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The McArthur Enquirer.
J, W. BOWES, Editor nml Publisher.
APUIL s, isra.
Modern Conversation.
Democrat ?"Stiy ! Are you going
to vote for a resident of Jackson for
Dclcgato to the Constitutional Con-
. vention ?" ,
Radical "What do you mean by
a resident of Jackson If"
D. "I mean that three townships
of Vinton county have nominated
Harvey Wells, the 'Litencn Caleu
later,' of Jackson, for Delegate to
the Constitutional Convention."
It. "What of that?"
D. "Well, he wanted to vote
'Yes' on the Railroad tax in Jack
eon on tho 3d of January, 1873, and
he swore he was a resident of that
E. "Is that true ?" .
D. "Yes, sir. And he remained
there until the 15th of March not
twenty days ago."
K. "Well, I don't know whether
to vote for him or not. He's one of
the smartest fellows of the present
age. He can calculate the most ter
rific streaks of 'litonen;' and them
Chillicothe Gazette boys say 'in
Ilarve is combined energy with
good sound Bene.' "
D. "That is poking fun at him.
Ho is a resident of Jackson, and
can't represent Vinton in the Con
etitutional Convention. You had
better vote for Mr. Claypoole."
. It. "I will think of this matter.
I will say, however, that our party
made a foolish move when they
gave that Wilkesville nuisance the
nomination. I am ashamed of the
"Mr Stars!" What did the
"Litcnen Calculator" swear he was
a resident of Jackson for ?
Why, he wanted to cast his vote
for the Railroad tax. He did so, too.
The Uhio Mate Journal is an
enterprising journal. Last week it
gave a list of the candidates of each
of the political parties in Ohio for
Delegate to the Constitutional Con
vention. In Vinton count-, in the
State Journal's list, the name of
U. S. Claypoole appears as the
Democratic and Liberal candidate,
while the Credit Mobiliers Jiave no
candidate; in Jackson county we
find the Democrats and Liberals
have nominated "S. Monauan" and
lb.0 Mobiliers ""Wm. Triff;" but
where, 0 where, is our own dear
Harvey Wells, the "Li ten in Calcu
lator ?" Why, the State Journal
editor, after reading in the Chilli
cothe Gazette tllat in Harvey "is
" combined energy with good sound
"sense, impartial judgment and a
" winning and courteous manner,"
and in the Athena Jlessenger that
"he is a man of fine address, fully
" posted with the topics and needs
" of the age," no doubt came to the
conclusion that "a grand convention
of the citizens of Ross county had
been called together for the pur
pose of selecting their best man,"
and that as Ross had many able and
distinguished men, Harvey was
placed in the list in Ross county
opposite the name of Hon. Arch
Mayo. ' The State Journal ought
to take pity on Ross county.
.The disloyal editor of the
loyal Jackson Standard says:
" The last Congress covered
itself all over with infamy, and
no man who was a member of it
should ever be trusted with an
office, even so low as the form
er offices of fence-viewer or
overseer of the poor. The a
bolition of the franking privilege
privilege swindle, which was
really a blow at the country
press, was only equaled by the
grand steal at the close, each
one o these infernal scoundrels
literally stealing five thousand
dollars of the people's money."
tongress stole one and a
half million of dollars, as the
. last desperate act of a disgrac
ed and depraved body of bri
gands. The members sneak
home with guilt stamped upon
their faces, afraid to meet their
honest, tax-burdened and Congress-robbed
Grant was not able to loaf
. more than half the time when
he got $25,000 per year. Now
that his salary has been increas
ed to 50,000, Ulysses will be
able to spend the other six-
months in glorious ease.
Tho Republican parly has
become too corrupt to longer
possess the confidence of the
people. It must surrender up
its trusts.
-- i. cipik
"His varied experience as farmer,
mechanic. author, and teacher has
given him a knowledge of the world."
given him a knowledge of the world." —VINTON RECORD, on distinguished
"Sound Government."
"Fully Posted with the Topics and
Needs of the Age!"
The "Litenen Calculator"brags
about his Wealth!
He tells the Bankers of
Jackson that he is
worth $15,000!
How he Fooled the Township
Standard, Radical.
Among the numerous ''topics
and needs of the age," which
are at this present time deeply
interesting "the. friends of sound
government" in the counties of
Vinton and Jackson, is the nom
ination of Harvey Wells OF
brated "Lightenen Calculator,"
for Delegate to the Constitu
tional Convention, by the Rail
icals of Vinton county. Why
the Rads"did this bad deed,"
when the names of men of sound
sense were before the conven
tion, we cannot say, Harvey
Wells is a resident of Lick
Township, Jackson county.
This statement cannot be deni
A letter dated Jackson, March
28, 1873, says:
" I hear that Mr. Wells is a
" candidate for delegate to the
Constittional Convention. Mr
" Wells has been here some two
" or three months, and claimed
" this to be his residence. On
" the 3d day of January, 1873,
" at the Railroad Election, he
" swore his vote in in Lick
" Township, this county. He
swore this was his residence.
" He remained here until about
" the 15th of March, 1873. "
What do those -'friendsC?) of
sound government," who helped
place Wells in this bad posi
tion, think of taht?
On the 2d day of last Janua
ry he solemnly swore that he
was a resident of Jackson his
vote having been challenged at
tho Railroad Election held tha
He voted -FOR tub - Rail-
About the 15th of March
1873, not twenty days ago, he
left Jackson on business; pn
the 22d of March, seven days
after he left Jackson, a handful
of Grant's Credit Mobiliers and
50,000-a-year Salary men of
three townships in Vinton coun
ty, nominated him for Delegate
to the Conititutional Conven
tion, and they are doing consid
erable to elect him to a position
that he is no more capable of
filling than a last year's crow's
He has no right to vote in
this county, dct alone being vo
ted for for office. Let some one
challenge his vote next Mon
day! We learn that last spring
when Mr. Hawk, Assessor of
Wilkesville township, called on
Mr. Wells for a list of his goods
and chattels which are subject
to taxation, he informed the
Assessor in his usually "win
ning and cuvteous manner," (see
Chillicothe Gazette on Wells,)
that he had no property in Vin
ton county and that he had giv
en in his property to the Asses
sor of Lick Township, Jackson
county; and that when called
upon by the Lick Township As
sessor he stated that his proper
ty had boon listed in Vinton
county. Tl)is is probably what
tho Jackson Standard -means
when it says Wells is "strictly
honest and honorable," and that
heJs fully posted with the
topics and needs of the age."
Cut the "Lightenen Calculator"
was prompt in informing the
Bankers of Jackson that he was
worth S15.000. Wonder if
boasting to the hankers ' of his
immense wealth and then ma
king those statements to the
Assessors is what the Standard
means by saying "Wells is a
I 111
young man oi great inuusiry
and energy? "
Now, vye desire to know how
i rt IT' 1
many tax-payers oi vinion
county think such a creature is
suitable to make a Constitution
for the State of Ohio ?
Shame I shame!!
WnAT calculation does the "Litc
nen Calculator," who arrived from
Jackson, Qhio, on the 15th of March,
to be a candidate for making
"Constitution" for Ohio, made on
the additional $100,000 increase .of
salary of the President? IIaiive,
get out a five acre blackboard find
jrivc us a few examples on that
salary steal!
"The Dream is Past."
Editor Enquirer: That Genera
Grant is only human has taken its
lightning flight, and a continent
moves at the gullability of men
resolutions of condolence from the
Gentile Democracy and Libera!
would shorten the faces of these
Radical Iaraolitps, I would favor
such action, it -being human to err
and divine to forgive. What
ciouu oi witnesses stand cursin
and wondering that he who was to
redeem this chosen tribe 6hould
have tho eav-inarkg enly of a man
at last; that this dog-star of that
murky, musty, radical sky, was
born to droop and die like other
men. 1 suggest they philosophise
a little and accept the 6itsation
May not this exhibition of the weak
ness oi human nature in their un
defiled President be a well-directed
dispensation of Providence showin
the vitiated credulity of men, the
fallibility and mutability of that
would-be heaven-born party i When
men go on alter strange cods, wor
shipping golden calves and graven
linages, is not a little chastenm
scourge like a hundred thousan
dollars dropping from the people'
treasury into the capacious maw of
their idol a wholesome rebuke for
worshipping the creature more than
the Creator r If God has a thou
sand ways to bring belieyers home.
he may have mysterious ways
bring to repentance that party
which was once the spirit and pride
of this great Republic. And if He
chasteneth those He lovcth, their
sorrow should bo assuaged, when
true hearts are withered and fou
ones turn to rend a passionate lover
and friend. And if he looks on sin
with no degree of allowance, it
a solemn caution to such as follow
a multitude to do evil; nnd if ho is
ol purer eyes than to behold in
lquity, it may not be committing
sacrilege to recommend a day of
thanksgiving and prayer, I would
not; but a united voice of thanks
that they are no worse off than what
they are, and prayer that their
sins of omission and commission
together with the lies of two Vice
Presidents and a host of other lesser
lights, may not come up as a mo
morinl against them, none but the
ingrates and insane would refuse to
oiler. Somo Republicans tell uu
that if recent developments in
WaHhington had como to tho sur
face before the November election
the result would have been far dif-
icrcni. wnctncr tins he true or
not, it is a logical conclusion from
a thorough knowledge of the prcm
ihcs, on ino supposition tnat man
was created for a great and noble
purpose, and that purpose nut de
feaUd. But when an unhallowed
enthusiasm becomes the mainspring
or political action to tho accom
plishment of great ends, we have
nothing to expect from a blind, par
tisan multitude but the result we
now see. Therefore wo conclude
if they had seen tho lmnd-writinz
oil pile wan, with heaven's best in-
tflmrotni" t.n lrvn it. (nt-l-iiila fnri.n
tho majority would have rushed
lranllcally to the polls, even with
solemn forebodings of evil, and
voted tho Radical ticket with the
earth opening to receive them the
next moment. A part of the lladi
cal press is condemning thin na
tional robbery, which is sisrnificaiit
ot two things, It speaks of a little
spark of healthy vitality leaning
ionuiy over the remains, struggling
unucr a icarnu load or Uomrres-
slonal corruption and ccncral rot
tenness, which knows no mercy, lias
ohi an siiamc. rears no law. and
joundod only by its power to in
fect; and if tho stench from Wash-
ngton oflendu tho nostrils of the
epublicnn press, that cairo of un
clean birds must be more than
aw Tul. We were told last summer
that General Grant was the only
man wno could martial tho host
and perch success on the Radical
banner; which, by reducing a little,
means to save tho Republican party.
WK4. 1 !i:..4.!... e ! jvL
ii nun iiuiiiuiiiuiig tumuHsiun lor
a great and powerful part', and
how that humiliation is intensified
when tho last redeeming feature
needs to bo redeemed. A little
leaven leaveucth the wholo lump;
but when the salt hath lost ' its
savor the scene is closed and tho
curtain drops. To preserve atfody
after the spirit is fled, should be
done in time to prevent decay. If
tho party doctors had obeyed the
divine injunction, "Physician! heal
thyself," full two years ago, and by
some mighty effort cast out a legion
or two ot dcvilb, followed by some
relentless purgative that either kills
or cures, preservation might have
been less visionary than now, But
no; tho voices of watchmen on every
tower hath sounded "ill is well."
whilo serpents nnd unclean things
have reveled within, till all the cm
balmcrs of Egypt, with the Great
Eastern loaded with aromatics, can
not preserve a thing that dies by
sections, and rots beloro it dies.
"Ihe President shall at stated
times receive fpr his, services a com
pensation, which shall not bo in
creased nor diminished during the
period for which he shall have been
elected, and ho shall not receive
within that period any other emol
ument from the United States, nor
any of them."
iie i0 swftrn tp, preserve, pro
tect and defend that instrument;
and the way ho has done it, let his
signature to a bill increasing his
compensation $100,000 during or
for his term of office, bo the signifi
cant answer. Tho bill was signed
in the closing hours of the third
day "of March, in ' the shades of
night, whilo honest men were re
posing in sleep, and thieves nnd
burglars were busy at work, it being
necessary to complete the swindle
before the dividing momnntbetwoen
his two terms,' Tho' last ' moment
of the first term would make the
robbery legal, the first moment of
the second term would make it ille
gal, or during the term for which
he wag elec(.e.d. The diyk'iing ppint
between timo nud eternity is easily
comprehended, but tnat. imaginary
moment beloro which Ucn. Grant,
as rresident, can sign a bill to in
crease Jus salary and after which
he cannot, is beyond tho liiio'of met
aphysics, we give it up ; io great a
man never poised on the point of
nothing beloro.
Ben. Butler is the father of this
Congressional and Presidential rob
bery. If all his children resemble
him, like this bastard, he repeats
himself splendidly. When this
prince of thieves left tho Demo
cratic camp, it was a Gcd-send to
tnat part Qt Christendom,
Doubtless the above clause of the
toustitution was thus framed to
prevent tho very thing. that was
done ; that a President should not
put one million and a half of do!
lars into the pockets ol Congress
by taking one hundred thousand
himself as a price for hik name.
thus tho Mercy-seat itnd the
Throne are alike infected with this
gangrene, whose virus nature loves
to own, but whose touch si int and
sinner both deny. This Redeem
ing feature, nnd other orb? revolv
ing around him, have thriie scut
tled the Republican ship, whose
first-born principles will ivo to
cheer mankind for ages yet o come,
but let her punctured hulk knd rot
ten crew gp down so desp that
bubbles will never rise to ripple the
Shocking Blasphemy.
Harvey- Wells, the Radical
candidate tor Delegate ! to the
Constitutional Convention, sta
ted in Ilainden, since hi nomi
nation, in the presence and hear
ing of a number of respectable
citizens, that if Jesus' Christ
should bo a candidate (on the
Democratic ticket and the Devil
should bo a candidate on the
Republican ticket, that lie would
vote Jor the Devil before hp
woufd vote for Jesus Christ.
Reader, what do ydu think
of such blasphemy ?
In pursuance 'of notice, llio Dcnv
ocrats and Liberals of Ek town
ship assembled at the Tr renting
Attorney's office, in tin Court
House, oa Saturday cycling, to
nominate a township tiekes, Hon
A. J. bwain was called to tho chair
nnd J. W. Bowcn appointed Sccrc
tary. Tho following arc tho Jnnies
of tho candidates placed in njbinin
ation :
trustees John P. Foreman.
iuiciiaef mil, namuel JJ. Hudson,
Clerk Thomas A. MurrnyJ
Treasurer Joseph S. Huhn.
A tsessor Francis M. Dowd.
Constables Eli Reynolds Alex-
niuicr Ki. Jiowci.
How many votes will harvey
Wells of Lick township, Jack
son county, rccieve m Vinton
county, for Delegate to the Con
etitutional Convention? Let it
be remembered that the "Lite
nen Kalkelator" sworo oii the
3d day of January, 18731 that
10 wa.8 a rosident of that fcoun
ty, and tho trustees received
the "Calculator's" vote in, favor
of the railroad tax. '
Tub Radicals of Adams countv
nominated Hon. John T. Wilson
for Delegate to tho Constitutional
Convention. He declined to accept.
nm.A ait A,in , ...
imi ij,ouu extra salary ho tpoK to
imself, and the extra HU5.000 snl-
arV llQ ROetl Tyillir Tlrnnol, Snivel
take, is no doubt enough for him.
Our Democratic and Liberal Re
publican friends in every township
should run trustees, even where
there is a hopeless minority. Un
der the present law tho defeated
candidate having tho largest vote is
entitled to act as judge of the elec
tions held during the vear. Bv
w . j
running candidates, as suggested,
they thereby secure at least one
judge for the election in October.
New Advertisements.
Intention to Build Bridges.
Notice is horolw triven tliatth
ers of Vintou couuty, Ohio, intend to build
Three Bridges
at tho iolnts mill jilacca of travel, as follow!,
vir-n.v . vuvuiuu jim(fo wiiu Biononuut-
in Brown township, Vinton county, Ohio, near
tho Mill of Duniul Wortmiui; Ouo Covered
iimu, iiii Biuiic ituuimuius, ucrogg
Little Raccoon Creek.
in Clinton toXnshlpj.'vintqn county. Ohio, on
near the leiioncoof Henry C. Bobbins; One
"i1"1 wiiii siuuu auuunents, across
... , IIIbl, ,uuuu. muui near
tint l'OHiiliiwn nf Siiimiiol nnnbln.. nu...
Mtm.tJ ftfUHIWlUJ' I J.11U
nPmilil Tti-tflrraa nwi ah fll 1 u i ...itin..t.
.'..nu i -(ti .wwukvt tu upcu iur inspec
tion by nil parties concerned or interested in
scUu ;oF KwYrWSS.' ' W"
tho proposed construction of said Ilrlrtgcs as
miN.i.11 .urn iviniuu, win u jjuhbuu upon on
Tuesday, 2Mh day of April 183,
a t n o'clock 1'. it, of said day,
lly order ot the C'onini istlonors.
, Auditor, Vinton county,
April 2,18T3-4v-(e&w),
Notice is hereby (riven that scaled propo
sals will he received at the Auditor's Ullice,
in Mc.Arthur, Vinton county, uhio, until 8
o'clock, 1'. M. on ' ' .
Tuesday, 29$ day of April, 1873,
for tho building of !
Two Covered Bridges
One Open BriclgQ,
at tho ulnco heroin described, as follows,
Across Big Raccoon creek in Brown township,
Vinton county, Ohio, noar tho mill of DkX-
ir.L H UllTMAM. aiso, ono
Covered Bridge, with Stone iibatmenU,
across Littlo llaccoon creek, In Clinton town
ship, Vinton ccuinty, Ohio, on tl e road lead
ing from Ilnmden to Wilkesvillo hear tlin
And, also,
Uxu ope,j Eiucqt; with Stone
across Big Raccoon creek, in Knox township,
V inton county, Ohio, near the residence of
Contractors to Furnish al
the Materials.
Plans and Specifications.
aro on filo for insiiectlon nt thn Amiltr
OIllco. All bidders for contract or contracts
arc rei uirea to mo with his bid or bids, abond
iu double tho amount of such bid or bids, with
Kooci and responsible surety or sureties, to tho
.m urn uiu vuiuiiiissioners, lortneiaitn
fill completion of such work.
Iho Commissioners, howovor, rosorvo tho
iifiin in rrji--i"i liny mill nil ihiih.
lly order of the CoiiimisjiGiifci'ii,
, Auditor Vintou County
jl'n , iuiu. in ti-wttj.
Thomas Holland
Before A ndrrw Cvrhv
li. 8. t roy and
Justico of the Peace of
Jackson township, Vin
ton countv. Uhio.
is. Cioy.
A Writ, nf A tlnclimniif laa.mrl In iu nuA..n
case against tho defendants for sixteen dollars
and sixty-four cents, and probablo costs
twenty-eight dollars and thirty-six cents;
ami! vjuisu win uu iur Hearing on tuo xotn day
ui April, j. u,, ioi.i, hi iu o ciocK A. If.
April 2, 1873.-D12-8W
IV A iTlI O E,
W AOS Kll, will make thofcason of 1818 at tho
Rtabloof the subscriber, in l'ortcr, Gallia Co.,
Ohio; will be at the stable of Dr. Cline, in
Wilkesville. Vinton enuniLv. Ohio. vrr al
ternate wook. Will stand for inarciat jfen.ffl
.yi. , ...un. urn, iur iHuriMiuilurquif fim.w (0 u-
qiirv ikumuo un toilers io
March S8, "13 eni. . 1'ine Grove,' Oilo
J. & W..G0LD, -
In offering our stock to the trade, we tender
our acknowUHlKcinonts for the liberal pat
ronaijre wo havo horetoforo received,
and hope by promptness and strict
mtCKi'lty in btisinoss to merit
tlio support anil conlldence of
tho public. Our stock of
Is largo anfl flpp neiv Vftriptlps, Our
Peach, Cherry, Plum,
Will surpass any we have ever bclbro offered.
ptTU ricv solicited ami promptly lllled
JSrjjfi'lcase send for a Catalouue.
&C, &gC, &cO.
Klovcn lnriro
ptroen-houses- full of choice
ileddlnir l'lants. ASu-nairo
(iri'cn-houie and
..iumiuiio HVVi ilimi) uu.uinf iv.,nvs, null B illll
Hon Norway Horuco and other Kverorroens.
Also, ou,uuu Hoses, itait a Mil
and 50,000 choice (iraiie Vines, 60,000 Currants
Itiixpberries, &o. 600,000 Sweet Uiostuut,
'i'ri'i'. 0 inches to eight foot blh, tlie host nut
ami tiinner tree on tne continent. Fine year
linfr trues by mail, only pi per 100. Chestnuts
preserved for plnnting, by mail, per lb, 60c,
aiso, npnniiin unusmut troes, uiacK walnut,
lliitlorniit, small Norway Hpruco, c, Ac, by
mail, if dealred. A Circular sent free on ap
idicjUlon, Tulip troni, Hcolch Hireh, HiiKrtr,
WlilUiimcl Norway Maplo. In fitct, afull as
sortment o( Urnninental, Deciduous and Kver-
prreen trees. Nursery established 19 years,
X) acres, 11 Rrcnnhnusns. Addres
l'aliieavlllo, Luke County, Ohio.
My new Priced, doscrlntlve Catnloirtia of
Choice Klower and (Jurden Hoods, S5 sorts of
either for (1; new nnd choice varieties of
Fruit and Ornamental Troes, Hhruhs, Kvor-
f reens, Kohi's, drapes, Lilies. Hiiiall Fruits,
louso and llorder J'lunts ami llulhs( one venr
crafted r'rult Trees for mnllliiar: Fruit Stocks
of nil kinds; Hodge l'lants, &c; the most
complete aMortment in tho country, will he
sent gratis to any plain address, with P. O.
Itox. True Cane Cod Crnnborrv for iiolnnd or
lowland, W per 1,000, f 1 per 100, prepaid liy
mull. ThiiId list to (Ii'.iVi- bo(!( ou Um
lulssiou. Auouls wanted.
OldColony Nurseries anil Seed Warehouse,
Plymouth, JJass. Kstalilished 1S49.
SoixJ. Wood.,
Fifty-Six Qlwpg df Reading
Contains ALL TIIE'NEygl
foreign, domestiq, political and
general, with full and reliable
market reports. Each number
also contains several short gto
ries, and a great variety of lite
rary, agricultural matter, etc.,
etc., constituting, it is confident
ly asserted, the most complete
weekly newspaper in this coun
try. 'TOMS, $2 A YEAR.
Inducements to Clubs:
Five Copies, one year..'. 9 00
Ten Copies, one year, and an extra
copy to the send or is OO
Twenty Copies, one yestr.and an ex
tra copy to sender ,1)5 00
Fifty Copo(, one your, and sin ex
tra copy to sender 55 00
Parties sending clubs as above
jnay retain 2Q per cent, of the money
,11 ii ''' .
icuciyuu vy lum, us uyniriHSSlRfli
Persons, desiring to act as
agents supplied with specimen
bundles. Specimen copies sent
tree to any address. All letters
should be directed to
BOX 3,79ft,
Xew York City Post Office.
Miscellaneous Adertisemfents.'i
Neirlect a Couch! Nothing is uioro certain
to lay the louniiiiiiou lor iuiurc uvu couiu-
VVKLLS' CAliiiVhlKj TAliljlilC
are n sure cure for nil diseases of tho respira
tory organs, soro throat, hoarseness, dryness
of tho throat, Colds, Croup, Diphtheria, Asth
ma, catarrh, windpipe or jironcnmi juura,
unit oil dlcascs of the lungH.
In all cases ot Sudden cold, howover taken,
these Tablets should be promptly nud freely
used. They equalize the circulation of thd
blood, lnitijrnte tho Boventy ot the nttncK, an
wlll, In a very short timo, rostoro healthy ace
tlon to the affected orpins.
Wolls' Carbolic Tablets aro nut un only In
blue boxes. Take no substitutes. If they
can't ho had at your druggist's, scud at once
to the agent In Now York, who will forward
them by return mail.
Don't bo deceived by imitations.
Bold by druK)riBt8. flMfl'rico 8Sc a box.
JOHN O.KELLOliti.lB Piatt St.. N. Y. "
Bond for Circular. Solo agent for United
Biaies. . . n-w
Of manufacturers who have become dlsiftistcd
with the odors of l'arallino Oils, nnd their 111
ellects upon machinery, is invited to
E. 11. Ktl.I.OdU'a SPCK9I Engine oil
180 gal. '
K. II. Kkulouo's SrERU Snludle oil
(b f l IB w gal.
K. It. Kklloou's TALLOW Engine oil - ..
06 f 1 10 gill.
K. II. Kkw.ouu'8 TALLOW Spindle oil- - - -
f l uo ji gai. , .
Manufactured Cnly by
li. II. KELLoUli, No. 17 CcdnrSt., N. Y
U-lw .
Is the Rest in the World.
Agents wanted. Hond for Circular. Address
The spiciest and host selling book over pub
lished. It tells all about tho great Credit Mo
belier Scandal, Senatorial Briberies, Con
grcHsnicn, Kings, Lobbies, and tho wonderful
sights of the National Capital. ltseU(Ukk.
Semi for circulars and see our Wnin and a full
description oi me wwl auuresa, daiiun
AT. PIJKLIDIUVQ CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
Chfciigo! III. I or st. Ixnils, Slo. ll-4w
Brcoch-loiiniiiK shot guns $40 to $30Q, Double
Rltltt Cm.u A f I.-J1 Uitwrln irnne rfJ t, )(! II t
M"rT l' T"" Will t IV k vttio tfwe l-I-
flos 8 to 75. Hcviilvvis W tjvfl. Pistols (1 to
?8. (jnn nloilnl, Pishing Tiicklo. Largo
discount to dealers or clubs. Annv tiuus, Uo
vol vers, .Sc., bought or traded for. ijoods
ociii uy ipiL'r,u j. j. u. to ue caii iiiinuii uoioru
puiu tor. ii-iw
," i r
n"i &
S 'a g.2
2 co b p,
-III 8 1
Two New Potatoes!
Kubia Emiy Ycnnont.' 10 Days Enrlor
iikiii tuny nose, very liroiluetire and
oi excellent nuvor. fi per ID.; 4 lus.,
by mail, postpaid, for f-i.'Jt,
Compton's Surprise, bushels to
tho acre. A lUUo Inter than Early
Hose, luiual in miallty. f3 per lb.,
by mail, postpaid.
$500 will bo awarded as Premiums to
those who produce the largest quantity
fruin one pound. Dcbci ptlve cic,u.
lars of tho above, with n list of 800 va
rieties of potatoes, free to nil.
Illustrated Seed Catalogue, 200pugea
With colored chroino, S3 cents,
A new Tomato, the AliUNhTON'
Early, solid and prndiieUvo. Price 2l
cents per pucKot, B packets for II.
liLUa A BUNS, 83 Park Place, N Y
11 -4w
hi pi
l(. n,
12,000,000 ?ES1
Tie Bhoapest Land in Market for Salt ly te.
li Pacific Railroad Company,
Now for sale In tracts of forty acres and np-
i,i un, nu u nun in ciirs- cretin at o por ceut.
No Hilviitwi, hlfnfoul w.l,lt.A,l
Mild and healthful climate,' fertile soil, and
nilllnilllllf.., .,1 muul ..-nliiM
The best market in tho Wost! Tho great
mining regions of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah,
"'l JJ'"'1"'"- supplied by tho fannors in
hid i lutirj T Illicit
Tho Dost Locations for Colonies.
acres of choice OovDrnmont Lands open for
entry under the Homestead Law, neBr this
imiiruiHi. wiui goon innrKots and all the
COn VeililMICO 111 nil iilif anHln.l
Fl'en IIIIH4fl tn imir Libiik. l .. il T.....1
HfH'.t lllllll tlllll.a. alinilrti.n. ll.n 1 .....1 ..ln
edltion of Descriptive l'amplilet, with new
.jk iiiiuiuu ii uu uvuryn nolo, AOUrass,
it v in via
li-4wl Land Com. 17. P. B. 11., Omaha, Nob.
is uneiiuftlod by any known remedy, It will
eradicate, extirpate and thoroughly destroy
all poisonous substances in tlie lilood and
will effectually dispel all predisposition to
billions derangement.
Ia there want of action in your Liver
r o"n i unless relieved tne mood bo
comos Imiiuro bv deleterious anm-ntlnmi.
(tuning scrofulous or skin diseases, lllgtches.
Felons, PiiHtuloB, Canker, Plinplct, fte.
y.Mi n uypiiei'llO slomnchY un
less digest on is nrohiirLl hidiu thn .!,
Is debilitated VlVh poverty of thO lilood,
yn piicat leniioucy, geneiul weakness and
lllivo Voil wsskncii nt IVia il.,ul..-.
Vou are In dnnurer of Chronie Dinrrhniu n, f...
fliiminatlnn of tlio liowels.
Hve Yon weakness of the ttertno or
Urinary Organs? You are exposed to suf.
feriug in its most ngravntcd form.
Are you delected, drowsv. dull. slnirirUh
ordopresseil Iu spirits, with headache, back'
ache, coated tonguo and bad. tnsllnu liimith?
Por il certnlu reiuwly for all of these discuses,
woakntwaof aud troubles I fir cleansing and
purityjug tho Hinted blood ami Imparting
vigor iu un ino v Rill lorcosi lor lillllcung up
ami restoring tho weakened conslltiitiou.XifiK
which is pronounced by tlio leading medical
authorities of London ami Paris, "the most
powerful tonic nnd alterative known to tlie
medical world," This Is no new and untried
discovery, hut has long been used bytho IojwI
lug nhrslcliins of other countries with
derlul remedial resul(u, . . "' . , ,
Don't weaken anil impair tho dlgostlvo
urunui uy eauiiirucs and pnysics, tlic.y-glve
only leninoriiry relief Iniligestlon, flntu.
lencv. and dvsuensia with ui lus nml klminui
discuses are suro to I'ollow their uso.
KM-p tho hlmid luii-o and health In assured.
JOHN (J.KKLLOUO, 18 Plait Ht New York
Solo agentfor tho UnltodKliiH-i. ' , w
i nee i per ooiiie. isuuii lor Llrculiir
;4mHftrjill119B.-v-w4b) ,
A Burial Story by DH. HOLLAND
flvff awry vy DA AKi il'J IjJII, -
A T.ntifv Htnvu f 1it'n rri iistn
L-uAivinvii, uiun on t multure ; ,
- ' Ami lloo.,alln
R.H. STODDARD on Authors.
ROO Pairos for 1, Sc., Ac,
Uhoir Prospectus just issued, promise for tto
rensnlngyear a more brilliant array of con-
triuiM.uiK.aiHi nu im icuso in the variety ai d
beauty bf Its lllustrntlons, already foncedid
by thocritlc8 to be "Jtner than tiny which Aurs
iiiincrtatfjifiwriuwiitiy'jiiiterteatv Jlauatine.
Dr. Holland, the Editor, will write the se
rial story of The year, which will bo autoblog-
...... k. In r.,,..,i .....I ...III ,. 111., . .n
mini., i.i ... .vim, fii.M uo iiniHirateu ov
Miss llallock. It Is entitled "Arthur llonnl
castlo,"and will deal with somo of the most
rlilliciilt lirnlilnmu nf A ,iwi..,.i.t lie. v.. ...i,
bo commenced In tlio November number.
j Mi.ro h m uo ii new swiry uy baaK DOLW.
" Tho Ono-legged I)nncerli.',
ajniii- iniui, me uesi writer or snort sto
ries now living, will contribute a characteris
tic story entitled "ThoEpicof Fiddletown"'
which w(ll bo Illustrated by Shoppard.
II. IT. STniinntn ...III -...i... .m
V . j "in "iii-u u series oi
ontertuinlnir papers about "Authors, tuV
Pomona Ohaniotei latlcs, Dome Life, I'am.
Piljnc Is, Whims, am! Ways." A i,,.
pf ' lortrai ts of Living American Writers "
These paper, will be ",S My 'prkctici."' at
ivnll nu nvrluli.. u,l ...111 i. i.t P1 'HUI .
v.. - v.va,,, .,,, ,viii uu lllUSirUUKt With
designs and, aUtc.hos by numerous artist, in
will fuS.lsh.t"8e
Among thoso who wll owitributearo: ,
iiiiiisAimurson, liryaut, UuHhnell, Egglcs
u'liT"' y'?;-u. bishop lluntliiStoa,
miV.i.m ili'V.i JUacdoiitthb.
S .' Ate .,Kl!.11!,s. "t?':kH...;
,,.,..., j iuujiur n inner, ivllkuisoiu
ti M''8;,Vh,il,"oy' bc'il1')s a l'Hfof others. "
....... .I., uiuum unii oircciion of tl
lIou,ANi who will continue to writo "Tho
"li lUt? WW ' Nw York
Z'?'',ir. iU .irican.
fli I'aiWnrwIll writo 'The Old Cabinet,
as Juthorto. Prof. John C. Dra)er conducts.
1 10 department of Nature and Sciwicc.'"
1 hi) departments of "Home and Society."'
ami "Culturq and I'l-ogress,'!. wjll ougago tlie.
contributions of more than a score of pens cm
both sides of the Atlantic,'
Tho Watchman and Kellcctor says:
"Serlbuer's Monttily lorMsptouiber is bet
ter than uwial, which Indicates a needless
wastn of iiiiiiiifini i..i..u ......!
- - - "...iito I.,,,, uiiniisoei Hi
uioiioy, lor tho Jlagazino was good cnouglu
.-it n, ; A" . uoimiiers promiso lo
mnko It still bcttorfor the coining year I
Thn HiiliMi'.rlio.inn .l,.A ia m. .. t...
-- ,w tin wiin spe
cial rates to Clcrjjmon, Teiiehers and Post-
Extraordinary Inducements
aro offered to new subscribers :
For 550 tho Publishers will 8.B( M nillr
Rooksellor or Newsdealer w ill s., i.i.lv tl
UalM;" for 750, the kaga,lno f r 'o.'ie ve ,
and the 24 linck munhors from tho beelnnli J:
Ihe MaKa.ino for ei e T ea Xl tfc
H back numbers bound (4 vols:,) charges . a
hound volumes ,,al,l. This wili gl 'o n car y
?r.wl'i rJ,!1or. 1,0 '"I'-cst roadtng. wlti th
llnest II ustratlons, J10B0, or nearly W)0 page
-vmv-iiuju uigui-hi,
unuiitno i
054 Bromlway, Now York.
020,009, : . v
iniums, for distribution among the fijUJ
Bubscriliers of tho
Tho number ol premiums are aiwnvs In
creased when tho numliorol names, exceed the
unmoor calculated upon. .-cu me
v a now ouor tlio following J
1 Cash Premium of
80 Cash Prem iiims of $I0u each . '. . .'.
im iT'i"''"'1," Wnt' h", m each
1m . of6eac,li
z ::
, 2,000
.. 4,m
. ii.ooo
.. 2,000
,. f00
uvu i ii . w vnvn
Miking Total of TWOIK'n I f ?C
Kyory subscriber who remits S.OO for a.
u-meHcnted bv adnidicto In th. d " trJhmio f"'
Agents send nil 10 names nml moo itoi c";
time receive a free paiier one vear ami huvu.
i.i,,'.,.Mli"r" .of. P'''k!H' ostein, Vnmtum
l a i phlet and Subscription Blank., nf J!iS
to porsous desiring them. Addre
r,a . , 1' ABAN Mclean
42.tf.-wSe , . .; cCuiA W,
,. "J'0 THE
1 npoNtnii;, Traveling Doc to nlil K
cino Vendors, NotodVonml i hmli'iiiuL
'IVUew aud Mediums, and gives Imoiw
iibend c'omini". I? 'cf "u?Jfff "
ttddrossttopublishcriH ' UlU n,ul t0'"'
V tuui1'. " ( hicago, Illinois.
. Kn.
BANK. IIOHin ;o J. .... M. AI.BKBT IlKIH-
tc. r. 1J. 1-KHKIKH, etc.,
bB?hr2rrki- '"t--y of alt
tore, ota" In all l' ' .'"luufac
cloiiedln of n,:ti ,7,1.. .. " "J" 'I'eto on
n ev
il till)
most oi tort, nl 1 " I"
format. n, of? ffi-
oll'orod to tho utiblln.
wants of the Morclumt. M,.n.. ...I '
It Is adaptor to thu
should bo w t bout a eonv. W a 1 y
In every town In SiHAim Htahli i"d 1
agent can fall to do woll with this hik I, J
tonus nin IIh.m.i ur i'. "1': "11
i .10 . uH'.nniora so d iwl
In ono week, fpeclmcus of tlie woi$Mtto
nirentson rncn nui i. ... "
tonus IQ iJirVi'To
Hun.,, 1 :'"'11L'ituiiyi)K,
Hertford, tvnn., or thleago, Illinois,
JlV A WQll.knou'it n...l I. . ...
... .uuuio lerntory siiould apply t once.
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, Illlnoln.
IwAol . . ,.
Legal Notice.
01c 1-
Whkmah, It appears from thu rirds In the.
..... ........... vl ou,,, vuiiuiy, ni tor 11 nu uotlcoi
having been glveu, .old, m. tho uu I. Say off
luunui-r. IrtUI. thn illnil.,,i,,.,. 1. '.,"
sixteen (III,) Township iiiunber nine (ti
Itange xtoeq (10.) Timothy U.fit,aly 2l
coming tlio purchaiur of kald lands nlinld
lVAKHKXfl, It apiicari from salil record! thafc
IV - .i innu iiavoeiapscii since,
tho 6th Bavment of the purchaHo tu ! of
a d lamia fiavo hocome (lus, and that Talil
aid ih- paymoat, aud all olborJi ubsequeui
payments, still rmnle unpaid. , ,
Notice ! thuri.rin.il uluiin II, n. I .A
........... .iii.i.n, nun iiiu si rreniter of
pursuant leaseil thereto, iiaasM April 10, ihbj
win oner suio. minis tor sal, w III all thu
llllllWlW.ltlt.tll.U lll.l.u... lit - I ..
; . ."""I in niiy; nt ins uoor of
thu Court House, Iu said couuty, to the high
est and best bidder therefor In raabfiftt .0110,
o'clock, pj rnw .
im JKo bid w II
WW, 16, which an
i 111 1 ' . ttv' A" '.
1,1 uu ninii ukiiiuii ior less innik
' "l ' ..v.Tnn, Ml liny lllOl
lurelinne nioiiey due tho Htatu, uud cxpensea
luuldent to.thls sale. , , .. .
. W.W.llKLMiltn.Aud'rYluteut'oi.O,
March SO, lHW-Ow "w.wi,,

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