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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, March 19, 1873, Image 3

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Ill Till I mill lUiiinniiil iiiiiMiiii.iiMniM.iij , T
The IcArthur Enquirer.
J. W. now UN, Idltor nml I'libllshtir,
AT AHCII lti,lH73
jr j. BOWEKS,
Wic slmll have a lot of garden
hpcmIs for wilo in n law diiys.
.-MB --.
Tin: villnjro of Jliunden jircseHts
Btirrin;? mxl businoKs niipuarewo.
Sicwinu M.vcinxic i-oit Sale, I!
yon wish to pim-linno n good sew
in'j; IMarliiiH', full nt this olllce.
Horn no more "Arctic Waves"
will coin'j into this region soon.
Tin last one wa entirely too chilly.
m-m - an
Tiiaxiu. Hon. J. T. Wilson,
mcinlu'r (if Congress from this
District, will accent thanks for
public favors
T. F. Tow km., Portsmouth, Ohio,
offers to niim-hants a superior stock
of Dry Hoods and Notions, on the
most favorable terms.
Sai.i: and other bills arc now in
order. Those wishing printing of
this kind can bo promptly accom
modated at this ofllcc.
It is said that a new $100 bib
will soon be put in circulation.
When wc get one we shall give a
description of it to our numerous
mj v a
So far as we can learn, the wheat
throughout this county looks well.
Surely there could not havfi been a
wenson more favorable to tho seed
jn the ground than the winter just
about to pass in its checks.
Tuk New York Journal of Com
merce predicts that wool will be
worth per pound before the 1st
of June next. L;it those farmers
and others who have not yet sold
their wool hold on to it for a few
J. W, Stinchoomii, late editor of
the Wixciiesskii Ti.mks, and well
known to many citizens of this
county, is now practising law in
connection tvith T. II. Wni:;:u:it, in
Plattsniouth, Neb. May he meet
with the greatest success.
V'e are jileascd to observe that
Ih n. K. F. IhxoiiAJi, of Columbus,
but I'ormwly of this county,
lias received the nomination for
.In'-go of the Court of Cciniuoi:
rieaiic for the Franklin and Ficku
way sub-division, to succeed Judge
Oi.ns. who declines a re-election.
He wi!1 be elected by si large liia
joiity. jaO--pii
Fi!i;i: JCntkiitaixmct. The Me
ArLhur Debating Society will give
a free entertainment, at the School
HousaHall, on Saturday evening,
-March 22d, 187:1. The cnterttiin
lnent will consist of orations, dec
larations, and dialogues,
The McArthu ijrass Ibmd will
discourse appropriate music for
the evening.
All are invited.
A liiu. has passed the Ohio Leg
islature, authorizing the Trustees
of Elk Township, in this county, to
levy n special tax of two thousand
dollars on nil taxable property of
said township for the year 1873 to
pay the existing indebtedness of
the township, which levy will bo
certilled to the Auditor and collec
ted as other tuxes, Tho bill was
introduced by Hon. T. M. JUr,
Representative from this county.
What do you think of The Mc-
Aimi Enquirer ami Tub Cmus
tian Witness? You ought to fepj
proud to see such nice looking pa
pers printed in Vintou county! Can
you ossist us a little in sustaining
.them? Send us new subscribers
Hind money.
Wk will insert advertisements )u
Tan Enquirer and Tjik Christian
Witnkss in a conspicuous place on
yi-Msonublu terms.
weather. Wednesday
Jbrenoou lMt VV0C, T'1
from ascending In
I'rof. J. II. Hni.i.7
hi-'balloon to those rJ0119 l'Km;
At. nhnnt. 4 :'t0 In I.Ik, nftoni '00,,'
11 1 liiv: It Hill uiim utiiiirau viunv.
blow, ho took his departure. Ills
ascent was very rapid, the strong
current of air, after ho had reached
the liiglit of about two-thirds of a
mile, bearing him due cast, until he
commenced the descent. He landed
safely on the east side of tho hill
cast of town, a few rods north of the
residence of Jonx Lowiiey. . .
About 8 o'doekof tlve same eve
ning ho made another successful
ascension, accompanied by bright
light. He made a grand appear
ance while passing, at hc bight of
about one mile, over the imstern
portion of tho village. He descended
iu tho vineyard iHiir Elio rcsl
,i,.i if CursTKH French.
True Pleasure.
We arc nil seekers after pleasure,
and while we arc seeking wo are
anxious to Hud that, that all'ovds
grcateut enjoyment. Soim have
sought it in tho fashouablo circle,
whero the gay and giddy were met,
and where all was gauze nn-.l show ;
where all was bright and dazzling
as a Bun beams ray.
While others have sought it in
deeds of valor, upon tho battlefield
or upon tho great deep, or at the
great conflagrations, whero they
might show how daring they were.
Others have sought pleasure in the
acquirement of wealth; they have
amassed great possessions and
ounted their gold by the millions;
and yet, they were unhappy, for
there was something within them
that craved and was not yet satis
fled; there was a longing after
something that they did not pos
sess, that wealth, and honor, nor
position would not satisfy, then
there was the fear that a rival
might be more successful, or that
lires, or failures iu business might
.i fleet .them and thus they might
become loose rs by these means.
And after all have found only vex
ation of spirit.
Then there is another class, who
seek pleasure in the performance of
those things that God has appoint
ed for us to do, and iu so doing
they have great pleasing. They
lind no care or anxiet- about the
success of the cause they have es
poused, but they trust all to God
and tiro willing to be led by his
i'ounsels. They come to Him who
is the author of all good und seek
pleasure there, and thus they come
to the fountain's bead and get the
waters fresh and pure. And do
not have to wait for them to run
through the sands of all kinds of
pollution before they are taken and
used for where the water is taken
from the stream at some distance
from the source it is less pure
than at first. Then true pleasure
is to be found in the service of God,
in obeying the commands, for the
good book says, "That the fear of
tho Lord is the beginning of wis
dom," and can anything afford
more pleasure than the eoncious
ncss that we are doing right, and
that the smiles of God rest upon us.
Is this not enough to prompt a 1 to
join in ttie heavenly bund bound
lb.1 glory and there dwell with God
Feb. 20, 1873.
Enterprise in Business.
We like enterprise, and we know
of no class of business men display
ing moro of it than the newspaper
nubiisliers of America. The poli
shers of (Jar Fireside Friend,
Chicago, announce this week in
our columns, their second Annual
Distribution of premiums to sub
scribers. This excellent Story and
Family Weekly is now in its third
volume. Its success has been great.
It is firmly established as one of
the leadiiig weeklies of the Union,
with tlio largest circulation of any
paper in uie nest, its success
may in no slight degree be attribut
ed to its method of distributing
premiums which is permanent
with this nnnc.1'. heme held an-
" I i ' " iJ
nuully. Its distribution Inst year
gave general satisfaction. Their
list of premiums is line and secures
to every subscriber for 1873, a pre
mium either in cash or some one
of the valuable artlcRis inentioned
in the list. We cheerfully recom
mend the paper. Their plan of
distributing premiums is a nota
ble pint of their well conducted en
terprise, am our- peadei'ti uood. hayc
no doubts as to their being fairly
dealt with. The paper is a finan
cial success. Its immense cireula
lion enables its nubiisliers to offer
this valuable list of ytfcitflufns frrt
to fully carry out their plans of
distributing them.
Specimen copies of the paper
a)id premium list giving full par
ticulars may bo bad by addroaainS
tho Publishers, Chicago.
An Excellent Stock.
Tho IIouso pf HM Wu?, & Bros,
has just received another magnifi
cent assortment of goods for tho
ejjry ,prj)g trade. As this estab
lisiuVient is always ajjencl of all oth
go and J'l'wds, as they have
tho most fuB..,onw WWJW. m
prising every featiirq pertaining to
.i.j. , rr'm nriees mo o"1
; Spkoiai. attention is cnllod to the
advertisement of S. C. Swift, of
Chillicotlie, Nin this paper. The
merchants of Vinton County should
give tho House of S. C. Swift
call when they are in need or email
goods, wnll piipe , stationery, etc.
Any of our readers who wish the
most ocautiful wall paper, or. hor
dcrs should send to S. .C. . Swift,
Oxic more fresh, teasnoable nr.d
cunplete assortment of Goods is
arriving at tl.fi I louse of Wn.i. A
Co,, :ileski. Let everybody go
iinl nee the line new good -i which
ire being opened. ,
-a- m htm
Wk learn that Hope and Kagie
Furnaces, in Vinton County, will
each go into blast about the 1st of
June next.
W.J. It ann; i.i.s, Assisiant? Ser-
gnnt-at-Ar:ns nnd Post Muster of
the Ohio Senate, will accept thanks
for valuable documents.
Goon horses are
selling nt hi-h
prices in the east.
Spring is evidently on the March.
The length oMhe Chest-
K'ake and Ohio railroad, be
tween Richmond and Hunt
ington, is 427 miles. The cost
ol tins magnificent work i.s
stated as upward of 83o,000,
000. The throtiali litre begins
business with Co luounoiives.
33 passenger, 22 baggage,
mail and express, J 90 coal
and GOO box, s tock and other
freight cars.
A nursery linn near Olathe,
vansas, has 8,000,000 hedge
ilants ready to set out, and in
tend to plant two hundred bush
els of Osage orange seed this
Thkue are no stages in redemp
tion; "Christ has once suffered for
sins, the just for the unjust, that
he might bring us to God." But
there are many stages in learning
what redemption really is.
Vf- -u fr-mw
An English naturalist ex
periments on the nerves of the
members of the post-office de
partment by requesting vinors,
&c, by mail.
Lkt our path to the fountain be
worn with d:iily journeys; let our
key to the treasury of grace be
bright with constant use.
Wk only really live when we can
truthfully say, "To me to live is
Self-sacrifice is the "round of
ftiiurch harmony.
ALTS. On Krliliiy niiirninj. Mmvli II, 11.-7:1.
leinlltii n'i lock, lit hit rcsiii'ii" iic.i. Dun
dun, Vinton i-nmitt-, Ohio, stki'iihn- salts,
11,,'eil III yciiin, 8 nionilix, ami 0 .lays
The lU'i-cnHe'l wnslinin In Kossociiintv.Oliio,
nml rcinipvc'l to Vinton rntinty (tlion Atlicn-O
uliDiit the j our 181(1. wlic'i n ho icMiiU-diiulil lii-
lentil. Ilu Iwnl lived the lirenfn i-li l-tiiin.
linviiig been a ineniliei- of Uie ( lirlHtiiio
liuivli for uiiiny ye;u-s, anil Iu his living
Iiohi-h, ho H-nsmistalni'il ami i-hneivil by nn iin
fnllcriiig failli. Mix pea.erul dentil w !i llt
tlntf iwiul tosucli a life.
lie wns ono of our most reseetcil n;nl use
ful citizens, and Illicitly ies,ieetvi by nil who
knew In id .
Ho leaven n wift', three ilniiiclilci', om son,
and ninny rebillves und fi iemls to iiinni u bis
lie ns Imrleil on Siitunlay, In Ihe llnU liiiies
(,'iaveyaid, two miles south of M. Arlhur.
Publisher's Department.
Orillniitloii Certtniuitea,
For the use of the ordained K.mn-s of the
liristiau Union.
Pnstornl lioports,
For Pi3tors, which yill onalile them to ino-
paro n coinpleto account of their work In n
short time.
Church Iteports,
Which will bo found convenient for each
church in making n full report of statistics,
etc,, each year, to be presented to tho Annual
These blanks were prepared by the Ialitnr of
The ChrMittn WHnm, and printed In good
stylo on substantial paper by .1. W. IIowen,
Christian Union Publisher, McAillnir, Ohio.
Price 3 cents each, or 93 per 100.
Address all orders to the Kditor or the Pub
Legal lll'inks,
Of every description, of the most approved
toi-ms, prepared with great cure, suitable for
the use of any Jusllco of tho Peucc, Attorney,
Notary Public, or County ollicer, in any
County or township in Ohio, and printed on
gopd pnpor,
l'rices, n-oin it to (0 cents ,-.,ch, or fi-oin 83
to baper 100.
Blank Books.
Any kind of Ilhiuk Hook enn ho riirlitshnl
at lowost prices, Including printed Civil and
Criminal Justices Dockets.
TIioiq dculrltig anytjiliig in the Hunk Uook
line slioulil call upon or addressthe Publisher
Special Notices.
A CAKD. A Clergyman, vvhilcresldlnglii
Soup! Aiiirlcj, us .Mliiiniiry, din'overcil a
suio und miuplo icuiedy tor the cure of net v
ous weakness, early demy, disease ol' the
urinary nnd seminal organs, nud the whole
trainer disorders brought on by baneful am
vic'om habits, (irent numbers have been
cured by tills noble remedy, rromptod by
desire to benefit the nrjlicted pm unfoi tmiuto,
I will ondtloiocelptforprciiirlugand using
this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any one
who needs It, Frte vj Vliiipyr Address '
. JOS HI' 1 1 T. 1NM X,
Station l, ltlble House, . Y. ( It v.
March 111, lH78-v7,nl0.
To SuffrnB.-s-TIii lief. Win. II. Nor.
ton, while rcsiillng in jlnu.ll as t Jliosloniuy,
discovered in that land of inedlclues a remedy
lor Consumption. Scrofula, Soie Tlimnt,
Coin-In, 1-'!l'!Hi Aaihina, und Nervous WeuUno8S.
This riwncily )i,ii cured iiyull' ultev till
other medicines hud failed.
Wishing to licnellt the suffering, I will send
the recipe for piepnrlng nnd using this rein
cn"yt to nil who desire It, Free of Charge.
Dense on! ,nn envelope, with your name
aud uddi tsson It. AiUli'l1,
nev, WM. H. NOHTOX,
110 rtroiuUvay, New York City.
March 19, 1878 vT.nlO,
ICmlgratlon Turning. Cheap Farms in
South-west Missouri. The Atlantic, & l'nrlllu
Hrtilrond Company offers 1.500,000 acres of Innd
Iu t'cutri) nnd Koutll-wcst HissourJ, nt from
to $19 por aero, on seyen yeirs'iiDe, vlthfroo
tramportatlon Ironi St. Louis tq nil uttrchs
eVi. Climate, loll, timber, mllier!-Wealth,
icliools, churches, ud law-abiding society In-
11 J. unci Mm) lil.iillil. i Ililll.-H.l inmnO
n i vii. I. v p me. mid IbniisninU inoro uiu turn
In); their ej en ton aiiU new home In tho fer
tile West. To those (foinn to Missouri, Knn
s:i', NelirtiHUtt. ( oloruilo, Vtali, Wyoming,
Nevada, OreKim or l iiliront Iu, wo recommend
n i-lieap, fiil'e, ipiiik and (llrert route, via St.
Louis, over Mm Mluurl 1'iu lllc Iltillroad,
which runs Its lln- Day l oaelim and I'tiUman
Sleeiiem IVoui St. I.ouln to principal point In
the Went, without elianire. Wo bellovo that
tho Missouri I'lmillo Uailiotiil bus tho best
track und tlio lluest nml afest eiiuipmont of
any lino west of the MisHisslppi, nml lta con-ne.-tlons
with roads further West are prompt
nnd lelliiblo. Tho Texas couuoetlon of this
road is now completed, nml pnsscngors are
oilered n llrsiclns, ull-iiiil louto from St
Louis to Texus, either over tlio Missouri,
Kansus & Te.oii It. It. via Smlnlln, or over tho
Atlantic A l'aeltlc It. It. thi Vlulta. For
maps, time, tables, Infoi unit ion n to rates,
routi'.s, &e., wo refer our renders to S. II.
Thompson, Kiistern l'iissen;er Agent, Colum
lius. ulilo, or I-:. A. Foril,'(leneral Pusscuger
Axcnt.St. Louis, Mo. question will he cheor
fully nud promp tly nnsweied. 1-ly
'I'm: J'i'hkht an-iiSvki:tstCou-LinkbOil
In Hazard" it CuMwell's, made on tho sea-shoro,
f nun fresb. selected livois, bv llii.anl, CiibwcU
& Co.. New York. It Is ubsolutoly PCKB and
swiiET. rutients whohnvc oneo tnksu it, pre
fer It to nil others. Physicians liuvo doeided
itsiiieilor to any of tho other oils in tho mar
ket. 7 4w
For Ayer's Medicines, go to CI. W. SIhsoh's.
C bupped bunds, face, rough skill, pimples,
rinjCivoim, salt-i heuin, und other cutaneous
nlle. lions cured, und the skin niiido soft nnd
smooth, by using the Juniper Tnr Soup, made
by CasH-ell, Hazard A Co., Xew V oi k. Bo cer
tain to get tlio Juniper Tnr So.ip, us there are
luany worthless Imitations made with common
t.ir. Deo-12w
Tho Purest and Swkktkst cod LivEb Oit
Is Ila.nrd & CimvcH's, niiido on tho sen shore,
from fresh, selected livers, by Caswell, II ASi
Altn & Co., New Yo k. It is absolutely pure
and sweet. Patients who have onco taken it
prefer It to all others. Fhy sieiuns have doeided
It superior to any of tho other oils In the mar
ket. I)ec4-12v
For Fine Perfumery, g" Slsson'a Drug
The llest Place. Tho choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Quoeiisware, Glassware, Notions, Sc.,
i-iih lie hail nt Davis Duncan's Store, in Za
lcskl, at all times.
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce of every
description taken in exchango for goods, at
his stoio. In connection with his store ho has
a Saddle and Harness Shop, and will repnir
anything in Unit lino on short notice and at
low figures. Go ami sec him. tf
IJr. N J. Ilowcra, Dentist, McArtlmr, O.
Settlement Notice Persons knowing
themselves indebted to the firm of J. A. Martin-
& Co., Zulokl, Ohio, tiro reiiuestcd to
call forthwith aud settle accounts. Do not
delay. J. A . M aktin & Co.
For Pure Drugs ami Medicines, go to Sis
sou's. Dr. N. J. ISowtrs, Denllst, Mc Arthur, O.
Five Hundred ThoiiMiind.-DOO.OOO bottles
of lireeue's August Flower luivo been sold in
this Suite In three months. We only ask yo
to goto thu drug stores of (tunning or Sisson,
Mc A rtliur, Ohio, and get n liotllocM of charge
or a regular size at V cents. Kvory bottle
Warranted to cure Dyspepsia or Liver com
plaint, Sick headache,, t ostiveness, Heart
burn, Wnterbrnsh, Sour Stomach, Indigestion,
Impure Mood, and nil disease mused by Im
pute Mood, or deranged Stomach und Liver.
Try it, C O. GIILUN', Proprietor,
Columbus, Ohio.
Dr. N. J Ilowcrs, Dentist, McArtlmr, O.
' Settlement Notice. All persons knowing
llr in selves indebted to the Unit of KlCHUOND
,V III lis, me roiiiested to cull lm mediately
and settle iiccounts. Wo cannot carry ac
counts finin one yonr to another, and pay our
own bills. RICHMOND & II CI IX.
. October 8, 18T4.-tf.
Clbvki.and, April, 1873.
Muss. LlCI'KINHWKI.I. & Co:
We liavensed tho'-lluynier, lluumati & Co.'s
stiictlv 1'iT -o Whlto Lead," sold by you, and
linvelound it unifoi inly nud fluciy ground,
very n-hite,aiidof excellent body. For Purity,
Dm ability, und Superior Finish, we can re-
omniend It to all parties wishing good work
la '. I lays, M. II. Gibbons, J. Chubb ft Son,
Geo. Sc.holey.lL L. Denning.
A 4S.nnaro book containinir answers to
questions of great iinportitnre. Sent t'reo for
ion cents. Aid
dress M 1(S, II, .MF.TSGKH, Han.
over, l'n,
lve-ici). a, la-iino,
Nollco'li horebv given that Grouoi! OATcn-KU-
hits deposited with tho Treasurer of Vin
tou Co., O., the anion nt reiiili ed to redeem the
following described land, to-wlt: ThoNorth
westof tiiu South-west (iiuirterof Section 11,
I'owiishipU, Itmige lit; said Itinil having been
sold lor taxes on the third Tuesday of .Inmia
rv, 1K72, In the inline of (iEOitUK (iATCHKI.L to
II. C. Josks, und which cei tillcuto was alter
wind tiaiisreireil to.Joiiathnn Coy.
W. W. 1IKLFOIID, Ati'l'r Vinton Co,, O.
.March 9, WAM;
Noi Ice Is hcrebv given that lton'T Davis,
as Kiinrdlaii of 'W lU.IAVl .1, unit HlTII A.
11 a mp ii n. I., minors, has lllcil his imiounts with
said wards for partial settlement, nnd that
tlie hearing of the same Is set for the 12th day
ol April, IB19, at it o ciock, a. m.
II. II. MAYO, Probate Judge
March IS, 1878-41.'
IacoiiII. IiAK,nftbe county of Keokuk,
r) luwn, Suriib Coombs mid Isuan II. Coombs,
of the county of Clnv, Illinois, will take no
tice that Joseph K, llawk and Itebecca llnwk,
have tiled their Deli t Ion In tho Court of Coin.
moil l'lens, ol Vintou county, Ohio, liglilii.t
them and David Hawk, .uin H, lUwk, Woo.
W. Hawk. itiiHtJtio, W. Iiennlson, gunrdianof
said (ieo. W. (Inwk, aottiug I'm til that Jacob
lluivK, luteol Vinton enmity, (iiuo, iiecenHeii,
on the Rib ilnv of A mil. I Kit), made, executed.
and delivered, a deed of geneutl warranty, to
said Joseph F. ami llebecca llnwk, to certain
pi eniixes, described In siihl deed an follows;
The N. Vv. i of Hoc. (I, Town., 11, l. H, and
The H. W. Xi of See. Ill, T. II, II Y H1i(( r
rlnif th at stild I'.ittur dcscriiinnn was Incor
rect, mid inlxtakenly ilescilbed, and should
luWe been described, as the H, W. )i of See. 81,
T. !-.. It. 17:anilnsk nirthnt HiiidiiiiHtiikendo-
scriition be corrected, so as to conform to the
Intention of the niirties: und Hint a deed he
ordered to them for snid premises, correctly
itosiiriiioii, unit alien oilier renei in may oe
eiiiltablo.-suld ilefendeiils w ill ho rt-imircd
to answer said petition on oc bolero the 8d
diiyof AIny,lSi.'l.
iiosttjril t, n,
and J
... UiqiKCCA HAWK. )
.1. M. MrdiM.tVHAV, Att'y.
Slnrch 10, lffl-flt.
W11KHKA8. mv wife. CYNTHIA A. .HAM
mos, has left nivlied nml board without Just
ciinsoorprovm i'ition, notice Is hereby given to
all to w hom It nuiv concern not to harbor or
trust heron mv account, a I will pity no debts
ni uer contiiicting.
jypsolaUon of Co-Partnership.
Tlio ro-iiKi'tnprlili Imri'tnforo txltlng bo
tweon .1. W. Wilcox, mik! .1, T. Ohuk, ttnor
tliu nitinu anil Htj'Uv (if .Wlt.cox St, Od it It,
Dim ilny ilimxilvort tiy mutual .roiiaunt, .
All iHirnnni Inili-btwl to tho above firm will
pliuicm cull and lettle their v-coiint at once.
Tlio lniltip will heraafUir be continued
" '"I '-- - -linn - ,, j J,.. ) II, I I . 1. .
To the Stockholder of ho Gallipo
11. Mo Arthur and ColumliuiR.R.
Company. (
ALL porsoiisnaviug subscribed to tlie('nt
ttal Stock of sad ItailroadCo., prior to tlio 1st
duy of Jauunr 1S1H, are hereby required to
unv the tenth (.0) instalment of ten OOi ner
cent, thereon, on or before the first day of
April, ibi-i, to wo neercuiry oi sum company,
at his ollleo ii Giillipolls, Ohio, or Vinton
ounty nuliHcillKis can pay to Dun lei Will,
President of V-nton County National Hunk,
at Mc Arthur, Vintou county, Ohio.
By order of te Directors.
.1. J. CADOT, Sec'y
G., McA., & C. It. It. Co.
Feb. SO, 187S- w.
Newspaper, Book and Job
Printing Establishment
Second Story BowkN's Building, Main Street,
Has just beenenlaiged from a 7-colnmn to nn
8-coliunn paper, and clothed in new typo
throughout. Its columns will bo devoted to
tha .
General News of the Day !
Giving a synopsis of events at thev occur.
The interests of our town and county will re-
ubito pm Lifeuiur mivutiuu. it, win, ns ueru
tofore, bo (
And Fearlesa In the Exprestlon of Senti
ments in regard to tlio rights of the people ol
this country ; ever opposed to the wrong.
The Organ of tlo Christian Union Genual
Council of the United States, is ulso published
ironi me same oiuce.
Having purchased new type and material
ior our
We are now prepared to do all kinds of
General Job Printing
Iu tho neatest aud highest style of the art, and
At Reasonable Rates!
Executed on Short Notice
Bring. on Your Work!
J. W. B0WEN,
T. A. MATrn?,'.
Desiro to say to their friends aud customers, and the public in
general, that they have now in store a splendid stock of
PcAelj Selling GocSs Cheaper
Do not buy goods before you
We shall hereafter sell our
EQUIVALENT, thus enabling
Better Bargains
All kinds of Produce bought and sold at the Market Prices !
Come and see us when you come to town, and we guarantee you
satisfactory dealing.
One door West of Court-house, McArthur, Ohio.
An InvPiitlon having n moit Important bonringon tho future reputation of Reed Instru
ments, l,y tlm iisi-of rliioli tlic quantity or Volume of tuuo is vory lurgcly Increased, ami tho
luttlity ol' tlic loiio icuilrrcd
Equal to that of the Best Pipe Organs of tho same Capacity.
Ouri'cWItrnlcil "Vox t'oleslp," "Louis Pittcnt." "Vox Humana," "Wilcox Patent," Octavo
luuiner, tno cimrming Letio" or "Cinrinet" stopn, ana
Can bo obtained only in these Organs.
Prices, - -
Cornei Sixth and Congresn Sts., Detroit, Mich.
EitbllheI in 1850. JUaS-AGENXS AV ANTED IN EVERY fOUNTY.ffll
SIMMONS & CLOUGH ORGAN CO., Detroit, Michigan.
I tiiBiitifttotuio lo onlor nml ropnlr Furnlturoof all klntln, at tho moat reasonable price. I am
prepared to furnish
anil aocompnny them with
xainint) tny Stocks
Mnrch 16th, 187. .
3vt. 33. ooonron cto oo..
iai ubiutt street, coriter ririn, laa.
3von. lUoob lUorktug Htacl)tiicr)j
llaln itoro a full ator.k of PrOANr.
than any House in Vinton Cmmtj !
goods only for CASH, OR ITS
us to give our patrons
than Erer Before!
&55o to SOp
a lleario. fUjFTfy pnblio r inTltad to call at1
I Ji I
v .iiitgur l".li'4 f.c not a vila Fancy Drin,
uiu nf 1'iKir 1 i o, Vy'lii:. !;, 1'iuof Spitin and RWut
inor-s Hitcl'H' - Htticed, nml sweetened to pleat 4
.. e-illeil " T .uie," " Appctiteri," "Reatottn.
, lli.it lead itu tiiilcron la drunkenness and rual
ji nre a Hue ' t .'dicme, imde from tli nalin roar
nd herb. tf a'ii--ruia. free fi om all Alcoholic Sti mutant
'hey are tlieOv.it lllond Purifier and a Life-give
rinciple, a Pen t Reimv.itor and Invigoraior of a;
vitem, carrying o(T all poinonous matter and mtarai
ie blood loa Ii !ihv ctitiditioit, enriching it,.refresaa
d iuvif;nratiii tuiili mind and body. They are eaj
t'adminislraiiiin, nrmniit in (heir action, certain ill the
cHiiltR, afe and leliable iu all forms of disease.
Ho Person :nii dike tueaa Bittera aeco.
ng to direciion t, and remain long unwell, proviaa
heir bones are not destroyed by mineral poison oroiM
eans, and the . ui organs tvasled usyond tin pot
f repair.
Dvananslit or Iurllireaf Ian. Headache. Pj
11 tha Should rs. Coughs, '1'ightness of the Chest, Dlt
inM, nur biHciations ol tne btomacli, tiad laal
n the Mouth, liiiioua Attacks, Palpitation of it
dcart, Inflaminntionof the I.tms, Pain iu the region. t
he Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptom
re ihe nifspi inm of Dy.pensia. In these complain)
I ;is no equal, and one bottle will provs a better gun
ntee pf its meritH than a lengthy advertisement.
War jTeiniiJn Coinpliiliila, m young or ols
narried nr sinclc. at the dawn of womanhood, ar ifi
urn of life, these Tonic Hitters display so decided a
hfluenc that a marked improvement ia loon psrtct
For Iiilln minatory and Cliroitlo Illiaii
staiUin and Oirnt, Dysiiepsiaor Indigestion, bilious
(eminent and I ulermiilent Fevers, Diseases of s)
Hood, Liver, Kiijieys and Bladder, these Bitters ha
en most succeniful. Such Diseases are) caused k
'itiated Blood, wlrcli is generally produced by derangi
jent ot tne ucw organs.
I Touie. t
possL"-ing also tlio peculiir merit of actus
a a powerful aizunt i
lit relievine Coneestion or Inlt.vri
lation of the Liver and Visceral Orgaus, and in Uiliou
For Skin I)lseaae, Eruptions. Tetter. SaL
tlieum, lllotclies, Swls, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Cat
uncles. King-worms, Scald-Head, bore fcyes, Lrj
oslai. Itch, Scurfs. Discoloration of tha Skin. Humos
ud Disease, of the Skin, of whatever name or natim
re literally dug up and carried out of th system id
aort time by the una of ihese Bitters. One bottle i
jen cases win convince uie most uicreouioua 01 meg
urativa efTects.
Cleanae Ibo vitiated Blooil whenever vo
nd its impurities bursting' through the akin in Pimples
Eruptions, or S"ics; cleanse it when you find it ot;
jrncted and sKirUIi in the veins ; cleanse it when it i
iul : your feelluss will tell vou when. Keen the bloo
ure, and the heilih of the system will follow.
Urateful thoiiaantla proclaim Viniga Bit
if Iht most wonderful Invigorant that ever susiaine
ie sinking system.
Via, Tape, and oilier IVorms, luikinc I.
ie system of so many thousands, are effectually it
toyed and remised. Says a distinguished physiol
rist: There is scarcely an individual un the face of th
uth wliose body i i exempt from the present of worms
: ia not iixn tin healthy elements of th body tlia
orms exist, but uiion the diseased humore and slim
tposita that briwl these living monster of disease
to system of Medicine, no vermifuges, no anlhelmin
ics, will free the system from worms like these Bit
Hechanlenl Disease. Person engaged ii
lints and Minerals, such a Plumbers, Type-settcn
old beaters, and Miners, as they advance in life, wl
I subject to paralvsis of the Bowels. To guard again
lis talc a dose of vValkkk's Vinegar Bitters one
r twice a week, ns a Preventive.
Dillon, Remittent, nmt Intermitfeik
'ever, which are so prevalent in the valleys of ou
ret rivers throughout the United States, esneciall
lose of the M iiisipri, Ohi., Missouri, Illinois, Ten
esaee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colorado, Braioi
tio Grande, Peail, Alabama, Mobile. Savannah, Koait
ke, James, ami many others, wiui tneir vast triuuta
es, lhroui(liout o:tr entire country during the Summe
nd Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons
nusiial heat ami dryness, are invariably accompanie
y eiiensive derangements of the stomach and liver, an
titer abdominal v.-ceia. 'I'here are always mnreot let
bstruciions of th: liver, a weakness nnd irritable ttat
f tha stomach, an I rent torr of the bowels, bein
logged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treal
lent, a purgative, exerting a poweiful influence itvo
ies various nr.ttis, is essentiallyneressary. There i
e cathartic for tin purpose equal to Dn. J. WalkoV
'inegab Hit i ui!-, as they will speedily remove th
srk-colored vic A matter with which the bowels ar
taded, at the sine timo stimulating the secretions
a liver, and genu. illy restoring the healthy function
(the digestive m ', ms.
Bcreiuln, or Itliiq't, F.vll, White Sweliiiigi
fleers, Erysipel.i, Swelleil Neck, Goiter, Scrofutou
anamination, In'lnleiit Infl.tmiiiaiiioa, Alercinsal Al
c'liisns, Old Sores, Eriipiinns ol the Skin, Sore Ev
i t. In lh-", as in all other coiisiittitionai ia
ases, WaI Ch's Vmaavit IIittrks have shmrn thei
reat curati'." jum in mi most outmiaie ana intraci
ble cases.
Dr. Walke y'i California Vlnegnr Bitter
er on ill tlieu c.i ,04 ill a similar manner. Ity nurifyiii
ha Blood ihey remove the cruse, and by resolving awa
he effect ef the inflammaiirm (rlie tubercular deHsiti
he ilTecied parts ireeive health, and a perniaiieiii cur
I ettected.
The proper) lea of Drt. Wai.kkr's Vinrra
tiTTsas are AiL'iient, Di.iiihureiic and Cumulative
Julnlinii, Laxitive, Diuretic, Sedative, Coumer-Irri
nt, Sunorinc, A ierative, nna Aiiti-iiiuoii.
Tlie Anerlimt ami mild Laxative properties C
). Walker's Vinkoar Hitturs are ilie best safe
nard in all cases nt criinimns and niaiicnant lever
heir balsamic, hc.iiine;, ami soothing properties protec
he humors of the fauces. Their Sedative prnpertie
llay pain in tlie nervous system, stomacii, and boweii
ither from inflanim-ition, wind, colic, cramps, eti
Their Counter Initant influence extends tlirmi-liou
he system. Their Diuretic properties act on the Kid
eys, correcting and regulating the flow of urine. Thei
Inti-Bilious properties stimulate the liver, in the tece
ion of bile, and us discharge through the biliary diicti
nd are superior to all remedial agents, ior wi cure
lilinu Fever, Fevr and Airue, etc.
Fortify the body against dlaeaae bvntin
tint all it flui ls with Vinhqas Uittuhs. No en
emic can Uka hn d of a svstem thus forearmed. Til
.rer, the stomacii, the bowels, the kidneys, and th
arves ar rendeied disease-proof by thi great iuvii
Dlretstltxia.-Take of the Bitter on gome to he
tnight from a half to on and one-half wine-glassful
Cat good nourishing food, such as beef steak, mutto
hop. venison, roast beet, and vegetables, and tak
nt-door exercise. They are composed of purely vegt)
ble ingredients, and contain no spirit.
Drurrists and Gvn. Agts., San Francisco, Cal.
andCOr.C.1 vraningion auu viinwn n(n . .'ii.
mm .1 Ciinlftrtn the)
ItUH tJiteoverlci I frtMtoeliiit hhiI iiraveutlng 0i. r'n
how w praitrvH ihoosiit'xliii, to. v ,
ThUli m luifivRtioi work ottwo kundrtrd and iUij'
f.hM, with auniiTout tiii'vintti, kutl ouulna valuctiilt
DforaVttot for thoi wbuii t nirrled,rcoDtti)lsi(fjgtssr
rlai 1UII It I ft book that ou(h tubf kot uudcr iooJt
ftndk. o4 Oil laid etrleily about Ih aouaa.
IlaoBtaioa tha txperlvnce and-atlvlot o 1 a pbrMcUn
whoa ri palatini) Ii orl(lvl1, aud thoiild bo in ib rl
Tat drawor of every anilo Mint rmtl ibrouHhont the uiir
lobt Utmbrntiet avtrvltiius ft ihf MUliieut Olthe to
triavtiytiomttmi U worth kaowluf, aai aiuck tbi U
Rt pubilibetl in nnr tbr work .
Staltoanjr ono (lYMorpo-iuiie forPlfr Ctiti.
eiddrtu r. UulU' ItIiimumij ,.. XaK.klgkikitrMt
Si. LaaU, Mo.
Notice to tho ASlo ci unl Unlb hnatr
trufaappljlnttn tbaiitnHotiiquirh haylrffrtliaU
iitrllo Bairn.iir uatiif any qimck mil edit- i !) Dr.
fc Mm' work Hotmiitur wbKi) ourdltMaaia, or U-w o i-Wr
, abUjrtju sMtallili u.
Dr. Bnttt ot.-i itl- a ff'HihW innr of !f!-Mcn
foomt;! otndflt" Uy noni'i nt iltv nnilci.-1fi.rin. i n-- 1
oalproftaanrant UiU uouin-v nnd Kutni i.n l ri h-. -n
tilted pt-rBoiin'! r l-t l.m (. i'h iliutti vi..( r,.. i. ,. t,
hliMrV. ' f i- - 1 ' ' -
b- iwoiw Alw). ' i ' ; '.i '
Kow Yorlt OiHoe. 27 BXEFTfAlf BT.
jyj AJiHOOL : "
Jut publMu"!, nvvr edition of Dr. Cut.
Tcrwoll' tiilolirntfil Knxav on the rmllcal
cure (without iiimlii'lnp) of rtpoi inntoriliura or
Seminal W.'iikticss, Involuntary H,-inliul
losses, Imjiuti'iiry, Montitl ami l''liyli a n.
capacity, Iiiiii'lluieiit tomai ilnK, (to.: nlno '
Coiiatimptinn, Kpllrpay Und Flla, lii.lurtd bv
elf IniliilBonco orsnxiial nxtrMvaRninic.
JKrjJT sVr'Is', in ai'ilod etiTflopx, only a rrnt,
The relchiutrd author, In this admhiiliU
essay, doarlv donionstiates front a thirty
year' atii tesifiil procure, that tho alnrmluir
oonaeniiencoa of anlf-ahusii inav m n.i.. n7.
cured without the ilatifrmotia in of in tcrnul
medicine or Ilia application of litis kniM i
poliillna-oiit a tinnl of cure atonre niin si' l,v
means of whirlt evry itinoror, iionintt.-i- n'.,t
Ins wHiuuHiii uinv mi, mitv tMire niinsniv t h, in,.
.prlraMy nud tadli alfy.
iri i ins i.f i itivu snoiim ne in uie tiitmU of
ttry yonth nnd 0Tirr man In the land,
pbiib, uii'ii'i m-ni, in a piain eiiTonipe, to nnr
address, poalpahl, on receipt of aix fr.ni, or
two post okc atitinp.
Also, lir, t ulverwrtll'a "Martlaga Kui.ic.
price 59 eentn.
Addrest tltn Publlshon,,

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