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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, March 05, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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The MpArthur Enquirer.
' J
:--..r-JT--.i SST rSt-,
J. Mir'-i wuips mm- i"tujieri
r ....
'And" now it'ttpearsrjjiit'aU
tiic-'recent nqTui.Hjoiis" between,
not brj x;ft.iibevl the'ilussi-
an com)(ugu in Kiva Viil; tlKj
, Afghanistan frontier. " f hoi-c-'
port co UK's hy way of TYienua.
"that ttoiunt SohfKivaKi( fotssi-
on to Lfta'&vh ,1i'atT?i-efQrQijco, in
part mi lciist-'to -a 'jiropos'od cur;
,i'iae between tlia duke ot'Edin
' burg, .and -a Russian princess.
The tantalizing feature of. the
report is that it does hot state
"deli luk'ly who the young' lady
"is ' thj,W 'bcHn . two Itussian
princess ofclcgiblo age. One,
..oi-thegi' .vliQ.'.bas the; pretty
s name, .'of Vera, and is nineteen
years of age, is the daughter
tlv6' Grand! ..Duke ' 'Constaniine;
;but it has been supposed that
site wooiild marry (lie heir pre
sumptive to the throne of Wuv
temburg. , The other is ' Marie
'Alesiiiidroomi, the CzarY own
daughter, a handsome 2-irl
twenty - summers.
Thett)'-?s by the burning of
the" LVsccut'Clty sugar refine
ry, at New-Orleans Thursday
night, will reach half a million.
A company
lias been' luior-
poratcd at Salt Lake to
broad-gauge railroad
Union Pacific nt.Jik'ho,
build a
to' the
- There is not a
r interval
bv God; the
space unoeeupio
unlvetrse is his glorious temple.
Oh! to litul hi in 'ever near as
reigning in'- om !ienrt?;; ami
swaying his sovereign sereptre
oyer al 1 th a t pe rta in s to us.
A ucw'loatuve ofphotograpb'
is a back ground that I'an'be
taken separately; aiid used wi.t?!
any uogaliw. V
The1 JJaidwiti- Lneoiftoti've
Works . at Philadelphia lu'rii
aloconiomotive for every wven
working ' hours tluring- tiny
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
('a mid after JTovontwr l.VrJ, Trains will
ma as follows:
- ; . r. i. r. ,-.
' r. U '
'A. f-
.'.I 1
. ( lrl. V 1 1 i-
!! run Uilv. All
olbSr t a a ' f i'I ff
sprj lt.:l V"en II oil ie:i and A ill ull
"orl'iuiimtli ilmcth, '
-I r-0 p. in.
1:0 "
l-ol "
bit ift. in.
i:l .'i a. In,
: M
11 " -,v,
. I2::.ii.u(-K
i '
I or?) .., - :
linn leu
Arv. i'ovUnion!'i
ii,' i. I'n mm
.i i', .la'S'.;la jj,;
' fl nil h-n
"niAi c inTi';'!. r r. i-ov i- i, an r
EorfiTI i'ouiLm mi. tl l.il'lo Niiiioi ii -nl mad,
Bii l 'li. the m l.. I .ftili4 .V 'io'lui.ti Kilfli,
itmd.Tiin.ujoa l:,t llrl iviin!. Xlvl.
' " ?Is it -rol Trn.is'porlaUomr0
x S it
1 roat 'T lirohjh Pavne-i'Jar I'.oivte,
ra AM ,V. ' .V':7.7.',l,vr.t HUilWlA l"
A it If
iVA'JVIf, ir. iff- J'A'i'''''
,.' '.' fH m run in.n ki:i.i m.r. .ji 'i . .
K.'piar mm:. vrroriNrv.
t px-xt u-x rffrx-- vii.it.rs
Cin-s the M1 !- l--.il ! ct ()iiini,v,-iiiid MifOn
i.t Kmi-ii'i ( lie, on ho. I II rid ;"'. witlf rn'U
hi ho, I liri. !;'. witlf1 I'n:
iiian slee.nn pji
: ; s s nnd i n'.'i r il.'i v i-uacln
from i Jul
il,- o... l,ri!Wiy l li i . cli-
vei'.No'nitfiin i.nv .ni'i iiiimna. wiaioni enaiiice
fi ;tr. : ' ' :"...'..
A lli 0" yri'lit thwhvt'lr Iti-it"i .-t Linesfimn
ili'i 1';ii"f eonno-'l svpli Hi.' iianni':;!! and St,
.lositli's, Ih-vvsi of tsl:0'.:,',i;iitlnsr pitieti;(tini
llio h.lLi lli'f ri h ''i H-if ""' "
. l)'ii. Ij;'!f ltlvA l M'MIS!!' . '
'i'lie iiiw.ti ide.mr- I'" I -Viii'iliniii" ilivon.'rlt
llitiu In: .Hfiin t.'ii.iiii:t l'liimm mid lr
oii,-in.iifl-iiii Pu tbc m "1 1. ' - " '' vr'i
TIii'Iiii""h' "ad iniMi converi'ini'dopiirsiind
!'iii',ini'.'ii J;a :; ';e Afrai"emilW'I.u the t nls
ted iKisi.i.'i ' :'t ' .- ' , ' ' '
Tliii.i'i'H I'h'chi 11 bilHwsl, hvoiilintr nil
1 rji "sl .' is hoi I f" -I'ln-vi'i 1: mi ml wlhi are irnt''d'
elll:cf 'Will', rn Hurt l'i, 'f. bv la.-lm?
thlsirti' to -ifn'irfiM, Nii'hi'kn'.iXliii'adwand
Hie fsi'H eslto thi"l'i!' ilb'i'oii'Sl. ''
p-W'.i SIMV 0lll' flel.'I'fs.Tl'reV he 1M4 old
Ifli.'i'de 'ill'. l''or hub.' (it all iVl'l II ''o'i's,
f'jii llenvo'V i ll Toil'io, .'.lt I lllo', Saerll-
iiifnio r, nl xi'ii 1" niiW. n-mnf.-ri have
elioHxif nnit'iv rUhi'i- : K)li lir uiid
leiirvir, ofH;-.in. h ainl'imiaiin,
AU .ojiudi;tion riii Oflm-v pre. (Ereetanil
pcrtonU J -h.lU.JA fOUO, Oou'l bup's.
P. in CaOAT, CiWiMUti A'KUt Aneut.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad.
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West. Northwest and
Thin I the Short Line via Indianapolis.
-r f-- 1 -
'TlietlrMtTnrontrli fdall artil Express Pas
senger Lino to St. Louis, Kansas C ity, St. Jo
senti, r)ouvar,8an Frauelico, i.nd ull point! Jd
Missouri, Kansas aud Colorado.
The shortest and only direct route to In
dianapolis, LafAyotto, Torre. Haute, Cam
bridge Cltv, Siringlhid, Peorlii, Darlington,
Cliit ago, Xlilwaiikce, SU Paul, uud ull points
in thu Noirlhwost.
The ludjunitpoliH. Cincinnati A Lafayette
Railrmielf with Its connections, now oilers
pa-songers moro facilities In Through Conch
mill sleeping CarServho than iniy other line
from Cincinnati, having the advantage ol
I'liivngh laily Can from Cincinnati to St,
Louis. Kansas City, St.. Joseph. Peoria, Pur
llngton, Chicago, Omaha, ami all Intermediate
points, iiiunoiitiuK to ( uIiuiihw ami I'ainihor
m il coint'orts and HtM'ommeUtHi""" an nrv
ailoiilctl by nootlior roiito. '- '
'I'll ougli Tieketa and llagngot.liecksto all
Triiins Iohvc Clucliiniitl at 7:3d a. in., 3:00 p.
in., mill U:UU p.m.
TUkctH can he obtained at Xo. 1 Iturnut
IlouiL', curuor TIUril and Vino, Public UiihI-
ViffftoaiitrMtiv i"T Uiwr": also, at mit.
lonicr l niiii linn rean hiihoh, i inciniiiii i.
lienuro to piirehaHo tlekeln vi:i Indiuuap.
oils, Clliciliunti & Lnl'nvclle lliiilroiul.
.Muster Trniixiiort.it Ion, ciniinnall.
Chief Ticket ClerU. Cinclnimtl. i
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
li hol t I.lnetotlie Ltthen and the North
i , - " , . Wt. ... . ; .;
s. A follows:
lepuit Depnrt.
Athens 6:30a.m.- S:lSp. m.
Arrive Aiiive.
Colnmliuii...' OtWa. in. r:40p. in.
ck'vclnml H:.'5 p. in, l-'M a. in.
I'ittsliui'Kh B:15 " 2:a)a. in.
Indianapolis fl:'.'5 " 3:'i0 "
CIiU'Kko 6::wa.m. 8: "
enia l'i:10p. in. iM p. III.
Havton 1:10 " :l.' "
sprluBiluM ; !::) "
: Close ronhrtthm mudo at Lancaster for Cir
i lcville, Zmiesvillo and all iniints on the Cin
einnali mid Miibkingum Valley ltaihoa l.
Hiivi't eoniieitloiis made ut (oliinilius foi
Havlon. Siiiiiiulli'ld. liiilinnaiiolis. ( liicuu'i
aail u!l points Went. Also, lor I lovelaml,
tin li do, rittsliuricn, and all liits hast,
1'nke the IJoekinir VhIIi'V and l'aii llaudli
route to CliicUKo uud the Northwest: ltisilu
l!uu lost by sixiy-hix iiulGs, giving iliaseli.'i'
uuyieiKiiit qiucner yine aim lower rati
liuiu liy nay other line.
Ohio and Mississippi Railway.
.. .
' Jl U thd shortest, tpilckest and only llonrt
i n 11 n In - its entire trains thiiirjli to
Without C'huiiKe.
Our arrangements and connections with all
lines from St. Louis and Louisville arc per
fect, reliable and complete for ull points
This Is the Shortest and lie-t Route to Kan
sas City, Leavenworth, Atchison, SI. .Joseph,
aud to nil points in Missouri, Kunsa-. and Nebraska.
TlirmiKh Tickets ami full lnformr,tlnn i- C
time and fare, can be obtained ultiuyU. li.
uilice or our oiliee iu Cincinnati.
lcr;.LLl'P, Clcn, Euit 1'nosenecr Areul
W.Xl. H.1LK, Gf-n. Pans, aud Ticket Ast,
' ST. 1-Hl'IS.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
(jreat National Short Line Rouc
. V !Etantl Wont. !
Only Iirect Itonle to t bo National C ujil-
toi aim bust warn.
On and after Mouday. November 19. Tiaiii-
v ill j an us follows:
Vi Am
S .13 Pin
8:i "
n 10 I'm
Ml "
'. "
8 IS "
10 no "
I VI) Pin
H4I Am
1 12 I'n.
4 4i ".
B0.1 "
BV5 "
121 Plli
111! Itl'I'M Kl'tl'V
VVashiiiKton June.
. Arrive
asliinpton. .....
8 55 "
10 m) "
iri Am
New oik..:..:r..KlS
.... Iicnart
New York
18 30 I'm
8 TO A in
9 -:o I'n
4 00 A n
tlhl I'll
I'lulaMvliiliiii. .....
iiri t. ii 4. it.,. I
i -. i '-t .1 tii 1 1 t.t i in
(Mr, I'm
Arrive '
Win.hiiiKtoii June.
Harper's r'erry...
intibei'land.. .
btw, "
8 211 "
12 01) I'm
405 Am: a aiAn.
I) .Ml '
! 11 H) "
1 12 01 "
:l 4.i An
luMmii l'ilaoe Crating Hcod Slctping Cars.
hii li are a" eonifoi table, eh an tlj f ui-nisliei;
and nlini'St e(iial to a tire-side, are on nil
nihn froin .1 ineinnali lo llaltiiiiove an
V a Klii union, heehcliedlile oft iiiciiinati nm'
..la: let ta Ituilrnad for ti.nvof an h int,- and d -l
ilting from iMc.Artliur.
i'be advaiitairi-s of tlii. roule ox er nil 'dlier
:s. Unit it K"e"8 all travelers linldhi'.' 1 1ll out!1
ti -lrels tlm firlvilcjre of viiiiiirf llaltimoic.
iMiila lilpliia. ami tlieNalionnl Capitol free.
Time i nicker and riuesol fare loner thai
by another roule. .
The scenery liUkg this Railway is lad
o iealled for jjrjiideuron tliis Continenl.
TO SllPPftix- bp MKGftr.
'i'liis line oners sunerlor ludui cimiits tin
. ales beiiin one-tliiid lower to and from Ho--on.
New York, or any oilier eastern point,
in oriK'riiiif (roods of any description from Un
latMi jrivn ilirections to shii tin llaltioiors A
iliin It. It., uud inshiiiliiff East (rive -anti- .1 i
:'i'lioiis, Kreifrlit shipped by lliis rouio will
iiave ilespateh, and be linii'ilcd with cue inn
-live shiiijieiH inui h moliev.
llftster Transportation, l.nlin.ii re.
0. 1!. ISLAM HANI',
l.eii, r'ruifht Ajr't. Rnliiinmr,
lien. I'nsa. Aij'l., Cinciniiaii.
Cin'ti & Muskingum Val'y R. R.
in aud alter Monday, N'oVHinber 1
;r.:lns ttiii tenTi- nini kivivk at
l iiiiil:i; s excepted,) as follows;
mn.NU west.
L'j'irfJ mi't Jftiil, , A'Hii',iihi!vii.
Air. If Kia.alA;- ... .', Arr. 7:C'ii.iii. '
Air. 3:rX)p.m. Arr. 8::0n.in.
I iiw nnm.wiimiii..TnfTt m4A Si ' f I'KIt
Willi tin ins on the Coliimljns ami Hoi-Lin'.-Valley
U 41 rpiuUXtM-,Imii -y-AJke 4 hi bti r. -.h II
litotlio,'iittiiir.uti,lirioAif1iih( nfrevrltini
lilis. Iiinet enniicelioin ma le at, Z.XKVfLI.r:
wlllf 1 1 iilo- mi the Ihillhiiiiro fi Ohio It. IE, for
IvMtcni ( iiies; at -MOItltOW and Hit ESIIEN
.l N('l'H) Willi truirks fin the I'HlsbiirKli.
( iiii iiiiiaii & St. Louis 'Uiiilrond, Kii-t ami
Wesi. li. It, ItA I MvT, t.fii'l rii:f.tWH(.
I .( '. Waitk, Superintendent.
On and after MiAidn',- May (Sth, 18U, Ex
invss Trains will leave Colniiibiis andCret.
line uud arrive atpolots iiained hvlow us fol
lows: . ' . (; '-
'iliim'ai... ..11 :io 11. in,"' 4:10 p.m. -'M ia.ni
( restline... .'.12:80 p. in
' 4 :M
1 levcl.iuil.,.: :!.-
jmniiin .;..'.io:i
Nili'itnrft K'ls 7:00 a. ill.
' S1U . .
3:00 p.m.
t:ll.' . ,
1 :: ii.'
1 ni ' . ;
4:iu ,. .
1:115 .
.iioaaif . 1. - , . ;oiru
v v l"t n.Vit 11 .'ui
2:011,0.111. .
Crestline ...
MM p. Ill,
ll:Sj p.m. H:ir, a.m.
li-'ria.m. !l:l.'i p.in.
.3:1) -5:e0.u
inu'lon. 1 :
rt?tllnfl)U rt:iUIj.jj
1:1 ri n.nl.
' B:Ma.ni.
11 :'T,
jf.irt Wltjnf.. BflOu. 111.
fill nyo . .. .12:10 p. in.
1 :20
f, jm ii liniii tViwIiMtUw 4: lli-a. in
lias n Throiiih ( ar via Delaware foi Sirin-lit-hi,
leaching HiriuKlh'ld williout change ut
:'ii. in. . ,-j'..'
Tmin No. S.iw.tRisCirt'iiiilljmi'', IliWkliiy
V.'illev lliiilroiul I'onnect Willi No. 4 tuiiii.
"I'll mo if h Tlfkets fur sale at Athens,
I'AJF-HCtF.U TRAINS renrrtililK Arrive (it
folifhfldiriif lasHfl a. 111., 11:1.1 n. in.; nmlUibO
a. ni.
Palace Pny nd Sleeping. Cum
(Ml All TallM. i-.
No. A lcavlnir oIiiiiiIiiih at n. 111., mi
Stindnv. rilim llirnnxli without ih'tenl ion, by
In, Mi Eiie nnd New York lenl nil Kail wars,
arriving at New "torkon Monday nioriiiujr lit
(1:10 a. in.
Ifr iiiirtleiilnr lliforniiitlotn' In reiraH in
lliroiifcii lli;l;'f..f fine, imiim'rtlonf. etc,, til all
poln lli-f. iVTi-l Ntli ami iSonlh, apply In
or M'ffiri'M E. EOltl). Colnnibns. Obkr.
1 E. S. FLINT. (icn.Hitut.
"I JAS. l'AtTERfN. , ,
Gstttrui A(Tiit,Clliinibiis, Olllo, .
Pmtfcvvf faGabf OAtuniVvW, Ohroh
J M . 'i ' . 1 -A.
! ' I 1 I I.. "Hi I (. 4 1 ,.
. B3LA.Isr.K;
ci-aciXiLicoTi-iii, oi-rio.
Finest Drug Store,
Unve purchased O. T. GUSN'IXij'S Plug
Ami can supply the people with the
Choicest Drup, Meilicines, Ctaitali, Faints, Oils, ci BieSli,
Varnishes, Turpentine, Glass, Lamps,
PL'MEUY, and a choice lot of
Wines and Liquors, for
Ami will consilium- keen on hnnd a WELL
am usually in Uist-ilass Druj; SHoies, wliidi
3Lovvest Cash Prices!
Partirtiliir nttentinn will bo naM to fill In;'
tions, Eiiinily I iiiiipotimls, ami p;cpn:;.t ions in'
pure and genuine. We invite lliusu wisliiuj
e shall give sa:il,i( lion.
Now 3J"lrixi. I
and Choicest Drugs!
Kitalili - hmciit,
Medicinal Purposes Only!
SELECTED ASSORTMENT of such'ailicles as
will be sold at the
Vlivsirboi-.' Or.lers. ami i.nli in" un Prrsrrll'-
nil kinds. Wis variant cverv arii. 1c wesell to
a.tii les in our line lo call, aV we are toiilldeiit
la luusiiaiico of un onb r of the Probate
Courl ol' Viutnii t oiiutv. Ohio, we will micr
1 j. sine, ai tannic auction, on
Saturday, Ilarch Sch, A. D. 1S73,
at 1 o'clock. 11. in., upon the p:eiui.-es. Hie
ullowiiijfiloM Tihed real eslat.', silnate in the
tiunly of iniun, and the Stale of oiii.. lo-
licjriniilnir at (he Noilh-Eal corner ef
'clion liiiinb.'r.-eveii (7i. in Townsliin eleven
11) 01' Raiiife sixteen (Hi), in Hie Ohio t 0111-
lany s ruitlia.-e; theiiee c-t on the ninlli
ine of said sen ion. sitv-four Mil, cliaiiif nml
.illy Oil links, lo the center ol llitr Itir-cfioil
reck, thence down said creek to ihci innnlhol
Hewitt's fork; thence up said Hew eit's toil;
the e.t-t line of nid witimi; tiii'iu e mulh
inrin j-niiiu 1 ;i) t-i;ninH nun nut wr) iiiiss l"
he jd.u eol 1 n-j i m 1 i 1 1 k- coit iiin'in mui hnii
lied mui thirty-six uiidWie-foiu th tlUi,;
.teies, be the same min t; or kfs.
Appraised at it.V2.;nl.
Tt.KMs ok Sai.k: One-third en-li in liHiid, 01,1 -thiiU
iu line year, ami one thinl in two vi.li
from the day of dale, with iiit.Mct, Hie ite
fired p.itioenls ti be secured hv ino.tjase
upon Ilic 1 ivmi-c--old.
KlluMA ti. I'i'liiil MIS,
Ailiiiinlslrntor and Ailniiiiisiiatri of the
.".slateol I'cniT Kin i'i:-on, lie. caseil.
Feb. a, mi;; Id.
Entiitfo Siirah Evlm, tlterimfii .
The uiidersiiied lias been appii'iitcd nml
icalilli'd as A,iinini-t nt'rof t It t-,ab' ol'.Mi.s.
-aiah Lnlio, late of Vinton t ouniv, Ohio. Cv
ensed. JJated this ISlhiiav ol I'tbrii.ii v, A.
I. lsil.
I'VtiUirtf Cvttrt, Viiilvii County. Vhiu:
Notice Is hereby 'Iven Hint William Sinn,
ley. lii.auiian of John S . ami Jo-cpli W.loi
nell. Illinois. 1ms Hied his hcciiiiiiin Willi -aii
wards, seveiHlly, fr nni'lial M'llb tneiii, a.i"
Hint the Mime ill lieheiirilonlbeS.il ilav u:
March, A. 1 1., ISM, at 1 1 o'eb.i k, a. m.
11. li, M.ivo, 1'ioLiue.IiiiU'c.
1't.b. 12, 1S73 it
Bowaro of Counterfeit!
V. 11 A 1.17. I'I 1.1. ft
are exuntivf.lt nnnarEimn. nitu.ttrst ririitr.
gltti r.ndmmr to nelt tlit ciivHtirdtt Inmate rmntt
rrqfltt. Tht cenuino ha ne th naimtif .lo'j nionrn
eufschfiicivrj'', Allniiitri uit worth'tst imitation.
TIib oki imb Mils arit enlalllTntln tbo cure of nl.
those pain Till nnd dainrernm dijruoi to wlilelj th
female oon-tltutlen lir-uMnrt. Tiisr ir.nricnifn sll
eeessea and minuvo sU owtructions, fiom irijat
ever casio.
tnTSTn partio;:. my suit.!. I. 'J'. iy will In n phort
time hrlnifon t!io montliv ?verio4 wll h r"eaarit.yj
snd sli'inu-h vry nntverml, rontiln nmliiritr hurt
ful to tlifim.iptitullon. Iu nil cai sof Nenonnonii
8nlo AflsoMnns, Pilns in tho Bselt: n:i'l I.lmbn,
F tliraoim n'.iir' -.eT'Ttinn.pRloit'ilIoriol'tliii llr-arr,
Hysterics end TVh"i, tle y will c:;Vi:t n euro r,hon,
ail Ihi nsn h'v'fit!"'!. Tho cl eiilasn nronnd
fth paokneo (five full dferMonn find nlvlc?, or
.will ha scat f:eo ta H wrilUig for thcin,
.f?nn oriii'iTal',ri, .-
N. II. In nil cws whnro the Ofisntui cingl lin
nlit.tl'.'I.OTieD-tUitrcnc'ir.ed to la Sole 1 onr'p
lir, J0U MOSil.s, IU Ooril.mdt tit.. New Y'nk, will
1-""'.ro hot'lsof th gtnul-t, cmifdntmr i'iity
l''!l, ly rot'ira mnil, tccurely tccttci from nay
lmoivlr-ditoof ill oonitmlii.
riiTsC'ocous, Coun, Asthma, Dio-ioiiitiw, Mona
'1'unoAT. lioAnFBS'sss. DirriniTLT llitr.ATui.Mn.
li ivn no wte or m.'dlrine, and soy onlld will t ,ko
them. Thousnnds havo been rimto ed to Ileal th I h it
1ml before de.Ji'ilrd. T'tluionv'it".' In linnlr I j
ef risen. Ask for IH'.YANS I'UbMdV'O WAFCTIH.
Pviee 35 eon n per box JOB J10.JE3, Pi'ijoris-ti-,
18 Co. tl-n 't B i-U New Voi le.
Pren.ire-1 bp J. O ARAN0I1211U
No. 814 Itnn Lnmliald, f iris.
" T'lecs pills ins liltrMy r.':oimnen'd by tho ontlrn
Meillest Pncullrof trnnrtm tho voi-y hest remedy
ill all p i, or fl-isrinutn'rhoRH, or Seminal Weak
new; Nlffhlly.D iUvnr Pmna'wt Cmlssinns; Si r
v.l VffVnwnrlmiwrnr!; Weakness arilti(from
RntrntTI'ibitssnilHiixiiiU KioeswajKeaiolfonotllie
(tnlrsl OrBsnn Wns't Salno : l)opoltsin the Urine,
snd all the eluwtly tinln of IHwmns nrl.tnn from
(Wrus or Erns. Thv etire when nllotherrem-s-llin
IMI. 4nmolilet of Advin" In ,'! hex, or wl II
sent Kae toiiny sddrr.s. Price sgtl w,r Bor.
Pent bv nml 1, muretytifirttrdfrtimait oftwttrff'm.nn
reneS.tof nre. OSCA K (J. MOmiS, HCohtlahdt
St.. N Yoot. Hols Cleocin! Asent fur Auiurlen.
Tti Tearsinf it -pnbl
miftSt li proved ilr.t.iool'
IVIneol I'nr lohavniiH)
merit tliim imy f-lmlli
tho public, It, ix liell 1
tlisincdlclrinl riinlillctl
Tnr, and imemuiieil f
l inensea of tlie Tl rout
I. ii nivsi. pcrlvii'minii tl
it'" 'ST TO m: ........ 1 1 .11 0 J
tt . ... iiiir.il. ,-inui tmtiu nu .
jei'lfo l:lll;.i,llij Itllrnii I'll II ij
rffimi' ' snd olds. 11 lnm cured .
ZZ::- r many :ae of Ami)
K2tMX$ iiil Rrourliitla, llm '
i,T''ir'' ha "t piwiouijccil
, "''v niioeltio fir ilii-M) con
' H " plaliit". Toi S'olHHfiuli
n ttl'ni, r.,t!" r I. m l
14 M ' m.M.M. I Srldk..tf.J .li
' I 14 ' f-IIHP.dlsoasi'noiCit'irrll
1 . nry OriiMiiH. .Ifiunoiiit.
kullb'iifa or any IJver 0111pta.11
V, ., ItlllLSIUIflplUl.
It fal4oHnneilor .onle.
,1 . l!i'Mri't;iA:yotli:
Blrenirllien ilmrivilciii,
Sao: hi '.Vdik m.l HH'liiiltn'fd,
'li:iirc-i lit., twill l' tl:e
ifioi'e fv5if j:ili iumI Inufpe-uoi
I'riix'u'il .!)ilurtwiii i'eviri
Ulvesi touo tva vurAv'sjiviA.
Ilio Hainden Foundry Company
I : v 1 1 1 ir purchased tliis wi'll-known Fomidry.
ut I ainiicn, ' in inn (oiflilv. Ohio, and Mip
p led it w i;li all I In-
Lttst Stjlrs of P,ttt'Bt" anil Mnoiirery.
At jfreat expense, are now inanufacturiiii.'
every iievriiiinn of
hollow w
i I II ' A1 1 -n c 1 l.llj, y
Castisgs cf Zvsry Dascripticn
The attention of tin imblie is railed lo Hie
li'.'Ii they ii'e enabled to sell cheiipn' Himi
elsewhere. The preat lelvantnu'e of linn hn -
1 11 -r Moves III Un.- Foundry is, t on il'ii't bavu
I 1 pay exoiiiilanl prii e fur odd pla:e for 11-
-as you do when you purchase
hi as-oi iiaein ot
Slu'ct Iron & ('oppt'r AYure,
ii jil on hand. Xlii-, Foi:m'.i;y, bein' a
And Ibe proprit'lors iiraelical wo'.knien, wlio
uienil si 1 icily 10 bi;-iiie.-3, weca.i
Ife'ifacturo Our Own Goods,
'.nd fell them direct In thu peo do at l!ie
wholesale prl.es m i hlcli the mine pio.l-ire
oil'cred by 'int'ni ( mmlv denleis. ' If von
ttimi a (rood a: tit le lit a lt,v piice, ;rie ii- 11
i i rliest ln ico pa;, for old Hi ass, toinier,
and Scrnp Iron.
I ei's..h-.leirins Ciisiiii for Pati nl Kiidil
w.ll pitii-e rend ui. their order.-.
lii:iui:iNG of all Kis-iiH Nr.iTi.v Pom:.
September 25, 181 4. Reed's Mills P.O.
iTl.::b-rUJ-a-'--. . 1 i siuwumiwiij. juu.mwi
vr isT-TnT.T tvrpp
i.. 'V AIAJ JJ'-! JJ11
- c :
I'nienlee and SI a 11 11 fa e Hirer of
:c:.i Ibcfo, lost-Holo 3::cr.3, fa.
Ci..vi!kslli:o, West V..
Till: Ori-t Sills, he. in a putalile, are on
lion 1 ranie, nun.
a'S .iONG.D U P. A3L E, EITI CI; NT,
And Hie be.-l. SII11 ever rinide for nil l.inisoi'
: rinding; fan lie easily mlaihed In Miw Si ills
or any oilier power, and wni ianied lo in iud
. lonr iiml'.uial ol a ruiieiior iiiaiili
'rira'cr ni'v of tet'i Ibfin liny oilier .Mill,
ri, bout heating or oHier illllieiilt;,' Hie
wci;rhl heinir 1.4UII poiiiids, oci uir. Inr 'milrH
I'e.'t sonare on the Moor. Will Ki ind CO to Cu
on.-hels KT hour. II vvitln'ii Unity ill, is, lliu
Mill doe- not prove s,ilisfai io.'y, il may In- re-
iiirnt'il anil money ami all cliarxes refunded.
lliutH Post-Hole I'orer,
y Is xiiinniilccd In innkii Iv. o holes to
Sjr one ol any ol
ff Idly and pelf
one of any oljivv; does III work rap-
No fault enu be found with It after
trial. Kent lo anv one on tiinl who
will send me the endiiiseiiieiit ol Ibe
l ost .VHeaer, Afrcnt wnntcil.
ill II ART.
Clnrksbuiif, V. Va.
I Farmers and olliers ran see tho
rnsi-jioio Iloier at the Enqi'IUkh
I Oiliee. '
1, jh ,v J
1 m
TO uaE1'
S. M, A treiils.
It ilou'l pnv
you to Unlit
U10 best Sin.
1 lii 110. Piov'
imwv. mni .fl",s..i 19 V ,x 5V'Si'f3i
our ciniiiis fc.. VjrJiZ V'rM ''..,
Oct llii'icren- v', -..."''""'Ji.
ey and sell It, " ft' .A
"DOM33S1IO" 8, M.C3 , 00 Chaailier Et, N.Y.
4!Min . on
jl H 'H. W.,.,fcri 1 u
ft. Jill
It Is gratifying to us to inform the public
that Dr. L. C yVishart's Pino Tieo Tur
Cordial, for Tliniat and Luiik Diseases, has
trained an enviable reputation from tho Al
lan Ik' to the 1'iu Inc. coiift, anil from thenco to
some of the llrst families of Europe, not thro'
the press alone, but by persons thiouirhout the
states in liinlly beiielllted nnd lined at his
iilllie. Wliilehe nulili!ies less, so siiyoune
porlcis, he isunalde lo supply the demand. It
gains and holds Its lcpiilation
I 'n si. Not by stopping cough, but by Inos
eniiitr anil assi-ting nutiiio to throw' on" the
uii In'. 1 1 i 1 1 .'' niatler, toilet ted about thu tbroiit
and bioin liial ttilies, vliivh riuHt irrltntivn.
i-O 'iind. 11 removes thu cause of irritation
(w hiili produces eoutrli) of the niutons meiii
I11 line and Inout liial tubes, assists the limits
In net and tlnow oil tho unhealthy secretion's,
and pin iiles the blood.
Third. It I- free from s.piills, lolielia, Ipeenf
ami opium, of which most throat aud limit
remedies are composed, which allay lougli
01.lv, nml ilisoi'iraiiize the stomach. It has a
soothing eliei't 011 the sloiuiich, acts oil the
liver ami kidneys, and lymphatic mid nervous
regions, thus rciit'dinjr to every part of the
system, and in ils invinnrutiiifr and purifyiiiir
elicits It has trained a reputation width it
must Imltl above all others iu tho market,
P.elnj: under my Immediate direction; hey
-nail not lose their nuative ipialities by Hie
ti.-e of finap uud inipine articles.
Dr. r l). C. SVishart's Oiliee Purlins are
open on Slowlays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
liom !l a. m. to D I'. St., for 'consultation bv Dr.
Wni.T. Sla(f"e. Willi him arc associated two
1 onul' liijr ,,liy-rans of 1 knowleilifi'd nliil
ilv. Tlii , 1 1 101-t im i t v is not ottered hv any
otiier iiistltuiioii iu tlieeilc.
All U ttevs iniist be addressed to
Xo. S:J3 North Second St.,
November -. p. 1PT2.-Ilin
v.,t Te"'.r"-' i'
TIIECHAND I'RINt Il'I.K that operates in
these wonderful niciieiiK'", is the power Hull
tliey posses iu puiiftinx Hie turjrld blood
and exp.dliot,' con u,it himiors from the sys
leia. lull. LOW A Y'S PILLS roiisl-t of nenri fiil
an I lie, uliar aiiinixiure of the llnest Vivla
lile lAltii' Is, llcilis, nnd Sledicinal (.uiiim.
I'o-e in;,' not a iriain of inini'ial III their
"'liibll'a.ion, they never expose those who use
ihciii lo any lian rer, at any time or season, No
nnidioi' nee! hehiinle to piiNiribe lliem to
llielr cliildri'i). and I lie uio-t ilelicatc I'oii.lllu
Hons 1 nil use them wi ll us great beill'llt as the
mod vin'o.oi:s and powei fill Ii auie.
HOLI.OWAY f; Co., S111.K PlioPlllKTUIts,
78 Slalili n Lami, New Yorli.
Ilnllowiiy's Pills and Ointnicul arc Hold at
in , H.'.'ic, and -l per box or ol, A irn'iilsav
i,,K is made hv liuyiu) the large si.e-,
Uec. 4.
!'' '. 1 ji ti !...) ptinoduton H,nnic
1 '.:ti:xiiuiii.uA'iiiiaiui puus5i.)i,. A7io,
i' ' r .:! itliui voi.i0; 'kaH1
I'-.' ':f!i- t '.iii'voii ta4u.is) a ii
.:: 1 .'.' ; .i.mu'ioi .un oipi,tt pun ssoininni,
1 'i 1 1 iwuy. idiin.,1 Aiipis imil no.' 11110:
"'"J'1!'!" ijini!;:'nA'tT.ss,iiiii:-iiitntijjmt
''.i o.J I'H'l NU o ii(iiii,iudaul Kp,l
I'. jr.D.i Pi i i."it.TU .'i Xitunq nioinini iot!
om u jr. 'aop.wodao iuud otn ou 0(X
IMI tm.ll V "11 nl nmli. ton CSl.J
liV'li.v"' '11. u) t'tlllin'IA SfU
t V inii!.'. .in.j 'ji An po.ui.) 'Til
n 1:,. 11 '.iiooii'i j.niin in 1 in.!
h.i.i.'ih; Xii as.Hfti,o.ir mtoti
lllll-.HO !... 10. AOkqtUI'I "I fr'flM ti
u i', j "iiiumiii.it5 imuii J'iJ 'j!'''
,l00(.Ml Ml n.WIIIIH tlOllll.1
Ili.Ull ll IJ M AV 1,1.111.1 lllipu) IIO
ai mi ) uns m. imini.i:iu(
loiiiio.i.itsi jo N40.,1 ti..io
I I '.f 11 Ml..w t)i '!
!, 'iii.ios Ami i iUojim
'sun 1 diis ,, i nii , ..
'MH) l.ltOllOJalJ UlljO, HV
Ml' l.l lt j 'dJII,! l NU
OA. in 15 i-jfln.i.i H nni tlHiioif
'lo.t 1I11 r'l' n piiiintiiinoi 1
1111 '.isii.Miit-.u.iii..) i;ji.v liof
"I'MIIA pim lul dui) mil IIU1H.CJ
10. lllll OAfltu.1.1 pi.W l.lA
t.iipo I'll tiliill piupi nj fuoui
io;i ovti.A r 1111 inu 10 imi
im I ,i.l M 1 r, :oii, '.wo'ioi tii.A
i1i..?s oi;i jo iiipi,ii om ,uy
HAVIN'fJ been enirinred In Ilia slndr and
inaetieeof Denlistry for llflcuii yemn, and a
IumI piiii'.lllloni'r in .Iiickson for six years,
iiinl liavliiK 11 vailed myself of ull Ibo
V.ohta Iaiprovcmonts ia Doutal Bolcnos.
r would i'csM'cifny snv to Dili eltl.ens of
Sk' Arthur and vlidnllv 'tluitliim 1 1 1 1 1 v urn.
Pined to iiiiiiiiiiubile nil the vnrloiiu luiiiieliiis
of Hie seli'iii e, Pi lees ns low us Hill low est.
Vi oik as uimil as tbo lies I, Persons eoinliiK
froin a illHlunee wImIiIhk to renin In until their
work Is done will be euU-rUilned it inv ni l.
I'sed In exliacllnif tooth, rendering tlielrex
liacllon eoniiniiailvclv niiinli'ss. A femiile
fi 1 1 fin I ii 11 1 always on hand lo wait nprm Indies,
Give ma a call.
n, T. BIJUCE63, Dentist,
Wyl&,lWU'. JiKiw,Uv
Tho' many evidences of extraordinary euros
mat nro uauy reported aseiieclea llirougli
Sarsaparillian Eesol'vent.
Heady Relief -and Perfect Purgative Pills, In
written testimonials from nil nn-is of Hv
world, surpass in wonder the most extravagant
miracles of eiicliitiunieiii, 1 iijauiuus aim
medical men Iu all coital rlcii pronounce these
wnutiurnii leineoiea 11 uiysrerv, Hint neilliei
theli'Hclenceof analysis or chemical skill can
explain. True, these medicines effect tin
most inn rvelous cures, and restore the dying to
1111-, nun iciievu uiu uiosi wieieneii pitiii-sta-ferliiK
vietim of liis tortures, in from h,
twenty minutes, and nlihoiigh they knowsoim
01 1 ue iiiretiienisoi uieir com position, and ui.
liadway has published thoii forinuln (wnh
holdiiigonly two newly discovered rootB), still
hnlh Fieiich, lit'iman, Lnrlisli and Allium un
chemists anil plini inac.cutists utterly fail will
tho same ingredients as prepared bv thein. The
glial success, which these wonderful remedies
aie constantly achieving, lies 111 Hie great se
ct et of combining H10 ingredients loguther.
arterexereiMingdiiecare iu seleeting t lie pun
aud genuine roots.
Such wonders of Modern Chemistrv as tin
parallel in tho llisiory of Jledlcine, forllier.
iliesonie iiillriiiiiies and diseases thutare 1011
sideieii lis liuiu able, ami sure death. Yet tin
most aslomiiling cures have been 111111I0 thin
Ihese reinedicH of soiucilisi nses Hint have uev
er been known lo be cured by medicine.
SWELLING, Tumors in tho Womb, Stomach.
Ovaries, bowels, Hi iglit's Disease of the Iv'ul
neys Hint have been pinnotiuced inciunble.
lilneeis, I'leeis, Swellings, Stone iu Hielltid
der, ( alcuhius t onci el ions. I'lcei s and Soies ui
Ihn lioiies. Rickets so dieolv sealed that in
.nner nit'tiiciiit's nave ocen Known in rellt'll.
Have been cured by Hit) SARSAPARILLIAN
R 1-.SOI. V EN T, Hided by the REA DY II EL1K1
and PI LIS.
Palsy, Paralysis, Dry Ciangene that threat
ens a living ileaili nady lotung iittnt ul 111,
limbs and llesli Dialiotes, Involuntary Dis
charge of Winer, Fungi in the lllndder (Hit
Eiupuior Napoleon's disiase),Toitui Ing pnin
when discharging urine, HI I EC .MATISSE
HOUT.XEl RALl.IA each and evervonoof
these ciiinplaiuU-lboiijih but a few of Hit
many other diseases, Rndwnv 'sSiusaini illiai
Rejjulveiil has euictlaiid istlaily eiiringiiial.
pans of thowoild.
Inone worn, any disease mi ion: lor uiide,
w hat name lit'si-nntcl, that is nouiislied 0:
liieii asi'il hy bad, impure, deniaved, weak,
thin, wiUory or poiconed blond can be cine;
SOLVENT Dr. Railway & Co. have never rhiitnod one
huiidieih pin t of Hie eiiintivu vii tin s for Ih.'i
remedies us isoscribeil to Ihein by the lieopl,
w ho have used Hu m; for beiir in' ininil, onl,.
sin b diseases anil colli plain Is 11s Dr. Rudwii. .
afiersiieccssftil treaiment wiili (heir leinedll.
knew tliey would cure, weru enuiiienileil ii
t heir cu 111 1 i ye list, so that many of HieeM an'
dii.tiry cases thai have been reported awaken
edas lit iu h iisinui-liuieid in me nisio,,y 0,
their remedial area Is us in Ihnsc who bad liei".
lescued fiom dta: h, aud wade whole an.:
Aamniiy persons discredlteil their exlraor
dinaiy power, from Hie fact of their ilisiii)
p, liniment in iheuseof other advertised reme
dies anil some, believed it Impossible fo.
simple niedlcines iniule only from vegetubh
siilisluiues rools, IutIis, ,vc. should posses:
sin h marvelous power. Yet tliey can leadih
conipii'hcnd Hint Hie simple glasses of Hit
Ib id, nflertuiilf rgninir Hie 1 heinieal procsssol
ilisi illiiilon designed by iialiire in the cow am
1I111111, fm niches us Willi butter certainly tin
most abundant fat, tannic or heat-making-bone,
I i--.no, 1111,-1 sinew and blood-iuakiuti
tuusiiliienls for Hie hiimaii boily.
lint w hen those people w ho llrst doubt tin
elileuey of these remedies commence their use,
they become their most earnest advocates.
Never has a medicine taken Internally, been
known Id have cured Tumors, either or I lis
W-onib, I lei us, Ovai ies or ilovvi Is; the kaifi
has been Hie sole reliance In Hie liinuls of ex
perienced surgeons; hut Dr. Rinl ny'x Sin
saparillinn scliles this iiiiestinn. Jt-lnis eureil
over tijeuly persons of Ovarian Cysts anil
Tinnors, as' well r.s Tuniois in the Dowels,
I'tenis, Womb, Elver, Dropsical Ell'usioii,
Ascilt-, nnd I alciilous Concretions.
Tumor of 13 Wars.' flrowtli Cured liy
Jladtvny'M ItcKolrcnt.
Pvvfiii.v. Mars., duly 18, lffi'.i.
D11. Rahwav: I have hml Ovarian Tiiuioi
In Hie ova its and bowels. All the dm'tois
said Ihc.e was 110 ht lp for il, I tiled every
lliing (hut was rei'oiamcnded. but nolhinir
lielpcd me. I smv your Resolvent and Ihoughl
I would try il. but bad 110 faith in II, because
I had ijiilTi'Yi'd for 12 j cars. I took six bolfles
of Hie Resolvent, on'e box of Railway's Pills,
and 11-1 I lu ii bolllc- of your Itt inly Relii'f.and
there fs not a sign id ii tumor to be seen or
fell, nnd I feel holler, smaller and happier
than 1 Iiiim' for 12 yeais. '1 he word tuinoi
WiH in Hie left side of Hie bowels, oyer the
groin, I write tliis lo you for Ibe benellt of
o.hei's. You 1 an publish il if you chuor.e.
From a prominent gentleman and resident of
Ciiieinii.'i I i. Ohio, for lie.' pn -i toi l y years well
kimti n lo Ibe ncwsjiiijcr p.iihliilici's ihiougli
uut the l iiiled Siaies:
Ni:w Yohk, Oi l. Illh, lsTO.
IHl. RahwaV DtarSir: lam iinluei'il by a
sense uf duly to thu sudering to make n brief
sliileiiient nf'l lie w orking of vour medieine on
invsclf. For si.veial tears I have Iron millet
e ( Willi some trouble iu Ibe Ida. bier and urin
ary organs, whh h some months 114-0 culitiina
leil In 11 iiiosl leri'ilily alllieting ili-'.a-e, H hii I,
Ibe plij ieiaas all said was spasmodic sn ie
lure iii lbe ureilia, 11-aN 1 Inllaniil.iim of Hie
kiduets and bla.ldei', nnd gave il a (ln-i
opinion Hun my age ":l yearn would prevent
mv ever get: ing 1 a Hi ally cured. I had t 1
a number id pliys li iiins, and had taken n large
1 1 1 11 1 1 1 it v ot ine'lielne, both nllopihliie ami h
inienpa' hie but got 110 i clicl. 1 had rcii-l of
n-toiiisliiug cures having hen ninde by your
reint'dii's; nml simio four inontliH ago I read 11
nollceiii Hie I'lii'.adelpliia Sal inilay Evening
1'osl of a cine having been ell'e. iid on 11 per
son who bud long lieeii siillV.ingn-l bit I been
I went right oil' and got sonieoltn li your
Sarsli'iaiillian Remilvent, Ilea ly Relief, mid
Ri'giifaling Pill'i aid common, ti taking
them. In 1 urea i!,ns I was gieaily relieved,
anil now fivl li ' well lis ei er.
.1. W. JA.MEH, Cim iumi'il. O.
Price one dollar pcrboHle. Sold by Drug
gisls every where, and at Dr. Railway's, No. US
Warren, cor, t hincliSi., N. V.
Cun s the wor-t Pains in front 1 to '.'0 inlnules!
jSf-'fNoT liNE Elicit urier rending this
ndyerliseiuenl need any one seller with pain.
Nn cure for every pnin. II Was Hie (list and
Ih ibe only Pnin Remedy Hint inslunlly slops
Ibe iiiosl cxerueliiling iains, ullnvs Inllamiun
tloi,., il.nl cures congestions wlmlluT of Hie
Lungs, Sliiiuin h, Rowels or other gliuuis and
organs, hv one opplii',;! ioli, in from one to
Iweidv infinite, N mallei' bow tiolent 01
exeiiiclaling the pnin, the Rheumatic, lied
tii 1 1 1 i'n . I li 1 ill . Ciipjiled. Nervous, Nctnulgic
or piostuiled wlllt disease may sillier,
ft A V l!M 1''V HEAVY lir.UEF
W III iifl'ord fiiHtiint 1 use;
I iifl (im mil I Ion of Hie Kidneys, Inllniiunallon of
the bladder, lullauimalioii of Hie bowels,
Congestion of tin) Lungs, Soil) TI111111I, Dllll.
eult II real Ii Ing. Pal pi I nl ion of Hie I cfii I, Hys
terics, roup, I i 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 in, III til rill. Inlliieii.a,
ileililnche, Toolhnclie, Neiinilgla, Rlicuiiiii
tism, Colds, I hills, Ague) hills.
Tho upplii anon of the heady Heller to Hie
part or parts where the pain or ililllcitlly ex
ists will afford ease mid comfort.
20 Drops in 11 linlf tumbler Water will,
Inn few iniiiiiles, cure t ramps. Spasms, Sour
Sloniaeh, Ileal Iblll 11. Sick lie iiiliichc, Diar
lluca. Dysentery, Colli!, Wind in the Dowels,
and all Internal Pains,
Tiaveleis should always carry abollbiof
Radwny'H Relief Willi Ihein, A few drops III
waier will prevent sickness or pains from
change of water. It Is belter tint ti French
Hiniulv nr lliitois as a stimulant.
FiaVlIiBl .A-Itm -A-GS-UIl!.
Fever and Ague cured for M oeiils.
There Is mil a remedial agent in this world
Hint will cure Fever and Ague, and nil Hint
Malarious, lllllious, Scirlet, Typhoid. Yellow
and oilier Fevers (aided by Railway's Pills) so
iiiilck ns lladwnys Heady Relief, t0 cents pel
DR. ltAI)',V4V'H
Perfeellv tnteless, elegantly runted, for I ho
rnrMif nil illsordeis of the Hiiiiuaeli. Liver,
Rowels, iilOjieys, lihnldi'i', Nei vnus Diseases,
Headache, ( oiislipuli'in. Ciisllveness, liidlgt's.
Hon, Dyspepsia, llilloiisnens, l;iits Fever,
lull 11 in 111 a 1 mi of the llowels. Piles nml 11 II do.
laiiKciucutsof Hie Internal Viscuiu,wai'iuateil
to oil'oi I fl positive cure.
I'L'Jlhl.Y ft: OUT A U.K. - Cnnlalnliig 1111
Mercury, Silnerals. or ili'lclerloiis drugs.
ft;;y-i)li.ei vo Hid following symptoms re.
ling fiom iliseases of Hie iligestivu organs:
Constipation, Inwaiil Piles, Fullness of thu
blond lo llli) llend, Acidity of till! Hloinacli,
Natiseii, lli'lirlhnrn, Disgust for food, Full
ness or weight In IJm ''It of the Htoinueh,
Sw imming of Hie Head, Ilnrneil am) dllileult
lliinlhlug, Fliillerlng lit tho Heart, Clinking
or Snll'ocalliig Sertsiilions when in a lying Pos
I11V0, liinneiof Islon, Dots or Webs befoie
the Slghl, Feyei1 and Dllll Pnin In thu Head,
Di'fbdutiev in Pcisnliatlon, Yollowness of the
Skin nnd Eyes. I'liin In I he Aide, Chest, Liinbi
nud sudden Fliisliul ot Ileal, Jl 11 in in it in Ilia
Klosh. A fow doses of Railway' I'lllswlll
fiou tho system from nil the above dlsvrden,
Prlco 9H Cents per Hon.
"IADWAY A CO., 82 Warren cor Church Br,
New York. ' '
Ely Read False nnd Ti'iia, Semi ono letter
sntini) to Radwny Co., No. 82 Warren, eor.
Church HI., N. Y. Information woilli Uiuui
AiicU wiU h tout yv.
Singing is Devotion.
Mr. Beeciilr remarked, at
the cening of a recent Lecture
Room Talk: " '
"Wo must take incidents as
they come to illustrate truth.
I (suppose any one brought up
as 1 was, and as most New
England people were, without
much thought of the meaning
of the hyms or music, would
not lie surprised at certain
neglect or carelessness of be
havior during singing. I re:
member (seeing my dear old
lather in the pulpit, when the
people were singing, take
out his pencil and work away
at his sermon; and I've seen
him do the same in prayer-time.
Boy as I was, it shocked me.
i see the same thing iii the
eongregation. In the midst of
hymn, which is a prayer, "Ih on
art my hiding-place, 0 Lord; in
Ihee I fix my trust," somebody
lirtme and handed it to me. I
laid it down on the table.
"If I had been praying, and
Mr. Ilalliday had come up and
twitched my coat handed me
!he note, and I had slopped
and laid it on the table, you
would have been shocked ; the
matter would have been inquir
ed into by the deacons. Yei
we were singing:
'"When storms or lleree temptation heat,
And fin Inns foes assail,
Mv refuge is Hie mercy seal,
' Sly hope w ithin the'vail.
" 'From strife of tongues and bitter worth
Sly spirit Hies lo I lie;
Joy 'to my heart the thought airoids,
Sly Savior died lor un'.'
'.'Iii the midst of these words
I got the note. The thing was
devoutly meant, but it shows
i he manner iu which we slight
our singing. Many hymns
arc better than prayers. Some
of us are never so near to God
as in .hymns. There are cor
tain -hymns that contain the
Christian's vital blood.- I will
not blame you. ' I know how
you have been brought up.
Singing is devotion; through it
we can. ofi'er up the heart fo
God.' Hymns are not always
solemn, hut cheerful anil glee
ful sometimes. In our singing
we should be earnest and sin
cere,' the same as in prayer."
Children, look in those eyes,
listen to that dear voice, notice
the feeling of even a single
touch that in bestowed upon you
by that gentle touch! Make
much of it while yet you have
the most precious of all good
gilts ;i loving mother. Head
(Ike unfathomable love of those;
(he kind anxiety of that tone
and look, however slight, your
In after life you may have
f r i e n d s fond, dear, kind
friends but never again will
you have the inexpressible love
and gentleness lavished upon
you which none but a mot her
can bestow. Often do I sigh,
in my struggles with the hard,
uncaring world, for the sweet,
deep security I felt when, of an
evening, nestling iu her bosom,
listened to some quiet tale suit
able to my age read in her ten
der and untiring voice. Never
can I forget her sweet glances
cast upon me when I appeared
asleep; never her kiss of peace
at night. Tears have passed
away since we laid her beside
my father in the old church
yard; yet her voice 'whispers
from the grave, and her eye
-atches over me as 1 visit spots
long since hallowed to the mem
ory of mymother. Lord JIa-
The Past.
From Beecher.
The past is to be used ns a
medicine or as a n ine, but not
ns a food. It may furnish rea
sons for gratitude when wo look
back in all the way in which
God has led us upon our child
hood; upon the house-hold in
which we were reared; upon our
friendships and loves; upon our
successes; upon those experi
ences in which the providence
of God has manifest to us. The
lorn? retrospect may oftentimes
fill the soul with vivid emo
tions of thanksgiving. It may
also breed a frost iu God for
times to come. It may lift one
outf discouragements. It may
minister hope in great exigen
cies. And for such purposes as
these it is eminently wiso and
proper for one to look back and
use the past. We aro not so
absolutely to forget the things
that, are' behind. It is only
relatively that we arc 'to do this.
Going back may be a means of
guidance , nnd of caution. . The
sins that are in the past should
not have been committed in
vain; for although sin as our
OiastcsT ia to Vo dmidod uud
shunned, yet when we have
once passed through tho experi
ence ot it, we might so to use it
fiat it shall serve us nnd minis
tea to our benefit.
u i nr,
The Force of Kindness.
"Speak kindly to tho oriinir, let
"no harsh words: full from your
lips. We know not how much on
" couragemcnt wo may "give to a
"poor, fallible fellow-t'ivnt ure, jour
" neyiiiR thi'ongli life, liy tlroppino
"a kind word here nnd tlierc along
the way. Many n hoarttit'lie may
lie stilled, many a disconsolate one
soothed and' their sorrows bright- .
cned by a gentle wont or net."
The above pertinent linesr were
written by one of the most amia
ble nnd accomplished ladies we
ever knew, and are well worthy
thoughtful consideration. How
few persons prize kindness as high
ly as they should. How little tliey
value ita force. To them, kind nnU
affectionate words savor of child
ishness, and seem the lowering of
greittness; yet true greatness never
blessed mortal life unless it was
woven in with the golden thread of
kindness. How the dark -places
nave been illuminated, by rays of
kindness. How often the bleeding
wound has been staunched by the
good and kind Samaritan. Who
ever prized a life devoid of tho
mellow lays of the voice of kind
ness? All! we should nil hate lifo
were there no murmuring little riv
ulet juggling the sands of kindness
along our waj Who would desire
to live where no sweet voices were
heard, and no tender words fell
from rose-lmed lips made dear by
tho volumes of pleasant nnd cheer
ful words that dropped therefrom
like dew froin the lips of the fairest
rose that ever bloomed in the king's
The stoie may tiirn awny in dis
gust while the" tender hand nnd
voice of kindness touches his cheek,
but yet he can not fail to appreciate
that touch, that voice, those looks,
and nets of kindly regard.
For many of life's passengers
are cold and unfeeling they call it
passionateness, but it is the lack of
human anil divine kindness, a
senseless manhood of ci'iierpre-eni-inence
vainly thought by some to be
the rtcwfc of dignity. AV'heii wc see
a person who ignores kind and
gentle words, who cm not speak
nlt'oetiomitely, but who goes with a
high head and promt look, passing
the toiling, the bumble, the necdv,
the poor, the old, the degraded, nnd
the outcast without a single display
of disinterested kindness, wo sav,
"There goes a man or woman who
shall die and soon be forgotten, or,
if remembered, only in unpleasant
recollections." One of t he sweetest
and kindest spirits the world ever
saw was the loving Jesus, whose
sympathising heart caused his very
spirit) to groan within lo'm, and his
eyes to become moistened with
tears while he wept with the aflliet
ed. One of Christ's most apparent
examples consisted in the law of
kindness. His divinity possessed
force, because it shone through the
avenues of sublime kindness.
We have known ministers whoso
hearts seemed as hard as flint,
whose whole conduct displayed a
hard-lienrU'ilncss that might be at
tributed to the coldest demagogue
of selfishness or meanest aspirant
for self aggrandizement, and yet
they professed to belong to that
profession of all most needing kind
ness as its normal force.
If a minister of the fSospel ever
succeeds well, he must bens kind
as the tender mother toward her
darling child, and yet as linn, in the
right and trillions the rock that
stands on ils mountain base, kind
looks, kind words, and kind acts,
will I'oren nu'ii to love yon, and,
when you have succeeded in can;
ing men to love and admire you, ns
a wiiriii hearted kind friend, 'tis
t'len nnd 1 1 o t till then, you reach the
design of your mission and can win
them easily to th unblessed Saviour
you serve and labor for. Oh, for
an army of fnll-souled, warm-heart-ud
and ailect'ioiiiitd m?n to go up
and down the earth shedding sun
shine and sowing with a loving and
kind hand the seed of gospel truth,
then shall we see. t he dark places
lit up with joyful light, and tho
fallen exalted to seats of heavenly
honor in tlie church of Clod.
Let none be uniniiidfiil of the
ltrcc of kindness.
The coal tonnage of the
Hocking Vallcv Hail road Coin
pany for vo weeks ending
February J nth, was 80,4 ?tt tons,
or l,(JG4,G0t bushels. Total
earnings of the .road for same
time, 850,000.80.
Let thoto who do not attend
tho sacrament ask themselves
Prof. Bowman of tho Califoj'
uia Geological survey recently
gave a lecture on the ancienl
pliocene rivers of the state, in
which, contrary to tho common
ly received opinion, ho lipid thaf
tlie general course of the rivers
during the pliocene age was
cast to west, tho north and south
gravel deposists of Neyada and
Sierra counties being exceptiouH
to the lienesal rule. At that
time. California had elephants
twice lis mrge un any inny n
existence, and also camels an
tapirs of proportionate dimuns
ioiiH. , .
A-N;ey Orleans woman op
tho witness Htand'in a divofcp
suit remarked: , "The estate ol
widowhood is inconvenient, for
one must have all tho modesty
of a young girl without being
alio to ibigu Lor Ignomuoo

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