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McARinuK Enquirer
j, W, BOW1EX, Xdltor and Publisher
M0ARTnyB 0HIO( - Al'Rlti 9, 1813.
The Credit Mobilier Reaction.
From all directions we hear
good election news. The dark
cloud of Radicalism that has
so long hung like a pall over
the people 1 of that, the fairest
portion of our country, has heen
reni asunder and the light of
Reform breaks through, giving
hope and courage to an enter
prising people, and to all true
patriots who love the Govern
ment bequeathed to them by the
Fathers of the Revolution. The
local elections held last Mon
day in Ohio and Connecticut,
' and on the Tuesday previous in
several other States, resulted in
a complete triumph for the Dem
ocratic and liberal ticket.
Large gains were made in every
precinct, and, in many places,
for the first time, the Democrats
are victorious. A Democratic
Liberal Mayor was chosen in
Springfield; the Radical city
of Cleveland has repudiated
Radical Mobilierism and High
Salary stealings, by electing an
independent Mayor; Chillicothe
has chosen a Democratic May
or; Cincinnati has elected the
entire municipal ticket and the
candidates for Delegates to the
Constitutional Convention nom
inated by the Democrats and
Liberals; and in Milwaukee,
St Louis, and other cities, the
gain for the Liberal ticket is
unprecedented, and indicate a
current of indignation on the
part of the honest masses that
will sweep from power the cor
rupt and perjured scoundrels
who are now bringing ruin on
the people. The people, every
where, have enough of Credit
- MobilitT enough -of Back Sal
ary steals and enough of bri
bery and Radical rottenness.
The result of the election in
Connecticut is glorious. See
the good news elsewhere in this
The Connecticut Election.
As we write the returns from
Connecticut show a majority in the
towns beard from of 5,516 for Mr.
Ingersoll, the Democratic candidate
for Governor, over Mr Haven, the
Republican candidate, giving indi
cations of a Democratic majority in
that State of about four thousand.
This can not by any stretch of the
Presidential vanity be regarded as
exactly a "vindication" of the Ad
ministration party. It is a gain for
the Democratic-Liberal party of
considerably nioro than seven thou
sand votes on the last Presidential
election, in which Grant's majority
over Greeley was more than four
thousand. It is a triumphant "vin
dication" of the wisdom of the coal
ition between the Democrats and
Liberal Republicans in the cause of
reform. We do not need to go far
for testimony to that point, but tho
news from tho New England State
is emphatic. Tho two branches of
tho Reform party met and nomina
ted their joint ticket harmoniously,
and with eqiuil harmony conducted
tho campaign before tho people.
The Prohibition ticket - in the field
did not command any considerable
. fallowing; the Republican and Dem
ocratic candidates were evenly bal
anced ill a point of fitness and pop
ularity, and tho issuo may be re
garded as' having beenji..di8tiiua
one l)cYw.iii-lWulTy whoso cor-
ruDiiong were nameu in win cuv
last May and ro-afllrmed at Balti
more, and the party that made those
charges and rodo to success in this
" last election in that State by reason
of having proved them, The bo-
' lief in the truth of those assertions
lias been emphasized by a change
of seven thousand five hundred
votes slnco November inthoStato
' of Connecticut, which has never
' given so pronounced a Democratic
' majority. For the exact majorities
1 we must await further returns. Tho
Congressmen were ro-clcctetf, and
(n tho Legislature tliwro wilt a de
cided Demacratic gaih.--Cfac
natt Enquirer, Blh. '
, Jacob Reich and his wlt, re
siding one mile, north of Taris,
.M. . I ' t 1 1 1 J I '
, Ctaric county, , cieiriou . meir
golden wedding" on the ' J8th
mst. ' ' " ' ' '
Madison Township Election.
The following Is the result of the
election held for township officers
in Madison township, on Monday
Thomas Kfnney, (Dem.).. .... 140
Joseph Whitlach, (Dem.). , ... 130
Morris Albaugh, (Dem.) ..... . 126
John Trainer, Rad) 125
George Kellar, (Kau. )...... i . 11
Francis Shades, (Rad). 110
E. Fisher, (Rad.),,..;...,.. 155
John Eel, (Dem.)....,... 100
M. J. Robertson, (Lib. Rep.. . . 144
FrankS. Wolf, (Rad.). 113
J.A.Martin, (Dem.). 135
S. V.Dodge, (Rad.).......... 120
Sol. Shipley, (Dem.) . . . . 1 10
G. W. Green, (Dem.). ........ 134
James Coe, (Rad.) 125
C.W. Gist, (Rad.)... 75!
By the above vote it will be seen
that the Democrats and Liberals
elected their entire ticket, except
Treasurer. The Democratic and Lib
eral vote of the township was very
small, at least 100 were not preseut
to vote. . Taking into consideration
the small vote polled, the Democrats
and Liberals gained a noble victory.
Elk Township. Tho election for
the various officers in Elk township,
held on Monday the 17th, passed
off very quietly. The result is as
follows :
S.B. Ullom 102
Henry Herrold 171
J. B. Sohnson 176
Michael Hall, (Dem.)
S. B. Hudson, (Dem.)
J. T. Foreman, (Dem.). . ,
A. W. Asbury.
T.A.Murray, (Dem.),.. 114
J. A.. Feltou 164
J. S.Huhn, (Dem.) 132
Joseph Kaler 172
F.M. Dowd, (Dem.) 126
S. B. Winters. 172
James Myers 141
Eli Reynolds, (Dem.) 152
A. C. Dowd, (Dem.) 119
It will be seen that but one Dem
ocrat was elected Eli Reynolds for
Constable. Ilad the full Democratic
and Liberal vote of this township
been polled we should have elected
one or two candidates. From the
vote cast for trustees it will be seen
that J. T. Foreman will act as Judge
of the Election during the year, in
place of S. B. Ullom.
. Justice Election. An election
for Justice of tho Peace was held
last Monday, in Elk township, for
the selection of a successor to Rob
ert Sage, whose full term of office
is about to expire. At the conven
tion, a few nights before the elec
tion, which was composed of a very
few persons of the opposition, it was,
for some unexplained reason, deem
ed necessary to place Isaac Rey
nolds in nomination for Justice in
stead of our veteran frieid, Robert
Sage. A portion of the opposition
party were dissatisfied with the
nomination, and declined to sup
port the nominee. A few hours be
fore tho voting commenced C. W.
Holland, late Clerk of the Courts,
was proposed. Tho reader can
now look upon the result:
C.W. Holland, (Dem.) 145
Isaac Reynolds, (Rad,) ........ 120
Holland's maj 25
Watt is well qualified for the po
sition and will fill it with honor.
Corporation Election, - The
election held in the Incorporated
village of McArthur, on Monday
last, for four councilmen, resulted
as follows:
Owen Dowd, (2 years) 116
J. S. Will, (2 years) 04
J. II. Arnold, (2 years).., 83
Paris Horton, (1 years) . . 76
Andrew Wolf 44
Alex. Pcarcc, (Democrat) 57
W. I). Gold, (Democrat).. . .... 54
The McArthur Enquirer assures
its readers that the Mmenger sup
ported thn clooUon of tho abscond
ing Sheriff, A. J. Reynolds. There
is a baro possibility that tho En
quirer '.s mistaken. Athens Mes
senger. "
Well, there may be a "baro possi
bility" connected with tho matter,
but it is not a mistake that A. J.
Reynolds, frui tlio time he begun
to dischargo tho duties of the qfjjcc
of Sheriff until ho loft for Coolville,
gave all his printing to the Messen
ger olllce. Bro. Jennings, riso to
Grant and family hays gone to
New York. Exchange. .
Certainly. That extra $25,000
per year salary is such a nice thing
for Grant. . He can go to more
places than New York, and tho tax
payers will pay his expenses. Du
ring the campaign hist fall we read
la tho Radical papers a great deal
about tho reduction of. salaries of
officials, but .instead of a reduction
we have anlnrcase. , i
Justice Doukjifs printed and
blank for salo at this office, Cpine
and sco them.'
An Awful Disaster at Sea.
The telegraph announces that
on Tuesday morning April 1st,
a fearful marine disaster oc
curred to the steamship Allan
tic of the White Star Line from
Liverpool to New York, while
on her way to Halifax, Nova
Scotia, for the purpose of get
ting a supply of coal. She
struck on Meagher's Rock,
about twenty miles from Hali
fax, where she became a total
wreck. There were nearly one
thousand persons on board the
vessel, and it is reported that
fully seven hundred souls have
perished. The ill-fated steamer
left Liverpool on March 20th,
with a list of nine hundred
steerage passengers, and fifty
cabin passengers. The vessel
is said to have had a rough
passage, yet no accident hap
pened until Monday, when the
supply of coal gave out and it
was necessary to put into Hali
fax. The captain and his offi
cers were on deck till about
midnight, and the vessel seemed
in a safe running course. Short
ly after, however, the vessel
struck the fatal rocks named,
and while the captain and offi
cers were getting boats ready
to save the women, they were
taken possession of by a mob
of men. Just at this point the
steamer fell on her beam's end
and sunk. One of the boats
that had been gotten out with
some passengers was swamped
by the sinking steamer, and all
were lost. Some of the unfortu
nate passengers clung to the
fatal rocks, and only a few were
rescued by the fishermen of the
place, who rendered all the as
sistance in their power. About
250 persons only were saved,
together with the captain and a
few officers. The Atlantic was
one of the finest vessels on the
ocean, and it is dreadful to think
how such an accident could oc
cur or who is to blame.
Clinton. The result of the elec
tion for delegates to the Constitu
tional Convention, Justice of the
Peace, and township officers is as
Harvey Wells,(Rad. calculator) 144
U. S. Claypoolc, (Dem.).."... 45
B. W. Kelch, (Dem.).' 124
William Ogier 74
William Craig, (Dem.) 90
J. II. Leach, (Dem.) 108
D. B. Dye, (Dem.) 80
John Dill 95
E. Timms ! 83
A. Livingston 107
Dr. S. W. Monahan, (Dem.) . . . 139
W. S. England 02
B. W. Kelch, (Dein.) 74
R. M. Steele 114
D, R, Hall, (Dem.) 100
Jesse Garey, (Lib. Rep.) 91
J. M. Page, (Dem.) 80
Jeseph Kriebel 90
It is reported to us that the
"Lightnen Calculator," who wishes
it to be distinctly understood that
ho is not only a ''smart feller" but a
temperance advocate, spent consid
erable of the fifteen thousand dol
lars he informed the Jackson Bank
ers ho was worth for whisky on
and before tho day of tho election.
Wonder if money and whisky had
anything to do with the olection for
dclegato in Clinton Township ?
The Delegate Election.
The election in tho several town
ships of Vinton county for Delegate
to the Constitutional Convention,
held last Monday, resulted in the
defeat of U. 8. Glaypqole and the
election of Harvey Wells of Jack
son, by about 470 majority a vic
tory for the Radical Ring of McAr
thur, It was understood by this
"Ring" during the enmpuign last
full that Wells should bo the can
didate for Delegate. Tbjs Is not
quite, all of it there nro several
chapters more.
At a meeting of Presidents of
various railroads interested in the
postaj par controversy, in New York,
it was decided to contlmio to run
postal cars until the Senate Com
mittee r'iort on tho subject The
PoHtinuHtor.Lfcncral has addressed
a letter to tho Attorney-General on
the subject, asking explanation on
several legal points involved; wheth
er, if railroad companies refuse to
carry agents at tho churgo thereof
for compensation prescribed by law,
has the government, as represent
ed by tho Post-olHco popartiuent
the right to convey mail agents in
calf of iU own over said roads. ' -
Plain Propositions.
Suppose that ' in the month of
September Inst the Republican man
agers had anounced that if they
should succeed in tho approaching
Presidential ' election; one of the
measures which they would first en
act Mould bo to raise the salary of
President Grant to $50,000.
Supposo it had also been believed
by tho people that tho Republican
majority in Congress, after having
been paid tho stipulated salary for
their -services, would votcj them
selves $5,000 each out of the) Tieas
Or supposo that theso two prop
ositions , had been; incorporated in
tho Republican platform adopted
by the . Philadelphia Convention,
by which Grant was nominated for
re-election,. . ,
. How many States would Grant
have carried ? How many Repub
lican Congressmen would have been
re-elected ? Is it not evident that
Grant could not have rot a single
State, and that every Republican
candidate for Congress, runinhg on
such a platform; would have! been
defeated ?
All this being true, is not tac in
sauity of public robbery whkh has
led Grant to the lobby for the pass
age of a bill through Congress
raising his own salary to $50,000 a
year, and which has led Republi
can Congressmen to pass that bill ?
If thev dared not anuounet this
enormous act of robbery as i part
of their plan before the election,
how do they expect the peopl to
regard it after the election ? Xeir
York Sun. i
Tuv- T.i(ThtAiion Polnlaf-ii.'' rf
Jackson county, didn't run so very
well in Elk township, as the follow
ing figures testify: j
Harvev Wells ...it. 149
U. S. Claypoole..... , .i 132
Calculators maj ....(!. 17
There is not much of a chaicc to
make any "lighenen" calcuations
l. . - 4! '
UI1 lUllSU Uiillll'S.
The total amount of the virious
appropriation bills passed A the
last session of Congress exceets the
amount of previous sessions ntleast
fifty-four millions of dollars, j The
j.i.' :l -,i ,t . i
uciaus oi me vaiious appro nu
tious are as follows : j
Preliminary deficiency. . .$1,C9J,833
lexan Border Coininis- t
siou , IK, 490
Pension 30,431,000
American and British '
Claims Commission . . . C13.5000
Indians. : 5,513,218
Cousularand Diplomatic 1,311,359
Military Academy ...'... 344,31 7
Legislative,Executivenhd I
Judicial (estimated). .19,500,000
Naval .22,75,757
Army ... ..3185,008
Postofllce .. 32,529,1 6G
River and Harbor,. . . . . , 0,112,900
Sundry Civil. . . ....... .32,175,415
Deficiency . 9,242,871
Total .$105,510,835
Lift up your voice in condem
nation of the Congressional
and Presidential salary steal :
President Grant ia nntv naid
one hundred and thirty-scen dol
lars a day! That's wlat he
gets for approving the till in
which the salaries of Congress
men were increased to seven
thousand five hundred dollars a
year. When we take into con
sideration how fanners, mechan
ics and laborers have to work
and scrimp to make a fen hund
red dollars a year, this 'pay is
out of all proportion. Tire Pres
ident don't ; have to pay : any
rent, and he has to pay , very
little for household purposes.
It might be well lor a farmer,
mechanic or laborer, as fie rests
from his work, to thinlo wheth
er this is right. If hi thinks
this is right, and that there
should be such an immense dif
ference between their incomes
and those of the President of
the United States, which' ia rais
ed off of,. tho people. through
taxation, they should vote the
Republican ticket; but if jthey
think a, rebuke should bo
ed on Cqngress for nrovi
theso iinmenso salarios for t)
selves and the President,
should vote for the Demo
candidates Woostcr Dcmcrat.
OttANTtold Congressman! War
ner, of , Philadelphia, that if tho
bill passed Congress increasing
Ins salary, without increasing
theirs and other officers f the
Government, he should veto it.
Therefore the self-sacrificing
and patriotic' Congressmen" con
sented to receive 2,500 .' each
in order: that they might have
the privilege of giving, him an
extra $100,000. "This magna
nimity and: generosity on their
part is truly admirable f. :
The Warren:, county; (Q)
commissioners have - recently
bought 53 acres of land for $8,
162, for the purpose of estab
lishing a 'Children's Homfii
Must be tried at the bar of public
The follbwina: is from the
Toledo Blade (Nasby's paper: )
"Inasmuch as Congress seems
powerless to punish corruption
on the part of its own members;
since the Caldwells and Pom
eroys cannot be expelled from
the Senate, nor the Ames,
Brookses and others even cen
sured by the House, while the
Vice - President is untouched
hv anv decisive action, the whole
mailer reverts to the people and
these men must be tried at vie
bar ofjmblic sentiment."
Napoleon said the Empire is
peace and made haste to lead
France into war.
Grant said "Let us have
peace" and don't let us have it,
but provokes bloodshed m JNew
Orleans, to keep in power car
pet-baggers, drunken judges, negro-gambler
Pinchbacks, broth
er-in-law Casey. , ,:
Why is the figure 9 like a
peacock? Because its nothing
without its tail.
A $75,000, irregularity has
beeen discovered in a county
poor house in Missouri.
The Church of England es
tablished in India costs the
Government 105,000 pounds a
Zauesville has a water works
rings, which it is claimed, have
squandered over $100,000; "en
rich two or three councilmen
who have engineered the busi
ness." 1
The Hon. C. E. Sheppard, of
the Isew Jersey Senate has
been arrested for corruptly re
ceiving $2,500 in consideration
of his vote in the interest of a
In many parts of Germany
the children have formed them
selves into societies for the pre
vention of cruelty to animals.
In some towns of France whole
schools, including teachers and
pupils, constitute such societies.
An inventory taken of the
late Edwin Forrest'B personal
estate shows that he had prop
erty valued at,$320,386; over
S100.0&0 in securities on denos-
it stoclcc; jewelry $4,071;
paintings, $47,000, and books,
Throughout the West Indies
the prospects are fair for an un
usual good sugar crop. At
Barbadoes, Dominica, St. Louis,
Grenada and Demarara they
have had abundant and season
able rains, and everything so
far appears in favor of the plan
ters. 1
The shells for the thirty-five
ton guns on board the British
iron-clad Devastation are two
feet in length, twelve inches in
diameter, and weigh 700 pounds
They aie constructed on the
Palliser principle xf a conical
6hape, the points being harden
ed by chilling.
ATivni xuYin wo a nn Thnra-
day sentenced to be hanged,
remains in the most pitiable
condition in his cell. He is
only kept up by stimulants.
His wife was with him Friday
afternoou, and the scene in the
cell wa-: the most painful that
can be imagined. - Unless some
change takes place, it.is believed
he cannot live until the time
fixed for his execution.
The Continental hotel of
Philadelphia claims the credit
of having the most perfect pre.
cautions against fires. A
watchmau visits tho various
stations where a fire would be
likely to be first detected,
every five minutes and records
his visits on an electroma netic
clock communicating wit! tye
clerk's olBce. Any delinquen
cy is instantly noted. The ar
rangements for extinguishment
are equally perfect.
Here 1 is another proof that
dogs have the power of reason
ing. A sagacious clanine at
Rumney, N. H., lately pursued
a wood-chuck,'1 which continu
ally foiled him' by running
through a drain. When he
had played that' trick two or
three times," the dog gaye hhn
a rest in the drain, and totted
over to a neighbor's and brqught
anqther dog, 8 frequent sparer
in his useful sports. Stationing
his companion at one end of the
drain, ho entered the other and
stirred, up Mr. Wooodchuek,
who started again for day-light,
only to be grabbed bj the faith
ful sentinels If this isn't reason
what Is it.' : 1
A Coin morcial traveler who
wax receiving a, salary of, 1,
000 a .year and. an allowance
of a guinea' per day as expelis
es, was sentenced to two mon
ths' imprisonment with hard
labor, for having; stolen an Uls
ter coat and an . umbrella , from
the waiting room of a 'railway
station in London.
Captain ' Sprinkle, of the
steamer Charles fibdman, was
arrested at Louisville, ' on In
day, while tho boat was at the
wharf, on the compaint of B. F.
Avery, president of the society
for tho prevention of cruelty to
animals, for having put a crip
pled horse off on the wharf and
left it to die, when the boat was
here on a trip ub the river a
week ago. Captain Sprinkle
was released on folOO bonds.
New Advertisements.
Thn VII1I.M At 'obulrl i-Ytit.i.anvi
r !.... I.. i" m .-1.1 tt m..
in 1 hub, 111 unmu iinviiBiiipt will ilvlll II UU
uftor this Unto bo known iu
Notice U licrcbv given that Gborge Gatoii
ELL lias (lunoxUetl with tho Trensurur of Vin
ton Co., O., the niiionnt t-ciiulroil to redeem the
luiivwiiiK uiMttriiieu mini, to-wii: rue iNortn
west of the South-west ouiirtur of Socthin (I,
Township 9, KniiffO 1U: siiiil lunct IihvIiik been
cold for tnxen on tho third Tiieaduv of Janua
ry, 1H7S, in the mime of ukokiik Gatuhkm. to
11 . c. joxk, nnd which certlllcHto was alter
ward transferred tn.loiiuthnn Cov.
W. W. ItKI.KOItl), Aud'r Vii'itun Co., O.
March 19. lW3-av.
Notice Is hereby Riven that TtffMA8
VANC'K an Biiardisu of JAM ES K. CARNAL,
a Hiluor, has Hied his account with said warii
for nurtial settlement, and that the saino is set
forhenrinKon thelltliduy of April, A. D.1H73,
at 11) o'clock A. M.
II. B. MAYO, Probate Judge.
Mar. SO, 1873. -4t
Intention to Build Bridges.
Notice is hereby given thattlioConimission
ers of' Vinton comity, Ohio, intend to build
Three Bridges
at the points and places of travel, as follows,
to-wit : One Covered Bridge witli stone abut
ments, across
In Brown township, Vinton countv, Ohio, near
the Mill of Daniel Wormian; 6110 Covered
Bridge, with stone abutments, across
Little Raccoon Ckeek,
in Clinton township, Vinton countv, Ohio, on
the road lending from llntndeu totfilkusvillo,
near the icsldenceof Henry C. Dobbins; One
open Bridge, with stone abutments, across
in Knox township, Vinton county, Ohio, near
the residence of Humuel Beckloy. Tho
of said Bridges are on fllo in the Auditor's
Olllce of said county, and are open for inspec
tion by all parties concerned or intercHteti in
tlie examination of the same, and the con
struction of said Bridges.
the proposed construction of said Bridges as
nanied and located, will be passed upon on
Tuesday, 20th day of April, 1873,
at 8 o'clock I. M. of said day.
By order of the Commissioners.
Auditor, Vinton county.
April 2,18TJff-(e&w,
Notice is hereby given that scaled propo
sals will be received at tho Auditor' Ollicc,
In McArthui, Viutou county. Ohio, until a
o'clock, If, M. ou . .1
Tuesday, 20th day of April, 1873,
fur tho building of
Two Cover Bridges
Olio Open Bridge,
at tho places herein described, as
Across Big Raccoon creek In Brown township,
Vinton countv, Ohio, near the mill of Dan
Covered Bridge, with 'Stpns. aljatnienUi
across Little IJancipin crquk, n (Jllnton town
ship, Vinton cuuuly, Ohio, ou tie road lead
ing from Hamdeu to Wllkesville, near the
residence of IARnhy U Rouhism.
And, also,
One open Bridge with Stone
across Big Raccoon crock, In Knox township,
Vinton county, Ohio, uear the resilience of
Samuki. Hkcki.kv. 1
Contractors to Fuimiah all
the Materials.
. Plans and Specifications
are on fllo for Inspection ' at tho Auditor's
Olllce. All bidders for contract orcoulracts
arc roil u I rod to tile with his hid r bids, a bond
in double the 11 ill unit of such bid or bids, with
good and responsible surety or sureties, to the
acceptance of the Commissioners, for the faith
ful completion of such work.
The Commissioners, however, rcsorve the
rlifbt to reject any nnd all bids.
By order of the Coiiiiiilsiiluiiciui.
Nv, w. iiKi.roun,
Auditor Viutou County.
April , 1ST8. 4w-(w).
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad.
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West, Northwest and
This is the Short Line via Indianapolis.
Tho Great Through Mall and ExiiressPas.
seiiKW Ll to Hl I'Oiiis. Kansas City, Ht. Jo
seph, Denver, 8an Francisco, and all points In
Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.
The shorten and only direct route to In
dianapolis, I.afayotln, Terre Haute. Cam-brldk-oCltv,
Hprlnirlloid, Peoria, llurlliiKton,
Chicago, Milwaukee, HL Paul, and all points
In the Northwest. '
Tho Indliinapolln. Cluclnniitl A Lafayette
nnilroad, with Its connections, now offers
passenKorii mow facilities In Throiiich Coach
and HleepliiK Car Hervlco than any other line
from Cincinnati, bavin tlio advantage of
Throilirh Dnllv Curs from Cincinnati to 8t,
Louis, Kansas City, Ht. Josciih, Peoria, llur
IliiKtoii, Chicago, Omaha, and all Intorinoillnte
points, presenting to Colonists and Families
such comforts ami accommodations as are
afforded by no other route. , . . .
Through Tickets nnd BugK80 thecka to all
P Train lenva Cliicimnitl at 1M ft. m'., 8:00 p.
m., and:00p.in. . ','. '
Tickets can he obtained nt No. 1 Burnet
House, corner Third and Vine, Public Land
ing, corner Main and Jtlven also, at Doxit,
corner Plum ml Posrl .streets, l.'lno nnatl.
Be sure to purchase tickets via Indianap
Cincinnati X IMnyolto fliillroad. . 1 1
Master Transportation, Cincinnati.
Chief Ticket Clerk, Cincinnati.
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
NoRloot 11 Ooiifrht Nothing is moro. certain
to lay the foundation lor luturu evil conse
Fells' carbolic tablets
nm n sum niira for all dlscnsos of the rcsplra
tory organs, sore throat, hoarseness, dryness
or the tnroiit, 1.0KIH, i.ioup, j.ipuuiuun, oui
ma, Catarrh, Windpipe or Bronchial Tubes,
and all diseases of the lungs.
In all rases of sudden cold, liftwovof taUfin,
those Tablets alumni bf. promptly and freely
iiaml. '1'liav umiKlixo. the circulation of thd
blood, mitigate the severity of the attack, an-
wlll, 111 a very snon nine, restore uunuuy nun
tiou to the affected organs.
Wells' Carbolic TiibluU Are put ;up ,oiilv; In
bluo boxes, 'i'ako no substitutes. If they
can't bo had at your druggist's, send ill onoo
to the agent in Nuw York, who will forward
thnin by return mail. ,, -
Don't bo deceived by Imitations ' : ' , .'
SoldliydriigKletB. fifcflr Price 250. a box.
John 14. Ki.muiiU.ib i-mn m., n, 1,
Send for Circulur.
Solo agent for United
Of manufacturers who havebocomodlsguston
witli tho odors of Parnillno Oils, and tlielrJll
ell'ects upon machinery, is Invited to ' ' I
K. II. KKLLoau'SBPKltMKuglnooil -w
(it II SO gal.
K. 11. Kkdi.ouo'b SPEKHI Spindle oU - - -
(it fl 15t gal.
K. JL Kki.loiki'S TALLOW oglnooll - -M
fl 10 y gal.
K. ll. KKi.l.oiia'8 TALLOW Splndlo oil
105 W gal.
Manufactured only by "
li. 11. KELLotiU, No. ITCediir St., N. Y
11-4W . . ...
Li the Best in the World.
Agents wanted. Henrt for Circular. Address
Tho spiciest nnd best selling book over pub
lished. It tells all about tho great Credit Mo
belier Rmndtil, Senatorial Briberies, Con
gressmen, Ring. Lobbies, and the wonderful
sights of tho National Capital. Itsellsquick.
Hend for circulars and see our tonus nnd a full
description of the work; address, NATION
AL PUBLISHING CO.. Philndeliihia. Pa.:
Chicago, III.; orSt. Louis, Mo. ll-4w
rum: for illustrated price list.
Brocoh-loanlnir shot mint 140 to S300. Double
Shot Guns, 8 to fl50. (jingle guns 3 to $20. Hi
flcstStorifi. Revolvers it) to t-.5. Pistols II to
ft. Gun Material, Fishing Tackle. Large
discount to dealers or clubs. Army Uuus, Re
volvers. &c. bouuht or traded for. Goods
sent by express C. O. D. to be examined bofore
paid for. 11-4.W.,
Two New Potatoes!
Kxtra Karl y Vermont. 10 Days Karier
than Karly Hose. Very productive and
of excellent flavor, fl per lb.; 4 lbs.,
by iwiil, pustsaid, for J3.50,
Compton's Surprise, ASA bushels to
the acre. A little later tliitu Karly
Rose. K(iul in ipiality. fl per lb.,
by mail, postpaid. -
$500 will be awarded as Prciniiims to
those who produce tho largest ipinntity
from one pound. Doscriptlvo circu
lars of tho above, with a list of 300 va
rieties of potatoes, free to all,
Illustrutcd Sood Catalogue, SOU pages
witli colored chroino, 33 cents.
A new Tomato, tlio' AKHNOTON'
Karly, solid ami productive. Price iiO
cents per packet. 5 packets for l.
B LISS SONS, S3 Park Place. N.Y.
11-4W .
II. K.
Slim h
B-ffSa I.
p Ifflli 2 1
. ohba:
The Chespoit Lace
The Chespoit Land In Market for Sale by ths
Mon Pacific Eailroad Company,
Now forsale In tracts of forty acres and up
warda, on 5 and 10 years' credit at 6 per cent
No advance interest reiiiilred,
Mild and heiiltliful cliinutu, fertile soil, and
abuui lance of good wator.
Tho best murket In the West! Tho great
mining regions of Wyoming. Colorado, Utah,
and Nevada, being supplloduy the funnels in
tho Plutto Valley. ,
The Beat Locatlona for Colonlea.
FltKR IIOMKS VOK ALL! Millions of
acres of choice (loverninent Lands opon for
entry under tho lloinentciid Law, near this
great Railrond, with good marked nnd all tlie
convenience or un old settled country ,
Free pussca to purclinHers of Itiilhuad Land.
Sectional Mapx, showing tlie Laud, also new
edition of Descriptive Pamphlet, with new
maps mailed free everywhere. Address,
' OK dAvih
IWw Land Com, U, P. II. It., Omaha, Nob.
is uncqualml by any known remedy, It will
eradicate, extirpate and thoroughly destroy
all iMiisonoiis substances In the Illood and
will effectually distiel all prodisiosition to
billions derangement.
Is tliore want of action In ' your Liver
or Spleen T Unless relieved, tbo blood be
come Impure by dclutorlous socrotinns. pro
duciiigscriiftilnui or skin diseases, Illotoiiei,
Felons, 1'uHtulos, Cankor, Pimples, Ao. 1
Have you a dyspnptlo stomach T tin
iest (lignstlon la promptly aided the ivatem
Is debllltatod with (Mivorty of the Illood,
Dropslcul tendency, general Woaknosi and
Iluve you weakness of the Intestine t
You uro Indangor of Chronic Diarrhma or In
nummatlon of the llowels. . '. '
Have You weekne of the Vterlnoor
Urinary OrgunY You are ex)iosed to suf
fering in Its most agravated form.
Ave vou dejenteil, drowsy, dull, sluggish,
ordupressed In spirits, with lioaduche, hack
ache, coated tongue and bad tatting mouth?
For a curtain remedy for all of these diseases,
weaknesses and troubles! for cleansing aud
purifying the vitiated blood and Imparting
vigor to all tho vital forces; for building nn
aud restoring the weakened constitution, UBK
which I pronounced by tlie leading medical
authorities of London and Paris, "the most
powerful tonlo and alterative known to the
medical world." Thla It no new and untried
discovery, but has long been used bytho lead
Ing physicians or other countries With won
derful remedial results. ,
Don't weaken and Impair the dlgettlv
organt by cathartics and phytic, they glvo
only teniiioriiry rellel-Indlgiiitlon,' Batu
lem y, and dyspepsia with piles and kiodred
disease are sure lo follow their use. '
1 Keep the blnqdpurn and health i aatured.
JOHN Q.Kr;LLOOtJ,18PliUtt.,Nowyork
Sole agent for ,h Upltod Btatos. , . 4w
Price II perlMililn. Hond forClroulnr
.1. , lJaauiylW,lWlk w-w,(, :
Miscellaneous Advertisements
j Dajrohomanoy or Soul Charming." How
ri'IihersiiKiiiiiy fascinate and gain the love
And nll'ectloi) of any person thev choose in
stantly. This simple mental acquirement all
can possess, tree by mail, for 98 cent, together
with a niarrlnge guide, Egyptian Oracle,
Dreams, Hints to Ladies, Wedding Night
S'j'i.'A0 ,'l"ior book' Address T. WIL
LIAM & CO., Pubs., I'll U a. , , , , ll-4w ,
. i iM. i' 1
I I ILrjOnnd DANDELION promotes dl-
wwmiiiii nr the food by Its innnonea on the
ItMiMiuiacnar vromonx ine nualtliy ac
tion of tire Kidneys. It secures activity
of the Liver and regularity of the Bowels
and prevents constipation, tho cause of Piles.
Tryft.'l-" i. . v., .,,
'"": tw tllnoJanatlrOhlo..
0 From S5 aontaKJgM samples mailed
ST fruo for SJ cents, that sell at sight for four
dollars, to any person in McArthur. who will
act as agent.
... ,. H1NDALL A CO., 707 Broadway, N. Y. 1
. 1 11-4W ., . 1
LUU or Fomald, can soouie EMPIjOYMkNT
paying from 100 to $160 per month during tho
Spring or Summer, Address, PEOPLE'S
.JouitNAJ.., Cincinnati, Ohio, Chicago, III., or
St. Louis, Mo. . , ll-4w
BOOK CANVASSERS can And no more
fresh and attractive volume for spring
sale than "The New Housokeoper'i Manual"
by Miss U. E. Ileocher and Mm, 11,1). Stowe; a '
cyclopedia of Domestic Economy and com
plete Cookery ltook In oue volume. Send for
circular to J. B. FORI) St CO., Now York.
Bob ton, Chicago or San Francisco. ll-4w
auieuu. nespeoiuuie emptoymeut at
home, day orevening; no capital requir
ed; full Instructions and valuable pack,
ageof goods sent free hv mail. Address
with tlx cent return stamp, M.YOUNti A Co..
178 Greenwich St.,N.y. ll-4w
A WATCH FREE, worth !, given
J gratis to evory live man who will act as
our agent. Business light and honorable. (900
made in S days. Saleable as flour. Everybody
buys Ik Can't do without it. Must have it.
No gift enterprise, no humbug. KENNEDY
CO., Pittsburg, Pa. . U-4w
A Rare Chancel
WA Will ttV -11 llWinl. Lin nn n.nnL 1..
.. w .. ... ..j ... n 111 bull,
who will engage with ut atonoe. Everything
iiirnisneit, ami expense paid. Address, A.
COULTER, A CO., Charlotte, Mich. ll-4w
Unabated snencs of
Crumbs or Comfort, the greatest success of
tlie nge. Crumbs of Comfort, tho pride of the
kitchen and narlor. 1'housainls nf Imiina .t.
test its worth, and unhesitatingly prououneo
it tlie "Queen of Lusters." Tho Press unl-
rersally nraisotand proclaim It woman's ev
try ilny friend. Economical, hutting, unap
proachable. Price 0 cents. Ladles will flml
Ciuinhs of Comfort for sale by all flrst-elaaa
grocers, hardware dealers, country slorekeep
ers, Ac., Ihroughniit the United States aud
CaimdiM. II. A. I1AHTLETT CO., Mann-
mcburcrs 01 1 . .. . ...
vti ., ui,-...vi,Ch
4.0 .IK ttrt V . h. i.i.ii- . ..a ... ,
11.1, 111 r lunb nv,, t lllio.; ju unsmuBri
St. N. Y.; 43 Broad St.. Bitou. ; , IM
, , Nurseries.
J. AW. -GOLD, - Proprietors,.
! '
In offering our stock to the trade, we tender
our acknowledgements for the liberal pat
ronage we have heretofore received, '
and bopo by promptness and strict
integrity in business to merit
, ,. the support and coiilldonceof
. , the public Our stock of
Is large and line new varieties. Our -
reach, v Cherry, Plum,
Will surpass any we have ever before oHorod.
irrjf buiiciumi anu pronipuv nneo.
'Please lend for a Uataloarue.
&C-i &C?.S &C. . 1
Eleven large green-houses full of 'choice
Green-house aud Bedding Plants. A ftO-page
Catulojjuo free. Also, 60,000 Hoses. Haifa Mil
lion Norway Spruce and other Evergreens,
and 50,01)0 oholce Uraiio Vines, 80,000 Currant
Itaapborrioa, &c. 500,000 Sweet Chostuut,
Treeii. 0 inches to eight feet high, the best nut
ana timber troo on the Continent. Fine year
ling trees by mail, only $8 per 100. Chestnuts
preserved fbr"plantlng, by'mall, per lb, 50c.
AIko, Spanish Chestnut trees, Black Walnut,
butternut, small Norway .Spruce, Ac, Ac, by
mail, If desired. A Circular sent free on ap
plication. Tulip trees, Scotch Birch, Sugar,
White mid Norway Maple. In fact, a full a-,
snrtinentof Ornamental, Deciduous and Ever-,
green trees. Nursery established 10 yearn,
500 ncret, 11 greenhouses. Address
Polnesville, Lake County, Ohio.
A Serial 8tory by I)H. HOLLANL.,
New Story by SAXK HOLM. '
A Long Story from BRET HAUTE.
. CLARENCE COOK on Furniture
R.IL STODDARD en Author"1 rf
KOO Pngo for 1, c, Ao.
The PiibliHhers of Scbibnkr'H Monthlt, In
tlicir Prospectus Just Issued, promiso for the
oiniiiinjciir b more uriiunuc array or con
tributors, and an increase iu the variety and
bounty of its illustrations, already conceded
by the critics to be "jintr than any vMck hat t
hlthtrte apptartd in any American Mauurin.'
l)r. H1H.1.ANH, the Editor, will write the ae
rial story of the year, which will b autobiog
raphical in form, and will be illustrated by
Mist Hallock. It is entitled "Arthur Bonn!-,
castle," and will deal with soino of tlie nioit
dillkiilt problems or American life. It will
ho comnionced in the November number.
There will boa now story by tikxt Holm.
" The One-legged Dancers."
IIbkt Hatiih, the best writer of short tto
rlos now living, will contribute a characteris
tic story ontltled "The Kpioof Fiddletown'"
whlcli will bo Illustrated by Sheppard.
It. II. Stoduabd will write a aerie of
entertaining paper about "Authors, their
Personal Characteristic, Home Life, Fam
ilies. Friends, Whims, and Way." A urlea
of "Portrait of Living American Writer,"
I also promised. 1
Clabknok Cook will write about "Furnltare
and the Decoration of American Home.
These papers will bo eminently practical a
well as artistic, and will be IllWrated with
designs and sketches by numerous artist In
addition to those which the writer himself
will furnish.
Among those who will contribute are:
i-i.iiini, vwiin iimAivr, fruriiur, rruairso
and Mn. Whitnev. besides a hunt nt nllmra. '
The editorial control and direction of the
Mngazlno will remain In the hand of Dr.
Holland, who will continue to wrlto "The
Tonics of the Time," whl sh the Now York
Independent say "are more widely quoted
than any similar papers In any American
magazine." V
Watson Gilder will wrlto The Old Cabinet,'
a hitherto. Prof. John C. Draper conduct
the department of "Nature and Solonce."
Tho department nf "Home and Society,"
and "Culture and Progress," will engage the
contributions oi more than tcore of peut on
both side of the Atlantic. -
The Watchman and Kofloctor t ay t
"Scribner'i Monthly lor September ll bet
tor than nsnal, which indicate a needles
watte of editorial brain and publisher'
luoiiey. for tlio Magazine wa good enough
before I" And yet the Publishers promise te
make It still betteafor the coming yesrl
Tho Subscription price is M a year with ne
cial rate to Clergymen, Teacher ami Pet
niHHters. Tlie;ollow)ng lt .
j Extraordlna 'ilaiu'coata -j
are nlfcred to now auliaerlber!
. For 15 50 tlie 1'tiblisher will Mad, or any.
Hooksellor or Newsdealer will supply, tba.
Magazine for one year, and the twelve bum-.
borsof Vols. Ill and IV, containing tht be-
Bliinlntf of Mm, Oliphant'i Serial, "At Hi
ntes;'' for7 50, the Hagaaln for one year,
and thoS4 back nunilxr from tb beg iaaiar;
for HUM) tli MagaHne tor ea year, and the
U back uiimber bonad (4 vol.,) obargM oa
hound vol u met paid. Till will five imarly
5,000 psges of lh choicest readiag, with the
finest Illustration, 11060, or nearly ROD pages
for a dollar! and wllleuable vfiry ubwiLr
to obtain tlio torles from the first,
.'lau.i 1 1 ; TEA0KER8I 1 ,"f 1 1 .1
It Iu . 4JS4 UreMlway. New Tfork,
Hans Anderson, Bryant. Biishncl), Egglet
ton, Froudq, Iligglniion, Illsliop Huntington,
Uret HarUi, John Hay, II. U.r Macdonald,
MiUhclI, Miss Phelps, Stodinan, Stockton,
l-ll ' "ni I . .',' : 1 it. I !

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