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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, March 26, 1873, Image 1

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The McArthur Enquirer.
J. W. ISO WEN, Editor and Proprietor.
Terms of Subscription.
One copy, one year.l 50 1 Ono copy, 8 mos fl 00
Oueuony, 0 mos. , 75 1 Ono copj',4 inos. BO
JT not puid within tho year 8 00
Clubs of Twenty . , . . 20(JO
Tho MeAr'hur KNQt'lRKR elnmlates FHEli
i- KNQl'l
the llniltn of Vinton
Tlie'MVArthhr Kkquikkr and TKt ChrU
tin Witnmi will be scut to oue person one
year for t IK).
A failure to notify ft iliscoutlunance at tlio
cmlol tho time suuscriueu lor, will no iu ten
an a new engugomuiit lor ulwuriptiou.
AilTrrtlnliiK Rate.
8 iikih. . e iioh. lit mos.
0 00 7 00 10 00
1 00 10 00 15 00
0 00 li 00 18 00
10 00 IB O0 ) 00
0 00 19 00 ' 90 00
IB 00 . 85 00 40 00
86 00 ' 40 00 80 00
Thfl apace occtiplcil liv 10 lines of Oil (Non.
pui-oil) type sliull cciiiHtlliitc a square,
llulu uuil Figuro Work SOconU additional
Ono square,
Two squares,
Tliroo HquareN,
l''our squares,
U column,
, column,
One column,
Legal Advarttscinunts 11 00 r sqtuiro for
nrst disunion, aun do cenu per square lur
eiiuli nihil l.iimiil luxortion.
Hiislness Curtis, not ujecooding 6 lines, 5
per year.
Afl bill duo on first Insertion ol advertise
Hills with reyular advertiser to be jiald
llimlneas Notices 10 ccntua line. Marriage
KoHcts aci'ordiuir to the liberality of the
Yearly advertisers cutitled to quarterly
I'hnn iri.a.
Advertisements not otltenvlso ordored, will
be continuvd until ordered discontinued, and
charged accordingly
Marble Monuments.Tomb Stores,
flood Assortment of Slarlilo constantly on
hand. All kinds of CEMKTKKV WOUK done
U order iu the finest el Is.
MoAHTIlUll, OHIO. ,;
Prompt ntieiition iven to all legal business
eiHriiBtcil to his t are,
(tllleent liis residence.
Fob. SO, 1878. ,
Jx. TTOKltflEir A.T LAW
McAlll'IH K, OHIO.
Ovrivt: I'"list door West of Dun. Will H
l!ro. Iiipi'itial attention jtivou to tho uollur..
tinl) llfclHilllK. lw.Vi-1
Will attend promptly to nil legal business
entrusted to liis emu in Vinton and adjoining
counties. Oi'KiOE In tho Uecordcr's otlice.
Will attend uronmtlv to any buslne jriven
toliiHc:iiv iiixl iiinuuguiiient in any Courts of
niton ana a rjoininx counties, n-rict.m
too Court llotirio, up stairs.
McAUTlIVlt, OHIO, i ,
v ill practice in Itosx, intoii and adjoining
co.mlies. All logal bimliiesa entrusted to his
euro promptly attended In,
(Formerly Sauds House,)
EGBK11T BOWEN Pkoi-kij:tok.
This House, wltich is convenient to the ft. K.
dopot, since changing proprietors, has been
thoroughly rouovahd and refurnished, and
the present prorfi'tor oll'cis to travelovs.nmt
boiti'ders the best accommodations,
Good Stable on the premise.
J. W.VARNEIt Proprietor.
This Hotel Is In the most convenient purtol
tho city on Frout tit., between Market and
Joil'crsiin. ,
Corner High and State SU noarly oppositt
Htute llonso, ,
E.,1, BLOUNT..
This Ilotol Is furnlsheil throughout with all
the inodcrii Improvements, Uiiosls cuu rel
on tlio best trvatmunt and very low hills.
Street Lars pass this Hotel to and from all
jAOiEcsolSF, oiiibJ
DR. I.T.MONAHAtf r --r "1 i'fopl joloi .
This honso, formerly tlio Isliain House, hnr
h icii tlioioiiKhlv leuuviitud uud lioiiutll'ull
fitintshe l. iliivlng superior facilities, everv-
tiung win uettouQtoin:ikegui!stscoinroi'tiit)lo.
T ililo alwnys sujiplled with the best tlio mar
kot a U (i nls. Nicely turn lulled looms anil
cleanest ImhIs, Good Stables. Kvery elforl
insile for the mftrt of patrons.' All charge
chiuicothe; OHIO,
M.MRlCLK - - -
- Propi leloi
This Hold, a few loet from tlio Ilallrosd Ho
nut, and wlinrc all truvubus on all train can
take meals, has Jtist been Kientlv enlsrgcdun.l
thoroughly repaired, tiaiutod, tc, and Is uow
in complete order for tho rwopl.hm of guests,
Trains stop ten niiniitua lor meals. Terms
moderate. .
Corner Sixth and Walnnt RtreeU.I I1
oi2srpiiriTAa:i, oHib.
V. I. OAKES A .1. T. KfRirHR, Pirtprlotora,
Jno. MoiNlTa A J. II. t;oHNbi,v, Clerks.
hlsc.ts hnun has boon ontlretv Uoflttod, Ho
Thlsndr and lloinodoleil, and It la all re
npfu FIHHT-CLAB1 HOTKL. , , ,
Af.i.rint Luxuries oktukSkasom. Table
lurpso t by none in the West. Ample and
pica nit aucoinmodatloni for traveler. (llv
i , '.j i 'm. i. j
i WllOI.iflil.S DKAI.ERfl IS
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery. &o.
324 and 820 South High Street,
tnistedtohiin will receive prompt attention,
vuur, to, lorn. u, ; j ; j (, (
C. M. Paok, of McArthur, Is the traveling
agent lor the ahovo house, and all orders en-
...! 1 1 . ...Ml i - ...... .... . . .
, . WUOI.KSALt: uealj:k IN
Front St., I'oiitsmoith, oma.
J.F. Towell Is aifcnt for several Mills, and
bis house is headquarters for many dvlrnhlo
niakesof Kastoru- tioods. All goods will
olil at the lowest poiblv prii o.
(;lose eash buyers, (lrstclass time, trnile.
Wholesale )edillurs and lurnaceinen uru par
ticularly Invited to an examination of
stock. .
Life is not Dreary.
Tell me not that li fn Is dreary,
Fraught with pain, and woe and grief,
Life isjust what o'er we make it.
And our sorrows ihould bu brief. . . '
. . ! c- .' . . . .
Should trouble and sorrow come upon us
And sad misfortune though ttioy be,
Let us think litem heaven's blessing
KlessingM that wo cannot see.
; When our heavenly Father placed ui
Iu this world so bright and fair,
Can we think that lie designed us
To bo ailed with grief and care?
If life was then to bo so dreary,
Why wero given the beauteous flowers
That sprinkle every road am hill-side,
Or aweetly bloom within our bowers?
Why gave He beasts for overy want,
Why birds of s woo test tones, ,
And why the richly yielding lands !
That spread around our homes?
It' li&i was then to No so dreary,
"Why has man the power of miud,
To subject to his wants and wishes :
The boasts and birds of every kind?
'Tis the selQsh, sinful heart,
Of its own replnings weary
TlunVever through life's varying paths
Greet us with" Life Is dreary."
Lot us strive, then, to bo happy
Till our hearts, with hopeful light
Knowing all Is good He gives us,
Itumemb'riug nil he takes Is right.
Christ Knocking for Admission.
I saw in a vision a scene
which had been, and yet was,
J liere stood before me a lanre
edifice, upon whoso front I coul
read " Church of Laodicea."
The form was old, yet combin
in'' the new; and I saw that
the congregation was rich and
fashionable. ITiey were gath
ered for worship, yet brought no
discernible1" offerings. " "The 1 at'
mosphere was not spiritual, for
the augels, who were the cour
tiers of the Great King, were
not there; neither was there
any fire on the altar, nor tho
overshadowing of the Divine
presence above the symbols of
communion and baptism.
Then I heard a voice saying:
"This is the day which the
Lord hath made ; behold, the
King cometh unto thee bring
ing salvation. I saw a glori
ous Personage standing at the
church door. His hands looked
as if they had been pierced,
and his garments as though
bloodstained, yet I saw that
there was a crown upon his
head, and a sceptre in his hand,
while behind him was ,a long
line of celestial beings, bring
ing gifts. "He knocked, and
while he knocked be said, " I
know thy works, that thou art
indifferent to . my cause. Thou
sayest thou art rich , and fash
ionable, while really poor, and
blind, and unhappy. Behold, I
come to give thee the true riches
great light, and garments of
beauty. Repent and bo zeal
ous, lor 1 am wamntr to come
into my own, and if thou wilt
admit me, I will give thee the
blessings of the kingdom, and
the joys of spiritual triumph."
, I thought that the congrega
tion could not fail to hear, and
ono said to another, : " That
must be the voice of the Mas
ter. Have wo not come here
commune with him, yet do
we not keep our hearts closed
agaiust him?'" Wo Ought to ad
mit him, but How can we, with
our pleasures, our rivalries, and
worhlly expectations? ,,ye ara.
not rdad fbr su'ch ';V visitation
now. We are1 bo rich, so re
spectable, so much is expected
us.ihat xfo enmnot noWcdriH
promise our standing with the
world." So they remained in
tho attitudja of tho&o, who had
cpnQ to meet tho King, yet no
one'ro'Sfid liiieh'the door and
bid bun. telcoaOv lie camu-
unto his own, yet Lis' own re
ceived liim not.
My attention was turned
another way, and I beheld him
knocking at the door of
pastor's study, which opened
into the sanctuary. The minis-
fop nild flhllVfll fifnrPrH worn
lY "'IUJVI1U1U1 "U'1" Wtre 1,11-
I ' . 1 1 i 11
gageti in conversation, as tne
Redeemer knocked, He spoke,
saving, " Behold, I walk in
midst of the golden candlesticks,
to give them light, holding
the stars in my right hand.
Without me ye can do nothing."
So I said, " Surely these keep
ers of the Lord's house will
arise and. admit their King!"
But they said one to another,
"The time has not come
the Lord's work. The preacli
ing demanded must be popular,
and the popular feeling is not
spiritual. The people are not
prepared for a revival. Our
numbers are great, and our ben
efactions are many, and we are
as much favored as our neigh
bors." When I heard, I thought,
" Surely I have misunderstood
but I remembered there were
many who had a form of godli
ness, but denied the power
thereof, so 1 was silent.
; When I looked again the
Messiah was knocking at the
.1 . f II I T i
uooroi me cnoir. it was
quartette, and they were richly
pant lor making a melody with
their mouths which came not
from their hearts. He knocked,
saying, " To him that oneneth
unto me will I give the true in
spiration of praise. He shall
sing with the spirit and the un
derstanding. The praise shall
be deliverance, and the song
that of salvation ! " The choir
looked confused, as if the call
had not been made for them.
Receiving the King would spoil,
as they thought, all their plans
of life ; for they sung profession
ally, not spiritually; not to lead
devotion, but to awaken admi
ration ; not to exhibit Christ,
but to show themselves ; and
they should admit him, they
would be spoiled for the opera
and theatre, which paid them as
well as the church. So I saw
that they said in their liearta,
" We can not receive him.
After this I looked to the
other end of the building, and
saw the King knocking at the
door of the Sulhath Hetool. Ev
ery knock had a voice saying,
"Behold I come to lead the
lambs by the still waters. Be
hold I stand at tho door and
knock, that I may lay my hands
upon these children, even as
they sung, 'Blessed is he that
cometh in the name of the
Lord. It seemed now as if
they would rise and open the
door; but I saw no movement
on the part of teacher or super
intendent. They thought they
must teach to prepare the way
for salvation, but not to insure
it. Believing they were doing
good enough at present whM
spirituality was wanting, rt
tine, festival, and numbers en
gaged all their attention and
desires, so they had not relig
ious sensibility enough to admit
While I was wondering at
what I saw, the King drew
near the door of the prarr-
meeting, and knocked, saying,
"Behold I am come whom
ye seek. Open, and I will
breathe upon you, and ye shall
receive the Holy Ghost, and 1
will give you the communion
you seek, and the blessing for
which you pray.
At once I expected that the
door would be opened, but I
saw that their eyes and
ears precluded compliance, be
cause they prayed without the
understanding, tho want, or the
Spirit. Feeling no poverty or
hungering and thirsting after
righteousness, they were not
ready for the provisions which
tho i Master brought Men
prayod as they were called upon
and. sung as tho hymn was
given, but 1 saw that they un
derstood not that Christ was at
the door, nor felt that they
were brought to au. innumera
ble, ; company, of angles, . to
Mount Zion, or to the precious
blood of sprinkling. They
came asking for ; the company
of the King becauso it was cus
tomary. They rested in asking,
and went wilhugly away with
out the receiving.;;
. Was all this & vision? Has it
any likeness to actual life?
What aaa-thkkiiQckin at
tho Laodicean dooi? Is it
Christ commanding and the
church obeying? Where lies the
failure of a living church?
it in His unwillingness or our
neglect? i He not continually
knocking at the church's door,
more willing .to give his, pres
ence than his people are to re
ceive it?
The First Payment.
The out standing debt of
newly built church was
thrown on the people, giving
every one, men. women, and
children, the opportunity and
privilege of taking shares m the
house of God. The plan was
variously received. " Some
would give nothing; others
were 6ure they .had nothing,
give, borne thought . church
building belonged to the men;
others did not wish to hear a-
bout the debt at all; and still
others suggested making ap
plication to the richer churches
abroad. A little at a stand
what was best to do, and before
the subscription papers were
issued, a lady called upon
poor widow of the church, liv
ing in an upper chamber, with
four children to maintain, to
learn how " she fared through
tho cold snap. Having made
her call, and rising to go,
"And how, does the debt get a
long?" asked the poor woman;
"I've got my money ready.
did not know who to give it to.
Will you take it?" and she
went and brought four silver
pieces and put them in the
lady's hand. "A dollar!" said
the lady; "my good woman, you
cannot afford this; and in this
cruelly cold weather too!" "Yes,
yes," replied the poor widow, a
tear glistening in her eye. "My
uoa is a good tfod to me, and
1 want the privilege of helpinc
to Duild His house."
This was the first patmcnt,
the precious offering: of a be
lieving heart, who needed no
arguments and no collector be
yond the love she bore her
It was also the first note o:
encouragement to the builders,
who henceforth took courage.
When Christ's people come
up to this measure of jnvinji,
his treasury will be full, and
his church will be built of "pol-
lsued stones.
The Great Work.
"Knowing the terrors of the
Lord, we persuade men." And
wo know, too, "the grace of
our Lord Jesus Christ; that he
who was rich," for the sake of
all the blind and infatuated sin
ful men about us, and in our
world, "became poor, that they
through his poverty might be
made rich;" that he is "rich to
all that call upon him," andjhas
no respect for persons," and by
us has commanded His truth to
be dispersed and His grace to be
distributed. - Let these views
more deeply influence us, that
we may never loiter in the
work assigned to us, if we are
truly recovered to God ourselves.
that of "strengthening our
brethren." On them who are
perishing for lack of knowledge,
never can we too earnestly, and
affectionately, and yearningly
"set our hearts." If you convert
a sinner from the error of his
way, you "save a soul from
death;" and can a more power
ful motive be urged? You place
another child in the family of
God; and vou open a mind to
knowledge ever enlarging, and
to feelings which shall yield . a
felicity more noble and sancti
fying throughout eternity. You
advance the rapture of angles;
for there in heaWen, over one
sinner , that r.epenteth." You
heighten tho joy, of y?ur . Lord
himself: for 'he sees of the travail
of his i soul, , and, is .satisfied."
Happy will , it bo when this
true estimate of man shall be
taken by the universal Church
of, Christ, .; Its tornof will be
shaken off, its disputes and
bickerings, silenced, and every
thought bo absorbed, and , every
energy put forth in the solemn
work of saying souls from death.
0 Thou who hast set thine
heart upon man, inspire us with
some larger ' portion of thine
own boundless and tender char
1 , TU , Annual of, the Christian
Church (South) for 1873 came duly
to hand, y It is a pamphlet of 62
pages, well edited and handsomely
printed, by Eld. "W. B. Welloks, of
of Suffolk, Va. The "Christians
South" , are an ear nut, working
people. , We subjoin, as anion
their most interesting statistics.
their annual account of Revivals
i Many precious revivals have been
experienced this year. :
Eev. D.' A. Long held an interest
ing meeting at Antioch, Rocking
ham county, Va., in January. ; Five
were added to the church. -:
Eov. ,W. G. Clements held
meeting of nine days, at Hayes'
Chapel,, Wake county, N. C, the
nrst ami second, weeks in August,
resulting in the conversion of four
teen persons.
; J''oUv isona were con verted at
meeting held by Rev. W. R. Brown
at New Providence, Moore county
N. C, the last week in July and
first week in August.
A gracious revival was experienc
ed at Damascus, Orange county, N,
C, the first week in August, under
the labors of Kev. E, W. Beale,
Fifteen persons were converted and
nine united with the church,
A blessed revival meeting was
held by Rev. M. B. Barrett, at Mt,
Larmel, in -Isle of Wright county
Va., on the first week in August,
lhe meeting continued eight day
nuuty-oiA vuuvci ib bweutiy-nioe
united with the church, aud thirty
were baptised by immersion.
Kev. K W. Beale held a meetini.'
at Lebanon, Caswell county, N. C.
in August. Twenty persons were
converted. Ten joined the church,
Kev. R. II. Holland held an in
terestlhg meeting at Damascus,
Gates county, N. C., embracing the
first Jsunday in August. Twenty
one persons were converted anil
sixteen united with the church,
Kev. C. A. Apple and Rev. J. T.
Whitley aided the pastor.
At lierea, jNansemond county,
Va., Rev. W. B. Wellons held a
meeting of six days, embracing the
second bunday in August. Twenty
three persous were converted and
filteen joined the church.
At Oakland, Nansemond connty,
va., itev. vv . . weiions neid a
meeting of seven days, embracing
me third Sunday in August. Twen
ty persons publicly confessed
Christ, and twenty-three uuited
with the church.
Rev. R. II. Holland held a meet
ingof five days at Union, South
ampton county, which resulted in
the conversi on of nine persons.
Rev. J. T. ' Whitley held a meet
ing at Spring Hill, Sussex coanty,
tue nrst feunday in August. Eight
persons publicly confessed tin
Kev. J. JN. Manning held a meet
ing of great interest at Berea, Nor
folk county, Va., about the first ol
July,. About thirty persons were
At Providence, near Graham. N.
C, the pastor, Rev. W. S. Long,
aided by Bros. D.'A. Long, Iselev
and Beale, held a meeting of great
interest, embracing the first week
in August. Filly persons professed
faith in Christ, and about half that
number were added to tho church.
At Mt Auburn, Warren county.
N. C, Rev. J. W. Wellons held a
meeting of much interest in Aug.
Eighteen persons were converted.
and seven joined the church.
Rev. C. A. Boon held a meeting
of great interest at Moore Union,
in Moore county, N. C, embracing
the second Sunday in August. Six
persons were converted and three
united with the church.
At Zion, Chatham county, N. C.
Rev, C. A. Boon held a meeting,
embracing the third Sunday in
August. Nine penitents were re-
At Shallow Well, Moore county.
N. C, Rev. C. A. Boon held a meet
ing the last of August, which re
sulted in the conversion of fourteen
Rev. J. N. Farrell held a meeting
of much interest at Catawba
Springs, Wake county, N. C, the
first of September. About twenty
persons were converted. Bro. Beale
aided the pastor.
At Midway, Granville county, N.
C, Rev. A. Apple and Rev. J. W.
Wellons held a, meeting in Sept
ember, resulting in the conversion
of five persons.
At Barretts In Southampton
county, Va., , Rev.. M. R. Barrett
held a meeting -tho last of August,
and several persons were converted.
Kev W. B. Wellons held a mcct-
ng at Antioch, Isle of Wight
county, Va., in September, which
resulted in the conversion of thirty
nine persons and twenty-three ad-
ditioni to the church.
Rev. J. T. Whitley held au in
teresting meeting at Sunnyside, in
Sussex county, Va., in September,
which continued five days. Twen
ty-seven persons 'were converted,
and twenty persons were received
nto the lellowsbip of. the spring
nil church.
At Cypress Chanel, Nansemond
county, Va., Rev. W. B. Wellons I
held a gracious meeting the last
week in September, i wenty-one .
EoVP&ntV".ia Uicl
At Bethlehem, In Alamance,
county, NC.; Rev, A. Isclcy held a
meeting of great Interest, it iSe-
tember, assisted by Revs, D. ,A. I
Long, Thoa. Trtiltt, and others, I
churob and Were baptised.
M sVousb t IXMpttL UranvvUtt
county, N C., Rev. J. W. Wellons
held a meeting of Interest, in fcep-
tcmbcr. Seven persons were con-
At Good Hope, in Granvilh
county, N. C., Kev. J. W. Wellon
had thirteen converts. Iu each
the above meetings he was aided
by Rev. E. W, Beale and Rev. R.
! Rev. C. A. Apple held a meeting
of much interest, at Bethelem, Nan
semond county, Va., in September.
Several persous were happily con
verted. Rev. W. B. Wellons held a grac
ious meeting at Suffolk, in Septem
ber and October, resulting in
conversion of thirty-five persons
and thirty additions to the church.
This was one of the most precious
seasons ever enjoyed by the church.
The following reference to tin
Northren (New .Light) Christians
appeared in the Annual:
The "Christian Connection,"
is generally known in the North
ren and estem istatcs, is perhaps
nearer on the platform occupied
the original Christians, inth'
South, than any other,' but niany
them have become tainted to
greater or less extent with Unitari-
tinism, and have yet agreed upoi
no doctrinal basis, or declaration
principles, which prevents then
from generally co-operating with
the evangelical or orthodox denom
inations around them. They are,
however, a revival people, and th
rcnt body of them a spiritual peo
pie, resembling the Methodists anr
and Southern Christians much
more in their manner of worship.
than any uuevangelical. denomina
tion. Thev number about G5.001
The Last Papal Allocution.
On the 22d of December
1872, Pope Pius assemble(
his cardinals, and delivered
them an allocution, very char
actenstic of himself.- Othei
men, at the blessed Christina.
season, try to think and speal
kindly even of their enemies
but the Pope consigns his t
perdition, and tells them tha
hey have ipso facto incurrec
communication. The spec
lal object of his anger is a pro
posed law of the Italian king
lom to sell the real-estate and
other property of the religiou
orders, and to place the proceed
in the public treasury. Thi.-
aw has been already enforce
in most of the Italian territory
it is now contemplated to an
ply it to Rome.
It must bo remembered tha
tho . authority of corporations
religious or secular, to hob
property is derived from tin
State, and that the State can
of right, limit the ext?nt of cor
orate possessions. When cor
porate p operty so increases at-
to endanger the State, the Stati
may very properly take posses
ion of it. This right has beer.
exercised all over Europe, in
merica, and in Mexico.
But the Pope, in his allocu
tion, denies the authority oi
my to take possession of tin
property of the religious orders
le waxes hot in his denuncia
tion of the new law "It at
tacks," he says, "the very foun
ation of the true social civil i
zation which the religious or
ders, with unceasing labor
and equal courage and constan
cy, have promoted and perfect
ed, not only in our territory
but which they have brought
and still brine to foreign and
larbarous nations, despisinc
ifllculties, dangers, losses, even
ife itself."
Pius declares all such law
to be void. Hear him: "We pro
nounce invalid whatever is done
against the rights and patri
mony of the Church. Ave de
clare absolutely null and void
any acquisition, by any title, of
ie 6tolen goods. Here is af
firmed once more the suprem
acy of tho Church over the
State in all matters relating to
Church property. That the
Church will ever concede the
rights of the State, where it is
7l!Al 1 ,
resell concerned, we need not
expect, ihii we wisu Ameri-
cans to get clearly before their
minds the unchangeable princi
ples of Romanism, so that they
may know how to deal with it
when our turn comes. If we
are ignorant now or hereafter,
Will be our owu fault,
j .
Ungham Young wants a
k :nfP(L)rn. One ot the Sand
U.' le tbink, Uld
(answer, his purpose. He is
convinced that nothihg 6hort
0f this will save his pet. relic
from destruction.
, , . ' .
cotton growing company
Cisco, wnicn win purcnaso iu,
000 acres of land in the San
Joaquin valley, and commence
plowing nnd planting
the 1st of April.
Behold the Church.
it o
What is the Curch? Each
.sect says "Members of our Zion.'
What is the Church? The follow
ers of Jesus. Where and wha'
was the Church before he came'
Was there no church? To
what Church did Abraham be
long? To the Jewish Church
Aud here again comes tht
pjestion, What is the Church',
(s it Judaism? Again what is the
Church? That which was found
ed by Peter? And is Romanism
Christianity any more than
Judaism is Christianity?
These inquiries are suggested
from reading that most remark
vble book of this agecce- Ec
ima: , . -
1. The discovery, of what has
long been so long lost is a nec
essarv antecedent to a correct
idea of what we are striving
after in Church union. ' Mor
r it i i i i
ian uix thinks tne unurcn is
Episcopal or Catholic, and en
leavors to cram all the Christi-
mity of this country into the
American Church Union and its
supporters at No. 7 Church
street. Not a few think a man
nust be immersed to enter the
Church, and build to a totter-
weight a sect of a million on
his sharp edge.
In all rig! t minded inquiring
ifter true organic Church unity
the settlement of the question,
vhatisthe Chuich? must pre
cede all questions. If we be
ived he Westminister Cat
chism to be essential -as the
basis of the Church we should
diout ourselves hoarse over the
glorious prospect of Presbyter
;ans all together and heal the
mrt of God's people unto a so
lution of the great Psalmody
puestion, and how much nearer
ire you? Are the Psalm singers
)f the Church, or are the be
lievers in the grand old Cat-j
ic'iism oi Westminister the
And shall we go to Dort,
ind blend in fact the reformed
"Churches," now one in name,
ind is that the Church?
Shall we go to Augsburg,
ind though we rally some mill
ions, are Lutheranism and
Christianity identical? Judaism
is not the Church. Episcopacy
if Presbyterism is not the
Church. Nor is independency,
aor Immersiomsm, nor Wesley-
inism. Nor is it all this put car
nal together. Tin r is something
in eacn. lhat in you that
nakes you deny the table of
he Lord unimmersed member
fthe Church, is sectarianism
pure and simple, and is carnal.
if you don t believe it, see how
lateful it makes you, and m
;olerant, to have assailed. . You
would bear to hear your Master
reviled without so much as cut-
ing off the right ear of the re-
viler with the sword perhaps,
Peter like, but you would run
:nm through, we fear, should he
assail your weakest point,
close communion. Mark the
spirit of that most eminent mod-
(vn uaiapnas, lima rnost
Beach, in ruling everything irre-
evant that makes not for his
sect idea. Our word for it,
Stephen Tvng, Jr., could get as
tight as a Lord at Rector
Stubbs' rectory and no cha-ge
be lodged agaiust him, and High
Priest Beach would dismiss it
at once, if he did, as irrelevant,
and go dine with the prisoner
that day. And why? Because
Christ only is offended, and is
nothing to the Church. It is
because Priest Beach thinks
lis Church is in danger and
his sect-craft in peril, that he
forgets even the common court
esies of justice, anil braves the
contempt and would go to the
scaffold as did Laud for the
Clivirh" Is there nothing car
nal in this? Just so is it with
Shibboleth. It is the veriest
carnality. Test it and see
Would Jesus of Nazareth pre
fer charges against his beloved
servant for preaching without
express permission from a cold-
learted and formalistic High
Churchman and Pharisee.
Would he brave public obloquy
and sit in judgemcdt in so dis
graceful a scene as is enacting
iu a dingy, black hole of Cal
cutta in this city 1 to-day? We
do not believe a Churchman
can bo found who believes it.
The same test brought to bear
on any so-called principl in any
sect and it vanishes. -Christ
comes, and all carnality is gone.
S-ipno'sea visitation from Heav
en to come. ' Suppose the' par-'
iclete to uecend and sit as with!
ongues of. fire on the assembly ?
hat now watch over the trial
A' a brave and blessed minister ,
f Jesus. . Let tears of Jove
low down tho cheeks now pale i
with rage at .the exposure ,of
ids bigotry by "Judge Fullerton., 4
Let all hearts be melted' as''
(;hey are in Fulton Street 6ome-1
times, and canonical or not can-'
mical, would, not these hearts I
oe, poured outn prayer, and ,
.vould not that portion of . the .
Church be one? .What would, be-J
;ome with the case, what Villi
he' prayer-book? ' It would bo '
lismissed at once, and they '
he indictment 1 quashed all '
would go to singing Methodist ,
psalms together.. . Who doubts,'
keeping always in' mind thi.t
the Holy Ghost comes upon"'aI', '
jarnalitv is at tho bottom of all?
So; then, an aggregation or
pressing into one with their ;
present elements all sects is not i
the Church.
Witness any union : conven
tion where controverted sub-1
jects are not allowed, and you
see all the unity such a segre
gated mass produces.
Oh, what is the Church?.
where the Spirit of God is, '
there is the Church. It is a 1
spirit and kingdon not of this
world. Love binds all. , Lovo.
allowed all liberty of opinion.
Love gives freedom as absolute
an unlimited as Christ If must
not go beyond. Take Chrift
and we receive you. Deny
him, and we put you where we
put the ladepcwfant or the Rit- :
ualist. Jesus only must be the .
central magnet of the Church, -or
ra her of the Church.
So Presbyterianism, Episco
pacy, Immersionism and the
rest, so far as they are of Jesus,
i. c, are one in nunu and heart
are of the Church. Bring ;
along ajl these, i. c, all flit is
of Jesus, and put them altogeth
er, put t hem with Christ into"
the heart of man, and we have
found the Church. To drive
out all that is evil is therefore, :,
our first work. Hence, the
Church Union is belligerent for
peace, and would conquer a ' '
union. C. Union. '
Patrick Callen, father of .
Hon. D. J. Callen, representa
tive from Mercer county, died
at Rehobolh, Perry county, on
the 24th ulr., of general debili- .,
ty, aged 75 years.
It is said the Pope compares
Dr.PuBy to a church bell, "which
keep on ringing to call men to
church, but never goes into the
church itself."
There have been over 1,100
processions in Poland the paf-t . ;
year for the benefit of the Pope
Pius, and more than 108,000 ...
took part in it. ; . '
It is reported that President '
Grant will shortly make a tour '
through a number of the South
em States, among them Vir
ginia, North Carolina, Georgia, '
and South Carolina. . ' '
Six thousand men are now
grading tho Texas Pacific Rail.' : t
road, and track laying will be- ' !
gin as soon as the rise in the ''-t
Red River enables tho necessa-'
ry supplies to be brought .up i .
Snow at the temperature , of ,; .
forty Hegreeu below zero, Fahr.,' , , ;
is said to loose much of its' nutir ; ; ;
fractional quality, so that it Js
nearly as difficult to draw sleds
over it as upon common "aud. . ,
The report of casualties and '
crimes in New York shows that
there was an average of two
fatal accidents for every day of
the past year, and ore murder
ind , three suicides for every
week.-,.-- ; .. '.
Bret IIarte's works have '
been translated into French.-;
There seems to be no end of1
troubles 1 for tho Gauls. First, '
tho 'Prussian' army victorious,
then 'the' Communists, then
Brete Hartc; what next.
Rev. P. Herbruck tho Reform
ed pastor of the German con
gregation, Canton, Ohio, Ima
during his pastorate of nearly
forty years, baptized ,4,272 per-;
sons, married 1,071 couplcn, i
buried 1,457 people, and
preached 7,000 sermons.

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