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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, March 12, 1873, Image 4

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An Incident of Prairie Life.
In the full onST'Hh'j prairie
fires in Wisconsin and M'lanc
sota were uneommoiily-;-prevalent
and destructive, and "you
all remember thet-orriblo scones
thatwero witnessed, especially
in Wisconsin, where in ; Rome
cases whole villages wove de-
The writer was in Minnesota
during that fill and winter, 'an
several cases of extreme danger
and distress camo under hi
own observation.
One day when returning
home from an expedition, with
part of a deer on his back, he
found that the prairie fires had
broken out again, and judged
from the way in which terror
stricken deer and other game
rushed madly by him, that the
fire had reached the belt of
woods through which lie was
then slowly making his way
toward the broad prairie be
yond. lie remembered that a poor
Swede had laU-ly taken a
"brush claim" or homestead in
that vicinity, and as near as he
could judge, his place was in
the exact range of fire; t:o he
hurried forward by his faithful
dog, to render any iii-tance
that might be in hi' power
should any help he needed.
lie was not a moment t.i
. The poor won h.
sick in his b.d an l
move; but his wife,
lovimr woman, who
. hUhfrl
;:ul ever
since their going there
oblidedto uo rdl the o:;t
work, was dying her best to
keep the fire from (ltroying
their little all.
The firf.-t thin:
was to remove th-
b done
i.i e. a
n nlnfo of
r. ,.
fight the devo:-:-i
In hcroxeit-.
had (dearedco:v;i
about the hnu :.
frightened id I 1:
been done where
avail, it. we,.; u:
ut mi
house and
contrary :r.
Lee up
.; the side
nroaching fire, ieav
nearest the ih-.n.'-er Unprotected.
Getting the old nxe ho went
to work cutting down !mail
trees and brush hoping yet to
save the log-hut they called
house and home.
He seta back ire thinking
perhaps it would burn over suf
ficient space t o save t heir build
ings, hay-stacks, and the little
log-bam; but the lire came
roaring on, .the hay
tacks took
fire, also the ha
became so inten
but his own s;
ii, and the heat
e that nothing
f (v iv;.- to be
thought of.
When an l Imw to
question, the fire w.i
sides and he had ei!
'io v a- the
on three
iierlo run
before the lire a:i i li V to get
out of its range or break through
where the belt of Ili;ne ceemdo
to be thinne.-t.
The first was not to be thought
of. as the fire of.oa overtakes
thelbeteit b:r;
the ire he ma 1 :.'.'o.
Spenki'ig to !:i i i
faithfully reea-.i-uld
the time, and curr
for divine ;'iid and
dahed into the
there seemed to b:
ability of (;-:".
.0 through
o,v -;.o!:;,!
r!.;-! rdl
kiy :--!:ing
i.iercy h..
Ire Viihtc
n:e !. lirob-
Py flK-.
providence of C
:-! il
. .L... ,! "Ii
hair considered
d 1
otherwise unbarr
The poor dog
pitiful fdght, ids
most completely !
i Ii on irh by .'-le'.'v' ,
sited a
wr.v al
oi'f, ami
;ii;g his
tail he seem "! U b
be cheerful, he eoeb! not
y.i':! to
occasionally whining mournful
ly, and meruit to be nndcrstoo
that he didn't care to go th rough
that again.
The woman had r;ome time
before gone where her husband
had been carried, so to both
life was save J, but they were.
nearly districted at the loss ol
all their property, lucre was
no one that they' knew of to
give them shelter, and timely
they were sorely afflicted.
Friends however raised up;
thev were cared for by kind
people, and their case being
nroRontod to the utile authori
ties such aid was given as made
them quite comfortable but
neither they nor the writer will
ever forget that trial by lire.
New Mexico, .Southern Col
orado and Arizona have been
enjoying the cpi.ootie during
the last month.
Georgetown, Cab, mildly calls
the members of its 'Vigilance
Committee "veiled uighta
Af ,
the following: "On a Central
Railroad train, the other day,
two old lathes eat in adjoining
scats m one of the cars; one de
clared if the conductor opened
the window sho would die, and
lire other protested against it
being closed, for she would
certainly smother to death
The conductor was in doubt,
when a venerable gentleman
exclamed, "Open the '..iudow
and kill one of them close it
and kill the other, and then we
shall have peace.
The ladies of the Moduis
tribe of Indians in Arizona
have a very convenient way ol
distinguishing maids and mat
rons, so as to prevent any pos
sihlo mistake on the part oi
bachelors in search of wives,
as soon as the girles arrive at a
marriageable age, they do their
hair up on each sido of their
head, something in the shape
of two great wigs, or, as it
most reminds one, of the wheels
of a steamer. As soon as
they enter the holy bonds o
matrimony, they drop their
wings, and then their hail
hangs jn large rolls by the
side of the head.
The town of Perry, twelve
miles west of Lawrence, Kan
sas, has shipped this season
over 5,000 hogs; weighing
over 625 tons, or 1,250,000
pounds, ami has received for
them nearly $50,000.
The -appearance of the new
wheat where the snow -disappeared
during the recent partial
thaw is trill v uronvisinr. In
I North-Western Ohio, Northern
Indiana, and in Miohigan.it ap
peared green and uninjured by
the ice and cold ot this excess
ively hard winter. This will
agreeably disappoint many ol
our tanners who predicted in
mry from ice.
iruruwjunjma.vt kb
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
On and aiVr Xovcmlvr 0, 1ST3. Trains will
inn H4 follows:
c. . ; :
'. -yt r. x x i-1-1 is r n :? M -rt 3' ti
" ? ?! & ?! i 4. i- 4.i.T"i4i S 2 5
5 -V r? H ii p-' 4i ?i ?i - 3 T. si ji
si H . .
Mill's ' 1 o!.x i. u t x
u J
. o"'
f 1
; 2 V. T- ?
:;k3?.T..:'.VS T.t.
.;;?. t -1' - -1.
? t 5 s s a :s a i
CI XI IN NATI K.XriiKS will rim ilnlly. All
..f .-.-ttnhw i!:ill,'. ivcir:il Siiml.r.-.
( INN A'l'I'HX IMMisS, hA'vr, makes ni
-tn.i liclrt tfin llainiu-n ami Aincii.
Portsmouth Branch.
4:011 p. m.
4::ill "
T:UK "
H:45 a. m.
11:03 "
11:45 p. in.
Dep. Ilatnilcn
A it. I'nrtmnoiitli
Dt';i. I'nrlHinolitll
Air. .la '.kmm
" Jlniiiilun
r, : i r a. in.
Uf.'O p. in.
I'ni'iill imlntH nn thu I.itlln Miaini Hill i (ill il
nml at th Inilianaimlls & ( iiicinn iti Kali
nin, I J unction lor nil poinm ncxr.
W. W. 1'K A ItHDY,
Mantcr ol Tiani.iortntliin.
reat Through Passenger Routo,
Elannibal & Hi. Jovj1i
IKiih tlio MUilwiipul nt Diiliicv. timl Missouri
at Knna ('ity, on I run Iliiilui'H, with I'nll
man Nln-ping palwuK nml palm is 'lay co ii'ln"
from liiini'V to Nt, funepli, Kiilimi" ity, Dcn-ii-i'.Xi'lHnkaCltyaiiiU)miilia,itlioiitiliiin(c
of cai-fi.
All tliof(riattlirniiKli 'nHHenKor Linen from
liu- KiiHt ninniM l Willi thu llnniillial ami St.
.ItwCjili, hy war of (iilncy, oi:ui iii( pa-im-nifiirii
I he folio wlinradviintnirin!
TliB moMt mldirnnt and enin'tiioii throiifcli
Ii 11 in. Itooni Hli'i'iilnit l'uluccii ami Day
l.oni'lirsriin In the World.
'I ho lai,;rt and most cnnv(Mii'iitili'potnim
liroiiKli .DHKirairu Arrnnireiiivntfi in tlioCnl-
'l iu. irntHt rlvcm All lirliluvil. nvolillnir nil
I rftiiufi'M nml fi rlaifii nml all who ni pomi il
will confult i-omlori ml acnnoniy, hy rnxtnir
llii-nii'lo to Knnwm, fti-hrnnka, uilorBilonnd
llic far Writ t the I'ni,llli,' ot.
frVI'.e sure vonr ticket- rcn-l iiv mi" om
l.-liiiliU'liiia. For unle nt nil TIcktrtOflkM.
For lii'iivnr. ( hcvonnn. halt i.nko. r-nrrn-
mi'iito nml Hnn Kriiiicmi'o, imwiiKon nnvi?
holco of ronti1. oithnr rin Miiihh City Hint
DiMivor, orHt. .Jiwjpli nail (iinulia.
All nonuticlionii tin ()uiiiev nro ill
perfect L. O. LYKORD, Oen'l
i'. Ik QWUl Quml X'ivLut AIui
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad.
Great Through Passenger Railway.
to all Points West, Northwest and
riilnlstho Short Lino vht InilluniipiillH.
TlieUi-outTluoiiifli Jlttll nnd Exiii) 1'nn
senior Lino to St. Louis, Kansas t Ity, St. .In
H'lilt, Denver,. Still Fraiiri'uu, i ud all jioiuU III
Mi-miiii i, Kuiihi nnd loloiiido.
The ulioiti'et ami only direct rotito to In
dlnnuuolia, Litfiivette. Teno Halite, Cum
luiilgei itv, Sprlnglleld, IVoi'la, liui liugt-.m,
Chli-no, Milwaukee, bt. 1'uul, nml ujl nuliits
in thu Noithivt",t.
Tliu lndiiin.iiiilis, tinduniitl & LnfnyctU'
ll.iilroad, Willi its connections, now ullci
I in sen gem ntoie Im-Uitics in TIiioukIi loa.h
and Mconiiitf I nr .-oivlic tli.m any inliri Inn
I Mini i im inniiti, lulling l liu iidvaniuito i
I'liioittsli Daily earn from Uiiclnniili lo St.
Loiiinidwins.ni (. ity, SI. Joseiih. IVini.i, H n i -llngton,
Cliiciijfii.Ointihii, nnd all InUTi.iuli" tc
iminU, i omimiIi UK to Loltuintn anil 1'aiailits
mil li unnlorts and iicciiiiiuukIiiIIoiis 115 aic
ull'oriU'd by 110 oilier route.
Tliroiigli Tickets and DajfgugJllieiKf.to all
Trains lonvc Cincinnati at 7:.10 n. 111., .'1:00 i.
111., and U:0U i, 111.
Tickets can lie obtained at No. 1 lint-net
House, corner Tliinl and Vine, l'lilillc Lund
iu if, turner jMaln mid Hivor: also, at liiot.
corner l'liiin and I'eiul Kneels, t'inclniiiiii.
liu sure i;n imirhato tickets viti Intli.imin
olis, Cincinnati & I.nlnycitu llailmail.
u. (.. n.iti(iN(.i:i:.
Master Tra1iK1101t.il inn, I intininili.
f.K. L(IUI),
thief Ticket I lci k. Ciniiniiiiti.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
9 lioit l.iii to tin I.nkvH mid thu Nortli
I olnmliiiii..'.
i IcviOaml
Iiiiliaii.ipolM ,. ,
i liu no
An follows:
Ucp.iit lii:iai't.
.. C:'M a. ni. "; - p. in.
Anivo Anivo.
. 0:.i0 u. in. .'i:U p. in.
... DM p. in. 1: 10 .i. in.
. b;13 ' S:W)u. in.
. H:5 " S:IU "
, 0:30 a. in. 6:1.) '
...1': :10p. m. b:15 p. in,
.. 1:10 0:1:.
.. 1M " "
( lose connection iu.i(le:it Lancaster for ( ir
clcrille, ..inesville nml all iniiiii oa tlicC'in
.:inii.iii ami .MimlJnxinn Vallcv llailum I,
nirect tonnei tioint iii ulu at t uliiiiiims fo.
DM.vtnn, .piinilt'lil, IiHlianapoli. ( hiiU;.
mil nil iiuiiili) West. Also, lor i level. in. I.
Hull . In, riusliurli, ami all pninis l.ui.
'J uki' Hie Iloi hinjr alley anil Pan llaintli
mute lot hluijro ami tho Xorilnvcsi ; it i-. Uu
-horU't liy sixly-six iniK'K, (fivmjf paeii','e.
I lie ln'iieflt of iuiikcr time ninl .loner la e
tliiin lv anv oilier line.
.1. V. ODM KliXy, Sap't.
K. A. IH IXI,. (.'en'l Ticket Aucal.
Ohio and Mississippi Railway.
ft. U the slinrtot, (pii.Ue-.t ninl only Il.ai
riiniihiR its wit I re trains tliroiuh to
A it ho ut I'liuiiKc.
Oiirarraneinents ami connei tkni wltli :1
lines IVoiu St Louis ami Lonisi ille are pe:
fiiit. u'll.ililc nml coiuplote fur all puints
wi-:s T AND SOUTH.
ThU i- tlif Shorte-I ami lir-l l.'ontc i Km:.
:t C'iiy, Li ui'eiiM ol III, Atclii-on, M..lose;1i.
;!ni to all point in 3Ii 'sntiri, ai'.-.;H nml .-
ilii.iii-li Ticket- nn. I full liifonnall-ia n- i.
linie anil l'arc. c.m li-j oV liiu'il ::liin II. I!.
o:.ic or on i oMice in ( incmnali.
IJ. (i ALM'r, Cen, Knot I'miumiimt Ai.-onl,
IV. 1!. ITAI.i:, (ii ll. ra. UUil Tlelnl Atl .,
T. tAV s
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Ovosil yailounl Sltovt I.l.io Jlutda
duly llli-ect lioutc to tho Notional C'upl-
101 nun j' am warn.
('n mid title" lo.ul.iv. N'inciiun'1' 111. Train.
will i nn a- tollnv:
j;a-tvaui. iciu utiti
. hie
i - i
umlicilnii'l. ....
lavpcK I'ei rv
Vtiiiiii'!loii June
Ai live
New York
.... I'epart
New York
rliilniiciphi.1 ....
Ilnllinioii' ,
Vrrive. .. .
V .liii.l'.ii .1 1 1 1) t
llarpcTf Kerry ..
I Uiiilictlniiil.. .'. . .
I'M ki-l.iira
1151 Am
V H"i I'm
tl'M "
P.-.1 "
ll)l "
5 .J I Ann I- II Am
r.r.i 1 1 p: ri
Si.il " j -Hi
s 4r, I r, ti5
10 III) fl:7i "
1 Ml Tin rj',4 I'm
SJ.T. Am
ll ii
4 10
!13 W I'm! RSfiAm
! -:n v.
4 ID Am
8 01 I'm
ISM Am 11 fi I'm
il l'i I'm; Hin
d o: a nr (tr-OAui
-() ' i ;:
i aim run iiiv.i
MM : 10 :l-J
! !l 10 "
1-MI-l "
: l'i Am
1 1 1 110
li.llntnn Palace Drawing Hot a filrcpiii'j Tars,
Will ll me a rniuforlalile. ele.mily fu ni i - ll 'I
nml al.imi.t vti:il to a llro-riilc, inr im all
aili. flinil ( Inyliiiiiili l.i ll.ill Iiii.iic an. I
U ii' liinaioii. M o Si'lifdiile of I ii.ciiii.aii :i".
Mn i ielln llailina l for lime of ni riviii;.' anl 'lc
. Lining from Me Arthur.
The :nti until iTih of llii-mule over nil other
iH, Hint ii if iven nil l-nveler hol.linir tluouyli
il-liel '' o iv ile .v of viilinx Ualii !e.
i'lnlii ielplii.i. ami the Nnlioniil ( n.iit .1 fir.'.
Time ipiieki r aiel late, of lari' Inner llian
Ii; aaoibi-r route.
ilie M-enery nlowj llii Kaihvny is not
' italic 1 fur aii'li'iir on tliis Coninii i.l.
TO .'.,Y'77.Y,'. OF rUKIGIIT.
Tlii line oll'ei" niierior lii'liiremi'iit 1 1 it
','ilef liei.ftf oiu-lliiril lowerto ami fiom Itos
nil. Neir Y iiiU. or nny oilier eii' lein pulut.
In or Ii', i u if ifiniiN of anyil riptlon Irom Hi
Kn-I i.'ive liirci I inns In i-liin t'.i I. all imore .V
Ohio If. 1!., nii'l ilislilnplnif K.eit ifile muiic ol-
reotionii. t reljdil sli i it id liv llii i loum Will
leive ile-palcli. anil lie iiiiii.llei'l Willi Hire amt
ave kIii(, ii' : tf uiihIi inoiu'V.
' .1. T-. virxN,
Ml! t o r Trnii ; mrl ill ion, llnUiim.ie.
O. It. 111. II Aim.
lien. I'l'ci .ht A't, Hal'linoie.
L. M. ol.i:.
lien. Ti. !.i t A;;'l, Hull imnrc.
I!. JDXI'.S.
( ti a. I'ii-i. A i n - 1 1, t n ' f .
Cin'ti & Muskingum Val'y R. R.
On ninl nl'ier Moml.-iv, Novcmlicr J.1. 1'
tr.niH will leave ami nnivi! nt l.imci ie:.
Ouif iy i excopleil.i n' follow!:
Esi.nntun.l .V.7. Arcohth'tuhttloit .
A it. imiua.in. a rr. iiWp.in.
Air. 3::np.ni. Arr. r:'.(lri.in.
In fee t ciiniieilliiim iii.ele at l.ANt Al K!l
n ull tiaiii" on Ilie t oImiiiIiiii nml lln-l ! ,
Valley i:.iiln.:ii for Alliens .MrAi'llui:', ( lul
lic.liie, I'm tniiioiuli, Marlella, ninl fort olui'i
hlli'. Direct duuieclloin ma lo nt Z A N KM VI 1.1. It
itll Irniiih oil (lie lliiliiiiicie A Ohio If. I!., f-,:
K islcrn Oilies; nl .MoltlioW mi.l III! i ii;
H'.Nt.riO Willi trill im on Ilie I'iitiluir ti.
I inciniiall f.- n. I.miii liiiilvniel. I'm t l:i' '.
IV t I!. Ii. IIAII.KY, I. en'l Ti. l,, : A .'i.
( . ('. AITI', Miperliiten.lei:!.
On .ml nfler Monday. Slav ITih, l'.
jiri'Hi Trains will leai e' ( (iliiiiihu iui 1 1 ickI
line nml arilvf nt jxdtils named lclnw n H.l
Iowh: "WiTilo
"So. a. " r So.-iri "so. nr
I olumliiiH., ll :I0 a. in. d:lllp.in. '2:.liii,io
I rchtliiii! ::w p.m. il:ii;t d::o
( leyeliinil ... il:4"i t):4i 7::HJ
llnllalo V)-M 4:10 i.i,i,
Nlaifina l"l 7 (Kin. m. ll:4rn.in. 4M
Km h-ler ... 1 :t!() 7:ii5 r (tt
Allniny 11:41 S:l p.m. l '.'lln.iu.
I'.oHton tit 0 p. in. II :'.l) 11-00
N. Y. City... a-.:ill
I'mxlllna ...,1tt:4r p, in. U:!I1 p.m.
I'ittuhiii'lfli.. H:Ho 1 :ir ii. in,
IImitMhii'h , 7:1.1 n. ni. ll:.1
liiiltlmoro... 10:10 V : 10 p.m.
Waliinuton. 1 :lll p. m. II :-r
I'lilliiilolphiiillil&n. in. 11:1.1
CreMllne ., II :.'Kip. in, 7 : 1.1 ii.ni. BiMa.in,
Kort Was lie,, fi:H0a. in. IMIii.iu. Il:vr
( hlinito .ll':10p, m. 7:i0 ll:iii.tn.
hWY-TVo. '4, UmvIiiv fill n ni IiuThTV: lii
Inn. a 'l'liroii:h ( nr via Di'liiwine for Spring.
Ikl'l, reneliinif Mprluifllelil wil limit chiinife nl
7:V0 ii. in,
I i ii in o. v. on tne loiumiiut iiorklnir
1 alley Ka1lMn connect Willi No. 4 tin In.
Thiomrh Ticket" for unle at Atlienn.
l'AMhl' SUKU TIIAINS lelnrii inr nrr vo nt
Coluiiihim at lliiDt ii. in., 11 :1 D u. in,, uii II:;a)
a. in.
ioTPalace Day and Sloopitiff Cars
n in i rum.
N'n, II leavlnir ( olninliim nt 5:r n. in., on
Knoilav, nun tlnoiigh wlllioiit ilelentloii, hy
!) M ICile nml Now York Riitral llallivny',
nrrlvlnir nt New York ou Momlny nioiiiliiu'iit
0:40 i. ni.
Kor narlifiilur Infornint on In rca-anl to
tlniiuirh ticket, tloic, ennneetioiiK, ele., to nil
iiolnln KiiHt. Went, North and Hnnlh. nnolv to
oriuhlieM U. KOKIl. C'oliimlnm. Ohio. .'
" ' ' ' .1 AH, I'ATTKItHON,
Gcnoral Agent. ( olinulnig. Ohio.
1 ,
Finest 3)ru .Store,
Have purcliaseil O. T, GlXMNG'S Drug
Ami can supply
Varnishes, Turpentine,
-M i-i'S, Till! AC'CO an.l UGAliS, HOOK'S
Wine unci Liquors', for
'no', will roiintnntlj- keep on liaml a WKI.I.
it iimi.ui, 1:1 n.-i-fiai-s meg felon.;, Willi ll
Lowest Cash
1 .n". cv.l.-ii :i(Uniin.ii t ill ic pai l to tilling
, I -aiiiily t mo .loiiaiN. nml )n-inn.tioni.of
ic i..rc a ni jr. inline. Wn invito I hose wMiinjr
i -iiuM ,nv r it i I i mil,
Bo ware of Counterfeits !
IflR nnFQ' BIlt TAMT-"4 CV, RUE'S
are txtaulvtiy corKTBni KiTi n. Dhhonttt Drug
gist tnii'rvor to tfill the cMitUrftAti tnvtaktirrnaur
froHi. The genuine hart the twmr.nf Jolt Moses
on each jW.-ic-c Ailvilicrsniewiirtliieii imitation!.
The or.-:nvii 1'ilU am uni.tlil'iit in tlio euro of nli
tho'io p il : t , 1 1 nirl d.-nwic dl i es to which th,
fcmilo eoii'tiiiulm Ii f'iY -r. Ti v ninitemlo all
fxci'SSfB nn-.l iciiero n'.l o':.:.'iic:!o:i, f.-ora what
OTor cuv w.
tlieroro partico' .ny nut; 1. T icy will In n fhort
tlmo hrinif on I'm ini'!'h7 nor'ol wilh ri'trulority;
!nilr.l!'iou"hT"!y pn.ven'Kl, ci):itiin no'hb hurt
ftil to tin co e!i!ut!"'i. In uil cujci of Nervounand
Pnlnal A'lortloiiJ, P. lns in tho Hick art lAmbt,
I'lll'Tiiooai-''..-' ot Ttinn.Puiiiitit'oaofthBHiiiirt,
If ystKrlci nti Vfh . on, th' y will cilcct a euro when
fill other mow h vif;ill. :l. Tho ci.'cuLir, arouuil
c-i-li imlcm-o pin full ai-ntlrn nn.l nilvii-n. n
T. ill ho 6i nt lrco to nil wrltit. fur lucui, sulcd
l.n-n nb-rrviit'.nn.
K.U. In n!l ciifj whui-o tlio nutciMS ciunot ho
(i!i:j!'''l1OniT)i!l-r("i':!i-ei1 to the (olo . P oprl,-li-,
JOU MOU.', 11 fiott'.'.'.vlt St., Now YiVk, will
t '":ro a bottlo of tlio genui'w. contilnln Ility
1' '., hy return in-ill, eccurc;j eealti from tuy
l:nfivlrdtFo of iH contcntii.
f!i-i)Ci.f)iH, Coi.aii, A-JTUMi, lino jeiiiTM. Sons
Tlr.dAT, IlnAll'llN'i; :, Pivfici-i.t ll IRATIllSO, 111
cipirT CoNounrTiot A so liuno Di..i.a;i!s. t.:"
lrivono tr to of ni"iiic;no, nml iitiv child 111 t'iko
Ih- iii. Ttion'iTi'la havo hpiMirclo e-lto health lint
lv! before clppp ii-f il. T-i'mo-u- r'--n In hno-'i-
' fcT iiB. Ak lor HRYAN'S l'lJlON'O WAFKH3.
I'-.-lroiirW-en i nor box. JUDM03K3. 1'copi io
t -, tiiCn-tl-n ''. f j i't. Noir Yorit. ;
rrxAiiAnnr,'? Pff-CTFTP pills.
I'.rinvi.l In- 3. tiAUANfJIKKB
K.. nillim Lo-uta.d, I' lrls,
Ti"o rlllr.-c hh-'ily ivcommciulnd by tho ntlr
Mcii'iiil F. cn'.fy of F..nif!'in, tliovecyh.t remedy
l:i nil b of H 'ir:n it-rh-ii, or Hiimlnnl Wink
iir .: KHitljr, 1) l v or Prtme'mt Bmlwiont; 8ix
ir.l Wo Jwo:linwittrtnj ; WtulninM arlptngfrom
SfCTHlIOitturnilHHMii il K aw w, Relaxation of lha
Gi'iutnlll-ciinR! Wca'iKiiluo: Piiportninthu Urlni
mid nil tlio chMtly tmlnof Dijuhkiii arlaln from
0 .'ornso or Eiw. r.ure hen nil other rem
t'lloii fall, fnmnhlotof Alvlc In mi"h box, or will
1 n BnitFvntoaiiy ndilmm. I'rle" Ijl per Iloa.
Kent by nml I. eetureiyenltdfrom n't ottfrrnrinnt oil
rcrr ' of piro. (I.SCAUU. JIOSK9, in Coiiti.aiidt
8t.. Ki'.iv YoiiK, Bolo (KMurul Asciit for Aamricu.
Tort Yenrnof r -nuW
tosl I iks pi lived Ilr.CriK
Win vol T irloliavoino
merit limn nny Flnilli
I ho imlilin. It 1 rlcli
the ineillclnnl rpinlttlis.
1'nr. and iinnrinoleil t,
jHs 1 imtnues of t Im Tl ront
"tfyit&tli L o nixm, pnrrarmniK tt
-, i--- iimsi remni'Kauiocurea.
iIL)'ilvir elti-ctii'illy curcHalll'iiMf
v iniiriildii. It hus cured
-Vi-t.ijV5 Ninl BrourMllH, Una
.!Ti Kvu inonoiincea
""OS Hnpcllla fur Ihexo con
Wiilnl. 1-or Fains fn Ih
isci'iist, Ki-.i" r liuel
Snivel or HKlitrv ,11
ViU.J'H7-!'i or nn j- LJtr 'oiiiilli
UIolHoanuperloi' '(unit-.
lii'Klrp.. i;h Appellb
ftlrontrtlien iIiN.vmmh.
He;oi-eu (iio Wi nU mi l 6'tiillln(I,
Cmiws lite I i. Kliie,
teiiHivei r.vf.;ic.. ii i:nil t)..lii hi mm
h n- ei'14 . p-i uir.11114 Ke, -i
Uiu'i loi.n nt i om-? j iu.
-M .'Ul lH3.UJI. T
I'aicnteo and J.nii',!'ai liii'or of
Head Elocld, Pcst-Eolo Borora, &o.
Cl.ARKSIiUP.O, Vkst Va.
Till-: (irlKl Milln, belli! portalile, nre ofl
lion I'Tiiuic, nml
And the lieat Mill ever inmlo for nil kind of
mlmlliiK: can lieeiiMlly tillaiheil loSaw MIIIm
or nay oiher power, and nn anti'il to uriinl
Hour anil Meal or n Miperlor iitmllty nt
If real er 1 ate of Hpeeil Ulan any other Mill,
wlihout lienllii-f or oilier l 1111 en Itv -die
wel.rlit heiiitf ,4' poiiu on npvln(f onlvU
feel Hipinre on the Door. Will erlnd SO Uim
Ion. hel per hour. If w ithn Ihlay ,tlVH. Ilie
Jlllliloe not prove nallHlhcloi v, It. iiiav'he re
tin iied nml money nml iillehar-feii refiinded,
HjuI'h rost-Jlolo IJorcr,
OlHIfiinintileed tri niako two liolen to
y "'" "'' n"v """"i ,lo('11 1'" work rup-
, ioij ami perieciiy
I IV O IV B' . II A V !
No fault inn lie foiin.l llli It after
Irlnl. Sent to nny onu on trlnl who
will cml niu tlio etiilnrnemout of tlio
l'DHtMoblor. Aitenti wmitial.
' III A II A It I', .
t!larkliiii'tf, W-. Vn,
Fniniom nml nlhom citn meo tlio
jjurur in Umi Umiuii
Kstalilislimcnt, '
Glass, Laxaps,
111 L'fMilil at Ille ,
1'liMsii Ian?' Onlem, ami putting up ricscrlii-i'on-
nil kiml. We wan ant evorv niiicUi we sell to
aiti .-le in our line to cnll, at we aril contlileiit
3XTow Firm !
ami Choicest Drugs!
people with tuts
Hlodicinal Purposes Only!
SKI.KCTKIl ASSORTJ1KNT of such m ticlcB as
est Thin" in tho West J
Situate in nii'l nnir t)tu ArhtnttiM Valley,
ttit Fliieil vrtivn of Jianmvi!
Klcven ji a: .1.' credit. Seven per cent. Inter
e.-t. ii;,, per cent, reduction to
selileri who improve.
'in-, i'" " "'"nn uim i.nint nre Low
Prieiw, l.imn ( redit, and n Uobiite to BCttleu
ill n. ti i lv .nn. .I'm i i l Ii .i IM. I. U..II
" '"'"n.ni i rm,it umi iiiiiti ii iiHem; earn
plaalni(f. anil no winteiinif of . stock : ulentv
nt ii.iiiii.iii .mil in. i ..I ii... ..! .... i
in.'i iiii in nn: ' '(j II Mill. Oai,
."tone ami llrirk on ilie line; (.heap llaton on
I lllllli.il. . ....I t... . .... 1 K. I ...... -
ii "in, i.i ., im i.iiiu i.H iH-ti iiv oitecii-
MtoiKj llomeslend anil I "lo-ein )( io'm now
i",n ' " nii-i-i ills llillllllllll OH I lit! line oi
ii K nil iiinmu iiniiu-j I IIIHUCH Will pV
lor Land anil Impiou-mcnU,
F KKDT0 'itliitntll, C, thioiiKli llujiecent
i .ni j .n i inn i.i niu iiiiini.
I'm- Circulars ami general iiiforniiitiou, ad
uManniter l.ainl llep't,
l O SEL.I."
S. M. Agents
It don't p.-iv
(nil to ll-hl
I'w. I...ul m . .
hine. I'.uve fl':'
our claims. ,4' .J
l't the aircii-
cy ami cell it,
"MITESIIO" S. M. CO , 00 ChanbMigt, H.T,
-ll'-llll OR
merican Submerged .pmuP
"TllR IiKST Pl'MP IX THE Woitl.D."
Ol'U AtiKSTS ri'iiort over $1100,000 worth of
propei-iy n..veii I rum l'lro tills year bv these
puinpH, lioiiin Hie most poweifiif foree-punun
in Ilie woild. as well ns Non-Krkkzino.
Mm iictoiier iiiuuiiei', miifc :i!ifl, aim the Pre
inliun List, piiifeT.Hol lhH Amerlcnn Airilcnl.
turist. Tills iniiier ncvei ilei-elveH the fnnncm
See iio'.h;!! In Kohrunrv nutiiher, )iBto4fl. Trv
one. If It ilon'tilo Ihowork claimed. Bend (t
oai K ami jfei your money, as w K AllKANT
our pnui.is lo.ilonll we iluim for them on our
Heiul for clrciilnrsoroi-ilerH to the Brldiri!
poit M'f'tf to,, So. 5i('haiiiher8t.,New York.
Aiiorui'i nn- iiiiioo. i i-uinpi tocures an
i:Al-.ini,u U.llll HUIII-J, -I,
Hartford, Conn.
Statu op Ohio, Ishi hance Vr.r'T, )
C'oi.UMlltlil, dan. 17, 1873. i
Will', ii HA, thn Ai'VH A INHITKAnCK COM.
1'ANV, localedat llurtloril, in the State of
I unnee.lli tit, lias tiled in thin olllco a awoin
matement, hy Ilie proper ofllocri thereof,
sIiiiwImk lis cinidltlon nml liuslnesn, anil has
ininplleil III all le.iiiectH Willi tho laws of lllls
Hlnlo, rclallnS to llio liiHiirauco (Joinpanles.
Im oi pointed liy other Hlnteof the United
Now, tlierefnve, Tn pumtnnconf Inw, 1,-WIIi-1.1A.M
r'. (. IK'UI 11, isiiperinteniluntof Imur
an, e for llioHlnlo of Ohio, do horuhy cerllfy
thai mild l 'oiiiiiny Is niilhorled to transact lis
million! Inui liiislness of KiltK INHt ltANI K
in tit it Mate, In iicioaliiiii.-o with law, iluring
me. curri'iii yeur,
The condition nml luislnesgnf nniil Conn in
nv nt. tlio dntn of nu. h nmteineiit (December
nisi, ibi,) in Known ns nniowi :
Ain't of ni-tiutl paid up cniillnl $3,0OO.(KiO 00
AKKi-cgatcaiu'tiif aviillablcassoU..&,mH,3W)ll
i,niiiliii.ii!n lex
roit rapltal) Incliiiliiigi-e.lnsur-
nneeii J,3HI,6M 03
Amount of inrouiu for proccdlng
yeur in i ash ... -- 5,M2,40Ta3
Amount dt tjcpendlluroi taiuotlm
lu i ash 6,755,80016
In wltni'!' whereof. I liavo lioronnlo nub.
scribed my inline, and cainod tie Menl of my
olllco to he aili.xcd, Ilie day and year ahove
lNKAI.1 W. K, ( ilL'UCII, fiiip't,
W..I. R ANNlCiil.s, Aj'b, Mi;Amuf,0.
AlaivkC, WW. 4(
It Is irnitlfyliijf lo lis to liil'imn tho puhllc
that Ur. 1.. O. t'. Wluliarl'8 l'inn Tioe Tai
Cordial, for Tiuo.it and l.unif ldsci'i's, Iuib
if. lined an ehvialile leput.itiou fiom the At
lantic to Hie I'a. Ille ( oust, and from llieiu e to
Hoinuof Hie lirut l.iiniliee of l-luiope, not lino'
the press alone, hut by persons tliioujfhuut the
1st. ilcs a. tn. illy hene'lilted and clued at his
ofllce. While lie juihlielies less, so :iy tiiirre
portersf lie isiiiiahlu tosupjily the dci'nanil. It
(f.lillb anil holds its loputiilioii
t'iiHt, Kot by i!lo;ipin(f coujfli, hut by loob
t'iiii))f nml assisliug iialnie to tlnoiy 'oil' the
iiiilie.illiiy matter colleiteil about lliothioat
and hiontlil.il lubes, vliirh lUinntH Irritiitinn.
bemud, It lenuivi-s thu i nuse of ii i ilation
(which iirodiiees coimhl of Hie nun mis mem
brane and In oiu lii:il Inlics, imsists tlio luiifH
to act ami tiiiou oil I lie uiiiie.uiuy Kecivtlons,
and piiiilles the blond.
Third. It free lioni sijiillls. lohcliil, iiecac
and opium, ol' whUli most tin cat and Iiiiik
remedies nre cnuipnucd, wliick ullay ioiiIi
only, unit iliBoi'ifani.e the stoniiii ii. It has u
HooLhinir ell'eet on the htuniai Ii, a. 'Is on the
liver and kidneys, and ly inpluit ic and iiervoim
reirloiiH, tu lift te.icilinif lo every pint ol the
system, and in tt h iavigorntiiiff and puriiyinit
e'n'e.-ls it has gained a repiit ition which, it
must hold unove an oiaers m tne nun Wi t,
Heinit under my Ininiedliite direction, they
shall not lose their inialive qualities hy the
use of i In nji and impure iii tli-les,
ri.. T ii , v; I..I..I. i.n:.... ii....l.....
open on .Mondam, TiichI.ivs and Wc'lnesdnvs
.'.......11 . .. Intl. ..I....!.... I... li..
iii'iii p n. .11. in ll r. n.i nil iuii.i:ii.iiniiiir I, i.
Win.T. Magee. Willi him nre assi,, i.,teil two
i ini-iiM nig ,ni y..i, i.-iiis ol ceknowledeil ahil
ily. .Thii Oiiporluniiy i not oll'ered by any
oilier instil ul ion in the cily.
All letters must ho nildriweil In
L. Q. 0. WI3HART, M.D.,
No. 2X2 North Second St.,
N'oveinberCO, lsia.-.(lni
AS l)
Tlf K (il! AN D I'ltl.M Il'I.H lh.it npcrales in
these winnlei lul. meiiii iiics, is i he puwer Unit
thev possess ia puiilyiiiif Ilie lurnnl bloou
and epellia iOj-ru;,t Inmiors from thu svn
teai. IIUl.l.OWA Y'S I'll.l.S roiiclstuf ll caieful
nail peculiar ailinlxl nre of the hnest eirela
hie Kxdii. is, llerlis. am) Meilicinal Cuius.
I'ossesHin not n neon nt inineitil in tlieii
eninbiiia ion, lliev neverexiiose ihnse who iihc
them lo .my ilaii -rcr, al any lime or m-ii.h. No
iniuher need Iicmhiic to prisiiilie llirin to
their children, and llieuinst delicale conMilti-
tloiiscau use t iii-iii wiih as jrre.it benellt as the
miMt viifiiioiis and poHeil'iil Inline.
HOLLOW AY ft Co., Soi.k I'uorittKTOua,
78 Maiden l.nne, New York.
llolloway'n I'ills nml Ointment nro sold at
Sue, ll.'ijr, and (I per box or pot. A ifreul sav
in if is in n ie ny nuyniff uie iiirjfc i.es.
Dee. 4.
' : '".I o (ih.iavi pmniitttio ) rmt:
mi i. i.'.vi," on A 'ii niu tu imis:.ioi..A..o.
' '" I'T H!l Uill.l-1 ViHMIOItl M,lll
i t-- -i'im 'ri )'l IO hJ'-ii.t-ni a .ji
i" " ".Mull ; i .iiu ,i;t:,)t I m il . llli'..ii.
i ' ii ( I lii:x.ii!u:i.; Aiuiii.si y. n) .i-
liii.uis'piiu Mi.siiniH a'ikin mm nl. iini iik,,;: nn.
-( O.I )llll llll.l J jo llnlliiui it. :.il f"l
'""I Ji:o V J'uiA'iinid .'.'i inv u( 'iii.iiiutu.uc
o -iji iini jopn&ou jo ntuu ui.il -jim oft
uojxojtlmoa -.o.S j:j!:::cji
i.u pi-ai y "'1 oj i.ni..i i hi tare
llOUf.f.l.l "Mflll J 0;)lt-r C If
n'ljijuI.tH .iii.j ii Ail l-i)iii,i f
111 o.i ii 'iiumoil ,rii ,io v.i :.
noiou iimoii.iiiJ( r;ic:j' .;.'' "J
n ('lUO 'H.lln aOMl f i.'l.V.'iR
inn,! 'iii"inm:ii.u;ii ioi;j -'V
i " .ii.. . .. , , , ,
.iioU4.il Uil hi nAoii :oii:i v',
HUOJil HHI tl-)!,l f l.i.in.1 ;(ll.'l 10) " ' .'
l.i una tio. tniint!iiiiii'mi ';.)..
IIOllIM.IM JONl.l 1 l l.'O j
" nti)iM4 & y0
mj, "iim.ij Ami 11 x:ii t' tH ' i!
O NJ- 1, tioX'l R!l to tn .' j
itKi snoinii., iijujihi.iH ' -.n
AUI I10i J -.KUIJ f, HU (fv'r,!
oa.iiiii nSiM.tiapinit'niMii ,kG
no.i tin pt'i'fi ii:it fun mi ii i,i ft . .
till '0Sll,1s!il,.'lir. i;n".-.V pllOHl I .'J
Will. I'llll .'.IlKllllli'iH Ul.ip-Vl 'I' :')
lOA UtOI fAOUlili pi.lt t.ipA
.toi'io im uiuii pun.. ) (ijimi I..
Mill il'i'1.1 1 llll U.l J') IID'J
Mod ml ii 1. 1 m..iT, .v..)-' o i - -a e f
ltrH 9'IJ il" 'UlW'Tl iil I'liV '
ITAVIN'O been enifnjrrd m tho uludy nml
iii'iii-liru of Denllstry for llfloen years, nml u
loenl pinetltloner In Jackson for six your,
nnd having m ailed iiiynelf of nil thn
Kcdorn Improvemouli iiu Dontal Bolenoei
I would icspci'lfnlly snv tu t.hs cltl.ens of
McAithur mid vicinity that I nut fully p ro
omed to ninninuliilo all (ho various In am lies
of tho aclonce. l'i Ices ns low an tho lowest.
Woik ns ffood nn Ilie bent. I'urnonx eouilnif
from a illHtaiieo wlsbinjr to reuinlii until their
work ia ilonn will ho eulerlnlucd at iuv Drl-
vata reildeucc d oc.
itritF.n urn ay akp elbctkicitt
lUed In extrfiiftir teeth, rondc Intt tlielrnx-
irni'tlon ciiinpainllvolv nniiileps. A femalo
ntlemlniil nlwnya on liniul to wait upon ladlei.
Olve mo a call.
H. X. lKJUtife, Dentlut,
. . . .
The ninny evidences of r.xtinordinniv cures
thai nre daily reported iiaellecled lli'rounli
Sarsaparillian lies ol vent.
ItonilyUellef nnd T'oifect lTirifnllvo Pills, In
wrilleii testimonial from all pnils of tin
win Id, surpass in under thu most exl i avowant
mil Holes of eiicluinlineiil. I'hvsicians aim
ineilicnl men in nil louutrigs pronounce thesi
UUUI.-I11I1 iL'iiiuiiiei, u myaiery, mat neiine.
theil'HCil!llCiir lllinl l-llia i. ,.li i. ..I in .....
explain. True, these medicines client tin
inosiuinrveioiiHcures.niid restore thudviim to
life, ami l-i'lievo tin, iiinui. i,.i,ii,.ii.i i.iitn.tii-.
feruiK victim of Ilia torlm-cn, in from one t,
twenty minutes, and nUliouHli thev know soun
of the ingrodiciilsof llieireiiniinisiiiiiii.niid Hi.
llmlu-ni.. luiu ,ii.l.liul,...l ii. i... i i.i.
............ ...w Iinillll 1IIVII IUI IIIUUl l, 11 l-
holililllf null' lien niiii-U- ilU, .,,....1.11.1 ...... ui li .1:
liolliKiencli, (ioinian, l-.njfiisli and Anieriiai
ciiciiiisiT. uim iniiiiiiijiceiiiiMs unci ly rail wilb
lhsniiieiiiieilieiilsiin projinieil by theiii.TIn
IfieatHiiccciiJs, which ihose wonderf'ul leinedies
uie iiitooiiiitH' iii'lilnviiii. li,.. i,. ,1., ....
--V -....(,, i.vr, ii, 1 IIU HIV.,1.15-
eretof coiiiliiuiiiff Hie inifiedienls toxirthei,
unci Jll-lLlllll),, mil' wire in selecting tlio pun.
iiniltfeiiuiiie i'ouIm,
Such wondei-H of Modern ( hi'mlslrv as the
S A H S A I' A U 1 1. 1 .1 A N 1( l'S( ) L I. . K A b 1
KKLlKKft HADWAV'S TILLS, are wlilioin
pninllel in the IliMlory of Jdeilicine, for then
iiicsuine Inlhiuilii's anddiHcues Hun iiieeou.
sidercditHlncuinbli', anilsure deaih. Veil In
most nsloiiiidiiijf etiri'H have been mado thio
these remedies of some discuses Hint have nev
er been known lo liecuicd by nitdicine.
( ONSl MI'l'llIN, Nt lio'R LA. W11IT1.
.sM-.LLlN(.;,TiinuirH in tlie Wonili, Siomacli
Uviiries, lioweln, Hi iffht's Disc ase of Ilie Kid
neys Unit have been pioniiuiiced ineiiialile,
I nnceu, TleeiH, Swclliiifra, stone in Die Mad
der, I alculiuist oncretionti. I U eiMnoil Siii esni
the llones, lilckels so deeply sealed Unit lie
inner ini'iiicuii s aavo neen Known lo nnch
have been cured Iiv (he HA USA T li 1 1.1.1 A ,s
ItKSOLVKST, aided by Hie HKA I) V Itl'.l.ll.r
mid TILLS.
Talsy, Taralysis, l)ry Cauiroiie (lint threat
er.su living dciuli-iiaily roiliii)f aunv of iln
limbs aud llcsh-Dialieiea, liivoliuitiirv Tis-i-Im
rife of Water, l-'uujfi In the llladder (lib
luiHieior .Nitpolei.n'H disuineJ.Toi tin iuif iiain
Wheu discharirinir ininii Ulil IM i iisii
(i(JUT,M-il;UAl.UIA-eaeli and every one ol
uiesu ciiiupiiiinis-tiiouMU but It few of the
niuny otherdieHses, Ifad way's isar.Hnpai illiaii
Uesolvenl has ciiiodnnd isilaily eurinif luali
pnnsof the troi Id,
Inoiiii word, nny disease no matter iindei
what nnnio iieinnied, Hint is noiirislied m
incrensed by hnd, iiiimire. ibnn mud. mint.
thin, watery or (ioism'd hlooil can he cm ed
V.TvLli'J " ".l0.l-AlilI.l.l.. Itl'.-
rjUl. r.lN 1
I)r. Ilndwityft Co. hnve never claimed one
huiiilreili partof thocuialiye vhtiu-s for lliei.
rciaeilleas isnscrilied to them bv the people
who have lined tlieui: fur beiir in' min.l. m.h
biicli diseases and coiiiplaiatHiis Dr. Itudwai",
aiiui Buei essiui ireaiiiieui, Willi men- reinedici
knew-thev would cine, were i iiiuni r.-t l ml Ii,
llieircuialivelist.sniliiil niiinv of Iheevt am .
dinoi-y cases that hnve been reported nwnkcu-
ciiBs uiiicn asuinitiiiuiuia 111 mo disrorciy in
their remedial nitenls ns in those who bad been
icsciied fioia death, and made whole mm
AsinanypeiHoim discrcditeil their extraor-
iiinary power, Jioni Hie Mel or their UiMtp
uoiiitinciit iu the line of oilier advertised reme
diesand Mime believed it iinpossilile fot
simple medicines inn. In only finni voirolnbli
Biibslances- roots, lieibs, ,Vc.-sliould poosiw
such iiiarveiuii') power, let tney cna r.-ndilv
coiiipleliend llint ilie siinnlo ifiasnes of tin
Held, nflei'iinderifoiniftlie chemical process ol
(iistilla-loadesiKiieil by nature in lliecowaun
. liiii-n. furbishes uh Willi liullcr cerlaiiilj Iln
most aliuiiiianl tuK caloiic or hont-iiiaki'nif-
Iione, tissue, iiiiicle, i-inev, and bloi)i-inakiii(i
i oiisuiueuis mi- ine iiuinau noitv.
lint when lliu.-e penole Mho'livst doubt iln
I'lilcney of these remedies conunem t llieir use,
iiicy ueeoine ineiriuosi lainesi advocnies.
Tin-: (inly sAKi-: .f. sn:i: kkmkiiy ivii
'J Al'I', 1'IX, ft WIHOIS UK ALL KINIi.i.
Never has a iin ilii-lne I:, ten iulci millv. been
liunwii to liiive ciiteil Tiuiii.iis, eilhec of the
Wonili, I I'-iiis, Ovii'ie.i or liowelNt ibe knife
has been the sole reliance iu the bauds of ex.
perienccl siirifcunsi but Dr. I.intw.'iy's Sm
sa.iai illiaii sen lei this ipnulioa. li has cmeii
over Iwcnlv peiMuis of i.ivniian ( v.-ifs nml
f unions as well as 'limmis in the iiwcb,
I'tei'iis, Womb, Liver, Dropsical KiVusioa,
Ascites, nnd t. iilt-nlntu, t'oiicivliuns.
Tumor of 13 Ycui'm' lirnwtli C.'ttl-rd by
mm n ii y k i.enoiveiii.
l.i:vi:i:i.Y. M as.. .1 i-b- IS. inn.
Utt. Rauway: I have had Ovai-inii I'uiiiof
In tlio ova its aim now. -is. All m.t uin,.i.
said there was no 1 1 . -1 , fur il, I die, I eveiv
hintr that was re.-oumu tided, but nniliin;;
liehicd me. I saw your liesolu nl nnd llii.uifh!
I would try il. l ul ha I no iaitli in ii, beiai se
1 had sull'crcd for l'J yen . s. I look six hot lies
of (he Hcmlvcul. inn' box of Itudwav'K Tills.
and used two hollies of your Heady lieli'. f.and
here is not a ml-ii uf a Itinior lo lie Keen or
fell, and I feel lie'lec, .-ni:u lev a,,d ha vicr
llinii I have lor TJ jeirn.. Tlio worsl tninnr
litis in Ilie h fi s:;U' i f tin' lriu.'ls, iivci' ilie
if'oin. Iiviile tin.' In J oil lul' Ilie b. ll.'lit uf
ollo-i's, 1 mi i e. n im lii ili il if ion clinose,
II AN N Ail T. b.SAI'l
Frimi a piniuii.c.it j.'1'nllcina'.i and resliUmt of
i nic i:i it nil. iiiuo, lor l ti- ii .i teriy via is ivel
known to the nt u siia'icr inildisliei-! llirouxh
out ibe l uiti'd .siiiIch:
M.W YllltK, l let, 1 1 ill, Mil.
Im. i; . 1 1 way I '.'lie Sic: I niu imln. ed bv a
sensi nt litilc lotlie ct'IVei riif hi ma!.'' a iiruT
idaleiiieiit ot the vvorkiiiif ol' join- iiiedieiuc on
invsi-lf. nn-si-ve-al etti-.s I unco been nilln-l
ed Willi noun: tioulil.' in the bht.lder and urin-
nry iirtfnns, wlinh mitne innnlns a vo ctilin'ii n-
led In a iui-, H i', ililc alii u-l inj,' ui-.i a-.e. y, It
I He pby.sii ,a.i.. all .anl w:i s,it imo.i.ie Mrir-
I in-hi lite ii.'i'.i.n, k ills. i i ;i liii niu t ii iii (,f ilie
kiiirey ,'i'id bin : ic", and "ave I: as their
opinion Unit my :t',v-ycais wiuiid prevent
iuv eve1' sivi.ii"!' 'a I f i-fi 1! v cni-cd. I I, ad tried
a number of physicians, ntul luul taken n lnrs
iliuiaiity ot inciiii iitc. unlit aiiii.iii-.lnc. aui iiu
inii'opli! hie, lint ji ! no relief. I bad tea l of
ti.stoiusliiu;' cures lia viuir been made bv vour
remedii's; and sinne fniic nionllis a-fo I read n
notice in Hie Philu'lelnhia Miluidu'y Kvcnljig
i'ii-i ot a cure unviiiif iiceii eiieeie.i on a per
son who hnd Itiii,; been iiiili'erliias I bud been.
I went riifht oil' n::d not soine of i-a.-h voiu
.S:irMi:irilli,m llnsolvent, 1,'indy lieljef. inn)
iicKiii.mnjf rill ninl comiueneeil laXtnir
them, la (Inei! dnv 1 wan jfieally lelieved,
.iml now leel at well iisevcr.
.1. W. .1A Ml'.S, t'iin lnimli, O.
Price one ilollnr per boille, hold by Druir
IsH everywhere, and lit Dr. Undoay's, No. a:
Wurreii, cor. ( hiireh St,, N, Y,
Cures (be worst Paine In from I lo vo minute!
Bluy-NOT UNL" HOl lt ufler rt'inliiiif this
niueiiiseineiit neen any ono sillier with pain
Is n dire for every pain. It Wiu the lliot nml
is thu only Tain lieuiedy tlint. iiislaally tiiojif
iiiemohi excrtli-ilillli.if pnius, iiiiiivn In II umi itlll
tiniis. and cures coiiurestious. whether of Hi.
Luuifs, hloiniich, 1, nuils or other glands aun
organs, uy ouo iippiicntion, in irom one tu
twenty minutes, So iniulei- how violent o.
exi'i ticiiii Jug Hie pain, Ilie lllii'iinintlc, lied
liilden, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , (i'l,iilril, Neiious, Nelual(fii
or pioslinled Willi illMcnse inay btill'er,
Will afford liiHtiuit ense:
Inflammation of I lie Kidneys, Inllaiiiuiatlon of
the nimbler, Inlianuintion or Ilie -howcl.-l.'on
Kent Ion of thu T.unjfH, (5010111111111,111111
cult Ureaihinif. Tiiliilutiim of the llea:t,llys.
teries, t ioup, Dlpllierin, t at.uib, Inll11cuy.11
HemUehe, loolb.e he, Ncuinlgin, ItlietiuiA'
tistn, Col. Is, (lulls, Akiic (.hills,
't lie upplii aiiuii of tlio ltendy llellcf to Hit
piu I or parts where lite pain or tlillleulty ex
ists will nll'ord ciibc and comfort.
0 limps in 11 ball t iiiubler Water will
Inn few luliiulus, euro Ciiuniis. H.ia-iiis, Sou,
1 ...1. 1 1 ....... 1... .... ui..i, ii.....i... 1... in....
llillllllllll, ll v, 1 in, 1 1 ii, 111 I. 111111111,11,', .llii
ihtea, Uysentery, I olie, Wind in the Kowels,
nml nil Internal Tallin.
Tinrolei'H Mhoitld nlwnyB carry n bottle of
Hallway's Itelief villi 1l1e.n1, A few drops in
Hitler 'will Di-event sickness or imins 11 inn
c.hanifo of witler. It, ia heller than French
lii andy or liltteiH ns 11 stimulant.
Tcver nnd Akiio cured for fill cents,
Thn re is nut 11 n medial uxent In IIiIh wotln
that will cure I'ever nml Ajfiir, aud'nll thn
iiiiuifti inui., jiiiiiuii-., ninl ici., ivpniiiii, ll'MOll
nml other Keyem (aided hy linilwav's I'ills) so
1 hick no niutwayn ucn iy iiener. ou t eniH pei
l'erfeclly tasteless, clegnntly coated, for the
cure of nil ilinordetH of the Stoiiiitch. Llvci.
HowcIh. Kidneys, bladder, Mei voun Disenses
lleailai-be, ( oiisllpntion, Cnsllveness, Indigos
tion, Dysptipsla, lllliiiiisncss, Itiliuiu, i .:v,-.
ialliiiniutiiion of thu llowelx. Tiles nml nil tie-lanifi-nienlsof
I lie Intel mil Viscinn.vwiriiiiitci,
to eilect n positive cure,
I-1; 11 ELY VEOETAHt.E, t.'unlnlnlng no
Mercury, MlnurnlH, or ileleteriousdrujfa.
flWcliservo the followintf NyinptouiR ro
diiliiutf from diseases of I be dijrcsl Ivu oi'iftins:
t'onstipalloii. Inward Tiles, l'ullncs of liu
blood to the Head, Acidity of thu Htoninch,
Nausea, Ueiirlhurn, DbtfiiNt for fond, K 1 1 1 1 -nesi)
or weiKht Iu the Tit of tlio Htoniacli,
Swhiiinlnif of I lie llend, linn led nnd tlilitciil
Ilicnlliinif. HiiHeilnff nt the Heart, ( linking
or Hullocatinif Heiifnl 101115 when innlvlnit I'd.
tine, I)iinties of Vision, Dolnor Welm befnie
(ho Slirlit, Kever nnd Dull Tain In llio llend
Deficiency la Piiraiilintiiiii, YellowneM of tho
Skin iiiiilKyci, l'aln in Ihefikle, client, Llntbr
nnd Sudden Klusliea of henl, Biuuiiiir In tho
Kltifb. A few done of Htulway'a pills will
free tlio system f 1 om all the above disorders,
Prleo 95 Conti per Ilox.
HADW AY ft C0..3' Wnrron cor Church 6L
New York.
fiMr Hond Knlso nndTriifi. Bond one letter
slump toltndwny A U No. as Wnn'on. cor,
Church St.. N. Y. IntoraiaAiun mmMe. slums.
A Wisconsin Teamster Eaten by
Mail advit-en irom the little
town of 1 Now London, Wis.,
bring news of tlio flisonverv of
a terrible tragedy near Perry's
Mills. As JJeinneli IJlocli, a
Gorman 'fanner, was coming
out of tho woods north of the
mills his attention was
attracted by the appearance
of the otherwise unbroken snow
found u large tree. Tho crust
was broken and bloody, and
upon it lay a heap of what
.;eemcd robes or furs, surround
ed by various indescribable ob
jects. Going nearer, he was
surprised and horrified to dis
cover that the heap of robes
was apile composed of the bodies
of two dead wolves and a dead
dog, all gashed and torn. Tho
other things' were a skeleton of a
man, from which nearly all the
flesh and entrails had been
licked, some of the, hones be
ing quite torn oil' and lying in
I he snow at some distance,
bearing marks of abrasion from'
the sharp teeth of tho merci
less brutes. Home rags of
bloodv clothing were there.
The feet of the skeleton, which,
were incased in very heavy
boots and thick socks, had es
caped. The probability soenis
that the unfortunate man was
a lumberer, going from one
camp to another who was over
taken by the pack and killed
ere he could climb a tree, after
a stubborn fight. The inimenso
ly deep snows and consequent
scarcity of game have made the
wolves, usually cowardly, des
perately tierce, so that tlio mis
erable man's fate must have
been what conjecture, shudder
ing, sets it down.
The Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad Company propose to
extend their line to Chicago-by
a route which leaving their
main Jine at Havana, Ohio will
follow a course about
midway between the Michigan
Southern and Lake Shore; and
Hie Pittsburg ami Fori "Wayne
Roads. Already eighty-nino
miles of the extension are grad
ed west of Havana, aild it is
expected that the remaining dis
lance lo (.'hicngo, about 175
miles, will be graded the pres
ent season, mid will be put in
Dperatiuu as soon thereafter as
possible, thus connecting Lake
Michigan and .Chesapeake Bay
by a continuous line of railway
under one managi'incpt.
Tin' iiiiiil liiiial.i'i' of acres in
Iowa producing cultivated crops
of cereals and hay last season
was 0,(10:;,!)!).).
Years of cold in Europe.
In M" A. D. the Euxinewau
fro.en over.
In '08 the rivers of England
were frozen over lor nearly two
In "lOSthe Black was covered
with ice for twenty days, and in
JfiJ tlio ice was eight feet
In 821 tho Kibe was frozen
for four weeks.
' Danube, and the Seine, were
frozen during four weeks.
In 1333 Mediterranean was
entirely frozen.
I n 1 101 Tainerlano made an
excursion into China, and lost
his men, camels and horses by
the excessive cold.
In 1 133, at Paris experienced
so great cold that tho city was
In 1133, Paris, snow fell
du.ing forty days and forty
nights incessantly.
In 117!), in .Franco and Gor.
many, wine was frozen so hard
that it was cut iu blocks and
Lsold in weight.
In 1270 the intense cold last
ed throe months, and all the
'rait; trees Proverso and Lang
uedoo were destroyed.
In 1G07 provisions and fuel'
came so scarce on account
jf cold in Paris that a small
bundle of kindling brush cost
forty cents. The cattle frozo
in their stalls, and tho Seine
jould be crossed by heavy carts.
In l()S3one third of the pop
ulation ofTouraino died nf bnntr.
or, The cold snap lasted three
In 173f, in Chinese Tnrtary,
I ho thermometer fell to ninety-
seven degrees below zero.
Seventeen hundred and sixtv-
live was a year of intense cold,
Jso Ibo. Sinco that vear
tie cold has never been bo
reat in Paris until tho yoar
1.01, wlien tor tne lirst tune in
a century, Jack Frost camo a-
gam 10 tuo tunc 01 twenty, one

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