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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, March 12, 1873, Image 3

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The McArthur Enuireri
J. W. nlVEN, Killtur and Publisher.
Mo.vnniuri.oirw, . . m.vbcii n,wi
2 2 f i i J S ? 1
- w " f4 -j : a e
Jan. ; i - Julv. 1 r - n 4
. .'i 1 m n i i: i i.i h; f .
J; ? ' :i ssr ms.;
' ' , 7 ' .1 4 f. i, V I
i I II : U I' " H r. i: t if, n
' : " - it ik lea si js :
Hires ) . ..
. 4 : ii 7 i Erpt. ... i a .i 4 ft
v " t s i.i m i:. ' ; e v in ii ist i.
i ii l lulai 3i .. ii is ir ii ic in :i
."! 'i .' 3! :. 7i r 24 wi 2;
, .. ' 1 . . . .. ...
April 12 :i 4 1 Oil 1 a s
1 ; f 11 in 11 . ihi v 111 11
' 1 ' 17 ! I- II I3iu 16 tt 17 ll
1 11 a m s 1' ii : & r 24
- : .11 .u ,. w 27 :i .in :n ,.
JIjt J v - Tor 1
' 1 ' ( 7 o v 1 : :i 4 (i 7 1
I ' '' I I II If I MM1 12 13 14 '.'
'! !l 2-'l2 "17 II W. J;
, . . :7 .' 2.1 :i. , " 24 2;. 21: 2: 2i .
Jan, ;
' 41'; he. ... 1 2 .1 4 f. 1
111 15 1:: ' : i 1 11 11 1:
" 1 i'-'' '' i ir n iv r
Jii'Aitriirn, Ohio.
Sewinu Machine koii Sale. Tf
von w'lsIi to pu n;li use a good sew
ing- Machine, call at this olllee.
Nkw Tyi'k. We have just receiv
cl u lot of nmv type of the latest
stylos, with which to executes job
priiitin-jr, esiu'cjullv carda, bill
heads, letter heads, note heads,
statements, circulars, etc., in
stylo Kiirjiassed by no oilier in the
St'iti niid at the very Jowest prices.
ujS" m- I
What do vou think of The Mo-
Aitrinu Exquikeu and The Cuius
tjax WnwKSS? You oiijjht to feel
proud to aee such nice looking pa
pers printed in Vinton county! Can
you assist us 11 little in sustuiniii'r
tl)4m? S,v.k1 us new suliseribers
and money.
We will insert advertisements in
The KsoriiiKK and The Chkistiax
rci:ss in a conspicuous place on
reasonable terms.
tJv.it as sooa as we can nseertaiu
th.! 11. un.' of tho thief -who has sto
len our coal for the. last two mouths,
oar iva ler.s will n:ai' from us
Su.-.i: p 'ojile ki to attend to the
business of th"ir neiirhbora, and
let t!i 'ir o.v:i a f lirs jo where th"
"ivod Ibine tiviueth."
Peiijons receiving samplo 'copies
of tins p'.ipj;-, will vary uu.-li aid' in
its ciivul.itio:i by iu:i liu j it, aft;.
r.a lin , to .iO'iu gentleman or lady
w!i.) will intjr-jst tlieiin :!ves in gn
tin r ;i clith fi).' t'l'! 3.1:11:-.
ixKl- &- fc.
Siioitr and eoneisj coi'respon I
once is solicited from all parts of
the county.
Grant was a tanner, and IIksry
Wn.sox a shoemaker. Tlu enor
mous taxation will prevent any
person from flourishing in
the leather business during the
coming four years.
McArthur Enquirer.
We are much pleased that J. W.
IJo.vkx, editor of this excellent
Democratic paper, lias so prospered
as to be enabled to enlarge it and
dress it up in a new and beautiful
dress. It is one of our most valued
exchanges. Woonter Democrat,
If you would remove all ground
for trouble, .have your deeds re
corded within six months after they
have-boon exeeuted.
The people of Athens, Ohjo, not
Alliens, Greece, "rejoice with ex
ceeding great Joy" when 11 dog de
parts from their midst.
Tun spring election lakes place
o;t Monday, April 7th. We aro pre
pared to print tickets ut very rea
sonable rales. Send In your or
ders. ...ia iw
The Ohio Legislature lias passed
n bill fixing the weight of clover
seed from til to 0(1 lbs; of oats from
3! to 32 lbs; of corn in tho ear af
ter the 1st of J.inuary, (18 lbs; of
potato.: from 1)11 to 08 lbs; and of.
dried apples from ii to 20 lbs.
AliuiVAi-v Judge CiiAiu und his
good wife wcro hlglily pleased' on
Friday night last nt tho arrival ut
their home, in this town, of a little
mm hnd daughter.
0. W. Pkauck and wife are also
very happy at the arrival of n boy
nt their residence on Sunday "Ight
hist, , .
J' C. Sands, of Roxnbell, Eoss
coiinty, Ohio, brother of J, F, Sands,
telegraph operator and R. R. Agent
at Zaleskl, has sold his stock of
goods nt thai place, and will enter
Into eomo other business,
We received a letter from E.'
Edmiston, on Monday, dated Salt
Lake City, March 3d. Johnny is
holding forth at that place at pros
cut. In the letter to us ho endorsee
a copy of an extract from a sermon
delivered by lirighain Young, on
tho first Sunday in September, 18l!l
on the subject of "Proneuess of the
Saints to imitate Gentile Fashions."
Let us hoar from you often
Lakue Laole Catti'iied. Eagle
townsnip, in Vinto:i county, beats
all other townships in the State, in
some respects. The best men, wo
men, and children dwell there; the
best crops are raised there; the
largest birds are captured there
Isaac Miehs writes us that a very
large bald eaj;le, a rup teious bir
of the genus Faleo, known as tin
king of birds, was captured a few
days ago, on the farm of T. .W
IIaynes, in that township. The ca
glo was lirst seen by Mr. Mints,
about two iniles north of Louden
derry; he procured a gun and fol
lowed the king of birds a short dis
tance, when he shot it, breaking
one wing. It then new almost hall
a mile, alighting in Mr. IIaynes
field, where, after showing consid
e.rable light and driving off a dog,
it was tied. It can now be seen at
the residence of J. W. Mucks; its
claws are two inches long, and its
out-stretched wings measure seven
feet and two inches.
lliis huge turu heats the one
killed some weeks ago by Dan,
Harness, of lloss county.
Can any one beat Eagle township
011 eagles?
An Excellent Pen. We have
been favored v ith a sample card of
the celebrated Spenceriau Steel
tens, and after trying them quite
thoroughly, are convinced of their
superior merit. . J tiesc pens arc
comprised in fifteen numbers, eaeli
differing in flexibility and fineness
of point, so that tho most fustidi
ous penman cannot tad to find
iniong the fifteen just such a pen
as suits him. The Spenceriau Pens
are famous for their elasticity of
movement, smoothness of point,
and great durability, and are a
nearer approximation to the real
Swan (Juill Pen than anything
hitherto made. They are manufac
tured in England under tha super
vision of the original inventor of
Steel Pens, th venerable Josiah
Mason, and Joseph Gillott the lat
ter making n few of the numbers
ifter the mo llis of th j late P. R.
Spjueer, th. famous pen man. They
ire used largely in the common
schools of th'j United States, in a!:
i.i princip.il commercial college,
in th'j government ollbes at Wash
;ton, an 1 in tlu banks and co n-
in .'I'cial o!ll -es thro 1gho.1t the. cou:i
try, the sale reaching aa enormous
p.iantity annually. For tho co 1
venience of those who m.iy wish to
try them, a sample card of the
Spenceriau Pens may be h i. I by
mail by enclosing 23 cents to Mess.
Ivison, Hlakeinan, Taylor & Co..
138 and 140 Grand St., N. Y., or th.
pens may be bought at almost an,)
store where pens are sold.
Letter From Tennessee.
March 2, 1873.
Editor Enquirer: Sunday, the
second day of March, eighteen hun
dred and seventy-throe! How
swiftly the years pass by, almost un
noticed! Two years since I came
here, yet looking back over the
time, it seems but a few days,
While on a visit to Vinton Co.,
recently, I noticed quite a change
for the better in many places, but
very few changes or improvements
in McArthur. Her people, howercr,
found ns generous, open-hearted,
and free ns of old, There are
some "oWboys" in McArthur, with
big Hearts, and thefr characters are
well worthy of study and imitation.
iimdeii, noticed, is going right
along, and shows that her citizens
lavo the right kind of material
among them for "pushing things."
paid 11 short visit to Wilkesvillc,
but saw no signs of life there.
I can not close without speaking
11 word in favor of "mino host," of
tho McArthur Jlouse, Mr, IIoitAci-.
Redd. While there I was treated
11 the most gentlemanly manner,
lad good clean beds, plenty to eat,
mid for medical purposes only, ns
foot I drink ns Is kept In the place.
With best wishes for henlth and
irosperity of tho deniuens of the
old burgh, I am,
Yours truly, '
At tho last examination of teach
ers, tho following named persons re
ceived certificates:
r 24 months It. S. Barnhill.
12 " Dora Ilonihins, L.
Wilcox, Jerome Goodrich, Itindn
Crouch, Clara Cox, Allio Winters,
nnd J. T, Foreman.
'or fi mqnths Martha fttecee, II.
i, Wrlls, A. Rf' MeKlnnls, Anna
Lynn, and Snllio Lyons, . -
l O. FjatDUE, Clerk Ba, Ex'ra.
The McAiiTiii'it Uiiass Hand.
We were mado tho recipient, last
Thursday evening, of a delightful
serenade from the McArthur Brass
Hand, for which they havo our
thanks. This little band consists
of ten members, and is rapidly im
proving in talent. The names of
the members are as follows:
W. D. Gold, Ub.;R. Sprague.Eb.;
Edward Strong, Kb.; Isaac Lantz,
Alto; Parker Rankin, Uaritone; T.
A. Murray, H Tenor; Alex. Ward,
Ii liass; Paris Hoi ton, Kb Tuba; G,
W. Hrunton, Ilass Drum.
They were organized in Novem
ber, and have, in this short time, by
rl 1 1 1 ivrn f: Gtiwlvin(i niiil i.'ili'iniv!nrv
acquired considerable skill in mu
sic. Music soothes tho troubled
breast, and, by its fuscinatidns, reinvigorates
the tired brain.
Shakespeare has said:
"The m ill Hint null 110 iiuikI.: hi U mull,
So.- Ih 110I niiM'c.l with ciii,! inlDl'swool 8111111 1.
'will furt t'Msdii, m niiini aim :kmIx;
1 Iio mol icns ul' liis s.iinl him ,lnll imiijlit,
.i.i.l li.n a-iVii'.OuiiM ilu. k .v iC'tilms;
I.Ul 111) dm ll 111. in lit' I IIKti' I."
DiSTiticssixo Casuality. It is till
ollito of the jien to' record alike th
the saddest and most joyful occur
rences; but seldom is it required tf;
record a death of such awful sol
emnity as that of John Lant,
aged 10 years, and 9 days, son of
Gi.okge and Amanda Lantz, of this
town tho most distressing tluit
ever occurred in our community.
On Saturday evening, March Dili,
1873, about 8 o'clock, one fatal blow,
given in play, by Gcss. Wjndkk, at
which time the boys were engaged
in ticiiflling 011 the pavement, near
the drug store of Wolk, Pii.kce &.
Co,, brought his bright life to a
close. Medical assistance was im
mediately summoned, and the phy
sicians who were called to attend
him, made use of various experi
ments to restore life, but to no ef
fect not a trace of vitality remain
ing, lie was struck 'icnr the pit of
the stomach, which caused him to
fall suddenly in a backward posi
tion, his head striking heavily upon
the pavement. In one instant he
liad been ushured from a state ol
niirthfulnc.'is in this life, -upon the
solemn realities of eternity. The
change, no doubt, was well with
him, but the stoutest hearts have
'icon made sad that u boy so prom
ising and no much respected
throughout the, community should
be thus suddenly cut down.
When the sad news was heard
throughout thy town, it produced 11
startling e fleet upon the commu
nity, by whom John was so wel:
known. The occurrence was so
sudden, so unexpected, as to stag-
:.;:-r the belief as to the reality o;
ihe report, and, indeed, hope wa.
I'reely indulged in by the many
people who surrounded the Dru;:
Store, that he was onlv stunned.
uid would yet revive; but Ufa had
Deep sympathy is felt for the be-
reave, 1 parents who leei mat (team
has dealt hardly with them in t;;k-
ug away a son who has always
been regarded as a '"favorite" in the
;.mih. Iiut John was no less n
,'aorite in school than at home. ILs
Kind and anjiablo disposition made
him beloved bv teai her and schol-
irs; mid his eagerness t) learn, aud
willingness to obey, made the duty
of instructing him a pleasant task.
He was in nil respects a model boy.
His language was untainted by pro
fanity, and bis habits were good.
His obedience to his parents, his
liligence in school and his gentle
ness everywhere, made for hiui the
esteem of nil who knew him.
Hut he has
(.lone prciimluiTly from llio Iioiiud ui.I Joys
ut yuulli,
Whoso (Ircmiii uro bubbles burtitlMy 'ncath
tho wiiiiil ol' Truth;
Uoiifltotho 1 1 i nt 0 whoio wiiiililt'it ngo wan
novor known,
Whoiu all, nil henvonly chlMrcu, claim the
heavenly boon".
Uono from llio npilng of enrly life', who.-c
BWCOlO.lt. llUWUI'K,
Are soonest nlpioj ou IiIUh, In viilos, mi l ro
utine Iiuwoib;
U0110 to tlio hn,iiier I11111I wlivro blight sliull
nover coiiiu
I'o wither Joy, or iluscciiilo lu opening bloom
Jono from a troop of youthful fiieud.?, wlioao
pi Iscriil wreath
He guincd In lift.-,- and wore It, .tear-wot, ut
iila 1 until
jonc to the Homo of I.ovo where Frlaniltlilu't
uoiiils 110'er tan sever,
Whero nil uro firmer friuniU and llrniett
f 1 iciiil forever."
His remains were followed to the
grave on Monday morning by tho
argest concourse of persons we re
member ever o have seen in McAr
thur on a funeral occasion.
Owino to the windy weather,
'rof. J. II. I'iolev did not make his
2th balloon ascension last night.
He is milking preparations to fly to
llio regions above this morning.
May ho be successful!
Action ok A cTt,rc-.l uice in Fix
ino Colors. A cotton-dyer and
printer in M inchest or claims
to have mado I he discovery
that Hpple-juico has tho valua
ble property of Axing ho colors
of printed cotton fabrics,
PmuDKLPniA lyng abol.
in bed steam w;,18ti ,e
oi'ous a?' lnsf ( im
have, Tbeen adopted instead.
I A on II. Ii awk, of tho county of Kooktlk,
I lnwii. siunli Coombs 11 in I unno it. uioiiiim.
01' tliv eiiiintv 01' Cliu. lUnuiiH. will tnko no-
ticit that Juseiih K. II.iwk uu I Ujuuiich Hawk,
liuvo Hied Iholr 11 'titiuu In tlio Con: col ( 0111
1111111 1'ln.is, ol Vliitim tiiiinly, Ohio. niiliiiBt
lluiu 1111.I Liiiviil Jluwk. .I.1I111 S. lluwk. lino.
W. lluwk, ninl lion. W. D.'iinNi) 1. Kuiiidiaii of
nn (icn. W. Hawk, Molting to til Unit .I n oh
II in k, Inlc ut' Vinton onubiv. Ohio, ile.-i'imeil,
on 1 lie IK ll da v nt A,ril, lH'.O, 111 idti, executed,
11,1 1 (U hvMie I, a ilo.'il 01' ,11 J 11I wiii'.anty. to
n.ii l Ion', ill F. 1111. 1 Itelie 111 Hawk, 10 cci tiiin
pruiiiiitoH. dcB.'illie 1 in Kit i.i die I in I' ill own:
1I10 N, r. ?i of See. (I, i'mvu . 11, It. 17, and
i'lii! S. W. of See, 81, T. II, It IT; and nvor
rin f that s lid laltL'r do-iori.itio 1 w.n inroi'
rc t, and inistukenlv ileni'.i ilu'd, n:i I Mlioiild
fill liccn ileHi rilieil. n Mm S. W. )i ul Sou.nl,
I'. 12, It. 17: nnd usk iiiiftlia: mild 111, nt ikendu-
i'i iit,iiii bociirrei ted, m ,ih t ) I'Onl'oi'iil to Clio
iiiti'iilinii of the partus; uml llial 11 deed Iio
iii'ii'j rei 1 vi tiit'in rm' vill i ireiinn 'H, eorrectiy
.le.ci Mied, and bucIi oilier relief 114 in:iy lie
e iii:it'lo. Said lU reiuleutH w ill h i reiiuired
lOiiiiMwi'riiiild iiclitlon on or bel'n. e tho 8.1
any ul .May, IH71.
.1. JI. Ii;fiii.i,ivitAV, Ati't.
.Mill' ii 10 I hi) 11 .
Special Notices.
KinlRTiitidii Turning. Chen,) Kiirnis in
S .ijUi-wunt Missouri, The Atlantic &Pni'lflo
!iii.lina I (Hinoanyoil'ei.'i 1 rOJO Oii.Ji'eaoflnnd
in t "outt ul and Siiiith-wi'ot.M, nautili, nt IV0111 f)
lo llSiieriii'i e. on seven yeaiM time, with free
raiis.Kirta'lion from H. I.ouia to all pui'i'lins
! . ( lliuiite. foil, tlmli.T, iiilneial weallli,
hool-. eliiircln'.nnd 1 :i w-n f lin;,' soidety I it
.'it.' eniU'iunU f.oai all imitilu to this land of
'.iiitsand llowein. I'oi iiaitiotilnrsiiildi'esB A.
i I'CK, Land ( oiiiuilssiniiei , St. Louis, Mo. 1 -ly
llpyiiiitl thi. MIuhIkbIpiiI, Thousaiiils have
alr.'ii ly niie. mid tli ui-a:i,'..-i ino;e 1110 turn
iag tluir eyes towilnls new hoaies in the fer
ilu Went. To thofo g:iinj to Mbsouil, Kim
in, Xelirnslui. t'oloiii lo, I'tnli, Wyoming,
u l a in, Oregon or Californ ia., Wit reeoiiimeud
i i hea,), pafe, iuk k and illi'ort route, via St.
T.niiU, over Missouri I'll,' ill.; liail.oad,
u liii h ruiiH IU Hue Day Co.irlus nod l'ullninii
-iloc'iieia from St. Louis to in iiu'li.'i! iioinln In
hu Vi't, without thanire. AVo believe tlmt
.he Mi. -no 111 1 l'neilio linilroiid has tho best
.1 nek and tho llnest nnd infest ciiiiljiincnt of
any lino wesc of the MUHl.sli,ii, and Us 1011-
utf tiiins with rouds further W est are u: 0111 pt
ind leliulilo. Tin Texas connection of this
;oad Is now completed, and ptiviongeis are
ottered a llrst-elass, all-iail route from St
Louis to Texas, either over the Missouri,
Kansas & Texa t. It. via Sednlin, or over the
llaiitie. & l'acillc n. 1!. via Vhiltn. For
na.is, t i 111 0 tables, info;iii:itio:i as to rntus,
niutes, &e we rider our readers to S. II.
I'liomp'oii. Knstoin Passenger Agent, C'oltun
'nis. Ohio, or 10. A. Fnrd, (ieneral Passenger
V'i'iiLSt. Louis, Mo. (Jueslioiis will be cheer
fully mid promptly answered. 1-ly
is Ha :anl & Caswell's. 111 11 lo on Uu se.i-shore,
ioni 1'iesli, selerU'd livem,bv Hazard, Caswell
i Co., New York. It Is absolutely Pl'KK and
swkkt. Patients who have once taksu it, pro
:'er it to nil others. Physh lans liavo decided
.supe! ior to tiuy of tlu otli.ir oils hi tho ma r-
'et. 7-4v
CiiATPrD IIantb, face, rouh skin, pimples
ingworm, sal 1 1 lieum, and other cu tnu eons af
'e tions cured, and tha skin niailo soft and
.11100th bv using tho Ji'NirKKTAR Soap. made
iv ( aswell. Ilaznnl & Co., Now York. He eer
"a In to getthcini'r 7ir Sonji, as there are
imny wo! tlikse liuHa tious made wi Hi common
mr. . 7-4w
For Ayer's Medicines, go to 0. W. Sisson's.
Chapped hands, f.ice, rough skin, pimples,
i'ini(woiui, s ilt-ilicinii, uml other cutaneous
:i:Ici thins cured, and the si. In made soft nnd
-month, by using (he Juniper T.ir Soap, made
iy l aswell, Hazard & Co., New A ork. Ho ccr
iiin to get the Juniper Tar So ip, as tfiero me
iiiiny worthless iiuitiilioiisinaile witheoinnion
-ir. Dec4-12v
is ll.tz nd & Caswell's, 111,1, le on the sea shore,
iiiiii fresh, selected live s, by C'aswki.l, II az
.11111 & Co., Now Yo. k. It is absolutely pure
.n, sweet. Patients who li ive once taken it
nvloi it to nil others. Physician have decided
r, superior to any of the otlici oils in the 111:11-
ct. l)o.4-12w
I'm' I'ino Perfumery, go lo Sisson's Ding
-t i.e.
The llPHt I'liu'e.-Tliu cliolcpsl lot offiro
tiies, (jiieensware, (il.issw nic, Notions, Ac,
: ih be had nt Davis Duiu'aii's Store, in Z,i
1. ski, at all times.
Corn, oals, potatoes and produce of every
Icscrlptioii taken In exchange for goods, nt
'lis stoie. In coiinm Hull with his storo he lias
11 St IdlJ and Ilu ness sno.i, and w ill repair
any thing in that line on ho. t i.otice ami nt
1 iw flgdros. Uo and see him. tf
Dr. N J. HiMrrm. l)eiitlst, McArthur, 0.
Sittleineiit Notice Poisons knowing
heinsclvo iudob ed lo tho linn of J, A. MAR
TI.' & to., Znlenkl, Oliio, lire lenuesteil to
call forthwith aa I sct.lo accounts. Do not
ielnv. J. A . Si AHTIX & to.
For Pure Drugs and Medicines, go to Sis
son's. Dr. N. J. Bower, Dentist, Me Arthur, 0.
Five Hundred Thousand,-500,000 bottles
oftJreeno's August Flower have beeu mid In
this S ale In three months. Wooulynskyo
10 go tj the drug stores of (iuniiingorslssnn
Mc Ail bur. Olilii. uml n. 1 Iwilll.. f, ;...., '
, ,' " ' ' irge
or a tegular sizo nt 73 cents, Lver-y i0ttlo
w.ii rniiien to euro nyHpupsin or J ,lVorcom
pi inn, oiik iic.iua, in, vosiivp lt.ss, Heart-
burn, ntei iitnsh, Hmi'Stomdli indigestion,
impure moon, nn.11 Hit hwp,0 caused by Im-
puieiiioou, w .;ernngei'. stoma, li and Liver,
fry II. Ci. (1, fuKE.V, Piopi Ictor,
t'nltimlius, Ohio.
Dr. N.J Itouem, Dentisl, MeArllmr, O.
Mis. Han'.,ji,i,8 Wm born In South CnniTliia.
Sho w;i married In tho 81, ite of Louisiana,
and cr.mo to Ohio about the year 1610. She
lia.', been a member of the Presbytoilnu
eliiueli since 1639.
Settlement Notice. All persons knowing
themselves indebted to tho ilrm of Kiciimond
H Ilfiry, nro re'iuesled to call iminediiitely
and nettle uceounts. Wo cannot carry ac
counts fioin onoyenr to another, mid pay our
own bills. RICHMOND & HCIIN.
Octobor S, 187S tf.
tl.nvi:i.ANl), April, 187.
Jlrss. I.KFFi.sawtrLL & to :
We luvo used Ihe "Ileymer, lluimtttn A Co,'g
Strictly Pure Whiti Le.ul," sold by you, and
haiuloiind It uhifoiinly nnd finely ground,
very white, ami of excellent body. For Puilty,
Dumblllly, nnd Superior Finish, wo can ro
commend Itto all p.ittleswlehlng good work
.). Hays, M. II. (ilhlions, J. thubb & Sou,
cieo. bi luiley.ll. ly. Denning.
A 4S.inTo book containing nnswoin to
ipiuslious of gnat liiiiiiit.nne. Sent Iron for
urn ecu Is, Addiess MliS. II. ,l !: I'Sli !: U. I
"Vi'il'il. I we-l'eh. S, "ia-lmo.
solution of Co-PartnersU'
Iheio.piiitiio'fhhiheietomiB pvp . .
tween .1. W. Wll.eox', an-j .1. T. Oi'f tlnf 'J0"
tho name and f, i of Wur,,, "'" under
this dnydis-olveilliv in if ..i', ' ' '
All persons lixiehi! , " wilt,
pi. lies eall und. t'.llu vo Hun will
1 lie lllln IIOS' .uu " .1111 III inn v,
John Y, will lurette.' I'm lOutlnued by
.1 11.1. OA.
V WIL COX &. OtilER.
, .are.li 8, lflrra. "
I hnvn onelud'Sd lo u io;t the Cash Ann
Piton-CK. system fioin thU into, nnd will
dtrli th adhere t ill, ninkluK ex eptlon In
anv liHiii.ii.ii wh.ilever, liavlnu lodiuied iny
i I 'us f.'oin t.l 1 1 1 J iio r r.ent., the public will
find It to Hie-i. iidvnnt n to 1 1. nil nnltry niu, at
1 posltlvuty CAN nnd u.l,sell i Inn per. under
Hie i n-ll Kvstom, Ilia' ,i any other mnu In Vln
ton, lftuk.wnu' any olliur lonnty can tinder
tho ol.keivdit sysluii i. ... -
Old stand of Witi ox OuiBtt, Mnlu street,
ftlnio nt owposltc I'oi t i):lli'i.
To th Stockholders of the Gallino.
lit. Mo Arthur and ColninhusR.R.
ALL persons having subscrihctl to thoCant
Ital Hiookof sin I it:i lr.nl ijo., prior 1 1 tho 1st
duyof January, 1S71, a e hereby reotil.ed to
lmv the tenth (10; Inst din. .nt nf tun tin,
tent, thereon, on or before the Mist day of
iipiu, ioi.i, iu iiiunecreiary ol sum LOlllpiUIV,
at Ills oillce In U.illlpolis, Ohio, or Vinton
eountv liubs.rrlbors , a.i pay to Daniel Will,
President of Vinton '.'oiiuty National llauk,
By order of the Directors.
J. J. CADOT, 8ec'y
CJ MeA., At. It. It. to.
w UK lib AS. mv w I'o. CviTim A ifu
HON, has left my bod mid board without just
caiisooi'provouition, uotii e ishoiebv given to
all to whom it niny concern not to harbor or
trust heron my account, a I will pay no debts
Ul iivi vuuti ti;tin),
. . .o- . JACOB IIAMMON.
Noivspupor, Boole und Job
Second Story I!oivE's Building, Main Street,
McAimil'lt, OHIO.
Has lust been enlarged from :i 7-cniiiiinn In ,m
8-colunin paper, mid cloihed In new tvpu
inroiignouc. its columns will be devoted to
General News of the Day !
Givinir a svnonsis of ovenh n. iin.v
Tho Interests ofour town ami oimtv will te-
ceive particular atteutiou. IS will, ut hero
tofore, be
And Feai'leaH In tlio Kxiii esslon of Simil.
ments in regain to ihe rights of the people ol
this country; ever opposed to tlio wrong.
Tha Organ of tho Christian Union Oncinl
Council ol' the United States, is also published
from the same oilicc.
IfftVlna Durclmso.l mi tvnn nnd m:LtoHftl
for our ;
Wo are now prepared to do all kinds of
A Nil
General Job Printing
In the neatest and highest style of the art, and
At Reasonable Rates!
Biiirnsc. CARPS,
Executed on Short Notice!
Rrinff on Your Work!
j'W.'BOWEN.s. .
UeArtkar, Obi.
Desire to say to their friends and customers, and the public in
general, that they have now in store a splendid stock of
iDivsr GOODS,
Positively Sell GooJs Cbeajcr
Do not buy goods before you
We shall hereafter sell our
EQUIVALENT, thus enabling
Better Bargains than Ever Before!
All kinds of Produce bought and sold at the Market Prices 1
Come and see us when you come to town, and we guarantee you
satisfactory dealing.
One door West of Court-house, McArthur, Ohio.
An invention h iviiifr a most importnut bearing on the futuro reputntinn of Reel Instru
ments, by the useof which the quantity or oliiinc of tone is very l.ugelv ii.ere.ised, mm tin
quality uf thetoue icuderod
Equal to that of the Best Pipo Organs of the Samo Capacity.
OureeUbrated " Vox Celesto," " Loul Patent,"
Loupier, tuu ciuiriiinig- "l eiio
C'nn bo obtained only
Prices, - - SSO to SBSOO
Comer Sixth and Cougi!' In., Iclioit, Mich.
li.tHbll.lu'd In 1850. Jjy AGENTS WANTED IN EVERY lOt'KTY.
Addiess, .
SUCNS & CLOUGH ORGAN CO., Detroit, Michigan.
$h yuv till
I ninuufactitio to order nnd repulr Fnrnlturo of nil kind, nt tl'-o most i-cnioiinhlo prices. I mi
iraiAiod lu riiruisb
and a'coiiipanv tlicm with Ileai-so. tlzir Chm pnlilio nrtt Invitnil to oU ud
.xuuilu. my Stock. pAms ,I0RT()N
Munlt ltllh, 187!. ' ,
"M. 33. Ooohran tSs Co.,
3i'on & lUooi) lUoddng fttatljincvi
lUvoln stiiro hill itoV of lKsr MR
id IMiiilt M AUUNKKY,
fa any Mi ia Vinten taty !
goods only for CASH, OR ITS
us to give our patrons
Vox lliiiiinua." " Wlli ox l'utent," Oelave
' or loot" b'.o.is, ninl
in these Organs, ,
and uealkus in
AM PUMPS..JU:??i;i0lr:"5T, Vi vVr'
IP vir ni t nr o : !
i..?"x'-JWic!a'.is?iW.Tr.,k, -T.i-yA
Mori in it a vi!o rancvDiiifc
n, WW IV.MM'S.iiiiH anil KiM
tc, c ili.nl '
i, ft'iic-'.i, ;i i I hivt!icn i it v.a It
i ii 1'ilvrni in (ti MiiLi-iiitc -mil rui
, lh.it lu 1 1 ill
t '.v. n lin-i
1 lict'btut u
fetlc I-.' t ini'U fn a li native rtf
'iev art tic i
'nilil. tree liniii ;il A cmm.ic htuiHH.in
it lii mil Punuor ami a l-ifc itiv
i.i:t U:ii'tvitnr iiml luvijiiH.iinr rl" k
Mi!in. c.irrvi-' i T a i pn'iHtiumi- nutitrr and rcinitt
hUut 1 In i t; ,i'iltv cu iff tini, cirlc.iiii'! t'. lctio-4i
I itiviur.itin; ii"lh niiti-l' ;im wAy. Tliuv i ct
i'!'iiiiiixir.ui' i. lie rn. t 1 1 iH'-ir iiciin i. cri.iiii in tl
-'W, ;i: 1 ill ti i't fnriiK nt iIic:ih(i.
Povmoii cu ii tnkt l(ito i;Hl(ii tcerrt
i l'i tlirecti'iu .. atnl r.uniii Imhk nntvtrl, pruvrnf
fir bu'ic-i i"t tlcKirmci) In minrr.il iniimiii hi ml
'in, Ami ilu !i,il ur.uii v.ttel Imyimtl ll i toft
I)yi MVft r,r In)rrMOnil. I lifml n.ln, f4
i t lie Sln.iilil" .. i,'iMHili 'CrtlmicHut' dm Uie (. Ij
iit-Mt, S'liir . ii-1 niifim ul 1 1 iu Sim.i.-li, ll.iil
I ill! M'XIlll,
U'.irl, I nil .4111 j i
U-.tw T
l ili.j olTip-iii
Ii 1 no cqn.i .
I Ilium 4 Au itk, I' i liiii.it inn iif i
i iiidfili I, nil'", IVitn in tlio ic.miM
l U-l iv fntiiMl stmiplctnv
n iK'Mtt'ttti.t. In llieie fiiiHil.itnl
: . I niid Il.u o Milri t! a huitcr glHU
ill iii .i Ii-iitii' iilfiiiieiiisiit.
t IH III :
Kir Font 1,' CiMii'ilnliitM, m ymm or
initfil nr KiiiM ', at lli iliwn hi u-niijcniliirfttl, nr ih
ni of lite, lb: T'Hi I'. Hers dwp'.iv n itcciiUil
fliiencu ll.at .i "Kirkcil iiitiiiuvuiiicnl lit miuii jcrcv
I'nr Iiifl'imiimirv ninl ftrauln ICImit
HlIUlll ail I ( ' -III, h'-t lL'IS.i I.llll-.HIHUI, CillllM
emiileiit nml liMciiiiiiirni IVvur. 1 ihriics. of 4k
uu I, l.ivcr, Ki.l h;vh a i I V,'u- -r, ilic-ic litters lmv
:c.1 tun-! Mm -sftil. S 'it'll lic;is-H itj CIHM:1 b
ili.Ucfl li'iMi l. u It cli i uu lur.illy .rKlntcl ly duian
-fit uf ill i !;;. lve ( iMin,
'rii.y iiiu ii ttuiitlii I'liririt'Ivo n- well m.
i 'lulUi mw.- iii- also i ho j.tfiH i .' nttfititisl' net in
h ;i rmwerhtl : ? it in I'.-'ii-vin-' I 'mt'if-if ion ifr h.ii
liitiitii of thit I, mi itihl ViiccimI Oi.m-t, ,iml in liiiui
I".! Nkfn IU-4 i, 'mi;ii;..ii-, '1',-Mfi-, Ril,
Ileum, Itiititli . Sihiih, 'iimmm, ii.iilct, Itni H, L'.H
nice. iir! u i iiw. St.l lliil, S"iu Eve, Mrj
Iich, S- M i ti-cii!iii.iiiiiitmi'ilijSI;iii, lliiiiKit
I hiMHe it i 'its .S'i'ii. nt' vli H'.n'ur n miu n.iiun
t .itci.il'v tin : " mil i ii' it.! ni' tlie Mvstcui in
rt lime liv IU - n C l 1 n -I! Ihii. ( Im lllc 1
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i will I" I vim ivli.-ii. Kr;e ' I lit; iilifli
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Pill, T'ljin. mi l hMiiii' Witnu tuikin i
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it uu ii h'i t i. h i Ik' f lirniMiH mmIm mK' i ha
HI IIH CXI-:'. 1) '! I' HI'I 'l ! iltii-0 1 li-HMitlH il'ii) slllll
1X1411 tha l - I I'li ti I viti-j mo hLm'h ul iliLi-w
fd v-le n of M lic'ui ', i i V -i'iiiihrn.'-t, no iiititilitiin
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I illi;CI t' MI I hH uf l'i : It-i'Vi'I i. '. fit till il'jiliiif
14 t.tktj n (Insi nl WAl.k'K I H INi;.U IllTl'KK i lllC
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Itllloili. (CriiilHiiil. uml Itit nviiitl
'tt ori wli tSi ;irj mi iw t n il in ili: v.illuv-i l dn
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tjnnlwi ! ti I, AiI(.i:inii, lii-tl, t.''i'iii.i(i. Ih.inj
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it exlencivali.ii'pjiiivni "I i!i.i s:imii.U ninl liver, nil
lier alKHMiiin im seen. I'tiof! am .i h-ivsihiU'mh lei
utriiciioiit ul' lit : liver, ;i we.ikmiH an I inii.ili e M:it .
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i f'Tcteil.
Ti iiroii" "lri nt' Ir. W i ici't.-'s Vink;,v
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mi. ,Sn I'Mili:, i.:ra u'-', .in ("A iIi-ImIhhh.
Tdf A iti'l i t. an I im l.p;.nio pn.pi iic
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ti.-i'l in a I l i oi" c:ii"i u ih .uu I in i inn. mi luwn
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'h :r Coiiuit' I itnt i'..,'Ii -Jira I'Vtenil ilitmi'.-limi
n flvmera. I i i- It ii .o pi"'K-ti -a an m uiu -.'a
vs cnrrectiir' .i i I re ;n t r Hi'' IMv m imn.'. I lui
Villi-Hiiimtii pr-.'n-iin h,;,u il ii i iU: I"'- ni Hi- W
'Hi nt tlllC, U i. i l.r-:" tninirpl m-; mn n V n.ii;;i
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!iliii- hr, I' ' r an I .-:w ff.
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Dlrrdioim. TiUe f ilie IV.tifv m -iv inli
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Cit gl imurif'uit fmnlj Midi a Iwtsi' i lit, imutn
'mp. venmim. i" im uect, ami ve-ei ii' e . iihh i
ttii(Mir eterci'''. Tit) s cu mm-cl oi jnuvly vet
We inirefliem-. t t oi'ii i n ni n rii.
WAI.KKR, IV. . .V. II ll,MolXVAI.D&C.
Jrttv:Kiw mm ."-i, Ai-., Shi ! umwu, i .n.
andcnr.nl W t 'inffUm :i .cl CiwraiM t , rv ( :.:
a noo:i rotvnir.r:si.Uisi
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LU1 -O.
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I l-.j i 1
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VM.i I in. u i.li il.
n t iiih miii iii.sj'Utf,
IliUit in ' -nu "i i ' In'ii'WM mill l'jr
riaecii. wlih n in r"4 i'i t'li i ii I it iiihLi - t.rPi;n ;e
uluriu lli'ii I r i imv n Uu ii i imn i in.. rmi.n lit; In nnr
ru mill It i i li - 1 1 -ii i l. t.u-.viv.'i(
uilkfT ulh !,il 1 1 ...,r i in. i ii ! I" tift't
lia.nulii ll it4piiiut t..t t .,1 1, u in ilif-Mno
hnermiuil.-1 it wml.i r t i 1-1 1 lit tin-1 1 1-
rmt4 4rwi'rfif" -rr nml ii nnni'ilinni Imh.i M-uniiu
r tills. Uriiilin tiivvt-rvitiiiiK n ili hii jn i u i ili" i.-u-
ritilvartriii iii U ')-. Ii k ti uluj. mt i uiu.uui.ai4
B..t t uu l.kd) I t i in tl r "rk.
HiMtiinKiiT mi- inwi'i i-i"im r-pi ir-r Tfnft.
A'tilrvxlir. I. iU Plii.tnrfi(.Sii N . l.i.lilU xtrcut
Hi.lnrsiati-.1vli ' ! llli) l""t-l I .lf.im-1' k" V II I n.lr
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irt H'llie in " i tniiltl iub nf twitiiir-i-'v,H
rxiiiB;i it tidii'-- i tr i iii 1 1'. t't. i. n. I .t-t
l.rfiMirj"l nlMiiiiiii'i' i ti.l l.i.iHt ".I ii I s .i a I 'it' .1
"U.-it ti-rwuin1. ' t l" I, " i llio i.i 'i- "' "'l I
l'4 ..rm. ! i 1 1 ! r-. ? i I ' I ,.iui i-.i.. t.
wtn Mri. i i l i U- ii .is i. I.01.L. Jio.
fjuP" itworoiiAcmcaAn .,;,-;0;.':.
How Tnrk Offloo. 27 EEEKlIA:i UT.'
.Ilixt piiIiIIh'i d, A .(' A'. Ill l it ol Dr. I 1 1.
orwcir t olliintod 1,'H nv on thu iinil,n
ruin (wlthoii . iii'dh lm'l il' n.iui iu!it.r I u r m
Hl'lllllllll W IIMH'AII, li vohu t,i i I'll. ninl
limi's, Ini ,ut pcy, M til in I I li( (.Mn.
(ni'lll'lt , HII;J. Iillll'..l- til lll.li , ('M.J ,
Ciiitniiil in. I .ilu(iM' onil i ii-. Imlii. im ,,
self Imlul ,1'in c omi'Miill i'Mr in;, in c.
fTlTIi'ii''. Ill nlcd iM.Vi lu'. (,i k it ri i,
Thu ce I'll ih'mI mnlu. i, In tb Ih i!'ip''
Mmiy, ul rl ili'iimiit nt' li.in n il,, (v
yi'iuV su iM'S' fid p n. ll. ii. Hint th.' Hint n.li.j
coimpqilfl 'd'c uf self n.t,i m iy In. in ,, s j
cumdwl him. ho dniiij.'iiirK i, i.f iii ii..
mcdli'lnn ov Mm n,i ilii miirn. .r iti. l i .i..
Iiiliitltiir nit n iiiodi) f i ti.' n' mi. r i ; ,
ini'Miimir whl li iivrvy Mtlunci. t .' ti n'vi ', i,, t
111 ("lid linn n nv he. in iv , i,i I, in, t l! , , ,
Iv. ii'W iti'ly ll id ii(.. nll'.
l'hl 1, turn ..In. i. Id I o In tl,.. I Hll; , r i'
(.iy jr iiith And ovcrv inrii In i hi I n I.
Hunt, iindi? nl, In IX iduln i xfy.-, in (,; ,
ldi, iMWt; ni.l, mi 1 1 ii,it tilu. ,. i
iwo i'iHtKKi.. hi mi .
ais.i. i . liiHb wen's "Jiiiiiiiiji.o i ;,,
n !' Ml i'Mil. ''
Ad lrns Iho I'lililUhci i.
i. J.r. lil.lMU - v. X,
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i nui. i-i.Ki w

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