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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, March 12, 1873, Image 2

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Thot -XcArttiur Enquirer
Jv ff.BJlVO, ICIHi.i ana rubll.h.r
t-A ;
MowJiBrOiii.... March IVJSTO.
Delegate Ticket.
Election, April 7th, 1873.
Peie-wte t Hi i km-1 talk-nil CoaveuUon.
Delegates to the Constitutional
... By reference to (ho proceed
ings of tbo A'pnjjfy .Convention
in another, parti of to-day's pa
per, it will lto seen' that II. S.
Clutooi.e was placed in nom
ination as Delegate to repre
sent jViuton (H)uuty in the
State Constitutional Conven
tion. IIo was chosen from the
three snp-stantial persons who
were presented to the Conven
tion. Mr. Cr.AvrooLK is just such
a man a; Vinton county will
want in (lie Constitutional
Convention, .as ho is a man oi
solid sense a man with no
Credit Mobilier stock in view.
No more important and on
erous public trust can he as
signed to a citizen than that ol
making,' revising, altering-, 01
amending the fundamental law
for millions, of his fellow citi
zens a law whidh is to he the
ruling guide of the Legislature
and the Courts of the State, as
wall a-) of its inhabitants, in all
. matters tint shall arise before
them, until it may bo changed
or abrogated by a power equal
or superior to that by which it
-is ordained or established.
'Among the grave questions to
.discuss and de .'ide are: the di
viding of tho elections, of State
Senators and .Representatives
into classes, one halt or,, one
third to bo elected annually,
and thus prevent the backing
of a Legislature for the elec
tion of United States. Senators;
the devising of means to lessen
the burdens of taxation; the
change of the judiscial system
of the Slate; and the forma
tion of a Constitution that can
not be violated by e rery Legis-
lature mar assembles,
To these very important
cpmstions we desire to direct
the attention of the people ol
this little county. Other mat
ters we shall speak of before
the election on Monday, April
As Mr. Cr.Avrooi.E is a man
who will do himself credit and
rflcct credit upon the county,
and earnestly look after the
rights oi the whole people, let
us give him a good majority!
The Republican Government
which permits one portion ol
its citizens to be massacred by
predatory savages, while its
army is used 'to intimidate
voters and influence municipal
elections, is no longer a Re
publican Government, but is
simply anarch)', with its worst
features intensified by organi
zation iyranny, with its few
redeeming traits eliminated.
Butler wants to take two
millions of dollars from tho
peoplo's treasury to pay an in
crease of salary to Congress
men. He argues that the, re
peal of the franking privilege
will save more than that,
Tho . Radical idea therefore
seems to be that if Congress in
any way saves anything, the
savings must go into the pock
ets of (he members.
Mueller, the present Radical
Lieutenant - fioverner. of Ohio,
Who disgraced his position so
memorably by his violation of
. i
parliamentary law, in reiusing
to allow j members of the Leg
islature to change their, votes
from lloiL-.Geotge W.JHorgan
: and from llou. John -Sherman
-tn .Til r.n'v I'm. TT R Spim tor
;from Oluo declines to r.t6.' a
.I'aniJhlaUj for re-electian. ' This
hrtws'jtjr;rtdi6 iias piho 'bvhdel
of ehamo fur hla seandiXuTp'rT
fonniuufc-r- 4 President , of. the
Ohio Senate. ' 1 '
Democratic and Liberal
Republican County
la pursuance of a call issued by
the Committee, the delegates from
she several townships, selected at
the primary meetings thereof, on
Saturday, March 8th, assembled nt
the Court House, in. Mc Arthur, ou
Monday, March 10.. , ,.
At 1$ o'clock the Couventiou
was called to order by A. J. Swaim,
of the County Central Committee,
and, upon whose motion, IIariuson
Lyle, of Kichhmd township, was
chosen Chairman of the Convention.
., On motion of Dr,S. W. Muxauan,
of Clinton, J. W. .Bowes was ap
pointed Secretary.
On motion, the following gentle
men were appointed a Committee
m Credentials: W. W. Bblfokd, ol
Elk; Dr. J. B. Drakr, of Richland;
Joun Akkroh, Sr., of Jackson.
On motion, G. A. Cuaig, J. T.
Black, and Columdus Johnson,
were appointed Tellers.
The Chairman stated that the
object of the" meeting of the Con
vention was to nominate a eundi
late for Delegate to the Coiistitu
iional Convention, which convenes
in Columbus in Ma, 1873.
,'fho Committee on Credentials,
through W, W. Belfokd, Chairman,
reported that the following gentle
men had been chosen iu their re
spective townships, as delegates to
the Convention, and that every
township, except Eagle, Wilkusville,
Brown, and Clinton, were represent
ed. The names of the delegates in
represented townships were as fol
lows :
Harrison: A. Arganbright, YVm.
Clark, Mahlon Arganbright.
. Elk: Abram Clark, C. B. Pilch
er) W. W. Bclford, John Jones, Ed.
Holland, Henry Iluhn, J.' D. Van
dei ford, C. W. Holland.
Clinton: William Craig, Colum
bus Johnson, J. II. Leach, Phillip
Warner, G. A. Craig. Dr. S. W.
Jackson: L. Sampson, John
Ankroni, James McGillivray, M. R.
Knox: E. W. Freeman, G. R.
Maditon: William Baughman,
J. T. Black, J. J. Allison, J. A.
Martin. M. J.' Robertson, Feter
Mackin, J. M. Easom, C. W. Gist.
Richland: John Collins, George
Brown, J. R. Jolley, William Cas
sill, Samuel Wyckoff, Joseph Both-
well, Ruben Phillips, Wm. Rowland.
Swan: Represented by Fred.
On motion, it was
Jlesolved, That, should there be
any vacancies in the delegations
from the several townships, those
present be authorized to cast the
full vote.
Resolution adopted unanimously.
On motion, persons present from
townships not being represented
by delegates, were authorized to
east the votes to whicli their respec
tive townships may be entitled.
On motion, it was
Jlesolved, That, a majority of all
the votes cast constitute a nomina
tion. On motion, the following resolu
tion was adopted:
Resolved, That each candidate
before the Convention appear and
pledge himself to abide by the de
cision of the Convention.
The Chairman announced that
nominations were then in order.
Fredrick Frick of Swan, announc
ed 0. T. Gunning.
J. A. Martin, of Madison, an
nounced U. S. Claypoole.
Dr. S. W. Monahan, of Clinton,
announced L. A. Atwood.
Mr. Gunning, before the . ballot
ing commenced, withdrew his
The ballot resulted as follows :
Claypoole 22
Atwood 19
Gunning 1
Mr. Claypoole having received n
majority of all the votes cast, was
declared to be the nominee of the
Convention for Delegate to the
Constitutional Convention.
The following communications
were handed to the Presiednt of the
Convention, by J. M. McGillivray,
Secretary of the Democratic Cen
tral Committee:
Convention. McARTHUR, O., March 10, 1873.
To th Pret't of tht bemocrittits Canrtiition:
Bin: I hereby tender my relgn.itlon ns u
member of the Democratic Central Commit.
tee fur Vinton County, U., to take effect thin
Respectfully ronra,
Convention. McARTHUR, O., March 10, 1873. J. M. McGILLIVRAY.
McARTHUR, O., March 10, 1873.
Pmlirnt County Content inn :
Sir: You re hereby untitled Hint a vacancy
exist In the Democratic, County Centi ill Com
mittee, occasioned by tho removal ol' John
Mayo. Kq.
Mr. Mayo hit gone South on a trip for lilt
health, and will be absent for an Inilcllnito
.". ' Seo'y V.Co. lem.Ceu. Com,
On motion, J. W. Bowen and W.
W.- Belford were appointed to fill
tho vacainciea occasioned by the re-
sfgnation of Mr. McGillivray and
the absence of Mr. Mayo.
On motion, the Convention ad-
journed. ,vv, - .
'. "', , . . .
- '?"Hmuek Mtowtft
to the people if tbe Ohio Leg
islature- would adjourn.'
Material for Mouldings.
According to Mr. C. Euratorl,
of London, a compound of al
um, glue, and sawdust oilers a
convenient material for orna
menting furniture or other
wood-work. It is easily moul
ded,, and by drying becomes so
hard that it readily takes a
high polish.
' Varxish for Basket Wake.
rThe following varnish for
basket-work is said to dry rap
idly, to possess sufficient elas
ticity, and to be applicable
without admixture of color.
Heat 375 grains of good lin
seed oil on a sand-bath until it
becomes stringy, and a drop
placed upon a cold, inclined
surface does not run; then add
gradually 7,500 grains copal
varnish, or any other oil var
nish. As cousidcrable'cfferves
cence takes place, a large ves
sel is noeessarv. Tho desired
consitency is given to it, when
cold, by addition of oil ol tur
pentine. Water -proof Pasteboard.
One of the cheapest and most
effectual coverings to render
wood perfectly water-proof, and
increase its durability, and
which will impart to pasteboard
the appearance and strength ol
wood, is that employed in
many ways by the Chinese,
according to tests made with
a sample sent from Pekin by
Dr. Scherzer. It may bo pre
pared, as a slightly viscid iluid
lit for immediate use, by stir
ing into three parts of fresh
serum of blood (or defibrinatcd
blood) four parts of dry slaked
lime and some alum. It should
be laid on twice, or at most
three times, in order to render
aricles perfectly water proof.
Propriety of Washing Hit
ter. 1 reference to the prep
aration of good table butter, Dr.
Wilkens Pogarth remarks that
there is a rather common beliel
that the process of washing but
ter injures its peculiar line lla
vor and renders it more perish
able. The former part of the
proposition Dr. Pogarth admits;
but thinking the use of fresh
water indispenseable for remov
ing' the milk and hardening the
butter, he recommends its ap
plication directly in the churn,
avoiding working and kiieiul
irig by hand or spatula. Gut
ter which keeps well is made
in llolstein, by repeated salt
ing and heavy pressure, with
out tbe use ol water; but it is
too salt to be considered line
table butter.
Removal of Gum from Silk.
Formerly raw silk was boiled
in hags, in a solution ol soap,
whereby its gloss was frequent
ly injured. Afterwards this
"rocess was modified by cspo
sin? the silk to the action of
steam after having become im
pregnated with Marseilles soap.
The removal of the innii from
raw silk has since then been
still further simplified, and re
quires neither boiling nor steam
ing. The silk, suspended up
on sticks is moved about for a
quarter of an hour in a hot
bath containing a quarter of a
pound of soap lor every pound
of silk, and then treated in
the same wav in a Kornnd
bath, containing only one-fifth
pound of soap for a pound of
silk, foimple as this proceed
ing is, it lias nevertheless been
found successful in rendering
the silk soft, smooth, and of
higher gloss.
Grenada, a New Die-Stuff.
A secondary product of the
manufacture of fuchsine. em
ployed for- soine'tlme in dying
woolen tfoods, under the name
of cerise, aniline, &e. lias of
l.vte contained impurities in the
form ol lnsoluable foreign sub
stances which has siiL'sosted
the effort to render it suliicient-
Iy pure to warrant its use with
the finer fabrics. A dve-stufl
named grenada has been pro
duced at the factory of Knosp,
in btuugart, which is said to
give a pure garnet-brown, f roe
from tho dirty bluish-rod tint
ofceri.se and other substances
substituted for archil, and which,
bv combination with picric acid,
tumeric, &c, can bo made to
give any shade of brown. The
brilliancy of the color surpasses
that of genuine archil. It is
applicable to woolen, cotton,
silk, leather, and wooden arti
cles, bV'use of different mor
dants, -and is practically cheap
er than cerise, by reason of low
first cost, and nbsenee of in-
tWdbTettruc. - Dr. Reimann
predicts for it , a permanent
place among dye-stuffs. ' .
General News Items.
There are now between 1,300
and 1,100 Menomonee Indians
on tho reservation in Shawano
County, Wis. , . :
Of t he $110,000,000 invested
in the coal business in the
United States Pennsylvania's
share is 867,000,000. ,
New Orleans Coroners make
$30,000 n year, and are being
;set on" by the authorities for
fraudulent returns.
Manchester, Del., still keeps
up the habit of tolling a bell at
nino o'clock P. M. as warning
for the people to go to bed.
The railroad contemplated be
tween Ottawa and Emporia,
Kansas, is now a fixed fa-t,
ind work will bo commenced on
it within the next sixty days.
Among the farm products
Nebraska is collecting for Vi
enna are samples of oats 4vield
ing 02 bushels per acre, barley
Oo, winter wheat 40, dan
spring Avheat from 83 to $9
Whitman county, .Washing
ton Territory, lying between
the Snake and Columbia Riv
ers, is being rapidly settled.
It already contains between 2,
000 and 3,000 inhabitants.
On the topic ofcapital remov
al, the Omaha (Neb.) Herald
says: "Sentiment among the
people upon the subfect is well
nigh unanimous for the remov
al." Kansas is talking manufac
tories, since the Legislateur
passed a bill permitting, them
to be exempted from taxation
for fifteen years by a Vote of the
cities where they are locetad.
Last week three daughters
of James Bishop, near Charles
ton, Trigg county, Ky., went
to a field where their prother
was burning brush. During
the brother's absence the dress
of one o! the girls caught fire
and before the brother was
alarmed by her shrieks or his
sisters could be attracted to the
spot her clothing had all burned
oil except a small strip around
her n i'ck,.and the girl was hor
ribly crisped from head to foot.
She died before a physician
could bo brought to her.
Milk Cooling.
Tbe following mode of cool
ing milk is now practiced by the
Chicago milk dealers, they hav
ing discarded the use of ice:
A can is filled with milk, and
is placed (with the cover off ) in
a stream of spring water, till
the temperature of the milk is
very nearly the same as that of
the water; the milk is not stirr
ed while the cooling process is
going on. Most farmers have a
cooling vat of a capacity four
times as large as the milk ves
sels that are placed in it. The
cans arc placed on slats near
the bottom, and an arragement
is made whereby the cooler wa
ter from the spring flows in at
tho bottom, while the water that
is warmed by the milk, flows
off at the top. The water should
stand an inch over the body of
tbe can. ith good convenien
ces, milk,in ordinary sized cans,
may be cooled in about thirty
minutes. Where farmers have
no springs, they rely upon wa
ter pumped from wells. ' When
the hiilk has lpen cooled in
this manner, the covers are put
in place ami the cans are cov
ered wi'h blankets, if they are
exposed to the sun. Nearly all
the dairymen now unite in the
opinion that milk hi injured for
any purpose by being cooled too
suddenly, as by the use of ice
or tho employment of patent
coolers. They also agree "that
warm milk should not be mixed
with that which is cold, as it is
frequently done by pouring
milk into a can that already
contains milk cooled by the use
of ice.
Twenty Ultrouiontanists of
both sexes will undertake a
pilgrimage to Jerusalem - from
Munich under tho guidance of
a priest.
Bangor, Me., has just dis
covered that she entertained a
sort of angel unawares last sum
mer in the person of Mrs.
Bishop, the very same whom
the Sandwhich Islanders talk
of making their queen. The
local merchants are already
pluming themselves that they
can checkmate all Otliers in-the
pine trade with Hawaii, when
this Bishop becomes a Queen
Milk Cooling. THE FAR WEST.
Stock has wintered well in
Ingalls will be banqueted in
Leavenworth, March 25. ' '
St. Paul hopes to navigate
the river by March 25.
Iowa has 8,235 school-houses,
vlaued nt $7,460;381.
It is reported that an oil well
has been discovered in Alma,
The bone trade at Elsworth
threatens to depopulate the
From Wyandotte, Kansas,
the people are still going West
to colonize Colorado.
Near Wilson, Kansas, is 'said
to lie a bed of cement equal to
the Louisville article.
Wheat is coming to the
Warehouses at Red Wing, Minn,
at the rate of 200 to 500 loads
a day.
The Kansas Pacific Railway,
purmg the fast year, shipped 8,
1(57 cars of cattle, 165,340 head.
The pecan tree will grow
well in California, and the nuts
are a valuable article ot com
There is an alarming fatality
among the children in the Sen
Pete country, Utah, from Spot
ted fever.
They have good reason to
know what is meant bv rilroad
monopoly in Jefferson County,
Kansas, i he lreight tariff on
cord wood is 810 a car from
Perry to Topeka, a distance lb
fifteen miles.
Colorado again sensible. She
will send her silver ore to Ill
inois for reduction instead of
transporting coal in the oppo
site direction.
Records kept at Muscatine,
Iowa, show that' during the
past thirty-eight years the av
erage length of time for which
the Mississippi at that point
has been closed by ice is sixty-
seven days. It lias already
been closed since the 5th fo
December this year, makign
ninety days.
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ITS g p s !,
S gate?
B 3af&
; j P
nt l.ir
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The moMt tliillllnu: uiul iiowerfiil book evu
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terms to NATION A I, IT IlLlsl! INli to.
(. Inclniintl O., or.Jo.SKS IlKOTlllillS ft t'O.
ehic,rc. 1 4.v
The UriDK Is l l ilis'l:1 I n ini-Urlc: S'l Is MIY
for the ve.ir. w liicli is not half the nisi. '1 hose
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Peculations, Window (iitidctiH, ,Mc, and a
in life ol' inform. it ion iiiviiluablo in (lie lover ol
lioweiH, I'D iiicn on line linli'd iiiipeivxoiiiv
WO I'.llg. livings mill ll silM-ro oio.ru iiait
and ( liroino l over. Tlic li.st cdilionof SO0.LHJ
lust lirndod in i;n,'li-li .iiiilHeriunii.
71 w J AJlliS Vil li, Iioihcder, N. V.
Q EABD SALE of Woiks of ART.
Distribution of PrciuicniLl
Qtoa.ooo Worth i f BoanHfulWorlia
of Art to 1) i sold, mid $53,000
oi' tlio iimount to bodls
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liea-il ii-.i'i,!!', cninlnig its In iMi-r to luo
eiiu.ii c in llu disl. .ill I ion, 1 lie t In oiuo Is
!!uV" ill. lies in n lihled bv I hi; nooiiliu
.t vnst 1 1 : 1 1 1 i, eNiliisivt I v lor us. eip.ul in uluu
iu any n. oiuo sow lor lour nine- iiiu prlee.
I'll, ties o.di-iiii f, iiiion receiiit of it. if noi
salb-lieil (hill il is .ill lliut II is icprexciitfil to
lie, luid ll. e not eonvioivil tlml thcie i.s no
liiiiiiliii:;;! unit it, .an In. c It on ilu- rolh r anil
leturii it lo us, iiini wc will iiiiiiiediaiel v huikI
I lieni $i.:u. uiul i i-nls nddi-il lo ,niv tliuui foi
th-ii I. .m Id.-.
ti:jf W(! Illsi) sell I'hololMjihlc collies of
Til. .1 w.lbl-en'.s celeliinleil nun liles-I lie six
nil tines, hjiiiii-r. Siiiiiiuei, Aiitiiinii, WiliU-r,
Moriiin. ll ud Ni; III. Tlu-y ,nc 11 inch citeles
liioiiu!c.i on lllxiil ilu Ii No.'leinil Iiiiiii-i, ami
are 1 1 id y In iii lilul works uT.u t. 'I be i: ie. ol
these pi. luu-s i. it Ml cm Ii: hvo or mine .fi.-Ti
en h. line hiinilicicil ic ii,.l, i-iitilliug the
bolder to. I i-li.ineeln Ilu- st iliutiou, isgiveu
Willi in. Ii.
lieinit nt out risk, by ltegl.- -red I . t -.
Money Orili-i-, or innt-iiii New n l Write
nnino. I'. (J., I "linly mill Sl.ite il.i,nle.
UY" We send pieluren by ui.iil or cxiivess.
A published list of the ili-tiihution will he
seid to nil piiicli:isein. All nnler.s must beiul
ilrchscd to
RUSSELL & SMITH, Poc'lieotor, N. Y.
J-Vf I'l.in ol'dislrihiitiim ami ,i oilier In.
formation cent Willi Ilu- pietuies. "i-4w
6 L$& (
T.HF fiM! Y - iiMii Miisii-ul liisliu
I 111. Vint. I i,i,.,tH ni' siieli eMiaoi'dinnrv
and reeognlzi-d celleiice lis eunninnid il
wide mile in Kiimpe, iiotwitlu-iaudiiig i-oiupe-tition
llieie witli pioduelsnl' . lu-up Inhor,
A I A7AY ""arile.l hijrbesl pi enilitins, n
rtLVIM I O i'IimIiiik the iiicilul ul Hie I'niis
Exposition, of liuiiilicilri of lieliiHii In) ex
hibitions, llieie have not liecn sl In nil where
any oilier organs have been preferred to lliese.
I1NIVFRSAI I Y I'ccoiiiniendeil bv i-nil-Will
f UI1WI1L.U I l.eiiliiiii.leiuns s pus.
Hesslug exeelleni les mil iiltained in any olheis.
See opiniunsof one llciiis.nid, in Te.iiinioiiial
( llTlll.ll'.
FYPI IISIVF! Y'Mdoylng neveral Im
tAbLUOIVLL I poiiunt iiiveiilioiis ami
einbriicing every real improvement,
lories In the win Id, pio liielng belter work at
less cost than olbciwise iossible.
PRIPFQ FlYFn'""' ii'lownx eonsht-rniUt-O
TIACU wit, Kernpulons
eniploviiicnl of only be- l inaleirl and work
iiiiiiikIiI;). I Lt.USTR ATED CATALOGUE nnd
Importnnt InfoTiintlon n limit Ornons
which inny nnvn Purr:liniern Irom
dlsnpnointment In puHf-hnwo of I nfr
ororWorlhk"n InsirumenUor Pny
mentof Hinh Prici. sent Iree.
154 TreinonlSf., linstnn! C5 Tnlon H nia e, !f
Y.; tauinlrt Ailiiiii.sSt,,tiicn-o. 7-4w
U l...L......ii 11.. K..o ,1 reilli:il , ll Will
ci,ulio..l... extii,i.de mid tlioioiighly ileslro)'
all iHiiMiuoi.s siibsi oiees In the l.loo.l anil
will eilei lu.illy iis,nl .ill pie-lisposilluii tu
billloi a ie. iiuKi'iiic-iil.
In there -unit 01' iiellon III your Liver
or spleen 1 i nle-s rulmveil the liluoil be
i.ouies I in oil re In delu.ei ioiin HO.ritioiiH. luo
ililelugs. iolnloiis or skin ilisellticii, lilot. Iniit,
reioiis, ri.Hii.ies, i iiiikoi. rim, lies, ,vr,
llMke you n dyNpeplle xtolniicli ? I'll
Uw ilige-ilion is piouiilly ii 1 . it-. I the mvs Li in
l. debilitated Willi poveily of the llloud,
Dropsi.-.al lenden.y, gonerul W'eukiieita nun
Iluvi) you wcaknesK of Hie loti-stliis'
You a.e iu iliingor oil hroiiiu Ul.ir.ha-.tor lu
ll, i 1 1 li on ul llio l.owels.
tlitve Von weiiliiii-HM of tlia t terlne or
ITi-lniii-y Orgtiim? oii uiu exposed to buf
fering In Hk most .igiuv.iled lo, in.
Ai't vim ileji-eled, iliowsy, dull, slugglnh.
or dcplesHcil iu apt, its, mill lie. n. IK be, h.uk-
icnu, co.itc.i longitu nun onn lasting inoiiiiir
For a i er tul n iciiiedy lor all of tin so ilisi uses.
wenkucKHcN uiul trou'tlcs; for i le.iiislng mid
pin li ving t lin vill ited bloml and iiiii.ii ting
v i ir.ii-' I ii .. 1 1 the vlt.il foreen! for buililiiiir no
anil rento. Ing tint iie.ikeiieilionstiliitlon, L'bfc
which in iiionniiiiecil bv thu lending medlrnl
antlioril leu of Loudon and ln: l, "tho most
powerful Ionic nnd ultciutlm known to the
ineillciil wo. Id." This In mi new uiul untried
llmoviiiv. hut linn long been u-eil liyllio lead
Inn idivMiciiinn of other count lien will) won-
derliil riiiiiedlul renullH,
Iloti't wen Win mill linnnlr tho Hlgentlre
orgiinn by enl linrilea and plivnlen. they give
only teiiiiiomrv lellef liiillgention, flntii-
leuc.y, nun (i.vHpcpniii tviin pnei iinii ainuivu
diseases are mini to follow their use,
Keep lb" blood pure HUM health innniM-il,-
.lOU N KKl.l.Uiill, 1H l'lnltHt.,New York
Hole agent for the United Htnlen, 4w
1'iMII our I Kit lie. hcnd fordnmlar
Books Which Are Books.
Wni-kn which ulionl l bo found In every Ll-
brarv-rwitlilM llio luii. h ofull icadem. prkt
toei.tert.iin, instiuet and inipiove. (.opiei-
win Do aunt n.v ruiiiru pouu on reuui nui
price: - -
iiwPlilHognomvi or, 8lgu or ( hiiractcv.
as muuiiesiuil ibiuugh Tcmpormant am,
Kxternul t'oniiH. and enpeciiilly iu tlio'-llu-mini
faeo Divine," with moro than Oiu
Tlioiuuind lllitHti tllotis. l!y W. It. WELtn.
I'i ice 5.U0.
The Family l'liynlcliui. A Itealy I'ra
milbor ami Hyg.-iii A.ivlncr. Willi lloloi.
eiico to tbn Natinu, I ll ises, I'revention um.
Tiealniontof iiisciHcn, Accidents, wiul C'
miltionof every kind. With ii tllossnry am
o,doii Index, lie Joi:L SHKW, 11. 1). 11
liihtiatoil with lien, ly 300 Kiig.avings. Oni
largo voltiiiiu, iuteuilea for unu in the f.unilj .
How to Cliiirarter. A Now Illustrate'
liaml-llook of I'lnvnology i.nd l'bysiufino
mv, for S.uileiits nml LxaiuineiH, wl.h n
( Inn t for re. o. i !iu..f the si,.es of tho Organ
of llio lliilin, in thu Helhu ill Ion of I bin
n tee, wilb upwards of 1711 Kngi livings
latent and host. Muslin, fl.'.'O.
rho Patents' Oiildol or I III inn n Develop
unlit th.oiigb liiliuilted Teiideni les. L,
Mrs, IIHstkii I'i:mi,i.ii)N. SikoihI edition
levited nml eul, nge.i. ino vol. liiino. fl.oli
Constitution of Mini. Considered In leln
tinii lo l.xle.i.nl Ob.lei'tH. lly Gkoikii
OiMUK. 'i In-only iiullioi i.ei American lidi
tiun. With Twenty l-aigiaviugn, fl.7o.
the llynlenlo Ifanil-ISooil t n I'raclica
Cuiile I'm llio sick-ltooin. Aliihnhetii-all.
arriingeil with Appendix, lly It.T. Tkai.i.
One vol. l'.'mo, tllMpp. Munliii. 'IW.
How to Wrltf," " How to Talk," "How
lo l.ehuvc, uiul " how to lio Inislnenn," .
llami-liook niilisiiens.ilde for Homo Iiu
piovciiisnl, in one vol, '-"-
rteillock: or llio Iilghl llelationa of tbi
Sexes, DiHeloMiig the I.nwn ol ( oiijngn
Selection, uiul ohowiug who may and win
miiv not Jiariy. A Uuidu for hoili .Sexes,
Orutoiy Sacred anil Secular! or tho Kx-
teiiiiioraiieons speaker. Inclitilsng u l liair
ninu'a c; ul, If fur conducting Public Meet
ings aecoiiitng to I'liriiaiiieni.iry nil ins,
Miiuuueiiieii of Infancy. PbyKiologhil am
iMoi.il I eu.itinelit. ii V AslUtKW l.UMUK, Jl.
1). With Nolt-8. 11X0.
IMeilleul Lleeti-li-ity. A Miinual for Slti-
ileuts, Hliownig the most selentl'lj ami iu
t ion ill 1 1 1 i il I- atiou lo all foi ins of Acute nm
( limbic. Idsensi s by Hie different coinbi-
li.-itiiins ol Lleet.iicllv, (inlvanisni, r.lcctro
Mngiiellsin. Jlai.'iiets-..leetiielty, und Ilu-
' nut ll Uiiguetinin. 4.liU.
Illxtoi-y of Sali-mW llehcriift; "Tbel'lnn
clictle Mvsterv ;" and "Modern Spiritual-i.-ni."
.with "lr. Oodiliidge'n Oivuiii." il
one vol. Price ifl.OO.
Esop's Fnblos. Tbe People')" Pielorfa!
Kilition. lieiiiit il'ullv lllusl rated wit linear
ly Sixty Kngniviiigs. loth, gilt, hcveleu
iioiinis. iiniy 41.0,).
Pope's EeHny on Man. Willi Notes.
1 1 1 1 i In 1 1 y IIIUHl.nteil. ( loth, gill., hevvleu
Do n its. fi.uii.
The RicilU Word In tho nioht Plnco
A New Pocket Dictionary anil Itel'erenci
Hook. l-.uih.fti-.lng Sviionynis, Teilinical
ieriiis, Aooieviiiltoiio, 1-oreign I'liruses.
Willing lor Hie Press, Punctuation, Proof-
KeiiHing, ami oilier aitiunie Inloruiutliui
1. cents.
Ph renolociicnl Bust. Showlua the latcsl
el.isnilli ation, nnd exiu t location 01' all the
Organs of the ISwihi. It In divided so lis to
show nil ll Orgiiii on 011c Hide; an I all flu
gioiips on I lie other. Sent bv expiexN,
Price. ?1.W.
Iiiclose ainoiiiit Li a lieglstPi-cd Let tor, or In
a Po-.to.liee Onli-i- for one 11111I all the above,
ami mlilie-aS. Ii. WELLS, Ptiblishci, No. at
liioiuiwiiy. New York. Agentn wanted.
febf.tr. '
VOLUME FirTY- IX, 1873.
TllK St'lKM V. Ol' MlMlils tho renlinl lioint
nioiiim wliu Ii iivohe llio v.holo iliile ol
fiiemes. ll i.s llio key to univcislll Unowl
i.ilge, and st;i.l'-K .sow i.KMiK 18 ibu key lo the
si lem e of Ml.nl.
I'liliKNiil.oiiY is the ileuioiifit.iablu basis ol
Menial 1 hilosopln . Ii shown how llio diver
sines of In. it. 11 it ihn.n.tcr and ia,.aiit.v me
lelaieil to the lawn of the CnivciHc; liaimon
i.cn Il1el11111.au being wnh the Divine, "ami
justillos 1 lie vn k n l.od to man."
"Know '1 iivsi Li'."- Since the tJteclan stiL'e
iiiseribed Ibesv ileum. till wolilKou tlicTcinple
of I'll, .hi, die Win Ll has Ktruggled lis ever
liel'orc lowiinN a solution of the problem of
human exi.-lence.
1 111: luiiiiDl.ATtnxs or Koiters, now an en.
tnbli.-lieil in. I. Iiu ' Ii riiishi-d till i-uiliii'lng bn-si-
tur nil ill.-111 ill-, ml si ient es, nnd 'liiougbt
en h ol ilie ti enii'iuloiis iiowi'.h ol iintuie
lent, l.'niht, ctriciti, and At-
riT.'i7".i, wiiliin llio 11 1 1. tl 1 11 ol iuw anil older.
Til H omiir,' nt-' IJaci f, ntill canicslly din
usscil by I'.ibiioliigints, is bringing 1 i h I out
out of llio shailown of the past, und lanuot
ail to interest Ilu triitli-seeker.
Tiii'tmnas oi' l.n K. 11 still more iufricalu
lHohlein. is 11. lively eiilU'ing the minds of
our lending I'hysiologisis. '1 he resulin will
lie gien iu Ibis .I01 h.NAL.
I'll vsioi.uiiv a s 11 Pkvuhotouv will be
luominciit f.ii.iiii's;'einb,ii. iiig Hie suli'i'i ts
of Soul, Jl ind, l.oilily Sli tu luien anil l-'iine-tiuns.
So ml Keltuioiis, Kdui litioii, lleligious
( reels. Aliiiiinge, Tininiiig of I liildren,
riininnl .lurisp. iii-iluce, elc,
of (liar, 11 tel. Pei 1di.11 ities of Oiganizaliou
Titiiisiuissions and liodily (jiiulilies, etc.,
si:i.K-IiPitovKMKT. Vain am ul I the
teaehiiigs-ol S.ieiiie ami thu nitu vcl.- of m t,
hclesn applied to pe. Idling ouiHelves and
unproviiig the lin e. It is lor Huh we "live,
iiuve, ami have our being," and to this result
inn rAi:i:.oi.(Miii'Ai, .Ioi iinai. will tend.
Happy Hojikx lire the vesiilt of a nnnnal
ciIk. linen nml i!i-vi-lopuieiit, anil a life ac
cording lo Hie law s of lite. '1 heiu aie symbols
of all that isgoi.il iu "life to come," und tbe
rent ilea en on l.arlli.
Tub Piiiii:soi.( (.ti'.ii, .Ioi'kxal vor 1H78
will keep pie e wilb the iiiiiu li of evenls, und
while" holding fust lo llio good," will en
deavor to lend Hie pulilii iiiiml in iiiiiny ibings
new and line.
Ti:iims: Monthly, at f:l a year. In udvance.
single numbeis, :u i-enls. Clubs of ten or
'iioieeii ii. Aibliessh. 1. Wu.l.fi, I'lihlisher
IMl liiotiiiwiiy, Ni w York.
Tllia YEAB 1873.
THIi (iVII)l-: Is now ntibllsheil Ounrterlv.
SS c.ntB pays for tho year, four numbers.
win 111 is not nan tun cost, i nosu who iiflet
wards fiend tnonev to Hie ninoiint ol' line I lot
l.u'oi' iiio.u fur seeds, may also orders !ir cents
worm extra the urice paid for the liiiiilo.
The .l.iniiary Number is lienutifiil, giving
pi, ins lor imiKiug uiiuil Homes, Uesigns tin
Dining Table Dei oialioiis, Window (iarileus,
itc, and couiaiiilit'r a uuisof lufoimiiiioii bi
vnliiiihlu to Ihc lover of llowers. One bundled
and lifty iagcs, on line tinted papoi ; some live
hninl.eil eugiavinge, uiul a superb Aoloied
Plate and I liiomo i uver. The Itrst edition of
1 wo lliiudicil I boiiMinil lust printed In l.n
f llsh and Oeriiiaii. mnl icndv to send out,
J AM KS VICK, ltocluwtur, N. Y.
I Nov.'.7-'liii.-w.el
Ii nil rarwrrrmii'imtMMwmmwmwwwmmrwwmm
Will the K 'M:i'T! WV.t KI,V nh.t W "MY fIIRI8,
M i ai Hii.(nuoniou(auil,f for 94.00.
of thMoCIimmoi an tho im of 'Wldi
tuliKrllifn fnrnlthfil AT ONCE
Iran mw. fJtiroBiuii
enn mrtkc bolter trm
Wlin uitbnri with any
u ...
fJ, occ.
Kill illnnimt aXK WPIA XOS. hi K 1.01) BOX H
nml OIH A XS, nn lmt-eliinii itiakrr, includ
tnq trmmr, nr. wry low prioea ror casn or
part rank, anil hnliHM In tmaU motithtv Iwtnl
mtnlm. H-tirtttr tirttt-rliiim 11 A XOJi. tiini.
tm Imnroremnitt, cnA, A'etr r(Wi
n OOSi'KKTO I'A R l.i III OllliAN, tin mot
hmutlful ttjfU anil ptrtrt Vmt ntr mailt. Jl
lunlnitnl Catalmiwi ma.Ud. Nlirrt mwilrnni
Mtniv MT9)uin4i4. tlM)Vlrt-UI-W
A Serial Story by DIl. HOLLAND.
flow dtoii nysAAi. ii.ii.iii.
A l.onir Storv fioin liUI'.i' II A IITK.
1)11 1 I.LI AM' A 11 it A V of l OX'iTiliit'J'OIlH.
C4.AUk.NCk. COOK 011 1 uiiiiiiirti
Ann Di'cointlon.
It. IL HTODDAItl) oil Author.
AO( Pngea lor tUi An,
The Phblishciu of si.itiii.M.n'M Moxthi.v, In
llleir Prosiiecllla llisl issued, n.iiinise lor Hie
onsuiiig year a inoru brilllaiii imay of con-
l. Illinois, unu 1111 ineieii.-e in mc vui'ieiy linn
'icattty of its illust attons, nlunny loiueilid
-))' llio ei iticn to be 'inrt than liny 'vtlch Airc
hitherto apjitttretl in 01.7 A tm rii'itn Jiii.n."
Dr. Holland, tlteLiiitor. will wine these
. ial ntoi y of the year, which will be aiiluliiog
.ipliit ill in foiiii.aud Mill bo illnsi ni.'ii by
Alisn llnlloek. It is entitled -'Arlliur II011111
. anile," nml will deal with miiiii. uf tho most
dliucult piobloins of Auiel ii an ilu, ulll
mcoiiiiiicui ctl ill lite November 1., ...uer. .
I'beie will bea new slory liy hAM! liui.ll,.
' The One-legged Dunceis."
LltKT liATiiu, tbil bust wilier of tdioit sto
ics now living, will 1011I1 iimlo a 1 liu.in tei ih
ie sloiy enlitli d "ilioKpn of I'Mul. t.iun'"
,1 hub will he lilust.tiio 1 by Slii-pm.tl.
It. II. STumiAitii will w.il-j a scion of
nturtaiuing papeis nboul "Auihois, their
,'eisiiiial (.11.11. 11 tei isilcs. Homu Lite, I ttiu
. lies, Kiieuds, Wbiius, nml Wii.i n," A sctica
of "Portraits of Living Anici i.nii Wiiti'is,"
is also pioiuiseil.
i LAHKSUKiooK will write iiboufrnriiitiiro
.mi the Dcco.a.lou of Aiiierieau liouies
illese papeis will bo ciuitiiiilly piai licid 11
aell as uriislie. and ill he ilntsi, nieil with
resigns amlsketebis by uiimeioiis nrlists In
iililition to tbosu wliu h the wilier himself
will Ininish.
Among those who will contribute lire:
l.ans Aiulcison, liryiint, Lu-biu II. Kgglcs
011, l-'roiiile, lligginsnn, Lislmp lliinliiigloii,
ulet llaile. .I0I111 liny, 11. Ii., Miiiuoi.alil,
llili bell, .Miss I'lli l,-, Sledin.ni, Mm ktoll,
.sioiiiiiud, ( el 1 a Thaxter. amer, V ill. iiiMin,
and Mis. Whitney, besides a liostof others.
The ediloii.il inn ind ami iliieetioii of the
Mng.i.iiie will icni.iin in tho b.iin.s of Dr.
ui.l.A.Mi, who will (oiiiiiinu to wiilo "'the
foplis of the Tinio," whi h tbe New Yolk
iiiiiepenileiit mijs ",ue morn widch (t.oted .
ill. ill any similar pu.ieis in tiny A.nt'.iiiiu
W atson liilderwill Wi lli) ''i lie Old ( ul)ir.ct,
an hitherto. Piof. .John I . D.u.iiT niliiiliels
Clio iliiplirtmciit of ".N'.itii.o 11.nl Seienn.-."
Lbo ilepai liueiits of "Home and Siitiety,"
iiiiD'Cultiire and Piogresa," will enjjttge ilia
iintrilnitionsot more Hutu a sane of pons on
10th sines of the Aliunde.
1 he Watchman ami Itellector savs:
"Scribners .Monthly lor SepU-inbei' Is bel
ter" than usual, which iuiliiuu-s 11 needles
wustu of cdiiorial h.uins and publisher's
money, for llio Aniga.n.e was good eumigli
before!" And yet llio Publish.'is pronusu iu
make it still better for the coming yuu !
The Subseiiplinn prieo isfl a yeiir with npe
rial rates to t lergynien, Ti.a.hi;. i and Post
masters. The following.
Extraoidinaiy Intkcemonts
are offered to new Fiihreiihors:
Kor if r 50 the Publisheis will send, or any
Ilooksellcr or NeWMiialer will sunply, tbi)
Magazine for one yiur, and the Iwelve'niiiii
iicrsof Vols. Ill 1111. 1 i, containing the be
ginning of Mrs. Oliiiliaiil's Sei inl, "At His,
liates;'1 for 7 5U, thu Mag.i.itKi for one year,
ami tho 1 1 bin k nunibcis Iiuiu thu liegintiing;
for flu Ml the Slaf;a.iue lor one jear, and tho
i'l buck nouibeis bomnl vl oli!.) bn.ges oil
botiiul volumes aiil. Thin will ghc imulv
n.WW pages of tbn iboi-est rcmliiig, with Ibil
llncst illiistriilions, ijIU.'U, oi nia. I . D'lil pages
for a dollar! and will i a do evei siibstnljcr
to obtain the series from Hie llii.t,'
!."! Itrouilu uy, New York.
(to 20,000.
(iWKNTY TUO( SAM) DoLLAliS) in I'm
iiiiuiiis, IV, i- ilisli iliutiou iniioiig Ihei'.'.I.D
Siiliseiibcts of lbo
ir Ainiii,'i873.
Tho number ol premiums are always In
cieased when tbe tiuuiborol' iiiiines tx.e'ed the
number cab-hinted iipoii.
We now ollet the foi ow ing:
1 Cash Piemit.iu of . ?l.0fl0
fU Cash PrOiiiiiinis of .flWI i-aelt 0U0
WlSteni-winiling in, h.s.l-.-Di-.ii h .. ..m0
ItiO lash Preniiiinis ol f " in b ... t (lt)U
-01 " ' ul lf,U c-a, !l (JU0
100 " " of ..'i each fUO
KK) " " of !,;l cai Ii bill)
WO " " of .fa each -.no
PW Misielt.ineoiis Pi. mV, ij-J in MOuuli 7.'.W
Making a 'lo ul of TWu i'liul SANIl Pit
niimiis, worth '1 LNTV TI.OISAMJ
livery siibsciibci- who rem ilu f'J.OO for a
yiiiir'a stibM-ii;.tion w ill have his inline ivgis.
tci-i il, and w ill he I'm nished bv lell.in lunil a
receipt, giving llieiialc ami niiiiibe. to whieli
his name is tvgisleu-.l, s.-ii.l iiniuber being
repieseiite.l by ndiiplic.le iu the disti iliutiou,
Agenls sendinll HI names anil fMl.co ul one
timii reieivea free p.ipei one viariii.il have
their names registered as purtii ipaiits lor
Speciinciis of Copies, Posicis, Pienili'in
Pamphlet and Subsei iptloii llliinks scut free
to pei nous desiring litem. Addie-s
l' AHAN .t VeLIiAN.
TJ-tf.-V.Ve1, Ciiicini.iiti, Ohio.
800 Pnco, 250 EiiR-ravincs.
A startling exposn of Meill, iil ' liliinbiigs of
tbe . list nml piesenl. Ii vciiiiIiiun iji.a. kn,
Impostors, Tiavcliiig Doctors, 1 utciit .Medi
cine Venders, Nnteif l-'eiualc I bc.il-, l-'ortuuo
Tellers and Medium-;, and gives inieiesling
lli-eoliliK ol' Viili'd I livi,.ini.-nml .n.- i..-..j
of their lives. Ii ie veals st.-iilling secuMs mid
nistnuiH nil bow in avoiu the ills wliiih llesh
is heir to. We give exilusive teniioiv anil
lilieial coniniissioiiK. tor c.iiciilars iind'tcinm
addiess the publishcm,
.1. II. P.l'L'i: A 11 VHP,
I III itfui-. I, ( mil., or I In. ago, Illinois.
Ao'l'NT-t WAN-ITU I'D It Till!
UV Till: l NITKD s'i'A'll-.S.
1H0U I'AUliH AMI Will LMIH AYINI.H, I'lllilCll 111
Kiigllsh nml Gei man. Wiiitcn b .U eniini-iit
mil bin h, im-.liiiling .loux It, (.iti.n, Hon..
I.kox C A hi;, linw ai:ii I . owl ami. I, i-.v. I-:. I-.I).
win Hall, Philip Khllv. Aliiiiit I.iiis-
IIASK, liOUACK (.IthKLLY, I-'. 11. 1 LliKINK, etc.,
This work Is n coiuph-tii hislory of nil
biatiihesol Industry, pnu esses of n'iuii lilac
fine, etc., iu nil ages. Il is a i omph te ei.cv
ilopcdiaof ails anil utiintifai lures, nnd is I lie
most entertaining and valuable woik of tu
lorin.itioi on suhj.vis of general intciestever
ollered lo the t-ublii-. h Is iiilapled to thu
wauls of the Aleii built, .Manilla, liner, Me
chanic, I'liiiiier, si n, ,.,it und luvi nlni, 'nnd
sells to both obi and young of all lasses. '1 he
book is sold by Tigi'iils. who mo making huge
miles in all parU ol Ilie . ounli v. It is olleied
lit tbe low price of fl..M), and'is the cheapest
book ever sobl by t-i.b.s.a iiiilou, Nn luinlly
slioiililliewiilioutaui.lv. U'e Man! Agents
in every (own in the. Ciiileil states, and no
agent can fail In do will wilb Ibis book. Our
tei nis me liberal. Wegiveoih agents llicex
i lusive right oi. ten ilory. Due ol our agents
Hid. t t:H nijiies in eight d.ivs, another -.old Uf 1:1
In two weeks, Our agent in lla. tl'ord sold U'.iT
In one week, s-ieelineiis of llio work sent to
ageiitson leieipt id' si mill. 1'oci In ulacs und
terms to agents mldns- (be publisheis.
,1. Ii. Ll 111! ,'i 1 1 V I I
llurtfiiril, t iilinoi Cblcngiillliiiols.
WH Havi: IN I-ltl'KS
lly a well-known and popular ntuhnr, on tin
enliiely new siiblei t. The book willbepto-lusi-ly
illiist.lt e.l and liaud-ouiel v bouiiil, ai.il
will sell int. lily to all l ias-is, Ivg.nis wish
ing In ei uiu ion iloi v slru.l.l inii.l . u ou. e,
.1. (t. Hi lilt ,i il'Y ul-;,
llitrll'ori!, l onii,, oi lib ago, Illinois.
'. iv!i-;
$10.00 WORTH
to evory stibsi ribei- to ):!lt ITI.'ICSIDIO
HHI.N'l). 'l ni'. Li'AiiiNii Family 1V:i klv of
America. Large :ii.e-el,;bl ,.it.es. O.lgmil,
Ile.iiilllullv Illustrated, r'nll of ii-liiihli.-. In.
striirUvo ami inieiesling lea I In if nuilier,
news ami mlscelluiiy, horc niitlniit'd nlories,
sket lies nml p.iii'tlc.il uiatter. .It't T Sl'ITHi
to thu want! and wishes of I.VIilli' MAN,
WOMAN and I DILI), w bel bei'li vimr In ill v
orconnti-jand WIO HIVlO tuea. h vemlv nih.
acriber a copy of our iiia.tiiillceiit'oil t liiiiino
Vrlntcd tn Oll.COLoUS. Illtniies finin inlniu
-l.e ltl'-0 lih lies. lint subjeet In life nl.e,
r,xiiiinii.ii nun pii-.isiu-, ir. citniior no loui
fi'inii thu origlnnl nnlntiiiir. nml is rciillv wnitb
$11). It exceeds iu heart , si.c .n o Millie lluv
picture ever given wlili ii.iv piililienllnn. No
oho huiiilicd dollar phtmo can tin- inoiu
iilciiBuro or bu u greater oiiitiineiit in any
household. It can be had lice, ilmi u.i un't
ask subsei Ibeis to wa.t niotilhs for it, bin will
send it nt once, or It run be bad ol our ngi ins.
MiilMciihoin tny on ilcllvcry of pie'incs. No
Waiting. I'letiieen Now rciuly, and ilullvoreil
by us ni once. Ifwoluivo
In yoiirnolghiiorliisi.L U K WAN I' ONJ!.
v u i n vMKN Ww w'111' K,M,d. "ctivo
IJlllJ I 'M Agcnls-eillioi lo ul or (lin
vasslnir ns wu almost trlvu awiiv a valiinl la
out lit, and furnish thu best pining ngciie In
America, i.ivu i-xiiusive tcriiiory unu, i no
best tools to work with. Our A itenls having
limni'iino success, ami muklng liourtu to. IS
imr ilnv I one nu-ei.t look 40 anbsi-rliii oun in
oniMliiv! nlltiO's .-ooorl finin 1(1 t Ha ni r lluv. .
Hpertuioii. coplea ul pnper. full pai Hi ulnra,
lorills, ou-., aoni n oo lo nny iinoi uss,
'Write at once. toOl'H PlUKSIHK FltllMD.
GbiMigOi IU. FliM-kl
...i..,i..,n ., s. Liiim-aw -mmiiMiW jff

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