have hereunto sab
seiibed in y inline, tiiid caused the Seal of my
ullce to be ii .ixc.l, the day und year above
i illicit.
iskai.' w. v. omi:'r,sniri.
W. 1. I! VNXKI.r.. Ak'I, iIe.Vllll.il', O.
-March 3, 17 i. 4t.
Miscellaneous Advert'sc-mcnts.
I SAMl'LKSfipntby innll for NK, that re.
I -ii tail iiiick for 10. II. L. WOiAO IT. 1K1
I binliuiii -ii:aiv. New i ork. 7-4v
f nil Kidney, I'l inury and Liver
uses is ellerteil liy
1 1 a t.-ilirecily cm these oiansei ablins them
o. remove these w.istos iu the blood, which
u use timvi'l, Diabetes, liriifht's Olscnsc,
l.ii.inli e. Kliriun .'Isio, Se'iifuln, Vi W. C.
PMPI.nYMKNT.MriOpei' week, a iron U mil
1 o lii'i s. to sell ii new ait iclctiiidlspeiisablelii
merchant and iiiaiiiil'iictiiiers. Address, wiih
n nop, i:. 11. Smiih & e o., llj l.ibeity stuet, N.
lo.'k. 7-4rt'
Uf W ensllv ma le with our Stem il i
.HUj IJ I Key ( hei k Out:lt. pS-jVI lieu
IUl f.i
s. ii und M.imifnclui'inueo., Ml 1'nl-
.Sew 1 ork. 1 4W
l','ANTi:i-If you wl-h to buy ft Smvlnx
i M.i. Iiinc for fanillv use. or act as iiiO'id.
l( '., l'.ni'ii, Muss. 7 4w
t!i I lii-slinslne.. for rellalilenion with tile
i'--ui aiice ol' mil!, i ux VACUO toU.OW nyear,
an b.i Inid, in co.ia.M iioii with un nxeucy lor
nc ( lcsive Milo of woikn by llev Henry
Wiu'ii in tvher, Win, ( iillcn llryant, liarrict
(livelier Mowe, &e". Write for .M,tli lllllrs to
.1. II. ci.UD.t ()., New York, Uosion, Chi
ao or .-an Kr.iiieisi'u. 1 4w
.r.1i. A. It AM Mnln .ii Cmm.lii
1IUI h week ifiiiir-
mice I. Itcsiicciahlc cnijlovniinil at
i i .......ii'-i ..ii,.
llllill,-. Mil,. Ill 1,1 Mil. .Mil ..(Ull'l l""
ed ; lull instill, tiom and vnluablo puck.
Willi x cent ii .-til m st niii,i. M. OLNO t t o.
Itii oi'iLunllst., N . V . 7-lw
Jn llmho-d, Wi-mxnliO ti, -d thlr Jlntunl later
Iicllion:! LjTt, Iti Iinw, Powtr et:.
A(ientsie selling limn to UO ciwl.s ol
Ins woik n ilui. mil wo send u cuivii-: in;i
liuii'i lice ol cliare to any bonk lienl. Ad
In si, sl.il iii( cXpci leu, e, Aie., NA1IONAI.
I'l I'.l.lsiilNii ( ii I'h, III lelplila, l'u.;( lilca
fu, III. i or hi. Louis llo. 7-4iv
W 1 '
. I i Ii.iiililf Mail
iLt. -J op
i: i.i,-.,. n
reitulrotl. Solid
Inr clrculirtJ
: i.
II. J'v Joll.
Ro deceived I but for iiiiikIw, cnMs, hoio
1 1 i i f i it, lioaisenCHs, aim iiroiiclilnl illlllcullles,
use onlv
WoilhU'ss I in 1 1 ii t lint h are on Ibe market, bill
the only Hcleiilliln iiUiiirallon of ( arlnillc
A Id to'e l.iiuir dlsciisiw In when tdieinlralh'
conihliieil W illi nt'icr well known remedliu, as
in tiieiui taiii.mts, anil nu p.irtiea are can
tinned iiKiilnst iislmr nnv nlher.
In nil cases of Irritation of tho niucuoiin
ini'iiibiiiitn lliexi'Talilelt sliiiubl iHifi-eely imud;
t iii-lt clrniiniiiK It ii. I Healing properties are us.
tonl 'IiIiik.
He niinieiL never nciflect a I'libl: It Is easllv
ciiieil in It liieipletit urate; when it heioin.'s
cliroiile tho cm e In exeeeilliiKlv ilillleult. I 10
ells' ( arbolle. Talilet'i im Hpociue,
JOHN ti. KKM.iKKI, 18 Idnlt ht., Ni T
Sole rifeiit foe llin I'liilvd Slnteti. Send for
Circular. Cf-."" I'riei' II box. 7 4r
1 iwi TKAeilKltS OH HTt'DKNTM.M lie
UMlor KeniHbi, inn secuio KMI'LOVMK.N 1'
payiiiK from 4-1 "0 lofl'iU per iimiilli diirinir tilt)
Hp In or Hummer. Addiess PUDI'MC'S
MIL UN AI., &1U Anil SI reel, J'lilladiilplilii,
7 4 w
tltllMIIS 01' COMI'OIIT.
ilnt Luillu' Ki leiid. Auk your Oroeer for It.
alnnyi) (flvwiiutlsfftctlon. Try it. .
for the l iiimlrv, lin nn onuiil. bold by J i o
eers 11, A. II A It TI.K'I'T ,t Co., 116. J17 K.
Kioutst.. I'hllu.i 143 eiiiabll lit.. M. V.I 44
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! . A Ears Chancel
v e II III pnv nil ni;eiUM W per neen, n. ' n.n,
w ho w 111 caKiiKO with u at once. Everything
.' I. ... ....d i.ol.l A,lill.iu .
COCLllJH, &CO., elia.lotte.Mi. h. i-iw
ii milieu of the STOCK AND FA ISM
.KMUtNAL l oi) oaiies and 8 pn. kafen of
new I Hi'iii M'l il-lcce, nv t'liilosiiiitr sinuijiH.
Ai Ulic-Kii, N.r. UOi LII, to., raikcisiiiirg;,
lu. 7-4w
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a "J 3"
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go 2 n
By Julia McNrir Vrislit
The must I In ill iii ir and uoweifiil bonk, era
written on tblssiibje. t. It piesents a st u tliiig
in-i ll i.- of liii ts. und eon la in revelations neve
lieloio inaile public. Send tor clivnlaia and
tonus to NATIONAL lil.tsil I Mi 111.,
t.'liiciniiiitl ().,or.lOXi:SHUl)TllliKS , CO..
Tin (rrtim is ,i i ilis'u I q ia atrly; S."jtn pny
for the vpiii". which is nut ball' the io.-t. '1 liusi
ivlio iiri'erw.iribi send money to the aiii'Mint ol
iiiiedullai'or inure lor nulls, may iiIko onlei
.ir. ...... 1 ,,vl nll l.-e lilliil turtle
iiriPli. The Ilrsi luunber is lieaiiiitul, tsivinx
- i i, ... .i u......... i . i ii it i. 'i' i .1 ,.
iiinns nu matting uuun i.wiiii.-7. .'t, ..
Iiecoialioiis, Window liiiidens Ac, and H
...n.. ..I' li.l'...-.ii .1 Inn mvillil.llile lo llu. lover ot
lluwins.-lnO ia ,'e on line tinted paper, some
ii'i ei ..;,.w .....I i. uimerli I 'nlo: iil l'lnte
nidi liroiuo i over. Tim II ml e lit ion of SUD.OO
:iut 'Hinted ill Knirlish und liorinlin.
T-4tv .lAMKS VH K, K.iciiesler, X. V.
Q K AND SALE of Works of ART.
Distribution of Premium';!
3103.000 Woitlii S Ben.u1if-.il Works
tf Art to ytaolil.iiiid $50,000
of till lunount to bo ilis
tribnte.J in I'ro-jn.itim-!
r::triV,rlvi tj trkipho-) in
cor.!NTi-::,;i i;au, ncGHESTCR, m. v., app.il is, im
1,000 -at.EairixTBirai
Amoummft to $'Jo,OiJ. in sums o!
from $7 to $13,00
A'iy peiMin setiilinif us T-3.5' for llio ( liroiuo
1. n.-,'i'; iii::s 01 iiiiio.'ciicc, is kivcii iiiiui
liercl inn ils, eiililliii'f its bolder to lvo
ba n cs in ilie ilisti iliutiiiii. The Cliromo i-'.D.vi.-i
mm lies in size: painted by t'.ie popula
art!.-1 i:: 1:1111, 1'scliisivi ly fur i;s eipiiil in val m
to any 1 1 xiiio sold for fiuir limes die price,
l'a tie; o.ile. In'. 11,1011 1ecei.1t of it, i:' no
I' l-lic.l thin it is all Unit it is 1 ('presented In
be, 11 id are not conviuivd 1 1 1 a t theie is 111
liunibiy about it, en 11 place It 011 the roller am
eliuii 11 tons a. id we w ill iiiiinedililelv sen
them Sl.UI, und -') cents it Idcd to pay t'lcin fo.
tb 'I limbic
JKo'" We also dl I'ludu'-Tii'dili: co'dis ol
1'li.ii wablsen's ei lebrateil ina.bles tne nix
.licliiies, m,j. In .', Siiiiinn'r, A11I1111111, W'lnl !
.M . 111 1 i 11 lt. ami Niirlit. 'I'liev aie II i 11 i ll circle
hi. nunc 1 mi lii'.n im h No. 1 caul hoard, am!
.re ti lily In ai.tijul works of .11 1. Ihep ic.i o
ihi'se p! tii.e-i.-i fl tU ca. h ; two or loom fl ''
en Ii. One iiiiuilieicd re.eipt, etititliii'; tin
holder to a eli.iucc in the l'st, ibution, is jiivci
v 1 1 Ii 1 11 h ,
Ileinit ill uti.t ri-k, by Hel.-t Med I.etl.M.
M.i'iey tiideis. or nial'l-on New Vo:k. Willi
i.lime. I. (i I'uiinly and l He plainly,
l&tf" 'e send pielurcs lie in ,il or express
A pnlili-bcil li.-t of tho distribution will In
'cut to nil purchaser, Alloideis miisl bi'liil
diessed to
Ft USSU.LL, A SM ITH, Rochester, N. Y,
Kf-iY!'!,!!! ol'drstriliiillnii and all ulher In-
'Oi malum seal witil tne inctuics.
Aiiurle.iii Musical Insti'n-
ineiils of inn Ii c t r.ion I i 1111 , 1
an I recii'.'nizcil CM cllence as 1 1 ciniinianil 11
wl le sale in l uiope, nut wit li tiiinlln ronijie
tition theie with piodiiilaol' cheap lubiir.
ft I W h YC tiwiiidcd liLdicsl riiiiiiliiiiis, In
11LHH I O clielliiK Ciciiieilnl nt Hie I'tivn
I'.xpii-ilii'ii. lif liiiiul.eds of ludiistiint l,x
hiblliinis, there have 1101 been iu nil when
any oilier oi ;:an 1 b.ivo been picfci ied 10 these.
1 1 W I V r P 5 A I I Y leeoinmeiidnl by mil
U II I V LiiCiiLL. I lic.t m,isiciiiiih as pus.
e-sin t e.': llcncii'S mil nuaiiii din any oIIiims.
See oiiiniiiim of one tlioils.nnl, In Ti'-liiiuiiiin
PYP! IIOIUPI V I'mplovltiif HcviT-il lui
UAULUul V (.L. I poi'i.mt invenliuiiH um
einbi'ii. iui; everv real Imiiioveiueiit.
lories In the woi Id, piodiieliiK better work u
less ciwl t hull otliei w Iso possible.
DDiprO CIYFrill,l an low us cotiikt
rniOL-O rl AC J cut with Kcrupiilons
eiiiiliivniLiiL nf only lied mateirl and win k
miuishli. lUl.USTnATItD CATALOGUE: nnd
Impor'Hnt I nl'oi-mntlon fibnntOrriiins
vvhioh mny unvs Pi.irr;h'iirH Irom
diaii pnninlmtint in pur'' huso r. f 1 11 for
i'.coeVVorililr. liiHirumentu orFny-11-iontof
H loll Prloos, neni Iroo.
iriTre:ivei Hi.. Ibistoni SS t'tilon S(tiii'e, N.
V.J It) nml W AiililiniSt.,! Iileii'to. 7-4w
is nil c 1 . .aii'.l 0,1 lin) i.i.owu 1. in.ii.i , Uwili
1' 1 ' . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! e.tii'i.iio .111. 1 lliiiioiiKlily deslroj
all pnli iiiiimis Mil, si. nice III the I. Ion I nml
e Ml eiii'i in. dly dispel nil iiu.spusilioli to
IdlllocH .U'liiiin'cineni,
Is tiii'ie Muni of ncllon In your Idvor
or 1 plecn ? unless relieved Um lilood Im
iiiini siiliplliu by ili lelei loiih secretions in !
die iiirfseiol'iilom ill' skill ill-cilses, illolilluH,
r'l'loiis, 1 'uh 1 11I. ( anker, I'ini.ile-. ,Vc.
IIhvo you 11 (Iv.pcptle hIouiik Ii ? I'd
less iliKeiliiin Is promptly Hilled tlui nymvui
Is ilebdil.ilcd with povuily of Hie lilood,
Di'iipslcal tendency, Kcnciul U e.il.ncss ftun
IIiivk you wciiUnei of tin) InlestliK'-i?
Von n e in iliinncr oi l I1101.i1 Diar, lue.i or In
ll.inini iiimi ol llin llnuels,
lliivii loll IM'iiliniisi of the Clellllli or
Cilnury (iikhih? 1 off are exposed to mil
(oiliiK In Its Inusl iif(iiii ,iled lot ill,
A en , vim Uejeeleil, iliowsy, ilull, 1urIhIi,
or ilcpiessi'd -lii Dpi. Its, with lie. 11,11, be, I1.11 k
iiclii', coaled tiiniie nml bud 1.1-tiiiK 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 V
l-'or 11 ci'i'l.iln icniedy lor till ol'tbese illscases,
ive.ikiicincs mid tumbles: lor 1 Ic.iiisIuh nml
puilfiliiK tlui villareil blnnd and IiiiiiiiiUiik
vIhoi' to all the vital force.; lor bniliilnif 1111
and I I'stii, liijf thu we.ikeneilnnistltiitlon, L'SK
wbli bls piiiiiuiini'cil by Ilia lendliift ineillenl
ti 1 , tlioi 1 1 1 )' of 1 .0 11 1 li 1 1 and I'lul", "llin iiio.t
puweiHil tunic and alleiiillvo known to Hie
11 1.1 1 1 1-11 1 win Id." '1'lils Is no new and 111 tried
disnivoiy, bin linn Iuiik been lined by tlui lend
liiK li.i nn luiii oi iiilier eunntile with won
doi liil'ri'iiie.lliil re. u I is,
Don't weiilii n nml liunnlr tlio illtrnsllvc
oi'K'inn by cnlliui'tlin nml pilules, tbuy tflve
only lciiiKiiHry ii.'llid'-liidtueiilloii, ll.iiu-
kJ -Is -H
id and
leiuy, nun iiytjiepsiii nun pue nun kiunivu
dlsea.es iiie.iuo to follow their use,
KiK'p Ibe IdiHid piuii ami In nltli ll nnf(s,
.IOIIN '). WKI.I.iHiO, IN I'lnitsi,, New York
Bole nifi'iit lor tlui Uultdd Stiito. 4w
I'lledll piirbollle. Send flirCllUullir
J3coka Which Are Books.
Works which elioul I bo found In ovory I.I
lnorv within On) iuil.li of nil lendom. Woike
toeiitoitiln. Instinct und improve, topics
will bo sent by return post, on reeeiptui
New PhlsoKiioiny 1 or, Si'ns of Chin actor,
lis tuiiuilesiuil III 1 iiiIi i'enijicniinnt ami
Kxtoinal t'oriiis. nnd eapeclally in tliu' tln
mini I'.ieo Divine," with more tliiui One
Thousand IllimtrUiomi. lty ti. It. N KLM.
I'l ire 1:5.00.
The Family IMiyHlclnn. A Rcnly rro-
SCI nier iiii.l lliKenic A.iviser. 11 1111 iieiui
ence to thu Nature, ea tses, I'levention 1111.
Tiealnijntof uisu.mcs, Aeciileats, a.id Cas
ualties ot every kind. With n lilos.-uiy llin.
.o.iioiis Index.' II v Jni'i. Mli:', M. 0. II
lust tiled with nea. lv0J Hii. livings, oiii
Ini't'o vol iiuie, Hit juileU inriisolii me l.iniii .
1. it 0 54.00.
How to Character. A New IlliiBtrntcil
lliuul-liook of l'luviioloxy mid l'liysionu
my, for S.udcnts nu I bNiiiniueis with 11
t lin: t fur re. oulinr tho fxi of tin) Orniii
of tho lliiiiii, in 1 lie l)eliina,iun ol'i lui.
n.tur, with tipwir.ls of 17J hngiaviiis.
latest anil bust. Muslin, Ma.').
The Putent' Oulilei or Human Develop
ment tll.iul.L-ii Inlie.lted Tendencies. 1...
M I'H. 1 1 EST Kit I'KNlil.bTOM, 1 ; 1 I I till. I.) I
luvised mid eiihugeii. une vol. U1110. 4 1 .Cii
t'oostltiitlon nf Miin. Considered in rul.i
tiou lo Kmc. mil ohJec,ttj. liy eOioilui
eusiui:. Tlieuuly niilhorieil American t,u
tiou. With 1'weiity lOtiiti nvings -T.-
Tbo Hyelenlo lliind-lluud ; a I'raetiili
l.nldu lor the Sick-Kuoni. Alphabetii all,
liriaunetl with Appendix, liy 18. T. TltAtL
e)no vol. 11:1110, MHO (i. Muolin. V-i-CJ.
'How to Write," ' How to Talk," "Hon
to behave," mid 'llov to Uo Liisiness." 1
linnu-liiiiik iiidlspeiisabli) lor Home im
piiiveinsnl, in one vol.' fi.ib.
Wedlock: or tho vj!liiit llol.itioiiH of th.
Sexes. DiB.losini; the I.bwh 01' eoiijunn
Seleelinn, nml showing who ni.iyn.nl wli
niav nut Jinny. A liuiite for Co; ll Se.ui
f 1 .00.
Orntory Sucreil unit Sceulnrs or tho Kx
teiiiporaiicoiis Speaker. 1 1 1 c 1 1 1 . t s 1 1 ur a 1 ban
nian'ii eiulile lor condiictiiiff 1'iihlie Aleei
iii!;s uccuiiliiijv to 1 a, li.iinei.t.i.y laiiut.
Miiimireiiirii. of Infancy. PhysloloKlal nn
Moi.il U'ctineiii. liv A.xuni.w eoJiun, i.
I), With Noun. tfl.CO.
Medical electricity. A Hamuli for Sti.
.ileiil-, show uij,' llio most si lent 1 lie and ill
tioi.al npplit in inn tu all forms of Aciite an
I limbic. Discuses by tho iiiiloicul loinln
nations of Licet. 1I1 ily, ('alvanisin, l'.leiiu.
.Miu'aclisin. Maj-'iiets-Kiertrieily, und llii
uiaii iianetisui. i'lM.
History of Salem WUvlicrnlt i "Thu I'lim
chctic Mvslcrv;" and "iilmlein Spnitiuil
isiu,".wilh "lr. Doddridiii'H Oreain," ii
one vol. Trice $1.00.
Eaop's Fttblon. Tho People's I'll tin la!
I'.tlition. llcniitilully Illiistraled with licit. -Iv
sixty KiieiavioXs. eloth, K'"i bjvclia
lioards. Only -1 1.00.
Pope's Eesny on Man. Willi N'otci
j.eaiitil'ullv illtistiated. Clolh, gill, hovelc
boards. ti.HO.
Tlia Rifiht Won in'tho Pifiht. Place
A New Pocket Dicliunury and llel'eieiit
llnok. K111I1. lieinjl Kviionynm, Tei linlcii
Terms. Abliievitiiiime. I'uieiitii l'lir.ise
Wi itiui,' lor llie Press. Piuii tuation, Pronf
Heiidinjjf, nml other Vnltiablo Inlormatloi.'
7" n I-.
Phronolofiical Bust. Sliowins the lntesi
classiili iiiiuu, and exm t loentiuu of all 111
Ol't'iins of the III ain. It is divided su 11-t
show inch Or-nn on one side; all I nil th
L'uiiips 011 thu other. Silit by exn.cm
Price tfS.0'i.
Inclose amount Iu a ltepislered Letter, or Ii
ll I'usto.llee Ouler for one and nil the abnvi
mil addio-n S. It. 1V1XI.S, Pulilishei, No. as.
Ilioadwav, New Voi-k. Aentsj wanted.
TllliSi'lKXCKDiy Sll.'.'liis the central poln
monnd wliith H'Milvu the whole ilnle
oiemcs. It Is the key to linive Mil knowl
ed'e, mid SKl.r-KNuWLKlniK is iho key to lb
Seieiu e of .Muni,
PllitKiui.ouY Is Ilia d"!iitiii.s' iii'ilo bads 1
.Men. al I liilusii,diy. K h'ii.iws Imw Ibe dive
-iiies nl hi oil! 1 1 lin 11 ter and iii.ieiiy a .
elaled to Ilia laws of llie Ciiivc.m'; hamuli,
i.es the liiiinaa beinu wiih llio I u vine, "a. 1.
uslllics ihe wil.s 111 (Ind to man."
"Know Tnvsl l.l'."-Sinee llie (iieclaii Ml..
insci ibe l these 11111110 tal wui'.ison llie Teni,.!
if Hil.ilii. Ihe wu Id has hIi -iiftsleir as ev.
'1 u'o 'c mw a ds a siduiluii uf ibe pnibliuns o
hlimau existence.
'1 ill-; cohkm. ations oi' FoiiurR. now an es
ta'disbe l iaei, lia ' furnislied an einlurin Im
is for nil llie 111..101.1I m iemcs, a id biiiii ;h
a Ii uf lli.i ticiiii'iidnii.i iiiiwcis ol niiiiiic
Unit, .Ijiit, Merlrlcitii, MiiniirtiH',1, and At
tnirtiiiii, wiihia ibe dniiiiiiii nl law nud 111, lei.
Till-: OKIiilS uF I'acI.n, still 1 nilieslly ills
iisswl by Ktliimlii.xn.is, is luinitiii'T liifht. nu
m.of Hi.; fihu lows of llie past, ttud utiiiai
di u iii'. 'i.'ii. tli.t ii atb-seelier. .
1'iiK ()un;i.s or I.iKt;, a still more intrini:,
,i nbleiii. is n lively cna iiuir the 111 1 in ts u
iar leu line Pliyntnloi-ts.' 'ill..' re-nils wil
'1.' i'l veil iu this .lot'i N it..
I'llVSIOUOliV ASH I'SVl II iTOIiV w ill ll
1 omiiient fen.ii.es; cm lea mix the Hiib'e.t
if S1111I, M i 111 1. I. tidily Stiiu lii.es n:id I'llae
.1 ins. Ne. nil lMa,in's, Kdiuation, Hell riou
Jree Is. iiirii:ui., 'I', ainl'.i.v of eiid iren
rimliiid ! 111 isi, in-. I iu e. etc.
l'l!UI)ll.Mi;.V AMI riSII'BH.'.MI-XT.-!, Shrill
f ( bar.. . le , IV. i, 1 iai i I ics of Oiitanl.iiuo.
.'n-'Kini-siiinn mid llo.bly (Ji.aliiies, cie.
.ii.i.i'-Iii,iiuvi;mi;t, Vain n:e all lb
cncliiiiKs ul' S ieui i: und the 111:1 1 vols of 11. 1,
le less naulied tu ; o. I'oi I i 11 J4 oiiiselves nml
inpiiiviiir ibe inci'. K Is for this we "live,
line, ami have our licinx," nml 1 1 Ibis undi
no I'AiiKNOi.unmAL .lop it .CM, ivdl lend.
IIaitv 1!.mi;m nie tb.i! resi.U uf a nuiina'
diiiiiiinn ami lievi )niiueiit, und 11 iil'o m
oiilin:; Iu the Inws of life. '1 heie me - niliel
if nil ilmt Is imud in "lile tu conic," nud llu
eal llcuvcii ou I.111 III.
Till'. I'iiiii:mii.uiiii.ai. .Iui'iisai. kob lV"
will keep pace w nh the inii.ch of events, a.n.
vt bile h 1 . i i i 1 .if fast lo tho piuii," will en
'.envor lo lend llie public mind in many thing
lew anil I i nc.
Vickmh: Monlhlv, nl (') a yea.', lu iidviini o
siun'le 1111 111 lit'. is. iitl coins, clubs of t ui o.
nmcVien ll. Addn'ssH. U. Wjat.S,l'liblishe;
D-li lliuaiiway, New York.
TIIK Ji;il)H Is now iiiibllshcil Oeiirlerlv
5."i cuts pais for the yen;, four numbers.
uiilcii is not luiir um eosi, iiiu.-e wlui al tu. -11
aids send lunacy to (he inmuiut of One Dol
1. 11 or innio fui seeds, may also timers 1,'ircnti
ivorlh extra llie price piiid for th.il.ulili-.
'llm .l.tntinry Niiiiila-i' In lieaulifiil, fr i v 1 1 1 4
nl. ins for iiuil:lii liuiul Humes, Di-niuns lb.
Iiinlu-j; 'I'nlile Dei 01 111 ions, Window Cnrdi'iis,
.le., Had ion! (tin i 11 mass uf lufurinmluii in
valuable to the lover ol (lowers ( )ne liundii il
mid HII v pa f b. ou Hue 1 in led pnpei ; some ll 1
bundled eii'i.iu Inns, and a superli eolo ed
I'lille und I liiunio ( over. The llr-t edllinii i.l
I'w n 1 1 1111 ill I'd I lioiisand Just pi luted in 1. 11
j'lisll and tierni.'i -. nml rcadv to send out.
J AM KM VICK, Itocheuler.N. V.
I.XmaVi.H n.-W.il'l
" cirio r.t i:cs!:r," " coos ironti o,"
"rrniNU riiivrnp." "PttMMKn ruwt;H9."j
" AW AM. " IBI1 " A1I.1.U.I ',"
wait Hi. t!. i,i:iTii' w niii.i' gnii wi 1 ki t ninm-j
,IAi Al lTil,lk(CoiiKilM.UiP,ri tlOO.
.Tw. vf ttismClirsmoi nisi tli. nr. nf -'WltW
AHbU4 mil F..I Alleppl" U.oeUi.N
.jia.t.1111 iinnllcr.
rutKiliwri fiirnliM AT O.NCK
mill ilui. cinomui.
etvn mfki Tetlr lenni
' Y. I 111 it I hurt trtllhauy i
i it T)!niii
A Great Offer!
ITornro Wotern
401 rrondwny, M, T
will ,ps nfXlC II' I't A xon, MKI.tJKOS
Hurt fl llll A i 'f,o ulr cx-cim wiit-m, Inclutl
lug WuUr nt very low ii ln'ii for -sh of
part rath, mil luilum- In mmll mnntHy Intttil
mmtt. Ante 7-errtr tnt-rUim I'l A HI'S, tiwi.
fin liitiriiri"'ti, furW'tltt mull, Knv trail 11
11 cayt'Kirfo i-a it imk oik; as', r mo.
hmnliriilHtiUr nun prtrit umr rt't miiiir. ll
lii'lnilnl I'liliitniiui tiuiUnl. Nlinl iinmlvitMil
Mini ilHXtottulilt, LuVv!rt-ll'i' '
iVScriiil Story.hy Dlt. HOLLAXn.
New Hlory livSAXK IKII.Ji.
A LonR Story fiom intl'.T MAHTK.
el-AUICNeU eoolvun Kuiuiiuru
i ,1 c.ii.. . ..n . . Ami Decomtlon.
It. II. SlOOUAItn on Authois.
100 I'iiki for fit iiv., ,vc.
Tho PubliHlicaot m iiiu.s. ii'm Aio.xTlll.r, In
their Prospoeltis Just iHdiietl, u.oiiimu fur tb0
onsuiiitf year 11 inure, brilliant n. niv of eon
I lliutii.sui.d an iiicreaiu In tliu vu'i letv and
lenntyol im illust iiiions 11l11a.lv umiedeil
iv iheei Itlcs to b.i -jitrl,aii iihu whlth l,arn
hitherto uppenrid in any A unrlaiu .UtiMniim."
Dr. llul.i.AVli. ihutvii ,.. W w.Ut. tu.8l,.
I'lnl ftl.nrv ol t 111 vo .if. ielili.1. null 1., 1.1...
' - 1 ......... iiiiiutllllllUUII.
I 1 ,: ". .1.,. ue iiiiidiuiicu 01
Miss liallock. It is unfilled "Arthur lioiim'
.istlo," .UM will deal with eoiiio 01' tho most
li.auidt p.obleins of Aiuerii an Hie. It will
iu luauueiii ed 111 the November number.
Thoie will bea uew story by Sa.xk Holm,
' llio Oiiu-lexired Dliiiceis,"
Lhkt iiATim, the be,t writer of short Mo
iub now liviiirf, w.U tunii lbiitc a cbii.actuiis
,n story entitled "ilioK.in of Cidul.t OWtl'"
.vliu ll will be illust a.e I In' Sheppa U.
It, ll. hToniiAlti) viU"w.itii a seiles of
.iiturtiiiiiiiiir papem about "Atilhois theirs
t'liiHoiial eh.iiaitcilHtics. Kouie Idle, lain -lies,
Friends, Whims, und W iivh," A seiie
if "Portiiiitsof Living Ainorieiiu Wilte.B,"
s man pio.uised, '
tLAliKxCK look will writo about "Fiirnlturo
1 ml the Uuco.nimii of Ainericnn Homes..
.Ii'sepniieis will bu einineiiilv piaclical iu
.nil as .iiiietl,', and will bj ilfusi, utj.l with
lesions and sket, Ins by luuneioiis intistH in
i.liiitlon to thoso which thu w.iter liimseir
ivdl liiruish.
Aiiioiij: tboee who will uiiitribnle are
I. mis Andeison, l.ry.iut, lui.shiu II. Kifirles
.011, Fronde, lliiMinson, liibhup J unti!,i(.i,
".'' 'i1 n""h Jul'.';, ''"' Jl' "' "' liomild
dludiell, Mm Phelps,- Slediuaii, Slotktoii,
slihl.lii.il, l L-ha Thuxiei'. Vi'u.uer, Wilkinson,
unl Mis. huncy, huKides u lilit-t of others.
(ha ii.liioii.il lont.ol mil iliieetiini of tho
..lajr.iJ.iim will icm.ifti in, the ban'..s of Dr.
. Ioi.i.a.mi, who w ill 4011 tin nu to wnto "'llio
. ,ii. a til' llii) I'm-," u lii Ii the New York
n.iepeodei.t say "aie more widilv ii.oied
.Inn any imiliir pnpi'iH 111 uiiv A.iiuiium
iiiik i.lne."
WnlHon (lllderwlll wrltfl 'The Old ( nblnet,'
.Ub.limrto. I'.t.i.aulia (;. 11.11 .er luiaiiiels
i 10 ilupartinent of N.,tu,o 11.nl Science."
.lie uepaitiiiuiils of -1101110 and Societv,''
ind "liilliiie and 1', oi vs," w ill enin;o llio
oiiti lbullonsol more uina a mo:o of iiciih mi
101)1 sides or the Atlaiiiie.
The atclnnaii und llellectnrsavs:
"Si i ibiie.'s Monthly lor September is bet
than usual, which inditit es 11 needless
111-lu ot eililo.iul b ains and publisher's
umiey. lor the Juijfan.o was Kood cuouiili
'Cull e . And jet llie Pithlislinm promise In
nuke it still Ileum-for the cumin;; win !
ihe Stibsciiptiun pi U:o isH a veiir with spu
" "I n toeleryineii, T. ii.lie. and l'ost
ninnter3. t.
. flawing
Estraardiaary Ia-Jaoomo.it3
ne uirere l In new subsi'i Ibers:
For ii.-) a) Ihe Pulilishei s wiU send, or any
innkseller or Newsikalcr will mipplv, iho
.lll.i,:ine lorone year, and tho twelvo'num-.
ers ul Vols. 1 1 1 11 111 1 1 , cuiitaiiiilii' the be
,11111111s ot Mis. (llli.haut'H Seiial, "At lli.i
.iiies"for?7.W. the Mnizioe lor 0110 vear.
ind the ft ba: k mnnbeis lioni the beuiiiuiii'f ;
ir iflliriOihe.Maa'.iiieroroiie year, mid the.
4 back mnnbeis hnuinl el vols..) .lui.j;eaoii
mini, I volumes paid. This will (jive ncailv
(l,K) p.i'jes 01 ibe iholu-st readiiur, w ith tho
uiesl iliiisiiatiuns?10'i0,oi'neii,lv MM pae .
)r a dollar! and will ei.n do every miIisi rmcr
aob ain the eeries from the Hist.
tn4 I'.ronilivny. y,,, (t,
20,000. '
. . ti EN TV TllorSAM) DOI.LMIS) In Pro
humus, for distillnitioji inuiii.g ilieV-'.eO
Siibseiibi'iH of the
I NT Aflllli,l073.
The liiilnb,'' bl prciiiiiiins am iilwavs in
eased when llm 111,111 iu. ol'i.a.ues cxu'ed the
liinber calcidau'il l,inn.
M e now oilei the In oivin1,':
1 Cash li fin itiiii of . is) 000
'Oi a-li Prciiiiiuii ul' 100 eai b UIO
W stciii-windin.': i'al h s. $: 0 e.u h . . . 4,toO
iW t. ash Prciiiiuius of C 0 in b w;i)
'''' " ol--t.UiM.il 3UUU
i- ' " . of f :, ea. h (DO
iW " " ' nf M ca. h DUO
IM " " ol'-jifm.li ... . -.no
1 V.) Mbicll .neons PrcnrsH1 lo (10 ra. h ",:.m
..ikin a 'in ul ol'Til'i) rlilHsWIl Pie
iiiii.HiN wii.lli XWKNI'V TI.OCSANO
livery ni,lieribci' who remits -jO.OO for a
e n 's iilusi'i i.itiini will have his niunc icfils
crcd, ,11)11 will Im luinished bv return mini a
ecei.it, lilvin,,' tbeiln'i' and liiiiube. to Willi ll
us name is rctfiitcicil, said number bell i;
epicsente I by a duplicate in lliedisl, ibution.
Aleuts scndiiill 10 1111 ncs nml HiiO.OO at 0110
.line re.eivea free p ipe, one viiiritud liavo
. lien ' l.iiiiies registered as participants lor
Specimens nf Copies Pollers, Prcniiuui
11111, ibb'i and Siilnc, ipiiun lllanks sei.t fruo
o pe.sons tlesii'iir them. Address
l'A It AN .t MnLIOAN.
,'li-ll'.-ivie, Ciiiciniiini. Ohio,
800 Pnsoa. eLOj c'iu'jraviii-jSf
A itiirtl hi'' expose of Me.li.al lluinb iirs of
tin-past a. 1. 1 p.esei.l. It veiiiilnics ii.a. lis,
Ini.ioiturs, T.aviilinir Im. tors. 1 a I cut .Meifl
eiiii! Vernier., Nule I I'einde (beat-, roitiino
I'ellcrs and Mediums, and gives iiuciestln-j;
a i-iiuiils of Nuled i'liysiciaiis nml Niii r.ilives
.il' their lives. Ii icveds start Inn; s.-. ii-ls and
uiidrucls nil hnw In nvuiu ibe ills wbii Ii Hash
is heir tu, We u'lvu cxilii?lvi' lerrliorv anil
liliuiul eonuuissiuns. l'oreirciilais and terms
uldu-ss tho)iiiblis!-t".
.1.1!. ni l! II it 11 YD E,
llarlfoiil, t.uiiii., on lie u,;o, ilimois.
PIIIO PAUJ--!! AMI .100 I'NdllA VINCK, plinted 111
'.CiikIIsIi and lieriu.iii. Wiiiien hv '.() eminent
nutim, s, lucliidiiii; .lolls II. (.iilnll, Con.
I.I.DN CA'-i:, I'.lilVAllll bOWLAMl, litV. IC. Idl
Wis' 111,1., I'lllMI- llll'l.l.v, AI.IIMIT lllllS
CO .
Ihls woik Is a loinpleti! hlntory of all
hinmllfs of industry, proi t'sses of n'liiiilil'ii.!
line, etc, in all a'rs. It Is 11 eoiii,ielc encv
lopeilia uf arts und manufactures, and is llio
iinisl enlert.iinlna and vidiiable work of In
luriii.il ioi 011 subjects of tfcncrul inluie-tever
nliered lo llie inilille. U is inhaled to thu
winnsoi t iu iiicrciiunl, Alaiiula. liner, tle
liliuiilc, l a inci, Muilent and liiventiu, nml
....m ... 1....1. ... 1 .,.... . ....
senn to 0111 11 out 111111 IHIIIK Ol III! I I.IHscs. 1 III
hook Is snl I by ajrents, wlio are niakliii; lai;e
salt'. In all parts of the .oiinlry. It Is olluieil
11tll111lowprl. il of.(3..VI, and Is the 1 lie.iprst
book ever ndd by nibM.ripliou. No fuinily
should be wliboiit n iiiiv. Wu want AxenU
iu every town In tlui t'lilled States, nml no
.i;(cnl cm fall tnilowell with this book. Our
lei 111-a elibcinl. We u;iveuii: lueulH theux-
liihlWi riifht ol teriltory, One 01 our neenls
old l:)S 1 11, lies iu eifrbt days uiiollier mid
ill two Weeks, Our .i'cnl l'n lla.tforil sold :)UV
in one week, Spot linens of llm work sentlo
IU uts on receipt ol st inio, I'ureh'. 11 lars ami
tin lus to agents iiildri'ds (lie piihli-dicis.
.1. II. lil'llll 11VDI',
Iliiilfunl, l unn.,111 1 liieno, Illinois
a m:v hook
It v a well-known mill 110, it lin- nn ilm;, on nn
entirely now subject. The book will liu pin-in-eli
illiisi a.ud ai d liaadsoiiiely buiiud. ami
will sell it'll lily to all cllis.es. A irenlH ui-ll-jug
to'set me tuiriloiv shin Id iijiplt nl mice,
.1. II. Ill II It .v 11 Y i'l1.',
11.111 ford, Cnnn., or e lib ,i'.i, llliuuis.
$10.00 WORTH
'0 i-vevv Hiilisci iher tu OI'K h'l II ICSIOIS
l'UIKNI). 'inn r.i'AiHNO Kami i.v ni-Ki.viif
Vini'l lcit. L.ir .'e Sia!--ei,Klit ,a 'fen. () I final,
Oeaiilll'idly llliulrali' I, l ull of icluiblo, In.
striicllvn nud lulcn-lln,; rea lln.f mutter,
news ami nilsi'i-llitiiy, sliurl loiitliuurl stories,
kct lies and pin. 'Ileal uialter, dt'HT St iTKI)
to III" wniiK ami wishet of r.VKKV MAN,
WOMAN and ( 11 U.K. whether llvtin; in city
oi'inmitrv. nud W IC CIVIC toca, Ii vein iv sub.
scriber a copy of our Iniignillcmit till Lluomo
Printed In Oil Coi.uu, 1 1) limes from-lll stonei
-li Kl.i'.'O Inches, l'lio siiblect Is llfasl...'
ICxii;s,to ami nle.cdiiK. It cannot Im liild
Iroin thu original piiiuliu';, ami Is really win lb
lll, It ' Xi feds In lii aiits size ami vn'liiu Hily
pli'luru evet'iflveii Willi nay publiealioa. No
nun hiindred tlullar pleline can irivo inure
.jlcasiue or bu a eruiler oriianient In nnv
lioiiscluild. II can bo li fnl fice, nud weilmt
siilisci Ibers to wait iimnlln for II, but will
send It ntiince, or It can he had of our fluents,
MiibserlbeiH nnv oil delivery of plctu No
WiilthiK. Plctiiies Now ri'inly, nml (ielUeroij
liy us at mice, If vi-I1.1V0 I .
III votiriieljrliiiiirhniid, WU WANT ONK,
Ii1!!! 13 1 lV",;!il'-w') "aiilKoo l, mtlvo
Iviill I ' ' I A(fenl"-elthei' lo al or caii-viissIhk-
fi ill iii'i-t Kiio away n niliialilo
out ll L, nml fitriilsli till! best pm hir 11 inn, y u
Aiiicrlrii. (dvo iixiluslvu tnrillo.y and llie
bolt tu, ill to work with. Our A (tents Im vlnif
limncTiiir (nieces nml iii ikliij; liuui U to 51S
pel' tin . I nmi nirelit took 40 subscript loin lu
one (In v 1 other lupot t froiu 1(1 to tl per day.
Spi'cliipiii cpiilcs of p.tiici'. lull pnitli itlaitii
teriiis, etc., Sii)t fie-i' t 1 llllv (iddi'ess. I
. Write lit i)iii:e, tu OU i'llttuiPK KitlltNl),
UOiHilUr ..!Tiil-iH

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