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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, March 26, 1873, Image 4

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Who is the Great Preacher?
. ,
SoiiiO persons think that tho rVy
gnat preacher Is t he man who lias
a worlilrW'We reputation. Wine
name 18 seen on tlio title page of
Many books, and in the columns of
many papers. .Ilia praise ' sounds
la the political circle, iuxl the titci
gry world rises up to cull him smart,
lie has been through Yale or liar
(vard, and the ladies in the galley
hower flowers upon him and at hit
feet on Coinmeaceiuant day. Ii
his pockets arc white hands; on hio
jWk fine clothes; and he says he it.
graduate. lie talks Latin, Greek,
Hebrew, German and French; he ir
handsome as Apollo, and as athletii
as the winner in the famous Olym
pian race He can sing like a Hntc,
jplead like a Portia, and reason like
Bacon; tower aloft in eloquence
like aVeb8ter or C.ilhoun, and hit
dignity commands awo wherever Ik
goes; and so th 3 world says he is
iihe great 'preacher. ThousaniU
Juxay hang upon his utterances, tin
.nation may trcniMe at his voice, the
lcnitlc and auditorium may be
.thronged, and all the bells in
Christendom dliimo at ths an
poniieeinent of his name, and yet,
;he'niay not be the truly great
preacher. ,
He may stand in polished pulpits
on Brussels carpet, and the million
aires Of.'a nation be his audience;
reporter miy ta!c riotva all I12
ays phonetically, and the cylinder
steam1 power presses may turn out
his sermons at the rapid tick of a
watch, and the mails be burdened
with what lis has said and written;
until trains are chartered to carry
off his glittering sentences; yet,
this does not constitute the truly
grtat priacher.
Some men assume that the great
preacher is the famous and widely
known man, WI1033 name is sung in
sheet music, a.nl to whose memory
church houses are erected and cities
named or granite columns piled as
high as Hunan's gallows or the
tallest pyramid of Ejypt, But all
these things do not compose true
ministerial fiim?.
The truly great preacher is the
man in whoso, heart resides the
Holy Spirit's power, and whose soul
is overflowing with love for a fallen
The true prea:'li3r is the man of
the people, both rich and poor, and
who stops at every cottigo door to
speak a word of comfort to the
humblest citizen earth's poverty
affords. Hi is ths in v.i whose life
is one of sMf -denial, and often
want, caused by his toils among the
needy, and his gifts of charity to
the humble poor, widowed and or
phaneJ suSforers singling along
life's weary way.
The truly great pmchor may
not bo knoivn byoa 1 a country
parish, and his nanu may not ap
pear on flaming posters or stand at
the head of lengthy columns of
Situational sermons; but when you
find the chronicle of his fame, you
will And it on the 11 ;shy tablets of
bleeding hearts he helped to .heal;
in tired limbs he halpjd to rest; in
trembling voices of repentant souls,
who, through his influence, were
brought to the Saviour's bleeding
wounds, and there found life and
The great preacher is that man,
through whose efforts sinners have
been saved by the hundred, if not
by the thousand.
The truly im na.t il an I greatly
to be honored preacher, is the hum
ble winner of sinners from the dark
way of death, not bacaus j it gave
him name, or brought him fame,
but because he loved to work for
Jesus' sake, and fejt the burden of
souls upon his heart
He is the great preacher, who
" goes forth weeping, sowing pre
cious seed;" all for the glory of God
and weal of mankind. His titles
may not be given him by ecclesiast
ical schools, nor his name appear in
thaJiaLof faj.'-.fwucid-tumn but
his real greatness is in " That he
doublcss returns bringing his
heaves with him."
The truly great preacher may not
be extensively known on earth, but
he is widely know?) and divinely ac
knowledged in heaven. The fruits
of his labor may not make the
voice of human populace rise -in
thunder tones, but they bring an
gels down and cans more "rejoic
ing in heaven" than ten thensand
earthly great champions of the sa
cred desk and platform.
T ... ! I . i.
ajv lino, ii iiu must nvc in an
fiuinbie cottage, while others live
, In royal palaces, the time is eomin"
When "the reward of his hands
shall be given." His home on earth
may be a rented one. but his home
in heaven will be hit own, with
title signed and sealed by the blood
w Jesus.
' ' Then aspire not for mortal fame;
rather, for tho divine recognition.
Let the path bu well trodden, and
tho Journey through time, one of
disinterested pursuit alter the lost,
In-ruined,, arid periljeopardued,
lid tliff reward of true greatness
shall be given, when the Master
shall say : "Well done, good and
fdthfnl servant; thon hast been
aithful over a'few things, I will
nako thee ruler over many th'ngs;
enter -thou ..into the joys of thy
Lord.'" - - - '
Tli'Mi shall the world-wido fame
r tig forth; the tower bell of heaven
will chime , the memory of your
greatness;' 'the pcaily gat s w I
lick their latch, and you shall be
far from a world of grief and sin.
.vith God eternally shut in. lTi
vill come tho white-robed, wh
were won to Christ by your fnithfu.
oils; they will clasp your hint
vith loving touch; peer into youi
ramortal eyes with fond delight,
md vise up with you in bcatilh
onvoy, to range the sun lit expame
oi the realm of endless day. hi
The Lamb's Book of Life," your
lame you will read; on your robes
'Christ's righteousness" you wili
see; in your songs, will seraphs
join; and as yon pass froir.
'leight of bliss, to height of bliss, oi
".stand upon the. sea of glass," o;
walk the golden sereets with a star-
gemmed crown upon your head, yoi.
will triumphantly realize that tin
humble and faithful worker, t
earthly fame perhaps unknown, it
great among tho greatest, whom
God delights toown,and heaven de
lights to hold.
Then, away with your heart4
aglow : -'tis now past noon, ami
"Behold tho fields are already ripe
to harvest, and the laborers arc
" Tis not a cause of sinnU import,
'The preacher's case demands;
'licit what might 1111 angel's honi t,
-'And filled a Saviour' Ii ni ls."
"So, Iain with you! "smth. tho Lonl;
"My church shall safe nhiile;
"For I will no'or forsnko my own,
'Whose souls in ma court, le."
0 ye fathers and mother?
who have sons aud daujiliters
growing up around you, do ye
ever think of the responsibility
for keeping alive the home
sentiment in the hearts of yom
children? Within the limits ol
your means, remember that the
obligation rests upon you to
make their home the pleasent
est place upon this rolling earih.
to make the word "home" to
them the synonym for "happi
ness." I would not have you
import tho vices of the outside
world into your homes for nny
purpose; but I wuuld have
you go to the utmost verge ol
what is moral, fo provide at
noine tnose tilings wnieii en
tice young and growing persons
away from home. And let me
assure you that you had better
spent, your mon.?y in doine
this than iu ostentation or luxu
ry, and far, better to spend it
thus than to amass fortune for
your children to squander in the
future. And not only as re-
(TO Pil Q Qmncnmnnfc 1 . 1 14- rl
comfort and refinement for
children have a keen apprecia
tion of these things this is
mucn the best policy. Don I
send your boy to school in ill
fitting garments collar all a
vvry and chafing his neck, but
tons missing, and shoes down
at the heel. Don't make a
ware house or clothes-press ot
his bed-room. Don't feed him
on sour bread, and tough meat,
and burnt colfee. Don't lot
noise and dissension and mis
rule spoil the hours he spends
at home. Don't do any oi
these things if you can possi
bly avoid it; especially don't
do them for the purpose of lay
ing up money for his future use
The richest legacy you can
leave him is a life long, inex
tinguishable and fragrant reco
letion of his home, when time
and death have forever di-s liv
ed the enchautment. Give him
that, and he will, in the strength
of it, make his own way in the
world; hut let his recollections
of home be repulsive, and the
fortune you may leave him will
be a poor compensation for the
loss of that tenderness of heart,
and purity of life, which not
only a pleasant home, but the
very memory of one would have
secured. Remember this, that
while he will never feel grate
ful for your money when once
you are under ground, he wili
go to your green grave and
bless your very ashes for that
sanctuary of qui it, comfort, and
refinement into which you may.
if you possess the means, trans
form your borne.
The "Boston Time protests
against th employment of
female teachers in tho miblie
school in Massachusetts, ex
cept in the primary schools. "
None of the skaters hare
been drowiied tit St.'' Paul (bis
year. When tho ice gets to bo
sixteen feet, there is little dan
ger of going through it
Minnesota shipped 28,000
deer east last year.
A Youn?
Men's Christian
has-' been, formed
Seven thousand
women he-
long to tho
Oilicial censiu returns shows
2ol),000 slaves on the Island
o. uuba.
Over 23,000 white children
u South Carolina do not attend
my school.
Statistical returns show that
here are in France' at ' ' the
present time 1,969,787 widows
fho value of the alo and
'leer exported by England last
rear was upwards ot .10, 100,
Milo Goodrich, M. C, of New
1 oi k, has been in his seat only
two days this session
There is a Japanese proverb
which says, "The chief glory ol
the sword consists in its resting
juicily iu its sheath."
The thermometer registered
F9 degrees in the shade at St
vujrustine, Florida, on the 3rd
)f January.
It is estimated that tho vari
ous mission and Tract Societies
of the United States disburse
annually 10,000,000.
There are 331 sees in the
Greek Church, having under
their charge 72.000,000 of peo
ple, of whom 50,000,000 are in
The coldest day, except one,
fjr a hundred years, was the
30th ult, according to the
averment of Prof. Loomis of
Vale College.
A Methodist Sabbath-School
somewhere in Iowa, had a mush
and milk sociable recently.
They are growing to be quite
Newton Batenian, the Supcr
intendant of Public Instruction
in' Illinois-, will recommend com
pulsory education in his forth
coming report.
Last year 4,811 new books
were publi.shod. in England.
Of these 7S2 were of a theolog
ical character, and but 741
were works of fiction.
At St. Paris, Campaign
county lately a yellow poplar
tree was cut dwn and yielded
more than 70,000 feet of lum
ber, which was sold for $10 r.
thousand feet, 6700,000.
The Catholic Church' in
Great Britiwi has about 2,000
priests, 1,020 churches, 82 re
ligious communities for men,
280 fur women, 4,500,000 lay
members. '
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
Od ami ulter SovimlnT , 1ST2, Trains will
run an milium:
3 id ? t- "5 : - t' T -5 . it
. i . T -T ,-4 1-.
!xtii-rt n 1 59 n v i 91 i,
1 :::;
-: -l ::::::
isti)i n
.3 . :
V. a r-i
t :
f1 i .2 h -
;3 -a
4 .i
4 i : .
.7 -.' 1 - ' 91
a, 9 f w ft n n v in 9. tt
in - 4'
rr. Kfii.
i' i. ei s i
( IN( IXNATI EXPHKsh will run ilnlly. All
nthiv t aim d illy, exce t SiiihIiiv.
iin' inNVI'I ICM'UKsh. Ksp, makes no
"toil hctireen lliiinden and Athens,
Branch. r-
t Mail
4:0ft 11. in
" ma, hi.
lV:f0j). m.
Hep, irnnulen
Arr. I'lMlHinou Hi
lei. I'ortsiiioutli
rr. ifnc.knti'' ' f
" lliiimlen -
1:m "
6:4.r.a. in.
Jlidl - .;
llMrin. m.
point; on the Mttle Mlnnil Kill ond.
ami nt thu Indianapollt ' liiciiinirtl Hall,
leoilJuuctlon for all points West. 4 1
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad.
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West, Northwest and
rhl Ii the Short Lino via Indianapolis
TlioircntTliroueli Mali niul Express l'n
avwr Line to St, I.uuis. K.uiisas itv.Ht.Jo
tyh, Dt'iivw, iSun Frinii isi-,o, , uil ull jjoiuti
iMinsoiui, Kuiimh nnil t'uluimlu.
The slmrU'i-t ami only (livivt route to In-
ii.iiituu, i..iiayi'iu', Torre lluutt-, mm
luiilgutity, !SrhitflU'lil, Puorla, liurlliiKt'J",
Chi.ngo, iMiIhuiiU'l', St. I'Hul, auil all points
in tho NiM-ihwu.-t.
Tim liicliitiiitRills, Cincinnati ft Lafayette
It iili'uail, with iu coiiiiectlunn, uow utters
IHl-acnKiii'H moio mc.ilities in Through Loach
niul Slce,iiiiK ( nr Kuivi.e tlma any oilier line
t'.oiii ( inciiiuati, having the wlvautnue
iiinm.mi naii.v lam iioni (.luminal! to m
Louis. Knns.iti Litw HI. .I04.ml1. i.ii.u. Ilur.
liiiKion, Chicago, Omaha, unci all intermediate
(units, incsciitiiirf to ( ohjuints anil t'amilit'it
kiuIi eonifortu ami uccuinuiojationn ad lire
nunriii-u nv no other route.
I ll oiigliTk keUniul Uiiggugo Checks to
Trains leave Cincinnati at 7:30 a. m.. 8:00
in, aiiiiv:00ii. in.
ikkuis van ho ulitainoil at No. 1 Burnet
House, lOinerTliliil anil Vino. Public Land
in, corner Main ami River; also, at Depot,
eoner I'linn ami I'ea.l streets, ( inclnnati.
ne sure to imrcliase tickets via Imliunap
oli.s, Cincinnati & I.al'avcllo Kalli-o id.
Ii. L UAItUINtilCIt,
Master Tiansjio t itimi, Cincinnati.
. K. I.IJUI),
Chief Ticket ( lerk. Cincinnati.
Southwest. Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Line to tho Luke aud the North
' ' 1 went.
As ioiioivk:
l'ni t
Athens 0:.S0n. m.
8:13 p. ra.
Arrive Arrive.
oluinluift. ....... 0:.riOn. m. 5:40 p. in.
i liiveland ... S:r5). in. 7:80:km.
I'iltKliurh K:15 " aOa.m.
lmliuii.iolis . . 0:v.1 S:40 " .
i ln,'0 0:.0ii. 111. S-M '
.ina ri:lUp.m. . 8:16p.m.
1 avion 1 : lt " 9:45 "
.rinallcM 1SI0 " 8:03 "
Close eoniipi'tlon made at Lancaster for Clr
i-leville. Z.uu'Hville anil all ixiinls on theClu
.-inna i ami Miiskinirum Valler Knilrond.
Ki.cct lonneitions maile at Columlius for
Oiiyton, S('linfllchl. Imlinniipolis, ChleaRO
ami an pouiiH "cm. aiso, lor i leveiann.
Hull do. rutsliurirh. H'ul all im nls Kant.
Take the Mocking Valley and Van Handle
route to I hirniro and the Nortlnvcxt: it is the
shortest !y lly-six mdes, riving pa8cnRei-s
i ue oeneut oi incKer tune ana lower rates
man ny anyotner line.
J. W. DOHERTY, Sup't.
K. A. Bl'ELI., Ocn'l nekvl Aitei U
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Ciroat National Short Llue Route
Eaatand West.
Only Direct Poute to the National Capl-
iui nun r-HHiivarUi
On and after Monday, November 19, Trains
will mn as lollows:
iiASrviMltll, Cim noli Tlut Hail
k'fprttu line ErprtM
... 1 1-IU 1 1 ...
tai-ke.uuri( B 5.1 Am 6 40 I'm
i uinhcilaiij. .. S ; I'm lis.) A in 8 44 Am
liai ieis Ke.rv .: 001 " 551 " 1 12 I'm
U anliinKtoiiJuiH'. bUU " 8s.ll " 4 43 "
II ill lino, e 8 55 8 45 B03 "
W ixliiiiMton 10 lJ " 10O0 " 6 25 "
l'liilai.'i,ilii.i .... a:lAni 1 SO I'm 144 I'm
New Vo k .... 613 " 4 10 "
New York .. .. 30 I'm 8 .10 Am 020 I'm
I'hila ieldiiu .... 1214 Am It 43 I'm 400Ani
Wa-hiiiKlo 4"l'm 8 00 " 800 I'm
l-allimoie 8 00 " 4 0oAm 850 Am
Arrive. .
Washington June. 820 " 4i3 9M "
Harp r's Kerry... IS Oil I'm 3H " 1204 "
t u erland 5IW 10 32 " 8 45 Am
I'm kciH'nii K H-.'l " li nil
Ptlli mi lalice Drawing Eoom Slespiug tart.
W Ii i. h a re ns cun fortahle, eleirantl f u rnished
an. I alinoKt Ciml to a llrc-Biilc, ait on all
1 1 in hi iioiu i uii'iuuaii to liaiinnore aim
ashnnriiiii. SeeSihciluleofl incinnall and
Mai ict ta Hail ond for time of arriviuir anil de-
ii.utin.' fiom Mc Aitlnir.
i ncn ivni.tares oi tins route orer all othei
y. that it L-ivci- all t avelcra holdinir through
lickcK the niivilce of vis-lliiiK Baltimore.
i'hil.i lclilii:i. and the Natioiml t apitol t,r:
Time nuicker anil ialcotfaru lower than
lie another unite.
The K.-enery along this llaihrav ia not
e inallcd for grandeurou thin Continent.
This line oiler superior Inducements tin
men iH'injr one-tlilid lower to and from Itos
on, .New loili. or anv other eastern ihhiii.
mi oiuei iii ihius oi nny neM-ripiion irom in
iMHt (five unci tion to snip rit llaltiinore A
ii n it. ii., nun in sin i pin if r.nsi irive same ill
'ections. r M-lirhlH sIiiiiihmI liv this rniite will
hnve ie-:intcli, and he lininlled with care ami
ave sliippeib mucn money.
Master Trnnsiwrlation, Baltimore,
ti. It. IlLAM IIAUU,
(jeu. Kreiidit Ag't. linltimore.
L. 31. COLE,
Cen. Ticket A (f t. Ballimoie.
(Jen. Pnss, Aj'U.t'lnclnnntl.
Cin'ti & Muskirgum Val'y R. R.
m and after Monday, November 13, 1H7S,
ir.iiiM will leave and arrive at Laucaiter,
.uiinaji a exccjiieii.i n, union s;
Vxtrm inul .Vail. Accommodation.
Arr. lo:4U a.m. Arr. T.Vi p.m.
Arr. 8:M) urn. Arr. 8:20n.m.
Ulrect loimections made nt LASt'ASTKI:
with t aius on the Col iiiiilins ami lloikliu
.iney it ii iu. i tor Alliens, .iie.Ariniir, i nn.
Iicoihe, I'oi tsinoiilli, Marlettu, aud l'orColuiii
nlis, Direct eiiiineellonninilo at 7. VN'KIVILM
M ilh IraiiiMon the llaltiinore A Ohio It. It., fo
lutein I Itics .it Al.llillOW a id UIIKSDKN
iCNCi'ION with trains on Hi) rittrflinruli
1 'iiiciimall & St. I.011U llnilr.al. Kn-t am
Wi st. It. II. IIAil.KV, (ieii'l Ticket Ag'U
V. C, Waitk, Superintendent.
Cin'ti & Muskirgum Val'y R. R. BEE LINE.
On tin I after Monday. May S8II1, 1871, E
rcn 1 1 .hub will leave colli
iinihus mid t res
line mid anive
at HiiiiU njuicd below as fo
TS'oTir"l- No.4. I No. A-
olnmhiis ...II :10 a. 111. 4:1(1 11.111, V oi.iu
leslllno ... p.m. fl;S 4:n0
level.ind. 8:45 11:45 t:ao
riuilalo 1U:.KI 4:10 :OI)p.m.
v'f tl, M ..1 . . ..."
.iniuii r 11. 1 :inrn. m ii:so a.in. . 4:40
Itocho-ter ... 1:0 IM . 6:05
Vlbniiy .... : SHOii.m. lswa.ni,
lliiMnn. .. r:f()i. 111. 11:SU 11:00
N". V. City.. 8::JI ao :40
rei-tllni! ....19:4.1 p. in. am p.m. H: !Ba.in.
i-iunniKn.. iisw 1 n r m.iii, 1 4H n.
inrrnhiirg , 7:irn. 111. ll:Jl 1:40 a.m.
1 iiiii'iiora. .111:11 x:ri p.m ,t.
Wnih nvton. l'lil p, m. . fl:'.'5
I'liilnlelp'ilHlliiS . H:15 " 'fl-CO
:'riwlllno .. 11 . m. 1: i ,1.111. (.:.. n.u,,
Fo tWiivne.. B:8'U. in. 1 : n.ni. 11:15
I wo r:1Up. m. i
lSSXo. 4, loivimj toliiiii.iii, , ...I, .
'111 u ihronitli :ar v a I'olawar fn Mnrlnir
lei I, reaching Hpringlleld w itliout change at
l:fi p, 111.
Train No. i, on the (,'oluinlnis ft ITrxkiiig-
1 aiir.v niuiniiui riniiiecc wnu io, 4 tiain.
I'll ouirh Tii'kels lor mile at Athmn.
I'AHSKXOKIt TKA1NB I'timilni- arrive at
I'oliiiiibns at MM a. in., 11:18 a. in., and V:M
Is Ills
(tor Palace Pay and Sleeping Cari
ln All Train.
No. (1 lenvlnir I'oliniihun at :! a. ni., on
Quinine, runs th oiikIi wllliout detention, by
Imlh K lo ami New Vork Central Kail wavs.
arriving; at New Vork ou Monday morning' l
:!. in.
Kor na'tleiilar Information In regard to
tliroiiKh tickets, time, eoniieetlons, oto., to ail
points Kant. West, North and south, apply ti
r address K. I'OltD, CoIiiiiiImk. Ohio,
K.H. FLINT. tien.Bup't.
jas.i'atti;k.so.v, ,
General A ent, i ol mi, Ohio.
r'ni' sn. I '..liimhiK. Ohln
& INDIANAPOLIS RAILWAY. Ohio and Mississippi Railway.
It is the ahortest, iiil.ket and only Itoar
running Its entlro trains throuli to
IVIIhnut C'luinire,
Oiirarrnna;omeiit- and eonlrwtlnni with all
lines from Ht I-onls an I Louisville art) per
fect, rclinhle and complete for all point
This Is the ftliorto t an I Host rtoute to Kan-
is City, Leavenworth, Atchison, Bt.Josepli.
and to all points In Missouri, Kansas and No
brnska. Tlimilirh Tli'klji ami nil lC..i t.
. , 7 - ."HI .III,, l. If R. ,1
time and faro, nun lie nlit.ilii.nl a n
nmeeoroiirollleolnCln.lniiatl. . ,
E. GALLUP, Oen, East Paaminirvp A front
VsIklIAX,Oaa.IMtMl1Tlekrt Art.,
JT'rLrnltii.iro !
.-i I i '
I maDuTuctiue to order and rpalr Furniture of
I , ' , prepared
and a 'company them with a lleane.
examine my Stock.
March 10th, 1872.
all kinds, at tho most reasonable prices.
to furnish
I am
4aJThe pahlio are Invited to call and
Finest Drug Store,
Have purchased O. T. GUXKING'8 Drug Establishment,
And can supply
CWcEst'BSMfiiiDe Ctart, Paints, Oils, anfl Bye Stuffs,
Varnishes, Turpentine, Glass, Lamps,
New. JP1JTJ30L I
and Choicest
tho people with the
UMliU V, aud
Wines and Liquors, for
And will ronstautlv keen on hand a wv.I.T.
. uoiinn; iu iu Hi-Hal's m ug stores, which w
Lowest-Cash Prices !
I'arucuiar attent on will lie m il to nil nir
lions, FaiiiilyCoiii)oiinils, and iii-eiaiiitioiis of
u"rl ""ii Ki-uiiiue. e invite those wishing
a eholco lot of
Medicinal Purposes Only!
KKT l-fTVii asoiitwi.'Vt r.,i, ...ni.
ill ucsohl at the
1hvalcliini ir,inv. .n.i .,... .... r..i..
all kinds. W e w arrant every ivrlicle we sell to
ai tides in our Hue to cull, as we are conUdent
l'aicnleo and Jlnnufactuior of
Iliad Blccb. Post-Hole Borers. &c.
Clarksburg, West Va.
T1IK CriKt Millrt. hcllir linrt.1,1. r
l." ..... '
..vu & j uiul, nun
inn ne next Jim ever made for all kinds of
4.umiiiK i an necilMlv attaclieil toSnw Mia
or any oilier nower. and u nrmiitixl in ... in.i
Hour Ullll Jli-nl of a mmerlnr minlilv ni
n'.cr ia'e of ui.i.,l tlmu . ....... kim
Wthout heallnif or other illfllfnitvth.!
IV !
lit l)cln 1.4113 ioiniin, occiiiivinif oiilvX
eoi wiuare on the lloor. Will xi inil SO tn do
ins iels per hour. If withfu thirty ilavs, the
Mill does not prove satisfactory, it mav'he re-
...iiibu uUii uiuiiey unit all charge refunded
Hurt's Post-Hole Borer.
Is guaranteed to make two holes in
one oi any oine ; Hoes Its woi k lan-
i. U- ntt.l i.....r.....l..
...... .... fviiuivij ,
No fault enn he found with It nflei
u mi, ncnt to any one on trial win
will neiul nie the endorsement of tlu
i osi .iiater. Atfcnts wanteil.
Ill A II AIM',
Clarksburg, W. Va,
r"n-mer and others can e tin
.urn. ll.de liorur ai ism I MQUihas
Bowaro of Counterfeits I
ers txttrulvnly oonSTSRrsivin. Dlihonal Drug.
tint tni'cror it tell tht counltrfeililomnkerrmitr
frojllt. ris rtnulnt havt MsiumuoJok Nonet
on each fneirart. All othert art morlhleu imitation:
Ths OBciis Pills ars unfslllnsin ths cure of sU
those p liiiinl nnl dsnxsrnns dlenss to which ths
femnie eontltntlni is snbloet. ThnT modfrats all
soessss aud tomovo all obstructions, from whsi-
vvat vvs. .
thSTars psrtlcti. uly siilU'4. Tiiof will In a short
tlms bring on l!io nionthv porlod with rnilsritjr
andalthourh viy wisrsrful, contain nothnis; hurt
ful to ton co I'titution. In all essssof Nerronisnl
f itlsue on s'lir' . n 'rtlon, Palnltsllon of ths Hssrt,
llyitnrics snd WIT les, thy will allent a curs whn
alt other tnesnih vo fuilr.4. Th alrrnUr. M..nJ
sa'h pscksie. jtlva full dl-ctlons and advlo. or
will ba sunt fru to all writing for thorn, sealsd
i..iti nuiwirTsiian,
N. D. In all eissf whsrs ths oiftctwa esnnot bs
obtai4, Orni Pillar anflnwd to tho Bole Pronrls
I r, JOO M03ii.4, III OortlwU 8uNew York, will
W-urs a bottle of the gtnu'nt, contilnlnej sHity
Pills, br rolura mall, ttcurtly ttaltt from aur
nureOonniis, Coi.ds, stiima, Dsmoiiitis. gom
TuioiT, lIoiRSsstHS, DirnocLT IlKsiTniso,
cinr.sr CossuiirTioAKDLoaa Disiihis. t.v
have no tate of nrdlclne, and snychlld wllttiks
them. Thomsn'ls bnvn besn rente -ed to hnsllh Ihnt
had hofore desnvlrsd. Ttlmoiv rii"n In hnn-'r'ls
fci.es. Auk fur UllYAN'8 fUl.MOVfO Mf AIRI13.
Prlro.Hlcen a per box, JOn MOMiS, Prowls
tir,i80o tln tP .."t,Nuw York. v
l'irpne 1
In- J. (I A It
no. sis iiuo LfOiniMim, rnris.
Thsss nllls " hlr'ily rocommemlod by ths entire
Medical Faculty of Vrnneoss the very best remoilf
In all ei" S of 8 eriniitn-hm, or flemlnsl Wesk
n: Nlithtly, D l'vnrPrmii'ws Iinli.lont! Ret-
Sal WeiknensorwseWficvi WtuknssearUlnafroia
Qenltal Organs ; WiiskPiilne: PsposlUlnths Urine,
snd sll tho jclisstly trnln of Diseases arising from
Overuse or Etcessas. Th'vcurs when sll other rem
edies fsll. fsmsliletof Alvlenlnesch eoi.or will
be sent Free toerty address. Price (31 par llaa.
Bum uymuii, trciimii,fiiBB;rnm ! ow.rTier.fm, on
iTmull. esvursrtsesfstf rem efl0M.ri
reeslTttnf rc-xie. OSOAHO. H08K8, ISOostlasot
peesmini rcwe. uduahu. niissn, isuostlisi
It.. Naw fosa, Sols Oeuaral Agent for Amarlos.
Ttn Teairis ofavrihl
teal line proved Dr.Croos
Vlneof Tiirloliuvoino
merit llinn nny almlb
.res, 'ii''iiri,i mil cvvr,liirin4
"A tho pnbllo. It la rleli
,t .5 the niedlcdnnl qvalltluai'
1'nr, and uiicminlml t
(r-s iim,na0IUin'inrMs,
fhrV; IK-rforiiilnw U
m:v flLl-ew. Iiioetreinarkiiblecurea.
'Vw elroltunllycurfJaalU'lB(,
jm,'t aaill'iiids. Uliaaeuml
. T2ef it- many vnmm of Aalhig
IbS-; i $g flint .flrourhllla, Iha.
dJh Sl- " ouvv. Jironounoeil
' apeeiao ir flieso ofi
plulnts. FnrPaJnafn Ik
llrmkf, Nhlet oa Itarl
asrsiTri or aaiussrw sss
raas.d laeaaea of the llrli
rjr Ortsiis. Jstumllo
or any Liver f'uuiplsvJl
It la Mlao anper lor Tonic,
ItrotorM llt Appolltl
ftlrfia-thrtis) HioNyaloin,
ImIan Uie Weak nnil IN-lilU1,
4'nnsxui I lie twoil Iw llrxr
lemiavM Iyieil niul Inillirealloi
rfiil KlMlstrlussa l'sitn
est Thing in the West I
L A. 1ST" IDS !
mtuiitr in and nnirtha Arkmmt Valley,
the Finmt Portion of Kaua!
Eleven years' credit. Seven per cent. Inter
est, tin ier cent, reduction to
Bettlers who hupi-ove.
. THE FACTS ahoui this Orant are Low
Prices, l.onir I'reilit, iind a Itehale to setllei
ol iicarlc uno-lniirlli; a Kiih Soil anil Hden-.
1 1 . . 1 1 i .t. ....i ...n i ii-i.. ........ '
.. i . iiiiiiii; , rnui, ii. in iiiuu I II ICI H, I'll! I
iilnniiiiK. niul no wihteniiK of Slock ; plentx
ol liuinlall. ami just , ilic riyht season; ( oal.
-tiiiie ami livli k on ilu: line; ( hciiji Kates on
l.innlier. Coal, Sc.; no lnnili o lied by .SiH-cu-
I .to.i-; lloinoKiiil niiil l'ie-i'init Inns iiom
nliunilai t. a llisl-rln-s Itailroiul on llielineoi
II K'c.u Thionli UuiiU ; I'loilucti will ua
lur f.aud nnil IniMivciiieiils,
1 11 TITE EET fPl'0:"rrKI.'Y EVER 0F
F KEDlU 1.111. PUfcl, a', lliiuiiifh iheiecei.i
coiuieliuii ol (he lioad.
Kor ( iiciilurs aucl general information,, ad
dress A. K. TOPZAL1N,
Munaifoi I. niul Den't,
TOrtliA KAX.
10 SELL"
M. AuentH,
11 don't i in n
von to llglit
ililne. I'iovo tHY,
iil'bl ai:i. x
our claims. fJY-Xt'.JSZ
ti..t ii. - i j ,
ey aiulsell IL ft
Ail.lress XP
"DOMESTI0" 8. M.CO, 98 Chamttn Pt., N.I
411-8111 OB
merican Submerged Pmup.
"The Best Pump in the World."
"Ml AGENTS report over )0,(XK) worth ol
iiroperty s.,ved fr Firo this veur ly these
illiiiM, lieliix llioinost ioh'ci fill l'(iicc.iuii),(
" uu 1, .if.-r iir-jiMMi,
Kee October number, iniirti 3!KI, also II10 Pre
lllilllll List, niiircHtrlol'tlio A 1111. rl, 11 11 Au, l..,,l
tnrist, X His ,nier never deceives the farmers,
ncunnrico In I'ciiruarv iiiiinlior. nnire 4.1. Trv
one. If itiliiu'l do the work ciainied, send (l
aim wci your money, us WE W Alt II AN!
ur 1 iiuipsiouoaii we claim for them on 011
heinl for circulars or nnWa tn ll.. nrl.i.,
o: IM'PjrCo., No. 5.- I liamhersKt.,.Nev Vork
Anoriler for nlnn n. 1 linmnu unixmi. ,
v.-iii.i,v mwn iifrcuey. i7-tf,
I la it find, Conn.
Statk op Ohio, Ism-bano Dkf't, )
Coi.immM, Jan. n, 1873. I
i'A.M,lorntci(at llnrtlorl, In tho State of
loniieiiili ui.liasllleiliii tills olllce a sworn
sintotntnt, liy Ihe proiwr omeera thereof.
slum Inn its condition and business, and has
complied in all respect with the laws of this
Hta'c, relatiiiirtollreliisiiiniico ( oini.anles.
iiii o. poiateil liy other Mlateaof tliolln tod
Now. therefore. In iiiirsunticM nfl
1,1AM K.eilUltl II.Htinerliitciidcntiif Iiisim.
ancefnr IheMlnte of Ohio, do hereliv eortlfv
that said I oiiinanv Is ant linvlreil to ti linsnct Iu
I.i3 i.lWftrt' 'VI
1 KKff;lL-.:.g9B
tm saw 1 1 i 1 1 rrwr. jo-, a
"a-" all
niiMipiiate hiislnesH of FIKIO INHI'ft AM !:
In this Htntc, in ne. o ilnm o wltli law. ilililug
he i urrentyear.
The eoiiilllion and business of snld ( nmria
nv al the Halo of sin b a alemunt ( Dei ember
'list, W'i,) Is hIioUii Oh d ims!
Ain't of actual paid ii 0 iiiltul ....$3.0011.00000
Agft regale am' t of a valla iiln assets. , 5,81)6.1) W
1 " " Llabllilles(ejc.
repl I'lipltnl) Including rn-lnsur.
ances J!,88J,0:I
Amiiiiiitnf Income fur jirecoillng
yeui'lncnsh , 5,&tt,407
Amount of expenditures sninetline
In cash 5,755,8(1015
In witness wliori'of. I liavo hereunto sub
ci lhnd my name, and caused the Seal of m
olllce to bo mixed, tho day anil year abya
written. ot
raAI.1 w,r.cniTRnr,Biin
WJ. flAVNEM-S, A JloArthlir,
It Is i (trallfjlng to us to inform the public
that Ur. L. Q. (J. Wishart'a l'lno Tree Tai
Cordlnl, tor Throat and Lung Diseases, has
gained an enviable reputation from the At
laiiUc to tho 1'acillc coast, and from thence to
some of the 11 ml families of Europe, not thro1
the press alone, but by persons thruuKhout the
Btates actually benefitted and cured at his
oflice. While lie publishes less, so say our re
porters, he is iinablo to supply tho dcinsud. It
gains and holds its reputation
Fiiat. Not by stopping cough, hut by loos
ening unci assisting nature to throw off the
unhealthy matter collected about the throat
and bronchial tubes, which eautm Irritation.
second. It removes the cause of inltutloii
(which produces cough) of tho mucous mum
briine and bronchial tubes, assists the lungs
to act and thiow off the unhealthy secretion,
and purities tho blood,
Third. It in 1'rce from squills, lobelia, ipecac
anil opium, of w hich most throat and lunt
remedies aro composed, which allay cough
only, and disorganize tho stomach. It has
soothing cfl'ect ou the stomach, acts on the
liver and kidnoys, and lymphatic and nervous
regions, thus reiiodlng to every part of the
system, mid in its invigorating and purifying
effects it has gullied a reputation which ii
mutt hold above all others iu tho market.
Doing under, my Immediate direction, they
shall not lose their curative qualities by the
use of cheap and impure ai ticles.
Dr. L. q. ('. WMinrt's Offlrc Parlors an.
open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wcilncsdav
Irom V a. M. to 6 P. M., for consultation by lir.
H iu. T. Jlngee. With him are associated two
consulting physicians of ccknowledged abil
ity. This opportunity is not offered by anv
other institution in tho cite.
All lctlcra must bo addressed to
No. 8.33 North Second St.,
Novemlier SO, 1873... 6m
tlH'so womlurful nioilU'lnoH, i thu power Urn:
thev pnHMt-ss iu purifyiiiK Iho IuikM I1uih
and oxiJclliiiar coirnut hiiinniR fmm th uvy.
ta'Ill. J
HOLLOW AY'S PILLS (vnnlSlof a caroful
and nuc.ilihr uilmixturuof tho tliient Vviruta
I tin KvtiA.tA. llnilia tnwi irsUn,.i....i
, " - - . iiiiu iuuuii nun viuiiin.-
I'()HHietuhi ir mt n tn.l,i .(' ...I. ....... I I .. it...
' , n "r ftiimi iiiiuuim in mrir
i uiiiuiiiuiiuii, uiry uuvcrexnose tiiooc wiio m
.iiiii tu uiij uuiiur, hi- any inno or hcumou.
IllOtllltr 1IIM(I ll.tbiitflln til liKsia.-vll.n
ineir cniiiircii.anii the mostdellcale conslltii.
- - , - ..,.,..mvw oiun nifv i-lllTllI W
num., an use un-iii wnu hi ffreiii iieiieiitas the
most vigorous and powerful frame.
IIOLI.OWAY & Co.. Solb rnorRiKTOHH.
78 Maiden Luna, New York.
IIOIIOWIIV'H 1'illS mill lllilmii.f' a,. ...1,1 .1
35c. 0'Ji.c. uiiil tt ner boy tir ikiL A uNiut sun.
J in iii.kiv uj uiiihs inu mrgo BiuH,
r?.-'1?? ,,eal,1 ot th eygti
will lullow. There Is iijirepan
tton of Iron an I lobe Hoi
ninro cfleelual than all other
wlilch will remove from yoi
avHtem the impure end vitiate
blood which cause disease, an
lit tho aame time bulla up you
lienltbandatrongui It neve
falls to rare, If y,i iav
M-rriiln,siirolaloaa lllaeui
a of lbs ryes r Ijira, o
erolnli In mny form, Tm
s,.r, uiiiie dwelling, 4.
forra. Hirers, or Ncrofuloa
ItillamiiiBtlons you can rol
on lielug cund with thin prep
ration known as Dr. t'rook
rompouml Myrnp of rok
HMt. Kheninatlam, PhIii
; brokeutlawn by Merob
Irrlal rtr r,tli,.r ru,iu..n.
cured hv It. ITnr ai..iLiii
fiyplillitlo tainC there lsuntt.
iii equal to IU A trial ail
liroveft. ,
Bcaulliy your Complexion.
So not nse palntor powder, but cot a inor
permanent beauty by purllyinB y,,ur blotn
riiia prfipiimtlonof Iron auil Poke Itoo
makes a rough and aeuly akin MoaHiul amoot.
S-eshimsanml lii,ijli,nd remove nny trnil
ryff'eekannd Bhoaltliycoiiiploxi.m useD
Jrook's Comixmoa Byruo of lWo llooU ,
1IAVINU been engaged in the study and
11 active of Dentistry for fifteen yean, and n
oclll liractltloner in Jackson fur elr virnn
and buying availed myself of all the , . ,
od rn ImproTemiDti ; In Dtntal ' Scltnoii
f would respectfully say to the citizens ol
MoAithur and vicinity that I nut fully pre
pared to niltnliiiilale all the various branches
of tho science. Prices as low as tlio lowest
Work as irooil as the bust. Pomona coniim
fiinn a distance wishing to remain until theii
work is done will bo entertained at my pri
vate residence f 100. . ' . 1 .
I'eeil In cxlrtctinc tenth, renderlno' their ei
traction compaiatlrely nalnloss, A female
attendant always 00 hand to wait npoa ladiaa.
(Jive ma a call.
way wrirsr
TtbTI?,!!?n,""lr,"-.of, exftvdinttry'cHres
that are dally reported as effected through
Sarsaparillian Kesolveht.
Heady ItelKt null Perfect 1'uraaMve Pills in
writteu teslimonialH from ill pa t "f I) 5
worl.L surpass in wouder thoiii..stextruvaga t
uniacles of ciichniitmeiil. l'hysiiua'm and
medical men in all countries prono, ,e0 tlS
wonderful remedies a mysterv, that neither
UioirHrleiicoof analysis or chemical Hknican
explain. True, these ino.lieines effm't tho
most marvo ou cures, und restore tho ily inr to
hfo,and relieve the most wretched pn n-suf-ering
victim of h s tortures, iu from one "to
twenty minutes, and a though thnv know son
Kadway has published their formula (with.
ho diiigonly two newly diseoveiod roote), still
bolhr riMich.Germnn, Kngllsh i-.nd Aineri, an
chemists aud pharmaceutists utterly fail with
the same ingredients as prepared by liiem. Tho
great success, wh ch these wouilerf ul remedies
are constantly achieving, lies in tho great se
cret of combining tho ingredients together,
aftercxerciHingdiieearein selecting llieuure
aud genuine mots. spum
oiuanen? JinW S V
paiatlel In the History of Medicine fnriimm
arc some Inllrmlties anil diseases Kre " 01"
sidered as Incurable, and sure death. YeUl o
most astounding cures have beeii de thro'
diese remedies of some diseases that have l ev
Ur WTOiVli?8 ""!;-"' ''y '"'-'dicine.
SVVfcLLIXU, Tumors in tho Worn ,, S tlnll.h.
Ovaries, Bowels, fl ight's Disease oi the li id
ncys that have been pronounced Incural do,
Caneei-s, Uleem, Swellings, Slone in tho lllad
der, Calciilouji toncretluns, Ulcers and gores of
the Bones, Iltckets so deeply scaled that no
other medicines havo been known to reach,
iiVi ' lnl"iX ,'!y ,V' 8 A US A PA K 1 1, LI A N
KK8OLV KNT, aided by tlio liKADY UEMKf
UIHl 1 I Li I Jilt
..,l,.Ii?,,;l,'"r?l5'?LH' O'r'yWangone-tlmt threat,
ens a living death-dally rotting away of the
limbs aud llesh-liiabetes, Involuntary Hi",
charge oMVnter, Fungi Iu the llladdor (the
w1,,,.!'nl'r0iIi??1""?" 8 lire)iToil,iringjiain
bUUi,Nl!,UUAI,t.IA-each and every one of
theso complaints though hut a few of tho
many other diseases, Hadway'sKarsaparillian
Uesolventhas cured and. in daily cur ngiu all
parts of the world.
Inono word, any diseaso-no matter under
what name designated, that is nourished or
nerenscil by bad, impure, depraved, weak,
thill, waterv or 110 amw.,1 i,i,v,.i 1. i
i. "i ai.hTa v,i i r. .-:."7;v.',?.uylJ'?
Dr. Iindnay & Co. liavo never olaimefl one
hundreth part of tho curative virtues for their
remedies as is ascribed to them by Ihe people
who havo used them; for bear in minifonly
such diseases and eoinplulnrsnn Dr. Hadwav.
after auccoHBfiil treatment with tlioir remedies
knew they would cure, wero enumerated in
their curative list, so that many of thoextnior
dinnry cases thathavo been reported awaken
ed as mucli asUinislimont in tho discovery of
their remedial agents as in those who bail been
rescued from death, aud made whole and
As many persons discredited their extraor
dinary power, from the fact of their disap
pointment in the use of other advert iseil rcnie-dles-and
somo believed it impossible for
simplo medicines made onlv from vegetable
substances roots, herbs, should possena
such marvelous power. Yet they can readily
comprehend that tho simple grasses of the
fteh I. nftorundoigoing tho chemical procd-ss of
distillation designed by naturo in the row and
churn, furnishes us with butter certainly tho
most abundant fat, calorie or heat-making
bone, tismie, muscle, sinew and blood-making
constituents for Ihe huiiinn body.
Hut when those people who llrst doubt the
elllcacy of these remedies commence their use.
they become their most earnest advocates.
Never lias a medicine taken internally, been
known to have cured Tumors, cither of the
Womb, L'terus, Ovaries or llowels; the knife
has been tlio sole relimico in the hands of ex
lierlenced surgeons; but Dr. Kudwav's Snr
Kiiparillian settles tliis question.. Jt has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian Cysts and
Tumors, ns well ns Tumors in tlio llowels,
Uterus, Womb, Liver, Dropsical KtTusiiui,
Ascites, and Calculous Concretions.
Tumor of 13 Years' Growth Cured by
Kudway's Resolvent.
Hi;vKiit.y, Mass., Juli 18, 1P6!.
Dlt, Raiiwav: I have hnd Ovarian Tumor
iu tho ovaries and bowels. All the doctors
said thorn was no help for it I tried every,
thing that was recommended, but nothing
helped me, 1 saw your Resolvent 11ml .thought
1 woiiHi iry 11, oin uau no 1111111 111 11, liecimse
I had suffered for IS yeain. I look six bottles
of the Resolvent, 0110 box of Kudwav's Pills,
and usod two bottles of your Ready l(ellcf,niid
thero Is not a sign of a tumor to be seen or
felt, and I feel hotter, sniurler nudhnppier
than I have for l'J years. The worst tumor
was In tho left side of tho bowels, over I ho
groin. I write this lo vou for the benellt of
others. You can publish It If von choose.
11 ANN All P. KNAIT.
From a prominent geiitleiiian'aiid resident of
t inelimati, Ohio, fur the past forty vears well
known to tlio newspaper publishers' through,
out the United Btates:
M:w York, Oct. IKh, 1870.
Dr. ItAPWAir Dear Sir: 1 am induced bv a
"nse of duty to the suffering to make a brief
statement of tho working of your medicine on
myself. For several years I have been allliet
ed with sonic trouble In the bladder and urin
ary organs, which sonic months ago culmina
ted in a most terribly afflicting disease, which
the physicians all said was siiasmoiliit stric
ture in the urcl ha, as a I mo liiliaiiiatlon of tho
kidneys and bladder, and gave It ns their
opinion that my ago Ti years would prevent
my ever getting ladlcallv cured. I had tried
a number of physicians, and had taken a largo
(inutility of niedlrii.e, both allopathic 11ml bo
iiueopathie, but got no relief. I bad read o(
ustonisliliig cures having been madu by vour
remedies; and some four months ugo I read 1
notice In the Philadelphia Saturday Kvenlng
Post of a cure having been effected ou a per
son who had long been suffering lis I had been.
I went right oil' and got somo of each your
Sarsniinrlllian Resolvent, Ready Relief, nnil
Regulating Pills and commenced Inking
thoin, In three days I was greatly relieved,
and now feel us well ns even-.
J. W. JAM Krt, Cincinnati, O.
Prlooono dollar per bottle. Hold by Drug
gists everywhere, nod at Dr. Railway's, No. 8S
Warren, cor. Church St., N, Y.
Cures tho worst Tains In from 1 (o SO inlnutesl
BvajrNOT ONK llOUlt after reailing this
advertisement need any one suffer with pain,
Is a cure fur every pain. It was tlio first and
is the only Pain Remedy that instantly slops
ihe most excruciating pains, allays liillaiiinia
Hons, and cures congestions, whether of Ilia
Lungs, Blomach. Rowels or other glands and
organs, by one application. In from one to
twenty minutes. No matter how violent or'
excruciating the pain, the Rheumatic, Bed
ridden, Inllrm, Crippled, Nervous, Neuralgic,
or prostrated with disease may suffer,
Will afford Instant easot
Inflammation of (lie Kidneys, liillauimallon of
the Bladder, Inllanimatlon of the Houcln
Congestion of the Lungs,- Sore Throat, lillll.
enn jircaiiiiug. ruipiiauonoi uie iieart.llys.
lerlcs. Croup, Diplhuria, Ciitarrh, Iiilluutizn,
llcadaehu, Toothache, Neuralgia, Ithcunia
I ism, Colds, Chills, Aguo ( hills. . '
The Application of tlio Ready Relief to tho
part or parts where tho pain or dllllculty ex
is'S will afford ease and comfort.
80 Drops in H bairtiiinbler iVnterwill,
III a few minutes, euro ('ramus. Huasms. Kimr
Mlmiiach, llenrtbiirn. Sick lleadnche. Dim,
i lni a. Dvsuntei'y. Col c. Wind iu 1 1m linuiiiu
ami all Internal I'alns.
Travelers slioulil always carry a bottle of
Railway's Relief with them. A few drops In
water will prevent sickness or pains from
hnngii of wider. It is better than French
llramly or Hitters as a stimulant. .
Fever and Ague cured for DO cents.
There Is uot a remedial agent in this world
1 bat will cure Fever ami Ague, and All that
Malarious, 1111 lion .. Scarlet, Typhoid. Yellow -mil
oilier Fevers (aided bj Railway's Pills) so '
piick as Railways Ready Keller, to ccuts per
Perfectly I nstelcsa,' elegantly Coaled, for Ilia
ore of all disorders of the
Mtouiuch, Liver.
,vi;in, ninuiTjn. i.iwiin'r, ni'iyiiue jrieeases
lleadaehu, CnnsUpatlon.CoBtiveness. Indiircs
lion, Dyspepsia, IIHIonsnoss, llilious Fever,
Inlianiiiiation of the llowels, Piles anil all do.
ungementsof the Internal Viscorn,wari nnteH '
o effect a positive cure.
PVR ELY VEGETABLE. Containing ho
Mercury, Minerals, or deleterious drugs, .,
l!i9r'D'",orvo tlio folluwinir symptoms re'. '
Hilling from diseases of the digestive organs:
Const ipstinn. Inward l'llos, Fullness of tlio
dood to the llead, Anlillty ot the Hloinacli, ,
Suiisea, Heartburn, Disunst for food, Full,
no or weight iu tho Pit of the Htomncli, ,
wlniinlng of tho Head, Hurried and ilillleult
ilreathlng, Fliittoring at the Heart, Choking
ir Muffocating Hensatlons when in a iving I'os
'iire, Dininess ol Vision, Hols or Webs before .
lie Might, Fever ami Dull Pain in the Head,
Dcnclwiey In Perspiration, Yellowness of the '.
kin ami Kycs, I'nln in the Hide, ( host, Limbs
und Hudden Flushes of heat, llurningin the !
I''leb. A few doses of Railway's Pills will
'res tho system from, all the above disorders,
rrlca 99 Cents per Boa. ,
ItADW A Y A CO., ! Warren eor Church lit.
few York. , - ,1 ...
Wy-Kead FalsofandTnto. 'lend One Icltor '.'
.lamp UiRa lwayA Co., No. m Wariwn. cor.
Church Bt, V. r. lnforiaaHo WOli vliouf

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